Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 17, 1841, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 17, 1841 Page 3
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Communication. Ma. Editor. -If you have a spare corner In your paper, i snail Be glaa to occupy it with a few sugges. tiont on a topic which cannot fail to possess an in tercsl for the pcoplo of Burlington, if thev arc netua ted by feelings which have found a homo in the fcrcasts of many of our countrymen. I allude to the establishment and decoration of a rural Cenicicry in (ho vicinity of this village. It is to nio a matter of no little surprise that whilo these beautiful and appropn nto depositories foftho ashes of the dead have been rapidly multiplying among the flourishing villages and populous cities of the Slates, Vermont cannot boast of a single instance of n union among the hvm; to pay this most fit and touching of all tributes to the memory of the deal. and to provido for their final resting place, a spot whose natural and artificial love liness shall detract from tho feeling of gloom and loneliness, which chills the heart at the idea of being laid down to sleep in a dreary and desolate burying ground. All the arguments in favor of this practice have ben handled by other pens and enforced by far more elo quent lips than mine. It is enough that human sym pathies and affections respond at once to the iJea of rendering the home of the departed as attractive and qucstercd ns possible. There is nothing improper in mating their resting place here, to foreshadow that 'brighter realm, to which the fond hopes of surviving friends seldom fail to consign the dead whom they havo loved. I trust that this village, far famed for its beauty and enterpriie, may net be long behind the spirit of the times, but that measures will ero long be taken to .found a Cemetery, which shall be an honor to tho place, and furnish a burial ground for its inhabitants for many generations. Thero is wealth enough, and public spirit enough, and taste enough in Durlington to do it and it only wants an awakening to the importance and the fit ness of the thing, to render its ready execution un questionably certain. I hope, sir, that it will be done. The public papers of the villago should tako it in hand in their hands arc tho levers that "move the world" and let them but movo energetically in the matter and the work is accomplished. S. Virginia. The Legislature of this State met on Monday, and was organized hy the re-election, without opposition, of John W. Nash as Speaker of the Senate, and V' W. Soulhall, (Whig,) Speaker of the House of Delegates the latter gentleman having been chosen by a majority of five votes over Joel Holleman, (Opposition.) There was a re markubly full attendance of the members, especially of those belonging to the House of Delegates, only five of whom were absent two Whig and three Van Durcn men. TENNESSEESENATORS. We are happy to be able to announce, that the long contest respecting the election of Senators in Congress from Tennessee, is at length terminated and that that State is saved the disgrace of.a violation of her Constitution and Laws- Mr. Speaker Tur ney deserves great credit for his inpendencc find probity. He was the only Locofoco member of tho Tennessee Senate, who had the manliness and patriotism to abide; by the constitution of the State, rather than the recklessness of a Locofoco majority. Let him be remembered hereafter. An Extra from tho office of the Nashville Whig, Dec. 1st, states that the resolution to go into elec tion of U. S. Senators was adopted on that day by the Sonatc. The vote stood ayes 13, noes 12. Mr. Turney voting in tho affirma tive. Tho resolutions were sent to the House and adopted by a strict party vole. The election was to take placo on the 2d nnd 3d of December, ono of the Senators to be chosen onoach day. SOUTH CAROLINA. The Legislature of this State is now in ees ion. In the Senate, which is composed of Cal houn men exclusively, we believe, Mr. Ilujrcr lias submitted a bill rejecting the State's por tion under the Distribution Act. The corres pondent of the Charleston Courier gives an amusing account of the discussion, which was still in progress at last dates. The Senate with one exception, was in favor of the bill but so full of fury and wrath were tho chivalry, that they could not consent to its passago m silence, Mr Iluger made a furious speech. A Mr. McWillie followed on tho same side snort ing thunder and lightning. His feelings of in dignation were so great (ho said) that lie uml s?ive them vent. Alter bellowing for some time Sir. Rhett suggested that it was a waste of am unition there was no opposition, and it was worse than idle to consume time and money for nothing. A valorous little Frenchman, however 60on gave them to understand, that they were under a mistake, in supposing there was no op position. Ho showed them tho absurdity of at tempting "to bile off their nose to spite their face," in a very striking and original bi,rs-t of eloquence This unexpected hostile demonstration called furth Mr. Hugeragain who expatiated at great length on the enormity of giving to the people their own money. The Distribution was clearly an act of bribery and corruption nnd as South Carolina would only receive 8180,000 per an num, the paltry sum was altogether too insig nificant to buy up "all the chivalry !" Without concluding, lie gave way to a motion to adjourn at 4 o'clock, and would resume the next day. The bill will no doubt pass, as soon as the elo quont gentlemen shall have delivered them selves of their indignation. In tiieli ow.n con ceit, they wjll certainly have performed a very wise deed. They are heartily welcome to all the honour and advantage resulting from it. We desire no participation in it. If they are audi frail mortals--, that they cannot receive their dues, without being corrupted they do well to put away the temptation. Other people, of less chivalry, are not eo easily depraved ! Rich. Whig. Burning op Tiir Post Omen at Qur.ur.c. On the tho morning of the 25th inst. the buildings occupied by the General and City Post Offices at Quebec, was totally destroy ed by fire. The whole of tho books papers, fee. of the General Post Office Department were destroyed, witli some valuable papers belonging to the Deputy Post Master. In the City Department every thing was saved. The building was insured for .1000. UNITED STATES LOAN. The New York Commercial Advertiser, mmmentintr on that part of tho Presi dents Message, which says that the loan au thoriied by the lato session of Congress, was not offered in Europe, says "It is doubtless true that Mho