Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 3, 1840, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 3, 1840 Page 3
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I to posterity iin ndrqunto return for the comtVr's uhchtho labors of t hoi r limit!. might otherwise have nocurr i'. It in hot by 'lie iitcro-Mo nf tine debt 'hat relief f m be nought, but hi i' il ni'iui ioii. Upitn thl pom', there i, I nm happy to sny hope li fnriMw: iH't o innch in Hie return of CM.fuh'nc" nb'ond. wh oh will enable the ptiiica i.i burrow ni t i iii'ini'Vt'ix in n I'lnnu'c of public leolitig nt hnmi', vvlncli prntutUs nur people to I'niHP in their career, anil think of ilio nifiiiH by winch (loots nrc to bp pntd, before they oro conlrncici). If we would (ennr embarrassment, pnl) lie and private, ivp nitiit censo to run in debt, except fur nhji ctrt of necessity, or Mich ns wi'l yield n certain return. Let the fnilli of (lip Stolen, corporations, nnd intl ;viltin U", olrendy pledged, bo kept with the m'it punctilious regard. It is duo to our nntlonnl character, n well as to justice, llml this should on the part of ench he n fixed principk' of conduct. Hut it behooves in all to more cbary in pledging it here nftnr. Hy ccn-ing to run in debt, nnd up plying I Iip surplus of our crops nnd income" to ihc discharge of existing obligations, buying h'CJ nnd ppllirijj more, nml maun, ginj; all nfl'iirs, public nnd private, with strict pcnnoiny o till frugality, we shall spp our country soon recover from n temporary deprofpton, nrsing not from nutural nnd permnnpnt causes, but from thoc I have enumerated, nnd ndvnrco with renewed vigor in her career of nm-po'i'v. Fortunately for us at this moment, "when the balance of trnilo is jrcutly against us, and the difficulty of meeting it enhanced by the dis turbed state of our money affairs, the bounties of Providence have come to relieve us from the conse quences of past ctrors. A faithful application of the immense results of the labors of the last season will afford partial relief for the present, and perseverance in the same course will, in due season, accomplish the rest. We have had full experi ence, in times past, of the extraordi nary results which can, in this rc 'tepect, he brought about in a short period, by the united and well; di rected efforts of a community like ours. Our surplus profits, thecner gy and industry of our population, a n d the wonderful advantages which Providence has Ijestowb'd upon our country, in its climate Js various productions, indispensable to other nations, will in due .time afford abundant means to perfect the most uselul of those objects, for which the states have been plung ing themselves of late in embarrass ment and debt, without imposing on ourselves or our children such fear ful burdens. But let it be indcllibly engraved on our minds that relief is not to be found in expedient. Indebtedness cannot be lessened hy borrowing more money, or by changing the form of the debt. The balance of trade is not to be turned in our fa vor by creating new demands upon us abroad. Our currency cannot be improved by the creation of now banks, or more issues from those which now exist. Although thce devices sometimes appear to give temporary relief, they almost inva riably aggravate the evil in the end. Tt is only by retrenchment and re form, by curtailing public and pri vate expenditures, by paying our debt, and by reforming our bank ing system, that we are to expect effectual relief, security for the fu ture, and an enduring prosperity. In shaping the institutions and poli cy of the General Government, so as to promote, as far as it can with its limited powers, these important ends, you may rely on my most cor dial co-operation. That there should have been, in the progress of recent events, doubts in many quarters, and in some a heated opposition to every change, cannot surprise us. Doubts are properly attendant on all reform; and it is peculiarly in the