Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 22, 1841, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 22, 1841 Page 4
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"He touched his harp, anil tuitions heard, entranced." lHJAUTIES 01' MONARCHY. Tnr. Inpaxt Princess. The birth of a rrincess royal is a topic of congratulation nnd thanksgiving in the F.iislish papers i but, on the whole, the tono of the press is loss extravagant and filly than might have been expected. Thu tucking pigtons ore expected to be crazy on the occasion, and the poet Laments will probably writo something that tt ill outshine nil bis by gone) piaiscs of royalty, even tho "Vision of Judg ment." We do not believe any of them will produce any thing moro amusing, and less offensive to good taste and common sense, than the following from heigh Hunt, which wc find in the London L veiling Chronicle Host. Cour. TO Tilt: INFANT PRINCESS ROYAL. Welcome, bud beside tho rose, On w hoso slein our safety grow s; Welcome, little Saxon Guclph, Wi'lcomo for thine own email self j Welcome for thy fatlirr, mother Proud tliconoaiid safe the other; Welcome to three kingdoms! nay. Such is thy potential day, Welcome, little mighty birth, To our human stai the earth. Some have wished thec boy ; and coma Gladly wait till boy shall come, Counting it a genial sign When n lady lr:idf the line. What import it girl or boy, nncbnd's old historic joy. Well might be content to sea (luceus alone come after lino j Twenty visions of thy mother, Following, sccptcred,' each the othor, Linking with tfir-tr rows tvhito Aires of uubotn delight. What imports it who shall lead, So ill it liie good line succeed I So that love and peace ft-e-l sure Of old hate's il senmfiturc ) Tht-e appearing by the rose, Safety comes and peril goes i Tine 'appearing, earth's new spring, Tears no winter's "grit'lf king," Hope anew leips up and dirtcc, In the hearts of human chances. France, tile hrntc, but ton quick blooded, Wisely has her threat rrstudicd i l".ngl mil now i safe as she, Prom the strih s tiint need not he, And thcrtalrns thus hush'd nnd still, r.arlh with fragrant thought may fill. Growing harvests of till frond, Day by day as plan, t should. Till it clap its hands and cry, Hail! malum! humanity! Earth has out-grown want and war; Earth is now no childish star. Rut behold where thou dost h, Heeding nought, remote or nigh ! Nought of all the new wesing Dost thou know, sw et ignorant thing ; .'"'ought of planrt' bwe, nor people's; Kor do-t hear the giddv steeples Carolling of thee and thine, As if heaven hid rained them wine; Nor dot care for a'l thcpiins Of us'icr arid of chamberlains, Nir thu doctor's learned looks, Nor the very bi.-hnp's bruits, Nor the Wee tint wraps thy chin. No, nor for thy rank n pin ; IVcn thy fntlu r's loving hand No-vvisidost ihou understand, When ho makes tho fi e bly grasp Hi finger with a tiny clasp ; Nor dost thou know thy vcrv mother's Ilaliny bosom from another' , Though thy small blind lips pursue it; Nor the arms that draw thee too it ; Nor thery.'s, that while they fold thus, Never can enough behold thee. Mother, true and good. Ins she, Lit lie strong one, been to tli'i", Nor w ih IimIcs in-door way, Weaken' d th'-c for future days, Hut Ins done her strrnuoui duty To thy brain and to thy beiutv, Till thou cam'st a blossom bright, Wirtli the air and light ; To ihysidf a healthful treasure, To the world a balm and tr auro. From the London "Forgct-Mc-Noi"' for 1SI1.J OLD FKIF.NDS TOGKTIinn. nv ciiAHLr.s twain, r.q. Oh, time is sweet, whm rnscs m.'et, With rprmg's sweet hieith around them ; And sweet the cost, whm hearts in '-jit If those wo love havcf.iun.l tlic-.i : And sweet tho mind thai still can f.nJ A star in d.nkcst weathrr! But nought c in h so min t to see, Aso',.1 fiiends met together! Those days of old, when vouth was bold, And lima slob whirrs to spree! it, And youth ne'er knew lnwfat time flew, Or knowing, did not heed it! Though gray each brow tint meets us now, For ago bring tvinlty weather, Yet naught cin be so sweet I o see, As tho-ie dd friends together ! The fewlongl.nown, whom yearshav3 shown, With hearts, that fuen hhip blesses; A hand to cheer, perchance, a tear, To sooth a friend's distress ; Wlnb dpi d mill tried, mil ndoby side, A friend to face bard weather; Oh, thus may we yet joy to rc And meet old friends together! A THRILLING NARRATIVE Wo nuvcr read a narrative of wretched ness mote toucliitigly told than the mm which follows from real lite. 1 he scene occurred in New York a week or two since, bcfoio tho Police Court, and is from the New York Tattlor a paper romarknbln for tho vivid ness and power of its police reports. We never saw a mother's all absorbing lovo of tier children better described. It ono can read tho following without feeling queer obotit tho heart lie may depend hu has none. Argus. Genuine Wttrrcunovnis. A tall hag gard looking woman, very neatly clad, but with an air of worn out gentility about her, was charged with stealing it brass candlestick worth two shillings. Sho sat apart from the other prisoners, and appeared to bo deeply stricken with poverty and sorrow. It was evident, however, situ tool; no interest in her present position, nor cared for the disgraco or inconvenience she might bu subject to, but that her sorrows had a deeper root, antl that her heart (alas, what a wretched heart was that,) was elsewhere. She signed con tinually, but her sighs were suppressed as if lliodiein t wish them to ho overheard ; and ner eyes witrei red and narci with weeping, anusiio would have wept still hut that she had no tears to shed. Kho was beyond tint. 1 no poor s nair was looso and ragged, her paroxysms, licr wrinkled hrnw and her ha pard eyo gave evidence of much suf fering, and her pinched up, attenuated nose rum chin, and nonow skinny cheek, told but loo plainly that stark t'aniinu had almost done its worst upon her, for slio was so much wasted, that theio could bo but littlo further ccivrd no answer. "Don't you Itear his worship cull I" said a watchman. .Still no answer. " Got up," ,tddcd tho watchman with an oath, and ho was about to lay rude hands on her, when hu looked in her face, but was terrified by its expression ofabstract misery. It was evident the wretched wo man was wrapped in her own agonizing rc- llections, and that she was not aware ot what was passim: around her. Biting at length aroused to a knowledge) of her position, however, Iter lit 01 austraction forsook her, and she became kecnlysensittyc, her countenance relaxing from its expression of contemplative suffering, distrust, and solicitation. " Do you know what you aro confined for Lllcnr eiuiuiicd the Court. " 1 do sir, I do," exclaimed the prisoner, claspinc her hands together, and looking as nothing but deep misery and want can look, "I do sir, 1 do. It is lor stealing a little brass candlestick ; and, Oh God Oh God, I w ish 1 had stolen and got oil' with it, for 1 fear that my dear little Dickey is dead, that my poor little Llleii und iNlary aro crying themselves to death over him." Court You acknowledge then, that you attempted to steal tho candlestick. rrtsoner 1 do sir kill nte hang mc do what you liko with mo hut Oh! for God's sake send some one to look after my children. Court Where are your children T I'r'noncr (look'ni" wildly about her) Ah that's it, that's it I tear they are dead and gone forever; for they had nothing to wear, nothing to eat no tied to lie mi and their