Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 29, 1837, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 29, 1837 Page 3
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their whnck. The ofiiccrs said ihnt l!ie prhnncr lint! given (hum half itn''Mi wrong directions, und although lie had been locked tip lor boiiiq days, thurc lind been no inquiry al'lcr him. A fourth officer, wlin had just entered tli c Justice-room, said "I know thn prison or, my Lord, to bo a common pickpocket, lie is not six months! out of Bridewell." Buy Make room tliere. nnd let tin! have u look at llml ere man. Now mind what you eay, my good goullonum, uro you sure It's ni" you mean ? Policeman. No doubt of it ; I have had you myself. I!ov. I'lcaso vnu. niv Lord, voti'vo cot Fomo'shocking bad people about you. If ever I seed (his individual nforo, 1 hope I may never go to heaven, thut'd ull. (Laughter.) The Lord Mayor --Why, almost all (he police know you. Depend upon it, if you go on in tins way you will bo soon train sported. Boy. They may poke mo about in this world, my Lord, but I'm blessed if some bmly won't poke iboin about in Ibu next They've nil come for'ard and swore ogm me, and not ono of ihein. I'll be on my unlit, told a word that wn'nt n whopper. Some other policemen added their tosti. mony to that already given as to the char acter of the prisoner, and mid that ho was nn incorrigible rogue. The Lord Mayor. You mn-t go lo IJ.ridewell. ou are a very clever follow, mid of course the more dangerous. Boy. Don't send 1110 to Bridewell) please you. niv Lord. Tito Lord Mayor. Oh, you don't like Bridewell Boy. I don't like (he name of it. The Lord Mayor. But they know you there, nnd will know how to treat you. I made inquiry about you before yon was brought up to-day, nnd I find that you are one of the worst boy about the city. I am sure you nrc. Boy. Pleac yon, my Lord, if it wouldn't be too bold, where do you expect to go when you're past the doctor? I'm Mire there nn'l room in heaven for sich. The Lord Mayor. Von have had every opportunity to prove that you got your bread honestly, if such were the ease; but, on the contrary, every day produces fresh evidence of your bad character. I am sorry to send so a'.ile n cnuti'ol to prison. Boy. Mind what I say about somebody rise ns hears nil on us ? unc hi, Jy above. God send us all a good deliverance. WALTON'S DAILY JOURNAL. The t-ulucribers will pub!i.-h a daily paper during the ensuing ses-ion of the legi-la j lure, of i lie size-and in the form of the dii'y of laslyehr, containing reports of the proceedings of I ho Icgislaluro, of Congress nnd the news of the day. The paper will he issued in the afternoon of each day, (Sundays excepted ) in tunc for the mails which close in the evening. Terms $1. ILPMeinbcrs of the legislature and others, who will forward us I he money shall receive one copy sratis for every five subscribers. The Watchman and Journal weekly will bo furnished through the session fur 25 cents three months fur .10 cent". !!. P. W.Ml'OiV & SON. Montpclier, Sept. l.", 1337. TKItli'EKANCD MEETING. 'I'lie iiR'clin; ofllic .Srruml School DU Irirl Temperance tfni'ii'lv, "ill lie hidden ;it ihrs fi liool Iiciii-o in said Di.-nii't on Tnofd.iv the .'! I of October nexi ul (i oYlm k 1. M. an" nddics 'a expected on I lie occasion (mm Pi evident Wlici-ler. J. J. FAY, Sec. liiirlinglmi, Sept. ISO". AT HOWARD'S Anew lull and complute nssurtmeiit nfev. cry description of Pnshtoiiablu Fancy nnd Staph) Dry (foods is jusl tee'd from New York ami elsewhere which with what I had hnfoio makes one of the, best assortments I huvo been ablo lo tiller (o customers for 15 years past, (o undnrlako lo enumerate nil icli'f would only ho taking unnecessary time, to write, print nnd lead, for it Ins Innir been said thai ifyou want an article of goods just call nl Howard's nnd you will generally busuro lo find It there nml :it about a fair price. Sept. 28. l!i37. JUST received Lamp Oil, Carpeting?, & Paper IlamiimiP, at s.kaiuiiowaiids. Sept. 2(5, 1337. Charles James Kathrens l.nlprif Quebec nail St. Joints,) BEGS lenvu mot respectfully to nc quaint the Ladies, and Gentlemen of liurlmglnii and its vicinity, that, having riccntly arrived in their village (wlmro h i uiiemlii to re-ule.) ho will give lessons on the Piano Forte, Violin, Clariiielt, Flute &e. &c. to such Ladies and Gentlemen as may please to honor linn with their com uinntD. 