nature, of such abuses as wc are now encoun tering, to seek to perpetuate their power by means of the influence thoy havo boon permitted to acquire. Jt is their result, it not their object, to gain for the few an ascendancy over the many, by securing to them a monopoly of the currency, the medium through which most of the wants of mankind are supplied to produce throughout society a chain, of dependence which leads all clas ses to look to privilege associations for the means of speculation and extravagance to nourish in prefer ence to the manly virtues that give dignity to human nature, a craving desire for luxurious enjoyment and sudden wealth, which renders those who seek them dependant on those who supply them to substitute for Republican simplicity and economi cal habits, a sickly appetite for effeminate indulgence, and an imita tion of that reckless extravagance which impoverished and enslaved the industrious people of foreign lands ; and at last, to fix upon us, instead of those equal political rights, the acquisition of which was alike the object and supposed reward of our revolutionary struggle, a system of exclusive privileges conferred by partial legislation. To remove the influences which had thus gradually grown up among us to deprive them of their deceptive advantages to tost them by the light of wis dom and truth to oppose the force which they concentrate in their support all this was necessarily the work of time, even among a people so enlightened and pure as that of the United States. In most other countries, perhaps, it could only be accomplished through that scries of revolutionary movements, which arc too often found necessary to effect any great and radical re form : but it is the crowning merit of our institutions that they create and nourish in the vast majority of our people, a disposition and a pow er peaceably to remedy abuses which have elsewhere caused the effusion of rivers of blood, and the sacrifice of thousands of the human race. The result thus far is most honorable to the self-denial, the in telligence, and the patriotism of our citizens ; it justifies the confident hope (hot thc-3' will carry through the reform which has been so well begun, and that they will go still farther than they have yet gone rn illustrating the important truth, that a people as free and enlightened as ours, will whenever it becomes ne cessary, show themselves to be in deed capable of self government, by voluntarily adopting appropriate re medies for every abuse, and sub milting to temporary sacrifices, however great, to insure their per manent welfare. ",y ;"' My own exertions for 'the fur therance of these desirable objects have been bestowed throughout my official career with a zeal that is nourished by ardent wishes for the welfare of my country, and by an unlimited reliance on the wisdom that marks its ultimate decision on all great and controverted questions. Impressed with the solemn obliga tions imposed upon mo by the Con stitution desTous also of laying before my fellow-citizens, with whose confidence and support I have been so highly honored, such meas ures as appear to me conducive to their prosperity and anxious to submit to their fullest consideration the grounds upon which my opinions are formed, I have on tin's, a? on preceding occasions, freely offered j my views on those points ol domestic ' t')C 0pposition. All personal diflcr policv, that seem at the present time I r .. . , most' prominently to require the cnces are foi,Sttcn, all private pre action ol the Government. I know , dilcctions merged, and zeal and ac that they will receive from Con- tivity substituted for coldness and gross mat mil ami an:c C0I,si(iera- tion which the importance ot the subject merits, and can repeat the assurance heretofore made, that 1 shall cheerfully and readily co-operate with you in every measure that will tend to promote the welfare of the Union. Il. VANIJUREN. December 2, 1839. I K I I) A V M f ) UN