Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 21, 1838, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 21, 1838 Page 3
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BRIGADE ORDER NO. COLONEL HENRY THOMAS, of the ninth Regiment, 3d llrigado and 1st Division of Militia of this Statu, will forthwith isuo t ho necessary orders to as ECtnblo the Field Staff (except supernume rary) officers also three commissioned and eight noncommissioned ofliccrs, t ho field tnusick. to wit: ono Fife, ono tenor and ono bass Drummer, from each company under vour command, and the Regimental Hand (excepting thaofliccrs and Music of Artil cry) at Rurlington, on Friday the fifth day of October next, nt 0 o'clock A. M. for the purpose of military drill and discipline, two Jays successively, and there- wait further orders. The field slalT and commandants of companies will appear with side nrm j Subalterns and noncommissioned officers will appear with the firelock of their res pective companies, and twenty four rounda of blank cartridges. The whole to bo nrmcd, uniformed and equipped, as prescri bed by virtue ol the statute. You will also provide ono guido pto ft to each company. By order of J. V. Hopkins, Adjt. and Inso't General. HEM AN R. SMITH, Brig. Gen. 3d Brigade, 1st Division . uen. ia ungauc, isi s oi Vermont, irtcrs. 3d Brigade, rgh, Sept. 18, 1C30. State Head Quarters Hinesburgh, kepi LEATHER &, FINDINGS. HAS JUST RECEIVED AT HIS LEATHER STORE SHOE MAKERS Kits, and (hidings of all descriptions Morocco, Kids and Linnings, of all colors Harness, Bridle, Band, Top and Skirt ing Leather, Oak Skirting, Bridle and Hog Skins, Iloree Hides, ifcc. 10,000 lbs Sole Leather. 40 doz. Sides of Upper Leather, 50 doz. Calf Skins, 20 dn Sheep and Lamb Skins. 150 pair of mens Thick & Thin Boots 125 pair of Men and Women's Thick and Thin Shoes. 100 lbs Shoe Thread, of all kinds. 130 gross Sparables 4-C 5-8 and 0 0. 350 of Towns Lasts ; Mens and ") Woroans Straits. i Latest 50 prs. Men's Block & Pump (fashion Lasts, j Boot Trees and Jacks, "Which will be sold cheap for cash. Pearl St. Burlington, Sept. 20, 1030. WANTED. A Young man from 18 to 20 years of ngc, os a Clerk, can hear of a place .by enquiring at this Office. Sept. 20. 'Grey Shaker Yarn, just ree'd By WAIT and TABOR. POTATOES. M ASH and a good price will be paid for o few thousand bushels Potatoes if delivered soon, by Sept. 28, '30. Follett &. Bradleys OLDRIDGES BALM OF COLUMBIA. FOR THE HAIR, RECEIVED and for sale at the Variety Shop, also the genuine Chlorine Tooth Wash, for the Teeth, also a few doz. Pots of the real Naples Soap, (ho best article to make a good Lather for shaving there is in use. Pangborn & Brinsmaid. Sept. 20. FARM FOR SALE. fllllE subscriber -i- offers for sale his valuable farm situated in t tic north west part of Huntington, contain ing about 250 acres, and ia well calculated for a dairy, having a convenient dwelling house, two barns, with an eight feet shed between, and other valuable and convenient out building?. There is also n good orchard, cider Mill House and Mill. Said farm is every where well watered, and will keep thirty cows and a team. Also, two hundred acres of wild land, situated about one milo from the farm, and i8 well timbered with a heavy growth of Spruce and other valuable sawintr timber. Terms of sale niado easy bv annlication to the subscriber on the premises. HEMAN GILLET. Huntington, Sept. 20, 1330. FIRE! FIRE!! THE members of the Vormout Mutual Fire Insuranco Company, are hereby notified that the following assessments have been made by the director on nil notea in force on tho following days, to wit Nov. 23, 1837, of ono nor cent. Dec. 21 Jan. 30 1030, i Feb. 3 J " 28 4 War. 31 $ ., April 10 j 4 25 ,, j , May 9 July 30 .