Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 26, 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 26, 1836 Page 3
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SENATORIAL CONVENTIONS. Wc nro gratified in bring able lo an nounce ilio dual ami satisfactory settlement of ihc difficulties in lllis County relative to Ihe laic Senatorial nomination. We last week announced llio resignation of ilie gentlemen licrcloforo nominated an net ofgencrons and patriotic eclf denial on tlio part of those gcnilemen that entitles lliem to llio respect and confidence oP their fellow citizens. Tlio two Convenl ions Whig mid Anlimasoiiic-mct together at Willis ton, ycslcrdav, mid unanimously agreed upon JOHN VAN SICKLEN.Jn. and IIAURY MILLER- This was the largest mid most imposing public meeting, ao we are informed, that has taken place in Chittenden County for many years. The bono and sinew of the laiid'wcro there ; mid Ihe universal feeling of all good men and true was. that all personal di(iorcnccs,prejudicc and partial itics, ought lo be, and must bo, sacrificed on the altar of principle and the public good. This union of true mcn--oiie friends of llnrrhnn and Granger an omen of the soundness of Vermont. Wc shall now " go ahead" as one man. and Vermont will be place along side of her western sisters, whose splendid triumphs in the cause of ihe Constitution and liberty vp have recorded in another column. ONWARD-ONWARD. "Previous to the departure of the Indians from this place, fur llicir destined homo ucrns the M issi.-sippi, several very serious di.-turbances look place, and turn were shot for mutinous conduit." Georgia paper. The two who were shot, wc presume, . cIuiil' to "their nitivc laud'' with greater tenacity than the ul tiers : henrt broken and less energetic. IJ y ihe way, while our readers have been perusing the accounts from the South of steamboat after steam boat sailing for ihp high up rivers toward the base of the Rocky mountain?, crowded with many five hundreds of Indians, sonic of lliem in chain, torn from their own council-fires, and llio graves of their fathers, Ims nn unbidden tear dropped over (heir fate ! How many surring appeals in behalf oflhc l'olrs have boon made llirongii tlio American press! How much sympathy hac wc expended in their belnll! And how many ninthenn. loud and deep, have the American People poured upon the head of the Emperor Nicholas for banishing a lew hun.lrcd ol the ringlenders of the inur gent PjIc- lo Siberia ! Vet there i none To mourn for Logan ! The Indians nrc as good looking men o. the Poles, did has made of ouefl-sh all nations of men They love their wives and children as well, llieii country and their liberty. And yol, while wc weep over the suficting of a few hun dred semitarlars a great way oft", we tear up by Ihe roots whole peoples, and banish Iheiii al the point oflhc bayonet. lias the Emperor Nicholas done more ? Ay, lias he done as much?- A. Y. Com Ado. .tl.YUKIEI). At Grasse Mount, on 51nnJ.iv llio 22.1 int. by lie licv. J. K. Cunicrsp, Mr GEORtiE POME UOY nf Cincinnaii, Ohio, lo .Miss ABUA S. l'Ol'WIN, of ibis place. DIED. In Julinscn, on die 19ili int. S.irnli Cooliilc, il.inglilcr nf Mr ChOfler Wliiiiiiit, used two je.u.s nine monllia si ml lucniv one il ijs. Uei" de.illi .is niCKioncd lij tiring Ijiirnrd, her tullei nigs loi a feu hours, ucic exliemej tint now The pains ofiluaili :i c o'er, She sure. ly i.s relt'.ii'il, Ami, l.iii'leil on ihe licneuly shore, She uill for cer irst. In lliimingtnn. nn llio 2M inM. o( conumption, Mr.. Il.iniei L.CIuugh, wife of Mr. C.iUin Clougli, njeil 21 jcirs. Slio'r jone, wb hum. In icilins above, 11(1' S.nioi's smiles lo fIi lie, Hope's l)!e.