Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 22, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 22, 1839 Page 1
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MIIHIIIIWHiJliJ'.i,'iHl.IIUl-lli MIllMmBiaJllWWIHII;mttW.ttlUUUWMi "'';'T; "' 'l -'" jS " -J?' ' " ' IS' O T T II E C h O U Y O F C il? S A U B U T T It Ii W n I- V A UK O F U 0 HI I . mmi'i, iiiii. im ua j it.mirfc.'a i.ujn.wi.t'. m'.jf M-U'Emimwuiwi-wai-ji jm jruj:Li.u..irT.;'.uir jw. TJimrimmjrr BY II. B. STACY- FEIBAf, jaVJEME2EEfi, 252, 1830. VOL. XIIIYo. 648 TO THE WINDS. BY BKUKAMl JtAUToN. "Vn viewless niiii'iicla of ilm fky, 1 muriel riot in lining : qonc liy I'luil uric deified , l or cien in ihi l:t 1 ccr l.ty, To mo ofl hn )nnr pourr or piny Unearthly thoughts supplied. Awful your power ! wlicn liy jour milil Yon heme llio wild wiivcj crcjicil while, Like mniiiiinins, in jour uriilh ; JMrtUsliins between iheni'vallcvs deep. Which loilip poiifon roused fiom s'cip, Yawn like dentil's opening palh. O.icefiit ynn pl.iy ! "hen round the loner Where bcmity colls fprinaV loielict flower, To wrcn'lhe her ilaiU locks their Your gentle wlii-pcrs. lightly In rallies) The leave between, llit inunJ wicalli, Anil t-lir tier silken hiir. Still thought like these arc lint of earth, HuMou can gie far loftier birili ; y; niine wc know not whence ! ye (, !mn mnrlal liarc jour flight 1 All imperceptible to sight, Though ainlilitc to sense. The tun his tjjn ami fct we know ; The re.) we mail; its fhl nml flow i Tim monn her wax anil wane; The slurs man known ihcir enm-ea well, The compl's vagi ant path can loll, Hut jou his fc.ikIi disdain. Ye re?lle?, Iiomnlc", shapeless tiling", V ho mock all o-ir iinasiningsi Like fpii iti in a ihejin, epithet cm word i-upply Umn ihe hard who Hike" such high Unmanageable theme ? T me, (mv llir.iijlils when fancy flit?,) Ye seem a? Ileum's .Mcsseiiser, Who leaio no palh niiiimt ; And when, a? now, al midnight hour, I hcarjnur voire in all iispouir, It'st-ema the voice of (jod. Tin: SAILOK. IT" ' duellers on ihft stable land, Ofdansnr what know o, Like n ulm Inave the boi.-leroiia Ftirge, Or tnis'l I lie lie.iclicious ten 1 The fair trees i-hnde nii ft run the urn, You sceihe haivrsw yrow. And caich the fiagianie nl i lie brrf zo tVhen I tic liist rotes blow. While hijli amid the slippery fin nod. Wo mnkniiur midnight palh, Anil e'en ihe snongesi must ii bowed W'c.uli iho wiM tempest's wraih. Ymi slumber on vnnr couch of down, In cli.iinheifl saliiand waini, ladled only ton deeper dictm IJ y the descending eierm. But J et what know ye of the joy That liglus our ocean sliife. When on its way our kmII.iiii balk Hides like :i ihing of life Anil gaily toward i lie wished-for port Willi lavoring gale we stand--- Or firt jnur mi-iy line decry, Hills ofour native land ! Hut vet them's peril in your paih, Cm mid the wrecking blast : A peril thai may whelm the soul When life's t-hoii voyage is past. Send tmjour Uib!e,uhcn wc g" To dare ihe llireaiening nave : You men of pravcr to leach us how 'I'u meet n watery glave. And Saviour lliou iihnse feet sublimo I'lie foaming surge did tread, 1Vhon h ind ihora'h di-ciple drew From (l.iikiiess and the dead. Oh ! be our Aik, when flood descend, When ihiiiuleis shake ihi-t ppheie Our A rut sit . when leinpcsts end, And the green canli appears ! I,. II. S. LEGISLATURE OP VERMONT. TlOUsI'T Mondnv. Nov. 1 1. Reports of Comniiitcei?. J'v com. of WnvH nnd Mcnm, t lint it is inexpedient to nbnlih the, ofiiorj of sttporiutcntlant of stntit prison, tinil that thu sum of Jf!50 in inoro tlmn an compeneuiinn to thnt oflicer. liy ceueral com. no-ninet bill rnlatinp; to town clerks, nnd it. was dismiFseil; ogninst increafinrr juror's foes; ngnitiPt reponlint; part of nn act nboliphin" iinptisonmcnl lor debt, and it was difsnu? eed. Engrossed bills For the relief of Wm. CrattR and Orson l lmycr, of C burins I . . Jamy anil other. tnxitio; lands in Ripinn tn incorporate Durlinnlnn Volunteer En- gitto Co. for (listribittton of proceeds of surplus revcntio tn t.chnolr, nyes (90, non 07.) annexing part of Mnnsfieltl to Under billseverally read n ijnril time and pas eed. 