Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 4, 1840, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 4, 1840 Page 1
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fo&u frtt f), NOT TUB O L O n V OP O JD S A S BOT TUB WBX.PABB OP BOMB. BY II. I). STACY. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1840. VOL. XIV....N0. 20. Wat COTTON Wrapping Twine, ngood arliclcjnst rccM Sept. 21. by N. LO VELY it Co. FLOUR. A few Mil, nf Family Flour, of superior quality, just rcc'tl nml for salcnl HOWARDS. poWDEIt. 100 U-gsly JT J nielli. .f. it .1. It. Pr.cK it Co. GItl.Vl)ST'ONl?, ly .Iino7. J.ttJ. II.PFCKitCn. Wf OUIi TWIN 11 for ni23 ale at HOWARD'S. POI A HI KETTLES contamlv nn hand by J nit- 1!) J. &, J. If. PECK & Co. CONGRESS WATER, jut received a fresh supply ofCVngrc vui'.cr, nnd for nle Iv May2G. OI'.O. PETERSON. CORN BROOMS it PAILS. lOOtloz. corn brooms 50 dor. patent Pail?, Juno 10. J. it J. II. Pr.cK it Co. 50 hoston .. KU.U, Hhd. Uardmer Brewer-, bv June 10. II. PECK & Co. TVUt.S AM) MEDICINE! .TNES. A 'mi'lv mt J. & .1. H. PECK it, C . I TruTTT hnTf hmrels" iust lanincnt, in linn iiaireisjusi . XJ ree'd I v June 10. M ACKEREL. on consi received antt lor sale liy J. iv. J. 11. ri-.iiv oc lo. FAIRBANKS SCALES, I v J.ily 10. J. '&. J. II. PECK it Co. J7IAIUH. Troy, Ohio anil .Miche-Mii, coii-tantly i receivim.' bv ' J. it .1. II. t Co. w RAPPING PAPEIL- !00 renins various sizes l.vC. GOODRICH. just rcc d Nov. '20. A MERICAN ALMANACS for 1SI1, for sale nl XX. the book store. D. A. IJRAMAN. (inn HOSTON Academy and Harmonists, for oUJ sale nt the book store. )). A. IIUAMAN. OIIAWLS. A large anrHncul, comprising nearly O every variety of quality and stvle. for silo by n!2 'H. W. CATLIN it CO. CtROCKERV, Glass and China ware; largo and small looking "lassos, a good assortment, by n'. N. LOVELY it CO. CLOTHS and Cashmeres. The attention of pur chasers is specially invited to the assortment of cloths, casutneres, and vestinps of n!2 II. W. CATLIN t CO. C'PEECII of Hon. Win. Slaile. dcliieicd in the IO house of representatives, on the 15th and COlli of of January, 1 ?i0. For sale by 1). A. IIUAMAN. BUFFALO ROBES. 10 bales for sale bv the hale single, by I11CKOK it CATLIN. BARNES' now Ocosraphi, nn tin; flailicalion ytcm : a verv n-of il work for -choob, nt rcc'tl andfor.-aVnl the Book-tore .it-ID I) A BRAMAN Of Rales brown sheetings nnd shirtings,. 8 do. Ovy York, power loom, and Dorchester Ticks, for .ale by (s30) VILAS, LOOMIS it CO. I31M1 MI.UltDIt, f,.rs!.'. 80.000 feel 2 in di p'nn'c inc h I onr.l. lj inrh floiTinr, n-id -n-Ii mil", elearanil eonnni ii apply to S'l RO.M1S A: Co. Si;c it.--1 1 Sep'. 25, IS-IO, , li. Snjrar fir ale I V II. WHL'KLFR. SEALS, Log Cabin letter Seals; plain do. do. mot to letter Seals. PAsr.r.ons it Rmksmaip. '"PHE People's I'rridcntial Cnndidntr, or the life of jl vwn. Henry Harrison, uy Kiriiard Hildreth, lor idle at the Hook Store, price 20 rls. Burlington, Septus, 1340. I). A. BRAMAN. l.AIHVEI.lH SHOE a t ill K-ortmeiit ut JL ,-e.-M a-nl Inr -a'c I v II. W. CATLIN & C-o W VI.EItAl U.. June L- 40 in I v J. & "J. PECK it Co. E ENGLISH Currants, Family Uroceiies, .Salmon, smoakrd Hciring, fors ileliy IN. I.ovei.v tt Co, C;i.AJ- lU-llonl, r-.iranai-nndClin'on i-rmvn I V ' it -' PECK & Co. G 1 ROCKET, Comic mid People's Almanacs, for 1840. 4000 for sale at publi-ncrs price, nv .Sep. 30. VILAS. LOOMIS iV. UO. TTvTlIoxrs Tin Plate, i X. 30 bundles English J KJyJ and American ! Sheet Iron. 50 do. do do. Wire, copper and brass wire Vellum, for sale by Sep. 2!). VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. 1 C Ilhds. New Orleans Su"ar, nn consignment, 1 U Awj. 6. for sale by N. LOVELY it Co. CAfS ps. French, American, Satin and common J VJL' lie House Paper, some very lich intterns for Sept. : .sale liv . l-.i.) iv i .o. Ct CASES English Merinocs, 1 case French nnd Ai Gernnn Merino 1 ease fig'd Bombazines, just ce'd and for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it Co GIASS. Bnrliutiti'it,, and E-ex, Cyhn dor U!a-, made nt ilie Cliaiui.lnin Ciln work-. mid very much iinoroved in quality compared with the ;aie I ran i-, lor -.ait-1 y .i.iv J. n. i-i.uu ct uo. MAYNARD it NOYS' line Blue', Wruiiij; Ink, which ha- lool it- t for more thirlv vear.-. A yi pit rt-' t-ived and for n!e l.y 14 Aug. 1510. C. COOnKlCH. BiniiES. A very large a-sormu-nt of n'l sizes of lid If-, and p'ri -e- from 20 (-1. to $15 each, Juit ree'd and for ale nt the Book Store. D. A. BRAMAN. WINDSOR ItIl"l,ES, for -n't-at the var.ely More. PANliBORN & HRINSM.Ml). TEN cases Prints, 1 cae cnl'd Cambrics, just ree'd and for sale by VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. C'MIINA, Glassware, Crockery nnd Lo-iking Glas- pes, just ree'd and for salo h'v N. Lovr.LV it Co. ALSO, Soda Crackers. Sept. 3, 1310. TITA YO .t WAIT give notice to all persons indeht 1 L cd to them, or to Lalhrop, Polwin it Wnit, to call and make immediate pivmcntand save further notice. Oct, lj 1810. (50 bush. Sccil live, free from nil other seeds, for Pearl-st. Sept. 1G. salo by C. BENNS. OPIIKS, Riding whip- nnd Cane nt ihe Varielv ' niore. .Iinif I'ANc.nons' &HntNsMAin. "Wf RAPPING PAPCII.-IOO Reams Wrannine T Paper, and a largcppply of writtner, I o'h Cap mi lA-iier, mr mu i y i. A, iili.HA.. DIAMOND CF.MENT, for mendins" fila-China and Earthern Warcold nt ihe Variety Moie. O ft. 10. PA.vnnutit smaip, BROAD CLOTHS. A good assortment of colors, of clo'hs, cassimercs and vestings arc ofi'ercd at great reduction in prices for cash bv UCI. I, 1H1U. iIAVO iV. WAIT. f V ill AN iV I til. II nre now receiving from JLi Ilo. ton nn I New York, nn etlen?ive a-orlmenl r,fFall nn I Winter DRY (iOOI)S, wIim-Ii ihey will mII for Cash, LOWER than have e.-er I el'ore I ecu o 't-red in tin- inar' et. ll irlincr'on.O , 'J, 15 10. TJHISiTOI, HOARD, Lrawiiitf paper an I Pen XJ I'd-. Brilliant re I ll ,nl, , ,e lltu I, inpnn in'-', and ja lie-i and gendeinenV s'te pen-, i"-t rt-M-ivel from New Yor!-, and lor nu 1 v S. HUNTINGTON Collt-je m. J me 25, 1310. HW. CATLIN it CO, have one piccn of blue . black Beaver Cloth, a match for which, has not been, nnd cannot bo found in thi market. Thev bnve nlso two pices cassimere, which very far surpass tho nravcr cioiii. iov, n. IT'AREWELL'S Gaiter bools, walking shoes nnd . slips, n full assortment s Ladies linen'd In lia rub. her shoes ; plain do. Umbnllas, fancy work baskels, uiick gloves nnu iniiicns. t. i.uvj.m iv uu. NEW (i(IOI)S. Sidney Barlow has received a general ii-Mirlincnl ol g'ootl- nl hi-old i-loro on Pearl tree', which will lupoid cheap cno'ish, N. II, Wool received for aooils B.irlinglon May 28. TTNCOLORED BOAS, otler, seal and cloth enps, kj niulls, collars, c-ipcs, down, nngoin nnd Jur turn niiligs, silk nnd mohair fringes, fur gloves, chrnii, by N. LOVELY it CO. ROB ROY Belvidier, 8-llhs. Ilroehn h'uhylc, rm hroidcreilTliibft Slmwlst black, while, mid sear let merino do. (j- 1 1 It rnw silk, chnlly, muslin do Initio nnd .Saxony do, Woolen, I Juliet nml laney M-ntis, i... 7i' i ri-i.t - c. .r, AJ.PACCA CLOTHS for clonks; r-mjion, enmh if, cnmbliitccns. goals' hair mid coinm ni wors trd cnmhlcts, nriuicd SavoiiVH. nhuu nud llinind nl pines, plniu uinl ptiutcd iiiuslm b l-iincs. "II .ynol, now opening ny j, i.t) i;ia it go. AME into the inel'isiirc of the nihscri' cr in Mil ion, nn the (ilh day of October inM. n deep red iwo year out ucuer. i no owner is requested to prof, Pt irtv, piy chnrges, nml takehor nwnv. Milton, Oct. 1610. SAMUEL DEWEY l new and fashionable fall & winter hoods. MRS. FRASF.R would inform her friends and customeis, that she has just ret irncd from New V'nrk ii-ill. nn ,,n0.,n1l., R,c" FASHION. WW LENERY GOODS among V JOf which nre the newest style ot winter Hats: Sill. Vel vets ; and the most fashion nblo Silks for lints s n pilendidnssortmcnt of Rib bons. Laces. Veils. SIiiuU. Collars, Edgings, Insertions, Feathers, Artificials, Silk Fringe, and other nrticlcs too numerous to men tion. Also, Fur Iriintnines nud Boas. IJurliuploti, Oct. 23, IS 10. NH W HOOKS rccciv"1 'be present week nt the Rook Store viz: Tw Ycnr9 before the mast; Family Physician, by Samuel H. Emmons. Christ's sreonu coming, b v J. Litch. Barnes' Notes on Isaiah. Mctnnrs of Mrs S. L. Smith. Voice of the Night, bv II. W. Longfellow. Family nt Hcathcrdale. The Young Ladies Friend. Domestic Education, by II. Hmtiplil.y. Breckcnridges Tour. Family Religion, ... , , . u an Amcriiaii.