Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 1, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 1, 1836 Page 3
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Lyman & Cole, Will pay cash for flccco Wool in clean merchantable order, delivered al their store in Burlington. July 1. Stray Horse. CAME into the enclosure of tlio subscri ber some time tnc first week in June, a brown (bur year old gelding HORSE, with both hind feet white, and a star in the forehead. Tho owner is requested to pay cliargoa and lake him awoy. V 1 b URN It Y HODGES. Richmond, June 27, 1U3G. Drugs & Medicines. THE subscriber has just received from New York and is now opening an extensive assortment of Drugs and Medi cints, which ho offers cheap for cash or short credit Tho stock comprises many of Iho new French medicines and an assort ment of the most approved genuine patent medicines. Physicians anil families may rely on his unwearried exertions to give satisfaction in this department. ROBERT MOODY. Burlington, Juno 25, 1B30, corner of Church street and tho square. tFilliam Wells St Co. f Chittenden Co. t. CourTi Satford Stevens. ) March Term, 183G. At tho August term of Chiltcnden coun ty Court, A. D. 1035, William Wells of Burlington, and William W. Wells of Wa tcrbury, laic partners in trade under the firm of William Wells & Co. commenced their action on note against Safford Stevens of Burlington, demanding in damages two hundred dollars, which soid action having been entered on the docket of said Court, tho Plaintiffs- appeared by Henry Leaven worth, Esq. their attorney, and no formal notice having been made to tho said Stevens, on motion ol the Plaintiff the said cause was by order of Court continued to the March Term of said Court. A.D.1C3G, when the plaintiffs appeared as aforesaid, and it having been shown to said Court, that the Faid Stevens was without this State, said cause was further continued to the Court to be holden nt Burlington on last Tuesday savo one of August, A. D. I03G and further ordered that the sub stance of the plaintiffs' declaration bo pub lished three weeks successively in I lie Prce Press, printed at Burlington, the last of which shall bo thirty days before the ses sion of said Court, which shall be deemed sufficient notice. The said Stevens is therefore hereby notified to appear and de fend said tun il he sec fit. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 20th day of Juno A D. 1I13G. NATHAN B. II AS WELL, Clerk. Bonnets. '1 cascs,comprising Sviss,Lacc, Grecian, Tuscan and Palmetto BonnctF, by Lemuel Curtis & Co. June 21. Flour in Half Barrels. 50 just received and for sale by liicKiii; .si June 23. Crockery & Glass Ware Lemuel Uurtis co uo. are now receiving their supply of Crockery and Glass Wore, Comprising Dining belts, containing from 150 to 250 pieces. ALSO. Cut, Pressed and plain Glass Ware in all its variety, where purchasers will find complete assortments and at rca. sonable prices. Burlington, June 23, I03G. Canada Money Bought by J. & J. II. PECK, and CO. June 24. LIGHTS. 2000 nrn I la Winter and Fall strained and refined Oil. 5 bnxrs sperm Candles. T. F. St W. L. STRONG. June 17, 1C3G. 76 doz. large fire works WE wish to inform those who like to see good Fire Works, that we intend having an addition to our Slock of Rockets, Fire Wheels, Roman Candles, Italian Steamers, Tmirbcluins, Nests of Snakes, Flower Pols, Grash-Hoppers, Blue Lights, Pigeons, Serpents, &c. making about 76 dozen in all ; so that wo think we can sup ply all orders from home or abroad, (which wo have not been able to do any former season. Al wholesale only we have a quantity nf red Chinese Crackors ; also for tale pulling Crackers and Torpedoes, or