Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 1, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 1, 1836 Page 3
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Ihcir lip, wnlu a latter, commencing "Stop my inpor !" If wo sny routs nro ex orliit" ut ly high nml landlords sliniilil bo too generous to t i U u advantage of it 11 incitieu tal circumstance round count a broad hat nml (toKI headed c.inis. with "Sir, t,tot my paper !" Docs mi iictor rccuivc a bit of mi -vice? Tim green-room id loo hot to hold linn till rolii'vod by those revengeful words "Stoi my paper !" If wo ovor prnisu one, tome envious rival steals gloomily in with "Sir, if you ploaso, ttop my papei!" Wc dare not hopo to nnvigalo tho ocoan with steamboats, but our paper ia "stopped" by ii ship-captain. Our doctor nearly loft us to die the other day because a correspon dent had praised an enemy of "our college," nml we expect n "fieri facias" in tho office presently, on cacount of sointhing which we understand somebody has said against some lawsuit in wo do not remember what court. Hut all these affairs wore out done yester day by tho following. Wo waro sitting in our elbow-chair ru minuting on thu decided advantages of vir tue ovorvicc when a littlo, withered French man, with a cowhide as long ns himself and twice aa heavy, rushed into our pro t-ctici'. 'Sair!" and ho stupped to breathe. Well. Mr." 'Monsieur!" ho stopped again to take breath. Diablo Monsieur!" mid ho flourished his instrument about his head. 'Really, my friend,' said wc, smiling, for bo was not an object to heightened about .when you have perfectly tinishod amusing yourself with that weapon, wc should like to bt tho master of our own Icisuru. 'No, Mr; I havo como to horsewhip you wis dis cowhide!" We took a pistol from a drawor, cocked it and aimed it at Ins head. 'Pardon, sair;' said tho Frenchman, ' I will give you some explanation. Monsieur, if vou havo writo dis article V Wo looked it over'niid acknowledged ourt-elf the author. U was a few lines re ferring to the great improvements in rail roads, and intimating that this mode of travelling would onu day supersede each other. You have! write dat in your papair?' Yes. tin' 'Well. den. (.air 'stop you dew papair.' I have live tjwtrniUe-ncuf am. I have do volu all my lif.s to rid' do balloon !c' est ma grande passion. Bien, ."Monsieur! I thai! look to find every ono wis his littel balloon to ride horse back in do air to go round do world in one siiinmair, nnd make inn rich like Monsieur A-sta.r, wis do big hotel. Well. Monsieur, now you put piece in you dem papair to say dat do rait road, monsieur, da littel railroad, supersede voilu supcrude'. Dat is what you say eupi'rrede everything else. Monsieur, begar I have do lionnair to inform you dat ile rail road nvair snpersode th balloon md ulso, inotwieur ventre blieu ! 'slop you tm nxrmir !' " N. Y. Mirror. Kentucky. The legi-laturo have incroa J i he salary of their Governor to .'.500 r annum, and the pay of members of the t I . I . . I rt I . I t, I . t. ,1 linen Ilimr Ii,aaiij rtiuili. rrimil hv of Ilalliuiore. Tho btatu are to i. i . i.i i . . C,,!.--. 'I'lm riir-fii rit .1 fiirlfincntii I.A..H lll.r-13. I.W ! KUJU' ."I 'in ii lie i us at, inu oiiiuo iu uruusoii. uu- (UragU Ol UUUUl SjMU,yuU IUI lllUlllll. A IIU .., l,n.i..ii nn, I l.Vlirnni-u IS1! i- i ... 41 in nnn 1. m. nf.l f. nlir.ul 'jin Drift nnr inniilli The Br'.g Ark from London has arrived at New York, with n cargo of wheat, oats 11 nil llour. It is too bad, that wo should be dependent on Kngland fur articles like these, with millions of broad acres around us uncultivated. Mrs. Itebecca, wife of Capt. John French nf Randolph, Vt.cominilted suicide yester day, about two o'clock, I. M. at tho Yeo man's Hotel, by hanging herself with a pocket handkerchief, ullached to her bed post. Sho was a lady of respectability. hut liad labored under a depression nf spirits, occasioned by tho death of a daughter. Host paper. liotli branches of tho Pennsylvania Log-i.