Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 30, 1836, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 30, 1836 Page 2
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FRIDAY M O It IN I N (?, ItlXI'.tinnn 10 VEnMo.vr 1 1 i v ulicn have the pu' pin oftliis state turn reproached by tin1 office-holders, it rather I ho cilTico snkir. for llioir "mulish" opposition tn lliu nit. mtnistralinri how often loo havo lliov bi'cn "nlficially" admonished that by per tistiug in their opposition they ca-t I In in selves without llio pah1 nf government "la ofi;"nnil who linn forgotten llio mntly tiioiiriifu I lamentations 1 lint l liesc jealous guardiat s of tho roiintrys honor hnvc utlrrrd ever tin consequent "luf-t cliarnc Icr nl'lho stale " llul how stamli llio ac count now? Flow much have wo lot-t Puvort! wo asked nnno jtistiie, wo dc mnn'dcd. ' Spoils,1' wo coveted not. ex c"pt such ns came by industry anil an oon-c-l calling. Anil "chr.iaclcr" let thcntiin. ion uf the world answer. Hot have wo tint gainrd, that which to the patriot's heart is above all price, the nhiilin; satisfaction (if 'knowing 1 li a t wo have faithfully supported what was right because it was right rc. pardlcfs if briber and threats, nnd have "tinder all circumstances, sustained the con dilution. ngair,-t principalities, poivnri?. nntl -wickedness in high places', "it in sufficient glory for me." paid Mr. Van Mn- ren, "to have served under such a Chief." For ourselves wo covet tin better memo- rial to nur dust than the record "Hero lies a citizen of the only stale that uniform Jy, under all circumstances, firmly opposed the corruptions of Andrew Jackson's Ad minis! ration. 11 Vermont. I li ne Iip.ihI ilir pimp fxinltnl in (lie highest Ipiiih, fur it .1. 'Union In pi inriplf. A n rininriit, ,i fi-iv l.i n finrp, f.tid in inv nn flier I, i -Innm mmr p.iii'iini'in, noil lump fir.nly mid cinii-lriil inlltprpnrc lo pi in ripi'i", ill in Vermont lie nlvpiiril, iImi tin f.n-. 'metatif Vriiiifini nmi .il hp i-n, t nplp.l liv die spoil', it, ir Irinpnd fumi tlieir inipgiiiy';, I ' aianiliii2 mil fir piidn n;.iinsi 1 1ir admin itr.'ilinn, iIipv hnin eiu n llir fullrai nnd inn?! de- f UUP PI IllrllPP ill II P HlS-l'.--r"l I if III l inpipti.., . nn.l ..... ... .. .1 I I I , I .. "'" ' " m. ini iiirni. Ill IHIIIPII. III. II ' unipcoulil Hiiui.i ImsIipi-.i.-iiiiI;,,-Cm-i Ilispiwp,1 sinnr. mnl jii.i Fi.ilntlit u( clur.icicr. ll' ton Coircritondent. nliiM.iilniiclis nml prinnnl .no IhP nnlv flnlpu ofilie Union ili.u luir nprr dent die knee 10 ilip rniliinry pnpul.iriiv nf Tlio-- inn Shops in llic nmili, mid Somli Cninliiii in ilip. rnmli. I, il.pinii.i fixpil nnd inmkpil , n.iiinnnl Nimlipiemp to nnii.rl... it. a P....t. .. I. 1 I... I principle. This - oiipp i1,p ipnui.iiM.ii:1''0"' nppronching the old Roman on the Mliipti Vi.cini.i enimoj piceinineiillv. 7(ic7 ioni Jl'liig. Vkomont. Tltririann Sia'p in Hip Union dp. reriing inorp honor, in dip l.m i-nu.'' Vpr- ; rv v. ' i ol a country u'C'scil with so Uccrn)nz a iimnriTP iilrw imk nnt'ie, mnl ilip I . " itiflnpiipp nf a spoIpiI iM.ij.niiy in Npw iimniwliiio ' prince. "Tho most high and mighty An .";'le.V,"'R';l,',u,,rVl',', 70,0.0 "" drew Jackson V this was no frame of jmiiy in rinrrrraitnin(r dm RpiipiiiI (!np.n. nipiii. llml ilip iniipi- si.hps cnipiril -villi iip mind to brook opposition from a hank, ro s.iiiip .K,t.ln ,pw i,,, ,l,..r,,P . Willi ,,,, II. bnkes from the Senate or he "pestered" ll.irii'ivi him ilil I,. ur lippii iIi'mpii tiv Lidli'iiP, 11 fur hp! Iipr Jmlan Wli'np nnr Mr WiImipi' mmi I Wl' h pcli'ious from tho people. Nor IS it line di !rp. n imp in pin , li.u.iid ilic CiC'ii , ..., ,i., . . ..., , jcri. Kttm Sentintt. strange that a man "whose name shone The IMitnr ol the Sentinel ought, ore with so niucli Fplendor ' at JIuical, should llii--. to have known that tin; influence f bn-c conceived the idea ofsccking an n.y- tho Kmpiro W. Granite States upon Ver- I ,,,m '" ,Arn,li!'- . , . , , , . , , "IN TIIK NAME OF fiOD. AMFff. motil, Has dust in the balance. Indeed "Tnilio in.wi tiuli mid migtiiy Amlipw J.inlcnn. wo have lit I lo doubt that tho disgraceful V""'"1'"' n('i;(' v"' r, Si.hps '.,f Ameiir.i, ulm.p n...... ... i i i ... .1... ... IT Blliludo in whrch thnsi! Slates havo stood ror the last eight wars has had a salutaiy . . influence; in keeping Vermont where Mic is. Vice Pnr.'iDKNT. It i now a'cerlained . ,i i,i ., that there .3 no Ici.,.n i,rV,ce President ivcnly three votes for Mr. Smith. The question is therefore narrowed down to the two highest candidal! . Jolio-on and Gran. j;cr, and the Renato rnti.