I N IS, J A N U A U V 3. FOII I'llKSlut .NT, WM. IIENltY IIALtRISON vice rur.siDUNT. JOHN TYLER. HARRISON AND REFORM. The assemblage at the town room on New Years day, furnished a most cheering indication of the spirit of the times. Notwithstand ing the brief notice, and the severity of the day, the house, was filled to overflowing, and by such a congre gation as wc have never before wit nessed in this county. It was no convocation of office-holders and government menials,to devise moans for perpetuating ill-gotten and much abused power ; but it was a fair rep- resentation of the varied interests of a republican community of the bone and sinew of the country an assemblage of the people themselves to consider their grievances and de vise the remedy. As such, it wn a sublime manifestation of the inhe rent virtue and self-sustaining prin ciple of a republican government, 'and well calculated to inspire the patriot with an abiding faith in the ultimate redemption of the country. The Hon. Eziia jNIukcii presided, assisted by four vice presidents and three secretaries. Two of our del egates to the National Convention, Messrs. Biugos and Pakve, were J present and addressed the meeting at considerable length, giving a his tory of the deliberations at llarris hurgh, and the reasons which pre ponderated with them in favor of the Hero of the North Bend. These it is needless to say, wcro cogent and conclusive ; and the spirit in which they were received by the meeting was hy no means equivocal. It was a cordial concurrence, and a vote of thanks to the delegates. The committee on business reported a series of spirited resolutions, which were discussed with much ability by Messrs. Allen, Adams, Stevens of St. Albans, and several other gen tlemen, and unanimously adopted. George P. Marsh, Esq. from the committee appointed for that nur- posc, reported an address to the freemen of the County, which was marked with the singular perspicu ity and vigor of its author, and, un less wc greatly err, will recommend itself to the good sense of every candid man who will take the pains to peruse it. .Letters were received lrom a number of distinguished individuals abroad, which wore duly noticed, and will bo referred to more par ticularly hereafter. The publication of the message puts it out of our power to say more on this subject to-day. In our next, however, we shall give the procee dings in detail, together with the resolutions, address, Sec. And for the purpose who may desire to send the doings abroad, wc shall publish a few bun died copies extra. In view of this and similar dem onstrations at home, and the ac counts that reach us from abroad, we can with great assurance bid our political friends "be of good cheer," for the sky is bright. The Harris burg nomination is every where re sponded to with cordiality and en thusiasm. Never did a measure so thoroughly re-animate and re-unite ;n(ccjs;olu P R H3I DHNT'S M MSSA G R. This document is at Inst received. It is date:) (ho 2d instant, the first day i f the srjvM on , at which time it was dnubilcf prni'ed. nnd ready for dvtribuiion. It wn delivered on the 2-t'h.n period of three wei ;s hnvng intervened, in ennsr qui nce oflhe delay in organ zmg tlio Ilniitu nf Representatives'. The nicrsngo was not expee'ed, wc be lieve, to cnninin much novil y. In thi respect the publ'c rxpcctntinti will not be disappointed- Its lending topic was ul ready t hrendbnre, and it is not materially rennvnted by nny new fini-li. The fird national s-uhject on wh'ch he touches, is the. N. R. boundary question, n lira! prnvit-ion for the adjustment of wnich hp slates to bo now before the British Government for its consideration. He vo ry properly adds h'n conviction that the present favorable moment should on no account be suffered to pass without pulling the question forever at rest. He next calls the attention of Cnngres to the settlement of the North WtMern Boundary of Wi'coosin, previous to her ndim-"-inn