-laturc have passed thu bill alter it had been vetoed by the Gnvuinor to increase the capital Mock oflhe Uirard liank to five millions. Tho bill passed tho Senate by a vote of 21 to 0, and tho IIouso of Repre tcutattves CI to 20. Ai.iiany, March 22. Tho ice continues strong in the river. Heavy loads are daily transported upon it without the least danger. Our vessels at the wharves aro many of them taking in their cargoes ready to 6tart at tho first op portunity. Wc notice that a vessel has sailed from Charleston for our purl, and others are advertised to sail from Provi denco, U.I. Wo fear wo shall not havo the pleasure of announcing their arrival theso two weeks. A lender hearted wife. A "broken heart ed woman," as she calls herself, Mrs. I, aura Hunt, of Rrodalbin. Montgomery co. N. Y. notifies tho public through the Amsterdam Intelligencer, that her husband, Josiah Hunt, has left her bed and board, and stray, cd to pnrts unknown; nnd sho forbids nil girls, old maids and widows, to meddle with or marry him, under the penalty of the law. She earnestly entreats all editors throughout the world to lay tho foregoing information before their readers- Mrs. Hunt will please to perceive that wo have complied with her request. Courier and Enquirer. And wo too-N. Y. Transcript. And wo three. Cincinnati Mirror. And wo four, Standard. And we five Western Methodist. And wo six. Zions Horald. And we seven. Maine Free Press. And we ciht. Mobilo Froo Press. And wo nine. Woodstock Whig. Leave hor bed and board, thu villain ; and wc ten. National Eaglo. And wo make up tho dozen N. Y. Commercial Advorlisor. ii . i .r. i i ... .1 1 f I ilm vnnriim ! litlll wo a bakcr'a dozcn.P'tteburgh Qtatcs- mail, And we start him again. -Miners Journal. Keep I i 1 1 moving-. Kail riycr is loo good for In in Jackson Courier. May ho have corns on his toes, nnd pains in his rib' nil tho days of his life. Leave a woman's bod and board, tho gracoless knave ! Wo'll give him tho sixteenth kick Carlisle Republican. Oh, tho vagabond ! ho deserves nn ad ditional kick, and wo give him tho seven teenth Cleveland Herald. Ureal: a woman's heart, tho fiend! lake that loo! I'oniisvillo Telegraph. Wo underwrite the eighteenth endorser. Courier and Enquirer. ff To his heart. Ho ought to be dogged up a gum tree, for Davy Crockett to grin to death. L'it the 'ball roll.' Democratic Froo I'ross. May ho havo his head combed with a flax hacklo and a bed of briers to sleep on. Push him along, keep moving. Lycoming Gazette. No quarter hero, you tarnal villain. A way ! into the Jackson ranks, and bo food for tho 'monster.' States Advocate. May tho villain bo tied to n dozen old maids necks, and there fastened until his death Veazoy's Press. And let tho old maids Hunt him with porcupine quills, for tho twenty-fourth touch under his short ribs. Rochester Democrat. " O, for a whip in every honest hand, to lash tho rascal naked round tho world." Finm the Imlianla Palladium. 11. rnmi fill limiinn Ln.l v., .... ,,w iw. unduly iuiiu is alibis limo unparalleled. Every man who tllla r-rnillt rnmlrrli ! n linrrmi, n liiitnt..n,l -- - u... ..... I. HUHUlu dollars i on tho run tu secure n picco be fore it iri nil t.-lknn lit, flnrl In. u-l,n ij on fn- - wl. . , u.iw a.w I. nil la DW ,W- tuualo as to secure an eighty aero lot, with in m., ...ii r i .." .i i , . i. hvu uiui-a ui u uamii ur ruuruuu, consiu ers his furtunc as nndo. We understand that sonio of the knobs in Franklin county, which navo ueen nerctoloro regarded as nerfectlv worthing;, rlinitm tn cfonn tn imc. turo goats, and too poor to sprout peas, nro now lUKon up wun aviuity. a gentleman uieuiiy uiuuruu oueoi iiiojo iraci, so our information goes. and within a fow days lllnrpnftnr wn.nlH.riiil nir.n.i.n.lif.fLH. rn. his bargain! which ho declined, thinking ttiat he could do better! Verily, the age ot wonders has not yet passed. The Liverpool correspondent oflhe Now York Star, tells