Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 20, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 20, 1838 Page 3
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1,425 for llic fair Defendant. This rcr ilict was n little larger Minn the former one. Wo diil not nllcnd this trial in llio ex nminntion, but had t!io pleasure to listen to soma of tho nrgtimcnts of-llio ingenious counciland iho charco of the Court. There was one point in tho charge which created n trifling sensation mining somu of the "single gentlemen," whoenmo to listen nnd learn, probably, how to defend a broken promise, in such ensn made nnd provided It wns substantially this, if wo undorniood his honor corrccllv. That it did not require nn explicit promise to bind tho portico to n innrriugu contract. Tho lone, unbroken and somcwhnt. exclusive addresses of n suitor to n lady wan quite as rood evidence of Intended marriage as a. special promise. Rutland Herald. (CTTho bills of the Inlttj vntj Banks nro not received nt the Suffolk Bank, Boston Lancaster Bank at Lancaster, N. II. Lnfavette Bank at Bangor, Me. Commercial Bank at do Citizens Dank nt Vorcc3tor, Mass. Norfolk Bank, at Roxbury. "I AM A ROMAN CITIZEN." This nppnllntion was once considered ns one of the highest cnrllily honorH. It wns n pnsspott to its possessor nmoug the dis tanlaud barbarous nations, nnd it was n disregard of this boasted privilege which Elands out conspicuously in tho' cntnloauc of crimes which Cicero arrays ngninst Vur re?, nod for the commission of which he in yokes his condemnation. Thorn is even now, something that challenge respect in tho exclamation, 'I am a citizen of Home!' It carries bnek the mind to former nges, when the majesty of the Roman Commons extorted respeel "from sea lo sua nnd from the rivers to tho end of tho enrlh." But the potency of the Roman namo is no more the spell is broken, while "dancing dogs" nnd wandering mendicants throng the streets of the Cedars ! 1 I 12 II To this town, on Tuesday tho 17th inst George, youngest child o." James Scott, aged 2 months and 13 diys. In this town, on Friday last, Wells Proctor aged about 40 years. Also, on Sunday oven iog, Mrs. Proolor, mother of llio above dcccaS' cd, aged 71 year. In Milton, on llio 12lh inst. of consumption Widow Ciii.oi: Bent., aged 49 years. In New Braintrcc, Mass. on the 21st March Sirs. Elizabeth Reed, atjed 00 years. In Brattlcboro, on Friday last, Dea. John Nolbrook, aged about 70. In Wealhcrsfield, Vt. Clh inst. Mr. Joshua Durant, a rovulutionary pensioner, aged !!4 In Berlin, Vt. 31st ull. Mr. James Paddock aged 70. In Montpclier, Mr.Lcvi Fisher of Worccs tcr, aged 62. PERIODICAL AGENCY. 17. Sl-SSPSR, Cluhca, VI. Is Agent for tho following Periodicals, viz: North American Iloviuw, quarterly. Reprint of tho Four Quarterlies j embracing tho Edinburgh, London Qunrtoily, Foreign Qiinrlctly and the London and Westminster Quarterly Reviews. Now York Review. American Journal of Soicnco and Arts. American Biblical Repository. Literary nnd Theological Roviow, quarterly American Jurist and Law Magazine. Christian Examiner, Boston Quarterly Roviow. National Portrait Gallery of distinguished Americans. American Monthly Magazine. Rcnllcy's Miscellany. Knickerbocker, ui Now York Monthly Mag. a zinc'. Museum of Foreign Literature, Scicnco and Arts. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. Unitrd Slates Magazine and Democratic Review, monthly. Iiaw Library, monthly. Anualx of Education ; Edited by Dr. W. A. Alcntl, monthly. Tho ilolropolilnn Magazine, monthly. Journal of llio Franklin Institute, monthly. ucntleman s .Magazine. Family Magazine, monthly. Parley's .Magazine for Children, monthly. Tho Lady's Book and Ladies' American Magaziii". Ladies' Companion. Sunday School Teacher. Horticultural Register and Gardener's Mag. a .mo. Magazino offloriicnltnrc and Botany. Library of Health. Religious Magazine. Chri'tian Spectator, Southern Literary Messenger. Select Medical Library and Eclectic Journal of Mcdicino; .edited by John Bell, M. D. monllilv. American Medical Library and Intclli-rcn cer ; edited liy Koblcy