Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 13, 1841, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 13, 1841 Page 1
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N O II B G X. O XZ Y O., F 0 S A Xtj BUT THE W E X. F A ns OF ROMS. T T BY H. B. STACY. James C. VlcrcL's Estate. fTATi: OK I.II.VIONT, nttmcT or eiitTTCvncv. ss. Tho Hon. the Prol ate Court for the Distric of Chit temlcni To nil persons concerned in the estate of James j. i icrcc, laic 01 iiuiiuugiuii, in sciki uis. trie, deeenscd. OnnKTiNO. WHEREAS, Dunel I). Tucker administrator of lio estate ol said deceased, proposes io tenner nil account of his administration, nnd presenting account against said cslalo for examination and allowance at a session tho Court of I'robate, to lie ho'dcii at the Eagle Hall, in Williston, on the third Monday, of August next. Tlioreloro you aio licrcby nutifiellii nipcar Irforc buio coun at mo lime nnu piacc uiurcsuu, mm sncw cause, if any you hate, why the account aforesaid should not lie allowed. Given under my hand, ntsaid Ilurlinglnn, tli i- eighth uay oi July, A. i). tail. ' WM. WESTON, RcgUcr STATGOF VERMONT, Di.iriel of Chittenden, t milK Honorable the I'rolalo Co irt within and JL ("r tho Di-trict of Chittenden. " a the crehtor Rnd oilier concerned in the elalti of .tames C Pierce, liile (if Ilun'.inglon. in said Pi trict, WHEREAS, Daniel It. Tm', administrator of the date of said decon-ed, lia ma.'.o application to thu court, to extend the time limited tor 111.11 lug pay incut tif the debt of said dccca-cd, twelve month from thidate, and the third Monday of Aug'it next, lintr assigned for a hearing in the promf-c, at the Eagle Hall, in Willi-ton, and it having been ordeied thai notice thereof I e irivcn. hv publishing tin de cree three weeks succes-ivcly in the lliilinglon Ficc rrc( a now-paper pruned at uuriiiigion, mure ine time fixed for hearing. 'I'licreforc, you are hereby notified, to appear he lore aid eourl, at the time and place afoie-aid then and there, to nuke objection, if any you h ive, to the said time of payment I eing further extended a nfoic taid. Given under my hand at Burlington, this Slh day of juiy, a. i. jsil. no mi. WF.STON, Register. MOORE'S ESSENCE OF LIFE. A Valuable Medicine, which, if rightly applied, will be the meanoi -aving thousand troiu an tniiiniciy crave. Jt has been sold an I ii-ed for lliirly yi'.ir, ' sueee-, aud found ery cdicueniu's in the following dieae-, viz. Consumption, Whooping Cough, eom mon Cough., Oo'd., ehllb-ult Hreatliing, Inlhienzi, Quinsy, Asthma, Phthisic, Spitting of Mood, Flaiu lency, Indigestion, Lon-cne-s of the Ro-.icl-, Fits of every hind, Cramp., Hi.-'.;cts, Colic, Catarrh, Dy-en-tary, Fainting, HypuehonJriiic A li-i-nun-, Ilea I le-I.e-, Sickness at Stomach, Mea-U'i, a prevenme (f Con tagion di-oae, (tout and Ulieuinatl in. he above Me heme i piepaiel ly Henry Sey mour, of Hudloy, Ma .. I'liuii the Original Re.-ipe, ly thfdue"ii.,n of said Mooie, an I sol My him and the principal Druggist-in the I'nitodS'alc. Sol I whole-ale and retail, by J. 6;. J. H. Pock Co nnil Theo. A. Peck & Co., fSurlmgtnii, and by ihc dealers generally throughout I he country PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS j article Is ton well known to nred commen dation and tile cxpirirnce of seven vcais lias Jemonstraled to the commercial community, lint for accuracy, conveni'-nee and durability, they arc unrivalled Ceil vard scales to wciidi fiomUto 0 tons. Wnrclmufo do, to weigh fmm 1-2 lb. to50001!is., Portable do. to weigh fioiu 1 2 oz. to 200 lb'. PorlableC'ouiiter do a newartiele to wei"li from 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. , '. & J. II. Peck &. Co. Agentt., Anil 8 ISil. TXf HATCH would inform the in- hatiiimts of Hurling'on and i- .cuuty, that he has oprmd a hop in Church street, at the sign of the HinV. where he intends to earryon the (Jun snulh l!ns:ues, in all its arious branch es Having In en employed for the last 8iv years in the shop of J. M. Caswell, in Lansmglmrgh, (umWhiidly the best Fiiop in in" united .sjiates,) lie lecls war ranted Ml oflcringhid work to the public. Hurlington, June 1, 1911. UA7.0ICS riTJ,V 8tll. V l r, have just rectived 'v a ariety nt lludgirs and s I nioKA.OItS murli iikcd hv persons who shave thcins' Ives. l'AKGnons; ck IIbinssiait. :t:uf;r: is it;t;i: HWINC hired th Tuvem Stand latelv oi ciiiui'd bv Mr. J. Potter, near tlii. Oniirr I-Tniifff. tfi I n rl inrrtfin v.'dl -1 .dl readv tonccomiiiodatoTr.m Hers S3Uiiaiand others with Hoard. lo k'ing.horsckien- ng and other nccommod itions in good (dyle, aud no pains will bo snared mi his mti, to make' them com fortable, and on llie in istreisou iblc Terms. Price of binglo meals one Mulling. Hiitlington April 24th, 1811 KEWMUSIC, AND SlUSlCAIi INSTRTJ MCNT. 1TH- MN., iJ J-" has lost re- v-TTVri-ivpd firm tt.s. - i-.-. ton. ton rnMiijix. ;VX','t 'fe'-lkT (si .iVmAasmiliK iif - . I--V-- .... inn .'i I? . , .uii eal Intrurncnts, eic, which he is nmhori7cd to i.ell at tho lowest Hoston rctail prices, Tho Music for the Piano Forte consists of Songs, Glees, Di'ctts and Trio. N' 'wand beautiful M irehes, Quicksteps, Gal opades, Waltzes, Dances, and pieces witli varntion. Koine of w hi' h nru the latctt publications of the Hos ton Hrigado and Hras H inds, ALSO A great variety of American, German, French and Knghsli Musical Instruments, consisting of Huglcs, Trumpets, French Horns, Hass, Tenorand Alto Trombones, I! flat, Cand KllatClirlonetts Gcr nmn t'nnoon t'liiieB.) from ono tonim keys,) Flageo lctts, Octave and Pu-olo Flutes and t'ili. ;jeltJi,l Rass Viols and Violins, elegant and plain Violin and Has Viol Hows. .Superior Konrm wonn, iiiss vmi and Guitar Strings of every size an 1 letter. Knghsli nnd French Clanonelt Reeds. Splendid Frnieh Ac corileons, Spanish Guitars, with plain, and German Siivcrpalent heads. Instruction Hooks, with Gun uts, Lessons, and Exercises for all the above, and oth er instruments, are, now for Falo at Mr. .Mann's rcsi flencea few rods north of tho Episcopal Church, in Burlington, whero ho respectfully iniites customers to give Vim a call. Mililary Hands and Music Schools, furnished with Music, Mutical Instruments, (anil Instruction, if ee eireil,) nt short notice. JS-PIANO FOUTF.S strung, repaired and tuned as usual. Hurlington, May 7, 16 VI. 43 WTIXUOW SAMII- T Just received 15,20 an 1 2 17 by 11 can-menu nl asb. a tirt ratu artielu at 31 and 31 cent' per lighlj also all kinds and -ize, f trni-hcl to order. Ticondcroga blae; leal, a lirt rate arnele-, fur sale very low, luge'Iier with a great varie'y eif other am ound at un other estnblnh- claso cheap as can be lound nenl in tho plae Geo. Pkteuo.s P.A1ITION TO TJIC I'UBLIC. THE p iblic are herely eM'itione. ngaint pun In lingor rc-eivmg of Jeihn V.'arncr.e.f Caml ridge iJimoillo co inty and sta'e of ermoii, 1 wo I'roinls orv Notes, one ilrawn bylho Burlinaton Mil Com. nanyfor S7tl'JC0: dated the Hill !ay eif April, 1811, payable six inontln from date, Wlh mterc t, pay Bl fc to (inrdner Gates or tinier, nnl by the eu lor-e. ncnt o( the said Gates tran fcnel to me, 'Ihe other ilrawn by me, for lliemi,, (if about 8120, piyal lo in ninety days from date-, to John Warner, or orJi-r, (or bearer,) wilh intcrc.-t. Said last Note muy lomnio narlicularly'lescrilied, assigned by John S eirns, a principal, and Blmund Clark. a surety, fjaid War'lccl bold notes ho having ub. taine-l the .nine from me, hyfrand, oppression and duress. The Mill Company luvebirn noiifieJ, not to nav to faiJ Warner, or his endorsee, the Note Lv them drawn -and the payment of Ihe im'e given Lv mc. and iaid Clark, will ho resisted to the last. g0'0 ' JOHN STKARN8. IKirlington, July 15, 1611. J waamm wamtm VHBaM rlllll. licie olore existing under the JL lirm of .MAKTiiN & St ow, I.ilf.solveil thi- dty I y nmtiinl consent, and all per.