Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 27, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 27, 1838 Page 3
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Island. , 1 The result is, the election of a whig Governor by 500 majority, ond the rest of the whig ticket by more than COO. We have enrrind the entire Semite, ond n de cisive majority in the House of Represen tatives ! At the last Gubernatorial con. cost which was in 1036, tlio whole number of votes for governor was 7151, of which John Brown Francis had 4020; Tristnm Burgos 2934, scattering 147. Majority for Francis 009. The Whigs ran no tick et nt the Spring clrction of 1037. From the Pinvidcncc Journal. Once more victorious! Another contest in over. Another buttle tin- boon won. The fame banner which led us on to victo ry. in August Inst, now floats in triumph over another well (ought fluid. The free men who I hen coma out four thousand strong, for Tillingh.tst tnd Cranston, have now mustered in equal forco ond contended with equal success, for the same great principles. The good work winch was begun nt that time is now completed : the last vestige of loco-focoism hns been swept nwny; and with joy, not less than we fell in announcing the victory of Inst summer, wo are nhln to say thai the entire whig; ticket has been elected by a triumphant ma iorilu. This result has been effected after one -of the severest political contests that ever 'occurred in this Slate, and onn which ban brought into the field tha entire strength and energies of both parties. Our friends have come out well ; the day was devoted to the great purposes before them that of sustaining sound Whig prin ciples Business, other than that which concerned the election, there was none the merchant closi'd his ledger, the me chanic laid aside his tools, tins farmer hi iinnlementa nf husbnndrv; all knew and felt how much was at slake, ond the- glori mis reMilt lias well rewarded them for their zeal ond activity. The Bank Convention at JYcw York, has terminated its sitting The several depu tations from the States, with t lie exception of JVcto York and .Mississippi, agreed upon the first Monday of January, 1839, as the neriod for resumins specie nnvniente; and a resolution to that effect was passed; lea ving it, howevur, optional for nny bank, so disposed, to do so at an earlier period. Fourteen States and the District of Cohm bia, wcro represented. Philadelphia, and the Stale of Pennsylvania, was noi repre sented. After the Convention terminated, the JYtxo Ybri'aBanks passed a resolution fixing the lOtli of May, as the day on which the Banks in that state would resume specie payments. MONEY MATTERS. Nkw Yohk, April 22 Tlie position of ihinj Iims materially cluingpi! within u 0'W days. Eni'y in dip neck ii miis announced one house had arranged for the reception of ;i million nf pound sterling in i-ppeie, si pol l ion nf ultich has aliendy mriveil. I'he Hank of tin: Unitcil .Suites ;inil a rions' hae in.ule aiTnnjcinenti', so thiit at least ten millions in i-pi' will lie iirei. red here uitliin the next sijsly ilnjs. This, so far m specie is concerned brio, will it scry nit porlunt effect, 'i lie Hank Contention hate met nnil ndjomned, antl nlilimigli tlicie was tint n unan imous ajiteeinenl, jet nearly all the agreed to resume in January next. The New -Voik banks will commence in May, The I efjinlauire have adjourned. They h.r.e passed the law repealing the resit niiiing law, and iiiilhorisinjr, private hank ing. This is a new era in the history nfnur fin. in cea. llilhertn no hank It.te been cu'dili-hed here, exeppt those incoipornled. It is hclieted hy inu ny Lugo cnpiinls will lie riealed, and lhat iiltitnaiel) a new and Letter system of hanking will lie iiittodiiced. fficurrenf Monty. The ndj'iiirnment of the bank conteminn and the determination nf the hanks not to resume until J.iiiuarj, h is cw.