'I bo rnrrrns.-od bill recbarterinrr the Ban I; of Caledonin wns rnnd n third time nnd a motion of Mr Gowdey to lay tho urn on tnc iDuio lor amendment was reject Mr Iltintinrrton Faid ho nropo tn enter his protest ngainst the passneo of thin bill ond of the whole batch of tho miscalled " reform banks." IIo believed there was no prudent man in the house, or elsewhere who would invcet a dollar in thci-o 6tocks; nnd ho would venture tho prediction that nil of these charters would be thrown into tho hands of speculating money borrowers, to do unuor their exclusive cnntrol, No man could mistake tho end to which they would come. Mr Bard oppneed thn bill, on tho ground thnt in tho present stato of the currency it wn not enod nolicv lo incrooso the number of our banks; that at present there was danger of subjecting tbeso banlc, and nil tho interests connected with them, lo mo tnicrlercnco. if not nbso uto control under the threatened subtreasury sclietnc, of llio notional cxcctitivo. Mr Gnwdev sairl ho was rendu in um for a bank at Caledonia county : but be Ctillld tint villi- fur tliH lull, ntilil Htinx' rc tricliiiti vvns placed upon Icinns to oflici.Ts nl' tin; I) n iil-r. Mr I!riiwii rcpliHil. nuij ilio bill wns pan. il nvrs 1J7, noVi C.j. Mr Tetitii'v cn'lt'tl up I hp bill incorpru ruling llio Nt'wbuiy 11 ill Co. Mr Cham borlaiit innvt'il nn niiifrtilment. tiiiikiti the privnto prnporly of till llirs Htnrkholilcr linl. (Ion fop iIir (Ifhts of tlip ctirpornlton ndoptrd, nyt'H f!3i iiocp 515, mid tliu bill vjoi? onlored lo n third rcntliti!;. l'lic bill tn incotpnrnti! (ho Kast Pnull- ney Iron Co. was rrciminiiU'.ii, with tfitotiuns to atnend like tlie nforennincil bill.' Adiotirned. o'clock, I', M." SENATE. Rills from the bouse to ircorpornlo the BurltiiL'tiHi Volunteer Engine Co. twice read and referred to com. on military nf- fairs ; to pay Robert I'lcrpoint and o'hor. com. on revised statutes, the sum of jj3,500 rend a third tune nnd passed. Relating to cnni'iinn school'', provnlunr Hint ono hall of the proceeds ol'tho surplus revenue- shall be divided etinnlly oinnn;; the districts the other hnlf according to tho number of schollars, twice read and rcf- to committee; laying tax on lands in Riptnn, twice read nnd ref. to committee on laud laves : for tho. relief of Charles Bellamy ami others, twice read and referred to cninmittco, on finance: for the relief nf Win Crnnorfnd Oison Thayer, same rending and rcYer ence ; for t It; relief nf Ira Mc Loud, re. ported by Mr Cobb, with rt proposal of intendment which was adopted nnd Ihe bill w.'H rend n third time and parsed : re laling to the militia, reported by Mr. Law rence, that the same ought not to pass. This hill provide that njiy soldier of the militia, provided with a rifle, powder horn and bullet pouch, shall bo returned cquij pod. Bill supported by Messrs Marsh and I'ierpoint, opposed by Messrs Lawrence. Cnbli and Townslcy. nnd laid on the table, fiom the house, annexing n part of the tOAii of Man-field to the town of Undcro lull, ordered to a third reading : reclisr tering the hank of Caledonia, twice read nnd ref. In com. on banks; lo pay Jere miah I!u hoe the sum mentioned, reported by Mr Liwrnnce, tho claim being for transporting 00 Mand of arms from Vcr gc nnes to I'awlct.and the bill rejected. Adjournct'. HOUSE. The following gentlemen were appoint ed on the committee, to make up the de bentures: Hastings. Rice, Round, Wheclock. Mefer, Watte, Spenr, Htowel, Foster of Wnlder, Kinsley, Eisk nf Eden Oilman nnd mild. Mr Hubbard wa appointed on the com. on bill in place of Mr Conk. Mr Norton obtained leave of absence after tn-ninrrow morning. Revised statutes relerred Chap. 107, nf salaries and lees, to Messrs Bixter. Ila zen and Sanborn: GO of bank-', to com. on banks; 105 of collections of fines, costs, &c. to judiciary coin. 77 for the collection of taxes, to Mpsra Rcdlield, Rattlett and Hubbard; I" of common schools, to com. on education; 30 of replevin, to Messrs Chandler and Porter: 93 