Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 2 Eylül 1836, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 2 Eylül 1836 Page 3
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of Vermont will be $642,000 ; a large sum J which will have been broueht into the treasury of Vermont by the Whxgt in ucm grtu, against the opposition of Mr. Van Baton. Ib. THE VAN BUREN PRESSES. Be it remembered Hint the Albany Argus, Burlington Sentinel, Vermont Patriot, and Windsor Statesman. REFUSE to correct their misrepresentations ol tho character of Harrison, notwithstanding a full correction has been given them from the official and publithed journalt of Congress t and that the North Star neglects to publish that partorthe Constitution of the U. S. which was violated by the casting voteofMr. Van Buren, notwithstanding ho is offered pay mint for it publication as an advertise ment ! ! This is the way they show their regard for truth and justice ; will the peo ple trust them I lb. Eicape of General Sanlti Ana 1 1 A letter waa received in this city yesterday, from a highly respectable source.datod New Orleans, August 13th, which states that a merchant from Natchitoches, had just ar rived at New Orleans, who had received intelligence that Santa Ana had escaped from the Texiani ; and that a Mexican ar my, under Qen. Urrea, was marching upon Nacogdoches and at the last advices, had reached within sixty miles of that place JV". Y. Com. Adv. Benjamin IUthbok. We hear it generally stated that there is n strong; probability or the ulti ' aom.Iital nf Mr Rathbnn. at Hufialo, nolwilh V standing the cnoimoua charges resting against him. It is said there is no doubt that tho value of the n.Hi uWti In. ha amiened. will be Quadrupled in the course of a few jears. So convinced, we learn, are his friends and creditors on this point, that they express themselves ready to lake all his paper, for value received, in their apportioned share of his property. That some such disposition will be made of his vast estates, after ihe payment of his workmen, we are at last induced to believe plausible ; and the liberated speculator will ere long have it in his power to raise anothei El Dorado in the Farther West, and make the wilderness around him blossom as the rose. We desire the sway of juitict ; but we believe the strong aim sleepless energies of such man as Italhbun, directed to good ends, would confer far greater brnefin on thousands of his race, than could be accomplished in the way of example, by confining him for life within Ihe walls of ii prison. Philadelphia Gaztttt. We hope that m such arrangement will be made, but that Mr Ralhbun will be made to suffer tho penalty of his crime, as cer tainly as would a poor wretch who should forge a ten pound note t keep Ins family from the poor houso Wo protest againt making talents, wealth, or elation 2 shield for crime. ATTEMPTED SALE OP A WIPE. On Saturday afternoon an Englishman, who a aid his name was Jehiel Junes, that he was a mason by trade, and had arrived here with his wife and family, ea'ly the present month, made his appearance in the vicinity of the horse market with his wife, whom he had lied bytthe arm with a handkorchicf and who walked a little in his rear, with downcast eyes, and her hands clenched be fore her. Behind them followed three lit it It- children. apparently oftho ages of 5 4 and 3 vears, the middle one a buy, bate- footed and in rags. The clothing of the mother, who was i:i her slocking feet, though ragged, appeared cleanly; her hair was emoothlv disposed of, and her appear ance was decidedly to her advantage. Hlie might have been 23 years old, but not more her husband was perhapt live years senior. In this fashion they walked about in Ihe vicinity of the market more than an hour before