-t ib cide hetwepn them. A majority of that body are Van Tidrctl men; but. we charitably Impc tint ii i ycl qucrtionab'n whether that innj irity have so far Inst llioir sense of moral nblia tinn in 1 ho pursuit of spoil--, a, by their vo'cs In make r. sooty wench heir apparent to the White Iloncc.and the degraded f.illi oroflmlf a fcore of illogilion'o niiil.ill.w Pretiilent of the ilio't dignified body upon earth. To this complexion must it C'tne? It is raid that Indiana has instructed her Senators lo vote for Grander. Thcnev. Mr Comm act:, llir.cci lifter of Pick Johnson's character, has bcrn rlri-lril Chap Iain to Iho .Mouse. Mis. Royal ivas also Voted for. This whole lili-ioesj ofcliaplain cics has hrcotiin 0 broad farce, and wn mar. vol Ihal any respccluble clergyman should m fat let dewn the facrcd character ol'liis catling as to content to bo even a candidate. The office is, in fact, now considered as a mere means of rewaidiog some sanctimonious hyp octito far paitizan services. There tcoj, in deed, a lime when tlicro seemed to ho fitness and propriety in tho good man's invocation of guidance and direction from on high for those engaged in legislating for a nation's welfare. Hut nt the prei-cnt day, when Iho wholo code of morality is practically set aside by that pregnant maxim, 'ull is fair in politics'" when the legitimate pursuits ofgrave Sena tors aro proclaimed to bo the "spoilt." of a bleeding country when virtue, morality, and common honesty, aro turned out of doors by the assembled wisdom of the nation, so often ns they disl'trb tho arrangements of parly wo say il is a solemn mockery to ask the blcs. sing of Heaven upon their labors, And so it seems to bo viewed by tho members; fur wc ire well assured that during tho morning service a majority ofllicm aro busied in wri ting letters and franking documents In their constituent, which we havo liltlu doubt will recili their destination in advanco of Mr. Camitock's prayers. HoCRER. ItcCKKIt CoMSTOCK. Tills tl!o of worthies have ot last received llictr rcwatd. Hnrkcr, who coiruplly withheld the poll book In Kentucky lor the 'purpose, of giving Tom Moore a Seal In Congtnss, and 'Mucker, wlui volunteered tu reirei.cot 'renneoeo in tho Ilallimorc Convention, and by caslin? Jifutn vole? fur Johnson, defeated llio nomination of a white man as Vice Prciclcnt. luivccacli htcu rewarded with a olIii:p appoinlnient : and Ciimrtnck, who whito wai-hod a dark spAt in Col Johnson's (diaracter, has been made n spiritual guide to tlm party. Wc 'believe lln-io it not an instance lo be found wliero a man lino ilisraccd hiiii'elf by mi ar:t ofoulcial inallVaii..inco for parly coils or administered In Geo. Jackson's vanity by some monstrous and profane comparison, but what tint been immediately rewarded with office. Is it won derful that such men should feat investigation? "iNriia'CTHi.N."--Tho doctrino of in. etrtiction liko all other wicked devices, ro. turiH to ciirsc the inventors. At present, the Van lluren parly are a majority in the Senate ; but if its members live up tn their own (lustrines, (that i-', that every Senator i bound lo resign his seat Whenever he finds a majority of his Stale (liragrecin? with him on political questions.) they will very soon find themselves in a minority. By l his rule, Mrsrs llcndriek nnd Tipton nflndiana, Morris nf Ohio, Grundy of Ten opsi'c, and Kinp and Cuthbert of Georgia, will forthwith resign, for nil these states have given largo majorities agattHt Van Tiiircn: nnd, a) cunsHtnnt, cnu.-cioli'inus men, ccting tip to their own principles, ibfy cannot consent tn hold office in oppo sition to tlto expressed opinions of their constituents. Let it not ho said that there arc Whig. Senators, 'holding their offices tinder similar circumstance?. It matters not. The Uig'ihold no such doctrine. 'and their rcfiH.-.l tn abide by it, furnishes no apology for those who do. Wc shall see whether tho'Globo calls on those Sen. ators to resign. , , ,., We were always pozzi.d. until wo saw the 'following conceive what should have possessed Gen. Jackson with the idea ' , . F0 of' en expressed by htm in 1S3'i. of rctir. ing to Arabia. It seems, however that he , . ... ltailiist received tin interesting Cnmumni cation from llio sublime Sullanof Muscat, blind side, infilled his Vanity to an extent almost incredible, and at the same lime fi! led him with the most gratcfitl recollections . ..... i I nr.iv irnwi fimpiplv ili.u mi il,"p rri.,:.,i "'",'" C".rr," ',"'' fi?'l1".' ll'sli" ibe I'.ivi'pm Iip.iIiIi, nnd Ira ,.,ppin n m ,v l,p pn.i.oiilv ,,p ip,P.MP. o In Hi"", mid sit .i 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 v' limir, I (I li."