Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 25, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 25, 1837 Page 3
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urn n. Kk n k C1TOLRN fmin tltu Kiib-crilior polo 3 red or yellow farrow Cow, six years old. Ihat noted villmn, C. P. Bruntlwcll. lurnuil ni this cow to inn nmlor a bill nl rail, which I have in my hiiriilst, for bor rowed intiiicy n nd house rent, the firt of April Lift. I look the cow lininc. lied her to n post nt toy door nnil fed her; but in iiiv nhseiici!, nbnut llio i?4tli of May, C P. IJroadvvnll lined the Cow, in presence, ol my wife mid children, nnd led her off, I liavo not seen or heard of liur since. If ony person except the thief, will givo nny information where snid Brnndwoll has sold contrnclL'd, mortgaged, or in nny wny disposed of the cow. which shall lend to bring such n villian to justice, he will con. fur ii fnvor on the subscriber, ond t- li a It receive a rownrd of $10 REUBEN BUTTLER. Btirlinglnn. August 122. 11137. raIIEIuto hour nt which I discovered the JL nbnvo notice, (not until nftcr several quires of lo day's paper had been struck.) Imp left noil her lime nor renin to ny much. 'I'lie borrowed money was $10, payable in 14 days; nnd was paid the day before it becnino due, os the endorsement on the pa per Muling the conditions on which I (urn 'd out the Cow, nnd which 15m ler, it would seem, bill of i-nle: nnd also the re ceipt Tor t lie nmnntii, will show. 'J'hit re ceipt I have now to possession, nnd will exhibit lo any person. In regard to rent : None became due mil il about six weeks af ter the cow disappeared. I'uller's asper sion Hint I loosed her from n poM nt his door, is a wilful and malicious falsehood. In tegnrd to the proper application of the epilliet " noted vil'nin," reference to the opinion of those in this town ami Jeri cho, who know til in best, including his near neighbour nnd his own elder brother would be quite n likely to fix U on REUBEjY BUTLER, ns on nil-. He seems lo have lo.-l Fight of the salutary admonition, ''Let those who live tn glass houses, beware how lliev throw stones !" N. 15. For ii description of the above cow, reference may be had to my adver tisement in another column. C. 1 BUOADWELL. IJurlington, A iir- 22. l!(37 wpmJrajij -A.ittarA-i.Yrfiw.hJ It. I'irtii I i lit re a l.tVoiuU u opporniniiy for a hhort time to the Lndies and (Joutlotnf u of Bur'ingtnn who wil to improve their stjle of writing and ucqoin- the art of making a good pen. lie ha- cuccocded in giving ample fati" fuelinii Mm- Inr lo llio-i; who have placul 1 hem-'dvi's under his tuition and given proper aiieniiou to the subject, nnd he would Mill eoniiniie to solicit public patron nge. .1-- no pains will In- spared on lii-i part to eiiatile all ,vho favor him wi'li their i t'enilaiice to realize every reasonable ex pectation. In n courfo of practical lectures the pu pil is i a oght to sit in ii graceful and eu-y position, lo hold nud move the pen in such ii manner a5 to cause nn liiligue to the hand and arm, Incli people so frequently c.iinpla m of. lie is also laoghi to make n good pen and the nil of writing straight across the paper without hues, ami all the movements by which busincs and episto lary writing is performed w tb accuracy nud oa-o. In the formation of the capitals, small letters and figures, (he rules am so definite and the method of illuMraiioo so peculiar thnt the study is rendered both nrrusing and u.-elul. railier than a lednui-laborino- la-k, which is ever a'tendant upon blind iiuilation, which home venture to term system,.,Bl,l -I'M.. U-onf .vrilin,,'" I enmakllig langllt CXClu-lvc of writing in i heso who v i.