-ons who nru in lei te I to the said linn, nre rc.piosttM to letUe their occounts wiih C. II. Marliu, who is authorized to receive and discharge the 9 line. Charlotte, July aJ, IS II. hC C II, M.VUTIN, HANSOM STOW. iCF" N, 13. All tiersons indebted In lbcnb-fril it. on boo); or otherwise, arc rerjuc-teil to settle the fame. u. II. .iiaii I liM. MIIilJN'AHV fc Dltl'.SS MVKINC. Dy miss S. CRAY, "'X7IU)lia9 conitncnccd in the new hni'din? on tuccat ride or Church street, opposite H. Lane's store, and a few rods south of thcChurrh. win roevrrv nttpnlinn wilt bn nivrn Irt .V" the ninkiiii; of IIonnets. Cats n Dnisr', in ac cordance with the most ap proved New Yolk style, which Fashion are now just received for tho sca- Hurlington May 2(3, ISI1. n31 SUPIMtlttlt IM,()UU. s, T N. IHNSniM., Agi lyrV VrtlV ' Chester and other Wt (ySrTlaf 'r,:c' lias for nle, now in V b$?JAsrj rictiing Hight Thousand Agent for llo- csttm .ilills in store, and and llarrtU of Fanrv and .Suuirfine Urinds of VI OlJIt, ol ihe highest reputation in tho York and Boston markets. Auumr which are the following, II. T.ty, T. Hempsliall, V. S. Clark A- Co. Davis. II. Holmes, Union Mills. Jackson .Mills. Clifton Mill", and J. Roshtr. together with several choice In amis of Ohio and Michigan Flour. Also, R. Ruddand N. ijluck, suitable for thoSIontical 3Iar- Jlcrclnnts an 1 dealers wi ho furnished to order. at a ery low rate, by lemiltiiig Drafts, Cctlilicatcs of Depusit, or, to 315 Khrr-stiect, Troy, where a full supply will he kept at all times. May n 1911 n31ni3 P HAI, K "STATU F Oil SA1.K, At a orkat IX BAiio.viv. Thepronrietor oilers for sale the nre- mies in tlio villige of Ibir'niiMoii, now occupied by II. H. Stiev. Kiiu as a dwell no. house, nrintiiiff olficn and readiii" loom The premises are convenient for l sloreaud dwe ling house or fur offices of almost an v description, in I arv situated in the centre of tho most husin.'ss part of the town. For terms of sale and navmcnt. mnuiro of Charles Rusill, Pearl si. Hurlington, or A. I,. Callm, of Or- wen VI. CA1S1N KIT Att lC. Tliesubseriberlnsresum ei j tiieCjhinet liusiue-ss a 1 1 lie old shun on Church street, formerly occupied by .Nichols st Hcrrick, and recently hv I!. R. Walker, where be intends to nianu. faeture and keep eonslantly on hand nil kinds of CAIHNF.T FURMTIIHi:, of a styloand uuality not inferior to any minuficlured in tliis inmty. He nop.'' uisiong Oips-nenee, togelliei witliastnct attcn- lion to tnc tmsineiss, will secure linn a share of the public patrouaw. trWAN TI'I) in exchange for Cabinet Work, Nil eh and Maple Scantlct, suitable for bedsteads; basswooJ tilank, and boards from 1 inch to j inch ; wliito Pine hoards. Most kindsof country iiruducc teccived in pavinent, (but cash would bi'W'ryamplablc.) Hurlington, Jan. 1,1311. SAMI'KI. MCI10I.S. JSowarc of Hceepliont IT Ins frcquenlly come to the knowledge of the sub fcrihcr that lunplv Snull" Jars, with his Label em them, hive been 1 oupht up, for the purp so of selling m them an inferior quality of .SuuH'j and, also, that his Suuli-hbcl" hive in some instances been counterfeit ed, or the geurnl design nt the same so inutiilid as to e.ii-dy dce'cue ; he deems it, thertfoie, his until to inljiin purciiusiis id the manim in which they are ntt. n imposed upon; and he would hereby remit st them to tsar cill'nr dsfire the Labels mi the enifide ol" the Jam aficr having di'ipiisi'd i,f tliu con tents, si as to picNcnt furiher use of the same. A suitable reward wi 1 be a d for such evidence as will lead to the detection it conviclion of thcimpostcr. The subs Tiber continues to manufacture, and oilers for sale, the folhving arlielea : MAIi liltOUTS .sj.MiJ'I- i.enuino .uaccouoy, I rose Iinilnliou do ijlai-'d Sicily do Maltese. do Curacoa do American Rappee, Holland do Tuberose, St. Oiner. Strasburg, COARSK IIROWN SMJI'F. Dctnigros, fiatediiloehes, I'iciich Rappee, Ameiiean Gentleman, Pure .Spanish, L. iMixturc. Pure Virginia, Hurhon, .St. Domingo, Cojie nhagen, supjla t'd YELLOW SNUFF. .Scotch 3 Irish illackguard ) and Pine. or coarse High Toast.) Irish High Toast ) SWEET-SCENTED FINE-CUT CHEWING TOHACCO. " " Oronoko do do. FINE-CUT SMOKING TOHACCO. Spcnish, Kitefoot, Canatcr, Common, and Stems. PETER I.ORII.LARI), jr. 12 Chatham Strut. New York, March. 2911. 17.2m J. it J. H. Pr.cK ( Co., Agents, Hurlington, Vl. jVOTIC!; JCp-Melicino is l.-st l.neiwn l.y the 1 1 e- .res it perlorm-'.c:rtJ3 1. fx-wton's I'.itMce'.i, or Purifier ot the llleiod. 'I he unparalleled and -till increasing re-putation which thi- inebeiuu basai-qair-el tlirouglioul thoNou- England SM!c-, itn-l ihein.tnv cures it pcrferuiisl, an I the demand in. etc fur it by ihe a Iviee oftihyste-iaus well ae-rpi.iiuteH, with its pn'ji iMIien, ha in I iceJ the preiir e-ti r lo exti'u I ds cir.i'il.i'ion lei almost e-vcry luwn in the- eastern Si an; and the principal towns in die Fnile I rfali-. Tin. Panaeeis'isl t-iirelv vi-get.i', e,an I i n .t s'irpasel'v any either medicine ever o "ered to the ailbeicl as its exten-he sale- uud great popul.irry p'auily prove, ll li.i-witlnn the la-t e-irhve'ii mouths ciresl its ihou aud-eiftlie most tstma'e di-ca-i-s, as e-anlo pcoed by rerlifii-aies, and is prnnouiu'eil by euiuiciil nn I re-pevtuble physicians the I e. iiiedieuie in ue. V ef-il iiifcrm.iiion may I e lo ind in cire-ilar-eon-.ainius i crtiiicati-s of cures and diie-clions for Li king the iiie-dicine. 'Ihe follnwing nnnointeil :v.'cnt. HurlingUm, J. et J. II. Pec!: nn I Co., It. Mo.nlv Si Albau-, Curti.and H t-sel Milton, C. Dra'.i- !.lin hilt . lbirnet and Suvvcr Waterville.. Fi-L md Hrown, Mine-burgli, Hull un I ciak imiii:ia. 1'ar' er an i Aiuiiicid e'rpcnnc , Adams nn l ..lurray I. uml rid .''. Jl. Wire iidcr n . M. L. ll.irnev Noiih I'errisl urgh, 11. C. Wiel er (ie-orgi i, A. Ilii mi-ton, I liiticn lcn Kiehmeiud. tiie-cn iV Kho li J'di'i-eui, G, L. Wnrner nn-1 C' Slon'eton, Eihiu Riniih Ha .ersful 1, Ariuingion and WoodwarJ Fair- ticld, llurnct und t arnsworlh. CATAltHU SNUI-T. MARSHALL'S SNI'l'F, is still euriiiglhe Catarrh and di-eises ofths heal, as well ax sore eves. n tell oarls of the country : and sustaining the reputation which it has long since gained, of Uiug all.-t ritely the i.est article ol the l.nul m the market, lae-h beittlu eontnins tlircolimcs the- ntianlilv of one of lim e which aiu olTcre-d at "O.NLV TWENTY FIVE CENTS." And is therefore a much cheaper, as well ai belter article. For sale bv J. et J. II. PECK fc Co. TIIEO. A. PECK & Co. and Du. ROUT. MOODY, nurlingtnn, Jan. 22, 1311. ly.f.IS IT AltSIIM.I.' eontinnes iinnvallcl .is n ilSL strcngllieiiiiig PLASTER i Also, fur Rhe-ima- Usui, Laincuess or pamsin the side., ImiLs or ba'-I. : for en.f do is swo'l 111-. sC'irvv - ores. Freih wound ! nnl fur a general Family Pl.i.ter or salve-. For Corns, moreoM-r try ll; paiecio e, persevere In llicu-ehy uialiingu new application jee.i loually, and m time, yonreoriu will be cured. For le by ' J. it .1. II. I'ECK & Co. TIIEO. A. PECK it Co. and Du. ROUT. MOODY. Hurlington, Jan. 22, 1811. ly.f.IS SNI'l'F ON'LY TWI.NrY-FI VE CENTS.-D.M IlnchciMk's newly iuvenle.1 Snull'lhu best arti cle ever discovered by se-ientillu men, in Europe or Ieriea, lortliecurc nnu no-niuie rcnci oi i-.inirrn i,..nwu. of ihelle.i I. Wi-.ik Eve.. Nervous Ileal aches, Fallen Siel.ue-s, Fits, mil Infanls troullcl willi Simil es partial sliocus oi rai-y, eve. l orsnle . I? 1 ' nnd'retail. by A. HITCHCOCK it. Co.. sole Proprietor, No. 117 Geue.-cest. Dlir-a, nnd by their agent throughout the Union. Ill Hurlington, J. & J. II. Peek & Co. Ill Vergenncs, by J. II. Howman. In Milton, by Hurnclt ekSawycr. In Georgia, by Lo renzo Janet. 