- FrniiLi. its Kint. Court. tc. bv an American. China; its stale nnd prospects. Scotland nnd the Scotch, by C. Sinclair. Thiers History of the French Revolution, bv F. Shohcrl. Tonuue of Time. Life nnd Times of Whitfield. A wreath for the Tomb. Buel s Farmers Instructor. The Orchard, by Uia s Mcintosh C. F. C. II. S., London edition. Animals for 1811 The Token. Friendship s OITcring, Koo of Sharon. D. A. BRAMAN. Nov. 3, 13-10. Ss. . m . , WOULD inform his pat rons that he has just received from the importers, a well selected and cxten sio assortment of SAD LERY HARD WARE consisting of every article required in country shops, which will be sold to Sad- lcrsat a small ndvancefrom cost for cnsh.calll nnd see. Customers can at all times find a good assortment of ready made Brass nnd Silver plated, Jnpaned nnd Tined Coach, Gig and Waggon Haknesscc. A good assortment of Ladies nnd Gentlemen's Saddles, Va- leses, Trunks, Carpet Bass of a superior quality. Mai tmgals, Trappings, Housings, Twigs and Spurs, opm a.ul clos'.- Bellsnssorted, Combs, Cards, Brushes, Saddlers Kills. liucKskm .Mittens anu uioves, a great vnnctv of Whins and Lashes, Carriage Lamps splen did palerns. Patent I.elher by the sitle or smaller nantity. Alorrocco nnu nneipiiius single or ny uie dozen. A great variety ol otuer articles anapicu to this market. Having furnished my shop with a su perior article of Oak Tanned Briddle and Harness Leather, a good quality of ware, cxpcrincctl and tem perate mechanics, and my experience in bus'uies?, 1 pledge myself to furnish as good articles as were ever sold in this place nnd on as reasonable terms. Most kinds farmers produce received in payment. Lumber, wood, tlanml.tow and full cloth, drest or untlrest skins and hides, or any other article in the shape of property. Shop, North side Court House Square, 2 doors East John Howard's Hotel. Burlington, October 29, 1S40. If. OT1CE. LADIES & Gentlemen in debted to the subsciiber for Hoitsn or Carriage hire, or otherwise, nre re quested to make payment immcdialcly, and save iiicmscivcs cost. RANSOM COLBERTIL Olfel.KX 1-, that Ilie trenoinoOoich anil Worm l.o rcnires ami all o'hfr-, ma!e I y Dr. A. Shermnn, are -old in 1 oxe-, ,-eated up nnd have the name of'A. Siir.liMAN, M. D." on 1 lit.; Boms, Pnrelia-i-r- will plea i renieinl it ilo- tlm popiilarily oflhe-e article--, ha iivliue.l many indiviiltiaU lo miil,e tin nrlicli', far infe rior, to -ell, when llie-e arliele- ait-eiiipiiri'd for. Tin por Man'." Pla-ler" and Sherman's Lnzent-'i-r-, nre Sol.l nl -hr Vurifiy Slorr, I'A.MI'lor.N & liniNiMAin. 1- I1L1.SSINH lo' Amerienn Sonllnng xTL Syr ip for children e.itling teeth. The timely ii-e of tliii-article wilUave rlnl Iron much pain, ofie'n a Fever ami the pamf d operation of lancins; the dun, prico ret ire 1 io 31 1 ct. Oodlrey'.-. Conhal an excel lent article lor tin ic ir-cy 12J ei-., both tho-e arncN-. -old al the Vnrie'v Store. I'ANTnonx & BnissMMn. M ORE NEW BOOKS, Jim received at the Bool. 11. Siore, A New Home. Who 'II follow. Yo-n-.' L'ouinanion. Connie Ida. Ilaywar.l'- New England Gaze:cer. .Mitchell'.- Geographical Reader, a .-y-it-m ol Geography, eoinpri.-ing a De-cription ol the World with ih-s grand tlivi-ion-, ilc-igne.l for in- -iniciions in schools and famihc. Womlt-r of the Heavens. D. A. BRAMAN. THE Burlington BREWERY has now commenced business, nnd will have new Beer in a few davs. when all orders will be punctually attended to. Burlington, Sept. IS 10. GEO. PETERSON CHffX Yards super fine, fine nnd common wool vUUU en Cnrnetinss, iust opened. Also, plain Venetian nnd damask stair carpeting, Turkey nnd Brussels Rugs, Oil cloihs for tables nnd stoves, tush mailing, jiruiicu uuur cioiii", ivc. ny no i. i.uvi-.i.v, cc uo. O CASES white nnd col'd Spool Thread, 1 do Pins rmi 300 lbs. white and assorted Thread, 500 gross gilt and fancy Horn Buttons, 20 do Fancy Soaps, just oept. i. rcc. n nnu tor sale ny vit.s, i.oomis it t;o pAPS, CAPS. W. I. SEYMOUR offers for sain v iiiaeK nnd mown Olter ilnir nnd fur senl nnd Muskrnt CAPS-lark nnd licht coloured FURS for MiilVnnd t.imminL'S. Boas best nnd common. Snril Collars, Russia Lamb, Black nnd Grey for Collars. l'reparc for Winter. THE FARMER'S COOKING STOVE.-The subscriber informs his friends nnd the nublic. that he has on hand a variety of cooking and other Stoves, such as tho Farmers, and the premium Cook Stoves; the Canada Box and several kinds of Parlour stoves. Also Russia and Canada Iron Stove Pipe, Copper Pumps, and Lend pipe for wells or cisterns; nil of which lie will sell os cheap as can bo had in the place. Those wishing to purchase articles of the nhovedescription, will do will to look in at my shop one uoor norm oi uie i.oz i.nmn. Burlington, Sept. 30. 1810. 11. II. BOSTWICK. FORWARDING, &c. 1810. lilt'. Mib-cril its will continue their limine--. n 1'nrwardliii; nud Com- iiiiMsitiu ivicn iiuiiiN anu VfiiKioin 11 o II s c ;,CIIIH, in mu i on OI OA INT Johns. Lower Canada. They do not o ler Iheir n'rvice "frtt of any cltargt" to tho e per.-on inliTeted in trmle with the United S:ate, but will endeavor to make their ntlention In the interest of their employers worthy a reasonable reenm pence. Having good Wharves- (at which the Lake Cham h.ain STr.AMnOATS will land) ami excellent Sioraite, loge.her with the convenience of a coniicclinir Bad Track wilh ihe Ciiamii.aiw and St. I.Awnr.NCE Rail-Ilo o over thee whnrve-, ihey flatter them, five ilia', with lif een year expi-riencc'in this branch ol biimes., ihey will I e enable I lo do much to lai-ilila'u and encniras'eirade let ween llit-Unileil State nnd the Lower Provmcf. JASON C. PIERCE & SON. Si. John-, L. C, March, IglO. .e2.Cm WIN HOW SASII Jnst receive I 5, 20 nn I 217 by Oca-ertienis ot sash, n first rate article nt 3J and 3) cent- per light ; nbo all kin l midsize, furm-hcd to order. Tieondcricn black lei I, a lir-t rate article, for sale very low, together with a zreat variety of other aril. t ies as t heap as can be found at any other etaliiih Ihe place. Geo. Pktkhso incut in SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAU TUST ree'il n suntilv of Marsh's celehrnted TrusHPH, J of every descriplioii, for salo by iho dozen or single On. ll. lftlO. THEO. A. I'KCK & Co. Sign of the Mortar, 1-fS$ Oct. 16. MESSRS. PANGBORN & I1RINSMA1D hnvo iust returned from Boston nnd Now Vnrk with their full assortment of L'oods which will be found verv complete. watches we nnvc received somo more of thoso fine finished lovers, made bv R. & G. Becslevof Liv erpool, both goltl and silver cases, some extra jewel led. We have nlso received gold and silver English levers, ol various otlior inamiliictiires. Hold and sil ver anchor escnncment levers, with beautiful enttrnved backs nnd. dials. Gold nnd silver Icpims watches, somoboautiful patterns, with engraved backs. Our as sortment of watches is far better than usual. Head and neck ornaments of various kinds, jet nnd gold hearts, crosses, in sets or single. Buttons for velvet wristlets. Bags. Large nnd small sized, jet and dove colored bend bags ; net bags of bilk nnd worsted, nnd purses. viiHi-H. i.iirgu.uiu piiiuii sets rmgicis, not on wire: New sets wire curls j nice sets plain hnir. Shell comds. The best quality shell side nnd twist combs, nt our usual prices, a few chcapcr shell side combs nlso for sale. Britania ware. Some beautiful finished fine quality, tea nnd coffee pots ; communion furniture, milliners, nnu patent lamps. Plateo WAnE. Cnku nnd fruit baskets, castors. high nnd low candlesticks, snull'ers and trays, cups and spoons, a better assortment than