Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 30, 1838, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 30, 1838 Page 2
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S O N fJ. Jimrci' o. nm! pmW; n, Ac popular Song bi the tdi'or of the Edinburgh, Pit, Moun taineer. 11 V J UIHS Joll.lS. Ilitiil times, h.inl lime, i now tho cry, The i-mimi-i's in roiilnlmi, Tha dinks Ii hp ftpl i lf'll li-ll jmi why, Till' Cl(ll'i ll dl'IlHWIII Tn gho ih ir.i-h. iiinl keep ill'! c:isii, 'I'rjin licii'nii mill V.iii Uiiii'ii II.ivp imildlniik I'V mini nml riouk Their places In I. i'i mtc nimtius. Then to Hie. pdt, ye no'ile tculi, Tim' knacei may rryfor quit ters, Let Jackson know, Van lluan too, IVc'll stuiulfasl by our dun tcrs, The ciirpornlimi, wlm mo fljIM Tlif I. mi ii'liiiiiii'ii.ilioii, Tow ml lliiii en I h.ue ln;M nml lolIM, Ami ii'idi hinhttipt llu n.i'ion. 'J'hi" -my ili'i'imiiii ,nfe in hoik Wlmh Uncle Sam h.ul chaitcrM, 01 Illti knu li nl l.ik mi mil, And in Ii ii pel- Ii nl qnaiicr M. A I'mi'iiiA Oiil r lie iiiPil,j An iinli'i li.nil nnd Ii it'll, Tli, il lliev ulm lioiinlil iii pnhlie. Ian I ' tittti t t pn in iiuii;lil I mi 1 r uli, fir; This o llll- Itlll llllt pilll'llP'l SO ll.llll Ami ilniini'il llii' lnnk nl '"'. Anil llii'y 'ml flint il n ill'1 gales, It lll''lll llIM! ill allied ilic I (Ml, til'. Ol.l Hirknix's I'Cif suspended Inn, Tliojn t ini- nl' dentin p.ip, sir, 'J'lii: tiniMin ilicii, h we do kinnv, Slot with ti ilitf ini.'li.ip, !"ir. ll.inkinpl In pay, nnd l.n It-.i-il.iy, lis cirilil nen r iifl ml, pic, Tn piy ii - ili'liii" riniiiivi"l '!" frliomc Of iiui'." Tceumcy Notei, sir. Each rnipuriiii'iii' nil'1 tin.' mil U'liicli Wa.-lnnion ili'fciiitcil, While honest popli' 1114 uml Inil. And k-o ihrir lights m'pen led ; To hliml whose co each miiiinn cries, "Diihii wiih I lie bank-, fur nil" lint wit 01 t i- known ill it fli.ucj tliuy own, ilovv iIj tliey tliiiine llio duwl ! Olil Ilii kniy, u r-rl was lie, 'I'd wnifliip n'K m ilf.ii'.j : Ti" liy lii niililmin fi ili-li Mill The n.i' ion's mindl, 1:0.1 1 1 v While '.'.iiiin, iie.idnnj in hisMep?, Wini! I ,u-li n- In ileslincti.iii, Ami pi'iiMoiu'il pies.-cs raise ike ny 'Unhid hank", in aid elections. Wc duly (iiuli'i'.-lniiil rmr lights, .Sfftiicil l) UuiHtiuitinn, Kor will hi; ole for JJiqiocriles, W ho'ir 111. iili nil ihi 1 oufii.-iiiii ! For jut t Jlefonn we'll bene die tlnrm, Anil when Mich koines we i' men, We'll bvunr uitej fit tliPin iill' They'll kn iw dial wc me fiecmi'n. Then to the polh, ye r.ohle souls, Tho' knaecs may cry for quarters ; Let Jackson knom. Van JUiien too, He'll stand fast by our ctlAinEl'.S. Huntington, Nairn. 18CS. Will it t'ABs, on will it not .'The sailor has an olil proverb, respecting a Inzy poraon, that he "looks for a doy's work like a Malion coldier preying nil the limn tliat lie may nnt find it." Wc begin to think that the soldiers of the administration who profess their anxiety for the passage nf the Sub-Treasury Echemc aro somewhat t--imi-lnr in the sinccrily of their dovmi in and lhat if the bill could bo lost, and eecin lo bo so lost in spite of their cxprtiun9 lo ihe contrary, they would bo exceedingly dc lighted. The prevalent opinion anion?; politician now, eccrnsto be lhat the bill will not pafi or at an? rntn not n the 'bcnulifnl wli'ili' as it was rcpuriou. i-eninre niter lea tnrc will bt struck out, till its own friend w not 1, now 11. 11 as oii!T uccn n Fian- 1 .1:1. .1.. c .til i. . question's being taken, il fcema now as fur from coming to lhat point ns ever. After the Senate have done, tho House must .hove a chancn at , Washington, March 21. In tho IIou.