-J Making 4 per cent, assessment for the year; said per ccntage to bo cast on tho original amount of tho premium note. without reference to any endorsement ond to be paid to the Treasurer, at his Office in Montpelior, on or boforo tho 10th dov of Octobor, 1030. An opportunity will bo presented to forward assessments by the members of the Legislature, and those who neglect to forward their assessments then, are referred to tho 0th Sec. of tho act attached to such Policy, for the conse quences. By order of the Directors, HARRY VAIL. Treasurer. Montpelier, Aug. 20, 1030. WANTED in exchango for Goods 1000 yds homo grey Cloths 500 ydB domestic Flannels 100 doz. pairs men's Socks 100 pairs women's domestic Hose. Scpl. 13, 1030. LYMAN & COLE. IB A&flPSff JBSOo A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF HAIR IS tlio (raudest ornament belonging to the human frame, How strangely tho loss of it changes tho countenance, and prematurely brings on the nppcaranco of old ago, which causes ma ny to recoil nt being uncovered, and sometimes oven shun society tp avoid tlio jests and sneers of their acquaintance ( the remainder of their lives is consequently spent in rotiroment. In short, nut oven tho loss of property litis tho gen erous thinking youth with that heavy sinking gloom as tloos tho loss of his hair. To avert all tlieso unpleasant circllmstnnces,0DfJ&7,;'1S, BALM OF COLUMBIA stops tho hair from falling oil' on tho first application, and n fow bot tles restores it again, it likewise produoes eye. brows and whiskers ; prevents tlio hair from turning gray, it makes it curl beautifully, and frees it from scurf. Numorous certificates of tho first respectability in the support of the vir tues of Oldridgo's Balm oro shown by tho pro prctors. Head the following. ROBERT WHARTON, Esq. Into Mayor of Philadelphia, has certified, as may bo seen be below to tlio high character of the following gentlemen : Tho undersigned do hereby certify that wo have used tho Balm of Columbia discovered by J. Oldridgo, and have- found it highly ser viceable not only as a proventivo against tho fulling oft'of hair, but also u certain restorative. WM. THATCHER, Son. Methodist Minister in St. George Charge. No. 80 North Fifth st. JOHN P. INGALS, 331 Arch st. JOHN D. THOMAS.m. d. 1G3 iwco st. JOHN S. FUREY, 101 Spruce st. HUGH McCURI)EY,M3 South 7th st. JOHN CARD, Jr. 123 Arch st. It will certainly raiso its virtues in the cstima tion of tho public, when it is known that throo ot tho abovo signers aro moro than 50 years of ago, anu tlio otners not Joss than M. From the Mayor. I, ROBERT WHARTON.'Moyor of said Citv of Philadelphia, do hereby certify that I am well acquainted with Messrs. J. P. Inglis, John S. Furcy, and Hugh McCurdy whose names aro signed to the above certificate, that they aro gen tlcmcn of character and respectability, and as such full credit should bo given to tho said cer tificate. In witness whereof, I havo hereunto set my hand, and caused tho seal of the city to bo L. S. affixed, this sixth day of December, &c. ROBERT WHARTON, Mayor. CAUTION. Obsorvo that such bottles of tho genuine Balm has a splendid engraved wrap per on which is represented tho Falls of Niaga ara, the agents name, &c. To Editors j-c. All country papers who will insert the abovo once a week G months, and send ono number to the agents, shall be entitled to ono dozen of Balm. Sold wholcsolo and retail by COMSTOCK c CO., Solo Agents for America, Now York ; and by ono or moro druggists in nearly every town in the United States and Canados. September 13th 1838. CmM PIL.ES, &C. HAEMORRIIOIDS. NO CURE NO PAY1! Piuci: gl. HAY'S LINIMENT. NO FICTION. This extraordinary chemi cal composition, tho result of science and the invention nf a celebrated medical man, tho inroduclion of which to tho public was invented with the solemnity of a death-bed bequest, lias sinco gained n reputation unparalleled, fully sua. tabling tho correctness of the lamented Doctor fandley's last confession, that "he dared not dio wiuioui giving to posterity the benefit ot his knowledge on this subiect." and hothcreforo be queathed to his friend and attendant, Solomon iinys.ino secret ot his discovery. It is no used in tho principal hospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and most certainly for tho euro of the PILES, and also so extensively and effectually as to bafHc crcdu. lity, unless whore its effects are witnessed. Ex ternally in the following complaints : . 