101 M POU TANT CA UTI It in singular fact ni.d one much tole regretted that vnlual le niediemcs, as soon as they I econie pop ular, and hate ic-eived the lest and 'approval of n di-criininatiug pul lie, aie sure to beeuiiliterfciled, nnd thus a bad nndspnrio.i nrticle is immediately palmed upon tiieiiiisuspectingiorihe genuine, t his ha I ecu uotorio thecase with till popular tried and truly valuable ine.hcncH for years pat, and will probably continue lo I e the ease for years lo come. The ba-u and coun-mptible ceiuntcrfcit In lht way meanly advantacc ol all the e.lbrtsand alver lijing used I v the nronrictors oflho eennine article. to get their me licmcs into use and de-erveil popiuari ly. It isthcrcfoienot le thed.ity than it contribute tothe safety of every honest individual in the coin- in muv io expose-, irou-n down, and loreveraticrDIS rilUl.T all HEARTLESS INOItATESwho thus irre- sion-iblv trifle with bcalth nud life-. iujiitj.i(t.t'OKi; -j Aivi; noriCKjij Then, u a tier-on I e ibo nnmn eif.b H. 'ItOlIIIF- FOItT. now engaged 'in cll i ti? a I'd! done mi in bnxe. Inexact and perli-ct imitation of the genuiiiL INDIAN Vi.'t.'I.TAULi: PILLS, with the nmi-siou ofonlyone we.rd on the lloxc viz. WntGiir, The Pills sold by this ltochefort are evulenlly inlcneled as a fraud anil impn-ilioii upon thu coinuiuuity, or they would riot have I ccn done up hi such exact imitation of the gen uine. This per-on is tall I lustcring wilh a great the atrical swagecr. He was recently I tiown asa i-ry oeinr nl.ivcr in ll.illimorc. under ibemu.-ieal eniriitiiiien of Jim llrmvn, and is al oat twenty lite years of age It is almost Icyonla doubt thai he is Miiplied with the Pills Irom a Druggi-t firm in this city, who haw heretofore 1 ceil notoriously connected with counter-fe-il medicine-. As soon as nroof is obtained I bo fonn- ta n hea l of this ncfarmas h t-incss will I c exposed. thai the community may shun them as I hey would a -crpent. IN 'IHE MEAN TIME ITlfl PFI1L1C ARE CAU- T OM' D against buying WUIGiri'S Iniiian Vccr.TAtn.r. Pn.U of any one who eloes not exhibit a ccrlificnle of iiccn- cy signed I y the agent for Ihe New 1 ngluiid Slate, nnd ' caring date- since Januaiy IS 10. AIo take par ticular notice that the following wording is on thu box es Wright's Indian lelVI (Ind. Purgative) ol ibo North American College ofllcillh. Ihe Indian I istlable I'llli nie a eeiimn cure fur dise.i-p hi isfveii .n icii uf lui in, lieciu'c the- ilio loiighh e'ran.e I he sioiiinrli and limicU, induce a pin. pei diM h.irae hj llie lnu;s, skin and kiihie, and sli uinl.itc the. blood to pin if iieelf. In oflici winds di- (.pen nil llie di.iiim, and Ic.ue NATirur. the (Irand J'hysicinn) lice lo dine ih.msi-p fioiu I tic j Imdi. The .ibiil'e oiillcls, or diaiiw, .up iho ciunimni fieucrs nl llie limit, thioiigli ulileh all nioi bid and rol nipt liiunrns (llie cnise-nl direa'e) nip c.irned oft'; and sis long us llicy nre all kept open, and di..eli.ltge fieel) lln-ir alluilcd iicirllun. of In-pui iu, the liudy will cull, mine uilicihli; but wlien fieiin cuing iiiiprnppr loud, bie-ailiing iiiiiiiic uir, suddeii trail. itiuns liiiiu licit to cold, met exIi.ttisiKiu in mil oilier cpu-e, the bowels beniinp co'liie. ihp puie- ol the skin beeoine cliifpd, or ihekldacis fail n peifunn ihcii fonciinn pmperly. Hip iiii(nii inert whit h pli.Hikl be di.iinpel Iiiiiii llie boil) b ilie-c ouilei. uill be icLimed, and continue to nc. eiiiiiol.ili' uiilil llie Imili becuiiiert lilCMlli loadcil null di-i-e If lie (dniiin I of nur undine rivcis slinuld beniinp bhieked up, uonld icit the .irci.uui'aieit w.tlcis find new mil l-ls, in the coimliy becniiic iinuubilpd .lli-l so oh (he lilllll i l Imdy ; it the III a I ill .inn be eiuiieTloiieil, ihe stsn.ini unit cmriipt luuiiui willfitid lent in llie i.iihins Ibiius of disc.i-e such as Fcier, Sm.ill Pox, Mc.i-les. Hlieiitn.iiisin, Goal, Apoilpxy, &t. or Dealh will cut uur inifTei inj.. Tlieiefore, ulien sirkner. .it the sliiui.irli, p nn. in llie b.irk and side, tptirl; pubp, biiiiiiiii skin, ui mil oilier iiuplea. S.HII symptoms, indieaic llial (nil- nr llldie of llie- da. lurdl diaine aie nut diridim ging ficely, nud Ihe cuusl t. Iiilion i .ibiint lo ciiiiiiipiice a snuggle fur llie re-.inra lion eif he.ilih nn nine should be lost in .titmi n tst ci ing a fe v In i.k ilusp id i hp Indian I'm unlive (Indian Ft Kttable I'ills.) Hy so doing, nil ihe liinc-iiun of the body u ill be irslmen io older, md die find humor? (the cause iifeieiy iiill.iiiiitiuii in pain we eulfei) lull be i cuiiiled in no en-y ami iiainral a uutuuer. thai ihe body is ill lie icsliiieil a. if by u clou m. 'I'lie nboie Pills may bp itiKen ui AM. iniieii ind iinilei ai.i. cii. i iiui.i.inces, ivuli peifi-ei silciy, 'I'hey sun utt com plaints and all ases, nnd ai e in the luuii in enn-i i iiimit ns fi.oil ; coii-i ipiem ly ihp can nener niuic en n il--ni'isi di licH-c Like (nn fund, ihey me iligesnlile ; llieipfiiie lliey ciiipi nun ihe eiiciilaliini and impail hii eueigy In llie bliiod, ii nich cu.diles ll lo fbni uilhfiee. linn iiiule lo the pxliciinlie ami c.iu.e(iiieiitk- to Leeo ihe porea nfilie skin 0cn They ale Irurt Hiidpulirl purifieiii of iliptihiod; bfcuisp ihey drain all conuot hiiinor fioin lliat life eiun' fluid I'liev initial I stieniitli nud viitiii lo llie whale system, mid llieir i f ficts aipaUiay. beneficial : brcausp ihpy onlr rinnie lb ,,e liuiuors utiit'lt an- nipn.eil lo he ilth. I'hey aid i imtti.c iiigHtifMi, .iiul sound lrpp inllnu. Hiph ii-e : l,ec.iii-p ihpy cleanup the siniunrh and bowels uf thus') slimy hiiinuiirs which not onli ii litaie and exenc llie llcilniH sv.ieiu. bid uai;ilv7i- rflld upuken Ihe ili lie'lupoiuaiw. In ,1m, m ihpj. pmupiy ,, ihpy soo, ran be rlaimed lui any medicine ; and Ins iciy n in iikablr, it ii ulle'i ly iniiossb'e to ii-e lliciu ivilhiiul benelil, Pru i! 25 ecu's per llov, with full direction.. Oilice mil General IVpot fi r the New England States, No. IBSTri-nioutsJireot, ncir Court street, llo-tou. The legul.irn.ipi'iiili-d Agents can receive their -up-idiesoflbe abiiu- iiooiilar Pills, as heretofore-, from ihe only uTe-i-aud general dcpoi for Ihe New England Stale-., RHTrciuoiit street, llo-ton. Pedlars or trav e'liug itgeut-aie not allowcdto-cll the genuine Indian veffi- a' le Pill-, therefuie hover purcha-u from tbeiii, for fl'ye.udo o iwill le ure to obtain n dangerous and co urcrfcil article. si 1 Tiico. A. Pi ck it Co, AgenNin Huiliiifflon, for the ale of the Indian le Pill-, nKo, W. II. lluLLr.T, Willi ton. Vl an 1 A. I lriii-m:.i I, II irlingl i m . M0FFATS Vrcrn-AIII.E LIFE MEDICINES. The e medicines are indi-lted for their name lo their inaiiifi-st and scti-il le action in purifying the snrings nn 1 channels of lifi-, and enduing them with tcnewel lone an 1 vigor. In many hundred certified ca-i-swbich have lecn made pul lc, and in ulmost every species r.fdi-ca-oto which llie human frame- i le, the happy o .eels uf MorrAT'.s In E PiLi.s and PlI'KNIx HlTTr.ns have lien gicatfullyand pilliely aciiuiwlcdced by ihe pcr-ons I cue-fitted, nnl who -veil- previously unacquainted wrn llieticautil.illy plu lo-opbieal pruieip'es upon win hthcy nreeoiiipoiiu'l' e l,au 1 iinou which llicy con-cipicutly act. llie i.iri. an. I'll ii'sr? recommend thcm-eives in di-ea-Cs of every form and ik--criptiou. Their first operation is lo 'oh-cii fromiho coats of the stomach nnd boweb, the various impurities and crudities e-on-stnntly settling around ilicm;nnd tort-move Ihe har dened la es which coueel in the' e-onveiliilions ol the .smallest into-tino-. Oilier medicine only narlialli' clcan-elhc-e, and leave such colli-i-iisl mat es I cloud as to produi e liamtuai i'0-iivcne-ss, with all its liam ol evil-, or sudden dinrrhiea, wilh its imminent dagcr-.n tluslactis well known to all regular aiiatomi-i .l.'