Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 23, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 23, 1838 Page 3
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POWDER. Kegs Powder manufac tured at the IVirhiwn .Mills. A superior article and recommended for possessing strength cqnnl lo thu Grange iintl Du f'nilt Powder. I'Vr sale on cotisijiiiinont by Fob, 22. ' &. II. I' Co. MORISON'S PllliS. WE piosonl this medicine with lliu lullest ronfidoneo to tho consideration ol" llio sick nnd discouraged invalids, arid tirgo you to lako lliem. wo were as uubclioving in their efficacy ns any 0110 possibly could be; but thoio lias been too mujiy casns trf cures in (lie town of Burlington alone, to permit us to doubt their good qualities- Wo know ol persons cuicd of what tbo acuity' pro. Jiounccd to bo incurable, confirmed Consump tion 5 somo of variuiis kin'ds of fevers, and some of these cases given up as past cute. before, tho Morrison's Pills woro administered. "Wo can send yn 10 puisons v, hero two wrro taken down with fever, ono wasjiut under the caroof a Physician, and tho olhnr was put under the operation of .Morison's fills; Una ono was up and we).' in a few days and lliu other was given up, (ll Friday. F;b. Dili. l!(33,as incurable bylho Phv-ieian.) I.'o wns then put under the op..ali"U of Morrison s Pills, and is now (I'eb. lTl.'O doing well. V o can shew you a person, who returned from the West very ick with the levt.-r and ague, bu -.vasal' er much perMUion induced lo lake this modicum and was shortly well; this gen tleman and brother nod raiher use it in their families in till eases of sickness iftid mi do all the rcM. This is tho mediciiio wlifcfi does not weaken when taken every day, week after week, but on the contrary, as thousands npon tliousiinds do testify, it strengthens, enlivens, and builds up the system. Hardly a da.y passes but what there aro somo case or cases of cures reported to u, effected by this, first and best Vegolr.blo Medicine ever invented. Tho public will please bear in mind thai, until this had obtained an established reputation no other Vegetable Universal Medicines were henrd nf, but now they aiu sr ringing up like mushrooms, evidently imitating Morison's, but they succeed badly, they cannot inako them like his and ihcy do not have tho great and beneficial operation, which Morison'.-do. The calls for tin-- nirdicine continue to increase ot'nrv W here and the cases of cures ao molti- plying daily. For the leading principles of thu Ilygoan or Mnrisonian I henry ol disease &o. see Burlington papers, of fYbrunry l'33. EVI RY HOX AM) PACKET sold in Ver mont is signed by Pangborn Si llrinsmaiiJ. Slate Agents; appointed by Ceo. Taylor, 13 C'liamlier si., New Yolk, membci of the llrtt if-U College of Health, and solo llygean delegate to iho United Slates sent out by said Collego in place of II. Shopard and .Moat, icmovcd. They will alsobu signed by the tub-a"cnts appointed bv ut in Ihoir te pectivo towns. i0 OTHERS CAN BE GENUINE. PANGHORN St BRINSMAID. 6'm Agents, Burlington Vl to the" public" Surgeon Dejitist, RESPEC'l FULLY returns his thank? for tho liberal patronage ho has re ceived for thirteen years past: lliu whole of which lime f have Ivon employed in Dentistry nnil have spared no pains or ox-pun-u to qualify mvsclf for tho business-. 1 not willing to warrant my work to bu done skillfully, and a- I intend lo remain in town and continue my practice I lall be ready and willing to make any reason able repairs of my work gratis A ft or ten year? practice 1 went to Philadelphia nnd spent th" summer in practice with Doct. S S. Fitch, one of the most scion. Iilic and celebrated practitioners in Den tal Surgery in the United Slates, where i paid five'liundrrd dollars for tuition, be sides other expenses and received Diplo 111a, authorising and recommending me to practice Dental Surgery in its various branches in any part of the United Slates. I can assure the public thai there is no holi ness that requires more practice to make perfect than Dentistry business, and it they would realize, a- those who have, expe rienced, the great injury done by mal practice in Dentistry they would guard ncmin.-t cmnloving imonslori. 