to the Union ; the cnmiiiidjnn. prs uppoinlcd by 1 ho Governments accord ing to the stipulations of the treaty Ghent, having differed in their reports. Our relations with the European Pnw. ers. greut nnd small. are represented as on changed, and of cnurm amicable, No conventinn has yet been rntifed by the government ol Mexico lor the, settle men of tlio clnims of our citizens upon llint country Willi the. South morienn S'ntes otr usual Iricndty intercourse sii I continues. We come now to Iho considq aiinns of the finances of thn nation; aid in thai connection Mr Van Buren States thnt which in former times would hnvj excited n smile ; v z ; "llint iho curreil expendi tures of Government hnvo been fnilhfully met, nnd its faith in all its pecuniary con cerns Bcrupuloucly maintnined." We hove fallen upon btrange time indeed, when I tint is assumed, as meritorious which under former PrcadentH would horo been coneid. ercd mere ns a mailer nf course, The, coolness with which Mr. Van Bu ren in this connection rendu Congress, a homily upon the importance of "etmplicily U liLjnUltUM.JIBll nd economy for chtKtoning nnd invigornt- ng Republican principles," h' ndintrnble, vlirn , it,,, ,i, ,i.:. ,i i vnrti '.a rt pi t Unit il or n-j I he n rr n il o ik. " """" rv Iih pnr'y, the expr iK'-s of Gcvorn. iM'iil have been increased one hundred fold vd Hi,, losses to i ho ,,ntjn ,y dcfelcaln.iH nl public illicofp in two years nlnna have amounted to four time the whole opproio lion for oil the expense of Government by the first Congress in 17110. This grrnt increase in the expenditures oT Government, Mr Vnn Huron notices himself, nnd nttribules it to the Indian hop. tiliiies ; with an assurance that the amount for the present year will be Ices by six millions llinu Hint of laft year. Ho also stales that the estimated expenses fur IH39 will be five millions lees tbnn those of 1(133. I!y I'nr the greater nnd most important portion of the mesi.nge is occupied in re commending the Sub Treaury Fcheme, nnd in disparaging oil banking institutions both S'ntn nnd National. And on these sub jcet Mr Von Burcn.nnd the psrty to which ho belongs, se"in not to hnve abated one iota of iheir former sentiments The In dependent Sub-Treasury Bill, Specie Clnusc and nil, is nguin attempted lo he thrust upon this nation, nnd from the pre sent mncl of ihings,will doubtles become n law. Independent it may well be called' for it will be independent of the people, the On-tiuition, or of nnv powers of co ercion from cither ; and dependent tolely upon the will of those in office. CONGIIKSS. Hon. II. A. Garland, the old Clcik of the limine, has been re elected, by a ma jority nf three votes. The election of prin ter is postponed lo the lOih January. Alter receiving the .Weage, the House adjourned over to Friday, nnd it is hnrdly probnli'e that nny business of impnr'nnce will bn entered upon, in cither branch, till after New-Years. SIIELBURN. Our friends in this town have sent us the compliments of the senson, with a very respeciable addition of names to our sub scription list, for which they will accepi our bet thanks. The idea is n good one. Suppose our Irind-i in the several town fo'low it up, and lend us n few hundred ndditinnal Mib.-cribors, When it is recol lected that Gen. Jackson was stimuhied to illustrious deed by 'he mere presentation of a pmr ol bun's, who enn calculate the consequences i hnt. night follow from the nddi'inn of five hundred pniyng mbscribers to the Free l'ro ! Try it. It may have neenrrd to some of our ma ilers thn! we nrej new type, It line to us. II thort now indi bled to us will come for ward nnd pay upprmnptly. it will give us the tnran'; nnd nothing would nffortl us more salisfactioi than to nppenr before i be world with ni enlarged sheet and n new ites. Perjaps there never was n period when more was required from the pre than at the iresent time, nnd policy no le than juiitc du tnlcs that its con dueinrs i-liould bo liberally