-i'd uncurrrnt money lo get ttoise. Eastern lulls are finin two lo three per rent : United Stales Bank four per cent. I'hecc rales arc considerably worso than last week. Sptcie. Specie is nt J lo 1 per cent discount, hut there sue nn lintei fir huge hits. I'lie holders will probably depiuiie their specie in bank. Tlie Soiiihein and K.isipin Banks are rollin;' up their tmlanres in this cily, and no douln with I lie inteif tion of drawing pecic. From present iipiiearan. res our hanks will lienhiind.inlly supplied lo furnish them with nny amount they may want. The Boston Banks aro paying specie on all their bills of fivo dollars and less. Bankrupt Treasuky.--Mr. Cambrel ing, the Chancellor nf the Exchequer fur tho Administration, has brought forward a bill in the House of Representatives to re issue the Treasury notes that were authorised in October last to tho amount often millions of dollars, ond urges its pas engc on the ground that "unless tho bill is passed I ho Treasury Department could not meet the demands against tho Govern ment"! Pretty confession this, for on Administration that came into power with a vast surplus in tho Treasury, and with loud professions of lovo and attachment fur 'anoxclusivo metallic currency." FOREIGN. An arrival nt NewYmk, brinas I.ivernool dales (o the 20th nil. Tim news, howevpr, is mil ofi much importance. I lie l.omlnii (i!i?,pir- sas that the Queen has cnnfi'ied the honor of Kinubilinod on Allan M'Nali. "Colonel of tlie uillitiii of Upper Canada." We think the adviser of her Majesty showed less sense in rntnminf tiding such n pincen. ding, than llm legislativp council of die Upper Ptovince, who refused to cniilinn the grant pasM-d ty the n.'seinlily for a sord to he prp-euteil to the Colonel anil Captain Drew. It in line, the affair of kiiiuhihood, is a mailer of crv tn.ill impoitanre, and wp iiietiou whether thcl Colonel thinks il n sufficient ipw'aid for his ilewi- ' lion in the cause of llm Queen I I'hero is much aid in the London ptipeis ipsppcling the iiriangc meiils for the coronation, which is in liikp place in June, nnd which, il is said, will mil vie in splendor nil former exhiliitions of ihe kind, Il is confide-illy inniouird ihal the Pipmier, Lord Mplhoiiiiio, is nlinul cniumill ing nialrimoiiv with die Queen mother, the Duchess nf Kent, I1T Another tirup tion nf the river Thame into the Tunnel, look p . ire on the 20ih tilt, which filial ib tunnel in about a quarier of an hour. Although sixty or aileicaped willinnt Injury. df-Tlie Doichesier loo,1"'" wll ve,f t"lorir-i to Botany liny in , , r"r '"'X1! combinations, haying been nuidon. ed, han returned lo England. It is confidently asserted that the King of Holland lias at length consented to the 21 articles ugrecd lo ..n ' ' . ... . . . 1 ",e i'"11 1 "'"' i In 1831, ns die baits of u separation of Holland and Belgium. An official despatch from Viscount Pal merston to Iho British Minister nt Wash inn ton, dated the tOlh Nov. last on tlie subject of the North Eastern boundary, hns been printed for t ho use of Parliament, ond is now published. It ii ns conciliatory in its lone as can be desired, nnd probably led to the Into proposition of tlio President to the State of Maine, that a conventional line of division should be adopted. Steam AnniVAr, kuom Europe. The first experiment in Steam Navigation across the Atlantic has been successfully accomplished, nnd henceforward wo tnny dato from the 23d of April, a New Era in (lie history of commercial and social inlercourso between this country ond Great Briton. This event is rightly con sidered a matter of mutual congratulation between the citizens of tno old and new Worlds, and proper arrangements have been made in the cily nf New York, for the public commemoration of an event 30 au spicious of unbounded eutcrprizi for the future. The Steam Ship Sirins came up to New York on Monday morning. The Grent Western was announced as in sight about 1 1 o'clock. Tho latter made the voyage from Bristol in 14. days, the former from Cork in 17 davs. UPPEn CANADA. Executions. Messrs. l.ount nml Matthews weie executed nt Tomato nn I'linr-dav last, for hating daicd lo invert their natural, citil ami po litical tights. Their hlood may go ttn.neneil ; lint ihoir memnrips thnnlil lie engraven upon the hearts of the fiiends of fiprdoill eieiy wheie. By the extracts in another column, it will he teen that si'tcial oihcis ueie to be executed on ihe 2llli inl. I'ourteen counctions taken place. jVh. ). 