Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 3, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 3, 1842 Page 1
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NOT THE GLORV OF OjBSAR HUT THE WBJiFARB OF ROME. VOL. XV. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 1842. No. 52. (I EXCHANGE HOTEL, Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf Ittirlingtoii, Vermont. BY MOSES L. HART. THIS establishment, so favorably located fur the accommodation of tlio hii'iie. and travelling vuiiuiiunuy, now upen i" inc punue'. rew uoaclios upon the varrou route call at the Exchange Hotel tor paisentrers. and those arrivins or i1m.:i rl in I,.- Stcam Boat, in which c-a-e their bagrrageis removed ..... l. . II I-1 i .. . - T . t . . miiiii.iciiiirscJ win nnei litis uousc peculiarly lotncir eonveniciKv- The keeper tender hi service.-, with the assurance, tuai in mi rojwiis i iic nous snail ac-emt inc tavor able coavi.lcratioii of all who may patronise it. Uurlinmn, April 1, 1812. .i(. AMERICAN HOTEL and f; AT sta;r house, BURLINGTON, VT. THK subscribers have leased for a term of ycnr this well known splendid establishment, which is very pleasantly located in one of tlio most delightful villages in North America. The several line f .-taccs arrive at and denart from this housn daily. This Hoie!ifrni-hed in the best order, and well supplied with the choicest that the markets nrtbrd. They will Be happy to sec their friends and all who may favor them with their nhtionafe. fC-Carriagcs always in attendance at the Steam Baals. S. W. TAYLOR. WARRF.N F. SIIATTUCIC. llurlington, April 29th, 1S42. GEORGE II. PECK, Attorney and Couiisclhtral Law, rvro rooas bast ofthc ro-rr office, up stairs. Refer to Messrs, J. (Si J. H. PECK & Co. Jiiiv. 19. A. ROBERTSON, lUrristcr ami Attorney at Law, IIU in the oficeofthe An. Solicitor tTenV Day) LITTLE ST. JAMES'S STRUM'. Slontrcal, 1 Nov. 1S11. Reference in Burlington, to CHARLES ADAMS, F.squire.2l KEWSTORE. " The Vctv Vorli'' Hardware. Store. THK Siihcrilier havias ito-ernvned to carry cm the HARDWARE BIWI.S I.S8 in all il I ranches in Burlington, Vt. ha opened an I now o.ler for sale an entirely iv-wnnd well (-elected assoniiientofgoud. in the. ahoTc line. His object thi winter 1 emcr me re to learn the de mands of lire market, in order to l able to supply the same ia the Spring, anil a he intends doing a strictly fish 1 ii-ine--, be solicits share of put lie patronage, cjemli'lcnt thai In- price- will be omul to Wit all who may tavor him with a call. Dirlinition, Vt. Dec. 21, IS 11. W M.J. IH'ST. String'-. lbiiMinr:,Cik!cc.sreet, near the Square. MEW SHOE ESTABLISHMENT. K. WOODS ""01!I.D re.pcetfiillyinlorin the Ladies and Gen V iliiocn of U irliuginn and vicinity that he h.i teooullv oiicne-d ane-tal lishnwnt wlicrehe will man ufacture, (whoV-ale and retail) all kinds df work in the Shoe line, lie has jusi received from New York ihe prc-eot Myh-ol Ij-ts, together Willi a choice se lection of Stock, lie will keep constantly on hand and manufacture to order all kinds of won. " -rot up" in Ihi-country; anions w hich in.iy n found t Jem's 'alf, Ooat, Seal and (ianer Boots .faiJic Gaiter, U isk- n.. Walking Sri--, rslip., iV.i sin- Als.1,1 r.i- and t.ip loins, l-otfi lor men and boys J and children's -Shoes of all kind. ,t'lea. irive him a rail, two doors West ofthc Peirl Street llon-e, at the Aiiiuf the "Vis' Boot." Il'irlntiilon, Mav, IS12. " 50 f. NEW FASHIONS AND NEW GOODS. The subscriber ha .lust leturned frein New York with a well scfecle-el a.ort- inent of wool dyed CLOTHS and CASSIMERF.S; Alio, Summer Goodf, Ve tinss an 1 Trim mings of the my lest quality. The above articles wire purchased with enr 'and not ne poor iiticlotoLetouiw in .helot. FASHION AM) STYL1'. for the aired, Middle aged, and the Yunng. The i-uVcrilier particulaily renie 's tlie attention t young gentlemen to ilw style of I)re and Kroc.. Coats made at his esial li-lnneiit till- Sprioi. f"n llrmen more advanced in life can be necommoda'cd with garments adapted to their age, general appear ance, it". S:c. .More than usual pun taken a-to Mze.easc and eohiliirt. Having obtained the late-t improvements in tin- arlof Cutting and Making gen tlemen's zarmmts of all ki' I v umtatina the most s' of Cily Tailors in crnitinual improvcincnl from lime 10 time, ibe s ibicrilcr trusts thit his e-tab-ishinent will n found one of ihc vcrv I C-l HI Ihc conn try JAMF.S -M1TCI1FL1., Draper and'l'ador. N. B. No risk to the customer at ibe above e.iab i hinent. (ienilemen not asked to take a garment innk-s titteiL Hurliiigtoii, 13 May, 1812. -10.1. DENTISTJtV. JLRW1S At .1. II. NICHOLS have nsso. -oixtnt themselves ill bu-mess fur the accotllllio- dation of those who havn not the opportunity of calling auhw residence. Mr. N. will spend most of ins time in visiting tlie villages in tins anu uie oujom. ing counties, and will perform all operations on tlio leclh necessary for their preservation. Mr. N. will nlso prepare the mouth for the reception of artificial teeth ; take models, and trnnsmit them to Mr. Lewis, the celebrated mechanical dentist, who will always beat home, and whoso unrivalled success, and un wearied exertions lo please, will eusure the public bet ter work than can be procured elsewhere. Our mode of setting is far superior lo any other in point ol looks, convenience, ond durabiliiy. Any one wanting teeth on eoine one diy with a mouth full of decayed teith, and return the next i h a new set. Prices suited to the times and circumstances. All operation? war ranted. J. I.EWJS, J. H. NICHOLS. Burlington, Vt., May, 1R12. BOOTS AMESHOBS. OF. NT l. KM UN'S Summer Boots, some low priced. Also, most -miius o uuois aiKi J Shoes suitable for ibe "ffAftnnf(rillrn uinm.n nnu ooys or girls. Work as usual done to order. - ' . Sll, Corner of Church and Cherry Streets, liutlingtuii. May 12, 1812. SELLING OFF CHEAP. TIIF. subscriber, desirous of closing Ilia business, now oflers lo tho public, at cost, tlio whole of his tock in trade, consisting of a largo anil general as sortnient of plain tin and japanned wuie, bra-s kettles, stove pipes, stoves and trimmings, mid every other article usually called fjrin his lino of business. Also, tin plate of various tizes, llu-sia, KnBlisli,and Canada Untt imn. fdieet coiiDCr. zinc, lead nine. wiic. &c.. jt. All nersoiis uishinif to purchase nnv of iho above articles, are invited to call and examine, for themselves, and they will bo convinced of tho above statement. , , , , , All accounts due to the late firm of Starr & Dow, must bo closed immediately, either liy payment or note J' olAKK. Jlutlington,MayC,l6. 18 tf OOHK'-S KSSKNUK OK Llr'li-A Valuable M...lliMn.. ...!.;..(. !l I.. ...... ...Mil.. .1 . -....1.., .viiiui, ii iiiiii .iipiKii win i;u uie ........ ..nil iiuiisiiuus iiiiiii .tii iiuiiuiuy grave , ..-iinii.i, . iiuii-ii . ini 1 111 in iiuiij inj, iiiMipv-iiiiu, in inu iiowei, rusoi every kind, Cramp, Rickets, Colic, Catarrh, lary, Fainting, llypoehondri.tu Allection, Headaches, Sii'i.l.'nnuM nl StiiiiiK.I. M...l.. n : i-n-. I...I. I .r .1... II I ' . ",, u iicuiillu (Jl Vvull tagions diseases, (Joutand (lieuiiiatim. CyThc above Medicine is prepared by Henry Sey mour, ofllndlcy, Mass. from the Orisinnl Recipe, by theibreciion of said Monro, and sold by him and the nnncipal Druggists in the UnitcdSiate. Sold whole-ale and retail by Peek &. Spent. CERTAIN CURB FOR SICK HEADACHF., which has been used in f.iuiilies, every niciubcr of which has had sick headache fiom infancy, ns a constitutional family complaint, mid Ins cured elfee tunlly inevcry instance yet known, niiioiinting to nin ny hundreds. It is not tinnlensant to Ibe msic. nnd docs nut prevent thcdaily avocations of oncusinp it it must bo persevered in, nnd thn cm e is gradual, but certain and permanent. Instances are constantly multiplying wiicrctM-distressing complaint is com pletely relieved and cured, although of years standing bv tho use of Dr. Snohn's celebrated reitimlv. One decided preference is its pleasantness, having none of me nauseating cueci oi common drugs. ltis so perfectlysalisfactory, that the proprietor has given directions for his agents to refund tho price to any one who is not pleased with, and even cured by it. He hopes also that this may secure its great ben efits to the distressed suflercrs who nre laboring under Headache. E. Sl'OHN, M. D., inventor and Pro prietor. SohlbyCO.lS'roCA'if. CO.. 71 Maiden I.ane. New York. PECK & S 1' K A It, Who!es-ilc Agents, a few doers cast of tho Post Office, Burling ton, Vt. n9 I70LI.KTT & HltAI)l,t:Y have just rcceivrd L and oiler for sale at 1I10 lowest pricts for cash or approved credit, alamo and well selected assortment ot iitoeencs, consisting m part of the fallowing: i TIluls St OroW s igar, 5 Ilhd St Croix Rum. 10 do Porlo Rico 5 Pipes Holland Gin, 2 rp- casks Mnlagi Wine, TiO Boxes Pipes, 20 Bigs Pepper, 20 do Pimento, 2) ICcs- pure Ginger, 23 do Rai.sins. 10 do New Orleans 30 Ibgs Rio Culler, 30 do Java do nfl liocs soap, 'io do superior do 23 do Extra do 20 Kegs s.ilt Petrc, DOCT. JIAltSIIALIS Arum me, CatarrJi and IJeidacho SNI'I-'F. Tins Hnu.l is superior to any thins: vet known, for removing tit it trout le-ome dis- ea.e,thct'n'nrih, and al-o h cold ill the Lead, and the headache. It opens aim purge-out all ol-ti uctions, stieiigihousihogland-.andgnci n healthy act'ou to I lie parts a lected. It is 11' rli-cllv tiee from a'nv thinu'dele- lenous m its composition lias a lea. ant lluvcr, and iis. imuic halee !i-c, alicr I eing used, is abgrceaUe. Price !l T cents per bottle. lioi-t.'s Vcjetati'eliiilian M ac ; PLASH-At. '1 hi- Ph-ter is 1111 rivalled for curing si-rof ilous swel ling-, S urvy sore-, Lame ll.ii-k, and I i-e-h Wound-; pains in 'he -ide-, Hips mid Lim! s; an I reldom fails m give iclii'f in lii'-al Itbeimati in-. If applied lo tin sf.te,tt will e.iru many of iliccomiuoii Liver CoinpLiint-; and is ivpi.-il, if not superior, to any thing in u-e for corns on ttiulreti tiie ot im. i'iater have been wilne-M'dly tho-isand of individuals in tlie I'nilcrl Slates, who" hare te-tel its citii-ai-y. Sold by 1 In; pro prietor; Chas. llowcn, MidJicbury, Vt., and Puck &, II in,orlingt Vt. Xnlls ami lion. 1 lr( KEIJS NAILS, n-sorled sizes, LOJir 100 d Finishing Nails, do do IPO ICrgs .-siidic, from 30J In CO I nnd G inch, 10 'i'ons of riinti'l nnd Hijuaro Iron, fiom J I.CiIih to li inch. 10 Tons of horse shoe Iron, of the.various sizes 4 do ofjtnnd Iron, fi do of Scroll do 10 do a-. sorted, flu nnd square A 111. Bloom do For sale Rt manufacturer's prices, l,v FOI.LETT it BRADLEY, Agent". .nit. 3IUXSON, ,j t4fvM,, 'MK'-' 'nt fully sivos llo. 25"-AtS5s5.'5 t-Vi vSiv-- ,i;ll,tl al"l n-an..6cl..ri.i? n variety of Piann Forte, which are olered lor i-ale on the mo-t rea-onab e term-. A Ihe-ein-lruiucnt-ari' iiiiidcon n virvmncl, improved plan, they are warranted to I e superior to all other in trunicnts oflhePiauo kind, in partaking in a hiirh dcercc the tone of the l-'l ite. In point ofto-n-h and durabili'v of workinan-h'p tbev arciil-o warranted to le (qunl to any in-tiii'-lucnts maiiiifT ture 1 in the Culled Slate-. Al per-on who want n good Piano are particularly m vi'ed 111 call and examine for tlnnitclvc-. llurlington, Feb. 21, 15 1-2. 111: w a 111: or DECEPTION. Ithasfrco, cully contc to the knovvlo !gc of the sub scriber, that empty Snuil' Jars, with bis Label on them, have been bought up for the purpose of selling in them an inferior q nlily Snutl'j and alto, that hid Siiiifl'-labels have, in t-nmc inftniccs, been counter feited, or the general design cf '.he same so imi'alcd as to easily deceive the unwary. He deems it, there fore, hi. duly to inform purchasers of the manner in which tlx-y are often impescd upon j and ho would hereby request them to tear offor deface the l.-ibils on the outside of the Jars, after having disposed of the contf nls, so ns to prevent further use of the same. A suitable reward will be paid for such evidence as will lead lo the detection and conviction of the im postors. 'IVicsubscrtdcr continues to Xfaniifucturr, and of. fers for talc the folloiciuz articles: I'lnc Itrovwi Smiir. Genuine Maccoboy, ro-e American Rappee, Imitation do. S flavored, Holland do. Sicily, do. Tuberose. Mnllese, do. Si. Outer. Cur icon, do. Strnsburg. Coarsen rotvn SnuH'. Demigros. Natchitoches. Pure Virginia. Ficnch Rnppre. Bourbon. 'American Gentleman St. Domingo. Pure Spanis-h. Copenhagen, superior flavor. L. Mixture. Yellow Snuff, Srotchnnd) P- Irish Blackguard or High Toast j Flno- Irish High Toast, nw- wcct Scented Fne Cut Chewing Tobacco. Spanish, Kitcfort, Canaster. Common am! Stein". 3tV.V liberal discount mado to wholesale dealers. PETER I.ORILLARD, Jr., 12 Chatnam-St., New York Hooks quel l'npor. CnOODftlCII, one door Ei.tof I'arrar &. Wait's Crockery Store, UP STAIRS, bnsn very ireneral collection of Books, including a large stock of School Books and I'apcr. All wi. lung lo purcha-e will do well lo call. Produce and doiiiesiio innnulai lure's o every description r''-civoi 111 painenl. School com mittees furiii-hing for school-, shull bavo books gra tuitously (or all children 111 their dislncts who.c pa rents are unable to luy. Dee, IS. II road Cloths. TIIE undesigned oiler ibe cloths maniifacli"rd by the "Burlington Mill Co." nt wholcsaUt.'. tca'.cn prices. I hcassorlment comprises tlie vartou-colors nnd Qualities, and fortextuic. beautvof finish, ond excellence of manufacture, aro tint surpassed by uny American or r.ngusii 1 loins. FOLLETT ef- BRADLEY, Noy. 29. Burlington Mill Co. NOTICE 1 0 MERCHANTS'. That tmv f'rnrLi.rv .tc fllaHH IVari.. CAKIt Alt WAIT & HOOT give notteu 10 a. iiicre-iiuiiiB 111 111c nuioining U.iuniics that incy have their SiriagnocknfCro.