-b it! Mr E. does not preicnd tc- be the inven tor nnd teacher of a new nnd beautiful system n'f writing, "so free elegant nud expedition- s no oilier mode of leaching "ever yet di-coiered can possibly imparl, und from which it b impossible to deviate;" nor does he think hino-idf the best writer nnd the only competent toucher extant or hoasl of being a "member of the rojal 'writing necadeinv in London, crowned "with nieces, nnd finishing wriliing mas "lerlo lin highness the Pope, having been 'honored with I he patronage nf the King "nud Queen of Croat lint inn, and oilier "branches of the royal lamily, ns nNo by 'his excellency ihe President of the Uni "led Stnles nnd Ihou-ands of the must dis- 'tingnishcd of America's sons her homos, 'legislators &c by which Ihe merit-' of his "system have gained the entire approba "lion of the whole world, supplying en pa ucities thnt others Inrk, culiiung ihe un "steady nerves nnd milking the tremulous "hand In move with nil the facility nud "grand iniicculnr power of o roiiinn gludi. "atnr, In short, effecting a poHiinueut ebnngn ml ensuring a hold quick nnd uni form hand, beyond n doubt, hi five or ten easy lesions of one hour each," regardless ot the aptitude nr inclination of the pupil. No. he would make no such pretensions. Rut in ns much ns he has mnilc iieiimnu slnp a study and teaching it ns Ins business for some yenrs, having carefully nud can didly examined every system within his reach, intending lo combine the excelled ccs of each, with the improvements in lunching which he has made by practical experiment, he feels n confidence in offer' ing his service lo those vho need instruc tion in this uselul nnd indispensable nri, believing thnt by careful attention lo his directions the pupil may lay the foundation ofn good hand writing, upon which he must build nnd finish the practical part by his own tiTorl, good tnsln nnd perseveration. Lecture room over Lovely nud Abbott's Store, which will bo furnished in n proper manner for writing, and ns strict decorum will bo observed during tho exercises, Ladies can with propriety aucnd in the evening in cose it would better suit their convenience. A sepnratc class for Ladies jn l ho afternoon. Ills penmanship and the improvement of his pupils moy bo seen at the Uurlinglon lintel, and all necessary informal ion ob tained. Thn6u who wish to join the clam are requested lo make ioiincdiulo appli cation, Burlington. August 25, 1837. SEED WHEAT & RYE. ON hand and for slo by JOHN BARSTOW. Burliiwlnn, Aug. 24. 11137. Issi Fletcher's Estate. WE the subscribers having been nppnint. ed by Hie. lion. Probate Court for the Di-trict of (Irani) Ho, Commissioners to receive, cxninine adjust I ho claims of nil persons against I ho E-dnlo ol Issi Fletcher late of South Hero in snid Dis trict deceased, represented insolvent, nnd all claim exhibited in olF-nt I herein; nud six mmi'lis from the the 20th dny of July A. I). 1H37 being allowed by told Court for that purpose. Wo therefore, hereby give notice ilinl wo will attend In tlic business of our nppninlmenl nt Ileclor Adams' office in paid South Hero on the last Saturdnv of November next from Ten o'clock A. M. till Five o'clock I'. M. (iven under our hands at South Hero lllia 1st dav of Aogo-t A. I). 1!!37. ALSON LANDON. LORENZO HALD Comm. STATE i)i'rnicT OF I'EBMOjVT, i OK CIIITTKMMIN, ss. AT ii Probate Court hidden at Hurling ton. within nud for the District afore said mi the 21st day ofAugust A. D. 11)37 an instrument purporting to bo I ho last will and Testament of Lot Newell lute of Charlotte in said District decerned, was presented lo the Court here for Probate. by Amos Clark the Exeetor, therein named. Tiiniir.roni: it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given to nil pctsons concerned therein to appear before snid Court, at a session thereof to be holden nt Burlington on the 2d. Wednesday Septem her A. D. 1!!37 and com est the probate of said Will, nud it. is further ordered that this order be published three weeks sue. cossively in the Free Press n news paper printed at Btirliiigiou, in this State, the Inst of which shall bo previous to the day resigned, ns albre-aid for hearing. (iiveo under mv hand nt the Register's Office, this. 2 1 t dav of Aogusi A. D. I!i37. WiM. WESTON. lighter. DUMFRIES' rfnil E extensive sale, and established repu JL t.ilino of DUMFRIES ITC'li OINT MENT, encourages tho Proprietor to recom mend it with renewed confidence to the pub lie, as a most innocint as well as powerful application for this annoying disease. The mnt-l inveterate cases have been cuncn in on'i: uouit! by this esteemed Oinluienl. It contains no Mercury, or other u dienl. nnii may he confidently a may hi: confidently applied even to the youngest children, or lo pregnant females.' SOKE ACT STPXAIvSHT) ESS ! rTnilh stiidiou-, ibu weakly, and others .fl. who are troubled with soreness or in flaiumntinn of that delicate organ, will lie aide lo obtain a must pleasant and invaluable application, in "Z L- ' i . '.Cr& rtij WA1 JtS i This well established Tji fur the Ee, is ! pei (cell v iniiocen', and givis. iuiiiirdiato relief,' even in very aggravated ease of soieness and iiiliaiiimatiou. 