Dunirlisun. M. D. semi-monllili. American Journal of Medical Scioncc ouai tcrly. British and Foreign Medical Review. Medico Cliirurgical Itevicw. quarterly. Boston Medical and Surgicul Journal. Mcd'oal Examiner ; devoted lo medicine surgery and the collateral sciences, semi monthly. Waldin's select Library, weekly. New York Mirror, weekly. Philadelphia Saturday Courier, weekly. Thu Saturday iVows.'l'liiladelpliia, weekly. American Weekly Messenger. Philadelphia Mirror, weekly. The Southern Rose, semi-monthly. April 19, lUSiS. LTMr. Sleeper propose lo remain in town a few days, and, in ll: mean time, will receive subscriptions at tho Burlington Hotel. Sidnoy Powell's Estate. state of verjiojW, DhtIUCT 01" ClIITTItNDKN SS. X The Honorable Ike Probate Court fur thr Dislritl. of Chittenden, lo nil persons concerned in the Estate of Sidney Powell lulu if Jilillm in stud District, tlcccasul, (illl'.CTINR. WHEREAS, tho executrix of the last will nnd testament ofsnid decens cd proposes lo render nn account of hor mlininistrntinn, nnd present her nccouut against said estate for examination nnd nllowniicn nt n session of the Court of Pro bate, to be hohlen nt tho Resistors office in Burlington on tlio second Wednesday of May next. I'nnn, You nro hereby not thou to nppenr before snid Court nt. tho tiino nnd place n foresaid, nnd hhew cause, if ony you have, why the account aforesaid .should not bo n I lowed. Given under my hand at Burlington thi3 seventh day of April, A. D. IU3I1. Wm. WESTON, Register. B SECT SOT SI'S1 J. LEWIS T7iJ70ULD respectfully inform tho pub- v t lie that liu is now nn ready to priitii: in tho nbovo business. From n. perfect knowledge nnd practice of the businesM he Is willing to nllirm that it will bo dune in tho neatest manner. Calls will be strictly ntlcndcd to nt. their resperlivn dwelling'', or nt Ins rooms two doors north ol'.l. Miichol'V, Church street. Burlington. Feb. (I. m. FOR RENT. rPriltF. livn stnrv Dwnllinrr ?SLm House nnd quarter ncre ;jE,a3 Int. en--t side ot Champinin si. nnd opposilo tlin il:i- Factory lor terms ripply to L. CUM MINGS, April 12, U!3fJ. ORNAMENTAL HAIR. M US. S T . J () II N . MANUFACTURES nnd l;eeps con stnnliy on hand Ringlctls, Puffs Aoirc hurls, I'lain liair, iVc. IN. b.-- Canh pa ul lor Hair. Pearl Street. Burlington, ) April 13, 1C37. Sonic Things New CIlEAl3 CASH STORE. JYcw Gands.hij the Proprtttor, xchnsn motto is to lie Up nnd Doing, Quid,' nnd Cheap, Cheap for Cash and JVl Imprisonment for Debt F03 E has been to Now York and returned .U.JL with a few well selected new IJonmls Ribbons, artificial Fiowers, Silk?, Shawls, Calicoes, Ginghams, Muslins, Glove. Ilosio ry, Handkerchief's, Collars, Laces, Edgings, l onibs and various trimmings ko. &c. Willi nflHE subscribers have on hand, a foil JL assortment of Broadcloths of all qual itics and colors, Satineits, Flannels. K lucky Jeans, carpel &c. ,Vc. which they are prepared to exchange for flui-co or pulled wool at liberal prices, or wool will oo pur chased for cash or sold on coinmis.-ioi'. Growers of wool and country merchants will find it their interest lo call. Apply lo TO UN ELI. & MALL. No.4j Fulton st., 2nd door from Pcail si,, city of New York. NOTICE. THE adjourned meeting ofilie Median" ics and working men, will be held nt llio Green Mountain House, mi Saturday tho 2Uih "met. at G o'clock P. M. All tinne who wish lo join tins fraternity, are re quested to attend, nnd nil native American Citizens, who have not o- yet been inform cd as to the objects o this association (who urn mechanics or Laboring men) arc re quested to attend. Samuel i). Hyde's Estate. ST.'VJ'n OF Fllll.UOXT. ) District or Cihtti:.mi:n ss. AT a Probate Courl ho'den at Burling ton, within nnd for the District afore- said on the twelfth day of Apiil A. D. l!13!i. An instrument purporting lo be thu last will and testament of Samuel D. Hyde, lato of Cbnrlotie, in said Di-inct, deceased, was presented lo the Courtj heru for Probate, by Amos Clark, the Executor therein named. TmmnronF. it is ordered hy said Court, that pubi c in. Iieo be given lo nil persons eoncrni d therein to nppenr before sail! Court, nt n session thereof to be holdeii at Rurlington on tho second Wednc.