Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 1, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 1, 1842 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORY OF CjBSAR) BUT THE WELFARE OF ROME. VOL. XV. MUM NOT ON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, APRIL I, 1842. No. 43. LILY SYRUP. An unparrallcd remedy for Diseases of the Lungs, Consumption, Coughs, influenza, Colds, Asthma, Sjntting of Blood, Hooping Cough, Ac. $ TO TIIH PUHUC. In presenting to tluymJic a new remedy for disea ses of the lungsdt may l proper to say that, judging from the many coitifie.itos ami reeconunendations of other specifics contained in the newspapers of the day no new remedy was called for or required, lint if tho popular remedies hail malenally lessoned the lulls of mortality, or any one of the many prcparatio.n po -Mjj.ed those virtue recommended, so that nftcr a la. Trial, the patient could depend upon its healing power--, and rationally hope for a spec ly recovery ol hcillh, this humhlc attempt to arret the prime, of Pulmo nary Consumption would not have appeared. Hut that the victims of this destroyer am daily in creasing, needs no proofiind the large scales of the Druggists show that the leinedic ol the il.ty have been fairly lric-1, and faileil in their object, if that ob Joet vvnsthe re-lnralion to lioalih of pcrsonss lilbring Irom disease of the lmu, While one remedy dries up a eonsh that shou I he properly nule.l to throw o l thevisoid phleain collected upon thohuigs :m l throat the harbinger of disease, another, hy a bad selection of an expectorant, is indeed enabled to dispossess; the present tenant, but leave a wor-e one to oceupy the shattered premi-cs ; and by it, the work of death f the sooner aecotnpli-hod, TheLILV SVUt I' lelievedlo be the le-t remedy for lung eomp nint, that ha eer appeari-A To cure Pulmonary Consumption after the ih-cue lia done its last work, or become -cited upon the vi tal function, and tabcrcta are formed and I rnken, and alino-phcrie air i inhale 1 into the rrol.en part-, is not Binon; the pri"oniou of the thn-i-andand one popular no-trutn-io the contrary, notwithstanding). Thi' mchcineiha restored many who were sup posed to be leyond cure, by men standing hii-'h nuhe medical profusion ; but their rc-tnration to health on ly prove I I hat meat and '.rood men may I o, in the siage or proxies of thedi-ca-c. Heme, lei no person du-pairof relief, until lie ha-made a fair trial of iho Lily Syrup. This medicine operates I y promoting a free and cn-y expectoration thereby t'l coins the bins and ihrojcfroni viscid phlegm, aiid strengthening tie pans mi J freeing them from inlUmatory action which constitutes the dic,ie of Pulmonary Consumption. The Syrup isenlirelvfrcefroni any mineral am e, Hiid purely vegetable; and may be taken with per fect safety by the mo-t delicate.' constitution-. It i- highly recoiinnende I to lh"-e who h iif wi'al. lung-. Teachers 01 performer- of vocal mu-ic will find it of invaluable u-c to them, by i's giving irreat Mrengih an 1 hu-c'iiim tnthe tone-'of in i-ic, an I en tabling the per.-on topeiform wiih irreaiea-e. Pullie t pea .er-and debater.-will (mil it of invalua'le ser vice to them. This inc.hcmc ha 1 ccn thoroughly and -ucce vfully ill CORE'S ill Medici, 'S ESSENCE Ol' 1.11- E. A V.iluah'u inc. which, if rinlillv applied, will I u the nieunsof savins thousands from an untimely grave. It has been sohl and u-ed for thirty years, with "real -ucce-, anil found verv odicaciotis in the followins di-ea-e, viz. Const). tipiinn, Whooping Coughs, com mon Consh-, Co'iL, diincull ISreathius. Inlhieuza, r-ni inns o n ooti. I- a u- ijuin-y, Alhnia. Phthisic. Icncy, liidigc-tinn, Loo-cne- of the lluwd Kits ol NOTICE. (CpMedieme Is I ct Known by the cuius it perfoiins.35 I, Newton's l'auace.i, or I'urilier of the lllood. The unparalleled and still increa.inrr reputation which thi medicine hnaoqnir cd throughout the New England States, nnd Iheinany cures it has performed, an I the sroal demand made for it by thoalvieeofphy.-ieianswell acquainloi.with its orciiar.ition, has md iced the tiroprietor to oMoud I it eir.iulatiou to alino-t every town in the eastern every hind. Cramp-, Itickcl-, Colic, Catarrh, Dyen-1 States and the princi.ial towns in the l'nited State. tnry, I'hiiiiiiis, iiypoclionilnae Alleciiou-, ncaii ichc-, I his 1'anaceis wa riicl, nc at Stomach, Mea-lcs, a prevcntiie cfCou taSiouiii.eae, t. out ami Kiieumati-m, itj I he a hove Medicine is prepared by Henry Sey mour, of Iladlcy, Ma--, from the Orismal Ilecipc, (y theihrection of -aid Moore, and soil by hint and the Prosaists in the UuitodSiatos. Sold wholesale nnd retail, by IVcW .V Spear, PLATFORM SGALH3. WARRANTED. 'T'HIS nrtielois too well known to need comtnen J daiion and the cxpcncrce of seven ycarH has demonstrated to the eommcrchl eominiinity. that fur accuracy, convenience nnd durability, llicy arc umivnlleil Coal ynnl scnlts to wcirh from 'J to 6 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weih from 1-2 lb. to SOOO lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1.2 oz. to 100 lbs. Portable Counter do a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to !() lbs. J. & .1. II. Tech & Co. .ls"i. Ihirliitcton, April 8 1SI1. PAINTIXO. rpill' sidi-riler leiiia Ihankl'il for pn-t favors X would rc-poct fully -olicit a continuance of the -aiue and remind hi-friends and the p'lhlie that be i prepr.ted to accommodate fheui on the shorlc-t notici' and mo t favor ibh' leni's m the vaiions branches in theal oyoliuo. Shop oppo-ite STr. C. A. Seymour's Store, Pcail-sttccl, liorlinsti.n, JA.MI SCOTT. April 1, 1SH. nl3:ly -.t'ttTtiv cinir. i-oii sine HF.AnAcnr., lj Inch has been ns"A in families, cscry member of which lias had pick licad.n ho from infancy, as a ,.,ine.iOilinlin! tTllllfv COI lllll'lint. ntlll llTS OUT Cl ClTtC- t-ted by able phy-ician-, and by their ads-icej- now i t t n 11 v ineviry Instance yet knoviti, nmountiiis to ma prrp.iru.1 and o Icred to the public, to -peak for I'-elf in tliocni-e of alibi ted h imaniiy. And may he wdio nvbundieds. It is not uitp i.asant to the taitc, nnd docs nut prevent the daily aviations of'oniusm it ble-sfl the m-ir imerralily of clay v open the eye of j( musl m 11;rscvercd in, ami the cure is grarluil, but luc uiiiiu, in i . c it a oics-ui 10 inu iriiu hi oioiy, ii' the sreat object of the proprietor will l kccoiii- rb'saed. pb tcly relived and cured, although of v.ars -In All mchcine -ho ill Iv siven accorlinr tothesiiu- ,v ,,L, u-cof Dr. Spohn's ccltbialcd nmcdy. o utility thin whcie there is eou-id 'ral.le strcnsib. The tin e 'turns on he bottle may 1 e la'.en as a general r.i'e : but if taken for a Ions -tandins eivish, it may I e net-c--ary to take ;f m-ich larjcr thi-e for some one or Vvo tlay-, sud even of ener tuttil an cNpfloration i producc'l that. will I e fr s; anil ca-y. When there i inucli tijhmc-s ol ih" chest, it w ill -t.inetiiue. lu.'rea-c the co ish for a d ty or two; in whichca-c, the paiieni 'should lake the Syrmi tunic freely, even iinlil it shoulil produce a slish' nausea of iho .