1 11111 sorry to" be under the disagreeable uecci-r-ty of speaking piibltekly ol a young man by the name of John Lewis, who advertises the praciice of DeniiMry in this place, but as he lias travelled out of his puth and made an unwarrantublo tire of my name to give himself currency in the Denli-t bnincss. justice to tho public oa well as myself re. quires thai 1 shuuld state some facts in re lation to Mr Lewis and his qualifications. or rather want of qualifications. Mr. Lewis entered my office last May, under n contract to work for mo for the space of two years at ihc Whitesmith business anil making and repairing Musical instruments, and the Mechanical part of Dentistry. lie loft my employ unceremoniously in January last: about" three fourths of the eight month tune lie wos with me he wotkeil at Organs, occasionally assisting mc in the chemical oporulions of Maiiuliie luring parceliim leeih I never euinied into any understanding with Mr Lowi-s to learn him Dentistry, and during the time he was wiih me, I never dinc'ril or per mitted him to perform any operations- in Dentistry, except thetnere mechanical pari of Manufacturing the Materials for my opeiations; and 1 am not tiwaro of lu cver practicing Dentistry, or thai he ever interded to practice, uniil 1 sruv his adver tisement. I had Manufactured teeth and materials before Mr. L"wis came to work for mc, and continue to Manulnclure them and am propnred lo instruct oilier bow to manufficiure ihem, as well as can bo done in the United Slates, but the art cannot bo nrmiirod in n few weeks, or oven n few munths. AH the knowledge Mr Lewis has in even the Mechanical part ol ueiiusiry no acquired from me in t lie manner above tta. mil I have been thus particular in detailing I tip liislnru i( Mr l.uwo.' ...1 1 1 rn 1 1 f i ll in Sor gron Dentistry, in order to caution the public ngnnibt believing every tiuacK a nil vnrl ffiollipnt . It rnniilrna nn Infrin lo run vince sensible people tint it does not follow ol course tnai 1110 wintrsiniili wlio maun- rnnlnrna lllf l-tllrniwmV Incl ritmmilG L-nnlvi how, when nnd where, to use. them as skil fully as the Fiirgeon himself. Jturlinstnn, Feb 20. j37. Winter Strained Lamp Oil Cnn GALL'S, pure winter Oil by wUU Lathiiop & Potwin. FLOUR. ROCHESTER "City Mills" and Troy Hour, for bhlo by Foli.ktt& Bn.ui,i:Ys. Doc. G, 1037. Novia Scotia Plaster. ') kf:fti TONS now grinding and for salo wf) by tho subscribers. IlOARDMAN, CLARK, & Miltnn, Lou-it Fails, Jan, i25, 18.50. Co. BiawTsswR'sr. J. LUWIS OUL1) rcpt'cl fully inform tho pub lie. thai he is now ready to nratice in tho obovu bnsinoss. From n perfect knowledge and practice of the business he feels willing lo affirm that it will bu done in the neatest manner. Calls will be strictly attended to nt their respective dwellings, or nt his room nt J. Potior'-', College Street. Uurliiigtnn. Feb. (I. 1(13!!. Samuel Keeier's Estate. AT 11 probate Court holdon at Hurling ton, within and for the district afore said on the twcutylilili day of December, A. D. KI37. nn instrument purporting to be the Inst Will nod Testament of Sam ti"l Keeler late of E-scx in said district uVeon-od. was presented to the Court, here i;,r probate, by Marshal Castle, the execu tor. 1 herein named. Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that pihlic notice begivon to all person concern el therein to appear before nnl Court. 01' 0 session thereof lo ho holdon nt said Burli ugton, on the 'id Wednesday of February A !U,(' contest the pro bale ol said Will; and it is further order nl liiat this nrv,,,!r b'! P"blihcd throe weeks successively in li.''" Prt'u I''ss, a newspaper printed nt Uurln.'."" 1,1 Sln,' nsl of which publit,,l'","s shall bo previ ous to the day assigned, aloresaid for hearing. . Given under my hand n the Regi-tcr s Office, this 251 h day of t'" "eember A. D, ll!J7. Wm. WkstoS Reiitsltr. Scotch Pig Iron.. OA Ions, No. 1, oo consignment, forsalo by Fol.LCTT & BKAIj LCVS. Dec. G inn" Black Oiler and Dark S'cul GAPS. FIu- 1 ri,,l! ll,lc, C!1" 00 inunu ai the C.?p aml 1,1,1 S'"r0 "f SEYMOUR. "iiillcmcn wislnng to pur chase a .rood'arJic':, elegant form, will avail thcm-elves of n'.'-' opportunity. Also Buffalo ROBES of forge sizes- Caps made to order. Burliogton. Nov. 9. 