'I he follow ing peisons wtip emenced in he ex- eeuteil on the Horatio Hill, .Stephen Smith, Cliarles P. Wnld.alh, Eplnaim Cook, Join) Taf- ford, Nathan Town, anil Pripr .Malcnliu John .Munlgomeiy, John Andeison, Gilhirl Pie Ids Aloiden, and Ddwaid A Theller, on the 24dt int. The New York Commercial has advices from Toronto, up to Wednesday week At 9 o'clock on that day General Stithor land was Banished for life, lo New South Wales. It was the prevailing opinion ot J oronto, ot lhat time, that there would bo no farther executions, except perhaps of General Theller, nnd opinions were about equally divided, as to tho fate of that individual, between death and ban ishment. Mr. John G. Parker hud plea ded guilty, and thrown himself upon the court for mercy ; it is feared by his friend that ho will be among thoec who will be banished to New South wales, Samuel Lount, who was executed at Toronto on the I2iii, was upwards of six feet in height, nnd aged about -17 years, and is said to have been a very good look ing man. He was a native of Pennsylva nia, and had been in Canada since 1012. Hu married a daughter of Mr. Solos a wealthy farmer, who resides o few miles north ol'Toronto; he has left a widow ond seven children. Wo understand ilmt when Sir George Arthur was wp'ted on with entreaties that the lifo of Lnunt might bo spared, he said that l:e had given the matter that consideration which tho dis tressing case required, but that he could not consistently with his views of justice, extend the royal clemency to tlio cases of tho individuals, Lnunt and Matthews. In consideration of his family, however, the property of Lount should not be confisca ted, but given to Mrs L. for the support of herself anil children. LoCKPORT, April 18. A man liv the n.imn nf Dawson, was je-ieidav rommiilcd lo our jiilon it chdiije of minder. It is said lhat he ciosfed fiom ''nnadaiu Vounqilriwti, accompanied liv his tnfrntfrri, lo get man ied not caring to p,i'n j. cem-e lo her m.ijesly. The fllow was tcc.ngnized in one of the muideious hand of the luliiau, Dieiv, who inn ned the Caiohne. The Justice, instead of uniting couple in the silken ImiiiIj nf wedlock, h-Mied his wanaiil and hail Dawson nr. rested fur murder. Niagara Courier. New York Lec isLATunn. The Now Legislature has just adjourned, alter n laborious and spirited session of 107 days, and the passage of 333 acts. Among tho most important acts of the session, are) these for tho continuotion of thoio internal improvements to which so much of the prosperity of the Stoto has been owin" Not discouraged by the present disastrous condition or Um industry and business, the Legislature hasbesttnved its liberality with an open hand,o wise liberality which ought to find imitators in ot her Stntes Four millious wero appropriated towards tho more speedy enlargement of the Erie Canal j o loan of three millions wns voted in favor of the New York nnd Erie Rail, r.nod, ond generous sums to several other railroads. Another mo.t important act is ono by which tho monopoly nf the auction business is entirely destroyed, and tho business thrown open to public competition. This auction monopoly was a great resource of political corruption. Another act dis tributes tho interest of tho surplus revenue received from tho general government, among common schools, district libraries, academies and colleges. But tho great act of iho scskioii, is tho bill throwing open the husincBS of bonking, nml authorizing aso- pint inns. In r th u nroeciilton nf tins business. under n general law. This, act is destined In product) a complete revolution in the business of banking ; and wo shall take an early opportunity to give an occouul'of it more at length, II l with feelings of sadness that wo nre culled upon in notice the sudden decease nf nttp nf ntir mini moiiIiv r.ilir.nns, .Mr. IlKNtlY Skiknkii, of iho firm nf l.ncku nod & Skinner of this city. 