Throwing Crnckers ; the two last kinds are tho only kind we aell to boys ; they cannot sol even powder on fire, as we have proved by repeated experiments-, uur as uortmcnt ol all kinds ot lioods is very complete, and wo ask all persons to take a lOOK ttirougll ino variety auup. Pancdojin & BnMSMAiD. Burlington, June 8, 183G. American Hotel, BURLINGTON, VT. - j. THE subscriber would KMMkllCf inform the public, thai XirntW ho has leased this Estab Ml mi T lishment (recently kept MMJJLzjsmi by Meters. Cady and ' Doolitlle) for a term of year, and lias nited it up in a stylo wiucti fao trusts will both please and accommodate those who call on him. Tho pleasantness of its situation ; the spaciousness and number of its apartments ; and tho accommodation it is calculated to aflbrd to a large or small number of guests, arc rarely exceeded by any Establishment of tho kind in the country ; and the Pro prietor flattors himself that, by Btrict atten tion to Iho wants of the travelling public, ho shall be able to render its internal con duct not less inviting than its external op pearanco and local situation. 1 IRA SIJATTUCK. Burlington Square, May, 1036, July 1, 1836. G Cases French Prints, new patterns, now opening, by LATimop & Potwin. LOOK ! ONLY 2 1-2 cents per light for window sash where 50 windows nro sold, or 2 3-i cents for n less number ; warranted to bo equal if not superior to any manufac tured by hand, for salo by tho subscriber, north side the Court-houso Square. WM. BLAKE. Burlington, May 10, 1C3G. " LINENS. 2 cases Irish Linens compris ing every quality from 37 1-2 $1 25. 2 Bales Crash for Towelling. 1 do. Russia Diapers, for sale by Lemuel Cuiitis h, Co. Juno 23, U)30. Dairy Salt. 20 sacks Liverpool dairy Salt, for solo by IIickok & Juno 23. POWDER. GO kegs Powder, assorted qual ities, ai manuiacturors prices. T. F. & W. L. STRONG. Juno 1G. Groceries. 1 fin CHESTS IIvMin skin and Young 1JJ )y8on qicng- go i,ags Coffee. 10 do. Pimento. 10 do. Pepper. 30 hhds. Boston N. E. Rum. 20 do rectified Whis key. 12 bbls. American Brandy and Gin. Signctt Brandy. Holland Gin. Pure St. Croix Rum, Wines. Pale and Brown Sherry. Pure Old Madcria. do do Port. I cnerinc. Canary. Sicily Madcria. French do and Malaga. 25 baskets Champaign of superior brand. 15 cases Claret. 50 Quintcls Cod Fish. 75 boxes Herring. 35 do Bar Soap. 20 du Starch. 30 do Pipes J. & J. 11. l'EUK & UO. June IG. ItEUOVAL. BENNS returns his thanks for the liberal patronage he has received for C. the last G years, and would inform the pub lic that he has removed across the street opposite G. Moore's storo, Pearl st. where he intends carrying on his business of TAILORING, and Clothes Clcaiing; and having added vcrry much to his assorted stock, will sell cheap or exchange any kind ol clothing, etc. New and second hand clothes for sale. Two Sober men wanted. Those whose tiutcs and accounts are due will oblige by paying immediately. Burlington, June IG, I03G. Dye Stuffs. a r-)BBLS. ground Campcachy Log uvs wood, 100 do do Nicaragua. 100 do do Fustic. 50 do do camwood. 10 do do curcuma. 12 do do bar wood. 20 do do Madder. 25 do copperas. 15 do allum. 15 do. blue vitriul. 25 carboys do oil. 2 lbs argol. 2 do cream tartar. 2 bales nut galls. 5 cerouns Indigo. Clothiers brush cs, tent hooks, and press papers. J. &. J. II. PECK & CO. Juno IG. Wines, &c. ,fLD Madeira, Sicily, Madrid, Lisbon, vr old Sherry, Mcrsailes. Madeira, sweet Malaga. Muscat and real old Champaignc a choice slock. ALSO Brandy, Rum, Gin of 1st and 2 quality at lowest prices, wholesale and retail. T. t &. W . L. SlliUJVU. June IG, 183G. To Farmers. Scyths and Snaths, hay Forks, Rakes, Hoes, Shovels, Spathe, cost iron ploughs, wool J'wmc, &c. V. & W. L. STRONG. June IG. Lint Seed Oil. 500 gallons of fresh quality, by T. F H V. L. STRONG. June IG, 1C3G. Powder and Brooms. 