Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 29, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 29, 1842 Page 3
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long trK-.l my6l energy lo ue ornunnl.on, or a suisu of sulYcnnS, unworthily inflicted, ' rotisu 10 f.vcru'o" llieinniiy it brlievcd tlmt thu iiiVoliin'Di" of IS 10, temporarily checked and poivcitedi will yet ro on, to lorumu its jejlini-il course, mill to accomplisli its pur poses. There will lie elements of power to ur-c its renewed progress wliieli did not ope ra"o to cpiickiiii its first advance; and with less excitability theio will ho in action, if wo mistake not, more of collected, concentrated strength. The basis is widening every day upon which the true patriots of ISM are to stand ; new materials are nccumulating,theio are principles in thej-apid process ofinatur ing, and tendencies hastening lo tesidts, which cannot but bring forth in unusual force ecry energy of the conservative spirit of thu country. Halt. American. VIOMJXr TllU.N'DKR STOKM. Wc Iiavc been visited with three storms of uncommon violence. The iirst was early in the morning of the tllitli the scroml was in the evenig of the same day the think which was attended by copious ramv occurred on the mor ning of the 'JTth all in quick succession, ami marked by very vived lightning and loud re ports. The ram was much needed for the ben eflt of the potatoe crop. Hut uc learn that the storm of the 7th overtook can-nlcrab!e titiantit cs of hay, winch had been cut in tbo belief tint two Mich storms were as many as could be reasonably expected in 'J I hours. Oy U7y not keep the Tariff question distinct from the Land Distribution ?' in quire the insiiliotis enemies of protection to American Labor. Sir-:, your own men for med and diced the connection, against the earnest protests and united vote of the fiiends of Protection. No of Protection or thu Land Distribution ever wished tbo tun united; but it u as done against their reso lute elTorls by a coalition of the Free Trade and Loco Foco Members of congress, ex pressly nppro ed by John 'Filer. All we ure doing now is to get the two measures sep arated. Yet the Albany A rL'iis, Troy jun to, and all the insidious enemies of Protec tion are denouncing thu Vhis for blending the two questions ! Tribune. VOtTon" THE TARIFF. TIUFXDS OF PIIOTF.CTIOS LOOK ATTHIS! i vf.hv locopoco, i:cltt oxi: ao uxst J'llOI'F.CTIOX, AND i:THV WHIG nXf'F.PT A ff.w soirrmi' fo;i it .irinn: vr. to WHICH PARTVTO LOOK P 'l PltOTIX'TlOX TO VOL'il WOOL AM) VOX ' i MIOH ! GRAND ISLE COUNTY WHIG CON v patio. v. The Win 's of Grand tile t'oi: lie 'I in 'o. inly omit tin oat i X.irtlt H to on .Monday thu loll at one o'clock P. .M. for the put Cu i I date fur .enatitr to icpn -Stale Senate at the next stssion 'ire rerpicsied to I 'ouri tluilS- 111 ' . Ill AlllMlsl Iie.W t nominatim. a ' 'i' t'o'iiitym the dteLcJitliluic. By order of thu County Cuiiit.', The annual cotnmtMiccnii nt vi IJnivpr?ity of YinnoiU will be li'lcn on WYdit . v iht'i! ufAutr. The pnicesdiJii wllfoim al t!i. ' '. ,lce C'hnpcl ut 0 ii'rluc!; A. Al. ami proceed iu tiu in. a IJrick .Mt-tiiny IJuust. ! The Junior KvatUmon will bi t fh" nfu-innnn anil tUmtU itn'Ui--.l(v- iiufn lliU ltll.lli 111 J'llH CiA I lcc, arc rt-quctcil to pttvoiH Uicinsi-Uis for exnniin Btiuti nt unit past cyii. u cIolk, a. M. on 1 uc-a.iy llluCuU'i:C'- J.W.T.r.I.CIl.Prts. Uimersilyof Vermont, Jul 'Jj, 1 I- xotih:. T!ie I'lil Sisrnn Xu Soeii'lv end die IIniu.rM y InititntO'if the ''him rt-'lv nt Ven ' e i!l ImU I'mr Annuil Joint fVleliral: in at ihe u. v i'k f-'huri-li mi Tu cd y, tile n'lnn.l of Auj.'iit, I " o'clock, P.M. Anontiuii will In; deliv.-ml hv Mil P. ae, l.Pn. of .XIouip. tier,, liiiiniilmlflv iifn i d'- 'Xf nan S llie annudjiiit in vinif will ho hd I I r the iIim-ii'jii ot Oratur and Poet, for tin' ei- ihtatnoi net eiisiiniu'. i;. II Hennctt, cc. Ph. - .iiiua Xu .Soc. J. S. IIkackmvn, hoc I.. Tute. NOTICn. The Society for Uelissious Inrjir-.' "f tin' University r.t X'nrilinnt. Will hold US III. I 1'Cll.h M lillll Oil Jlondiv ewniiisr of die -l of V 'i-'.-ti m the imr cmrc'i. An adilro." v lit . u ! .. hy Kev. o. Urown, Professor in Oartmomh I' i'I.'Jo. ICxt-TciBos will ciiiiuiiiTice at ha.i 1 t 7 o'clock. JJy order of thu So-xiv, 1. P.. DWIXr.t !,, Cor. Soc, xoti'm; All persons desirous of elev Oi i i'ie standard of Church Music m lb- --'tateof V i are rcnrclful lvinutcd lo met al Ihe Consr. '.n - .ali-t Vestrv. in J i n r 1 1 s i ( 1 1 . on Toe-day the '.'d' day of AiiL'iit ne.x', ot 10. o'elack A M. f r the purpose of adoptm" meas ures to ealla state 3Iii5ical Convention. Win. C. Hiniou J. K. Cnnverso P.arnes Hiram P. Criawold (!. Spencer II. Safl'ord ,. II. ltich J. .Minison 3t, A. Seymour D. A. Uraiian Miluev Hoot II. O. Coiu Juliu 'W. Ui.-h niUOHTOX 3IAl!ICr.T-31oii'lny. July 18. Prom the Hostou Patriot. At market 2'"i Hcf Cattle, 20 Cons and Cahes, 2100 ,9'ieepand -10 Suinc. Paicr-s Hecf C.itlle Wc quote extra 1.21 a ."33. First qmihty S I 7 1, a ri ; second quality t 2 a 1 30 third quality Si o0 a -1 2i. Come and Calves -.Vales at IS, 21, 2.5, 2 j2 3, 31 and 35. .Sheep -S t'cs from SI, 13 1 50, 1 73, 1,81, 101, 2 2 23 aml2r0. Swine Xj his to peddle. At retail from 11-2 to 512. M si t :? a a ffl In this town, on Wednesdav Inst, by Itev. P. O. Meaker, .Mr. Lowauu Doxv, td 31ies Lvbhtta How ard, all of tins town, JEraZ-T'-r.' "3 i & I1 may la I Voiii Xew Y'T'., TX ChurcliI. i-cond duor It-low Howard'-. 'I lie JL sulisfri! er will o er h r a t', at wii' le a t- or it-, tad, a lo-k of rich I .in1 and P.nicy (innd-, on Rceo int of II. C 3I"i re, I y whom ibey Invu been pon'hastsl at aiieiiontl run.' tbo ptt'vn' fcimti. The Ladies of this place will tin I tin-, a Ji.o 1 op por'untty of siipplyins ihem elvu- with arti"'f-in llits line, an I they will liud the pmos ri,iiidi-ml ly le-s than ordiuarv. 