0, J. IC. nlo desires to stale that having the acquirement of Thorough llass, he is enabled tonrrango Music, and give instruc tions, agreeably lo nil the purposes of har mony, and futther wishes to ndd Hint, he tunes pmno fortes, cnrclnlly nnd correctly. American Hold, Kept. 21, 1(107. kins, containing about two and n half acres, on which parcel of land is a small red house, anil that a sale of said parcel of laud wijl PtJiiiJ 12th day of September. A. 1J'!37. conduce to ihc best interest of his said '' SAM'L. S. PHELPS, Judge of Sup (mi ft Aaron Carpenter's Estate. STATU OF FFAl.MOXT, District or Ciiittkmikn, fs. Thn Honorable the Probate Court for the DUlrkl if Chittenden. To all persons (onrcrned in the Ilstatc of Auni Carpcn ler laic tf Jhltun, in .said DUtrkl, da rencd. CIIBF.TIXC. WHEREAS, tho Executor of tho lat will and Ictanionl of said deceased proposes lo render no account of his minimis, tralion, and present bin account ngaiiibt mid cstato for examination anil allowance at a session of thn Court of I'robato, to bo bolden at Burlington on tho second cdnesd.iy of November next. 'J'liuisnroni:, You aro hcieby notified to nppear before said Court at Ibu liino and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, whv tho account aforesaid bhould nut be allowed, (liven under my hand at Burlington Ibis 2Glh day of September A. I). 1 !I.i7. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. Z-rt& QTRAYEI) from the Jl.".$s i '" ' '''TvJ? subscriber some IV; -v?Sy weeks since, an old red A - f COW. rather lo fcl2&?-"'r..i loruhend, and white on other pails of the body, not now rec ollected. Any information concerning her, will be thankfully received. She wirj formerly owned in Ilichiunnd, II. B, STACY. Burlington, Sept. 2(3. 183". 200 Bbls Rochester City Mill Flour, from New Wheat, for sale liv KOLLKIT & JjRADLEYS. S.ipl. 21,1 057. KERN & EVAIS, DRAI'ims St TAILORS. KSPHCTFULIiY invtlu llictr friends nml customers to call nnd exmimc a well-selected nnd choico iissortinent of Fall ami Wintuh (ioons. in the linn of their business- consist nig of lino vdci.otiis ofnhnost. every color and quality: a fine vnrielv of CAssmnns and VnsTi.Nf?, of nn entire new pattern, nnd of a miiicriir final ii y; together with a general assortment of Trimmings, Htoclw, Collars and Boson. .Snsncnders, am! every other article Usually called for ill their hue of hminess. The above articles were bonolit cheap for cnh, nnd will bo sold accordingly. All order in our line thankfully received and punc tually attended to. liurlninlnn. Kept. 22. 1(137. wards. It is therefore ordered that said applica tion s'ar'd lor a heating before find Court at a esiion then of lo he hidden nl the ollice of the Ri'uisIit of (his (Ji'iirl in Burlington on the third Wednesday of October A. D. 1)13 ; anil that notice thereof liu given to all concerned by puhlishiug this order to- getner wiin i nc poiHiaticu ot sain petition in the Burlington Free I'rcss, n news.paper printed at Burlington, in Ihu County ol (;iulteii(len, two weeks successively, the la-t of said publications to bo not Ics than two weeks previous lo the day of hearing ; then and there to nppcnr before said Court and show caiwn if nuy they have, why the praycrf said petition should not be grant, cd. Given under my hand and tho senl ol said Court nt Burlington (his 20lh day of September A. D. 1!!;57. CIIARLKS RUSSRLL. Judge. qeforothe titno of holding said Court. tjiven under my hand ot Burltngjon, To the on. Probate Court for the District of Cinllcmlcn. ripilK umlcrsiffnod Asol Harris of Celebes. SL ler in said District, ono of Iho heirs of the I'slalc of Asol ll.irris lato of said Colchester, deceased, reiipeetfnllv represents that ho hold jono li''ih of said I'stnlo jointly with Ihu other heirs tliereol, nml b( ing desirous to liolil too same lu severalty, liu prays tho lion Court to order a division of iho aid Kslatoaud to ap