'I ho deceacd wa in ihe liai tier's simp of 71r. Ilicb to tin Stated, when without nn iidinonilinn In those who were pirnent, he fell upon ilia floor dead ! How inciti!tilile nre the wat nf Providence. "I" the midst of life, wo nte In death !" Troy Mail. ANTI-SfiA VE KYOTlT H . Anieelinir nf the Chittenden County Ami-Slave ry Socielv mm he cxpecled in ('hitiloilp nn Wcdnc day Mav 2nd, the White Meeting House, to cntnmeiKp nt 10 o'clock A. M, Members nf the sctcral Town Societies in the County ate requested lo lie puiiciinl in thnir nllcn dance. Geo. A. M.l.fN, Chairman Ex. Committee. M A It It I E I) In this town, nn the evening of the 23l!i int., by the Hev. Mr. Injeifoll, DAVID French, V.t. of U'illistun. to Mis SARAH Ann GotKO. In this town, on the Slh, hy the llcv. Mr. Peg?, Mr. WtNsr.ow Miss Cr.AnissA Rooerts, both of this town. In Vtforil, April 2jiIi, hy Warren Ilnxsic, nt., Mr. Jonas Cook, of Bridport, to M its P.Mir.Y Morgan, nf Wpjtfind. tTC.n s A 8 r. " Uh I rrceivi'd nnd for miIp, 1000 bu-I.eU Turks Island SALT, 50 hairs Dairy tin. -T & J. II. PECK & CO. ir hiuIsTmcTlasses JUST landed nnd for sale, bv J- & J. II. PECK & CO. 2filh April. 1030 LEAD, t(fh Iluodred dry While Asm, 30 kegs do. ('round in oil. April 20. J. &.. J. II. Pkck L Co. LUMBER. THE subscribers have on hand on tho Dock, a lii'go quantity of common Lumber, which they offer for sale very low. A Uo, on hand at their Mill Yards. lOO.Oftn fent of Lath, which cm ho delivered in any I quantity wanted. Por.i.r.TT & Buadleys. Burlington, April 2G, 1030. Just rnceiVed ;i large supply of Mnfl'iil's neli'hratft.d Thoenix liitlors ngetils rouglioiit th'K slato can now be supplied hy plication In the siiIimt'iIipi'. H. Moodv, ap Burlington, April 27, 1838. TIN PLATE. I, Bo.c., X just ree'd and torNale liy April 5;j, H!38. W. It.&F.C. VILAS. 3w NOTICE. ALL pcrsotn having unsettled accounts with mo, nre respectfully invited to call at my More and adjuM lliciu previous to the lath of.May next ; thoco who neglect to do so will find llieir accounts in tho hands of an at tr rney, to whom immediate payment tnu-t be mailu. DAA DAY April 27. 1R33. FOR SALE QUARTER aero lot, will, a block house and barn thereon, situated on tlio ColcheMer side of Onion Itiver Lower Falls, on the north side of Ihe road, bot ween .1. W. Weaver's Sloro and thcSlnnc Mcuse four rods front. For further particulars inquire of J. v. wcavor, or ol tlio subscriber, ot Jericho Corners. G. HILL. Apiil 27, 1033. Just received and For Sale, ( Under the Free Press Office, Collcge.slreeL) A general assortment of ruips tf LJSUES, from 8 cts. to g5.50 each. AUo, a superior lot of SADDLES, TtU.VKS. II A RjYESS. FA L ISSES, CAUPET DAGS.Sfc. ifc. Carrmgi! trimming done to order. Call and spu. SA.MUEL S. SKLMYER. Burlington. April 'Zl. 18311. tf rjJlIIE GENUINE MORISON'S PILLS, .3. and POWDERS. JuM received direct from Geo. Tavlor. 13 Chamber si. Now York. solo agent for thn United Stales, 1 more caso of tho genuine Morison's Pills and Powders; innKing Inn 6tli largo caso ree d this winter. Tltosiipcriorily of thesn medicines is duly ap. prcciated hy an onligliletiod public. No soon or was it known that tho ";ciiiiino Pills and Powders undo by Monson the llygetst, could ngatn 'jo had in Vermont, than orders wero received from :.ll pari of tho State for tlinni ; and letters aro very often sent us informing us (hat tho Pills teceived from us tiro thn sainn kind which were first sent to tho United hlalps by Ilr. Morison, expressing in Ihn warmest terms, their gratiludo to us, for sup plying ihisSlnlo with this first and best Yen- etnblo Medeeine, Tho sale of Ibis medicino is coitsiantly iucroasing in all parts of tint world t it gives perfect satisfaction, and it will ronlintin lo bo used by greater numbers every ypnr,as all who usu it according lo sound judgment aro benefitted and do invariably continue to usu it whenever Ihey need medi cino, and recommend it lo Iho' fullest conli denco of their sick fiiends. It fins cured in hundreds of tbounsads of casus whom every thing else has faileo lo nfiord relief Thorn is mom undoubtedly nf ibis medicino used at this time in tho world, than of any other that has over been discovered j and wiial is mom im portant it is miring moro than any other mod ccirio. Tito prices for this medicino aro For Puckuts containing over ! 15 Pills $1. For Packets containing ovor3G0 Pills 3. Having a proportion of two to onn of No. 2 Pills in litem. For Iho accommodation or thoso who wish to get Iho No. 1 or No. 2 Pills snpnraltdy thov are put up also in and . 