-t fuiiiion lliem lo pinie, Which tl,o rlicrirlicl lieic. The alitor of the Morning Star, Dover N. 11. is requested, t,-c. SIh'.liTcomes & horn Vwist COM US. A new a?sorlinont of Shell side Comb, and now stylo Horn Twist Combs. Also Quill Each Shell Combs ; just received at the Variety Shop, by 1'AscnjnN & lini.vsMAii) August 21. 11130. SALT. 1500 Bushels Steam Salt, just landed by J. &. J. II. PECK & Co. Aug. 25. Pie; Iron. lfiO tons English and Dutch - Pi" Iron, receiving bv J. & J. II. PECK Sf Co. Aug. 25. THIS DAY AM) Ton SALE AT Till Ladies Shoe btore, 60 pairs William's Leather Pegged Wolts. 50 do 100 do 50 do iln Kid Wa kill!! Mips Superior do Slips, city made. Children's morocco brogans. William's stout morocco walking do Leather pegged brogans, do Seal, sewed. super. Kid Paris slips. Spring do slips. I'rccnh morocco do Wnv's flout walking. do Calf poggod brogans. do Moiocco slips. Children's morocco boots, Wm.'s Seal pegged brogans. Spring prunella slips. Win. 'a leather sewed walking. Misses pegged slips. Win 'a calf snrin2 walking, 20 20 40 25 15 20 25 12 20 50 15 3C 28 18 12 do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Ladies and Misses calf slips, oxlra quality. Jlutlington, Aug. 18, 133G. EIoL'ant and new Patterns o .I- Pnnnlniis. Sashos. Ttulls, and most i i rr Military Goods, Plumes, Sockets &c. and all new articles, or this suiniuc purchase e..tUcly6iiouN&i(iiNsiAll) July 27. w 1 A TVAFORATEI) from Ibis town, he JL-A tweeu two days, not long since, one IlKvjA.Mt.v Tin.MP-oN, n Steam Doctor, who is indebted to us hi Ihe sum of $15. I!y remitting in Ihe amount, immediately, he will save an exposure of certain dark transactions, which it would bo very un pleasant to mention. Hurlington, Aug. 20, 102G. DISSOLUTION . The partnership formally ex isting between the subscribers under the firm of Smith and Harrington. was dissolved on tho 23d of June L'i3G. Vernon Har rington is authorized to settle the business of ihe firm. HOWARD SMITH. VERNON HARRINGTON. rrnnr: life and times, religious JL AND POLITICAL. OPINIONS of John Milton, with an appendix, containing animad versions upon Dr. Johnson's Lifts of Mlllon , by Joseph Ivimey author of llio ' History ol the English Baptists,' Si a &c. ; fir sale bv V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 2G. POSTHUMOUS RECORDS ofa London Clergyman ; by the Rev, flcbart Caun. tcr, li. u, ; lor sale hy V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 2G. rrIIE NATURAL HISTORY OF EN. JL THUSIASM-Fourlli Edition ; for sale by V. HARRINGTON. Auij. 2G. jj7VNATICISM by tho author or nalu i. ral 'History of Enthusiasm.' For sale V. HARRINGTON. An ;.CG. SPIRITUAL DESPOTISM by tho au thor of'Fanalicism,' natural 'History of Enthusiasm,' for sale by V. HARRINGTON. Au?. 2G. "OHYSICAL THEORY OP ANOTHER JL LIKE by thn author of ' Fanaticism,' naturil 'History of Enthusiasm,' 'Spiritual Despotism,' for sale hy V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 2G. WANTED. A PEW thousand feci of 3 I 4 PLANK, not less than 12 inches wide, and as much wider as convenient. The limber may In cither oak. a-h, beach, birch, ma. pie, hi- wood, or yellow pine, but must bo nearly or quite clear of knot--. The high c.t m irki't price will bo paid in cash, on delivery, at the Hurlington Mills. RUFUS CLARK Rmlingino. Olh mo. 22d. 1030. jr UST received & for sale bv ROliERT cj MOODY 2 1! i.fs French O'ives 1 do Anchovies 1 do Capers 1 Ci--e preserved Ginger 2 1! i."s Prunes 1 J lr T.imarinds 1 ;aso best salad Oil 1 li.ix preserved Citron .1u"uil 25, 1P.3G. New Establishment. rrrHIE subscriber respectfully informs Ihe JL public and his friends gi'iier.'lly, that he I, a-taken the slore recently occupied bv Mr J'lhn Abbott two donr.s south of Ins old nhup. and has just received from New York a well selected assortment of Ladies' Boots &, Shoes, Misses', and Childrens'. etc. of all kinds and descriptions. He has also, on h ind and w now manufacturing from tho best materials Genllemoos' thin Roots S ines anil Pumps; thick Roots, hhoes and !rnTans. In short overv article in Ins line made mi diort notice, and as cheap as can afforded for ca-'h or short approved ere it, and all rips menupd gran--. 