foreign market has not'been resorted to,' in 'regard to this loan, .lirprtlv : but we belie e it is equally true that it has been resorted to indirectly that is to say, by some of the holders of the scrip and the re. .f,lt has boon mortifying in (he extreme. For first time in the history of the republic, the creditof tho Federal Government has been lloun upon both in fans anu i)nuon. "Attempts to negotiate) a portion of the new loan were made In both capitals ; and in both the reply was that tho bankers could do nothing ivilh it. And the reason of this want of success ..,.u declared to be the pernicious doctrine of the opposition here, touching the repudiation of State ItaOIJIllcF, mm wic ii,viii.ui,u,i turn i.iisbib- cinni was about to repudiate her bonds. The CaplW lB,B ' SJUmyl " -a ,. lime itiflprencp. if anv, between our national and ' . Mlfi I -the Tatter ,JZpt'i(nrXht0''M On Friday night th ndfctate cbltgation. If the latter repudiate jury rclurned'a VPrdlct fpr lhe iamn07or 913 their debts, they argue that tho former may do so likewise. Honco it so haimeiicd. durinrr tho last few months, that while France, with an arbitrary government, burdened already with an immenso debt, has found no difficulty in obtain ing a loan of 150,000,000 francs, at a low rate of interest, tho United States, free, and com paratively free from debt, with resources beyond tlicitt all, havo not been able to obtain adoflar." Of Cotmsn! A Mississippi paper states that Mr. Cwin, ono of tho newly elected antl-bond members of Congress, was indebted to the Un. ion Bank of Mississippi upwards of 000,000 dol lars, all of which except a small sum paid in de preciated paper, remains unpaid. He k an out-and-out ami bonder, I'LATTsnuncii.Doc. 11. H'e regret to learn that acts of incendiarism have again disturbed tho quiet of our frontier. On Wednesday tiiuht an uncommon light was observed by many of wur citizens ai mo norm ot us; and yesterday we learned that three barns within tho distance of a mile of each other, in Odlctown, L. C, just across tho lino, were discovered to bo on lire, simultaneously about 8 o'clock in the evening. They were entirely consumed with their con tents, Including five valuable horses. H o have heard it suggested that it was nndoiibtbdly the work of tho "Volunteer" Canada Militia, who lnvo lately been disbanded, liy this means they hope to keep up an excitement, and to bu again organized and taken into Her Majesty's Sen ice. K epublican. Clinton County Dank. It appears hy the Albany papers that during the late panic, the bills of the Clinton County Uank, with others, were refused by their agencies at Albany on Monday last. Such an occurence we believe is not unusual. It so happened that one of the directors remittances, did not airivii n time to prevent tho occurrence. We understand the panic is subsiding. Ho therefore have no doubt but that the agency will bo resumed in a few days. There can bo-no loss to the hill holders or depositors in any event. The direc tors have cntiro confidence in their ability to meet the liabilities, and we are happy to say that tho publications referred to, have produced no alarm or excitement in this vicinity. Tho Bank redeems its notes whenever presented. St. Lawrence Bank We understand that this institution suspended payment last week. We are advised that efforts will be made to re sume within the ten days prescribed by law, which wo hope will prove successful as the fail ure of this institution will be productive of verv serious consequences to many ol the Stock, holders. Ogilcnsburgh Timer Dec. 8. The STEA.M-Smr Savannah. The appre hensions entertained for the fate of this vcsfcI, have unfortunately boon icalizod. She found ered ofTCape Hattoras in a gale of wind on Sun day night, the 28th ult. Capt. Crane and a part of tho passengers, thirteen in number, left the vessel in ono of her boats, and after being sixty hours at sea without a drop of water and pro visions, was picked up by the brig Kovvcnn, Capt. Dill, bound to Philadelphia, who liberally supplied their wants, and arrived with them at Capo .May on Saturday, the 4th Ue-ember, whence they were taken by the steamboat Nor wich, Capt. Levy. The following individuals were loft on board tho steam-ship, and there wore still two boats, in which there is a hope they may have effected an escape : jlfr. Duns, cornbe, lid officer, and 4th seamen. Daniel Hill 2d engineer, and 4 firemen. Mr. Schneeder, of South Carolina, a passenger and an engineer -V. 1'. Cuurier. An Extensive Fokgerv, committed by a member of a firm, heretofore in respectable standing, was discovered yesterday. Mr. Kirk, of tho commission house of Kirk and Johnston, 127 Front st. offered to a brother a note of Ins firm for S3000, purporting to bo endorsed by John Johnston of tho firm of Door man &. Johnston this wan declined, but with an intimation that a note for a (-mall amount, en dorsed by tho house instead of ono of its part ners would bo bought. Accordingly Mr. Kirk soon returned with a nolo for three thousand diillars, endorsed by Doorman, Johnston &. Co., v, liich he was told to leave and call for the money in -m hour. Meanwhile the nets was pent to Doorman cf-Jolitixion, who pronounced it a for gery. Mr. Kirk did not return : and upon lurther investigation it was ascertained that on notes in different Banks, the National, Bank of America and Bank of New-York, the name of John Johnston had been forced to the amount of Jifly-iix thousand dollars. Search was iiiunc- uiately made lor lurk, but lie liai disappeared. His partner, however, George Johnston, jr.. was arrested and committed to prison, but no money was found upon him. The l'olice are on the alert for Kirk. A. 1". American of yesterday. Laik-.e ,wu Systematic ForiGEitins .Much to tho astonishment of tho gentlemen whose respectable name has Loen used, and also of the officers of the bank, it was ascertained on H edncsday that numerous and extensive for gcricf, had been committed on several of the banks of this city by persons who heretofore had borne an unsullied reputation in the com mercial world. It appeared that the endorse incuts on these notes of the amounts of S"000, of S:i000and of 82000, purporting to have been endorsed by Mr. John Johnson, of the firm of .Messrs Doorman and Johnson, and which had been discounted by tho National Bank of this city at different dates for Messrs Kirk and John son were lorgenes. It appeared from the statement's made, that Mr John Johnson had been in the habit of en. dorsing the notes of Messrs Kirk &. Johnson, commission merchants, of 1!)7 Front street, a liousu in good repute, and the members of which were John G. Kirk and Go