they were spoKen 10 oy any person, though the singularity of their appearance and movements attracted the notice of a good many. Curiosity finally prompted icveral indiyidualsto accost them. and in re ply to their queries, Jones stated that he had brought his wife there to sell, to provide means for rescuing the children from starva tion. He was somewhat surprised when told that such things wero not tolerated here, and said it was often done in England, even against the consent of the wile: and as Mrs.Joncs had acceded to Ihe measures for the sake ofher starving liltle onc, ho ap peared to think it particularly hard that it could not be done here. Quite a large col lection of persons, attracted by the novelty uf the tho thing, soon gathered about them amongst whom a contribution, amounting to nearly six dollars, was made and pre sented to them which sum they appeared to consider almost a princely fortune. One of the gentlemen present gave this dial res aed family a shelter in his barn, till some thing better could be done fur them, and they were soon supplied by families in the vicinity with food and covering sufficient to make them comfortable over Sunday. It appeared from their statement that they had been transported to this country by the parish authorities of Bristol, by whom lliov had been maintained forsevc-al months, a white swelling on his leg having disabled the father from labor. He is now, however already recovered from his lameness, and will soon be able to go to work of which he soon will have abundance, and good pay. JVeto York Sun. Suicide. We understand that Mr Ben jamin Hyde of Georgia aged about 25, commitlted suicide by hanging himself on 'the evening of the 21st inst. the cause of which wo have not as yet learni. SI. At. 'bant Journal. DIED. In Colchester on the 25ihull. Mr. Aiuliel liar 'ris aged 73. Printers in N. H. are requested, &c. NOTICE. THE subscriber haviug mado new ar rangements in business, it becomes necessary that the old concern should bo settled up. He therefore requests all thojo indebted to him to call and settle without delay. J. J. STARR. Sept. 1. 1836. Cotton arn, Batting & Wad ding. 500 lbs. Cotton Yarn, Nos. 5 to 10. 600 do do Batting. SOdoi. Cotton Wadding. By Lemuel Curtis & Co. Burlington. Sept. 2, 1836. 3 and 6-4 Mer's &, Circassians ,n nt.o. Mnrinos and Circassians, dif ferent shades and colors, just received by Dornstus Hoi ton's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) Dittrkt tf Chittenden, ss. The Honorable tho Probate Court within end for the District aforesaid, to all per sons concerned in tho cstato of Dornstus Holton, lato or Burlington in said dis trict, deceased. Greeting. WHEREAS, the Administrator or said deceased proposes to render an ac count ol his administration, and prcscat his account against sum estate tor examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Probate, to be holden at Willcv's fnn in Williston, on tho first Monday of October next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Williston, this 27th day of August. A. D. 1036. GEO. B. MANSER, Register. New Arrangement. rTiHE subscribers having entered into JL copartnership in tho manufacture of Sheet Iron, Copper and Tin Ware, the bo. siness will hereafter be continued under the firm of &TJtftR & BOSTWXOK at the old etnnd of J. J. Starr, in Church street, opposite the Jail, where all kinds of Job work will be done on short notico and in the best manner. They havo now on hand a large and general assortment ofplain and Japaned which they will dispose of at wholesale or retail, as low as can be purchased in this section of the country. They havo also on hind and will shnrily receive Improved Rotary and other Cooking and Box STOVES, of various sizes and most approved patterns. Stove