1). S. RUSSELL. N. II. Wanted immediately two or three first rate Journeymen Root Makers to whom the highest wages will tie paiu,anJ constant employment. H- S. R. Uurlingtnn,. 'lug. 17, 1SI3G. Mcdcalf's Patent Compound Oil for Painting. A perfect substitute for Linseed Oil for all kinds of Painting, is offered to tho public by (lie subscribers will) the fullest assurance of its utility. It is now auoul oiglit yoars sinco it was brouglil to us present siaio oi pence tion, and during that has been extensively used &: tested in every way which Linseed Oil M used fur painting, for insido and outside house painting, on brick and ou wood, and for coaches, signs, boats kc. As for spiead ing and drying for inside work it is not sur passed, and for body, and durability in situa tions exposed to tlio nun and weather, it is warranted lar superior lo tlio best ljiosccu Oil and beiii'' liirlil culored renders it prefer. able for while and all other deliealo colors. Ono of tho first painting establishments in this city of moro than twenty years standing say in their corlilicato " Having used Med. calf's Patent Paint Oil do certily that moro surface and belter painting can bo dono per allon, than when mixed Willi puro l.insccd Oil. Tins oil forms a combining subslanco when mixed with puro Leads that docs not doeomposo and nib ofi"by exposuro lo llio sun, and bv experience ol two years, wc aro war ranted in sayiii!r 111 at painting done with this oil, will stand tho wealbor much longer, and icine askclch of tbn diseases fur which it remain unimpaired, when painting done in tho! is recommended ccrlifiealcs from uuques usual way will not, and for oil cloths, we think tionablu sources ample directions, and much it surpasses oveiy iiiiii inui wu uvur iim-u, John N. Fassellhas purchased the right to mako and vend the "Patent Compound OiP'.eies, gratis. J. CURTIS, Druggist, Si. Al in tho following Stales, viz : Pennsylvania,' New Yoik, Massachusetts, Vermont, Conucc ticut, New Jersey, ooutn Carolina, uuio,' Michigan. Illinois and Indiana, and cautions! all persons, tigainsl any infringement, as every ..Oi.iirn will bu niel with rigorous prosecution. I'ho price of the "Patent Uil" will bo onn' niinrirr less than Linseed Oil. It is wairanlcd nnd 6old wholesale nnjl retail by FASSETT, SELDKN (i Co. Dealers in Paints, Oils, Varnish, &c. 201 Hivcr eticctTioy N,Y. Augusts, 183G. Burlington High School. T he next term will commence on Mon day Ihe 20th of Angus', Tuition $i,00 per qr, Incidental expenses from 2." lofiO cents. 1 1 i- desirable Ihnl scholars should enter on the llrsl oflholcrm. This school is not n private iti'tilulinn, but is In corporated under llio care of Ihe following well known gentleman as its Trustees, to whom any one who desires information re specting it is referred, viz; Hon. A Ivan Poole, Pres.; Hon. Ilomnti Allen, N. !. Ilaswell. lq. Timothy Pollot', E-q. Col. George Moore, Rev. G. G. Ingersoil, and Rev. J. K. Converse. The object of the school is to qualify young men, cither for admission lo college, or for business, and no pains on llio part of tlio principal will be spared lo make it what it ought principally to be, nn instrument of cultivating and ex