-loinach. lie nee I not fear any hnrm from sii.'h .ensjtion. I wool I -ay to nil who piirelia-e Hi s tncmcine torii'C, llicy can have bat little hois: ol Ivins I cni iine.1 1 yit, uulo.. i' tai.e.i sica.lilt when it is commenced with. .Some rave It lice a d i, tti'-u twice, then not any for two or threeday-. I cannot ay- that Mich ' 1 1 I e likely to recene in ;ch I ene'il t'roiu it i but if Inkeii regularly, it i- I'iniucn'ly cub' dated lottpront tbedi--ease. an'd lo icsloie !o s'oun 1 health. It i-lhecarne t iJe-iro of the proprietor lo 1ne every one that u-c-ai lea-t one bottle of it s!ca lily accordius tt the d rectum-, to conim inicatf Ihe re-ult to the per on ot whom he purch uo I the medicine. The propr'cor is privilc?i'd torofcr to the follow ins per-ous who haie u-ed the Lily, and who will be happv to piv'e luloim.ulott of it. superior hcaluis power-, 'to any wi-lims lo know more al out it. Mr. Crittenden, one of the linn of K. V. Sniilli &. Co., whole aleaud retail merchant, I'xclnnse-stice', r, ...l., I'.r'-al the I mss. liuv. i:, '1'jjkcr, P.i-tor of seconl Ilaptist Ch'irch, fio' ke Icr. (.'apt.tiu Iv. rrocman, for a bad consh. Mr. Stoddard, of the linn ol Siauwoo I iV Co. 1 no!. wilier-, corner ol ll.i.lalo ami stale -Irccls, Koi'lie-'cr. Mr. J. M. Tietich, Norlh-itrce', liO' he-lcr, lor the ulmnni, unU. Mr .'soMihworih. Stone-slrect, ICoclw-KT, for lad co ish. .Mr. Robert M ' Kihl en, Jlnnp s-.-trci", Ivo. .eti r, in a severe and .ilarinmsc'i-oof the whoopmpj-coucli V, llarnarl, l.'-.piiie, oiliio m courl-hois', m a j.h whoo'utiL'.co'ish in hi- Captain W. I). Ki.-h, for a casoo'f Ph'.hitie in ln-fiitnilc. I'ev, Mr. Clark, Pastor of tbo l!apti-t Church, Le Itoy Hev. Mr. 1'. Clrirch, Pastor of the lir-t T.apti-l Church, Ifocbe.-tcr. Captain A. Ilruton, for Il.icniorrh ige of the Inns-. A. C. Smiih, ci-hier of Mechanics and Farmers' Uauk, l!ochc-!cr. L. W. SiUcv, t.f the firm of Si! ley &. Scrantom, ilry cood mcrcfi.iuts and auctioneer-, llu'ialo-strcct, Rochester. Kcv. A. Kim,'.ley, Pa-tor cf the Iljpti-t Church al Manchc-ter. Kev. Ja"ob Knapp, I'vanpelit. .Mr. T. Iluun, Carrtase Ma' cr, St. Pa il-stoiel, Hiram Tucker, a lorncyat law, Kocl.e-tcr. Mr. Thomas Ashman, paver, Kochesterj w'ho ha rceiM3.l k-touisbiii relief. Plca e inl ine of his .sse. Jlev. ThomCrllon, M. K. Ch. Rochester. A. Steel, (blcchns at bins-) Lockport. II. Miner, We t llunnetia, .dun roe (Jo. l'rofe-or Meliiuni., Ilainilton 'I'hcol. Sem'y. Jlev. Levi T.ick'r, Cleveland, Ohio. C. W. Cook. " " O The Proprietor has livn oTcrrd ojrlifiea'cs by many ol the aliove seiiliemeii out lie preicrn mat tfiose wishing information, would call on iliein per sonally. . PECK &. SI' EAR, Ascuts for this teclion. certain anil pcimaiient. liisianccs arc constamiy miiltipl liv' where tin-di-trcsin;i cotiijilaint I coin- lamuus One ceided is its pleasantness bavins none of the nitisentins i Iftet of comnion drugs. ltis s perf'Ctlysalief'ictorv, that the pioptietor has given directions lor hisagcutsto refund the price to any one who is nut pleased with, nnd even cutftl by it. " He hopes also tint this may scenic ii great ben efits io the distressed sutU-rcrs who an' laboring under Headache. 1'.. Sl'OIlX, M. 1)., itnentor and Pro prietor. Sold by CO.UV''orC.r. CO.. 71 M ndcn Lane. Xew Vork. PP. OK A- S P 1' A li, Wholcs-ilu A "cuts, a few doors cast of the Post Olliee, liiithng lon, Vt. "9 irranlcl purely vegetal Ic.nml is not urnns.ed iv any other medicine over otared In the allhc'.ed as 'n extcn-ive sale nnd great popularity nl.nnle orovc. It has within the ln-1 ci'-'hlecn inonlh uitrtilit thon-andsofthe ino-l ob-tinale di-ca-c-, n ean le proved by cerlilicati'Sj nml is pronounced by eminent nud rc-p'e'lal le physicians the I c-t mc.licino in use. I' cf d information may 1 o found in circulars containing certificates of cures -nd diiections Tor la- kins the medicine I "he follow ins nppoiulod nacnt-. Ihiiliuston. 1 '.CKniid S Pi: A II, u. Moo,ly St All an, Curtis ami Ibi'scl Milton, C. Drake .iltlton I'alt-, II irnct nn;l sawyer atervnie, i i-u ami llrown, llinc-biirgh, Hull and Cook Fairfax, Parker and .Mitlield crsentie , Atl.inis nivl .Hurray Cambiidgc, M. Wire I'lulerhill, M. C. Harney .North Feinsl ursh. 11. C. Wicker tleorsia, A. Illiss U'dli-toii, .N. Chittenden Richmond, Orcen &l!hode- .lolin-on, 0. I.. Warner nnd 0" f.lonkton, Lilian Smiili llakcr-lield, Artunigtou and Woodward I'air- lielil, llurnct ami 1 aruwortli. c.o.p.iy.i.ta IN DOW -ASli- .lusl received 15. 21) ami 2 17 by U ca-cincuts ol nsh,.! first rate nrlicloat .IJ and Hi cents per lisht i al-o all kinds an 1 -izc-, I'urni-hed to orler. Ticondcrosa black lei I, a fir'! rate article, for -ale very low, toae'her wiih :t ..ri'.ii varieiv id' other aril- clao cheap as can I u loim 1 al any other e-labli-h- nicnt in the iilar e. tn:o. J ,-J,:2ili'i5i TT HATCH would inform the in- V habitants of llurlina'oii and i cinitv, lliat lie has opened a shop in Chutch strict, at tho sign of the Iiillc, whcie licintinds lo carry on I lie C!un sinilh Ihismess. in all its various branch es. Haling lucn employed for Iho last six vcars in the shoo of .1. M, Caswell, III Laiisiiigbursh, (iintloubtcilly ihe best shop m tho united stales,) lie leets war ranted in oil' r'ulgliis work lo the public. 1, IP 11. "A XYSTISlt lOUS! A nentleinati lo 1 L one of the most ancient and wealthy of this city, who ime,llio welt Known to numerous menus having since the year ISP, up to recently, been bent nearly double, and for scleral years confined to his lied, has been tcstoietl to got il health has regained his n.itura erict i,ositiou and lias ouittcit Ins car nage, and now walks wiih one!l We biheictlus ts itu. i.i.iitb.innii's own ilrscruttioii ns near as nossihlc and there is no exaggeration ill it. We will gile inqui-1 emit for -ale I y Mr Modal'- A J mfOFFAT'S VFliL'TAHLK LIFL .MKDICIMA- 1TJI 1 hc-e inedieines are nuleMcil lor their name to their manifest mid sensible action in purifying the nrinss nnd channels ol lite, nml enduing them with renewed tonu and vigor. Ill many hundred certified enses which have I ecu made iml lie, and in iiliuo.t every sieeics ofdi-ca-c to u Inch tho liiiinnii frame is liable, the happy elects ofMoit'AT's l.tti: Pn.t.s asii PlPltNIK UtiTEti. have Icon greatl'illyiind publirly acLnowledsed by iho persons bencfitlcil, ami who were iinacnuainiciiw-iiiiiiicoe.iiuiiuliyiilii- losoplucil prijicip'es upon wlirhtluy tire compound eil,u'nd upon which llicy cou-e.picmly act. I lie Mr M .Hl'.lilv,i.M.n lecoinuicnu iiicmtciyesin ti.n.i.i.4 of every t'orni ami ile-crtlit:on. Their tirsi operation is lo 'oo-cn front tho coats of the stomach and bowels, ike various impurities and crudities enn- tantly seltlmg nrouici iliein , nun toiciiiove ihe liar- tlcncd faces winch collect in Ihe convolutions of the inalle-t intestines. U.hor me iicines only partially clean.-olhosc, and leave such collected inas es I ehmil as to produce habitual co-livcue-s, with all its tram ol evil-, orsiiddcu diairhci'i, with its imminent duscrs-.u This fact is well known to all regular anatonn-t- who examine the human bow i Is alter dentil i and hence the preiudiceoflhosewellinforiiicd men nain-l iiuack medicine or luclicines picpared and heralded lo llicpul lie by i.'iioianl persons. 'Ihe second cMcct ol the Life Medicines is to ilcan-e the kidneys nnd the bladder, and by this means, the liver and the lung-, ihe healthfulaciiou nftiliichcntirclydepoudsiipoii ihe re gularity id" the urinary orsau-. 