-dav of Uny A. I). l,'!3l!, and cnlc-t the nrobate of said will, nnd it is further ordered that this order bo published three weeks sue ccssively in tho Free Pre-B, n newspaper printed ni Burlington, in this Stale, the last of which shall be previous to tho day assigned, as aforesaid for hen r in". Given under my baud at the Rerristor's Ollice, this 1'JHi day of Annl A. I). I D3fi. Wm. IVESTOjY, Rczhlcr. ArONTP AT ' I complaints, Fever nod Ague, Dyspepsia, I al- v'vf l 1 itJt-J 1 , I sy, piles, iniurics fmm the use nf mercury, ll nations from tho remotest nges, have had ('nle , ,iC, ,,,., hrm Mantling it ships buK.obimbiis myt found out tho way to mliy bu ,, Mwry lo lake both thu Life America. Before the tunc of the great Spanish Pisi,nd the Phoenix the doses bo navigator, people were only enabled to paddle , rro f,.cin,nonicl. about tho shores. Just in with the Life Mod N. H.Theso Pills and tho Hitlers will get Charles S. Kimball's Estate. sr.irv of viui.KhYi . s tc.ncs. iiiauut two tnort years s.i.cej nrst M, ,,. ryolllortlio system infinitely faster ventured upon an unknown ocean, and 1 have i.I10 lot nrcnara'tions of .Sarsat.arilla. uiicovoroi mo jprccioua ohjccuwns in fo"i ,,,.,, rB;no, r,)r ,0 ,liMn,, of I ,'i .' i .... , i . .. , , , ' I blond to lie head, or all violent hcnlachijs, tie. known w'.ett I commenced my search but their i.i.. . ai ,,ONIr win m nipilix- nqn U'nu not. Tlif llin nsn nf ihpni. I hnVn tint nni v . . 1 . ' ... 1 , passed from the dejected invalid, to tho bal , near' ty nnd active man of business, but. comparatively speaking, I have renewed my youth. 1 can thus willieoniidcneo of my own exporienco novtso with my fellow citizens. Docs the reader want proof that the I cgtluhlc Life. Medicines are suit. District oe C'iiitti:nm:n 77. ITnnnrnh) , ,.(. P,.,.; .!)l.; A foe the District nf Chitlemlen. To ,c i nmo 10 ms own cnier J navo on lilo nt myoiiice creatines ana outers concerm il in the. tvaic of Charles S, Kimhall, laic of liurlinglon, m sain uisiriet, ilcccascd. "HUIlFAS the ndministrntor of the VV estate of said tlcccncd hnth tnado application to ibis court to extend the time. limited for makinir payment of the debts of said deceased, h.v ninnllH from this dale, and Iho third Monday of April next, being nssigtind for n hearing in the nremi. so, nt thu Finglo Hall in WilliMou, nnd il it having been ordered that notice thureol bo given, by puhlisliing this decreu two weeks successively in the Free I'rcrs n newspaper printed nt Burlington, before tho tune fixed for hearing. Therefore, you nro hereby notified, to nppenr before said Court, nt tho litno nnd place aforesaid, then nnd there, to mnkc objection if iiny you have, to the said tune of payment being further extended as afore, said. Given tinder mv hand at Riirlinton, this 31st day of March, A. I) 1,131!. Wm. WFSTOJ,. Tlrziler. IRON, NAILS, li LASS, &c. 10 7 Tons English Iron assorted sizes. 5 do old & new sable Russia do. do Swedes do. do Round do nscorlcd sizes from 1 lo 3 inches. do Bind do do 1 to G inch, do Square and do i to 2 do. do Shoo Shane?. Cn?t, Englwh, German, Swedes, and Spring Steel, Rowlands best Gorman Steel Mill hnWJ, line. vi Co Ga.-I and Go-min 3 20 G 5 1G Broadway, hundreds of letters, from some ol thu most restiectablo cutens of tins my native land, voluntarily offerer, In tcitmony of ho vir tues of A GOOD VLGKTABLt: MEDICINE. Persons whoso constitutions have been nearly ruined by the " nll.itif.illiblc" mir.trab prepara tions nf tho ilny, will bear mo witness, that tho Lift Medicines, ft such only, are the trno course to permanent good health. Jon: Moitav. General Remarks relative to Moffat's Life Pills and I'hwnix Bitters. These medicine have long been known nnd appreciated for their extraordinary nnd immediate powers ot restoring perfect health lo persons suit ering tinder nearly every kind ofdiscasoto width llio human frame is liable. In many hundreds of certificated instances they have even rescued sufi'erers Irom the very vcrae of nn untimely grave, lifter nil the deceptive nos trums of tile dti.v had utterly