point a conitnitleu for that purpose. Dated at lliiilington in tho County ofChil tendciilhis Dili day of August A. D. 13.57. ASi:L, IIAIUII5, Hi. .U. T US, YON. :CTFUIliY notifies tnerd and the public that he continues "OKSl'UUTFULLY notifies bis custo- THE fiibscribers will pay ea-h for Wool delivered at the Stone Sloru. Old Dock. KOLLKTT A: HRAULIIYS. Builington, Popt. i)i, 11137. TAILORING BUSINESS nt his old stand next door north of St. Pauls Church, Burlington. He has erect :a new shop and mado arrangements to OW III e.MCOII lll.l UIIMIies pit a-, III U tui'll I Oil il 1 f in her ' his customers on short notice with Hie some latest oily lahtuiis, and work done in a style of elegance and durability not nir-nas-ed in this laMlude, I'atlrms and Trinunings fiirnislied (hoo who desire at ihu lowest poj-iblu cash prices. Cutting and Repairing done as usual. JHRI'.MIAII TRYON. Burlington. Sept. 20, l!l;7. N. H. J. T. ii very desirous to settle his old accounts, and is much in waul of some belancea duo him, nnd earne.-tly re. quests those indebted to call and tetlle without further nonce. Distiiict or Ciiittunohn ss. $ Court bolden at Burhuglonln said District on the Olh day of AiiL'iist A. D. f r.37, upon application of Asel Harris, one of Ihc heirs of the Instate of Asel Harris late of (.oleheslur in said District deeonicd requestiuu' a division of said Cstato. ll is ordered that said appli -aut cause llio several persons inleiesled in llio said Estate, or their aitormes, it living within this state, i lo ho notified by puMMimg his said applica tion, together wi'h this order three weeks successively in the Free I're, a newspaper piioteil at IJnrliiiiMou in said District, to np pear before said eonit at a sc;-ioti thereof to bo hohien al the. olfiec of the Register of said Courl in said Burlinsloii on Iho 30lh day of Sepieinber A. 1). 1!;JG, lo make objection lo such division if Ihey see cause. Given under niv hand at Burlington this 9th day of August A. I). 13.37. Wit. WESTON, Register. I'elctiah IIol.llllOOK Kl.lZA l'jlKON ) Au'tin Fnf.os. ) WIll'.RMAS Kliza B. fidson, of Col. chc.-ier in Ihu County of Chittenden nnd StaTe of Vermont, hath prefcred her Petition to the huprcino Court of said State, next to bo holdou at Burlington, in the County nnd Statu nforcsnid, on the Thursdny next preceding the first Tuesday ol January A. 1). 1113IJ, setting fori It that at Morrisiown, then in the Cnuniy of Or onus, now in the Connlv of Lamoil, nod stale aforesaid, on tho first day of July, A. I). 1!IJ7, she was lawfully married to Austin IMson, then ol said Morrisiown, by David V. Nnyes, then a Justice of the Peace within nnd for tho County of Or leans aforesaid, nnd from Hint time to nbnut the 1st tlav of June, A. D. I!!30, lived with said Austin Fidson, ot said Mor risiown, in the strict observance of nil the unties required by the marriage covenant. when tho said Austin Edsou, without any ju-t cnuso on the part of the Petitioner, and without her knowledge ol Ins inten tion, left her nt said Moriistown. nnd went, to iho Town of Kirallord in tho County ol Orange to I he Statu nfore-aid wh.ire he re mained about I wo months; that said Austin then left said Siralloril nnd went In I he town of Bangor, in the State of Maine, where he now reside; that nt (he time said Austin left said Morrisiown ho carried with him nil the properly he possessed, and left the said Petitioner and family, con sisting of one child then about two years old. wholly without support, and from that lime hitherto hath wholly neglected lo to render tho said Petitioner nnd family any asistance or support, nnd that the said Petitioner lint It constantly resider within llm slate of Vermont bince lied said ninjnagu with said Au-tin. And praying llml the bonds of matrimony between (be said Petitioner and the said cured of n com on each foot, which ha'1 been exceedmgly troublesome nnd paitilu for yenr, and I Ibink it but justice toyi.t' invaluable preparation to mid. (oir Ihu vtj conrageiiii'iit of I ho.e, who owing to tc p uteil disappointment in the various rem edies re-orled to, have filially despaired oi a cure, lliat. your Plaster cured her corns nftm tying other hiphlj reeoiuniend-d remedies to no purpose; mid what incren es tny confidence in Iho mperinriiy ofyoii Planter. H the (net, that it has been tjn' by severnl of my neighbours with equally good success. A man advanced in years, had become so crippled with corn, ns to ho obliged lo cul lodes in shois lo ease h feel; ho had long sufiered great tortur.) and inconvenience has lately been entire ly cured by tho use of your Com Plastm so lliat ho can now walk with comfort, nn J in whole shoes. Another Case. .'