Furniture and Pipe of all descrip (tons all ol winch will be sold on the most reasonable terms. All orders in their line will bo promptly attended to J. J. STARR, H. H. BOSTWICK-. Burlington. Sept. I. 1836. JYeie Firm. rrtEIE undersigned have commenced tho .L mercantile business in the store for merly occupied by John S. Polwin, late 22. W. Ingersoll Si Co. where, in addition to their present stock, which is a respect able one they are receiving and will re ceive in the course ofeight .or ten uays,ad ditions of every variety of English, French and Americnn Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, Uhina, ixlass &. Crockery Ware, Looking Glasses, &c, which will make it one of the most exten sive assortments now offered in this place. just received and are now opening eorrte of the leading articles, vii : 4 and 5-4 brown Sheetings, 3-4 Shirtings, 4 and 6-4 bed 'lickings, Batting, Wadding, Wicking.cot tonVnrn. indigo, blue Prints, dark do, Birds Eye and Table Diaper, mixed Satti netts, grey Cloths. Paper Hangings, &c. &c. The public are respectfully invited to call. Cash, or Goods at the lowest cash prices, paid for good table Butler. NOBLE LOVELY, JOHN ABBOTT. Burlington, Sept. 1, 1836. Fire ! Fire ! ! tTfHE mombers of the Vermont Mutual Firo L Insurance Company are hereby notified that tho following assessments have been irtado by tho Directors, on all notes in force, on the rolloWing days, to wit : Dec. 7, 1835, 1-4 of 1 do do do do do do do do per cent, do do do Jan. Feb. March May 20, do 0, 1836, 10, do 6, do 10, do 15, do 1-2 1-4 3-4 1-2 1-4 do do do do do do do do do do do do Juno 1-2 do do MakirtgS per cent assessment for Ihe year : said per ccntage to be cast on tho original a mount or tho premium note, without refer ence to any endorsement, and to bo paid to tho treasurer at his offico in Montpelier, on or beforo the 19th day of October 1836. An opportunity will be presented to forwaid as. scssmcnts by the mombers of tho Legislature, and those who neglect to forward thoir assess ments then, are referred to tho 8 sec. of the act attached to each policy for Ihe consequen ces. Hv order of tlio Directors. CALVIN JAY KEITH, Treasurer. Montpelier, Aug. 20, 1836. ETTlio printers of aach weekly newspaper in this Slate aro requested to publish the a- bove notice three weeks successively, and for ward their bills by tho members of tho Legis lalure for payment. SALT. 1500 Bushels Steam Salt, just landed by J. 6i J. 11. PUCK. & Voi Aug. 25. TIIIH DAY RECEIVED AMI FOR SALE AT THE Ladies Shoe Store, 60 pairs Womon's Lealhor Pegged Wolts. - n , , ,r;.i llf-ll.!. fit 50 do do Kid Walking Slips 100 do Superior do Slips, city mado. 50 do Children's morocco brogans. 20 20 40 25 do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Women s stout morocco walking do Leather pegged brogans, do Sell, sowed. super. Kid Paris slips. Spring do slips. French morocco do Win' 'a stout walking. do Calf pegged brogans. do Moiocco slips. Children's morocco boots, Wm.'s Seal pegged brogans. Spring prunella slips. Win. 'a loather sewed walking. Miasns morocco pegged slips. Win.'s calf spring walking, 15 20 25 12 20 50 15 36 28 18 12 52 Ladies and Misses calf slips, extra quality. U. A. llilAMAN, Burlington, Aug. 18, 1338. Elegant and now Patterns Swords, Epauletts, SsbIios, Belts, and most Kinds or or Military Goods, Plumes, Sockets etc. ana an new articles, or this summer purchase onliroly. PANGBORN & BRINSMAID. July 27. 