usual. Table mats, oil cloth, and willow mats of various sizes and shapes. Sstocks. in tins department, wc have rivalled tho variety store. Those who wish to tret a neat inado stock, no matter at what price, cheap or dear, are as sured that we will try to suit thefffin every particular. Also collars, bosoms, suspenders, straps, and a few nice piam ami iigurcti cravats. Pr.nrtiMnnv. Soaps, hair oils',' Farinas best Ger man colncnc. Those who hnvo once used this article, never wish for nny other. Fnrinns good cologne. Dolls nnd fancy boxes. We have not forgotton our vnunz friends, hut have selected some fine wnx dolls. ami mtny other articles suitable for presents. Rosewood Boxes. Ladies rosewood wotk boxes, furnished and unfurnished ; some nice ones. Thoso wishing Tor them or Tor portable, writing desks, will please inquire for them, as thev arc kept up stairs, with many other bulky goods. Willow chairs, waggons and cradles tip stairs. , lirnss candlesticks, high and low. Urasssnullers and trays. Steel do. VARIETY. Go to bed latnns. with cxtincuishers. a very nice article. An article to clean brass, pi tie or oriinuia, very nice, uane ciiucrs, nssorteu patterns. Chopping trays, cedar tubs for washing dishes in, brass hooped. Carpet hammers for taking up or put ting down carpels, isurscry lamps with Uliinn and tin dishes, and tea kettles. New conversation cards, pearl souvenirs; ear trumpets for deaf persons, chil dren's cups and saucers; lino card cases ; violins and other instruments. . Wo have added to our assortment of nil kinds such things as wc could find in New York nnd Boston, which we judged would suit our market, nnd wc now shall bo most happy to distribute' them to our friends nnd customers who wish, for them. Variety Store, PANGBORN it BRINSMAID. NEW SCHOOL GEOGitAI'IIY AND ATLAS WITH OITLINEMAPS, l y S. Acou.s tus Mitchki.i.. The author ot the above work has I een profe lonnllv devoted to the science of Oco'y nnd thup'tlli hingof.Map-, during niaiiy jenr? nnd bis former prod lelinn. e-peeiallv hi Mat ol ihe World for Academies, lear ninple t'c-liinonony of hi- abun dant resource., upon winch lie lia so III t-rally tlrawn, in prodiiema the above school works. The following extract of the Geo'y ami Attn, is from n.inint recom mendation ol the leaclicrs in the cily ot XNew orU. "Their merits nre nnmerou- the dei'mitions remark ably plain and concie. Tbecxerei-e- are copious and important, aim ineiie-criptive i luminous ami correct The tlivi-ion of the American continent, are tepre- t-nted and de-crd ed as ihey really exi-l al the ;.reent lime. And the gross ini-sintemcnls cent-rally found in MMool geographies are t-orre -teil. The typographi cal execiilion is mi commonly neat nud di-ti'iiet, indecil the a'lns i a motel ot, antt actually teem u ilh iiiloriimlioii." Tin; o itline Mans an. i,uonlmrh i-aleiilaii-d in exiTcielliu.stiiilent in his study, nml to fill up al hi- leisure, ror sale l y U. UUUDKIUU tVi HW PAI T lIOI'.SPAl.'Ll)NGt MILLS 1 have openetl a new Paint Shop oh Chiireh-st. iwo door south of H. LnneV Store, where ihey will tin all Kinds ol I1UI .SK, SUIT, Slli and UAKKiAUr. PAINTING, in the bct po iblumanncr and on terms to suit lho-e who may favour them wilh their patron age. CJPainl, Oil, nrnish and Putty, contantly on hand and for ale. R.G. SPAULDINO. Bnrhntrton, April 9, 1810. C. B. MILI5. LOW'S Writing I'aticr, wholesale nnd retail, at the Manufacturers prices, nnd the best assort ment ever ueioreoiiercd at tho liooKstore of the sub scriber, consisting of the following kinds. 2.) reams sup. Pot Ruled. 15 do fine Letter do. 20 do sup. do plain. 13 do cap ruled, 10 do fine pot do 8 do do billet do Likewise, a large, supply of wrapping paper nt rc duced prices. Oct. 30. D. A. BRAMAN. TVTEW DRUG ESTAIII.ISIIMEXT. At In the sign of the. MORTAR one door east ot J. if- J. Jl. 1'ecK if- Co. The subscribers have opened an Apothecary Store, nnd intend to confine themselves strictly to thnt business. They now offer to the public a ccncmi nssortinent ot genuine iUcdecmcs, including all new Chemicals, and tho standard Patent Medicines; constant attendance, will be given, and particular at tenlion paid to prescriptions. Burlington, Aug. 20. THEO. A. PECK it Co. riNIIE LION OF THE DAY. NO CURE NO JL PAY! The Genuine old .Dutch or Ger man Vegetable Pills. Hichlv recommended bv Doct. Vnleuline Molt, M. D. of N. Y., and other. The-t- nre the order. ! Any one that does not find re lief from these pills the price is refunded lack, these are uie ponive orders ol Uie rroprielor to agents and others. In o'li-ring these pills lo ihe public, I appeal to their intelligence, it tnee pin are not what they rcconnncn led, yon nre in d uy bound out of re pert to yourself ami community to re.ect them, and nnhli.h ihem to the world as an iinposin'on, humbug and qnacuery. I hepuhlic may I e nnred Ihey nre purely vegetal Ic, thev are compoVed of nine imrrcilinls. part ol the nnslicine is only found in Ata nnd in the val ley. of Germany. For convenience the-c extracts are made into pills and will I e found a sure cure or re lief for all bdliout complaints, yellow and billion lever, leveranu ngiu-, jaunoice, cnrlel rash, Inllious cnoiic tinpep.ia. etc. it I not pretended that lhi meiheine i a euie for all tli-eases to which the human ytem is liable. Ten thouand iifeles e forts have I een made to drawlrom the regions ot unknown fancy some long-spun theory of mairic art, which would cine each and every disea-e. oood medicine is not lonnum tue nre or wmriwinu. Health nnd nappines. hans unoii chance wind time is the herald of truth I lie pat at ical is i-eciire; tncy have already raietl u iii,iiiiiii.-iii ,ii 1111:11- rt-,iuii's wini 11 win ui-iy uie corroding tool h of time. None can I e Genuine without a wrapper nntl directions on each box on which my namei written nl length, hold wholesale anil retnil by the soheril cr at Glen' Falb. I y A. B. & D. Sand "9. nnd 100 Futton st. ami R. M. Meins. 3S8 South MnjUt-t st. Albany. Baum it Hawley, 219 Siver M. Troy, General Agents for the stn'e of Sew Yor1'. .11 ill 11 For sale ly Wm. Rhodes and E. B. Green, Rich mond; Morton it Clark, nnd D. it i. S. Lalhrop, Willirton ; Ilngar tt Com-ltK-k, Shell urn ; ll.Sumion, E-ex t Geo'. B. Oake, nml Allcrt Barney, Jericho; J. R. ILirlbnt, We-iford; J. II. Barnc, Cllarlotle; R. Moony anil tieo. Peteron, Biirliugion j and ly E. BRIG'GS, Biirliugion, Agent for Chiiicnden Co., where Sii'.-Agcnts can be supplied nt wiiole-nle price. HA I It I HAIR 1 1 IIAliDNF.SS. Impor tant Ilincovcry the t: rent Slyslcrv found out at last DR. STERRY'S HAIR RIIGENE RATOR. Dr. S terry, after much ntlention to tho important subject of preserving tho hair, has, after many experiments chemical nnd physical been nblo to discover nml article which in now offered with the greatest coiifiilcnco for tho toilet ns the hem thiiigcver discovered, fur, for its softening and penetratiiigqunlily to produce 11 good head of hair to prevent it from falling olf when baldness iv npprchended to rcntnio it when baldness tins taken place, and to preveni it front turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, nntiipio oil, or Cologno wntcr. It is a beauti ful article for ladies curls it makes tho hair soft and lively, nnd produces uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands havo tested its btipcrior virtues and excellence, and in every iiibtance it stniids unrivalled. It is an infallible cum in all affections of the s'.in on tho head ns dandruff, itc. ite. Every family should bo sup plied with n hottlu of this oil, that by its application to tho head nnd Inir of children, tho beautiful and or- liatllftlltnl nnpcniln"C of n nnu bead of hnip. ivhieh lln. luro Ins supplied us may bo preserved. From Ihe 'iiiiiioroiisrcriiucnics 11 nu reconimciidntimis received of ilssiluPirvinlluciiro tho Doctor feels nrnilc tier. sinded lie has succeeded in iirndiicinrnn nrtielo which will meet tho desired wishes nnd approbation of the limine, i' or Haie wuoicsate nun rcinu ny a. 1111 COCK it Co. 117 Genesee st. Uticn. N. V. In Bur linton, by J. it .1. II. PECK it Co. nnd THEO. A. PECK it Co. In Vergcnnea by J.H. