Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 25, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 25, 1842 Page 1
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wot t ii c 0tJB0is An' PPT T 11 wntrAnn or home. VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1842, No. 38. LILY SYRUP. I iW0.'."13 ESSENCE OK LIFE.-.Y Valuable I ITX .Mr.ln'i.u- .l,,,.l, ir I.. ,, -I ...mi., .i... An unparralled remedy far Diseases of the means of savins thou-and. from an untimely crave. Lnnet, Consumption, Coughs, influenza, 1 , T T ' 1 r "' " , V ,, r.e:" ,, ' t ,i c' -ji' e J 1,1 j .I.IC1! a,u' found very clficiioiou. in llie following Colds, Aslimn, Spitting Of ISlOOCl,, Viz. Cnil.o.llniinn. WliOoniiia Comih.. coin- Hooping cougn, tyr. y T)TICK. CP'Mc.licine 15 I est Known t.y the li cures 11 perform..,,- I. Nowion's Panacea, or Purifier of thi Blood. The unparalleled ami Mill iticiea.inir reputation which this medicine hfl.ncqair i'J throughout IhuNcvv Engliind Suite., and the mrt in ure. 11 n.i. perlormcil, nil, I Hie great demand made TO TUB l'UllUO. In presenting, to ihcvu. In; n new remedy for disea ses of lhe lunis.ii miv 1 e nroncr to av lliai. judging from lhe tinny ecitiheatc. and recommendations or. Sickness at Siomach, 3Iea-le., aprevuntivo of Con oilier specifics contained in 1 lie newspapers ofiheday talio tili.cac.. Gout and line 11nati.n1. co new remedy wascallcl for or req lired. II it if thai iCP'Tlionliove McJicinc I. prepared by Henry Scy popular remeJic had mverially Ic-sened lhe hills of inorlalily, or any one of the imny preparation po tes-ed those virtue, rcroinmcn le I, o lint nfur a la trial, the patient co il Idepcn 1 upon Its healing power, and rationally hope for a spec ly recovery ol heilth, thi huml.le at:einpt 10 nrre-t the progress of Pulino 'oary Coit.innption would not have appealed. Uot that iho victim, of this destroyer are daily in-orea-in J, nee N no proofand the larlre c,ile- of the 'Druggi-tss'iow that the remclies ol the day have ben fairly trio I, an 1 failed in theirobjcct, if tint ob ject wa. the restoration to hetl'li of per-ons 1 Icring tromdi-ej'e of the 1 nii. While one remely drie VP acougli that shod Ibe properly aide 1 toihrowol the viscid phleim colleciclunon the lungs and throat the harbinger of di-ei.e, another, hy a bad elecnon Ol an ex ie.'icrant, is in lee! enabled to di.poCss the present tenant, Inn leave, a wor..coneto occupy the ihattcrel premi-c. i and hy il,tlie vcrk ofdcaih i (he sooner accompli, no 1. TbeLILY SYRLF rsnow luhevelto le the let remedy fur lung colon aim--, that his ever appeared. To cure Pulmonary Coii-nmption afcr the ih-cn.e lias dar.o Us l.i-t work, or become .eaie.rnpon the vi tal f inctlun, and tubercles are formed and, and atmo-pherie air i inhale l into the rro!;cn part-, Is not among the prc'cu-ion. of the tho i-nnlan I one .pOTi'ar no-tr,imio the contiary, notiviih. funding). Tin" mehcineiha. re-lnre.l many who were -up. posel to he I cyond cure, ly men standing high in the meJic.11 proie.ion ; iiui ine.r le-ioraiiun iu iiu.uim uu Ivnroved that sreal and ffood men in.iv I e ini-tal.en, in the stage or prosre. "of iheili.easr. Hence, let 110 pern de-pairot relief, until lie lia nia-ie a uir 1r1.11 of lhe Li! v Svr in. This medicine operates 1 y promoting a free an i ay expectoraiion, Ihcrel y freeinc the lnn? and tbroai from viscid ph'enn. a lid .treiizthenms: I lie par's ul freeing iliem from inflamalury action whiih constitute the .Ii-lm-c of Pnlmnn try Con-iimption. The syrup i entirrlv free from nnv mineral-ill stamc, ini p ireiy vcjeiame; nn.i may be inLcn with per hct -afeiy hy the mot dtlicaie'con-tiiutiun--. II is hc-'hly recommendu I hi iho-o who Ime wea'; luiil-. Teacher. 01 performer, of v.ical inu.ic will flnl it of inval'ial le nro I" them, by I", pivin; sieal ttrenih an 1 mce ne.. loine ione.01 m i ic, an I cn- hliii' the pcr on to perforin Willi irca' cae. I'nl lie ; ana ne: a:cr win nnu 11 01 mvan.aiic str- ice to llieui. Thi me heme ha. 1 cen thnro iqbly and nece.. filly tette.1 hyalile phy iMan, an 1 by their a Iviee 1. now prepare ! an I o'crel to lhe p il lie, to .pea': for p. elf In theca i-eofatlhctcl Irimanny. And may he who 1 leol the mstr uncn ality ofclay to open ihecye-of tbe blind, mi1 e it a Uev.i'mto llie li rnnn l.innly, and the great object of the proprietor will Lc accuin flis'iel. All me hcine .'io d 1 I p riven aecorline to the 'itn tion of the patient i and, it m ich rc I ncl, a smaller q-ia'tiuy than where there . (ou.iiVral !e Mrciii'h. Thedirejlumson 'he hotile may I eta' en a. a general r.ile : but for a Ions; .ta'n line; civigh, it may I c nec e.aiy to la' c a lunch larger do c for .i.ine one or two day., an I even o( cner until an expc Moration i produced that will I e free, and ea-y. When there i m'K'li nliiue.. ot the clie.l, it will ,ome:inie- incrcae the eo ti'h fur a div' cr two; inwhiebca c, the patient ehu'ild tal.e llie .vriin morr fuv'r, ci-n until n .ImnM prod ice a bib' na ic.i of lhe .tomach Ilcneelnot fear any hanii from such cns ition. I wo il I .ay to all who purchaie tb s me heme for u-c, that they can hiv.; but luilc hope ol I cms I encored I VI', unlc II is ta' e l te lily when it 1. coiiunenccd with. Some baveta'.en il oiice a dav. then twice, ihcn not anvfor two or three diys. 1 cannot ay that -mil wtv 1 1 le Iikvlv to receive I enefil fioni il , but if regularly, it N eminently cilc i!.i'r 1 10 uproot the ib a-c, and to nvorc to s'uunJ health. It i.thccirnct e.iro of iho proprie:or to li.ucevcryfiie lint iie. ni lea.t one botile of it sua lily accori'lm? t( the d rcc licn, to rainni micate lhe rc dt to lhe person ol whom lie lhe medicine. The propr e or i. privilege I tn ruler ?otlipfo!lo-ni.i3 por ho have iceil the l.dySyr.ip, and who wdl e happy to sivu infonna'lon of it- superior hcibng p'r.ver-, to any wi-lunr in know mere al out it. Mr. Crillcii'len, one of tin: firm id' 1'. K. Siniih & Co., 'io' ate and retail mer-ham, Kxchjiise-Mrce', Kcche-ler, f , biiehug at ibe l.'na. ilev. K. T ic'.er, Pa-lor of stvoi.d llapu-t Ch ireb, Roche.tcr. Captain H. Freeman, for abadcou;h. Mr. Slo I l.ird, of ibe lirm ol S anwuo I & Co. I onl: r"er', corner of II i lalo and a'e -In els, liic'ic'cr. Mr. J. M. Prcnrfi, .Nor.h-slrcc-, Roi ho tcr, lor the hooMini-co'h. Mr., Stone-strcct. HcctH.-ter, for lad OiKh. Mr. Iiu'crt .M'Kiblcn, Jlonrf e-nrcct, lloche-ter, .u a tcvereanu annum? cu coi iim nooiiiiig-i-ougli K. Barnard, INq lire, odice in co'ir'.-ho.ue, in t f. of whoo , urh in hi family. Captain W. I). I'i.-Ii, for a caset'f Phthisic in liN laniilv. Rov. Mr. Clar!:, Paaor t-f the Uapti-t Church, I.c ov Rev. Mr. P. Clnrcb, Paster of the tir:t Daplist l.h ircli, Uoche-ter. Captain A. Urit'.on, (or Haemorrhage of the l'in;i-. A.O.Smhb, ca-hirr of Me.