'or Dropsy, Creating extraordinary absorp tion at once. All Swellings.-Reducing them in a'few hours. Rheumatism Acuto or Chronic, giving quick case. Croup, and Whoomim Cousrh Externnllv.nnH ovor tho chest. All Bruises: Snrains anil Burns Ctminrt in a fow hours. Sores and Ulcers .Whether fresh nr Inrm standing, and fever sores. Its operations upon adults and children in rn- ducing rheumatic swcllings.and loscning coughs and tightness of the chest by relaxation of tho parts, has boon surprising beyond conception J.I1U uuimiiuiiiuiiiarjl 01 tllOSO WHO I13V0 USCU It in tho Piles, is "It acts like a charm." THE PILES. Tlio price 1 is refunded to any person who will use a hottlo of Hay's Lini ment for tho Piles, and return tlio empty hottlo without being cured. Thcso aro tho positivo orders of tho proprietor to the Agents ; nnd out of many thousands sold, not ono has been uii. successful. Wo might insert certificates to any lcngth,bul prefer that those who sell the article, should ox. hibit tho original to purchasers. CAUTION. Nonoeanbo genuino without a splendid engraved wrappcr.on which is my name, and also that of tho Agents. SOLOMON HAYS. To Editors, tfc.Al couutry papers who will insert the abovo 12 months, and send ono number to the agents shull bo entitled to ouo dozen ol tho Liniment. .-joiu wnoiosaic ami retail by COMSTOCK yjy., nuiu -tiyuia, now lone ; anu I 1 bv ono Drue gist in every town in tho United States and Can uas. SeplrmlcrUtti, 1838. Iy71 TAX OP $400 GriOfj, not chargeable li f.Wmnr. On I AM paying it from another fund, as con get it, by instalments, viz: I paid Mr. Lane the tax collector on the 10th of March my check on Bank of Bur lington for &10 70, and yesterday woa cnn. bled to give him another check on the eaniR bank for $59 30 moro towards taxes, and Bhall pay him somo more as soon as ho says he must havo it. I have a great many goods to sell, and purchasers so numerous that I have not tiino to sell dear. Fancy and Staple articles of every description of morchntidizo, for sale cheap, at I ho cheap cash store of S. EARL HOWARD. P. S. No Windsor Money for sale. s?Pt 12. 1 1030. NOTICE. fyilEREAS my wife Polly, has with- t out any just cause or provocation left my bed and board, this isthcroforo to forbid all persons, harboring or trusting her on my account, os I will pny no debts of hor contracting after this date. If . HEMAN GILLET. IIUDtinrrlon, Sont. 20, 1030, Pangborn &, Brinsmaid HAVE recently returned from Now York, where they havo purchased u great many articles necessary to kcop their oxten sivo variety in as good ordur as ever. Ah it is the llurlingtoii fashion to go into particu lars, wo inform tho r.urious that tho goods woro shipped "per Troy Tow boat," "earn Comstock St Co." "Uy steam on tho lakn." Mr. Pangborn returned via Saratoga, White hall and Lake Champlain. Mr. jirinsinnid via Hartford, Springfield, Amherst, Itrnltlu borough, RoyalWm and Monlbeliur. Somo of tho goods aro sold, and wo huvo been under the stern necessity of ordering more, which wo expect will bo hero next week. Among tho articles recently received aro Itosom Pins, Finger rings, Head Hags, Gold Chains, lino linen llosoms, various prices, lino stocks, in fants Hair Krushos, ivory Whistles and rings, German silver Spoons and Sugar Tongs, Mo hair Caps, Urass and Steel SnufVers and stands, tooth, nail, and hair Brushes, Ulacking and Shoo Hrushes, tho genuine Morrison's Pills, niado by James Morison tho hygcist, at London. Our assortment, never boforo sur passed, is receiving nddltions almost, if not quite every week. Wo sell for cash only. Variety Shop. Panoiiorn k ISrinhmaid. Watch and Clock repairers, and Silversmiths, N. R, As wo havo the remark frequently made to us by our friends that " they would liked to havo called and looked through tho variety shop when they were in town, but not wishing to buy, they did not liko to troublo us," wo wish every man, woman, and