Newspaper of Bedford Gazette, April 20, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of Bedford Gazette dated April 20, 1855 Page 3
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p nO M Rir.iw FoKEtttSKKS.—The Massachusetts i pow-nolhing senate have adopted a resolution, with 0(1J1 ,||-sentins voice, declaring that no foreign . iiituld be regarded as elligihle to office. It is a ,ler that these alien haters <l! not protect against j.j.hmen and Germans fighting in the rank* with na j ye-born Americans during the Mexican war. TEACHERS' MEETING! —The Teacher* of Beil r county are requested to assemble in the Court 0 ,use in Bedford, on Monday evening the 30th in.-t, - > o'clock, P. M., for the pursue of organizing a •Y ctiers Institute. The Constitution and Bye will he presented for adoption. \\Le trust all . are connected with public instruction, as well < ail friends of education, will attend. :j^ 1> S i: ]>: \t Be rrien Springs, on the 24th nit., }] ,ri v, inlant son of Dr. Henry and Sophia J.eader, i> \ eais and 4 months. ' [I * I:K\ , was a smart and interesting child ; intelli eut beyond his yeais, and the object ot his father's hoe and admiration. We are iuioriiied That he died ~,th iuflaiiiation of the brain—and, lor several days ~.,0r 'n death, suffered all that humanity can suf r, r . Conscious that his lather wu- doing all in Ins ju-wer to alleviate his pain, he cried out—"oh Pa! , let me die, I want to goto heaven and be with 1 (,'rKiid Ma," at whose dying conch he stood some is months ago. The afflicted parents should find ~,n-oiation Irom a knowledge of the trulh. that ihe luippy spirit of the little one, is mingling with (.hloti.l-washed host" that forever surround the ihruue of God. "We mourn as parents, for our son, As Christians, tru-t in God alone Not murmuring at what he has done. To claim his own." B. r. t.. In Fiiion Township, on the 3:h inst., Mrs. Hef- ZIBAII Hi jins, consort ol .Mr. Samuel Dubhs, aged 33 years, 0 months, and 11 days. The deceased was a aiost exemplary lady, and was the beloved of the coifiiiuinity in which she lived. For many years she was a devoted member of the M. E. Chinch, and, in ance with God. She leaves a kind husband, an inter esting family and numerous friends to uiourn her ear ly 10.-s. In this Borough, on Saturday evpriing last, after a J .iuliil and lingering illnes-, Mr. SOI.OMHV, one of our most respectable citizens, and well known ro the public. This makes the fifth member of that manly who have been buried within a lew years, a bereavement truly melancholy, and well calculated to call lortli the heart-felt sympathies of the rntri niuiuty for the widow and her remaining children. In this Borough, on last Sunday morning, Mrs. JfiuKi:, consort of Mr. Henry Mower, leaving an iil'iiiit only a few days old. The deceased was a Christian in the true acceptation of the teiin. and, tor maiiv years, a devoted member of the M. E. Fiiurch. She was beloved and respected by ail uho knew her. I'll! LIC SALE OK VALUABLE Foal and Timber Lands nnd llolt'l Properly. THE subscriber will ott'er at Public Sale, at the St. Nicholas Hotel, in Cumberland, ON FRIDAY THE 15'i'H DAY Or JFNE, 1833, Ihe following valuable property in Allegheny Coun ty : That valuable Tract of COAT, hivii, known as '.nil BE n DELIIi'HT,' roiilOMiiiig II!>i ACRES, moie or less, situate on Ma, e'k Run, near the Geoige'g Creek Rail Road, within three miles of its junction with the Bai tiiiune ~.d Oino Rail Road. It is entirely under laid wilti 'be •*§ I G Y fix S\ 9 9 s.f COAL, tilteen leet in thickness, its soil is good lor agricultural purposes and is now covered with a line growth of Oak and other valuable Timber. This piece of property is admirably adapted for the hasi- of a Coal Company, equal, it not superior, to any in the Mate, and can he put in ojieiation at a *ma!l expense. ONE OTHER TRACT OF LAND CON TAIN IN 1G 100 Al lies, JlOftK Oil I.ESS, KNOWN AS THE 'iIILLER" or '"A'O.TSIINi" i rti iii. on Jack-on's Rtvn, near the George's Creek Rail Road, undeilaid with the "/>• i a v e / -V" of COAT., which is easy of access. The soil is of geccd quality, and is now under cultivation. It is well supplied with buildings and all other improvements neces-ary lor tanning puiqioses. One oilier Tract f Land Called u ii 2i 85 V," Cc.ntaining 100 acres, situate on the Baltimore and Ohio Rati Road, at Evert's I'ufHie!, underlaid with UK /h /■.' t'L'/.V>" of COA L, t> feet, .7 leet, and I leet ;u thickness, accessible at the very edge ot the Rail Head: it al*o containu-u vein o! valuable IRON ORE, v Get in thickness, now open. ONE