-ke-ryin store and ate now ready 10 supply their orders for aborted Cratc loony amount packed in 1I111 most workmanbkom in ner at New York and Boston prices, whie-h will le manifestly a great saving to nil that Imv of un, Allor- ilnr iirnitirillc vt'eiilcil fit IIimip slnrn fir.v.. 'I L. .- . ... . . , wwi,,., suiircu nnd College rtrtets, Burlington. POIITA1U-I3 I'OHNACF.S, with elevnted Ov. ens, a convenient uml u-onoinical nrliclo for cook ing, in warm weather, for snlo by Apr. 12 ll.H, BOSTWICIv & Co. TilmUNsTilAJlGAINS ! ! If you wont to buy Hoots and Shoes that will wear well at very low price call at DAVID'S, No Id, M , , , "S . ""''"' .1.'". IIIMII, I.IIC. It has Leon sold and used for lliirty years, siiccus-, and found very ellicacious in tlio"t'cillowing di.o.isc, viz. Oonsii.npiion, Whooping Couqtio, com mon Cough., Co'iN, diiricull Ure.ilhinsr. inlluenza, (Juinsy, Asthma, I'htlii.ic. Snittinu of 11 bod. Kl.ilu- in.... NOTItlH.Cp.Medicinc is I et known by the eure II perfonn.3 I. Newton's Panacea, ....!.. ..1.... ..I-.I... I!l.l 01.. .ll..l...l o..,l .1,11 lucre-asms lonulntion which this ini'dicine haacuair- ed throughout the New England States, and ihcin.iiiy cures it lias perlornieil, and the great iiemami mane forit by t,in advice of physicians well acquainloi.wilb it" preparation, has induced the proprietor to extend its circulation 111 almost every town in the eastern States nnd the principal towns 111 ihe United Slates. Tins P.inaceis warrautevl purely vegetal Iiymd is not surpassed ly any other incdieme ever ollered to Iho alllictcil as its etieiisue saic nnu great popularity plaiiilv prove. It has within tho last eighteen mouth, curedlts thou-ands oflhe mot eib-tiiiaie diseases, n can le preived by e-crtificalcs ano is pronounced by eiiiiiicut and respectable physicinus medicine ill use. L'fClul Intorin.ition may l e lounii 111 t'lreuinrs eontaininir e-ertificates of cures and ebrections for la king the me'dicine. The following n-.tiointed agent. Btirlington, PECK and SPEAR, R. Moody St Albniis, Curtis and Rii-scl Milton, C. DinU Milton Fall", Burnet and Sawver Walerv tile, and Brown, Hinesburgh, Hull and Cook Fairlax, Parker and .vlutlicbl v ergonuc, Ael.inis nivl .Murray Cambridge, )Sre I'nderliill, Al. C. Barney North Ferris! unL C. Wicker Ccorgia, A. Blis Willision, N. Cliilli'uden Riehincnd, (ireen & Rhodes JolniMiii, ti. L. .iruer nnd C Monkton, 1 than Suiith liakerslicld, Armington and Woodwnr.l Fair field, Burnet nnd larnsworlli. I V 1 1 1 1 VV SASII- Just received 13. 20 17 hy a eaeinenls ot and ij cents per li-.'hf, also sasuTa I .i.rr. iipsi r.iii. sipiif i nt :i 1 nil l.lll'ls niUls7JBMUsUl'U fn order. I'ie-ouliiiiiiiHlack- ici I, ralHfor tl sale verv low. I Ivilh ""-- 1 -t a great vanely ol einit-r nrti cles ns cheap ns can he found nt nuy either establish ment. (ir.o. Pr.Ti:r.sos. w. HATCH would inform tho in- habiiaiits of llitrliim'oti and vi- cinty, that ho has opened a shop in CI11111I1 street, at tlie sign ot tlie nine, vvlicie licintcnds to entry 011 tho Gun smith Business, in all its various branch es. Hn.iti!; been employed for the last six years in the shop of J. AL Caswell, in Laiisingluirtih, (iiitdoiihtidly the best shop 111 the United! SlntesA he feels war- rnnteil 111 ottering Ins worn lo tlio public, Burlington, Juno 1, IS 1 1. "ATVSTHUIOUS! A Gentleman beloncincto JLX one of iho most ancient mid wealthy families of this city, who must bo well known to numerous friends havinrr since thu vcar 1SIB. un 10 recently, been bent nearly double, ami for several jcars confined to bis itea, nas ucen restored 10 goC'd iic.ntn lias regaincet Ins natural erect position anil lias nitilietl Jus car riage, ami now walks with easel! We believe this is thcccntlcinanV own description as near ns possible, and there is no exaggeration hi it. We will give inqui rers his address, and doubt not humane feelings will excuse the liberty; so that anv one doubtinsr. 111.1v rnoir these facts iliougli he rcipicsts his name in.iy 1101 appear 111 piiui. viinong outer insinnccs, .tir. J as. G. Reynolds, 1 1 1 Christic-slrcd. has been restored. and will give personal assurances of the f.icts of his case. Both were rhcuiintism, nnd contracted cords and sinews. 1 low lias this 1 ecu ilonc ( Answer. Il'i the Indian Vegetable I'lixer in lernallij, and limes' Nerie and Hone Liniment external!!. Jan. 2!), IS II, Sold only by COMSTOCK .f- CO., 71 Maiden iarc, .cir or.-. nit PECK .X: .SI'KAlt, Wholesale Agents, n few doeirs east of the Post Office, llurlington, Vt. uTlYi ARfwRIGilT'S INDIAN PiritOATIVi: l'lLI.g, Ihilirclii Yearable. A 1 A-e-'I'A-"! Uiel-.l' iiii'lcr UK I icti.uf snprrln- lr l.ii-ni!cnce of WilliainWriirht.Vii-e-iire idem ot Ihc orth American College of Health, for lliu tie-atincut and cure of 111 Ihe form of ltillio is and Ner vous Fever-, Mon-lcs, Rinnll Pox, Pains in the stoitnck, 1 ae-li and si.Y, Cousiuiiptioii, llropsy, Sere f- ol. 1, unnce-r, rspitttns 1 1 mooi, rsu-u-iieMii-.iciic like inintisin. Diarrlura, DyiMlarv. Coln-s, Dyspen sia, i'.ilpiiaiirn iif the Heart, I'lccr, and sores of every knui, j-c-. (c For alo 1 y PKCIf (t SPEAR, Burlington. W. II. HOLLY, Williston. W. J. DFOOLAN, IIuH-burgh. J. II. IIAI.HI'II F, Wesifonl. BURLINGTON CHAIR PACTORY JA I Yl'l .: Chairs at the old stand, of the fol lowing descriptions: Cm I Alaplo Grecian, Cane Scat, Common Cane and I'lag Sent, Large and Small Kaiscd heat jtockinir, no do Com 11011 do. Common Diniii?. etc. evi-c. All of which are warranted n first rate article nnd w ill be sold at prices , to correspond Willi tnc times. FEATHERS, AND FEATHER BEDS, READY MADE. Constantly on hand, n supply of warianted Live Grcesc Feathers, which will be sold low for cash. WANTED, by the subscriber, Curl and Biids Eye Maple, delivered nt his shop in Church street, opposite me Old nann. u. I,. A l.ti'-ON Saws. OOWLAND'S Geriinn Steel sawmill saws, man iiufactiired loonier and fitted fur the sawing of iieiiuui-tt, tpiuce, pine-, aim every eiescripuon 01 nard uniner. u, oj ami 1 leei. Also English Cast-stcel cross cut saws, Hoe ifc Co.'s 1I0 circukii do from 1G to 2(3 inches, and manufactured for Ihe trade in this vicinity For sale at tho Wharf, bv Nov. 29 FOLLETTifc BRADLEY S'PIRITS. lOIlhds.N. E. l(uin,3 St. Croix do. 3 Bran Iv, 3 Gin, for sale by 0 May, 1812. P. WALKER. CO PAR TXERSHIP. TTUXltV II. IJOSnVICK T. F. it W. 1 l.-LSirong hnvinp conni-cted their Tin Shops, will do uusiness 111 mat line imaer 111c mine 01 11. 