- i.i ipppiiiMnnr ltilinPMV Ii-op,, pvprv Hnt'il nf wliirli U nn I il'siini'l ii4 dip bin, hi n ,,, ,wv , .,, rrlh 1M,,,inln,Y; .,,,.,.,,... i0 ,;,, ,,. ,,.'l n,I i PIN, ll'iltlnle ll)P -ll,ilPini' !l Ittllv III PXhl liilin.r iti." i.t'j fliiini..i mi l I hup rinniilii.d in rpr ip-ppri imiIi ill., ui.tiiv i.l tinn' Ii.... Ii'i. mnli.l I'.r. in l ilii.liiv.. n Iipiiv r r iPilMiip nil I riiinniPirp Ii'.iip...i mir , .,ni,..Vj hIiiiIi Ii ill l.i- fiiililiillr .,I....U. I ,v nfr( ) m pp. mi . ;i4 I...... ,ttn timid pndiii,4, ,i,. Irs liijIiupM mi i i..ifii. ih il nil , n, pi iprfinliirj In ilif ..iim itiiliin iiiV iI.iiii'i,;,,,,. ,,, klii.w Ii i d.trrpnrp, in p'rnt nf.j itPtimP,,, ,, iuppii nn pi.ii.i'i v to,. I it, ,i i. Ih'v mi i, ,n, fmo,. n tip :in I Imppi pi' v. "Iipip t. briiv pvpi d-. pt's i . . , . i. . . i . , . . . . . . ' I lll'l'l IIIIIHV linppin.ii ,.rf 1111,1,14 t,. ril'.j.ll'nl ..,1 S..,....rviiP...-m.,ldpmn.nil,P J ri.p..d-ti!i-l.ill iii'ipi- kn.nv mu- i'i niiiiiiiini. Imt 1 .1. .it.. :.. t-l. ill r... i inn. In m.'ir.i.p till ni 14 ,, , nvnp. 1 miiiiiiini, 1 fti r. mini innri-iptv .,. in, It. in iw llhnp4 ,1a 1'ip.iiiti'nl nn I'niiip .rid 1I.M..1. d -puirpw, 11, pxp 1 in- nnr u i-lir li p l'ip-1 la-iii in u Ii hp tVi li 1 inv it'itninii.iiJ, 111 iiltin .1111 lutiH nr pl.trp uliPicht t pI..P4 P l,lij)IP4 illfl'IPlll'P, ' y'S is fiom inir in-.-i fiip'td, 'svr.o i:i .siii.i'av. "WlillPii 0,1 dip In I 1 film M J.innrli .M.nipl. in ilip p,ic Alli.ijf 1 1210, til llie linvil 1'ilirp ill ilip piiv rf Mn.riit, 'flii tpopr i.1 in It ii p dip erf., nf lipin" prp. apntp.l in tlip,niii liili mnl mijiliiv Amtipu J-ii-l.. Fun, t'lP-iitpnt i.f tin Uniip.t St ,ip nf Aini'i iP'i, uIiim" n inn- i.l,ii,p h i Ii m ninrli'i tlnoii 'lt. Mil lIlP Uliltd ' 0 Cunpa linj In Ti It nf Ori.ilipr, 1833. The Supremo Court is now in session at this place. The letter of Mr Middle, in our first pi-jr, Will bo read with inlereM. He pnnrlroy. ns with n pencil nf light, the csti-rs of the lain disturbance in the cur rency of the Country. Post Orricr. Ucp.triTMF.T. The Post master General recommends n reduction on letter postage equal lo about C() prr cent, nn the present. rale, a graduation of newspaper postnge according to the size of the sheets, that on small sheets bciii" less than at present, nnd that nn large sheet more. The present number ofpost Olficce is 11.100: miles nf Post Unad in July last ll(!.2G J ; miles of annual transportation 27.57!1,G22. Revenue or the year endinf 30:h Juno last, 1,30.1.455 13; expendi tures, $2,755,723 76. Mxccss nf revenue over expenditures, $049,1131 43, There is a surplus on hand of $500,000 belonging lo the Department. An nmuiing incident orcurreil In Waililngton on idnlil Ut 'I be Imi nt Bnmn's win piiiuiIpi!. uIipii ii civ of fiic Iip.ihI. " liPre," cxil.iiitipil iHPiity Miiipn. "Win, (f ronrie,"' n.iulii rti niii r Fpiiiigii'!! up, ".it ilip t nr or Nmy l.,riitiniitls I lie i nine ni'XI tni'itlpt." Il ' iiinni'iliiili'U ii-rei i.iiii'il In In' ii fill" pnl.irni, mid die nr.n.i;i r dnwn j ii n inui.Ul lie l.nill i( tlie (iiinp.inv, Atlx (j'az. 'Wo born by llio NHliotinriiiiL'llfgcii'c.'r 'that the tihtrut above allniK'd In was oceu-inned by n fire in tho prcniUes oflli'v. O. II. 'Brown, of l'oit'Offico metniry dis penser of extra allownancs, under Mayor 'Harry. 'Plobably the Nilvy and War do parlnicnts are in n.i parttcuhir (linger at pre.-etit, as it will require all tin practi cable confiigrations of tho present tenson to ftcitro tho post otlice and lis agents ajonisi tho invcstigati'jti that 'threatens them. IiKtln The Dosloniam are ghimbling nt no etna II rate about their beer. The brewers, they say. are drugging tli'm with vile concoctions of aloes, liquorpc, cap s cum, and John Barleycorn kn.r.'a what not -one draught nf which is confidcrcd a full poitiott fur an adult. Wttat n pity our rail-road is not completed. A few pipes of Fr.ACK's No. I would give these Bos Innians new conceptions of the superior virtues of good malt and lihp-, steeped in not loo much pore water ; and vtc ilotihi not they would very soon pam to "repeat thediHo" as often as llio Scotch parson's rule of moderation would allow. Probsbly there is no belter article of the kind ufuciiired in the United States than is now fiitni-hcd at the Burlington Brewery a fact already well appreciated, if wo may judge 'from the extended demand for it. So long as beer is nscd at all, let in en courage tho genuiao article, and go for those who stick to mall'atfd hups, and a plenty tflhrm. Wimo Vrcronv In New VonK. Con trnry tn all rxpeclal ion, tho Wings have triumphed at llio specinl election of a ineinber ofq-seuibly in l hi; city of New Vinli. by a majority nl'ISMfl votes. Great efforts Were mado by both pnities. Impobtant FaoM Trxil. The schr Texas dpt. I'.irltei. ariived at Ncvr Orleans on the I Ith insl in five days Irnni I bo mouth of the ltrassos, briiiciii'z iiitclli.'cufc of tho rclcaso of Gen Santa Ana, who had been a prisoner it war nnno llio memorable battle ol san Jacinto. He was released on the 27th ultimo, by order of tlm Tp.xiii (, and nn. mediately set out for Wiisliinyioo. via iN'ncoir. dnehes. The rcaoin that hive led to thu lilt, oration of Santa Ann. lire not