OTHER TRACT OF LAND, CALLED "Perry's First," containing 109 ACRES, more or less, covered with a fine grow th ol White Pine and other Timber, from -A hirti Lumber ol excellent quality can tie mantilac tiiled. The soil >s well adpated for pastliiage or 1 atriiing purposes. The situation is only a short dts-j titiiCe south west of Frost burg. ALSO—THE Saint Nicholas Hotel, en the corner of Baltimore and George Street, Cum berland, nearly opposite the proposed depot of the 1 I'itt-hurg and Connellsville Rail Road, and the new ■ rpot of the Baltimore arid Ohio Rail Road. It is i!evv, and built HI the most substantial manner, replete with every convenience. It contains ample accom modations for 200 persons. All the apartments are iaige and commodious, well lighted and ventilated. ON THE PROPERTY IS A LARGE BRIIK (ARBIAGE BOISE WD STABLE, 0777/ SLEEPIAG JPJRTMEMS FOR SERVJJATS jJTTJCHEI). This Hotel is considered equal to any in the State, i Ibe Furniture is of the most eo-tly kind, all new,; aa.l can he purchased with the property if desired. u7*TEKMS:—Easy, and will be made known on Hie day of sale. are icspectlolly invited to give any or all ol the ü bove property an early examination. CjT Should any information be required please ad diess the undersigned at Potomac Furnace, Loudon Co. Ya. JOHN VV. GEARY. April 20, V 833. NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of Solomon Rice, late of Southampton Township, Bedford county, deceased, are requested to make imme diate payment, and those having claims against *aid estate will present them properly authenti cated for settlement. P. DONAHUE. April 6, 1855. Adm'r. j "\!()NS.—One barrel Seed Onion—ju*t received bad lor iide by A. B. CRAMER & Co. Exchange Building. SHERIFFS SALE. RY virtn< of sundry writs of if. Fa. to nte direct ed, there will be soid, at ihe Court House, in tlie : Borough of Bedford, on .Monday the 30th day of April, ] B-I*l, at 2 o'clock, P. M., the follow IIIJJ Real Estate, viz: OneTiact of Land containing 1.30 acres more or less about MM) acres cleared and under fence with .1 story and a hull lug bouse and double log barn thereon erected adjoining Lands of Renj. l.yberger James Login; and others; situate in Londonderry township Uerlfaid County and taken in execution as ! the property o! Jacob VVollbrd. All of Defendant's John Fagan his interest in and ; to a lot of ground fronting one hundred and sixty on a lilteen toot alley and extending hack about l ib feet : with a one story frame house and small frame stable thereon erected and adjoining lands of Alexander Putt I on the north-west and lot of Shontz and Boler on the south; situate in Sfonerstouu Liberty township Bed-j lord County and taken in execution as the property of j John Fagau. Also one lot of ground fronting 00 feet on Main ] street and extending back 173 leet with a new two : story Irarne house and lug stable thereon erected ad joining an alley on the cast and lot ot Lucy Cillim on the west; situate in the town of Clearville Monioe j township Bedford county— Also one other lot of ground containing 1", acres more or less all cleared and under fence adjoining! lands ot Philip Grubli Joseph Bnrkmnu and other- ; ' situate in Monrne tow n>hip Bedford Cciuity and taken in execution a- the property o! Klias Kitz K-q. One lot of Ground in the Town of Ptcn-iiri'tville I fronting 150 feet on the John-ton Road and extending back about 300 fe.-Cto lauds ot Benjamin Bowen and adjoining lot of Alexander McGregor and others; -it- ■ uate in St ( lair Township Bedlord County and taken J in Execution us the property of Jeremiah K Black burn. One Tract of Land containing 109 acres more or j ]es- about 10 acres cleared and under letice with u one and a hall story log bouse double log bain and saw mill thereon erected adjoining lands of Ah-alooi i Gurlirk Joe! Clark and others; situate in East Provi dence township Bedford County and taken in Lxecu- j tion a> the Property ol Hem v Hand. One Tract of Laud containing 303 acres more or > less about 0.7 acre- cleared anil under fence with a two story log house tenant house double log barn ami j good saw Mill thereon greeted also an apple and peach i oichard thereon adjoining lands of John Alli-on An- ; drew Allison and others; -ituate m Cmoii Township ! Bedford County and taken in execution as the pro- j perty of John .Mock. Also one tract of land containing .72 acres more oi ! less about twenty acres cleared and under fence j with a story ami a half log house log Cooper -hop ; attached and small Double log Bar* thereon erected j al-o an apple orchard thereon adjoining lauds