. young woman living near me, had hecom ; so lamo in consequence of corns, as not li bo nbln lo go up nnd down sluirs without greet trouble i- now using llio Pla ' r wii'i I he most happy success, nnd prospect of speedy cure, 1 could refer to several other cases, wero it necessary, but I have seen enough of'h" naslcr to satisfy mo it is (he best prepar.i lion in thii country, or perhaps in any (.'ti er, Tor the euro of Corn; nnd were its r tuo generally known, I doubt whether o -could prepare the article fast enough n meet the public demand. (Signed) KMT II STOW ELL, Keeper of the Toll house, South UoJjk Bridge. Mr. T. Ktnnr.n, Proprietor of the Conway Medicines. Doctor,, Jane Mlh, llO. V'ttco ceiKs. i ! 1 nn )i,m liwli-i WAV '"-'' ue rciurus inanus lor past 1 uitui " " f f favors and begs a continuance of Bobber Quills, Crayons, lieu wa crs, w ro ,,,,, pnmiJi wou, il)rrln the puMic tiiat waters, jransrarei i h , ii.h ..u .. ho (.nlUll)llcs , rnaiinfncdiro all kinds of rovvoor,, rape ou ' . w . , c(il1 r f , , .,, d j and S.Ivor Paper, India Ink, go Id ord r. g,, OiM.tlcmen'a clothes Paints, Brushes, Pen Knivos, isilmg c.iruo, I , , f . . iit:., for halo at the Varicly bliop ny Kept. 22. PNGIMIl.V k MltlVSMAII). n A 11 It I i: D . Ai Grisaille, 111., on t lie 2;! I nil., by Rev. Mr Km inn, Mr A. W. ('oilKV, ol Allon, lo Kli.a nr.TH A. I'ootk, I.iir nn' of the I'cni.ile Aeeaileiny ul Gi iggjvillo, and formerly of j iho district Rol Wifors I "or sale in itoniid Bundles at llio Variety Shop. Jcpl. 2-. I'.woirniN i: Bnisf.MUD. WAKTE?5. fMMEDIATI'.LY by Iho subscribers a boy sktecn or nevooteen years of ago as ao apprentice to thn tin bosi ies, nonu need np- ,) v that cannot como writ reeomiuended 1 V. R. L P.C.VILAS. Sept. 15, 1C37. jui; 1 K. ) ii;iry Wilcox's Estittc. WE Ihu subscriber having been nppninleil by tho Honorable the probate Court for Iho district of Chittenden Commissioners lo , leaving them neatly pressed, with a soft and beautiful finish. If any of the spots reappear they will Ii'j rcumved free of charge. Uo has on hand a good assort incut of coals, pantnlooas, wnislcotls:. lop coals, cloaks. v rappers and Boy's Clothe.-. AIo a small n-s.iitioerit of second hand clothes Hats, Caps. B ots-, Shoes, S'lirts, Stocks, nnd a great variety of other useful article-; cheap lor cash, or exchanged for any kind of clothing, cloih?, or produce. i. i). A-he can he so easily paid, he of (ienu Hopes inoso whoso accounts are duo will nvail lliem--clves of tho first opportunity to d seha rge them. ; Bniliugton, Sept. 20, 1037. 3w llor.unonK IIUBUAS Ptleliah Holbronk. of Burlington, in the county of Chit tenden, nnd Stale of Vermont, hath prefcr ed In Petition to the Supreme Court of said Slate, next lo bo bolden nt Burling. Ion, in iho County and State aforesaid, ou the Thursday next preceding the first Tuesday of January, A. D. 1333, sotting forth lliat at Burlington, in the County of Chittenden, aforesaid, on the lourlh day of May A. I). 1331, he was lawfully mar ried lo Chine Holbronk, of Madison, in tho County of Ooauga, in the State of Ohio, by John llarstuw. then n ju-tico of the Peace within the county ol Clmten- I den nfore-aid, nod from thai time to nboni the first, dav of September. A. 1). V,'M, itf-PUBLIC ATTENTION! BS most respectfully solieited, by Iho si. '. . scriber, lo an Invalinblo Pioparalioii, t'i merits of which havo been tested by ti.mi and are sus'r.iNi:o nv cnpocctch tcstijionv . I?;. Haifa's Botanical Dr tip's! aro every year increasing their long tstab hsheil reputation. They have outlived many rll'il lir..imrli.,,. nn, , ,11 An-tiii may by decree of the Supremo , hli, MI,UI1 )ull)10 