failed ; and to many thousands they havo permanently secured that unifoi m enjoyment of health, without which life itself is but n partial blessing. So prcat indeed, has their r.fUcncy invariably nnd infallibly proved that it Iiri3 appeared scarcely let? than miraculeus to those who were unacquainted with the benu titully philosophical principles upon which they ore rind upon which they consequent. ly act. It was to their manifest and sensible nc. tioti in purifying the springs and channels of life and enduing them with renewed tone and vigor that they were indebted for their name, which was bestowed upon them at the spontaneous request of several individuals whoso lives they had ob viously saved. The proprietor rejoices in the opportunity af- lorded by the universal diffusion of llio daily posed to apoplexy, palsy, A-c. should never bu uilhoiit the Liln'l'illsor iho Millers, for ono doso in time will save life. Tliy equalize llio circulation of the blood, draw nil pressure froni( tun iionu, rciorn perspiration, anil inrowii uu every impurity by llio pore ol'lho skin. 1 ho above Meuicino is lor sale liv Robert Moody. GARDEN SEEDS. Qffy) !3oxos Shaker Garden Seeds or lust years growth, by Feb, 22. J. &. .1. II. Peck & Co. W A. N T IB I AN apprcntieo to llio Cabinet Business. A steady industrious boy, ofMXtceti or sev enteen years eld will meet with good encour agement. D. K. I'ANGBORN. Burlington, April -1, 11533. CLOVER, SEED, FOR sale by tliekok $ Callin Red Gin. ver Seed," also Trefoil or Yellow Clo ver Seed n perennial plant, excellent for Danes as well ns for Hay. Feb. 22. Iho previous stoek ofCarpctings, Paper Hang. f ?r i U cV" ,Un1 (!'m:,ri ings. Cloths, Cussimercs Sallinctts, Vesiings, , ro Saws, Sled plated, nnd can SHINGLES. rv niOfh Shingles, n first rato articlo, UUU for Pn"e cheap by March 20. S. WALKER & CO. WANTED BY llio subscriber one or two barrels best quality Maple Molasses, also, ono or tiro hundred pounds best Maple Sugar, and ono hundred pounds Bees Wax, for which cash or goods alcash price will bo paid, Roecrt Moodv. Builington, March 30, 10315. 4w press replacing ,is" VEGETABLE LIFE Sands' 1'OlllCcl V for Salt RllC'lin, Fresh Ground LMaster. THE subscribers will have n lull sup ply nf Fresh Ground Plaster, nt the Plaster Mill, Wpiooski falls, from mid after this duto. Foi.r.r.TT & BnATJi.Evs. Burlington, April :0, 10315. CONCERT. THE Burlington Band under tho can of Mr. J. A. Fletcher will give r CONCERT at tho White Church, THIS EVENING. Single Tickets 25 cts. Family Tickets 75 cts. Tickets to bo had at the American Hotel S. ,T. S.I WYRR, Secretary, Rurlinton, Jlpril '10, 115315. For Sale at the Cheap Cash Store ui ii Miiiorior quality very nw TDLUE & IJLACK BROAD CLOTHS JUr of n Minertor qualiiy very In HERDS GRASS SEED Fanvell s Shoes and Boots, Cotton Cloth Yam, Wieking, Tickings, ;i splendid assort iiiont of rich Glass Ware, Crockery, mantle ornaments, Looking-Glasses, Fancy Articles, Family Groceries such as Lamp Oil. Teas. Coffee, Sugars, Mobi'scs, Spiecs, Sec, kc, which comprises ono of llio most convenient stocks to boy fiom that he has ever had iho pleasure of having at ibis early season of the year to offer to Ins very many good customers lo whose liberal patronage ho chcci.ully ac knowledges Iho ability to cheap and be lieving in progresMVu improvement in busi. lies as well as knowledge hopes llio dumatid and sales may so ineieasi! as lo indnco him lo coiilinuo to oxlend his variety of goods, waies anil mercliiinilizi! systrnialicnlly to the extent ol'lho fancies, wishes, expectation and wants of Iho public nnd the appoaiaucc oftho inlcr. nal arrangement of the establishment until it shall bo satiffaelory and gr.ilifyingto his homo neighboring and distant customers. S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington. April 10, lliS.'J. and cutler Shoes, cost nnd wrought waggon Arm--. Anvils & Vices waggon Boxes Crowbars Shovels nnd Spmfes race nnd halter Chr.ins Ploughs nnd tlough Castings Improved bark Mills, mill Cranks. &c, &c. 1500 G inch Manufacture 500 boxes, Champlain, Pern & Jericn Glnss. for ale by Foi.i.r.TT & Bn.un.r.Ys. Dm 0. 