1137. Change! ! ! SMALL CHANGE for sa.'e " fms suit purcha-ers. i'remilll.u Pal1' '"r COLD ami SILVER in sums n t than glO, tit the .-tore of LATHROP & POTWJN. Jan. 5. I!t:tli. Paints, Oils and Dye Stuffs. 10,000 ,H Whlt0 IjP(1j 5 htils Venetian Red 15 do Whiliug 5 do French Yellow C 12 25 2,000 do America; do do Spis. Turpentine do Linseed Oil ials. pure winter and fall bpcrui Oil 150 bbl Domingo, 75 do ground Logwood. St. do do Cnmpeacby do Fustic do Nicaragua do Oim Wood do I'ar do do Poach do do Quercitron Bark 150 100 CO 10 do do do do do do 12 10 30 do Madder 25 Demijous Oil Vitriol 10 bbl- A Hum 5 do Blue Vitriol 2 Ccroons Flotant Indigo 1 Case IJengal do by J & .1. H. Pi:rK & Co 1JASSWOOD BOARDS. MY'rVfTft Feel, forsalo by tho SJSa subscriber por.-ons wishing lo purchrso will ple iso address HENRY ,N. lillUSII. Moira, Franklin Co. N. Y. TO THS IN order lo coiiiilernci sundry inis-slalo. munis that have gone abroad m relation to my work, and to put lliu public on their guard ngniost imposi'ioii, the uni!"rsigncd doom it proper lo inform those interested, that the lull sells, parts, nmi sing'e. I L CORRUPTII1LE MINERAL TEETH, set on gold, at O. II. Si. Mod's was done wholly by me. UTAs I am not now in his employ, (Ins explanation is but nn act of jo-nee. J. LEWIS. liurlinsl'm Feb. 12 I33!i. TO BiEK't'. rtnilE store nod dwelling next .1 dour cost of Mr. Hickok's ,PS9 Book Slore, on college streni, CS4 olso iho premises occupied by C Meir l. containing n joiners shop nnd i wo dwellings, also iho hoiio occupied by R. P. Tibhels, corner of Champlnin und Peail streets. H. LEAVENWORTH. Feb. Id. l(13!t. ADJOURNED MEETING rrilJE members of iho Burlington Fire J. Company and Wardens are hereby notified that a mooting of said eoinnnnv. will ho hidden nt J. Howard's Hotel, on Fiiday the 23m! of February, iost., at hall past 0 o'clock in the afternoon, for the choice ol inn Wnrdens, a Clerk and Treas urer, nnd for thu transaction of nil other business required by the charter and bv laws oLsWi'd company. ByVr'der of iho Wnrdens. HYMA'N LANK, Secretary. Fib. 0, 1 11311. IV) Wood fMlnnnors. GSilEEtt'Si AYKS. A SUPPLY Ol II. M Z.I.. hrnled Axes, iusl received. n,l fnr Kn liv uiu wuuo or single, uy i lie 8iibscriber. , ROBERT MOODY. Utir.'ingion, Dec. 28, 11137. Burlington, Nov. 24, 1837. ROIll'HtT MOODY is now receiving from New York un extensive supply ol llariU nre. Saddlery, Ilollownre, Drugs, Medicines, Piniits, and Oils ; which he oilers lo the pub ic cheap for cash or short credit, at the old established store, north onst corner of the square. HEW WAVOiim EyUNK (iolil Lepino Watches, excellent . Moveinenis, Silver Lepmes, and coin -iimn Watches just received nt the Variety Shop PANGRORN & UR1NS.MAI1). " Feb. 15. Lyman N. Ham. ) vs. .Tamk Ur.VNnr.Ds. ) Chittenden Co. Court, August Term, KI37 IIEREAS Lyman N Hall, of Rich monil, in said County of Cblitoudeii, commenced Ins net inn again! James Rev nolds ot Iloguiwburgb, in the stale of N. Yoik, at I lie March Term, 1035, nl said Court, declnriog against the said Reynolds in a plea of the ease, for thai the Mini Rey nolds, on the ICth day of February ItlJO. nt said Ilogan-burgh, made and delivered to the said Hull hii certain note ol Ilia, dale, for lliu sum of one hundred nnd tweu ly lour dollars and one cent, payable by the first day of October then next, with interest to the said Hall or bearer. And olo, for two hundred dollars, money had and received by I ho said Reynolds, and which he promised lo nay on demand, and stnling thai no part of either of said sum had been paid I hough ofiou requested, to the damage of lie Plaintiff, three hundred dollars. which said catwo was entered on the docket of said Court nt their srnd March Term lf!35, and has been continued from trrni lo term until the present Term of said Court. And it not being madu to appear In paid Court that the said Reynold- has had personal notice of the service nnd pendency of ibis suit, it is ordered bv the Court that further notion bo given of Hie pendency thereof bv publishing th.: Mib-lnnce of t he PlauitifTs declaration n tho "liurlinglon Ficc Press" n newspaper printed in mid Iitirltnglon, three weeks successively, the last ot whioh to bo llnriy tlavs belore Iho silling ot said Court at llieir next Term, which shall be deemed sufficient nonce to (ho said Reynolds to appear nnd answer thereto. Dated nt Burlington, aforesaid, this 2-Hh day or January, A. D. )Ii3fl. ' Wm. NO RLE. Clrrk. Arrangement for 18138. fTilG Si ago Drivers, and Post Ruler on nil the routes going out of Bur linnum vvjll deliver one and throe dollar nackets of I. he genuine Morison's Pills, or Vegetable Universal Medicine of the Cnl-i.