of I Frederick Mericli William Wetstone and others; sit- I uate in ( olrrain township Bedford Comity and ta- , ken in execution a- the property of Samuel S. Bar- ; rick. Also one tract of land held bv improvement con- ' tailiing Stl acres more or le-s about 30 acres cleared i and under lence with a story and halt log house ami ! | double log Barn thereon erected adjoining lands-op posed to be vacant on the cast John Ltimati VYm. j Frederick's heirs and Jacob VVertz on the North and j Suiah Luman on the Smth and others: -ituate in Cumberland Valley township Bedford County and taken in execution as the pioperty of Zucheus Eu- j man. ! I All of Defendant Johnathan Potts hi- interest in and to a Iract of land containing 200 acre- more or |e-> about -70 acres cleared and under fence with a story and half log house and log barn thereon erect- S ed adjoining lands of Levin Shi ply William Yo.-t and i t others ; situate in Southampton Township Bedford | j count v and taken in execution as the property of i Johnathan Potts. Also one tract of land containing 2.70 acres more I . or less about 30 acies cleared and under fence Willi a j story and half log hou-e and small log barn thereon ; r creeled adjoining lands of Morgan Ces-im George j James and others: situate inColerain township Bed- j s ford county and taken in execution as the property j of Jacob Mo-er. Al-o one lot of ground fronting 93 feet on the Pub- [ lie Road and extending back 21-7 feet with a two stn- ] ry log house kitchen ami cooper shop attached and j frame stable thereon erected adjoining lots of John ; F. McKinney John Ehberly soil others ; situate in South Woodburry township Bedford county and ta ken in execution as the property of Jacob Mnler. j j Also one tract of land containing 200 acres more j or less about 40 acres clearer! and under fence with a j story log house tenant house and log stable thereon j erected adjoining land- of Teters heirs John Dayton and others ; situate in Monroe tou riship Bedford coun ty and taken in execution as the property of Samuel ; Earns. Al-o one lot of ground in the town of Woodbury I fronting OG feet on the Puttorisville and Wondbiir) j turnpike road and extending back about 19(1 leet and adjoining lots of George R. Barmlollar on the west I arid alley on the north and others with a two story I Brick house one two story frame house wash house j I and frame stable thereon erected ; situate in Middle ■ j Woodiierrv""township Bedford County and taken in : execution as the property of David Edwards. > Also two lot- of ground in the town of Marietta ! fronting on main street GO feet each and extending i back IGO leet with a two story log house and log sta- ! ble therenri erected adjoining lands of John Corle and Caselton Ake; situate in Union township Bedford j 1 county and taken in execution as the property of j Joseph A. Corle. I Also one tract of land containing 131 acres more j or le-s about 10 acres cleared arid under fence with a a one and-a-half storv log house log stable and saw j mill thereon elected adjoining lands ol James f.ogue • Jacob Wollbrd John South and others; situate in f.on- j dnnderrv township Bedford county and taken in exe- ; ciituui as the property of.lo-eph Wollbrd and IJenja- ; mill Lvbcrger. HUGH MORE, Sheriff, j April 0, IS-7-7. LIST OF CAUSES Put down for Trial at April Term (30th day) 18.7,7. | i Wm. Leary vs Matilda Miller et al Jertrtan Jacobs William Figart j ( Z.ichanah ShalFer George Eegarise John f.ogiie llezekiah Logue John G Hartley Jo hua Price Andrew Geller John Cook | ! Campbell llendrickson Jacob Boore i , Same Same Dr. Win E Reichter Samuel Winters Geo 1! Wisegarver use George W Wi-cgarver 1 Alexander Price Josehp Price et al Win Delany Jacob Teeter et al Alexander Bate George Peck Jesse Sleek Christian Nawgle Ib-nry B Mock Jacob Andrews John Furry et a! Daniel Bulger et al Paltonsville Woodbury T R Co James Patfon Same John and Thomas King ( Rebecca Brant use David Patterson Same William Crisman adtn'r Adam Smith's heirs Benjamin Lybeger I 1 John Bowser Samuel Whetstone I Andrew Galbraitn Wm Gulbratlh's F.xors j Tobias Hinesliiig Exor I) W Lehman et al i , Wm Lasbly Noah Hafdsock John Ruddlesdin Wm P Schell Samuel Whetstone John l!ow-er et al David Whetstone Jonathan Bowser et al Ballzer Shuly Allegheny Seminary Michael Moses Joseph Ferguson George B Wisegarver John Wisegarver's Exors John Nyrutn John A Plowman et al Philip Crisman n-e Alex McGregor Esqr Josiali Smith et al Henry W Smith I C N Htckok Levi Agnew ( N. WASIIABAIJGH, r>oti, v . , Prothonotary's, OHice, f April 6, IS-7-7. j NEW CLOTHING