100 ,KGS or Powder, 50 Doz Corn Broome, for snln bv Brooms, for sale by June IG. J. & J. II. PECK ft Co. Lyman & Cole, "FX AVE received their Summer Goods, JLJL comprising a very extensive assort ment of callicoes, a ureal variety of fisure stylo and fabric from 12 to G2 cts per yard; cambrics, plain, clicck and plaid; mull and swiss muslins ; cross bar d plaid and birds cyo do. gingham, checks, plaids &c. hos iery,einuroidcred open work, and plain silk cotton do. li loves, silk, kid, linen and Her Im ; SuspcndcrB, India rubber, web and knit ; a general assortment of Silks, inclu ding rich, heavy, plain, black, blue black gro do Swiss, gro de Rhine and other silks rich tig d blue black do. bell ribbons to match; rich col'd gro de Naples, plain, fig'd and plaid: mix d silk Uamblcts and Pongee blue black and printed Sliallys very rich black green and brown French Bombazine Taffeta garniture, and cap ribbons; linen sheeting 4 4 to 10,4 wide; Irish linen brown and black linen; table spreads, blchd and brown; birds eye napkins, linen damask Russia Diaper and crash; Hamilton stripe mixture and roucn Cassimcre; bed tick doublo and singlo width ; cotton drilling brown and bleach'd ; cotton sheeting and shirting do. carpeting, floor cloths and flan nets; knittincr cotton and thread. Gentlemen will find a great variety of ouimiiur L.I01US, including black, brown ano several shades of green Brochella n: . . . . rnncciia, jmmineuc, liondon summer cloths, ftc. white and brown linen drilling Broadcloths, black, blue, green and fancy cuiurtr, cnccKU, plain and lancy striped do. Heavy black and blue black silk velvet for vesting; white McrsaiU, fancy do. fig'd silk and other vesting. Pedlars will find a largo assortment of low prio'd callicos; spool, skein and pound thread. Ono entire case of coat, vest and pantaloon buttons. Hooks and eyes, bus pendors &c. Burlington, May 2G. Cotton Yarn. 1200 lbs. of Cotton Yarn, as sorted numbers, from 5 to 10 of Iho Man chester Manufacturing Company's make, by Lemuel Cujits & Co. June 24. Parasols ! 1 Case assorted col'd Parasols. I do. Plaid do do just received by Lemuel Curms & co. June 21. Trout and other Fishing Llods in Canes, and Hooks, and an additional as sortment of Fire Works, just received at the Variety Shop. PA.NQIIOrtN & D Juno 23. Tar, Just receiving by J. & J. H. PECK & CO. Juno 24. Salt. 3G00 bushels Turks Island Salt. 100 Bags Dairy On. by J. & J. II. PECK St CO. June 24. Tin Plates, &c. Tin Plates; Russia, English and American sheet Iron ; iron Waro ; sheet and bolt Copper; sheet Zinc; tind. and blk Rivets ; wire Vellum, etc. ALSO A full assortment of Tin Ware, at wholesale or retail T. F. & W. L, STRONG. June 23. Liverpool Blown Salt. Jll SACKS, just received by T. F. &. W. L. STRONG. June 14, 103G. FAIRBANKS' PATENT SCALES, a constant supply by J. & J. II. PECK ft Co. Agents. Waddington Superfine Flour. &fincmRELS FrCS'' SUpCf' GG Barrels Fresh Fine. 4G tin. do. Fine Middlings. Just received and for salo by JASON C. PEIRCE. St. Johns, May 9. 