1 rice 'Jj cents. TKVf. TYvrM xr f . iXJ vU :z) iir ' TV w-i.Qb hP inesl oliriin.HR cli.oncirr, id'irr Irwing . w iMlllcd me rU.ll ol .he ,,ri eminent pliyo.; Clans, iiiel illi-liiml Hie llin-l lojlilv iccninnii'inleo ninhcl ,,np.oaii..hsl....-lipen checked, rcliei-td, mid rural, in a iniiiilier id hi?) it )(''. in mill iilinnl ilor-rov. hv iHing fur a rlmri linn- Dii. I! k i.k k's VliCiEI'Ain.K SPHCII'IC, AM) ANi'IHIL-' 10US I'll.l.S, i in ronnexim. .irrnul,,,;; ... ilie .Iiiwikw nrroin-J nindu'iors ki.V.ui, f.,r" Sick ' Jlcadacht. Sickness allhc SlomiicU, Nawea, and l-'loiilcnccs. I Nn I'uiiipl.iiiii is jii hi w ni ne ie v .i Iciii in ibis nr any cmiiiti y, ili.m llc.iil liche. Ii is sfldniii :i piiiiimy a iminn. imu iii.rvs o,i. a v.oiny ciiii'cs, miliar riipMicpsiiiii i. f ciiwiiiin.ii v ev.icn.i. , o'.-l. HCI.'d pc. si, -.0 i &C. I. is llUuirH ' . , 1 "... . rnsie.iiis i lie " s Mii.)li v hi'iwccn ilu; lir.iin imil sinin. k h.ihiii ii isofirn difli'iili iinleii inline ulnrli i' ' 111 fuut. lo"! uh mires ri.nn ii Imil lii'.nliir lin. ul,i,., ill' he imU,v .elinved l .1.,, CriTcific. A inn.iikab'ecase ! menlinnrd in Dr. Cnntvn's paniplilei, of jj-" "A l.ady of U.oiM'is, wlm li.ol iiccn nlllicieil ui'.si n uie nine ler -u jc.ii uiuiii so U lie.i.l.iclie, w.i.s emeu ny pail ot .. Iwx ul tins Piiie of i lie Sspecifii! am! Pills 50 ccnU each. CS-TJii: 'I Ills "IIMIZUIU I OO I II ACIIK ! lir-niilor is riiii'd ill iis most 1 1 unite'. " (me in lin: iiiimi nnipii' ns wen ,n pirni'ilnl ii'iin-ili --Uniiuii iii inndi'i'ii iiinrnce. The CAMMllAX TOOTH ACHE PILLS : i IT' it iiislnui relief, uillmiit iiillii'lmu' ihe rliylnel injury on die lei lh. They me applied eMci n.illy ; ei lln'i p.nli nflVcicil, willl llie RKMlc-l e.iru nnil l I'Mii'dilnin. nnil l'hiii i.illv eni'iaie n snnlliiii" ' lcniiie to llie Mifl'ei ing p.uiini. l'i ice 50 cum a Ik,: White Tc.v.lh! nnd healthy Gu ins THOSE who wmdd iclnin, nr rcffie, ilio-n t'ridi.ililf nilt.iiil.inrri, me iwriiieil lb. n nn i-iininii-iii'in ran be iiliiiiiin-d snpi-i ini- lo lliu nuii'isu ANTidi'.i'rio di:n rii'itiiM-,. I Ins is an elcjinii and pltMraiil prep.unliini in cwi y ii'spi'i". and fin' in iiiv join, i,'ien riili'firiiiin ulioicwi' il lii-en ii-cd, Tlic A ii (ii ipti c Dentifrice ii ceniii 1'nnii aci-l nnd mliei' ilelcii'i inii-i iniedit'iiiii, ulin-li inn lie-(in-nlly enter llie i h 1 1 1 1 .-1 1 i h i nl' inmli pindt'is hi eiininiini ii-e, ami ii uliiii'iis dm i-n.niiel of die iccili uidinnl lining il (In li-al injini Tlic n-nl.o inc (if 1 1 1 i - nilniiii'd pnudiT, by iiiiifin lin: innnlh' '"e Coiiillilliiily, Have Iiimmi ami piciciitiirj ihe .ice id.uiininl tai tar, upci iocs ! long succes-fully treated by ihe ndmiiii-t rn hi inc lx-( pieicnioe nl die Tooni AcllK Hon ofthe Arom'ltic Pills' originally pre The VJfii.Wtf minie ilircolniii.ilii.n-, mid (( Leribed nud Ci llipiiuniled by Dr. li;'in: Unies llie lie.dilllid name ivlnloiicss of llie cnunicl, pi..,,, inl. ,!,,, l.i i i.. i. , As ii iiiilii-,itniii bi-arcs mil sln-liglbciH llie dam's, ii sccnicd in llicm ilieir healthy llnndi Imp, mid by leiniivin all otl'en.iive niii;il nri-oinii-I.e. inn finni (lie iceili, piesi ncs iIik ii.ilinal suttl. iipss nf llie bienlli, l'i ice 50 ccnls. Noiiu gui uiiio unless signed on the ntituidn printed wrapper by lluuof Proprietor, T. KII)l)Elt, immediate iuicessor lo tliu late Di. W. T. Oonwav For siilo, with all the olhr "('aimay Jlalichics," at his Counting Huoin, No. DI), next door lo J. Kidder's Drug Store, comer of Court and Hanover streets, near Concert Nail, Itosloii ; and by his spo eial appointment, by J. & J. II. l'l.C'K Co., Hurliugloii Vl. N OTIC IS, To Tanners & Curriers. W" ANTED iiniiiedietoly, one or I wo Jnurnevmeii Tniiuurs nud Curriers to whningnod wnges will he paid ill Cash. None- need opply but men of stendy habits E. C. LOOMIS. Burlington, August II, 1837, August 22, 1637. MXUVJSRY GOODS. WE have line gill and plated Seabbird Swords, crooked and straight; nlso, line gilt nnd brass mounted leal her Swords, Hnl-ter Pistols, Sword Kelts nnd Plates, Cup 'Primings, Coat 