-k, several rcr'nluiinns, prin "'pally of enquiry, which had beru loying n hi'iij I i mo upon the Speaker's table, were r;';p'i iii and ndopiod. The mnst impnr nt were culls lor cerlain in'ormation re-peeling iH'irociations with Mexico and fjieut Uniain. In (lie yiiNAiK. Southard concluded liic--piTfli opaiust the Hiih.Trenury bill, after winch the question wa taken on II vpiV nulistiiiiti'. which was lust njct jiocs SO ri.1ri the final jm--nti'? of tho bill. Puichaiian and (inindy lire in-triiclt'd and ilrdeil to 'vu'c against it. This rai'i's I he oppr-ciiion Mil 0 to .'ii'My four. Morris of Ohio has l-o declared that he will vote rgainst the , ' iin!cs it be so atnrndi d, ns to prohibit muuiliatdy, the reciplion of any thin ut fpi'Cti. fur puh'ic dues. 1 hero is no .irobability that any eucIi amendment will ',11 udopled; and Morris's V"lo may thotr uro he counted ri''ainst 1 lie bill, This rjivi'G us Itvenlijfivc, The ultimate fate ol this meaeuro in t ie t?euato eernis likely to turn upon a motion made by Cuthhert im mediately after the above vote, lie said lie was in fuvor of the parly and llm bill, but ho could not consent to that clauee of it wb'di went to introduce a gradual prohi bition nf th.i reception of bank notes for . Jiovnrnuicnt (lUMi terminating in tho ex. clusivo reception of t-pecin Hunk !i','' conetiiutcd nnd tnu.-t rnnMilulu the punc il medium or ;in commerce of tho coiiti Iry; and in this rtcpecl tho government ui'ht tu fiiand upon the tamo ground with thy people, Ho therefore moved lo Mriko out the C3d section of llm hill. The clU ct nf fctriking out this section will be, lo leave the resolution of 1(110 in full furce, so thai the instant llio banks reaumo epeciu pay mcnts their notes w.ll 1q rcceivublu by the government. Calhoun declared, uml justly, that lhiscclin contained the whole tubjtancc and essence of the bill ; end bel'ire the question win Inken, lm withi'd lo bo board in defence of Ihis srciiun, and of tliu bill generally. Whereupon the Senate adjourned. It will be evident to all who havo carefully examined tho tub ji'ct, that if this 23d ecction is struck out, tho Ming of tho bill h gone. It his"s its tn culiar character nf a bill lu change the circulating medium of Ihu coitnliy from paper to cniti, mid becumi's a mere bung- ,ng, miserable, and r.a it will certainly prove on trial, iinpraciieauio Fcucmo mi llm iimr.ntri'mi'iit oflliu nubile fintiners. If Ibis section h struck out, it would snein to bo of very little consequence whethor llio bill passes or not. On the other br.nd, if tin; ametidincnt fails, the vote nf Cnilibert is Injt, which gives twenty six ngnmal the bill, and inaki.'-.-a lie. 15 ut Lumpkin, and peihaH hiinic titlcrj, are dicposi'il to en tertain similar principhji with Cuthbcrt, il so, and tho nincn lin nit fails, the bill nuisi by liit even in the Senate. Maucii 22. In Setiato Mr. Ronton made a speech in favor ol the sub treasury bill. In the House several coinniiiiiic.iiotH wero lecoivcJ in r.nswor to resolution", ani'inir which was one from '.ho Secretary of lb'! Navy relative to the Imploring V,x pediiion. Among the resolutioin olfeied which lio ovur one day was one requesting the l're.tid'jnt to inform the IIuu-o whnlhc hu has given any authority lo Mojor fJen Jesup to treat with tho Indiam, &c- and whether said Indians have i fi'ercd to be at peace upon condition that they be allowed lo rennin in Florida. Ani'in' the resolu lionr passed were one a.-king for such in fin tnation p.h the President may possess relaiivc to the intermeddling of any foreign government, ii? officers or subjects Willi the weii'rn lndintu: one l'ir remodelling the C'liieu'ar csUhliskinent of the Uniti'd States ; and one instructing tho Committee on the Post Office and Post UoaiN to in. quire into the expediency of in'horizing and instructing tho Postmaster General to bargain and contract with any company, or companies, to take a mail for tho United S'ulcs to and across ike isthmus of Panama to the Pacific ocean and back again, pro vided such contract can bo made on rea sonable terms in the judgment of llie Post, master general. Ttli: FLORIDA WAR. From n cent pohiica'ioiis of corrcspnn deuce between (ien. Jesup nnd the War Department, it spetm ihai thi iifiieer who fell so secure of flinching the Floritla war. ii rcadv to givp it up in disiiair. lie snvs that the country south of the Hatch is not worth the money that would be expended in driving tho Indians from it and lhat we exhibit 111 n contest with them "llio first instance, perhaps, since the cm mnnccmenl of authentic 1 u -1 - -v . ofa nation employing an army lo p.vpluru n country (fur wn pan do little more than explore it) or aiteiopfng to remove a band ol tavages - 111 on! unexplored wilderness lo aimtli r." The General thinks that the policy f removal is tho true one, hut lhat it should be deferred till tho white popu'atiun come in contact with, or are intermingled among ho Indians Having prnmi-eil the r Ion da Indian: lhat bo wmild use ln intereH lo ob'nin pcruitf sinn for iheui tn remain, h" ventures to suggest" that t hey bo allowed to reuuin for the present but ho ii--.