00 cent boxes, onlv ono kind in n box. Thoy can bo Itntl nlso in quantities costing- 75 cents and 1,50 cents. Tho Vegetable Aperient Powders aro 55 fonts per box ; tbeso am lo bo usnd whon Iho No. 2 Pills occasion thirst, or sick, ncss at Ihn sloitiach-, and nt all limes thoy greatly assisl Iho good operation of tltu medi cino. Directions for taking llm Pills. Tako 2, i), 4, 5, or mom of tho No. 1 Pills llm find night nnd tho samo nuinbor of tho No. 2 tho Iwo following nighlM and so continue nter nalcly, ono doso of No. 1, lo two doses of No. as, witcii llicy occasion thirst or lelchiug, niako a drink of Iho Powdors, mixed with wa ler and sugar. It is not pusBiblo to give dircc, ) tion?, perfectly applicable to otery possibloj Sis ease, but earh person must uso judgment in tnltinrr medicine, and very soon will know whether 2, fi, or 10 Pills aro necessary to n tlnsi) in their caso. In violent, aeitte eiser, such as Fever", Colick, Pleurisy, Infininiilimis, Small Pox, Measles, Ac. follow the direction sriven on ihn wrapper accompanying tho Pills. Morn full direction accompany each box and packet. I'ttichascrs in this stalo if they wish to col tii.x best and genuine medicine will ah trays look ritid hco that thn box or packet is signeiMn writing by Panabnrn k lirinunaid, if il is not so Mirncd, do not buy it, no mat ter how plausible a story is told you concern ing its genuineness, Wc supply this slate, and shall not let a box or packet i;o from our shop until it Is signed. And purchasers out of Iho County of Chittenden aro informed that wo have but one agent in a County, (said agent hastlte privilege of leaving the medicinc in any town in his county, by Inking $500 bonds of the person selling them, that ho will not sell nny other medicine purporting cither directly or indirectly to bo this article ;) in ad dition to our dignatuies, the county agent will sign his natiiu upon every box or packet sent to him unless they aio so signed do not pur chasothem. Do not buy tnem of Druggists or Pedlars, for they havo riof the genuine- atticlo made, by .Vorison, Sco that the person pre tending to sell the genttino Pill has a cettificate signed by us and confirmed hy Geo, Taylor. nle agent for the United States, also a printed ono signed hy Geo. Taylor suspended in his store. Panoboiin fc Bm.NSMAin, Jnwollors Burlington Vt., agents for tho state of Vermont, appointed by Geo. Taylor. 13 Chamber st.. New York, solo agent for tho United States, sent out by tho British College of Health, London. SUB AGENTS. Geo. IL Fish Middlobury, Addison Co. O. A, Keith, Sheldon, Franklin Co. S. , MorHC, Craflsbttry, Orleans Co. John Kelsey, Danville, Caledonia Co. N. C Goddard. Windsor, Windsor Co. M.S. Bnekland. Bellows Falls. Windham Orvis& Roberts, Manchester, Bennington II. W. Porter. Rutland, Rutland Co. W. V. Cathvcll, Montpclier Washington co Foster Grow, Chelsea, Orango Co. April 27, 1838. Nova Scotia Plaistcr. ffl S'iTv TONS now grinding and for sale by tho subscribers. BOA RDM AN, CLARK, & Co. -ViVfrm, Loner Falls, Jan. 25, 18J8. npiIE subscribots- have on band, a full -B. assorttnenl nf Uroidcloliiy of all qual ities and colors, Saiinetts, Flannels, Ken tucky Jeans, carpets fcc. &c. which they aro prepared to exchange for fleece or nulled wool at hbcrnl prices, or wool will bo pur chased for cash or sold on commission. Growers of wool and country merchants will find it their interest lo call. Applvto TOUNELE ,t"MALL. No. -15 Fullon st., 2nd door from Peatl st., cily of Now York. NOTICE. rilHE adjourned meeting of the Mechnn A ics anil working men, wiil he held at Ihe Green Mountain House, on Saturday tli'3 28th inst. at fi o'clock P. M. All those who wish to join this fraternity, ore ro (pieated to attend, and all native' American Citizens, who have not as yet been inform ed os to (ho objects of this association (who are mechanics nr Laboring men) ore re quested to attend. Fresh Ground Plaster. TH E subscribers will hnve a full sup ply of l''rch Ground Plaster, st the Plaster' Mill, Wmooski falls, from and after this date, Fom.ett & Br.ADLF.rg. Burlington. April 20. 