child to understand that wo liko to seo them, if they only call to look, and wo wish them to conio and bring all their friends too, at any time, and if they do not wish to buy any thing, wo shall keep on working, and if they do wish to seo or buy any thing, wo shall bo ready to at tend to them tho moment they make their wishes known ; but wo shall not follow them around tho room and urge goods upon them when they do not wish to buy. Wo wish to sell goods when people como to buy, but when they do not "wo donl know how." Wo havo ono prico and no abatement, to which wo in tend to confine ourselves. Men, women, and children pay the samo prico at tho variety shop, Sept. 11. 1038. JVciu Boot & Shoe Store. THE subscriber oilers for sale at the Green store, two doors south of N. Lovely's, a general assortment of ladies and gentlemen's Boots ami Shoes, which ho will sell on the most reasonable terms. Edward J. Fay. Church-street, ) Burlington, Sept. 14 ) STATE OF VERMONT, ) District of Chittenden, ss. The Hon. the Probate Court for the Dis trict of Chittenden, To all persons con cerned in the estate of Mcricl Rice, late of Burlington, in said District, deceased. GREETING. WHEREAS, Alvan Footc, administra tor of the estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his admin istration, and present his account against said cstntc for examination nnd nllowance, at a session of tho court of Probate to bo holdcn at the Register's office in Burling ton on the sixth day of October next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before said Court at the time and place aforesaid and show cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not bo allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 12th day of September, A. D. 1030. CHARLES RUSSELL, Judge. STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chittenden, es. AT a Probate Court holdnn at Burling ton within and for the District afore said on the 12lh day of September A. D. 1030. An Instrument purporting to be tho last Will nnd Testomcntof Saninel Holgalo, late of Milton, in said District deceased, was presented to the Court hero for Pro bate, by Peggy Holgatc and Harvey IIol gate the Executors therein named. Therefore it is ordered by said Court, that public notice bo given to nil persons concerned therein to appear before said Court, nt a session thereof to be holdcn nt the Register's office in said Burlington, nr. the second Wednesday of October A. D. 1030, and contest the probate of said Will, and it is further ordered that this order be published three weeks successively in the Frco Press n newspaper printed at Bur lington, in this State, the last of which shall be previous to the day assigned, ns aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Office this 121 h day nf September, A. D. 1330. Wm. WESTON, Register. 5 T II EDITION. Trade good and business increasing HOWARD Of the Cheap Cash Store, TJAS at length returned from N. York JLX nnd other markets without being obliged to go to Europe in the stoainor Great Western for his supply, as has been enid by somo persons that he would ; but not so, ho could not be snared, his custom ers required him nt homo, his Tax for Faculty as a Merchant of $100 by the town must bo provided for. 'hie infamous Windsor money loss of 150 has been pocketed, nnd will bo referred to the Leg islaturc. So that having now altogether one of the most extonsivc, best selected, nnd cheapest bought assortments of Good Wares, and Merchandize, that was ever before oflered to the public at his Grand Bazaar Cheap Cash Establishment, whero he is ready with his ! clerks nnd no other engagements on hand, to distribute accord ing to the desires of customers any amount of goods they may wish at cither wholesale or retail. JNo charge tor showing Goods. iomo anu 6ec. S. EARL HOWARD. P. S. As soma Goods have been our chased under the cost of iinnurtation nrices and will bo sold low, it may bo un object to senu irom a distance, Orders with cash will rcccivo attention, nnd goods sent as iow as ii customers wcro present. September 1, 1030. 