lo 102 inclusive, of crimes and punishments, to judiciary enrn. 42, nf levy of execution, to Messrs Pnrker of Bradford, Bard and Adams of C; 1 10, of production of silk, to com. on Manufactures; Cfi of inspection of provis. inns and manufactures, to general commit lee; !i2 ofthe Sabbath, to Messrs Stark Lynda and Browur: !!7 of preservation nl health, lo Mers Wells nnd Brooks; 01 of sheep, to Messrs Tcnnev, Kellogg & Ivi'ves; I0G of restricting cots tn Mesrs Neeliam and Went worth; fi!J of licence to innkeeper?, retailers &c. to com temperance memorials: fl9, of fences nnd fence viewers, to Messrs Dean and Bigo Inw. Ctnp. C3, of divorce was returned by the Senate, the amendment of tho house nnnuoiicttrred in ; nnJ the house receded from its amendment. Parsed. Chap. 57 nf limitation of crini inn I prosecutions. On motion nf Mr Chamberlain, the Hou-'o reconsidered us vote adopting bis amendment tn tho Newbtirv Mill Co. bill Mr. Parker nf Bradford introduced a bill relative to county building-', which was relerreu to general com. adi. HOUSE. Monday Evr.siNO, Nov. 11. Bill Passed. In addition lo the militia acini 1 11.27. chapter Gl of husband and wife, fit of societies for tho support ofthe gospel nnd literary anil other associations I he Senate returned chapter 34, of ofu setts, non-concurring in tho amendment ut tho Uoihc; nnd the IJousa resolved lo idhere to its amendment. Ordered to 3d Rending. Chapter 1 04 of the state prison, 110 of tho production ol silks, 5tt ol limitation nf real and person al actions of right of entry. Referred, Chap. 00, of the preservation of game ond fish and of the destruction of noxious animals, to Messrs Hazard and Rice, 20 of proceedings against trustees, Messrs Brown and Fullam ; 103, of county jails and of tho confinement and discharge ol prisonors. Mr Fullam moved an amendment extending jail yards to tho limits of Ihe county, which was supported by Messrs Fullam, Chandler ond Ncedham opposed by Mr Dillingham, nnd npoptcdfJO lo 70, and referred to tho Judiciary Com mitleo ; 20, 21, 22 and 23, of roads, bridg. cs, fences nnd turnpikes, to com. on Roads and Canals. Adjourned. SENATE. Tuesday, Nov 12, 1030. Prayer by tho Chaplain. Rill, from thn house, annexing n part of the town of Mansfield to tho town of Underbill, read a third lime, nnd pai-sod ; by Mr Bowen, establishing the Wcathnrs field Light Infantry Company ; fncts sta ted by Mr Lawrence, of tho cutnmitloti on Milt'nry AlVatr. nml tiflcr debate by Mewor Iviwrn. I'l-rpom. Co't r, J'.n' ;ci?s nml Tinvti'i'M, iw Iniil upon Mii tn IiIp : for the rolicf of Chnri(M nutl lidward Uollnmy, reported by Mr Pinpoint, wnli uiil tiinciiilmi'iu, who pintod t he firis in tha rnp, when tbn bill wni nnionded. mil n Ibtrd tune mid tinned; iticn'imrai ni"; lb" Uttrl'iiginn Volunteer Miicimj Co'iipnny. roporicl by Mr l.iwretico, rcnil n tbiril iitne nnd paiil r.iendioif tbn Clinrter of the Hank of'leil up by Mr 1'ior point, tho duration beiti'' upon t lio tulon Hon of'jibc nniPtnlnient. proposed by Mr tfrjnrequiring tho banks lo pay into the Sfnto Treasury "Ctrtrnntunllv, one half of one per rent if tluT nni'itint. of capital paitl in. Mr lVrpnint objected to the amendment, unless tho mover would con sent tn di'pensn with thn ten per cent, of profits the Lank was already, bv the tug chatter rcqiii'ed to p?y. To this Mr C. consented, and tho bill wns amended accordingly, when Mr McMillan moved to nmrnil the bi'l bv erasing all the s"ctions ofthe bill providing for nn increase of Ihe capital stock. Mr Cobb, opposed Ibis amendment, ns calculated to conform the privilege of holding stock to the present stock holders o'bers might desire to hold stock, nnd should not. on tho principle of equal rights, ho denied the privilege, nlr Picrpnint stated the object of increasing the capital was to provide for caes sug- osd bv Mr Cobb. l lio nmendment proposed by Mr McMillan was adopted. when Mr Cobb moved lurthcr lo ntnoiul the bill by cra-mg thn 13ih section ofthe t.iihstinitc. Opposed by Mr McMillan upported bv Mr Picrpnint, and earned. Mr Converse moved to