-h'Cnll('l';,c of HV'allh, free of expense to pu chaserl', except the payment for iho Pills. Be particular and see that, each packet and box is signed in writing by PniiL'boru it Dr nir-mitn.'. No others are made bv Miirinon the llyfcisl. Pamsiwuv ic Biu.NSMAiJ), Stale Agents FiJ). !!, 133!!. n u it l i jv a r o vV FEMAI-E SEMINARY. r'lliK Spring and Summer Term, of the ' Burlington Female Seminary, com uienf.e Alarcl' ''' K X T E N 8 K S Hoard including Washing, Fire and Lights p0 ,"r T"ir' . Tuition in i. i'o11'" UIMI -""'', tr i"-1 'I' ll Frcncli, .3 " a German, gl " " Linear and i 'erppi-ciive 1 drawing. 3 " Vocal Mu-ic. to 'M,ll'1C l 1 " pupils gl. o 'h(,rs S " Inslriiineoial Music'. ( 12 Piano and (lunar, . Application-- should bu made 'le ' rl11. cipal, M. C. Grki:.n. Burltn-'ion. Feb. 1. 1833. THE II YG EI AN I'llEORY OF D.'rf- EASES, ami r.r..M:uAi. miti:t:'noss pon Tiir. usn or MOIMSO'S TJ1VCUSAL .11EI)I- cm a, Of the Brithli College of Health, London The leading Prinviplei if the Uygcian or Mnriwninn Tluury if Discuses are contained in the following Prupo sit ions ; 1. The vital principlb is contained in the blood. 2. Every thing in the body is derived from the blood. 3 All diseases arise from the impurity in I lie blood. From the blood all the solids are derived and nourished all the oilier Hinds nre secreted and all the siib-'nuces appropri- iii ml to repair the injuries done to the body are supplied. The rudiment of the future heart (mid the circulating system,) it is well known, precedes the lormaiion ol other parts of the body and is vi-ible for some time before any truce of the bruin can be dMiiintnsliod. As the blond h the builder up of the body and Bource of general health, so it i-i also of universal di-enso: that being fluid while circulating in the budy, il is more uniform in lis tippi-nrnuce Ihnn any of the solid parts, which accounts for (lie diflieol ly of delecting any foreign or inorbifiek mailer " Inch may be circulating with it The miasms of fever nro Inumless to I'very other pnrt of the system, und only become ini-cluevoiit when they reach the blood. If tho blood become once impng. miled with a peculiar taint, it is wonderful to remark Iho tenacity with which it retains il, though often in a stnteof inactivity for years, or even generations. Hence nil hereditary diseases, cniiMiinplions, he. Every germ und fibre of every other part, being formed nnd foil from the blood and all communication to the solids being cut oil", except by tho circulation, where else can wo look to, ns Iho sent of such taints nr predispositions for disease, or for the cause oj disease itself 1 t. Pain and disease have tho same origin and may therefore bo considered synonymous terms. 5. Purgation by vegetables is tho only effectual modo of piinlying llie blood, nnil eradicating disease. It is evident that, all those medicines which require preparation in the patient nnd give cold if taken in damp or cold weather, such nsj cnlntncl &c; do tint assimilate- to the body, nnd nro therefore highly injurious to the coiimiiu'iimi. and impress nod stamp new qnnliHes upon it LVr tlio " rci'elnblc Untvcrsril .liL'tltanc it is unnecessary to propnte. Tlny may taken with advantage in nny wi'itiicr, or ai any time of t he year. I he simple theory simple because true contained in iheso fives propositions was first, promulgated by Mr Murium, the liijsrtisu in IttSo; nnd his worhl-ronownei. medicines wore taken with unp.trallolleil success. Sincu this lime numerous imitir tnrn have arisen in America ns well as in Europe, who stvlo themselves Hygeists, and pretend to treat dwensos on Hygoian principles, and with 'Universal Vegetable Medicine.' The Medicines of the British College of Health cure all diseases which admit ol cure. I. They remove from the stomach, liver nnd intestines--lliu blood-making organs nil ob-lrnctions lo iho duo pcrforuianca of their li "ii 1 1 It v functions. 