'liny are rr-.'i tf dly "ivethem an t-trly rxatmnatiuii, as ibtfV will letf frred I ut for a few days. 11. THOMAS. GIIASS OIIAIN SCYrHES. Sl.'PLKIOlt patent e.oncavo it-ll seylbe., lure J by J. I'aiwe'l ct Co. I'ltekbui'.'h, 31as. nml warranted. I'WMi. Alio (.HOCFIlIi;. wei nndilrv. a ffoisl assortment Mi A I) Y MAM. ri.OTIIISC, from thu troivn uf die Itt-ad in the solo ot tbo loot. . I'LOU(Kww ter taney 1 rand, a sup, ntii- le, I) OG. T I.?T the Subscriber, nt Ho Xu jington, on the IGih inst, a lislu brin'dlo DOf!, Ob nntliral lull about C 11:1 1 1 IMclie. loll'', and lipl with white. Whoever will leiurn said dor to the Bubfccriber at Colcheeter, or leave biin at Huward's Hotel, snail ueleoeraiiv compeiisuuu. Cokhestcr, July 23, Btt. J. S. PLATT POS-ITIVni.Y HUI.IiI.VC Ol'l't AVP.HV large assortment of ready inadu Clollt r .11 Liiilisnnd oiircsnlso second band Cloth of all kinds lo bo sold very low lor iasn or i-ro- .!..,. r-i..ilir s inni r 10 Order on short notice. outs cleaned 111 thu best manner nnd Handsmni lv dre-tcd andPrtuscil. ""!-! 'sTAiu ltony 1-) OPXH ii ''ta-r It- 1 list it i 'V d and 0l It sale tc w '.' '' ,N J , ""' '. AUCTJK5N SAILE. rpiin fi)l!owiii! pinjicrly, belonging lo tbo cstnto of 1.1. II IS 1.1 ai.l, taicoi million!, uccciist'ii, sn iiatrtlon ibe Oinpomponoosi tiler, in Xorulrh, Vt., Mill bciillitid lor tnlu- nt nucliuli, on the piciniscs, mi the llli day of August lu.xl, at twoo'clock, nftcruouti Ml I .1 Grist anil Sam Milh : Carding anil Clothing Works, with tlic luvrMirv Inn and apparatus fur workinc Hie snoot AX OH. 3111. 1., 3IACIIIXF. SHOP, nnd n TltlP-llA.M.MFH. IILAOICSMITII .SHOP, with I In' water nriv i cue lor caul Mill'., and with I lie 3ldl Owelfinu House and mrdcu nilioiitiutr. Also, Jive one. Stan Dwelling Houses' with the usual cm ileus I" i'hi h, niul aboill 30 ACltl'.S ofgnOil till me l.inil, Sal I prupr-rtv will lo ollercd in purls, hi the whole toguilur, us tu.lbe nniioiiiireil nl the tunc of pale. Terms ol sale, JO prr rent, down, nr on diliiciiiii; itieiieciis, uie reiimudcr in lite anntnl pa vim ins wiin annaul interest. 31 HY It. LV3IAX. Adm'x niul (ninrthan lit .Minor liar. JOII I.V.MAX, (IHOltOF. LY.MAX, Ail m'a .Inly 5, 1SI2 NOTICE. rpitl'nil)scnlu'r lias lilted up Ins fiinoi y in tlmbcsi L mnnntr, and Hprtpated to euctilo nil nrdcis ml ins line Id the siitislaciioii of customers. I- itllcil Chilli", mixed, an I colored, tic. nli, Flannel1, mamifai'tiiii'il and tin scd on shares or by the jard, on ilw best terms, and in the I est manner. . HORATIO F.AH.XF.Y. Jericho Centre, July 31, ltU2 INDUCEMENT. MAXV AXO VAItlOP.S arc the ways of ili-pos-iim of Money luit none for the moment frenif in be hi ;iiU:iiii;il'i'oih lo tile fuh-enhir a" lo put it in to Ins hands a tin njienl of ihe Poople and lake ilietc forsiieh useful, lieaiilifiil.nud ornamental nreinls ax are of tin handy workniaii'-liip ofarl now colleetid fiom all 'In si'U'ial de-eiipliims of American Manu facture' thm hv nt Ihe s.iiiielime rivum eneoiiraije inrnt tliroui h lie r.eeiiui! anil di-.triliiililiL'eiiiporiuin to lite I.aliiiiiiie, A irieiillmnl, .Maiiiifucliiriii'r, Tra diii'j, and C'niiiiii' ti :d interest of the whole eommii nitv winch is hoped will not lie caM otl from hut yet reci ive the foleiniir eaic and palroiiatie of our piih he SeiMoits w lioin we umteilly call the (ioviritniuil mid all of which and wdien aetoinph-hed in tnct nc eoidnnce wuti tlicnlioe siiLri:eslifiii will proe hiirh Iv h ti the Liirct aeenmphslinienl ofthepro-L'irs-Me -pnit of intilhet nml proihu lie improve nieiit of the nee and llum to all ilia p-ninns ol the Money Store kipl hv HOWAKD. Clii.ipCash Store July 'Pi. THE NEW CASlf sTOIlE. f PHI' II s'ipph' of new and dcsirahle (to ids, is cp ctcd hv 'I'oinorrow's I'oat purchased at X. I V the prceiil Week, and will he mid, as DSHAI. I :it a "ilia!! ad vi nee fiom.N. V. puces Among which will tic loimii, Plain and fii'd' Parasols of every vaiirtv, Scoti h ("!ini:hnni. and Imit'ttion, Umhriltis, Ploranee I'nnd. Modem and Straw liomicla, lt"'ll I'olllK I l!ihhoti, I)o Pap nod Xc U do. l.adio Pill, ii Clous ami Mills, I.-i' Mos,ll Puns Pri in h wsik'd Collars ltich Tim ad I.'iets. Al.-slin P-djiincs an. 1 Insertions, r'aiuhriik do. do, lllk. aud Cold' Sdk Pimgts for Dresses, Silk I'iiui'is for Shawls, Curtain I iiiil- s, ltich lint." Ilaiiilkl'srind Craials, Pine f.miii C.unhrieks, do. do. Il-ili Ikl's, Pich Pr:iii"d Pruieli muslins, Plain Col'd liwns, .Moiis'ine De I.'iuu s. Chalkvs. n hcaiiufid ussortinuit, A L'leat 'imcM' of Hosiery, lllk' T. ic. Veils. P.Ik' Silk I.acefordo. Seoieli (iui'.'h'inc., rrciuli, P.r,:;. mid American Piints, Piirnitine t'altco, Oiut. I. culium Hats. do. Lisle Tlircad Gloves, do. Silk do. do l!i si Ho'k'ii do. Arlificial Sin II Side Combs, J nl v -V, ISt'J. WM. IH.'Itl.UUT. X. P. Hood Table Putter will bjree'd in c.xelianse for Cooils. NE 1 V NI) 'A LUATl UrTofJKS. 1 " r.CKl'i;ii this wrrk.inid fui anient the lioolt hlme of ihe Suhscnher. S 'iithi y.- Polht.e d Works 5 Vo. Cloth. ( !il s his -ureerv - Vols. Iiif-ilil School Inlliict, 1)111 ll-on's Ph Moloyy, 'J Vols. I P.ast nnd West 'J Vols. UlcI oil's (li-oornl Anntnmy, I'nnerolt's llitorv IJ. S. 1 lisiory of Ant. Hoard of Por. Miss. VotniL'cr Picidcnl P.dwaid's Wor!;3 2 Vols. ltoI'iUMins (irerk nml Km:. Lexicon, Xn'ilhi cm 1 s I (iiico danec I ainhrdie and Savhrool; Plitform, P.nkers l.eciures nti Pnoeicalisiii, P.'lll'TS XVnrks 1 Vel. S Vo. KobinsoiM Pn1 -line. TeoiiVflOIi's l'ueins '2 "ols. Woo Is on Pi rfi-etio'.i, I'oml on the 'hurch, ICiIwiii'- on ihe Will, Si ir liili'e Ilio'Oaphy. JU) i, 1912, !. A.nUAMAX. Wlv the fobs 'tiliers, halms been appointed by the Honorable the I'm' mo Court for the Dis niet nT C'tutti nib n, couiini-'.ioiii rs to reecip,exnimnc arid adjust the (linns nnd d-'iinnds nf all persons, aainsl ibeeeiaic of John I'. Cnlkins lute of IIuus burli ill :ud Distiier, deciasid. rrpres'tiird insol vent, mid also till claims and dcinaui exhibittd iu oflW't theicto and six months from ihe dav of titi llate hereof, hi ma tillowed 1 y said Conn for that pur pose, wc do llitrifore lurehy -ive notice, that we will intend to ihe business oi our appointment, nt the cluillmL' ol Widow .Itr-ishi Cnlkms in Hinrshureh in said District, on ihe Third 3Iouduof Octobcraiid January next, at 10 o'clock, A. 31. on each of taid diys. Unutl, this 3ih davofjulv A. D. Wl. AL'fitJSTUS Mcr.Ui;X (imniis S31ITH XOIII.P. S fciouers. P.LIAP.r.TII HUOWXP.LL'S F.