13 TVAPORATED from this town, bo M-A twoentwo days, not long since, one UENJAMitt Thompson, a steam Doctor who is indebted to us in tho sum of 415 By remitting us the amount immediately. he will save an exposure of cortain dark transactions, which it would be very un pleasant to mention. Burlington, Aug. 26, 1820. THE LIFE AND TIMES, RELIGIOUS AND POLITICAL OPINIONS of John Milton, with an appendix, containing animad versions upon Dr. Johnson's Life of Milton by Joseph Ivimey author of the History ol tlio bnglisu ilapllsts,' Ac &c. ; for tale bv V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 26. TJOSTHUMOUS RECORDS of a London JL Clergyman ; by the Rev, Ucbart Caun tcr, U. U. ; lor sale by V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 26. T71ANATICISM by the author of natu JL ral 'History of Enthusiasm.' For sale by V. HARRINGTON. AUJ. 4G, SPIRITUAL DESPOTISM-!,., it, ., O thor of Fanaticism,' natural 'History of Enthusiasm.' for sate hv V. HARRINGTON. Aug. 26. IjmYSlCAli THEORY OF ANOTHER JL Lit E by tho author of ' Fanaticism natural 'History of Enthusiasm,' 'Spiritual isespousm, lor sale Dy V. HARRINGTON Aug. 26. SHELL COMBS & HORN TWIST COMBS. A new assortment of Shell side Combs, end now style Horn Twist vomos. a ISO W.UHI uacK Shell Uombs just received at the Variety Shop, by t-ANononN 5t unitisMAin August 24, 1836. Pig Iron. 160 tons English and Dutch Pig Iron, receiving by J. & J. II, FEUK. If Co. Aug. 25. WANTED. A FEW thousand feet of 3 1 4 PLANK not Iir than 1& inched iviilp. and ns much wider as convenient. The timber may be cither oak. ash, beach, birch, ma pie, bass-wood, or yelloV. pine, but must be nearly or quite clear 01 knots. The high est market price will be paid in cesli, i delivery, at tho Burlington Mills. It Lit US ULiAKJi.. Burlington. 8th mo. 22d, 1836. f UST received & for sale by ROBERT sir MOODY 2 Boxes French Olives I do Anchovies 1 do Capers 1 Case preserved dinger 2 Boxes Prunes 1 Jar Tamarinds 1 Case best eislad Oil 1 Box preserved Citron August 25, 1836. New Establishment. THE subscriber respectfully informs Ihe public and his friends generally, that he hart taken the store recently occupied by Mr John Abbott tiVo doors couth of his old shop, find has just received from New York a well selected assortment of Ladies' Boots & Shoes, Misses', and Childrens'. &c. fall kinds and descriptions. He has also, n hand and is now manufacturing from the best materials Gentlcmcns' thin Boots, Shoes and Pumps; thick Boots. Shoes and urogans. In short every article in his line made on short notice, and as cheap as can be afforded fur cash or short approved cre- tt, and all rips mended gratis. D. S. RUSSELL. N. B. Wanted immediately two or throe first rate Journeymen Boot Makers to whom the highest wages will be paid, and constant employment. D. S. R. Burlington, Aug. 17. 1836. Medcalf's Patent Compound Oil for Painting. A perfect substitulo for Linseed Oil for all kinds of Painting, is offered to (lie public by the subscribers with the fullest assurance of its utility. It is now about eight years since it was orougnt to its present stato or perfec tion, and during that has been extensively Ufcd & tested in every way which Linseed Oil Is used lor painting, tor insido and outside houso painting, on brick and on wood, and for coaches, signs, boats &c. As lor spread ing and drying Tor Inside work It is hot sur pas3cd, and for body, and durability in situa' tiona exposed to the sun and weather, it is warranted far superior lo tho best Linseed Oil and being light colored renders it prefer, ablo for white and all other delicate colors, Ono oftho (list painting establishments in this city of morolhan twenty years standing say in their certificate " Having used Med. calf's Patent Paint Oil do corlify that nioro surface and better painting can be, done per gallon, than when mixed with puro Linseed Oil. This oil forms a combining substance when mixed with puro Leads that docs not decompose and rub oft" by exposure to the sun, and bv experience ol two years, wo aio war ranted in saying that painting done with this oil. will