103G. Fanners and Mechanics Bank. THE Stockholders arc hereby notified that an instalment of Ten Dollars, per share, on the Capital Stock of the Bank is required to be paid at the Banking House in liurlinglon, on the lirst day of July next. By order of the President and'Dircc- ors. T. HOCKLEY, Cashier. April 20, 103G. uju NOTICE, "frST-IIEREAS. IUIODA my wife, has leu my bed and board without any just provocation this is to forbid all per sons (inruonnpf or wueiing her on my ac count, as I will pay no debts of her con tacting oflcr this date. THOMAS YAW. Hincshurgh, May IG, 1B3G. 3v Goods for Summer Clothinc. LEMUEL CURTIS & CO. have this day received 5 nackaccs summer EMUEL CURTIS & CO. Muffs comprising 10 pes. Mattewaw stripes, 20 Napoleon and Hamilton drills, 15 Ronen uassimcrcs anil siorment s; crapeCambletp, Bcavcrtcenp, French end English Buck skins, which will be sold on the best terms, wholesale or relnil. Burlington, June 10. The Cheapest Cash Store, TV EARLY oppoxite S. E, Howard', and one 11 uoor norlli or l.cmue Cui us & Co. ABBOTT, of llic l.ile liimi (.f Abboll, Wood - Company, am: wuon n aihioii, is now icceivinj; lioin ISew York mi cxtrn.ito ;i35orunoH of GOODd suitable lor llic season, winch lie ofleis nt a email mlv.inrc fiom I ho cod ; anion;? uliii li .ire superior bl.irk, blue, iolet nnd inwaililc Gieen lirouitcloltu; ri.ju (I, slnp il and plain i,,iimi'icj, silk clvct IjI.icK snlin, Hum mi'' imil j Vcttm"?. vcrv Fupeiior" ; n choice scli'ction of worried I, men nnd Collon Good, for cent Icineild' nml bins' enminer ,vuiii, 11 i.iHirii mm uiiwii, iiuen whipi'i, iiiuiu I.inrn, MerpuiU toilet epreiuls ; crash linen nnd i: t. I : , I i: rv! . .1 i cotton faun Jean?; jaconett Cambric?, couleil Skirls; furniture Dimity and fringe figM and plain fenrfs ; Mull, fine plaid anil plain Jaconett and Hook M il 111, . fine linen lUkfr. a ml Cambrics Frcicll Muslins, 1l.11 k and light, plaid, light f.mcv, Kiencli, Enj. nn,l American 1'iinis j dark iiml light furniture Tiinls, French nnd Ameiican; plaid nnd stripe Gingham; WeAcli'd and brown flieelin" und elinlins ; Pongees, fine l iencli nnd Ens. Ilomtn zine; silk Velvet : black nnd while silk llnniery und Gloves, fine cotton, worsted, merino and linen gcnla , lames ami clnlJrens' Hosiery and u lines also a Luge assortment of cent's and ladies' lioisc and coat skin Gluna, I.ailie' anil Misse India llu'jber Aprons of superior i'.e and nualiiv : silk and French Gingham, gent's fine palm, lined and bound summer Hats; ladies down and manilla glass Bleucs ; Umbrellas, r.irnsols; gimp ihread nnd blond Edgings; l.ace;(luilli ,e and Inserling: white nnd fig'd I'oiigeo: IJandannas and fancy Bilk Hilkfs fancy, plaid and Italian silk Cravals; sewing silk clmlly, '1 ibel and merino elmwls ; a rich assortment ol sewing, plaid and laucy silk lldkfs ; also a va neiy of ! rencli woiked lace nnd muslin Collars green, black und white lilond gauze Vale ; Silks blk. Gro de swise. Italian and Florentine : ml Florence; black, blue, gteen, purple, plaid an'l i. .i iv....i. . iri.-i. .1. 1 .'1. . vim,., uiu utiicn, uiue uidih, lean cinnamon, maroon and green 1'oul lie soie j fig'd white. Dink nnd watered satin : ereen. India, blk Florentine nnd surge; black, blue, pink, green nnd wliiio Crapes; VeUcl, Gauze, fig'd Gio de Nap ; plaid, col'd and blk Tnfli.: Ribbons, fancy, plaid, watered and satin belt Ribbons, ladies traclliug .iki-i, merlin mags nnu satciicia, I uscan imila lion, cap and cottage ctown, Inco and Ficucli Tus can. Also a variety of Misses lionncit. GROCERIES Sugars, .Molosses, Teas of all Kinds, lirtt quality Inllec, Chocolate, f.ihalns Ginger, Cinnamon, spices, col'd spcitn Candles lamii yjtl. etc. &c. The sub'cribcr. craleful to Ills friends nnd the nubhc for their natronage hitherto, would now so lieu 1 ne continuance ot it, promising Ins best excr lions to gue entne sanslaciion. Burlington, May27, 1830. Confectionary. CTEWAItTS celebrated Confectionary w lurnaiouy LATIIROP &. POTIf'IN. May 27. Finn Summer Slocks, The Vahietv Sitor. JUST opened six doz. English hair cloth Stocks; silk and brisllo Storks, white, striped, green and black, striped blue, and black striped and plaid striped thin summer Stocks! sonio leather bound at top and bot