slutrd. The acting Secretary of War, under llie dirrctioti of I'residoi t lloii'lon, isilcd Circular d.Hed tho 301 1 1 November, ainiouncinir certain in telligence that the Mexicans are ..n.itn in active and furmidablu preparations for ait im mediate invasion of tuxus, calling upon every man in Texas to hold himself ready for tlm field at a moments warning and directing an immediate ornnizntion of tho mitiiia, Tho expedition ag.iiiint Tcxa-i Fdid in letters from the of Mexico of thu dale iil'Nnv t!d, to under Iho orders of (Jun Ifravo. Thtir numbers aro given 11MOOO, lo bo increased by ttOO, more at San Luc l'ulii tho whulo to march upon Texas vi.i Me lainoras. Somo letters say that 40' 0 troops have ot:eady marched finin thu city of Mex ico. The Mexicans aro fortifying Tainpico. Rri.kask uV' SNr Anna. .trpnrdinj lo itic 'IVxih Teli-mpli it npiiiMiri I'ltvidi'iii lltni'tim kpiii ii inp.-!i.,j.p in dip Spn.iip tippiijin llipni in' lilt dpiri mill iti. in nf ,lp I-!hi-i",,',ii- to i" li'.isn , Ann. i, .nut IpiiiIioo m litjpriv tn lo W,irl,in.. ni-iiii uliiih ii... i. in i: l.i'. n-k-d il'.. ii'hirp i. fill il liudy. 'I'lii Si h up nVnr ;, iv.iin, iIhIiiir, lifi ill.1 in mi r in i hp I id dtp 1'ie-i- di'iii, "h i litmiPili.ilr'v ii'lp.i'i'd S.niiii A, .in. Ttip I. nt. r Irl'i .Hll, .((iprl'ir dip Unn-.t Si.iip, ;itpi.,,tp.t,iipil liy Ins ." Atnr.nip, nn I p.-i'iti'. Ii. Ii) lip r.iv-du iniMiPM in ilin Aiiipiiimii ii'iii Iniv. TIip .-'e.i.oe. inn pri-pil n, ilii bur, t.'.l put rpilnip, lli.'ii pise.l ii iiwnlnti.,1, in-onriiii i1,m I'.PrfillPI,, III I'M. I H.I 'l C'lil.l P- ilil IP.W.IH Hllill, I, id p, iimpii'it linn in ip'pi.p S.ttii i Aiiiii, A IIiiii-iiiii rii.os ilii'imfil nn S dip mntv mil p. i. pi. , ini i. pi Him una cli.imi .il Cu'mntii In lie ii I mm nt 'hi' pi ii-iiii" i-, It m oiipil ill it (.'i.liini't XiriP7, liir..ifrin I in io '.i 1 1 An.i.i mil nrpliM m rliiiyp.! iviili im I .li'-p in tip- tin n dip liiipr tin ili llt'Xi f..iii I In, . ii.iimiiI .ill t ,1 ill nr .It iti',. .il I tii In. in .tu. j 1. 1 Inr Mrxip i, 'Sa' tn Anna. liv lie New O. I'.iill. iiu nf In-... npHm Jlir.s.iPPi . l ..,,,. I '"''il'.'V " . . ,. .i "iipni'i-ii o urn aiiii.i n ii m i?ii.iriH ji ml lit . , . , s ... . nnd pun-ipilitl up die lill-rml In V;-. ininii rilv. 'I Iipv e 1 1 p ill. Iniipr r..n u by v;i) uf All'lk'ip-I1 i.l-il.ld nf Oj.ll'iiS'liH'llPi," ii'iu in.- i. .. .in. .ii.ii --iiii. ,11 r i.iiripinnii The Win i t;- me iiu.v on lrial at Wash. iogtiin, for burning tin! Trea-urv Olfieo in 11133. A corrcjiontlonl of the U. S'ales G-iizellc fnrnishos tho following sialcinent (.fsuiuu of thu facts disclosed in the inVcs- t gntiott : A nuinlipr of Witnesses havo been ex ntlrned svVcrel uf vVlimii liavo been IrtemN mill companions of Dr. White for these i we niy years, are in his confidence because ilicylisic been ptrlicipalufs in the olTen ces and conversations criminal, which seem to have been perpetrated by White nnd his friends. Hicks and kri.fivr, the i wn wilnea-ses examined ye.-lerdy. proved so far as Hie. evidence of rogues nnd vaga bonds Is admitted as proof, lint Dr. Wlnte was a coiifeileratu with incut to a variety of acts rotitrnry not only In llu sintules legal, bill to I tic codes moral. Thed wii-iieu-i swear til certain confessions which Whiio is said in have Hindu to theln, in firi-l insinnce, brforn this oci was cnmniit trd. White told 1 1 irks that he had been offered money to destroy the Treasury, in order to burn papers nnd documents there, which, if produced, would nliew that there hnd been grins frauds committed, and that being n good deal uf a chemist, III roulil very easly and in many ways, produce cninhilflinn. I lo further declared (allu ding lo this atleinp') ihui lie had a mini ber of agents nt Ins eiunmauil, souk ol whom would bo reidy lo commit miirdei nt his direction; and for n very unall coin pensatioii. I think he slid filiren dollars was the pr'ccofa man's life. It is sworn (list he laid out his plan , which was lo go to Waiington. lo take bouio and wife. and to livo like a gentleman, 89 ho alleged that many persons were in Iho ptsclicunl going to Wa-dnngtnii, and suiting up fir gentlemen, uno bring introduced into gen teel pncieiy, without nny que. lions being ii-krd. Tlio utliiop (llit'k-) Vwrars tn tio other cimivitmiIiho iilicr tin' biiriiiug had h...i prrpi.1 rnlril, in v. Inch W lull" ailnnis llinl ho hud Accouipli-'bed llie act. but liinl mailo iiotliing beyond (us i.xpeiin'"i bv it 1 lint ho liiul enlered by iiiitii ol fnlsc keysi nntl set Viri to t ho tinii'rs. 'O lief Willie---m'S, nlthoogli 1 1 1 1 y do iiot.n I it r as I beard, cr.tifirin that tiositivo Irstimoiiy as to the nilu'.tstiiiii ol'lhu'acl. tetily in eirctiinslno cue w'hieh shew that Whllu is n very des lii'rati..' character, nnd leagued with a dan gcrmt-i set of itii'ti, and that nothing hut ilii" luck of stillieii'iil inducement of n pe cuniary iiniure would be n security ngnlii-l their committing the inosl noilncldic cumes. 