11, Host wic' it Co. at tlie shop occupied by said Bostwick, where may be found n full and complete ns-nrtment of TIN WARE, manufactured expressly fnivlic retail trade, together with Copper ntitl Sheet Iriln work, Slovo Pipe, S-ove Trimnungs, cVe. All kin 's of Job wotk furnished at short notice'. Eave troth and con. dii' tor pipe furnished nnd put up. Copper pumps and lend pipe furnished nnd see if require el . Those who patronize this branch of business shall, at this shop, I e quickly and well served, for a reasonable compcii sotiou. II. II. BOSTWICK & Co. Jlurlington, Apr. 10, 1812. GASH STOE.S. BOYNTON A BUIIRITT, (Successors 10 G.D.Wcllcr. W,1 O I' L D respectfully inform iho inhabitants of Ilincs1 urch and Iho ndioinuiL' lounsibat tlicv have commenced business in the Store formerly oc cupied bv A. S. it G. I). Weller. and ore now recciv. ing a gctiertil assortment 1 f Fancy Dry Goods, Hani ware and Grocirics, which tbcyoflir lo tho public n low as can be purcbasi'd ill the county for i nsh. un ) ii-i.(iv(.iiuiis oliiivkii oiiuro en puuiic patronage, confident that their prices will be fo in J to suit all who may favor tlicm with a call. NOBLE L. ROYNTON, W1LLIA.M BURRIIT. Hinckburgh, Jlay 4, 1842. 43 IT E IT GOODS. nOOLTTTLE HAS just received from New York a Inrsf supply of New Goods, comprising a general assortment of imported nnd domestic Uri C ooits, iiry (traceries, eye. His old stock of Goods having been neatly sold out. enables him to oiler almost nn cntiro new stock, winch have been bought at the present low rates, nud will bo sold ni loner price", (for manv articles) than ever be fore offered in this town. Alay S, 1B12. 4SwS BURLINGTON BOOK STORE. n. A. liHAMAi, College Street, iceit corner vf Stronps bui'dini's. Token this method of advising thopubl c of his re moval, and that ho ha now for sale, he believes, the jargest and best nssoitincnt of Books to ho found in llus Stale. His armnm-menls for miihiIips from New York, and Bo-tniinro such ns will enable htm to auswei iiinntlily nil ordei ptouipt y. May 1, 1612, ' fi J a MOFFAT'S VKOLTAIILE LIFE MKDKJINhS. The-e iiiedicim'.s are indebted for their name in their manifest and sensible action in purifying the springs and channels of life', nnd enduing them with i-eni'wi'd tone and vigor. In many hundred certified ciiM'swhle-h have been made nullic,niid in nlinos-t every specie ofeh'sea-cto which Ihe human frame t liable-, the happy elects of.MorrAT's Life I'm." and I'iiif.nix BiTTims have Ijcen greatfullynnd publicly acknowledged by the persons bencfitwd, nnd who were previously unacquainted with the beautifully phi losophical princip'cs upon which they nro compound ed, nnd upon which lhc' consequently ae-t. The LIFE .MEDICINES recoinniend themselvcln difcnies of every form and description. Their first operation is 10 loo-en from the ceiats of the stomach and bovveN, the various impurities and crudities con stantly settling are I them ; nnd to remove the har dened fjees which collect In the convolution of the smallest inte-tincs. Oilier medicines only partially ele'.in-etlie'se, uml leave .such oeillocte-d mascs behind n to produce habitual rostlveness, with nil its tram of evils, or .sudden diarrlura, wiih its imminent eljgers.n This fact is well known lo all regular anatomists, who examine the human bowel after ileath ; nnd licne-c the prejitdie-e of those well informed men against quack medicine or medicines prepared and lieraleleil lo theimblie by ignoranl )ier.son. Tho second cllcet ol the Life .Medicines j to clean -e the kidneys and the bhtddcr, and by this mc,iii, tlielivcraiidtheliing,the healllifulne'liou ofivliich entirely ilepends upon the re gularity of the urinary organs. The; blood, which lake-, ns redemlor freim the agency of the liver and the Itiuirs 1 i-lore it pa-o into the heart, being thus piirifieil by them, nnd nourished by food coining from a ole-nn stomach, eour-e ficely through the veins, renews every part of the system, and triumphantly mounts the banner of health 111 the blooming cheek. Mo.l'al's Vegetable Life Medicines have been thor-o-ighlvtcsteil, and pronounced u sovereian rtmeily for Dy, pep-ia, Fiatulency, Palpitation of the. Heart, Lo-s of Appetite, Heart-hum and lle-ad-aehe, Restle-sness, Ill-teinper, Anxiety, Linguor and Mclaniholy, Cos. livcne.-, Diarrheca, Cholera, Fevers of all' kinds, ltho inuti-in, Gout, Dropsies ol nil himl, Gravel, Worm-, Asthma and Consumption, Scurvy' Fle-crs' Inveterate Sores, Scorbutic Eruptions nnd Bad Com plexions, Eriptive complain'-, sallow, Cloudy, and oihcrtti-agri'ea) lo Complexions, Rheum, Erysip elas, Common Cold- and Inlhii'nza,nnd various nthe-r e-oniil.iiuts vvlne'-h nllbi-t Ihehuinaii fiame-. In Ftvf.n and Aran:, particularly, the Life -Medicines have Icon hum eminently Miive-sful ; mi much so that in the Fever and AguedUtricts, Physicians almost universally pre-e-ril e- them. All tint Mr. MoTnt requires of bis patient is 10 be particular in taking the Life Medicines strictly neeor ding to the diree-tion-. It is not a new.-papcr notier, or by anything thet he him-clfuiaysay intiieir favor, that he hopes to gain credit. Ilisalonebytlic reMilts of a fair trial. MOFFAT'S MEDICAL MANl'ALi designed a n domestic guide to health. Thislitlle pamphlet, ecl'led bv W. II. Mo Hit. 273 llroadwav. New 'ork-. Im 1 ecu pill li-hed for the purpose nfexplahiing more fully Mr. .00 lai sxneory 01 oiseascs, nnu win ic toutiel Iiigniy iiitcre'siiiig toiicrsons te-eking health. It treats upon prevalent ehseases, nndthecai'se thereof. Price, 25 cents for sale I y Mr AloH'.it'- A gents generally. These valuable Medicines are for sole by GF.OREE L. it Co. Johnson, Vt., Gene-mi Agents, by whom nil orcVr from any part of the Stale or lnn.iu.i, will le uoi)iill) ansuereel. ia t Dec. 17, 1811. HA OAR S- AR TIIUR, Gt'ncrnl Aijcnt1-fur 1Id lal.-. crlH latwl iiu'ilii'i'iu'-, 10 whniti nil ujniiifatioii' lor Dt'licie must Le ad ('rt'svotl, U.irlmc.!oii, Jan. 23, 1812. T ATLTsE'S GRAND RFjsTORATIVE. Tin It Vegetable Medicine stands unrivalled for the following complaints, viz : Dy.-pensin, or liieli- gesiioujiueasesii i.iver, luiioiistiisoritcr-, liropsy, Aslli ma, Lostiveiiess, onn and lo- of Appetite, and bv cle-aiising 1 Lc sinniae-h and howcN, cures pains Ui the stele-, sltiiiai-li and I rcasi, coiits mill rnuglis or lonu sjitui2, IIoai-M-n.'-s. sh..r.iK-s or orculli, ."Vcrvou iinms,eie-., w loch aie ficpiently the c ice-t of di- lii-i-. r or e- ever nnu Ague, u i- n most valu.u le pre- vriHiiiive us vi-n lis ii s(ii-it-iii iciiicily. Its irtitf surpass any tlnng lie-retolorc known in removing St. oils- wuiicc, iwu ouuies nave l ecu known lo cure iiiis.tniii'iiimoisiMM-, iiiicr Having laiiii-d every exer tion lorlonr jears. Ii ha n most powerful inllui-ne-e in ic.iiovingiii'rvouscoinpiainls. it , pleasant Intake and ! eay in its operation, that it may I e administered to the infant with safely. The above 'Medicine is very highly recommended 'hy many scientific, gentlemen, and a large mini! cr ot ladies, who have proved the virtue;- eit the .leihoine by pcr.