'Primings. Buttons, Epaulets, Pinnies. Spurs, Siars, Eagles mid other articles in Hut Military Line, We keep but n unall nssnrtment of those, nr tides. When many articles ol the same kind are wanted, in this line, it will be necessary to engage llicm sonic time before they are lo he Used, lo be certain of not being disappointed. We will get articles not on hand; nt the Variety Shop. I'AfSGUOIIN & DniNSMAlD. Again, Aain, Apain &, Again. J. W. WEAVEi4 if Wnvmski, Clump Side. MAS returned fioni Now York, with some of the most Fashionable Goods for tho times, Consisting of Finn and Kii'jorfinn Flour, n good article, Mo.s Pork, Now York and Philadelphia inspection, Cod Fish and lladock, Mackerel, Herring, Itaisins.Oranges, Tons Sugars, Molasses, Codec, Itiee, Tobac co, Itootsaod Shoes, and Almost evi ry aiticle in tho (iroeery line, with a few Domestic!, goods, all of which will ho sold as low as any person will sell goo. Is of as gooJ a quality in this section ofrountry, August 17. 11(37. 3 w John Latin-op's Estate. iTVZM'l the subscribers, having been ap pointed by the Hon. the Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden, com-mis.-ionors to receive, exaininn nud udjiift the claim nnd demands of nil por.-nns, against tho estate of John Lathrnp, late of liutlington, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent. and alo ail cl.iims ami demands exhibited in ofl'-et thereto ; and six months from the dny oftho date hereof, being nllowed by said Court for that pur. pose, we do therefore give not ice, that we will attend to the business of our npnnint' meiit, at the dwelling of Cnnrles Adams, in Burlington, in said District, mi the first Mondays of October and November next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., on each ot said days. Dated, this 23d dav ofjonn A. D. 1037. CHARLES ADAMS. ) Commit ELISIIA BAUSTOW, shiners. OfAn Invaluable Remedy- Ttstid by cxperirmc and sustained by tcstinvmiah ! TTfOSr peiiple have a remedy for 1V.H. CORNS as well ns other complaint hot the proprietor of the long known and J ' jll)l01 Cot'71 PlflStCV (a prepared by the late Dr. Conway.) has been made acquainted with no instance ol Us proper npplii'iil ion. in which it Ikh nol been preferred to all other p.umkuies for Con.vs. thoio painriildi-figurers of the feet, nnd enemi loconioi ion. Corn Platter sofiens Ih The jllhinn corn, however old and tom-h, and extracts it to the very roots. The relief afforded Uf-nlle. immediate, and thorough. The Proprietor begs leave to submit the following cn-e, from Mr. Stowell, who i well known to the inhabitants of I his cilv, o-peeially at t he soul Ii end. nnd at South Inislmi. as a very worthy und respectable citizen. CASE. s , t i,,,..,,.,,. , ,,:., m ms . . r , , . . .. . ""T11 ed Jipprobai inn ,n favour of your 4fl""lu" luvin uin 1 msicr. y me osi of le-s I ban a box. M r-. Stowell lias been cored oi'a corn on oich foot, which hud been exceed'ngly trouble--oini! and painful rr v,.nr- ,, , . i s t It bill justice to your '"valuable preparation to add (for the en- coorageincnt ot I hose, who owing to re p"ated disappointments in the various rrm cdies re-orted to, have finally despaired ol cure.) that your I'la ,i or cu red her com .. , ,. . , . , ' o.go.y re :, oei rcnledie., to mi inirnnse: meren. es uiv conlidetici! in the superioruy ofyoiir Phl-ler. s he fact, that it has been UM'd ,y several of my neighbours with equally I1'"." ""rCPPH. A 1.11.1 advanced III Vi a.S i liail liecnini; so crippled with corns, to he obliged lo cut holes in -horH lo ease h'S feel; he had long sufi''red great torture and inconvenience- ha- lately been entire iv cr(,( liy .0 ,lf v,lr (j(m aslPr so that lie can now walk with comfort, nnd in whole shoes, Another Case. A voting wr.iuan living near me, had hecoiiu. so lame III couscniience of coriw. as not In be able to go lip 1111(1 down stairs Wl'hoill groat trouble, is now using ihe Pla-ier with tho most happy succe-s, ami prospect ol spceilv cure. I could refer to several oilier cases, wno it necessary, hot lave seen enough ol ilu Plaster lo satisfy me il is lhebe.-t preparn lion in tills oooniry. or perhaps m any oili er, for Ihe cure of Corns; and were its vir tiie-- generally known, I doulil whether mi could prepa'e lliu article Inst enough to meet the public demand. (Signed) SETII STOWELL, Krrpcr of Ihe Toll house, South Boston Bridge. Mr, 'P. Kmnr.rt. Proprietor ofthe (-onway Medicines. Button.. June Mill, IIP.'O. Vl'ncu ,f)0 cenis. i) ii n i i, i t a t i3H"p v;m a l t: s . rn-iIlM i i . . . i H uooiimioii.