tho following btory: When tho King read his spoech in tho House of Lords, it was very dark, and he could, with difficulty, read it. Ho made many mistakes, and called to Lord Mel bourne, "Melbourne what word is thib.'" At lust, ho said, loud enough to be heard by til.: reporters, "Melbourne, why tho d don't they bring ill candles?" At last one wax taper was brought in, the King then told the Parliament that as lie had not, ho feared, been able to make himself intelligi. ble, ho mubt commence reading the speech dc novo, which lie did. A mem can Ejiunav. A merchant from N.York was at thu London Ludgulelull, when the news of the great tiro which lately occurred in that city ar rived. His premises wcru totally consum ed, and he himself, as in a moment, a ruin ed man. His plan, however, was instantly funned. Iufificcii minutes from tho time his eyes had rested on tho paper, a chaise and four was al tho door, in which he hur ried to Dover. Arriving in the night, he hired a steamboat for 75 guineas, which soon landed him at Calais. Thence he hastened, with all possible expedition, to Lyons. Ho reached tha'. city eight hours before the news ot the tire, and employed his time iu purchasing silk goods, to such an extent, and on such terms, as to secure a profit of at least 25.000f., the destruction being pnucipally of l-rcucu silks, and to so largo an amount as to require mure than all the existing stuck at Lyons to make it good. London paper. A Snake-a Jjlach Snake During the last four or five years, we nro informed that Mr. Marshall Edson, not Calvin of Green wich. 15 miles from this place, became af flicted with an internal disorder, tho cause of which he nor his physicians could satis factorily account for, until J recently. Mr. Edsou was a skeleton iu appearance and although from thu commencement of his dibease ho had a constantly increas ing, unheard of uppelite, and devoured immense quantities of luxurious aliment, it by no means had tho effect as it does upon Aldermen, to make him grow fat. About three weeks since a council of physicians was held over him, who decided that there was some kind of a living animal within his body soma of them thought it was a snake and others, that it was some other animal. At any rate they all with ono accord deci ded that tho man should totally abstain from every kind ot nourishment for C days, that being tlio only alternative between 1 1 Its una death. On tho Uth day, n pan of warm milk was ploced on the tho floor, and Air. K. was taken by the heels and held ovor it. Vorv soon the head of a black snake was dis covered leaking its way out of his mouth to the rcilk, and began to lap tho luscious oevernge. It was immediately drawn from the throat of the agonized man cud killed measuring 18 inches in length. Mr. E. is now rcganitig his health. Uarrc Gazette. Final Decision of the Curled Hair due Thu General School Committee, His Honor the ftlayor being in the Chair, hold a mooting yesterday aliernoon. in the Mav or and Aldermen's room, nnd n full hearing was had relative to the matter of interdict" ing girls from coming to rchool with the hair done up in papers. Mr Charles Fox, Master of the Hoylston school, had be-rat-ed a young lady who persisted in doing so, and Mr George II. Smith, her guardian, en tered a verbal complaint to the committee. After each gcnlloinan had stated the case in his own way, but both nareeing as to tho facts, tho committee passeU resolutions, that Air Fox was justified in tho course ho had adopted, and that tho young lady should bu restored to her rank in school nfter mak ing a nuitablc apology Boston Patriot Pay i-ori voun Pateii. you do not pay, the Kdilur cannot jayUa publishers cannot pay the printer cannot pay tho iiaiioriiiakor caiuict pay the men cmploved in the mill cannot puythu stationer cannot J pay tho merchant will eultcr losathc tailor will bo injured the shoemaker may ! fail tho butcher una marketmaii will be disappointed, &c. All these will bo injur