Mis-taincd ; fur assuredly he can tight but a poor battle for his country, who Iip.s also uftghl for beef and bread. We have before in the proceeding of of Harrison meetings, at Montpelier, Brat- lleborn', nnd other places, which we flinll notice herenfier Severnl articles of local interest prepared for the present No. are necessarily omitted. vum Hirnoi'E. London date io thu 2G iov. have been re ceived at New York. There has been very lilllc chanjo in Money inatteis inco the lat advicef, hill that lilllc is for the bolter. Money can bo had at Lon don on perfect Stock security nt b percent., hut the current rate is much higher. In Cotton there is very litllo ehango. Thorn had been an advance in the LiAcrpnnl Market, but it wnsnoi sustained. Thu sales of iho Inst week were SI. 590 bales, and Ihe market clucd lirinrr than it opened. New Oilcans, GJd to Oil. In Grain and Flour thotn is very liltln change. 17,iOO Inrruls nf Flour had been received durinj; the week from this Country, nnd wan selling at 29s Gd. in bond. Tlio lirili-h Giain Crop is very inferior in quality. Trade is dull in Ihe Mauufacl'iriiig Di's Iricts, Tim (2"nc,'s intontion of marriage with I'tinco Albert of Saxo Coburg is officially announced. Tho Chartist agitation continue, with littlo effect. The Itritisli packet Swift arrived at London on Ihn 'JO lh from Mexico wilh f7O().O0O in ppecio, Thu' Queen Higml ofSiain has disovod Iho Cortes and ordered ti now election, A new Ministry hai also hcon formed Gen. Francisco Nnrvacs Minister of War. A letter from Odessa states thai the Cir. cassians havo eoiiplolely defeated tho Rus sian Cavalry r.loig tho line of tho Sundja, nnd on Iho plains if Alnzan, killing II, GOO of lliom. The Cirra-sians attacked thu wholu imo at lb 0 sumo tioment, under their chief Szanihali, nnd gaiied a complete viclory. A Itussian bulhUiu, Si, relorsbur!.'! assorts that Ibu Gircnssisis havo been driven into Ihn inacccssiblo nounlniiiH of tho Kauban. Tho other, however, is ihe latter account ; nnd It asserts thai Iho (tussian comuiandor Gtab ho has been worstnl and driven from Daghes. tau, and that pcst.llcnco as well as war hns mado such sorinushavoo in his ranks that he hns been forced tc call urgently for roinforco. ments, which cantoi ho sparod him. From China. I'ho chip Morrison, Capl Benson, arrived it N. York from Canton; wilh dales io the .'3d of July. Tho news is iuiiiorlant, Tho Opium diffu -.miM'-mwrgnwiuj.)iiwww lenities bclweon the Cliinco nnd (bo KnclMi ! m,t '"M'" fettled i but wo infer dial lie F.uinewr ha become) nlnrined hv tho peri'ius .,,.. i , , nopi'fl whnli Ihe has :isniuteil. end is nii.iou io c iinproinin Ihe d'llWeiu e, e-pc. ' ';i;,l.Vls " s understood lint the Anilo. Indian ucn I now mi ii.i wn v 10 Uaninii. lo n mckiioo or bombard it, iiccordniL' to eiieutiixtaoccf.. The I'mpernr profe'ens to hnve just di'oovertd that (ho ,, 10,000.000 worlh of Opium Mirrcn dered hv Ihe foreign iiiefehniils had not been roluntarihj given up iftijid hnsat:ilcd his Coin inisioni:r of deception, and ordered him to adjust iho inn Iter forthwith. Tim the mat lor t-tonij nl thu Inrl. advices. Meninvliilo Canton look deserted nnd cloomy as n prison. All Iho foreign mer chants have decried it except ti few Ameri cans who srem to ho in fnvor there. iii a it u i u n In Willi4inn on ihc 2f!lh lilt, hy I). A. Murray, r... M'Ki'.'f.if! . T.ilentt lo Miji CnllicriMo um, diiijiliicr (if D.nid Mihiii, E-o. nil of pl.lPC. In Him town, on Wednesday Inst", by Rev. (i ft Inrrprcnll. Mr. Reuben F. Sinniiu'd. ti MiFa Mary June, daughter ol Mr. n Minrn, nil of tins town. In Jrt elm, nil Wedni'Mln v In t. by the Rev. Lvinati Lovewell. Moileu Clark of CnMi.t n. t Ularindii M. I,nke of Jericho. i) i i: i) In nn lite 27ili nil., RFnrcCA D. wife r Hip H.v. .Mm llnsl.un. ..s-ril 215 " ltlcjsp.l i,.. ,hc di'iid which die in llic iioid." In Si -ime on the 00th Die. MNs Julia A. Uinp-tend, njjed 27 venro. Peremptory Notice. THE linuneriliip ol