tom. These, with our covered and trim mod Slocks, make tho best assortment wo ever had. Also stitched, corded and plain Collars and bosoms. Plcaso call and look at them. PAiscnortN & Biunsmaid. Juno 24. Snuff & Tobacco. Lorrillard's Maccaboy Snuff, in bids, kegs nnd Jars. Do Scotch. Do Bladders. Do fine cut and smoking To bacco, by tho bbl. or doz. at manufactur ers' prices. T. F. Si IF. L. STRONG. Juno 23. Boston Rum. 20 hhds. pure Boston Rum. 50 per cent above proof, on consignment, and for salo by the hhd. bbl. or gallon. . HL W. L. STRONG. June 23. The Variehi Shon. At Burlington, Vermont, West side Church Street. VtTL have received large additions to our tr Stock or GOLD ami SILVER Watches. Chains. Kovs. Pencils. Pins, r.n Rings, Clocks, plated Warr, Britlania, Castors, brass and olatcd Candlesticks. SnufTers and Trays ; plated knob Lamps ; small go to bed Lamps, lamp Wicks and u lasses; baskets, bags and purses; milita ry goods, perfumery, hair oil, shaving soap?, razors, lather brushes, pots, &c; fine rozor strops, fine cutlery, pen makers ; an elegant assortment of fashionable stocks, collars and bosoms, accordeons, music box es, small organs, and all kinds of musical instruments : hair, tooth and all kinds of brushes, viMtmg cards and cases, a great variety of sizes and colors; backgammon boards, chessmen, playing cards, quills, sil vcr and steel pens ; steel brass wood and whalebone butks, narrow whalebones, stay and boot lacings of cotton and silk, India rubber suspenders, patent and common clasiics, thimbles, needles and pins, ther mometers, rosewood dressing cases, work boxes, portable desks, dressing cases for travellers, manifold writers, matches, pocket tinder boxes, dressing room mirrors, pocket and French mirrors, merchants' Tacs, paints, brushes, pencils and all articles in that line; pictures, varnish and whitcwood boxes, baskets &c. for transferring, fine engravings and prints for framing. &c; miniature cases and sittings, pisto's large and small low and high priced, dirks and clasp knives, large and small telescopes or spy Ulasses,'; plaques ot various paltci ns which are rapidly superceding waUl buck les, powder horns nnd flasks, shot bags, table mats, slates, caucs and umbrellas, to gcllier wiili a very larco and clcsant col cction of fancy articles, some of which will bo more particulorly enumerated at some iiiturc time. To strangers visiting liur- lington we would just say, that wo have an assortment, selected with great care, which stands, we believc,unrivalleil in these parts; and those wishing for fine Watches, Jowciry, or any Uoods wo sell, v ill save both time and money by calling ul the Va riety Shop, where Watches and Clocks are cleaned and repaired ; silver topoons arc made and constantly kopt for sale ; Brands and Stamps cut at bhnrl notice ; trunk and Collin 1'Iatcs made when wanted. PANGIIORN & BllI.NSMAIt) June, 183G. Nu mistake and just as I thought il would be. 1st June, 1836. nEACTION and ooous as ciikap as T.VF.T. TTTOWARD of the Cheap Cash Store -H.JL hos just returned ocain from New York with rather an unusually larce supply of Goods, which purchase was made at not only lower prices than what goods were bought Tor a lew weeks since, but a grcal portion of them at much less prices than ever purchased at hefure, and will now sell at corresponding cheap prices to all who wish to buy "otitis for cash iot lime to enumerate articles at present, hut can say, Iho assortment of rich, fashionable, lancy and staple Goo'ils is unsurpassed hy any other stuck of Summer Goods ho has ever before offered; and further, as his trade has so much increased, he will sell al retail to customers at wholesale prices. S. KARL HOWARD. WOOL