-lianic and Farmers' llh, Koi iic.tcr. L. W. Sibley, of tbe firm of Sdley& Scrantom, dry cood merchants aal aucnontcrs, Uu.lnlo-etreet KO'hes'cr. Itcv. A. Kinj-tey, Pa-tor of tbe Capti't Church Wancbe-tcr. Rev. Jacob Knaon. lAanclist. Mr. T. Ilunn, Carriace Ma'.er, St. Paul-street lllram TucUcr. a lornccut law. Uocl.c-lcr, Mr. Thoma. A.hman, paver, Rocbe-ter, who ha receive I astonishing relief. Plea;e inquire of hi case. Rev. Thoma. Carlton, M, I!. Ch. Rochester. A. Stctl, (Idee bug ui lung-) l.oc!;port. II. Miner, Wet Ileiiric'ta, Munne Co. I'rofu'.or Mcliinni-, llninilion 'I beol. Scm'y Rev. Levi T.icLer, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Coo!,-. ' " 10" The Proprietor ha I ecu ol'cred csrtifiea'c hy many'ofthe above gentlemen ; but he prelum that IDlc wi'Ming information, would call on Iliem per tonauy. PECK .fc SPEAR, Ai-'cnls for this leciion mon ougli., Cod., ihrticnlt Brentlunsr, Inflni-iiz.t, for il by thnadvice ofphyicians well acqiialntocwiih ljuui.y, AMbnij, Phihi-ic, Spitting of lllood, Kl.iiu- ii, preparnlion, ha. ind iced lhe proprietor to extend leney. In htredinn. I.oo.ene.-. of the Rowel.. Pit.of it. i-iMntniiim m nlnm.i imtn in it... ftfm every kind, Cramp., Ilicl;c., Colic, Catarrh, Dy-cn-1 Slate, nud thu principal town, in ihe United State.. Inrv, hamling, Hypochondriac Atleciion", Headache., Tin. Panacci. warranted purely veietal le.nnd (. not siirpa.-eu ty any otner mciiicme ever iwercj to i lie lafibctcd n. it. exteu-ive -ale nud great popularl y pinmiy prove, n na witiun tne la-l cigirccu month cured its thou nn.l. ofihc ino-t ob-limt'e di-ea-e--, a. can le proved bv ceriilicate... nnd is nrono'inccl by emincui nnd'inble physician, the let medicine In use. U efnl Infi ion may 1 e found in circular- containing certificate, of cures and direction, for ta king Ibe medicine. I he followintr appointed nscnl. Uiirlinston. PnCKnnl SIT, Alt. R. Moodv St Allan-, Curii. nnd ILi-sel Milton, C. Dral.c M.l..... t-ll. 11 . 1 C? .W-. ...II.. I.-..I. .'llll'II l illl , l,illlv l ill! I oawVlT"" " .HI V MIV , i and llrown, Hincburah, Hull and Cool, I'airlas, Parker ami M.nlield 'ergenne, 'Adam- nnd Murray Caml ridge, M. Wire I'mteriiill, St. C. Harney North I'errisi urh, II. C. W icker Ceorgia, A. Uli Willision, N. Chillcnden Iticliniond, (ircen & Rhode- Jnlnwii, O. I.. Warner and C MonlMon, Kilian Snntli Baker-licldj Arminzton and Woodwar I I'nii field, U.irnct and I arnworlh. c.o.p.l.f.l3 mo ir.of Hadley, 51a-.. from the Original Recipe, fy of -aid Sloorc, nnd sol I by him and the nnncipal IM?git..ln the UnitedState.. sew tvfititiolu ml retail, ly t'ecu v Apear, lludea'crs senerally through- t lie co inlry. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS nrliclois too well known to need common da ion and the experience of seven years lias demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to G tons. Dnttmnt Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to 200 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oi. to JO lbs. J. it J. II. Peck it Co. Agents. Rurlington, April 8 1941. PAINTING. Tlin snb.-nler leing thankful for past favor would rc-poclf illy -obcil a continuance ot the ame an 1 remind hisfnend- and the public that be i- preparcd lo accommodate them on the shorte-l notice and mo-tf.ivor.ible terms in thu arious branches 111 the a! ovcline. Shop oppo-ite Sir. C. A. Seymour's Hat Store, 1'carl-sltevi, tiuriingion, vt. JAMES SCOTI". April I, ISM. n!3:ly CERTAIN CURF. FOR SICK 1IF.ADACHP.. which has been usr?d in fnmillps. pvprv member ui tviiicii ii.iu sticii nciiincnc ironi iniancy, ns n constitutional family complaint, and Ins cured cfTec- tuslly in every instanceyei Known, amounting to ma nvlitindreds. It is not unpleasant to the tnsip. nnd does not prevent theiHtly avocations of one ii.iiin il It lutisi uc pcrsevcrca in, ami uic cure is grauuai, mil ccrfun and ptrmanent. Instances nro constantly ninllipljingwherethl-ihtrising complaint is com pletely rcliecd nnd cured, although of years -tanding liy the use of Dr. Spoon's celebrated remedy. One decided preferencois its pleasiiitiics., having none of the muscilinj effect of common drugs. ltis so perfictly satisfactory, tint the proprietor has given directions for bisacentsio refund the price to any one who is not pleased with, and even cured by it. lie hopes also that this may secure its great ben efits to the diMrrs.M .nflercrs who nrr laboring under UraJnclm. 11 si'OJt.V, 31. O., inventor and Pro prietor. .So!dbyCO.V.STOC.p CO., 71 Slaiden I.ane. Xew Voik. PF.CK & S P i: A li, WhoVsile Agents, a few doers east of the Post Office, Burling ton, Vt. n9 A11SII A l.l.'-" continues unrivalled n. a strengthening Pl-ASli.R: Also, firRhc ima- tijm, I.amene-. or pains in tlic-i lc, Hull's or I acic: lor -crol Ho i. swc'ting., -c irvy sore-, r resn wounu. j an 1 for a general Family Pla.cror-alvc. For Corn-, moreover trv it; naieelo.-c. persevere in the n-c I v making a new application occa-ionally, and in time, your corn- will Leeureu. rur -ale i'V l'l'.lvl CC .l'l,AU, Ibirlington, Jan. 23, 1311. ly-f.lS Dr. A. Sherman's Coiiuli I.ozenccs. NO Cough Medicine ha- ever I cen inlroduced into Vermont that ha. given such universal sali-fne-tion. They seldom fail lo cure the mo-t IroiiMe-ome cough, and cold- in a few day-. Numerous refer ence, might 1 e given lo persor s who bate I cen cured by I hem, lint where their merits aic so generally l.nnwn & aonreclatcd il is ii-cle..- tosnccifv in-tailce-. The al ovc medicine, a well .Sherman's ic'ebralcd Worm l.ozcngc-, Poor Man's pla-tcrs, and oilier pre paration- may I ebad of Nov. 4. PANODORN it IJRINSMA ID. lin.VDOH' SASII T T Just received 15, 21) and 217 bv Sca-cments ol -ash, a lirst r,:u article al 31 and 31 cent- per light ; aln all kin 1 and-ize-, f irni-heil 10 order. 'Piconderoia black 'ci I, a lir-t rate article, for -ale very low, togeber with a sreal variety of other arli- clase idieap a. can Lc lounJ at any other c-i.ibli-h-nient in the plaic. (ii.o. I'r.Tr.nso.v. A 0r l-OIINl). R nny be found in this vilhge, directly opposite I hp MM insist I'mnpLnn 111.11 MAI' IIU1'. npwlv imin rrood Rtvle. where the undersigned will lie glad to wait on his old customers who may favor him with Uicir paironage. ., Cui4G " oiaui.1"''" liurlingtnn, April 23 loll. Croclirry anil !las. M arc. I"nw sel s White Granite Ware, also Glass Dishes and Plates, DccJiHirs, Tumblers,!. amps, c. for sale very low, by a. SI, POPI.. GROCERIES. &c TSA AC WARN Kit kceus constantly for sale at his X Store, opposite Sh. Howards aiore. Counur Uranciy, iiouanu um, oi.irom ivum, Ilo'ion Rum, low piked Rrnndy, R illimore Gin, Antigua Rum, Cherry do. Wines, of most kinds and prices, Molasses, T.rtnf. I.nmn and Urnwii sunar. Hysnnand Voung Hyson, Hjson Skin nnd Clock Tens) liox itiisins, lvcg uo. Codfish, Salmon. Slackerel, Sounds and Tongues, Rice, liar Soap, l ancyilo. Allspices Pipper, Ginger, Nutmegs ; Clove-, Cinnamon, Salera'us, Poland Starih, Mustard, Indium, Pepper Snuce, Coffee, Chocolate, Table Salt , Candles ; Spanish Seunrs, half Srnnishdo. Decanters, Tuinblcrs, Lamps, Jars. f-c. Also 500 Barrels Salt. Thn I.innors are warranted to be the best thst can hn l.ninibt in New York. Tavern-!,eeDcrs and olhet s will find it for their bcnehl to can anu examine ttiem before they liuv tlscvvhere. liurlinglon, fov. a. isii. YT HATCH would inform the in- b.nlmanls of Uiirlmg on and vi c nity, that he has opened a shop in Cliuicb street, at the sign of the Rifle, where licinttnds to carry on the Gun smith Uiisiness, in nil its various branch es. Having Ikxii employed for the last six years lit the shop of J. SI. Caswell, in t.ausingburgh, (undoubtedly the best snop in the united Mates,) lie feels war ranted in offering his work to the public. Burlington, Juno 1,1811. MOFFAT'S VKOin-AULIO LIFU SIKDlCINts.