-ign; them lo Mich a place on the n'Miioso'a, in the event of rema'ning, that lliev pimiM not povsiblv live there. TP.' answer In iIipm' nppliraiiiiiu is rn'her rliort . contains m.irp than an intimation to th" (jiiiernl that hi. (in-qoisiiions oiiiin Indian policy not neeiled at the Department, end barely an- lliori'.ps him to ui'ike :i temp irnrv nrraiiL".1' tn' iit with ilie ludiaiiN nil the 11 - x cum paign- The warlord;. now Intther than vnr from i'r end. 1 1 teems ilmi nuled bv the natural features of tho cnutnrv, whieh they Ihnrooghly oinlerflniid. the liidmns nie at 1 li 1 - moment fairly llie victors. Tnev offer term-i upon which they will coiuent to make p.'nee, nnd the cmniand'iig 1 (li cor nf tho United Stales army tnlvncites compliance with the terin-j proposed by the Indians. It W a hula singular that the duplicity which has cliarie'eri'.'d the war on Imlli rides i seen even in Jesup's leilerf. wrilten in with I111 prome 10 he savages. "Should 11." he wiles ''he determined to remove the Indians by force, and continue llio war mini iltey soli'ini! nn C ilidiliiun11'.'. I ih sire Mint the eouniiiinica lion he eoiifnli'iitial, rind thai ill'.1 inattet bo ciiiHldered as coiili.lein nil at Wa.-iiig'on. 11 order that I may have information ol it bo 1 ro 11 can ue eoinmunicaiuu ny leiter-wri. lers lo olhers; lor I here can be but li'i d 1 11 lit of their flying lo t he en amp ngmn and renewing tin' war, should tin) decision bo lo reui"Vo Iheui." ! roni this it is evi dcut lhat Gen. Jesup, emulating tlii glory ol Hernandez llie liiilnapper ol Ovok ired that il li'ivernmenl did nut cliooso In comply with Ins term' In 1 he In dians, inai tne Department ciiou'd give him a ehitice lo entrap llie lodiau-i, who wcip unstHpiciou-'ly wtnitng n lair eoni 11 it iiicatinu of answer from Washington. P, ihnpn he even i'Xn clod thai the S' cre lory of War would nut ho.-ii-.o such an act 0 treachery. Wo are glad to believe thai no fetich authority wan giveii--at any rati 110110 eneb appears in the primed rnrrrtpon deuce, Rut while upon tho subject it iw natural lo Inquire who ii is that h in such correspond! uce, with llm Indian", that Gen Jesop j- oidrr- uro likely lo ho kiioitn to then) ns w-ll a lo luin ? Cerlaio'y thm Fiurida war h onn of ihe moiiivnwkwBrdly managed modern wars we ever hoard of. There is nnoihor point in tho correspon. denco which has somewhat surprised us. Whilu (ien. Jesup wmhes the Indians now 111 Florida to bo permitted lo remain, he would mil rage every principle of cniinunn just ic by rlupping ofl'lo llie West ihose who havo been taken prisonetfi. Now, it would seem but fuir that u pcacj necorded to th" T till ans a tho victors 111 the rnit o' Ii 11 Id iiie'udc tint wh V itntuin Wed' mil like Ibis making lull ol one and flesh of ntioihor. FROM TUB ARMY. Omei.u.. liil'iiriualioti ha-i been received nl I he War Departmiuit from fort Jupiler, Flori da, n-i late ns the 7'h March, which Mati"1 hat npto thai lutti', more than three hun dred Indians and oin hundred and filly ii'tninoh; nei'rora had com'! in. I' nun inl'.rmali'in ib-nvil from thm; it who be Imved lhat Sam .l"Miuid Ins pnMy were Iviug o.'iicealcd nn tho I-lunds of the livrgtades. At.t.tfiAT'Wi uud Iii-i parly on 10 weit of llie O-k'-c-eho he, mid Ui A- c i-0 cur.i:, wi'h Iim band 1:1 the swaiiips "f the St. litiotp. It wnsal-ii! repmlod tli-rp, ilinl any "f 'he Mu.'ka-'ukiPrt v. pre making 1 heir wiiv 111 (mall paring of two. Hiroe. and four, bat k t.i I he Wahoo and WtUjIacun- eht'p. Il is evident that tuny will not fiirht again if they can avoid it; their sole ohji ct being lo gel out of tho way of wh lei. anil procure, the ineatu of siiliii-lence. It h belu.