cd their engagements bo broken their credit will be lost Ihcir characters will be tarnished their feelings must bu wounded --their families must suffertheir business will bo ruined thu paper must coaso and community remain in ignorance for thu want of it ami all because you would not pay for your paper.. Every man in n free country wants three sorts of education ; one to fit him for his own particular trade or calling, this is pro fessional education; another to teach him his duties as a man nnd n citizen, this is moral au J political education ; and a third, to fit him for his higher relations, as God's creature designed for immortality, ibis is religious education. MAUHIED. Ill .Middletllirv. IMi-. fJllCTAvna A . If . Hrtn-v of Kew-Il.ucii, in Miss Juma K. I'll r.s ron. in iijutiey, Ij. U. J. II. Hublunl, E. of Pr.inklin, to Miss Sarah, daughter of Ilun. Henry Cull. DIED. In Granville, Feb. 8ih, Mrs. Elizabeth ILiyno, wifuoflho lalo Kev Lemuel Ha)iics, in die 72d year of lirrago. In Rochester. N. Y. on llio llili ult Helen Aine li.i, daughter of Sidney Smith, Eeq. nged 3 jcars and S inonilu. In Uosloii, Masi. on tlio 20ih nit. Gcorp) C. Itjrrcil. Proprietor of thu Now England Farmer, of the Seed Store connected with the Nl E. Farmer Office, &c. Thompsonian Botanic INFIRMARY. DOCT. REUBEN milCUER, A gent for Doctor Samuel Thompson, ofBoston, hasthe pleasure of informing the inhabitants of Burlington, and tho public generally, that ho intends opening an In Firmary on the Thompsonian plan, in this village in a few weoks. Ho may at pres ent ho found at tho Green Mountain House, whero he will attend to all calls in his pro fession. Ho has a largo and general as sortment of Thompsonian Botanic Medi cines, and family rights, which ho will dis pose of on reasonable terms. Doct. Whicher has been at great expense in attending Lectures in Boston and else where, and been in practice more than two years, during which period ho has spent considerable limo with Doct. Thompson, tho founder of this valuablo system. Burlington, March 30, 1830. IMPROVED Rotary Stoves, rjnilE subscriber has just received from -1L thu Foundry of J. D. Ward, Ver gentics, No. 2 and 3 Rotary Cooking Stoves &. Trimmings ; Box do. Coldron Kettles, Ploughs, &,c. &c. which aro offered for sale for cash or ap proved credit. P. S- He wishes to call tho attention of the economical, to tha fuel and labor-saving properties of tha Rotary Stove, and iln peculiar adaptation as a Summer Cooking Stove. By the use of tho grate, n very small amount of fuel is required for tho culinary operations of any family ; lesi by ono half, it is believed, than is required by any other Stovo iu use. Its form and height is such that it admits of being pla ced in tho fire places of ordinary kitchens, so that most of the heat and ellluvia from it passes off by the chimney. Tho saving of fuel effected by tho Improved Rotary, in ono year, ovor that of almost any other Cooking Stove, is fully equal to Us cost, besides the superior facility and caro with which the several culinary operations are performed with it. .Ilso, lea and Alarlin Kettles of various sizes, cast expressly for this Stove. GEO. PKTERSON. Burlington, March 31, I33G. The Variety Shop AT BUL ING TO A", VT. WL havo gold and silver Watches, Jewelry, Chains, cheap and costly Clocks, Plated and Brittania Waro Castors, Musical lnstrunientsand Instruction Books, Perfumarv, Hair Oils, Powders, Soaps, Brushes, Cutlery, Candlesticks, Snufilirs, Trays, Lamp Wicks, Stocks, Bosoms, Isackgnminon Board, Visiting and Printing Cards, (a vory good assortment of all sizes nnd colors) card Cases. Canes, Umbrellas, Elastics, Busks, silk boot Lacings, overshoe Buckles, Razors, Ink, Quills, Pencils, India Rubber, Letter Stamp. Curls, fine Pic tures, Toys. Drawing Boards and Paper, sand Boxes, ink Stands, Confectionary, and the greatest vuriety that can bo lound in such u Shop. Wo clean and repair all kinds of Watch' es nnd Clocks, and make all