'The blood, which lake us reil color froin'llie agency ot the liver ami the Iiiiiss 1 eloie it miolho heart, 1 ciu lliu iurified by them, and nourished by f'otl coining fiom a clean t'oina'di, fiecly ilirougli the Vein-', renews every part of ihe sy Jem, ami triiinipliauily mounts the I'linncr ol health m the blooming cheek. Mo kit's Vegetable Life Medicines, have I ceil thor pushly te-lcd, and prtuiouiiced a sovereign ri'inedyfor Dyspepsia, Flatulency, Palpilation of llielleart, l.o-s ol'Appeiilc, Hcart-I u'rnitnd Ilcad-achc, lictle sues-, Ill-temper, Anxiety, Linsior an I Melancholy, Cos. tivene, Diarrhte'i, Chi 'era, Fevers of nil' kird, Rhe innli'-ni, (So n, Dropsies ol all kind-, (travel, Worm--, Alhma aii'l Consumption, Scnrvv' L'lccrs' luvelcralc Sores, Si'orbutic Lruplioiisand lJatl Colu-p'etion-, Lriptivc c.niip'aiin-, -aMow, Clouily, and oihci'ili asreea! Ic CoiuidcMon-, Sail Rhe.iin, Try-m- elas, Coinmou Colds and Iiillmnz.i,and various other complaints which alihet Iheli tmau frame. In nnd Aunt:, particularly, the L'fo Me Iicines have I ten most eminently snece ful ; so much so that in the I 'ever .in 1 A gnedi-tricts, Physicians almost universally pi't'-cril e them. All tli it Mr. .Mo'l'at routines of his patients , inlc particular in Liking Ihe Life Medicines liicily nccor duig to ihe tiirc"lions. It i not a newspaper m lice, or 1 v anything the! lie hini-elf nnysay Hither favr, llut'he hopes to gaiucreht. I' is aloneby the ie-ti!ts of a f.rr irtal. MOFFAT'S MLDICAL MAM'AL; designed asa dome-tic suide'o lieal'h. Tin-1 mlo i.timphlcl, cd'led by W.ll. Mo kit, 27 J Ilroadway, Xew Vork, ha- teen pill li-hed forlhe p irpo-e ofeplainiiu tiiorel'dly Mr. Mu lilt's theory of di-ci-i", and will le tumid hishly inlere-tinstopcrs''iis .eckins health. It treats upoii inevalent di-i'a-e-. an 1 'hecaii'es llieicof. IVnc, 25 em- ki antmaw. ..i.jj-jiii u !. "rrr t'rocbcrv nml (ilt'ss Ware, t FF.W set's White firanile Wine, nl;i Olass I V. Dislics nnd Plates, DccJtitcrs, Tumblers. Lamps, tpc. for bale very low, by S. -M. POPL. OR may bo found in this village, directly opposite Iho Methodisi Chapel, an OLD PAINT SHOP, newly littctl upin good style, where the undersigned will be glad to wait on his old customers who may favor him with their patronage. innlu li. vt. .-sr.iui.iJi.M-!. Burlington, April 23 I'll. 17OJi!.i:TT &i I!,i:V have just received i. and oiler for sale at the lowest priccst for cash or approved credit, a large anil well selected assortment ol (lioeeiies, consisting in inrl of the follow ing: , ,ti r...,l.. ....r. I -. Ill.l s.', C.,.ls. 11, a Pipes Holland Gin. 21 ir casks Malaga Wine, 50 Hoses Pipci", 20 lligs Pepper, 20 do Pintciilo, 25 Kig- pure Oinjer, 25 do Uaisins. rers his address, and dnuhl not htiinanc lcchngs will excuse the liberty; so that any one ilotibluii.', may .Hour these facts iliougli lie rcipicsls his name may not appear in print. Among other instances, 31 r. Jus. O. Reynolds, 1 1 1 Cliiistic-strcel, has been icstorcd, and will give peisonal assurances of the facts of Ins cas.s. Doth were rheumatism, nnd contracted cords ami sinews. 1 low his this I cut done ? Answer. Id ihe ImH-in IVgv.'.rWe Hi.rcr in lernnUij, and liners' Xrrcr mid Hone Liniment txleruiillii. .Inn. kill, Hll. .VoWoiiVit; COMSTOCK CO., 71 Muidai .nrr, .Vfip Vor.. ll!) PP.CIC it M'LAlt, Wliolusab Agents, n few doors east of the Post Oflice, P.iirlinsloii, Vl. WILLIAM "Vlt I GUT'S i.vdiav itri:cTivi:, llntirclif Vrrtnblc. rANI.'FAC'I I'lil.D cm cr the iinmch.ilc supeiin- iVLliu 'encei f WiIliamWrilit,vice.ire-idi'iit o( the .Vor.'i -1 id e rtt ?j Cultcsc ol' Health, for iho treatment and ecie of di-ca c- m the form of and er- vo'i. Fever-. Mea le-. Sin ill l'ox. Pains in tin slomack, I ack aii.l -i k', Coiis'iiuptioii, Dropsy, Scrof ula, Cancer, Spil'mg l lllood, ,s.'.i-k-Heid-ache, Rheiiirati-iu, Diarrlura, Hy-euiary, Colics, Dv-pcp. sia, Palpilatiiu if tl.u Heart, liters and oie- ol every kind, ifv. iVe Fortalolv' PLCK" .t SPLAR, II ulingtoii. W. II. HOLLY, Vil,s,.u. W. J. DI'Olll.A.S Huio-bursli. .1. II. llAl.lint T, Wi-tfork These v abiable .Mc hc'Di's are (or sale I vOLOIii-.l'. L. WAR.M'R it Co. Jidmson, Vt., (.'cncr'al Ascnts, bv whom nil orders from nny pail (.f the Slate or Canada, will I e promptli atijwcre'. 2d l I Dec. 17, 1811. HA O All cS- ART ITU ll, (teneral AcenN for 3Io.'al's iclc' rated iniheiue., to whom all applications for agebcies must Le ud i'rc -ed. II irliiigton, J.ri.C', 1912. MMIi: I'urliiiQion llrcwcrv i now L in full operation, anil l'ccr of ihnprvbesl ounlily is I'.ent coll tthfc HfWI,,tanllv on hind for sale in whole tlAiVfSior half barrels. (! PIVITKSO.W Oct. i:t, I8ii. J ATIti:iVX i;lt.M ltKSKMi VilVi:. This L vatual !e cgcial lo 31cdii"ne -tail L nnrivalleil 5IIhiI.sSlC'roi3 1U do Porlo Rico 10 do Xow Orleans 50 Hags Rio Coll'ee, 30 do Jav a do 50 llj.xes soap, 25 do superior do 25 do l'.xtra do 20 Kegs salt Poire, :ir, do do Jltirr .".lill Stones, and ISollliig Chilis, A A PAIR of Fruicli llurr .Mill Stouts nud a com ,'pletc assortment of llolting Cloths, from a clIj bratetl 3Ian.;factory in Holland, for sale at rcducetl prices, bv KOLf I'"TT,v llRADLHY, Agents, Oov. 2U. TfA VL received, in addition to ihcir lor - I JLDi'V Cioods, an extensive LOOK HERE! MK. FDTl'OIl Will you pleaso notify ibis com inunity that the mbscribcr has opined a Stove .Store, first door wist of J. it J. II. Peel; it Co. where lie has a general assortment of Cooking, llox nnd Pallor Stoves, Caldrons, and Hollow Watc of the superior llraudon Castings; al-o Ruck's Hut Air Cooking Stove, which hots manufacturing in ihis place. The construction of 'this stove is such that the tirt and sharpest heal comes directly nndir Ihe boilers ana men passes rounu a spacious unu cijuauy heated oven, an I. rcquirrs but comparatively little foil to put ll in operation, and bakes equal to n brick oven. '1 here might bo a List of signatures procured as long as the recommendation ol a country r. -il. from the highest sources lit the secions where ll is m use-, but a preamble about thi- stineor iho Yankee .noiioii useless, aim il money continues scarce you must use the less of it, bo don't do without on thai account, but call nnd try the new Stov". ifjritn jt in, .vav. u, ion. .-s. vv. iai i.wii Y.OCT. .MAItSHAM MdachoSM rr. I his Sun I is superior to any Aromuic, ('atari h and LOVLY Sj- SYMOUli. HAVK just rce'd from IS'ew York a laigo assort ment of Carpi'tings of cvety kind quality and jiricc. English Drugctls, n great variety of patterns Octa gon and Drab Persia Floor Oil Cloth from 3-3 to 1-1 wide, Hush Mailing from l-l to G-4 wide, Kug-'s Slanilla and Alacant 3Iatts, Stair Hods. e.c. Also, French and American Paper Hangings, a larger assortment than was ever heforo offend in this place and at prices that cannot fail to suit purihasirs. Nov. 16th tell. Til E subscriber has a lahga block of School Hooks and Paper. Merchants, School committees A'C. furnished on the most liberal terms. Hags and iost kinds of country produce received in payment, Nov. 20. C.COODIUCH. .tTtryon, Dlt.Vl'I! AND TAILOR, WOl'Ll) once more remind ln customers thai he continues locarry on the above business in all is various branches al hi- Old Stand on St. Paul Mreet, near tho Kpi-copal Chun h, ami in sight of ihe CatholioChureh. 