-Tlie-o mislicinc arc indebted for their their in.iiiife-t and sensible action i i punTymrj il,,. prill!:. and channels of llie, nnd eiiiluuiir ihom icnl, renewed tone and vigor. In many h imlre I certified en-c. which havo been made pnl lc, nud in almo.t every species ofdi-ca-o to which the human frame i. liable, the happyuiccls ofMorrAT's Ltrn Piu.- AS'n Pil(r.lx lllTTr.n. have lcen greatfullyand pulliily ac-iiowli-dged by the person. Icneliiied, and whii were prcvkni-ly unacq lainleil with Ihebeaulifully phi lo.oohica! nrinein'e. noon whiidilhev nrceonii.n.,,..i. e I, ami imon which lhcvenn-ci'ienlly act. ine i.ic t. .iii.iitv.i.-.i-.s rccomnienii lhcmclve in li-ea.c. ofevcrv form nnd de-criotion. Tin.;, n... operation is lo 'oo-en from the coats of the stomach an i i.ovvci-, uic verio-is iiiip'iniic. anu crudities con--tantly seitlmg nrouud thcin;and to remove lhe bar- icne.i laio. which cancel in ine convolution, of ,C .inalle-t intestine.. O her mehcincson v ii.-imi.u.. clcanjcthe-e, anil leave such collected Inas' es 1 eliinil n. iu prou ice naiiiioai co-nveness, Willi all u. iram u evil-. or-ndJen diarrhoea, Willi its imminent il.nrpr. ,, I hi. fact i well known to nil reimlar nnni,,,,,;. .. who examine the human I owcls after death ; nnd hince the prejudice of those well infornicd iren aiam-t quack uieuicine or oH'.ucinc. prepared anu heralded to theniil licbv lirnoranl ucr-on.. 'Ihe second pf'i.n, the Life Jle!hcme. i to clenn-c the kidneys and the niaui'cr, an.i nyuii- mean-, iiieiivcranilllicliini.,iC bealilifulaoiinn of which cntirelydepend. upon ihe rc sularity of the urinary organ-. The blood, which I ii red color fiom lhe nirency of the liver and the lung. I elore it pae. Into tbe heart, I cing th i. purifieil by them, and nouri-hed by food coming from a clean nonnch. coir-ui freely through the vein-, renews every part of the sv-tem, and triumphantly mount, the banner ol hcallli in the blooming cheek-. Slo lai's le Life Medicine, have I cen thor ongblv ic.te.l.iindpronn iiii cdn -ovcrcian remedy fur Dv-pcp-ia, Flatulency, Palpitition of the Heart, Lo. of Appemc, Heart-burn and Head-ache, Ile-tle-snc-s, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Languor anl .Melancholy, Co.-tivencs-, Diarrhrca, Cholera, Fever, of all" kir.d-, Rhe.ini iti-in. Ciuui, Urop-iej ol all kind.. Gravel. Worm., Aslhmj and Con-nmption, Scurvy' L'lecr-' Inveieratc Sores bcorlmtio J.rnpiiou. and Had Cum plexion-, l-.'nplive complaint-, sallow, Cloudy, and o berdi.aireeal le Comulcxion.. Sail Rheum. Hrcm- cla-, (aimnion Cold, nnd lull. icuza, and varum- other complaints wiiien annei lueirimau iramc. in fr.vr.n an't Acer., pariicuiany, uic i.ue .ueuciuc. n ue lcen mo-l eminently .ncir-ful ; ro much so thai in the Fever .in 1 Agnedi-tncts, Physicians almo.t universally pre-cril e them. All tint Sir. MoTat require of hi. patient, is lo le pirticular in taking the Life .Medicine- strictly accor ilniL' lo ihe direction.. It I not n newspaper Home, or by anything thet tic lum-eii may-ay in the r lavi r, thai he hopes to gum credit. Il is alone by the results of a fur trial. MOFFAT'S MF.DICAL MANUAL; de.iuncd a. a dome-iie l' udetoheal h. Thi-lilllo pamphlet, ed'lcd by W. It. Mo fat, 275 llrondwny, New York, In. 1 ecu pnl li-he I forlhe p irpo-c ofcxiibiinin' lnorcf lly Mr. Mo lal'.-theory of disea-es, and will Ic tound highly lulere-linz lo oerson-M'ckin hcallli. It treat, upon prevalent di-cae, thereof. Price, 25 cent for sale 1 y.Mr'-Aienls generally. These valuable Me hcine. are for ale I v GlIOIH-'F. L. WARNI Il & Co. Juin-on, I., General Aeentr, I v whom all or.'er- from any part of the St.Ve or Canada, will I e prompt!) answcrcJ. 2d t f Dec. 17, 1611. IT A a A II A II THU II, General Airents d r Mo 'at'., i elcl rated medicine , to whom all applici.fons for agencies mutt le ad- re..e,i. riurlinu'oi, Jan. 23, IS 12. MYSTEItlOUS! A gentleman bdoneint'io one of the most ancient and wealthy families of this city. who must be vc 1 known to numerous friends having since the year ISIS, up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for seveial years confined to Ins bed, has been restored to goid health has icgaincd Ilis iiaturnl erect position and has quilled bis car riage, and now walks Willi case 1 1 we oeucve ioi-i is lliegentlcman'.- own description ns near as possible, and Ihcrcis no exaggeration in it. We will give inqui rers liis address, and doubt not humane feelings will exc ise the liberty, so that any one doubling, may fcnoic these facts .iiougn lie requests ins mime ") not appear in punt. Among oilier instances, .ui.i. n ni vunlds. 144 Cbrisiie-slrect. lias been restored. nnd w ill give personal assurances of the facts of his case, liotli were nieiiuntism, anu coniracica cuius and sinews. Howhasihis lcen done? Ansiccr. Ilu the Indian Vcaetable bltxcr nt- tcrnally, and Jhwcs' Acne and Done Liniment externally. Jan. 20, 1911. Sold only bi CO.VSTOCK if- CO., 71 .Vuielen are, .eic iork. iu PKC i it .SI'CAR. Wholesale Agents, a few- doors east of the Post Office, Burlington, Vt. IN School Itoiks. I'ancr. &c. 1 H K sub-criber has a lah"e slock of School L Rooks an I Paper. Merchants, School commit'ees &c. furnished on the most liberal terms. Rags and most kiudsof country produce received in navment. Nov. 26. C. GOODRICH. 7(I, MITT ISKAUI.UV have just received L and ofler for sale at ihe lowest prices for cash or approved credit, a large nnd well selected assortment 01 uioeenes, consisting in part of the folloviinni ft lilid St Croix Hum, 5 Pipes Holland Gin, 2i qr casks Malaga Wine, 50 lloxes Pipes-, 20 Bags Pepper, 20 do Pimento, 2 Keg- pure Ginjcr, 25 do Raisins. FOR SALH. mllAT larce and commodious two sto JL ry Brick Ducing House & Lit siiuaicti on 111c wesi sine 01 ionege green nttho held of Collesc-strect. in this vil - age. 1 He Uousr. is il tiy -lj, with a liasemem story, with Ki chen an I ProMsion celhrs. and a wui"32 bv 65. o xtendmg norib on CoMcje Green, with wooj ant! store hou-e below, and cbaml er- and leeniu ri 0111 al ovc. A lame nndcununodio 1- llarn,carri.1vre hO'i-e ice hou-e.and oilier O'lt-lioii-c., and a spaciou. var west of the dwelling hou-e, and a irood Ic we' I or wa'cr of tbe I est ipiatiiy in I lie yillasc, an I a 1 rick c.-tern. One an 1 a quarter acre-ol land, of the hr-l q iidlitt ; a larire garden arid choice fruit trees west of lhe hi u e and yard. The II ulding- are conMrnc'ed in modern tyle, ol ine 1 e-i maieriai- anu wnriiinan-inp, wereereciej 1 v lhe subscnl cr for hi-own 11-e. and the loi-aiion af lord, a very exten-ive an I p'ea-ant pro-pect 1 f the village an 1 ia' e on tne we-i nuu i-not surpassed i.y any inner in nil- pari 01 1 ue countiy. A'so for tale a lot containing an nere of land direct ly oppo-ite the al ove lot wntia small convenient woo dwellinir ho-i-e thereon. Pi.r-dia-er- am invite! locall an I exmine for them sclve. Terms made known by (he sul s-ril er on lhe premi e-. .V.V.111 l.u ur.1,1', U irlington June, 16, 1310. n'. VrUItlJ'si ORAM) RLS'lORA'IIVi:. Tin valiiuble Vcerctnl lo .Medicine stand- unrivalled fur ihefollowiii2 cuinpla'iil-, viz: Dy-pcp-ia, or Indi- ge-non,di!ea,cd l.iver, tulion-ili-or l'-r-, l)ropy, Asth ma. Costiveiie--. norm, and o- 01 Annenm. m l l.v cleansing the stomach and I oweN, cure- pain- 111 lhe sale, stomach an I I rea-l, cold- and cough- of Inns standing, Hoarsen.