poor mother in ptison. Oh I God, 1 wish I had killed myself and them before it camo to this for then at all events I would have been with them to have comforted them when they were dvinj. Court t'oor woman, 1 pity you, and will havn you comlbited. Prisoner l on cinnot comlort me unless you bring mo my children. Tho biggest is only six years old, and they have eaten nothing since Monday. Oh go, go tjuick, for I know my babies are dead or dying as human nature cannot stand as much as they were called upon to sulfer. Court I again ask you whero we can find them. Prisoner Oh, sir, I don't know how to toll you, but I could find it out myself, for its somewhere close at hand. They are in a long dark hall, under a stairs, where wc have lived for a fortnight. Tor the sake of the Father of merries, worship, penult me to go and find them; and, dead or alive I'll re turn, and let you do w hat x on please with me. Here the poor creature threw herself upon her knees to implore his worship for liberty to go and look for her children, and an offi cer had been desired to attend her for that purpose, when a watchman enteied with an infant in his arms, and two half naked trem bling little girls, the one about four and the other six years old, holding on his coat. In stantly the prisoner sprung to her feet and rushed towards the watchman, sliriekin1.'. " Is Dick alive, O God, is Dick alive," she laughed hysterically, clasped the infant wildly to her bosom ; and danced about the office, and throwing herself upon tho form exhaus ted, sho took her other two half lamisliod in fants in her lap, when they all commenced laughing and weeping together. Mranwhilc the watchman had told his wor- hip that the eldest girl had called Ins attcu tion to the children, and tint he found them huddled together under a st.ur, evidently in stato ofstatvalion, and with nothing to cover them other than tho rags they had on. Court Isovv, Mrs. Harrhtv, since you have got vour ciiihhen, will you answer met a few questions I I'll have you and them properly taken rare of. Paisonor I will sir. I'll dn any thing now; butO! whatever you do with us, don't part us again. Court Never fear. How long have you been in this city ? Prisoner About two months sir. Court How havo you snppotted yourself in that time ? Prisoner I hardly know sir, but wo cat very little. 1 tried to gel work, but no ono would employ me, because! they say 1 look ro shabby. 1 then went to beg, but some told me they would have mo taken up : and others that I was drunk; though God knows, at tho time I was almost wild with starvation, and with hearing my poor infants crying for fir food. And so sir, 1 was diivenon by sheer necessity until 1 did the thing that brought mc here. Court What brought you to New York when you had no friends here ? Prisoner I came to seek my husband sir, who deserted mosiv months ago for another woman ; but when 1 found him ho only beat me; and win n I told him tint I and tn'v chil dren were starving, he said he wished we were dead and God knows so ilid I. Poor Ellen then stated, that for seven yoars her husband and she lived very com fortably together in Albany, whero they had hepi a nine store, atu mat a servant gill whom she had hired to tako care of the chil dren, while sho herself attended tho store, had induced linn to go oh" with her, and to tako every thing of value ho possessed along with them. From that timer she did nothing but pino away until necessity compelled her to go in search of her husband, whom she knew to bj in Now ork. And wo have heard tho result. Tho complaint of the lar ceny having been withdrawn, the unfortunate family were ordered to be taken cu e of, and will probably bo handed over to tho Com missioners of tho Alms Homo this morning. The following is a brief sketch of tho out-! rage in which McLcoit participated, and for which ho will bo tried : Burning dp tut. CAtint.iNC. This outrage took place on the ntghtof tho 29lh December, 1837. The steamboat Ca roline was lying at the wharf at Schlosscr, N. Y. in peace and quietness. She was an American boat, was owned and managed by American citizens, and carried an American (lag. Sho had been employed during the day as a furry-boat by her proprietor, a ci tizen of Uuflitto, and had carried men, who from motives of curiosity or business, had chosen to visit the adjacent (Navy) island. Her crew wero asleep after tho toils of the day, and several strangerstoo who had sought a relugu on board ot her lrom the inclcmcn cy of the weather, were reposing peaceably on board, thanking Heaven probably for the hospitality extended to tltcm. About mid night, boats filled with armed men left the Kritish shore, and with imilllcd oars ap nroached the devoted vessel. The watch on board saw them, but he could have had no idea of that destruction intended. The boat had been engaged in a harmless trade, and anticipating none, was totally unprepared for a murderous attack, in a moment alter British officers, and British soldiers, sprang upon her deck, and mocking at the flag of our country, and despising its uoast ot pro tection, commenced withinsatialetgrcadiness the work of death. The sleepers were aroused from their beds by the sharp fire of pistols, the clangor ol swords, ot the oaths and imprecations of the assailants, and the horrid cry as they butchered the Americans, of "give the d d rebels no quarter I" They rushed on deck, and a fearful picture pre sented itself. All was confusion, tcrrorsand bloodshed. One American, a Mr. Durfce, had reached the wharf in safety, and like his fellows, he was totally unarmed, when a bullet pierced his brain, and with a leap and a groan of agony, be tell and expired. How many were thus inhumanly butchered, the records ot eternity alone can show. Some were able to drag themselves, wounded and mutilated, to a place of safety. One, a ci tizen of Buffalo, whose only crime was that he had slept that night on hoard the Caroline, was found dead upon the shore, and it is con jectured that several met their doom in a -Ml . .1- . ... , .. still moro icrriuc way, uy remaining con cealed on board the boat (luring the massacre. The British boast (hat in this valorous attack upon sleeping and unarmed men, thev slew- six or seven ! So be it. They aro welcome to the glory and we hope our citizens will never forget it ! The scene did not end here : "When the boal's crew had escaped or were murdered or perchance concealed in her, sho was cut loose, towed into the stream and set on fire, and a signal light was seen on the British shore to guide the boats on their return from their expedition. Tho scene now became one of awful sublimity. The Caroline was in flames, and the resistless flood was bearing heron toward the cataract. As the fires curled about her engine began to work by tho heat of tho burning vessel, and the pitchy flames threw a red glare on the wild scenery around her. It showed the wintry forest, and glowed over tho rapids it revealed the rebel island, and the barracks of the British soldiers, ami showed ton, the gh istly corpse and clotted goro of the murder ed Duifee. Onward the burning vessel was borne, and nearer the mighty precipice. From one side she was viewed with exulta tion fioni the other with deep threats of vengeance; and as sho ncared tho foaming gulf tho FalUof Niagara they tell of dark tonus that wero seen amid the names and of death shrieks, that rose shrill and pier cing above tho noise of the rushing waters. Still she rushed on, and