Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 23, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 23, 1841 Page 3
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Tlio services weio oponoil with cxcullont music and tlio reading of tlio Scriptures by tlio Hcv. and venerablu Father Comstock, tlio early ploncor and missionary of lliu counties along tlio western shore of tho Lake. Prayer was ofi'orod liy the l.ov. llr. Good man, of Charlotto : after which the scholars and teachers wcro addicssed by tho Hev. Mr. Convcrso, of Hurlinglon, who presented a sketch of tho most interesting eveutsof our colonial history and revolutionary struggle, und then remarked upon the importance and bearings of our system of Sabbath School instruction as one ncccssarv menus of preserving and perpetrating our national blessings. An orignal Hymn, written by one of tho teachers was then sung, when tho au dience were again addressed in a very hap py manner by the Hev. Mr. Withcrspoon, of Sliclutirn. Tlio Church was crowded with interested and attentive listeners, through tho whole services ; at the close of which, nearly the svholo congregation moved in procession to a beautiful grove on the south of the village, wlicro the generous hospitality of our Essex friends had prepared their long table, which jvas liberally furnished. After partaking of tho refreshments, tlio Charlotte company, were escorted to the Uoat by their friends in Essex, where the fair representatives of the twenty-six states bade us adieu in behalf of themselves and their associates. The whole scene was one of great interest und good moral impression. The day was spent in a sober contemplation of our civil und social blessings and a rational expression of gratitude to God in the review of them. All retired from the scene, feeling that it was good to be there. May tho union of our several states be perpetuated, and bo in fact what xyas symbol ized by the meeting of the fair representa tives of Vermont and New York, on this oc casion : for among these fair symbols of "our union," there was no disorganize!' no nul ifier no one disposed to trample upon the rights of a sister and no combination of the many to wrest away the rights of the few. On the contrary, theio appeared in each a generous love, studious of the happiness of all. So let it ever be among the states of our Confederacv. Who Dak ! The pipers say that "Ten Thou sand a Year" U tlio best novel of tlio season. With equal propriety we may pay tliat the following in the best nero story of the season. Where it conies from, or how long it has been upon earth, is more than wo sdiall undertake to tell, because wo do not know. Gumbo was a wicked negro who hid witness ed tho ravages of the cholera in 1S3'J with t-toi-cal indill'orsiicc,but in ".) 1,-ccing his friends drop ping on" by dg.ens in Negro Alley, liuflalo, began to liae tome learn of giving tho last kick himself, in pretty much thu style he was wont to " fro dat ne.t brick bat" in a row. Gumbo then for the lir.-t time thought of pray ing, to use his own phrase, "to do Angol ob do Lord," declaring that if hu could only " be spar ed dis time," ho would be icady next year to bo taken up and " lib I'urcbbor in Ala-isa Abraham's biis-miii." Some wags having accci-s to an ad joining room, separated by a board partition, hearing him at his devotions knocked. " Who dar !" "Do Angel ob do Lord!" "What he want !" 'Want Gumbo !" Illowing out the candle with a whew, "No Filch nigger here. Dat nigger been dead dis two, tree week dat bo triHc-.-do fac !" An Omen shekei:. A correspondent of the Now Orleans Picayune, thus announces him telf as a candidate for Congress : "My spunk is up my ambition is ri:: and I'll go it, ifiirnsis in-Jlftij dollar ! I've gin up the school it's tu dirtied rainy hero for a school so now I linisl go tu pedlin', lu tcachin' short hand writin', or tu uiondin' clocks, or else I must go to Congress or ntlhin' it won't du tu be hcroduiu noiliiu'. I want you to back inc. Here's my ticket : "For CoHgirss from the fust vacant deestrict in Luzyana, Pardon Jones, Lscp ton of .Mr. Jones of the Itay v-tate. Mr. Jones' t-cnlimcnts is liberal and free, founded on tho principles of Washington, Jefferson and Jackson, Van Huron and General Harrison. Mr. Jones-' opin ions about the banks is precisely the same that them grcatmen all entertained. .Mr. Jones will stick up one side or t'other, for the tariff but don't like tu commit himself on that subject till he sees which way the cat is goin' to jump. Mt. Jones will go in for the public lands. Ho is goin' to he tho people's man and ho wants to lia onthopoplcr.Mde of everything, for that is (lemiuercratic. .Mr. Jones will go in fef' all the Ihiglishmon, Irishman, .Scotchmen, Dutchmen, Frenchmen, aniLjill Jhe foreigners, bom and brought up in-tWUnited States." Love and Law. A young lawyer, who had long paid his court to a lady without much ad vancing his suit accused her one day of 'Leing insensible to the power of love. "It does not follow," sho archly replied, "that i am so because I am not to be won by the ;oic rr of ntlurwy. "Forgivo me," replied the suitor, "but you should .omcmbcr that all the votaries of Cupid are solicitor.." He might have added that lawyers in good practice are always courting." The Hartford (Ct.) Courant siys it is williii" to aid in thrusting gnutness upon the author of ihe following verses by publishing them in its culuiiis. to Likcafiagant Havanna Loup kept from tho light. F.roits liveliness fiulclh In abbes nml night; a mint in his cloister A monk in his roll s Like a York river oysicr .Shut tight in his shell : Like a loa tin n grind-stone A clam in the sen My heart is bound up, Dfuxst Maiden, in thee. A classical Alli'mo.v .a momborof the Wisconsin Legislature, who had rather an indis tinct idea of tho classical allusion to Kcylla and Charibdis thus addressed the Speaker: "Tho gentleman asks mo to accept of his amendment and thereby destroy ihowholo mea ning of my resolution and carry mo away in tho opposite extreme. I cannot consent to nothing of the kind ; and I can assmc every member of nns uouse mat my cniracter is vastly mistaken if any one thinks to make mo thus jump from Silly to Katy llogas'." Chicago Ikuwcrul. Tin: Mission to Fnolanh, about which there seems to havobetui somo uncertainty, was, it is stated by authority in the National Intelligencer of Friday, offered somo timo ago lo.Iohp Sorgcsnt, who after niatiuo con sideration, has felt himself obliged to de cline tho appointment. His reasons, us in furred by tho National InteJIiiroiicer, are honorable to his love of independence, while they reprove tho niggaid economy o the salaries uf foreign ministers, llo could not accept tho mission without running the rH; of beggaring his family. soistru hhjsicam:. Mns. Gums, (formerly Miss Graddon.) the most popular Vocalist of the daw con- templates giving a Conceit, at tho "hall of tho FcnJl-Strcct House, on this (Friday) r.vcning, and wo trust she will he greeted by a full attendance. imiailTO. MAHICIVr.