stand tho weather much longer, and remain unimpaired, when painting dono in tho usual way will not, and lor oil cloths, we ininK it surpasses every thing that we ever used," John N. Fastctt has purchased the right It make and vend tho'Tatent Compound uil in the following Slates, viz: Pennsylvania New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connec licut, New Jcrsov. South Carolina, Ohio Michigan, Illinois and Indiana, and cautions all persons, against any infringement, as every offence will be met with rigorous prosecution. The Drieo of iho "Patent Oil" will be one quarter less than Linseed Oil. It Is warranted and sold wholesale and retail by rAHHt l l , DbLULn Mi Dealers in Paints. Oils, Varnish, &c. 201 River THE NATURAL HISTORY OF EN. THUSIASM Fourth Edition ; for salo by V. HARRINGTON. AUg. ill. TUOCftT TTTTHW liosuccnts. 11 is desirable that scholars jJIooUIjU 1 XJFi should enter on the first of tho term. This Tho nnrfnrr5hin fnrmpilv OX- 1 ne parmcrsnip lormei iy ex stint? between the subscribers under the linn 01 smith ami uarrington.was uisso.veo . . . . . . , , , on the 23d of June 1836. Vrirnnn M n r I inglun is authorized to settle the business of the firm. EDWARD SMITH. VERNON HARRINGTON. ixt 1 ni fT x 1 WOOU-UllOPperS Wanted. THE subscribers wish to employ twenty or thirty men to chop Cord Wood. f.,mn nitimr, . n JANES. SMITH & yj- Aug. 18, 1836. To Printers. mHE subscriber wishine to engage in Ju another branch of business, offers his Printing Establishment, toirethcr with the building he now occupies.for sale. Terms, 0110 half cash in hand, the balance in one, two and three years. To any one desirous of establishing himself in business, the present is on opportunity such as rarely occurs. Further particulars will be given on application., H. B. STACY. Burlington, July 21, 1836. Burlington Female Seminary. rflHE Fall and Winter Term commcn JL ces September 14th. Pupils should enter at thc.commcncemcnt of the term Mr. D. A. Brahan will have the charge ol tho boarding establishment, which the friends of the School believe will be con ducted to the entire satisfaction of patrons Applications 'to be made to the 'Principal, MARY tj. UREEN. EXPENSES. 'English tuition, board, lights, fuel and washing per quarter 30 00 3 00 French, do do Latin, Drawing, Instrumental Vocol Music do do Music do do do do 3 00 5 00 12 00 I 00 TRUSTEES. Hon. Alvan Foote, Mr J. S. Polwin, Prof. G.W. Benedict, Mr Harry Bradley, N. B. Haswell, Esq. Mr Henrv Mayo, Geo. P. Marsh, Esq. Mr S. E. Howard, REVERENCES. Faculty of College Hon. H. Allen. E. T. Englesb'y. W. A. Oriswold. Rcf.G.G. Ingersoll Ucv. J. K.Converse C. Adams, Esq, J.N. Pomeroy.Esq. Mr S. Uickok. W. Lyman, Esq. II. & L.C.Loomis J.B. Hollenbeck. N. B. Music taught by Prof. Molt, Miss H. Hosford assistant; Mr. E. R. Prouty teacher of Vocal Music. Charges made for term ot entrance, except in cases ol sick ness. August 11, 1836. Elexir Vegetal Balsamiqiie. N. H. DOWN'S VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR, For Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Catarrh, Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough, and all other diseases ol tho head, chest and lungs, Parnjhlels containing a history oftho mcd icine a sketch of tho diseases for which it is recommended certificates from uuqucs tionablo sources ample directions, and much other important information accompanying eacti oouic may do nau ol any ol tlio Agen cies, gratis. J. CURTIS, Druggist, St. AI bans, Vt. wholesale Agent and joint proorie tor. The following aro especially appointed reiau Agents, Burlington Lalhrop & Pot win, Janes, famuli ic Co. and K. .Moody. ilmesburchA. S. Si. O. G. Wcller. Milton Wellington. Whitney Sz. Co.. Clark. uoaruman K uo. Lharloltc Samuel H. Barnes, and most