- piuonar 10 ino lenuiie , . . . , , ' oi-or- ' " '"' "tool lliu fills, aro un ell.ciiial -tiecific: lliev resiore a free circulation reform the irre ii tn r operalinns n the sanguiferous sy-ieui, nnd rectify thn disordered habits, Tin1 proprietor's confidence in the superior ex cellence of this equally innocent and pow erful preparation, is. Iiiumlcd on ilu- mo.! decisive testimony Inun many motored pa tients He enn ossute this portion of tho public, that when Dr. RrJfVs AROMATIC PILLS FOB FEMALES. are regularly token according lot lie direc tions accompanying them, they revive nud establish Ihe desired heiillhy 'habits, mm reslnru to the pallid coiintomince lliu nulti rnl glow nfhoiillh nud good spirits. Tho Pills nre nit approved genernl rome, dy in enses of Obstriiclioiisj Debility; lly. pochondrin; Crceu Sickness; Giddiness Palpitation of the Heart; bad Digestion Lnnlhinir of Fond P.ilnnf thn Stlnirneh' Shortness of Ureal It upon every little mo tion ; Sinking of the Spirits, nnd its ennso quenaes, a dejected cotintonnnco. nnd dis lie mr cxi'rciaa quo cnnversniinn. Married ladies will find thn Pills equally loflll. CXCPtit in casi'H of nrctilinnrv. tohrn they must not be taken ; neither inii'"t ihey IIU llimill ( U nuuiiuiir UOIIMIIIip- live habits. They may b used successful. Iv by cither men or women in nil lhjpmhon driac, Hysteric or Vtinnurhh disorders. In all cases of this description,! ho Pills purify, invigorate, nud revive' the disordered sys tem. Price $1.50 a box. ,iNoiio genuine unless fiiirncd nn the outside printed wrapper bv the file Propri. ctnr, I. KIDDER, immediate nuccrswr to the lute Dr. W. T. Co.nwav For sale. Itll nil the other "i7(iiiivii .Mrilirlnrs." nl Ins Counting Room, No. 09. next door to . ivuioer s, unig blore, corner ot Uourl nd llallOVer sln.i.lj mm- (nururl IImII Hosloiii and bv his special aipoinlinent, by . iv. j, ii. ri'iWtv iV. t;o,, liuriingion vt. fin HE next term of the Burlington Fe jL male Semumry couiinences Septem ber I3ih. Pupils are requested lo enter at the cotninonceniont ol the term. COMMTIONS (IP At)MIT.Cf.. Boardi'rs (JJo per nunrter, half payable in ndvance. This sum eutiiles the pupil to board, lodging, room rent, fire, lights, etc. and to tuition in nny or nil branches inclu ded in Ihe extensive course of English studio-1 pursued in the Seminary, nnd Latin. Extra charges ore made for iniiio, (inclu ding priictice)IS, Drawing gj. French 3. hinging gl. Trustees, Ar.viN Fonrr., I N. B. IIaswum,, .1 S. Poi win, I Hn.Miy Mayo, G. V. Bk.m'.dict, I Gun. P. Marsh, Haiiiiy, I S. E. How.uii). Burlington, August 10. 1737. A FEW BliLS. BEEF, Also, first rati! HAMS, can be found at the Market House of D & D. A. KIMBALL. Rurlinglnn. August ll.lfJ.J7. tf Worked Muslin Capes and Collars. A Great Variety lor sale cheap, by i$L LA Til HOP &. POTWIN. Ai)2iit 1 1 . 1037 Ahijah Ellis' Estate. E Ihe subsciibers, having been np pointed by the Honorable the Pro- bat" Court for the District ot Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine and nd jn-t the clnims nnd demands of all persons. against the otate of Abitah L lis lal of 1 1 mil uiL'tmi, in said Disi i ict, decen-ed. represented in-olvent. and also nil claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto; and six months Inun the day of the date heieof being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give not'ce, that we will attend to the business of our .appointment, .ii Ihe dwelling House of Harry Williams, in Huntington, in said D'strict, on the second Monday of Jaonaiy next, at 10 o'clock. A- M., on said day. Djted.l'its 17th day of Jul v, A. I) lf!37. JOHN rfNIDF.R. Com him ItnXYON BRADBY. ( sinner r-Sf'IAki ii up by the sub $TV -w- scriber, n small black v&j iare. wtui a star in llie J2 nice, liiree or lour years old, had a shackle on her find her .it the Green Mountain House. LEWIS HI G BEE. Burlington August 9. !ft.J7. TO WOOL GHOWELIS & DEAL BUS. rjnHE Sutisciiber has opened n dp.pot J- rot; Tin: r.r.crerioN and plmii.ic sam: or ambiiican ami ronr.ioN ivoni in ihe (My ol N u-York. The Fir-t Sal will hi nnii'iunced ns early as p'lictieablt and