-STATP. WlCtbe S .hcii!i is. haini'! been appoiriKil by the Honorabk the Probate Court for llieDislrict of Cliitit nden, eomnn--siontrsto leeciie, examuienud adjit the eh tn-- and tlcir.ands of all persins, asainst lie esinleof P.L.alu ill Hrow nell lute ol ('olcl;etcr in s lid Dtttriel. dcce-i-ce. renn s, nted inolieiit. nud also I -ill erinils ano ni mallils cMitlilli n ill niisri ineicio; six uiont is rom llicilnv ol i lie o.itc inrcor, neiiiir niiiiti-id hv saul Court for licit purpose, we do lliere- foru herein cue notice, t lint we wi I ninnd to the business of our appointment, nt the diulliniof.hines Plait in Colchesirr oi Mini District, on the St eon I Mondays of September and January nexlat 10 o'clock A. 31., on tainoi sain u ns. Daltd, this 5'h dav of July A. D 1312. CD'S COLI.IXS H'ommts JOSI'.PII COLVKIlS sioncts. AN IM I' O R T A N T 1 V O 11 K. mm: I.IVP.S A X 1) Tl.MP.S OP "TUP. UXlTIiD I HtlSlI i!.N." Hv Dr. It, 11 3Iadden, author of "Tiauls in llie tast, "Ae.cVe. This valuable and intf nlinj work, now in tho London press, will be piibhslnd on ihn 1st. of August, in L-.tra XiuubciHol ilteXew World, Hits prnprie- tors rxptctinu luiiieuc the prool binds by Ibe next Cunard steamer. It will euiitain particulars nevtr l Oire mnitp tiobbc. rt siit-ctino llie nians. obieel nnd conduct, oflhe "UXITP.D IlflSIIJIAN" lliomcnim l.v ulnrl, th, ir seen Is weie bt Irnud lii I he t.ovnn in nt. nml their tin istircsftu tr' tid. Ill the collee. Urn of thu in iurnls, which mvolicd ilio labor of ttiiiuy ytais. Dr. 31ai'den innde ihnn iisits to Ibe ("nil. il Slatis nml obtained important documents niul mforiiriil'iii from the suruiors of llie United In. I, mm who htu here soimhl and found shtllir. Tlnre is no period m modi ru history more: replete with sttrrni'! and pathetic incidents, ilinn that of the laiuous so-calltu "iiiMt in otiiion oi nan. n iur iiiehts the nrlii st mati'iial for loiiiniilic narintive. Strife entcrtd mm llie homes of nun, and Danger was piescnt at tht'T fireMiles. Hut il is unncees-iiry lo enlarge upon a lopie, lite meiiiioti ni wuiiit istnouu lo excite ibocob'cn reader. Dr. 31addcn's work will imet the most luj-lilv rnistd t.xptctalions, and bo re ceived with nti'K rsa) faior. 3Tf Tin above Work will bo for salo al I). A, 11HA MA.VoilOOK STOR!'., in Hurlinatoti, immediattlv on its publtciilion, where nlsu suhscriplioiis to llie 'Ktw woriui" are riceiied, (jni'Fi'i: mills. TNIHtPASi: WILSON'S Codec -Mills, a very so J. pcrior article, for salt- by W.l, J. IIF.NT, winn cloth. "Vrf. -land Xo. H, Iron Woe Chili, jn-l received Xi l.y WM. J. III N'1'. July Sltongs bull ling, Colleji-sl. CANADA .MAIL. Ily a reccnl nrraugement of the Dcparlincnt, Ihe Pxcliaiijo Olliro at Hijhgale has been Iransftrred to llurliuctnn, m hero a mail is made of for 31ontnnl dsili- ('undavs cxetntnl.l at 7 V. 31. nil I dispatched per Strambinl. l!y llns arrangement Ilio tegular tuno octiicen notion nnii .tioriiriHi is um twnuays, and between the latter City and llutlington, only tin nr I tt el t n bolt r. Pojl Matters in this Stoic, and rnst, will please tale uotico of Hits atrangeiucnl, unn govern llicm selves nccordinjly. 'I'lm Cnn-uln innil nrnvps (tier I nat ) about 7. ami letters lo bemaihd ul llutlington, should be d -posilcd 111 Hit oil. y o I v II n STU V M r i -in "1 "IS UN1TKD HTATT-S DISTIMCT COURT, Vurmoiit IHslrir.f. in ijankTiuptcy. Notice to slioxv cnttso nsnllist I'cttun of IX ItAM'ltl'P rev. Xot'' to miow eaiisi'iiqaiusl pitition of Ahil Clin rof. iithii"!' ii ill taid Lis tnel to hedeclaieil II. pi, al the nll'ito of Sam , III Muntpi In r, in said (list 31, I9ii, 10, A. 31. NotUo lo show eauso in 1 Pieliliss, l)iltn t .1 District, on Weilliisilai IX ItAXKIttPTtV iiL'amst lielillou ol Liiiiiii ItoijvWoodof I ! 1 1 1 1 1 n i 1 1 1 n in s lid Distil t lb be liikrupt, nl Ihe nllhuof Siiinurl Printiss. Dislm I ud!.'c, in .Moiiipclier, in smd Disll iol,on Hednesd August .11, 10, .. M I1P.XAJ H S. PnP.LP.'YifiUhiirch.iiiHiiil District, lo he deelattd llankiii Pieliti , Pi"ilicl Jiidcc the Olliee of Samuel 3Toulpi hi r, in said Dis- Iricl, on Uiduesd iy, I 31, IU, A .11. ltOSWI I.I, 31. SI t. of Wesiford, in said District, lo he di c or krupt, at the Office of S.'iniui I PriTilis, His .tlldl'l', 111 .Molllpeher, iu ay, A Bust 31, 1312, 1.0, said DHetiiet, on Wi .I. .ii I' Til, nriluiiL'ton. in said District lo he ilcol.iiid I I.i nU rupt, tUit Olliee ol h nunc i'i( nil'", uisiri' i .inoe, in ult hi r, in sanl llis- tticl.mi eilnesi'iiy. An 31, H12, 10, A 31. I X IV IIOAItDMAX. f Ksm'X, m said Dis- Iricl. to he declared llaidi , at the OITicoo' S. mi iipI I'm nti-s, District Jiid, ni .lloiitpi her, in said Iricl, mi Vidnrsda), An 31, IR1'.', 10. A. 31. JOIIX C .1 U'kS(V of ndi ilnll. Ill said District, lo be di'cl.nul l!:irijr, at ihe Olliee nf Samuel Pienti-s, District JujT', in Monti i her m said Dis irict.on nliufdiiiAY:iil 31, 1?!-', 10, A. 31. LP.OXAKD M. l)lVyr I uderhill, for his Dis chaine nml IVtlille.VPi Pankriipt, nl tin Cum I llou-e m t C u t In nil, iilLud Di-ii irt, on Pi nl.iv, the (.cvintli ihy of Oetiti, A. I). H12, at 10 A.M. SVLVJVl'Plt I!, UVIIDP.X, ofP.'sex, forhis His cliaijo and Certdicn a Matikrupl, at the Court limine 'ii Itullaiiil, niWiid Disni.'l. on Pridav. ilio seuinh day ol Oetoll A. I). at 10 A. 31. DAVID 'ivi.l'.li oi:-s, vor his Di liarire and Ccrtdicalcns Ihm' iJ. arihc Coii'l lions- m liiil land.insad Pisi-riy Piid.