still tho scene in creased in grander until her burning timbers wero extinguished in the flood, and a few blackened fragments, thrown upon the shore, were all that remained of the Caroline." Amidst the horrid grandeur of this scene, a shout of triumph from the other shore an- nmini'od the return ol the midnight murderers. They had with thorn iroftojys, as prisoners. Philadelphia Times. WOMEN MARKET IN TURKEY. An EnelMi Traveller in Turkey gives tho following account of tho salo and purchase ol lemalcs. But n market where horrid idea ! wo man are sold like beasts. God forbid that 1 should defend it ! At the same time, tho pru- tv creatines seem so content, that 1 cannot pity them. Perhaps I should follow tho ex- nmplo ol most writers, who, whenever nicy touch by chance on such a subject, give vent to a deal ol scntimentalisnt and vapouring about weeping innocence, and dishevelled locks, and torn garments, and beaten breasts. Such oxists only in imagination, and I bclivo that many who describe the slavo markets, in such moving terms, nover saw one. oc casionally, 1 will not deny, heart lending scenes occur, in the case of captives of war, or victims of revolt, wrenched suddenly from all that is dear ; but these aro rare occurred cos. The Circassians and Georgians who form tho trailo supply, aro only victims ot custom willing victims ; being brought tin by their mercenary parents fur the merchants. If born Mahanimcdan, they remain so ; if born Christian', lliey arc educated in no laith, in order that they may conform, when purchase cd,to the Mussulman faith, and therefore they suffer no sacrifice on that score. They live a secluded life, harshly treated by their relations, nover seeing a stranger's face, and therefore form no ties of Irieudslui) or love preserve no pleasing recollections of home to make them regret their country. Their destination is constantly before their eyes, painted in glowing colors ; and so far from dreading it, they look for the moment ot going to Anapa, orl'oti, whence they aro shijipeelfurStamboul, witli as much eagerness is a parlor-boarder ol a ! rench or lthan convent lor her emancipation. In tho mar et they are lodged in separate apartments carolullv secluded, where, in the hours business between nine and twelve they may be visited by aspirants for possessing such delicate ware. I need not diawaveil over what follows. Decorum prevails. The: would-be purchaser may fix his eyes on the lady's lace, and his hatut may receive evi dence of her burst. Tho waltz allows near ly as much liberty before hundreds of eyes Ol course the merchant gives his warranty on which, and the preceding data, the bargain is closed. The common pricu of a tolerable looking maid is about .10(). Some fetcli hundreds, the value depending as much on iccomphshmcnts as on heautv ; hut such are generally singled out by the Ktslar Agn. . coarser article, from Nubia and Abyssini is exposed publicly on platforms, beneath verandahs, before the white china. A more white toothed, plump cheeked, merry eve set 1 seldom witnessed, with a smile and gibo for every one, and often an audible Buy me." I bey are sold easily, and with out trouble. Ladies are the usual purchasers tor domestics. A slight inspection sulhccs. Tho girl gets up off the ground, gathers her coarse cloth round her loins, mils her com panions allien and trips gaily, bare footed and bare headed, after her new mistress, who immediately dresses her a la iureiue, and hides her ebony with white veils. The price of one is about 16. UNIILKAOIH-.I) Cotton Shirting and Sheeting, cotton yarn, batting, wicklng, blade and white wailding, ltirssia diaper, i i osli table diapcts, padding canvas, lnerseilh", epulis, counlerpaines, rose mid horse hlankets, lilcaciiril notion", mcaciicu nnn un bleached cotton llanuels, Knglisli, Krcnch and Amer ican prints, as cheap as the cheapest, by JTOVI2S I'lI'H. StnoNus & Co. liavo rc 5 ceived nnd o(Kr to purchasers nnok'iNfj sTovr.s of n great variety of sizes nnd most approved patterns, which will bo sold nt vvholo salo or retail, with or without trimmings, to suit purchasers. Also, i mi em AX'n nnsr stovks in great variety of sizes mill patterns. Canada single ami ilonbln stoves ui to an mciies, togeiner vvun (JOOO JOINTS STOVK rlPKor Canada, Knglisli and Russia sheet Iron. Dumb Stoves, stovo furni ture of Conner. Conner bottom, and Tin. Connected with this establishment is n manufactory of Stove Trimmings, Sheet Iron work nnd Tin Ware, which can sunn v nt s lorinn iconnv ar c enoeon nana, on reasonable terms and in a style inferior to none. The nitration of purchasers is respectfully solicited. Nov. 2c), laiu VOU COURTING FOLKS LOOK OFT. Tho editor of tho Philadelphia Inquirer talks liko a creature who is anxious for his fee. Hear him. "We consider it morally wrong on tho part ot n suitor, to linger on year alter year, in his addresses to any 'bright particular star," and thus to deprive her, in sorno measure, of tho general society nnd atten tions ol others, without some certain pros pect as to thn torminaion of tho period of courtship. The tmlh is, thcro is a timo for all thing -and even thu attachment of a young and impassioned being may havo its hounds, especially if hope ho delayed year after year, and tho heart thus sickned, "and (ho cheek thus robbed of its bloom by disap pointment. Muriiago is an institution recog nized and cnjoi.ied both by tho laws of God and man and if ihero bo any muting our rc iders who, having courted a jear or two, MILTON & Silt WALTER SCOTT ..fleeted by the grave and tho worms. Her hack thu courage or thu means to venture bcloroiho allar they should ex hibit somo degreo of magnanimity nnd self denial, and iicknowledgingihoir true position, allow others an opportunity of pressing for ward and possessing the pti.o which they Invii neither tho ability nor thu courago to obtain." dress consisted of an old tattered gown, and that was an; tor tho i outs " n and thcro nmdo it too ovliont (hat she hid i, , , oner garment, and sho was also deficient in -.hop? and stock ing. God help her, much as no are used to scenes of poverty and misery, wo did not think (hero was so forlorn a being in exis tence, or even that a being could exist and bo so forlorn. Hernainowas Ellen Barclay. The Court havingelisposcd of three or four trifling curs, called Ellen Barclay, but rt- " I'm boarding out," -as tho loafer said whon he curled up for tho night on a pile of iniiucr. In the library of Mr. Hodgurs, tho poet, nt his house in St. James Place, London, is the original agreement between Milton and us publisher, Samuel Svmuns, in !