'Thankful for pa-l favors, oldens, tomers aru soliciled lo continue llieir pationage, and many new one are much dc-ired. The newc-l Fj-h-ions promptly received. Cutting dune uii short notice cheap for eai't. I have on hand some old accounts which I should lk to exchangu fur iua. Nov. 12, 1811. GEOItGK II. 1ECK, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, two poors east or THE ro&T OrriCE, VP STAIBr. Refer lo 3Icssrs. J. & J. II. IT.CK & Co. Nov. 19. A. ItOiiEHTSON, Darrlsler and Atforncy at Law, (.il in the olliee of the I tin. Solicitor Gtn'l Pay) I.mi.K ST. JAMES'S STREET. Montreal, 1 Nov. 1911. Reference in Burlington, lo CHARLES ADAMS, Efquirr2l Dlle th.ns vet known, fur removins that Iroul leoiue di c.ic, tlie Catarrh, and aKo a cold in ihe 1 ea I, an I the headiche. 1 1 opens and purges out all ob-trtictioiis, strengthens ihe gl.inl-,and give-a healthy acl'on to the parts ii'Iected. It is pi rfcctly lice from any lluugdele terious in lis coinposilion has n plcasam llavor, ami its inline hatced'eC, after I eing used, is. abgrecable. Pru e .5 7 cents per liottle. Do.-t. Marshall's Vejretab'e Indian mack H.ASri;!!. 1 his Plaster s unrivallol for c irmg scrofulous swel lings( Scurvy Sore, Lame Hack, and Fre-h Wounds ; pain- in ihe side-, Hips an 1 1. nil! s; and -eldoin fails lo give relief in local Rhe iinati-m-. If a.ipbcd lo the will cure many of the common Liver Complaint-; and i-equal, if not superior, to any thing in ii-c for corns on th feet ; the virtues of tin- Plater have I ten vvitnc.U'd by iho isand- of individuals in ihe I'lined Slates, who havolc-teJ its eilicacy. Suld by Ihe pro prietor! Chds. Howell, Middlebury, Vl., nnd IY.ii:.V Si'EAii, Vl. . A LARGE assortment of llrnss Kettles, Vices, Anvils, Trace Chains, Halter do. etc. itc.isoU'eicd for sale at prices which cannot fail to suit uslomrrs by FOLLl.TT.f. IIRADLEY, Nov. 29. Old Dock, llurlington. LYMAN & COLE lock of onmi'iit ol 1 al ami Wiuti'r (tiods ; iiiiiong wdnch will le fo md u gieal variety of am le- f. r Ladies' Cloaks; Alp.ciM Lustre, a vciv piclly arii lc; Alpacca ,ifc Warp, Cam' le'.ceu, Plain l!l.o k Al.iue, Fig'd do., Satin Damask, llrydiclkt, l'cr-iaii CI 'lb, J icuch, Ccriiiap, and Lugli-h'.Merino-, .Moii-chne tie lame nud prinleii Saxenic-, a great variety and low piiccdj Coal's Hair and Imitation Catublcl. SILKS. A small assortment of rich lisM and -In'pd Silk-, Heavy Illaek Cautou, I Irot'e .svi. and other silks. SHAWLS. Lupin's 1 e.-t senlei, I lac! .white, and colored; A few clr.i size Wor-tel -bawl. , (ilne, and Ho-:cry, n large as-orlincnt ; an un is.illylarse assortment if American prints; I icuch ami I.iiali-h tin. DOMES TIC UOODS. Cotton shieling nil I -lin'ting; Ticki. g and Wad ding Cotton and 31 en iinact heeling, viry low. v 'Mi. on s Tin mi is as. Wor-tel Hunting, -il. tin. Large r- md and spiare .iion.iir i;orii ior ovcrcoa's, sou uor.i lurnrc-s coat Worsted mid silk A iro ; liguiel silk and volvcl II itton-, fe.y fig uc ; -owing -ill., 'Twist an I Tliiead: Pa klnis, Ciuv.i--, teleeia-j Col'd .tean-j Hrown nnd Ill.ick Linen ; Wor. led pl.u I fur Facing ; Ihiltous for over coals etc. FANCY HKFS. A vura'tj of rich do Lame, Chally, sdk, and new sIvIeFaucyH' !', nml Veil-. JillOAl) CLOTHS. Heavy double nulled b'road Cloths; ll-nver and Pilot Cloihs; Rich Diamond Reaver Cloth-; al-o a general assortment of Huilinsiuu 3Idl Cloths. (ieutleiuen and Ladie- are nivilel loi all and exam ine i ur vcrvex'i n-ivc assui.meni, which we o.ler at ie I ice i prices ior i asp. Hiilin.'lon, 22 O t. IS 11 for ihef How coinidautt-, vu! Dy-pcpsi.i, ir ludi ge-'io!i,di-ca-ed Liver, biliou-di-t rk-r., Dropsy Asth iii.i, Cosiivcucss, Worms mid lo-si , f AppitM. and 1 y cleansing the stomach and I owe!, r-ures p.mis m the side, sti iii.n h and 1 icisi, , an I roughs of long standiiiL', lluar-ciic-s, sn,rinl.. of I reaili, -Ncrvou-coiiipl,iiut-,elc, which aielienjiontly tho e .eel ol ills ease. For Fever and Ague, it isa mii-t valuable pre vcutaiivetis well as a so ertisu reined;. Its v irlci's siiipa-s any thin.' heictol'ore know n in' icmovuig St. Vitu-' Dam e, two bonles hove I ecu known lo cure this allhcliugdi-eait', nfirh.nius Lulled every exer tion lor lour year-. It has a most poweilttl inlh.eiice m leinoving nervous n inphnnt-, i- plea-ant to lake and m easy m it- opeuition, that it may I eadimnislcred to ll ifaiit widi -alcty. 'I l.c al ove Medicine i- very Incldy rcfoiimicnt'cd I y many si-icnmiu gcnlleincn, ami u i.irse uiiiiu cr oi nunc-, vv no Have piovcil H.e virtue of ihoMedtcniebypirsoiial use md that ofihcir lit in ilis s. A bill nlVcriili'o.i'csaecoimini.ic.cnch bolile, vyn'uil res'.ioii-. It mny l.e had wholc-i'le or re'nil ol S. ilrlialn, llarie, and .1. C. Fiunam, Fa-t Williams tovvu, Vl. solo proprietors. Pic,ared lioni Ihe origin al ici'ipc; for sale by K.U. Preiiti--, Monipelier, an 1 Pr.n; llurlingtcn, and in the prnii'ipal low a- m the sliitejall lire 'lions sijnu I in llietiaml vvrtlius ot the proprietor TAYEOR'S It A L S A 31 O It' h I V E K V O 11 T, Observe when vou buy that von get thu genuine, prepnreil at 375 flowery, New York. Sis' that 375 How-cry New Vork is on the wrapper of each Uottle. All others are Frauds nml sold only by sneeulnlols, without ri'gardlojiisilce.totliu public, ur thuproprie lors id the geuiiino article. J roil Consumption, and Liver ermplaint Dyspep sia, dizziness ,,f (,e head, loss of appetite, Dyson tary, mid gencial rc,fulaterol the vvholcsv-steiu. None rcninuu but that prepared at 37a lluvyery, New York, vv here Iho nrlicle vv a lir.t made, thecha'r .ic'cr of the inolicine funned nud c labhsheil by ihe present so'e proprietors, and whoaru llieonly pe'r-ons knowing the composition of iho genuine. It has 1 ecu u-ed successfully for eight years in the cure of llicje diseases. (J-'Hcmi ml cr the original nnd (! is made only at No. 375 Hovvery, New York. All uuiers ore couuiciieii. j Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa general remedy for l lice diseases, I am filly satisfied, from long experience, there is no medicine opal to Dr. Tayloi's ll.i!-nni of Liverwort, living pure V vegetable, il can bo mod with the utmost snleiy Ly nil pi'.sous in every condition. It cleanses ih'o lungs by expectoration, relieves difficult breathing, and -ccins to heal the che.-t. 1 here can to lioque-tiou but this medicine is a ecitain cure for chronic co igh and colds. I have use Til four years in my practice, and always vviihsncces.. A. F.'S, 31. D. Tickling in the Throat. I know Dr. 'Taylor's Ri'.nmcf Livei-woit to Le uccrlam ronicdy'for ihis complaint, as I hnvii n-ed il myself mid found its eilecls an immediate. I was much tiouUcd until I made u-eofihis medicine. 31. L. HI.NSIIAW.2II Mangiu t. Iloar-cncss Ciued Forlhe cure of hoar-ene-s 1 can stronsly receoiiimeiid Dr.Taylor's Hal-am of Liv erwort. I have not onlyloiiiid ereat I euelit my elf, but many of my consrcs.itinn I y my re 'comineud.i lion have n"-ievcil great lenelil troni ils vntie. It i at oii'-u mild , ellicacioiis and harmless. HLV.A'. LEWIS. Severe Coughs and Cold I have had a mo-t m1 vere cold nnd crush, (or il Ions limn vv Inch I could not set rid of. Alter loiiig many u-clo-s tilings I Iri I'd'Taylor's Hal.-am of Liverwort, and it cured me in a tew nays. J.v-j. is. tvhi.iii.MJi t. Uai-ing of l'looil A' out two wee! s ago 1 had a fall, w'lich eau-el mo lo -pu la.-se qualities of I loo I w hi. h imlliius could cute un'il 1 tried Dr. 'Taylor's Halsiitn of Liverwort. '1 his medi'-ine save mu iniiiie tlia'e relief ami iu a very short tune elected an cntue lUrc. Let all pcr-ous li-y il. IIFlill 310 Cannon st. Dr. 'fnylor's Hibani of Livcrwori 'This superior icinely loroi-ca-cs oi ;ne lung- ami livir lias ol.t;un el a ri'.ittt.i'ioti never tefuiee pulled. Remarkable Cure of Cwunmntion. . . . wasso near her death with this disea-e, that my friends -cut for a iir el to confess me ,.e I I'ied. He .n his incr 'V, told me not to give ii until I Irtt-l Dr. 