.e vnn inn I In- b-ilil in 1 oels n f'er de-alb 1 and liinee the orcridicee.f i hose well informed iiicn neaiusiiimii-t- medicine or medicine prepared and heralded to llieput.lic l y I'.-ncraiil pcr-ou. llie second effect of the Life MeJiciuc i lo i le.inte the kidney and the iils.l li-r, and bylhi mean-, lliolUerandlhelniigs,tiL licalllifiilnciion ofnhiclienlirelydcpcndsupon llie re gularily e.f the urinary organ. The Mood, which take I's rede-olor from the asency ol the liverand ibe. lungsbejoru it into tho heart, Icing tlvis purified oy iiicui, .in i iio'iritiic-i ny moo i-oiiiui iriiiu a cie.i stomacii. coiru ireciy turo-igu tne vein, renews every part of the sy tern, and triumphantly mount-; uie iiuuuiT oi iieann in ini- ciiiouiioir ( iicci.. Modal' exelal o Life Medicines have I een ibor o iglily ti-.teil, and prono'inced n sovereign remedy fur Lj-siH-jmaj rininiency, i-aipiiauon oi nie nt-arl, Loss in .iiijiviiie, iicuri-nuru nnu iieau-ucne-, id-spefsnc Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor nnl Melancholy, Co, tivcne-ss, Diarrluej, Cholera, Fevers of all kind-, Rheumatism, (in n, Dropsies nt all kinds, Gratcl, Worm-, Atfima and Consumption, Sonny' 1'' Inveterate Sores. Scorbutic Eruption and Had ('run. p'cxion, Eripiivo complaints, sallow, Cloudy, and o-lierdisagrceablu Complexion-, Salt Rheum, Ery.ip ela, t lomnion Colds nnd Iutlucnzn,aiul vnnrni other complaints which afflict thehuuian frame. In Fntn and Aei:, particularly, iho Life Medicines have Lce-n mosi i-iinueniiy Hicccssini so much so thai in ihc Feve r and A guodi.-iriel', Physicians almost universally pre-cril e them. All that Mr. Molal reiiuircof his patients i to te particular in til-in-' Ihe l.ifn Medicine strn-tly accor ding to (lie direetinns It i not a newspaper notice, or bynnylhingllici he him clfniaysny m their favor, that he hopii o gain credit, ll is uloneby the re-ulls of a fuir trial. MOFFA'FS MEDICAL MANUAL: ihvionml dome .lie g lideioheal'h. Thislillle pamnlilcl, ed-tisl by W.I). Mo.l.u,275 HroaiLvuy, New York, has I ecu pul lislusl for tho ii'irpo-eofexiilainuig more fully Mr. Mo lat's. theory of diseases, and will le lound highly inlcrt-slingtoiicrsonsfce'.inu health. Il treat noon prevalent di-eatcs, nndihncann-s thereof. Price, 25 cent- for .nlu I y.Mr Mollal'Agentgcncrnlly. Thee Valuablo MiJiciues are lor sale by Ho! ert Moody Druggist, .) General ngent, (to whom nil np plicalious furiigeiiciessho-ild be addres.ed, po.t paid) It Ir... ' I.,.. 1 I . t 11 ' l.lllllinis'l, . - I, lUII, O VVllllLS. Pork I.UOU lbs. Lard lU.UCKI b SS. j S V Hams, for sale by LYMAN (t COLU. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, AUGUST 13, 1S4I. CESSCC32R LOOK AT THIS. -HAVE YCUA COLGII ! 70,000 die of consumption every year in Iliel'nitodSiale, and millioiH su ier fcom iroublcsome cougns nnu coins, tliat can I a ciinid by Dr. JL Hitch cock's Vegetable Virg.n Cream Cough Drop., a safe ...sinful pivsiTipuou, comauig no poisonousdriigs,niid used in an exlen.ive praelicu for several year will mo.t po-ilivcly nilord relief, and save you from that awfd di'seace, pulinonaryeonsuinptinn, which usually sweceps intoihu grave hunurcd eflhe young, I he old, thu fair, the lovely nnd the gay. Have you n cough 7 He persuaded to purcha-e a 1 ottle ot thu Cough Drops to-day I To-morrow may be loo late. Have you a sought Dr. Hiteecol.'s cgctable Virgin Cream Cough Crops is the only remedy you should take to cure you. I'or thi.plaig icason. I'liat in nooneofthelliaiisniid case where it has lecn UH-d ha ll Tailed to relieve I rice jccntspcrboille. For sale, wholesale and Re tail, 1 y A. HITCHCOCK &. CO. No. 117 Gene-ce st., I'nea, N. Y. And by thi-ir agents throughout the I nitc I s.'ta:o. In Hurlington, by J. it) J.'H. Peck & Co., Theo. A. Peck it Co. In Vcrgcnncs, by J. H. Howman. In Milton, hy llurnct & Sawyer. In Geor gia, hy Lorenzo Janes. au.2 DISKASES OF THK MJNS. Oeeuledl Ihe uiiHl pninl.iriPuiedi pie, knonuin Aiuciic.i Vtgtlablt Pulmonary Balsam is tin- iihijI valuable iciiu-di now in use fni, colds, asituiia or phthisic. ciiiiMiiupiion. ivhoopiig cough and pulmonaiy nffrcilnuf ofeieu kind, lis file if gipadily inrinifing, nnd llie propncinis arc rou'l.iiitlv lereiiiug the niosi l iioinble acciuint of its effect.. 'I lie billowing new certificates aie offered feir public examination. An Ctsr.. Exlnicl nf a letter from Mr C S Clnj, Ktngsinn, Ulster co., N. Y. lo llie prupneliirs. "l oms ofilic 9ih iust. was dul irc'd A rein. likable cure s.uflTecied by ihe Vegai.itile Pul. monary ll.ib.iin in 1 lie ivlntei nnd priii! of 1S35. The person, Mr. .Moudi, had been sick n long limp with llie consiitnpilnn. His phjsician had fiicn him up lie lias icihiccd so low ss to lie unable lo help lum-clf, ami was'ing a knee diiantili of blood when he commenced using die Hntsain, which h.i. pflecird a coiuplclp cine, nnil he is nmv ns h lie mid hearty ns cvei lip a. Mr. Mnodj h is rrmoied fioiu Ihis town, but he h is premised inc n more detailed nrcounl of his case, which I will funv.ird inn. C. S CLAY. KinCsion, N. Y. June 25. 1S3S. Extract of a Idler fioin Dr. Jarob Miers The Vcgel iblc Pnlinnn.iiv Hal. am ha. been "sold in ihi. ennui) for Iwo p.irs, tiiut the medicine ha. gained mi umnuunrin celeluit), fur it -e.uccli in one inslance filled iifli.iiinit the ele-iied etTect I am h no means in favur of the many nrisiiuins, most ul winch are tin imsiiuut. upon n creibilotts public, bin ih it which I knniv by use in be, I cannot help Inn jiivein uppinh iiinn thcrcio. A counterfeit preparation ban been nffe red bete hy a travelling Agent, of Cumsiock, ,. Y. and there is nnoiher nriicle tended here lliat i strongl- suspected lo bcspuriuiis. jAcnn iiveus, ii. u. Mifflin.lon, Juniata co. Prnn. Maj 3, 1837. I'lnin Dr. Samuel Morrell, lo Ihe Piopiieiois of the Veue table PiihnonHrj Balsam. I am satisfied I the Vc. jfeiahle Pnlinona.ii Haljam is n valuable incderiiie Ii has been u.pd in llii. place wild cuinpleic success in an ( complaint of Ihe lun, alleii'tcd ivilh u sp-pip rmigli, hiss of oice. and the raising of much bliinil, iliielihad pipiiuuslv rc.isied many nppioied piesi'i iption.. A f if i using iho Italsain one week, dip p (licni's otec rciutiicd and he was.ible to speak audi, lily. This case occurred some time since, and ihp unaisnoiv engaged not only in acliie lull lalmrious bii.ines!. Hi .'i.ei'ifiilli , f;c. S. MonuF.LI.. Ii is new iniup than six ipars sinee I was broiivhl iri) bin b) mi iifTeclion nf llie luiig., nnd mi cuniplainl ivas ileclaie-l lo be inein.ible b. n ciiiiucil of three till). smans. I mis llipn ip.lorpd In asgno I Iipiiiiii a. I had eniuied for many -pars, In u-in, I lie Vegptablp Put. innnarv Hibain. Since luv recmery I h.iie iccmn ineudeil lite Halsnm in n many cases of luiig ciiiupliiiiiis, nnd so far as 1 ran l-uin. its use has in riiiahli lircu rulloiicil liv inurh lieiiehi, ami in mam iustaucesil lias cflecteii cures iildrh weip uholli unex. ppeied. Samuel EvEnETr, lliis'on, March a, 1S37. Fur sale, wholesale and retail, by J. -f J. II PECK & Co., and I'llEO. A. PECK. & Co., Hur ling ton . Vl. PRICES REDUCED ! ! ! THE subscribers have taken the Store formerly occupied bv Geo. A. Conner ns a gioccrv store, first door west of H. Hishop's Hotel, which lias been filled with a good nortmciitof DRY GOODS, wet nnd dry GROCERIES, it cite., which were bought this spring in New Y( rk nt low prices, nnd will In; sold at a - cry small advance from cost for cash, pro bably lower than enn be purchased at any other stand in town, ns circumstances make it necessary that the pnods tip sold mime aalelv. Tavern keepers