(;()(, lor the copy of "Paradise Lost." It is written on one page of foolscap, signed by the con trading parties and witnessed by "John Fisher," and "Benjamin Green," servant to Mr. Milton. The autograph of the gical poet, notwithstanding his hlindness is re markably regular and dtstim.t. 1 his interest ing relic, wo need hardly say, is carefully preserved by its distinguished owner : it is framed nndglazed, and occupies a prominent place on tho walls ot thu classical and hospi (able mansion of tho Poet of Memory. Mr. Rodgcrs, wo believe, gavo seventy guineas lor tins relic '. l or thu poem itself Milton received ten pounds, five being paid in ad vance and live nt the end ol two years, whon 1JUI) copies had neon sold, l or each edi tion, not exceeding 1500 copies, five pounds wereto ho paid ; but in seven years tho poet died, and the widow disposed of all her right, title and interest, in the work, for an addi tionalsuni of seven pounds. Thus the vvholo copy-right ot "1'aradiso Lost" brought to tho author and his family seventeen pounds, ami the nit ol paper upon which the agree mem was written was sold ami eagerly pur chased lor seventy guineas. Milton was moro than fifty years of age blind, infirm, and solitary, when he began the composition ol his great epic. At a si milar advanced period of life, Sir Waller hcolt, struck with misfortune, entered into an engagement to liquidate, by his literary exertions, a debt nf .128,000. Milton rest ed his long cherished hopes of lasting fame upon tho work thus lato begun; Scott staked his character and reputation upon tho fulfil ment of his last engagement. Both entered with characteristic ardor upon their tasks and, amid tho prcssuroof increasing age and iiihrmity, never lost sight ol their nnlicinat- ci reward, in seven yoars, Milton com plated his divine poem, and held in his hand the passport loiinmortnlity. In seven years, ncotthad paid all but ono sixth of Ins enor mous load of debt. Tho prize was within view, independence seemed ah.iost in his grasp, but hu had overtasked his strength, and disease, soon to be followed by death, camu liko an armed man, and closed the superhuman struggle. Inverness Courier. CURIOUS FACT. If an egg, says Dr. Garnott, bo reduced to ashes previous to incubation, tho magnet discovers ;tu iron in those ashes. But if an egg be placed under u hen, or in any other state proper lor hatching, and he reduced to ashes, in thu samu manner, subsequent to tho chick's being produced, iron in consi dornbln quantities will bu found in (he ashes. Tho experiment has been raaelo. DUY GOODS AT AUC;TION...Tl.u sub keril or irive not re that thev will eiller lor sale nt Public Auction. einllinSlli day of Deeember next, nt thu Siore, corner ol uiiuren ami ooncge nreui, llie entire" nnd extensive nwnrlinent or Dry ijoei, not :ireviiiulv elinoil ofnt nrivale! sale. I lie sale will lin iiii.iiiveninlllie lenns vert' literal to thoo wMiim in' iartri" ntnouiiu. S.ilo will commence nt 9& e,' L'loeli in the inornin? an l continue every liifMiay, riinrvil.ifniid S.ilurd.itf unlit the whole! i di.o.-cd of. We invite the attention of Merchant in tins ndoining lowns in partieiilar toihusale. MAiUctWAll, iiuriiuiricin, .sov.j, ioiu i rtixccg. TIrACSNI.'OTIOODONTICA. ' Hf. TIIKTll m-I'Ilf: TKI'.TII I ! Tnr. Tooth rnr.r-AnvTiou. i he l prorisi, nml ihe ino.; In cruhilnus ad eloubting are fully innt'iu,t,ns we have he evidence from the tule e.f 20.00(1 1 inns of il.n O.lim. Ilea, within tin- .at year, that the t'topum elreann e.l llie nie nymi't are rcaiizcu, nmi n ritmily ilieovertil for prc-erving tl.o.e important ami u-i ruf appendices of the human yiein, l.ylbe n.-c of llie Manumit don- lieu, w ineii oy n ioniu m , tun, mii-iiiiii'iiiu ipiail tie", remove till cxlrniii'ini suhManer from thu lertli and prcerve tbein in llieirnatiirnl lirillianiy, and lln; Ruins in soundness nnd beauty. It U nMiTiamtsl from cxi.erienee, that when iied. llie leclbtvill neve r de cay, but remain till ll.c latc-t ngc ol man, tvi.h their natural wear, nicy nre ueenyin, us pr;re will be arrete'd, and llie teeth preserved nnd preventitl and pr'.'ervnl from uehins all this has been done in a multitude ofmstanevs t and moie in Ihomands nl e;ac, ncrvoui toothache, (that climax of pain) l.a nt onet' been cured by popular denlrifrie e in America, aiiu in coneiusion, wneic, e.r wno i ine young lady or cciillenmn, aye1, the individual that value a beautiful el ofleeth, ound (rums and aweel breath more than fifit' e-e-nl-.t but wil I e lonner ilc-li- tuleoln box of Dr. M. IlitclKCcliVMnirnctii'OJi.nticn, For sn e wholesale and retail, by A. IIITCIIt'OUK &. Co., No. H7Gerieee .r. Plica, N. V., nnd by their nrrentll.rouhoiii ll.c United Siale. In Rurlingtnn, i.y .1. cv j. ii. l'ecK et t;o., and Tluo. A. rccie v. uo. In Verirenncs bv J.H. llowman. In Jlilton, bv Unr- nett & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes, aup.2 AVinnnski Iron I'oitlldrv. THIS concern is yet in operation, nnd ready to execute) all orders for castings, m L'ond order, nnd if uood metal, for various imrnoses. Tho subscriber is now rcadv to contract or otherwise for tho Inn din of mills of all deerii)lions, beinz in a situation to fur nisii nil t no ma ena s at snort nonce. i;o n racta win ho taken verv low. 1'lansof all kinds of mills made on application to the subscriber, nnd warranted cor rect ; wmeii w in save cost in uuuuui", auu uise. many blunders. An assortment of castings such as kettles, ploughs, watron boves. wagon arms. sU'lerh shoes, box and cooking stoves, a very snpcrbi . title, for doing a large liuuiess with mile worn anil mil, aunt vviiicii can no found at all timii. nt this concern. Patterns made to order on reasonable terms. Also the subscriber oilers for sale ono first rate high pressure steam engine, of four horse now er. n good article, built from Lieccstcr : plan, and has bi'en in use, which will be sold icnsoim I. le, nnd on credit. All orders to the subscriber, liur liugton, vt. wilt rcceite attention. Winooski Village, Nov. 10 OUSSKM.'S STOMACH IIITTKltS. may be M. used in Wiiieor water. Thee celebrated biltcr arecompo-exl purely of vewnble e.f iIir most inno rent vet micciIic virtue. Thev are recommended oar- ocularly for reMorinff weak constitution, cleansing ,inu Mrensii.eiiing mo siennaen, ana im-rea'-iiig the iiiiiictitc alo a prevcntnmeanain-t t I.e. cholera mor bu. levr nnd ague", removing naue.i, vomiting heart burning, weaknex in die I rejt, pain in ibo -lomaili nnd other yiiiptr.tnefllaliileneeand indiges tion. One Ikix will tincture oneg.illon. I'nte25 it-. a box. ItunF.M. s Itch Ointmf.nt. Tin choice and nfe ointment i said to I e superior to any now in mi', for llial di-ngrcealile and loathsome dcea-i", the ITCH Thi Ointment i e. tvarlain in its operation thai no per-nn tloulilcil will, the ntmvt ili-ower n iglil to le without il. It i a remedy (or cutaneous I'ruplion eorbntic a.leclion of tin' head, oranv other hrouUin nut which arises from sharp humors in thu blood, Price 25 el, a box. llcsF.l.t. MiKTADLr. Iilt.t.ioi's Pills, or amilv physic, for general use, in e-a-e of Jaundice, luorl id seiisilnliiy of he stomach and beiwe'l-, los of nppctitc, lieliu lueain, eosnveness, rue, nun nil ohi'a Treasurer of the 1 Chittenden Countv ftMiri. An. otaib or vf.hmonT ftusi j crm, a. i). lg-io. ..v.3' L t ii F.iti ao, mo ncufturor John Williams, V of the State, of Vermont, jAtoa Koltb, & I nt the Jlarth Term of said IIenrv Hanii. I court. A. 1). 