ailing Ihe intellectual character of the youth of I his plnee, and its immediate vicin. ity. J. C. SOUTHMAYD Principal. Rtirlinglon, Aug. Villi, 1C3G. Burlington Fomalo Seminary. rip HE Pall and Winter Term couinieii JL ccs (September 14th. Pupils should enter at I ho commencement of the term. Mr. I). A. Hiiama.n will have tho charge of the boarding' establishment, which the friends of the School believe will be con ducted to tho entire satisfaction of patrons. Applications to be made to the Principal, Mahy C. GnxKN. EXPENSES. English tuition, board, lights, fuel and washing per quarter i!30 00 French, do do 3 00 Latin, Drawing, Instrumental Vocal Music do do Music do 3 00 do 5 00 do 12 00 do 1 00 nnFcnr.xci:?. Pacully of College Hon. II. Allen. TRUSTERS. Hon. Alvan, Mr J. S. Potwin, Prof. G.W. Benedict, Mr Harry liradley, N. II. Hasweil, Esq. Mr Ilenrv Mayo, Geo P. Marsh, Hq. Mr S. E. Howard, E. T. Englcsby. W. A. G'iswold. Rov.G G. Ingersoil Rev. J.K.C. inverse ('. Adams, E-q. J.N. Pomeroy,E-q. Mr S. HiclioU. W. Lyman, I-q- II. & L.C.Loomis. J. II. Ilollcnberk. N. R. Music taught by Prof. Molt, M iss II. Ilosford assistant ; Mr. E. R. Pnuty teacher of Vocal Music. Charges made lor term of entrance, except in cases of sick ncss. August 1 1 , IG3G. Wood-Choppers Wanted. rfflllE subscribers wish to employ twenty JL or thirty men to chop Cord Wood. "JANES, SMITH & CO. Au-r. 18, 103G. Ladies' Shoo Store. THE subscriber 'ia just opened, next doorcasl of Smith k Harrington's Hook Store in College street, a Shno Store, princi pally composed of Ladies', Misses' and Chil drcn's Sboci of .ill kinds and sizes, His ar rangements (recently made with an exten sive houso in New York) arc such as will cnablo him to sell at prices which he confi dently believes will bo satisfactory to all who ma bo disnoscu to extend to turn their nat ronnse. 1). A. UK A MAN. Uuklington, July 20, 103G. ELOPEMENT. WHEREAS Adeline, my wife, has left my bed and board, without any just provocation, this is therefore to forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account as 1 will pay no debts of her con tracting after this date. LEWIS ROCK, fiurlington, August 11, 183G. Alfred Day's Estate. To the Jim. the Probate Court for Ihe Dist. of Chittenden, romei Hie subscribe administrator of the Ustnlc of Alfred Day late of Darlington in said District deceas ed, and represents that the personal estate of the saul deceased will not be suthcunl In p'ty the debts thereof and hereby makes unnhralinn to said (,nurl, lor U- icncc to sell real cilutc fir that pur pise, lrm. 11. ,WtWSO.V. STATE OF VERMONT, ) At a Probate District of Chittenden, ss. S Court hoi den at Willislnn. in said District, on the 1-t Mondav of AtiinK-t A. 1). 1G:SG. It is ordered that an account, bo taken oflhc debts and also, the proceeds of the personal estate ofi-aid deceased, and that the heirs and all persons concerned in said estate be noiifi d to appear before said Court on the first Mondav of September next tit Willev's Inn in Williston. nlorc?aid, to ffivo bond for the payment of debts, and show cause why license as aforesaid shall not bo granted, and that such notice be given by publishing the above application three weeks successively, as booh as may be in Ihe Free Press a nowppapnr printed in Itiirllligton, in said District. Given under my hand, the day and year tirst above written, O. 15. MANSER. HcgUler NOTICE. A 1 persons having demands ngainst the subscriber will please present lliem for payment bvlholSih August. All those indebted will of course take the him. HARVEY DURKEE Ihirlington, July 2n, 1II3G. Elexir Vegetal Balsa mique, N. IT. DOWN'S veghtaiuj: ualsa.mic