other respectable Druggists, tec. in the coun try. at. Albans, July 12,1336. If Watches Gold and silver patent Levers, in single and double cases ; thick or thin Lcpinc Watches in silver cases ; fine Lepine Watches in gold cases and jeweled, severnl beauttml patterns ; gold Watches, from 30 to $35; English and French Watches; brass cased Watches; some fine jewelled " Horizontal" escapement Watches, warranted to go as well as ohy levers, from 25 lo g30. Watches repaired at the Variety Shop. PANGBORN & BniNSMAID. July 12. Dr. B. J. Heineberg RESPECTFULLY informs the is.iiab itants of Burlington and Vicinity that ho has opened an Apothecary Shop in Church-street, two doors south of the Bank of Burlington, where, dnder tho care of a regular and experienced German A pothecary (whom Dr. H. has lately engag ed) Doctors' prescriptions will be attended to at all hours ; and where simple and compound medicines may be had in all pns siblc varieties. In addition to this. Dr. H. has alsd oil hand a choice selection nf per fumeries, which ho will ell at reasonable prices. Uurhnglox), July 0. 1B3G. Utility. rTIHE public are hereby informed that JL. tlio subscriber has invcnteu certain new and useful machinery for manufactur ing starch from potatoes, and has applied for a patont to secure his right lo (he same; and that he is making said machinery at his shop in Jcrico. initio stale of Vermont. 'Ph., nhippt nfsaid michinerv is inorecfft'C t.,Blltf in a0nnrnin the small frtones and I""" " -v , " - gravel from Ihe potatoes in tho process ol washing and in tno process oi griiiuiug, iu ihn nniHtoes to ii more perfect pulp, by which a larger quantity of starch will be i,ii. nmlilinn hv I lie usua nemoo. oiarcn manufacturers aro invited to call and see SYLVANUS RICHARDSON. Jerico, June 30, 1836. 500 Spanish Leeches of a lato . .: u.. imponawuu, u npotf- an. Burlington High School. The next term will commence on Mon day the 29th of August. Tuition 5.00 per qr.--Incidental expenses from 25 school is not a privato Institution, but is in. corpofntcd undcf ,hc caro of tho fotowinB well known gentleman as its t rustees, to . onu - . . ifpa inrnrmatinn r specting it Is referred, viz; Hon. Alvan Foote, free.; Hon. lleman Allen, in. Li. Haswell, Fq. Timothy Folletl, Eq. Col. Gcorrc Moore. Rev. G. G, Ingersoll, and Rev. J. K. Converse. The object of the I school 18 to quality young men, cmiur mr L,imi.ain , f.t,POI,.'6r for business, and . . ... 'f -..1 r.. no pajn8 0n the part'bf the principal will be spared to make it what it ought principally l. -...r,. to be. an nitrument o cultivating and ex. altinrr the intellectual character of the youth of this place, and its. immediate vicin, ity. J. C. SOUTHMAYn PrincjJfl. Burlington, Jlug. lUUb. Ladies' Shoe Store. THE subscriber has just opened, next door cast ofSmilh & Harrington's Book Store in College street, a Shoo Store, pnncl nallv composed of Ladies', Misses' and Chil dren's Shoes of all kinds and sizes. His ar rangements freccntlv tnodo with an exlcn sive houso in New York) are such as will enable- him to sell at prices which ho confi dently believes will be satisfactory to all who I J! I . . .1 .n .tM fl,At. inuV UU UISIIUSCU IU U&IVJIU lu nun ,111ml ui ronnge. . u. a. unaaiui. BUBLIKOTON, July 20, IBUG. mHOMAS'S OMNIBUS will com X mence running to the Falls this dav three trips per day. Aug. 19, 1836. Commissioners Notice. '7"E the subscribers , having been appointed by V V the Honorable the 1'ioli.Ho Court Tor Hie District ofChiiicndcn, commissioners to receive examine hikI adjust the claims and demands of all persons, against the estate ol V1U Jl l IVUUtl, late of Charlotte in said District, deceased, renre sented insolent, and ubo all cl.iinn and demands exhibited in offset thereto ; and nix months from