1810. eummenetd his m-hoii ol debt cm re cognizance against the said John Williams of llurbngton, and Jacob Kolfo and Henry Hand.orooleinstLr, all in said county, therein oi'ciarmg, mat on too nil uay oi scptemlie.r a. u. 163'.). beloro said court then sitlimr. nt llurlinotnn nforosaid, the said John Williams a principal andthe said Jacob llolf and Henry Hand as sureties, jointly nnd severally acknowledged themsdtes indebted to mc treasurer ol tlio ."Statu ol vcttnoiil in the sum ol tour hundred dollars, lobe levied of their and tath of their goods and e battels, lands and tenements and for wain inereoi on their bodies, if default thtreor be tnaelo m the condition following! to wit, that if the said John illiams, who was then in custody on an indictment beloro said court for keeping n bouse of ill fame, and a common nuisance, slnllmiikchis personal appearance before the said court then sitting ns aforesaid, and re main irom inno in iimeanu irom nay today, and shall then and tberennswer to such mniirrs nn,l tlnm.e should then and Ihero bo objected to him in that he half, and should abide such order nnd elccrce of said court, as tho slid court should make in the premises, and not depart without leave of said court, then the sain rccogni7an' o s nouiii no vora ami oi no ctlect, but olhtrwic it should remain in full force and ttftct. And the said John Williams afterwards, during said term eif said court, was publicly called in said court, to niakehispersonal appearance before said court and answer to such matters and things as should bo ob jected to him in that behalf, and although the si id jacnii hoii anu jicnry nanti were, oy oroer oi saia court three timts publicly called m iaii'l court, to have Iho said Williams before said court, according to tho condition of the said recognizance, vet the said John1 Williams nut not appearand answer, noriiiu the saia Ilnlf and Hand nppear or have the said Williams in said court, to make answe r, but neglected nnd refused so to do, nndsuHcrcd said recngn 7ance to become for feited against them. And the said ilcfcndahls nre thereupon railed to show cause if any they have why Iho s.i ii I irensurer siiouni not hate his execution ainst them for thesaul sumof 8100, and Ins costs of" uit : which acnon was tnlertd on l ie docket of said court at their March Term, A. I). 1S40, and the said planum npneareu uy uavui i-rencii ins attorney, ann tho said John Williams bcingnbscnt from this stalest tho time of the service of the plaintiff's said writ, the iid cauowas bvordtr of said court, continued to the Augut li rm A. i. iimu, otsam court, at vvmcli term tbenlaintifTngain anncared bv his said atlomev. And it not being made to appear to the said ceiurt that the siiel John Williams lias nan pi rsonal notice ol the str ing from biliary derangements, .il-o fur correcting vice ol saw writ ana the iienuciicy ot this suit, tho TTAUI) WAKE. SADDLHK.V WAUK. GUNS. IT Hollow ware, i f-c. The subscriber has just re ceived and is now opening a large and general assort ment of tho above eroodsi comnrisinir nearly cverv article in the line, and which will he sold on tery rea sonable terms tor cash or snort credit, at the hard ware atorc, corner ofchurch street nnd the square. UOUF.llT 3IOODY. Burlington, Nov. 20, 1S10. CLOTHS CASSIMKItliS. BF.AVi:i' Cloth., Log Cn! in Casimerc, Itlack, Ulue Black, lllne Itrown Dalhia, Olive Green, Invisible Oreeii and Gieen, Steel Oxford and colored mixed Itro.vl t'lotli. M Kit I. NO FA llnglish, Trench and Oerman Meri-UOL'-; Kieneh and German 'I'll it el and Saxony Cloih-J Tnalinm- and .llipiue-i Itlack, Hrnvvn, l'uriile, lllue lit. iH; ami light colored All.ipaer.i Cloths) Mouscline deLaincs, all wool, wool nnd cniton, Cv ilk and wool, Mai'k ground- very line, leanlifil. Yarn, all colour and white verv fine: Ger imn Cruel, all colour: Fringes and Itiiidnig. heavy Sill;, Mohair and woruJ Fringe tor Dros-i's and Mantilla very rich, bv II. W. CATI.IN & Co. the stale ol tin- blood, and cleansing tliuy.-iem foul and viscid humour. 'I he.-c lulls nre ii'luild i tliarlic, producing neilher pains nor griping, and aie therefore a valual le nnd highly approved medicine and hi o pronounced us such by llie most distinguish phvician. r.aeh box containing J3 nils, l'nee 37 rt.a 1 ox Uu-oll's telcl rated Salt Riiccm Ointmt.nt. Tin i unoue-linnalilv the l,etand safest reiiiudv ever vet ofl'eri'd to the public for that obstinate disorder SA L'l (ilf.l.'.il. Where oilier mean. haveiaiieu, u n.issiie- cecded, nnd llie fact that it has keen xtcnively u-eil by eminent l'raciiuoncrs pe.iu volumes m il prnie. Il i equally eilienciou in nil dicae of the .kin, eald head, ring worm, and the most inveterate Itch. t.Vc. ic. iSonierou ctTlineale might le oHaincil, ut llie nropntor ehoo-es that a fair trial should 1 elhc only evidence of it. superior ullieaey. I'rice50eenta x. r or sale bv J. j. n. reel, sv v.ei.. iiicn-iore IVck 4: Co.. sign of ihe Mortar, and lfol art Moody. iiniiiugiou ; it. J. i-.. ."liie, auu nun & iuoi.', nines burt'hi b. 11. name., i.h.irloiie: L.Jane, Oeorgia U I yler, I.ex : roller & Huntington, leiclimoud. AIo, bv tho diuggi-t and merchant, generally throughout the state. eri.Om ntav conns Al C T. Engtcsb'i's rnrner llrick Store near .1r. I'luto IholittU's. FTMIK subscribers arc receiving an entire new eelec- THE JEWESSES. Fontancs asked Chateaubriand "if ho could assign a reason why the women of the Jewish race wore so much handsomer than thu men 1" To which Clmteniihiinnd cave the folloivim: poetical and Christian one: "The Jewesses," ho said, "havo escaped iho enrse which ali"btcd upon their fathers, husbands nnd sou. Nut a Jovvcss was tube seen anion): tho crowd of priests and nibble who insulted the bon ol uoil, scouroeel hint, crowned him with thorns und subjected him to ignominy and the a cony ol the cross. 1 he women of Judca believed in the Saviour, and assisted and soothed him under tilllictinns. V vvonian of Ilethany poured on his head precious ointment, w Inch she kept in a vase of alabaster. Thu sinner anointed his feel with perfumed oil, antl wiped them with her hair. Christ on his part extended his mercy to the Jewesses. lie raised from the dead the son of thu widow of Nain, and Martha's brother, Lazarus. I lo cured Simon's mother- in-law, and the woman who touched the hem ol lus enrmcnt. 1 o llie NiinariUn woman he was spring of living water, and a com passionate juelgu to thu woman in adulter) The d.iuhtcrsof Jerusalem wept over him the holy women accompanied him to Calvary brought halm and spices, and weepinc, sought him in the sepulchre. "Woman why wee- pest thou." His first appearance, after his resurrection, was to Alarv AlutMlalcnc. lie said to her, "Mary." At the sound of his voice M.try .Magdalene's eyes were openeel, inel she answered "Master. 1 licrcllection of some beautiful ray must havo rested on tho brow of tho Jewess. ' NOTICI2. rrMIIS rents and interest, payable to Iho town of -J- iiurhnglnu, will lull uuu on llie hrst nay o jau nary next. I he lessees and debtors of the town arc requested to make prompt payment, w ithout further notice. OVA). I). .SHAW, Dec. 11, 1310. 7Wu Trcasurtr. TOTANICAL MF.DIC1NF.S. The subscribers J hive received a complete assortment of the above' articles; among which nre, cxir.i flowered baylcrry ami mriicrry oai ks; ginger, pleurisy, lumcric nun urn corn routs; pepper of miny kinds, in pods and pow der; gum myrrh, and peicli kernels. nii.u. a. ri.t,ii, cc tu, SAVF, COST, All persons having unsettled ac counts with Lithron. I'oiwm et Wait or with llie .Subscribers arc hereby notified that all accounts not s"ttledm some way, before the 15lh December will be leu wiin an aiiorncyioreoiicitoii. Nov. 2(5. .MA VO AWAIT. Truitets. SIIIXT ZINC AND .SIIHP.T I. HAD. idles wide, STRONGS & CO. Q Casks Sheet Zinc 21 to Ifl inrhes wide. J i roll hhee t Lead, by Nov. !!, l-ito. SLEIQII SHOES, flee. 1 tC 1air S,,c' Illalt,li Cutter end Sleigh Shoes, J fJJ Cast lion do. fin wheel Crow liars, Antills, Vices, Waggon lloxcs, Shovels, Spades, Dung Forks, Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc,IIollow waro in great variety, aov. i'j. a iiui.Min t-tJ. Onn Canada Vlatcs.TIll &c. OVJV. lloxcs Canada Plates, 100 do Tin plates J X with extra sizes, HO bundles Iron Wire assorted, 50 do assorted Nos. Kii'dish Sheet Iron. 10 Packs jlussia Sheet Iron, together wieh tinned and black Rivets Copper do, Kettle Pars, Wire vellum, Miect U'liu ana .mc eve. tiy Nov. 18. STRONOS & Co. jNJ tiers nST.Vltl.lSII.II ISN'T. Thu nilcri hers would inrorin the nubhc tlint lliev have formed a eopartnershipunder llm lirm of Ml'I OHFLL & II.UINI S, und established tho fii&iiict busiutu 111 Iho Uncle .Slum funnel v nccuiuei liv Aliholt ami Wood, where they nro iiriiiiitaemring nnd iiircnd lo keep cnnslantly on ban 1 ail iissorlment of Sofas and Furniture, of various kinds and nnces to suit cir.tom- crs; also, a few splendid lints Cuicies chenp for cash. All kinds of lumber tieel in Cabinet Jtlakui; received m exclnngo for I'urnitnre. Uurliiigton, Dec. 2 1810. T. SI. MITCIIP.LL. A. IIARNPS. fo;ipcr, .Nov, Tin Plate, Shift lion, str. V 1IOXKS Tin nl.ite 1-3 X. 0 biui lle l!u 'n.elrou. 