-n , tie tevetitlulay of Oetohi r, A D. l-l'.'t 10 A. 31. HO.VL .SIlPltMANof Pse.x, for his Diclnrce and Certificate as llariLnit, al the Court I.ousein Ilutlaiid, in said on I'rilnv. the siu'lilli d.iyofOcloher, A. D., al 10 A.M. NOTICE. Notice is lierehy fiu n ilial 1 have relinquished In my son. Sainii-1 T. Wilcov, the residue of his ininorilv thai lie is al lull hhi ily lo net A- ronlraet lu own licnrlit, and that I shall hereafter claim none of Ins cannula or hoi I uivi II nsi,nsi l- f-ir hi dibit. i:iii;xi;zi;ii wn.cox. Pcx Jolc 50 HP!. Wii;;: nrw si,' sen' i r . bavnir I ecu amioinit'd 1 v tl inua' le 'be Pin' ale Co- rt tor ibe Di-tri t of CliUtei i'eu, coitiui'.. loner- iu ieeeie, c.xainiiie nnd adiu-t the-claim- nnddeinan I t f ;ill per-oit, a.tni-i ihe t--ta e of lien aiiim A-'iim-, ol .Millou m -aid I'l-triet, iV en e I, reprcen'e I in olieut, an I ul-o ml e'.iiint .Wl deinaiid-I'.xlo1 i'e I iu oi-ct tlien-to; nud -t moirh- Irom ihe ilav i-f th ilait- hcici.l, lens .illovM'd 1 v -ai I ei' iri for thai p -rpi so, w e do tlicic foio hcic y -ie no n-c, that wc w i'I aiiend to the I uuie-s t f o ,r a 'pom iiico', at ihe owelni''' ot V. J. Adam-, in Millon in -Hid ii-!ncl, i il ihe 15. h day of Septum) er lit M, al 10 i.Vloel , A. 3!. Dated lhu JSili d.iv id M.iv, A. II. 1612. .Hill.S .lACICSO.V, Commis. IJ 1,1 1"'K, ( -bii. r J'i'iiilx'ricj'.'wAyri:) I ,OR PAPl'.R 31AKIXC A t-ltons heallliy boy, 1 about 1G to 19 yt ins of au'e, inli udinj' to wot K for Ins living, may find a good apply in., to JuneS. C. OOODRIl 11 I .umber. DA nnO 'T. Common Pine Hoards, JcU.ULVj lO.fOO fl. c'tardo. do. ' 100,000 fl.spruen do. for sale by It. W.CATH.V. SJ1LECT SCHOOL. rPHK ne.xMeiiii ( f Ihe Mii.Tt-N' Ci.assic.ii. Sr.i.r.CT X Scik.ii. will c( inii.eni-t- on Monday, Aiijrust lfl. Terui- per f i c tit :?3iu t-'-l. Hoard in.iy 1 1- ol tamed in re-pccia' le failures lor SI,-! j er nil-',, C. TAVI.OIi, Prim MiIii.ii, JmIt'.'i), 191-3. Civ 7 lias just returned again front Jw York t U V. Xca (foiHK arc t;4 -) an ivuiir, nmin.u w Inch I an "fine (fih? Ii'cl nri'-tfl arnt I-, ever 1 f- U'la now )) iiNiI .i l aiv .t- clu'ap a- i iiM I u i!r-.irc'. Mill,,,, ri- ,-M, !.-.- Ii a- lltiinu't-i 'I'ailt'imi Mti-lin-, riciutT- tin i i' i oil-, in w ' iilit'tf amt M nim, Slllv MMVVI-, II 'kf ran-, I'jiM-uU, r (I'l'vi--, Mil, llo-icry, -'-. t . in all tin arifiy nittl lK. iinniiitil lo; ami a jfrl of luiyuiir JixmI- of ihf IVi Airriit ihnvi can li filly iii'miii'-, , (f L'cfttiij; t he InlicM pru f In ii"h at 1 lie 'anie that 'he t;..oil- nro tu I e JitI 1 ak imam t'nr i cIum , i-m his a .-'ire im lit to t lie p'tr cha cr vi lu , ci ''cut a v.ut i.-c m tin trn If, l'V ai i vmir at ' IJUWAKfrg. 'Clifap Casli Store, CO J ilv, MJ. AMERICAN. HOTEL and (.;M;it.i, NTAi.i: isousi:, IiUitLlNGTON, VT. riIIi; siibserthcr having leased tins well known X Hotel, would i:ive notice to his friends and the traicHim public, that no pains w ill be spared on his part to make II t al to any tstiblishuicut of the kind in the Country. Prom a Ion:; extiL-riinee in the bu-iness, hell. tilers hinm If he shall lie rdi'e In ynu satisfaction to all who may faior mm with a call. S. W.'IAVLOIl. Hiirlinston, July 11,1812. . 7tf. "57HHSH T.-.-s and Dry Uroccne.Just rc L etiu d and for t-uie low- bv Juno 3d. LOlT.I.Y A Sr.YMOUH. citociii;it v. ALAIinP, and splrudid assortment nfCrotkcty of new and beautiful patterns for s le Ipw by June 2nd 1812 LOVI LV &Si;VJ10UR. I'lioiip Grocorics. f.T SON, Yotinir llvon, Hy-on skin, Tonl.avnnd 1.x roU'liim It-a-, rorio llico u'rtir, l.ual, Lump, and Powil.-re I do. P. It. .Mid.ts.e. -vriin. It.t and.I.tea Co tt-,A;i-.Ac. .Xiir Orleans .Vfaros cheap as the chenprst, for alely S. 31. POPi. i ..iir.iiu. s ijutiiii(.s(i of OeoL'ranliv nud Hisiurv PI'i' c's Yoiihj Orator or Xcw Yor:. 1,'e.tdtr J lie attention ot -choo teae htrs is naHteuhi v re quislid lo the uboie book-,. Copies fuiutsh'd for exauunation. JuneS. C. OOODltlCII. to tin: ruELic. rjPIir. Subscriber Ins ree'd n general itssorlment of B Coods ni Ins-Id Store and at b s new Swro ul Wtnooski Village v.litcli will be sold al prices cor responthmr Willi the times cbenp n the cl-eapest.. A. 11. Superior llitrtiiiy ton .Mill 1 o. ( loths 1 . r stile. S1DXF.V liAItl-.OW. . I!urlinjlou Juno lOtli 1812. nl Ow Shoos. JUST ree'd a new lot Parnclls Mines l-2nnitet A slips, June 0 12' II. W. CATLIX. Throittl, m;. MIS. "Into and col'd Colton Tlircad, OvfV-J 3 Cases tlo tlo Spool do 50 Lbs. Illnc k Linen, do , DO Cross Hound L-tcel, Por sile by 3Iay27, 1312. VILAS, LOOMLS tt Co. 1 r.V. Pongee Silk, t 20 Pieces bl.ick, blue black and figured do 20 lbs. India selling tlo 20 Of 0 kt ins American tlo. For sale by 31uy 27, IBI2. VILAS, I.OO.MI.S tt Co. I'cathtT.s. SOO ncee Peaihers, warranled of superior nualitvnnil eomiire enPtciino 1000 Lbs. Hens' Peaihers, ft stile hv May 27, ISI2. VILAS, I.OOMIS A Co (".lAMIlHOO.Vh-laiicn Drill, .MolcJkin, and h Vr great lano y of other siuniner C'lodf, vety dienp, Juno 3, 1BI8. S. It. SCOTT. IJMIHSII Ti:.S-(iround Spice, Coll'te, Prune, ltaisins, I'tgs, Curronts, .'-c. .f-e. lit June 3, 1912 S. II. SCOTT-S. rpAllI.Hof ilio the rales of duties pa) ahlo in goods, L wares ami iuereliandi7.e, iinpotted into ilio II. Suites nf America from Canada, for sale n the Hook ktoioor June 17. 1),A. IIIIAMAX. I CASUS TIC'KIXOS, 1 do Wt-llinu ton Panciof, 1 do lilac Drilling, 1 lla'.o Hrottn do 1 tlo Caninss, 10 Pieces Ited Padding, For sale bv 3Iay 27, IS12. VILAS, LOOJIIS ,f- Co. Uoinhs. ,300 DOZl X TWIST C03IHS, Cup tlo Side tlo Ivory do I'uleiil Ilra-s t'o 4IIU 00 8300 tl-1 100 do J00 do VI ' e'tlilu.i nr I'ock 1 (In -i In do lor sale l y IL -( L003IIS f Cv; f(l Crass W I Mm Vi lsJ2 AliliAI. V A. VI) f.tTl HAIL LOAD. r.ii-c iliitiinti to l'loinii Mot Hills' tMliI tlirouull lo I "s'oll, lime- tbe Depi t al titeeir-iish nl btfoieO o'eloel; pieei-cly cwiy mi riiiuu'', i s oiiiavs c.v cpo-.i,; iiu,t. in iiiiiu-iiu ,.