1JLAIN and striped cas&iiiiurus, balinclt, . bullalo cloth, moleskin. &c. bv WAIT &: TABOR. ---4..wJDri 2P THE stock of ooons remaining on hand in I ho store formerly owned by Mr. Lemuel Curtis will he sold at public auction nt taid btoro commencing Monday Septum, her 21, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and tho solo Will continue until nil sold. The 6tock coiibists nf a largo stock of DRY GOODS, TEAS. CROCKERY. Sec. ffc. N. LOVELY, Trustee. Burlington, Sept. 5, 1030. New Goods, Cheap Goods. THE Btih-cribcr has just returned from New York with a largo nnd general Assortment nf Dry Goods, Dry Groceries, Crodcery, China and Glass Ware, which he vfill sell unusually low for cash, Butter, or Grey full cloth. Nohi.k Lovui.v. Burlington, Sept. 5. 1030. Rnal Estate at Auction. THE properly lately owned by Lemuel Curtis in Burlington, consisting of a largi briclc store and a building occupied as a shoe shop, and the land on which the same stand, and note holdcn by the subscriber in trust, Jor certain creditors of said Curtis, will be exposed for sale at public auc ((on at the store on the same premises, on Saturday the first day of September next at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Said properly is under an incumbrance of Eighteen hun dred dollars, and will be sold subject to said incumbrance. The two buildings will be sold together or scperalcly to suit the purchasers. NOBLE r.nvp.r.v 1 t,i Burlington, August 0, (TP I ho abovo sale, stands adjourned to Saturday Oct. 6, at 3 o'clock P. M. when the above will be sold without re serve, and possession given of the store immediately, unless it should be previously disposed 01 at private sale. N. Lovely. Sept. 3d, 183S. STATE OF VERMONT, ) DlSTKICT OF ClIlTTU.NDEN. SS. S A T a probate court holdcn at Burlington. jfl within and for the said district on the 0th day of September, A. D. 1030. Present tho Hon. diaries Russell, Judge, an instru ment purporting to bo tho last will and tns. tamtnt of Joseph Jones, lato of Underbill. deceased, being presented to tho court here by 'Iruman blicldon, the executor therein named, for probate; it is ordered that all persons concerned therein bo notified to an pear at a session of said court to bo holdcn at the olfico or the register of this court in Bur lington, in said district, on the second Wcdncs day of October next, and show causo,ifany, aainsi mo probate ol siad will, for which purposo it is further ordered that a copy of the record of this order bo published three weeks successively in tho Frco Press, minted at B.ulington as soon as may bo. A truo copy ol record. Attest WM. WESTON, Hegistcr. STATE OF VERMONT, District of Chittenden, ss. AT a Probate Court holden nt Burling ton, within and for the District afore. said on the 27th day of August A. D. 1030. An instrument purporting to be tho last will and testament of Jesec Woodruff, late of Milton, in said District deceased, was presented to the Court hero lor Probate, by Sally Woodruff the Executrix therein named. Therefore it is ordered by Faid Court, that public notico be given to all persons concerned therein to appear before said Court, nt a session thereof to bo holden at Burlington, on the second Wednesday of October, A. I). 1033, and contest the probate of said will, and it is further order ed that this order bn published three weeks successively in the Free Press a newspaper printed nt. Burlington, in this State, the last of which shall ho previous lo the day assigned, ns aforesaid for hearing. Given under my hand nt the Register's Office, this 27ih dav of August A. D. 1330. Win WESTON, Register. VARNISH. rillir: mbjcubcr has this day teccived a supply X nt ViimUli Irom one of the Victories iii New Ymk, for coach and cabinet maker's use. lie solicits llitiir iiileniiou to ilii.-f iirlicle, as hu cm imiko it in pi ice, as uell aa in ipmlilv, :iu object for them to buy. 11. MOODY, August 0. J. W. WEAVER HAS received from Now York and of fer fur sale FLOUR, PORK. WET S- DR Y GROCERIES, BOOTS and SHOES, SHEETING. SHIRTING. CALICO Sf CONFECTIONARY, Stc. Stc. All bought with cash nnd will be sold for cash at tho lowest market prices. Winooski City, Aug 22. 