-onal use end that of their laiuuies. . i.iii oi eerlilicaics aceoinpar.ies each bottle-, Willi directions. Ii maj. e ,a, whoie.-nlo or retail ol nriuuii, iiarii', nuu j. u. r.irnaiu, J-;.ist Williams town, Vt. sole proprietors. Prcpure-d from the origin al recipe; for sale ,y Ji II. Prentiss, AIontielier, and .. .. ... I r.CK it-arEAU, llurlington, and in the principal towns in the .slate pill uireeiioii signed m tlie liand writing of the proprietor SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. T I' S T rrceivcil, a supply ot .Marsh's celebrate 1 " riis-es, oi cve-rv e escniition, lor tale oy tliu elozen or single, Nov. 1. PECK ef. SPEAR. iC7"l'riis-es ace-uratclv appliedfrec of e-barge. E.L. FARRAR pives notice that lie continues to carry on the busi uess ns usual of manufacturing Stone waro of a superior quality in all its varieties and will vit all titties be in rend- --fines to snniitv inerclianlson Iho most reosonal lo terms, nil tinier-, promptly attended lo at Ins Factory , Pearl Street, Burlington. Jan.31. 1812. GLASS WARE, glnsse-, Deeantets, Water Bottles. Snecio Jars, vtrr on sizes; Preserve Dishes, cut class Cu-tard Bow-Is. 1'ltchcrH. Sails. Castor Unities. Ttrvnlvinrr Cnsmra and cut glass Lamiis, for sale (cheap of course) at Ihe new- sroctiery una uiass vt, aro House ot , ,. FARRAR, WAIT cfc ROOT, Burlington, .Inn. 31, 1842. JACOllVS l'ACICAOll i:iMt i:ss, llelxtcen Albany and Montreal. UNTIL further nolirc, leaving Albany on Wednesday, and .Montreal on Saturday of each week, in connexion with llnrnden ifcQo. at Albany 10 New York. Phlladelnhia. Boston. I.ivrinnol. I. nn. don, Ireland, Scotland and Havre, for tho trans portation of Specie, Bank Notes, Vnlunblo Papers, Packages of Goods, Books, and all othtr Parcels that inY. offer. Montreal Exchange CoflVe Hone. All anv No. 12, Exchange Buddings. JVcvv York No. 3, Wall Street. Boston No. R, Csurt Street. Burlington J. it rrj. II. Peck, it Co. REFERENCES. l.UAS llAitrn, L. Y. if- J. B. Reep, P. Wells, IC. it D. B. Piot, ( Kelli o d Co., ( Albany, N. Troy, N. Y. A. VV.VTIlOls, , A II. W. IIvden t Co.Cnslleton, Vt. J. it J. 11, Plcic ot Co,, Burlington, Vt, J. C. Peirci if- Son, St. Johns, L. C. April 23. 4Stf. OF nil descriptions constantly on hand j a full as sortment of Tumblers, plain, pressed, ground, ctiir bottom nnd cut gla-s Wines; Jellies, Lemonade and Egg classes! Lnmnsnfnlt dnserintions : l.nmn NEW, AND CHEAP GOODS, TIIE subscriber has just reecvtel from Now York a large and cxli'iisive assortment of fancy nnd stnplo dry goods, among which may be found cloths, eassimeres, satlinels, gentlemen's summer goods of every ilcseription, a gnat varie y of linens, French printed cambrics, lawns, and English prints, millinery goods of all kinds, shawls, huikerchufs, muslins, gloves, hosiery, umbrellas, parasols, carpeting, rugs, paper hanging-, n great variety of bonnets, Leghorn hats, fcc.&e., which are offered nt lower prices such goods have bun sold at Hi this market. II, W. CATLIN. May t). 18W SR. TAYLOR'S It A L S A M OV LIVE It W OUT. Oberye when you buy that you get the genuine, prepared at 375 Bowery, New York. See that 375 Bowery Newark t on the wrapper of each Bottle. All others are 1-rands and sold only by speculators, without regard to juiie-e, to ihe public, or the proprie tors ot the genuine article. IOR Consumption, and Liver complaints, Dyspep sia,dizi!ineofthc head, In of appetite. Dy-en-tary. and general regiilalerof the wholesvstem. None genuine but that prepared at 375 Bowery, New 1 ork, where the article was fir.i il,.w.i,;: acter ofthc medicine formed and established by the present sole proprietors, and wbonie the only person knowing the composition of the genuine. It has been n-ed successfully for eight years in the cure of these diseases. ICp-ltenicm! rr the original and Genuine I made onlv nt No. .17.t lli.ierr,. Wo v.,.i. n other are connlerfeit. Consumption and Liver Complaint ! Asa general remedv for the.n ilici-n.n. I m r. tt.. satisfied, from long evuerieiu-n. itn.n. i- .... ......i.-..;.... crpial to Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort. Being nure y vegciaiiie, it can be used with the utmost solely by all pe.sons in every condition. It cleanse the lung bv expeetnrntion. rebevn iliiltcnlt l.r,.-,il,;., andM-enito heal tlieehe,t. There can bonoquesiion but tin medicine i a certain cure for chronic cough and colli. I have mcd'h four vear in my practice', and always with nieces. A.'F. ROGERS, Al. D. 1 icklvig tn the Throat. I know Dr.Tavfor's Balsam of Liverwort in !.. aecrlat nicely for llii complaint, a I have u-ed it myrcll mid found its eject nn inimi-diatc. I was much troubled until I made ttseofihis medicine. AL L. HENSHAW. 21 1 Mnngin st. IIoar..enc Ciucd For the cure of hoar.-ene 1 an Mronglv.receoinmcnd Dr. Taylor's llal-ain ofLly- crweirt. I have not onlyloiind great lencfit tny-elf, but many of my congregation by my re.-eomint'nda-tion have ree-ieveil great I enefit from its virtue, it is at once mild ,ellii-aciotisuud harmless. REV. AZ. LEWIS. SevereCoughs and Cohb I have. Imd n tnosi verc eolel and cough, (or a long tnno which I could not gel ridof. Aller using many iLeti.. Ihiiio-s. 1 in". eilTnylor's Balsam of Liverwort, and it cured me in a ii-w nays. jas. h. KHKK1NOCK. Racing of Blood About two weeks ago I had a fall, which caused mo to spit large qualities of blood which nothing could e-nro iiniil I trie-d Dr. Taylor's Ibil-am ofLivorwort. Tin medicine gave me iinmi.- eha'.c relief and in a very shorl tune elleeted an entile e-urc. Lei all person try it. Ht'GII MO GARVEY,21 Cannon st. Dr. inylor'.s Bal-am of Liverwort This superior renii-Jv fordi-case- of Ihe lungs ami liwr lm nl,tnin- ed a ri'pula'ion never bcforeejunlled. licmarkable Cure nj Consumption. . . . wa so near her death Willi tin disease, that nun-lends sent for a nncst to confess m,. nre I ili.vl. I Ii- in hi mercy, told me not lo give up until I trie-d Dr. Taylor' llal.-ani of Liverwort. 1 sent immediately lor tin inialie-iiH-, and although the e onte-1 for a few elays I etween this me hcine, nud my eli.cae wa te vere.lhe mevhcinei-onquereJ, and in a fortnight I was re-toicil to health. I had n cough, raising of mat ter, lo-s o my voice, pain-, weakness, ite. I can re fer to Doctor Wtlsi n, in t. Cnrlton Ilou-c, for the truth of my sta'ement. AIAItY DILL, 10 h street eor. Beware of fraud-. of 3d avenue. Summer Complaint. The Bal-am ot Liverwort, in several e-a-e of this ih-ea-e-, where all eithe'r re-niedies applied by physi cians have proved incdectual, has produced a j-erfeet cure Surprizing Cure of Consumption. Mr. 1!. Uladdin of Delhi, N. Y., of a naturally con. stiuipiive enn-titiitii-n, baa Icen savvsl from nn im tiniely end by the u-e of Dr. Tuylor'- ilalsatt: tf Liv erwort. A severe cold I revight on nn attack of Pleii-ie-y, ami thu ended in general deluliiy and consump tion. A i-Kiisiaui ciirigli, liei-iic Hust res!e-s nights, ipiif. pulse, nml continue I to- e.f tlesh, angered n si ce-,w oe-aiii ; out as soon n I comtneiu esl the u-e of em- o, i-.eiu i gre-w letter, and is now fly re.