erase the 1 lib sec lion motion sustained, Mr McMillan moved s i to amend the fith section lint the issues at no limo exceed twice the amount of the capital stock paid and of the full nninunt of the depositcs. Adopted, when Mr Swilt moved further In amend the "tb Fcctinn by erasing the section requiring 50 per cent of t he capital Mock paid in before tiny benefit to be derived from the net, the whole amount as staled by Mr Swift, having already been paid in Messrs Curtis and Lgorton obiected to tho amendment when Ihe question was taken nnd carried in the nllirinattve. ii Foster moved to amend, by erasing the provision requiring bonds, and retaining the provision fur mortgages, on unproved land. Opposed by Mr Lgcrtnn, suppnrtcd by Mr io?ter, who said bondsmen might be good to dnv and good for nothing nl a future day security on improved lands wai always good. Ho preferred cnrlain. to imaginary security. M r Converse nl-o supported I ho amendment , nnd illustrated lite insecurity ol bond, as introduced into tho bill by tho sub-titnte of Mr McMillan. Referring to the settlement of nu estate. Mr C. saidn bondsman, worth ins tens o thousands dies no failure of the bank, no failure of its charter has occti'red the ostnte is settled at the Probate Office, ac cording to the provisions nf law tho pro perty rightfully divided among the heirs ; now conies thu failure of the hank What nre your bonds in that enso worth? Not a fraction. The heirs would not be holden and they would consider themselves as doing God service in resisting nil liahilitv upon tho bonds. MrC. suoko at length in presenting his views of tb0 insecurity of bonds. Mr McMillan replied to Mr C. nnd saul the insecurity of bonds was pro vided for in other sections of the bill. The sections were rend bv the chait, when Mr Converse finished bis remarks, nnd Ihe amendment, offered by Mr Foster, was ndopted. Mr Swift, then proposed an amendment, relating to the bonds, nf di rec'ors requiring I he executinn nf bonds, ecured by residents of this sta'o not f-iock holders, or by mortgage. Mr Pierpoint said ho bail no objection to the proposed amendment, and it was adopted unanimous "y- Adj. house. Prayer bv Rev. E. Smith- Messrs Huntington nnd Hazird had leave of absence niter tomorrow. J'clilioni. Ol Jas. Dean and others of Burlington, referred lo com. on Military Affair. J7. From llio Senate, incorporating Ravings Bank at Brnttleboro' interred to to com. on Bank. By Mr Ncedham in addition to tho listing acts, roferrcd to the Judiciary Committee. By Mr Chadler.ln nddttinnal In reyeral nets fur the support of Iho gospel, referred to to tho Judiciary Commiitce. Report of Committed. By Judiciary Cuinmillep, against hill appointing a col lector in Slow, nnd it was dismisu'd ; by com. on Banks, bill extending charter of bank of Monlpclicr, one year, ordered to a 2d reading. By General Cnminillcc, against petition on silk manufacture, and the petitioner had leave to withdraw. By committee on Military AfTtirs, bill tn fur nish n Hold piece to the first artillery com. 14th regiment, which wns ordered tn a 3d reading : lull to provide for payment for certain military services on iho northern frontier in 1030, which wns ordered lo n third rending. Bv commilteo on roads and canals, bill relating to bridges and it was dismissed ; bill relating to highways ordered to a 3d reading ; that it is inex pcdicnl to mako counties liable for cxpcii seof ccrtnin roads ; by csm. on Military AITairtt, that un further legslation is neces sary as to exempting iuhabitats of small towns from military duty ; ngamst hill ox. cmpting inhabitants of Avonll from mili tary duty, qui! it was dismissed ; bill rela ting to iho militia (touching inhabitants of Gnshcn) ordered to a 3d reading, Er.grored hills, Reviving tict taxing lands in Jay, passed. Incnorporatiti" thu Bank of Ponltncy Mr Tonnoy moved nu amendment limiting loans to directors nnd stockholder, which was suppurled by Mr Chandler, opposed by Messrs Dillingham rind rvj Tied. 121 m t'.t; Mr S.iuborn moved nil amendment r qninn'r n ui;r of cue haif