1011 buiidle-s wire. 300 Ibslinucd lut riveiveJ nnd lor in'r hf ii. VILAS, LOOMtS.A. Co. poitK. LVMAN A COLP will pay cash for - iieavy l oin, wen i.iiieneil ami in goou orelcr Hogs should be allowed lo hang and drain one fu ielav after hiitclicrins before taken to maiket, None will ho nought by us without Hiutahlcallowauce lor shrink ago unless iii.inrrrhantnl'ieordc-. Cosh paid for slaughtered Sheep's Ilt. Uutln.Eton, Dec. i, 1510. lion nf dry noons IIARDWAI'.i:, DRV r.UOCF.RIES, CHOCk'F.RV, ni.ssw.Kn, LAMP OIL, FINL SACK SALT, Coarse gnd Pino CAN' ADA SALT, CODFISH, NAILS. GLASS, etc. and respectfully invite the attention of purchasers to tno new prices. n. .n; e.inui.xejs x Co Uurlington, Nov. 20, 1540. LAST ARRIVAL. NT.W GOODS just received by the subscriber ; and it is of but little ennsenuence to the purchaser now nicy came. I will oniv sav Ihcv were most v purehaei! on a credit and will have to be sold nt somo price to pay my debts as I will convince any one wno win can at my store on ivnri street. SID.MSV llAlll.UVV WiilCXIss, Weil.l-.ti. .. llmur, ck'. unrivalled and iiiieMiialled WORM TFA. i sovereign remixlv for Worm-. Siransv and inciili ble are thee'evt of Ihcc di'ii' verniin : tew peron , and il iiliout:ht nnnearefrcel'roinihem.par- ei"iiariv iciiKiie ano euiinreii. .eiany persons through a dsri'ins of liievlieiue wilhout lenclit, when they inigbt le relieved ly uing the W eirin lea. I hi invaluable inedie ine lias I em tested by tin; experieiH'o of moie ten year use, and itdiiiinisierel to more than Ifi.OOl) m'r-on nt xanuu .lie-, and not one solitary eoiiinkiint : on the contrary iiin insi- nave cainn, ami iin-ulK'ileii. given I heir tic cided preference lo it. iifier trying the di lerent article senl ferlli to the put le, und prououueeel Dr. .M. Ilileh cock' vt eirin lea the most sale, e'llerlual, and con tcnieiit remedy lint can l e obtained : for m no one ol the thousand of 111-111111 e where it ha I ceil used ;!gre'ca! le to the iTinle'd direction ha 11 ewer tailed. ..H. Ak lor Dr. M. lliiehcoek' WphsiTrx. u-therc ire many 1101 rum al road for lliei!etruiioncl"wcirnis 1 or sale wnoie-aie auu retail ly A. mi t ac CO., -oV proprietor-, 117 Gciu-ee trci't, 1'lie.i, ami I v their agents ihrou 'luvil the ('iron. In llurlinzton. hy .1. ex: J. II. Peek st Co.. mi l Theo. A. Peck et Co. In Vergi'tinrs, by J. II. How-man. In Milton, by liurnet it sawyer. Jn ocorgia, uv'L.oretuoJanc aug20 r i:tii i:it ,x,r. 'The subscriber has received -iaud is now receiving from New Vork. a arceas sortmi'Ut of Leather, Hoots and Shoes in addition to hu former block, consisting of tho followini; articles 111 part: 1UU Sides bolo Leather, a superior articlc.fre-e from lie ivy e.ow ineies, I water. 111 fine's Harness i.caiuer, 10 " lllack llridlo do 10 Doz. Sheep linings, 2 " .South Sea Seal Skins, 1 " Grained Leather. I Cae .Men's Superior Calf Boots sowed, w ar' nuicd. 3 ' " Thick Roots, heavy at S2,.'0 per pair, 1 noy s i.i,v 1 " Small llovs " " 1.22 " Together with Kids, Kips, Shoo Thread, Prunella Cotton and Linen Vt ebbing. Blacking. Shoe Rrnshcs. l.mlies ! rench Kid hhtis, and a general assortment of Misssj and Cluldrcns Slips and Walking Shoes, anoi which win uesom low tor casu. II. C. STIMSON. N. R. Wanted, a few bushels of lluekwheal. live 111111 t.iirii. r..j. DiuRu.v, .mail llurbngtnn, Oct. 22, llO. TV 31 AN" A COI.i:, Into 011 hand an exiensive -i assortment of llurtiugtnn Mill Co. IIROAD CLOTHS and IIKAVP.Il CLOTHS, ,1so. A great assorlmentof P.ngbsli llroad Clolhs, Reaver Cloths and Cassimeres, which thev will sella! rcduecil prices. iv.v.x 1 1'.i). .v tew willisana lusgoou I'leece txool or which cash will bo paid, Oct. 21, 1310. t V. Vi:ilNO Ri:AI)i:it, Peilygmtt itihle i'i nt" ili leieiit i.xe and bins'ings. Pocket HiMe an J Tes.aine'nl and ngeneial tissoitment oftatioua ryiusl leceited freuiiN. lurk and for Mile'iv Colleiot. je:2.-i. S. IIP.NTI.N'CTON Tf ORF. NKW HOOK?, Jiit received nt the Hook 11 M. Siore, A New Home', "ho 'II follow. Yeiun La lie- Conipanion. Countess bl.i. HaywanlV New l.ngland liazelevr. Mitelielr ticosranhieal Render. a .sysiein ot Geography, comprising 11 Di'seriplion ct the World with tho grand division-, designed for in irueiiem in schools and families. Wemders of the Heaven-. I. A. IIRA.MAN. IV'iW SCHOOL GCOGItAIMIV AND J-l ATLAS WITH OFT1.INK.MAPS, by S. Ami's tcs Mitchell. I he uutlior ot the above works has been professionally eleyotexl to tlicse.Vnceeif Oeo'y anil lies! publishing of Mups, during many years and hi former prnduclinn, cspevially hi .Map ei the World for Academies, I car ample leMinionony of hi iibun- d.1111 re'-ourex's, upon xvliieh he ha so III era ly drawn m prel iciiis tlionl ove M-ticml works. The lollotving fxtraei 01 ine ties.y aim, isirotn a joint rtvom incnlition nf the 'leai'her m the city nf .New Vork " Their merits are nuinerou Ihe deiiuiiion leniark al ly plain .111 li'onei.e. 'I liei'xcre'iearecopioii and iiil iorl.iiu, :iu Miii'iiceriptiyeisliimiiious amlcorree'l The divi-ioii" e f the American nre renie-. M'lUc.l un l ile-eril eilie lliey ienllyci-t ut tlii'srcM'tll nine. And the gro.s uiis.iate'ini nt generally li.uud 111 Ciii'ol geographic are i"ne lesl. I'ho lv pograidu i ,il exiv.inon is iineominouly 11e.1t uiidditiucl, lnditl llie u'la I u luiKii'i 01 ihe kimi, nmi nelually levin. wno mi, eiii.iiiou. 1110 eiiiiiuie .nap are pevjiuarlv tMlciiLiiexllo i'xeri'1-e iho rtiident in his study, nnd to hit up ut hi leisure. 1 or sate hy t . liUUDKIL II. VT l.OVIHiV fc Co. am now; opening and of xs leimg mr sue n moro extensive assortment o scasoinble lioods than lliey have ever before oflcrcd in this matki t minings! vvlueli is a variely of I.-IT1? s! 1.'.. ....... ...... II ..r .. I...,. ' i"."""u " iniihhiiis an ii ttiiieu nro eiiiercu e-xireinily low loriccauy u.vsil, Oct. 2 I OAK. Luinpniid Drown Sugar, Teas, CofH-c, sperm J candles, winter strained lamp oil, molasses, rice. milium. Vi.t. .... I , ' ......... viuiauisiHIK Cllte'lteis, ciovcs, ciiHia ........ -..i.,a,M-, u.i..ub exe- lor iaie dv n N. LOVELY, &. CO tf I same was again continued by order of said court, to tno .viarcn li rm therein ,. i. isn, ,na tnc saia court also ordered that further notice of the pendency of this suit bo given by publishing the substance of tho plainhfFs declaration 111 '77ie linrlinqton I'ree Prtst' a newspaper printed in said Rurlinnton, three weeks successively, ine iat 01 which puolications to tic at least thirty days before the sutinp of said court, which shall bcelccmc'd sufficient notice to the said William to nppear and answer to said suit. Dated at Uurlington, nforisaid this -1th day of De cember A. D. 1B40. Wm. NOHt.F., Clerk. ir SIII.lt3IA.VS COUGH I.OZKNGKS. 