(, al I'ltlslicld 01, at Sprmgikld 'U 31. at Worcester -11 lp. M. nml at nostou oi I '.i is, inn mhr iikt'isi nt Chatham. P.issetifreis must loaie Albjny, by tho south ferry, not Ian r linn Ii o'clock. The allcrnoon train, alslironah to ltoston leaves tlic Depot al (Jrteubush nrJ 23, nrnvo atCliailiam nt5. nt Piltsfield C). al Sjrinnlii.d at 91 P. 31., Icniu Snr Id nt 21 A. 31. nnilarrtieiti Huston at 8 A. 31 I'jsM'iiKiTs Itaiti Albany as above at 3 liO and not later lo lii-uin a passaw. The e'lra of Ihe I ludson and llctkshire road ni l iim-beliietn Cliatliam ami Hudson i,i connexion with b.iih Hams. . P.-isseiiiTeis for Leh'anon Sprums leave the ears nt Pdiiards, llience bv sla-;i! to the Springs, about C links, or from rittslielil, nsiney cuoo-e. ro: im:t'oi:I) axi s:u'r. vr.s. P.t seiiircr-. Icaviits AM any in the minium.' I y the i lefoii' 0 o'cloik tram fiom (iieeiil'ii-h, nrne ill .S.itin'.'fieldntl'.'i -i. III. may leave -iiiuulii'ld at 1 for llartlold Ibttice by e-irs. tonic nl Aen-unun i,y 7t o. in. Or eaie t!rrenuiin in iiiu .1 dip. m. Irani, anile in Sprnmfie'd at U! p. tu. thciieu nt 6 it. in. by steam Unit to llarilonl, arrmmr theietil II Itetiee by Stiiini ISoat at '. P. m. arnieiu Xcw X'.olt tievt tiiorouiir hv 5 o'doek. or thei' mav lean- tlartlord fin X' w I la veil by Ua.l lluod atj i. lit. nnJ arme tlure nl i p. in- Slcaliihoats h'tie Aewliaven mr i on; tinny tu ani:i:yrii.i.i. ii.xuvi:h asj ii vnnnii.h. Starrs will leaieSpiimilitld, daily, al 0 P. 31. for Ilaierbi.l, lia Xorthainptun, Greetifkld, Urattkboro' ami llanover. M Staaea also inn daily Tiom 3est HrnokfidJ to Win. nnd Pnllild from Pnlult r to 1 hiee liner." Iti Ichcrloiin, Amherst nnd 3Ioason 1'iom Wdhra ham to Souilt Hadlrv nnd Xorthumptou. P.nclii StirniL'tit Id HI. P.issi'n:( rs nie particularly rrquetnl to procure their tickets before nikum 'iit- in the cars. Tickets can be uhlane d in Vl.nt.y ntC. It pnyne's iiffiee, 'J) I roadway, ticket olliee in Depot, al Cri etibiish. PltniGIIT DP.PARTMP.XT-A Pnijiht Tram will ltaie nrenibiish dail(Siiiulas (,.etpltd) for lloston, at nj A. 31. Charges fur Plour ffi nil east of Sprmufidd, 37' cts. prr barrel, nnd when in lots of 100 bids. ,,r more for l!oton, by special contract at reduced prices. Pirst cla-s fit mill, such nsiiuporlid Drv Coods, Tea-, Ilonntl t, Hoots nnd Shoes, iVc...;9 per ItCO lbs. "id class, sueltas Utiles, l.eiicr, llinip, iiras-sted, Piesh meats and IVIt, til 0 "0 f r '.01 0 lbs. 3d class. nidi as 1'oilon, Dve Woods, .Molas-es, S'ti-ar, Ac. nt S , per 2000 lbs. llh class, su it as fieti. Un Pig lion. Lninbrr. Wool.tte.. at SI per :0001b-.. P.u ry iiiformalioii will be giun nl the olliee iu the Depot 'it tint nbi th. XOTK'P. A 3It ieliandi7oCar will be alta-hol to theafieriioon passeiiii tiam, fur the aceominod-ition of lhoe who may de-iie to forwnitl so arnclcs of Inielit w rt li extra th sp-iit-b, nt.d w hit hare of a pcuslia leintu'e: .such n luitkr. ipe Hates of Pitight will be double 1st Class per regu kir frtight train. K. WITT. Preieht Agent. W.M. II.TOW.NSI Mi, Mas'er Oreenbtt-h Depot, July 11, 1SJ-'. TO RENT. rpllp, store on Clmrch-St. recently occupied by L 31ilclu-ll & H.irncs, ns a Coulee nonarv Shop. I'or terms Ac. apjily at tins t flice, or tothepirsun un the pitinisi s, ' lw-G. Hurhuaton, .1 uly20 1911. (1IIASS WMKIOX MATS Tt'ST rei cued mid ft r .-ale by J iv WI .1. HPXT. AIICI, XLWI.I.L'S I.ST.VTi:. STATPOP M 11MHXT, 1 Thu Hon. tie- Prol ale I)i tr t of Chi'tenden .('ootl I'Tibo Di-tncl ol Cliiilcn leu. To all Per oih i oneeriied iitlioo ta rot A I el rewtll l.tte of Clui lotto in t-aid Distin-t, t'lreas- e I, (ircctmg. WIll.Itl.S, I zra ITo'l, cxeeiiler (d the la-t will and leslaiiieul id Hid i'e 'e.t-e l.propose-to it-nder an a -coMil of In- n.ltmi.i, mil pieenl hi- account ,1111-1 - .ml cs a c ti r ex. i n 1 1 n n 'on a no ttll"W'.iuet-at it se-sinn or die t ouru I rioi.i'.e, t metii m inu Keaisin'- oiltto iu I! rlim'tmi in s.udoi-trict tn thu centid l ennc-ilny of A' '!! ntxt Ti.oicl'oic, Y' o "if betel y noiilli-d toappcar 1 rfme ni-! cn'Tl al ihe lunt- and place ttltuc-ut I, and s'-ew can c, H anv von li.iie, v.iin- ti,o an . in an ic .no ltd Jd nut I e nl'i w e I. tiivin tiitd'T my 1 al "Bonr .n -In - ti I -t o.iy cl Juet A.l). IS 1 J l-T I LIS 'VERS" NO Tl - :. A LI. pctt-olifi a-tytieveil by tho assessments innde t. by tho Listers ot ttssessors of Ilurlin-iton the piescnt year, are htrttiy nniiin il Unit sn.d Li-lcrs will attend at the tourt house in Hiirliti'jtoii on Xlon day the 23th day of July inst., at 10 o'clock A 31. for Ihe purpose ot leceivmuand In-iringsuclitipplu atioris nail bu niauu to t lit-1 1 1 nil lie to s-cli assess llltllti. J. 1! MtSTOW, j ' W. LV3UX. W.istcrs. J. li. HOLLLXm K, ) .Tulv 13, IS 12. HIN.JAMIX II. SKIFF'S 1 -ST A TP. ST.VI P. Ob' VP.H3IOX'P. 7 Thellon. ihi Prolule District of Clittttniltii, ss. S critirifur the Pistnctot I'hii'cu It 11. 'I nail per-ous inieit-sttst n the t'-iaic 1.1 Pcif. II. S .1 ',4a e tif-Cliarlo"c 111 sail -ti-ti-tt-t. .Where.t-'j'S.illy II. SI.I adin'.xol si dc-tate, lia'b 11- 1 111 111 1 ei url Per pc't ion, m wriiiu--', se tin-.' t' rlh tjiat the c-taie id ll:e said .'ein-tsl, is itiveiitoiit'.l and npjitai cd, nntuiint- 10 5702,-32 ; lli.f the 1 c I nlltiwt-o 1 I tlit'.-ouinits-iottcr. ai-attisi aide 'u t-nnii nnl to ?l 5i, 71, nud il.ut lie- ,-ai'l 1 led -t-ze 1 in nl out tun- Ii nulled and till n-.rt-s 1 f Innd, I ciujr the f irm on v hu li bo livnl thctiineul his tlcThsiio.ii-in .ni.K Itai 'otic, wnn-b land is tee ni,) t-ttd wilh a nioiij;.t-e lo J.ntits 'lr.' gattl 10 M't-'.re the payit't'llt ol Int- lttttl-Si t-. I dollar- an I in-cre-t, an I alo a 1111 r eajciu Amos Jteed'o c- 1 lb pa luent tflelwt-tti live and -i.x hiiudrc.! ilolar-nnd iu'.'ie-l ; that ibe di-ln- st-eu,el m s.t ' 1110 iit-aiTf-wt-te 1101 pte-en'cil to, nor al tiwisl 1 v, tin i-ntnini-sii tiers t n s;.i, cstan-j th it -ttul Un I is uK,. sublet If the widtiw's ri.