1007 New England Seed Store, (itir Ofire of die .Veto England Farmer, Nor.Tti Maiikft Kii-rri'.r. Boston. T. V. .V. W. T.. S'I'KONCi Ageiils,'I!uiliiiglon Vl. WHO have now on hand gatden and flow, er Sects in great variety, Rut.i Baga, Mangel Wurtel, Sugar Beet kc. i-c. We would call Iho attention of the public to seeds from (his establishment they being far superior to nny put up in the United Status. April 5. v-noi,r:s.u,E di;.i.::is iu GOODS, 51 Cniui! Sti;ki:t, MIW YORK, WOULD thus notify those visiting Iho city for purposes ol trade, that thev nro ru ceivingnml will bo prepared with a good and general Stock of STAPLE AXO F.-LXCY DRY GOODS, which Cor cash will be offered al a small profit. I hey will Ucep cnn.-laiitlv on hanil ,Ierrunao. Dover, and a variety of low priced PIH.NTS. Trcmont, Lawrence, and other Sll EETINGS Lot Newell's Estate. STATE OF FER.MOjYT, ) DisTiuc r or Cnn ti:m)i:n, ss. C The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis- liu l of (yiitlcnilcn, f o all persons con. ccrned in Hie Evlut," of Lot A'cwctl. laic, if Charlotte, in said District, deceased. GREETDYG. WHEREAS. Amos Clark, ndmmisira tor, ol'lho cttnto of said deceased proposes to render no nccouut of his nil minisirntion nnd present his nccouut ngninst said c-tato for examination and nl lowanco nt n sescioii of thu Court of Probate, to bo holden at thu Register's ofiicu in Bur. Iingtun on tlio second Wednesday of May next., You nro hereby notified to appear before said court ot the time nnd place afoicsaid. nnd show cause if any you have, why tuo account aforesaid should not ho allowed. Given under my linud at Burlingtoo, this 12th day of April A. D. 10315. Wm. WESTOjY, Register. Charles S. Kimhail's Estate. STATE OF VLRMOjYT, ) Dl-TIUCT or ClIITTf.MMlN. s . 77ie Honorable the Probate Court for the Distriil of Chittenden, tt all pcrsoni inncciniil in the Estate if Charles S. Kimball, late of Durlingl. . )';. said Dis tr'ul. diioiud, GREETI.YG. WHEREAS. Ilirnm Winslow, aduiitiis tratnr of the E-tnlo of said deceased proposes to render an nccouut of his administration, nnd present his nccouut n-rainst said estate for examination iind allowance at a sc.-sion of tho Court of Pro bate, to he holden a' WilliMou on the 3d Monday of April next. TiiKiir.rom:, You nro hereby notified to appear before said Court nt. tho lime nnd place aforesaid, and shew, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid sliouidnot bo allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, this jisi uay ol (March. A. D. 11100. . Wm. WESTON. Register 50 Bushels very fine North Western which nn proper meadow soils will yield from 2 to 3 ions lo tho aero, present imme diate price only 3 per Bueholl. WINDSOR MONEY FOR SALE. A Bill on tho of Windsor Bank for 100, letter A. No. 1 17 payable to Vermont or bearer, dated Janunry 1, 1033. Also, on Famo Bank one for $30, letter A., No. 17G. dated Jnny. 1st 1Q and bo many flourishes that they cither forgot or hail not time to mako the rest of the date. Price os may be agreed upon, notwithstanding the recommendation of (heir first notice for holders not to sacrifice or bo alarmed t lis scare is all over. S. E. HOWARD. Burlington, April 1 5th 1030. i SELLING OPP. T FITZGERALD, boint? desirous ofclo M, sing his business in this plaeo horoby iniorms"in i""'iie," mat ins siocK ol .;' ELllY, MILITARY and FANCY GOODS will be sola in u manner "To ri.KAsuTiiu J'co ile 1 1" N. B. Thqso indebted as abovo arn remin ded that Uncle Sam mutt havn his rnnl nn tlin Ul day of April, und-I don't like the Lawyers. pinn-ll 1 1 lOJO. Jl, t lTZOERALD. Lemuel B. Piatt's Estate. STATE OF FERMOjYT. DIsTIUCT or ClIITTKNUEN SS. , T n Probate Court holden nt Burling . ton within nnd for said district on tho seventeenth dny of April, 11J3P. npplica lion having been made to said court bv Lemuel B. Plait nnd Gen. K. Piatt, luurs to the Estate of Lemuel B. Plait, lato of (Milton in snid di.