kinds of Silver Spoons nnd sugar Tongs ; Nursing Tubes, coflin Plates, Ilookd nnd Rings, Trunk Plates, Sic. &c. at thu Variety Shop. Panguoun & Bri.nsmaid. March 30. I03G. GARDEN SEEDS, Af IIOXES KUE8II (5AKDEN SEEDS, of Iv-J l!ie last jears growth, J. & J. II. PECK, CO. March 21, 183G Horatio Gates' Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Distbict ok Chittenden, ss. J Tho Honorable tho Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden, To all persons concerned in thu Eslato of Horatio Gates, lato of Montreal, in tho Province of Lower Canada, deceased, Greeting. WHEREAS, the Administrator of said doccascd.proposcs to ronder an account of his administration, and proicnt his account against 3a!d eslato for examination and allow ance at a cession of the Court of Probate, to bo holdcn at Willey's Inn at Willislon, on the first Monday of May next. Therefore yon aro hereby notified to ap. pear befoie said Court at tho time and place aforesaid, and shew causo.if any you havo, why tho account afoicsaid should not be al lowed, Givnn uhdur my hand at Willislon, this 30th day ofMarch, A. I). 1030. GEO. B. MANSER, lir-lut,. GRASS SEED. ABOUT CO Bushel'd Herds Grass Seed of a toper ior qualitynnd the growth of 11)35 just received andfor Mile nl HOWARDS. BURCIIARD'S SERMONS. CG 0 O D R 1 C II will publish on . Monday next, " Sermons, Addresses and Exhortations, by Rev. Jedediah Bur chard ; with an Appendix, containing somo account of Protracted Aleetings held under his direction, iu Burlington, Williston, and Hinesburgh, Vt. Dec. 1035, and January, 103G. By C. G. Eastman." Hurlinalnn. March. 25. NOTICE. THE undersigned having purchased of P. HALL his entire stock of Goods, will continue nnd enlarge the 23tl (SCOBS JHtfirtUCBS, at tho stand formerly occupied by Hall & Stearns, recently P. Hall, where ho will havo constantly n full variety of seasonable Goods; and respectfully solicits tho pat ronago of all former friends and patrons. Just received, nn extensive and well se lected assortment of LOOKING GLASS ES, which aro offered at roduccd prices. JOHN ABBOTT. Church street. March 23. NOTICE. THE subscriber having disposed of his entire block of Goods and wishing to close his business, requests nil those having unsettled accounts with the lato firm ol Hall and Stoarns or P. Hall, to come and settle and rnukc immediate pavmont with out further notice. PETER HALL. Church Street Alarch 23. S FOR SALE. THE subscriber offers for sale on reasonable terms his house and lot on thu west tsido of Col lege Green. The prem ises consist of ll aero, of lands on which there is a good orchard a smallbut convenient bouse, out buildings, &c For further particulars and terms, apply tu Samuel Rued. Z. THOMPSON. Burlington March 2-1, 1030. Also, for sale, as above, PEW No. 14 ia St. Paul's Church. FOR, SALE. THE House and lot, on Pearl street, known as thu Storrs place. Fo; terms. apply to G. MOORE. March 23, 103G. Herds Grass Seed. THIS day received and for sale a quan tity of Herds Grass Setd by Foi.LETT Si BnAULEVS. Burlington AInrch 14. 1037. FARM FOR SALE. &JB THE subscribers ns executors o ttm THOMAS STORM, deceased, r'llH of thu city of New York, of fer Ibrsule the Farm iu Willislon, Chittenden county Vt. being part of tho farm formerly owned and occupied by Giles Chittenden, Ei-q, deceased, and lately occupied by his widow, containing about 135 acres. On the promises is n largo substantial two story Brick Dwelling Houso, two Barns, and two Orchards. Part of tho tract Is Woodland, with somo choice Timber, making it a very desirable farm. For further information apply to Win. A. Griswold, Esq. at Burlington, Vt, or to either of the subscribers per mail. C. F. BUNNOR. ) , . C. J. AIANNING. jXecuor'' New York. Jan' 'y 22, 1030. N. I). If the above farm should remain unsold, tho same will bo leased on reason able terms for ono year from the 1st day ot April next. Application to be made tu Wm. A. GRISWOLD. .'h'ent. LYMAN $ C OLE HAVE