-vrd that, rcarly all their cattle hnve n destroyed, nod most of th"tr homi's eap'ureu. auraiivm says mm mere an- not 111 ire than Ii i eeii or iwciitv ne"roes left in the nut ion, In urdor to search tho Hvcrg'ndp, and if possibln to find nnd disl.tilge In" linlinns iriifil Hi" 1-iaiiiH, ix eoiripaiiien or annii-iy iindor C ilonel IlAMUtr.Ai) hnv" been s'ti' frum Indian river M Key l"-cayno. wli't" they tiri.-to take boa's nnd propped by New riccr in'o lb" KvoruladeJ. Mo -ir l,iCi)Kn n.M.i:. with two hundred Tonnes." cam. nml a Cwinpniiv of llio iM ariiHory under liien trnriot Amu-.ii-'os, are nlreadv on iSow river. Iinvmif umrehed from Fnt Jupiler on llie 2d iiHlant. Li"iitpnant Powell, of the f.'avv. i-i to co-opnrate in tips ni'ive niPiH, which will give O'diviel Rankiikad n moving force of nearly six hundred men. Globe. Fus Ar.ioNO th:; Sp.mtou', Our rea ders are nwore that th" l.egi'lti'ti'o of Pennsylvania parsed rp'ultitiori' m-iruct ing Mr. Rocbniian lo ntlvocate n potpoiio. tnnnl nf llie sub treasury hill. Of coomp. lie panoot coiiMstcutly dclend it now, altho' at the first of the session he spoke it) its fa vor. The Alexandria (laretto sas thnt during Mr. Web ler's .per.eli m the Sena'o 00 iMotidav. h" wat pr rfeiho-; to ixaioioe pnnii! ubs " vat ions of Mr. Iiuchniinn on the subject. Rut lhat Sciifi'or suddenly rose, and wnh sn air hnll'serioiH, hill' !iidicroii, evpreaped his hope th'it. the Massiehuseils Senn'or woo'd not niito:!c 11 limn wiiosc hands urn lied ! Mr. Wtl'er, amnUl gun ers.1 laiigh'er. replied in a li v. ly tnii". "I will no! say r.nolh -r word about n I will not even look in that quarler llie.egh H is aK''nv n'ea-innt to inu to sec thu Senator from P. nn-jylvania.'1 A Tnin.iNO Jem Mr. Admm ha" 'rirettly contiderohly' alarmed tin United S'ate i (louse, of Repiesentatives, by a mo lion lo have printed all the petition- on Ab tdinnu, snd Texa, which have been pre sented during llie last nnd present session, and laid on the table under tho 'inl'nmous resolution.' " The correspondent of the New York American toy, touching this inatt"r or rather mass of mulior have jii-t been looking at the romn which in the 'de pository, and for no other purpose,' of these potiiioni. lis dimensions are abotit 20 feet by 30. and high in proporlion. There they aro, cle.-oly packed, and reach tn the ceil, tug. The poor clerk was nearly frightened oil' ol his wits, llesaid it would Ink mm. alone, at leat a year to co'mply with the resolution, should il pass. Such a doen ment would break the hack of Hercules, and wore each member to frank one to his constituents. I he Pint Master General would havo to hire four horse teams for their convevance." fo it:: i (;:;. There have been arrival during tho past week, which give us foreign news several days later; but we do not notice, except in the d fierence of dales, any great change on the European continent or in Great hriinio. The Canada rjliehion has abnon I or quite ceased to ben -tibject of engross ing intere.'l there t ns both the tiding! from Ibis side, and the pub ic faith in the ffieacy of the ministerial piano load the leople to regard the matter ns settled. Commercial advices do not indicate nny remarkable cl.ang". Money continued n hug, nnd such American securities, as wero regarded rale, were untight Willi avidity. There is a gratifying change in the lone of the press toward thi.i country, uml seme of the newspapers which have been most abusive to America ns an insol- nt debtor, now teem with commendations oftho American mercantile community j ne news troui 1 lie Uontment teems now favorable to llio caiue of the Queen of Spain. Tremendous engagement!! are spoken of in which Ihe Queen's troops have gained great advantages. Though ono would lliiuk th'n gnvo the Pretender quite enough to do. yet il is Maled that he enterlaiiied serious designs upon Portugal. Accounts of Soiitberland's miveiiieiils at Run R atio, and the capture of the j.chunii. er Ann by Ihe loyalist, were published in ihn L 'tidon evening p.mers of tho 2flih. Trho Courier of that dale mikes only llii C'liiiuinnt up in ihe fae;s then known'; "The excellent spirit ili-pttived bv the population nf Upper Canada, leaves ns Without uticni-ioei.1 in to tho results of these buccaneering speculations on t It pirt of 11 fow individuals in Up. United Hiatcs; hut in how melancholy n 1 1 r Ii t do they nut p'ace the Kxeciilivo 'c iveuimi'iii of thai