-tnct, deceased, request ing n division ot said estate union" tho heirs thereof. And the said Lemuel B. Plait nnd Geo. K. Piatt, ndministrators of tho Estate of said deceased, propose to ren der nn nccouut nf llimr ndiniuistrntion nnd present (heir nccniint ngninst said Estate lor cxnminntion nnd nllownnco therefore it is ordered by tho court nfnrcsatd t lint notice ho given to nil persons interested or concerned in snid Estate, to nppenr before said court nt a session thereof to bo holden nt the Register's OfTico, in Burlington, on Iho 30i ti dy of April instant, by publica tion ol'this order two weeks successively in iho l-'rco Press, n newspaper pruned u't Builington, in snid district, tho last of which publications in bo previous to said 30ih day of April, inn. nnd show causo, if nny they have, why thrj soid Hslalo should not bo divided, nnd why ti) flM nccouut of said ndminiatratora should not bo ullow ed. Given under mv hand nt Ttorlinnrlnn. thia I7tli day of April, )ij3!i, VI, WESTON. ReaitUr. PILLS within the kiio-.vled.Tcjiiid reach of every individ'i il in the community. Unlike tho host of pernicious quackeries, which boast of vegeta bio incrr difuts.lhe Life Pills arc purely and soi.c r.v i.orr.r,t.r. nnd contain neither Mercury An timony Arse .!, norm y oiiicn.iineml,iu any form whatever. They are entirely comiyst-d of ex I tracts Irom tare and poweilnlpbuits the virtues ol I whi.'h thoiuili Ion; known to sevcinl indimvtrilies and recently to some eminent pharmaceutical I chemists ate altogether unknown to t- e ignorant I .I....I . rol .egs of nil sizes from 3d. tn f j j ;s, tJ , so h lly cflicaci0s B nch spil,,., f tlm Porti Iron Co. romi,iilin. DYSPEPSIA, by thoroughly cleansing the firsi and second stomachs and creating a flow ol mire healthv bile instead of the stale and acrid kind; Utilulcmy Palpitation if the Henri Lass of Apprtite He ill-burn nnd Ucnd.nchc, Restless iieis lll-temper Anriely Languor and Melancholy which are tho general symptoms of Dyspepsia will vanish ns a natural consequence of its cure. Cos tircness, by cleansing the whole length of ins intestines with a solvent process and without violence ; nil violent purees leave the bowels ; ostivc within two days. Diarrluca and Cholera, jy removing the sharp acrid fluids by which these sorn olaintsaro occasioned and by promoting the ubrn: alive secretion of the mucus membrane Fever "f oil hiiuU, by restoring the blood to n regular ireulatun lliroegli llio process ol pcrs uration .ns'.tnc cases and the thorough solution if all in tc-srinal obstructions in others. The LIFE PI XLS hove been known w cure Rheu mutism per manently in three weeks, nnd Clout in naif that time by removing local inflammation r .1, . ,,,nrliM rind limunoiils of ll'.n ioints ullblk. and Hamilton, Brown, White and . i,..,v,c, !.:,h bv fiecuiL' nnd stronciheninn blue. DRILLS. ,,, i.:,i."..a , bladder: thev oneralo most do March 30. Ili3". Cm lii,tfnlivon tbera important organs nnd hence. MS1 A r?i A W have over been found a certain remedy for the 'J -ii- A -i Il ! worst cases of f.'nrifi Also Worms by dislodginy SUItGHUN DENTIST. j from thotarmns of the oowcls the shiny mallei Office one door south if A". 1). Hanccll's io which ihoso erenturcs niincre : jisinma ana Aiulian and Ci.mmhswn Store. vor.sumriwnuy renew.. .... ...o HURT IYGTU Y Vt I mugs from the mucus which even sliht cold? " ' ' Uvill ner-isinn. which if not removed becomes nnrdencd and produces tb oso drcadltil diseases .irrji Mrer.! nnd nrer ate Sores by tho per CASE Fine English Sirnw Bonnets, just ! fcct ptiritv which these Life Pills ivc lo the blood received nnd lor sale hy 'and all tlio humors. Scorbutic Eruptions & ;;! CI). SPUING BONWETS. And am. otiii'.r Cutaneous Eruptions. rnilllS remedy is a couibinntion heretoforo JL unknown In the annnb. of mcdicino. It is tho nrnducliou of much rxperinuce, deep research, and great expense, and is offered lo Iho public in 'tho fullest confident of if he'ui' an effectual, safe, and speedy euro for the Su.t Rheum, and nil other diseases of tho skin, such ns Tetters, Wonsis, Scai.ii Heap. B usher's or Jackson Itch, ice. These disease nrc known to be the most obstinate of nny to which the human system is subject, nnd can only be tliorougly eradica ted by perseverance in the right course of treatment, and by usin: tho