--.-, shortness of 1 reuth. Nervous 'ompiaiui-.cic., which arcircincniiy the e.ecl ol di- for l-cveranil Asue. 11 1- a mo-t v.i uab e lire. venlalive as well a- .1 sovereign icmedy. I. virtue -iirpa-. any tiling neroiotore Unown in removing St. nils' uaiiic, iwo 1 otilc. have I ecn known to cure ii. nllliclins disease, nter havini ull ei evert- rrsr 1 1011 lor four year-. It ha. a 1110-1 powerful inllucnce in removing ncrvoii-complaini.. It i plea-ant totakc anu .oca-y 111 11s operation, mat it may 1 cailimnislcrcd ie iniaiii Willi tnle'y. I he above Medicine 1- very highly rccoinmeni'cd ly many -oienlihe and a urge nuiiil cr of lad, e-, who have proved the irluc of the Medicine I v personal osr end that ofiheir familii s. A bill ofi erlifiea'e- accoinpat ie-cach bottle. with direction-. Il mnv le hail whole.-ide or read 01 S. Ilriiam, Uarre, and J. C. Farnain, Fa-t W1II1.11115- lown, 1. soie propr.eii r-. t'repared ruuii the origin al recipe j for sale by E. II. Prcnti-, Slouipebcr, nud 1 cck if-SrrAC, liurlinglon, and in the principal town- 111 the slatcjall iircuinii- sijiie 1 111 111c inml writiiis ollheprniirielor , AT S, B. SCOTT'S, " I OH 1oz- Spool Thread, ' J.UU 7 llale.sbeciuig, 200 piece. Calico, 25 " Fru.ich and Hngliih Mennor, 25 " Sloi-line de Lame, 100 Shawls, various kind.. A great variety of sill., for dree-, I mine's, &c. M. G. RATHBUN, DUAl'U.t AXI TAILOR, ('KARL STRi:i'.T, HAS jut returned from New Vork, with full re ports of lhe Fall Fashions, anJ is prepared loex ecule orders fur winter garments in the most approved tyle. He has also on hand a select assortment cf choice trimming-, a lapted 10 the sea. 011 : mch as Jiraid, Itutlons, Ilindlligs, I'ancy Vest nlnillngs Cord, a""' Huttona, Ate. Ac. N. li. Ilu is al 0 agent for Scott ii Wil.on'. Re port ol Fa-hion-, which will I e to furnished 10 any one wishing them, ana tne requisite nnorimiiioii irttiy E'lvcn. Burlington, Nov. 4. 181L J. TRY ON DUAI'U ANI TAlMlH, WOULD onte more remind his cu-toincrs that lie continue, locarry on the above business in nil Is various I ranches at hi Old Stand on St. Paul street, near Ibe l'.pi.copal Clmri h, nml insight of the Catholic-Church. Thankful for past favor., cldeii tomcr aro solieileJ to continue iheir patronage, and many new one. are much desired. Tbe newest Fashion- promptly received. Cutting done on short nonce cheap for cath. I havoon hand some old account, which ( should Jlke to exchange, for cath. Nov. (2, IBM. 5 Hlids St Croit s urar. 10 do Porto Rico do 10 do New Orleans do 50 Hags Rio Co lice, 30 do Java do 50 Boxes soap, 25 do superior do 2 do nitra do 20 Kegs salt Petre, lluflalo Holies. A SL'PKIIIOR article, Indian innncd; Fur thick nuJ iieavy, Pells soft and plial le will not in jure by weiting. For snlel y IIICKOK 6; CATLIN we-t suiu uouri House cquarc. uuriington, t. Nov. (2, IS4. N. B. Don't purchase until von have priced the article at ll.if.C.'S. Also Barrels and Dry Casks. GKOCEIUES. OLD Hyson, Young Hyson, Hyson skin and I'ou chontj Tcb, St. C'roi and Porto Rico and Musca vado brown Sugurs. double and single refined Loaf Ho. Bunch .Muscatcil Raisins, Coffee, Saleratus, tfec. juiuecciv'd by K M WRIGHT fc Co, Dee 3. LOOK HERE! MR. KDITOR Will you please notify this com munity that tho subscriber has opened a Stove Store, first door west of J. it J. II. Peck & Co. where lie has a general assortment of Cooking, Box and Parlor Stoves, Caldrons, aud Hollow Waie of Ihe superior Brandon Casting; til o Buck's Hot Air Cooking Stove, which lie is manufacturing in this place. The construction of this stove is such that the first and sharpest heat cumo directly under the boilers and then passes round a spacious and email v heated oven, an I rcquirrs but couiparn ively little fuel to put it in operation, ana onKes tquai to a ouch oven. 'I here might be a List of signatures procured ns loin as the recommendation of a country P. SI. from the highest sources in the sccions where it is in use 1 but a preamble about thi" stove or lhe Yankee Not on useless, nnd if money continues scarce you must use the less of it, so don't do without on that account, oui con and try the new Stove. Barlinjlon, Nuv, 19, 1B41. S.W.TAYLOR GEORGE H. PECK, Attorney ami Counsellor at Law, two poous east or the post orrtcE, it ltais. Slmrs.J.A: J. H. PECK 4. Co. Nnv. 10. A. ROBERTSON, narrlster atid Attorney at Law, (Lattn the nJRceofthe Ihn. Solicitor (len'l Day) L1TTLF. ST. JAMF.S'S STUUET Montrtal, 1 Nov. IB 1 1 . Reference in Burlington, to CHARLES XDAMS, Esquire. 2- WILLIAM WRIGHT'S INDIAN PURGATIVE PILL'S, Enlirclu Vegetable. ATANUFAC'IURKI) 1111 ler lhe inline bate superln JsJlteii'lenee of Vi!liamVriirhi,viee-pre-ident of the .serri .lmericnn College of Health, for the treatment ami curt: ol di-ea-e. in Iho Turin of IJillio 1. and Ner- von. l ever-. Slea.le.. Small Pox. Pain, in the stomael.-, I aek and side. Con.nmoiion, Drop-y.Seri ula, Cancer, Spitting of Blood, .Sick-Ilenl-ache, Rheimaii-m. Diarr uca. Dvn-iilary. Colics. Dyspen sa, Palpiiaticn of the Heart, I'lccrs and sore, of every Kino, q-o. e rorsnie oy PFCK A: SPEMt, Burlington. W, H. HOLLY, Wdli-inii. W. J. IICOOI.A.V, lline.burgh. J. II. IIALI1IJRT, Wc.lford. CJHEET1NG.S. ShirnnssTickinir. Wieklng. Ratlin O Wadbng. Twill'd Collons, Canton Flannel-, ic For sale by Nov. I. S. II. SCOT I', DR. TAYtOR'S HALS A M OF II V V. II W O It T, Ob-crye when you buy ibat von get the genuine, prepared at 3o Bowery, New Vork. See that 375 Uow. ry New ork-is 011 lhe wrapper of each Bottle. Another, are fraud, and sold only by speculator., without regard to juslice, 10 thu public, or the propria. lor.oflhcBcniiino'anielc. IOR Consumption, and Liver complaints-, Dyspea sia,dizzine..oflhe head, loss of appetite, Dysen larv, aud general regulaterol the wbolesv-tcm. f-oneirenuine Lut that prepared at 375 Bowery, isew V or ;, where the nriicle wa first made, ihecba'r aeerorthe medicine formed and c-tal lished bv the nrc-cut 10 e proprietor., and whoare iheonly persons knowing the cnniposition of the genuine, liha.leen ii-ed siicce..fdly for cisrht years in thu cure of these ihsea-e.. iCJ-I!,.ineml cr lhe original and ....., ,u t.u. j,j uowcry, isew York. All other, ale coiinierfcit. Constimilion and Liver Complaint I Asa ueueral reine lv fns il.p.r. .li'...... I nn. r.n.. sali-fie.l, from long experience, there i. no medicine c-'ial to Dr. Taylor'. Balsam of Liverwort. Being vire y vcgoiawc, 11 can Iwn-ed with ihe uiino-t safety by all pe.-on. in every conblion. It clean. n the lung, by expccloraiioii, relieve, difficult breathing-, heal lhe che-t. 