1S Lozenge- sue scaled, and hate "A. Slier man, M. D." tin llie.-ile of llie t ox. Thev are Ihe salesl, most sure and elleeliial renieily tor Coiiah-, Ceiid-. Coiisiitniition. xthootmi,' Coiierh. Athuia, Ticlilne-s eif the Liiii.s or ehel, &e. dv. 1 he prutinelor lias never Unown nn instance where they ehil hot give pcrlcct sniist.icliou. tcveral Ihou ami hoxe have Lceii soieiwiilnu llie l,it tliiecmouih rc'tonng to health, per-ons 111 alinot every stage ol eoiiMiiniiuou, and thoe hit e;ring i.ndeT the mo-t eh ti.-Miig cold and coul'Ii-. They do not check and diy up the rough, but tender it eM-y, promote exnev loi.uion, allay tne tickling or 1rruau1.11, anil icnieive the proximaie or e.xi iliiig ciu-e. They arc made Irom a combination nt the mo-i valuable expectorant, or cough medicine, and are undoubtedly iihenor 10 every I luii-r in ii"e for thoe complaint. Hundred upon hundred ofiTrtilicale. u I ecu tillered of iheir wonuerliil yirlue-.irom tno-c wno lave Leen .-nveii Irom an unliiiiely grate, and restore.! to perfect lieaiih liynsimr lliein. I'osr.. uue lozi'inre a clo.-e lor 1111 adult, an I may I c rcpeatetl Irom lliree to s- tune's 11 day, asreiiiireil. Chiklren, eight vear year; old, lulfof one: four vearu quarter, and!! in pro portion. V cry small children or inuiit will lake them 'l oi-si'ivcil 111 a lillle water. Miould trey net a incur, or produce nausea, ihedo-e must he les-eiuil in what the -loiiiaeh will I ear. Hall of one will gen ernlly I e -iiinc.ent 10 lake I tforc 1 rc.ikfu-l, u the K.inai-li 1 the n nunc ea-ily Mekeiieel. .in ill c.ccls cull ari-e from an overdose, a it will e'aue ihe stei uiaeh to re.tvt it; auu allliouKh nol a plea am seiisa- lion, will le found to cite relief. Where the-rc much pain in the breast or side', one 01" Sherman' Hesjamis Hewes, ) Chittenden county court. August vs. Term, A. D. 16.0. Levi ILvnnis. iniKIU.AS, I'cnjamin IIcwcs, of Milton, in id V county at llie March Term of said court A. D. 1839, commenced lus action against Levi Hams for merly of said Milton, then of South lb rlinin the coun ty of Chenango in the State of New Vork, in a plea of the ease, in mi action on note elated April 16, 1937, for MG0, payable one day after date. Also, further de rlarniL', that em the same lGth clay of April 1S37 th ticieriu.ini wasjusuy mueoreu 10 iiicpiainim in inei sum ofSjOO 00, for acertum piece of land in said Mil ton, la lore thai lime sulci anil contcycu hy the plain till lo tho defendant, and in consideration the defendant executed and dchttred to the plamtill' his order or draft m writing of tint date to and on one Ldward .South for eight hundted cnpiesof the 'Irish Rebellion, printed bvsaid Smith, w Inch were thenof the valuof GO0 00, which said order was presented to said Smith who retnsed to ace cpt or pay the same, the defendant having before withdrawn said copies and nil lus funds from 1 mil Smith, whereupon the defendant bccsmn liable to pay to tlieplainlili the reasonable value of said &00 cop'us at the time! of the presentation of saidorder, and on the 13th of Oclobi r 1S39 promised 10 pay such said sum 011 demand. Also further declaring that tin defendant on the 13th of October 1939 was indebted t the plamtill'in the further sum of 4500 00 before that time had and received. Also for a further sum ofS300 for a niece of h ml before that tune "old and conveved by plaintiff to defi iiitant Ix ine in Milton aforcsnid, being the wlv leof Lot No. tV3 -illi division of the right of. lames Wdmot, except -lOacres from the east end thereof, to the daniapcot llie pbintitlJlCCO 00 which action ttnsetilcrcd on the docket of said court at said .March Term 1639, and lheplninlitr.ippt.irid by A. G. Whitiemore his Attorney, and the defendant being ab sent from tins state nttbe time of the service of said writ, the said can so was continued to the August Term ls39of said court, at which Term ihe plain lift again appeared hy his said attnrney and the -aid cause was again continued by S3id court to the March Term thereof A. D.1F10, and the plaintifi'agnin appealing by lus said attorney, the said cause was fertbrr con tinued by s i;d court to the August Term thereof A. I). I "10, at which term the plaintih"npain appeti d by his .aid nttorne v. And it not beinc made 10 n r-nr to thecourl : iliat the defendant has had personal notice I or .tlun' t'iaster siioniit 1 e nonlietl over Ihe 11.111. , mid worn till relieved. Ifullended wilh eoMnenes., n ' 'r,1 , ' , ! "J'f J , , . m ' i lew .-ailiariie or laxative Lozenges, or any mild ev- r,'?'0' 1 ""A, '' S.a'd, . I " 'i'' a ihartio mexhene, fl,euld I r u-ed h, orra-ion re,,,r.-. "'fn'Lr I,, ,;r,l A.l' ""V a,S 'I sif.i.i m il. VTriHi,- ,.,. 1... p t vein ,e that further notice nf the scrt ice and tiendency of snid DRLnUaUW w iT -Sni, wb tat ,.e Vfrhin". he.ub.'n? oftlj. Hjin. agent. A libera. d,eou, ,0 merchant who buy ,0 'eS nd'!" hM ?eu ui:aui. Sherman's llrenst (lliitnicnt, If applied properly nnd indue time, will cure the most painful cases of swelled breasts, and prevent the for mation of abscesses liven where the swelling has pointed and shown every appearance of breaking, this ointment has entirely dispelled it, and rot. d the pans ro a neaiiuy coiiuiuun. 111 applying n, a .1.100111 and soft covering to the breast should be made 01 toft leather, or fine reimpnct linin, with a hole 111 the cen tre to admit the niple. When so made, put 11 coating of the ointment over the inner surface and apply il closely and smooilily over the whole breast, leaving the nipple protruding through the hole, o that the child can nurse, which it should do as long as the mother can bear it. Care should be taken to have the lire ast draw 11 by the child or otherwise, so as to pre vent em accumulation of milk. Whenever tho plas ter gels rinkli'd, and thereby uncomfortable, a new one should be applied, and constantly worn until a cure is allected. It is sometimes necessary to slit the sides so they will conform to the shape of ihe brcasi, and cover it closely. Ask for Sherman's breast ointment, and see that his signature thus, ".I. .Sherman, .1. I).," is on the wrapper, none 01I11 r can be genuine. SHP.RMAN'S PAPILLARY OIL Is the only infallible remedy for sore nipples ever dis entered. "It will cure the most troublesome cases in a few days, without depriving the infant of tho breast warranted superior to all other rcmidies when applied according lo the directions on the bottle. Sen that the signature of ".1. S'icrman, M. I)." is on the wrapper, none other is genuine, lie particular or you tvillhtf deceived and diippointcd. Sold at the Varie ty store. PANGliORN & RRINSMA1D. T.MI'OIITANT TO 311)1 II !:ltS Annivn Rostwick, vs. Amariah r.LMES. YOUNG I'UMAUJs--Doc-s. Rr.v.Nc ips et Paumc.lei's celebrated PILLS, or HF.ALTH RF.STORATI VP. for complaints pecuhanly incident lotbe Female Sex. This article is now brought before the public, under sanction nf the strongest testimony, fiom those who have alike used it, and also witnessed ils unuuinllid powers, in the removal of Female obstructions ()f the most aggravated and desperate character. These testimonials arc not brought from the ignorant and illiterate but I10111 Physicians nnd other Scieulih'c Person, who have tested its great virtues, and now recommend it in their practice and lend lo il the sanc tion of iheir names. It is not intended as many medi cines generally are for nil the varieties of disease, which