-JIomlay, July 12. From tho lloslon Patriot. At market, 310 llcrf Cnitlo, 10 yokowotkiti" Ov en, ., cow-mud calves, 3500 sheep and lambs, and I i.l SWII1C. 73 Reel Cnlllo untold, 1'rilt.s Href faille We continue to reduce our quotations first quality SCnSiiM j Second quality i3 2 1 n R", 7.) i Thiol quality 81 a 65. Working Oxen No t-nlesnoiiccd. Cows and Calves Dull, a large number unsold. Sides -y.'O, ttll, 823, S29, MO and 8 10. Sheep -Hales quick for prime. lots prices for Lois 81,50, f.1,75, 81,8?, 82,00, 82,17, 82,23, S2.3J, 82,30 aim .vj, ,,. Swine Wo quote last week's prices. A few old hois-l 1-1 n j j 1-1. A small lot of young pigs at G. At retail fioniu to". If. Ijr- JJ TIC ci, !'',for J I ts. J n iuir y , of the Univcr s tv. will ho i their Allium Ccl,.l,i-ni., ,i. ii.... Ciiencii. on Monday FAvning, August second, at half An Address will bo delivered by ihc Itev. Mr. Todd, of Philadelphia. P.. J. HAMILTON, Cor. Secretary. IlcnUNOToN, July 21. CHITTENDEN CO. CONVENTION. The WII1CS of Chittenden County, will hold a Conerlltliili. nn MITI'liniV it., li,:,' . tn , li . -I. I 'Mot Ills.., III IU a clock, A. M., at tlio l.aglc Hall, in WilIiton, for tho purpose of nominating Candidates forStatc Senators. 1 1 is desired that every town in the county should be rcprcsenied. Ity order of the county coM.Mirra:. Hurlinglon, lOlh July, 1S1I. i,7 POaTOlfl.'lcn NOTH'K. The mails to and rroin tins place, will arrive nnd depar t, mi ill further notice, according to the following schedule. .. Arrives Departs Wimi, Daily r pm. 7 am. Aurtlurii, ' 7 f, " lantern, " 7 " I " The northern and eastern mails arc not due till 0 p in. but uually nrriio before 7. IW.-iii I'.tsTKiix, Leaves Alondav, Wednesday, and I-riday,at 5a. m. and an ies Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 12 noon. I'ranklhi Mail, once a week aniveson Friday.nt C p. m. mid haves on Saturday, at 5a. in. hland .V.;i7, leaves on I'lidiiy, at 7 a. m, and ar rives nu Simcl.iv, at S p. ill. My Ilinrshurijli and Ihisled to .Middleburv Leaves Tuesday nnd 1'iulaj, at (jam. and arrives Wednesday and Saiiirdny, at i p. in. I!y IIincbuigli and to Midillebury Leaves nr. Monday and Thursdav, at 0 a in. nnd ar rives on Tuesday and Pi idny, at 7 p. in. I'oitKent Mad, daili', Sundavs excepted, by the Kerry llnat. ' " ' R'rTlie mails aronll mule up ihe eveniiiL' prcvioiH to their departure, and letters will bo muled till ? p. in. , ,. II. 1). .VPACY 1'. 31. I'urhnlon.July, IS 1 1. M an? b? S o tl III Yrrcnnc, nn the 1 lib mt. Mr. A. M. Hrus-cu of Castleloii, to Mi-s M.xnv K. (J. ScorT, daimluerof Joseph Scolt, tho former place. In llus lown, on the oth inlant, bv tho Itev. Mr. Taylor, Ml. William II. .hue, lo JlUs'IIatrict Learn ed, all of this town. lu Colchester, on the 15ih inst. bv I!i v. J. Crocker C.ipt. IlrjiKKiAii II. I1atk, lo Miss Klcta 11. Woi. cott, both of Colchester. In lhi xillatrr, on ihc Ifth Itev. C. fi, Ingeisoll, Hn.snv C. Wilon, orim'z.ibcllilowii, New oik, to Mns Carolini: Ann, tlanjjhtcr of ltichard Powers, l.sq. In Norfolk, St. I.awreiue County, New-Yoik, on Ihetllb instant., m llio -13d year of fin ne, ltev.Adol phus Taylor, son of Dcae. Neliciiiiuli Taylor, foi mer iy ol ernionl. I'.ililorsof tho Vcrmonl Chrnuieleand llio Vciinonl rdcginpli, will pfii0 ini-eit the abow. A mriTin WILL bo sold at Thomas' Auction I!oom, To Morrow, at one o'clock, a large number of new 1-TM'.N(II lilIDSTnADS besides oilier article- of Household l'lmmurc. nfl Jolv 2i. i-J x; .1-1 I'le'i'.i-lii-d and unli'e-aiheil Colion -lirc-tiu--'-, ciy line, Tiekin-.'s, Drilhiis-, nprtm cl.evks, i-oilon y-irn, I atlin?,', e;e. se-iliui; at rcdueeil prices, i:. .m. witiciiri' ,r. co. July 2J. f'-l its-I lu-avv Lint n -lierliur-, U 0-1, 8-1 and IU-'l D.iniii-I; T.-iI.Il- l.mcn, 7 I an I S. I hrntvn ,nl 1 .1 . . , I , I --l l ....... i.iue'n Naplui-nnd a vaneiv ol' Lini-n -.birliniA I. .vi vi r. ..... v..... . ...i i r. . i.. I'., -u. mull l x iu. July 23. i,7 N. I!. ('i-iuli-nii-n and had e- nre invited lo call and exuiinni- the piievoauel qualities of (iood? belbie pur-elia-in ubi'w lii'ic. C( lO ar''s superior, line and ronunon Irowi 'JUUU Slie-L-tm?- and Shirtings, fioin to -1 to 12 ix'llt. Jll-t tij.eiie-d by I'.. M. WltlUUT .f- CO. July 23. 7 O l'll'.CI'.S 12 inch llurlap 1 O 5 " Supeiior Hanging, 5 " " Linen Drilling, 10 " " Cotton do, " 1 " 1 2-1 Irish Linncn sheeting by J"')' 1811. S. I.. IlLlntICK-. ii:V GOODS. Hits. I j.VXti AYDltTIl V AS received a supply ol l-'nsliiunahlo Goods for J-i. llio season.' Kicli long and sipiaro Shaw Scarfs, I'rench embroidered Capes and Colhrs, Pan sol-, Hiblioiis, 1'iniled Muslins, l-'lowcrs, I.accs, I'c funic ry, (jo. iVe. Stoni:, soiuhsido Court-IIotifo Square. n7 Hurlinglon, July 23, 1811. ritr.Ncii woiiicivi) coi.laks. JIVr opi-m-d n lnMutiliil iir-ortnit'iit of l'ri-nt-1 worked Collars, al uiliieiil pnci". J,,13. s-i:. SCOTT. Sntfjj StriurU uUUm " rtTOH .S.iliu .Slrippo.lfli.illy., and "liluo I 111 SlIL-s. Ilnnm I sl.ll.v : S. 11. SCOTT. July 23. "UII.NA and IJinbroidnl liibbon-, Cliuia Searl's. and ...... ma ui i icuc-ji irruiiciais. ri. li. ,Ltl l l-, July 23. Shaker Yarn. "7l,H "dent the Stoie. bv July ST. . L. itntmcK. T)la l; Tea. for sale- l.v V, ,. '' wiiali.m; July 111. Ccrmnii Sitter T.nlilo siiunnic CO. n7 TUST receiud, of the best quality and will bo sold I at thu lowest price. Auo, we would call attention, to some good I'laied bjioons, maili- for u ritr ihu nHer pallcnis, all yuuus win no soin ill tlio lowesi price-) i i , l'ANUHOUN et UltlNiS'MAID. Jly '23. ,l7 TlIILnienlioiKftliepublii' is inviioJ lo'a br-e sloe k of j.'iixl. now oprning nt S. II. SCOTTs" A-raruopportiinily for imrclMsing goe-l (JoeI'ai cxriL-liii-.'ly low nriees. July 23 ' 'I-XX' IIIVllC TT7"o hive had oind.-n ro,..,!..-. ,,i,r rtl,l V had somo tct wilh ItLAL STO.NT.S, o nnd iuL (..nil i, ,11111. on, UK. oisii sonic vi ry lieaxy, unci chased luif'i r nngk, all wiirninlcd 13 carats fine, so some now Pins, ni.d otlirr HhaiL rr-..1.! n, ,1... lain A I Ya rieiy Store. I'AKtJISOltN eV. IIUINSMAI) Jul 21, Iflll. rTMSKI'l'. I'm, r i,rr,.n v..ll,.. l.l ...!.! I - "r--i --I j i ..-, Hii-i ,11111-1 ceo. or?, Ladies note and teller papir, II. II It. II, . II. II II II. !' and other drawing Pencils. Jiistrec'il -uiy .1 ,011. l-.ll,lllllt. i. IIKliNH.llAII). MIMICAL Instruments Ac. It M & V tlat f'l.ino-lullr-a It A. I l.'.r. 1-1 1, ir, 1'..,... i t "--'i - , I'lli'tiuu. iiuilill, , Juno, iiui J iihllcc!'o!i'ri'i;s, reeieved by - -y -i i-ii, r l-M.I'titt.SeV HJ(iX. Mill. PAPl'.lt IIANOINOS. NI'AV s ipply, wilh borders, &c. just rre'd from tho manufacturers. July 22. 