country when, with no npparonl wii-h lo maiiitnin on honorable Inn: of con 'net Inward England, they aro iinnhlo to restrain ih"ir own citizens frum repented ads of agression on the uueflliidin'r uihah Hauls of a neighboring country." " The freed nn of the city of London has been nfl'-'red lo Mr Sieyengiin innri pan Minister by tho Court of Lord Mayor, AM ruiati mid (.millions. -ami declined bv Mr. S. mi the ground lhat he was nut, 1111'. der the constitution and usages of Inu coun try, and the rules prcucribed for tho gov. p'liiuenl of its diplomatic fiinclinn.iries in I heir intercourse with foreign nations, nl liberty to accept il. On tho 20' h of February, Lord Rrottgh am brought forward a motion for an address, lo llie Queen, praying her to lake imme diate steps for negoeialing with llio Gov. momenta of Spam, nml Portugal, nnd obtaining concurrence of France and the UuPed Slates in nich iiegnci.i'ioii'i, with a view lo dec'are the trail' 111 slaves piracy ; and included two sots nf resold" ion', Ihe lirl against pay muni of head money lo the persons engaged in suppressing llio slave trade, and providing fir tho emnloyineni of sieiini Vessel--, and th" i-stio of letters of marque to private individuals against slave Inp-e, tho second Minting lo tho nppren ticeship system in the Wen Indies. The hst nf the second set for the final ilisconlinuiince of the apprentice. Inn sys'pin on the 1-t (I August ti'xt. Ijird (ileiiolg opposed the motion, ns not tending to nny practical result, nnd ofi-'ted a substitute for the address, which was sunported by the Duke ol Wellinglou, nml carried 11 nam tnon-lv. The Inst resolution win negn lived, 30 to 7. ntnltlu others without a di vision. Sin Fixanch 1 1 1: A i It will bo remcm bored that 00 the oc'!iou ol'tbe convoca tion of llio'Cauadiau Parliament, Sir Frnn cm Mend said ill Inn speech thai "he allow, oil th" lender of the intended itimirreo ii.'ii n Mill onp r t unity I t make Iih inleiidi i experiment" lo write what he chose, nm even ollowed them (the reh"U) "nni'ppoHed to assemblfl with loaded arms." &e. For this, which was pr'b.ibly mcro paHConad 10 cover lis ignorance of Ihfir iiiovunjeiits Sir Fratici is very severely tak"ii to tn?k in Ivnglaod. II S.-'ems lo iw Unit oil 1 1 horn of ih" dilema h uucoiuorlabl" enough 1 1 Sir r rancis did nut know, titter what had r ccur. (l in Lower (Janad.i, what dan ger his government was exposed in, w as rulpnble ; and i(" ii- did know, nnd "till allowed llio r'be'hon lo yrow to a head and re-uH io bloodi-hcd bo was more blame worthy still. Tun (yiuioN tio.v. Tin Q,unnn has taken the fnsi step towards Iter eoronati 01 uy iirderiiig a cown lo be undo. Il is I be of small dimensions, to be worn on th hacl; p ut of lb'1 lieu I. in th" iniimier se t ho portraits of Qooon Lli.-ilvMh. Tin devices to be euip'oyed an ornaments arc 1I10 loce. Ihis'lo, shniorock, oak haf, fl-ur do lis. There iko lo be no colored j"W-f in it no'hiii!? b'lt diaiuoinU. Con-'der ftblo curiosity exi.-ts a to what Ihe Q,o m will do as to wenrin;' the cown after b coroimlioti, ei;( iitle forbidding her to wear it before. Former sovereigoi havo the s'a'e cr"ivn on tho in "Hug of Parliament though tlcy each had a personal one mad lor tln ir coronal ion. Wow, however wi) liti'' Ihe C.lo"en may he to wear t, wore she fn altfinpt lo pot it on, it would ro.-d not upon her brow bu1 upon her shoulder: aclmo oa a complete extinguisher; and il is padd 'fl so as to uviko it loiigo upon her head, the (.fleet would be too ludicrous even for the dignified esemblnge of th Iloiie of Peers. The probabi'uy is that she will wear her own crown, having imperial crown by her side. English 1 Tun Timers mn Canada. A London evening paper of February loth states that llio battalions ordered for Canada, which wero to march for embarkation next day had received counter o der, and would not march if at nil until the oxniration ol six weeks. Tins C'tinler order was doubt less occasioned by llio nbaudnnmnit ol Navy Island, news of which was leccived 111 London on the M' h. From tho .Montreal Herald. Tho following extraordinary document lias been handed us for publication discloses sum'! of tho views nnd plans of tho "Commander in Chief ot the Patriot Army, who so lately threatened our Province with invasion, ami acquaints us wnh the desertion of Mr. Pnpineaii from die cause of the Canadian Republic. Pi.ATTi-ni'r.fiii, Sunday, 2ji h F.