'Taylor's lla'ls.ini of Liveiwort. 1 sent immediately lor this medicine, an.l nllhoiiph ihe eou'csl lor a lew days 1 t'tween llnsmeJiciiic,:inU my rh ca-e was se vere , Itie meji -me conqueie.I, aiul in a loriuitil I w.i- re-toivd to health. I hadaeoush, rai-iug of mat ter, lo-s ol my voice, pains, vieakne-. itc. I can le- fcr lo Doctor Wdsi n, in the Carbon Home, lor the truth ofiuysinieineiit. 3IAHV DILL, jfi h slrei-leor. HcwJie ol frauds. of3 1 avenue. Summer Complaint. The am ol Liverwort, m several ca-es of tin's disease, where all other remedies applied I y physi cians have proved inellectiial, has produced il perfect cuie Surprizing Cure of Consumption. 3Ir. It. liladdin ol Delhi, N. V., of a naturally con s'linpiive constitution, lias teen save.l lioni an un- lii'icly end by the u-e i I'Dr. Tuyloi'- llal.nn ofl.iv erwi rt. A sevcie cold 1 ro iiht"on an altack of Pleu re y, aiiditius t-ivlel in gcucialilflulityaml eoiisnuii lion. A i-..tisiain eo igh, lie.-iic i!u -!i, re. Toss, nights, q i c'. p ilsc, an I cont.nuel loss of Ihsh, a isetctl a s eely doa'h ; as soon n I comineniel ll.e ti-eof tin- I al-am I giew I e'ter, and i- now fully re-iorcd lo Shortness of Breath. F. i- thi- di ca-e, I always lotiiid Tr. TnvlorV llal-um of Livervvirt an ix cd'ent icmcdy. It 'i- al ( iii-e so safe an I s, e !c -live, thai I always u-e it in my practice, an 1 icocomincnd it to my friends. 1 have u'cl it m some hundred- tf cases wilhiu the pu four, and I have never had it fail. In many e.ois ofa-thma, i fully leheveiito have 1 ecu the means i f saving piccioli- live-. Let all use it. CLOl'.Gi: RALPH, M. 0. f.cne genuine but that priyate I a' .15. w cry. New Vork as will le-ivu ly the lal els an I vv rap pers ofe.ieh bolile. He sua1 vou look when you buy. The gcn unc can -always 1 cobtaiuc 1 ofihe O'd A sent., Me -r-. N. Love'y it Co., njw Lovely it Seymour Dr. Mi ody and Pell; . Sjn'.ir, Clieinistt an i i'r.issi-1-, u u nng-rm s. 1 1. IJarne-, Charlollc vviiii.uu lino "e- Jr. ltnlunon : uco. AyirsitCo. Milton A. & W. Hrown, Orand l-le-W.' II. l.oelcr, South Hero lb i a a. Wad-worth, Norih I lei o it .1, Davis, ATairghF. it L.OIcn.i, Wo t Alb njli-D.iv W. Carpenter, Water!. ury. RUSSMM.'S STOMACH HITTERS, may Is used in Wineor water. Thcsocelebiated bitters are composed purely of vcse'nbles of (he most Inno cent yet specific virtue. 'They are recommended par ticularly fur restoring weak constitution", cleansing and strengthening Ihe stomach, nnd increasing Ihe appetite aLo a preventative against I he cholera mor bus, fever nnd ague, removing nausea, vomiting, heart hunting, weakness iu the' breast, pain m the I.IJANY TO HUSTON 11V ItAI L-ISOA 1 imh m& fsm an l'iaCHATilA3L PTT'TS FIELD, SPR1N0FILLD AND WORCESTER. ON" and after Tuesday, Dec. 21, 1311, the Passen oeu will run Ihroue i the entire line, as lie - ,, , r. ... t. i... :. stomach and other syiuiitoinsol flatulence and imhscs. miiovv-s i i.eav e virtciiuusii uauy, ounua-sexciplou, tlon. One box will tincture one yillon. I'ncc25es, a box. Russell's Itch Ointment. This choice and safe ointment is said to I e superior to tiny now iu ue, for that ile agreeable and loathsome d sea-e, the ITCH. 'This Ointment is so ccartain'in ifs operation that no person Doubled with the al ove disorder ought lo le without il, It (s a remedy for cutaneous eruptions, scorbutic n'l'ei'lions of the head, or any other hrcnLiuir nut which arises irom siiarii tiuiuors iu I lie i.iooo. Price 25 ct. a 1 ox. Rus-u.l's r.nnTAELE IIn.i. tors Pili.s, or lanuly physic, for general ti-c, in ca-es of Jatiudn c, morbiil sensibility of the stomach nud bowel", lo's ol appetite, llctid I ic.ilh, cotivcncss, Piles, and nil diseases aris ing Ironilniary ileransciiieut-. abo lur coriectms the stale of the blood ami cleansing the syneni ol fo'i ant viscid humours, a he-e lulls are a mild ca thartic, pioduciiiu neither pains nor griping, nnd are lliereloreu valiiaPle ami Highly approver! nieuieine, and aie pronounced as I y thu most ilistuiguishi ii physicians. Each box containing 33 Pills. Prtie i el-, a I ox Rus-ell's eelcl rated Salt Riiecm Oin'tmf.nt. 'I hi inn llie Itl-I mid sult'.t renitlv evervet oll'ered to the pnlilie for lliat ob-tina'e ill-order SAll Kll I'.L'.m. vv tierc otner men as nave laiicn, u nissre- ceedeil, ami the fact thai it has lieu -x'eusircly ueJ by ciiiinent Praciitiener. sj.eaks volumes iu its prai-c. Ills erially elU'aciois m all ili-eates ol ilio si.iu, ca Id head, rms Worm-. and ll.e mo-t inveterate Itch, ite. ee. Ntimcroits ccrtiliures might le ol tamed, I ul Ihe propritor choo-es that a lair trial sluvM I e tin only evi lence of its siinerior e Itcicy. Price 50 '-cuts a l ox. ! or tale I'V I'tik i. Dpear ami lioi ort .noooy, Itiitiiugtont I'r. I . I.. .Mile-, ami Hull M i.ooi., nines burgh; S. II. Il.trne-, Charlollc; L. Jane-, (leorgia; L. Tyler, Essex Fuller iv: lliiutinstun, Richiiiond Also, ly the drugsi-ls and Inerchatits gincmlly In-o'iulioiil the state. o2.tlm IfJJ A. 31. and 1 P. 31. The morning train will nrrivc at Chatham Si, til Pittsfiild 01, at -pringficld 12J 31., al Worcester 4 I'. 31. and nl Iloston 7 P. 31. The afternoon train wi arrive at Chatham 21, nt Pillslield 33, nl Springfield C P. 31 , leave Springfield next morning Gj A. 3I.,arrivo nt Worcester Hi and at Iloston n .vl.,, leave Iloston 7 A. 3L and 3 P. SI. The morning train arrives t Orccnbush G P. 31. The afternoon tram arrivisat Greinhush 12 J 31. next day, lodging at Spiingfield. 'The cars of the Hudst n and llcrkshite Rad-llcad will run between Hudson and Chatham in connexion with tho above trains. P.vpsE.sGEns fiom the city of Albany must take the boat from Ferry WhaifatOl A. 31. and 12 31. FARE:.. From Crunhuslt to Chatham, SO C2J Chatham to Pittsfield, 0 50 Ptttslicld to Springfield, 1 50 Springfield to Worcistcr, 1 50 Worcester to Boston, 1 50 If paid through From Albany lo Iloston, 6 50 Worcester, i'in Spiingfitld, 3 00 Pitlsfiild, 1 50 Hudson, 1 23 FOR NEW YORK, SINGLE. DOUBLE. U.MU1L1CAL, QQQ T V S T rceived, a -upplv J 'Irus-es, of every description, for -ale Mar-I.'s iclel rate I dv the dozen in.le, Nov. 1. Pl-.CKd. .s'l'J-AR. iCi'Trusses ueeura'elv appliedfiic ofi h.iige. FOR SALE. rpllAT largo and commodious two sto. X ry lttiek Dvvclng House l.ol tituated on the west side ofCollege grtcn ailhe head of Collese-strrcl. in this vib. age. I lio llot'si; is32 by 45, wiih a basement story, with Kitchen and Provision cellars, and a wing 32 by C5.extcndnignoith on College Crceii. Willi vvoisl and store house below, and eliaml crs an J slcepui" rooms """' .v large nun eoimuouio'.is nam, carriage noii-e ice lmu-i", and other O'lt-hou-i's, and a spacious yard west of tliHilwellinghnii-c, and a good diun! le we'l Of wilier of the best qualiiy in tho village, and a I rid. c.-tern. One nnd a iniartcrnfn.s ol hml. ufilm dr-t tiualil) j a large garden fnnl trees west cf tlie in u-e anil yaru. I lie li Hillings are consirnt-ir, ln ni0,irr,, ,.,.t f, Ihe Ic-l materials nnJ workmanship, wcrnereeiivl by lh stib-cril er for his own ue, and ihe location nf. fori, a very extcn-no and pleasant pro.,e ( of Ihe vill ige and hike on the Wel and is not mrpaved by nny other in this part of the country. Also for sale ujot containing a uricrr of land direci. ly oppn-ile the Uw rr.