0. tiOODltlCII. A NEW (IOOILS. rpiIKsubserili'is bavojusl leveiuvl from N. Yor, J- a luge- noi'iiiient o( i." a m r. v a a o n . nniong wine li may 1 1-found iie'avy iiiai-i. iinj i mo I'liici; i-okh: roi r-uis, " " " (iroduSwi-s " PekiiiMiiped " " " " " tiiiMleAlriquo" " Liglileoleued " do " " do " lVkinslriped " i iiii.i roi t'u&oi, (a new nnie-io) lioiniel silks, bonnet Liwik, I II; lliilian cravat", II' iiiiii uiKiiiQ ii I'lenen iioiiii.auii', I.df iiio.irninif, plain if. ligM, all wool Mouslinj Cliinee an I Satin -tripc-J .Mou-lino ileLaiues very line. Line- Veil-, Illkneit slciw's and seal f-, netl Mill-niid Cloves, sujierior KM do hiiiiiliuziuciiiul snlin stocks, e rl,e-d e-auibricet .Mii-lin lii-i'ilnn;sit Kdging, Tin cad vlj;nii.'".boiiiii'i f:e-np lllbbin-, new stylo-, Xe'jdiyr Wnrslexl, plnilinnd I'ibb'd silk llo-e, Worsied Weill, uitr l'al tt-n - nml Canvass, ele'. July 23, tail. n7 li. M. WHlGHTiXi CO. N E W GOOD S at Tin: ni'av cash s roitt:. The Subset Ibcrs have j 1 1 I lelurnetl from New York, illi u choice seli-elion ol t: on ns. among which may be found the- following '. Superior hlnek nml blue black' nl;t, " Kiirnriil " " Uoiine't " Moiliiio ileLiiiie', o every style an I quality, I.inen ennil iie-IId!,l', satin Ve'sting, 8-1 sill, and iiiwsdk, shawls, bll. l-'diel do. Lawns and eainl i-ie-, -quale ncll blond, I'iet'd Lace, ',ilieoe-,flalian e-rnxnt", I-'iiney lhlkl's nud e-ruvals, sill; Hose, eoltou and wor-le-J do. ball' lio-e-, eollou and -ill;, eluldren's Ho-e and I'dovrs,'e-, .Moliair tdinx-.--, white and Ml;, " Kid " '' " Rents. " " colored Iji'iich eiul-roidi'ie-d collar-, I'.ir.i'fils nnd I'ml re-Mas, l-'urnitiuo liiiuiuiims, IV-ncli lloiiibaziiie-,nud nuiiy oilier urii h's too nu in iiieiilion, Clineli-sl. ltiiilingtoii. n7 July 10. J. V. WIIAI.I.Mi & CO. "Ivoiuid Collet', for wib- by ' J, 1". WIIAI.I.Mi eV. CO. Inly 10. n7 JUST UECEIVED AT the Xi-xv Cash Stoic, a full assortment tf sliirline'. slu ctinrr nnd lmltinsr. Al-o. u rrener.d assoriineni of l-'anidy Oroctfries, all tl'wbiih will lu sold very low for ca-'li, by J. T. XX UAI.I.Mi if. LU. July 10. i,7 lAIXTIXf!. rTMIK Mib-riler le'ing iliankfid for pan f.ivor- wimihi lejn'oiiiiuy -(iini a e'eiiHinuiineo oi inc anio and remind hiWn'eniK nucl llio public lie' is prepared lo uccoiiiimulntu llii'in euiilie horlct iioliVe''avor.iblo ternii, m llio wiriou.- branches in tin' ulou hue. Shop oppo-iii! Mr. C. A. Seymour'-. Slorc, l'earl-slleii, Uurhnirlon. Vl. JAMlis SCOTT. April 1, IS 1 1. n!3:ly INVALUABLE MEDICINE. DU. TAYI.OIt'S I1AI.SA.M Of I.I VKKWORT. 'I'his far ('.lined ii-nn'-ly w daily prowing inoio and inoru in di'inand lor llie e-ures of cold-, coughs, pain in ill,, mid di-ea-es wlueii lend to con sumption. Having been u-eil ni.niy year-, lbi eun linueddeniand prove- this lii Ik ic-ally all u is lei'ri'senn-1 lo Lc, and worthy of general use-. .Veil- i on: courier. Coughs and Colds. Win-never webear a ne-r-on i-o.ulnnir. and cvident- Iv .su'lenii-r Irom a most -everu i-old and i-oucli, wi llinik a pay you will not u-i- Dr. Taylor's snin of l.ivcrwoit. Ve b.uo I ecu aivustoiue.l loeon sider tin medicine a certain curi' for eoasuiuortve- dis eases, wo sinecicly wi-h to seu it in every bouse. .Vcic York Ifcrald. I'liiu iii the Sidr and Hrensl. As a rcnie'dv fur llicse nii'valrnt e-oinoluuits. weean eorili.illy iiroi'iimcnd Dr. Tnyloi's Il.iisinn ol Liver wori. Thi. niedieme we liax'e -inn -iieei's-UiIiv u.i-d for many yen-, and wo know ol a number nl ea-i:s in winch ft hi en ol'niost r-senlial MTVier. One of our own earners is an instance. .Vcie Yuri: Hun. Luntuniplwn und l,uer (Minjiluint. Afiersu lerniL' two vears with tbi'sudi-i-ascs. I low.- I'cei. le-loretl to bealili l.v Dr. Tayloi's- ILiKaiu of i.ivcrwoii. 1 was principally ailivu-d wilh jiain in Iboside, Ids, of nppelite', dv'spep.i.i, baekiiii- iinigli, los of tle-li, ibzziuess at tin; head, and sometimes liulil swi-ais. tin: HUH' ol my illiiu.s, I i iilivsii-iiin ill aili'iidanie'. but us I was e-oniinii.iiii- siukuiv!, 1 re-orli-d to I In- Il.iNani of Lixe-rxvort, and Ibank Uo.l, not in v.iiii, for it fully icsterel inv licdlli. L. I.. l)ICKi:ii30., no. y inccn-si. .x, x . ICTNoneCenuine 1 ill pi i'i.iu-d al 37.) Ilroad- wav, i. Agents. N. I.oxely . Co. Theoilon- A. Pocket ;o. Doci. It. Moody, Hurling ton S. II liame-Charlotte-. ' i,7: nil! 1 nO1'"'" l.''s''lal"1 "ark lowpriecil Ainerunn - v . in,,. .... .tun inn. l.ll'llsii print 2.1 piexe- liu-lit d 1 French and Amer ican Prim, 10 piece- hiht and dark -1-1 Prem-h i, i i - ..i i , i iiuieti i..iij!-, nji .-.lie- ver iiv li 1-. .XI. XVIflUII l' et CO. My 23. ,,7 IJmbri llas ami Parasols. g gool assoiiineni (,( Umbrallns and Paiasol-, jus! leeeived and for ealueheap liy L. HDltlilCK. H7 July 23. .Iiisliua Isliam's Instate. WIIi:i!i:.S, the Admiai-iralor ct the Instate of losluia, laio of Sliclbiirn, di-e--a i-il, balh mai'e application, in wrillntr, to llio Prolate Court, xviibui and f..r the Disiriet ol'Clntiende-ii, selluii,' forth ihat the s.mldei-e.i.ed, in In- lili-tiuu- bad enlered inlo a e-onlr.ict loi-oiivi-v lo Ann Illi.s. "VTarv 111,.. (!i'(r -e-libs,-. .! ulba Uli-.-. Soi.lmi llli-s Isbam lib, and ibeir bt-ir-, e crt.iiu nl iiat'-, situa te". I in lltiilington, ill llie.i-oiiniy of Cliilleiu'eu, In xv tiini'li-i' nr-ri' Inl s-Nii. IU, lllfl and 11(1 and piuyn ' . I." .inn Iilll Uml l-OllM M'lltl ll '.mil, til ..I nl ,1.1m it. i.l . .Ir... I......,'... i-oiney said lands aurce.ibly lo ihc contract ol's.mle'e. ceased, and nsicibly to the-irniue in ca-i' made and iiroe-ii'ivl. 'I liiTi-l'.nrt tin l-.iM.-i i..i....i ,l..ii. lii-iel, notice 1 e give-n lo nil iii-rsons'inier- i-.leil in the picmi.e. tu uiipear I etoio said court at 1 S..VVHUI Ihi-ri. r.C iii I... 1-..I.I n. .. .r.l... I , ; . ... v- " IIM't Ul lllv Ulllll 1,1 IIU iici.ii-r of s.iuU-ourl in liurliiigton, on tlio second Wodnesi'.iy of August ne.t,iben and ibero lo nuke- olijeclion, if any they have tngr.intinglii-cn-iMocenvev said lands as afeue-.i', by piiblivliiug t,0 mde-r eou'iainii.-" llie Mibsl.inir 01 said npnliealion, uul.u lliirlingloirrrev Pie-ss, prnilc.l at said Uurhnirlon, ilueeweeks fiici-i sivrly, the la-lof wliie-h p ililiealions shall be bell ro the iiinoi'f hearing. (!u-on iiifdi-r my signature-, and ihe n-al 1,. S. of said ciiurl, this twi-nly first day of July A. I'. 1S11, n7w.3 CIIAIil.LS It I 'SS DLL, Judge. NIIW G OO DS. SUPLltlOR Flannels nndCoiiou Hailing, do. Wailduig and Wu-king, do. Padding and Canva-s, -'"st ni- ived and for -ale verv clu-.ip nt the- Hurling 1011 Cash S!oie,by S. L. IIDItltlCIC. July 23. 7 NOTICH. BltOKLinlo thciLeadowof ihe subscriber, on the Jib, or 10th ui-tanl, a dark- HAY HOIii-l', in bands high, xeiih a long lad and 11 kiinl slar 111 llie., with a bad near lore- fool, Saul Dor 0 i jiidgnl to bax e I eee-ii Keldud later linn is the i-oiiiiiion practice; and 1.11 fiiiious i-onleinneT ot lenio-. The envner isdi-.ire-d to lake- iiic.ibuii-s 111 tce.-l.iiiu bis pro- pe-ily, te. 11 W. Sl'OOM It, July 1.-,, JhJ. E'KArjisairsi eso'jjsu, MINE HA LjSl'IMNGfJ, llighgatr, Vermont. The Subscriber n-speeifully h.forin, tho ...j.i,. that ihisiie-xv and loiinnoilious lloiiic crcciiil season for llio nivoinmod.111011 or mk-Iu, iii:iv wih'io pariaku .f llio ivlcbran-d Mmeral Wai.r of the Sprm isiioxvopeiilor the iiveptio,, of vi-uors. .Muiiv ad. dilions having ken in.ido during the past w,mvi ,. nibsi-rilirll.Uler buii-e-lf lint ln-bball l,c ul,l lo ae-i-oii uioilalo an I give ,-ali-f.ii-iioii to 411. ,0 inav luueiH-i a-ion lorssnrl o Ihiswiuai.-i 1 health. .Noniii-iiliou w,l le.parnl 10 lender tils filuiiiio,, of Ilu allbeiml as coinloiir b!e ns pos-iUv. ann' of pleasure will always lui 1 iLc llnmropeii for their iiv eeption.nnd every ihing wlm-'i the peculiar urd io inniuc siiuatiou a lords, (I:;r g M,iml.