In'hrr.p & Pol win chwdSG Sepl. IIJ39. All indebted to them, uni t pay some nartofihc nmoiini due. imined itt y, or the demand will he !ilf,l- Jan. 2. Ifi.10. Adinitiistrtitors Sale. THE Subt-criher wilUell ni pult'ic Auc tion, on Saturday, the 25th mt. at one o'clock P. M. at the dwellirg house of Widow LyLn Brewster, in 8t lleoree, GO ncres and 57 rnnds of Land, belongn to the E-Uiie of Gilbert Browser, lorat.d on the Corner of Hlielburnc, Si. George, nnd VVilh'inn. known ns a pari of the Wheeler llirjbeo farm, conitinn; nf i!0 acres of upadow In i d fit oco i f pasture, tour errof pwinnp, wi'h A-h timber. 2G acres of hill Lanil. with wood and tinber. It will be sold "-object lot ho unlit of dow er oflhe Widow of 'aid deren, d. JOHN VAN SICKLEN, Jr Burlington, Jan. 3. 1,'MO. Iluum in the Court Utilise, opposite the tnlrnnrc. l!or njinn. Deo 2 OUIjD respectfully inform the Ladies and Gentlemen oi'liurlin"lon thai his Fchnol for yr ung I,adie, Misses and Masters under 12 years nf nga wdl cnminciirc on Sat urday. January 'I'll ai iir.i. Howards. Terms of luilbti ,;i,50 per f-cholar for 12 Lessons. Hours nf attendance, fioin 2 to S o'clock, r. .. FKEXCir TABLE COVERS. A few very Rich French stamp ed (Jii li I ii h'e (yOVi rs, a tir w -ly'e, anil upci'inui'io'v rirh. will be sold Ohenn at Dec. 27. Lathhop. I'otwiv &i Wait. I jurrin'f Geography oft ho T lea- I'etw jn,l rre'd hv G. GOODItlCH. Her. 2G. 1!i39. Vool PorJc, will be ree'd on Dtlits ai.d in e.scliati'ro for G mds at cah price, if delivered onn. Abo wauled in ex change for umnN ; Iiutlcr, Cheese. Corn, Ilyo, Cj.Un lieaus, t eas ami ItlDU Wom sums ul lair prices, by LYMAN & COLE Mjrlmtrton. Vt. Dec. 27, 1039. Gmj Yarn. gQQ knots ffrcv ml - lit .0 woollen Yarn, o'" very tine quality. lon small mi ol i-liakurs i arii,t.iiiiiiior qiini ilv.or alo rheap hv Dec. 57. LATUROP, POTWLXk. W.llT. NEWieeilioro superior to o'd one. The improved mineral len'h do not decay, and where properly set, no- wer nil prneneal purposes, lor calm" cud -peaking and give ihc countenance 1 1 ss nn'ural ex-pres-nni; while t heir unrivaTed beuuty i provprh'nl. JOHN LEWIS, the mechanical den-n-i, is prepared lo nccnnimmlnto individ uals with sinjile leeih, or eniirc sets, and he respectfully invites those persons nf llicted with defective leeih, to give him nn opportunity lo do iheiu kindness. He nsk riii pny, where entire snu-faetion is not given; nnd his customers aro nt liberty to re'urn iln work, with nny rea-nnnb'e tune, if it dues not niirwer their expectn itiins. lie will tiNii perform nuv of the various precautionary operations reijuiicd upon teeth pn r r n I ' v nfi'-eiPil. T E It M S . Tcith .tfl on Cold Plate. 1 tool h a 2 do lo 3 do M 4 do If! 5 do 22 50 G and over pocIi. Teelh sel on pivr.ts, 02 to 3 50. Filling wilh Gold 50 ots lo g. (Jleaning, 25 cts, to Filling with nn, 50 cts. ExtracliiiL'. 50 cts. Being prepared with instruments ndnpt. ndnpled to nil the various cases thai occur. he is ennlileil lo extract without lhnslihl. est injury lo the jaw, and wilh couiparn lively slight pain to the suiijeci. As nn r vulence of tins, ho would cite lb" fact, that severnl Indies who hnvo had full sells on gold, hnvn hnd from six to ten teeth extracted without r isniir from tho chair. tooth poirni:iisnm nursiins nlways on hand. JOHN LEWIS. Burlington. Dec. 25, 11139. JiAMirS WOOL IIOSIS. Ladies' white Lamb's wool hnso, gentlemen's do, mixed hn'f Hose, Merino, Bnrk-km nnd Hunting Gloves, a newstjlo nntl cheap, nt the cheap cash store o Latiiiii'P, Pot win & Wait. N R V-Y 10 Alt' S A D F) R K S S Of the Carticrs, to the Patron oflhe Free Prni. lieii'di In nm ',rnmsl grind Iip.iIiIi and gun.l i4r I'or leie ecmi'S In ycl 'liem I ' Hmii) New Venr ' Cn'il U'uiiei Ii.h ennie well ln r Inip'el i f snnw, Til einwn nil eiir liilllii', lo lein r ihe II iw Of nil I lie swift slie.inileu ill it )eienl.n iiirei O'er (lie peMlle ill ll hriijlll Ml llm siiii he.tiiin i;lnnrrd, I'lie E.itih ulilrti so