1030. Horse, Chaise and Harness FOR SALE. A gentleman has left with Mr. J. K. Cray, carriage maker of this village, to ho sold on reasonable terms for cash or approved paper, ono light Chaise, Horse and Harness, all in excellent order, pud a very rcspectnblo establishment. They can bo purchased separately if required. Burlington, Aug. 22, 1030. Grain and Provisions. RYE, Corn nnd Beans, also smoked Hams and shoulders for salo by Pcarlsl.Aug. 11 II. M. GIDDINGS. 4 SPELLING BOOKS. Kfl() fiOZ Webster's Elementary Spel V7vy ling Books aro oflered for Halo by JAMES W. HICKOK, Burlington, Aug. 10, 1033. Gooliclc's Matchless Sanative, For salo by CYRUS JOHNS. Junn 26. 3m Arml for lluntinj'ttM) V( TIIIE subscriber is now opening mid ofli-rs for sale an Invoice of mill, cir cular, cross cut and pit Saws, (if the inonl approved make and assorted sizes. III. Ron but Moody. ST. Croix nnd Porlorico sugars nf tho best quality, and prices lowor than ever by WAIT and TAROIt. Jg I1 or Sale or to Rent. fIH THE Brick Store owned by 1 i IBP., Mr. J. S. Potwiu, on churcli-st. apply to II, Leavenworth. August 30, 1033. LUMBER 1 fin Onn lBET clear and common xvjkj9jjj ilujr llonrih lanl cl boards, scanllin, eve. for sale by IIIUKOK St CATI.IN. Chenille, Cashmere, Thibet &, Chaly Shawls by Wait and Taiioh. .Large and Small Cashmere Scarfs by Wait and T.non. O. IT. SAXTON SURGEON DENTIST. Office one door south of N. B. Haswtll's Auction and Cammisuon Store. BURLINGTON, VI. TO IMILLEUS. BOLTING- OSOTHS. A GOOD assortment of first quality from a celebrated Manufacturer just received, and for salo at tho markut prices by J.&J. II. PECK& Co. Aug. 23, 1038. FOR SA.L.E. A SMALL Sloop, 25 tons burden, now zjl laying nt fct. .lohns u. V. bam t-ioop is only three years old. Tho eails and rigging wcro all purchased in Montreal two years 6incc, and have only been used to malec two trips through the Lake, since which they have been housed. It can be delivered here nr in St. Johns. For fur. titer particulars enquire of tho subscriber in Burlington, or of James of St. Johns. JAMES II. PLA I T Aug. 23, 1030. Vermont Reports, VOL. 9 VV7ILL bo published in ono week, by the "T subscriber. It will bo sent, if ordered, at once, to any part of tho Slate, or delivered at Montpelior the lirsl week of the session 011110 next Legislature. Also for sale, Chipman's Honoris complete Aikons' Kcports, 2 vol Aikcns Reports, odd parts or vols., odd vols. or comploto setts or Vermont Reports, Chip man's Principles ol Governmentincluding tho constitution of the United Slates, f. Inpmaii on Contracts, Crabb's History of the Eniilieh Law, Lnglish Common Law Repot Is, 30 vols. do do do odd vols. Equity Draftsman, new edition. Mitl'ord's Pleading do Digest of N. Y. Reports, 2 vols, llull't) do do do Reeves' Domestic Relations, Ecclesiastical Reports, 5 vols. Kent's Commentaries, -1 vols. 3d edition greatly enlarged. Chitty's Practice, 3 vols, Swift's Digest. 2 vols. PctersdoriT's abridgement, 15 vols. London edition, Walker's American Law, Roscoo's Criminal Evidcnco, Grcsluy's Equity do Starkio's do 2 vols, now cd Russoll on Crimes 2 vols. Whcaton's Schvyn's Nisi Prius2vols, with a general collection of law books at the lowest prices. Also for salo tho entire stock of Theological. Medical, Classical, School, and Miscellaneous books lately owned by Smith ic Harrington, being Iho most extensive collection of books in tho state, and among them many rare and val uablo works all of which will bo sold at reduced prices a cataloguo of this slock will soon bo printed and forwarded to any person Wl!