'Painful Uxibil'mn nf beauty irr.d tr'nw:. Ti'rru was a trial liefori" n Jicneo of the Pjaee, in the village of I'nnglikei'sie. laM wei k, which coicuined six whole days, and cxcilcd much intnr.i.l. Avery beau t ll'ul'yniinjr lady, was sicprcloil of stealing I'vernl Fur caps ami rapes, coin'! of winch wpre I'oiinil in lir r piis-r-finu. nllur which -hedectared that th; had Inkentheni nt the request of her employe', who Wifs prosccit ltd by tho owners. Tin! Girl Was, of coiirM', ih.. principal wHuu-s; sha was compelled in swear llie oflencu upon ln.r rmplnyur lo save herself; and so .killfully dltl ithe wrnvi; her pprjunr-i that fir a long HUH! i lie public was ! ti her fuvor. lint tin oiioslog c iiltcel, (Mi"-sr-. 11. I). l)Vl- iindA.'L JonlM.v) ptirsopil tl.o inv-.-liga mu sn vigornicly ihal sin. was finally ex linsi'd, and tin- Jury acquitted her employer. Albany Journal. M1. WISE'S SPEECH. The following is thu conclusion of Mr. Wise's able and chlquent t-pijiitli in I he Ilou-c, of which tvo gave an extract la-t week. lie is evidently thu Lion of the House, and unless thwarted in his tiTirts by a rally ofparty, wiM'riiaki. I;lix irtmble on tin; judgment seat. The reso'iu ion passed in committee uf llio wlnrio, b'lt has yet to undergo tho ordenl of the llutise. where ii will probably be shorn of its prfuVc'r to ili-ltirb or expose the corruptions hi which il strikes. NuW, sir, 'complaints have been loudly in.i il..' Irom Various (jnnrtcr. by this IIihmii and in the press, by iePpuiiiible persons. a to the condition nt most uf iho 1-axeeunve Denarlinenls. and n to the want of ability Hwi'integrily v-iih whtch ihey have been conducted ; and intettiga'tiuiit by u nf iho Irnllior fal.-ehond, jo-tici nr inj.ct.'ci! nt tlie-i! C'liiphiinl have, heieiiil.ui., i...-n tlogiiedly ami repealrtlly rrfuxed. "The pany" were content svitli the mere nlUnim. lion bv tho Piesiil.'iit to llie crowd ul their iuiioci'iice and purity, wlicn ho knew nn in. ire about their guilt than he knew of the facts uf a certain event in the Cnpilnl Inst wimcr, of winch you nod I, Mr. Chairman, knew all. and more than we wanted in know, cbuiit which, if the Trniu-ni! pa pers aru to be believed, tho I'resltlrnt In uiven nnnlhur 'CQilificate. though In; wn more than a mile oft', ami tln.iu rn: at least seven fi'honis of bricks and iimna and i-l one between him nnd tin1 place nt ilu occurrence. They iinv.j iiin.-j,; Inn1! a witness in both cases where it svusimpus-i llie for him lo be a witne-s, and in giving In3 testimony he has been 'compelled to re sort In his imai.'inatioil for Ins ,'acis." I cared nothmg about Iho ccrlitie.nie's uf the Pri'pident so lung in I hey abided in tin epheineral firm uf healed parli-nii deel.-irn ions along lite public runiN. nr mi lutiir a. I lii'V Were rend Ii.iiii llie eliiiuii ineielv n Ihnii-nnd nnlesnll Jini Mr. tlu "rerlijimre. in innj is no longer n mere tavern ipseiliv it on tho Inghwnv. but il is tu ho lit, m t In archive- ut tins G iVuniuieiil as .-, pan Olid parcel ul tin! last nnnntil Hi'limg'c' nt tin Grculest and I -1 I ! IVn-nui.- and Clrnnder have cerlilieil to ilinr own good t ) . 1 1 . t v i . 1 1 1 r . into. cent-., nod poiUv. hivo lit rn'Ji ir.-neil Hieir errl tie.ite to ihe "l.i-l pii moil mes-nge,'' .'ill. I Inivo nlliteil I,, Ote ,'fiil' 1 1 1 1 I i li I 1. 1 Aodiew J 1 1 U -1 1 1 1 I-ihl- cerliliiMIe true I I'll' It I" e n ibni.'H. if il be not true, ilniior itiio-i ie. ha-not been done tu Andrew jiek-.ot. In ilnl-i! wlei have u'lered jn-i complain'-. nnd to tin pnlilie Has audacious forg ed sell'.ar (piillnl ? s il l run or false, lint the various livrc tllivo n.'parluieiiis li.tve been ennducied Willi ability and iliteginy anil ih it they are in a tr..-ii..r.itis 00111111100.' That is Hie c -II". Ilu iv Is il lit I).' tri il? Will ornlb. me'i tell me thnl Ho I're.-uleul tin- Iririt ilu i-'-iii. n I r.ji ilv ,n in I Hint llieviire eoiliem Willi his corlilic'iio in lotrn.' tSir. I begin lln- se-pion ns I ended the last i-e-si'iti, by a-kiug die iippiirluuily and power, mid by el.iiiiuiig tin right nt tin inuotj'iiiiii by a coiiiuii lee. an rlTicirnl. able, and I'.nr coin- in ittee, wild I'tl'l powers In evi-ceralt! Iho the inlili. Thu truth is all I desire. I ouike no aceiCHiinn-, no coopluiiils, except of the deiilal of iiivntiS'itmn. If all hill! been cuiolncied with ability and inlegrtiy. Ihe nHparinlenls luive notli ing to fear, and liiver-iigatioil may do gl-eat "ooil. If it doe-not find and exim-i: pa-i fiend ami cur r u p' ii hi. il may pr'ecenl much evil hereafier. Ity lliu tear nt scrutiny. I do t-inCoruly. from the bept uf rliniive-i, i'ar nestlv desire lo See tho duur oftlui Treas ury Department, of tho l.and Ollices.itl llie I ti it t o i litireau, ahd of oilier ilepartiueii's nnd ulTiees, thrown open III lull and lair in vesiigaitou. We then can have the fuels uf which lo judge fur ourselves, and on which tn make un nur own ve-ipcl. Il t- liu duty of tin! grnud inquest lo find or i tore n bill for itsell, and of the venire to trv tho tsftie mu) find n verdict for itself. No judge, much more no imriy.