STORE. Is<iac Lipix i < Would respectfully announce to his old ' friends, and the public at large, that he has o- j penedan entirely new CLOTHING STORE in the Borough of Bedford, in the room recently j i in the occupancy of Solomon Filler, where he : ' has just received a very superior assortment of ( ready-made Clothing for Men and Boys, to ; which he invites attention, satisfied that he can j <. please all who give him a call, both as to price j ' and quality. He will also keep an assortment of Dry Goods and Groceries. He invites pur-' chasers to examine his stock. Bedlord, April (i, 1855. TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed pro|x).sals will be received at the Com missioners otlice on Monday of Court week un til 5 o'clock, P. M. for the erection of Stone Steps and Platform in front of the Court House, the steps are to rim down at the North and Souih ends of the platform. The whole length of stone work at the bot tom or lower step will be 34 feet long and !> feet hijrh in front above ground, except what j will he taken oil by each step. The length of the platform will he 19 feet 9 inches long; and fO feet 6 inches wide—there will he 8 steps at i each end—each will he 10 feet G inches long —steps I foot wide and rises 74 inches high ! (exposed)—to lap G inches and dress 18 by 7i inches where the steps extend over the main ! wall in front—the other stone work to range with the steps. The stones forming the platform with coping included will he 7(, inch, thick where exposed at the fiont. The coping and steps will extend 3 inches over the main work in front. AI! stones to be perfectly sound, particularly the steps' front face of wall and platform, to he built up solid from front wall to the house. The stories on the platform to range i with the top step and coping—to he of dressed i lime or sandstone—built on a good solid foun- I dation, tinder ground, not Kss than kJ feet deep; and wide. The steps, stone.s-and bricks now forming thej steps are r -served, hut the contractor is to re-! move them. Bidders will state how much per foot, or how ! much fiir the. whole, and, to furnish all the ma ertal, sufficient time will be given. Plan at . i the ( ommissioners office. FREDERICK TURIN Ell, * JOHN CONRAD, DAVID C. LONG, Commissioners. ' Attest : A. S. Russell, Clerk. April 13, 1855. FIRST ARRIVAL OF New Spring and Summer Goods. Ttie undersigned, thankful to their friends j and patrons fur the kind and very liberal patron age extended to them heretofore, would respect fully solicit a continuation ol the same, and al so inform them that they are now receiving , from the eastern cities, and opening at ('HEAP SI ill:: A large and handsome assortment of new style SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS, Compiising a great variety of Ladies' DRESS CCODS, Of the latest and most fashionable styles, to gether with every other article adapted to the every day wants of the people, al! ol which ; they are prepared to sell CHEAP FOR CASH and approved produce, or upon a short credit to good and punctual customers. OUR MOTTO, "Short profits, many sales and quick returns,' will still continue the ruling feature. Come, 1 hen, unit see {he b'trgerins, and buy on ly when satisfied that it's your interest to do so. We will take pleasure in showing ottr goods,; whether von w isli to purchase or not. Xa" All kinds of produce taken in exchange for goods. RL'PP *7 OSTER. April G, 1555. REGISTER'S NOTICE. All persons interested either as heirs, credi tors, or ot iter wise, are hereby notified that the ' following named persons have filed their ac counts in the Register's otlice, and that they w ill be presented to the Orphan's Court of Bed- j ford ('utility, on Friday, the 4th day of May next, at the Court House, for confirmation, at ; which lime and place they may attend, if they think proper: The account of Adam P. Fetter, adrnr. of Da vid Fetter, late of Southampton township, de ceased. The account of Mahlon Smith, admr. of George Dull, late of Bedford township deceas ed. The account of George Cat!, adrnr. of Jacob; Mock, late of St. Clair township, deceas-d. The account ol John ( V-snu, E>q., admr. of Frederick Steckman, late of Monroe township, deceased. The account of Samuel Berkley, exor. of J. W. Willis, late ol St. Clair township, deceased. The account ofFinhv Met Lew, admr. of Margaret Haniinon, late of St. Clair township,; deceased. The account of Jacob Lingenfelter, admr. of George Snider, late ot West Providence town-j ship, deceased. The account of John P. Reed, Esq. admr. of j Samuel G. Weaver, late of Bedford township, j