-d upon ,c. banU of a bay. nnd sun, imkil l,y cxlcu.u, shtnly grove.-,) piovulcd lor llielr umu-eincnt and Iirallh. Dm, HriVEBri.c, 0 llurhugiou will vi.iuhenirni-. once a xuvl., or e.flener, Iur ll,e nieommodiiion T.f such asm.iy wi.ii his pofe-sioiia' serviit-s. Cl,. xeiiicut eairiage v-ill I..- run fi in the Spun- s to la,., , Ihe SliMUiboal at Si. Albans 01, T,ie-day nml I-,i, of rai-b xiiel. ' It i- V l!.- Sah. lloxr xv. .11 S! i uic, lc ,1, ll',l im urn'.-) " i W WO IJ11.11 xir . mv ' v 1 ltn NEW GOODS. IVrliiniri-y, .trAhnost c-.ery kind of Amcri cim, bicnch, Ciciman nnd Lnglish Pmii L-.Mr.nv, "if, Soaps nnd i:o.jn:ncs, usually wanted call he omul nt tho niiely sloie. Among llio nrlicles we bine baima's best ici in.ili Corognc, by ilu- bov nr Sllllllo llfltllrl ll'i. Iinln 1.. oI.Ih ,1... , ... , . . I . .. ,r fi 1 ' . "" :'"e me; jnng iioiiics, some or iliohc'tarliclopuiiiniiiiieatslioit hoUm for the tOiKt ! tins nrii lis can ho depended upon us ;eiiuilie Ccsmctlc Cold Cream.- .,r ,-bifing or trup lio is of tho skin. It i, n beiutiful emollient fur mtliTilllnab ni o !.. ,.t it... P. f i admh...rVi;,i,.i,."f-,H'!'c juslifjingtbeinucfe. """"'V 'tr' runic. ,!crB"inol,mucIicMcciiicd a? a per- ill lilt of Itosco, for removiti" tan, crmiliono. ft1W.?,iiCo!,i",W"lc,r' "Mknml?lUl0loi: firnnli J cpi laloi-.y, for removing hair from tbe ljce,ucc . nnd nrm-, v.iihoutinj uy i ,0 Hym. i.-. i -. -- -, -i'i'i mi Jinai na r iyc, lor Pn'.uC;V . in 1 ''01t,suc, riorida Water, lav XXaler, ami Honey Water. Ilvlrnrl ol' i.n nn.. r i . .. , ,. , . '-. -" , wuu ,u ,tuse, rarucics lor .ii.r.lL L''?n'f lor PcrtutTiitigllic houseby binning. It I.dci Su-CCI ll.tira fin,.. Ie .... ,..!.. r a.. tiling drawers and keepmgnway mollis. 1 ungiia i or Siiuir l!eaiis;twi. lor six cents, i xi"'-f:7"?!c;lr,af?'1 i1"1' IhilKdo, Antique if n i ' Ir"r,0,' ' c,,.lcs "5eneusein nice l-Vlith Hair 0,1. Jaynca' Hair Tonir, Pomatum, t.ip salve. . ''"''."V I ho genuine Naples soap, Tippcennoo crbo.ia Cicani, Cacao, llrown nnd While n dsorniid lloamig soip, Oxygenated soap, Was, Jails and xanoiis other line soaps, for tho nurscrv, toi let, nnd for baibcis use. Too til . ...... i 4s.. , ijiiioruio loom xxnsli, keeps Ilia gums and teeth in a healthy coudi lonand tho brcalh sweet. Oiris Too'h Wash and Paste, good articles for the same purpose. I mo prepared Charcoal m hollies, Toolh Powders of x-anous kinds. Toilet Pull's and Powder, Puds ami Powder for tho mil scry. ol.JWiJjrr's Knisn r ;oln,5il,,:.. The very best article for remoxiug Danilrull' from t ie IP.II s ol r ti ilrrn r.. n.l..t... ,. ...II . n .... n . .... --. - ... u.iuii.s. It u,i eiieeiuniiy slop Ian-fiom coining out, when it Ins bi-enmo loo- s.... in,.. ,,o,,i,i; me urow in oi nan- on halt! plices, when nmiiy olhcr preparation fad. This article he nirpvliinsie-n K. f.nti..i.r. .....I .. : . -r : . ... -iiiciiiiii-huh oi nn iuriaiii-e lo get II of llioo who always keep the genuine nrtirle, VI IIP l 13 Glirlliu H rniloTfliif r i ' , .'-. -..ii.,ieii,ie es. .u, OI XX 10111 we purchase il. Wi'ltllPtld In rrrl .sr..l n.,;ln .1 .. III tt .1 ,, , " Hs. v..,., .nu, lurij iillll 111 Sill llieill nl Ihe lowest prices. Our best German Cologne xvcxvnr rant Ir. be the hei there is made. It is imported by OllOof lllP first linn a ... ,1... It... P. '.-1 I..... ... in nn; i Liiuiociy nun wrug line in .cv oil,from whom xx-o arc consinuly recoi- . nt jia nn iic-uiaiiu iur n increase?, any niliclc not on hand proeiired nt very short nolicp. ,i 1'-1M1!0KN et lilMNSMAID. .'my i.), ion. ((3 ' i.i.,a&,i ri. most excellent ni ticlo for ciiiing old or young , persons of Pains and Rheumatism in llio hack or side, healing up sores, curing sole throats, awelhun-s, etc., and for Ihe cure of ihc Pll.r.S. It has not its, seldom or never failing to cure when applied co piously, nnd according to eliiections, sold at Ihe Vano- . i i e, s. litu uoeil or SUlglJ OOTlJe. , i ,. 1 -x-XXiliUlUN iv lild.NS.XlAID. July 1'., 1311. nl5 l'Al'KIt UANGLXtiy. Tile Sittisrrlhf-t- U. I.-,.,.! n...l ...:ti -r. i. -- ----- , " .mini uim Hoi uilL-U I'll receiving Paper Hangings, ehrecl from llio, which xydl bo sold lo merchants and dealers al city prices, adding freight. Any person wishing par ticular patterns can bo supplied by giving a short no "C'J , 0. GOODRICH. Tllf .'.-ill Tpi-i.i oftl.iv I.,..;....; o .... ... . .l llllll.ll 11 HI lOlll- ineueo on 1 iicusDav, thu lwenly-sith of A igu-l ncx'. The Trustee are hippy lo inform the public; that llie-y baxe sm-irede-d m re'laining the services t,f UAIIA l'liAJsl-;, A. IL, I'niiriiml, anil I. D. S. TAVLOlt, A. I)., Atshimit. ti. .,,i .,...i -...,.,...(. i i I,, - - -'i-"s'. . V.HIIMV in iii.ii i hi. wi'll KUOWIl qiialilii-.iliou-ol llie I eai-her.-, an I ihe exliiiordinary sii'-i i'--. that Ins aliemle-il ihe school Icr i lien- super. iulenJence-, will iiidm-e many lo ru-orl ihoru I" rr xvliat ...v, .. .j ,v o.,.-. v.. iiiino igii aii'i sun. slaniial iii.trni-tiun. It i mipori nil lint pi-rsons pro-.o-uig to enter llio school to lo pru-cnt the lir.-t dav eil'lbe tenn. t' J" There xvil! U- Four Terms ol Lleveii Wevks each, in the i-ii-iiing yer.r, commencing ns follows. 1st. August ill, 1311. I 3 I. February 17, 1 SI.. '21. .NmomU-r IB, IS! 1 -It II. .Mil y !, sfj. Lix-Ti;r.r.. xyill I o given xvi-eklv Ibroiigb ihe- JOSEPH HOWES, ) ' , , STUAItT HltOWN. t .101 IN SUAULDING. ) Muiilpchcr, July 8, 1811. llCu.n X lew copies PICIOItlAl, II.LUSTKATIO.NS ol t the llihle, nl New orl; price.-, jii,t bv '"'y I3- "O D. A. IWA.MA.V. J'ust received nl tin; Hook Sroun, all llio Vta Kc! louiul the World. D. A. III!.M.N July 13. " ,; I'le-sli Genesee l-'Iuui-. i7itr.SH GF.Xr.SI-r. I-T.OUlt, of superior qualilv -L just icctniubv . , ' IL M. CIIDDINGS ii CO. Hi mng 011, July 13 1811, S A L T . "IT'LNr. HAItllHL SAI.T-l-or sale by II. .M. GIDDINGS it CO. July 13th, 1911. 1 '".linn 011 me on.-iitiiiioii nl, in. 1 rcee-i- -T 1. A. DKA.MA.N'. J"'y 13- no A -Memoir of tho KLV. THI.OIIAM) .MATH I AY, J-js- wiiii an account oi uiu i;i-e- ami Progress ol Ti-inperaneoiu Ireland. For sale atlbebook stoir. July Li. 11O D. A. IlliA.MAN. JUST HECEIVED AT HOWARD'S. JULY J jlli, HLIil! they come', IJiioiL', GoihI., Uool--, nnI;o he cbe.ip, rlu-ap, elieap. See aoceimpam-ing note lu liivune, vi.: .Mr. Howard Sir, azrocul lo lo -our rc-i test 10 sup. ply llie ivinauu lor liooils al jour store at ibis irnol money i-iriiigcj4-..iitlieIeiiegoiugM-M-ralliivoii-i-. of Merchandize mo dulv f u-wariled ilirn.u-li ilm Tn.i S'eainbeiat Line. Il is xi rv fonun.iie. ilu- urn. ele-. have I evil obl.imed so much lower linn was ever ti-lore known, lor al llie easii Auetions as yo,, will perceix-o jiistnow they have en-ifiiiipaiiilix-rlv noth ing. You will probal ly I eublo lo ibsjio.