-iirmiry, lt!3b T)r.An Sin. I know net when you ma receive tins, but a-' 1 may have very lilt I note herralier, I avail myself of tins spare moment 10 po ivoy lo voo one nnno-i, am send a lew of the resolutions ot the pro vi-tonal govern nent ol Lower Ciimidti, winch I am desirous you t-honld diM ributo m vour put of Canudii to the best advan lago. According to agreement, Macl. zip, with n Inrgt lorco and .veil provid lor war. look up Iih march Inwards Upp (Jionda on Friday Ins army wa safely encamped moir Gannnnqoo aboni mili'H below Kingston, nnd ln.-t eveni.ti. dip frem .Montreal e.inio lo hand, savin thnt he had taken Knig-ion 'Plus news w e are assert d, was cmifinne by 11 dispatch from Sir John Cidborne Gen. Wool, al ibis uiorniu On the first ropoit of Mackenzie's move menis at Watorlown, all ihusparu troop pos-ible were tiPttl on Inwards Upper C11 mi n, nod huh uioMiiog we h"r Hon John 13 on his way thither, having taken the largest number of regulars he could wi' It him Wo have so arranged thai Wool am) Colhorno nre under llio firm porMiaMon. that we have secretly sent on our men and means lo the assistance ol M ick'ii7.'o. and Hits is confirmed by tin apparent absence ol our men a nil ammu nition. Wo are informed, on linn evening. Wool will iiiovo west, to guard the S . Lawrence frontier, disregarding us thai w ill uiueli faeihlate our entry into Lower Canada on Monday night and Tuesday morning. Our lorce is abundant for our purpose nnd, if you cun po-sihly co-nperaio. our siiecss will bo of easier attainment. I would advise you lo make jour way with all piHHiblo speed; to Three Rivers, if yon havo men enough, where wo shall, by rupid movements, join you, utter having -(cured Montreal if vour force is iu-ufii- eieni for this first route, Ihen make your way to St. Ilyacinthe. and I hence lo So rel, where you may lake up quarters until you receive inalriiclions-if again your forco is si ill lo-s inovo on with what vuu can muster lo Misstsqimi Ray, St. Johns uud Laprarie, collect all y u can of fire arms. Piipitio'iu has nli'iml uieil us, nnd this through selfish, nnd fauii y motives, regarding llio Seiguorios, nnd in vcturatu love of llio old French bad laws. We can do without hi n, and belter lhan I if we had him, a man only lit fjr words, bu' not for nciion. Wo havo the most siuvo nsuranco of n IivpIv nml cordial eption on our arrival. Wc havo named on a Captain, but I do not send the com mission now, ii h unnecessary. lours truly, HORFiItT NELSON. R. Ryan, F q. Derby Line. Misi Murliueaii, in her 'Western Trav Ist'gives the following portrait of Mr Van ioren, now President of the United Slates ! "Mr. Van Ruren and his snti happened hu in Albany, and called on me this af- rnooo. t Here is nothing renrirkahio in the appearance of tins gentleman, whom I af'erwards saw frcmienl Iv at Washington II" is small in person, with light hair, and blue eyes. 1 was often ii'ked whether I d not I hit) k his manners iremleiuanlv. here is much friendliness in his manners ho is a kind-hearted man : he is al.-o rich in inlorin itinii, nnd lets 11 como out on ubjecis in which ho cannot cnntrivo to see uy d inger in speaking. Rut his manners ant tho Irankiiess anil confid'-nc which e essential lo good breeding. Mo one lions cloev' without giving anything turn. Moreover, he flitters to a degree Inch so cautious a man should long ago uve found nut to bo disagreeable ; and his I'tery is not uvri'ly prai-o of Ihu person he is speaking to, but a worse kind still a C"pticisin and ridicule of objects and per 00s "opposed to be distasteful to the one e !