deceased. The account of David S. Longenaker, admr. of J a cob Keagy, l ; '!e of Middle Woodburry township, deceased. The account ot John Johnson, admr. of Abe! . Johnson, late of' Southampton township, deceas "tL • , I '1 he account of Joseph Dull, Esq. admr. of Mat bias Hollar, late of Harrison township, de ceased. The account of Barnabas Steckinan and Hi mas O'Neal,admr's. of George Steckinan, late; of Monroe township, deceased The final account of Benjamin Lvbarger, ; admr. of Adam Smith, late of Londonderry ! township, deceased. I). WASH A BATCH, Register, j April G, 1855. IR'tlCord Comity, At an Orphans' Court held at Bed- j ford, in ami lor the County ot 1 Bedford, on the 12th of February, A. D., 183.7, Before the Judges of the said Court- On motion of O. E. SHANNON. ESQ., the Court grant a rule upon the heirs and legal representatives ; ot John W. Hammer, late ol St. Clair Township, j deceased, to wit: Mary, intermarried with John j Middleton, residing in Carrihra County ; llirarn G. , Charlotte, Lousia, Rachel, Julian, Gordon and Aman da. al! residing in Bedford Coiuitv, to be and appear at an Orphans' Court to he held at Bedford, in and lor said County, on the fifth Monday, 30th day ol April iiu-t., to accept or refuse to lake ihe real estate J of said John W. Hammer, deceased, at the valuation which has been valued and appraised in pursuance ol a writ of Partition or valuation, issued out of the Orphans' Court of Bedford County, and to the Sher iff of said County, for that purpose directed or show cause why the same should not be sold by order ol the said Court. IN' TESTIMONY whereof I have hereunto set, my hand and the seal of said Court, at Bedlord, ihe 20th day of February, A. IE, 1833. D. VVASHABAFGII. Clerk. April 9, 1833. 1W STORE And \e Roods. CHEAT BARGAINS, AND NO MISTAKE I ELI FISHER Would respectfully avail himself of this me thod of informing the citizens of Bedford and j vicinity that he has opened an entirely .New Dry Goods, Grocery, and Fancy Store, in the Borough of Bedford, in the room for merly occupied by Dr. Hotius, and second door west ol Dr. Harry's Drug and Book Store, where lie has just received from the cities of New York ami Philadelphia one of the most elegant assortments of Goods e ver brought to Bedford, which, having been pur chased tor cash, under the most favorable eii cnmstances, he feels warranted in saving that lie can sell them at prices so low as to astonish the purchaser, and all in want of good Goods, at the shortest possible piotit, are invited to give hi in a call, lli.s slock embraces every variety ! of Ladies Dress Goods, such as Silks, Satins, Delaines, Bombazines, Spring Shawls, novelties in Lawns, British Prints, Plaid Ginghams, l'ndersleeves, from 1 "di cents up, Hosiery in every variety, Shoes, Boots and Slippers, lor Ladies and Children— ir. tact almost every article adapted to a Ladies' wardrobe, which it would require too much space to enumerate in detail. His stock of FLATS and BONNETS lor Ladies, Misses,and Children, is large, rich and CHEAP. His Groceries, Teas, Spices, Syrup, i\.c. &c. are all ol the very best quality. will consider it no trouble to shew his Goods, and he hopes the LADIES especial ly will cull ami examine his assortment wheth er they purchase or not. Always remember, however, that ELI FISHER'S is the place for BARGAINS!!! April G, 1855. (!ARPETINGS— Ingrain, Wool, Fig, Rag and Listing Carpets, and Mattings for sale by RUPP vN OSIER. BOOTS AND SHOES.—Mens', Womrns', Boys', Misses' and Childrens' Boots and Shoes, Gaiters and Ties—in great variety for sale at CHEAP SIDE. BON NETS. Belgrade, French lace, Hun garian, Albini, Mannilla, White, Ttipler and Rutland braul Bonnets—for sale cheap, at RUPP & OSTER'S. FLATS & BLOOMERS—Misses' Ruthland Flats and Bloomers, tinned and untrimed, lor sale at CHEAP SIDE. GROCERIES. Gyod Rio Coffee at 12£ cts. prime do I 5 cents. Golden Syrup and prime N. O. Molasses for sale hv RUPP cV OSTER. SUGA US.—Granulated and Crushed Sugars. White clarified do JO cts. Nice New Orleans at 7 and S cts. lor sale bv RUPP N. OSTER. April 13, 1855. BEDFORD HALL ASSOCIATION. AN Election wiilbe held at the Bedford Hail on Monday the 7th dav of May next, to elect Ft vr: TU(,>TI:I:S to conduct and manage the al l.iirs and business of the Bedford flail a>. 