elixir. per Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Catarrh Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough, and all other diseases of tho head, ehest and lungs Pam.ihlcls containing a history of tho med uuiur inipuriuiii iniiiruiaiiou uuuuiiipuiiyiMj each bottle may bo had of any of Iho Agcn bans, Vl. wholesalo Agent and iuinl proprio - lor. The following aro especially appointed reiau Agcnis, Ihirlington Lalhrop f; Potwin, Janes . Smith & Co. and U. Moody. Hmesburgh A. S. &.D. C. Wcllcr .v titan Wellington, Wlnlnoy K Lo., Clatlt liuardiuan k Co, Charlotte Samuel II. Karnes, and moht other respectable Druggists, &c, in thu conn try. SI. Albans, July 12, 133G. If Dissolution. THE copartnership heretofore existing between the subscribers, is dissolved from this (Into. J. S I'OTWIN. 1). W. INGERSOLL, Aug. IG, 1030. Commissioners Notice. WE ihe rutinihiM , lnvinj been nppnincd by Ilie llmioinliln tin! l'lob.ilo Conn for llio Diilild of Cliiilrnilcn, cnminis'inner lo iri.!ic, cxninlnu anil adjust llio cl.iiina und denumU of nil pel nuns, iig.ilnt Ihe rjliitenf j) a vid ATiroon, l.ito (if Clint lotto in mid Disli let, dcccurd, lepic eenleil ins'dieni, nii'l al-'o all cl.iiin ami demand exhibited in off-ot llieieto ; ami fix inonihs fioin die d.iy of died. He licirof, Lciiij ulloueil liy s.iiil Court fur ill it put pose, we do therefore hcicby ghc nolirc, wo nil) nileiid lollie bujincs of our nppoinl mriit, lit llif ilivelli'iiir of llio ui low of die s.iiil de ceased !n Cliniloltci in g.iid Diflncl on llin first I'ri d.ta of Noietnbcr & J.inn.iry next, lit 10 o'clock, A. Al,, nil c.irh of said d i. D.ilcd, Ibis (Mi ,l.iy nf Jnlv A. I). 1S3G. PITT F. II EWE IT, , ) Commi. GEORGE SHERMAN, J sioncrs. Harvard University. nnilE Medical Lcclurcs in Harvard U. J- niversity will begin at the Massachii ctts Medical Collezc in Mason st. Huston. tbn first Wednesday in November next, at 1 before 9, A M. and will continue three month". For one month after the end of Ihe course, lectures will be delivered in the ollego, and llio Disscctinc Room will be open lo such students as may remain, with out additional fee. Such students may also attend the Practice of the Massachu sctls General Hospital. Anatomy and Onei ntious in SuiReiy, . . - Dr. Wan on. Ulieinnlry, Dr. Wcbpr. nl.iltri.i Medicn, l)r, Iligclow. Midwifery and .1101110.11 Jum- pnulrncc Dr. dunning. I i innplcs oiaurgciy and Clin al Surgery, ... Dr. Unyu-ard. 1 licoi y anil I raclico ol I'll) sic, Dr. Wine. Clinical Lectures will bo delivered as Fiial on Ihe cases in the Massachusetts General Hospital, xnw nrssncTjXQ nooji. A new Dissectini; Room is now building, and will be finished before the Lectures egin. It will ocenpv all the vacant land ea-t of the Medical College. Evorv care is taking lo make this important part of tho medical school as perfect as possible, so hat it mav furnish to Ihe student ample facilities for prosecutinj; his Anatomical Indies. The letral enactments of the state, en liberally and so widely framed, be laithlullv and thoroughly applied lo the accomplishment o their important ou jocls. WALTER CIIANATNG, Dean. Huston, July, 103G. To Printers. rtitili subscriber wishing to mango in -il- iinnjher branch of bu-dness. offers his Printing Establishment, locethcr with the building lie now occupios.for sale. Terms, one half cash in hand, the balance in one, two and three yenrs. To any one desirous ol estoousliinjr inmscll in business, the present is an opportunity such ns rarely occurs, r urtiicr particulars will be given on application. II. 15. STACY. Hiirlmglon, July 21. UI3G It. Fitzgerald S now opening (in addition to his present extensive assortment of Jewelry, &c.1 a general assortment of Dry Goods y