-hnll llud n bill. irne nr talM. or render n Verdicl lor them Cleanse the Aogenn tables, hay I, slid I miv ilioro. The Niimulian kuig, when he was carru d n caplivu tu Home, nnd snw hi! cor rtiplnui of her citiZ' iis, reluriied tr.uii llie cUV with cooleintit, ami snot "Give tlie toeatl'i. arid t will bin tip theuhnle Henubtlc." F.inny Wnzlii, I believe, ut lered n Iru'h, tint iv In ver nil set) two men Islking liigeilier, there are ten cliauc i's io onu tliev nro talking nn mm nl three subjects -"trade, politics, or relinion."' The three subjects have, since she wrote tho remark, entirety amalgamated Idio (tro. Trade and politics have now brconc one. Hoini' of the priests. I am told, snnflonng to join tin! union, nnd innininnn it the god of tins day's wor-dnp. Trade, lir, truth' swallow up every thing ! Tell mo not this is the short session - Invofltgiilliiii was relutt;il lo -1 wittier when I he srsFloti wns long, I liiioc. Sir, that lids s an inaicpieioiis iteroil. perhaps, lo expect gentlemen to luttli Ji'ick at the pn.-t ur In pniise n iimmelit on llio preMnl. I know that every eye Is Irrned, and every mind of genileiiieu is bent towards theu turi. "Cuming events, Which cast Iheir sh' b-'fori'," nro much morO dife'zling io iheir hopes 'nnd fancies, than painful truths of the past or I In: plcsen, lire to their 'uiemiirie- or Hi their vill-. 'I'hey know, sir. that soul..' or the swnilll oT Oil ierrnltve'' which lire now Ini inn! full of iho bliiml ul tin' To'ii'sury, unci I)1 tliiven iill'lnr some of the lr.nk nil hiingiy "loco fncu" flies wlio are vniaciotl-ly eager lo light upon this poor body politic ol'iiufs. All Iliing-i may not hecoinu'tiew. but (here inii-i be 'Fitltii. changes : and liir every ehniige tliere will bij a chadco for some impntieiit cxpi'clnllt. '1 know lll'il Gen. .Inekson has hidti'tiiailu lo -lay in his la-t .'iiiiiual inr-Mige "I In that 'cnmclli after mo is mightier tlisn I;" bill he has mil been made to add "whose fan is in In hand, and hi will thoroughly purge Ins flmr," Sir, lest he mny not purge tins floor. I wi-h it to be swept clean Inr 1 1 1 1 1 1 btfluro he cullies In, so that (ini. Jackson may nut i tie blaltied aller be it- gone. Certain il is. 'I caiihhi anticipate ; time rnu-t develop I he cntirse and policy of l lie coining iiiliiiiiil'ftruilon. Anil let nil mnri accuse mc iifcninnieiiciiig un aitaek iipolt H in Advance. No. sir: - i fir from it. llm' 'I hhld Mr. Van 'Duron -, nisible fur the most mi-chi-.'l' that '!. c been done, and most that is Wo doing: nit ugh'hc has been I hr citucin candiilnlo for lln. I're.-itleney. ami was ihe tiuiuiuated successor; though Ito is eh cleil by exrcnl Ivo palln ronage. currttp'ioii, and diciniiiin ; though lie succeed- nt lie expense of the eleciivi! fian cln'st"; iloliigli In1 is a mtdiirily Prei-iilenl. nntl tin- lirorni-dd In. I'ullnw geiii;rnllv in (ho foolrleps uf litis Kuchnii Cnbinet Ad Iriiliistr'ai ion ; yet, it' he bravely ilarps to falsify that prou i-e, "uinrii honored in the brench ihau in tin. nb-ei vnnee." it In; will kirk iiwtiv the h.isn l.-nlilers by wlilell he has i-liiiiheil lo the luuglii uf his ninliil'iun: if Ii" will now leave Fall.-tiifF ultero he I'" find Idin. hnd array :iniunil hint the wis do'iu, inlelhgi'iice. iiiol vni in.- of the cuuiitiv, ami lia-i'o he ailioiui.-irniiiiii on a sound, eli'Valeit and eiilighleiiril policy, free I rami corruption, 'and purely patriotic, nncoiifiiio. ted by party. I will p'eilgt! inv humble sup. port to he rniYMurcs, t'tiinigh 1 tn'ver ciin uppor'l lh man, nr. p.iririn the pat eX a'oples he ha.- -el. . And why caniint 1 flip. 0 il i In mm while 1 approve Ins 't'fielisurr-'? I'nr 'he wry 'rea'soii Hint he has not "en- ered tu at llie piraight gale," I phall al ways i-ehew the r.S'-imph whieh hie been -et'in IHJC ns t dnl I Ini of t!2.. in the election ol Trefident nfllie United S'ale. The unt rxaiople has hern n ho'sed with a vengeance tlie other will not be torgiven by me. Sir. in this contest one great Inn to ha been fought bet ween power and tin py-u-ph.. Tho result is known. Tho coi.'fl'oi was nol decisive, and nmt, nsl.iiig as there i- an houe.t heart to dupe fur Iteedum .V'isf ai mi inn 1 1 coiiI it tit ititi.i I liberty, law. the iiitlependenci: uf the people, ami llioir roprepcnttiiives, linncMv, truth and jo-lu-c Are iriiiiiijihinl. or all aro fettered tu a ileppni'p chains Deleated, but nut con qnered ; checked by the Prrclnnnti baud nf pairoiiag" but not nrre.