CARDING and Cloth Dressing. Hi: Machines at Ilubbell's Falh T now in operation for carding Rolls, and those who wish to have carding done can uo accommouatcu. Cloth Dressing will commoncc Iho first of August. Those customers of mine who live fin-Jfco Bomb side nflhc river, can cross tho Ferry with wool or Cloth, Toll Free. 11 ANTED A young man acquainted with the business. JOSHUA IIAYNES. Essex, June G, 183G. 3w New Fashions and New GOODS. JAS. MITCHELL, DRAPER AND TAILOR, HAS just returned from New York with a splendid assortment of Iho most Fashionable Goods worn ; among which arc invi-'iblo Green, Dahlia, Violet, Mul berry, black, blue. brown, olive Broadcloths. Also a variety orCassimcrcs and Summer Guods; such as imitation rib'd Cassimercs, Hamilton's Striped, liucu and cotton Dnl lings, Rouen Cassimcres, buffalo Cloth, &o Silk and Marsailles Vesting?, new style; Stocks, Collars, Bosoms, Snspcndcrs.'nnd a choice assortment of ready mado Cloth ing . Grateful for past favors ho sollcitcs a continuance of patronage, reminding the public of the principle upon which ho is doing business, viz : that no gentleman is naked to taku any garment unless bulled ; whether it bo his own cloth or not. UTCutlinjj done as usual, Burlington, May 2 1, 11130. Ow wool.. rriHE subscribers will at all lime? pay X Cash for Wool delivered at I licit Storo on the Old Wharf. FOLLETTSz BRAD LEYS. Burlington, Juno 15, KI3G. CASH will at all times be paid lor wool delivered at their storo hend of Pearl street and at their storo South Hero II. HYDE & Co. Burlington. Juno 15, 1030. 2000 lbs. double refined lonl Sugar, equal In quality to the best English, for salo by FOL LETT &. BRAD LEYS. Juno 24, 1030. 4m 75 doz. Blanchard Scythes. 20 dozen Ilorris, do. on consignment, and for sale by I' Ot.LETT Oi linADLEVP. Juno 24, 103G. t!w oO hhds. nroof. ourc Boston Rum, for salo on consignment, nt Boston prices, by Follett St Bhadlevs. June 24, I83G. Cm SCYTHES &c. rr do?. Warners warranted Scythes, nn An Kimncnn1. nnlnnl Knnll.n. 0 boxes Indian pond Stones June IG. J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Paints and Oils. 10 000 lbs. white Lead. 10 bbls Venn. tian Red. 10 do American Yellow. 10 do French do. 15 do Spl's. Turpentine. 0 do Glue, 2000 alls, sperm Oil winter and fall strained. 500 do Refined do. 15 Bbls Linseed do, hy J. & J. II. PECK & Co. Juno IG, 1H3G. Tobacco and SnufT. or KEGS Plug Tobacco. 15 Boxes Cavendish do. 30 hhls Lnrrillard Chewing and Smoking Tobacco 70 Jurt Lorrillard Maccaboy SnufT. 5 bbls do Scotch do, for salo by J. 6l J. II. FECK Si Co. Juno 17 New Books. MEMOIRS of tho Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States fiom its organization to the present day. Bv Wm. While, D.I). Bishop of the Protest ant bpiscopal Uhurcli in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Churrhman's Man. ual an cspoHlion of I he doctrine?, ministry and worship of the Ephcopnl Church. V. pisenpacy Examined and re examined. The Professional Yeats of John Henry Ho. hurt, D. D. ju-t received and for salo hy SMITH & HARRINGTON. June 3. Take Notice. ALL persons who arc owing mo by note or book account, will call and close the same and save cnsl immediately. L.KMU1SL CURTIS. .'une 3. Jewelry. Rl' 1 1 . u lii 1 1 A L. 1 J invites all persons to call and examine his Summer stock of Jewelry &c. which ho is now pening and offers for salo i.ow rnn CASH, in Waitnvrighl's buildim', Church-st. Burlington, June 1, 1030. Gw ENTE R.T A IN MEN T. KTWIE subscriber respectfully a informs his friends nnd the public thai he has taken the hotiic on the corner ol Church and College streets, formerly occupied by b' Wuinwright, and will use his best en deavors to render il