-lorol Shortness of Breath. i-or tin disease, 1 have alivay. found Dr. Taylor's ii in Liverwort an excellent icmcdy. It is enixssosafeunilsoeJeeiite, iImi 1 always u-e n my piai-tie;e, and reeeonnnend it to my fncinl.. have ii-e.l it in sunn, hundreds of e-.i-e. vviihin the ..,...,-,.,.. . . never nan it tail. In many e-n.i-s of list im:i I In I.. 1 i i. . -. i J ii in iwiu i icil tlie mean ot saving piceious Inc.. Lei nil use it. OKOROK RALPH, Al. D. None genuine but thai picpntcd at 375. Wowery. New ork n will I e seen by the 1.0 els and wrap per, ofeae-h buttle-. Be sure you look when you buy 1 he genuine can always e obtained ofthc Old Agents, Me-srs. N. Lovely & Co., now Lovely st Seymour Dr. Moody ami Pe, k it Spear, CheniM-. and Druggist-, B-iilingion S. II. Barnc, Charlotte William Itholc. Jr. Richmond Gen. v,-..r- .v i:. Milton A. A: W. Brown, Grand Mr-W.' II. Kielcr' Sniilli lli.rn tfiir...... VVr4.L...n-.l. V 1. n c t , " , - iii..i ui hi, in in lll-ro -..iv .1. Davis, Alkurgh-1-. it L. Olcna, We,t Alburgh I). & Vt . Carpenter, vVaierbury. To lllaclismlths Illoshurgh fn:il. rp HE subscribers have just received forty tons of a. iiioscurpti oon(, wiicili lor Smith's use is iiiisiir passce bynny of thomhcral coals, and where known has taken the place ot charcoal. Igniting cnsilv anil burning freely, it is highly recommended for crates nnd domestic use. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. Salmon. OH BBLS. and 20 half do. North Shore Hudson KJJ Bay Salmon, for ".lie by Dec. 1, 1SI1. FOLLETT & BRADLEY. While Lend. X TONS Wethercir' Dry While Lead, tJ 5 do No 1 nnd Extra do do in packages from 100 to 500 pounds. 2 Tons Extra Ground in Oil, in Kegs of 23 and SO pounds, fur solo at Alanuf-.sturcrs' prices nnd freight, by Nuv. 29. FOLLETT .f. nil A nr. F.v Barbel's Gin, Ainrrienn Itrnndir. OKJ 50 do For sale by FOLLETT it BRADLEY, Old Dock, llurlington. OILS. O.Rff ALS, Pure Winter and Fall Sperm Oil, ijrr W20PO ,( wiinle blca.litd nnd unbleached "rt iii.t. : t : i . ' 30th Dec, 1S1I. J.& J. II. 1MSCK &Co. GLASS. I BOXES Burlinr-ton, Vermont, and IsJVJVj Essex Cylinder Glass. 300 do Rcdford, Saranac, nnd Clinton Crown do. by J. & J, II. PECK it Co. 30 Dec. 1811. Agents. Lehigh Coal. 1 Aft TONS Uhigh rakeel, Coarse Coal, house -' '-'anet ticpt ironi nd kepi from the weather, for sale by Nov. 29. FOLLim'if- BRADLEY. Sugars. OBBLS. Powdered. 10 da Crushed, 10 Boxes double Loaf, 12 do Philadelphia Lump, 12 do New York do of superior quality, for sale bv At the Wharf. FOLLETT st BRADLEY. TIIE Burlington Brevvrry i now in full operation, nnd Beero iho very besi quality is kept con stantlv on hind for snlu in u-lmt.. 3or half barrels. G, PETERSON. Oct. 13 1841 NEW GOODS, MAY, 1842. TVTESSRS. PANGBOim ef- BRINS.MA1D are J.X iccctvmn auditions lo tbnr stock of ii'mr-l,.. Jewelry, Slocks, Brushes, Combs, and fancy l.'onds t'cautifiil Gold and Silver Lever Watches, of their own importation, Broaches, Kings, Knives, Razdrt, Seis&ors. Strnns. it-c. Storks, .Wc. Some splendid and rich satin and silk Dress Slocks Scarfs, Stilliners, Collars, Bosoms, &c. Itruslicsi A new nssortmfntof Tooth, Nail and all kindsof Unnhf. Lamp Wicks, Chimney and other Lamp Glasses, Silk Purse-, Flutes, NEW GOODS. riMIE subscribe) has just received from New York AL a, general assortment of Goods for tho Spring trade. He would invito all ihose who wi.h to buy cht-.ip for ca-h to ixamint gooeU ind priecsat his e'.i.U'lliliuii-nt. Most kinds of proluev reeeive.1 in rxchnn for foe"!'. (iEOHOE D. COMSTCCK, Sliclburn, V0 Mav, ISli. m PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. rW HIS article is too well known to need common nation and the cxpcntiice of seven years has demonstrated to Ihe commercial community, that tor accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal vartl scales to weigh from 3 to 6 Jon'- Dotmant Warehouse do, to weigh from 1-2 lb. "nAii . ' - 0""1'10 "0. to weigh from 1-2 oz. to sUU lbs. PortableCounler do a new article to wci"h "Olll l-i 07.. low lbs. ., ,. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, April 8 1811. UtsMKM.'.- b'lO.UAUl Itrt'l'i-.lto. may used in vv mo or water. Thi-socolclirciteil Inner arecompo-iii purely ol vcge nliles o the most inno cent yet specifies virtue... They a re recommended par ticularly for re-toring weak constitutions, clcan-ing and strengthening the stomach, nnd iuciiMsing the appe-lite al-o a preventative again.'! ihe cholera mor bus, fever and ague-, removing nausea, vono'iiner. heart burning, weakiie- in the I ri-a-t.'paiu in the stoinae-h and ol her symptoms offlaltileMiee a nd indiges tion. One box will tincture one gallon. I'm e 25 cts. a liox. Russr.t.t.'s Itch Oixtmckt. Tin choice and safe oniinicnt i said tol e .sime-nor lo any now m n-e, foi Hint ili-ngrccihlc andloathsoino ebsea-e, the ITCH 'i-i.: ii .... .. ... .i i ins sjiiiiiuciii i su (-(.iriutu in ii operaiiou inai no person tlonbleil Willi ihe nluVe di-oreler ought lo I c without it. It i a ruuiojy lor ciilaneons eruptions, -.iMirlintie" a:!ei-tinns ofthc head, ornify other breaking out which nn-cs from sharp humors in Ihe blood. Price i!.", el-, a I ox. lit's-f.I.t.S I'll t.iccs Put., or familv physic, fur gencial use, in ca e, of'Jauiidie-e, morl ie. en-il ility of the stnuiach nud bowi-l-, lo- ef appetite, fiElid I ri'alh, reMivene, Pile-, and nil disease aris ing from biliary derangetiients, aNo fir e-orrii-ting the state of ibe Mood, and cleansing the system ol foul and yiseul humour-. The-e pill urea inild ca thartic, pro.lue-ing neiiher puns nor griping, and are therefore a valtiu! Ic and highly approved ine'dicine, and are pronounced nuch by the most ili-tiugin-ln-il phy-icians. Each box containing 33 Pills. Price 37i clt.a box Russell' e elcl rated Salt RtiF.i'M OlNTMr.NT. This iinnuesiioiiablv the liM and sale-t re-inedv ever yet Oilered lo the public for that obstinate disorder SAL'l ItiiKU.M. Where other means have failed, it hassiie-e-e-eiled, an-llhe fact thai it ha Lecii sxten-ivcly itsisl by eminent rrai-liuouers speaks volume- in its praise. It is equally eilicacious in nil disease of the skin, scald head, ring wgruis, and the most tiiM-terate Itch, sVic. ii-. Numerous e-ertiftea-e might le eibt.nncd. I ut the propritor choo-es that a fair trial, sho-tld lethe only evidcue-e ofit- superior ellie-acy. Price "lOe-enlsa I ox. Feir sale by Peck if Spear and Rol crt Aloody, liiirnngttiiii nr. 1.. .vine, nnu null K wook, lluies burgh ; S. II, Barnes, Charlotte; L. Jane-, Georgia; L. Tvler, Essex ; Fuller & Huntington, Rielimond Al-o, by thu elruggists and merchants gewinllv liroughenit the slate-. e,2.0ir DISEASHS OF Till: LUNGS... Drcdedls the inn. i iinuiilar reiio-di evei kniivvn in A me i icrf Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam is i lie- luutU.vnhoilile mui-fli nnu in n.e lnl ciii'inis.ciiltl-, :i.llltli,i oi plillilsli- con.tiiiiptinn. wliiiiiping coiigll and pntiiiiui ov hT clinii ofever) kind, lis s.l'e i nieadiK mci r-.tsinz. nnd llo liroprieioes ."ire e-j'i.