1838. For Sale at the Cheap Cash Store LUB & BLACK BROAD CLOTHS B of n Miiionor qtialllv vnrv low HERDS GRASS SEED. 50 Bushels very fioo North Western which on proper meadow 6oils will yield from 2 to 3 ions to the acre, present imme diate price only J3 per Bushcll. WINDSOR MONEY FOR SALE. A Bill on the of Windsor Bank for 100, letter A. Nn. 117 payable to Vermont or bearer, dnted January I. 1833. Also, on samo Bank onolbrgjO, letter A., No. I7G. dated Jany. 1st 18 nnd so many flourishes Hint they either forgot or hail not time to make tho rest of the date. Price as may be ugreed upon, not withstanding tho recomineudalinn of their first notice for holders not to sacrifico or be alarmed tlu scare is all over. S. E. HOWARD. Burlington. April 15th 1838. SaLlIKTG- OS1?. ID FITZGERALD, being desirous ofclo At, sing his business in this place hnrrhv infiirins'Mho public," that his stock of JEW ELRY, MILITARY and E.hXCY COOPS, tall oe sold in a manner "To ri.EASCTiiii Peo. ri.i: ! !" N. I. Those indebted as abovo aro remin ded that U.ncm: Sam must have his rent on tho DC day ol'Apnl, and donU lihethc Lau-iers. March 7, 18.18. R. FiTZtinn w.ti. Sidney Powell's Estate. STATE OF VERJIOXT, ) DlsTlllCT UV OlIIT'l'HMlK.N SS. ( The, Honorable the. Probate Court for the Dislriit of Chittenden, lo all persons concerned in the Eitate. of Sidney Puivell late of Milton in said District, deceattd, GllKUTISfl. WW"HEREAS, tho executrix of the t V last will and testament ofsaid deccas. ed proposes In rentier on account of hor administration, nml present her account against said estato for examination and allowance at a session of tho Court of Pro bate, to be holdcn at thn Registers oflico in Burlington on ilio second Wednesday of May next. TiiKHKPnnn, You aro hereby notified to nppenr bcloro said Court nt Iho time ami place oforesaid, and shew canve, if any you have, why the account ofuresaid should not ho allowed. Given ur.dor my hand nt Burlington this seventh day of April. A. I). III3II. Wm WESTON. Reishter. SEED. Bushels Titunihy Seed, also n few nuunds Clo'ver do. for sain Cheap by S, WALKER Si Co, March 15, 1C30, hush mt.vjtxn PERIODICAL AGENCY. XT. SLEEPER. Chelsea, Ft. Is Agent for tho following Periodicals, viz: North American Review, quarterly. Reprint of Iho Four Quarterlies t embracing the Edinburgh, London Qtinrtutlv. Forei-m Quartctly and tho London and Westminster Quarterly llnvtnw. Now York Review. American Journal of Science and Arts. American liililicul Roioitorv. Literary and Theological Review, quarterly jiniuricaii .nirisi niiu iaw magazine. Christian Examiner. Boston Quarterly Review. Nntional Portrait Gallery of distinguished t ii'ui icaus, American Monthly Magazine, licnlloy's Miscellany. Knickerbocker, ol New York Monthly Ma", ozitie. " Museum ofForcign Literature, Sciencu and Arts. Blackwnnd's Edinburgh Magazine. United Stains Magazine and Democratic uovicw. mommy. Law Library, monthly. Annals of Education ; Edited by Dr. W. A Alcoit. monthly. The Metropolitan Marrazinn. mnntt.k. Journal of llm Franklin Institutu, monthly. Gentleman's Magazine. latnily Magazine, monthly. Parley's Magazine for Childrnn. mnmi.t.. Tho Lady's Book and Ladies' American iiiagazttip. Ladies' Companion. Sunday School Teacher. Horticultural Register and Gardener's Macr. azino. Magazine of Horticultnro and Botany Library of Health. Religious Mngnzino. Christian Spectator, Southern Literary Messenger. Select Medical Library and" Eclectic Journal or Medicino ; edited by John Bell, M. D monthly. Ainnripfin ATn.Kont T , t . ... . , " , ,", '-"ornry nno intelligen cer i edited by Robley Dtmglison, M. D. OUIII I - III nn in . Ami-rinmi lnii....l ,.MT...i; ... ul iiiuuicat octenco quar British and Foreign Medical Review. Medico Cliirttrgicsl Review, quarterly. Boston Medical and Siinrirni r,....f Medical Examiner: devoted to medicine, r...y.i.v auu mc collateral sciences, semi monthly, Waldio's select Library, weekly. New York Mirror, weekly. Philadelphia Saturday Courier, weekly. The Saturday Nows, 'Philadelphia, weekly. American Weekly Messenger, Philadelphia Mirror, weekly. Tho Southern Rose, scmi-inonthlv. April la. l!i3,'i. 0"Mr. Sleeper proposes lo remain in town a Tow days, and. in ihn mean lime, will receive subscriptions at tl10 Burlington Hotel. Samuel D. Hyde's Estate. STATE OF