2. They purilV the blond, bv increasing its various excretions; nnd prevent disease by enabling iho body successfully to resist lb" predisposing exciting anuses of disca-o. 3. They increase Ihc net ion of tho nb orbenis, by which nil morbid growths are taken into the circulation and afterwards expelled from the body. t. I hoy restore iho regularity of those procccs upon winch I lie lorinalinn and cirrnlni mo of the blond depend. I hese nre tho only medicines knnwn in which small ibises have a powerful and heuelical effect; and yet, of which, in ex treme cases, such very Inrgo doses may be administered fearlessly and with greatly increased advantage lo tho patient. llTNone genuine unless signed by pAMJnuitN & BniNSMAin. Stale Agcnls. SHIPPING FURS. CASH, noil the highest market price, paid for Shipping Fur-, bv W. R. & F. C. VILAS. Feb. 9. NOTICE TO RTrauJHZATXO SI-7VATZDS PERSONS suffering under Fheutaalic .-If' ftctun aro respectfully assoied, thai they can obtain of tho proprietor and hi agents u safe and ldmirablo rcmedv for RHEUMA TISM, hnvever nbftinato Ihcdisoidcr may be, and in all .Is dillerent slaves. LiaDR J EE'S Rheumatic Liniment ! will afford mmodiatc relief lo tho patient, and has somclines been attended with such extra ordinary si:ccs as lo euro tl.u most distres sing Ilhumalism in tinnlyfaur hours, oven when of yens standing. This lugily valuable Liniment is recom mended wuli a confidenco founded on the ex perience ofoiany years, not only as a euro for that excruciating disease, but as an excellent application for t?Tirr.Kss or tiig joins, Numb. Nt:S, Sl'KAIi. ClIII.lll.AlNS, i;c. Among a mass oflesliniony in favour of tho success of the Liniment, as a thorough rcmc. dy for Rheumatism, tho proprietor selects tho following r.s presenting genuine instances of ils efficacy Ji'ewand surprising caves. 03 A gentleman, 3Ir. R. of Ciiarlcstowny who bu referred to had been confined lo on lied most of the time I'nr a week, suffering most excruciating pain from Rheiimutisni ; af, ler having had recourso to the round of anti dotes usually resorted to in this complaint 'but without benefit; and while in this state of stiffcriutr. and no piospuct of relief, Mr. Caleb Syiomes, who was his neighbour, and who, owiiil' lo the extraordinary benefit he had himself experienced from its use, recommend, cd lliearliclo with such confidenco ns induced Air. il. Jo make n-c ofil, which ho did, with llm usual success attending its administration, viz : immediate mitigation of pain relief und cure ' irv.Mr T. of ih.'scily, was attacked with a very violent Rheu:nati-m in his hack, which an apidicatioii ofthis' Liniment on going to bed liislaullv relieved, and cored by morning observes h'u nivcr usid ait'l l''ing which gave him so much and so -Treat rul.ef. IHTAn old Revolutionary Oliver near Bos-1,-ui.was sorely alllicled for years with rheu n, a l'u complaints, especially in his jouJls arid limbs', which were fieqiieullv much swollen, . . ,1,1-,;,. i.,,,, r. ,i;,,r r,,..,, ..,.,,1. coiiin i ' "i-"""., " ioal ad,'t"1'' "r ",) "f various remedies, and had disiriu'0'' vdien a friend who had witnessed th '! wonderful I'tl'ecls of ibis Lini ment iidvi-eiJ him In make use of it, which ho did. wiili the, inn s' happy ellecl ; ii riduccd the steilluig in one 77(11 ariirle it ruh'suhrrd so superior to rrcrij Ihin" the, ami to pinsi s"cl uncommon virtues, lhaCit is ordered from rf.''' '"-' ' the. conn- ITrAii a"eut reccnlv wi'di's : "Picara send moufurlhJr supply of Johb's Linlincnl llie first onnoriooiirl sli.ill oiob.dil v sol! a consider able quant'ily. as it is ruiimme.'uW b'J som' S our phvsie inns very luuhiy. Ij'Anothur naenl writes i "I wih you lo forward mo somo more of J ebb's L.'niinciU, wlneu has recominended itscll very high Pnco 50 cents a bottle. Tho Pamful and Debilitating Complaint of PZZ.3S receives immediate relief, and in numerous in stances lias been thoroughly euret. by iho aduiiuistratu u of IIU.MIT.lUs' l!'