jnre Johnston Jr and that one or the other, or both, of the members of this last named firm had availed themselves of the facilities thus aforded them to forge and counterfeit the name of Mr. John Johnston, of the firm of Boornian & Johnston, as endorsements to their notes, which from the unexceptionable character of the paper were discounted without difficulty. The forgeries, however, wore doomed to too the light for as tome of the notes thus purporting to bo endors ed.'vore not paid at Maturity, Mr. John Johns. ion oecamo acquainted with llio fact at the Na- tional llanlt, and the endorsements of the three notes, amounting to S10.000, declared to ho for geries, as also others that have been paid. In consequence of this discovery, Mr. Johnson hav ing maue auiimvii oi me lorgcry ol Ins signature and Mr. James Gallatin, President of tho Na tional Bank, having also made affidavit before Judge Noah on Wednesday evening, that mag. istrato issued his warrant for the arrest of Mr. Ueorge Johnston, Jr., of tho firm of Kirk &. Jontton, ol 1,37 front street, and ho was arrc6t. ed at a late hour of that night, at his houso 11 Grand street, by officers Bowyer and McGrath, and committed to prison for examination. Mr. Kirk could not be found by the officers up to a lato hour on Thursday evening. It was alto slated by one of tho Judges, that other forgeries of tho samo name, by the person or persons above charged, havo been discovered to tho amount of S 18,000 on tho Uulchcrs' and Drovers' Bank; for a considerable sum also on the Hank of America besides on some other Bankc the whole amounting to about $.w,000. ioui jiir. ucorgc jonston, Jr., and his partner, Mr. Kirk, were held in hii'h renulo nriorto the discovery of theso transactions which, it is al. leged, have been going on for three years or more, by forging on ono bank to make payment IIeavt damages against a SiiEnirr. Whilucll, Hand el-co vs. Cahin Willard, bhcr. iff of Worcester, lor neglect of his deputy, Asa Matthews damages laid at twentv-five thou sand dollars. In 18.'!5 the nlaintifl'sucd D. J. Brigham, keeper of the Worcester House, for tf.ju,uw, .Matthews served tho writ, but did not attach all the property in tho house, but omitted many valuable articles of stock, etc. What was attached was not sold till lOT, when it only Drought about 11)00. It was contend cu mat mo saie was conducted in such a man ner; that a fair auction price could not bo obtain Nrw Oe.nnkssee FAiutcn. This valua hie papor will bo oditod tho coming year by Henry lyoloman, Lsq. tho lato agricultural commissioner of Massachusetts, and ono of tho first agriculturists of the day. It will bo published upon tho cash plan, nt tho low price of 50 cts. per year, nnd is highly de serving of tho support of agriculturists. Heavy Stakes Tho owners oftho famous racer Boston, gave a challenge some time since, to the friends of Fashion, a Jersey nag, to run a match race for twenln thousand dollars a side, over tho U n course (I,. I.) (ne.xt spring. She friends of Fashion -,ive aei epted the challenge, and named H Itlth of May next as the day of trial. The UaU ,s iho same as tho ono between Kclipso and Henry, nnd in this instance, as in that, it will bo a contest between tho North and the south. Heavy- VnnntcT. In the United States Cir cuit Court at Philadelphia, on Monday mornim, the jury, in the case of tho United States vs. James A. lteeside.gave a verdict in favor of ilr. Reeside, for the sum of ono hundred and eighty eight thousand, four hundred Mid niuctv-si.v dollars and six cents 183,490 00. Commeece or St. Louis Thero are now G2 boats owned at .St Louis, with an aggregate ton nage of 10,002 tons. Tho aggregate present value may bo sot down at not less than 8333,. 000, and their first cost at, say 8337,750. 1 n addition to these, there arc now ten boats build, ing for this trado which will average 230 tons, and which will give in tho spring an aggregate tonnage of 12,5."32 tons at an original cost of ab. out 81,037,700. The oldest Thee in the World. Mr. Loudon, in a late work, gives an engraving of the Cypress of Soniina, in Lombard', perhaps ihn oldest tree of which there is any record. There is an ancient chronicle extant at Milan, which proves it to have been a tree in the time of Julias Osar, 42 vears before Christ. It measures 121 feet in height, and 23 feet in circumference at ono foot from the ground. It was respected by Napoleon, who, when laying down the plan for his great road over the Sim. plon, diverged from the straight lino to avoid injuring the tree. To Make Coffee. I have tried nearly every method of preparing this Arabian beverage, and find, after all, that there is no surer way of hav ing coffee clear and strong, than pursuing the plan here given. Beat up an egg twofor a largo pot and mix it well with the colToe till you havo formed it into a ball ; fill tho pot with cold water, allowing room enough to put in the ingredients; let it simmer very gently for an hour, but do net think of stirring it on any ac count: just before it is required, put tho pot on the fire, and warm it well ; hut, as you value the true aroma, take caro that it does not boil. Pour it oil' gently, and you will have as pure and strong an extract of the Indian berry as you can desire. Use white sugar candy, in powder, in preference to sugar; cream, if attainable; if not, boiled milk Epicure's Almanac. Pat-acy- in the U. States. The Catho'ics have now in the U. S. 10 dioceses, 1 archbish op, 13 bishops, 3 coadjutors, and 012 churches and chapels, 391 stations, 513 clergymen, 17 ecclesiastical seminarics,18 colleges, 31 female religious institutions, 49 lemalc academics, 72 charitable institutions, and 8 periodical publi cations, "devoted to the cause of Catholicity." The Real Simon Pure. The English "gov ernment have appointed a "Lord Bishop of Jer usalem." A London paper states that eighteen years ago his lordship was the officiating rabbi of a synagogue at Plymouth. Ho was baptised at Plymouth, and received orders at the hands of the lato Archbishop of Tuam, iii tho church of Ireland, a church claiming the purest apostolic descent, untainted by popcrv. His lordship is of pure Hebrew descent, oftho tribe of Judah his lovely and most esteemed partner, Mrs. Al exander, is also of the purest Hebrew blood, and of the tribe of Livi, thus uniting in ono the royal and the priestly tribes. Their eldest hoy, whose name is Michael, is a student in Christ's Hospital. But whether he is to unite the offi. ccs of priest and king, is not stated. To Pahents We mentioned that a child of tho Rev. Mark Carpenter, of Kcene, N.. II, died from the lodging of a beau in the glottis, though