c'oll,-l(icnr.o. Court be disolvcd. nnd n Bill of divorce j q'lc ,, ;;ro uvo ,rcn FurcPS,. from the bonds of Matrimony with said fully administered fur manv yeais, ns a Auliii granted to her, and that the said thorough remedy for that well" known r- 1 Court will decree lo the said Petitioner ' prevalent rlaj of iutolrratu diseases, which such alimony as said Court shall think just . originate from a vitiated habit of body, or ao nnd proper. hereditary prrJdispos ilion in tho palient. n J To Aul!n Rdson, of Bangor in the Slate generally appear under Iho various nnd cus. nf Jluinc. (ip.rr.TiNO. trcssing shapes of Scrofula, Salt llhcinn. T.rp- Bv the authority or Ilia Stale of ' Ver-1 S,J ;v'- Anthony 's Fire, Fertr Sores, U nite mout you nrc hereby commanded to make butlhiigt. truny, Foul and Obilinatt Ucns, vour appearance before the Supreme Court! b.0 Lrgs and Lyes. Scald lhad.and mere I,, . i, i . :. .i. nil ami. In the last mentioned condition ol next to be l.olden at llor .ngton in the h(j 1iq oUmkal D wi riUt)d i.oiiniy oi m i ennen nun orient .r , l0 crillll!n,0 tho UuiW poi,.01,, wlloro .Verc. tnont, on tho I hursdny next pieced, ng Hi" rJ,, tomlly ruiled, and iliusprovcm the pa. first luesday ot January. A D. 1033. rui rr0m c-nlnilin tho cccds; of an liprcchta then and there to show cause, il any you rv (rti,xa uu ofi'spring. DIl. REI.KB'S liave. why the prayer of the said Petitioner BOTANICAL DUOl'S are successfully used should not bo granted, nnd further to 1 in cases of violent eruptions after iho Mialis stand In and abide such order, direction j red blolclus pimples on the face frstcrmg and decree therein, as to the said Court 1 crvpliom on the skin and oilier diseases of shall seem meet; and in cao of default tho j the external surface, and ate one of the best said Court will proceed exparly. -Spring und Autumnal pliysus known, loficu And whereas, it being mado to appear to inubvsiuiu i-mn me, that tho said Ld-on lives without this lived wiin Mini cnioe lKiibrook, at said County ol Chittenden and Slate of Ver- liurlingioii, in llio strict observance ol all i ,,,,-,,,1 on , , Thor,dav nV, r,.ePilii,.r ih, .lust received, All silver Butter i) 1 1: j) . On Snnilny aficra sevne and protrarteil illnesa (ienrsjri p. Clink, jounsest eon of Jpilcdiuli P. am I'rancrs A.'nsed 1 ami 17 d.ijs. Il died, eie il.s cxpainlin tnnl 1 1 ail cier blunt u ill) wrote.; dn'iie? llml eev spuriicil at lliMrii'n eoniiol, Or cer ipiciielivd its pacied dies. or CAPS. ICIOI! Sale, wholesale and retail, Fur Caps JL put tip in good style to bo bold nt fair prices. Caps mado to order. W. I. SEYMOUR. Sept 23. 1337. lTo si ON Iho Winooski turnpike, between Mr Pnrlfhnrsl's tavern nnd this Inge, a black CAiN'F,, with buckhnru linn die. and L. F. marked on tho head. The finder will ho suitably rewarded by leaving it nt ibis office. " Sept. 23. 1337. I I it,.,. Un,, ;,.,'i the P.-la-e of Imves.and sih er pocket pen Knives, and MaryAVileox, lain of Wesiford, in said ict Inrnnsiril. Iteorosuolcd insolvent, and aDo a claims and demands exhibited in ollVel there to, and six months from the day of dale here, of being allowed for lliat purpose by said Court cio theicl'ore hereby give notice that wo will altend to iho business of our appoint ment at the dwelling of Allen Stone, in Wesiford in said District on llio first Mondays of October and February next, at 10 o'clock A. M. on each of said days. Dated Ibis Clh day of September A.D. 1337. k iwi.-M., r r,,lnro fine quality pencil leads. Variety Shop Sept. 22. Pavoiiokn & Biw.nsmuii. joii.v mouse ". LOUR from New Wheat, jost receiv ed and for sab- bv 111CKOIS. & CAT LIN. STOVE P1T?J3. aM(fft (D J"'"ls tj!Uladil ftpc.also a gen ydV& cral assortment of English and Bussia Iron Pipe, just reo'd and for salu by W. I1.&F.C.VJLAS. Sopt. 29, 1337. r,w Concave Spectacles. JUST received an addition to our assort ment of Concave ; silver bowed Spccla- clos at llio Variety Shop. Sept. 29. PANCIBORN SZ BlIINFMAII). The members of Boxer Engine Company No. 3, aro notified lo meet at John Howard's Hotel on Monday noxl (Oct. 2d) at 4 o'clock P. M. A punctual nltendanco is re. quested. A. SMITH, Clerk. Sept. 29. 