'cia tion of the Borough and County of Bedford for j the ensuing \ i ar. The election will be opened at 2 o'clock, and closed at 5 o'clock, I'. M, Bv order of the Board of Trustees. F. JORDAN. Sec'v. April 13, 1855. flalSnm Would announce to his friends and the pub lic that lie has purchased I lie entire Store of the ! late J;tmes JVI. Gibson, and intends to continue business at the old stand. He bason hand an assortment ol Drv Goods, Groceries, Teas, Se gars, Jewelrv, ike. N.c. together with Confec tionaries of every description. In a short time he will replenish his stock, so as to make it an inducement to purchasers to give him a call.— He has on hand a good supply <>f FLOUR, and will make every efibrt to accommodate the peo ple in this line of his business, either wholesale' or retail. He will also keep Bacon, Fish, Salt, Molasses, Boots, Shoes. Hats, Brooms. Brushes. Patent medicines, Drugs, J)ye-s!ufls, and every article usually kept in a retail store. / PAPER HANGING and UPHOLSTER ING will be attended to as usual with prompt nessand despatch—and lie would take this oc-j c.asion to say that be has now on band, and will furnish to order, on the most favorable terms, every description of WALL PAPER and BOR DERING. Bv unremitting attention to business, and a disposition to please, he hopes to merit and re-i cejve liberal encouragement. Bedford, April G, 1855. | COURT PROCLAMATION. To the Coroner, the Justices of the Peace, i ant! Constables in the different Townships j in the County of lied ford. Greeting. KNOW YE that in pursuance of a precept to me directed, under the hand and seal of the! Hon. Pit.WHS M. kIIMMLLL, President! of the several Courts of Common Pleas in the,j Sixteenth District, consisting of the counties of j Franklin, Bedford and Somerset, and by virtue | ol his office of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail delivery for the trial of capi-• tal and other offenders therein and in the Cent ral Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace: and ' JOHN G. HARTLEY and Jos. B. Xoin.i:, Esqs. J Judges of the same Court, in the same County of Bedford, You and each of you are hereby re quired to be and appear in your proper persons ; with your Records, Recognizances, Examina tions, and other remembrances before the Judges aforesaid, at Bedford, at a Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Jail Delivery and Gene ral Quarter Sessions of the Peace therein to he holderi for the county of Bedford, aforesaid, on the sth Monday of April (being the 30th day,) at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of thai day, there and then to do those things to which your j several offices appertain. GIVEN under my hand at Bedford, on the Gth day of April, in the year of our Lord 1855. HUGH MOORE, Sheriff. April G, 1855. JOB MANN. O. H. SPANG. LAW PARTNERSHIP. Th* undersigned have associated themselves in the Practice of the Law, and will attend promptly to all businets entrusted to their care in Bedford and ad joining counties. [C?" Dffice on .fulianna Street, three doors south of "Monad House,'' opposite the re- id-nee of Maj. Tate. .ItIB MANN. June 2. IS.II. <*. H. SPANG. | A LIST OF RETAILERS of Merchandized Bed lard county for the year 1855. Bedford Borough. Class. License. A. B. Cramer Nt Co. 1- !*> 12 50 j Sansorn & Gephart, 13 10 00 ; N. Lyons, 13 10 00 Rupp &. Outer il 10 00 Peter Rndebaugh IF 7 00 Samuel Shuck & Co. " 7 00 Dugdale & Kelly, Liquor?, '' 10 00 ■ Robert Fyan, " 7,00 Mrs. Potts, " 7 00 Isaac Lipple, t: 7 00 C. Ijoyer, " 7 00 W'm. Schafler, " 7 00 Sonnaborn & Co. " 7 00 James K. Ilallain, " 7 00 Eli Fisher, 7 00 John Arnold, " 7 00 Andris Satipp, " 7 00 j Dr. Reamer, Liquors, " 10 50 ; Or. Harry, Liquors, " 10 ")0 Ealing Houses, i John G. Minnich, 8 5 00 i John ./. Lutlier, <8 5 00 | A. Defihaugh, 8 5 00 Jacob Bolinger, S 5 00 West Providence. Wm. States fc. Co., Liquors, I f 10 50 W. McElheny &. Co. " 7 00 Jacob Barndollar & Co. 13 10 00 James Barndollar 13 10 00 Thomas Ritclmv, 14- 7 00 Monroe. J. Herton " 7 00 I 1). Fletcher. " 7 00 Michael Miller, Liquors, " 10 S(J Southampton. M. Cahner. Liquors, " 10 50 Wm. Lashley, " JO 50 M. Walters, " 7 00 Colerain. J. M. Van Horn, " 7 00 A. James, " 7 00 Corle it Co. Liquors, " 10 50 Bioad Top. Josepii Fisher, " 7 00 Evans it Brother, " . 7 00 Fluck N. Hetrick, " 7 00 Liberty. Daniel Rerkstresser, 7 00 | Thomas Evans, " 7 00 Thomas MiGillan, Liquors, " 10 50 Patton it Gessler, 1.3 JO 00 Joseph Crisman, I I 7 00 Jacob Snider, " 7 00 . : James Dunn, " 7 00 John Cyphers, 7 00 I Wm. Fisher, " 7 00 1 Scliell'hnrg Borough. J. S. Schell. 