Dr. Twitchell was in attendance in iif teen minutes after the accident. Children are liable to such accidents, which are invariably fatal without prompt assistance ; and yet, in many cases, tho patient may bo kept alive till a surgeon arrives. So soon as the bean, or other substance, passes into tho glottis, which is tho "ntraticn to the windpipe, a small membrane, called tho epiglottic, closes over the orifice, and not only prevents tho ejection oftho foreign substance, but complely interrupts breathing; ard thus the patient dies from strangulation. In all such cases, a hole made in the windpipe will admit air to tho lungs ; nnd this will keep tho patient alive, vv lule a suigcon can extract the foreign substance. A sharp pointed pen knife should bo lunged into tho windpipe, about the middle of tho neck, between any two of the rings, which are easily perceptible to the touch. The rut should be made between the rin-rs. nml parallel with them, or across the tied:, about a half inch in length, and tho cut should be hunt open with the hladoof the knife, till a quill can be inserted. This quill will form a pipe through which respiration can proceed till the glottis he relieved. After this operation, the foreign snh. stance will sometimes be expelled bv coughing in consequence of the relaxation of the epiglot tis, and thus render a surgical operation for re moving it unnecessary. In thus, cutting the winonipe, no uangur neon bo apprehended to any largo blood-vessel, for none arc found directly in front of it. This simnlo operation, whirl. any bof'.y can perform, will invariably save every patient in such cases. By cutting tho windpipe as low as possible, the glottis will be avoided. Boston Times. STATE CON VENTIO.V OF THE FRIENDS OP I'MUlAIIUiV, Tnn rnnimiirpp nnnnimj 1... l. ..i .: vcntiori nE?enihll nt Itrnmt... nn ,.fi ,ni, 1 t ' I'll inr uui I,, dUIIUiiry 1811, licrthy cive notice to tho friends of eiucnlioh atMIDDLEHURV on Thtiredav th tl,i ,l,h r if iri i i i' i ? " convention vnn he lictd Jan nn ry, 1612, commencing nt 9 o'clork. A. 51., to , lhlv.,,b ... ouuin A o licnr llio report of the comiiiiiice, and to lake into vum-iuciiiuii uiBt'uucniionai wants and intercrcst oferm')nt. They respectfully but urgently ask a full and general attendance. I I10MAS II, rALMEB, W.M. (!. KlTTBIPCE, 1). V. C.t'l.AR.E, Ebesezsr N. Hdigck, K. J. IIallock. Dec. T, lSil. Commute. TEMPERANCE CIRCULAR. Sir The Annual .Mieiing tif tho Vermont State Tcinpernm-e Society, holden at Monlpelier, on the 19th of Oct. Inst, was adjourned to meet at Middle burv, on Wednesday tho l?lh day of January ncil, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The adjourned meeting will pirlske if the charac ter of a convention of the friends of Temperance for the Stnte, and will continue two days. linporiant questions will bo dismissed in relation to tho best nnd most efficient mennsof promoting iho piiiu iplcs of total absiinencc from intoxicating drinks, and such mea.'Jtes adopted us may he considered necessary to enlist iho efficient action and harmo nious co-optrntion of all the friends of tho Temper ance Reform throughout tho Sta'e. It is earnestly requested lhat there may be a full representation tf the several county and town socie ties, and a general attendance of gentlemen from ev erv nartof llio State friendly to Ihoobicctof the meet. ing. Delegates from Societies of iho leformcd m tbrintcs arc respectfully invited to bo there. I'lea-o lay Iho subject before your friends, and use such efforts as your judgmfnt may dictate for pro curing a tun rcprescniaiiun iiuni yuur piacu ang i cinity. Ily order oftho Vermont State Tern. Society. CEO. H. MANSER, Sccrttary. Monlptlicr, Nov. 8, 1811. Cllnln's Improved Self-Inker. PRINTERS aro desirnl in whncssllte operation of ono at tho snbscrilura office. They will bo fjrnifhc'J at the manufacturer's price; C. GOODRICH, 1-, v Agn for r Hi Jfaniifvtturtr run M A B K E T. a,,,I1.T3.n,,mR't'-MoI.dav, Dc. 6. and 575 Swine. lntr.f 11. r r...t. t. . . . . .,., vdino-,ic quote to correspond witn last week. irsl quality, $5,75 a 6,00 1 ioCond quality 4,76 a 6,50 1 third quality, 3,75 a 4,50. Barreling Catilo-Tho bnrrelers refused to pay former prices, and seven lota were purchased at re 8!undNo."!,5r Mt"H12 tt4'"' Stores Two if fir 67 m IR . al.. . -t l af 2 w j iuiuu juar wiu 82 nndP225VC qUOl 'tS 8',B 1,S5' 133' ,,C2' 192' SlVtnn f.nld In tr,Arn nt nt - on. f it js r !.. t oj a 04c iur saws nnair a 43c for barrows. At retail, 4 J a G$c D. Adi. NEW VOHK CATTI-K MARKET. Dec. C. , , " wl entile, inciuning left over Inst .week 30 mich Cows, and 3000 Sheep and lambs. r The Reef market was better attended, and prires nAftT , . "n--" ' ' i.iici man last ween l tnn 1 "etC c" 01 ''75 a S7' avcraBingS5,50the Milch Cows-Were dull, 20 sold at $25 a 39 each. S teen nnd l.nmh, .vnmin l- o.nn ..n w ... iw. uoimiiu, umi II hhccpntsl to SI, and onolot extra at S5t Lambs at "Si! to S2 each. Hay Tho market was well supplied, and sales were made at B7i to 1,12 tho 100 lbs. Jour. Com. n ,'.,V XfmK MARKET. dec. 11. I Ins has been n week of considerable ex citement. Later news from Europe nnd Canton have been received, and the anxiously expected document, the President's Message, has reached na. Tho news from hngland is interesting. Tho money market was light, trtido dull, and the cotton nnd grain markets without any material change. Tho birth of a Prince has been an occasion of great joy to the English na tion. The President's Message has disappointed the public ngreenbly. It id a plnin mild document, and on all points save tho currency, is approved by all. The currency fpiesiior, one of great import, i new nnd navel, I he establishment of a Rank appears to be abandoned. Tho new plan will thercforo attract great nttailion. 