nfierwardn 0011111111011 nt regular periods as may he ileemed I'.vpedtent. The extent to wli'eli Ihe growth and man- iif.ictuiu of -Ins article has arrived 111 I ln country, forming a- it (Inos. 0111; of tin1 staples of production, as well as of exten sive importation, renders the establishment of n regular market, uhero the Farmer can avail himself of the lull prices paid by manufacturers, and whore Manuluciurers may. at staled periods find a foil supply, ami suit their pnichases exactly according to their wants, is not only desirable, but ab solutely necessary for till profit and eon veoienceof bolh classes. To the Farmers e-peci.llv it I- all lillMrillll, tint Ihey should enjoy a regular 111:11 ket nnd tho nil vamagi! o! lull competition, ni-tcad ol Icing compelled In submit to tho prices ofT'iicd by speculators, whose intuiuiie knowledge of the wauls of Maiiufaelnicrs, and whose nicer judgment 111 luc articles, bis given tin 111 groat advantage, and olicn coiiine'led a great suci ifice on the part ol tho Fanner. The ciiy of New-York being by far the greatest uiailtet where Maiiiiliiclurors find 11 i-nle for their fabrics, it is placed beyond a doubt, that, if the growers and dealers in Wool. 11 Villi Ihem-t'lves extensively o this opportunity of offering their Wool for sale, it will bring together, os piircha-ers, all ihe principal Manufacturers of llie North' ern Sinter: nud give, nol only tollin buyer and seller eveiy advantage that can bo offered, hut regularity nod stability to the iiiaikel which has not belore existed in this country, and winch 111 oilier win I growing countries has been productive1 of the great est benefit lo all classes,' Saiisfiiciory reference given on appli cation, and In those who desire it, an r.dvancn in cash for a limited Petiml will he made. Persons wishing to limit their wool in prico, will have the advantage ol n piivnlc sale in the best mirket , if the prices al public sale shuuld not reach thei expectation. Persnns wishing to cuter their Wool for Sale, aie desired lo correspond early with lliu suuscrtlier. JOHN A. PARKER. New York, July I!J, 11137. ) Corner nf Wall & South St. 3in a P.tck.igo low priced American Prints just received by LATiiner & PoTvtr FANCY CHAIRS. LOVELY & AIinOTT have just re ceived from New York 1.10 fancy Cnne Sent Chairs, which they nller cheap cr I linn Ihey were ver sold in Burlington Burlington, August 10, 1(137. NOTICE. IIEREAS I have given my son IleiirV Zottman his limn nnd rinhl to (In bnsinu8 for himself, I shall pay nn debts of his contracting, nor demand nny ( I Ins earnings afior this dale. GABRIEL ZOTTMAN. Rnrlingtnn, Angnsl 9. 11(37. Letter and Cap Paper, Ruled and plain, for sale by the Ream or single Quire at the Book Blnderv. by HUNTING I'ON & LYON. 2 doors cast Free Press Ollico, ) Aug. -t, 1 1137. SCYTHES. 5ft'f5 DOZ. warranted Scvtho: bv J. & J. H. PECK. WE the subscribe:-' having been appointed by llio llnmiralilu the probate Court for llio district of Chilleoilmi Commissioners In rcccivu exjiniiio and a(liu-t llio claims and In,, 1111,1 r ,,11 .,..., i.i ,1.., r r Joseph Bi owo, Into of Jericho, in said d ict J deceased, Keprusenled iii'olvent, and alo u II claiins and demands exhibited in offset there to. and six months from the 17ih day of July ini? 1..:.... -11 1 r-. .1. 1... . -i'i 1 iiiiuijr uiiuwuii 1 or uiiiv iurioso oy saio Court do Iheiefore hereby give notice that we will attend lo lliu business of our iippninl tnetil at the lalo dwelling oftho deccassd in Jericho in said District on tho Mill Day of ,-ciK:iooer and nay ol January iNoxl, nl iu " i-ioti, ;. ,11,1111 earn ni sau: on vs. iJaled at Jericho ihiMDln dav of July A.D. '1? Pl.' l'l.' I! MAMTIVT 1J3 LUTHER UUOWX. Comrs. s,, jcncer Cook's Estate. E the Mib'cribers, having been np pninted by the Hon. the Probate Court for ihe District of Chittenden, com missioners lo receive, examine and adjust tho claims nnd demands of all person--, ngninsl I lie estate nf Spencer Cook, late ol Wc-lford, in saul District, deceased, rep resented m-olvcnt, nnd nlso nil claims and demands exhibited in ofl-et thereto; nod six months from the day of llie date hereof. In nig nllowed by said Court for that pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, ul tho dwelling of Win Wood in Westford in said District, on the first and fourth Tuesdays of December next, at 10 o'clock. A. M.,'on each ofsaid days. Dated, ibis 1-lih ('ay nf July A. D.'l37. Wm. WOOD. Commix GEO. S. HALE. ( sinners. 