- of ihe stock xe-ry qiuci., nu 1 vn 1 1 e-our-e, e-jiiap. Iji- nil ill all nex cr was Iheiosiieh a rn-li, I euiitiful lot of Goods sent from this ciiy for ll.e -uui of inonev inve-io.1. Any firdie-i sums von may wi-h ej ended, will lo iiiusijiiiiii-iuiisiy 11-ru iur your nuii-11 wisuee; uelviin Mge, by ' Yirir-, fee. P. S. X oil ent ihe I r.ix Pni.s-, w hereby was per-c-cived .111 atteiimt lo Tax your F.icvhy ef M-llmg Gouls rhe.ip 10 the IVopIo ill 'llio sum ofSfiWU for the ciiiimg, i-11 w.i- t,iMiiriiii-lyaii.liua-.'iianiiniiii-ly reil lecil 10 5 101), ibi u le-.iving you r.ile-,1 S10 per eelil. Iiilii'rlli.111 any 111 increli tut 111 ihe sia'e-. Do not eompuui, tiiero 111 1st 10 some good came for 11, at le-asriiMj 1110 a-se-ssor- ol Tuxes, and exeiilhcv ex claim 11 s w-oiuleiliil lo see- Ihe- run pii.tooi v, ,1 Irne, Ihcy probably hate the- biunp o pcivopliem jue-.i-e- oe- ttrry t'uii-i 11 ami inn u-i your agent lie l.nnwu or uiey 111 iy aile-mpi 1'urenoiogy upon him also, nf! STRAY COW. STRAYFD fiomihi: siib-i-ril er 011 ihe Olh iu-t. a lrown (.'OIF, wilh some rol iiih n each side and awi.ucsiripuncrons the iuiehenl.aud also acio-s llie iio.e, mm I- uncut & vein ol.l. XVIun-vi-r will re turn said cow, or gie infornntioo ,y , lltT 10 ih- siil I ir, shall be- baudsoli.ely ri'wai'i'nl nl! TIMO 111 V MA VN A III). .Milton Full, July H, ISII. QPVI'IF.CL.S Miislindol.aino ft " &'upcrior Hlk Hombaino 10 " " l'liiiledl.axxns 5 " " Pciipco Jurt ree'd and for Et'.e cheap by S. L. IinixIHCJC. JulylC, Ibll. AGRF.AT Variety of Rich Sdks Just received and for Sale very chap at tho Hurlingtou Cash Store July ir,J811 CAUTION TO THE I'UULIC. TI tllL p-iblii-an- here-lty e-autioiie 1 against pur.-ln-X singor ro riving nl John Warner, of Cam' ridge i-amoiiie eouuiy inu .iau-ol X eiuiou, Two PrninU. QI'V Xoti'H. one dr.iwn livtbo lluihimi,,,, Mil, I 'cm paiiy for tJ70'J CO I dittil the 5lh day of April, JSII, ..i,ni.i. ma 11,11111ns irom oa-e, iv.iu iiiuti'-t, pay uble o l.iiiih,er Gates or order, and bv llie i ndorse inculol tie S.11II1.HC6 iran-fi nc-.l 10 nu-. Thu other iiraxv.i i.yme, lor II esiim of nliout !), p.i,-iib!e in IlinelV lljVS from lls.ll. to Jolill Wur,,. r or pi-.l... ('r I i-arei,) with inlnest. Saul but JJoic niijy Icnion'. parlii-i!arlydes iil)cl,nsn.'iiid by Joi.u Se-.ii 11., as iriin-ipai, ami i.iiuiiiki uiari., ns ih iy. Sii.l.. lie-i luis imriglitio i.'u , t - ml no'e h luxee nl,. Mine I Ih" fiiii.e Ironi me, liv , ,,i.,, m nn n. 1 (m cures .. 1 111 .11111 (; mipany li ,ye I 1 u -,iu-1, in 1 io J'ly l'i 'a 1 Warn-., or hucuiirni im V,., oyiliemiinxMi inli'- niymeni of Ilu- uoe t,ien I I'V 111, ,ai I - aid ( -n w ,V b, re 1 ir 1 1 1 ,e ' 1 . nl ' . 1 I I lo .1 E I HAS.S VlOliS. OR iiilt-ni-elloe-s, Ihieeiuie ll.iss V10L, Ju t In eivexl and fur talc at llie lo ' (J-.! lit ice, ill tli.' I'll rii! i store-. ' ' ' -llrin-s nl triu-ni. il .1 It.. !..! t.. .. ... ''V--- ni.iii usii.ii. .iiiis,i.-ai ill- Miunieuli ol nllknelj low. , . Panodohm if- J u;e 23, 1311. 3 Dr. Amos (J. 1 1 nil's, t;..0 Abdominal Suppor en. A stitiiilt- ol it... ,.i..i i..i t t .. ...... . , , .ir.' - .,-u,u in, "'iiii- ii nisini-, (wlui-li never .uilutl 01 I i-ilorinnig a cure) usi ri-criic,i iur c.i e cnu will lo l.i-pl eoiisianilv on lia nil by if. MOODY, Drugcisl. Juno 2t.., 1311. ' ' ,-) A vr:uv vAi.iiAitm p Altai roit SALH. II H BtiliEci ilii-r In ing dish nut lo retire (nun active . ui-iuir-, nuiv liners O IIISHOSO 01 II1S 1' A II ,tl , s.luatcd in Co'chester, 0110 half mile west of thu Mage ni, isiuiiiiji Hum nuiiiiigioii 10 m. , nun nn y six-lnd..B fi-nm I!mi- .,i.... t-.. 1 r- 1.I.J.. I 1.. , ."iiii-iii. o.ou r ill 01 11 loiuiiioinf IV sittiatcd, coiilnming ISO neies of as good land n"? rti l.n r.......l ... rl... I . . I " I I . . ...... ui-iwi 11 111 uim eooeii eouuiy, aim iiuuir ns mgii slaloof cultit-nlion, haxiiig hecn under tho improve ment of nn l-'nrrlivli A ...J....1, ...;.. .I. I--. .... ... , ..-iiiiiiuii-ii 11, jiiai iivcniy- llirco years, rhero is on llio Farm a convenient uouse, xviiii a never lading well of pure water nl the . .i.,..iii iiitro, iviiu conxTiiieui siiens nunc led n ..nt....1.ln ..An.l I... . r 1, 1. 1 .... 1 .1 ....... ...,,,,, .,,,., 1, IL , , ncaen iiiiii inap t', rum a liiinflrpli I-. I. ,P.l. i.. . ..... V..V,.,.,,,, uiinLui iuii. .my jicrson wisuingio purchase such a f.irm as above dcsciibcd, hid belter mil.onpphc.ition soon to .limes Scott, Pcarl-strecc-1, "-""fa""'! s, .-luosuiiojr 011 nie prcinisps. ,. , , WIU.IAM SCOTT. Ilurhnglon, July C, 1811. RP ?. I!. TerillS of liaeinenl will Itn tn-idn i-nrv easy. n- TI1IS DAV'.iri'D J osluiRM Wonus, 0 Vol, gilt and plain bound, 11 lllllllAll s 1 .1.1 eu i llisjj CoMvrroK's Pnisioi.onv if- .MtN'r.nxi.oc.y, 1 ni.iTUN s doi k ixi:i:i'i-ci, Tlie-iiboxo llool.s nre direet from ihe O'lbb-ber'. -I ii-ttl I ,i .,.1,1 r,.. .Pt. .... .1 . '.. 11' ' 1 i.i'" v..-,.,, ...i inu uii,-i ic lei m-, if you do il t call and se-o . S. IIL.M l.NCiTO.N. Sign oflhn Red Ledger, Collene-tl. July 8, 211. LOS T . TJIirWKLN Mr--. Langworthj's, rr the Courl IJ House' and ihe A'-ndeim. on the ro.i 1 Ionium- lliroiuh hu hollow, f u Sat ir.l.ty, 2f,!h J-ine i sunn p-ii-uiige eoiuamiug niree aiei ii.uijai Is 1'ho liiu'erwdl ii'i'.i-e le.txe it at this oilke. iinda sinia. able reward will I c'givi'ii. Il.ithngtcu, June C, 1SIL nJ "7i(fc in lljr Ulltooiifl." ITAV n.-VCUS I.V AMI'.UICV CAN Arrolltl UCT- Tl'.ll M'r.L'I.XIV.NS or " LIKE IN THE WOODS," tii.xs- can ist: csjovr.o, nci-.i:,o thu ou;,i:it;r. M O NT II H, AT THE 'CAT. Ill) () V I A hi" li 1 x c; i." TIIF. r.AItfiK "NF.W HOTLL," will ho open on or before the first dav of .lone, nnd thr nrmirii'inr briclly promises to all his xisitor.s,(beiul,-s ihe pure und xvhuhoOiuo Waters), (itmd Uinncrj, Dtlucuiu Winci clean lloomi nml tnmfmtallc ll.i!-,, logclhe-r with all inai l.inu ami oiiiiiruig ntienuancc ol serxniits wlueii is always so gralciul m tho iiavilhng Puhlic. The Aiuuser.ients will be a good llilhaid Table, a l'imo l'orte for the La lies, a spacious llali R-am fur nished xxilh Music, xvliL-rc the innocent and 1 callhy ex ercise of Dancing can lit, enjoyed almost every exo- iiuig, won nuiiy oilier pastimes ana spurts uscal at such places. Tli.-beneficial eflccts of the Misi-.nAt. Y-'ater H.n-na aie invaluable to Invalids, and a luxury toad that take lliem -, tlioy niegixcn in a vancty of xvay.s, and even the beuelils of .SVn-iu.Aiitg may bo inoro than realized fi oni the S.uise-r.n I ScLPiie-ii II.xtiis. The subscriber Ins great ploas.iire in b.iug able to add that he has made arrangement) xvilh llio Agents if tho "Oilawa Company lo urn oneoflheir Meain- crs ei n --iy fur pas-iiigcrs duiuig the summer months -, thu will emble visitor-- from Monlieal In reach lb,' Spring- comfortably in one day and " xiee verba." Tin; Springs' Stiges will meet the steam boats at Point Fortune as usual. The rule fiom ihcnec to thosprmgs is picturesque nnd iItli!iUul. Vi-ilorsli oni Toronto. Kingston, and other n'aces aboxv, may avn'l thcinsi.Ics of the improved slalo ol travel, h I'ytowu, r.ud thiouah that nilertst'iig and iiingnilicint liueol iioxernme-nt xxnrl., " llie liuleaii Cainl," which comiiiimic.itkii. will hind visitors at I.' Oiigiual. within nine miles of the surma's, where con. dies will bo in readiness to convey them thither al luvuouroi uieir aniiiii. Nothing within the powir of the subscriber x'.ill bo eft undone, thu ensuing season, to make the "Cale donia Springs" an agreeable aiel favorite icsort. VXJl. PARKE.!. Caledonia