-l.iiilh .fceiviiij t lie mo. I tairru!. arciuini of it enVeis. 'the tulluwing new ceriiriciitcii nc nfleied fur public exiruiMlinn. ii n in i r nr. srisu v. A - r. l.xrr.iei ol i letter ll mil ilr I. . t.!.ij, KoiS'inii, u'si'i co., N. Y. lo ihe priipriPlinn. "Yiiiim nl the Sill inst. .i diilt ler.'d A l e-nl.i i k .i tile cure w a i-lfi-cied li ihe Ve gjinlilc Put inun.iry II. il. .un in llu- imei-,md spiing nf JS3J. The l.eismi, vtr. .Vlundi, Ii ul liei'ii sick a long lime will die consilllliitiiill. III. I. In. ici. in. had c II en linn in, tie was ledueeil iio low- as lo be unable in help liiin.plf, mil was ralsiiiij a laigp ipiantiir of blimil when he coniniPiieiil using I In- ll.ils.nti, wliiih lias eiTreiril coinpleie cine, and lie in innv as hale and lieani i eier lie ,. .Mr. .Mooilj b is leinmnl fiom this le'm n, urn ne ii is iircnnrpu me a mule ilelaileil aer.iiiiii ortiis case, m iiu-ii I w ill tin ward lint. C. S CLAY lini!siiin, N. Y. June 2j IS"S. r I.Mrael nTa lellei fmin I),, Jaeuti Miers The Vegi-Lihle Piihiiiiii.ii II. il. am lias ten ...III in iln, eiuiiiij lor iwn vcirs, anil I lie uieliciiie h.i aaiind ii ti i-i i in nn, il ri'iiiinu, mi it .eiieeli in iuip nislaiire I HlPit nf havon I lie elc-iieil fffecl I urn bj nu incms ii i ivur oi uie many nii-ltiiins, iiiinu nl wlin h ie tui lioiuliiini iqion a erpiliilniis tiulilie, bin whiih Miniv ny iip in lie ellectii il, I raiiiiui lielp Inn SIVi nn ippioh ilinii iIipip'o. A roiinirifi'ii i,(,.,i,ii,i ,H lieen nfTereil here hi a irairlliii; Agpni, nf Cumsun k, . Y. ami iIii-ih is .innilii-i article iemle1 line lli.n i. Irongl) tenipecieil lu berpui uuis J acob M VF ns, M. D. iiiiihiiiii,, jiiiiiaia rn reim, iia ,j, -.;i7 I inn, Ur. h.iniiii-1 .vloiipll, in I lie Pinpi ip-ins of Mi,. Vpp t.ilili-I'liliiiiiniin nn. I .mi ,,. ,1 ili.H i,. V,. aeialile Piiliiiniiart BhIiiiii i a valu.ib'e ineilpciiip Ii h,i been iii-t'il in this place with einupleie siii-cpii? ii an complain! nf the hini-. aueiuted wnh n .eveiecuiili, Un of vuu-e, and ihe raining of iinirli blond, whieh had pieiiiiii.U icisled iimiiv Hppinied piesriiiliniM. After Hill! ihe Bal mi one week, the II.iIIi iii'h mire reiiiin, il and lie ivasable In rpe ik audi b.y. I'hi rapp orciirtpd pome lime sine-p, and ihp man is nuiv pug ijeil noi only in ai-iive Inn labnrious liimini'as. Rp-pecifulli , f-e, S. Moiiuhi.i.. Ii is innv lump ili.ui six iprs since I wa I loujhi very btev b an aueeiinn nf ihe huij;, and nn cniiipt.iini was deelaiC'l in lip im-ui abte h n e-imurit of ihiee Its . ieiau. I m as i hen rp.lnri-tl lo as inn I IipiiIiIi a I had enroled fur m.ini ve.irs, hi u-isi ihp Vpireiablp Put. moiiarv B ibain. riiiiee me ici-iilerj I hale te-enui mended I lie B itnaiu in ;i niaiiv nl 'img complaint, and vn far n I can Is-arn. ils use fi m in. lanatily lieen fultmii-if tie nun h lipupfii. and in mam inntaiier ti lias effected nil i-f v h'e h upic u tmlli tmex. peeted. tsAVtfEt. EvEtiKTr, Beis-nti, March 2, 1?37. For iiIp, wliolenaln ami mail, by PECK & SPEAR.Biirliiigion, Vt. Sheetings. Kf) BALES of heavy shce-ingsnf diffi rent qualities, -"-'have 1111 been received nud nre oflind for sale at Manufacturers' prices lo Alerchmts nnd others, wlionroiiivii.d to call and CMimiuo the stock befue purclnsingtlsevvbere, under the rielief that the exam. matioti will provo advanticeous lo them. By FOLLETT -V BRADLEY, Nov. 29. at Iho Wharf A HEAVY assortment of Slrich and Cutter shoe. Wrought Nails, Crow Bars, Ac, jut received nnd oiicreel low- by .Nov. 23.J I OI. LETT it BRADLEY TO YOUNG IIOUSE-KEEPERS, IMIIILUt, WAIT it HOOT, Ti'T-Er' constantly on hand a full assortment of reml Tea Sets, of ntfiei tana t tuna. Gold band Tea Plate, Hold sprig M do. eogeanet nneilu. Extra w tdepold band do, Gold cduedineiVi sprig'el do Gold edits and line elo. Gobi band P hlto nnJ fnri'rM tin. run nlntrs. Wliiio Chim Hreaktasl nnd IVn I'latos, riichers HowN, IJutter Stnridn nnil Xira f.ininc wiih cm-.1t Tea I'ois nlUcIicil, China InlvPtandp, n very pictly nrticle for pres-?nt9---fir talc rhrnn nt the CroAcrv ""'l',u"" ' ""tiwn aim wuilt'V JUtC.3. NEW BOOKS. r . . n ii , i v HAS irrrive.1 ihr pie-ent week, the fcllowint: works, in addltlem to Ills cxicnsue .issnilitirm which he o.lersfor sloveryeivv furce.-ish. ltotiinr,n, raldine, Mrs. Atkiliis1 laidrrs, Ronalde, Jae-queue, Whelilcy Comiicnd, Lifee.f Richard Cerur ele l.ion, Longfellow's Italia I-, Barna' y Rmlce. Ben Jobn-nii, laindon cil. Cn jut's Indian, Piinchard's View of Consregnnonalitin, Liel.ig's Agricultural Che-iiiMry, Airs. Smith's Alemoir, Pre-iit.-uls' Alessagfs ia eric i-racnce, uolcrni?e-'s VVoi I,-- Charles O'Alaley, TriunbuH'-i Rcnunis cnee, f'lutnrch's Live- Baml's Tmvels, p ..-.I I .r.. .r r..i.. i i .... k'..ii i R iral Ca.s' ,i r-i . .iiitm i, ui- in hi i-norce, .' Fronce, Camp! ell's Poelicnl Works, lot's Poem, Jlik'hco'-k s (irotiisT, Bryant Lite of New-ten, Life of Bi,heip Cba.e, foiune-y s i i-imcni orti, latliarl1.-, SpJlioh Ballad COiNWAY MEDKilNES. rpiIE Subscriber W. L. KIDUKK, giv. notic A. that he ha succeed lln, Inn. T triVi.1-.. .1... prenaralion of the well known Cosvvat AIcdicinf, and will hcrcollcr giv-o poriieular attention to tbu preparation of Ihe following nriiele, the loDg os tabhslied celebuty of which, preeludes the neeoity ofa re-publication ot the numerous certifiiato In inn minus wi iiiu projirieiur. ' Duet. .Icbb's Illicumatlc Llnlmcut. eor Rheumatism. Bml.e. Snr.