.Mi:i)V FOB T1IK HIXS. rjnillS uppruvud compound also mitigates, .EL and removes the symptoms which fre quently accompany that disorder, and increase llie danger of the patient, viz. ; pains in Loins Headache -hiss of appelilelnuigeslioo, and nlhei marks of debility. A relieved Patient writes fiom a distance, 'It is lint justice In you to inform yon, that I have used your Dumfries remedy fnr the Piles fursooieliinu past, and havo fuuod it em. llienlly successful." An Olficer in tho Army observes "I Imvo been troubled for years with Iho Piles, and have never found any remedy Ihal would comparu with yours. It gavo mo al must immediate rolief." A Physician and Druggist writes. "I Imvo sold nil the medicine you scut mo, which is so highly recommended for thu Piles. I wish you to send mo ono dozen more by thu bearer." Tho rcmody is quilo innoconl, and may bo administered lo all ages and both sexes. Plain and ample Directions, with a description of iho complaint, accompany ouch packago, which consists of two boxes, ono containing an Ointment, and iho oilier an Electuary. Price $ for hoih urtok's', or 50 couls whero but ono is wauled, Price $1 a bottle, or 6 bottles for $5. Diseases of the Lungs. i)i:sunvi:ni.Y tiii: most porur.Aii iikmuuv ii vnit ijsnn in amkiiios. VEGETAIILE PULMONARY HAL SAM, is llie most valuable lomrdy now in use for Coughs, Colds. Asthma or Phthisic, Whooping Cough, and Pulmonary aU'eclioiis of every kind, lis salo is steadily increasing and the proprietors aro constantly rcreiving Iho most fuyorahlo accounts of it's eirecls, The following now certificates nro ollered for nublio examiiialion. "Miiti.i.nto.n, Juniata co, Pcnn. May 3. 1(1,37. Tho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam has been sold in tho country for two years, and tho m."diciiic has gained an uncommon celeb, rily, for it scjroly in ono instance failed of having thu desired effect. I am by no moans in favor ol'lho many nostrums, most ofwhich aro imposilio.'is upon n credulous public, but what I know h,V experience to bu effectual, I cannot Ijclp but give my approbation llioro to. A counterfeit preparation has boon offer, ed horo by a travelling n;ent of Comstock N Y., nnd lliero is al-o another article vended hero that is btrongly suspected to ho spurious. JACOB MYERS, M. (). LnMrsTCR, N. (I. Dec. fl, 1837. For the Inst five years ormy practice, havo had the salisfacliun to witness the benefi.'dal cfTecIs of tho Veirclnblo Pulmonary Balsam in many cases of obstinalo cough, and other tiffeclions of tho luti!!. I would therefore confidently recommend ils use in all complaints of tho chcsl as being equal if not supei'mr, to any other mediciiio within my knowledge, TRUMAN A HELL. M. D. CoNconn N. II. Jan 30, 1337. I mo satis fied that thu Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam is a valuable medicine. It has been used in this placo with complete success in an ob stinalo complaint of the Iuiil's, attended witli a sevcro Rough, loss of voicn, and tho raising of much blood, which had previously resisted many approved prescriptions. After using tho Balsam ono week, Iho patient's voice re turned nnd ho was able to speak audibly. This case occurred somo tinio since, and tho man is now engaged not only in active, but in laborious business. Respectfully vours, (cc. SAMUEL MORRIS, M. D. Boston, Feb. 21. 1831. --To tiii: Public. I, Daniel T. Ilrayman of Richmondlown. R. 1.. feel il a doty to acquaint tho public, that I liavo received the most unexpected relief in a severe complaint of tho lungs, from tho use of Iho Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam, For three years previous lo my trial of Ihc Hal sam, 1 had a severe pain in my bi cast, violent cough, frequent raising of blood, attended with great prostration of fitrooglh. For principal part of Iho abovo lime, 1 was under lliocarc of n skilful physician in Doston, who employed, besides many internal medicines, blistcimg. scalons ivc. without any improve ment in my case. Two months since I com menced with ths lialsam, nnd have now taken two bottles. I am now able to labor most of tho lime, have ceased to raiso blood, and am almost entirely relieved ofmy couch. DANIEL T. DRAYMAN. Dostom, March 2, 1837. It is now more than six years since f was brought very low by an nffcclioo of tho longs, and my com plaint was declared incurablo by n council of tlnco physicians. I was then restored to as good health as I had enjoyed for many years, by using tho Vegetable Polmonary