-hl t.r.t-.w.-rilit-i.-itt, tnel that it 1. nt-i-c--arv to tell the who't- of -nid Inn I an I the levtr-ionol ihe widow'- d 1 .er tlicrci.i, for Ilio pin-po-t-td payins the tV: I-aua tt-i -aid and iht exptn-fstifx, and praying mil court It liecn-c her to.cll and comey Ihe w liolt- of sit I land and the rt".crnn of tlowtr tbcicui, ti'jee lo the nfiTC-ai 1 nut- on! rait'-c-, -.urtttMl 1 to the statute 111 oijlA-aiid proin'ist. U lie e 'isMUlie c. on a!orcaid th 'h appoint llie .,- 1 11 1 W oHav 1 1 A- -u ', i-, , r 1 caring am tie dm-' oiilSu 1! ' ' nnd ''o I. nu'er that all pci- si'ti inicre iBR-liot'iic I Uieit-i.l It- in,i.he.tiioii ol In-or 1-r couianini' the .tp tnu.-t- i ,n I m-niiou iliieeuce1 - Mici-e.-ivclv in the I) irlin'ii 11 FiecPie-. 1 ncw-pipcr prnilctl 111 lliirniisiiiii in the I'ltiniv id Chii'i-u It 11, previous 10 said .ccuii 1 Wt-.lne day ol .10'.' tsi, 10 1-. (luen .mder my h ind nt sail llur'inatou this 3ili .'.ay ol July, IS 12. WM, WI.TOX .Vr.'srVr FARM FOR SALE. P"U SAL!"., ihatwtll known I'arm sit- lllttd ill .11 ton. about one nn u I10111 t n jljia "Pl"r '''"H"! foriiieilvowiiiilnnd occupied ..r t--s. 11 y me iiev. ft. 11. 1 'rane, toniiniiiiii; lie twtt-n 87.i ami 300 neies of hmd, eompri til in pari of i,iiMtn,, iiiuig to piisti.iitij, anil gooo wood 101s and Mignr orchard. Said farm is will w.iicrtd, has two good dwcllim.' bouses, one of which is of lunk. tllC Other llf WOOll. llOtll til rennr. tilled I good barns, one ofubieiiis 00 by -11 fctt, iheoihtTs 10 by 10 feel; a horse barn and other out buddings null good yards and wntcr brought mm tin m and to luenouse III log-, ami also time good wills of wntcr on tilt firm: bt-llurn tiesirnhbt Hotmliott for n 10:111 whoiianls In rni-e neat stut k or sheep or both, or ts.iii cMitnni i.irni lor tne tlairv tiusuiess, 'i iio wishing lo nun haso such n r-irti, teiinl.l il.t tti.lll... tpplymg soon to John and .linns Jlormu on ibe picinises, or lo I. en. Win. Nnsiiol' Xcw llaien. Milton, 3Iareh 21, 1HI2. 42 if NO MISTAKE! T7I.)i:it.-PLOL'It-Just rcetiied nnd for s,l., i... I Ihe subsenb. r, a few barrels r.f supcr-supr r r-Urrt fancy N.sciu Flour, (I n.-le brnd, none leu, ,f iinyasaoed. ltcccltcei Paglo brand-warranitd per. " -tune 11, l. DAVIS M orison's Pis S: AAii imrnalled as a 1 lean-tr and itirifiei- of the J bowtl,ioikl, aji.ltbe wliolt- sv.ti-iii In Dtar rltt ca or louscncs, nf ibe bowels n'nd oilier iiiuuier cijinplaiiils, Ihi-c cat, be lt-lied upon with perfect eon lutt'iicej a. 1, common iikhIu-hu- 10 le l-t-pt u-ady for use on .111 ots asion, w here a cathartic i nt u, ibi iiie'ociuti lincoualltsl. S..1.I nnl v al the Variety Store by PAMillOUN UN ,f. IlltLSSMAlU, s for Jlorisotis of Lou A'-'tnl 1J011. TO J(JJ NT. Oool, convenient line!, divellui' ho.ov, Po-se-Moii giun mimetliniul'. I.'iitpiiieGf VILAS, LOOMIS ,J. Co. July 8, ISl-J. Tassels and Cord. GRF.F.X, Illnc nndltisl 'l assel s and Ct rd lor Win dow Shade, and Hltiid-. Al-o Holler laid, nnd Hack- Piilho.-,bil received all I lorsn'i-l y i.. i.. ti ,,.ii; . .. JulyS. .-I. j . ni r. Strong h HuiMuia, Cnllt-se St. Cloth Cai).s TPT M lirertfrniii tin manufjr'iu i a full as sorti lortment of all nils C btb 1'ips nnd Por Haiti j great tj . -u.r bv( J im; U II W C VTLIN WANTED. A good female Cook. Pnttuirenf I II RAM P. ORIS WOLD. IJurlinctoii, July 1 1, IS it. Wl.lliesiilM-riter-, h tv it leeu nipoitrtsl by the lloiioral le ihe i'robniu Coutt lor the Di Iriet of Chilti-nden, "iiiuiiii-mi hits lo reeette, t-xiiin-Itie .nt I tyL i t-t ihetl.tinis and tloinauds of all per-oit-, n train I int' e tale of Henry Town-i'iid, line of Trov, Sin e nf Xew Yor'. dece.i e I, ii'pie onieJ in ulient, and nl o nil - latins nn l dfiii.ind- exhtl ilod in o l-e ibt'ictt. : nnd -ix months from the day nl the dale heifof, I fill' iillow ed by md Com t for that purno-e, we tlo tlit-reli io betel y uivu notice, that wo wi'l at tend to ihe I u me- of u if it ipoiminenl, al tbo Hotel of John Howard in Ihn Initon, nt -aid th irii-t, on Ihu fiisl .Monday ( f Sctilcniher next, nt 10 o'clock, A. 31. Dated tin, 83 It iifjone, A. I). 1312. l.l'lllPIt I.UOMl.-t, , Commis PIIILO 1)001. 1'PI'LP, ) sloner-. New Fitriiilurv. Wtirc-I louse. On Cliurcli-st. (In rear of (lie Court House,) iWM.ixaru.x, vr. BI!.'.i:Xi:S .t: ICI' have on baud and are coii-tini'ly ud.linir in llteir -lock of llit'ir own tu.tntif.ii-tiiri, Soft, Sei-ictarii', 11 trcii't-, mahi'f.tny and cherry ilium!, tonlreiin I e.irJTaLles, UeJs tad-', &. . &.'. ciiai n .v Curl maple, enuo eat, (irecian, common caiie, nil e I -cat tool, hit and common dmui1' OH A I US ; all ol ii Inch ate made ut tbe I t--t itianiieriiu 1 1 y expent-n eel w or' iiieit, un I wtd I e sol I ill prices eorre-potid-i ii tr wnh tho tun!-, fur eah, luml or, or euuutry pro dute. Itlcs's Patent Kainilut; 31111s, .M.iniif.ietuit'd by Hnriies it ICeeler, constantly on hand, wliieh they Will c.xcluugu for jraiu or eu'b if leipiued. Also Clocks cf nil kinds and prices cheap ns the chcane-t. .Ii lv 2, 1812. Fit re well's Shoes. BLACK and colored half Cnilcrs, blisses do do Kid Slips, French Huskin Shoes, Morocco do ClulJieu's tin. .Men's Puinlis, ,-c. iii'i received aud for sale cheap, 1 v 3Iay2G, 1812. ri. 31. FOPL l-'ai'iiiiiiir UttMisils. OH I'OZFN Pateiii Scythe Snath., liAJ 30 tin. Hand Ital.e-, 80 it". Hay I ttrl.s. II ai l et's celt;! r.ilo f sras nnd ciad.'e Hey'-bi!-, Ili.xt'oiil's do tlo du Do. Hues and cat steel do Khoifl-, Sp.u'e., iVc. A". t- jiinu :iii. t. p.t v. l. sTP.oxn, LlUOADt 'LOTUS, Cussimcres, Sattinctls.