ri''ht medicine. Such a mcdicino" has been d.scovcrcd in Ibis remedy, and wo speck from our own know-, ledge and experience when wo eay, that in forty. nine cases out of fifty il vi!l etlcet :i permanent and rapid euro by attending to tho ncc.ompauvinir directions for use. Tho length" of time usually required for cfibclinj a cure, varies according to tho severity of the disease, nod the particular idioyncrncy of tho patient. Generally spcakintr, it requires from ono to four weeki lo effect a perfect cure, but this operation w U he much more snecdv and ofl'cclual when combined with the use of the Compound Syrup of Sarsnparilla. ns the syrup has a tendency lo purify and llirnw out from iho blood and system "nil tho unhealthy humour, mil the application of the Remedy exter nally nt the same time, entirely eradicates it from the system. For ibis use cspccial'y wo compound tho Sarsaparilla with olhnr pow erful purificis ol tho blood, tho whole of which arc strongly coticcniraicu ami lormeu into a syrup of more than three timcj iho usual 'trcnglh, and we challenge any ordinary oiso to bo brought forward whero this course of treatment will not effect a rapid cure if tho directions arc stiictly attended lo ; niiinoionss instances have come lo our knowledge- wheru this course ha cured tho complaint in ono weeks time. Piice $1 per box. For sale by Laibrop & Polwin, Burlington. SCREWS LTiir,oi &, Potwin Truman Buriitt's listate. STATE OF VER.MOjYT, ) IIfTltlCT 01' CIllTTr.NllKN. SS. The Innnrablc the Probate Court for the jjisirir.i oj i.niiientien, lo all persont con cerned in the Estate of Truman Ihtrrilt, late of Jltncsburgh in said District de ceased. Gnr.r.TiNG. WHEREAS, iho administrator of tho Esttitc of said dee.ensed proposes to render nn nccouut of his ndniinisirntion, nnd pre.-ent his nccnimt ngninst said csinto lor examination nnd allowance at a session nf the Court uf Probate, to bo holden nt Registers nflico in Burlington on tho Silst day of April instant. Thoruloro, you nrc hereby notified to nppenr before said Court nt llio lime tiuii placo aforesaid, and shew cause, if any ymi have, why tho account aforesaid should not bo u Mowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington this JHIi day of April A. D. 10315. Wm. WESTON. Jegi'sfer. Sugar Beet Seed, by J. & J. II.; & Co. FLOUR. ROCHESTER "City Mills" and Troy flour, for salo by FoI.LETT & BllAIlLEVS, Dec. 0,1037. CLOVER SEED, lbs. Whito and Yollow Perennial Clover Seed. 1000 lbs, Red, by Feb, 28. J. & J. H, Peck & Co. Complexions by their ultura'iVe eli'eet upon the fluids that feed the skin the m- fbid state ot which occasions of Eruptive fompl't.nts Sall'iw CUiuh and o;n- disagreeable Complexions. The use ol these Pills fir:: very short tunc will effect r.t entire cure of Salt-vhcnmc, Erysipelas and r. strdtiiiff improvement in tho Clearness of lite s',-!n. Common colds and Jnlhic.-zn wili always bu cured by one dose or by two ev.-V in tho worst cases. Files, r.3 a remedy lor litis most uis. tressinit and obstinate malady i!o Vegetable Life Pills deserve a diitmct and i mpiuf.c re. commendation. It is well known t hundreds i. this cttv that the Proprietor of these invaluable Pills was himself afflicted with this complaint for upwards ol thirty-five years and th 1 1 he iricn in viin every remedy prescribed withm t bo whole compas". of tho Materia, Mcdicn. Ho '-lowevci at lentjth. tried llio medicine which he t ow of fcr3 lo the public and bo was cured in a very short time after his recovery had been pronounc. cd not only improbable but absolutely impossi'blo by any human mums. THE P1UEMX HITTERS, nro so called be cause lhey possess the power of res oring the expiring embers of health to a glowing vigor throughout the constitution ns tho Phumix is said to be restore i to life from the ashes of its own dissolution. Thcs Phccuix Bitters are en tirely vegetable, compoted of roots found only in certain pirt3 oftho wesern country, which will infnllibk. r-orn l-'PA'KR AN'I) AGUES of all be applied in the following cases, viz. for pains hh.ds; never fail in tho sickness incident to young and wc'ikuess in thu back, stomach, sides, and j femulos; r.nd will be found a certain remedy in loins; Rheumatism, thu effects of mercury, nllcascsofnervoiisdcbility and weakness of the corns, llio effects and consequences of sprains, most impaired constitutions, di-localions uiul fractures ; dypcpsia, and in Asar,modedv for Chronic & Imfl.imitorv Rheu- C U A l L ) TT K FEMALE SEMINARY. TiHE Suiuiner Term nf this Instil in ion. JL wi'l coinuifuce nn tlio firct Wedoes day in May, under the direction of Mi:S M.miv GrtouT, s Principal. 