1337. HEW GOODS. P. DOOLITTSiH "ETAS just received a largo nndgcneral as XJL torlmcnt of Fall nnd Winter Goods, which ho oilers for sale on tho lowest terms for cabh or credit Tho Goods havo been bought in Now.York nt tho present low rales, and will bo sold as low as al uuy store in the county. Burlington, Sept. 27, 1037. 3w Stoves, Groceries etc. AT tho new Slore, between Messrs J. W. Weaver's and Lathrop & Potwms, Nos. 1.2,3 and 4 Prophecy, Ilolary und improved Bolary, various sizes, Oval iloiler, Tup Oven, Box, Canada l!ux, various bizes and beau tiful patterns Dumb Sieves. kc A teleet assortment of Stnvn Pipe, Tin, Zino, Slovo and Hollow Ware, Axes, a superior ariiele, Nails Glass, Flour and a, gcnoral assoit- ment of Orocuries, Siloes, Boots nnd various other articles for salu at a small advance oo wholesale prices-. SEWALL KENNY. Winooski, Sept. 1337. Giufs.1 5 IIEMLOCKiURk." rinilE suh.-caiber will pay J.GU nor cord. in cash, lor 50 conU Good Hemlock Hark, if delivered by (ho lOth October next. 13. C. LOOM IS, Burlington, Sept. 22. 1337. Chinese Mulberry Trees. nnlll'2 subscribers have for sale 15000 JL Trees, of tin- MoriH Mullicaulis ' hose wishing to purcha-o will do well to apply soon, nnd direct their loiters to F. A. Porler &. Co. HAV'L. W. PORTER, FRFD. A POUTER, CIlAri. E. POUTER. Spring l Ft , Srpt 5, J337. rjU i liu 1 Ion. the Probulu Court for llio .tu District of Clnitenden. comes Roberi Moody, of Bnrliugion, in said Di-lnet, and hows that he is lefnl guardian of William C. Ilarringion and George E. IlarriiiL'lun, of Burlington nforesnid, lint Ii male infants under iho no of iwuntyonu years, that the said William C. and George 13. ore seized ns lennnls in cotninon, in iheir own rigut in fee, of n curt am parcel of land situ ale in said Burlington on the easterly side of Hhelburu street, bounded on Iho north by laud of Henry W. Catlm and of John N. Pomeroy, on tho eatt by land of said Poineroy and of John 11. Hopkins, and on the south by laud of said Hopkins, contain ing about two and a half acres, on which k a small red house; nnd that a sale of t-aid parcel of land will conduce to the best in tere-t of said wards. Therefore he prays said Court lo grant him license am! cinpow. er him In sell tho said parcel of land and premises, und your peiinoner will ever pray. ROIJERT MOODY, Guardian of William C. und Gourgo E. Harrington. Burlington, Sept. 20, 18.17. IAME into Iho crfelosuro of tho subscriber, a few davs since, a two yoar old WEATHER, ,wilb short horns, and tho letter m rod paint on tho loft filinuhlcr. II. B.STACY, Sept. 2G, 1837, SDL SILVER COMBS. T71LROANT, CHASED, EMBOSSED, Ji Star, Flowered and plain Si, ver Top, Back ami side Combs, nlo shell sido Combs with beautiful worked silver 'I'op Combs, for saloat low prices ot tho Variety Shop, Sept. 22. PwonrmN fi Buivsnin. DISSOLUTION. rHIIIE firm of Hcrrick, Chrisloplmr fc Co. is JL this dav dissolved by mutual consent. All unsettled accounts will bo adjusted by Ly. man Sc Colo. HIRAM IIERRICK, Wm. II. CHRISTOPHER, E LI AS LVMAN. MORMON COLE. Burlington, Sept. 23, 1037. STA TF OF I 'FJIMOXT, DlsTUICTOK GlIITl T.MM'.N, FS. The Probate Court for the District of Chit, tcnilcn lo all persona to whom time preinls sbnll mine. (1 lUU-lTLVG. ROBERT MOODY of Burlington in . Ihu Districl of Chittenden, Guardian ol William C. Harrington and George E. Harrington, of Burlington alorcsaul, both male infunts under Iho ngu of twenty. one years, having by his petition, represented lo Ibis Court, that the said William C. and George 13. are seized ns tenanls in common, in their own right in fee, of n certain parcel of laud, siliiale in said Burlington on the easterly sulu of Shelbiirn street, hounded on Ihc north by land of Henry W. Calliu and of John N. Poineroy, on tho east by land of said Poineroy und of John II. Hop kins, and on tho souih by laud oftaid Hop tho duties required by marriage covenant, when llio said Chloo Holhrook, without anyjim cau-enii the part of the Petitioner lull htm at. said Burlington, and forthwith went to the town of Madison in the County in the Stn'o ol Ohio, and has resided in said Town of Madisiu ever s'uee; and