nnd others wishing to purchase Liquors, Loaf Snear, etc will do well to call. jiJi'.rii u.viuii, .,.. TRISTAM CONNER. Ai"Snees. Hurlington, M-iy 19,2911. ijjIILLMOUS! HU.MORS!lii 'FI1K :iteiition of thatpart of llie community who x arc ntlliclcd wilh Sail Rheum, Leprosy, Si. An thony's Fire, Ersipilas, or .Scrofula of any kind, nre directed tu a new-compound which, bv nn internal application, proves a sure.safo and complete remedy for nil kinds of humors. This womleiful moiciiic is prepared by Mr. (. Inrlcs Jones, of C laremont, N.H. who for many years was been nflliclcd witli the lepro sy in its worst possible forms, nud by unwearied ex ertions in experimenting upon his own person, has at last l.iutid a compie to cure, 'i ins compound has nc er f.n'cd of doing its important w ork where n fair trial lias bcui iiiade.and dncctions followed. Certificate nfter certificate might I e hcic laid he-fore the public as to its wonderful illlcls, but tho reader is rcierrid to those who Ui-ep thq article for sale where pailiculats and reccuiiiinendntioiis may he had. confident is the discoverer of this valuable medicine that he lutikcs bold to siato to tho world that a complete cure! is warranted where directions ruefully complied with nnd a fair trial made. From Iho very many certifi cates of its cH'raey let tho following suffice'. ".sa pnuaiiiiiropisi, i uciu: nuiy tiounu to siaie-, tha' 1 applied to Jlr. Charles Jones, of Claremont, S'.H. in August last, for In Drops for Humors, he having, to all nppemance, cllectcel on himself. a perfect cure ol every Iroublcsome disease the Leprosy or Hnlt.Rheiiiu, (ihosatno wilh which my wife was doubled) by drops ol Ins own discovery, 1 was willing my wife should make one more effort to eradicate the nbove named disease, wilh which she had been seri ously nlllicted for eighteen ve-ars, during which lime she had tried various remedies, out they all availed nothing. .... My w-uq lias taken two pluals of Hit nbovo named Drops, which has clli cted a perfect cure. Sho now enjoys perfect health, free from humors the first time she can say it for eighteen years. She says that her nursing infant rcccivedthcsamo benefit by taking i-'-vim and she now cheerfully ioms Willi mom making it public to ino ivnno. -m. Wii.. wo can confidently recommend this medicine to such as nre alluded with humors of any kind, ns a safe in fallible remedy." ii.ock hills, l.AUKA U. U1L.1.S. Prnetnrnville. Vl. Oct. 29. 1810. Morn ibaii TWO HUNDRED persons within the last four months in the Slate of Vt. have given proof IKismvo of wonclcriui cures. Kor salo by Koheut Moody authorized ngentin llnrlingion. and hy E. P. Walton it sous Montpclicr Vt. general agents for tho principal part ct crtuont FOR SALE. rnHAT large and commodious two sto J- ry Itrick Dwelling House & T.ot, sin-atrii on ino west sine ol Loiiegegrocn at the head of Collese-slrce-t, in ibis vil- uge. The iiodsc I 33 l y -la, vvun a l ascincni nory, with Kilchen and Provision eillars, nnd n wing 32 by 05, etlcnding norlh on College Green, wilh wood and store liou-e be low. and chum! er and ncepine rcom. nbnie. A large and commodious Darn, carriage house ico house, and other out-bouii-s, andn spaciou yard west of llii-ilvvclliughou-e, and a good durable well of wa'cr of the I est quality in the village, and a I rick e.sii-rn. One and n nuarlcr acre-s ol land, eflhe first quality i a large garden and choice fruit trees, west of I ho he Use and yard. 1 he lliuldings areconslrncitd in modern nyic, oi iho I e.-i materials and workmanship, wcrnereeicl by ilio subscrilcr for his own u-e, and iho location af ford n very extensive and pleasant prospect of t he village and lake on the We-l and is not surpassed by any other in thi- part e f the country. A o for sale n lot containing an acre of land direct ly eippo-iio llie above lot with a small convenient wool dwelling House increon. Purchasers aie invited wcnll and exminc for them selves Terms madoUuown by ihe sul scril er on ihe premise. SA.Ul'EL REED. II irlingion June, 10, 1B10. n3 Broadrlollis, C'asslmcrcs, and Satllnctts. E. M. WRIGHT it CO.. have iust opened very Fino Wool Dyeel Ulack, lllue UJack, Invisible Gre-en and fancy colored Hroadcloths, n goal nssortme ni ol iow pri-ed do, A t so, Very Fine Wool Dye.1 Cassi- iiieic.-, iiiuii-ui:uiur.s, uo. eio, an-i common satu nclls, verycheari. Butlington, July 16, 1611. n6 DANIEL SIMPSON. Patent Lever Watch Malcr, from Lhcrpool. -v A S Hi now twelve xcar. 7s-"? -f. sii,ii hiinst-ll ,C. s. the privilege of returning his f 'wvjjj grniefiil acknowledgement tu 7 "fiirT hi friends nnd the public- in V I fl ' RP,,er;,'or!,'mo',, unpreee.len. .X?- Vjf ft' tr- U'"1 , us. I sli. l,liu l) 111- ' K.vViASfJ ''"'", 'keni that he is slill nt the 's.LJejrjj(s rt., t.t , . r. . , , -, en oieenu, on viiurcn-sireei, one door south of Noblo Lovely audCo's. store.whcre he personally attend, tothe repairing of Chronome ter, 1 atent Lever-, Duplex, Lvpinos, and all other du.cnption of Time pieces. He will wnrrant nil new vorI. allixcd lo Waiehes in hi shop to be n good as the original, oras any done rnilie continent. N. H.-A good assortment of NEW WATCHES or l ie hrsl quality of workmanship, and will lesold nsc-heapand on as good terms as at any other shop in ihe stale. From In-, long experience in the business, and his being so many year- engaged in the making of waieh es in England, he flatlcr him-elf thai he" is lis com petent to inaku sclcclions as any in the vicinity. Riirluislnn.Jime , 8l. nl DA. HRAMAN, has this day rccivcd a new assort nf 11. . .... (-...I I.T..- . ll... I .' ,nn, .Ji.iiiiJiit.-i, CDiuprisiIli. Aiiurcsscs and Messages, of the Presidents from Washington to Harrison. Valuable and approved works, in Tncoloir leal and Miccellnneous Literature. Gei.eral Hioiraphy Vovnrrra find ( 1i1..i.. l-. . J ... .... .. .... . j . . 11 KIILO. UlUIUIIil 111 11U 1111131 approved School Classi-al and Mathematical Rooks. A birise enmilv nF Vfnr.r n,nlla lllnl. II. ...I, l-l , .. , ... . v..,!,-, i.iniiiv ..ijuiss, J..11.-III- ctitary nnd other Spcllars, Grammars and Geographies iu3iuii neuuemy uice uoou and Uiliuli, nnu Juicmlc books carefully sclected.all which are offered at tho luwese prices, ni inu uuoie .iiore. July I 18-11. r"1I!E LION OF THE DA Y. NO CORE NO JL PAY! Tile Cictiuliic old Dutch or fier- man Vegetable Pills. Highly recommended bv Doct. Valentine Moll, M. D. of N. V.. and others. The-c are the order ! Any one that does not fuiJ re- nci troin then; puis the price is rcliitn.'ed lack, the-e are the po-nive orde rs of the Proprietor to agents and others. In iiflermglhe'c pills to ihe public, 1 appeal to their intelligence. If these pills aie not what lliev recouiuieiuicu, you are in duly i ound out ol re-pect to yourself nnd community to ieieel them, and nnl b-b lliem to the world n nn imposition, humbug and quackery. Tbepiiblic- may 1 c assured tbeyare pmcly vegetable, they are compelled of nine ingredint, part of the medicine is only found in Asia and in the val ley of Germany. For convenience llie-o iMrnei are made into pill and will I e found n sine cure or re- ni-i iur un iiiiiiuu euiiipi.uui-, yenow and Pillions fevers, fever nnd nine, jaundice, scarlet rah, billion cholic eli-pcpsia. ite-. It is not pretended that thi inedicinei a cine t"r all di-case to which the human system i liable. Ten llicu-nnd uc!c- eilort have been made to draw from the region ol unknown fancy some long-spun theory of magic an, which, would e-uie each and every disease. Goel medicine is not found in Ihe fire or whirlwind. Health and happiness hang npen chance wind time is the lu-rald of truth. The pasi at least i secure; they bate already raised a monument ol their grcninc which will defy the corroding I ooth of tune. None can I e Genuine w'nlioiil a wrapper and directions on each I ox on which my namely wrillcn at length, .