-nns N.,r.,i,n.... Chilblains, Stiflhes in the joints, etc., will airorri the most iinexpce-'ed nnd immediate rcliefin the must obstinate cases of Rheumatism, in a few hour-,) thi nrlielc i openly recommended by Physicians. The Liniment is done up iri enlarged Wiles. Price 371 -cuts. Dumfries' Itch Ointment. The extensive sale and established reputation ol Du.MtniF.s' Itch Ointment, encourages thu pro prietor to recommend it to the public with renewed conlielence, a tho mo.t innocent and powerful rem edy for this annoying di-ea-e; it contain no mcr eury, or any other dangerous ingredient. and can I e applied nt nil times with perfect safety. Priwi 23 cent a Box. r.cmcdy for the Plies; Tho concurring testimony of relieved patient: from nil quarters, testifying to the cure et'ecteil by the medicine nfier all either had (add, together with the increasing demand fur the article from all pnrtsuf the country, prove it lo I e one of the hum valuably spee-ilii's known fortius trouhleoniee-oinr!aint. SCJA Clergyman write Boston. February 13, 1811. , I have made trial of Dumfries' Piu Electuary and found it produced a military influence almost imme diately, and confidently I clieve it nn e 'cental remedy lor that uncomfortable nnd debilitating complaint. Humanity has induced inelo re commend It to pvrsoui thus, allli'de-el, and so I shall continue to do. i our- re-pce-tlully, J. S. The remedy e-on.i.t of nn Oinlinenl nn,l n.iiirr I rice for 1 uth 75 cents, or 371 cent- when but ooo is wnnleel, iitxiiinjinnieil Willi p um and nniplo dirat tious wnh a de-cripl'iin of ihe complaint, Dumfi-lc;' Cyc VVatcri, Fcr sore or inflamed eyes, iiothimr knOvvn git such immediate and comfortable lelicf, nud in oiau exceedingly bad cases I lie mosl unexi ci ted and da- icoei nas la-en toano lu Uie lee ot tin kye water, after other remedies had failed. Perron wbo have n-eil it, pronoune-e it vviihoul hesitation tho lent piepamtion for err, iceak; or injtamcd eyes, liiJ have ever ine-t with. Pn'ee2j cents n bottle. CUHE FOR CORNS. Albion Corn Plaster. The mo-t safe nud siieedv core for Corn vet Alt covei'cl; the relief is ininicdiale. II dsolves and remove the-com fioin Ihe foot with eae and expedi tion and xcUhoul the cart pain. Price 25 cents a IIIIA. Full and alnnle directions fleisftlTlrtanw fineti nf iKn al ovc article. IS. B. None e,f the above article will le genuine, unless signesl W. L. Kideler on the outside wrapper, for sale at his Countimr Room, SO Slate Street, up siair, corner eit Merchants Row. Boston. Also br Alr.s,iis. Pl.CIC & SPEAR, Burlington, Vt. , A liberal di-i-o-mt allowed to dealers. FOR SALE. Tit AT large and commoeiious two sto ry Itricli Dwclng House A Lot ID l a simaiea on tne west sule of College greml mm i,..,r I , - "J - atthe head of Colleire.slrepr in iteia ll. ..T'1? Housi: is32by'45, with a basement storri with kitchen an I Provision rellirs 1 . .tm.t k. C-.extendinc-north on Collesettreen. with wood and -lore iiou-e be-low, and and rle-cpin" room, al ove-. A large and eoiiimodio'i l)jrii,carriace house ice liniii-, nnd other eint-hou-e-, and a spacious ynnl .v-siii, ,;.2dv.-e)linirliou-e, and a good durable well of water of the 1 ci quality in the villase.andabrler Cistern. One and a quarter acre ol lanel, of Iho lir-t q ualitv ; a l.u-ire carden and choice fruit trees west inc iiou.e anu v am. Ihe lluilihnir ai-ei-onsirncteil in moilet-n stv-le. hi Ihe I e-t material :-naU and worktnansliin. u--.ip.p,.hs,i i.v the snliscnl r for his own n-e, .ind the location i. fiii-ds a very extensive and pleasant prospect of thd village and lake on the WeM and is not surpassed by any other in thi. part of the country. A'so for sale n lot containing rinae-re oiland direct ly opposite the nl ovc lot with a small convenient wood dwelling house thereon) Pur.-ha.i-rsare in vited to call nnd exmine for them: st.,-i.sq lTn,3 ,aiJB ,,own ,y ,,P u , n et on l,rV,"",""- , . SAMUEL, REED. 11 irlmston June, IC, 1310. s i:xlrji liiaiKls of ramiiy Flonr. i til-, snliscnl cr I- now receiving orl Cotisisfiunenl, and will Iio well iup- i;i fjcuiuro -is ii tne season vriih ome rvtrt--V vi ",L l"0"t'-t nrands of Western iiiitri.' .fit Flour, ever o.lered in this mart Having Flour inmulneiiireil l.y more than twenty dt lerent Mill of the lughe-t reputation, he plcdrrei that Flour Mild I y bun -.hall giC; the mo.t perfect -.ili-faetion, and will 'c warranted in all e-n.e: N. B. Farcy Km tid- eensMiilly on hand. Dealers in Flour, Merchants aiid Families are ro rpedfully invited in order and tiy the article. Fourshfpped to order lu rood packages without elelny, on ree-eiptcf Drafts, certificates of riepo-ite of Ca-h. J. N. HLSsillLL. 447 River-!. Troy. April 25, 1S12. 47m4 1). K. PANG BORN HAS removed hi Cabinet Shoo to the bid stand ofNelson nud Gates, on Church Street, opposite! the Bank of Burbn-tlon. where hn will mien, I ,n th. calls ol his customers. Grateful for post favors hp solicits a continuance of the same, nss irimr i!, n,,K. lie that his prices ore such a are sui ed to"the tunes. nivin" icen nppoiuicu i-cxion lor tlio Uuryin" Ground in th-s village, ihr. nulilip ntn nn,,,:. j ,t... applications for lots there should be made only to him. Collins fiiruihed with desnatch nml fnnr.!. nttended to at the shortest notice. He is nlso ozent for the sale of Mr. Nelson' f'lnirs. Theoldcustomcis of ilic shop and the pub-h.-cvnerally ore informed that o full assortment of chairs will be kept at the old place and sole, on good terms to all that w ish to luiv. Bu-liiigtnn, April 23, 164'; NEW ESTABLISHMENT. 'TMIF. subseribcis having opened n Paint Shrn pi J the building one door South of Bishop's Hotel, wm ld respectfully inform their friends and the pub lie i'"it they arc prepared to execute nil kinds of House, Carriage ami Sign Paint'wgi Gilding, Glazing, and J'aper Hanging; in the ncnest ioss.ih'e manner, ami hope by s'rir! peisurml attention to bus nc s lo receive a share oi the public patronage. . R. G. SPAULDINO, ,. S. 11. RUSSELL. Burlingt-n, April 2D, 1S.12. 47,f IMtlVATE S IiF.CT ROAEill 3 JXG SCHOOL rilllE new and siiac.'inis Building, u-ivv creeling in I last Charlotte will I e opened (if ihe Lord will) in 'cr the -iiCi-inteiiilen'-eol Air. J.Trx flRorKr, ' I 'esl n, ibe La l.c.'i!epanment in Frinchand Altuic I y Jli-5 AL A. Tns- Ur-lkc, 10 h May, 1SI2, rail term epens 2!l,h Auaii.t, Winter do 2.S.h November. Twev'ie young 1 a l es and Gentlemen may 1 e at. i-oininn bled in the family of Air. T. Term $25 per quarter, in advanee. 3I-iioSI0. French and Alee. br.i.Si. Wa-lnug ex'ra. i'ay S--holars, from 62,S0 to4.fi0. A!j..T, ejii -ate I nn'er the care of eminent Teacher, and InvinR inught in London, Enj., and in ihi Slat inceber arrival, i-amply qnalnied tosuprnniend the I midland M.isie dcnarmitnt. Goiernihent strmltr paieninl. To lhne unacquainted wi'li the tervre., experienc and ahilityof Alr.T. lefprenco may I chad to K.T.Fnsle.l y.Burliniion, I F. Alott, St, Jchns I, n. itoiicni-ck-, J.w. rarfe, Whitehall. J. Sherman. Vcrgenncs I A. S, Perry, Troy. Charlotte, l3:h.V,iril, 16 lit ' , LOYELY Jy SEYMOUR HAVE this day icctitcd from New-Yo'V it ,i,t lot of nowM.tso.iahlo.nilV GOODS wldch shall h sold at prices tnfliciently low tocprreinind wnh the p.cacnt pecuniar) e!nbarrassm,nT9 or ikS .prilStl. ItUAI HSTATK FOIf S LT JSjF. ' I0D acres of land on i,b .,'i the 'ittffl ;,. . ",T':l.yToec,,l1,.vl '(' Mrrriti .J.,,1 Joiner shop, AUo . N,M,nc ,? near ,S r"T. April 7

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