that said Ohloe Holhrook, since her said departure, has never returned lo said Burlington, nor been within ihN S'atc, and that she now live-" at said Madison ill the State of Ohio. And that sud Petition er is a hnuo holdei in said llurlinglon. nnd has a family of several Children; and hn at nil tunes since the departure of said Chloe been in great need ol (in; society and n---siilanco of stud Cloe in Ins domestic afl'iirs and h is at all tun"." been ready lo receive and luiiiiitnin said Chloo, if she would re turn to his hoiwe and family; and that he has beep nt great expense nnd I rouble in the maintenance of liu said family and the said Chloe on account of her nlwcnce n aforosaid, nod that said Petitioner has con -lanily resided in said town of Bnrliugion upwards of twenty years last pa.t. And praying ihnt the bonds of Malri mony between the said Onloc may by decree of the said supremo Court be dis solved and a bill of divorce from Ihu bonds of matrimony with said Chloe granted to him. and that said Coirt will decree to said Chloo all the properly of every nnme and nature which she po-scssed al the tune of her marriage with the said Peti tioner, and no more. 7') Chloe Holhrook. of .Madison, in Ihc County of Cuiuga, in the Stale of Ohio. Giti'.KTi.Nri. By tho authority of thn Statu of Ver mont you uro hereby commanded to make your nppenrnneo before the supreme Court next lo be bolden nt Bnrlingtmi, in llm County of Chittenden nnd State of Ver. inuii t . on the Thursdny next preceding the first Tuesdny of January A. I) 1333 then und thereto show cause, if any you have, why the prayer of tho said peltoner should not ho granted; and further, to stand lo and abide such order direction nml do creo therein as to the said Court shall seem nice', nml in ensu of default, the Court will proceed exparly. And being made lo nppear to me, mat too sum union. uoiurooK lives wiiho'ut this State, and nut within (ho reach of legal process Therefore it hereby ordered that notice bo given lo said Chloo Holhrook to nppcnr before the Supremo Court, next to ho bolden at liiirliuglon in tho County of Chittenden nnd Slato of Vnrmotit, on the Thursday next preceding tho lirst Tuesday of .Inn unry, A, D, 1333, Ibeu and there to show cause, if an she may have, why the prayer ol the said Petitioner shoul I not bo grant cd; and in case of default the said Court will proceed exparly, by publishing the stib-tnucu ot stud petition, and tins cita Hon and order thereon, three weeks sue cessively in tho Free Press, u newspaper ol BIT Striking Instances of Success. Extractof a letter from a Physician of the first respectability, and extensive practice, in this vicinity, member of the Massachu setts Medical Societv. Juvr. IGtii, 1G2E). Dear Sir: "This child, before ho was a year dol, became afllieted Willi a leprous disease of il,!, skin, anil irradn.illi' sl.I. sr. first Tncday of January A. I). 1333. then tint when about lliree years old, tho wholo ami tliere to show cause, if any he have, ' Mirfaeo of llio body was ono continued sore, why the prayi-r of the said Pelilioner attended with an ichorous discharge, prodo shonld not be granted, nml in case o' do I eing great sorene-s and intolerable itchiiif, State, and not within the reach of legal process. Theiofori; it is hereby order) d that notice be pivrvi to tho said Austin Lid-'on to npp1 ar bef re the Supreme Court next t bo holdou at Burlington, in I fit Inult the said Court will proceed exparty, by piibli-hing the sttbMnnce of said Peti tion and this citation nnd order thereon. three week successively in the Free Pres--, which became almost insupportable, A great variety of tho most approved external and internal remedies were used without any per. nianent relief. Much interest was excited in a newspaper printed at nurl.ngton, in the oua enuo. aim eoi -cqncni y oine-. Count v of Chittenden aforesaid, the last of out inodica. advice was solicited, but with which publications shall be at least, six weeks before the tuna of holding said Court. Given under my hand nt Burlington, this 2d day of September. A. I). 