-t i, iti'vvvuii i,, i. rr ic, .,,i,n vvv lo any onevvho will use a hottleol liny s ijintiwnl or the I'lti nUK&IMGTOrj CHAIR rACTOHY r v pi lii i tt Chairs at tlio old s'ntid, of iho fol lowing iliscripitonsi Curl 3Iaple Orician, Cane Scat, Common Cane and Flag Siat, Laige and Small Raised Meat Roekmi', do do Com mon do, Common Dining, Sc. itc. All of which are warranted a first rate ni tide and will be sold nt prices io corn spoon wiiu nic tunes. FEATHERS, AN'D FEATHER REDS, READY 31ADE. Constantly on hand, n supply of warranted Live Oreesn Feathers, which will bo sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber. Curl and llirds Eye Maple, delivered at his shop in Church sin ct, opposite the old Hank. C. L. NELSON it. co i, li nit -ni pESPECTFELLY informs his fiimdsnnd the XVpuhhr, that he lias now opened a Livery Sable, and bison hand ready for use some excellent Ilotses and Carriages. Sleighs, Harnesses, itc. which he will let on reasonable terms. Stable at Hcniaiiiiu Ill-hop's Hotel, .South Wtn Corner Court House Square, iiuriiugton. Dcicmbcr 10, 1311 without being cm cd. Ol thousands sold, in no one instance has it failed of a cure. Proof overwhelming to bo had where it is sold. Jt is also a certain cure iu nearly ercrv case. (Externally,) in the fo'lowing complaints. For the Piles, for all dropsy, tender feet, lore throat, ly can cers or ulcer.', i.i oi'p, whooping rotudi, tcaltf hcod, Tightness of tho client, especially in children, foul ul cers of llielcgsnr other fungus sorts, however obsii nnteor long standin;', fresh wounds, i hilblains.ttc. LUOK OCT. Some siciniller hare count' i f cittd this article.antl put it up villi rariaiiai'ericcs. Do nol be imposed upon. One thuigonly vviM protect you itislhonaiueof COMSTOCK tf- CO: name must be oirjis on the wrapper, or ) oil n a) I ( cheat ed. Do not lorget il. Talie the dtieclion with you .md list by that, or never buy it ; for it is imjiussible for any oilier lo be true or Pennine. ti'J Sold by COMSTOCK. : CO, 71 3Iaiden Lane, New York. P F. C IC iv. S P F. A R, Wholsale Agents, a levy doors cast of Iho Post Otuce, Hulling ton. Vt. N 1 1 V F..STA I J L I S I LM li NT. (SL'tJCIWHOUS TO E. HUKiliS,) M'linlcsutc anil Retail Confectioners, WOI'I.I) ie-pi"ifu'ly inform Ihe iiiliabitiints if Ibtr'ingloii .nil ihe surro'iiiding ci uniiy, thai theyiariyon tin Cimfutiunary Hasinas, ou'allils various I raiiche-. Detcrmine.l to mo ihe verylcsi m ilcri.ll- in luanuiaetiirius, llicy will al all iiuie.s furnish Men-bants an I others dc.ilms iu Confool on aric, vM.h the lest quality, and on the lowe-l possi ble ler'ii". Shop on Chnr h Slrcel, Iwo door- So it h i f S. F. llow-arl'- Siore, newly nnd ucillv littel up, where we cordially mvt'e all to call nn I csaiiiineo ir aiticle-, eonsi-tingof all kind- of Stick Cnutlv, Halls an I ICi-c-, Ilcaris and Diamond-, Hiaid-, Pcpper iniut, Lemon Drop-, Vaudl.i Cream, Loensi-, Sugar l'lu.nlis, arr.iw.iy-, i oiuni-, i as-ia iiuu., iioel. ami Hr .vvii v ainly, tsar .-imi, .nottie. ami hccrei-, Sugar Apples, I'oiatoe-, , an I Has,(..- u.,, vani in lahcr aiticle- loo u uiicrus to I e mentioned. scneriil a--or'iiu ll1 ol r.ih and (am:v Cake-on liaud, nnd I a'.c I to order; together with Ice Cie.uns to furnish panic-, &c, ilc. AI.-U Coccii CaxiiV, which we r'-ooinineiid for ('oiichs, Oil's, Ho.irscue-s, iVe. We do nil pre'en 1 lo sav vy! h Mr. J. Psase cs Svm, lliat cur Candy will euro ail h ea-os lea 'in.' to Consumption, we Ibink lliat is saying tou in.icn. u ,ia iuirj. We have a good assornncut of llmss and Wooden Clocks, vvh'ch we will ell very low for cash ir ap prove! cristn. riea-o can ami examine lelore pur- liasins el-ewliere. N. II. All oiilers Irom a distanee. mist' mid I. will le proinptlv altem'tsl to, nnd package, and luxes put on loan! of st.ises or I oats, when required, free of charge. He p.nti "ilar and nduress all on'ers to Mil CHEI.L .V HARNI-.s, Confectioners, thcro leiugtwo lirni-ot the same name in tne vitiase. Ilur'iugton. Vl. Ocl. 22, ItHI. r-avvs. OOWLAND'S (ieriiian Steel sawmill mvvs, man I.ltifaciiirid to order and fittiil for iho sawing of li rein i Hurliugton June, 10, 1810. A .W-'Y' assortment of Slcish and Cutter shoes, i v wrought; hi fiil. oITiftd low by (Nov T, "LIVE AND LET LIVE." II C sul -cr.l er wn ,t 1 ,f.sne..fiil!v return his Ihanks to hi. many n.nion- I'm t lie i r favors durum Ihe past live years, an 1 would atsci inform Iheni thai hollas reilenished hi- t, ek of Sliilioncry. Hon!. Rinding "iwL, A.c. and will 1 e happy to wait i.pon an sin I invor nun wnh their patronage, ami i.i elorton his part -ball busparcd lo give salisl.ictiou Uur stool, cost iiiouey; thciefoie, we c.iiinol give ll away, crscl it below oosi. or at cost: but what vie have to -ell, (if we can net an opportunity) nl a- -man uovauce irom cosi as any one can no .11111 nvi 'y Iheir bu-iiie -. Individuals wi-hiiq; lo purchase Common S di iol lino! s, Sialloncry, it Hkinl; Ilooki can have a chance to te-i the sincer ty of the tubscri I er.when he iiys he w dl sell chei f r calling at the -ie-u of the ReJLedger, Ci Itesestntl. SAMFEL lll'.VI INUTON. Nov. S, IS 11. Hill llnglon Hookstoic. rpllE sti' Ji-nler would inyilo ll.e ultentK n of hi I Incud-siid lle public io bis new n-soiimciir ol Hooks. 'The I c-t rt'ltvlion he ha-incr made, Loih in MiSicllaiii on- nud School Hrk are now o.'ensl cheap or cash. Nov. 10. D. A. IIRA.MAN. .eni'ho PANII B& VVSnt " SSai - saws, teSSl, rim, 7s ltr",!",M,lul"0w", ,,';VlTl,M."ri) Hoe&Co.'sdo Circulni do from lfi lo 28 London; one of ot. fin rrini.e. .Ml I.L llf'.I'.l'. ; nii .nr,1,ir,,i, ,.i., ,1., ii., .l ... i,,.i.i Mnrlson'si l'ilN. iHORN .f. HRINS3IAID are Asrents bv Jlcssrs. A cxander of tho lirilisli Collcgo (f lleallh, firm vis ted the College in London inches, nnd manufactured for lite trade in this vicinity. 1 and wo hold our appointment now directly from head For sale at the Wbaif, by quarters. A correct pietuioof the Collego lluildings Nov. 29 FOLLIVITit HRADLEY Crow liars, Ac, pist ncrivrd and 1 fZt HUES. Winter Oil, of superior quality, mr side writiuir . 2? lOLLElTA. BRADLEY. J low I jr FOM.ETT A. HKAUI.EY , Dji. 1 DISEASES OF THE EUNCsDi culedlv die lurist iiopiil.n-lenit d evt'i kiijwiiui Aiurili'.i 1 egrtnble I'ulmonary jlaltam is Hie imiil i.iiu.ilile leint'iU ntjiv I'lii.ef'.l cuults, cokl', a.thn.i or pluliific, C'lii.iiinpiinii, whooping cough ,nld uiliniu n v all clttius ofeveiv kind, lis sale is tue.nhli ntcic.ising. .mil lite ptopt iciiii s ,ue f-oiisoinlU .4 i-eiv lug die nio-l biloi.lblc arciinil of its efft'Cis. 'Ihe Inllowlii ne el rlilic.ilf s ai e otTficl fir publ c pxiiiiu.nioii. An I ntkiii.s riNG Case. E i-iei of i leiler fiom Mr tJ S, King-ion, U'sir Co., N. V. lo ihe pruprii'iuiit, 'M'uui.s of the Dili nisi, was dulv ire'ii A mu likable erne waselfec ed In ihe le Fill, ui.inm II il'.iiu ill the u iii'ei and s Jol'IStb). 