Springs, May 10, 1611. n5 Danill, II. O.sio.s, 1 CliuionJo.i County Court, vs J.xmks Miscu, et il. ) Petition for partition. STATU OF VFRMO.NT ( rpo any Sheiiir or Cluite.i.leii County, ss. i X Cont.ihh in this stale, ORF.KTLXt I il tho authority of the Slateof iriiioni. xounre hereby uomiiianded to notify and summon Jauu s Mi ner, of I'lidport, in tho enuiuv of At dison. in this State, Colonel Smith and Unmet Smith, his xvife, of si. i.eorge, m nns cou.iiv, lu-nry uagley and Alary Ann I'.a'dcy, his wife. William K. Miner and llenpiuiiii .Miner all of Milion, in Ibis eouuiy, Silly Ann Miinr, and Abby .Miner, who nre under' the ago of li.ditivii years, and Joseph .Miner the.r f.ilhir and natural guar dian, al! of the suno Milton, Sin.lh Mimr, of Jirsey xdle, in the county of Jer-eyvdle and stale of Illinois, and Vshbel P.dine'rimd Phe'be P-iluier, his if,, the- territory ol loxva, to appear ueluro the County t ourt next to be holdeii at llurhii'tou, xxiihm nnd'for the eouuiy of Cliltlenden afore -lid, on the last Tucsd.iv sue one ol August, A. I), imi, tin n and there to an swer unto Ihe lorogoing iielition of the said Daniel II. Onion, nml show cans,) if any Ihey have, xhy p.ini tiou of slid promise!, should not be nude according to thepraycr of slid petition, Fail nut and due suvieu ami return miki according lo law. Dated al llurhng'on, m the county cf Chitten ien alousiid thistirstdayof Julv. 1E11. wji. .voiii.i:, r,-. A. '. hitlemore rcea-jniwd to the Dib iidiinls in sixty dollars :ti surely tor costs of prosecution, us ihe law direcls. iijw'J lbforeme, WM. NOUt.F, Chrh. WHF.RLVS, Dmiel H. Onion, of .Mdlon, in slid eouuiy, has prcferrc 1 bis petition to -aid Com I, sil ling that ono .lunies Mini r, .of said Mdlon, died sei.rd and possessed of sundry pieces ami parcels of lind and reilestite in said Milton, nnd that Jam; s Miner, of Hndporl, in the county ol Addi-on and state of x ernionl, Colonel,niul llarri t Mmiii, hiswife. of St. lieorge. in end county of Chittenden, Hcnrv I! igley, niui Mary Ann I' lglcv, his wife, Willnm K", Miner. and lle'imnm Miner, all of Milion. aforesaid. Sally Ann Miner, and Abbj Mp.rr, who are 'inder the ago i f eighteen years, and Joseph Miner, their fnthf r and guird'nu. all of said Mdti.n. Smith .Minn of Jfrseynlle, in llieeu'inly of Jersejvdle, and s,ae ni Illinois, aim .xsnuci rainier nnu rneoe rainier, ins wife, of the Mritorv of Iowa. are ownir.s of all the s ud lands and real cslaiu in common, nnd praying nun llie simr tiny uc ou-iueii alius, toll lo e.ieli nr enrding In their ri vpccti.-o light and intero! therein ; anil it liemg nmio lo appoar, lint hum It .Miner, A Ashbi 1 Palmer nnd l'hebo Puliner. lus xvife. in sn.l pciilion n lined, do nol reside ill llio smto of Yermont. and they imr ci her of ihem any known igcnt or attorney in ibis s ate, therefore, il ii onieri il that notice bo oven ihem of tho f iregoing nclinon bv publishing ihe snbslnnee ibereof, xvilh ihe foiegoing eiiiuon, in me liiiriinrtio-i i rce i-ress, a iuw-pajier tirinled in liiirlinzton. in the sud eoiuilv of Chittenden llireo xx e ks siiccessivily,ihelast of which publications lobe al l"as llurlv day, befote llio silling nf thesnid court, which shall bedeemnl sufficient notice to tho sud defciidinls in tips oreli r named to appeir and iniKoausweT u mo nun penuou. ni VM. NOHI.F, Clerl: I.OSF. A Red Mortqfo .Mem iraudum Rook, Mctalic i t'iicu, oi nine value-, e'.xeept tu llie owner, containm; I'apirs Arc. Comprnniion xvill be paid for us return lSiirlington, JulyS, 1511. IIORCF. WllLI-LF.R. STRVYHORSi:. Left the em Insure of tlio Siibseribcr nn ihe lOlh Juno a Light Iny Horse, wilh a luce white, strip in llio r .XL I., bliort swilcli tail seven yi-nri. old xyhoexer will relurn Slid Horse, or give any informa tion Hirui no uoernuy lewarucii. Ilinesburgh, July 'I ltll. .WDRF.W IIFRR1TT "(mTi:i) n ' iidi.iw TDLATK sd.t lUg, Rodgers nnd F.lluts best Uiz J oi., Ranker Shears, Rhek Sirnps, Silk Sashes, Minivituiceases-, and Hoods. Rei-eui d it PAXGRGUXeV 11RINSM MIL Ju'y Si Mcdlrlnal YVlm--. CFPFRIOR Port, MuVru an I Muscat Wires--.-O livinl lor .ni'dieiniil piirpo-i-, i-on-ianily lor sa'i-. Also, I'uu, miiy Vi'il ju-l revived by n-J Juno IS, ' ;i, M. fituDis.-ct, ,f. (V. AN AME1UCAN DICTION.Uty u. .in. i.,,i, I,,!,,, .,.iifc.,ui.. ll..vl I'.t .i . ...t. ,. . .i -i. .Aiiouii hi iH-iaMi eoniuiiiiiig inn ivneir vo 1 i-.. .., .i... ii , - ,i u.iiy oi nn, ivuMIl", won 1'i'rrweiieiiis, nn. pioxemeuts, und mreruHhetiand icurdt, to which is pi ell mv I L ntrevluclury llitiscrlallnn, on ., origin history andiu'iineeiion of the 1 inziii.:u- f We.iern Asi and L irope, x, uh an ' ,.ln n 41 k n 1 1 l.e pi ui-yli-s up vi li li l.-ui ei i-v Ur , I-,,,,., , ,,, ,.., I..1 .lue- , by N, ,ii. Wi t ,,;-. I. . i, , , ,. i,. A. HKAMW. J-ly IT TTMR"1 '1 .1 1 Par o!. a I Ma'- tment of IMI'ANT sntOOI, MANL'AI,, (i Tl! iCItnil's) 1 S I tl T A N' -1' . ( lON'TAI.S'FS'O a xiew of llio system of infant W sclejol", also, a xain lv of na .rnl i,.v..,.,. r... ,i uso of teachers, for sale by t . ".l.uUl.l, llUJVTlMOl ON. June Si, 1911. n;) DLANK HOOKS. I.clgcrt, .loiinnils A Record Itoolii. 70R low'iis, county nnd probnlo rerords inannfac 1. Inreil (m 1, 1 it... I.. ;.. 1. : , .,. 1 ui.i 1101-11 v,ou jeiiii ...... .ueui- 11111 pajier.bound 111 cull : Also, a variety of common the lUdTodge-"? y ;llC'', 'Ur ru'l,1' pa' '''C S'Sn '' , . ,., HUNT NUTO.V. Juno Si, ISil. 'jnisscs.-Dr. Hull's, coiisUing of men', J. plain single, ilo.rThe.iliuie.elo. double, (.hil len , single, tin and nml,,!,,.,,! of every s.e iu. eon eJ Iur sale, and will bunco iraie-lv iipiili-d by JmiJSH, ' "' IlUTTONy. A N1'n "f or"'ionl of I'.lliott's Patent Sniti, Ycl- - - ..lua--, utiuu-crcuii lUlllous. A few sets ciioice gilt, for dress coats, just received and --".. .lime 21. 3 I'lnen Siimci' floods. N 11-3-1 and 1-1 Riowu I.inen fur Coals, Hcavj no -, . i i A -ti- . ."iniiiig, i o I ;mcy White l.mcn Drilling - -1 Russia s,Ce, allJ Russian Rurlnp, very cheap by. 11 ir f.ti.,....w - " oil'UI.XUS isCO. TO KENT. rpili: new- Uriel; liuilling nr.N, w ,. OlSm. Street I u. ll.L,"V.a." ..... eiw -uuig nousc, lo-rctiicr xx,tli t- rooms a 1.1 le below Ihe strce-t, wefi lighted un j 9u;Il,j for' nceJiil j uttli noo.1 .-!ietl, stable, carrm ;c Imua 'Mi ntnl m-i.Tv r.itit',.,1 i.him mi. 7 . ' 1 ll) arran J; J Un, ,hu 7?U n hV leiUed Slv -iiiiiieih.ite ii0vsses.cs on given. Security xxdl be ex- ' ' '"s-i'-ui in u.i e-acr. Iiiiuurouf c. iiilv.vs. N o Tit: i'. -"PUIS nny certify to nil those whom it mnv con a. eeiti i inl 1 limn ..ii-..,, I... ..n.. .. lis,., 1 , I ' , .. -"""lS Ik 111 i if 1 1, his lime, and henalti r slnll not conlrol any o( us earning., neiinrr Hold myself accountable, to ..nv any elebu of Ins contiactiuif after this dale. t-J , , . , y ilium' UUKLIiniT. Lnderlnll, Juno 3 st, Pill. JiIEI)IOIi A I. V A 'I' I'D s; t rjIIL.-ubse-rilers have made for the J- e-Ollsl-tllt s'looli- of I 'nn...,. .. I..1. 1 ei- i. ton Spring XXulc-r.s, Saratoga, N. Y. C.ilediuii.i W'nii.p r.-mi. ,l...f--.?..l t. . .. , , , , '-" .-jj.rius., e,an- U'l.i. I or sale I.ybo.-,dezen, or siu.