Groceries, consisting of almost every articlo usually found in a Drv Good Storo, which ho will sell at a small advance for Cash. To save a 'loiif newspaper tall;' ho simply invites all lo call on him, when, he trusts, he will bo able, with their assistance, to enumerate among his goods, such articles as they aro desirous of purchas ing. Green Store, JCasl side Church st.,llram- ;hi's lluilding!. llurlingtoii,'.luly 13, 1G3G. Gw Watches Gold and silver patent Levers, in single nnd ftltllllli, fiflcns . Illir.l' ... vjisSf K-Slej thiii Lepinc Watches "S&SSQH in silver cases ; linn Lcpinu Watches in gold cases and jeweled, vurnl beautiltil patterns ; gold Watches. from 30 to 35 i English and French Watches; brass cased Watches; some fine jewelled " Horizontal" escapement Wutclics, warranted to go as well as nnv levers, from 25 lo g30. Watches repaired at the Variety Shop. 1'ANunon.N Cl Uni.SS.MAlD. Julv 12. Dr. B. J. Heineberg ESPECTFULLY informs the inhab- .u. Hants of Hurlingtnn nnd Vicinity that no nas openoil an Apothecary bhop m Church-street, two doors south of th Hank nl Hurlington, where, under Iho care ofa regular nnd experienced German A' pothecaty whom Dr. 11, has lately opgng ed) Doctors' prescriptions will be attended lo nt nil hours; find where simple and compound medicines may be had in nil pos siblc varieties. In ndditiun tn I his, Dr. II. has also on hand a choice selection of per fumetics, which he will sell at reasonable prices. Hurlington. July G, 1030. Utility. riMlIE public are hereby infurmcd that JL the subscriber has invented ccrliiio new and useful machinery for uianiifactur ing starch from potatoes, and has applied for a patent to secure Ins right lo the same and that he is making said machinery at his shop in Jcrico, in the slate ol Vermont 'Phe object of said imchincry is more cllec tuallv In separate the small 1 1 ones nnd gravel from the potatoes in Iho prnccrs of washing und in the process of grinding, to reduce Iho potatoes lo a more perfect pulp, hy which n larger quantity of starch will be obtained than by ihe usuaimcthoi. .jiarcu manufacturers are invited to call nnd see SYLVANUS RICHARDSON. Jerico, June 30, 1030. ;()() Spanish Leeches of late importation, bv J. ,V 3, ILPECKt? CO. I rjmiOMAS'S OMNIHUS will com j JL menco running to the Palls this day. Aug. 19, 1030. Itcviow of Utirchardisin. A REVIEW OF "SERMONS. AD. DRESSES Sir., oic. by Rev. Jcdedi nh liurehard " hy Rev. Leonard Wilhing ton of Nrwburypnrl, with cxttacls from lie Christian Examiner, nnd Ihe liaptisls in America, by t ho Rev. Drs. Cox nnd Iloby, for sate'bv SMITH & HARRINGTON. July 20. Philo Perkins' Estate. STATU OF FUUIOXV, ? District nf Chittenden, si. At n Probate Court hnlden nt Willislon, within nnd fur Ihe District aforesaid, on Iho first day of August A. I). 1 030, nn Instrument purporting In bo Iho last Will mid Testament of I'ldln Perkins, late of Sholburn in said District, deccas rd, was presented lo Iho Court here for Probale. by Philo Perkiiw junior, nnd Simeon W. Pnino, the Executors therein named Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given to nil persotn interested therein, to appear before said Court at n session thereof, to he holdcn at Willey't, Inn in Williston on the 1st Mon day of September, A. D. li!3G, and contest the probate of said Will ; nnd it is further ordered that this order bu published Ihree weeks successively in llio Uurlingtnn Free Press, a newspaper printed at Riirlinglon, in this Slate, the lat of which slnll In previous to the day assigned, ns aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand nt the Register's Ofiieo, this first day of August, A. 1). 