-old wholesale and retail by the s'lbscrd er at Glen's Falls, by A. I). & I). Sand 7U, and 100 Fuiion t. and I!. M.'Mcig-, 353 South Ma tket t. Albany. Damn it Hnwlev. 210 Siver st. Troy, General Agents for the state of New York. MERRITT GRIFFIN. For sale lv Wm, Rhodes nnd E. H. Green. Rich. mond; Morton it Clark, and I). it D. S. Lallirop, Willi-ton ; Hagarst Com-toe:,, Shell urn ; H, Sianion, Eses : Geo. B. and Allen liurncv. Jencho! J. If. Hiirlbut, Westfordi J. H. Harucs, Charlotiej R .uoreiv nnu iic-o. j-eierson, Hurlington J and ly t. HRIGGS. Hurlington. Agent for Chittenden Co . when- Sul-Agintcan I e supplied nt wholesale prices. itmilt. GO It DA ICS .MKIlICINl-.S.i jR GORDAK'S Jelly ofi'oinegrauate and IVrTrvi' an i-ni lor I'yspcpsy.Ni-rvo i tlen liclu-, I'ul p lation ol the Heart, Intern il and External Humor-, an I all unpiirilies of the lllood. Iceland Jelli- fi.r the relief and cure of consumption. Pulmonary Jelly for cough-, cold-, spilling of lllood, Hoarene-s ite l'ru. sian Linameni and Linaincni Opodeldoc for Kite dua lism, Physical Drop, Colombo Drops, Salt Rheum Ointment, Pi'e Ointment, Strengthening Plaster, nnd Corn and Wari Plaster. I he above i e.'el rated medicine nrenan-d entireli- from vegetable, by Dr. Win. Gordak, need no other recconuuendition llian they have 1 een belbretbe mil lie fourteen years, giving satisfaction to all who have used tlieni,-iujy le had of Dana it, vv ooU'loi-K, vi. Gen'l Aceul. Sol.l ul.n. Iv.l P Slronr. 0,.l,..; II- 11..,!.. White River , Wni.!ISiecl& Co., We t Hartford WoMer Downer Sharon; Dow ner it Neven-, Roy niton i J Wlie-at. Hellie-I. E C Holmes, We-l liandulplij J II Daufor'h. Hrauard : S IMknan. Easi It,irn.inl: N Snow, Pi infrc.j I. M & A SSiocl.eran.1 Govett Shnv , iiarnaivi; mum i e name-, t'erkuisvillci llrnwn it Amsileu, Felcbvillei A it 11 Wnrlncr. Windsor. A Marsh, Hi idgewaler, S S it F T Whee'er, Plvmojihi and at Handocl., Rochcier, Grandiillc, Norlhlie-ld, Montpilier.Middlel ury, vergenncs, nnd in most of the principle towns in the blate. A Supply 1,'liio above medicine iust received and lor sale l.y T AilJUll V. February, 1 Ft 1 1 . (Qui) Druggist, Darlington, Vi TAC-NUCTIC ODONT1CA. THE TEKTII 1U TIIK TEETH 1 !' I'm: I.m-ompabaiild Tooth I r.Ki'Ai-.VTics'. Ihelict is proved, and the me.-: in- 'lesluteiiis ad doubting nre fully vie ban- ue evidence irom lliesulceit gauuu f oxe o I heU on- lica, within tin- pai year, tl.a: the I'topion dream ol the a!chymit nre rcnlizesl, and n remedy discovered for pre-erviug llio-e linporianl and useful nppcnihge of the human system, 1 y the ii-e of the MagnelieO,lon tica, which byitaitrae:iive, and strenglliening quali-tie-, remove all extraneous Mil.-mni c- I'roin ihe teeth and preserves them in tbcirualiiral brilliancy, and llie Kill- pi soundness and beamy. II a-ierhuned from experience, that w hen n-cd, the tccih will never de cay, but remain till llie lale-l age nl man, with their natural wear, vvne-u iney are (leeaytil, Us progress will 1 e aric-tcd, und theli'elli prc-e rvcdandprcveiitisl and pre-crved liom uchiiig all llii ha 1 een done in a miilliiude of instanie: and more in thousand ol ca-e, nervous toothache, (that climax of paint has al nice lecn electuall) cured by popular dentrilrK e in America. And in conclusion, where, or who i ihe young lady cr gentleman, aye, the individual thai value a beautiful set of livth, sound gum nnd a sweet breath mote than lifiycenls, lliat will le longer dcsli-Intee-f a box of Dr. M. IlilchceH-U'sMagne-iieO-lonlie-a. Forsn e wholesale and retail, by A. HITCHCOCK .v. Cel., No. si. Ftieu, N. Y., ami bv their cntthroiignout llie L ulled Nates, in liur insrton. by J. it J. II. Peck it Co., and Theo. A. Peck iv Co. in .ergenncs Dyj.ii. iioivman. In .Milton, by Hur netl it Sawyer. In Georgia, by I.ori nzo Janes. aug2 Kir,n -. trl-OM,i.'(i ui-i-rt'ii ,.... u-eil in Wineor water. The-i-celebraled hitler nrecompO'eil purely of veee-nblcs of Ihe most inno cent yet spot-die virtues. They are recommended par ticularly for restoring weak constiiuiioii, cleansing and strenglliening the stomach, and increasing the appetite al-o n preventative against the cholera inor-lm-, fever and ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart burning, weakness in Ihe breast, pain in Ihe stomach and other symptoms of ihlnlenoe uud ituhge lion. Onu box will lineturooncgnllon. Priee23 els. a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. This choice and safe ointment is said tole superior to any now in mc, for that disagreeable and lonlh-omc d.sean', Ihc ITCH. This Ointment is so eeartain in ils operation that no person tloublesl with ihe nbove di-order ought to be without it. It i n remedy for cutaneous, eruption., scorbutic nffviion of the head, ornny other breaking out which an-cs from sharp humors in llie blood! Price 25 cts, a 1 ox. Rcs-kli.'s Vr.f.ETAELr. HiLiiors Puis, sr family physic, for general me, in case of Jaundice, morbid sensibility e f ihe stomach and bowel, loss of appetite, fictid 1 rcalh, cosliveness, Piles, and all disease. aris ing from biliary derangements, a.o fur correcting ihe stato of ihe blood, uud cleansing Ihe system ol foul and viscid humour.. Thee pills nre a mile) ca thartic, producing neither pain nor griping, aud are therefore a valoaHu and highly approved medicine, and arc pronounced us such by the most elislinguisnec! physicians. Each box containing 33 PdU. Price 37l cis.a box Rueirs celcl rated Salt Riicum Ointment. This is unquestionably the lest and snfe-t remedy rvery'l (ilfcred to the p d-lie for that obsttaale disorder SA l.T RUEl'.M. Whero other means have failed, ft hassue ecedcl, and ihe fact that it has Uen sxtenively used l-y eminent Practitioners speaks volumes in its praise, ll i equally efficacious in all diseases of the skin, si-ski head, ring vvorm, and the most inveterate llch, etc. etc. Numerous certificate, might Ic obtained, but ihe propritor chooses that a fair trial should leihe only evidence nfits superior efficacy. Price 50 cent, a box. For sale by J. et J. II. Peek it Co., Theodore A. Peek & Co., sign of the Mortar, and RoLsrl Moody, Hurlington t Dr. C. K. Miles, and Hull te Cook, Hines burgh; S. H, llarnc-, Churloiici I Janes, Georgia; L. Tyler, Essex i Fuller ii Huntington, Richmond. Also, by the druggists and merchants grnerslly hroiighoul the jtatc. cS.'Jro STEAM-UOAT JIOTEL, BURLINGTON, VDP.M0NT. MY JONATHAN HART. iXTH.- II-respectfully nnnottnecs to the citizens of ,,. "uiimgion nnu wcinny, and tho travelling 1 public generally, that ho lias ptirclirsed, thoroughly ; repaired, painted, fitted up, and furnished tho above' Hotel, situated on the corner of South and Water : street", opposite the head of the Steamboat Wharf in ' the village of 'Hurlington, (formerly owned and kept i by Captain I. R. Harrington, of llie Steamboat Phen nix,) in a stylo of convenience nnd comfort not sur-l passed hy any other Hotel in the village. A spacious parlor, sitting room, reading room, nnd dining room, I all commuiiicato Willi each oilier, and with tho front piazza on the ground floor. The liar room, barns, ' si enn nnd i-nn a ,pfl.r,.n...l .t. I . i.t - - "- -i ism in uiu oisi pussiuiu nian ncr to accommodate the travelling nnd business pub lic. An acre of ground, nearly on a level, adjoins this Hotel, with convenient out-houses, spacious and airy walks, and gardens ; arc all uniting to travellers, business men, boarders and patties of pleasure. ii' 0m '""SP"' professes to know how to furnish a pood Table and Ear, and to servo up the choicest eatables and rarest delicacies that tho market and season allord, in a manner to suit the taste or the connoisseur ! arid ho confidently assures his patrons and guests that his utmost exertions will be Putin re quisition to serve them. ' Steamboat passengers will be wailed on, to and from the Hoats, and their baggage traii-nortcd, nnd taken care of at tins Hotel, and save their Hack hire to and from the Court house square. Stage passengers can he left nt and taken from this Hotel without ndditional fare, and those taking the Hoats will ho shown on board and their haitraon frc0 t . J' .i V incurring any rini ol Ocmg If ft. Ill- theilnrL-nnco .,. .7 .1.