pr e-n . (i!'h) inm'nl f.oel to bo pud into llio s'a'e treii-ury. which wns opposed In- M.cru Ful'fltn and Bnller n rid rej 'Ced : Mr Cleveland moved to require the stock to b taken up within one year, or th ehnrtor to bo lorfeiled, which was r'joctod ; arid the question recurred on the pasngp ofthe JjjiJ, Mr I'Vk of Watorvile, opposed the passage of (be bdl. He snid b" was op posed to any increase of hanking rapttnl under the prc'cnl circumstance of tin; cur rency. It wn true, he had vetordav vo ted lira recharter ofthe Bank of Caledo nia ; but it. was not. that ho was disposed to favor one nart of the state more than another ; ho voted fur the extension nl that charier, for tne reason that a bank was needed in that npclitm of the state: ind alio for the addtnoanl reason that the scheme of banking nn v proposed was an xprimeit. which h" wns wtiling tdiould be tried. Ho did not deem it safe how ever to go f'r.rthcr until this expciimetit was fairly te-ted. None were entirely confident of thn success of this experiments thoro was reasonable ground to fear that tock would be cither thrown in irrespon sible hands, or placed under the control of but a very tew capitalists But whate.ver aught bo the result. prudence dictated that the. House Bhonkl wait nnd see by whom the slock is taken. nnd whether the scheme work b' tiflcially for thu btuckbolders and the public. Mr Warner tonka similar view, and protested 'tgainst adding to the paper cir culatii n in tint section of the state1 Mr Ncedham sustained the bill : three bank' in Rutland were as much needed two in Addison. Mr Sanborn opposed the bill. Much had been said the past yCRr upon "bank reform." nnd his constituents believed that ono of the first moasureq inwards reform was, to grant no more bank facilities where there were enough, and more than enough, nircadv. Mr Brown supported the bill, when Mr Chandler renewed substantially the mo tinn of Mr Cleveland to amend support ed by Messrs Chandler, Warner and Hig- ley. opposed by Messrs Brown Butler Clark and Kinsman, nnd rejected, 131 00. Tho bill was then passed ayes 1J3 nnn: .-!r.. Mr Stark ctlled tip the bill securing bffi holders on the nlnsnur of banks, nor was refurred to the committee on banks Mr Fullam called up the lull incorporat ing the rreehold Bank at Felchvtllc sundr" amendments were adapted, when M r Sinborn iti'H-ed to lay the bill on the mule and make it the order lor tomorrow morning ; ho believed n bank nt Felchvillf nnnccefisnry--opposed bv Messrs Fullam and Needham nnd negatived. The bill was ordered to a third reading. Adjourned SENATE. 2 o'clock, P. M Mr Townslcy had leave of absence from and after I hursdav morning next. RiVvv-froin the house, oiakirg sundry al'crations in tho the militia laws, twice rend nnd referred to the committee military affairs : to incorporate the Bank of roultney, twice rend nnd referred committee on Banks ; extending the ehnr tor ol the Bank of Rutland, called up nut) the nmendment proposed bv the Commit tee on Bankc, crn-nog the whole bill nnd offjring n nuv one being under consider ation. Mr Picrpnint asked fur the rensnn which had induced the com. on banks t propose a new bill. Mr McMtllnn stated llinso reasons, in short, when .Mr Picrpoint addressed the Senate at length, in favor ol the original bill and ngamst tho now ono offered bv .the comouttcc, especially its private property clause. We hope to bo enabled Flo givo Iho romarUs ol Mr y. m n tntnre paper .Messrs .lie ..Vi I Inn and Curtis spoke favor of the nmcnilinent when Jr Pier point replied lo each, nnd question tnken upon llio aiii'Midmcnt proposed bv tho couimitteo nnd rejected. Jlr Swilt renewed his amendment, upon which, in the fnrcuooo ho submitted the following remarks: The capital stock ofthe Bank being all paid in, thorn is nn reason to npprohend a failure, if tho directors are honest nnd manage the nfl'uirs of the bank well. Who ever heard of a bank falling when the capital was nil paid in and tho directors were faithful nnd prudent in managing all its concerns ? He was for not only securing the bill