the day of the dale hereof, being allotted by raid Couil lor that purpose, we do Inert-lore licicuy give not ire, that wo will attend to the business of our appoint ment, nt the dwelling of ihe wi low of the said de ceased in Charlotte in f.iid District on the first Fri days of Noenther & January next, at 10 o'clock, A. Im.i on earn ol said iI.ijh. Dated, this6ih day oUtilv A. D. 1836. PITT F. HEWETT. , i Commis. GEOltGE SHERiMAN, J sioners. Harvard University. THE Medical Lectures in Harvard U. nivcrsity will begin at the Massachu setts Medical College in Mason. st. Boston, the first Wednesday in November next, ot 1.4 before Q, A. M. and will continue three months. For one month after the end of the "cotirsc, lectures will be delivered in the College, and the Dissecting Room will be open to such students as may remain, with out additional fee. Such students may also attend Ihe Practice of the Massachu setts General Hospital. Anatomy and Operations in Surgery, Sr. Wan en. r. Webster. Dr. Digelow. Dr. Channin'F. Chemistry, ... Materia Medica, Midwifery and Medical Juris prudence, - I'rinciplcs ot Surgery and Ulin ical Surgery. ... Dr, Hayward. Ware. Theory and Practice of Phasic, Dr Clinical Lectures will be delivered as usual on the cases in the Massachusetts General Hospital, - JfElT DISSECTING R'doja. A new Disaectins Room is now building, finished before Ihe Lectures begin. It will occupy all the vacant land east of the Medical College. Every care is taking to make this important'part of the medical school as perfect as possib'e, so that it may furnish to the student ample facilities for prosecuting his Anatomical studies. The legal enactments of the state, so liberally and so wisely framed, will bo faithfully and thoroughly applied to the accomplishment of their important ob jects. w uiiAWiNiiNU, vean. Boston, July, 1836. Lemuel Curtis & Co. are now receiving o large slock of French worked Capes end Collars, from to 2 to $10 each ; rich emhroidcrcd Scarfs ; 3 to 8 4 super silk muslin and 6ewing silk Hdks ; gauze and satin and lustring Ribbons ; 6 to 12-4 merino and Thibet SliawU ; linen 'Sheet ings, birds eye Diapers, &c &c Uurlinglon, July mm, itiiiu. Canada Money Bought by J. & J. 11. frJCli, and uu. June 24. Lyman & Cole, Will pay cash for fleece Wool in clcon metctiantaDic oruer, uenvcreu their store in Burlington. July I. Butler's Effervescent Magne- xian Aperient lor uyspepsia or inuigen tion, and highly valued as a mild and cool ing purgative, lor ROBERT MOODY- June 28, 1836. Paints &, Dye Stuffs, Linseed and. Pure, Miminer and winter strained Sperm Oil, just received and f'Hrale low Burlinjrton, 25th Juno, 1U3G. WOOL. . THE subscribers will at all times pay Cash for Wool delivered at their Store on the Old Wharf. FOLLETT Si BRADLEYS. Burlington, Juno 15, 1836. WOOL,. ASH will at all limes bo paid for wool delivered at their btoro head of Pearl street and at their store South Hero II. HYDE it Burlington. June 15, 1836. Co. Dissolution. THE copartnership heretofore existing between tho subscribers, it dissolved from this dale. 1 J. S P.OTWIN. .. D. W. INGERSOLL, Aug. 16, 1836, U nivcrs'ilij of Pennsylvania', MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. rpiHE next course of Lectures will com JL mence on Tuesday. November Hm first, and be continued under tho following arrangements! ,t Practice of MeJicino Chemistry Surgrry Nnthaniel Clnpman.M.D Robert I hire, Uu W Gilwon, da Wm. E. lli ner, il Snimtel Jnckron, da George B. Wood do Hugh L. Hodge du An.itomy insieiuirs ol Medicine Mtilem Mcuica Midwifery Lectures nn Clinical Medicine and Sur- gery ore delivered ot tho Pennsylvania IT '.