'lhcietan lenoque-lion but Ihi.meJicinei-a certain cure for chronic cu igh. and cold.. I have u-cJ it ,j,ir VCar. In mv praence, aud always widi.urce... A.'F. ROGDR'S, M. D. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. Taylor'. Dv-nmif Liverwort to be a certain remedy for thi. complaint, a. 1 have n-ed il my-cll and round us c.'ects an immcil.aie. I was iifith trojUcd until I made n-eofihi. me hcine. ,. SI. L. 1IFNSHAH. 211 Sl.incin .1. lIoir.-cneLiued For the cure of lioar'ciie-s 1 can strongly reccommen.l Dr. Taylor's llabam of Liv erwort. I have not onlylound gnal 1 enclit myself, but many ol my eongregaiton 1 v mv rc.-coinniciida-lion have rci-ievc.1 preal lenchl ircui its virtue. It is a tense mild ,ellicaciou- anJ barmlc. REV. AZ. LEWIS. Severe '..ongh. and Cold. I have bad a mo-t ic vcre co.d and ciHiab, for a long tune wbu h I could not cei ridof. Af cr u-ing injnv u-clc-. tilings 1 tri ed Taylor's llaUam of Liverwor'i. and il cured me 111 a u-wn.iy.. jas. II. Ki: ItlJsUUK. Rai-inir of Blootl A' out two wieks a"o I bad a fall, wlich caused me lo spit large qualities of I Inml uhi. Ii nothinir eo.ild cure nn'il I Iritsl Dr. Taylor's B.ilsnm of Liverwort. 'I hi- ineJu-me lmvc me mime- iba'e relief and in a very short tune e lecteJ an enlnc cure. Let all pcr-en- trv it. HIGH MO OARVEY,21 Cannon st. Dr. lavltr'. Bil.-am of Literwcr' 'I hi- mnerior remeiy ioroi-ca-e- 01 1 ne lung- anil livir has obtain eda rt: vita ion never Icforcriualln), liemarkable Cure oj Consumption. wa-so near her death with thi- di-e.i.e. ibit mv fiiends sent fur a pr e-l loconfe.- 111c eie I dieJ. He in hi- mir-y, lold me not to givcnn until 1 tnel Dr. Taylor'.- Ila'l-am of Liverwort. I sent immediately fur thi. medicine, anl although lhe cunte-t for a few rays let ween tin-me licinc, and my dt wa. ic vere , the medicine conqeereJ, and iu a fi.rini'ibt I wa- le-lorcltohealih. I had a cough, rai-imr of mat' ler, lo-s ol mv voice, pain., we tkue.i. Ac. I can ie fer lo Doctor W1I.-1 n. in the Carlton Hnu-c. for the truth cf my sta'emcnl. MARV DILL, IC h -ireel cor. licv.-.iri: 01 iraiu.. ot3J a veil Summer Complaint. The Bal-am of Liverwort, 111 several ea-es of this di-ci-e, u here nil other reiiieJics applied ly phy-i-cians have proved, ha products! a jicffect RUSSi:i.LS STOMACH BITTERS, may b-u-cd in Wineorwaler. 'Iheseceleliratcdbiilers nreconipo-cd purely of Vcre able, of the most Inno cent yet speeihc virtues. They are recommended par ticularly for le-loring weak coiisiiiulioiis, cleansing ami sircnvincning 1110 stoinacii, unit Increasing the appetite al-o a preventative uzain-t the cholera mor bus, fever and ague, removing ria-i'ca, vomitimr, heart burning, weakne.-.s in the I rea-l, pain in the slomacb and nlhcr symptoms of flatulence and indigc tion. One box will tincture one gallon. Price 25 els. a box. Rcsjcll's licit OfSTMCNT. This choice and safe ointment is said lu I e superior 10 any now in me, for that di-agrccable and loath-omo d.sea-c, the 1'ICH. This Ointment 1. so ccnriaiu in its operation that 110 per-on tloublcd with the nlove di-ordcr ought lo le without it. It is a remedy lor cutaneous eruptions, scorbulic aTcctioti. of the head, or any other breakiir nut which nri-es irom sunrp niunors in the olood. Price 25 cl.. a I ox. RC3-ELL'S EOLTAtLE BlLMGUS PfLts. or familv physic, for eencral ue, in ca-c. of Jaundice, morl id cn.ii.iiuy 11 tnu -tomaeii an 1 Lowel-, lo- 01 appetite, ib'W 1 ream, eostnene-s, rue-, auu nil oi-ease nris- mir from I iliar,' I'cranaemenl.. al-o fur curicctini the slate of iho l.loo 1, and cleansing the sysiem ol and viscid humour-. 'I iiill. are a mild ca thartic, prod"ciii3 neilhcr piin. nor gripin?, and are therefore a valuable and highly approved medicine, ami arc pronounced a? such I y lhe mo-t distinguished physician.. Each box coulaining 33 Pill-. Price 37 J ci.. a I ox IM-ell's celcl ra'cilbstT iillEUMUlNTHENT. I m 11nn11c-t10nal.I1 lhe lest and .afe.l ri!iuede ever vul leri.1 to the puVlie for that ob-tina'e di-ordcr SAll RII1-A1.M. Where o'her means have tailcJ. it has suc ceeded, nnd the fact that it ha. been sxtcn-ively u-cd l,y eminent rraclinoncr. speaks v&lunlc. 111 it- prai-e. Il . equally edleacioj. in nil di-ea-e. of tho .kin. aid bead, ring worm-, and the most inveterate Itch, ie. Afc. Numerous certiiicale. might le obtained, I ul the propritor chooses thai .1 fair trinl .bo"ld 1 e the only cviJeiice ofit- sups-norclieacy. Price 50 cent- a tiox. 1 or sale I'V 1'icK ty. opcar ami lioiert .uoouy, II iilingtoni t)r. 1;. 1. Miles, am) Hull u look, uines burgh i S. H. Ilarno., Charlolte; L. Jane-, Georgia; L. Tyler, Essex i Fuller Ac Huntinglon, Riebmond Al-o, bv th'i druggists and iniriliaius generally broiichoiil lhe -tale." ' ' oS.Oir. Oct. 13, 1811. 'TMIK Burlington Brewery i now L in Mil OpOlltl nil, mill vpi-v hcsi ouabtv is kept con stanliv on Ii ind for sale in whole I t- r n l-T-i.-n ar-.. or nail otti lets. - . ui Alteon Snrnrlrlti" Cuie of Cnnsumntinn. Sir. R. liladdm ol Delhi, N. Y., ul a iinmral y con -UinotlVe Con-tillltlOll. hi- Iseil ,ntsl from nn i,n timely end I y the ibe of Dr. Tuyler'- Bil-am of l.iv- s-rwi 11. srvcri- com i ro'igni on an aitac; 01 i-itir re-y, an J thu. en lo 1 111 general tk-hihiy and coii-umn Inn. A et.n-i.iHl co igh, heciic llu-h, re-ile nijjht.., q 1 o'i p-il-e, an I cunt nueJ lo-s cf flesh, auceied a s' cjly ilcaih ; but .1- soon a- I eommencel tie ueof tin- 1 ai-am 1 grew I e.lcr, and 1- now fully rclorcd iu iiuaitu Shortness of Breath. For ibi. di ca-e, I have alnay. lound Dr. Tajlor1 uaisaui ui i.iverwori an excellent reincly. It i. al once so .afeand so ele.Mive, ibat 1 always u-e it in my practice, and reccommciid it 10 my friend.. I luve u-ea it 111 some liundrclsi lhe pa, nnu 1 nave never naa it lait. In many ci c. ol asthma, 1 fully lel.cveitto have leen the means ol saving precious live-. Let all use it. george Ralph, m. n. None genuine but that I at 375. TJovtcrv New York 11-will Ic seen ly lhe lal cl-and wrap ner-of each bi.ltle. lie -urn vol loo': w lien t-n-, enilenien, I ' lc genuine can alway. I c ol, lamed of the O il Agents, .Me sr.. N. Love'v A: Co.. now Lovelv ic nevmo ir i;r. .uoiwr ami rci li iv opear, wnemi-t and Drugci-I., U 11 bnglon ?. H. 11 imc, Clnrlonc- William lllio 'e-, Jr. ltii hmoiu' (jeo. Aycr. iV Co. Mihon-A. A. W. Brown. Grand 1-le-W. H. Kee'er. S'liith Hero Horace N ad-worlh, North Hero J D.ivi., All urgk I'. iV 1..0:ena, Wc-l Albjrgh-D. & V . Cdrpciilcr, v atcrliiiry. SUS-GLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL, TV S T received, a supply ol -Slar-h's ic'c! Tins cs, of every ill scripl'1011, for sale I v the d or.inile, Nov. 1. PECK if-'SPEA A fjAitiJi'. nfForimcni 01 urnss Kelt es. vices. Xl Anvils, Trace Chains, llnlier do. etc. etc. is offered for sale al prices which cannot fail to suit eiislmnrrs by FOLLETT .f. BRADLEY, Jov. 21). Old Dock, liurlinglon. c! ritcd lozen UIriisses accuratelv app'iedfree of 1 barge 5100 REWARD. C'l Cl RI-WARD has been offered for monllis JlvU 10 any onevvlio will use a butlleof Hay's Linim'nt for the I'tlcs, willioiitlxmg cured. Of thousands sold, in no one instance nasiiiaiiuioi acure. l'roor overwhelming to lie bad where il 13 sold. Ins also a