'I ho report of tho Secretary of the Treasury will now bo looked for with increased in terest. A few weeks will probably shed a good deal of light on tho subject The fall trade is nearly clos ed -, the canal i- but, nnd a good deal of ice has op. pcared in the Nonh Itiver. Tho business of the week hns been interrupted by Thanksgiving, and as tho holidays soon follow, thero will not be much done for some lime to come. FLOUR The market has improve! sinco Inst Sat urday nbout 12J cents. Sales have been al 80 30 fur common brands ( tho market, however, is very dull nt that. Troy ami Ohio S6 37, and Michigan'at SO 23 j Georgetown SO 50. Tho last news from Europe has not had a favornble influence on llio market, nor have nny purchases been made for shipment. GIt.M.N A sale of Ocnese Wheat has been mail at 133 ct. which is a slight improvement. Rye has rather drooped s a sale wn made yesterday nt IScls. which is 2 els. lower j 1000 bushels of North River I!arlevsoldat75cts. Northern Onls48 to 60. Corn is selling a shade less i Maryland fiG to "0 for old, and 02 a G3 cts. for new; North old 70 CIS. PROVISIONS Hnth Reef and Pork arc dull, and but little doingj no changoin price. New Lard is selling at 8 cts IlamsOs Racon sides G. PORK Dressed conies into mnrlcpt !ni?Iv. Last anus u, u n il is. State or the oct-door Market. Snoic has fal len considerably! but tho stock on hand U onlnrr fast. " Sun There was a nso ycterday morning, and ot noon, tho article was fair and film ; but towards even ing, it declined ; and, in fact, at night, it was down altogether. A'o The holders looked blue. I fee Is Very unsteady, especially in Chcsnut a'rect. A considerable fall was experienced in that quarter. .VficVis l.irgc quantities going olf night and d y. JlellcsTiip lots in Walnut street yesternny were the flircst. We observed -ome very bcaulifuj ones in the windows. Those m the streets. ,encr.illi slightly affected by exposure lo tho culling wind. Ice What thero is, is coldly taken; mire is ex pected in ihe course of t lie week. yogs i.itnc spoken ol j barkers aro heard of during the night time. Piss Several lots, which hadslinnal tlirmmli first hands, were taken by tho city outliorics. jiioonstuncA l.ur supply, and the market bright. Cnltls A glut experienced, nnd none wanted. Weather Much spoken of; only the best kind is required. Money None to bo picked up in tin stretts. Grate Yards Quiet. Prospect Gloomy. Phil, paper. E2 m ir it n o 3 In Underbill, 2d inst., by Wm. S. Hawkins, Esq. Mr. Prcscoti D. Wrh'ht of Monlpelier, to Miss Maria Ilurroughs, nf Alslead, N. II. Inllydepark, 21st ult. II. P. Smith, Esq. to Mrs. Marion E. Karnes. In Danville, Mr. Sherburne Keycsol Cabot to Miss .uarv Ann main oi I'lymoiiin, .. H. In Penchant, 21 inst. Mr. Charles Guile of Danville lo Miss Mary Chandler. lii Monroe, 2d inst. Mr. James Noycs to Miss Mary E. Ridcoui. In Panton. on llio Dili inst. liv the Her n n w.i. kins, of v'ergennes, Mr. John Stearns, of Middlebury, lo Miss Harriet N. Tower, ol Pnnlon. At Locust Lodge, the residence of Col. W. H. Drown, Hempstead, L. 1., Madison G. Harrington, Esq. formerly of St. Johnsbury, to Miss Mary Ann Drown, daughter of Capl. Joseph Drown, of Peacham. In Peacham, 30ih ult. Charles C. Chase, Principal of Caledonia Co. Grammar School to Miss Martha Cow lea. In Darnel, Mr. Wm. Ilnchelder, of Haverhill N II to Mis Louisa Qiiimby, of Wnlerford. ' ' In Lvndon. 21)lh nit. Mr. Jnlm Si. r..,i ,. r: Ju.lilh McGalley, daughter of Mr. Stephen .McGaircv In SI. Johnsbury, 2d inst. Mr. Liwton Rockwell of Ronton Mr. Geo. W. Drown to Miss Sophia Soper Mr. Joseph Kidder of Irasburgh to Miss Iluldah Stevens. In Rarnet, 2d inst. Mr. Zadock Wright to Miss Eebzabelh Stiles. In Conrord, Mr. Lot Woodbury, aged 59, lo Mi s Lovina Richards, aged 15. In Nantucket, 23lh nit. by Rev. John S. C.Abbotl, Rev. Chas. F.Abbott, Principal of the Temple School, lloston, to Miss Mary E. daughter of Rev. Levi Spalding, mi-sionarynt Ceylon. II ml. l ft,,. Tdll'M n. 1 , 1 1 1 I . , f ,.B. C GOODRICH has a valuable collection oflinokn . siiilab'c for toWn or district Libraries, whieh ill lo sold on the most liLeral term-, and at very low price 'vi.. ii. Walton's Vermont Register for 1813, 750 Ju-t receive I and lor a'e bv Dec. 15, 1811. VILAS, I.OOMIS &Co. SNOW At Howard's Cheap Cash store, RniUNGTON Vt hal. 44 - 27 nonli. Urns. 3 0 .1Q mei tr.'U IW Ml fPk-. -,!.. A M nn Sfl min Thermnmetir 2fi iVo. alinve fl. ThU moment the nov lia romm?neil fal inz upon a i i. -1 i . ciin,ii,i .nn...u come 10 iniiLe t-!if;!nntr( the town would iumca miTrjf, inerryt iiveiy, pmpimif nppvarBiK-o ; uie I'eml'lapo ai'llowanlV for Cheap (mhkJh would le an amn-iru vpeiMaele m him, anil lo which Mglit nil are niotulieerfully invited to join in and taLea part from New I av Hooks. CONNECTICUT REPORTS, Vol. 13. Common Law do Vol, 38. i-xvl. do Vol, C. Dec. 15. For f ale by C. GOODRICH. PASTRY ARTICLES I L'SSIA.N Sheet, Shred and Staple Isingla-Ms. I t Cooper' American no. Nke-I Iri-b Mo-f, EfSemenf Peach Kernel, Concentrated E.j;iice of Lcmcnf, Nicest Rci-c Water, Extract nf Hot, Spani. h Vanilla and Oil cfMaer, Tnc Ordinary Spi'e, Dc-tLrinin Svrup, S.ilnlOil, Sugar Ornament and Sandi, Ii fined Conleciionanca in Cornel, .c. fie. Dee. 16. Ry PECK & SPEAR. 1842. w ALTON'S VERMONT RECJlSTFR.-ISOO inn received ly ll'cc. 15 C. liOODRIL'll. Dry Feet 1 ! A Really excellent article fur Room mid Shre' pre-ervins ihe feel from water and externa' mcis iuri in that of CJ'Ilakrr,a Water Proof l!lacMiiE:.-l Warranted. Tor ale by PECK & SPEAR. rilti HUNT. Twoconvenienllloue, M- Enipiire of VILAS, LOOMIS fcCo. Pec. IS, ISO. Walton's Vermont Register for 1 8 4 2. Dec. 15, 1341. S. HUNTINGTON. For eaU by llooks ami I'aner; f"1 GOODRICH, one door Eaue.fFarrar itWail' Crockery Store, ur Ml Viiis, nana very general eollei'iinn of Rnokt. including a Iarcenocl; of School Hooks and l'ancr. All wiMiing lo tiureha.e will do well to call. Produce and domestic nianulaeturcs of every cle.cription received in payment. School com niilleen furnirhmz for K:uool, ball hare bcokt ra- tuito isly tor all chil'iren m tnir nifirrra voor rents r 'marie to ruy. paw. IS. , a A CARD. mntn f a nil ridtrrtihnr mnA ria.J..n.t.ll.. kindnesi aad lymptthy during the sickness and dsath GEORGE 3ARTWELL. TKMPBRANCE. wm o an aujournoa meeting or tn iiutnne ton Total abilinsnce Society this overling, al the Court House, at six o'clock. EH dl In this town, on Tuesday morning last, after an illness of two week-, of erysipelas, Mr. Joseph N. waxing, ngeo o jsars. In this village, on Saturday morning last, Mrs. Eluabsiii Sa&tvveu., in thc2Clh year of her ago. For several vears orevious la her deeense. she professsd the religion of Jesus Chtist, which she adorned by a holy walk and godly conversation. During a portion of her last illness, her mental pow ers were in a measure deranged, but there were sea sons when the light of rasson clearly shone, and at such times, she enjoyed lharonsolationsof thcrelifion sue proiesseumnu maniiesiea unwavering connuenco in God. ShcVcclaimed frequently, and witlicmpha sis, " I shall live bevond the tomb.'' She died as tho Christian dieth, and has left to her surviving friends me consolation oi oeueving tnai snc now rests " vviin Christ in God." (Printers in the state of N. Y. are requested to copy. In Rcrlin. iS'ov. 19. Sevmour Mav. sired 2 vears. also on the 20th, Martha Maria May, aged 4 years nnu u moniiis. In Watcrbury, suddenly, of typus fovcr, Orlcan.son of Ela Sanborn, aged 17 years. Printers in Mass., N . II. nnd Michigan are requested, cVc. in st. jonn-ourv. 2ist u it. Anno Albee. iota b4. In Ilralllcboro,' at the Insane Asylum, 27th ult. Mr, David Colby of Rrownineton, aged 36. In Danville.Glh init. widow Eunice Porter, aged 91. in iTisumee. Indians, nem.zt. airs.i nan aicuon aid, 76, formerly of Bethel, Vt. The crest celebrity of the Vegetable Pnlmnnnr. Ilalsam has been the cause ofattemntato inirodure spurious ariicles, which by parially assuming the name of the genuine, are calculated to mislead and decievc the public. Among these mixtures are 'Crr- lers Lompotinu Pulmonary Halsam, .Imrricon Pulmonary lialtam, ' Vegetable Pulmonary Hal samic Syrup' 'Pulmonary Halsam' and others SHRI.lltJItN MILLS ARE NOW IN OPERATION. TIIE late improvements for cleoninrrand msnufse. X turinc erain havo been introduced and aro far superior to anything ol uie Kind in the country. Please call and examine for voursclvr.. H. WHEELER, Agent December, 1641. 