- .. i . . " ,, ' ' -v, lm. lm;rii or any other contingency mcideni to Hie precipitancy of stcaih power, or the fluctuations of wind nnd weather. ""''' "".u s-nrr ages iurnislied lliose who wish to transact business, or visit any part of the village, on reasonable term. , Singletncals 25 cents, and other charges in propor tion. ?,.,r;n Hurlington, May 20, 1311. EUW.HU) J. PAY'S BOOT Si S-HOTJ i'STOUE Clmrrh-St,,! T. .-'.-.. .... Wr'i"2 '' i"1- 011 ',nn'1 a '"I'Cfor assortment of . x.uuii-3 uuu "-iciiiieincu s linevi sj i.-, i cT,nr.c. .' is, IllA.O, ui inu loiiuwing assorimciu Gent'. fine calf scwdlleieil Hov s Calf Shoe. " " " peg'd do. " light " " do. " Summer Gaiters, " " Pumps, " Calf " " "ShoesitHrogans " Thick if- Kip Roots, " " " Urogans Hoys Sliocs it Rrogans, " Thick ct Kip Hoots, Yths " it " " ( 11 ,K- (I ll.nnn..a Laches Gaiter llools, " Kid Slips, " New spring nips & Tic, " Colored Slips, " Uronzod " ." Calf " Misses Shoes if- Slips, AIo, a large a-sorimcnt of Children and Infants Shoes. Sj"E. J. F. wnuld'inviiehis customersnnd the pub lic m general to cat! and Kxamine his arsorttnent of stock, thorough workmanship and latest styles. Also, Measure Work and Repairing done at the ..ui..., mu...-, U31ISUUI, HOI Hurlmaton, May 23, 18-11. CROCKERY, GLASS & CHINA WARE. FAIlItAlt & WAIT, Importers and Wwlcsalc dealers in CrocUry, Glass and China Ware, and Mjnufacturcrs of Stone Marc. JQQ CRATES just received and now opening 23 Packages Edged and Common Ware, 23' do lllue Printed do 10 do Royal Hourbon Sprig do containing complete dinner services, Tea bets end Toilet Ware. 10 do French White Granite Ware, with com plete sets throughout. 10 elo Antique Vase Opaque Pearl Ware, con taining perfect dinner sets, cnliiely new patterns and shape, a most beautiful al title, with.Tia and Toikt Ware to match. CHINA WARE. 10 packeges China Ware, containing Beautiful While Tea Sets. Gold edge and line Tea Sptig do do Gold band it sprig do Sets and gold band China Nurse Lamps. GLASS WARE. 10 packages Glass Ware containing 0, S, nud !l flute Heavy Cut Glass Tumblers, 0, 8, nnd H Unto " Pressed do do 3 packages fine plain Tumblers, very cheap, Cut Glass Lamps, Plain do do, a great variety. Superb Cut Glass Hall Lamps, .sirai Lamps, i.iroudaies, unndlehras, Cul Glass Howl.. Lemonade Glasses. Pitchers, Decanter., Gobltts, Wine and Splendi I French Porce lino Vases, with flowers and s ndi and a variety ofotlier articles in their line, all of w hich aro now oficrcd Wholesale and Retail at New Yule prices. F. it W. would invdc the attention of Mer chants in llie surrounding towns to their stock of ware, assuring them that they will sell in package assorted to order on as good terms as can be purchased m New York Hostnn or Troy, nt iheir waichoubo corner oi of Church and College Sts. Hurlington, June 1. 1SI1. DtlKI.lN'G TON rpHE Trustees of the Hurlington Female Seminary X lake pleasure in announcing lliat the school will bo rc-opcuid on Wednesday the Clilh mst., at the buildings lately known 83 the Episcopal Institute, under llie supciiiitindanceof MissTmnzAii l.r.r., ialo one of the principal mstiuclcrsut llie Troy Seminary. will be aided hy competent nnd experi enced teachers in Ihe various branches of knowledge and elegant accomplishments usually taueht in the best female schoi Is in this country. The inusicnl in struction will, ns heretofore, he given by Mr. .Molt. The terms will be as follows; The fchool-ycar, consisting of -11 weeks, vvillbe divided into two ses sions, half a session being one quarter. The second qmrtcr of the present session commences .May CO. The winter lerni will commence on the third Wednes. day of September. Tho charge for boarding, inchid iiig,wasbpi!T. J'ueLlialits, etc., will bei.lO per quarter, half payable in udvaiice. Tuiiion in r.nglish bion clus SlO per session, half payable in advance. ExTr.A Ciiacocs. Tuilton o'n Iho Piano, Organ or Guitar, per quarter .... S12 00 Use of instrument for practice, . . 2 00 Vocal instruction for Piano pupils . I B0 ' " for others .... 2 00 Thoroughbass 2 00 French -.4,00 Latin . 3 (10 Drawing and Painting in water colours . h 00 Use of patterns I 00 There will be a charge of 23 cts. per quarter, for the incidental expenses of the school. The School will not be sectarian. Refertnco may be had lo the President and Pro fessors of the University, lo iho Clergymen of all the congregations in the village, and to the fo'lowing gentlemen. E. T. F.NOI.ESnY. T., J.N.POMEROY, G. II, SHAW, W. LYMAN, C. ilAYNES, L.LOOMIS, C. RANTER, H. P. HICKOK, JOHN PECK, S. MORSE, and G, A. ALLEN. T. FOI.LF.rr. W.A.GRISWOLD, J. K. GRAY, C. HENNS. A.W. HYDE. S. E. HOWARD, J. I. CUTLER, G. P.MAHS-H, II. TOUSI.F.Y, J. P. WHALING, Mm lfOCTH. NAXTOX iV NI.Af.. -2S.7JS3,Ta T espcctfully inform the inhabitants of Rcmixc LV ton, and vicinity, thai they can te found on Chiirtli-slreel, nearly oppo-ite iheGrand nazaar, one door sotnh of J. V, Whaling's store, ready to e'o all work in ihoir line wilh neatness and despatch. Ten imeried on Gold Plate from cne to a fill sell, which they will warrant to I e ustful in mastica tion, and appear like natural Teeth. Trr.TH filled wilh Geild orTin Foil and the much celcl rated Metallic l'astc. Tfeth can 1 1 ellecieal ly filled wiih tins Pa-tc, that cannot lr done wilh Gold or Tin Foils, with case and warranted for durability. One cf the two .ubscrilers can 1 e found in Iheir rf fice at all times, which is very necessary when ann ha the throbbing looth aehs. Burl ngtcn, June 19, 1841 r.3 VOL. XV. ...No. 10. HA I It t 1IA1K ! t llAMJNUSSImpor tant Dlscoierj lite fJriat .Mjstcry lound out nt last DR. STERRY'S HAIR REGENE RATOR. Dr. S terry, after much attention to the important subject of preserving the hair, has, nflor many experiments chemical mid phyncal been abls to discover nnd article which is now olli red with the greatest confidence for the toilet as the best thingever discovered, tor, for its softening and penetrating quality to produce n good head of hair to prevent it from falling of I' when baldness is apprehended lo rcstpto it when baldness nas taken place, and to prcvcni it from turning gray. It ii is more nourishing than po matum, antique oil, or Cologne water. It is n beauti ful atticle for ladies curls it makes the hair soft and lively, nnd products uncommon brilliancy. Thous ands linvo tested its superior viitues and excellence, and in every instance it stands unrivalled. It is art infallible cure in all aficctions of the sl-inlon the head as dandruli; etc. etc. Every family should be sup plied with a bottle of this oil, that by its application to tho hcatland hair of children, the beautiful and or namental finnendnisc nfn fine bend of bnie. which na turo has supplied us may bo preserved. From thei numerous cerlifirnles n nd recommendations received of its salutary influence, the Doctor feels firmly per suaded lie lias succeeded in producing an arucie wnicu will meet the desired wishes nnd opprobation of tho dublic. For sale wholesale and retail by A. HITCH COCK itCo. 117 Genesee st. Uticn, N. Y. In Ilur lington, bv J. it J. II. PECK it Co. and THEO. A PECK it "Co. In Vergenncs bv J.H. Howman. In Milton, by Rurnct & Sawyer. In Georgia, hy Loren zo Janes' WiMt.Hi, WOKMS.