10nO G l-'lcl' J!,lls' 1 00 P. India iUUUJ Rubber. 300 Camels hair Brushes 12 red Plumes. 3G Silver Pen oils, nud a few hundred sheet- fine Tis-ue Paper, of varrious Colors, received at the Variety Shop. July 2'-'. PA.NCiionN & RrtiNSMAin. m b xr xr jsi a w TT CURTIS &. Co. have n gain recoiv Jl-i. ed two cases more of Boonetts. com- prising Florence, fine Straw, Eleven Braid Donsiablo, I iisc.-m nnd Satin Straws. Burlington, July 27, IIJ37 LAMSON'S Patent Scythe Snathes, by J. & J. II. Pr.cic &. Co. Silver Thimhlcs; and an addi tional assortment of Sword--; just received at the Vario'.y Simp ; also for sale 1 iron furnace. P-on-minN & Biiix-maid. July 23. Strayed or Stolen, fTlitOM die Fidi.crihei-, hi this till.ise, nn nr idiniii ih 24.liiif ,Mny l.i.i, a p.ile irl or jellmi , firinvv COW, six jear- oi l; slim Imi'l linn in llc-li ai ilm liini' ; "IIiiIk if nny while ev ci'plini; sin.. II s-pms in-iili! ilu- lel'i hind It;, mid pfili.ips of die ialu iiUti; s-ni ill limns, , , (ilm leli, il is licht'iod.J an imlinr nwi olimiei- llm ollici-, and a lira It- Inppcd (lie li.iii- nl llio rnnl nf iheni Uurn off noli n injic ;i die lime she lefl limne. If so.ui-d, ulmrw-r ill reliini her or jjie ulieip she innv I e funml, sh.i II he lit- Ih ii'H.iid d: if sinliMi, iiiif-r will inhe tier imti piefi s-imi mid infmin ihe snlix-i iher, nnii- rim-sidi-i- him-elf lieifhy midini ied to di-pn-e of lit-r :il rn-li i.ilm , nnd mie limr h llie nmnniil : or, (or inf.! milium nf hmli Cmi- ami llitef, one-liaU llie aiiiiimii in.iv lie iciiiioe I, C. 1". I'.P.OA DWELL, tin llngimi. An;. IS, 9'.)7. NAILS. f)TJ7 Kegs Nails, assorted size, a (ji&KcjKsy superior article, just received mi consignment, and for sale at the Imvest price bv H. M. GIDDINGS. Burlington. Pearl st. June l2.t. I!i37. f I i n e s h u r g h A c a d c ni y. rjjlllE fall term of ibis lii-iiiiuiou will .IL coiiiinnncu on Monday the 21st nl Augu.t. The Board of iru.-iees have eiigngcd A. J Samson, A. B lo take the eh.iroo of I he Institution us Pieceptor. Tuition. Eur e million Engl'-h branch es J, so, for the burlier branches, ineludiiii' the languages 1 C10. French will be taught un tumo conditions as other Ian linages. Board and incidentals will be furnished nn reasonable terms. Such books ns are used in the Academy enn be purchased in ibis village, if desired. Mr. S.iiii-ou conies recommended wnh lesiiiuniHnls which give the Trusteed full confidence m his ability ami skill in teach ing, ami from his experience in kindred lu-tituiions, we Halter ourselves 'lint those who I'd von r linn wnh their patronage will uoi be disappointed. T. WILLSON, Sec. Ilinesburgh, July 2G, 11137. NEW HOODS AGAIN. LOVELY & ABBOTT havojuit ree'd I Vniti New York an assortment of Pongee and fancy Hilkfa, Lulics' plain open work nud K'd G ovcs, Bonnets ami B uuiet Itibbmis Silks, &e. , French work ed Cnpesnnd Collars, Turond Edgings nud Intoning-, Umbrellas, Lndien' and Mioses Pnrnsolls, I'Veucli Mtr-hus, ami Ginghams, Calicoes, I ickmgs, Sheetings and Shirt iiig, &c. iSie. Burlingtun, July ?ot 1837. NOTICE. I hereby coilify, that I have given my son,. David H. Ilavlin jr., his time, lodo nnd lo act for himself. This may further certify, Ihat J shall pay no debts of his contracting, nor demand nny of his earnings after this dalo. DAVID II, UAVLIN. j airfnx August 1st. 137, Attest Moses l ariar. Hearth Brushes al 137 1-2 and 50 cts. each, for snlo nl Ilia Variety Shop. July 21. I'ANOEonN (c BniNsMAtD. May be usul in H inc or Water. npiIESE cellebrnted hitters arc coinpns--w- cil purely of vegetables of the m'nst innocent yet specific virtues. Thev nro recommended particularly for restoring weak constitutions;, demising the stomncFi and increasing the nppelitc also n proven intivc against the cholera morbus, fever and ague, removing nausea, vomilingt heart burning, weakness in tho brcasl pain in the stomach nnd other symploins of llitulenco nnd indigesiion. One box will tincture one gallon. Price 25 cents a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. This nhnirn find cn C, ,, I ,1 he superior to nnv now in use. for ihut diu agreeable nnd loathsome discnse.the ITCH This ointment is so certain