bnlder, but tho honest stockholder. In many, indeed in moil cases whom banks failed, the stockholders nt largo were as innocent ns Iho bill holder. Tis not nn common for females, guardians of minors nr other trnstes to invest their money in bank stock, that they might be reliev ed from tho care of it. This class and the honest farmer should bo protected from the wrongful act of directors as well as the bill bolder, and to protect this class bo introduced the amendment and hoped it would bo adopted, Revised Statutes-Chapters Passed -!30 of fence and fenco viewers, 25 of euprcme and county courts, 32 nf jurors, 105 of fines, costs and recognisances, 77 of col lection of taxes 104 of stoto prison, 110 of production of silk, 53 of limttntation of real and personal actions. &,e. 50 of iir ventorins and collection of effects nf de ceased porsotiB, 52 of rendering accounts by ndmiuistroinrs, &,c. 55 of the appoint ment of trustees of minors, &c, C5 of guar dians and wards, GG of land taxce, 84 in quest of the dcad,92 of vessels navigating lako Chatuplain, 49 of administration of esiata of intCRtatos, G5 of bnblic Innds, GO of masters, apprentices servants, 27 ul common Inw, 14 of villages. 10 of county properly, 0 and 7 of seat nf government, 5 of promulgation of the ElnltiU's and loa ive journals, 3 ofnpplicnlinns to the gi'tiernl iisicmbly, 17 of poor houses. 0 M ti'b'tn real etatc by il. hulmi' , .17 of wills, 13 of t'uvrw, &c. .15 of estate in dower, 20 of justice' of the pence, 31 nf depo siiions it ml witnesses. 42 of levy of exceir tintis, 15 of FPttletncnt of paupers. 71 ol gtisi mills, r.2 of ohservonce of the Sabbath Ordered lo a 5( Reading. Chap, lit! nl pounds, esttn ys anil Ind good, lit pedlars J0 of preservation of public lienlto. Chap. 21 of courts, of chancery wos re turned by the Scna'to with noncoucurreuco in the rimcndi ncnt of the Hue. when the lionsn on motion of.TIr Dillingham, receded fiom !'t amendment. The bill lot the geological purvey of tho stnto wat tnkeu un. and Mr Butler moved to distuissit. t1r Baxter addressed the House in support o! the tnlK. Laid on tb" tablh. The meninrinl of Jos. Chase and oth ers was referred to the select committee rnied nn tlw oubject ol moral reform. he Snnuio returned cbnp. o4 ol ultseus insisting upon their disagreement to the amendment nf I'.ho ifbusc. Adjourned to to-morrow morning. Wr.nNK'DAV. Nov. 13. SENATE. Prayer by tb u chaplain. Revised siatfitcs. Chap. 13.21,20 anil 104, were, soierally returned from Iho house with proposals of amendment to each' in which the senate resolved to con cur: chap. 10 1 of statu prioo, giving the chaplain a salnry ol $400 mstead ot 3l)U as passed by th! senate, a ueo.iio ensuen oy Messrs 3wi'l and I ownslcv, tho latter an. vocntttirr a nouconcurren. the former n concurrence, for tbn reason that no chap- loin nf cimpetcot qualifications could be obtoincd for '5300. Besides, said llr b the importance of moral and intellectual instruction, and the influence of religions principles had been found bv experience to produce n happy effect on tho convicts, and n correspondent benefit to the cnmnin miy thn recommitments having been much less since Hie employment ot a cnap lain. The snme. side of tho question wa tnken also by Messrs Harvey, Bowen nnd Marsh, and opposed bv Mr Cobb, who thourrlit C300 a competent salary it o cieri'vuiaii could tint be employed lor that om employ a deacon or layman. Chap 24 nf the cortrt of chancery, returned frou the house. v!'ilving to nilbore lo ono of It nrnedineiffflnlt r cede from the other. The SirtrlW?!;WVed to recede from their disagreement Resolution from the house, for meeting in jotntasombly this d'iiy,TV,thp nppoint- uieiit ol county otltcers, in which iho sen ate concurred. Banks Mr Pierpoint called up '.he bill extending Iho charter of the Bank of Rut land, when the amendments adopted, ii committee of the whole, wcro reported to the hcoate. concurred in, when Mr Mc Millan moved that the substitute, as nmen dod in commiitce of the whole, be adopted instead of the bill. Eosi. yeas 0. mvs 15 