received 100 prs. India Robber OVER-SHOES, from thu largest to the smallest a very desirable ar. tide at this season of the year. -ILSO A few bushels of first quality of HERD'S GRASS SEED. Feb. 2G. 1 030. Umbrellas, Canes and Riding Whips. TJLACK, Blue, Grocn,and other eolored, JUF billi and Cotlpn Umbrellas; Black walk ing Canes, Sword Canes; Ivory and golden headed Canes, small walking sticks; Riding Whips. &c. at tho Variety Shop. I'anguokn L Brinsm.iu. jf1 OLD RINGS, wide and narrow, made in good stylo, at tho Variety Snop. I ANG I10HN Oi liltlNS.MAII). TO TANNERS. w NTED by the subscriber, by the first ot April next, one or two good Journeymen Tanners, who will find em ployment fur the Season, bv applying to E. C. Loo.mis. Burlington, Pearl St. ) AInrch 11, I83G. ( Take particular Notice. THE Subscriber being undor tho neces eity of Cotlectins; all his dues this Spring, would respectfully say to all thoso indebted to him thai their notes and ac. counts must bo settled and paid by tho first day of April next. J. MITCHELL. Burlington, Alarch 10 11130. NOTICE. THE subscriber takes this method to inform thoso indebted to him that their notes and accounts now duo, must be paid by tho first day of April next, or thov will bo left for collection. N. B. Thoso who havo contracted to pay in wood or grain must bo punctual, or money will be exacted. JOHN K. GRAY. Burlinglon, Alarch 0, 103G. rilllE AMERICAN IN ENGLAND, by thu author of "A ?uar in Spain'' 2 vol, for silo by SMITH U HARRINGTON. March 3. Winooski Patent Block Man ufacturing Company. npUIrJ Directors of this Company res JL pcctl'ully inform thnir friends and the AInratiino public of tho United States gen erally, that they have purchased the whole ol tho establishment formerly known ns thu Livingston Patent Block Machinery, with nil the extension of tho patent ngiits recently granted by Congress to Thomas Blanchard, E-q. tlio original inventor and patentee, together with all the late im. provemcnts made and patented by him. They havo manufactured nnd now ofi'er for fcale a largo stock of machine made, solid, common and bushed Ship's Tackle Blocks, from 5 to 0 inches, and machine made Plank Blocks, from 7 tn 10 inches, and other articles on reasonable terms. They further inform tho public that they have madu arrangements for removing their machinery from Now York to the site of a now mill with an 00 horso power water wheel built c.vprcssly to receive it, at Burlington, Vt. in the heart of a coun try abounding with the finest and best of limber for their purpose whence they in tend sending to tho Now York market n large, constant, and regular supply of these and other articles in the Block making lino. They rurlhur add that it is their intention to increase tho machinery so ns to meet the present and futtiro demands of the blockmaking trade nnd inaratime public throughout the United Stales. This Company has lately been incorpo rated by llio State of Vermont with a large capital expressly for this purpose. A largo discount will be allowed to the trade, and a liberal discount to ship chand leies and others. iD'Orders addressed to William Serrcll, supcrintendant at the company's ofiico and store, No. 84 South street. N. Yurk, will meet due attention. Burlington, 21st Alarch, 1030. DISSOLUTION. THE firm of Woon Si Auhott was by mutual consent disolved on the 22d inst. The books and demand of thu con cern, will Remain in llio hands of T. II. Wood, at the old stand of tho Hardware Store, where settlement and payment, without reserve will be required previous to the 15lh day of April next Particular contracts excepted. THOS. II. WOOD JOHN, ABBOTT Burlington, March 24, 103G. Tho HARD-WARE business, nt lh old stand of Wood and Abbott, will bo continued by the subscriber who takes this opportcnity to express his graititude, to the friends and customers of the late firm, during the six years ho has conducted the business. He Solicits their further Pat ronage; nnd will make it his endeavor by close personal application nnd an enlarge, mem of tho business, which ho has in contemplation nn the opening of navigation to make the establishment meet tho wants and wishes of the public. T. II. WOOD. Burlington March 24, 1030. DISSOLUTION. THE firm of Aihiott, Wood &i Co. was by mutual consent disolved nn the 23d inst, Demands dueusaru iu the hands of John Abbott, and settlement of a 1 1 (special contracts excepted.) is request cd without delay. All Furniture debts against us will be presented immediately. JOHN ABBOTT T. H. WOOD D. K. PANGBORN Alarch 24. 