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet A. Sawyer. In Oenrgia, by Lorcn m ifi MOORE'S ESSENCE OF LIFE. A Valuable Medicine, which. If riahllv nimlied. will l.elhe means of faving thousands from an iiiitiinily grave. It has been sold nnd med for thirty vcar. w'ilh ureal success, nnd found very eltic-iicioii in the following tli-cae', viz. Consumption, Whooping Couah-, com mon Cough, Co'tL, thtn.-nlt Breaihinsr, Inllueiiz.i, Q'iiny, A-thma, Phthiie, Spilling of Blood, Flatu lency, In bge-tion, Loo.ene of i tie BoweL, Fiiol every kind, Cramp, Ricl.el-, Colic, Cttlnrrh, Dy-en-inrv," Fninlinir, Hypochondriac All'ection, Headache-, Sickue-snt Sioinach, Mca-le, n preventive of Con tnirm ttii'ea.e, itout ana iiiicitinatl-m. JCJ3'! he above MeJicine is prepared by Henry Sey mour, of Ilndlev, Ma. from the Original Recipe, by ihe direction of a id Moore, anil sol I by linn and the principal BrigeM in the UnitedSiaie. Sold whole-nle and retail, by J, &. J, II. Peck Co nndTlieo. A. Peek it Co., Burlington, nnd by the dealers generally throughout the country. DtlCT. MAHHIIAMAS Aromatic, Cntnrrh and Headache SNUFF. This Snull'ls superior to any thing vet known, for removing that troublesome di--cae. the Catarrh, and alo n cold in the Lead, and the Headache, it opens and purges out all (instruction, lrcngthenlhegland,nndciven huallhv action to the narts allecled. It i nt-rfectly tree from any thine dele terious in it composition bn a pleasant lluvor, and US iininethntee.lec, ntier being used, is nhgrccalile. Price 50 eents Iter bottle. Docl. Mnr.hnll'.s Veretnb'e Indian Black PLASTER. ThisPlnter is unrivnlleil for curing scrofulous swel lings, heurvy .Sores, Lame Hack, and rreh Wounds ; pains in ihe sides, llip and Limbs; and seldom fails to give relief in local Ithe'iinatf-m. If applied to the .side,il will cure many of ihe common Liver Complaint-; nnd is eunal. if not -imcrior. to any thine in me for corns on the feel ; the virtues of this Piaster have I een wilno.-cd by thousands of individuals in the United Slate-, who'have lelcd its etlicacy. Sold by ihe pro- prietor; ('ha-. Bowen, Mnldlebury, Vt., and Tiieo. A. Peck & Co., B irlinglon, Vt. jel'J J ilip iini.1 ptipiibir rpin.-dy rirr known in AtiiPric Vegetable Pulmonary Iialtam in ilif nil)."! vuliuble ifiin iU no in ne fi,t ciiujhs.coldit, iifiluiiii or phihiidc, cniKiiiupiiiiii, tvlioopinr cohrIi nd piihiiiinui v Hff.rliiius of cirri kind, lis r.He i sirmlily ior, p:iiog. und ihe lirnprteiors ;trf rniiKiHiillv 1 ccpiv tug lie ni't-t finiKble arcniini nf its t-fit-cis. 'I lie fidliiwing new certifiCHtri me offered fur publ n rxAiniiiitlinii. An iKTKitr.srtKG Casr. Kxtraei of si Inter finm Mr tj S Cl.i), King'itiii, Uliorr cu., N. Y. in dtp priiprir-ttir, Mi tuns til the ViU iiiitl. was 1l11lvifc.1l A temuk.ible cine i-fTt-cii'il by 1 lie Vcg -it utile 1'nl. muiMi v B.ib.iiii in ihe utiitpr mid pi iiig of IS35. 'I lit .pini, Mr. Itlondv, been virk n long nine hiiIi ilm cniisiiiniitiiin. His pliirieixn. IihiI ctien liini no He mis iciiurrilsn Imv 11s in beiiiuihlp In liflp bim-rlf. ml rnxing H l.irgp iiimulilv of blund ivheii be r i) 111 nif-nr i cl using the It il.iini, whirh Iihs PhVctPil h ciiiiiplple cure, mid lie it nuiv hi Ii.iIp unit Iicmtii ns pipi bp u us. Mr. Mnodv has ipinnviil finm ihi inn n, hid he b is iircnt'fcil ine mure ileutb-il nrrniiiil of his cure, hich I will foiM'.ird inn. C. S CLAY. Kindlon, N. Y. June 25. 1S3S. Exlr.ii-i tifn lettc-r fioiii Dr. J.irnli Mpr TIip Vpgt-i.thtp 1'iitintiii.ii y Brfl-inii litis bppn 1111I1I in litis ciuiiHi for iivo iprfis, mid 1 lie medicine Iimj e.iined 1111 iiiiPniniiifiti cplebiil), fiir 11 -r.iicelv in one tiMlmire f.dpil iil'liaviii I Iip deniied rffeci. I mnbv 1111 me.ttiH fivur iif the many nii'iiiiius, mnil nl wliich nre im position' upon a rrpiliilniia public, bill 1I1111 which I know by line In he pffer.itiiil, I eanmit help Inn givpiny Hlipinb itinii iIiptpio. A ronnieifpit prpinrutinn In. Iippii t,nVrPil hpre by n Ir.nrlling Agpnt, of CumiHirk, N. Y. mid iIipip is anmlipr Hnicle tended here if Irongly siiitpecied lo befiiiriinn. jacoh ntrrns, 11. 11. M iffliitctoit, Jiiiii.11,1 rn I'piiii. Mm 3, 1837. Finm Dr. S.iiniiel Morrpll, to iIip Propi ipitns of itn- Vpbp ImIiIp Piiliiinn.iri Hh Ih:i 111 . I am yausfipil iIihI dip Vp. (Pi.tlite PiilimiiM'rv B-ttjtin is n viilinib'e mpilt-cine h i. bppn tiHHil in tin. pl.icr wilh rimipleip hiicppiis in ,. Intnl. lie ruiniil tint nf iIip. Iiiiisi., iiiipniled wilh 11 ihipip Clinch, ltS' of vnice. nml lbs raiinj nf iiiurli blond, which li.ol prpviiiiiitlv rci-iurd man) Hpproipil pipn'ripiinns. Alier iiihb ihe BrfliMtn our wppk, iIip IMiicniV wiicp reiuriipd and hp was uIiIp in fpe-tk audi. lily. This cnite occuripd kmiip limp sinrp, ttnd iIip man is ntiw piijhspiI not only 111 ncliie Inn Ulmnoiiii biKiiiPrt. Rpitprcifully, &c. S. MonilKLI.. ll is now nnu p 1I1.111 six rnri since I lnnualil vpry low by nn Hfferlion oft lie lungs, nnd mi coiiipbtinl whs ilei-l.ii eil to be incuiniilp liy a council ol iiiicp pin- SICI.IHS. I was 1 1 1 e 11 rr-inrpil In nsgnol IiphIiIi a. I hud enjojed fur m.iny jp.irs, by iijinij the VpgpiHble Ptd- innn.irv UaifMin. hince my recovery I iue reroin iiipiiiIpiI the liili-nni in 11 gre-il mniiy c.itut nf liinz cninpliiinif , und to as I cm It-am, in use h is in vari'ilily Iipi-ii riillmtpil bv miirh bpiiprii, ami in UMi,t injiHiircs it (us eiTccuti curea uliicli wprr lmll nnex pencil. Samuel Evkkktt. Ibiiinu, M.irrh 2. 1S37. Fur snip, wIiuIpshIp and retail, liy J. )j J. II PECK & Co., nnd THEO. A. PECK & Cu., Bur lington, Vt. TNttlJIItr "ASIC THOSE WHO KNOW. JL I'lm-e only nho'kunw bv liini or immedi ue obfpr lion, cm form nny idpn of die pfl'ecls. of lie neifecl iplipf, nf ilit! iiliiinsi cures pffpctpd in cifts of ihe I'lLKt, Riikumatism, all Swkliisgs, hiuI nil PK' Pains, no m mrr bnw eveir, by 1 lie iip of ll.tis' l.iniinenl. Kind one wlm Imi iispi! ii 1l1.1t 11 ill mil I. mil it iibntp nil ihings nrr iihpiI, nnd )on will tint! c.iiiiinl bp fniiiiil. ICJ-M or I lie tplicfol tnflt-r 1112 Imiid iii bpineii wlm uui be nfllicieit, I life ou tn k 11. k nf llione wlm know u,k I he Hon, ALFUKU Conklih. U. !i. Jiidite for ilut il it rtr t . rptudini! neai Aiibiuii , Hsk Matthkw J. MrrKS, F.-n. Ailicnn, N. Y ; ak Gen. Uurr Gnr. kn, I.op ol Waliiniiiii city, P. nil of llieie gem leint-11 know of cusps iincnnipipr, Hbie b all oilier ipiiipiI rt nr iihvi.iri.ins, lhiuih 11 in! I. r ill inv P tr', ill 11 lime bppn fined by iIip iup of llip e mine lluy't Liniment. 'I'll ni'mul' nfodipr ipiiuik know t- r 1 ii-CH. We pppl 111 tlipir .piikh nf jm lire Iheir hiiiu.oi iPPlinet. iCr'H if lull h i!iiI inn owe to vnr pimpritiK lelinw-lieoii; In lei llnngipii reniPili be known. t?iPR ol it tlipn 10 nil )iiur Ii it-.nln I hi' will H.iv miirh imiii ulioie Hip npiiuiperi nre n'll read, or wl.pre rr-t'ler hip iiir.'eiliiliiin, bprniifem HMiiy wurih'p-i" nriiclpn are mlvprilnpd Inr llie paine pmpn'p. 'I'u buiprs wp vny. if all wlm have iihpiI it do not rtrfy il i- lipjiiiul all piAir, llit-ii do not tnke it. The piopi iemr will out atlnw iliin .iriirle 10 bp p-iid for unleit 11 niir'i u Iipii nil ill iliiepimn melully lullnw pil. Will nn one fiifo-rini; rpfunc ii-iw In nv il ? If lit ilopp, lie oiiiln in be pilifd moie fur hit obatinary 1 h.tii hit (iiffpt inn. SCFMr. IUt would iipirr cuaiti ni In nffir ihiii niiiclr, wrie he nni rnmprllpil by hit tPiireof mnrl ol religion tin') to tin alt in lot popr lor 1 he iciimi of ilitiirt and miitrrv. For I hit purpose he would Hnmipr ilfvnip forlnnp, linn tppiue h dolUr fur any wiiiililrtt uriirlp. VZp-LOOK OUT.