3w-23 Heuben nond'a Kstate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) rpHE Hon. the Pro District oi (Jiuitcnaen, ss. s jl bate Court for Hie District of Cliiilcnden : To all Pcrsins coneerned in the Estate of Reuben llond late of Underbill, in said uiiirici. ueecnHeu. iirceiinir. Whereas, Ziba W. Church, Adm. dt bonimon ot ttie Kslale o said deceased. uroDosea to render nn nr. count of his administration. andDresent his account against said estate for examination and allowance at a session oi tne ioun ot I'rouaic, to oo noiden at ttie Kcgiiter s umcc in uiulinzton in said District on ibv second Wednesday of January next. Thcrefijre, You aro hereby notified to appear lefjre said court at the time and place aforesaid, and show cause, if any you have, why tho account aforesaid hhonld not be allowed. Given under my hand at Rurlington this fifteenth day or December A. u. ibji. Wm. WESTON, Register. Wm. Kllburne's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT,) A T a Prolate Court District of Chittenden s. 1 xXholden nt Burlinnion vvilhin nnd for the District afores.aid,on the fourlli day ot lceeiiu cr, a. i'. lal, nn inMrunieni purportinjr 10 be the lal Will and Te-lament of William Kil lurne, late of Burlington, in aid District i! vva- pre-enled lo ihe Courl here for ProLalc, by Ann Kilhurne. the Exetx rix therein named. Therefore it is ordered by aid Court, that public nclite I c rjiven lo all ncron nvere-ted therein to appear 1 eforeaid Court, al a c.ioll thereoflole holden al the Regi-ler's office in faid Rurlimrton, on the econd WcJneday of Jnnuarv, A. I. 1841, and content llic proLntc of said Will, and it is further or dered lhat tlii order be oublished ihree vee!k atiece- ytvely in the Durlingion Free Pres, a new. paper primed al Burlington, in tbi Ha'e, the tat f which shall be previous to the day aligned, as aforesaid for bearing. Given under my hand at the Register's Office, this 4lb day oi uecemLcr, ion. Wm. Wsstok, Rciisicr. w OOLLEN KNITTINO YARN, at Dec. 10. S. II. SCOTT'S. CHAIt IjOTTI; I-'KMAIjC SUM IX A It Y riHE next term of this institution mil commence ju on vteuncsuar, uui oi tno present inontli, un der ihe suticrintendanee of Mis L1VIA GUERNSEY. Miss GcEnssEV was for several years a teacher in the Cazenovia Seminary, and hasbten recommended to the board ns etmnendy qualified for the station. Since the close of the lost term, the building has been repaired and painted, and tho Trustees now commend ihe institution to public pstronage with increased commence. TUITION na QCASIEB OT ELEVEN WEEKS. Common English branches, - 3,00 Hinhcr do do ... 4,00 To which will be added, For Ancient Languages, - - - 1,00 French. 1,00 Drawing and Painting, each - 1,25 Board can bo obtained in a resnectnble fnmdv. few rods from the Seminary, for 61,50 per week, in- uiuunig met ana iignis. In behalf of the Trustees, , . J. POOR, President. Charlotte, Dec. 10, 1B41. 3w-72 N nank of Iliirlliigton. OTICE is hereby given, thnl n meeting of tin SiockhnUrrs ur ibe uank of Burlington will bi holden at their ifonkinrr llnnt. nn ll,n c . . . n I a-.... day of January next, at II o'clock, A. M., for the purpose of electing seven Directors for tho year next ensuing. By order of the President and Directors. .. , , R. G. COLE, Cashier. munngion, ucc. iu, lo-u. fhnmntalli Traitc,wilallni. .... T1 HE Stockholders of tho Champlain Transporta tion rmnn.nip ,.. l..Ak.. .tl-.l .1 .1 . ...... wU. u,v iiinuj nuiiiieu, mat ine an nual meeting, for ihe eleclion of Directors of said Company for the ensuing ye ir, will bo holden nt the Ilnl.l nl Inh.. IT....... In It. ..I ... ., . "i ."ii" aiijniuu, ,1, uui niiiuii, un ine nrst 1 uursuny ui Jnnuarv next, ni one n cio- k, r. 1, Hy order, dtc. P. DOOL1TTLE. Clerk, Champ. Trans. Co. Builington, 4lh Dec, IS 11. Groceries, &r. SL. HERRICK hss jusi received from N.Yorl, 15 Chests superior II. S. Tea, 6 do do Y. S. do 5 do do O. H. do IS Boxes Bonn's Tobacco, 5 do Rosn's do 15 Kegs Plug do 10 Barrels Fine Cut do 5 Tags Java Coder, 10 do Laguira do t 20 Jars Maccaboy Sauff. Also 10 Bales Brown Sheetings. Thcabove Goods were purchased atlownriees. snd will be sold at a small advance. Iew Finn. THE fiibscnbcrs having formed a Copartnership and purchased (he stock of Jfardicare, Dm ft Mctlieines, if-c., belonging to the Estate of the late Doct. R. Moody, uill contmuo the business at the old stand, sign of the Padlock, corner of Church and College streets, and will make 6ueh additions to their stock of Hardware as will make it full and complete. They respectfully 6ohcit a continuance of the gener ous palronnce, extended to their predecessor, and in tend to merit it by the same attention to their busi ness and tho wishes of their customers. HAGAR & ARTHUR. Burlington, Nov. 29, 1B41. FOLLETT y BRADLEY RESPECTFULLY inform their friends nnd the public, lhal they have received and now offer for. sale mi tho most advantageous terms, an extennve as sortment of Iron, Steel, etc. consisting in ran of tho following t 1 Ton Sanderson's Cnst'Stcel, i do Eacle German do do Engll h X do 10 Bund fs Brazier's Rods, 30 Tons English Tiro Iron, assorted. 10 do Old Sable PSfdo 10 do Swedes do 1 do Too Cork Steel, 3 do Spring do 1 do Swedes do 10 do Russia horse nail rods, 10 do Blnom, flat and square, of various sixss. Nov. 29. White lad. 5 TONS " Weiherell" Dry White Lead, 6 do No 1 and Extra do do in packages from 100 to 600 pounds. 2 Tons Extra Ground in Oil, in Kegs of 2 and E0 pnunds, for sale at Manufacturers' prices and freight, by Nov. 29. FOLLETT if- BRADLEY. Sheetine. 50h' BALES of heavy sheennirs of mi.i;.;.. have just been received and am nfTrn rn. .-!