&e. tie. t heap, by 3Iay 27. S. II, SCOTT. SUMMED GOODS. BLACK Crude Pol and Asttach in Cloths. Lmbt aud Daik 0'iiiibi.eui.s, Kentiicbv Jt'ins nn 1 3l'irmo Cssirnercs, Itih'il ami Plant While Linen Drtlhiii's, Co'M t olton Dlllhugs, Yell Cln up hv, Jutte 3Isl 1-12 II. W. CATUX BIiiik; Alt'timc .Moulds. 1 Will All, WAIT .t HOOT have Ulant .lfjn-'t MniUlt, China ,- Herman Puit., Mt'fh .Sfnnih, CVt'ir .S(m, Hwi' Cups, Cu Jard ilo. f',c Can- tile .st'cA', 07is ('itamfr, tV't. four the ei six bot tle KeinlluiL' astors, all Itrj cheap uf course. JuneiO, 16 12. liujiorliir.l Discover I ! A CPHTAIX (TltCFOli COI.'.NS.-lh. Iktiley ,,( XV W:i-hulL'ti it coy lot- .tt It-ti h th eovettd :t t me li r Cunis, 'I pis tn.- heme t- uu uul.til.iii. t-uie in il,, hurt -p.teutit lif.eeu in, utile-, il nlioul pain trdatu me to tin- puiieut. I'KCK Co .-I'I'Al!, 11 'rlinaton. ate mi onlv nirlicr i?el Aleuts fir the ct uii'-i-s of ( 'hnlc'in'eit' and Or- can-. TIIOS. Jt Iti: WlliT.WOlti:, .Inly 2, IS 12. dl'l Au't-ui lor .S. P. S'a'c notici:. Cardlni.'iltd Cloth iv,sii.s at J''. itrook. rpillS li-hiiicnt Iu.- It-en titud up in s' js on'er, uiii' no it. nn wnl 1 e .-paieJ io do nil x i r'. to Hie . uii-iaciiou ei tut: pu: i It. P. STACY. 1X.C0. Hiirlmrtoit, June 20, 1 S 1 - WOOL. nnn hiahest 3rtlki I Puce will be pad for f;ond 1 clean I Icece wool on acc'is or m eM'tetn-o- for floods by June 30 M. II . W CAT1.1N. ahlo Btittor. NfJ"MrNT loivc 1 tt n n,a''e with Purtner supply of I hit ellone-1 '1 .il It- Iu er ih .1 , .1. S P.. -I Oi l. LAST NOTICi:. 1.1. pcr-t.u-tn Heed it, I.. JIT Wtiu-ht CV C0..I1 II. w . I .mm tV Co., 1 r to lliel-t,!. if. Colin w ill ,-:ca-f recent. 1 in . an m 1 ni 'ici-.h it tlu-ir a. ot nut 1111-t Ic tinnu-ilutteiy -e-tled. Tln-ywitl have eicr' itieni on paid litem by t allois al the -tt rc of J in' 21. ' II. '.V. C ATI. IN. Paper Ihtiitiiiins .s 1 i 111 r neat 1, ov J .if 21. tV 1 Y ? T' S. It. SCOTT. S:tlclltry, Oiitcli iV fsIn'Sl CJaviHvtit e in al its 1 arit ties. also, Drugs, Medicines, J'aints, Oils, Varnishes Jlruthttq) alt Lintl, Joiner's Tuols, if-c. The su1 senbers are now rrenltin'r s "n lies nl" ,i,r nhoie gi ods, at the old stand, c, mcr of l-hureii and t-uingu sirttts, synot the r.tdlock. U CAIl t ARTIIUIl. Hurlmgton, 27th 3Iay, IS : 2. Hair ' (Jilting. 1 Q 80, 22, 21, and 20 niche 1 O.for sa.e by Jure 2 I, JU-I rocrivrl mi'l J. IIIWT. GLASS. 500 1 OM t.ias, ,, 1 iik-renl sue- am n-nb iit-s, for silt- I v :. siu.xuLi:. TIIOP!M) cud prune Shinel', tor -tile ve S. -' ri low I v Mav 8 I. O P.OXi:- Punth ltaisms, tJU .in ic.-gs tlo L Hat-'S Mad, ira Xuts, 18 do Filberts, li do llrtril dn 10 tlo Almonds, hv 30 Dec., 1811. .1. .f.'J. H. rr.CIC .f. Co. FOR SAU: OR TO LET. 1101 SI Also a -mall Huildmj Lot. A .Mav 80. C. Hl'NNS liiiiilish aittl AtniM'icaii Prints IO CASKS pis rccimtl nml for sale at low pri nces, by I May CT.l VILAS, I.OO.MLS JsCo. LIGHT! LIGHT! ! ALL whowish to ti-rhl -bo,'-, .'i or ptillie I nil hna, cheap and well are- invited In call nnd m i- Hold's ( hciuieal Oil .111 1 Lamps, The Oil is 75 -is. per jr.ill n an I will five inort" li.-bt than ! worlh ot L-iiiipOil. Ltntip. nud Oil and Wieks and li' ibe Var.civ S'oie. June 3. PAM.IlOIt.N & lllilNS.MAIH. NOTICE. riJlIF nni'er.ienr.l, Invuii; culcreil into rnparlner I slop under Ihe linn ot SMAI.I.DV ttT'LNMiV, will pivepronipi alieniiou 10 all bu-iiu'ss inch ma I e ciiiru-lfil lo Ihem, cither in Law or Chancery. Collee'.un butiitess will rotcivv p.irlicular nileiiitou, 11. A, SM.M.I.HV, II. J. TL.NXLV. Hurbiiston, July I, 1SI5. -Itif PORK. IIHI-. Pork, forsaleby till tl Mav, IsflJ. S. WALKDlt. liVMAN & COL1S WJU navra-h lur ii k'W rliou-aiui 1 tim U X e en MKH). liurhngiu.i, I July, a-. The New Clte. ip Cash Store, HV WM. lllJItl.IHJT. 7' h e C a h Stttem works welt. H AVl.NO trail tt two wiv'.s tin I recetvivl a my liberal paironau'c, mo are euro iraee.1 lut'ouiinui' lltt same, and lo u 'it a xeiy irencral asstirtuteui of -t-nsoutit'le I'tiiicy and S'aple Hrv ttood. nil 1 rauitlv liriK-efit-s, al Ihe loirest auh price for ready cash. "Coods will I tn 1.1, nit'.at.l lo le half sold." Xcelnny one lie lokl that Coods well laid in ol New Wk Iu 3Iav. 18 li iniil I it i bean 7 Ciisloiuers who aie o 'ere I old poods at cost, will do well to tall al Ihe !irp.r.w CiilaI' Cisii Srcur. I efore inakin iheir pnrchaM's, aiidcxainme eut'iitlre 1 tvh .tuck lost opeutsl. Monday Moiiinip, June 27, IB 12. LOOKING G LA SSES. ALAHOI-: and will srle. tul nssorlinrni, eonsisi Iti'.'Ol GUI, If i u;"'.ttiint GUI, Vihiruny nnd I rnru Irttnlro I o, km. ti n srs. tor k. nt mrnlli- st re uerd nru-e at tho Iturdwnr.i Stott. C ncr nf Ci"-ch a C'vlifj. S' by IIA'..R & AKTHl'R, JIAllDWARE. nilli; snltscriler linvin'r recuuilv nyloni-hel Ins J. stock 1 1 Hardware, o !ers fi r mlu the following flood, nt the lowest prices. Cutlery. Tiblo am- I'e-crt Kimo- nnd Forks, Pn nnilPcs-'k-el Knives, Kazor, Seis.or-, -Sbeep Sliear-, Uutcher Klltves, Shoe tlo., Sicel-, ttc tte, Carpenter-' nnd .inliu'ls1 Tools. Ca-litiid Spriuif Site! P.iitnil, Hand mid ItippitK' Saws', Ciriii ar tl". In m d to'JI in-bo-j Croseul un I .Mill t'oj -ia'ci'-liiaci's nndlbit-j Firmer an I iiiorlleo tJIn-els (Joiiie-, Plane Iron, Anger, Sitii 111011.' lluii'l A.xo , Ade , Hummer-, iV'-l ll.tun' nml Dald.vur.s PI me-1 Tnpi r, I'll- aw. 31 1-nw. liii'tnr I, liipial in.', Wanbiijr nnd Cabinet Piles Shoe, Wood tin I lloro It.i-ji--i it trcncrnl a-orilueiit ol Sadulirij ll.irdx:trc. Ii'.irnilns; Uli tislls. Cr-r'h'-, Seville , .Manure nud Hay Fork" i Hoes i Aine-' Shmi'ls j S,,adt--, Dttehiu'j Shoift-, eve. &x. l-'iit'iilslilm; nml IJtilldfi's' llai-thvnrc. , Tray-, llii anuM 'lea mid Co 'tu Pol! Ijiuipsj Spiltoi'ti-j Hand nnd Ten He'l-i Castors j Hrmiiiina, Ucinian i.veraud pla'el Tea and Tal !o Spoons ; Me'al nud eiintne'i'tl Sa i o Pan ( IV inu Pan, Hal o I'm, Pol and lie tie-, (li t-- Kct'lo-.'. Kiitilron, tte. I.oel.s; Itutl Hii'.