it is the, lot to differ under. Rut it is intended, simply for one class of complaints, and those" only rc laliuu 10 one sex. These being of rather a delicate na! hire, there would bo more than an orchdary degree nf uiiiiuence in coining vvun ems arucie oeiore tnc putuic were it not thu fact that thousands arc continually passing from the stae of action, victims to disrate, which ibis medicine has never failed to prevent or cure. Such has been the provision of Nature, that nearly all the complaints of Females, are connected in 601110 degree, with the habits allied to their sex, And many can bear witness, where a mere cold nt a par ticular stage, has produced checks, that the hand of Science and Skill, never has been able to dispel or nlleviato. At first, tho irregularity and suppression of the natural habits produces no very alarming symp toms, and is treated generally with neglect. And proper attention is proernsthalesl until the hollow cj e, sallow complexion nnd great bodily debility indicate that either rapid consumption, or some other fatal disease has fastened its resistless grasp on the sutlercr which soon terminates existence, by n lingering hu I certain death. For complaints inevitably productive of such results this invaluable medicine is now brought hi forev the public. It invariably removes obstructions nnd regulates n too profuse inenstriiralmn, nnd cures by itii unequalled qualities nil the variety of derange ment connected with the Female bnlut. 'The eminent and distinguished Doct J. Morrison, who hn3 prac tised medicine at Oneida, N. Voik, with the most . nal surcss for 20 years, siys "It is the best medicine now 111 use. In cases of retention, or supression nf the .Menses I think il will sustain the apptlalkm of a specific. I have tried it in the worst rues with most admirable success, and I w ih for the good of sullering 1-emales, that nil physicians would introduce it m Iheir pructitv, as I have fuund it niiswrrs beyond niv most s.ininnno expectations." In itsctlcct it is kind may be taken without the least inconvenience, ns it is not cathartic, but tonic and npeiient. For ample pir titulars respecting its eflicii ncv. certificates of Pysl cians who hare. itnecrxl its effects, and of others, who have been most signally benefited nnd restored bv its virtues reference is now ollered In the pam phlets accompanying the medicine, and to the more particular evidences, in the hands of iho subscriber Solo Agent for the Now F.nslsnd States. EDWARD nitlNLEV, vxholonsle D.oler in Drugs Medicines, P.xintB and DxuSwfbV No. j j so-jtb skIwM Fancu! tjU. lington, thela.-t of which to be at least thirty days be fore the sitting of said court, which shall be deeniei sufficient notice to the said Levi to appear and answer lo said suit. Dated nt Rurlington aforesaid this 25th day of Nov. A.D. 140. Wm.NOBLK, Clerk. I Chittenden county Court, All- gust Term, A. D. 15-10. 1 -Y.7-I1KHEAS, Arthur Rostttick of Jerico in said county, at the March Term A. D. 1"5 .0, of said court, commenced his act.on of ejectment aga.nst Am ariah Klmer late of Underbill in said county, declaring in a plea, that to the said Arthur, the said Amariah render the seizure and peaceable posse -s.on of a certain tract or parcel of hnd with the appurtenances lying and being in Underbill aforesaid, and described as fol lows, to wit i Lot No. 6S,m the 2d ditision, and drawn to the original right eif V ilham Allen, of which tract of land the said Arthur nn the 15lh Oct. 1S33, was well seized and po'-cssid in lus own light in fee, and so continued thereof possessed until the 15th Oct. IS33, when llie said Amariah without law or right, and con trary to ihe will of the said Arthur, thereinto enterod, ejected and cxpelkd and amoved llie said Arthur thcicfrom.aiiil ever since bnih and still doih keep 0111 the said Arthur from the premises, taking the whole profit to himself, to the damage of the said Arthur as he says $300, to recoter which nnd the quiet and peaceable possession of the said premises, and just cost", he bungs ibis suit; which was entered on the docket of -aid court at snid March Tirm thereof A. D 1310, and the plainlitr appeared by Win. S. Hawkins his attorney. And the defendant being absent from this State nt the time of tbeseixice of the plaintifl's said writ, the said cause was continued to the August Term 1P-I0, oft-nul court, at which Term the plaintiff again appeared by said attorney, and it not being muds to appear to the conn, that thedefendant has hsd per sonal notice of the service nnd pendency of this suit, tho satneisagain continued by said court lo the .March Term thereof A. D. 141. And the said court, also, order that further nonce of the service and pendencv of this spit ,e given, by publishing the substance of the plaintill'sdeclatanoii three weeks successively, in the ' Hurlington Free press," a newspaper primed in said Uurlington, the last of which to hent hast ihittv days before the silting of said cour', which shall bo deemed sufficient notice In the said Amariah, to ap pear nmlansvter to said nut Dated at Uurlington aforesaid this 2fiih day of Nov A- 0- '340- Wsi. NO HI. P., Clerk. VHJOTS, SIIOKS et l.KATIIKR. The subscriber XJ having taken tho store formerly occupied bv Messrs. 7iVio if. H'hWi, is now openim? a cenerii, assortment of Hoots, Shoes nnd Leather, w Inch hav -i all b.'cn bought for cash and will be sold for the same nt the lowest prices, and as the'articles arc 100 numer ous to mention in an advertisement, although Mr Sts cy has enlarged his paper, I would simply invite all to, call and examine the goods and prices before rurchas. ng elsewl Hurling 1011, July I, IS40. HENRY C. STIMSON, ") '.. j. jstisisov, Acmt. CMWONLV 1WKNTY-FIVK CF.NTS.-D..M IlitvtirevkVs newly lotentcd Snull the best am cle ever eh.coverexl by tcientin.' men, in Europe or America, fortheciire nnd r.UoIme relief of Catarrh. Dizziness cjl the Head, Weak Kyi-, Nervous Head aches, hnlleu Siclncs, Kit., nn, Infant-, irouMe-J with Snulile, partial shocks e.f P.-i.y. Ac. Kor sl whole-ale and retail, 1 y A. HITCHCOCK ct Co., iole Proprietor, No. W Genet-eat. I'lna, and ly their agent throughout ihe I . H.',r,''K &,.L'"' '". v?''nnc, I y J. II. Howninn. In -Xlilion, I y Uiirnett & Sawyer. In Georgia. I.y Lo-i-ciic) Jane- DMl KStllTll.The siibseriler having re st evnlly uiovixl from Albany, and commenced ll.o llheki-inilh business, 111 nil 11. forms m Ibr ne-tv shop 1111 Madison street, nt-iir Kolleit .V UradYvV Sicre would re-rvi'ully inv ile the mhnl nan's nf Kiirlingn n ami vifiniiy to gne hint a call, a he is fillv prepared unload kind. e.l work in his line, nn the sl'urict no Ine, le-t manner, and 1110-1 faroral le lertr.-. He has for many )cnr p:-t given hi. pani-nlar utieniien ta the Horn" shrving I ifint-ss, and Karncry in all iia hranehi'-. rrom tW long experienee" winch lie has had, and tho gcncinl intormntum h,. ha denvitl I oth frtin Ihcory nnd practice, he fet-l fully eonfidenl in re commending hum elf to die put lie. He will le pres. nared al nil ttmcstngire hi. per-onal auen'ion tn all kinds nl w-orl. 111 his line nth a Ironing Wa,-goni nnd Slri-'h, Shipwork, A.1". All kinels el cxlgc teml made in ihe lest manner and rno-t approved stvle. Iln IruMs that I y giving business his nndivnVd aitention ond the 'iw prices at which he will I e enabled 10 fur nish work, toreccivea 'hart-of the public palronnar-. JfIIS0nA'tN t!i,r, Apr' 10 JO-

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