when tho bill was orderctl to he engrossed and rend n third time. Mr McMillan ported the bill from the boose rcchartering the hank nt Caledonia without amendment and on motion of Mr Pierpoint, the bill was laid on ihe table Bills By Mr Marsh, relating to the genreal list, the" some as passed by the Senate in I83G, laid on Iho table: relatm to the militia, reported by Mr Towosley with proposals of amendment, exempting Judges of the supremo and cnunty courts and probate courts, clerks of I hoe courts and Presidents and faculty of colleges from military duly. Mr Marsh moved to ntnem the amendment by exempting students of colleges tilso. Motion debated by Messrs Swift nnd Eaton, opposed by Mr Towns ley nnd lost. The amendment prnpnscd bv tin committee, ern-ing six cent per mile for travel nt drills, and court martial allowing three dollars per day as coinpen sat'uui for drill officers, nnd one dollar per day for attendance upon court martials niter much debate wns ndopted: the amend tnent requiring drills but once in two yenrs instead ot annually, and exempting inhub Hants of small towns from certain military duty, were'passed over, when Mr Pierpoint moved to strike out the four first sections of tho li 1 1. Tho object of this motion n stnted by llio mover, wns to nvoid nil in terlerence with tho late organization ot th in tilt ia bv the law of I33C, nnd the compel ing thu Judges of llio Supreme Court to do military duly. Motion lu-t, when M Adams moved to erase the section prnvi ding for the payment of nttendunco upon coiirls martini nut ol the state treasury. It appeared from statetneuts nf senntors that nbotit two hundred courts martini would be held annually in tho state, em bracing some fifty nr n hundred attendants upon each, swelling the tax upon tho trea sury lo an amount lur beyond tho benefits derived either by the militia or Iho commit, inly. Motion lost, when Mr Pierpoint mnved to strike out the 9lb chapter which provides for regimental court martial. Motion prevailed, when Mr ConveJso mo ved that the bill be laid upon tho tnble, assuring tho sunnio that if tho bill were so laid upon the tablo bo would prepare an amendment, dispensing with all musters, ond useless nnd untnuaning ceremonies, nnd providing for the annual examination nf nrms, equipments, & drill ofoflicors, and boforo question was taken the sonata Adjourned. HOUSE. Prayer by S. Kellogg Bills introducedBy Mr Wheeler, in enrpornting tho bank of Montpelier, which wis referred to com. nn banks. This bill diU'ers from others, and it is understood lo bo in such shape as will warrant ihe taking up of tho stock. Its main provis ions are 1st, 25 per cent of thu capital stuck tn be paid in specie before. Iho hank goes into operation 2d, the debts of the Ivink nrver ln'xceed the ninouiil of depo- li'.cs nnd twice the nmnntit nf capita' tnek paid in, "il, I he directors to give bunds wiib sureties ruunl in the aggregate to ihe cnpttfll stock, tn be holden first for the so curity ofthe bill holder. nnd next nf the htockholdcrs ; 4th. directors and tiickhold ers never lo be indebted to the bunk in n urn not exceeding 42000: Sth, on suspen sion of specie pnyuietil bill holders entitled (n 12 per cent interest on bills, mid the suprene court empowered to vacate the charter: Gib, the net In go into operation within one year; 7th, the bank to be under the operation of the net of 1331J. By Mr Waterman, tnxtng lands in Greensboro ' ref tn land tax com. By Mr Pcunock, to pay Jlfilo P. Blodgetl. referred to com. on claims. By Jlr Pnrker of Bradford, to pav A D Arms 25. referred to same com. Resolutions By wr bmilh ol Pulnev. for adjournment of but Ii huue nn Jlundnv morning next; laid m, the table. By J)r Dillingham lor nobhcitmn of the appoint ments made by the joint assembly, adopt, ed. Repnrls of Comillees Bv Judiciary Committee lessening tho labors of Repor ter of decisions nf supreme court, and re ducing his salary to g 150 laid on the tnble till tomorrow nlternoon. liy com. on fllih tia affairs, bill to pay 'or certain militia services no tho northern