'I lie person, Mi. Moodi, h.el bi'i-n su k a long lime wiih ih" coiisiitnilinn. Oh phjii'i.iiH ImiI given lion up lle was i edueid so tow .is lo be loi.iblc io hftp hini-elf, md was tin. ing a huge qu-iillllv of blood when he coillinrnct d listing ihe H.ils.illl, wllith has (-(Ttcifda I'oinph'le cute, and he is ictw .is li lie and he.iilv us eei lie w as. Mr. I lemuii it ft run tin- low n, bul he h is t'icui'reil me a uiuie itci.iibd .iccuuii of his e-tpe, which I willftitwaul vou. C. S CLY. Kiiigsinii, N. V. June 25. ISoS. Exit. in of .t leltei fi nut III. J.iiob Alvers The Vfgfl.tbte Piiliii'tii.ii H.iL.iiii Ims hpsn snhl in llus ciuiiuv for twit vcars, aitd the tue licine lias gamed an iiiieoiiuii'iii eele'bt ilv , fur ll .ciuclj if. one nislance filled nl having ihe de.ilCil I ffl'CI 1 am bv no means iu f uur cf lite in.liiv nosliiuns, ol whii h ate nil posiliuns upon a crfthitiHis public, bin ihii uhirh I knnw by ll'i' In be etlfC'U il, I ' anntil help lull glVt III ,if iiton iliuil lliere'o. , i iiiuuei nol ptepaiaiuni bleiluflfled beie bv alr.uclling Aaen', of Cuinsiurk, N. Y. and tht'iP M .llliillier arm le vended licl e lliat l -Wong! siis; ecid to bespin totts Jacob Myths, M. D. Miflliitglon, Jlltlial.l Co I'eiin. M.iv o, 1SI.7 Finlil Dr. Saimtl'l Moripll, O) ihe Ploptipltiis nl the Vp2P table PiiIiiidm.iiv Hal.. on. I am sal istied thai ihe Vc. sclable Pitlinoiia-iv Haliilil isavahtib'p medicine ll h is been used in ibis pl.icp with ciuitpleie siieress In an obsliii ne cttiupt.iiui ol iht Iiiiii:', aiic.i'lpd with u pelP Ctiigli, Ins-of mice, nnd ihe iai-utg of iniu'li blood, w hit h had pieviolislv icsisied iu tuj nppiiilct! pies-i iptious. Alter using the Hals nil imp wt'ik.llil paiif in ' i iiicp icinincil and he wa-.tldf in ?pp tk audi li.V, Tins r.iee occiiiictl sniiit' luue sinre, and tin man i mlu eng ipd not oiitv in at-lile bin l.tbin inn. btlsilips.., IlpsiiPClftlil) . S. MoiT.KI.I, ti is ii-nv tmuplhaii sis w-tirs plnt'p I w a- In ouhi w-iv low bv an .ifTecliou of die lime,, an I iu c. implant' was iIpcI up I to bp ue-iiialt'e b a ciiuncil nl iIiii-p t In siflaii. I w .is ihen tp-ti'ii d l. as g'.t I licallh a- I bail pii:ovetl fur itiitij ve.irs, bv using (hp Vcgp'abV Pu'. ns...i"ii v HiImiii. .Since n leci.ver) 1 hive ifCuiii llieildcd (he ltits.ini in ngicat mail) c.i-i s ul bins entiipl. tinis, mill n far in I cm Lam. its me his in v .ii i been f'tlltiwt d bv nun h bciitfit, .md 1 1. in.. ii income! 1 1 h.K efi'ci'ii u ciiirs wlni b upic hnl v iuip. periid. S.VMCKL ,snn, Maul. 2. IS.1T I'm .nip, whuli'sale anil rei iil, li) PECK .SPER,Hiiiiiiig , Vi. sr t r-r .tt s, s f- tSlU lit XVJ - of Cons inipiioii ; o,700 ia-cs of Id an.l Coign; LlfiDea e- of Uhiroii- lllg Co igh, and 2n0 ea-es of A ihma, have I ' en re porieil cured by Sher-n ill's Cough l.oen .er I e-ide-cares inii'iuicraMo Ihrougho it the em u i v lhat hnvc not I ecu rCiortc.t. Clul 'rcu die of wo'tii, and many grown people 'i ler fir l'fo with vino is ,liea c ari-ing from Worm . 'The i lily sure nod i erlain iin.etly fir all kin I ot Worm- i shtrnnu's Wi rui L'oze.ise. Thei have cuiedsime their nilriH'uciion more than 1, 100,000 ca-c, and have never I ecu known u fail iu a sing'e ins .nice. Nervn-i and Palpl'ailon (f llielleart rplievisl ni from j to 10 iniii iti's by -I or I of .hci- man'. Lozeimer-. It I really -urpri ing how q iel. theyrpcrale. lutividaali of ihe highe I u'-po.'tabil- it V can I c reterreit to. 'Weak 11 ii--, or p tin in the I ac'-, si le , I rci-l or RlicHum.itisin, cured by Sherman' Poor Man's PI.I er ; price onlv lij coin-. 1000,001) sal la year of lbetn, and warranted -n-penor to a I otlu'r idastcrs, cost what ihey nny. 'They al oeure Corn-, ili-.i-.v.iigiliciu . ut ' y 'he roots. Ask for Shei man's Poor .Man's Pla.ter, an 1 sie that his ,igua'.tiie A. SHERMAN, M. !., well thivtinits, ! on the I ack of ea h, and arnitn I each hut of genuine Loz enges. Av-t llai; o'heis, a- ihej aro vvorilili, or el.e inuirous. Dr. Sherman is'the on'y 3IehiateJ Lozenger .ManufaciiiKi-ui, Sold at Whole a'ean I Rr'a 1 at the iir.e'y Merc by, PANt.'iOi'N i HRI.Ns.MAII). Mcrclnnls ail I'aiggols sappl.ol at the mine prieis us at ihe Warehouse in .New' Yor''. Via Sprinvjltld 11 irlford and .Veic arm. Passengers leaving Orcenbush by the 1 o'clock, P. 31. train, arrive at .-prinslield, GJ P. 31.; ihenceby tago C.."i miles) to Hartford, arming at 11 I 3L; have next mornins in cars for New-Haven, arriving iu time to lake steamer for New York, where they arrive at 'J to 3 P. 31. Or leave Orccnbush by the morning train, arriving at NevvIIavin3P.3L, thencq by steamer next morning, to New York, arriving by 2. to 3 P. M. Fate, if paid through from Greenbush to N'cvv York. SI. 'Tickits lo be pnrehased nl (!. R. I'avnb's' Office, Thorp's Ihnldiugp, '.'J Rioadwny, Albany, and at the ofliee of the D' lint in ( Gm-'jO OEOROE W. WHISTLER, Engineer. 600 a: To Hlacksniltlls ISIoshlllgll Coal. riMIE subscribers havo just reccivid forty Ions of I HlotCurgii i.oai, vviiciu ior ouiiin s uso is unsur- pnsscil liyauy ol tliemuurai coais, aim wnciei.novvn has taken the nlacn ol charcoal. I'Miitiiis easily and burning fiei ly, ills highly iccnininenilcd for grates and ilomcslic use. i vn.i.i.i r lin.vni.i.l CUUKCU iMUSlC. f"piIK following valuable Musical Works are con .L slautly for sale by Ihe subscriber nt tho lowest prices, by ihodoz. or larger quantity, viz : The .Modern Psalmist, a nt w work bv L. 3Isson. Itosion Academy's collection of I (lurch 3Iusic .vtciiio ii -t Harmonist. Odeon, and Iloston and American Oleo Honk. Nov. 1SIL D. A. HRAMAN Crojkrvv nt Cost ! A FF.W s(. cf blue, pmk an I D"ve waie; al.-o, 1 1 (!la Dishe., fibi-s Lamp-, on-, al cost tor ll.e mirnose of clo-iug that kmd of bujiiic -. 1 Nov. 12 S.II.SCIVTT Parwrll's llos. LAROE supply of 31orocco walking Shoe, Kid . Slips, Jli'ses do., anJ 3!cn's l'ump-, just rc- ceiviu an I lor sale ciuap, py Dec. 1, lt?ll. S. 31. POPE. ISnoks and l'.ipcr. C1 (tOODRICII, one door E it of Farrar & Wait' . Cro"l,ervSloie, IT STAIRS, ha a very genera1 i-ollc 'tnai t f Hooks, including u large slock of School Hool s and Para'r. All wi'lung to purcha e will do will lo (nil. Produce nud dome-tic niauiilat-iures o every dc-i rqilion iceeived III pav meui. Sclu 1 1 coin inmics fiirui-iung lor chool, shall have books gra nnlu'is.'y lor all ehildienin their district. vvhoi' pa reals aie unal ln to I uy. Dee. 15, rpHK Snbseriler will paycash for a few Thousand I pounds of good Klccvo AVoo'. delivered at lluir Store, head of Pearl St. IIRADLEY & HYDE. July.', ISil. 1 1 load tdotlis. rplin undirsigned ollor the clotiis imnufaclercd hy 1 ilio "llurlington .Mill Co." at vvholis.l:t;t tcstcn puces. 'Ilioas.sorluifiil ronipnses ihe vnriou-co'ois and nuakties. anil for teMuic. beam v of finish, and iixcelleuco ' f nutiiuf lettirc, are nut surpassed hy any can be seen at tho Vnrti'tv Slnrtiand in ihe hands of our sub acpnt All the nnckunrs will bit si med in Airiencan or I nclith i bibs. Nl.HUll Ml KCSis 1 MU." iui.i.i ll a'liuaiii.i'.i, S'-ai. uciis V v 13. I)i)!linton 31ill Ce. Ccrmaii Cough Sj nip 1 rtHISdescrvidy ili-tmgiii.