'Pho term will conliuue twenty throo weeks, incliulioc a vacation of one week nt the cud of the first quarter. conditions : Tho tonus of said school arc per quarter, including Tuilinn, Board, Wash ing, L'ghts nud Fuel. A convenient Boarding Ilonso will bo in readiness ut the commencement oftho torm. W. GOODJdAX, Clerk of the Hoard of Trustees, Charlotte, Mirch 1 . l!!3fi. Slrcngl lien in a; Ft a si a: DR. S. 6. HEWETT'8 (Ilonescllcr of Boston, Mass.) celebrated strengthening S.ilve. This Salvo is a vast improvement on the old celebrated Dr. Sweet's Plaster, which is superior lo any other plaster ever invented, which has been in uso about 100 years. Dr. II. has sold upwards of twenty thousand rolls within Iho last year. 1 1 is recommended lo Clotheirs Screws, Bench do Mill do Standing Prcs do Mauufaeiurcd by E. k. T. Fairbanks & Co. For salo by J. k. J. II. PECK k Co.-Aumts. many eases of felons and uiceraled sores, for cloasing and healing them; in fact in ull j weaknesses, particularly in Childicn. iVono will ho genuine excopt tho label is signed hy tho proprietor. This Piaster is for salo gon orally in tho principal towns in tho United States. Sold Vholonlo and Itolail by Lathrop & Potwin, Druggists, llurlington Vt. at lids, on eonsignmciil, hnd lor salo at Manufacturers prices, 0 per cent, ttbovu proof, by FOLLETTE Si BRADLYS. 1 KrC ul),s' '"vn Scotia, 1JW -20Q jn Western by J. &. .1. II. Peck & Co. 023 221?. Bushuls Timothy Seed, also a few pounds Clover do. for salo Cheap by S. WALKER Si Co, March 15, 1030, matisui, llio elliracyof the Pha-'nix Bitters will bo demonstrated by the uso ot a single bottle. Tho usual dose ot thoso bitters is half a wino glass full, in watoi or wine, and this quantity may bo taken two or thrco times a day, about half an hour before meals, or n lcs3 quantity may bo taken at all times. To those who aro afflicted witli indigestion after meals, theso Bit iers will prove invaluable, as they very greatly increase tho action oftho principal viscera, help them to perform their functions, and enable tho stomach to discharge into the bowels whatever is offensive, lhus indigestion is easily unit epeodily removed, uppctito restored, nnd tho mouths oftho nbsorbent vessels being clcan(scd, nutrition is facilitated, and strength cf body and energy of mind and tho happy results. Forfar thor narticularsof Moffat's Life Pills, and iVr. ni Hitters, apply nt Mr. Moffat's ollice, No. 51G Broadway, New York, where the Pills can bo obiuncd fur cents. .10 cents, orftl each box; and tho llittors forgl or per bottle Numerous certiflicates ot iho wonderful efficacy of belli, may be thcro inspected. In some obstinato and complicated cases of chronic and tlummmatory Rheumatism, Liver Paints, Oils and. Dye Stuffs. 1,0000 b;. white Lead .r bbls Venetian Red 15 do Whiting 5 do French Yellow 0 do American do 12 do Spls. Turpentine 'J5 do L'nseed Oil 2,000 gals, porn winter and fall Sperm Oil 150 bbls ground Logwood. St. Domingo. 75 do do do Campcachy 150 do do Fustic 100 do do Nicarncua 00 do do Cam Wood 10 do do Bar do 12 do do Peach do 10 do do Quercitron Bark 30 do Madder 25 Dcinijons Oil Vitriol 10 bbls Allum 5 do Blue Vitriol 2 Coroons Flotant Indigo 1 Casn Bengal do by J. &. J. H. Peck & Co ZrIco .10 Cents. A fresh Fiipplv just received by Lathrop &. Potwin, liurlingion-Bcek-wilk C. Dyer, Solesbiiry A. V. Koscnc, New HnviMi M. W. Hmsloy. Monkton M. Hull, Hincsburgh Fleichcr & nou inan. Wuli5lon-C. P., Martin. Charlotte E. Lyman. Fernsburgh-L. Bixby. ers oennes-l'loicher & Miner, Bridpotl--Hen Wright, Shorchniu.

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