-l!in!J It. UltAL'NCKY UOOUKICII Burlington, August 21, 1038. STATE OF VERMONT, Distiiict of Chittenden, ss. s HMO the Hon. supreme court next to be JL holdcn at Burlington in tho county of L-nitionucn on tue 1 nursuny next precc uing the first 1 ucsuay of January 111 the year of our Lord one thousand eight htm tired nnd thirty nine. Humbly sheweth Charles Farrar of Rending in the county of Windsor, that nt Plymouth in the counlv of Grafton, and stale of New Hampshire on ine lourin nay 01 Juno 111 tho year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thir ty three he was lawfully married to Mary Ann Ealnian, then of said Plymouth, bv Nnnh Nichols, a minister of the gospel iii said state of New Hampshire, and from that tunc lo the first day of March in the year of our Lord ono thousand eight hundred and thirty-live, ho lived with said Mary Ann in the strictrst observance of all the duties required by the marriage covenant, when thu said Mary Ann willully deserted your petitioner, and ever since hath and still doth continue her desertion by living sepcrate ami apart from your petitioner and refusing to live with him as his wife, where fore your petitioner prays ihat.according to the provisions nf the statute in such cne made and provided, your honorable court would decree a divorce from his bond of matiimony with said Mary Ann. Dated at Rutland, in the county of Rut land, this 17th day of August, in the year ol our Lord eighteen hundred nml thirty eight. CHARLES FARRAR. URIEL C. HATCH, Attorney for Petitioner. ON the furegoiiig petition heme present cd to mo the undersigned, it is represented by thu petitioner that the petitionee has absconded out of this state, and out of the reach of legal process. It is thercforo or dered that the petitioner notify iho peti tionee of the per.i .'ncy of said petition by publishing tho eubstnn'cu thereof, and this order and citation in tho Builington Free rrcs. prinioii ni liuriington, m said state ol Vermont, l hreo weeks nicccsiveh, tho Inst of which publication tubunl least 'kin wcekr bcloro the Kivsmn ul the t-ourt to which said petition is addressed, which bnll bo deemed sullicient notice to the petitionee lu appear ut taid court nnd show eiuso il any she have why tho prayer of said peti tioner should nut' bo granted. Given under my hand at Rutland, in ilu county of Rutland this 20th day of August, A. D. 10311. C. K. WILLIAMS, 1'hipf Til " c Wnnr , , 1 Amnsa Spaulding's Estate. I, Iho subscribers having oecn appoint ed Ii v iho lion, tho probate court for tho district of Chiilcmlcn, cn r 1 1 n i k n 1 1 a rs to ro coivn. examine and adjust all claim nnd de mands of all persons against thocstatoof An sa Spaulding lato of Jericho in said district, deceased, represented insolvent, nnd also nil claims and demands exhibited in olTsot there to i and nix iiiontlii from tho day of tho dato huroof, being allowed by mid court for thfct purposo, wo do thercforo hoicby give notico that wo will attend to iho business of our appointment, at the dwelling of llosca Spntil. ding, in Jericho In said district, on tho d Mondays or October and January next, ut 10 o'clock A. M, on each of said days. Dated this 20th day of July A D. 1030. ElilAS BARTLET, ) Coinmls. LYMAN FIi;LI), sioncrs. To Wood Choppers. , QRBBN'S AXES A bUPPLY of the above celebrated Axes, just received, and for sale by the dozen or single, by thn subscriber. ROBERT MOODY. Advertisement ! TO THE ASTHMATIC AND CONBUMPTIVH. rjnllE most prevalent and fatal ol nil tho J- diseases incident to civilized society the Consumption may generally bo traced to tho least alarming of disorders, a slight but negtcded Cold .' By estimation, it appears that one hundred and fift thousand portons dm annually of tho Consumption. Most of these dreadful results may be attributed to common Culdi, and a negligent treatment of the horrassinjj Cough that generally ensues, which ii usually followed by difficult breathing, pain in the side, nnd nt Inst Ulcerated Lungt, Violent and repeated Asthmatic attacks also bring on Constimptivo symptoms. wnc or two dollars expended in tho pur. ennse nt DR. RELFE'S ASTHMATIC! Pir.T.S. and a little attention lo their timely admin istration, will usually ensure a mitigation of ineso disorders, anil generally eliect a cure. The Pills are also an easy and effectual' remedy for the symptoms preceding