ncceplablo as well to the traveller and man of business, as to those who want board in n central anil business part of the town. The ouibuild ings connected with (ins establishment are well arranged, and in good repair and the undersigned hopes, by prompt and unre milled personal attention, in secure tn u the amount of patronage which it 3 location ought to command. Connected with this establishment the fubscribor will also keep a choice selection of Groceries Teas, Sugars, Spices, Fish, Fruit, Confectionary, ijc which will be sold at the lowest pries. JEREMIAH POTTER. Burlington, May 27, 11)30. N. II, All perton h.ninj; im-clllcil ncromits with the piibsrriber, connected with hi former bu (inesj.uie cuiiiesily lenueatcd to call nnd itiljuU Shoit ccltlcmeiiid m.ike lung fi icndi, as Poor uicluid ajs. J. I For Spring and Summer. fffn E subscribers have opened nnd are JL now receiving a vcrv extensive as sortment or STAPLE AND FANCY for the Spring and summer trade, compris. ing black, blue, green, olive, brown, Adcliali, mixed and inulbring Broad cloths ; black, blue, green, drab and mixed cassimcres; Padding, Duck Buckrnms, Sil iscas; double and singlcFoundations.Amer ican book do.; Bonnet boards, wound wire, giiighanis.cahcocs, prints, French muslins, printed mtnlins, Clialleyotts, cambrics, Ja. chontictts; bonk, Swiss, nnd mull Muslin, lig'd, corded and plain muslins; black, hltio. and blue black colored India sewings. Am. do. black nss'd and brown linen thread, Clark, und Taylor's eup. sewing cotton, knitting cotton, while and mix'd, white blk, random mixed, corded, clocked and open work, cotton and sill; hosiery, horse skin, kid, silk, cotton and linen gloves. Flags and Pongee silk hdkfs ; while and plaid cotton and silk crnvals. 3 .1 5 St 0-1 hleoch'd cotton. 3 4 r, &. G. l brown do. I & G .1 ticks; 3 ! G 7 & 11 I blk, white, and red merino shawls. Leghorn and straw bonnets; French & Am. kid and morocco plips and garter bonis ; walking shoes ; En"lish nnd Am. Ingram", curpctmgs, straw do. Ribbons, lldkf, shawls &c. S,c. for tnle low, by . 1), W. 1NGERSOL & CO. Church U. May 5. TAVERN STAN'D wWj) And Village Lots Snlci THE Tavern Stand on the, west side nflho river In Iho vlllaro of Kecsovillo. N. Y. lately occupied by Hodman Iliown, Including near two nctcs of land and two good dwelling houen, brides llio tavern !luuo and out houses. Tho aliovo properly Is situated in tho coiner rnado by the great stalo road run. ningnoilh, and tho Port Kent and tho Hop kinloti lurnpilto running west, and is well watered. Ono of the dwcllirg houses h now at rent for $100 aycar, and tho Tavern houno at $300, and tho oilier dwelling house may bo rented, say, nt .$G0 or $75. Tlio whole) squaro will be sold together or In separato parts. Hut constituting as il docs an entire plat, consisting of several contiguous lots, in tho most growing Villago on tho west sido nf Lake Chatnplain, in the vicinity of tho Iron Lumbering, Flouring, and Woolen Manufuc. lories ofliin Attsnblo River, purchasers would do best by securing tho wholo at onco ( as Iho proprietors can di'poso oftho wholo on terms very advantageous to purchasers. And upon receiving $1000 down, can givo a credit for tho residue, oronc, two, llireo and four years, and $1500 can remain upon interest any length ol'limo. Their prlco for the wholo is $5000, and purchasers will find il for their in terest to examine tho properly and enquiro ot thu undotsijneil at their office in Kcesevillo. Tho salo will bo made positively beforo iho 10th of July next, at which timo tho prcsont loriFO ot ino Tavern (Stand expttcs. Dated Juno tutu, isjtj. TO.MLINSON & SIMMONS. Agents for U. K. U J. S. Bussinir of New York City. Juno I5lh. 183G. Ids ITeic Qoods, Is Cheap as the Chenneil and as caod as the best the nimble sixpence 's belter than the fluw Shillinrr. J. W. WEAVER Corner of Maine and Allen streets Winoo. -ki City, cheap Bide, has relumed from N. York with almost every article of wet anil Dry Good.