1030. GEO. li. MANSER. Register. Eliphalet Miner's Estate. STATE OF VERMON V, ) Dislriel ej Chittenden, ss. ( The Honorable the Probite Court within and for the District aforesaid, to all per sons concerned in the estate of Eliphalet Miner, late of Williston in said district, deceased. "ITIIEREAS Harry Miller, guardian lo T T alary Minor nnd Lha 11. Miner. minor duns ol said Lhphalet Miifr, has represented to this conn, that his said wards arc possessed of certain lands in Williston aforesaid, nnd that it would con (luce for Iho interests ol said wards to make sale of the same, and has made application lor license lo sell : Therefore you arc hereby nolifud thai said application will be considered at a session of Probate Court lo bo hnlden at Willcv's Inn, in Williston. on tho first Mondav of September next, at which lime and place you can appear and object if you sec cause And said applicant is ordered to publish the subject matter of his said application in the Free l'rei-s, a newspaper printed at J5ur lington, two weeks tuccctbivuly as soon as may he. Done in Probale Office nl Williston this 1st day of August, A. D. I03G. Attest GEO. H. MANSER, Jieg'r. A true copv of record. Attest GEO. 15. MANSER. Reg'r. Store for Sale or To Let. Till, .-tore now occupied by John Ah bolt for sale or to let. For further particulars inquire of L. CURTIS & CO. Church-st. Aug. 4. Carpclings. 7 HALES Ingram Carpeting j n -1 re ceived and winch, with our former slock, makes altogether the bcsl assortment ever tillered in ibis market. AUo, Vene tian and Stair Carpetings, by l.UMUKL. ClIKTIS V Co. July 22, 1S3G. Lemuel Curtis & Co. are now receiving n large stock of French worked Cupes nnd Collars, from to 2 to $10 each ; rich embroidered Pearls ; 3 to li -1 super silk muslin and sewing silk Hdks; gauze and satin and lustring Ribbons ; G lo 12-1 merino and Thibet. SliawN ; linen Sheet ings, birds eye Diapers-, &n &c. lJorlinglon, July 22, 1II3G. Canada Money Bought hy J. & J. June 21. II. PECK, and CO. Lyman & Cole, Will pay cash for fleece Wool m clean mcrclianiab'e order, delivered their store in Hurlingtun. July I. Leeches this day received and for sale at a small advance, n quantity ofSpanWh Leeches, fredi from Gibralter, in fine health and vigor, bv RORURT .MOODY. June 20, 183G. Butler's Ellcrvescent Magne- sian Aperieni lor uyspe isia or inuiges lion, and highly valued as a mild und coof mg purgative, "for sale bv ROIWRT .MOODY- Juno 20, 1S3G. Paints & Dve Stull's, Linscct and Pure, summer nnd winter strained Sperm Oil, just received nnd fir sale low bv R. J100DY. Hurlington, 2:,ii June, li!3G. nnlin sub-crilier will nt all time? pay JL Cub for Wool delivered nt their Store on Iho Old Wharf l'OLLUTT Si URADLU YS. Hurlingtun, June 15, 1!!3G. CASH will nt all limes be pud for wool delivered at their storo head ol I iarl ilroet and nl their More South Hero 1 1. 1 1 1 DL a." co. Ilurlinglou. June 15, I83G Unicri'siftf of Pe.nnsijhanidi M E D ICAL D E P A RTM E N 'P. ''JIIE next course of Lectures will com-M- ineneo mi 1'ni'sday. November the fi"i , nnd hn c'liitmiied under Ihe follow ing n'rnngemenls ! IVneilri of Medicine Niitbanlrl Clnpniin.M.O li'ihrrt ll:ue, do (iili.'iu, d Win. U. Ilninrr, do Sninucl J.k kprm, thi Chrinijiry hurory An.iininy Insrtiilf r,r Mcdicino Miilei! , Medici Midmfeiy (i('r,lin li. Wood (In Ile-li I,, linden ,1.1 nical Medicine and Sur- Lectures nn (; gery are delivered nt llin Pcnn-vlvaniu Hospilal nnd at the Philadelphia Hispitul (Utoekley) 1 'Phe whole amount of fere is thenmo a? heretofore paid, notwithstanding tho aug mentation in the number of ProhsorshifH and improvement in the course nfin.truc tion. W. E. HORNER. M. I) Dean of'Mtdical Faculty. Philadelphia. Julv 20 h. 