frontier, ordered to 3d rending. Bv Judiciary Committee, against bills relative lo marriage and divor ce, aod it wns di'soiised ; ngamst repeal ing tho net relating to interest: dismissed- Bv Goncrnl Committee, that it is inexpo. dient to make nny nlterntinn of the mode of nsscssiog land tnxes ; against bill rein- tinu-to paupers dismissed ; ngamst an nexing Greensboro' to Caledonia counlv, and tho petitioners had lenve to withdraw. By select com. bill repealing the license act of 1033. which was ordered to a 3d reading. By com. of Claims nskiog to bo discharged from further consideration of petition of Wm, Bradford request gran ted Engrossed Bills. Extending the charter ofthe Bank of Montpelier for ifneyear: relating lo high ways passed; relating in the militia in the town of Goshentifter discussion bv Messrs Butler. Needham. Warner of Newbaveo, Kuapp, and oilier?, laid on the table. Mr Warnor of Newbavcn, called up the report of the select committee on the pro. ceeds of nationnl domains and moved 300 copies be printed lor Ihe use of the House. Mr Brown moved to npuend Iho veto of Geo. Jackson on the land bill j the chair decided this motion nut of order ns the document Inst named was not within tho possession of the House, nor was ony action of tho House proposed thereon. Mr Hodges desired lo recommit Ihe report, in order that the committee might bring'"tho veto within ihe action of the IIou.-p; An appeal was taken from tho dacision ot tho rjiair and that decision was Mtsiainod. Mr Sanborn moved to dismiss the report and resolutions: he said he could Irani enough of both sides of this matter Iroru the public documents nnd newspapers Mr Dillingham supported the motion, looking upon the subject as a mere parly matter. M r Gowdey said the subject was a verv important ono In tho state, aod he had ma becomo aware that rights of thu old states had quite become a party matter in Ver. mont : he hoped the sense ofthe House would be taken upon Iho resolutions. The discussion wob continued by Messrs Brown ond Needham tor and Messrs Gow dey, Fairbanks, Chandler, Cnohdge and Bard against. The resolutions were read. After some persoool passages between Messrs Brown and Bird the Huuso adjour ned. 2 o'clock, P. M. SENATE. Bills extending the charter of tho Bank of Rutland to January. 1053, read n third lime and passnd, yeas 13, nays rcchartering the Bank of Caledonia, called up by MCMillin when Mr Pierpoint moved an amendment to 1 he bill, similar to that offered by Mr Cnbb to tho b II emending Ihe charter ofthe Bank of Rutland, requir. ing one half of one per cent of the cvipital semi-annually to bo paid into tho Stato Treasury. Adopted. J).- Townslcy in quired ol the chairman of the commitleo on banks, if the stockholders were restricted lo 14 per cent as to loans. The chairman answered thai (he stockholders were not so red ricled. lie, should not object to a provi-ioo of that kind .ilfr Town-ley then moved that the hill bo so amended as to reslrict Ihe stockholders ond officers of tho bank as to loans, ns in the Bill rc chartering the Bank of Rutland, Amend ment adopted. Mr ..1cJVillan moved thor. the wnrdu "m specie," relating to capital stuck paid in be cracd. Amendment ad opted. The several amendments adopted in commilteo of tho whole, were roportod to tho Senate nnd concurred in, when tho Senate went inio joint assembly, returned and the bill was read a third limo ond passed. Adjourned. HOUSE. Revised Statutes Tho House receded from its amendment to chapter 34 of off. setts. Ordered to third rendingChapter 01, of preservation of sheep. Passed. Chapter 28. of process, tho amendment proposed byJIr Hodges on a former day adopted stib.-tnntinlly. Thn Senato came in and the following appointments wore made: Gen.T. U. llansum, JIaj.Gen. 3d Di vision. Col. R. Smith, Brig. General in place of of Jacob Wushburn resigned. Col, J. JI. Potter Brig, Gen. in place of Gen. Green Blackmcr resigned, Tho Senato withdrew. Chapter 107 of salaries aid fcei wns considered, an amendment ted icing Bjr

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