certain cute 111 nenrv trrrv cast. vi-.Mernniiy,) 111 1110 MT lowing complaints. ror tho Piles, for all dropsy, lender fici, sore ihront, ly can cers or ulcers, croup, uhonpins cough, scald bead, Tightness of tho clii st. esncciallv in children, fuel ul cers of thu legs, or othcrfuiigussores,'hoever obsii natenr lona siandtni, fresh wounds, chilblains. etc. LOOK OUT. Some sicindlers hare counterfeited I Us article, and put t up icith rarwusi'ecices. Do not bo imposed upon. Ono tbui" only vvi'l protect you itislhenameof COMSTOCK i' CO: that name must be nirayj on the vravver. or von may be cheat' cd. Do not forget it. Take tlio direction with ou and test by ibat. or never buy i' ; for it is impossible for nny other In be iruenr genuine. nil Sold by COMSTOCK, f- CO. 71 Slaiden Lane. New York. P E C K it S P 12 A R, Wholsolo Agents, afewdoorseastof the Post Office, Burling' ion. 1. A HEAVY assoiinif nt of Slciuh nnd Cutler shoes. Wrouoht Nails. Crow Bars. &c. hist received and offered tow by Nov. 29. FOLLETTtt BRADLEY. Ilurr .1(111 Stones ami llolllng Chills, P.MR of French Burr Mill Stones nnd n com. "s'nlelo assortment of Boltinor Clolbs. from n c. la. brnted Manufactory in Hnlland, for salo nt reduced prices, by FOLI.KTT& BRADLEY, Agents. UOV. i'J. DOCT. MAKSHALL'S Aroin ittc, Catarrh and lle.idacbo SNUFF. This Snti.i "i superior to any ihintr vet known, for removin? ihal trn,il,l.nin. .1,.. ea-e, the Caiarrh, and also n cold 111 the l.cad. an I the headache. It opens and purges oni all oh-tmriions, streng1 bens Ibe gtands,aud give, a healthy action in lhe nnrls a lecltl. 1 1 1. n rfccll v fiee from u'iiv 1 hints lerhvi. in it. coinptuiiion has a plca-ant flavor, and us immouaiee w, aunrieiiis uses', is aogreeabfo. Prices! cents ner bottle. . Dnct. Mar-liall' Vcireiab'e Ind.'an Black PLASTER Thi. Piaster is iinrlvAllfd for cttrin!? serofitno- a,.,kl. lings, Scurvy Sores, loime Back, and Fre-h Wounds j pam m lhe sides, Hips and Limbs; and seldom fails to give relief in local Rheimatism ff applied 10 ihe kide,it will cure nianyoflheeommon Liver Complaint.: H . . 1Jul superior, iu any iniugin u-e "LIVE AND LET LIVE." m II E sulxcrder would resneelfullv return Ilk X. lhanks.tolu.mnny patron. fnriheirfavi rs during mo past nve year-, nnu would ni.o 111'orin mem inai nas repienisiicj his lick of stationery, uook iiiiioin? 3Q(.t- &e. and will f e hannv 10 wan one nil I lint sha'l favor linn wilh their patronage, and 110 nlorton hipnrl shall be spared to give satisfaction, Oir stncl co-t money : therefore, vvc cannot give 11 away, or sell il below cn-i, or at c o-i ; but vv hat we nave 10 sell, (if we can cct an opportunity) nt a .mall advance from com a. anv one can do'and live y their business. Individuals wishing 10 piin ba-i Common School Books. Stationery, or Blank Bock can have a chant e 10 te-i the sincerity of ihe sul sen I er.whcn he-av.- he will sell cheap for ca. calling at ine sijrn 01 me iteu isigrr, i.oiiegesinei. SAMUEL HUNTINGTON Nov. 8, 1811. NEW EST A I.LISII.M ENT. CSUCCEtihUKS TO 10. UKIUUS,) Wholesale and Retail Confectioners, t7 0L'LD re-ne.'lfii'lv inform Ihe inhabitant. it 11 irlingion and the surro mdins ci un'rv. ihal Iliey carry 011 uic t.cnrcriennry tiusiness, on an 11 vario 1-1 rinclie-. ieierniine.i 10 u-e the very 1 e materia - 111 manui.teiurinr. tliev wi al all time fiirni b Merchants an I other- t'ealm; iu Confeetion iric-. with tho I est quality, and on the lowe-t no-si loierm-. Miop 011 v.11 ir -It stcc', two doors south f S. i:. Howard'. S.ore, newly nnd neatly lined hp. wheio we cor.11.111y invnc .111 10 can anu exammeo 1 article-, eousi-ling ol all kind, of Slic'e Candv, Bill in, lvi-se-. nearis ami mainnm .. iiraui-. 1'emier, nun', Lcnu 11 Drop., Vanilla Cream, Lozenge-, Sizar I'muili.. v. arraway-, v-ouuii., ia.sia tsuiis. Kocl; and Br'Wii Candy, SigarSaud, Sloltoe. and Secret-. Sigar Apples, Pmaur-, Egg', and Baskets, with yarn u- ariicif- 100 11 imcri-u. 10 1 e menrioneii. A general a or.nient of ni h and fancy Cake- on han I, nnd I akel 10 order, together with It Cieams lofurnith parne , iVc. Ac. .VIVSU (,'occn Candt, which we rvcommcud for Cough., Cold-, Hoar ene-s, Ac. Wo do not prc:end to siv wilh . Mr. J. PsaseA-f-on, that 1 ur Candy will cure all li-eise. lea ling lo Con-umpiion, we think thai is saying too much. ' SIT lirtl't, OtlUOlS, We have a food a onment of Urass and Wooden Clocks, which we will cl! very low fur cash 1 r ap prove I credit. Pica! call and examine Lefore pur ch iing ebewherc. N. u. All oniers from a di-iaiice. not naid. will le nroniiitlv atlende.1 to, and package. and boxe- nut on loar.i 01 stage- or ioai, wiien rcHrc-i, lite cf charge, tie paruo nar auu au.ire-s all oruer. to .11 1 -CHELL ccltARNIS, Confectioners, there leing two firm-of iho same name in lhe village. Itir'itivioii, Yt. O.-i. 22, ISM. DISEASES OF Till: EUN(..Irridedl) Ihf ttifi.l leitidv etf 1 kimtv 11 III Ahisi tea Vegetable rulmonury Uulsum 19 ilu- iihhi viilu.itdp iPiiisdv luiit 1-1 nr f,,i,cotd., ii.ibu.a or 1 hihisie, CUIt-llllipllMII. tvllOHlil'g COllgtl rflld I Bfl, CIMMIS Iftctv Kind. IM sate 1. siraililv Incif nnil lite IHopneuir. .lis roiisiaiiilv .sceivini ibi- mosl I. tillable aicomii of it. efei'i.. 'Ihe fdlutvlil uetv celllticriles ,ne otTsied fur publ e exsiiiftMliuit, ,N Intkihsiinq C3E Ex rnciofa Isiier from Mr C S Cl), Kiin.inii, U'sir cu., N. V. to ibe im.prHMni.. l mug ul lhe Mill 111. 1, wa. tliily tec il i 1e1n.11 K.ilile r'ie tin. ellccied liv lhe veK.iiii.le I11I inwii.r) It il.aiu in ihe wiiitei mid -pi lea of 1S3j. 'Ihe persnii, lr. Moudi, h id been suk h long nine wiih he euii9ititiilitn. Hi idiv-ieian. ii.iu citeii linn up lie vv.t. icdut'rd so low s to be tntablp 111 hplp bttit.plf. I iai.iii( a l.ugp tpi.iililv of bloiit. when he eoinnii'iii't d using 1 lie li.l.Mtii, wloin lias ellscied ;t omplelp ruie, and lie i. lem as It.ile ititd hpailv as pvpi hp u a.. Mr. .Mootlt b is leinoif-d b nm ibis itiu 11, Inn he li . ihchmspiI hip n iimhp detail' d .icchhii of his M.p, it Inch I tv ill fin wrd tnu. Ca LLAi , Kin. .ion, IS. I Juiip Zo. 1S..3. Exlrael of a letlsi finni Dr. J.ienl. Mvers Tbe We.1 iblp Piihu.Hi.nv Bal-niu has bpsti tu!d ill ibis Coliillt lor iwiiveais, at, tl llie ine. HClne liiteaineu 11 it uMrnmilliiii rclrhrllv, for 11 .e.ncelv la line lilslanCP filled of h.ivinn lhe desiieii pITpci I ani bv nn mens 111 f ivnr of lltp lit mv iMi-liniii., iiihI ul w lol h are itosiiHin. tipuu a eipitiii'iiis ptiiiite, 0111 mat winch 1 kimtv liy u.- In tip PlIsC', I t annul Help hill uiv- mv scpioii.linu tlitreio. is rotiiiiet H'H pi 1011 11.1. Iiecn iilTpfpil lisi e bj anavrlliiiK Agpiit, of Cnuisinc k, .V. Y. aiidtlipipjri anriihrr ariicle vended heie ihal i. Irongt) su.jieeieil 10 bespui inn. Jacob Myrm, M. D. iliillHtc'nit, J1H11.11.1 co rpiui. ainv a, losi l-mni Dr. S'liuiiet .Mintpll, i ihp Piiipiipims ol ihp Vpgp '.li'p I HliiHHi.ilv llalsatti. 1 .1111 sansliPfl lli.tlhpve .ei.tble I'utinniMsrv B.itjiin 1. .1 valn.tbV liiPilpnne li I1.1. bppi, used 111 lln. pl.tce ubh c,ultdeip surfp.. in .11 00. nil up Ciiiiiplaiiit ol Hie Innc, alien led Willi pieie ciHijti, Ins. nl viiii-p. ami Hip rai.uig nl iimeli lihiuil, whiilihad prev Inlislv li'.islrd 111.111) Hppiiitpd pipS''iipiions, Aber u.imb the Bal.sin oup upsk, ihp 11. 