1830. CABINET and CHAIR MAKING will be continued at the old stand, where the public may be assured of always find ing a large assortment of tho best work on hand, to be sold on tho most liberal terms. JOHN ABBOTT D. K. PANGBORN Burlington Alarch 24, 1830. DISOIiUTIOJV. THE Copartncship herctoforo existing under the firm of Loomis, Smith and Co is this day dissolved by mutual agreement. G. C. LOOMIS F. SMITH B. SHATTIJCK R. LILLIE C. CLARKE The business will hereafter bo continued under the firm of JANES, SMITH (i Co. and all business of the lato firm settled by them. Burlington March 9, 1830- IHDELLISLB INK TTOR markinir clothes: without u ore X? paralion: it has been used bv nnrMoiw in this town for about three years and does not wasn out. i'crkin's indclhble Ink to bo, used with a preparation, and it is war ranted not to wash out. Willistun'a Imlnl iblo Ink warranted to slnnd soap and water. rercms' uoutiling .IKuse red and Black Ink; tho best in use, Indian Ink, at tho vari ety Shop Panciiioii.n Si Brinsmaii). FOR SALE. ON reasonable terms, a house and lot a few rods north of the Academy. Enquire al this office or Ol Uocl. tvm. Jltwaler. Burlington March 17, 1030. TO RENT. mllR STORE and DWELLING nnvt jL door east of Smith Si Harrington's Book Store, on College-street. H. L E A V E N V O RTH . Alarch 15, 1830. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Giianu Isi.r. District, ss. f At a Probate Caurl holden at the Probate Office in North Hero in said district on the 10th day of February, A. D. 1030. Present tho Hon. Joel Allen, Judge. It is ordered by suid Court that notice be given to all concerned, (hat the Probate Ollico for said dutrict will bo kept in future at the dwelling house nf Augustus Knight in North Hero in said district, and that the Court will hold their stated sessions at the dwelling house of Jod: P. Ladd, in North Hero on the third Monday in every month hereafter, from 0 o'clock iu thu forenoon to 4 o'clock in the nftcrnoau. By order of Court, AUGUSTUS KNIGHT, Ilea.: NAVAL STORES TO 1113 SOLD BY AUCTION. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUC. TION. ut the Dock Yard at Lie Aux Noix. on TUKSDAY tho 10th AIkv next : ANCHORS, from 37 cwt. tu win r.wi. weight, 25 in number, Iron Ballast 19". tons. Beetles Caulking and Recmiug. Bolls Watch. Blocks. Single, Dnublu, Treble, Long Taklc, Snatch and Purchase, of various Biz. Dead Eyes for Shrouds. Chain Cabin and Chain Cable Gear. Cordngo Cabin and Hawser laid 7 1-2, 7, 5 1-2,5, 0, 3 1 .2, 2, 2 1-2, &c. &c. ALSO, THAT FAST SAILING VESSEL, TUE ICICLE TENDER, Burthen 25 Tons, with Sails, Rigging, nnd other Stores complete. in frames. Rigging and Sails for U Gun Boats complete. Gun Boats' Alasts, Yards and Oars. Fire Engine and Fire Engino Gear. Forges and Forge Gear. Glass, Slono Ground and Common. Hoops. Hooks, and Bolts. Turning Lathe arid Tools for do. Lead, nnd Lend Pipe. Hand Pumpa and Hnnd Pump Gear. Scales, Beams and Weights ; Screws nnd Stores. A small quantity of Oak Timber, with a great num ber of other articles of Naval Stores and Old Stores. MONTREAL. To be sold at the Naval Depot, Montreal, b Public Aucthn, on WEDNESDAY, the 31i day of May next ; ANCHORS of various sizes, 12 in num ber. Chain Cables, Iron Chest, Writing Desk, Scales, Beam, Weights ; Canarjiaii Stoves, and other urticles of Stores in uto at the Depot. Salo to commence at Isle Aux Noix, at