-I ' ... r.. ...... . . unrpitai anu ai me rnuaac onia Mosul a (Blockley ) i he whole amount ol lees is the same os heretofore paid, notwithstanding the aug mentation in the number of Professorships and improvement in the course of instruc tion. W. E. D. Denn of Medical Faculty. Philadelphia. July 20th. 1836 Leeches this day received and for sale at a small advance, a quantity of Spanish Leeches, fresh from Gibralter,' in fine health and vigor, bv ROBERT JUOODY. June 28, 1836. For Sale. ' A HOUSE and one aero of; land, with a wood shed, barn, (a good orchard and well of water, situated on Main-street, within a quarter of a mile of the Lake. Posses sion given the 21st of next April. Terms very reasonable and made known at G. Marsh's Office. A. JOSEPH. Burlington, Aug. 9, 1C3G. 4w A TREATISE ON CONSUMPTION,' embracing an inquiry into the influ ence exerted upon it by journicot voyages,' and change of climate, with directions for the consumptive visiting the south of Eu rope, and remarks upon its olinialcndnptcd for general readers; by William Sweetser. M. D. fate Prof, of Theory and Practice of Phyic in tho University of Vt. Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Scien ces, and nf the Massachusetts Medical So ciety. For sale by Aug. 0. V. flAnniNomrr. LONG and short, silk, and cottons stay Lacings; Silk and Co'lon Boot La. cings. Patent and common Elastics, Bono and Ivnry Eylots or cnret rings, narrow. Whnk'bones, Bra63 Wooden Steel and Whalebone Buks or corset Boards. India rubber Suspenders, Vest Springs Sic. at tho Variely Shop . . . Pangborn & Brinsmaid. August 11. BROKE NTO Iho enclosure of the subscriber about the 12lh inst. one Sorrel Horse and one bay Ilurse.the former having thteo" while (net, buth apparently about five years old. The owner is requested to provo properly, pay charge end tnke iliem away. liUIN oAXNf UUD. Williston, July 27, 1 C3C. "TJuTSick Alan's Friend. Morison's Pills, Or the real genuine HygrianUuiversal Me" dicinc of the British College (if Health, in packages of I, 2, or 3 dollars, can be ob tained in this town, only ol the rrgulnrly appointed Aycnl. As you value '' health,' which is life, see that you el 'he genuine Pills; they are signed S. Gage at present. (but will soon be signed H, Fiteli) Stale Agent, and A. lirinsniald, sub ngcut lor Uurlinglon, Vt. all others are base coun terfeits. Fur the convenience of the pub lic, they will be, with the Powders and o" Hvgeian Book, kept at lh" Variety Shop. A. BRINSMAID. .Agent for Burlington, Vt. July. 6. 1836. Soda, Seidlitz, and Lemonade Powders, prepared and Fold bv Dr Heine berg. at his apothecary shop, Church st. July 8, 1836. 50 barrels Mess Pork For sale bv , , FOLLETT & BRADLEYS. June 24. 1836. 6ni Ironmongery. ANVILS, Vicef, cast iron Ploughs, hol low Ware, waggon cart and carriage Boxes, pot ash and caldron K"itles, mill Cranks, bark Mills, iron Wire, Stoves, mill Saws, cross cut do. Shovels, Spades, Hoes, Scythe. Iron, Nails, Steel &c. &c. just received by T. P. Sf W. L. STRONG. June 16 . IU36. New Groods AT THE GLASS-FACTORY STORE." JANES. SMITH & CO. have just re ceived from New York a laige block of 'ood.-. comprising a.gcneral assortment of DRYGOODS. GROCERIES. CROCK. ERY. HARDWARE. PROVISIONS, SfC. which they offer at a small advancu for cash or country produce. Farmers who' wish to exchango their produce for goods, will do well to give us a call. Cash paid for Butler. Cheese and E"gs.' WM. A. BURNETT, Agent. Mav 19. Clocks &. Time Pieces. Wo have Clocks for g6,50, 7, I), 10 and gl2. each ; tome made of brass and some of wood; some of them strike I tin hour, snmu alarm, and some do both. They ore good Clocks for lit. tie money. Brass and wooden Clocks cleaned and repaired nt the Variely Shop. Pamgbor: & BRi.v6M.tin. July 12. UIMUEI-. UUDIIS w 6pt. 3, 1836. street Troy N,Y. rnuN.V. Ancrn.lS. 1B36. .v

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