11130. For Sale. A HOUSE and one acre nf ' land, with n wood shed. barn. la jSpfagood orchard and well of walcr CHsLisiluatnd on Mnn-slrepl. within quarter of a mile of (ho Lake. Possess slim given the 2!sl of next April. Terms very reasonable and made known nt (r, Mar-h's Office. A. JOSEPH. liurlmgtnn, Aug. 9, I33G. 4w i TREATISE ON CONSUMPTION, &. embracing an iiinuiry into tho inllu- ence exerted imiou it bv joumies, voyages. nnd change of climate, with directions for the coi.sumplive visiting Ihe south of Eu rope, and rcinaiks upon its c'imatn,adapted for general readers; by William Swcelscr, M. D. late Prof, of Theory r.nd Practice of Phy-ic in the University of Vl. Fellow of tho American Academy of Arts and Scien- ces, mid of the Masrachusctls Medical So ciety. For sale by Aug. 19. V. IlAnniNRTON. LONG and short, silk nnd cottons stay Lacings ; Silk and Coiton Boot La. ciogs, Patent nnd common Elastics, Rune and Ivory Eylets or corset rings, narrow Whalebones, Hrass Wooden Steel and Whalcb ine I'n-ks or corset Hoards, India rubber Suspenders, Vest Springs &c. at ihe Variety Snnp I'ANGnnnv & Hnis.M.tii. Align.) 11. BROKE INTO the enclosure of the subscriber about the 12th inst. one Sorrel Horse and one bay Horse. Iho former having three while feet, both apparently about five years old. 'Phe owner is requested lo prove prop?rlv, pav charges and take lliem aw'ay. EZIJON SANFORD. inilhton, July 27, 1U30. The Sick Man's Friend. Morison's Pills, Or Ihe real genuine HygcianUniversal Me- dicine ofthe Hritish College of Health, in packages of 1, 2, or 3 dollars, can be ob tained in ibis town, only of the regularly appointed Agent. As jou value " health, which t hie, see that you get the genuine Pills; th"y are cigncd S. Guge at present. (but will sonn bo signed II. Filch) State Agent, and A. llrinsmaid, sub agent for Hurlington, Vt. nil uthers nro base coun- torleils. l ur the convenience of the pub lic, they will lie, with tho Powders and a Hvgeian Hook, kept at the Variety Shop. A. HRINSM AID. Agent for Hurlington, Vt. July. G. i;',3fl. Hardware & Saddlery. Sign nf the PAD LOCK, corner of Church street nnd Ihe Square, lata Wood Abbott. The subscriber is now receiving from New York (at the old stand of Wood ami Abbntt) tho lar gest and best assort ment of Hardware and Saddlery ever offered lo the public in this place, which he is determined to sell at small advance from cost, for cash or ap proved credit. ItUliLI, T Jiuuuy. Riirlinglon June 20, 11130. ;j0 harrels Mess Pork For sale bv FOL'LUTT & RRADLRYS. June 21. II13G. O n Ironmongery. ANVILS, Vices, east iron Ploughs, hol low Ware, waggon cart and carriage Hoxes, pot n-h and caldron Kettles, mill Cranks, bark Mills, iron Wire, Stove-, mill Saws, cross cut do. Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Scythe, 1 1 on, Nails, Steel &c. &c. just received bv T. F. !f W. L. STROtYG. .limn 1G 1I13G. New Ooods AT TIIIJ GLASS-FACTORY STOKIL J'ANES. SMI I'II CO. have just re ceived from New York a laige slock of goods, r.mpri-iiig n general aSMirtmenl of DRYGiWnS, GROCERIES. CROCK. ERY. HARDWARE. PROFISIO.YS, iS'C which they oiler at a small advance for casli or country produce. Farmers who wi-h lo exchange their produce for goods, will do well l give us n call. Cash pud lor llutter. Cheese and Eggs. WM- A. HURNETT, Agent. May 19 Clocks fc Time I'icccs. We have Clock lor 3,50. 7. II. 10 and 12 . ..l. . inmn mndi, flf bross and some ol wood; some of i hem strike tho hour, some alarm, nnd Mium ilo both. They are good Clocks for lit tle innnev. Hrass nnd wooden Clocks cleaned and n paired nf Ihe Variety Shop, P.nuonN & Hr.iN8Ji.4ii, July l. S o o

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