half past ten u'clock in the morning, and at Montreal at eleven o'clock in the morning. A deposite of 25 per cent, to bo paid at tha tune of the purchase, or the Lot will be re.sold and the Stores paid for within 14 days, ar.d removed within one month after the sales, or the deposito will be forfeited to the Crown. JOHN MARKS, In Charge of Nnval Stores. Kingstoii Yard, U. C. 2d Feb. 1030. t7.May STATE OF VERMONT, District or Chittenden. The Honorable ihe Probate Court within and tor the District of Chittenden To the creditors mid (libera conrerncd in die celaic- of Dorastus Hot ton. l.ilo of Burlington in said District, deceased. WHEREAS, the AdminiiUrutor of said decejs. ed, has made application to this Court, to extend tho time limited for making payment oX die debis ofaid deccised.six months fiom this date, nnd the 1st day of April next, being assigned for a hearing in llio premises, at the Office oflhe Register of this Court, audit hating been ordered that no lice thereof be given, by publishing this decree lliren weeks succes'iely in the Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, before the time fixed for lieunn. Therefore, j ou are hereby notified, to appear be fore said Court, ut the lime and place aforesaid, then and there to make objection if any ou have, to the laid time of pa) mem being further extended as aforesaid. And said Administrator further represent, the personal estate ofsaid deceased will not bo suf ficient to pay ihe debts, nnd makes application to said Court for license to sell the real estate for that purpose. It is ordered thai mi account be taken of tlio debts, and also ihe proceeds of the peisunul estate of said deceased, and that the heirs of all percons concerned in Mid Estate, be notified to ap pear at the time and place aforesaid, to give bondj for the payment of debls, and chow cau.-e why Ii. cense should not be granted. Given tiudcr my hand at Willislon. this 16th day of Murch, A. D. lS3b GEO, fl. MANSER. Register. Linseed Oil for Sale. THE subscribers have on band Linseed Oil of tho best quality and will be al all times happy to supply Customers either at their store on tho west side of the Court house snuiro or at tho Oil mill at tho Fulls. IIicu'oi; it Catlin. Rurlingtnn, March 10. 133fi. rplHTcflRISl'IAN LYRE, a collection of Hymsnnd tunes adapted tor social wor ship, prayer meetings, i-tc. with siippluint-ui ibr.aloby SMITH & HARRINGTON, March 3. PRAYERS adapted to various occasions of Social worship, for which provision i not uiado in tho Hook of Common 1'ruyer, by llishop Griswold. Forsaloby SMITH & HARRINGTON. March 3. HISTORY OF THE REI'URLIC OF A. MERlCA,designcd for schools or private libraries, by Emma Willard. I'riiicipai of thu Troy Femalo Seminary. For sale hv SMITH & HARRINGTON. FARM FOR SALE. The valuable farm owned, and Vf?.f occupied by Nathan Allen Ksij. !!Sitffe9l,eccl'ud, situated in the inline. dialu vicinity ot Willislon Vil lage, is hereby offered for bale, on terms advantageous to the purchaser. Should tho farm remain unsold until tho tenth day of of April next, it will then bo exposed at auction under a licoiisu ut sale, from thu Probate Cuurt, nnd will bo sold to thu highest bider, on thy 1-1 day of tho satnu April, nl two o'clock P. M. al E. Chitten den hotel in Willislon, to complete thu settlement of the estate, of said deceased. DAVID FRENCH, Aduiinietrntor do boots uon. Williston Feb. 27, IS3G- nursery! WILLIAM KEN RICK OF NCWTON, NUAIl IIOSTON, AS a cnpitul solcction of purest kind Jl .H of Fruit nml Ornmnmilnl T Tl 1- L a - . . . . . Shrubs, Roses, 1'iDonies, Double Dahlias, &o. 01 mosi spiennui moos, morus .Multicaulis, or true CHINESE MULIIERRIES. tho food for silk worms, by wholesale and retail. Orders addressed bv mull, nosl nairl. will bu executed promptly. Trees packed iu faithful order, fur distant places, by land eon. M AIIMOUI). 11 iiot-cl in vnl, for fcale by SMITH & HARRINGTON,

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