-", Groceries for family use. Al so calicoes, Ginghams, two bales superior Sheetings ; thick Boots and .Shoes ; Nuts; Lemons ; Oranges; congress Water and Provisions. Also a few barrels Pork. Cnhlicsler, June IG, 1G3G. Groceries. A X CHESTS hyson, hyson skin, young hyson, souchong and poucliong Teas, 25 kegs and boxes plug and cavendish To bacco. 10 bbls and I;cg3 Raisins. 30 boxes bunch and bluorn RoUins. G hhds Molasses. 10 ca.l;s lump and loaf Sugars. 5 bhda brown Sugar. 3 tierces and 5 bbls Rice. 15 box' s bar soap. 12 boxes Poland March boxes lemon Svrup. 15 bacs Colter, Pimento and Popper. 6 boxes Mustard. 10 boxes Pipe?. G kegs pure Ginger. 20 bales Cassia. Nutmegs, Buds, dried Cur rants. Herring, Cloves, Saleratis, Cisnrs, die. Sic. at wholesale or retail at lowest prices by T. F. &. W. L. STRONG. June 15, IU3G. 50 barrels Mess Pork Fur i-nl bv FOL LETT & BRAD LEYS. June 21, Ifl3i). Cm Variety Shop, Juno IG, 183G. JUfll receueil Una day, 9 dozen Whilcwood, Cud It.i-kei' nnd cafes work boxes and bask et? ; Willi roluicd prints nnd vainish, with full di. lection for in: ; iilsoon hand 11 I.iil'O lot of picitiifs for namferrin &c. Kereived, this day, 11 101 ui neaui; one nozen unities AlKinrun liepil ntiiry for mini in; hair from (he face, ncik or .inn", without injuiy to the ta ; on hand J.ipiinosu l.nlion fur remount fierkles pimples and all trup linns of the thin ; .l.iic Lanlhorn; Cdes l' eucet ba, 11 1 ich pei fume put up iiir-atin Im;., fur fcenlinsdiMuer?, nnrihohc &c. and is an effectual preeniiie against modi-; fir talent il.e V.uicty Slup, by I'AN'ilSOItX f; liMNSilfAII), Dealers in Perfumery, ,5"c Nathan Rico's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, Dhlrkl of Chiltcnden, ss. s The Honorable the Probate Court for the District if Chittenden. To all persons tanccrned in the Estate if Natimn Rice, late nj Burlington, in said District deceased, Greetim.. WIIEIlEAS.lhc Executors of said deceiv ed proposes to render an account of their administration and present their account against said ento for ovunination and al lowance at a session of the Court of I'robalo, to bu holden al Willej's Inn in Wtllislon, 011 the firfl Monday of July next. are hereby notified to appear before said Court at the liino and placo aforesaid, and shew eajse, if any ynu have, why tho account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given undor inv hand at AVillMon, ibis 14th day of July. AlD. 1(130. GI'.O. 1!. M.SSr.R,R'gister. Ironmongery. ANVILS, Vires, cast mm Ploughs, hol low Waro, waggon cart and carriage Buxes, pot ah and caldron Kettles, mill Cranks, bark Mills, iron Wire. Stovc.mill Saws, cross cut do. Shovels, Spades, Hoes , Scythes, Iron, Nails, Steel &c. &c. just received by T. F. S( W. L. STROXG. Juno IG, 1030. New Grootls AT THE (JLASS-I'ACTOItY STOKi:. JANES, SMITH & CO. havo just re ceived from New York a U'go slock of goods, coinprniti" a general assortment of DRYGOODS, GROCERIES. CROCK. ERY. HARDWARE. PROVISIONS, $tc which they offer at a small advanco fur cash or country produce. Farmurs who wish to exebango their produce fur goods, will do well to give us u call. Cash pud fur Bulli'r, Chcefo and Eggs. WM. A. BURNETT, Agent. Mav 10. WANTED n M MEDIATELY bv tho subscriber, Cor 10. Journeymen Masons, al btono nnd Brick laying, to whom Cash and n lair price win oe pain SAMUEL I EEI. Bui lington, May 20, ll!3fl. for

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