7 00 A. B. Bnnn, " 7 00 Staller it Son, " 7 00 i Snively it Co. " 7 00 Miller it Con lev, " 7 00 Widow Sehell ix. Son, " 7 00 Colvin it Robison, " 7 00 ! Juniata. | Turner it " 7 00 Win. Keyser, " 7 00 ! Wm. Piatt it Brother, " 7 00 Joseph Condon, Liquors, " 10 50 j F. Hildebrant, " 7 00 j Londonderry. Thomas J. Porter, " 7 00 j i Janus Mnttinglv, tc 7 00 East Pro\ idence. John Nvcnni, " 7 00 Henry Reimund, " 7 00 ; I). A.' T. Black, 7 00 Harrison. V. B. Wertz, " 7 00 Jacob G. Devore, Jr. Liq. 10 50 ! John Fichner, " 7 00 Mr. Hickson, " 7 00 Hopewell. John Dasher, Liquors, " 10 50 John King it Brother. " 7 00 Middle VVnodberrv. Jacob Brennaman, 13 10 00 G. R. Barndollar, 13 10 00 J. W. Duncan, 13 10 00 Putt N. Brother, Liq. IF 10 50 P. Kagy, Eating House, S 5 00 South Woodherry. James Piper, IF 7 00 S. R. Cster, 7 00 D. B. Buck, 7 00 I George Kautlman, " 7 00 ; Bedford Township. . Edward Hoffman, " 7 00 , St. Clair. I". I). Beegle. Liq. " 10 50 G. B. Amickit Brother, " 7 00 Jacob H. Wright, " 7 00 J. B. Smith, k£ 7 00 Win. Wench, Liquors, " 10 50 G. D. Trout, " 7 00 ! Cumberland Valley. Jacob Anderson, " 7 00 , John May, " 7 00: j K.f An appeal will be held at the Court j : House in Bedford on the Bth day of May. SAMUEL R A DEBAUCH.'T nf „•Mercantile Taxes for 1555. ; April G. 1855—Ft. lI2iVM(-iaI I 2iVM(-ia to Poor Mlon*c. At a meeting of the Directors of the Poor and House of Employment of Bedford county, * i March G. 1855, the following resolutions were i | unanimously passed by said Board: Resolved, That we do hereby appoint Dr. F. I C. REAMER Physician to the Poor and House | of Employment ol Bedford county tor one year | from this date. Resolved, That said Dr. F. C. Reamer be and ! I he is hereby required to attend all paupers J 1 within six miles of the Borough of Bedford, and , ' that for his services in attending the Poor House j and Paupers within six miles of said Borough, j we do hereby agree to pay him the sum of one j hundred dollars per annum. Resolved, That notice be published in the se veral papers of (he Borough of Bedford that Dr. F. C. Reamer has been appointed Pliysian as a foresaid, and that we will pay no bills for servi ces rendered bv Physicians to Paupers when the services of Physician to the Poor House could be obtained. April 6, 1855—Gt. Surveyors lake .\otiee! You are required by act of Assembly in the month ofjApril in each year, to test your com pass by the Meridian Line in the Poor House meadow, and record in a book kept for that pur pose in the Commissioners office the amount of variation. Also to measure your chains by a standard measure to be found at the Commis sioners Otlice. The penalty for surveying M il bout complying with these regulations is $lO i lor each offence. Bv ordr of Commissioners. A. S. RUSSELL, j April G. 1855. Clerk. The Bedford Gazette. i t'oeoiiiKa its Ciii rch. —The Greensburg lntelli j geucer of May 2G, 1833, pays the following compli ment to Dr. Key-er's I'eetoral Cough Syrup, a new remedy that i> gr. atly in vogue now for the cure of j Cotigbs, Colli-, Hoarseness, and incipient Pulmonary ' diseases: l'rom the fJiesnaburg liHelligt?irer t Stay 2G, 1833. The wkatuf.k, for a week past, has been quite cool, and, to u% very unpleasant. Besides being cool, and unpleasant in that way, it is exceedingly changeable. On Wednesday, the 18th, the ther mometer stood between 80 and 00 in the shade, most of the ilay. The next day, overcoats and fires were necessary to comlor! ; and on Friday morning, there j was quite a hard frost in this vicinity, though notti j ing was seriously injured thereby. As a consequence j of these sudden charges, many people are afflicted with had colds and coughs. We observed a lady tit j church the other evening, so much annoyed with u ; hard cough, that We really felt alarmed for her sal'e | ty ; so much so, that it was with some effort that ; we could refrain from "talking' out in meeting," and ! recommending her forthwith to procure a bottle of Keyser's Pectoral Syrup, to give her immediate re lief. For sale by Rupp & Osier of this place, and 1 Colvin & Robeson SchelUborg. I 07- As a SPRING and SI" .MMEft MEDICINE, 1 Carter's Spanish Mixture stands pre-eminent above aII others. Its singularly efficacious action on the j blood ; its strengthening and vivifying qualities ; its tonic action on the Liver ; its tendency to drive all , humors to the surface; thereby cleansing the system j according to Nature's own prescription; its harmless, ; and at the same time extraordinary gorid efiects, and the number of cures testified To by many of the most re-pectable citizens of Richmond, a-, and elsewhere, must be conclusive evidence that there is ■ no humbug about it. The trial of a single bottle will satisfy the most i skeptical of its benefits. *,* See advertisement in anbther column. Wkai,, nervous, depressed in spirits, and a prey to innumerable mental