1 1 pui s viiicp i em 1 nsd and hp was.itil in sue tk and h.y. I'lilit ra'C oreuripd sump I i live sinrp, and lhe 111 111 is teivv enij.i.pil not only 111 active Inn lalintrons l.iHinri). IIp-i srilnllv, sc. S. MuniiM.i. Ii is niitv iiiiiip ili.ut six VPrs sinre 1 ws l,innht tprv but bv an atTeruon id ids Inn,;, and mv eiHtipl.ini tv.s derlaied 111 tie iMi'iiialite lit 11 rt.iincit iifllnep pliv .iei.ns. I tv us then rp-ioisd to .s .no I liPalih h. I li.d piijnved f'r in.ui) jp.irs, bv usim llie Vpgpi.iblp Put itimt iiv Ii-iis.ini, siiiiee rat ipcnvsrv 1 Iihvp lernm llPitded lhe Bilinni in 11 iimiiv of 'tins rHHint.iiais. and so far as 1 can Is.nn, lis it. r h 1. 111 van. Id) bppn f, Hinted bv 11,111 II benefit, and in iiihii) Instances II lias ellerlttl riliri tt hit II tveie tt ilnllv Unex tipeiPll. OAMOKL ftVLHlTr Ibis on, Marrb 2, 1837. t'nr alp, whiitps.le and retail, by PECK SPER,1l"r'iec"". Vi. ALBANY TO IIOSTO.N BY ltAIL-ltOAD Via CHATHAM, PITTS FIELD, SPUlNGFltLO A.NU WOKCESTEK. ON and after Tuesday, Dec. 21. 1311, the P.vsie.t otaTnAiNs will run through the entire line, r.o follows! Leave Grtcnb-jsh daily, Sundays excepud: 0 A.M. ond 1 P. SI. The morning train will arrive nt Chatham 9J, et Pittsfield 9J, at fpringfield 12J SI., at Worcester 4 P. 111. nnu ni uoston 1". M, The afternoon trsin will nriive ot Chatham 2, ot Pittsfield 3?, ot Sprinrfiekl C P. SI , leave Springfield next morning CJ A. SI., arrive r.t Worcester 95 end nt uoston u M. RtTi-nsiso, leave Boston 7 A. SI. and 3 P. SI. The tnoinine troin arrives nl Grecnbusfi fci P. Sf The afternoon train arrives at Greenbush 12i SI. next day, lodging at Springfield. The enrs of the Hiids, n ond Ilerltsh'uo Uail-Rco'l wi'l run between Hudson and Chatham in vonnixim with the above trains. Passengers from the cityof Albany mut lako tli boat from Ferry Wharf ot 61 A. M. ond 12J M. FARE?. FronTGrcenbuah to Chatham, tO C2J Chalhani lo Pittsfield, 0 90 Pittslie'd lo Springfield, 1 EO Spiingfie'd to Worcestsr, 1 DO Worcester to Boston, 1 53 If paid through From Albany to Boston, 6 CO Worcester, 4 25 Springfield, 3 CO I'Htsfield, 1 60 Hudson, 1 ii FOR NEW VORK, Via Sprinpf.eld Hartford and .Vtu ITaten. Passengers leaving Grccnbush bv tho 1 o'clock, P, SI. train, arrive at tprincfield, Gi P. SI.; thence by stage (23 miles) to Hartford, nrrivins ot 1! P. M ; leave next morning iu cars for New-IInvcn, arriving in time to lake steamer for New 1 ork, where tlmy arrive at 2 to 3 P. SI. Or leave Gretnbuh by ilu morning train, nrrivinc ot Nevv-Havi 11 3 P. SI., theneo by stcuner next morning, to New Yolk, arriving by 2 to 3 P. SI. Fate, if p-iid through from Grccnbush to New York, SG. Tickets In be punlnscd al G. R. Pavne'j Office, Thorp's Buildings, 2J Broadway, Albany, and at the office of the Depot in Greenbush. 6m-30 GEORGE W. WHISTLER, Engineer. BURLINGTON CHAIR FACTORY C, L. nelsu.n, continues tun ' business of manitfactutins Cbaii's at the old s'and, of the fol lowing descriptions: Curl Sloplo Grecian, Cane Sent, Common Canu cud Flag Sent, I.atge and Small Raised Scat Rockinir, do do Com mon do, Common Dining, cVc. &0. All of which ore warranted a first rate nriicle and will be sold at prices to corrtspond Willi the times. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY Constantly on hand, a supply of wanantcd Liv GrMse Feathers, which will be sold low far cash. W ANTED, by the aunscrruer, uuri onn uirus r.y Maple, delivered at his shop in Church sired, opposit' ttia oltl Hani.. v. 1.. .si.i.-ms . To IllacUsinltlis Itlosbursli Coal. rplIE subscribers have just received forty tons of I ffU.rh r.Mtl. whrih for SimlK' it., i. ,,r.i,r. passed bynny of lhe mineral coals, and whereknown has inken '.ho nlace ol charcoal. Icniting ensdv and burning freely, it is hijibly ifcomniended for prates nnd domestic use. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. CIIUKCII MUSIC. THE follow in? valuable .Musical Works ars con stantly for sale by the subscriber at the lowest prices, bv Iho doz. or hrger quantity, vil ! The Slodcrn Psalmist, a new work by L. SIsson. Boston Academy's collection of (. hutch Music Melholi-t Hitmomst, OJcon, and Boston and American GIceBooX. Nov. 1811. D.A. BRA5IAN. Wr. return UisnKs to cur customers and the publ. c y- pauuiinge nicy vOru"- 5h. .1 have given us for some years, A v A'Ci " J inform them that j -2s elnve visited England and sr ,', I vJps '""de arrangtments for the X ' :.." IJyJSS) importation of Watches, Jew-, "W-'irtS elrv. Watch malLrinls. Isiiivrs. Sdssors, Razors, Pistols, and Fancy Aiiic.'cs. Wenrc receiving beautiful finished Gold and Silver Cased Patent Lever Watches of I ngbsh and Geneva manufacture. Also, Gold and Silver Geneva I.ctmie Watches; A'arin and English and Ficnch Watches. We shall bo liappv to s pply anyone who wishes 11 good w atch. The public, may rest nssuicd that we do sell fine watches quite as low and a little low er .I...P.... .1 ItV. t 1... . tiinii tiiv ciiujs. ,,u isiiut. uy let'eiit esaiuiiiniiun . th 1 1 we ate selling fine Gold Levers of cnual quality, lower ibsn they are sold in Boston. Every kind of Watches neatly denied and tepaircJ at tha lowest prices. Jewelry. We have recived rome beaut, ful Gold and reol stons Broaches an I Pins, which vve bid nude in England. S.w nli Torquon, Cornelian, Onyx, Topaz, Ruby, Car- ouncie, upai, uiamona ana omer precious stones. We have also recrived a variety of pretty dress Pins nnd Broaches, Ha r Pins, Boquet Holders, fcc. Head Ornaments, Snips, Lockets, Chams, Keys! Silver, shell, Pearl and Ivory Card Cases ; .Memoran dums, Souvenirs, Needle Casts, and many very pretty Goods., h.mvcs, sci sors, Nut Pickers, Nut Craikois, Peail and stetl cork-screws : Two-'Sirs, toy rings, giliand common lea bells,malhemni. ical instruments, wood anil ivorv nnckel rules. Thprmn. maters, level-, plnted and Gerunn silver spoons, tei pols, tumblers, po-to-lrd lamps, lamp wicks and glasses, brass snuffers and iro)s, and can Hesticks, sltfl do. pliled do. bed pans, syringes, fiaeks, skates, and many oihcr artic'ts in ihe same line. Cards. Various kinds of hemtiful em'jssed Cards, cold bordered, and Kilt rdged cards, vvhita and colored Cards of various kinds and s.zrs. Pa nts, pencils, ink, sand, wax, wafers, esc. Scaifs, Cravats and stockfj collars, bosoms and su.pcndcrs. Wa invite attention to some beautiful new slocks and scarfs, pantaloon straps, buttons, Ac. IVrfumcry, Ac. All kinds of Perfumery, soaps, hsir oils, depilatory, vine jsr rouge, powders, cosine ics, tic. Brushes, Very nice blushes of ad kinds and for ill purposes. Spectacles. VERMONT MEDICAL COLLEGE, AT WOODSTOCIC. Faculty. HENRY IT. GUILDS, SI. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of Jifedieini and Obstetric. HON. JACOB COLt.AMER, A. M., Professor of Mtdital Jurisprudent. AI.ONZO CLARK, SI. D., Professor of General and Special Pathology, .Miteria .Ihdica and Pharmaty. P.ENJA3I1N R. PALMER, 31. D., Professor of General, Special and Surgical An atomy and Phytolonj. FRANK II HAMILTON, M. D., Professor of the Principle and Practice if Surcrf JOSEPH B. I LARKE, SI. D., Profestor of Chemistry and Vctany. 