- at Manufacturers' prices to Merchants and olhers who are invilsd to call and examina tho stock before purcnssina eisewnere, unaer nc belief that Ihe exam ination will preva edvantsreoua to them. ny JM,r.TTrt BRADLEY, si ihs Wharf NEW AND IMPORTANT WOPKS Recently puUisheJ, and for kalo ly D. A. V R IJ M A S, rtl E Young .Maid, by A. B. Muiiy, author cf tho Young Man's OuiJo, Kirk's Sermons, Texas and Ihulexlaus, by 11. S. Foots, Hitchcocli's'Geology, Miscellanies of Literature, bv D'tsraell The Philosophy of History, China, its mate and prospects, The Tragedy oflhe Sea, Poems by Mr L.II. Sigourncy, D'Aubisrne's Reformation lu Germany aad Swit xerland, Miniature Romances, from the Gorman, Gurnej'on the West Indiea, Drew on tho Resurrection, American Antiquitic-, by A. W. Bradford. Hill's Builder's Guide, Aiken's British Posu. Campion.' Life of Petrarch, J'e!V' f the People Irving'., Work., The Works of Mrs. Opie, Edwards' Anatomy and Physiology. Glimpses of ihe old Wor d, Lights anil Slmdei of Scoiiish Life, Glory nnd Shame of England, Life and opinion of Mi I nor, Beaulics'of Daniel Wt lister, Tiic Idler in France, 2 vol , Democracy in France, by Dumas, Robin-on's Biblical Researches, Down in g'a La ndscapifJardoaln g, Ruins of Ancient cities, Mechanic's Own BooL, Plaiu Sermons. Christian Youth's Boob, Anll-Popcry, by Rogers, Judea, or scenes in Judea, 2 vols. Incidents of a Whaling V(,yago, A summer's Journey by Mrs. Steele, Biilvvtr's Mi-cellaiue-, Tragedy of Ihe Wilderness German Pro-c Writer,, by Mrs. Austin, Kcinini-ence, ol the lat sixty-five yean, ly E.S.Thomas ' ' ' ' Life and Times of Whiteficld, Stone's Miscellaneous Writings, Buwdeer's Family Shak.pcare, Turner's companion to, ReminisieiiCvij of John Trumbull, from 1766 to 1841. The Worts ot Miss Mufjrd, Milmati's History ol Chril, Buckingham's Travels in America, StcainUnt Disas'ers, Rami les a ad Reveries, BurcharJ's History of Conrcgalionaliaj, Parley's school Lil, 4 vols. Eastern Aria and Antiquities, PanlWogy a Systematic S-rt cf Ojajan hnowiedvc, by Roswell, Rural life of England, Snulhey's Poetical Work., Tho .Novels of Jane Austin, I vol. Ten Thousand a Year, 1 vol. Dw. 1641. Wanted, A JOURNEYMAN Watch Maker or Watch Re uaircr: also a Journeyman Silversmith Th,.... in the trado to whom we forward a cunvnf tlu'is-lv-pr. tiscmcnt, are desireJ to reiiieml er ussliuuld Jcurney men cal fur work. None but rood workmen are vvanlol. Dm 10. PANUBORN & BRLNSMAID. Combi, CASE Wood Pocket Combs, 50 dox. German Silver do. 500 Cap do. 250 1 2000 50 1 200 ' Twist Side Brass Ivory do. do. d. do. for sole by VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. Nov. 30, 1341. OCA M DRILLED Ejcd Needles, 00J 200 Gross Hooks and Eyes. 100 do. Knitting I'nis, C Cases London and Amorican do. 60 lbs. do. Just received and for site bv Nov. 30, 1S11. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. A nfl ''1!S- Wh'te nnd col'd Thread, fRJU 50 " Black Linen, 75 Gross Round and Flat Lacets. Nov. 30, 1341. For sale by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Sheetings. "Y( BALES 4-4 Brown Sliceiings. I v3 Cases uiuashutl do. For aale I y VILAS, LOOMIS CO. Nov. 30, 1S4I. Feathers. IBS. Gevc rcaihrr-, of superior quality, '-S-'l:0l)dj. Hen's. 'o. For -ale low bv Nov. 30, IS 11. VILAS, LOOMIS & CO. Sheep Skit's for Hook Hiiieliitr, Ac. ilO DOZ. Slieej, Skins, a-st rle I q inlilics on ''haiid un I fur sa'f to mantifai-t urers and others at low nrices. by VILAS, LOOMIS, ft Co, Nov. 30,1311. Sheet Iron. 1 rj PACKS Rissm Iron, assorted Nos. 1 J 50 B indie- Km.-, and American Iron, n'd Nos, 75 Boxes CinnJa P.'a'e for -ale I v Nov.30 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS it Co. Flannels. 1CASE White and colurej Finnne.s, 20 pieces figured Salisbury do. 100 " scarlet dome-tic do. Jii-t received and for ale I v N.v. 30, 1311. VILAS, LOOMIS dc CO. Iluttolis. QOfTs GROSS Hum Coat Billions, OUU 250 " " Vest do SCO " Gilt Cent and Vest do 00 ' Pania'oon ilo 250 " Pearl shirt do 200 " Bone dodo. Fcr -a'e bv .Nov. 30, 1311, VILAS, LOOMIS sV O). I'ur Pale. VSKCOMI band, one Iii rse, s'ei-l shoj p'cis ire s'eieh. wiih Ihe harness, .VI. o a saddle and bridle and n lir-t ra'e se.'nii l haul Crokiti Stove. Ail or any part ot saiti articles niay be bad cheap, and naviniMit'tnaili in cuoil hard woo I. Burliiigtun, Dec. 10, 1611. DAVID RUSSELL. Notice. RROKE into the enclosure of the uVscriler on o .lw,.( ,l.u r.rmt rS CmTiiml fr n nml vi-lii, ,,. , year old Heifer with short horns, rather iudined I 10 turn in. The owner i requested to prove properly pay i har;es and take her away.,IVc.8, 1S4I. BI.XJAMIN WRIGHT F A II II A It & W AIT. Importersof Crockery, Clili'anLd C.'asa Ware, G1 l Lnotice lu .M e r i hams in flu nd theauif in ill? Countic.i, I Uiey imve mauearrango .ii cms for re eeiving from Ihs bet Man mttemrie.s in llglnlll-,, a lull FU', " ...--- 'lu-'J eailisucces-ive teason, they will at all times . . . ... ... ,...1... n. X' V-t. 1 I e 111 reauiliess iu tc iai;.. i" ums,, u, ,nv i un iiini .m. .1 ST... UUSIUU Uril C-B. lis. iii.iis h..s,,,,ui, v. ...i-i- chanls particularly lu their sloe's of Ware, assuring them that they will do all the; here pruuus!, 'which ....II 1... .n nil u.h.l m... k.... ..f l.u... win ten uiiui ssvuie ivuii -... i''uii.,s u,,, vvarenoiise v.ornerwii irun ain svncjv sirreis. Burlington, Dec. 10, 1341. Imperfect Mor.c Pott. F A H II A II ii W A I T, Hh A V E O.N band several li.indrel Sionc I ots ol all sizes, a Imle inipencct, usef .1 lor various pirpose. in all rami ie-, and al small prices, va rying from 124 ccnis to 50 cents, u Luio ind at Ihe Crockery Slore, Church and College street. Burlingion, I ec. 10. White China Tea and Coffee Hets. IJWRRAH. vs WAIT havejnst reicivesl an assort nu iil of White China Co lee rets, Custard Cups, Breakfast and Tea Plates, Pitihers, Bowls and But ter , lands, fcr sale cheap al the New Cro.