Balsam. In a great many cases of long complaints, and so far as I can learn, its uso has invariably been followed by much benefit, and in many instances it has affected cures which were wholly unexpected. p rntiVTPPPriTs . i lNMn,iL, 1TA';n,0r ncioseu in a ellow tablet. ionc others bine wrapper, on which is a yi sinned SAMl'SON REED. can be genuine. The "real celebrity of the 1 1 Uenuino egctaUlo t'ulmonary lialsam has been iho cause of attempts lo inlroduco sou- ; rious articles, which by partially assuming the name of tho genuine, aro calculated to mislead aod deceive the pobhe. Among these mixtures are Iho "American Pulmonary Rib sain," ''Vegetable Pulmonary Balsamic Sy. nip," "Puhnoinry Balsam," and others, i Purchasers should inquire for Iho true article by its whole name, THE VEGETABLE i PULMONARY BALSAM, and see that it has ' ths marks and signa'.uro of genuine Each ' bottle and seal is stamped Vegetable Pulmo- nary Balsam. ILi'LATEST CHEAT!! ':Bowaro of a spurious imitation called Compound Pulmonary Dnl-am, which the agents say is dnno up in good slylo 0Simi I- to .Sampsons V. P. lialsam again we say he warn of counterfeits. Price 50 cents. For sale wholcsalo and re tail by J.& J. II. PECK &Co New Jus hi bl'sft O AVING taken tiir Cabinet .Shop on M.JL Hie east side of I In! Court Hoii-e Square, formerly occupied by Abbott & Wood, where ho intends carrying on the Cabinet making business in nil ns branches, and hopes by punctuality and strict atten tion to his business, lo merit n share of public patronage. N B. All kinds of fancy work, such as Ladies work Boxes, Portable Do-k. Shaf loniers. Music Stools, Pool Stools, &c. &c. made nnd repaired with neatness and on short notice. lEPAhnnst all kinds of Lumber nnd pro visions taken in payment lor cabinet ftimi lure. Burlington. Feb. I. 1338. January 20. ATCHES, ju-t arrived by land I gold rn-i'd nnil dial, detached Lever Welch (M. S. Tobias & Co.. ma kers) I 3 holes je.vcllcd, anchor escapement, with expansion curve These wniches are neeiilinily accurate in marking time. We also have' srlvor cased Lovers, the same kind. 1 gnlil cased and dial Lever Watch; 5 pr. cxt rn jewelled (John Morris maker) heavy dbl. buttiimed case. Wo havo also silver (double bottomed nnd double cased ) patent Levers, 5 jewels, good time keeper.-. Very neat silver horizontal and Lepine Watches. Wo expect some more good gold cased nod dial Lepinu Watches in a low days We Imvo good heavy English Wntehes. Particular intention paid to Watch nnd Clock repairing, nt tho Variety Shoo. Pamiiimhv & BmsM u. Rigging, Oakum, Tar, Pitch. 1 nn ,arrLi r,Bsinf'' wifito 1VJU Mqunilln ropes, of vniious sizes, up to 7 inch, Spun yarn, hauibcrlinc, house line, mar line, and deep-sen line, 2000 lbs. Oakum, 24 bbls, North Carolina tnr, 15 " pitch, for sale by Pom.ktt it IlRADi.r.vs. Dec. 0. 1837, NOTICE. PURSUANT to a License prnrrled by llie Hon. Supremo Court of ihentntn of Vermont, the subscriber, as Guardian of oon Eln-I Allen, n "nonooritpi'i or lunntlc," will'or for sale at public auction. iioIqfii previously si.ld at private sale, the follow ing described real eslnte, tying and being in Grand He. county of Grand Isle, nnri .Slnlo of Vermont, to wit, nil of that part of I ho first division lot of land lair or drawn lo iho original right nf Solomon Strong which lies east of the main road in said town, together with n small piece lying west of and adjoining the some, con taining in th" whole about sixty four ocrp. mi the 20th tiny of Februory, A. D. 1838, ot ono o'clock, in the afternoon, at the dwelling house on ihc said nremises. JOEL ALLEN, Guardian of Ehcl Allen. North Horn, Jan. 2G. 1838. Socrates Catlin's Estate. STATU OF FERMOWT,) DISTUICT Of CUITTKNDF.V HS. The. Honorable the Probate Court for the District if Chitlcndci, To all persont conerrncd in the Estate of Socrates Callin, late of Burlington, in said District, de ecetsed, GRETI.VG. WHEREAS, the administrator of tho estate of said deceased proposes to render nn account of his ndmitmtration, nnd present Ins account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session of t lie Court of Probate, to be holdcn at tho Register's office in Burlington on tho sec ond Wednesday of March next. Tm:ni:t'niu:, You are hereby