-led nt Ihrir un iirt'd ut ir'eli; Hie p.-iinol army is nut di--rooingoil nr dent ii etl , Mniileo. but nui iinek do s ii. the 11 ig nf t In; coiuty is i-ini filing! Orient may tlrivo ih... e a veil ur the ('..'roinraitl ul spuils, iVmii llie -1 n.ul.'i ' il id' I In.' I mi' ami tho bravo ; tint m ih" tinn nn.' p'i..i.Uiiiri.- of I Im i ti i i,.t I, a nil 1 would -ny. Who jha'l Mp,-ir.iie os fruin ilu of r.-uiuitry ?'' Shalt d.-trni .' An nilier -tic'i dele-it O.'itl b" a gluriotw vtetii ry ! l.i ihl- "we nr." inore Id, in cm r i"r or-," for I am per-oaded I Ii il her rllie!. nor bribe, our )iui.'iiiilliirs, nur p iver- lliirllllllgl pi.e', llor llllllgs In (Mnl.', -ha'l h ahle In .-..i.)r.ili. ns fitini Mu love iifunrc out rv. Il- laws, nod il- I . li r 1 1 s ! G .i) nnlv in ivli..-e n.nii' tin- sit-in rv -h-i'l Ii neol'-ved ; II oiMM.'ts n o ; bit' i In- I kn.nv, li" he is Im mo v. Ins bin so u ill It" cnn-eeiilteil by llm lolls, tin prnvers, Ihe -ne.rifi c. nod Iho hupes of tin; I'tit-iKiilued illul unierriii.'ii ira-eitlilii. :u, ,-ir ; Irl un man despair of the li.opnhlic. 'I'll. fight is nut yet eude.!. Tlm I'eupli, nrb Hot yel vaiiipii-hed Tlieir lin-ts are withdrawn nnlv fur ll.e nl. ulie. n In recruit lln-ir lureej. and in repair iheir b.-okeu weapons. Tin weapons uf nur wnrl'iru urn Iho weapon- ul IrulH It sunn U i inv iliov lo a.-i.-t in puiiitiug nuew iinspi-nrs ai'ul its lances. The ejiin-tioii no the resolution was then taken wuhoiti fun tier debute, and carried: Ayes UG, micp 73. WA.itr. r.iN. U. C. D -c. IG. 1C3G. In a lute letter I gave you somo ba-ly ketches nf cinver-alliuis .lihong llio lloiu inal friends of Mr lluren. Tit y Serve tu hhow that Ibis InlnurnUlu geut leili.-in I' lii ihe bo-its of a ddetniua. AH Ins tlainrat and arqmred lael fur llilrigiie nro How pm in ri'rpii-iiloo. 'l'liere is a ui'ghiy euolesl for Mipri-macv guing on, nnioilg the.leatlerp of wliiit Inis U"en knnwn as tin Jackson unity, Tlie divisions nro various uod rain, ilieii. The a real illliltiulpliiiig titanic leriSlies will be b'l ween I liose who coitteuil Hint n 1 1 law. and all lilt! ncliiiiiitms of ihe coiintrv. uiighl not to bo ik'i-troycd, and those who are for annihilating all tVi no cieul lanll marks of civil society. The former are derignated "Cjiiervnties," Ihe lattnr "Ami MoiiopolictH " These two fuel ions now exist in Iho Van Boren party. To winch nl them will ihe new I'reiiden' yield lb- relic nf gnvernincnl .' lie cannot serve God ami Mauiillnil. At the bend of tii" Coii'trvilivet. mnv be nlnr.ed Mr llives ul V rginiii. Mr ilullliHril nfNew llniiii'lnre, Mr Tnlin idgc uf Now York. Myowovinws wuiild havo induced llio lo rank Mr Muchatiau al-n uni-uig (hein; bill hi- cnitversaiiiins Inst Mimmer respect- nig the powers of tho Cons cut (on about tu bo held in Pennsylvania, in relation to the Malik of the U. btalcs. were so much in unison with Ihe letter subsequently signed and published by Mr Dallas, that it is in posible to do him justice without ranking htm among the dtitrmlive." At the head of l he Jlnli Jllnnnpolistt, fJt loco fncos. c Mr Wright, of Ni.'w York, nciindrd lij Mr lleniou. Tin: latter grn. ili-nian. Inmever, in tho eye of thu new President and Ins conscience ki o)"rs, is but a dust in lite balance. He w ill beppr iiulled to Iret out Ins hiltir, and then paf3 iiiviiy t.iiheeded. It tniiy'be fairly presum ed that he hn sufficient instinct ttil-ilie the cent, and ili-cover tin- fens and dil'ches, the hills nnd quagmires that be must tra verse, lo keep w it lust siuiiul ol thu hor'n - Mr Wnghl. before the oiijoiiriimi.iit ol tho hist sos.-loli. cerlainly opened the eyes of iho'honnrablu senaior froui Missmiri. If he has since Voltluliirily clniptl is evidence nf the 'kiiiduss oT Ins disposition and lln placidity (il his temper. Neilher ol llie-e facli.'lis are disnosrd lo stisitjiu llio great principles for winch the Whigs have so tinbly 'contended. As Smtc-tnen they can only be ranked by ui nsiW ntid worse, lo their strtrggles.lhere. fore, for supremacy and power, wocan feel no Interest, nnr lake any part. We shnuld scutil a lilno serving, truckling, trilnlning policy. Mut if eiihrr of the fncliruw, and more especially the Conservatives, will Mir, rentier I heir wild and In lennlox notions of Giivernineni, ami rally in support nf the C.n.-i it til inn, umler that banner which ir. IllOOhd us. lia llie oppiinenls of exlinV ngntlre, europium nnd ilundrr; and Di the advocates ol an economical government Imtie-ily anu I riij.n r f i;i I , y atliniuisiereil, ab liiuri'i'g the pruiligate il-d rm "ilrat to the vlciur.