-lery Store. Dec. 10. Illnner Services. IJ'ARRAR AWAIT have constantly on hand a very handsome as'cnnient if Dinner setr, with 1 utter loats, sauce and soup Tureens complete, of Hue, pink, .Milan sprigged, white aranttc China and Bourton sptiggisi ware, which will le sol I verychean at ihsir new tVrrlcry Store, corner Chjr.'h nJ College strevts, B.ullugtcn. Dts. 0. V IMS ff if WIST; FARRAR&WlIT. Nolle to Families. P'AMILIES in want of elegant Tea aad Dinner X sets net usually founJ in country itores, can nnd st FaYrar I Tali's establishment, a vtry creaiv. riet v of superb While Ch'naTea sets, Gold hand and linedo Sprigged do do Gold band aadsprig'ddo Gold cilgo anJ has do Ex'ra wide gold Land do Which w ill 1 e sold as cheap as can I e I o ichi in New York, Boston, or Trpy. nr,iiiel(f.per ,rB inviied to examine thematthi New Rtnr,frrurrh'ir-han I College street. B iriingRin.Ps , JO NEW LIVERY STABLE n. c o mi nn t h RESPECTFULLY informs his frisnds and tho public, lhat he has now opened a Livery Stable and has on hand ready for uso somo oxcollent Hofscw and Carnages. Sleighs, Harnesses, An. which howilj let on reasonable terms. Stable nt Benjamin Bishop's Hotel, South, West Corner Courl llouss Squani Burlington. December 10, 1341. F Horse Ifny. OR SALE. A quaniliyof lint lato upland horan hay, for cash on deli ery, loouira at tha Post oflleo. Durlington, Dec. 8, 13H. A IIOUIICXI I 1101111014 I I BEAUTIFUL assortment ol Floronca snd silk Uonnets much hslniv than lisnB l-iC las B..H.M... ....... u,u ma jiii,i;a ui lam nsnji variety oi Uhena Ifab ions, bv Dec 10. a. n. sinnTT Casslmrri.i. PARIS Diamond, gold mixed, and wool dvn blu. nnd blue black s. B, SCOTT'S. Ilroad Cloths. QUPER Wooldye black, invisible grcon, olive, blue, Onnd steel mixed cloths, at unusually low prices bv Dec. 10. S. B. SCOTT. A LL I.iikI. of IIKlinSfur Cut wliole-ialuand retail, by PKCKAiSPKAlC CASH PAID FOR WOOLLEN RAGS. WE wish to purchase BOO ton of alt Wool Ragi, such ns old Red Quilts, Coverlets, Blankets, Sheets, Shirts, Drawers, Stockings, &c, including Merino. Circssshn. I'lnida. I! imhii jfin nml kind nnd color ofall Wool Goods, not fulled or felted, eAi-eui carpeiiiig, lasting anuipruncua. Via wi'l pay four rents per pound, for clean Rags of the above i inscription no part cotton, linen or silk !n any quantities, delivered at cur Store, West sid cf tho Square, opposite tho Court Houso, Burlington, ermonl. Fur all Wool Carpeting, we will psy 11 cents per lb. HICKOK i. CATLLV. Burlington, Dec. 10, 1641. ssaiinoil. Ofk BBLS. nnd 20 half do. North Shorn Hudson's JJ Bay Salmon, for silo bv Dec. 1, 1811. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. NOTICE. THE Subscribers having formed a copartnership under the firm of HATCH, ODELL 4 Co', would inlorm their friends and the public generallv, I lint I lint, l,n Vrt SAisitrAn n nnnA ...n.i .n.n .r P.Stt, J GROCERIES, which they are now offering for sa'u SI reduced lirieSR nf it, A enrnn, nf Vain . ...1 IS.-... Si reels. Also. Flo ir, Pork, Salmon, CodHsh, Msckcre', rnn Vml. CI... U....n s.u.-.: -'j c-l .. . ......... w.Ur.a ,, ,7iic-uiiiB'3 una oairuagd, Boots and Shoss, and Liquors of all kinds. J. UAllvtt, W. J. ODELL, - , . CH03S ,f. HYDE, Burlington, Dec. Sth, 1811. FrsiGTi Tmo. Cfk CHESTS Hyson Skin Tea. JVJ 20 Do Old Hyson do. 2.- Do Twankay do. 100 Caddy boxes Hyson do 75 Do do Young Hyson do tnn i.. .. ,t..i m. .v nun mvaia i uimg nysun i cs, oi auisroni equalities, of the last importation, nnd oflered at Auc tion nrtriKi t. is l-'llt I.rTT A. ,TJ , rr tssr i .' - . m.nui.1,1, Old Dock, Burlington. ' IIIU UUI, on nni.s. tobacco, CJ 30 do Sinokinrr do IS, r. . . . 10 Kcea Maccaboy SnufT. For sa'e by FOLLt-.TT & BRADLEY. Salt. 3000 1WSHELS Turks Island, www 1000 do St. Ulics, uuuu no rsoiar, 290 Sacks Dairy, 1000 Bbls. fine. For sale very low, by nu n t, i. FOLLETT BRADLEY. Old Dock, Burlingion. Sugars. BBLS. Powdered. 10 do Crushed, 10 Boxes double Loaf, 12 do Philadelphia Lump. 10 .1.. s- ' j ' 10 . uu ntff urn oo of summnr nnnlitv r At iho Wharf. rOLLLTT &. BRADLEY. Z( BBLS. Barbel's Gin, J yJ E0 do American Brandy, For sale by FOLLETT A BRADLEY, Old Djck, Burlington. 00 BOXES RAISINS, -sw' 20 Casks .Valeratii-, 100 Boxes scalded Herrin-, For sale by FOLLETT ef- BRADLEY, Old Dock, Burlincton 1 QQ ,!0XES Simmons' Cast Steel Axes, uu uu lllllirop 3 OO CIO Warranted, and for sale bv mm i n p FOLLETT & BRADLEY. Old Dock, Burlington. Xailx and Iron. 1 ftfi KFAis NAI-'S assorted sizes, lwUtl 100 do Finishing Nails, do do 100 Kegs .-pike, from 30d to 60J nnd 6 inch, 10 Tons of round and square Iron, from 3 l-6lU to 3 inch. 10 Tons of hoi so shoe Iron, of the various silo, 4 do of Band Iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do a sorted, fiat and square Am. Bloom it For bale at manufacturer's prices, by FOLLETT & BRADLEY, Agtnls. Tobacco. OK KEC1S Fidmond's, ssZO 12 Boxes Eriino'a, 12 do Home', 10 Kegs Card well's, 10 Boxes Rowc's. The above aro all ehoice brands, and are efTirrel low, hy FOLLETT & BRADLEY, Old Dock, Burlington. QflHHDS. Trinidad, and 30 hhds. Porto K. ivU Molasses, heavy bo lie J and l.ght colored, i received and for sale, nt a very low price, by ' FOLLETT & BRADLEV Old Dock, B-rlinglon. 1 ( RAG Filberts. i V 10 do Brazil Nul. 10 do hard shell Almonds, la i rails son eto do 20 11! Is. Hickory Nuts, 5 do Chesinu's, Of superior quality, and offered low, bv FOLLETT & BRADLEY Kt BBLS. Winter O.I, of superior quality, for -a! ow y FOLLETT A IIRADLEV OA BBLS. Tar, 20 do. Pitch nnd 1 Ton Oaku i v for sale by FOLLETT tt BRADLEY O! ! Dock. Builington. Of 1 COILS inaiulla Iliccrinc. ) " OV.7 30 do tarred do t from 1 to 9 tncb. 3 do marline 3 Toirther with nn eiteniva ossirtment of D" Sea Line, Spun Yarn, Ac., for sale by FOl.l.ETr &. BRADLEY Gifts for the Season, THE following beautiful Books for Presents, art now received and for sale by D. A. B R A M A N. A Gift for 1642, The Ladies' Book of Flowers snd Poetry, Friendships Offering, 1342, The Token, 1342, Poetry of Flowers snd Tlowers of Poetry, Forgct-Me-Not, 1S42, Language i f Flowers, The Rose, 1343, The Viohet, 13i2. Farncll's Shoes. A LARGE supply of Morocco w alking Shoes, Ki-I . Slips, Misses do , and Mtn's Pump., inst re ceived an I for sale cheap, by Dec. I, 1S4L S. M. POrE. Strayed. ntu.M ihe pastor cf Benj. Bishop aboul two months sines, one sorrel French Mare, aloit thirteen eari old. with small spavin. rs On. .ss! Hnrsf, flbrtfi 15 acars ols, and a small black Ione nlcu 8 years old has leenfo indere.1. Whoever will return sail hcirescr either nfthrin shall be suitably reivnnled. Burlingt. n, Die. 10, 1311. MAXIM BLAIR. S l nr1. rnOM ihe siihsrril er on Wa'ers'reef a' .nit Ihree weeks since, a rl ihrea year old Cow-, with n slit in her left circa thu i nJer side. Whoever will return sn.d cow or irivu information wiirre .nu n.y r-e loitp.d mall receives sintal le com-jserj-ation, HUBERT BLAIR. Curhnglon, Dec. 9, 1S4L Slorlsou's I'llls. TESSRS. PANGBORN ef- BRINSMA1D arc 1TI appointed Slale Agents hy .Messrs. Alexander jnd John Morion, of ihe British College rf Health, Londonioneofour firm visaed the college in London, and we hold our appointment now directly from head quitters, A correct picture of tho Collego Builduigs cut he seen at the Variety Store and in the hands of our sub-agents. All the parksre will he signed in writing, " PANGUORN fcOIINHMAID," Dec. 1, 1541. State Agaots. 150 BBLS rutins Nov f.irsilsbv folleTt BKAPLnr. (Wl. Host. Poft,

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