in its opeinimn Ihat no person troubled Willi the above disorder ought not In be without ji. It. is a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbut ic nfi'oclioiia of the head, or any other brenkllirr Ollt which arises from -h'nrn tin. mours in the blood. Price 25 cents n box. Russell's Vegetable Billions On FAMILY PHYSIC. FOR general ti;e. in casoses of Jaundice. morbid sensibility of the stomach and bow els, loss of appetite. frjjiiiJ breath, costivn- ness. 1'iles, and all diseases arising from biliary derangements, also for cor'recliiig the state ol the blood, and cleansing tho system nfifoul and v i - c i cl huiiiors. These pills are a mild cathartic, producing neither pains nor griping, and are therefore a vol noble and highly approved mecicine, nnd nre pronounced ns such bv the most ills lingiiishrd nhysieinns. Each box con taining 33 Pi'ls. Price 27 I -2 cents n box. Russell's Ccllebrated Salt Rheum Ointment. THIS is tiniueslionably the best nnd safest remedy ever yet offered to the pub. he for thai nb-tinnte di-order SALT RHEUM. Where oilier meons have fail, ed. it lias succeeded, and the fact that it has lic"ii oxten-ively used by cminen.' Practitioners speaks ci lunies in its praise. Ii is equally efficacious in all discnses of the skin, ring worms, and tho most invete rate Itch. &c. &c. Numerous certificates might bo obtained, but Ihe propnetor chooses that o fair trial should be the only evidence umis superior cflicncy. Price 50 cents a box. A fresh supply is jn: received nnd for sale by J &, J. H. Peck & Co,. Dr. Moodv L'lihrop Sz Poiwin Burlington S. II. Bar no Charloiti M. Hull Hinc-burgh Onion it Strong. G it W. L. Porker lluni niglon it Whale Yergetnies Skiff &. Loosoy I'liockebury green JaniTn Hamilton, P I leteher J-rico 1). B. Wil.-op. ii, IJ 1 jetcher Essex 1). W. Carpenter Wnlerbnry und with the Drngists generally Ihrouphoot ihe Uniied Slates." nnd a't whole by Win. C. Stimp-on & Co. Boston. For thn nire r.P Colds, Asthmas, Whooping Cough, spilling cj jjtuuuumi isonsumpiions. j "IJCELAND iMOS.Vgro.vs plentifully in ilt) il. Island nf Jeelai.d, from whenco'it inkcn its name, and in all tho high noithero lali ! Hides of Europo and Asia, where its, Medicinal I qualities have been long known, and highly I appreciated This plant contains a IcnTges , pronoitioii of I'mrtnljte Murilmtp Hem ? other knowit sub.sianee. and in combination with ills n bitter principle which acts most beneficially ill giviiigHrength ic. eases of groat weakness and debility oftho lung. The knowledge of many nfonr lunst valuable incd. leiues, for lliu euro oldicases, have been ob tained from observing their effect on hriilo aniinalsi-so in the case of this most invaluable Mnss. Its virtues were first discovered by their effects mi ihe hardy, long livid and sagacious Kain Deer, whieli derives its piin cipal iiurishuiciit from tho Iceland Moss, nnd W losu milk heenioes sn liiirble i,,,l.,,r.,l .lil. its BuImhiiio virtues-, that il is used with tlio grealcsl coi.iulenee as a sovciein remedy by tllU inhabitants nf'nll, trl... c... II... euicolall diseases ofthe breast and lure's, lit I- ranee, this compound has long been known, and extensively used: and lo ilss.-ilmnr,- as uiiichastoilio Milubiity of Iheelunale, is prouaiuy oivmj i,u very small number of fatal rae ol c-niisiimiilitin in lli-il ..f.iini.,. compared wnh Great lirilnu and the United oiaie.i, i ins ayrup contains all llie nu'dieinal inuu ui iiiu ,uo in me most eoucelitrnled form, and is prepared fro in the ungual eceipt from J'.iris. only by. IIU I vJULNGS CO, Baltimore And HOIK! is n n ll, il l',. simile upon each lull nl'd.reclion also upon ilia envelopu, OMuil sealed with their seal. v J ll. I ht k & Co, "vvholcsalo agents COSMETIC and TILLS, il O It Ringworms. Saltrheuin, Sciild . head, nud nil Cutaneous Eruptions, Thisnriiclo is not thrown into market like ino-t patent medicines, backed by some half dozen fictitious certificates ; 'hut it come respectably nnd honestly locninmen ded, nnd is, we verily behov. nil t lint il elniins lo be; mid ns such, it is offered tn ihe public, by J. ,!v J. H. PECK & Co. Sept. KS30 Agcnlsfor the Patentee 1 Caso fine English Straw and Tuscan Bonnets, now opening and f()r sn0 cheap by LATH BOP 4: POTWIN, June 23, 1037,

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