notified to appear before said Court at the time and place aloresaid, and 6hcw cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, this first day of February. A. D. 1838. ' CHARLES RUSSELL, Jueige. GREAT BARGAIN'S. rjpilE slock of Goods lately owned by Mr. JL Lemuel Curtis, loircthcr with tho Sloro nnd Shop now occupied by Mr. D. S. Russell, and tho land on which tho same stand, havo been conveyed lo Ihc subscriber to bo sold for Ihc bcnfil of certain creditors of said Curtis; and as thesamo must be sold at all events thoso who wish topuichasc will bo enabled to mako great bargains. Thogoods consist of a very large assortment of DRY GOODS, DRY GROCERIES, CROCKERY. CI1IXA St GLASS WARE. And will bo sold cheap. The Store and Shop, arc very eligibly situated, in the bu siness part of the town. A credit will bo given for a part of the real estate. Also for sale as above, a one Horse Sleigh, a Chaise, heo single Harnesses, a one Horse Waggon, a Saddle, Sec. jYOBLE LOVELY. Burlington, Feb. 1, 1838. Compiled Laws of Vermont. rF1IIIS new edition in ono neat volumo JL comprises all tho public acts of tho Leg. islaturoofthis Slate, together with a listofkll local and privato acts, and acts repealed from i cycar l82-t,to 1835, and is now for sale, at ""ok Store ofJames VV. Hickok, in Bur- i Hngton, at the reduced prico of 56 cents per voiutnc Lawyers and Magistrates, who aro .,, -i:,i ,,,, ,i i.. j... . . . I... cuepm-uu mi uiu UIUI1IU,UIU UUYlHeU 10 HW brace this opportunity, to complete their sett of tho Statute Laws. Burlington, Jan. 31, 1838. DUMFRIES' STOH OINTMNT ! THE extensive salo and established repu tation or DUMFRIES ITCH OINT MENT, encourages the Proprietor to recom mend it with renewed confidenco to the pub lie, as a most innocent as well as powerful application for this annoying disease. Tha most inveterate cases have been cuiied in os-i: noon! by this esteemed Ointment. It contains no Mercury, orolhnr noxious ingro. dient, and may bo confidently applied even to the youngest children, or to pregnant females. Price 3"i cents. SORE AIID INFLAMED, EYES ! raiHE studious, the weakly, and others, .IL who are troubled with soreness or in flammation of that delicnlo organ, will bo able to obtain a most pleasant and invaluablo application, in DUMFRIES' KFZ'IZ WATER. J This, well established ll'ash for the Eye, in pcil'ectly innocent, audgivis im.ncdiato relief, even in very aggravated cases ofsorcoess and inflammation Prirn 25 cents. i I! DILI T A T K I) V E M ALES f J IE couiplnint.- peculiar to tho lemalo JL par! of the community, have been long successfully treated by the administra tion of tho Aromatic Pills', originally pre scribed and compounded by Dr. Rei.fe. They cleanse the blood from those disor ders of the female constitution, for which the Pills, aro no effectual specific; thev restore a free circulation, reform the irrer. ulnr operations ol" the sanguiferous system, and rectify the disordered habits. The proprietor's confidence in the superior ex cellence of this equally innocent and pow erful preparation, is founded on the most decisive testimony from many restored pa tients He can assure tins portion of tho public, that when Dr. Rclfes AROMATIC PILLS FOR FEMALES, are regularly taken according to the direc tions accompanying them, they revive nnd establish the desired healthy habits, and restore to the pallid countenance the natu ral glow of hen 1 1 It and good spirits. The Pills nre nn approved general rcmo dy in cases of Obstructions; Debility; Hy: pnehnndria ; (Ireen Sickness; Giddiness. Palpimiion of the Heart ; bad Digestions Loathing of Food; Pain nf the Stoirnch , Shortness of Breath upon every it t lo mo tion ; Sinking ofiho Spirits, and it conse quences, n dejected countenance, and dig. like for exercise nnd conversation. Married ladies will find tlC s equally useful, except in cases of pregnancy, when they must not he taken ; nether must thev lie taken by persons of hectic or consump' live hnbils. They may b- used successful ly by en her men or women in nil Hypochon. eh 'iac. Hysteric or Fuuiurish disorder. In nil cases of this descriplinn.ihe Pill purify, tnvigor&lv, and revive iho disordered jy. icm. price $1,50 a box.

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