-'bel.irigaihe spin's of IheVlctory." (Jniil that period shall 'nrrrve, let (is view I hem "it - enrniie- m war in iirnce frirnds." Tlicsi lac' inns are sireiidmg t'hehiselves l liriuiifiiHit the coiinlry. At the 'pres.ent Wn-'hiiiginii is I he fncus. Tlm lenders nro to be found in Congress, anil Ihe drbatrable qi(rMjoi IS I til a which (if ihrir hnoil- will Mr. Vno Iloreo surrender hilii-ell'.' 'l'lte ts in be juilgeti'Iiy Ins pa-t, life, he will succumb tu the ino-l powerful. Atid 'which is in. i-l iinv.'i'i I'n f." n Congress, lint e.-p 'cially in I'm 'tViuiio. the Cunservn 1 1 vi s are the Weiiliesi': but t'lu'V nre nulled among I lietitsi'lve.-. i whorenj the luco-locns nre all Captain-. Wright and fli-ntoii hole each oilier : jit Ica-t "ihey liave, inuliially, g I ami siiftlcient rea-ous in do sn. On a recent i ccasnin. howt ver. (the appoint ineul rl'l'ln. Sltiiiding Cninmillees nt ihe Senate) lh"'y united in applying iho 'pary bsh lo certain resli'vo'Co,-.-eivatives. A word m e'Xplanailnri , It lia-- be. ii generally siipppnsrd that Mr. ilives wiuihl in culled, on the 4'h of Mnrcfi io the Depnriijieuf; nnd p Ihe step ping slum! to It. ptltylic opinion ns-ignetl lo linn lln -latiini of Cnairman nf llie. Com mittee mi Foreign flelaiions. (u caucus of iho fnrUifiil. 'Inns ever, it was ri-ulvr-d In placn Mr. T!ir-hanau nt the hen'd n f that co'fiiininre. My some it is alleged tlmt this was dona lo ninrlily mnl 'cliaptipc Mr Rives, for eiiiiTlniiiiog 'CniceiVaiive npiniotc. There i., luiwescr. nnnther version of this it (T nr. Ii is snnl tint Mr. lJur.lrannn was ti titled io !', lor Ins si rvicrs ill persoiti.'oig Governor )Tn thai In p,. i n clerkshij) (in ulnrji he v. a-iiptiiiiiil'i'il.) ut Mr. tVu.ul. bury'.- ' fit w.uilil h. coolerring. on Anil Inure Guv. rnnr nf I'l iip-ylvniitn) mi honor. I'i rl.ap- this un-lrno. bol wheilier Iroeu. lo. I. In- ihi- ailruii 1 1 1 . v . 1 1 1 i , t . Mr, Mulilen. burgh's ri v.i I at the nex' Eleillpii fur Gov ernor, is placed hnrt du tmrjinl. What next? Mr Miihlenbiiroh.not lobe nuldoiu. in conrif-y. when hi- name is prespoieil as a rn'nit.diiio Inr lb" S. nale nf the Uniirtl Si iie-.niotle-tlv step". n-nl", and rrfu-rs llio till ni'li Ins frirnd Buckmnn. llow ids lolerrslrd !. I.n'v p.-'iiitoiie. are all Ihrso nioVenieol-! alld ImW ill llgllt'l'lll In behold hreiliren of I lie same p'tociples, living to gether id lo'v. mid unity ! Mr lliihli.ird is atiollier lo wlioin snm piiitlshineol lns due. Il was cxprcierj thai lie wuo.M Inn., hern placetl at. thai uf III" .Iniiiei'iry teonuntlr,. ; hot do esper'al nui-irer" -non bliglned, In can. en- Mr. G-ntnlv drew It'll prize, and Mr. I loldi l nl .i i n-sii;ii...l In tin C minuter" mi cl.itoc. A - In , r. Tnliindge. hn.p.., !a-l ,,... it in t'.i'v-ir ut llie l)i-t rllilllimi Milt tile iiri-oiiin h'tni'fii him and tlio piny for ever. It ,t I, hiTe ami III lllltne Tn hint lis 'Cli'itirulaii, im ciiutnittce wa! li-'ignrtl. . flu i'. o oilier banii, his collcagii'', Mr. Wnghl. il'r belli: weiher of lln; locu-fncns is el. vil d tu t!i. pusi (errntly tried by Mr. Wi'b-ler. IK U nnw II,, Chairinaii ul' the Cuiiiiiiiiti e on F.iiuiice. Thrsd views will enable you in judge of tin: rela tive st rrngl I I,',. S, nuhl" ul" llio IWil g-ont Van liur.-n f.icllnns. and ci.ieqnent ly uf the iriy umler wlio-o inauogcinerit o (i'i emiirnl he will he placed. i I- wln-pered Hint original friends nf General Ji'ck-nn are enilenvuring to e.iiitenlruti. and unite lliejr forces in up pofiiinn tulliiiiuii.rlnpors, meaning there by. Undoubted,), Messieurs Wright Co. .That somo cnminunicatiiins have taken p'acu on the subject. I have no d.iilbl ; but it will bo un- t. g io rnior mlo details when the pliio ua, times fonti anil thus bc Ci) liloa tangible. TukSI'VIN WAStl.GT0f(. BfaAiitlt'ut. k.xtimct, At ihe late sn. niversary and Cuttle Show of the E'c Agricultural Socic'y. (Mass.) Gov. Eveic responded to a cmnplimenlary sentiment at some length. The following feaulifol extrtiCl is from his address : " Lastly, that I iniv say n single word on a subject, on which the orator has pie ceded im.. it is n great rti'nl just boast of i lie pilgrims ami their descendants that they made ample provision for education' Farmers of E-hex. hold fast to thai -loast. I bail rather lor the appearance, if I must choo-o between them, sec Ihe counlrv dot. led all iivt nl Hs cross rnails, with ua plnin little vi'lage school luutses, idan have the high places of a few large towns crown ed Willi i he iiinsi splendid fabrics nf Grc. emu or Rinnsn art. 1 hud rather for trm sitcnsih nnd defence nf llm country if must chnnsu between sec lliu roads that lead to these school houses thronged with children of both sexes saluting tho travel ler as he passes, in the good o'tl New.Einr. laud way, with their little courtly or noj, than gazo upon regiments of mercenary troops parading upon the rampart's of impregnable fortresses. Ave, for the hon or of the thing 1 had rather have it said

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