and accompanying the Asthma and Consump tion. For colds, coughs, difficulty of breath, ing, tightness and strictures across the chest, wheezing, pain in the side, (.pitting ni tiio-jti, one, row cases con occur of any of this clas of disorders, in which the pur chasers of Dr. Rclfu's Pills will not find a rich return for their trifling expenditure Price - whole boxes, 30 Pills, t ; half do 12 Pills, GO cts. TO THU Ii&DIES I WHITE and sound Teeth are both on ornament and a blessing. The best security for their advantage is to be found in the use of the BRITISH ANTISEPTIC DENTRIFIC E. This elegant Tooth Powder, with a very litllo use, eradicates tho Scurvy in tho gums, and prevents the accumulation of Tarter, which not only blackens, but loosens ihe teeth, nnd accelerates! their decay. The Dcntrifico thus removes tho prevailing causes of offensive breath, pre serves the healthiness and lloridnoss of tho gums, and renders the teeth beautifully while. Price 50 cents. 2 None arc genuine unless signed on tho outside printed wrapper, by tho sole pro prieor, T. KIDDER, immediate successor, of the lato Dr. W. T. Conwav. For salo at Ins Counting Room, over No. 99, Court street, near Concert Hall, Boston, and alsr by hi cpccial appointment, by J. & J. H. PECK .Si Co, Burlington, Vt. .1 CERTAIN CURE FOR THE ITCH. OWEVER inveterate, in one hour's annlication. and no danger Vnm taking (old, by using DUMFRIES' OINTMENT. This preparation, for pleasantness, sofn. ty, expedition, case and certainty, stand unrivalled for the cure of this troublesome complaint. It is so rapid as well as certain, iii it6 operation, ns to cure this disagreeoblo disorder most effectually, in one hnur application only ! It dors not contain the least particle of mercury, or other dangerous ingredient, and may be applied with perfect safety by pregnant females, or to children nt tho breast. Price 37 1 2 cents a box, with ample directions. Odontica ! Odonlica ! ! The Teeth! Tho Tooth" 1 fW. M. HITCHCOCK'S Magnetic Odon-v-1 tica. Tho fad is' pjwL and tho most incredulous anil dqubtiirg'ffrf fully con. vincrd, as we havo iho evidence from the salo of moro than 7000 boxes within tho past year, that the Utopian dreams of the alchymisl aro realized, and a remedy discovered for prcsorv. ing those important and beautiful appoiidaes of the human system, by tho uso of tho Mag. netic Odontica, which, by its attractive, puri fying and strengthening qualifies icmovcs all extraneous substances f rum iho icuU, nml preserves thorn in their natural brilliancy, nnd the gums in soundness and beauty. It U as. certained from experience, that when used, tho teeth will not decay, but remain lill Iho latest old age, with their natural wear. When they arc decaying, its prt)grcss bo ar rested, and tho tooth preserved and provcnled Irom aching. Ladies and ircnllcnien of tho most respectable character "are daily calling, who ossuro us that boforo they oominoncfrd using the Odontica, their teeth wcro looso ami fast going to decay, llieir gums spongy und feyetish.and the breath freted, and after usiny this invaluable powder, in less than ono week their teeth woro firm in their sockets, ihoir gums icMiined their health, their breath cor reeled, and 110 money could indtico Ihom to bo without it. All tills crisis tho small sum of fifty cents. For sale by J. jfc J. H. Vcck & Co. only agents in Burlington for tho sola porprielors, A. Hitchcock & Co. Utica N. Y. 03-TO THOSE AFFLICTED WITH CORNS. rjTlUE colebraled Albion Cum Piaster nr. JL fords illSlailt rnlinl' nml Ml ll... time dissolves nml ilr:,,,... il, C, ..... i... .1 . , , '". -will UUI UY UlU roots, without tho least pain. ouimricTE.-To thoso afflicted wilh torus on their fit I .In rnrtifV ii,-. I I used the. llbwn Com Plaster with compluln HICCUPS. Itnl'iirn I iKn.l ...... I..,.. Palely cured n corn which had troubled mu lor many years. 1 inaku this public for tho benefit of those uilli'lnl unl, 1l.1i ,,nlr,.i complaint. SHAW. '',i,.r I ' KV, 'ii? T, j ro ...

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