1837. SAM'L. S. PHELPS, Judge of Sup. Court. ROTARY STQVSS- httlo or no advantage, the disease progressed with utiabating violence, and seemed to defy the healing art. At length Iho parent was induced by the advice of a neighbor, wh i had been benefitted bv (ho aitinle, to trv Dr. Ilm.rc's BOTANICAL DUOl'S. Severn! bottles were given according to tho directions, before the least abatement of iho di.oa-c was observed; but by r. persevering u.-e of them, tho ichorous di-clurgcs began to abate, iho scabs lo give way in places, and fill off. The Drcps were continued until tho buy becaino perfectly well, the skm resinning its natural and healthy aspect, seeming indeed like a ren ovated sl;m -ineo which nine thu boy eejoyed perfect health, nnd his euro is aseri bed wholly to iho Drop..-, m no other incdi. cine was used in eonjnction with ihem." The original leltei. with additional par ticulars, may bo seen by calling on thu Pro prietor.) .7 Gintkman of this Cily, who bad been at tended a long I lino bv our most celebrated rrnilE subscriber has just finished thn long I and experienced practitioners, and who had IL called lor improvement in his Rotary , oeen reduced lo almost the stages ol ex- Slovo (Vi..) tho lengthcotii' and enlarging istonco by his complaint hid loH onr air! of the liro arch. It now receives wood 21 feel, and dreadful ulcers began to dislroy his ,-, in length instead of 21 inches, as formerly. 1 1 and spread over his whole. side, undtoZieati am manufacturing a largo iiuaulitv of the n most painful and Imgt ring death .' in com- ibovo stoves, also Bov and Parlour Stoves of i inunicaling his caso al large to llio Propno. pruned al Burlington in llio County Chittenden utorcsaid, the lust of which publications shall be. ut least, six weeks various sizes, which I shall keep constantly lur sale. A very liberal discount will bo mado lo llinso that buy to sell again. Just received, a largo lot of Window Sash. Burlington, Sept., 1337. V.m. BLARE. (QjAn Invaluable Remedy Tested by aperient e. und sustained by tciliinonials .' TATTOST people have u remedy for lViL CORNS ns well ns other complaints; but Hie proprietor of luo long Known and justly celebrated Albion Com Plaster! (us prepared by the lato Dr. Conway.) has been made acquainted with no instance ol its proper application, in which it has tint been preferred lo nil other ukmi:imi:s for Courts, those painluhlistigurers ol ihu feet, und enemies to locomotion, Tho Albion Corn Plaster softens the corn, however old and lough, nnd extracts it lo the very roois. The relief afforded is ijrnllc, immediate, and thorough. The Proprietor begs leave in submit the following cac, from Mr. Stowell, who is well known to ihc inhabitants of tins city, especially at the toulli end, and at Sotiti llosiun, as ii very worthy and respectable citizen. A CASE. Sin I do not hesitato to givo my most unqualified approbation in favour of your vaiuabln Albion Corn Plaster. By Iho use of less than n box, Mrs. Stowell has been tor. makes the following closing remarks "My caso was pronounced by my physi. ciaus lo bo ono of inveterate Scrofula. It is not neeesary to inquire wheilnr oil, or means would haV ' efl'i'Cled tho cure. 1 can only say that Dr. ReliVs Botanical Drops were thu only means I inacio usu oi, aner ino physicians had exhausted thoir skill, and havo no'reason to doubt thai under Providence llio Drops were the means of relieving mo from onu of iho most iifiVicting diseases lliat hu inanity is called to endure." A Physician of eminence win had wilnrs. scd thu ollieacy of this arllcle, had tho candour recently to acknowledge to tho Proprietor, that ho eonsidetcil it Iho best uiedicuio known, for the complaints fcr which il is intended, and that it ought deservedly to stand al iho head of llio whole class of such remedies. Price il for whole boxes ot 30 pills, nnd 50 eentsVor half do of 12 pills, with dircc-ttotis. Cash paid for "Wheat. ICKOlv iV, CAT LIN will pay Cash for wheal.according to quality ,deltv eredat tho Grist Mill at tho ball-, or :U iheir slore. Burlington, Sept. G, 1337. rnillF. Mills of llurhngton will SL mke WOOL to work on shares, or exchange for S.ituiRlles. on Delivery of the wool

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