-lusl Intslicnc, logethrr X web 'Tailor's llal-aui if l.nerwt it Javne' Indian Exiic.ii rant, Lily Syrup, Down ' Lbir, Meore's l.s.eii' e of Life, Ilarlholonicw'. Fink L pts torani svrip, for rev era i old., coughs a u.l ictn p'ainl lea hug to t tiNtuiniition. For sale I y .Nov. I. PECK A SPEAR. Slicctlngs. KC HALES of heavy slue ing-of JifTcrent qualities, v.iavo lust been rccuveu nun aie oitereii ior sale nl Mniiurncnirers" pneisto .Mcrclnnts nint otlicrs vvlioaroiiiviiul to call and e.vamina lh.f slock hebni purehnsingilsjwl'.eie, under Ihe tic'.iti that the exam (nation will prove advantiseous I them. Hy FOL LETT i. IIRADLEY, Nov.2U. nl the Wharf CASH PAID FOR WOOLLEN RAGS7 Al E wish to nurcliase 500 ton of all Wool Itac sneb as old Red Ouilts. Coverlet'. Planki ts. Shiets, Shir's, I)ravvers, Stockings, cic., including Mrnno, Cii-cisunn, Plaids, Hninha-clis, nuitcvirv kind and colore! nil Wool Goods, not fulled or felled rvcrpt carpeting, hstingand'prunella. Wn wsl nav lour rcnls mr nouncl. for clean Hag of lhn iibmo descrinlion no n ir Hot ion, limn or fdk in any quantities, delivered at our Store, West side M Ilia fsquarci, opposite tne v-ouri iioufe, uurnnjjion Wrniont Fur sli Wool Cupeling, vie will pav If rents per lb of 3Iej HICKOK iv ''ATI IN urltnston, Die. 10, iell. E 5 K A L,T 3 1 S K C U It E O IK- ihe use of the Hvgciaii Vegetable ' UNIVERSAL JIEDECINtS or the L'ntn u Coi.leoe or Health, London; If7ttc'i have oltainct! the ajipzobation and recoinmui' djlion of T,iou.,ani!s xeho hate been cured In Consumptions, Cholera .Morbus, Inflamma tions, internally or externally; Dyspepsia, Fevers, Ague, Indigestion, Hihoiis or Nervous Affections t and a'd decisis of tlie Livir, Yedovv Fever, Sioul, Ehctiniat ,m, L mbaco, 'Tie Folorcux Dnpsy, St. Vitus's Dance, E'ihpsy, Apoplexy, Paralysis, Pal sec, Orcn Sickness, and all o' strnctions to which Ihe Ft male form is so distressingly liable, and whiah scuds su many of the fairest portion of I ho citation to lluir iintim iti'.y graves; Small Pox, Mcasela, Whooping Cough, h-cailet Fever, Asthma, Jaundica, (Itavil, Stone, nud all Urinary Obstructions, Fistula,' Piles, S- icture , Ruptures, and Syphilis in all iu stages; Constipated Rowels, Wot m, Scurvy, Iv clung of the skin, Kind's Evil, and all Cutancoui Disorders; in short, every Complaint towlr-h tbo human frame is to dircfully subject, under all ihur vaned forms and names; as the Hygeian convio'.ioif is lhat JIax IS sCBJBCT to only o.nk iu:al disease 7';af is, to the Impurity of the lllood, from whence spl.ngs every Complaint that can poj. bibly n.-sa I his complicated frame, and that it is ths perpvtual snuggle of this vital, pule s'rcatn ofhfe,(th gift of Almighty povvti) to diercumbtr tt-i!f ol its v scons, ncr.d humours, with which it has' becouiu commixed, through ihe ncghgenec of parents) tha Ignorntice, or maltnatment of the doctors; or the vicious, ot gormandizing propensities of us al!. This valuable iiudicme, being composed only of" vegetable matter, or medical heibs, and warranted ono uli, a-containing nol one particle of mercurial, Iiiineinl, oi substances, (all of which a.-u' uncongenial to the nature ol man, and therefore dos iiuctivc of the human frame) is found to be perfectly h'lrmmss to the most tender age, or weakest frame, under cveiy mje of human s-ullcring; the most ple-.saut and benign in its operation, and, at the samu l.ine, the most certain in 'itching out the root of every complaint, In vievi r ikep, nnd nf erforming a euie, lhat w is ever ulii led In ill" woi Id. I his vvetTj. irful clfect, too is pr' dueid by the h ast trouble to lbs patients, by tut rely svv.illowingnieitatn number of pills-, a id bung called a few extra tunis to the pur poses of evacuation, wiih the least possible .ea'ation of pain, eba s ion ot boJily sirengih, and without the fear of i "0 'nng cold or nlti ntinii In dress or diet, ill any way iblhieni from their aceusioim d linbr-s. These Pi s cure in a 1 ca-es, nnd cannot be token to excess. F.xuninec which is the touchstone of all huinnii km wlcil-c, has long borne testimony lo lie fict; and extensive use of ihonr Iris already vc iilici! its until iu :1ns country. These 3Itdc iiiescureby purginc, nnd yet the weak, thefeib'e, iiilii ui, the m rv-ou?, the delicate, ate iu a few day strengthened hy their opciatton, beause they clear die bodv oi' its bad hummus, and invariably produce foiui'i sleep. 1 hey aro the afest and mosf edict ins 3Iulicine io lake tosca; preventing scurvy, COsllvCIK'.s, tJ-C. Theopcraticii of this mild .Medicine, which conveys immediate convi. lion of i s utihlv, fiom the first dose is ns belli fici il to ll,.- miiul at I'a. body; first calming. inrn c iringnu .weiirni ucranetmcnis, i.iccnlrtaltcs, virrou .y.ciions. m.'ucmiies, tiii; Itceuessness, 'mm irhaU'nr source : cumnlaints vvhuh have biib. .it.inotbuu properly understood, as the Hygeists oiuni inciii an iu proccen noui ucrimoiuous numours in the blood, and, happily fur the present and future ace nf manl.ind, discovered a chuip and un'irersal node of purifyintr, cur'itir, and preventing : The being cured of any disease, infirmity' rr tore, s now no more a dubious or tuiceriai'i brocedure cr-evircnco in the Vegetable Universal 3iidicint wd always restore nature io lur due course. The . ni y sedentary nf both st.xts, whose pur-ii'ls so .inch impair the faculties., will find a sure rin ejy in h Universal 3lt-ilcenies for preserving the energy il sprig'ithness of the iin.ijm.ttmn, and improving, do-r health ; old age Will be ntta.neil by the use of !n i, and passed lice from am and .ntirnn'.'ci Thevnrenolinvilopisl with the mysteries of other n -liein s . ihe) only require lo be pcrstvotd in with s'l'lieicntly large doses, and the patient will always e.iiie oil' well ; when a disease is obstinate, patients ft .-quern!)' do not takedosi s large nough. 'The nieJi nu s arc comprised m ihree ddfi rent arti cles only. viz. in two kinds af pills, of duTirent strength or power, ih signaled by No. and No. til's fu st is a powirud, but most gentle and mild aperient, or opi niiiginedieme ami partmllv re moving 'he bilious loiiy huuiouis, wl list the N" 2 Pi!!s enrry olTthose nuu iIip serous, acrid and puiud humouis mcidciilal to the body i and act togti!ier as a icrtel in a warren, never resimi' until every avtn e of tho human frame is thoroughly searched, and cleansed of lis iiupurii ts. The Vegetable Clenisini: Powders arc gnat assis tance to patients nnd facilitate ihe evacuation of bad humors; thev soften, cleanse, and ditaeh iheacriui onions phlegm ; are cm ling and al'ay the Ihirst. One, two, or thtee i.'dcrs inay bo liikcn throughout the day, mixed in hal a wine glass i f vvatir. DIRECTIONS FOR USE. Nos. I and 2 nre blh aperient anil p ugalivc, and may be used uid.seriminattly: but cxpentnre has proved lhat No. t the most in subduing mnnydisea rs, in fevers of all kirn's, inflammations, asihina, sina'.pn, meiisleus, 'gout, chohes, ranrer, and in all vioh nt diseases or pain, ins fticessarv to tako one dose ol No. 1 to-day, Ihe same of Nn. J to. morrow, ami repeat the No. . the mMrlny i increas ing the dose by one pill every third day after. li eoiituinp'kins and nervous nPe lions, n Is dtsi. rnble to lake alternate dos. s of No, lard '.'. The dosv-s to he vnried an ordmg to ihe nature rf the conipki.nt, conmieni'me geneially with J or f, and 'n lea-iug Bradunlly lo 10. in some cases 30. Pu tients should remeinbtr ihsl 1 or 1 Pills i!n gecrl -r, oi (j do more good ten or twelve p'-idaee n de cided aim b 'ration, nnd 10 or 30 vv II, by perseve rance, reach the most deep-rooted complaint. Persons who wi.vli io know more about Hvgeian an buy or In now the of the Agents. We have visiter) the Collce in Louden it Income "iTsnnallv aci-,iKihiird with .Mrstm. Alexr. it Johri Moiison ,V hold out ngt ney ditectly from them. Persons wishing io buy al wholesale will le top d.ed on liberal terms. Our linnets will be vvrincn on every li(vi.f" . ..l.l.iIU.t,a,i, . rhnr !.. in K S aCXet. TI,ns who nt d Slrdicil." C J I ack- ..-. . oust, ,.,t ... '"" lV.-d mav rf s( . !5 v"'i!M?.'i' l"' :i" will Ivurei ; tte-m It i . x llg.visjtir. J.velters m-'rtaje gents

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