-h I oiiie by .lu i-i. imr 'inivi , i,i-.i-.. ,; ' , , ,""-"..i,ri.. re.i;o. Dr.l2' Xl lll'.t Sll'll '.f Ilu, ln. .... I' ...I ... .- ,.. .... .-.uiiUl. svni.-uuiv; bipiuie. Hardware. I HIIOTSON'S I est Ilm, .saw Fries, L do Ca-tieel null do. Il.i'.eher- I I ui'-h, R irtrand do. He-ivy livps, an I Inlf r-iund do. nl for sale-low I y J..IV L1S.L ' -DLNGS et CO. Dior 'i'l'lmmiiign. jORFOIiIx an 1 Anierieaii llaudles, Li llei'.ei F.-e iicbeon Luehe- V, 2:,.1, 3. nml I inch Pa-ent Ilmis, 1: iie-li squ.iro l.ull, for hvuvy door., SujisiiiJ; t.e-el.s, with iron nnd bras, levs, J.ime-i' si ,vi--, brad- anleiu ia--'--, till si--., ILM.GIDDINCIS it CO. July I. FANS AND (JANES ! 7HR -ale at the Vnritlv St. re-, L, , PANC.'RUUN & Rltl.N'SMAII). -'"'.v 1, IS II. i 3ICIIE NEW GOODS! lIVr: lla s YioN with Ri xv.. li und C R.iss V...I I siriuiri, Clarionel nm ih P.eees, l.mbes Wne Ciilsuiid senilis, .Narrow Wha ebi l.e, Swifis, oime I'm-, -hell .inlo Con bs, In -ni iwi-i dei. I-.ory Tin.h-i, ir iiieinor.induiii I onl,., C'IhI Ire-n's Ih lis, tje-i I Paper Wax Ilea I, .pool stand-, (lo'd Wniehe. and Clu.u-, ,usl received, June 13 hand i9'h, I ill, ua If r silo-vit thebnve.l pn.-cs lurea-li altl.e var.eiy s'mi "1 PANORUIt.N .V Rltl.NSMAID. .ilecliiitilt's Tools. CrPT, V''-1,'1' ""- -a !"1'1 3 m 'be--, W i.ondon sjiriu.- s eel do. n u icnor arlle.'e li and 1 1 ilieb Iron 1 ,.el; si v., l;L.y Hole do. I ornHT(.'hi-csiri..ocliil. Double and .inh Plane Irons, l.'raees and Din-, II, ...wood Holes Try s pure-, Spur A'i.-ur Ihu-, nil siz,,-, t om ave an I roniiiion Viuur., Ir -n und -lee, squnre-, eouijia e.-, Fined le, .and Paper, Red l li.ilt , ele. lor sale at the lowe-t prices bv II. Al. dDDINCS A. CO. July I, is: i. , INl'OH.MATION WANTLI). r1Ili: soh-i-i'ier i. ib-iru'is i f olii.iiiiuux informs-- lion of hisl ioi.. r,JliH.N HALL who lef- Kne l.ind, in ls'i, l.irteeruiielSi.i'i,., laiidela-liii-'ei-, iind.if'eniai-,1- . em lu 1 pper Can ida, and : now, (d hvim.,) about 21 year-1 1 are. Aiv iiif.'rniaiioii i u Ilu- siilip-, i, add e-1 o ilu- subs,-, her al II iilingion 1. will I o tha.ikfn'iv reeeieed, .onl I.U-iaiiy,.r. , CH MILLS HALL. Il'irbntl. n, .lime -K, l-ML u J fieorgo AIoou-'s Kslate. TV. ll.e soo-i-ri1 e-rs, haviinrlu-n annoiiilnl la- ilu- XX li'tl.i I'iiiI .i-.. I , . .. 11. , ''h'!ieni!eu,'i-i,iiiiiusvi(,,(.r. reee'ie, ex,iuiuie rod :i'lu-t llie eluiiiis nnd Is of all per.iu-, aeain-t the e-tat e.f oLOP.oi: Mooiti:. la'e of R irli'i'.-ton, in -ai l Di-im-i, de.-e.t-i-', icpre- l'nl insi.lxeut, and .ibo a'l i-'auiis mid .'.-minds ex hi! in-l ni Vl'-ei tl;orctoni n; ri, pih. ft, m ihe dale liereot; I emir allow e-d by s-iid, for Ih 0 (i-upo-e, we do here!-;, u-x-e iioiie.-, liiat xve xv.ll ullrml lo tin btisiiic-s i f (,.,r appoiiiliiiiut, ui ihe oihee ol A!v,m 1 note-, in llurlmgli n, in s.n, ,h.n tl , n iheiir-i Mon days of .o-eml er and Deci in! er luM, i.l U.i vi'.lo. I, A. .M, on each of ihe -aid d I'.i-ei,.u- III ii da,- , f .1 .,-, .. ), i?1i ALYAN FUO IF. 1 "'mwn.-.--. PEARL STREET HOUSE, RFRL1NGTON, ""iSuVi VI RMONT. .1. S. PFIRCL HAS latelv i pe-mil il e a. o-o i-'abli-hmeni for the iii-'",ii ol failure an I 'raveler-, i:er.e-ia:Ix, whoiniyvi il -h--pun of the l-'reen Al'iintiin Mire, an I max-1 e .k so, u. rf in,, a lew si;m,.icr wei l,s on'ibe iii'-ture-sf -elie-phts ol llur'.ni.'oii. Tliello'i-1 . si-i,-ui is and and i, miu and near the t'ni,-cr,ily,nt llie I of Pearl-si., one e-l the-inosi I'.i-hionable'.in 1 a-jieea'le IlKJourlirares in iheiown,eomm,iiidin(r uu c'etieho x.e-v of Chmiplain and the surroiindui.'eiiui'iy. '1 he V'i'W-s fri m Ihe wi'-tern win tow- and piazzas are by nny on Ihe- of ihe Lake (, r Ibeir iiia.iiu'.eenie and I jauu , und a e, prulablx-, nol surpassed in the I'mteil Sinter. !n 'he inicrnal ar,,iiigi'ine-nt of ihello-ee evrry re xaid I. ,is I ecu pant lo llio e-omlort of fain, lies, iilin inayle ae, t mmoilatiil '.villi pruu'e J'.ir!. rs and the O'l-iipiul II liters In. n-i-lf thin ihe firni-hing if Ins inble an 1 ll.e aiiendanre, aii- suoji . to merit ll.e ap pro! ution it lho-e Ijil.c- and tienllcmen xiho n;;y ftxvr I. i n wi h their irr n-na-e. The .S'V'.lfr'K.s' to an I from the N,rll , .' nil Last pass duly, and lo pnilie. sloppins al llur liiiu'lon, on ibeir xi'ay lo llie While Mo-iinaui-, and tho-e Iraxt'llinz in any r-f Ihe al ove dir.". -li ur, inoio lei-ure I--.i.toriU-1, a llio slaves leivinjiown ea'l al this hoii.e iia'f an hoar later than al tho Ilcu-Is in the lower pin rf the xil'age, A ii.iiilnriai-le Ciii-riiiire ntiends lejulnrly, rn ihe arrival of the I oais, with ihekicw.ird of rho'e-tahlh-ini-Ll, who w ll lake- charge of lliu I ajgjgr eii-. In lion, r.0i..i.i xv.ll le spared to rive aiisfaeiiou t.i all patri'us, and enlille- lie huu-e lo the . upporl of the pill lie. .S. II, Wines, CorJiuls and Liijuors, of approved qua uy, kept alxxav- on hand. llorte. and Ciirri.ios ,ept in readinrai fur tho ae coiuuioda'.ioii e,f snrli as may repiucilie.'m. Il.irhngiou, Juno iG, l:l. nl QTOMVS CAST STF.F.L AKF.S, arrMed su O pcriorloany thing in Mai hi l "11 dm. fjr Mile by STRO.M'.'S ,f. Co. Ju, 1. 1S-11 , NEW GOODS. rTMIFi subicrihers have le'e'd a new r.tsorlmfnt c( L PI mi muslin Del.ims Pnotod muhn ami Prini ed Liwns Ilk uid xxhilo Driw-e lU Lice I'rench r. ncll D Railroad a-ul Inn.l Do liililmus l-'.m. ,1.(7, i:. ML'RUVY xL.'lillT.l-cu. June 11, PH. ritllF I ifil '.i f''. .li "i d n, ' X (.iiir-l'i i-i.t,, vulot ihr Itook Sto.r u '.i re 1. 1. sarel. t v d fur llesan.1 the N. V I Fi 1- X, ,1 .1 J..- pit of 1' ,M, aicol S.Mircs N li V HOOKS. w orccBtcr's) Ihstoiy. P.r dVg Algebra, Aatis and 1 " I llylnii.-. ihre-r s,7f ?1 I'll si. pc-iolil and thud t ln"-i Renders. Mount Yeriiondo. Olncy's Ocogrnphy & AtL; Abor-romliio'fi Inli'lectunl iioxvei". ttr, . Just rtc.ived by C. OOODRIC II, July eth, 11G solni lilsli, anil Cstntc. Sl'ATt: OF V LKMONT, ) Thu Il-ii.tlio l'r il ato 1)IXT!-Il T Of UllTTENDt.N, s. I Courl f' r l' I re-i of Chiiii nilen t 'lo.ill per on-eoneernu-l 11 'he es Mei of John Iri-lt 2,id Into of Mitlun, 11. urn 1 il. 1 1 '', de evi '. (.iltl.l I'.MI ! WllLnr. l'e-ey F. Irish, Adu.iin -,i..-. x f 'hi eslale ol -.1-1 e'ee-ea e'., pro .o e-lo reii-l -r .,1 u iint of her a limiiHiraiiou, nn'd pre rut her a lunf s,'id OsiacC for exauiimriou und ii'loxviiin c al a -in 11 of the Co rt o! Prol me, to 1 e boli'eu tit iho, ne.'i,.ei-'soi;ii-j;n I! irliuijteii, on thu -e-eeuid Wodne. day of Auguit nu.xl. 'i'liKnni. f.f, You nre hereby not Hie 1 10 appear le Ct re- s.u 1 co ri u' lb" time nnd pla'O af le 11 I, and show enter, if any you have, why thu aeouinl nlj.u said slit, il'd not 1 e nllownl. ('iveii under my hind at Hurlinglon, ll.u fifth da of July, A. D.1B11. f in 11,11, 11 1, iv.i, in-; .1,1, Jauici C. Vlcrce'n Ustolc. STATI-i OF l-.RMON'T, ) tlHTIUCT OP eiHTTFSU! N, SS. t The Hon. Iho Prolate Court for llie Disliutof Chit tendril 1 To all persons concerned ill Ihc estate ot Jniu s C. IV rce, late of Huntington, in sail il 3 trie', deceased, (inr.inixo. Vi'HL'.lFAS. lj .11 .1 1!. Tucker iidinuiisirator of llio estate of said decui-id, proposes to render an account of Im adiiiinislr.ilion, und present his nceount aen.nst s au esinio lor cxnininition and nllo'vance ion the d urt of Probate, lobe hu'den nt ihe Lark Hall. 111 Willinimi, on ihe 'hiid Alonday, of Aniiini no.i Then-lure you are hereby nolilio.l to niprar liforo slid courl at ll.e luro and place aforesaid, and "hew ciujc, 11 any you i.ix c, xyuy 1110 uccou' ..auc aw s'.iould nol bo a.lowcd. (liven iiiulrr inv h.iuet. alsaid Rurliiiirton. th a e - lit!. diyof July, A. D.ien. xv .u. xvi-.siu.s, i;jgisior OTAIR OF YF.RMONT, ) lli-iru-i of Chi'tenden, 1 rTHII' llonorablo iho Prilalo Courl xv,,hm mi'! 