-Snmp twindler Ii.inp rniiiiieifpiifd ih't nrnrlp, and put 11 111 with varum tlei ice. XJo not lit unpoicd upon, (rue thing only will prtUfrl 5011 il i 1 tie n.ime of Cumilock 4 Co ; minif nim-i up iiiwnia on hip wmpppr, ui inn oip ctip.iitd. )o nni fni gel il. Tnke ihit due f linn iviih mi, nud iei by iImi, nr iippr liny ; for il i niiput.iulv for any oilier 10 lie iiiip or gpiuonp. SOLOMON DAVS. Sold by Cam'tnek JJ- Co. ? Fleirher ureal, N. Yoik plfnrtnlp OlflY bv Pakorohn & Bhinsmaid. flit) THE HALH-1IKAIIKII A OTIICHS tt II 'P 1111, ku'tw a neiglibiir nra IiipiuI wlm ha Iippii llnlil, mnl ivIiiup lip id 1 imw roipipil with fine IiiiiY One uli'ite rolur W4 rnipiptl wnh din buff, ihnngli biiinliPil piPrv hour which lint now van i-lipii rntiieli I Or tine 11 bote liairt al early ugp wpip inning grey, wlm now h i 1101 11 grrj Imii 7 Cliildieu whii'p lieud werp eoirird mini truil, wlinte ban would mil grow, thai me unw growing ihe fullpti rioii. -ifbuir ! Sninp r.Atet tmil lie known in mnft pprtom, A-k llii-in iher-iiKP, mid) oil will be mid iImi ihpf Hung- li ne hppn done oy Ihe iip of ihe Jlulm of Co. lumbia. Of 20 ye.irtgniwih i ihi ariiclr, in ipir,,iiul inrie.ii.ins muiiMlly tome bundled per rrnl, ilmugli hIipii tlitrovrred mil nipirPi liy iiniilung Inr iliPt-imp puipntp, now jf.Hilfil by iiIiiiimI iiumbi'i lp munhrouii ir.i.h pieii.irntinn 1I111 will ruin 1 Ite if uapil In urn extpiil. (2,in inme ill 111 iliete be w.inifd-irlei lo llie reriiimnpii'Uiiiini by 11 lii nf miiiip of letpecm. bilily, miPiii.illpiI bv any nihfr arlicle, l.nnk In lliete ihiiijt buy thi nriirle. Smy nn.l prene lour h.ii by it me, or if bild rt'luie Ii. Lilip, Hlieiid tu llii. hiiiidrPiit in l.islnniMlila Ide nre iiung ii hi iIip onli nrlir'e rrully fil fur the lnlll. Lung luir it lei v Mpi 10 fill nut, Lmlict, me the IWIm of Columhi.i in' I Imp In ne )Oiirpli- the tlitgr.ire ol bitlilnp. by neglpci nf ynur peiifint. III )inir duly, a innialitit in ptp- perie Hie iir.inue ui ll'liorr, Willi Wllil'll H lllllllll Hill Creulor endowed jnti ; ue the Bnlm,fur it willdu il CAUTION TO BE REHEMIIEIIED. Rrvei nl mnrd (1 niipiupi h.iie been nmlp in e Jiiii-ri fell llip hue Balm of CuliHiibi4, Siiiiip nl 1 he 1 ipndPi h.itegiitie tn I tr st hi tnuuieifi-ii ihe tplrn. 'i I wiaptiert, ami ihn FH uf NiAgma, ami evnv rx mimI msik pxcpH the 1111111P nf Coiiiinrk, whirh iIipi lure itm forge. To moid impiiHiun iherrfure, ab ivs Innk for llieii.nne of Cniiuini'k li Co, nr L. !i Ciinitinrk, 11 ml never buy ihe .irncle unleti ii lis iIm n nine upon il Sold uholptale and rrlnil, only ut No, 2 Fletcher itieel, N. Y. and by I'AKCBepir and lira it AID Burhngiow, V. d ICyiMPORTANT CAUTION.jJ It is a singular fact ar.d one much tote regreltci, that valuable medicine., ns foon n they I ecome pirn "Inr, nnd have received Ihe let and 'approval of n dicriininaling public, are sure lo I e counterfeited, nutl thu.s a bad and spurious article is immediately palmei1 upon ihennsiispecliugforlhe genuine. Tliis'ha been nolorio ily (license with all popular triisl and tr ilv valuable modienu for year, past, and will prol.ablv continneto I e ihe ease for year to come. The 1 a e and contemptible counterfeit in this wav meanly takes advantage ol all tho c.lbrl.and adver tising umsI l.y the proprielors of the genuine article, uigci mi-ir oie.iicines 11110110 nnd ue-erved poplnari ly. UN therefore not les ihedmy than it contrihiite to the nfely of every honet individual inlhei-im. munity to exno-e, frown down, and forever after HIS TRULT nil HEARTLESS INGRATES who thu, irre-spon-iblv triflt; with health and life. ICKrilERF.FORE TAKE NOTICKi There is a per.on by the name of J. B. ifOCHE FORT. now engaged m ..ellmg a Pill done up m boxe inexact and perfect imitation of the genuine INDIAN VEGETABLE PILL?, wilh ihe omi-cion of only one word on the Boxe viz. WntraiT. The Pill mid by thii Rocheforl are evidently intended as a fraud anil imposition upon the communiiy, or thev would not have teen done up in such exact imitalion'of ihe gen nine. This person is tall blu-lcring with a great the atrical swagger. He wa recently known as a very poor player in Baltimore, under the musical cognomen of Jim Brown, nnd is about twenty I'ue years of nge' Ill's almost leyonda doubt that be is supplied wilh the Pills irom a Drusgi-t firm in this city, who have ucrcioiore 1 een notoriously connected with counter feit medicine. As oon as proof is obtained the fonn-tn-'n head of this nefarious business will I e expo-cd, that the community may shun them as they would a serpent. IN THE MEAN TIME THf: PUBLIC ARE CAU TIONED azaiVt buying WRIGHTS Indian Vf.cetadlr of any one who doe not exhibit a certificate df ai'cn cy signed by the agent for the New England Slate and '.earing date since January 1810. AIo take par ticular notice that the followin-.' wording is on tliul ox e.s Wright's Indinn Vezetal.lePi'l (Ind. Purgative) 01 111c isiirin American lyOin-je 01 iieallli. ihe Indian I egrlable l'tll$ aie h cprtabi rare fur lifPUKe in il eypry v.iiipivof lurui. bic.iup Hipv iho roughl) the noni.irli nnd InmrU, indiitpn pin. per diclMrge by thp lung. kin mid knlnet, Miulsii mul.ite 1 he hltmd 111 piinft iietf. In oilipr wmil iln-v npt'ii nil Hip iiuiiirAl di.itii, nnd Ip.iip MA I UK K (fit Uruntl Phyitinn) ure 10 time di-cme fiuiii 1 he Imdi. flip iibnie oiuIpi. or 1I111111', hip llie cninninii t tier nf llie Imiii, I In ouch which all mm bid .mil mr. nipt Iiiiiiiiii (ihe rrfii.'p ot hip cm mil tiff; nnd n long 11 ilit-y me all kepi open, uinl iliri'limgp I tee I) lln ir .iIIiiiipiI portion nf hupiiriiy, will r mm' in hp-tlill : bin uIipii finni ruling iinpiniii-i I11111I. iiPHihing iinpuie ait, midden iiiin-iiinn limn heir it, old, titer pxh.iulinn nrtiii oihrr cpu.p. 1 lie hmtel becoiiip riKitve, ihe iinr,- nl ihn rUm liet iniip cIiipiI, or ihekidnPit f.iil I t ppifirtn ll,pn funciinn pinppib. llie iinpurilip iihirh thiiiild lip iImiiipiI linin llip Imiii by ilietr nuilpf. will be remiiu-d, und ctniitniip Iohc. cmiiiil.ile iimil ihe bndi bpcniiii- liirinlli loaded nob dirfe. If ihe cImiiiipI' of nur ruighiy run flnmlil lirouip blorkt'il up, h until mil ihe Ht-ci niutaiPil wipi find new uuilel. or llie cninitrv liprnine ininiiUlpd Jul .0 uilh ihe Iiiiiim 1 lintly ; if 1 lie 11.1111111I ilinin. bp- cmnp nlo.pil, the tiMgiMiu nml rm nipt Iiiiiiiiii will find vein 111 llie f minus form ol ilienr nu b h I'pipi, Sin.ill I'ox, Merfp, Ithf mini ihiii, Gnm, Ainplpxy, &c. or Dentil will eul our tufTpriug TliPriTme, uiien tir.knp hi ihe inin.irli, p.iin 111 lie imd ide, quick pulte, butiiing km, or any odier unplpa. hiii tyiupioin, indiraip ihttl one or moie of 1 lie in. 111ml ill u in aie nut dicluiging fieely. Hint 1 lie rnnii. union i' hIioiiI 111 coiiiinPiirp 11 uuggip fm lb.- retiiim. lion oflip.ihh no limn tlnuitd bp loi in Hiliniiii priug fp blink ilntei of ihe Indian Piiigmiip Indian Vt gelable l'illt ) By to doing, all iIip. lunci nfihp Imdy will lip ipplnrtn to nidpr, nut Hip ohm linnini (llip C.IIKP nf every t itlil or pull HP fnlfpi ) Hill be rprnnipil in to eA.y hiuI niiiui iila iniiiinri . linn ibe ixuly u ill he iptinird a il oy 11 cli.irm. llip ntinip Pill may be Inkeu nl ALL time Hnd iindpr Al.l. cir ciiiiulHncp, willi pel feel t ifeiy. Tlipy mil all com all ugpi , imd nre In I lie limn in ron-ii mum m Innil ; ronirrpipiiily ihe can ntntr mjui r pvpii 1 lie innat ttpiicme. I. ike our Innil , ihry hip digPMihlp ; ilipipfnre ilipy Piilrr inio ihe circul.iiiiin nud iinpnrl an energy 10 llie liioml, umrii en -li'p 11 lo now wnh lice, limn nnile tn llip extiPiniiie und cniiiptinrnilv 10 kcei llie itirpt of 1 lie pk 111 open. TIipj- nre Hue .mil peib-rl imrifiprt of llie blnod : bi frfiue ihey drin all riuriipi humor fun 11 iImi life giving fluid. Ihey iinMri tnengili and Vigor to Hip hIiiiIp v.-I phi, and ilieir pf ten Hrpuluay ; liec-iime ihey only mump iliin-p hiniiiir uhiih are onnnpil 10 lipiilth. I'hpy aitl rfnd iinpioie tligpiiinii, and mind idepp fnllnw 'iheir ue; licc.iinip ilipy rlPrfiitP ihe imiiuirli and biiHP n( ihot tliniy hiiinour which 1101 nnlv iriiittte andt-xene ihe iipiinn. tvtirin, bin imiiiIvzp and upaken the d getnieoig 111. In rlinri ihey pniPi nil ihey gnod tnnperlipt can bp claimed for any medicine ; nml hi veiy remnrk.ihlp, it 11 tiliei ly inipoitib e 10 u-p ihpm iviihnm bpnefil. Price 25 cent, per Box, wilh full direction. OiTiee and General Depot for the New England S;atc.