-Dn. M. Hitchcock' unrivalled and unequalled WORM TEA, a sovereign remedy for Worms. Strange nnd incredi ble are the elects of tlie-c detestable vermin; few person-, and it i thought none are free from them, par-tu-ularly females and cliildicu. Many pcr-ons go through a di-lre'-ing course of medicine without n benefit, when they might 1 e relieved by using the Worm Tea. Tin invaluable incJii ine ha been tested by the experience of more than ten ye-ar use, and adininistircl to more than 10,000 persons of various age-, and not one solitary complaint ; on theccntrnry liunJrcds have called, nnd un-olicitcd, given their de cided preference to it. ufier trying thedillcrcnt articles sent forth to ibepuble-, and pronounced Dr. M. Hitch cock's Worm Tea llie ino-t safe, effectual, and con venient remedy that can le obtained ; for in no one of the thousand- of instances where il has been us.c4 agrecal le lo the printed direction has it ever failed. N.H. Ask for Dr. M. Hitchcock'. WoumTha, asthcro are many nostrums al road for Ihedeslriieiionof worm i or sale wnoie-nie and relatl l y A. Ill I wllCUUh. eJi CO.. so'e proprietors, 117 Gcneco street, Utica, and by their agent throughout the Union. In Rtirlington, hy J. it J. II. Peck it Co., and Theo. A. Peck ct Co., In Vergenncs, by J. II. Howman. In Milton, by Uurnct & Sawyer. In Georgia, by Lorenzo Janes. auglO HEPATIC II 1,1X1 H, ACELEHltATED remedy for cr.mplaints arising from a diseased state of the Ll VI. Ii audits Secre tion ; the following ore n few of its symptoms, wcaknecil tbesti inach, Indiee.-tion, lo-s' of appetite lowncss ofSurits and Headache; it will I e found a sure remedy h r Eruptions on the Face. In conse quence of ineir Icing many nolrum circulating in thi- part of the country, the siibcnl er are authorized to warrant it Icnefil-ial eject, litis article is just received, and ii"ered to the public as one well worth the attention of'iho-e who arc nfllicied by complaints irom ine ai oie ui-ease; it i cm; irom an eminent phvsie-ian we feel confident in thu recommending it. Oct. C,1S10. THEO. A. PEC?. & Co., Sign of I he Mortar, one elocr cast ofJ it J II Peck it Co LOTION, LOTION. DR. EVANS' BEAUTI FYING LOTION. Highly eleuned for curing all Eruptions C(iarene, He-dnes and Pimple on the Face Neck or hand, and e.Icctually cleaiuog iho complexion, and removing all ehea-c of the skin' Nothing contribute so much to our general success in lile, a an engaging first appearance. Tins Lotion isadmired a must flagrant, in. Id, safe wash and great ly esteemed fur il virtues in cleansing, softening, and purifying the sl.m eif all eruption, so injurious to fe male 1 eauiy, and restoring it lo a high degree e.l pu rity. A lea liful complexion is Ihe pride of all who possess il, and the envy ofiho-ewl.o are deprived of It. What is so aiiectmgloa I eautiful feimileyn whosefatu naiute hasdi-plaje! her power, n m find her complex ion dieoloored wilh disgusting pimple, wluih mar her ehanii ! A good appeannce i the I est recom mendaiion ; and astbe Henmilying Lotion purifies Ihe skin, and remove- nb Piuiplt-, Ulolche--, Tim, Sunburn and Id-due, and prodii- e a I cauu'f il hue, it i. the only eosmelic a lady should u-e al her toilet. Gentlemen will all al-o hud ihi a delightful icmedy, lo removo all Ruoghne--, Piiiiile-, Ruigwiiiii-, Spo's, Re-diiess, Sorcnc-s of the fate nnd no-e, and every kind of erup tion on the surface of the human l-oily. ll is particu larly leciiinmcnded lo gentlemen to 1 e ipcd nfter sha ving, a- it will prevent Iho otherwise ccriain etlccl ol all common -oap, in turning the lean! prematurely grey. For -ale Wlio'e.o'e and ictad 1 y A. HITCH COCK it Co., Nl. 1 17 Gene-ee -lrcet, I'tica. In Hur lington, by J. it J. II. Peck it Co., and Theo. A. Peck, it Co. hi Vcrgeiine-, by J. II, Howman. In Milton, by Harnett it Sawjcrl In Georgia, hy Lren7o Janes aug 20 "iV" ATUltir-s GRAM) HI510HA UVE. 'Ibis JA valinlle Vegetal le Medicine stand unrivalled fur the following i-iniipfa-ru-, viz: Dvspep-ia, or Indi gestion, di-ea-ed l.iicr, hihoudie rdeTs, Dropsy, Asth ma, Cosiivene-ss, We nils and los if Appelitc.'nnd if i-leansing the stomach and bowels, cure pain in Ihe side, -teuiin.-h and I re.l-1. cold and eo- ghs of lima, standing, Hoarseness, shordie.- of breath, Nervous complaint, nr., which are frequently 1 he e icct ot du-C.1H-. For Fevcrand Ague, it is a most valuable pre ventative n well a a sovereign remedy. It virtue surpass any thing heretofore known in removing St. Vitus' Dance, two 1 ottle have 1 een known to cure ' llii a fill cling disease, after having 1 allied every ixer lion tor four jr-ars. ll ha n inot powerful influence in ri-ruoving nervou complaint. It is pleasant to lake and so easy m it operation, that it may I cndministereil to the infant wilh safely. The above-'Mcdieine is very highly rceoniineni'ed Iv many scientific gentlemen, and a large nuniler nl'lad.c, who hne proved the v irtnc of the Medicine ly personal useafld that of iheir families. A bill oficrnfie-ateaeconipanic each bottle, wiih direclion. It may le had wholesale or retail ol S, Hriiain, Harre, and .1. C, Farnam, East Williams low ii, Vt. sole propr.eiurs. Prepared from Ihe origin al recipe j for sale l.y E. II. Prenlis, Mcntpelier, and .1. it J. II. 1'rcK it Co, and Turo. A. Ptck Co., Hur lington, and in the principal lowns in the state; all dirivuon signed in the liand writing oftheprcprietor WIXOOSKl SASU FACTOR V. IS in con-tant operation, and prepared to execute oriers lor W1NDOWSASH cf every dcscripiion, and la the bet manner. A con-tant supply kept en hiind i.l fur sale a't ihesiorrt nl fir.p.', P.-l.-r.m. in ft,,- isz3.isrtiritsrvr-r' hngion, at theloilovving n c r s : 12 Light cacr.icni, 3J cents per Ligh', 8 do. do. 3j do do do 0 do. dei. 3 do do do G do. elo. 3 do do do 1 do. do. 5 elo do e'o SIDNEY SMITH. June 18, n2 NOTICE TO 1HJI1,II'.I.S. TIIHE subscrilcr will furnish in Burlington nd -1 vicinity, GRANITE window ap, sills, under pinning, Threshold and Door steps of any descrip tion, ol the lirst quality. A bill ct any stcne wanted will le attended to, nnd ill information furnished ly Mi-sirs. Follett it Hrajley, Pecks it Co., ami Hiadicy & 11 vde. Any prrt-cn ea'n ee ihe quality cfihe stone, by those furnished for Judge Folleii'hiuee r Pren d. nl Whielcr's hcu,e in Hurlington. It is piesumed that the quality and price of ihete stone will warrant a general use if tulldcrs will lake Ihe trouble tox ainineihe stoneand price. GEO. W. COLLAMf ff. Harre, Vi. February 1641. Cm DOCT. MAHSIIALIS Aromatic, Catarrh and lleadaihe SNI FF, This Snull i.-. superior io any llung yet known, for removing thai troublesome di cate, the Catarrh, and also a cold in the Lead, and the headache, ll opens and purge out all obslructioiis, stiengihcnthcpland?,and-:ivea heallby actirn toth pan a icctc.1. 1 1 1 p rfecllv tree from any thing dele terious m Us ctmposinem ha a Ica-nnt flavor, sad iisiinipcibalec'ec', nfcrleing ustil, is al gree slfe Price 3 T cents per bottle. Doci. Marshall's Vegctsh'e Indian Illsck PLASTER. 1 his Plaster is unrivalled for curing screifulru. twel hngs, Scurvy Sores, Lame Hack, and Frtvh Wrmnds ; pains in ihe side., Hip and Limbs; andrcldom fails in give relief in lex-al Rhemnali-ms. If anrlitil in iVj. side,itwill isiroinanyofthecoinmcn Liver Complaint and is equal, if not superior, to any thing in us corns on the fret , the virtuis of ihisl'laiis-r have tn wuncsteci ov tnousanas ei inaiviauais in Cnitril Suits, who' have icsieJ ils erhYaey. 1 yth nfo pnetrr I Cast. Uowen, MuMlel.ury, Vt., and Turo 4 Tsck & Ce , Hnrlinstcn, V, ' tt

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