FERJIOjYT, i District of Chittenden ss. AT n Probate Court ho.'den at Burlinc-c- ton, within mid for the District afore said on Ihe twelfth day of April A. D. 1033. An instrument purporting to be the Itisi will and testament of Samuel D. Hyde, late of Charlotte, in said District, deceased, was presented to the Court here for Probate, hy Amos Clark, tho Executor therein named. TiiKRKi'ortE it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given to nil persons concerned therein to appear before said Court, at n session thereof to he holdcn nt Burlington on the second Wednesday of May A. D. 1033, and contest the probate ofsatd will, and it is further ordered that this order he publiPbed three weeks sue. cessivcly in the Free Press, a newspaper printed at Burlington, in this State, the last of which shall be previous to ihe day assitrncd, ns aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at the "Rerristor's Ofiicc, this 12th tiny "fAnnl A. I). 1.130. Wm. WESTOjY, Register. Lot NcwclFs Estate. S 7 VI TE OF FERJIOjYT, ) Di-tiiict in- Chittenden, ss. The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden. To all persons eon. ccrncd in the Estate if Lot JYeicell. late of Charlotte, in said District, deceased. GREETIjYG. IIEREAS. Amos Clark, ndminUtra tor, of the estate of said deceased proposes to render nn account of his ad minisirniinn ami present ins account nganst said estate for examination and a lowanco at a session of tin; Court of Probate, lo be lioldeu at the Register's oflico in Bur. Iiugton on tho second Weducrday of May next. TiiEUEKonr., You nro hereby notified to appear itoioro said court nt the time and place nfotesaid. and shew cause if any von have, why tho account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under my bond ot Burlington, this iui uay oi April A. D. 1031!. Wm. WESTOJY, Register Lemuel B. Piatt's Estate. STATE OF FERJIOXT. distiuct of Chittenden ss. s 4 T a Probata Court holdcn nt Burling xSL ton within and for said diMrict on tho seventeenth day of April, 1030. applies lion having been made to said court by Lemuel B. Piatt nnd (Jen. K. Plait, heirs to the Estato of Lcmuol B. Plat!, lato of millon in said district, deceased, request ing a division of stud estato among the heirs thcroof. And tho said Lemuel B. Plait and Gen. K. Piatt, administrators of the Estate of said deceased, propose to ren der an account of their administration and present their nccnunt ogniust said Estate for examination and allowancetherefore it is ordered by tho court aforesaid that notice be given 'to nil persons interested or concerned in said Estate, to appear before said court nt a sos-irui thereof to ho holdcn at thn Register's Oflico, in Burlington, on tho 30i It day of April instant, bv publics lion of this order two weeks successively in iho Free Press, n newspaper printed nt Buihngtnn. in said district, tho last of which publications to hu previous to tnid 30th dny of April, inst. and show causo, if nny limy have, why the said Elalo should not ho divided, nnd why Hie said account of said administrators should not be allow ed. Given under my hand nt Burlington, t It id I "71 Ii day of April, HI3(l. Wm. WI'jSl'ON.WfjWtr. Some Tilings New CHEAP CASH 'sTORE. JS'vm llomh.bij the Prnprirtnr, toiote willv ii to be Up and Doing, Quick and Che ip. Cheap for Cash and JYu Imprisonment' for Debt. eE has bcrm to Now York and returnrd with a few well selected now Bontifts; Ribbons, artificial Flowers, Silks, Shawls, Cnlii.oes, Ginirhatii", Muslins. Glove-, Hosie ry, Handkerchiefs. Collars, Laco, Edi'iues. ( ombs ami various Irimmins ize. &c. With IhopinvioiisHtock of Carpotings. Paper Hang, ings. Cloths, Cas.imorn, SaltinetlK, Veting-i, Farwell'y Shoes and Boots, Cotton Cloths, Yam, Wiokinjr, Ticking, a splendid assort ment of rich Glass Ware, Crockery, mnntlo ornament., Fnncv Arliclos, Faintly Groceries such us Lamp Oil. Teas. Coffee, Sugars, Molasses. Spices, Arc. tec, which comprises one of tltu most convenient stock lo buy from that hu has ever had iho pleasure (ifhaviiig at this oarly season of tho year lo offer to his vory many good cuMotncru to whoso liborul pttronagu lie checi folly ac knowledges tho ability to buy cheap and