-, No. lys 1 remont street, near uourt street, liolon. The regular aimoinied Agents can receive their urn plies of the above popular Pill, a heretofore, from the only ollieeaud general depot for llie New England Stale', 108 Tremont street, Boton. Pedlars or trav elling agents are not allowcdtoscll llie genuine Indian vegetable Pill, therefore never purchase from litem, for ff you do you will le sure to obtain a dangerous and eoim'erfeit article. Ml Tiieo. A. & Co, Agents in Burlington, fir 1 lie sale of the Indian Vegetal le Pills, also, W. II. HoLLnr, Wilh'ston. Vt and A. Brin-mihid, Burlington. SNUFF ONLV TWEN'I'V-FIVE CENTS. I). M. Hitchi-iH.-k's newly invented Snnlfihe letnrti cle ever ili-covered by M-ieiililio men, in Europe or America, for the core and ab.-olute relief of Calarrh, Dizzines of 1 he Head, Weak Eye, Nervous Head ache, Fallen Sickne-s, Fits, nnd Infants troubled wilh Smdlle', partial -hocks of Paly, itc. For tale whole-ale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK &Co., Mile Proprietor, No. 117 G'ene-ee M. Utica, and by their agents throughout the Union. In lUirliii'.-ton, J. & J. II. Peck & Co. In Vergenne, by J, II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnett &. Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lu renzo Janes. WtiltMS, Wtllt.H.-Dn. M. Hitchcock' unrivnllcd and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for Worm. Slranzu and incredi ble nre the edects of Ihe-e detestable, vermin ; few person, and il is thought none are free from them, par ticularly females and children. Many person go through n tlitreing cour.-e of mcdicme without a benclit, when ihey might be relieved by it-ing ihe Worm Tea. This invaluable medu ine has tn u-ttsl by ihe experience of more than ten years use, and administered to morn than 10,000 persons of various age, and not one solitary complaint ; on the contrary hundreds have railed, nnd unsolicited, given iheir de cided preference to it. afier trying the di.lerent articles sent forth to the pubic, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cock's Worm Tea the mo.t tnfe, elleetunl, nnd con venient remedy that can be ohinincd ; for m nn one of the llioii-and of instance where il ha Icon u-ed agreeable in the printed direction!, has it ever failed. N.B. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock's Worm Tea, nlhcre nre many nosl ruins abroad for thede-triictionof worm For sale whole-ale and retail I y A. HITCHCOCK it CO., o'e proprietor., 117 Gent-ec street, Uticn, and by their agents throughout the Union. In Burlington, by J. & J. H. Peck it Co., and Theo. A. Peck it Co., In Vergennes, by J. II. Bowman. In Milton, by Burnet it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. aug'.'0 Sherman's Ilrcast Ointment, If applied properly nnd indue lime, will cure the most painful cases of swelled breasts, and prevent the for mation of abscesses Even where tho swelling has pointed and shown every nppenrance of breaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled it, nud restored the parts to n healthy condition, In applying it, a smooth and soft covering to the breast should be made of soft leather, nr fine compact I mill, with a hole in the cen tre to ndmit the niple. When so made, put a coating of the ointment over the inner surface ami apply it closely and smoothly over the whole breast, leaving tho nipple protruding, through the hole, so that tho child can nurse, which it should do as long as tho mother can bcur it. Care should bo taken to havo the hrenst drawn by tho child or otherwise, so ns to pre vent an accumulation of milk. Whenever iho plas ter gets rinklcd, and tiicriby uncomfortable, a new one should bo applied, and constantly worn until a cure is a ifee ted. It is sometimes necessary to slit the sides so they will conform to t'to shapn of the breast, and cover it closely. Ask for Sherman's breast ointment. and see that his signature thus,"!, Aftrrmn-it, M, ii.. - is on uie wrapper, none otner ran no ucmimc SHERMAN'S PAP1LLARV OH Is tho only infallible remedy for sore nipples ever ilia- envcrcu, 11 win cure 1110 most trnuhiesiimo cases in n few days, without depriving tho infant of iho breast- warranted superior to all other remidies when nimheil nccordinu to tho directions on tho bottle. Sec thnt tho signature of "A. Sherman, M O." is 011 tho wrannor. nono other is rrcnuinp. Bo narticular or vou will bo dtwvcd and disappointed. Sold at tha Varie ty . PAJWIUDRN 4; BKlsVAjLV LOOK AT THIS. HAVE VCIJA COL'GIM TOOOO vir. or cnniumftIo every year in lie United Stale., ami millions mi ,er feom troid leomc eotiglis nnd colds, that can In curnd I y Dr. M. Hiuli-t-iK-k'.. U-ge:aMe Virg'n Cream Cough Drop-, a afe inediciil irecriplion, i.-ontning no poisonous drugs, and i.-el in an exien-ive prneiii-i for .cvernl years will mo.t po-itively allord relief, and save you from that iwfd ilieiiee, pulmonary eon. mnption, wh-'th iiually weeep. into Ihe grave linnnrcds iflhe voung.iheo'tl, he lair, Ihe lovely nml the gay. Have vott a cough 7 He persuaded tu purcha.e a loltleol the'Cough Drops m-imy: 1 ti-niorrow may 1 e 100 late. Have you a Bought Dr. Hiicecok's Vegetable Virgin Cream Cough Crops i the only remedy von -liould take to cure you. for tins pinig reason. I hat in nooneof tho lhaiinnd cases where it lin li-,-n n.ivl l,n. ,1 I'ml.-il in r,.l, Price 75centiierl ollle. Forale, whole-nle and Re tail, j y A. HITCHCOCK & CO. No. 1 17 Gene-ee !., Utit a, N. V. And by their nsents throughout Un united Mate. In Rurhngton, by J. & J. II. Peck it Co,, Tlieo. A. Peck & Co. In Vcrecnncs, by J. H. Bowninn. In Milton, bv Burnet it Sawver. In (ii-nr. gia, by Lorcn.o Jntics. ati.2 HEPATIC Ill.lXllt. ACELLBRATED remedy f(,r complaints arising from a diM-a-ed la'eofihe LIVER and its Secre tion; the followinu are a few of it symptom-, tnu stomach, iniltL'etion, los ol appetite lowness of Spirits ami Headache: it will l.e found n uro remedy for Emotion on Ihe Fnce. In conse quence of their leing many nostrum circulating in nu pari 01 inecoimiry, theiiii.criicrs are authorized to warrant its I enelicial e.leci. This, article is itit jived, ando'k-reil lo ihe nubile a one well wonh ihe attention ofihoe who are nlllicled I y complaints from the nloe diM-ae; it Icing from' an eminent physician we feel eonfi-'ent inlhu re.-ominendingit. Oil.CISlO. THLO. A.PECKiV Co- Sign ofllie Morlnr, one door eal of J it J II Peek iSt Co HTJ.IIOI'M I Notwithstanding the piiUmjonr nals of iIumI.iv, are already crowded with noti ce- of Medicine., in wbi -h the public have very little confidence, I have concluded lo ayto lho-e allhcteJ wi'h Salt Rheum, St. Anthony's fire, (or Ery-ipcln,) Sctld-llead. L;prov. or any other cutaneous erimiion al hait I een iound a remedy for Sick-Headache which ari-es trout humor in the -toinacli.l I hat I have found a -ntoand e' eclual remedy by an internal application, without ahcring the diet or habits (it teinpera'e) mid without injuring the constitution or eyesight. 1 have leen most erionly afllicled wnh a co'mphiiiit called lA-pro y, lor fourteen year, while llie ablest Pli-ii-ian co ilil give me but link enconr naement or relief, eallin: il an incural ledi-rae. many year-experimenting on my-cll, nt the hazanl of my life, I haie, by the Mcs.fnsr of Gotl made lln di-eovery, and am now ready fully to convin -emy fel low siitlcrers of the fact in iny own per-on, and asit theinto a like remedy, lor a rea-onal lecunipeii-ation. Vet I am not in-en-'tl lcof ilmdilut-ulty to call public attention, so of,cu -leccivetl, 10 a new Compound. But from its I enelicial cllccts upon my my.elf, and upon other al-o who given it a trial, '! am in- lueed -o oiler ll 10 the pUMic, with toll direction lor Using-, igiied (.linrJc Jone-,m my own handwriting to I e' genuine, and fur their a'-rn'modalion it will le lefi with nio-t of ihe principal Druesi! in tho Uni ted States as toon a convenient, wilh a few certi ficates of its cilieaey, such as may follow this no. lice. Al.o, may 1 e found wilh 11, a -ale, eav and in fallible (internal) remedy for the. Pile-, prepared by a -killfid hand of the medical called J'iles Ior morhoids, which if o.