1 lor Iho District of Cbilleiidrn. To the riohlor. uu I other eoner. ned in ihe e-stntoef C J'leres, l.r.r i f H nut imr'.. .ti, in s ud lo-trirl, e' ei id. Will RLAS, Dhii-I II. Ti'., admim-tninr 01 ihu e-iF.te of mi d lec.-.i-rd, he a,,;.b''a'ioii 1 Ibis eo irl, to cvriid li.i, lime limiied for nu. nig pay. iiiviil 01 inu ui.i.i. ri sail iirre-ilieil, iweive .iion'lli fiom llrsdili', mi l the ihir l Monday of Aii2ust luxl leing? as .ij-nr I fir a hearing in Iho preini-t--, .it ld I.'iirlo Hall, in I it Inv. 1.1 leeu ur1 red that notice thereof be irr, en, by p'.l-b-b ng lins .'. rree threiMvce-lis sii.-evssix-ely 111 tin- lb.rlim.l.111 l'n'13 1' m-wspiper printed it llurhugiou, Le-r, u tli- tinieluej for I'ei.iiuer. Thei dure1, you a.-e here! V noiilirl, to cpierir lc lore said eo irl, nt t!n- limo tin I pl.ieu nfoie aid llieij 1.11, 1 thei", lo malio o' jeouon, if any you haw, to llie, sail tunc of payment' Icing further cx'.t-n led rs iters, said, (iiveu under my hanJ nt liuih'ngto.i, ilu- Sir- J-tv 0. July, A. P. Hil. ntJ WM. W1STON, RiL. ste-r. DOiri'.LF. and .Single Itrim'd Col'd and Uli .cl.og horn II ils, Wdlowai.d Palml.C Do. Cloth Capi Just Rec,d by Ii M. WnioiiT-Vco. Soila CraiKiis. F S.D Cuachliis I it reeeix-ril 111 lino 01 . der bv il. M. OlDDLNGS & CO. J.iyl 1? If. nt rlJAl) PIPF. ind C"ppcr pumps 5 tons lead pipo l-.'i J to 1 -1 also Copper pumps by STRO.N'CS eiCo. ' July 1 Sill. DRAWIMi PL.NCII.S. 1I-H II-H H H-H I II 1 'I i.ea' 1 e Pei:e-ils Ur- day re . -e.l ....4 .'.irs.iloea tcri'i- ilfit eii... it f...! to -,ln r ' v 1 s. nr vn wrox. July 5, IS II. n3 PRICES REDUCED! I ! rilllF. subscrilurs have 1 dien tho Store formeriy J oecup.ul bv Cr ,1. A. Conner ns t, ;t irrry store, first door west of 11. Pushnp's Hotel, whieli has beeii fill-it with a "nod ;.-sjttmcntof DRY CiOODS, xvui and diy (iltOCF.RIF.S &;e., winch xxere bought Ibis spiii.g 111 New Y rl; nt loxv piiccs, and xx 11 b'. old ai a xiry siiud'i ml.'ance from cost for ca .1, pro bably lower dun can be purchased at anv olh. .- stand in town, as cireuuistane "s m.l:o i'.r.i:r-ii'; thai'1 goods he- sold mimed a".e-ly. Tavern hei,itra nr.d other, x-ishing to purchaj., 1J juor.', Loaf Silt ir,eV.c. v. ill do well to call. JOM I'll ll.-VICH, TRISTAM COX.NLK. ) iljrlinelon, May P.), 211. .l.i WOTICn TO DENTISTS. 'pill: Sulisrikis are Aoints for the salo 1 stock'io.vs ct nl Plidaiel.liirt. A siipid) just opened. GOLD -Vi tln . U1I.O COU9IIIIIII on loin 1. Mnv fi, It-li. Ape u ariC W' ALTON'S YT. RFiiISTFR FOR iM., w,l, bl, lirotlpllt OIII in at. Oi,nr.iv-e,1 uli I., nn.) .. ,il. a large aldii.un lu llie ii"ual mailer, cmbrac tv ths census cf Wruiont for IS 10. Hera and Al-r chants ,1-o.giiing 10 he suppl.,,1, are rer,ucsteJ 10 in form 11a i-niiwiiuWy of the probal le number xx anted, 111 order 1I1M we may publish an cUt.ioni.dt ua'o to thedetnial Siipetimendeiiisrir Tcachcmor Acadenn, or Seho .Is, ilnoiigboui ihc- Stale, x.-.ll ob'i.:c 1 - and la xor iluir own interests, ,x foivxardun; to 11, farlyiu, tho name and lo'calio'i of thsir iiis'iiiiiion', I leimuie of tin-prni' iphI, and u.inibei of solndars !..' the year ending with the suinnvr itrm Ciii.i!o;iie of lbs Collegi3 find Med ceI Iint.'v,' ont ef Ihe stale ute desirid. . O'l'tmiersol newspai,rr-in Yermont, xxdloetn Idled in a trtuM grutis by gmng ihe aboxe 0:1a 0. two inseitioim. K P. WALTON & SONS. Montpeher, July 7, lHI. MKDlCAIi I.r.t'TI'H IL-. dahtmol'tTT colli-;ok. rnllF. Aiiuiiil Coir r , f ai I., re-111 ihe NrwILimp. 1. fhire Ale-hi'il In-tiiuimn will n niiprii r no '1 burobiy, Ills- lu 1 1 AIIJ.-U.I L.-.t, und eou 1.0 threu 111 i,l, PLM CliO-RY, M. D, Pr if.-s,,.-, oi -s'.fn.- end Di-i.i-e-of Women and C!i 'hen. ' J:i)WAItD I. PIIF.LPS, M. D l-iier on Ms 'rria .Muhrn, .Mulieid Jari-piud..i ie an! Meun-.l lb tittn-. OLI I R P. MI'ltltAHD, M. V., ProC-.-or fCi.vK. i-lrv 1111 1 Phaimai-x. JtJsJI I'll litlHY, M. I)., IVr.fe.ser nfTh - r si. l'la-'i nil Mrl'i-iiiattd P.iiliol. iieal Ana' 1 FI'.Mt ND K. PI.ASLI.F, AI. p., Lecli. 011 V na-i 'i.v and Phv- 1 h sy. I XI'l .s:l S.r, r -be Iieefi-e-. ?J0. rn.i hil'ior. SI-'. M i'ri".ibi'ini;'l'irl.el, ij. Hoard, fr. 111 S M li.J per ..'!. A'""i '.uu l.i.lui'.-i, fjf tv,o-o ifhn max v, ish 10 i,, n.d tin iehes. '1 he Fees 11111-1 ' r at the e'liunieneeincni el thu Tern, er nn'es 1 r.rn wilh so'i-fartr ry Mirriies. Ad 1; rr.i'ion. ! -fo-e tlx Aleiheaf Class iro per fi ;!ned era is. , ' 1'j eru'ernf il-; Fu -tin-, O. P. miltlARD, tv- relarv Jnnr !, jqil. n! Pre r.i 1 11 m DOVIILU HASS Yins. it, n x :V f R F s. COTT v mil ' r- ccifu y 1 r,lr. d I'ersons ln'rr. t site (I m I'm .s:,,! ence of Music, that he e.-ntinur! io manufae'-jro U Cone 'r.l, Nt w Ilnnipshirf ms.s vni) fionii.i. nss vioi.s, of axery f ipnur quali'v, and Lav ng oi- Tne i ih lirst 'r.mfi."s .hit hnsrxr been i ma A nnr. in m-jnulaetnrer of frch Iil'tiur.if r 's at lh it-r.a: j-tn of ih; meuir.'i Institute m i.vv y.-irle i nv, at 1 i.i- gn at J-'n.r ol (be Mechnne t "live jrio. in ll.Tlon, and r.t ihi-J'u;. .f ihtM-.tiar . .1 C, ,rua' hie Ass-ieiatum in Poitlaiui Iloitie-iie n0. not only lendel- his tlmnlis in h, trirnds mid pjiicnsjor pi.': f'U.irs, bill pleilge hiiuself lo RehgMus h icietjc. .Musical Ansoe.iiuonn and indiwilunls vibo -nay to purehas-, ihni no reaaonable efTorif. shad be xxael mg 011 In. pint, 10 enildc !nm in liieet thnr or ; ts m ihe in in and fs' us.iu-ioiy inane."', tb t ha uiavs';!! u-'iin ihcireonfidrnee nnd men: a e itilinu. onee'of ihcl.berl.1 pal;oi:ar,.-'he has lor navy vwir; cuioy. d. ' lie also kee'r-aan rxten-re r.ssor.rru-nt of Ml'bll'AL INST'.t.'MrNTS. of the best quality, which Le oleis fr fele s-i (l njoai reiisiinal ! -1, rum, siningxvhirii are - Ml 1.01'HVxS AND M'llIM.f., w-hirh rennieli B.lmir -J for !Hicctr-a of, taj A'e-ll M'iiplcd lopnrjot ir -l.i.r. li uii.i,' Muir S pool, Militarv Ua ii, w ciii-idua's, ear. he nupi b d w,ih Rr.i". and other inniunirii'a of nny .I. antpiio'i, aeh, a,i m reeaisr tl.ui. in y cn pur i'IiSm' M lhi r.l e 1.1' llosfiin. IAl-o. Vidm HiisitiiidD uble Hi a X ml t. lungs, Ow", Ur,.! -es, Potent II. u U Tuning I 'mt ex. 1'ipw; lustr. - Uon CuslxS Clarion, 't I'rrdp mil ruouih Pi. , c.-... i'lut -Il 1 v., Tamsids, Wr.' I '.inf., 0 rfeir v ni'v p.'.'' ii'.' r.eii.iJ and Ins'runn nis j sent In S : ii ' 1 -1. s' J--' " i..iiiaelurcr and il 1. 1 sm -1 1, ,"rj 1 ,-..' o.- ' 'i M i-c.lri- 1 b u 1,4 ' Iss.t.V'i. Cdiitiisu 'it Pk ise r .1 al I '" x. M.'.'ie Mot -, a doms -u.'.ofin l C 'fi' '' Ho.-e. n51 1 I l!n.,m.H ' March?, 1511. 1NC1')RN. JUi"xj " "ffnj. IJr,'C I n .1 ,iv 1 D I' i

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