us well as physical evils, the victim to dyspepsia is indeed ai. object ol commiser ation. \etit is absurd for him to despair. We care not how low, weak, nervous and irritable he may be, I the cordial properties of Hbofiland's German Bitters, - prepared by Dr. C. M. Jackson, Philadelphia, are j strunger than the many headed monster which is ! preying upon his body and bis mind ; and if hechooses jto try them, we will insure a speedy cure. See ad j vertisement. II edifo r(i A cade m y A\r> FEMALE SEMINARY. W. W. CAMPBELL. Principal. This Institution, hitherto under the care of Rev; > John Lyon, will henceforth be conducted by the pre- I sent Principal. The past history of the Academy will, we trust, be a sufficient guaranty of its luturte efficiency. The branches taught w ill be the same as heretofore. To hastf.K prixciVl-kS will be consid ered the most important pursuit of tiie pupils; and while it will be the constant business of the Instruc tor to irnpait knowledge, it will also be his aim to lead his pupils to make a practical application of 1 their acquisitions. To load the mind with innumer able formulas, without causing it to use them, would be like placing a bow in a child's hand, without teaching him how to bend it. In fine, it shall be our object, as it bus ever been, to lead the pupil to TlllVh. We look forward confidently to the patronage of this community, w hich has thus far been so gener ously extended, and by an undiminished assiduity, we hope to merit your support. Terms per quarter, us vsur.l, to wit : S, s(i 25 Hi(.nr.R Exch.lSH, 5 00 Middle " 4 :"0 Elkmektaky " 4 00 Mlsic, S OO PiA No, - 00 The Session opened on Monday, 12th inst. Eeb. IG, 1833. H. NICCDEMUS, Saircncv cmi) Justice cf tl)c £earc, BEDFORD, PA. Has removed his office to Juliana street, ; nearly opposite the Drug and lfook store of Dr. F. C. Reamer, where he will faithfully atlend to all business connected with the duties of his ' office. He will continue to repair clocks and watch es, as usual, and respectfully invitps those in : need of his services in this line to give him a call. i April 13, 1855. 1-OK WARDING AND COMMISSION WAREHOUSE riiambersburg, PennsMvania. THE subscribers are prepared at all times to carry Produce of every description and Merchandize ttsanj from Philadelphia and Baltimore, on the most rea sonable terms. The highest price paid at all times lor all kinds of country Produce. KT-Rereiving Depots. Bt'PIBY Jk CO. 365 Market street, Philadelphia. —JOHN BIGHAN, Baltimore, No. 151 H street. ('. W. F.YSTF.R tk TO. Feb. 9, 1855—Cm.* In the matter of the intended application of ELIZA BETH HANKY, to Iho Court ot Quarter Sessions of Bedford County, at April Term, 1855, for a li cense to keep a Tavern in the house she now occu pies in the Township of Cumberland Valley-, it be ing an old stand. We, the subscribers, citizens of. and residing with in the bounds oi" Cumberland Valley Township do hereby certify, that we are personally and well ac quainted with Elizabeth Haney the above petitioner — that she is, and we know her to be, of good repute, lor honesty and temperance, and is well provided with house-room and conveniences for the lodging and accommodation of strangers and travellers. And vvp do further certify, that we know the bouse for which the license is prayed, and from its neighbor horxl and situation believe it to be suitable fora Tav ern, and further, that such Tavern is necessary to accommodate the public and entertain strangers and travellers. J. C. Vickroy, P. S. Thompson, Jacob An derson, John May, Jacob Brunner, David Britt, Jonathan Hendrickson, Henry Miller, Jesse Deihl, Lewis A. May, Emanuel Beegle, George Wertting, March 30, 1855. FOR RENT, And possession given on the Ist of June, a TAN YARD in the Borough of Bedford, with all the fixtures complete, and a Dwelling adja cent thereto. Apply to either of the under signed. Wm. Hartley, Job Mann, John H. Rush, March 30, 1555. For the Heirs. NOTICE I The subscriber is anxious to close his old Books up to April 1, 1855, ami hopes all in terested will give immediate attention to this notice. In cases where it is not convenient to make immediate payment, notes will be taken on reasonable time. GEO. BLYMIRE. April 13,1855. NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of Jacob Bittle, late of South Woodberry Township, Bedford county, deceased, are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims a said estate will present them properly authenticated for settlement. JACOB S. BRUMBAUGH, March 23,1855. Administrator.

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