- conversing with. I folly behevo lhat he is nn nmiablo and indulgent domestic man, and a ri-asonob' political master, n good scholar, and hrewd man of buMnc-s; hut ho has the cepiicisin which marks the lower order of politicians. Mis pnh'ii: career exhibits 'w one exerci-e ol thai faith io men. nod pre rence of principle to petty expi dieucv hy which n statesman shows Inmsell to h jreat. The eons' qtiencn is that, with a oh opportunities, no great deed lias eve been put lo Ins account, and his shrewdiies has been nt hull 111 some of the most trying crtMs.'s ol ins cn'p. r. It 1 I) A V JI O II N I iV n , M A It c 11 no. A letter from Washington, of tho 24th sayi : "The Senate have Ihis moment ndjoiirn . The Sub-Treasury Rill has passed 27 to -25, Calhoun voting against it on ac count oftho amendments, which, ho said, had destroyed the cfilct of the bill. An amendment by Mr. Webster, "that no dis tinction should be made in tho medium or manner of collecting any branch oftho rev enuo on Ij ivernment duos' wa3 adopted by a largo majority. The 23d section was stricken out entire. This is the section providing for the ultimate payment of the revenue in specie alono. A New National Di:ot It nppcars by tho last accounts from Washington, lhat the Administration aro fast plunging the conn' rv into a new National Debt. Mr. Cntnbreleng h.n reported a bill author izmg another TEN MILLIONS of Treas ury notes to be issued. This single fact speaks volumes to n rrfl -cling people. No man who reads ond hinkfi can ho nt a los to understand the character, the cnpic;ty, am! tho deigns of Mr. Van Duron's administration, nfier tins Inst exposure of weakness and extrava gance, coupled with its syslema'ic aau!ls upon the credit and industry of the country. If Ihe question co'.ild bo brought to Ihe ipst of Ike popular vole, Mr. Van Ruren would go out of office almost by acclama tion. Rot at 1 n Diniel Kellogg has been re-nppninled ns Di-lrict Attorney in this state. We observe nUo Ihnl D. R. M'Neil is to be continued ns collector for the Clninp'nui dir-trict. Van fhircii is literally 'trending in the footsteps of my illustrious predecessor,' in tho matter of appointments. Ho daro not make an appointment nut ol thu beaten truck. Dull times for expect nuts. Pr.F.DtcTtoN. The following is llio Inn gunge used by D inif.l Wuu-Tr.rt. on the fl 'or of Ihe Sennie. in the yenr 1113 I : "IUiiiW pirirnce of 11 design tn 1 pint 11 in n cur miry which i-h ill ho nil i-ineie, we inn likely tn Il lie .1 rnrtrni-i in hi, Ii itii-u, i-It . 1 II lie nn rp. fli nt llll. We mi" in ikni-ji-r of beinj merwhi'lnieil whli in ("I' ein ihli" piiptT nieie p iper, inpie.ciiiiiis iwthini; hill liii'ken il(iIili.('- Co , h.llikinpl i'oi pui atious, elicited cu'ililors, mid a mined pen pie." . Every man feels Hint the prediction has been fearfully fulfilled (o the very letter. The following candid ennfession ii from the New-York Evening Pint, tho leading Ad ministration paper in Ihu City. "The democracy js in n very liazirdons pnsiium, Il is noi to bo dispuied ijial our measures hay accelerated tho present state ol things, and no party can wiih-tnnd the odium nf such a condition. If our masters tin not rem. dy the eviN that exist, wo are overwhelmed beyond any peradvemure. "Financially speaking, tho Raul; of the Uni'ed S'aes'ivorked well, and il is folly lo suppose tho peoplo will consent lobe l"ii" wi'hout it, unless the suno result can Ill, lirollrrll! nlllllll ill UllOt ler Will'. Till' present statu of things is not to he endured, j VV) mil (, endured. Ills driving ns nm,. w, tornb!e rupuliiy into the jaws of n federal bank. If the only cure lor tho proi-cut chaotic stale is to b" found 111 such an institution; t the Federal novum nieiit hnvnig performed its shaiej tne Slates will not do their part ; if they will not permit a largo and extended freedom of Undo; if they insist tliaHho whole buei- ness of the currency and exchanges sLnll h" parried on by IIipsp paltry, petty, two minion ,-jinie oanns, iiipii wo dnnbt not that Ihe staunched democrats, thnno who havo been longet ond foremnst above the storm, will conies that I hey hnve calcula tod ton touch on the intelligence and energy ol the htnio uovcrnmente, and that tho General Government must recur to its ncicnt policy." The St. Albans Messenger ofThuraday says "Four priotiftrs broke out of tho County Jail in Ibis town, last Saturday night. One was rclnkon the next day. The others have nnl as yet been taken, Et.r.cTtoN Mi;mop.amjA.