l.ilely wn d id in llie i;lii Oflhe hue, ih, H heilei kt-il hrr wilh einlnnldi'rv Illicit, Now sleep in ih' ptnlii nee oflhe ICR mid llieshei, f?oM mid hfi le enwriipppil in lirr while wimllnir I'feet 'Ti Iml jrjieidiiy since, liken lnlqln liliiotiini li-lle, She win r.niirieil mid piaoeil mid ( Hlcreil full well, II v crowd of nnii! loeii. w ho tier m woiikl relienrc, In the ciliiinei" of prose tiuil the in iijic of veie : I'lie hi iilil slie.iiolein tlii'ii d.niceil in their heiiipy mi ) 'I'n iheir own iliilcel iiitnic ihil enliicii'd llie drill! four h . The lii t f 4 w iih their sniij" a ml die owcci In en ih of flnwrt D Sent forth their pine woislnp finm llic field mid li'iwers While the iii'iiiinfnl mailt-wind, whh lis swpel s-eteinide I'niil its trihiiie of hue lo the lie.iiilifnl nmiil, In llie heialit of her ijloiv llie e.irih then win drel, Aii'l ln-r pml'c wcie cclmed liom 1 1n- e.ii in llie km. Now nl,i 1 she lei lol nil her Irc.onv nnd hrilililnef Her j cue It now Ii.i vnni-hed whh it ch u in mid its liijlie I'he 'sei.on of frtsliion' Willi licr now i over, '"" And wnh hr miiim" lieiiiiH huh lld eery Inrer. .Sinci! her cli.inn h.ienll none like the In irfjoy ofhciim . An incense io olleie l lrom hfr wonill.iml ot : 'I'ltcj wind once welcomed wilh inoic lierctinrn, Vow whit'e nnd lit' in ill" heiyhl c Tllieir scorn ; I In. lied is llie vote e ol her iinep sinjilist mmipm : .lii'l such is lb" file of !i.irih' f.iuei d.inalitcr ! Ihil, lionoied I'minn-i, lei not the cold ICurill Ewr jour jm or ilnnpcii jour mirili Hiiqlit and v .it in tie dieliie. nroioel which nti move. And u miner the lienrl ol the ft ieod jnii lue; For llie colilnc of winter cm never find ie( Willi tlin-i! who wiih lo'e nnd iiffeeiioii are htct. Firt look Iomiiii home, llicn, mid "leird (Tell iholisht Of mull ,ii d of niiioci tire, ImU nnd Inihi ; This il'je do. llii'ie's in imilnna ill" power, To d nlCeii wnh sonow onr iiiimI cln-eile lionr J j.. And il'lhi sh ill lie ludiina llicie's c i . I hint, sinjr 1'lti! ihiik c.liind oraloem ilint will li ni; o er jimr wr. p iinuht, de.nest I' llion, '."i on mul rchenrsP, In llie n.illiipini! slle ol'oiiroun Imnielv ci.e, I ll" ihniiM en.ieled on Ihe world . nnV soie I'lie woiideifnl itnitif of On wondeifiil n ie ; We minlil lell )ou how n .itti ! llie l.orn IipIiiivp, How lliev i .iil nt i he W hia, who their conniry would How Van P.iiien i H ioi3 in -pile of III vow, Not In build up In eomiiu, Inn lo keep ihn While llntus llow lioiililed die V w wen- to ehoo-e fioni iheir band Of light tinl ftntesineii, nil lit fur coinmmid, I'lie one whom lliev llioiiuhl the omt hkelv lo sain The wlni li nil inei u mid lint one could olilniii ; Till nt lnl lliev ileieiiiiiiii il lo i iion-e the one, iol "Old llm"lni If, lint hruie I Inn ' son. Wp tni"lii cull lo mind one llieie mid one here, (I'o i n inn ihcni nil would Iniiij miiiihcr New ear) III UK! mis linn in" ii ik- m wu .oi-im inn, I'o eoncpier llie people mid -ei.eoii llie poil ; Till liv si ending .mil -ic.ilina iliev'xe einpiied dip purpp, m left thi'cold einiifoit, dm lliini; cmi'l lie worse. We Hindu lell how nur ninn h ihc. price of their blond, An. I some Iwcnu nullum jn-t 'o in ike llie trade ijnod, llnxe peiu.iihil In leiiiinij ihe l.unl ihc h.iveeot, Some few luinilied ledum lo romp nnd be shut. And ih li wc gill tl o'er lie d,uk blue sea, nd tiring tin k llie news Imni the o'd coimiiie : Wp tieg Mill lo pitihni ill n cpi.imt old rlume. We'd find one n.ine moileiii lull ih it we I irk time,! , The 'CIi.iih-i-' m ICiigl.nid we Mimi'd sec nre uecpilet, K.ickcd by nun mul O'Coimell lliey me npl nt .1 not ; ' l'i -tr.ingn that thei c.innot enn-c nt lo c hey, In peucc fill conn ii'meiil. ihe queen who lic.irs sway ; Much do lhe differ finm our-i lie we ween At iho feel of ll Mnulen ol ' swcei .eieuleen,' Wilh our licmi' h-t hoinige we joifulh bill, And e'en ki die i h mi th H hold- u in llir.ill. I'm iiMiimgh Vic.ioi i.i's -ulijrcu nt