-ed will surely recommend iltlf. ?Tj-AlI communications respecting theMi Medicine. mut Is; po.tage paid, to re.-eive attention. Claretnont, N. H.Sept.2C, 1S-10. CtiAnLKi Jones. Tt Ihe Public I here! y certify that my wie ha leen seierely nllhcte I for the la-t two year with a scrofulas humor the that nature) having applied 10 strerai t'nysieians und tried nlino-i every' thing which i recommended for such complaint', but to no purpose. At lat hearing of a medicine prepari.1 ly Mr. Ctum.r.s Jojjes, of thi town, she reolied to try it, and in six weeks after she K-gan to ue it, was completely ciiretl. I wool I, therefore, recommend llii medicine to all who are af-IlicR-l with M-ro.lida humor, such asbaie been pro nouncedly nearly all Physicians incural le, and im conhdent tliat they will find immediate rebel. Cl.ircmont, Aug-,4, IS 10. Wm. Roisiter. A Card. The under igned takes this methrxlto say to those whe aie afllicled wilh humor of nny kind, that he has leen mot fcnoutly afflicted for ten or twelve year with a cutaneous complaint called Salt rheiinie'or Lcproy which ha ever I een iironouncud incural le.. And knowing- that the -nine was hcretlil nry in family I bad de-paircl of ever finding relief, having laded in nil my attempts to euro, until l-t spring I learned that my brother Charle,who hnd I een for fourteen years in the same situation had found a safe nnd elleetunl remedy, without al'enng Ihe diet or habit, for which 1 applied, and was iriu.-hetl wiili a phial of drop, and I can now say I hat niiig one half my humor was comple ely eradicated without in juring my health, and 1 have no doubt but others may find, the -nine in thi powerful medicine, as 1 under stand some already have. He ha declined making it very pnl lit-at pre-'ent, yet I think others may aho hnd it l.y applying at his reulonce in Wet Clafemnnt for the'iire-en't. RotJ Jc-NEb. Clareiuont, August 1, 1 S 10. A Card. The nndcrigned feel a diffidence in tlrt ofll-riiig his te-timony in favor of a "new Melecine," prepared by hi own'Falher, and cannot hope (or the confidence which would I e pnl in one who would seem morn disinterested. But he bees leave to say. thai for six year he had leen Iroul led with a humor so metimes cnlle I lepro-y, which ha I of la'e I ecoine a erious alllu-tion; and Knowing mat his ra'hPrand itlier had in vain tried every prol al le remedy, he had not the iim-t distant expectation of ever finding a cure, iieing muuctinoirv a pmai 01 nis r auicr s nieu- ecine, he ha- indeed found it ml lieconl.l wib, a ale. i.cedy, andheltiieve e.eciual cure. 11 O'her hall le in.liu-e.1 by in to rid ihetn-elie of a loaih-ome complaint, hi end will I e anweri!.l. r.zr.A Josr.s, tnivcr.-uy 01 rcruioni, iiurim.on, Aug, isiu. A Card. Hearing of Medccine prewired bv Mr. Charle June-, oflhito-n, for h-itnors, anil havins .ecu its leneticiale.'lect, 1 uppl e.i ivr it lor my mile laughter -I ycar of age, much nlllicte.1 wilh Salt Rheum, supps-ed to I can heie.hiHry complaitit. I can now lay that al'cr uing it ix weeks my hope are filly realized in a cure without injuring llie child's liealih.'and can now recommend 11 10 others a a safe and inl'.illd If remedy for such complaint. Clareiuont, N. II. Ss-pt. 15, 1S10. Mam E. Tmxt. 1 In-rel.v certifi- thai 1 have leen in'imnttly an- nuainted wilh Mr.'Charle Jone, of Claremom, N. II. , loranumlcr of years lait past, and hare I een consul ted by and preerll ed for him, for a very obttna:e iheaeol the skin, well known by the name of Leproy hut could 110 no more man imugaie ine tu-eae n.r a time. Since he has a livlel a radical cure by mean of.bis Dropt fur Il'imoit, I have examine 1 bun and urn happy to say that m nin 1 pene-iiy moutn nun free froiu'lhe dieae. James CROMmr, Physician. Francestown, N. IL, Sept. 13, 1S10. I havebtvn acmiaintpd wilh Mr. Charles Jones for a number i-fvearr, have prac'ice.1 m his fain ly, and ailniiuiteretrineilicineforhi disea-eofihe fkin, more or le, for ten or twelve year, pat without a radical cur. He now appear lobe perlecily cure I by ome drops which he prepare., and which to far ns I am acquainted with them piomuc to be ot creat 1111I11 v la licit dlM-.VC. iostt svuun, w, 11. Springfield, Vt. Sept. 4, 1310. I baie nre.cnbpd rpmcdic. and administered nieli- cities for C. jotie-'. limner which I called Leprosy, moreorlffs for fourteen year, without a omplele cure (In heme t.11 unctunmon cn c.) He now appears to liaie a linal cure Irom 111. own uicovery, nirurom what I ice of its r feels upon other nbo, I am of opi nion it nny be of much benclit totliecmniniiniiy. I IMOT1IY ."5. IU t;iOX .H. l. Clan-mom, Sept, l.i, 1810. llj1' This medicine nnUe. no yam prrlPiion; nor any hopes which will not I chilly realized. Come and try for your.clve, any who are a wilh tli-ease'of this kind. It may I e fivmd at the lore of llolerl Moody, droggit, Burling. ton, and wilh Marlm Wires E-q. Caml ridge Vt, 100 IIVH STUFF!. bbls. Cam Wood 200 do Log Wood Si, Domingo 230 tin Log WoodCnnpcachy 250 do Fiitio 200 ilo Nicaragua -10 do Alum 21 do Bine Vitriol SO tin Madder In ,.rlnv Oil Vilr n Mnriatio Acnl, An ia ForlN, Nilrle Acid, CarcnmaJ Bar Wood, reach oci, ijucr v uron nun., npniiisu Floinnt and Bengal Indigo, Lac Dye, Nutt Galls, pro Pitpcr, Jacks, Tenter Hooks, CrcainTnrlnr and Agal June'l ly &J.J I. PECK & Co. VF.RIlllNA CltUAM forthavinir.clarilii'ilRos. in, Warrin's ll Neoillc. Silver Thimbles and lots of new Good, opening at the Variety Siore. May S3. 'pV-WN BULNWUIP. DK. PHINHYS FAMILY PILLS, lor remo ving symptom of irnatfnn an ing from font slomai-h au'd bowel. ; j icli a lo of uppetne, cr morbid cravings for food, siiknc. or vornitting, pains or nu uneay len-ation nl the pit of stomach, wilh ouriiv, nmla cotive slaleof the bowel, llatu lence ui h fulness of ihee pnrl,andpaiu on pressure, with famine., jaundice, ily-cninry, pam in either .ide, and piles. Allcclioti ofllie head, tlizzines, ti por, wcakne, depicion of spirit, hysteria, hypo, chondria, nml i ficn th-turled fleep, sick head nch o common wilh feeble, deticnle persons, especially ivniaic., mnrriiica, or iooene..s 01 ine nowcis, and oys eninrv, meae 01 tno kiii, anu worm fo irerjuent wilh children, nlection ofllie chel, uch a co-iKh--, or dilliciilly of breathing, occasioned very frerp.chily by ndisordcnsl state of the stomach, Monthly ai'cc lion of femules, when checked by general debility with lo ofnppelilc, attended with cold feel, e'c., ague nnd fever, fnt'.ueiiza, rheumatic a e lions of llie" joint', scrofu'a, ticdoloroux, or painful nlNfi-tion" of the nervei of the face, neck and .hotili'cr.-. I have found them n-cfiil in removing i-lirome cntarrh, if per evercd in for some time, 111 -mailer doe. 1 hey ore am. (man dated to all age-, (t-hiltlien of b year' o'd may nfely ifuiiiem, 1 nnu toany ciima'e, ami unuer nil cire-m. -lances. 