--TIio election of n member of Congress in Lincoln dis trict, Mo., to supply the vacancy occasion- d by the death nf Mr Cillcy, takes place on tho 1st Monday in Aptil. On the same lay is the annual election in Connecticut. .u election of two members of Congress in Miis-ippi is to bo held on the 23i)Jjnnd 2 hh of April. Messrs. Prentiss and Word are Ihe Whig enndidntcs. Claiborne and Gholsnn arc the Van Ruren candidates. So it will be n fuir trial. Navigation ov thi: Hudson. For tho first time In seven or eight voars we have free navigation of Ihe Hudson River, before the "Ides of March," Stcam-Boata arc plying regularly. The Swallow, Cnpt. McLean, nnd Rob. nrt Ii. Stevens, Cnpt. Row, of tho Hudson River Association, form n daily night Lino with the Mail. The Ninth America and Do Witt Clinton will soon resume thoir places in the Line. The Rochester, Capt. St. John nnd Unca, Cnpt. Trucsdcli, of the Pcoplc'd Line, arc running regularly as nitht Roots. A fine new Steam-Roat, the Vanderbclt. Capt. Kclcbntn, belonging to the People's Line, is running as a Day Root. Albany Jvitriial. Lkb Navigation. Wc learn from th" Ch v land In'el'igenci r, that the ice 10 th" Cuyahoga River broke up on Thurs, day las', and was rapidly out hut Iri So if any was to be seen 111 the Lake, and it was expected that in a fow days ve"(.'ls would ply between lhat port and Detroil. Thu Rnfifilo Commercial Advertiser of Friday last says; 'The ice in the creek began moving yes terday, and Ihis morning our harbor wa? entirely open. Some miles up the lake there is yet ice to bn seen, but it U very weak, nnd a strong wind from any quarter vouid ureal; il to pieces. The utmost activity prevail? nlong our docks and wharves, and every thing belo- certs an early opening of navigation. ' The Canals. We arc authorized lo state lhat tho water will be let into Ihe State Canals, so that they will all bo in a navigable condition on Wednesday, tho 1 2.1b day of April next. Jlrgus. Perhaps the following loco foco senti ments may afford some relief to thoe Edi tors, who, of lale, havo been so much slncked at Mr Clay's immorality. Thev were given at the cl-jbratiori of Tom Paines birth-day, in Rnsion, on tho 29ih of January last, nnd published in the Rjston Inv-'itigainr. 'I'n Oo. A. Ch.ipmin. Chrisli inity innl die niiiik'. Tniiri In.' nn thfir ,ut leisj may llicir douiil.ill li sprp I). "Uy Thus. .!. Mnn'i'imrry. Kr.inris Wiijlit Diuim.H The biiylit Winn nf Dinn.iei.iey; may she eniiiiinii! to exi'it In-r hrilli.nit Litems in llio e.ui-e of I'lei'dinii, until iiinnnpnly nf pirrv df.-crip-ti'.ni fit ill lieih neii fniin Aiunic.i's f.iir land." "I! .S.un'l 1'. Kiiiciy. The Uihle nml Whig pe-ihes, Too iilmiid to gull llio enlightened Dcinocincy," We cannot but agree with the Pennsyl vania!), that the following toasts relative to the New Hamptdiirc election are tho best squibs on both sidos, that we havo seen for some lime, and concur in the with that electioneering quips and cranks were always so amusing. "The Whigs of Massachuetts fired their shot in thee words- "Our sister State New Hampshire Rising in repmaiion. while running down (Jocksnn-Vnu. Ruren) Hill." "The Wings of New Hampshire L!ko Taunton water, too weak to run down Hill." TlIE LATEST APPOINTMENT 01" AN OFFI CE II to c 1 .it ma. r the Exi'Lor.iNO Expe dition !!t is imwsii'd lhat Lieut. Wilkes is to command llio Exploring Expedition. Two years time and a million of dollars havo been consumed in the fitting out of this Expedition. This is tho seventh or cigklh aniiniincomctil ol a commanding ofli cer. Aro not the people paying too dearly for their Van Ruren whistle 1 Lire tho terrible disaster which befel tho steam packet Hume, il was generally announced in tho public prints lhat in future the Charlslon packets would ho abundantly provided with "Life-Preservers" -or nir-tubes, which aro made to adjust ornund the body, nnd when indited, will suslain in tho water tho weight of the person wearing one. In her Inst voyage from Norfolk to New York, the steam-packet Neptune, was for several hours in the most imminent danger of wreck, owing to tho cxiromo nnd long con linued violence oftho gale which she cn countered. At one time both cnnimnndor and passengers, were impressed with tho tad conviction that thoir last hour was at hand, ot that little short of miraculous in

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