hum", I'eiienth her renin nl unwillingly cntnp, One tret-liumhle .ten ant at slip cm clnim, A Miiuig wln-keiril tii', I'linrn Allien by n.line ", Itnt em. ugh of old Kngl mil; nnd fur die test Of ihn-e fir di-i.nit n.iiiiui, we ihinU 'i will be beat Not :il all lo iccoiml in otn- liinly tuldrpss, What nuv belter hu read in tlio weekly Free Pre. There, in full, yon may find how tho old Ilu;ian hvar Is "row ling at Turkey fn in le cnM norlhvrn lair. Tlicf- ; .ii nm find It in ii"' .ii w'. dn. AVhat quarrel. thc 'ru having in !?pain Pirtlio crown: And how in hollo France l hey think it a line thing, To shoot, fir a tnaik, at their oitiren king: All tin, and much mere about eastern alf.iirs, Of Kgypt and Per-da, and die stale of their war?, llow alianl Joliu Unll storms at iho Chinese, And how nicely llio Yankees kept up the old peace, Vou will find in the papers more full and complete Than wo could cli-play in our modest half sheet. Not n word will we say ol'iho iS'orth or ofTe.a, For hcide their all'uirs wo've enough else to vex u, Lot us look to our homes, dearest patrons nnd f ou If there i? nothing there which much better could be : Our chiirchei nnd chnol, err rulers and laws, Tho temperance q"es'i mi nnd every gond cause, All need our nipimA, f'r without it they fail. Our hnppintis ! in ing to p I'siou's fierce gale. Jack Cade of 'he Sei.iiie'! tidvises u all To ruin our College at. I pull down its wail : Hut remember that happiness never ran dwell Where know! 'dgi; and viitne arc not ginrdcd full well ; Look well to your schools, then, limb liumble and high ; For like iho warm sim thai illumines the sky, Science, when niiited to iriuou toil, Not only enlighten- hut w arms the heart's soil. And now, honored I'atron. ! our grcting is thrctiglt, Till another New Year wo m'ttbid you adieu: And when it shall coins with its mirth and its joy, May it find us in peaco without shade or alloy : Ami now as we close, one hint we would drop, Which we nk you to ihmk c f at your houe arJ your fho; 1 In die cold stormy time of this dolate winter, 'T would not be amiss to iiK.Me'inr.n Tiir. PK INTER. tft V. "r.t r.i w' w. Olj, v C; w ijt, wJj Vrv 4-4 . 7 .V J) HOOIC mVDUIl'S ItlGIITS!'! raHK sub-criber has tliK cl.iy received an .IL addition to his former s-touk of School Hooka, which now comprises nearly all Iho HOOKS used in C'omuirn Schools, and ho will sell them a low a-enn he purchased nt retail in any Shop in this Htnle, nnd wn think a lit. r i.i: lower. Al-o. a new supply of BIBLES, IIY.MN BOOKS, &c. Which nro primed on jnicid paper nod well hound, of v'triom s'7."s and qualities, which enn ho houohl a l ow ns al any Hook Storo in this or any other State. The siib-criber has made amusements for Schools liooks and is now prepaied to say (and lo execute) that be will furnish school's; wiih piich books aslhey may want .'i"y OA7-J H''J'.7v''6' .VO'VC', i.owi-n than, tiii:v can Oni'.HN TIIM.M AM' OTIint JIAN.VKR. ITJ'A general ns-orlinenl ot' S'lHTinsrav, ,'hcount ltonfo, .iibuini, cliihlreus Jluoks, 'c. kis. for sale al 1J10 llucik lli'idery, sign of tho IH il i.eiitTpr, I olleeo street, i.v Dee.'J?. H l'i. S. II UXTI.VGTOy. r'B'MIK Mib-entier i- uoxuhis io ga'ii ti--U illtic; uf Ins hrolher. Kdwnrd Itusli, who CBine to tli eoiiniry nbutit two yearn since, and resided for n while in lli's'nn. sinco which I hnve heard iiuiliinr from him. The nbovci reward will be naul lo any per son who will give siiiiffneiory infirmat ion, of his whereabuiits', i I'vuiir. cir of the fact of Ins death. I' VI'liK'K KUSH. Ilniesliiirirh, Vi. !) e 2"i 11139 Bl'k Otter Cajp-sT OF a ciunlily Superior to any ofl'mcd for t-alu in tins Slntn nnri Fticli ns inusl suit evory Insto j nlMi, Seal nod Hair Seal Caps, low priced Fur Cap-, by tho drzen. Lynx MulTs, Squirrel Mull's, and a varlely nf dark Furs, I'or sale by 'm, I. SuvMnuH. At Iho now brick shoo on Cheiry etieot, nurlinglou, Nov, 51, 1II3IT. J

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