03SION L. HUNTLEY, SI. D , Demonstrator of Anatomy. The Annual Course of Lectures at th s Institution will commence on the Second thursday of .VarcA neif, and continue thirteen weeks. The fee for nil the courses j 850. Students, who have attended two full courses of tho lectures al this, or anv incorporate! school of Slcdicme, will bo re q nred to paySlO. Graduation fee, St '. Doctors of Slcdicme are admitted without fee. No Matricula tion fee is charged. Boaid, iiu-ludins room, fuel, lights, and washing, may be obtained in good final csat from S1,0 to 2, 23 per week. Studen s who nro unacquvntcd in the illife, can by calling at Dr. Palmer's office on their arrival, ob taindiricibns respecting holding houses. In prescnlim.' ibis nniimincuiicnt, the fruiters of the Vermont .Medical Col'ege fcil ass ired ihst lha next c itrsc of lectures vvi 1 fully sustain tho reputa tion which the Institution has so uniformly main tained. Thccharai ter of the Gentlemen who occupy the sovtinl Profi'sjoi ships the additions which hava been mads to ibe masi uni, chemical nppirtus, and Instruments of the College the ircation of a new Proftssorship (General and epecia' Puibologv) the in creased facilities which will be aflorded for the prose cution ofl'racti al Anatomy the completion of ih new collpge Edifice, and its admirable adoption to iho purpose for which it was designed, warrant the belief that the coiuse of instruc ion in us value and extent wi'l be equal to thaiofnny Institution in the country. For further knowledge of lhe College, Students ar referred to Dr. II. II. Clnlds, Pittsfield, Slass., Dr. A Clark, N. Y. City, or to Dr. B. R. Paltn:r, Woodstock Vt. Bv orderof the Board of Trusters, N. WILLI A.MS, Secretary. Woodstock, Vt., Jsn'y 19th, 1S42. Iliirlliigtou Hookstore. rplIE sulscril er would invite the attention of hi' I fricnlsand tic pul lio to his new a.soiimenr of Rooks, The I e-l selection he has ever made, both in Misiellaneo'is and School Book' are now oTered cheap for cash. Nov. 10. D. A. BRASIAN. Mnrlsou's I'HU. AIESSSIIIS. PANG HORN eh HRINSMAID are llj-ap- A LL kinds of MENUS for Culinary purposes, at I prielor ; Cha. Bowen, MMd!e',tiry ; vnn.raiari'i retail, ry ri.i n iv rrr.Aii rrria, f'' n' Vt pointed Stata Anents bv Messrs. Alexander nnd John Morison, of iho British College of Health, London! one of our firm visited the enlteee in London. ft,, .h.i t.i.i : . ... ., 1 1 .l..- . - r i ' - . y " : ...niiu nuiiumimi itonuilllllisiii nuw uiivcuv iiuhi iicnu corns mi ine .cei j me virtue of this t'la.ter have been . ouartera. A eorreet mciuio of lha Collea Huildinir vvitnesiei liy ho,isond of individual, in the United can ba seen at tb Variety Sloraand in lhe hands of 1 (TIIIE Snbscriter will navessh for a few Thousand mate., wnp tiavole-tel us em.-aey. Sold by lhe pro- our siib-ageula. All the packages will be signed in I pounds of good Fleece Wool, delivered at their , 0,, n'i 1 rru re u-rtiinjr, NIUOIvN imi".MA II, ' Hiore. neaa ol I'enri M Dc " I Stile Agents July 2, IP41 EM.W'RIGHTitCo. will npe i wuhin three 01 . four day., Jrom I500IO2000 yd. Exira niperfie, (do iblecro ind), 'itpcrfine, tine and common all wool Carpeting", which hive 1 cen purcha.fd mostly in N.Yorkat aucticn, and will I e sol I at vey low pruw, Al-o Twil'el and plain Venetian stair carpeting, Hemp an I Cotton carpeting, Oilcloth-, .Mali, e:c. Nov. 12. flooks and Paper. (i fiOOPRICH, onmlonr Em of Farrar , Wall's Crockery Sioie. UP STAIRS, has a verv ecneral colle-rlion of Knolts, meludintf a lirje stock- of tVhool Books and Paner. All uishinz 10 purchase will do wtll to rail. Produce and domestic mannfartnres 0 every description rereivcl in pav ment. fiehool com mittee. fnrni-hinr for schools, shall hare books art tuilously for all children in tbir district whose pa rents are nnabla to I uy. De-. IS. BRsDIXYft HTPE. We have Gold and silver mounted Spectacles, ft the best q'labty, and every number warned of concave and convei and can suit all ages. We have stel and ptated spectacles at the lowest prioes, .Morocco and sirei spec cases, eye classes, .ic. To close, we won'd say to all in town and country, that we have a better lot of Goods than wa aver bad th pleasun of offennc, and that w w.ll isll them as low as any one wa will not be ondereold bvany on. We respeetfully invite all who wish for Good of any kind w inch we deal in tneall before rnrehsstng. PANGBOIIN it BBINSMAID Impotlnsof WVxhMand Jewelry January 1, IS 11. LYMAN & COLK H VE receive I, in addition to their for stock of lry Goods, an extensive a-ssortnient of Fait in I Winter GcikI- ; anion? which will 1 e found a preat virety of nnt, le- b r Lathe.' Cloaks ; Alnaccj Li Ire. a very preiiv arn'ilej Alpatia silk Warp, Cam b-ren, Plain Pack Alpine, Fig'd do., Satin Uima-k. uryeliella, I'ersian Wloin, riencn, German, .in I Einrlish'SIenno., Slou-elme tie lame and printed Marine., a great variety anu low pncesi; ijcti's I liir und Imitation Caml let. S IL. KS. A 'mall assortment of rich fia'd and strTpd Silks, Iieavy Black Canton, Grn 'e 5wi , nnd oiher silks. SUA WLS. LipinV leu seirlc, I lack, and colored; A few extra izc Wor.ied shawl-, Glove, aod Hosier', a larse as-oriineni ; an un'i-uajlylarse.itortniatof American print: Ffni'li nndFnslt-h tin. DOMESTIC GOODS. Cotton shec'in? and shirfmrj Tic',1 c and Wad. dinp j BleithsJ Cotton and Jlcrrimac thceunc;, very low, TMl.0i7S TlilMMISGS. Wor-lel Binding, silk do. Larpe round and ausrJ Mohair Cords for over coats; -ilk Con! for dress ci at Wor-tesl and silk Sirge; fi-'iirel silk and Velvet Button., pew figure; sewing "sill, Twist and Thread: P.t Idinc, Canvi--, selccia., Col'd Jeans, Brcvvn ana Black Lmen ; Worsted plaid for Faeinj ; Buttons fs-r over coats, Vc. FAXCY HKFS. X vsrietj of rich de l.mne, Clully, silk, and flaw sivle Fancy Hkf. and Veil-. BROADCLOTHS, Heavv tloulle milled Broad Cloths; B-ver and Pdot Cloths 1 Rich Diamond Beaver Cloth ; alto a general as.ortnisnt Ot U irlinnon SIdl Cloth'. Gentlemen and Ladies are invited to call and exam, ine cur veryextensive assortment, wbtch -e cfltr at re 1 11 e-l price-- for Ca-h. Birlincion, 03 Oot. IS!!. Hard Ware. AMES' Shnvrls, Ion? ban He do. pad', Manure Forks, Hiber snl Trait, alen sbel Hart-valv NovlS S. M POPP NOTICE! rPHE tnhecr bcrs hnving formed a Copartnership JL and purchased the stock of Hardvart, Drug; Mulicinet, if-e., belonging 10 lhe C-tale of the rata Doet. R. Sloody, will coniinue the business at lha eld stand, sign of tbe Padlock, corner of Church and College sirrete, and will rnke such additions to their stock of Hardware as will make 11 full and complete. They respectfully solicit n continuance of the gener. ous nstronsKa eitsnded to the,.- predecessor, and in trndti merit it by the sums attention 10 their buai osss and the -eishea of tbeir customers. II AGAR &. ARTHUlv Burlington, Nov. 29, IBM. Trlmnili:s for Cloaks. rnO YARDS ncavy Otmp, MohtU and Silk O Fringes expressly for tiimmmg Mannlla. rd Cloaka, at LOVELY A SM'SIOUR'S Nov IS.

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