1'hcy contain no meroury norother mineral, They are purely vegetal le. l'osc! Two to lour may lelakeunlo lime, .and repeated every other ntcht, until ihe long 10 is clean, and the di-ehaiee from thu l.oiiel", instead 1 f I eing light colori-J or dark and of fensive, 1 ecotnes free and full and healthy, with a re turn of appetite CERTIFICATES. The undersigncl has haJ tha pleanre olan acomiin'.nme with Dr S. Phinnev fit some year-tiat, curing hi re-idence in this villat. wherii he ha- allaineJ a high characer a a physic-ia He has had an oppi rlutiity abom repe.i'ed in-tancoa til te-t ing the value of the ''Family Pills," and from hit own experience ortfeir e.hcacy, as well a from a knowledge of their -rcid e icct in oilirr caie', l,a ha no hcsitntion in recommending them 10 lejut what tbey prtfei toLe, a very valeal le Family Meibcina. TltllM 1 M SMITH PaMor of tho Prcs! ytcnan church, Cat-kill N.T. I feel it to l.e a privilege and duly to say. thai to lh extent of my observation and experience, which it very con-i.teraiiie ti ring -everni year, the utility or he 'article boih for Dy-pep.y and a a mot eiricaeiona Family Me heme, far exceeded my an'icipatuns. More than thirty year I have not enjoyed heal lb, but sintered much from sick liead-nchc, nnd from billtoua a'leciion, I have had ihe advice of many re pecs.l! phyricinns, but ncierfomd any e ectnal relief from my complaints until a trial of hr Pbinney' Pills had Leen nude. Sami'F.L Cltf nciiILL. llariuouvbiirg. ( rawford Lo., Pa., July, 1838. Calki!l, Greene Lo,, N. V., Aprd, 1SCI. To nil wh. in it may concern : This certifies that Pf S. Phinnt-y i-a Phy-ician of the tirt sianding in this village, Having re.eiveo hi niejii-ni uerit ai i,aiu I ridge Univer iiv, and it entitled lo the highest reaped from ihe public. Key. llavld rorter, u. l. liev. JOepn 'rcnti-t, A, M.; Thomas 11. CooUe, Pre-ident of Caiskill Bank Rev. Thomas M Smith j Jacob Ilaighl : Rol ert Dor Ion, Conn-cllor ; John Adain, do; M. VVat-on, do, If these mil do not give -atisfaclion after a fair trial they may I e returned, and the mo.iey will be relitdded. Agent are neici y aiiinorizeu 10 no so, Aeents, 11, Moody. Burlington ; L.Jaue-, Georgia; T. W Smith. St. All an- ; C. L, Drake, Wet Milton and at 11101 of the stores ill the .late. o30.3ui -, AGM'CTIC OUONTICA.'I HE TKETH! iX THE TEETH '! The l.scoitrADABLD Tooth Pr.ErArtVTioN. The fact i proved, and the mot in credulous ad doubting are filly convinced, a we bnv lie evidence Irom the sate 01 au.UlHl I oxes ot llie UJon tica, within the pat year, that the I.'iopioq dreams of the alchynnt are realized, and a remedy discuwred for pre-erviug tho- important and ii'i-fuf appendage of the human system, by ihe me of llie MagnctioOdon-In-a, which by ii attractive, and strengthening quali ties, remoTes'all extraneou substance from the teeth and preserve them in ihcirnaturnl brilliancy, and tha gum in soundness and beauty. 1 1 i a-cerliiined from experience, that when u-ed,'ihe teeth will never tie cay, but remain till the latest age ol man, with their natural wear. When ihey are ilccnyed, its prcgrc will le arre-tetl, und the teeth preserved and preiented and 'preserved from aching all this has leen done in a multitude of instances: and more in thon-ands ot ca-e, nervous toothache, (that climax of pain) has at once len e 'cctuall) cured by popular dentrii'rice in America. And in canchitioii, where, or who is the young lady or gentleman, aye, the individual that value a Leantiful iet of teeth, sound gum and a sweet brealh more (linn lifiy cent, that will le longer de;ti tide of a box of Or. il. Hitchcock's Magnetic-Odontiea. For sa e wlHcide. and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK &t Co., No. I7 CciiC'tx t. Unci, N. Y., and ly their agent thro ighout the United Sta'es. In Burlington, by J. it J. 11. Peck it Co., and Theo. A. Peck & Co. In Vergenncs by J. H. Bim man. In Milton, by Bur nett it Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes, augl ATUItli'sS URAN DTt KSTOHAUVE" this valuable Vepc'alle Medicine stands unrivalled for the following compla nts, via s Dyepia, or Itidi. ge-tion,tlieaeil Liver, bilious dk-or ler, Dropsy, Asth ma, Cottivene.s, Worm and los of Appelite.'and by elcaning ihe toUlaell and bowel, cure pain in tho side, stomach and breast, cold and coughs of Ion? standing, Hoarene-. shortne-s of breath, Nervom complaint, etc., which are frequently the e'ect ofdn ease. For Fever anil Ague, it i a m'o-t va'uable pre ventative as well a a soiereigu remedj. Its virtues siirpa any thing heretofore known in removing St. Vitus' Dance, two bottles have I eon known to cure ibis ainiclinn din-asc, after having I allied every exer tion for four year. It has a mol powerful iiithenco in removing nervous complaint. Il is pleasant totako andoensy in its tiperation, that it may I e administered to the infant, wilh .safety. The above, 'Me bcine is very lustily recommend. 1 by many -cieniitic gentlemen, and ti large nund cr of lad. e-,' who have proved tho virtue of Iho Medicine I y personal rsand iliat cf iheir families. A lull ofeerlifi'oa!ea"companieeach I otlle, Willi directions, ll may I e had whole-ale or re ail of S. Britain, Barre, and'J. C. Farnam, J-at SVilbann lown, Vt, sole proprietors. Prepared from the origin al recipe; for sale ly E.IL Prenti.-, Monlprber, and J. & J. II. Peck it Co, and Tiieo. a. Peck Co., Bur lington, and in Hit- principal town 111 Ihe state; alt directions signed in tho hand writing of the proprietors. Jt'19 r.MlMIUTANT Ttl MtlTll Hits & M1USC JL VliMAIiBS. Docts. A I'ibhclet's cclebratid PILLS, or HEALTH RESTORATIVE fur complaints peruliarily incident to the Female Sex. This article is now brought before the public, under sanction of the stiongsst testimony, from those who have aldtc used it, and alo witnessed its unequalled powers, in the remoial of Female obstructions of tho most aggravated and dispcrate rhatactcr. These testmionials are not brought ft out the igtiorant rju illiterate but from Physicians ami oilier Scicntitie Persons, who have tested its grtnt virtues, and now recommend it m their practice and lend ton the sane-JJ tion of their names. It is not intended ts many medi cines gi-ncrnlly aie for all the varieties of disease, which it is tltclot to sufTer under. But it is intended, simply for one clas of complaints, and those only ra lating'to one si x. These being of rather a debento na ture, there would be more than an ordttlary degree nf dttlidenco in coming with this article before the puhlio were it not the fact that thousands are continually passing from the stape of action, victims to disittr, which this tiiedtf ine has never failed to pnrint or cure. Such has been ihe provision f Nature, thai nearly all the complaints of Fsmales, are eonnrcted in some degree, with the habits allied to their sex, And ninny can bear witness, tshere a nitre fold at a par ticular stage, has produced checks, that the hand of Srieiireand Skill, nevtr has h enable 10 dispel or alleviate. At first, the irregularity and suppression of the natural habit produce no very alarming syrup turns, and )' treated generally with neglect. And nri per attention is procrastinated until the hollow eye, sillow complexion and great bodily debility indicatn that cither rapid consumption, or sonic other fntal disease has fastened Hs resistless aresp rm the stiflcrcr which soon terminates Milincc, by a. lingering hut certain death. For complaints inevitably productiva of such results this invaluable medicine is now brought luforo the public. Il invariably removes obstructions ami regulates a too profuro iiienstruration, and cures l,y its unequalled qinliiics, all the variety of derange ment connected wnh Use Female habit. The eminent and distinguished Docl.J. Morrison, who litis prac tised medicine at Oneida, N. York, with the most sig nal sucess for 'iO yenrs, says "It is the best tnedicin now in use. In cases of retention, or impression of the Ms uses, 1 think it will sustain the appelation of a specific. I have tiled it in the worst caies wnh most ndmirablo success, and I ish for the good of suflerina; Females, that all physicians would introduce it in Iheir practice, as 1 have found it nnswcis beyond my most sanguino expectations." In ilsefloet it Is 'kind tuny be taken without tho least inconvenience, as it 1 11111 caiuaiuc, 11111 nunc nun np. 1 titulars respecting its efficiency, . certificates of Pysi cians who have witnessed its c fleets, and of others, who havo been most signally benefited nnd restored bv it virtues reference is now offered o the pam phlets ncoompnnying.lbo medicine, and to tho nicro narticular evidences, m the hands or the subscriber, Solo Agent tor the New K'k,. Wlmles-ile Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Tarn's an 1 Djo 9mfy-No- 3 & 4 wh sks old Ftuirml UR.

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