bo licving in pro!!rchl?a improvement in busi nos ns wull as knowledge hopes tho demand and sales may so inntcaso as to induce him to continue to extend his variety of goods, ware and merchandize systematically to iho cxlont of tho fancies, wishes, expectation and wants of tho public and Ihe appearance of the inter, nal arrangement of iho establishment until it shall bo satisfactory and gratify ingto hia homo neighboring and distant customer. S. EARL HOWARD. Burlington. April 10, ltijfj. New England Seed Store, and QJice of the Js'cw England Farmer, Nouth M.wiKKT SirruET. Boston. T. F. Ar Y. h. STRONG Agents, liurlington Vt. WHO have now on hand garden and flow er Soocs in jrroat variety, Ruta Bagar Mangel Wurlzel, Sugar Beet tec. kc. VVo would call Iho .mention of iho public lo seeds from tins establishment they being far superior to any put up in tho United Slates. April ii. Charles S. Kimball's Estate. STATE OF FER.,V0jYT, ) Diptisict or Chittenden, ss. ( The Honorable the Probate Court for the. District of Chitlendin. to all personv concerned in the Estate of Charles S. Kimball, tote nf Durlhgl.n ;;. said Dis trict, deceased, GREET1.YG. WHEREAS. Ilirnm Winslow, adminis. tratnr of the E-tnto of said deceased proposes to render an account of bin administration, and present his account against said estate Tor cxmiinatinn and allowance at a secsion of the Court of Pro, hate, to be holdcn a Willi-ton on the 3d Monday of April next. Thehefoue, You tiro hereby notified to appear before said Court at Ihe time and place aforesaid, and shew cause, if nny von have, why the account aforesaid should 'not be allowed. Given under mv hand nt Burlincton, this 31st day of March. A. D. 1333. " Wm. WESTON. Register. Truman Burritt's Estate. STATE OF VERJIOJYT,) DISTIUCT Of CHITTENDEN, SS. The honorable the Probate Court for tho District nf Chittenden, to all person con cerned in the Estate if Truman Burrill, late of Hinesbitrgh in said District, de ceased. Greeting;. "T'HEREAS, Ihe administrator of tho Estate of said deceased proposes to render nn account of Ins admiuistrni ton, and present his account against said estate lor examination and allowance at a session of the Court of Prnbaio, lobe holdcn at Registers office in Burlington on the 21st day of April instant. I horcforc, you nre hereby notified to appear before said Court at the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if anv von have, why the account aforesaid should not he allowed. Given under mv hand at Burlington this 11th day of April A. I). 1333. Wm. WESTON. Register. CLOVER SEED. &T) lbs. White and Yellow Perennial Cover Seed. 1000 lbs. Red, " hy Feb. 2-. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. D 53 Mr TJ. ST 21 "ST. J. LEWIS OULD respectfully inform Iho pub lic that he is now ready to nraiicn in Iho above business. From n perfect knowledge and practice of the business ho feels willing to affirm that it will bo dono in the ncalest manner. Culls will be strictly attended to at their respective dwellings, or at his rooms two doors north nf J. Mitchell's, Church street. Burlington, Feb. 0, 18311. SOT1TTOH & HTDE, WHOLESALE DEAL Fits IN DRY GOODS, 51 Ced.mi Street, JYEW YORK, WOULD thus notify thoso visiting tho city for purposes of trade, that they aro re ceiving and will bo prepared with a good and general Stock of STAPLE ASD F.hYCY DRY GOODS, which for cash will bo offered at a small profit. They will keep constantly on hand Merrimac, Dover, and a variety of low priced PRINTS. Tremont.Lawreuco.and other SHEETINGS SutVolk, and Hamilton, Browu, White and blue DRILLS. March 30. 11133. 2,n C 11 A U L () T T E FEMALE SEMINARY. THE Summer Term of this Insiitntion, will commence nn tho first Wednes day in May, under tho direction of Mtsa M.miv Ghout, as Principal. Tho term will continue twenty thrco weeks. includiiiLT n vacation of ono week at tho end of tho first quarter. ooMiTiors : Tlio terms nf snid school are per quarter, including Tuition, Board, Wash- mg, L'ghls nnd Fuel. A convenient Hoarding House will ho in readiness at iho commencement of the term. :. jr. goodjiajY, Clerk of the Hoard of Trustees Charlotte, March I, 1S3U.

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