-e-j'MfWs; .Stifolkatid Knuli Laieliesj Ilia1 e's Fei'i lit" 11 tlo. i Window Fa-Ilium's j .-a It I'uili.--; l!a:1 S. r.'W j Ped Serew: .Mnhi'g.iitvuiid Ca s Foiuiii.r'j lund'sjl-tli.t',itc. flic. June 21. W.M. J, HLNT, .Strong-' lbiilJuia. C'ALICOKS are skiing nt lltirlbtit's Cheap C.ih ' Store ut less prices ihati weie ovt r know 11 m ibis part of Ibe eouulrv. Hcatit ful F.nghsh, Pitticli ami Aimiicau prints. Call at tho new Mure, ( hiiich-st. June8. W.M. llTltLIUIT. Bojiaa.i.m:, Ilio lowest pnet blai l and blue bine , for nit-nt .lune?. W.M. IIUHLIIUT. tpL.UX till wool 3Iu'.s. line du Laim s, supir satin J. striped do., printed do. ol every lariety, for sale at astonidiugly low pi nt the in w stoic, by JuneS. W3I. HUllLHUT. (iraln Ct -idles. CUMXT'S cekbtatcd Oinm Ct utiles, just recoiled I" nod lor sale hv HAOVllA, Al Ihe old stand, sign of the Puuioek, cur. 1 luircli and CullcgcstrctN. June, 1312. SAVt's. llonlinil's .Mill Sans j K. HoeandCo's cneul.'ir do.) F.nghslt cross cut tin. j Hand, panel and back do. ; Compass, Wood and Felloe do. Just receiieil and lot sale by II ACAIt A. AltTilL'H, Cor. (. h. nnJ College lice.-t. June Kill, 1812. Tiusst-s. AX I; W supply of 'I'lmiii'isoii's ccb-bralcd im proved Trussts: alto Dr. Hull's celebrated Trusst-sand suppoiteis for s.i'e bv IIACAIl.f. AUlITHL'il, Cor. Ch and CoiVgesirt 1 ts. Ilurlinptou, June 17lh. .MilrhelPs C;to?r.ii lilenl "iVorL. ,,j llLlti.LL j l'niiiitiy Ooogrr.) ny, ho ,1 tin nnd Alias. l .i.'i.i,,hiea! lttadtr, OiiI.i.jMi s, 11-y u ataJy of .Maps. C. COODltlCH. O.d aiuitd up Stair. For salo by June 1 j. Willi Life of Patrick Htnrv. cheap edition, ' ' June 13. Poi Mb- by C. OOOHHICH. Couper's Na il ll's uvy. HKIDtiF.l) by the at tin. r and coinplele 111 one Vol iiiie,j tit reutiveJ oy C. GJOOP.ICII. June 15, lloik-bii. '.lv ; nml H'anl. , It I , .V Ul.s. . U't . I, 1 1 C. Coo! s. 1. . I r -il,'..- or I ai li i" mil,, e. l.tiO. i;,i II. r i:f 1 J 1113 1 . 1 I .1 iim- tna 't- to or I.-i-. O. , I",. FARRAll, WAIT $ ROUT, Ibtie t e-'eii ed ;i lull supply of -ROGKEflY, GLASS a GHljiA WARE, lo iiuiriuMi cr I., Ill lU iheir a-ort- (it fjtt-tp cumetc, ami r i- ii i'h'iJiii rcr'jfow prices iu IlviI.i one ..ill'. III!' Willi sKfvrr& k ). u.lU .lt-..i..i . i u " sV.HIt Ol ImtKN in .lifir line w.ii.m.ei luiali a. id examine ai Ikui. nylon, J .i.f 17 ti, lrl-s Ciold Hand v'liina. it'ulif Jii?i(t, u7ul Sprig d Chine. C'l'l O VV.r S-.ts an I (-la, tun &!.iri tt J .tie I7di. AUit.Mi, wait -a Huar. Ii A II I W I I.I.' 1 Ul.l-'ieu'.-: J'ini' 111. s Shis-, 'ill l-s, A. 11 iif 0.1 ,ii-.-r, r.iu Slip- ju-t rt eomi 1 - WII. llt'KI.IIlT. I il jMT 1 lilllgitlgS. P.t -rs Pa 'ei 1 1 injiii-. patterns entirely ne.v, o! a.l a .alute , t-l upetie I I v W.M. III lil.lft'T 1000 Jliitt- 10. Solt! I jt;al licr. 71 C. l.OOJUS hasj tt received Sole Leather for -LJ. 1 1 cttits caftt, l'V the humjrsd pounds Alio. Pait ut an I s'.i.i. ; katber. .lime 10. CshIi Paid I'or Hark. ITi C. LOOJIIS svill pay cash lor -10 or 30 cords !-l. cood lie. nlo. k Hail., if delucied uioriomtntll fi oiii d tie. Ju. c Hi. I'ajror f htiiuiiiiis. (in PHiCP.S, for sale al 31anuf'ictur' r's prices P.S, Tor sal. ; frei-ht, by -f-'K addin, o. oo-jmncii. June 1G. 1 Mutter Sols. rFAPTIITI. Plue, Pud. am! lloi.rl oni'pri.M Pin- J J iit-rl e! anp'i-e Willi lea an It 1 lite to mitcli for -ulu uticoiiitiii.n 1 I- '. u' 'he new Croc' try S oie. .lone 17. ' FAliltAlt, WM'l'ec KOO I'. (Jlass AVtii'i'. IT'LL a-t ruceu. t f Gluts IForf, ecrisi-tina of Jl Ijnili-, I - nil It-r-, I'rt-iTie Hirliv, rilthtrs, Howl-, wiut's, co-lard, t'l''i-, is !ctv siainl-, s-ol le:, .Xe. for srt't-cheip ai i1-.C1ihi 1 an I Cla-s w ate lion, e of June 17. i'Aii!! 1', WAIT f HOOT. TO RENT. rPnP. Store formerly occupied bv llicltok .V Culin lAppplylo June?, ii. 11. W. CATLIX. GROCERIES. 1 ( Hhls.Mola -i-, 10 ib' S .a ar, 10 P.oM-.Lraftlu 1 J 10 llatr. Ct ll'.i-. '. P.-opcr. 5d... -p. ... 10 Kt-ir- Oiu'-it, 'JU IKsui, i' r bv U JIai, 1st-.'. W.MK It. QllPI IIXli. 10 Hale- -litciin?, ft r - a!, ' v S. WALICFK. Mai. ir.Y;oir SASH. 'I'he s'lbsciilsTshaiepur-cha-t-l the 31acbiniiy for the maiiufactoic i f VnllktW' .-a-h f.-ruici-lv o.vnelaud ti-ett I y Si 'ney Smith, at unn, -i.i Ci'y,'aiitl aienow iiiaii da 'toriu J fiery des cnp'ion, and ktept-oiislaul-Ivt'li haul an assorinicnt "' 7 by 0 Sa.h,al the loll nig pri -c. II lajjliltsl ta-emeiiis .n els. per i.i;iii. S do 3J do 0 do 31 do G tlo 3( do 1 do 5 For sale at their Pimp ul ihe Fall, nnd I v Oeorsc 'clcrson. AH orders ni tbe above lute a ldrt-sstl to '.i-.ipi iV I'lia-f, will le Ihinktiilly leceived and rnoiplly auciidcdio. 1 ' MO-PS CATI.LN.2d. LHWl.N . CHAtiP. Itiirbn.ien, April 0, 1615. Tin Plato. &c. i -r HOXF.STiiiPlale.l-IX.npproi'dbrands, 1UU 10 do do IX. square, fiO Ilundles Iron Wire, a-sorlul Xus. 30 do l'.o!ilili Iron, tlo 0 Pucks ltin.Ma do do 1 task hheel '.ink. Also eeneral nssorlment of Tinners' articlrs, surli as bluet Copper, Sheet Liad, Copper Poll, Ac, isy i u,., i .xu i n.s t t it., 3Iay 27, 1512. Opposite I'carl-st. ltoust. Sheetings. 11M.HS l-l HrownShtf ings. 2 Ca-e, Hleachf I do. d,0 Por sale I y May 27, 1812. VILAS, LOOJHSACO. At LYMAN $ COLE'S, Lad.e.' Hronze Kid'l'ic-, " Kid'lics and Slips, " Hlaek and colored clolh Callers, ClulJicti'. coloiitinaitfri-, " Hl-OIIKI'. " lllacl, Kid ltooiet-s, ficlll,.KiJallil3I"llll"' Poll.;-. May IH. coni'Eiii A TRIMI sll'tr' a pi rri e fc - sa FOUL. OU II. i M V'i.'V7 -It li of .Inly, 1842. Fl'ST ru lived nnd for -ale, u fre-k supply if Plain nii'l ttS'iretl Pttru ol-, Him' -S 'oicli () 1 11 L.-1 i.i 111 1 iulirel!a, (icin'. Inrht nnd brim 0 Leg-burn Hats, 31ilieucr and I.'m.'ss Mnl-ers can toli'itiiiht-d wf.U main' 11 rlit It- ill their lint' ) w It 11s Fancy Flower utul Arnlicial, Sdk w-oitn I Wire, 'lurlton La 1", .Muslin, Sill.-, Plain itud cnloii-d Lawn for f!resef, Whale' one , S a si r-, iNtt-llu, AIo, Shell Combs, Head P tr 1-, icrtiiaii Silver Tul l.-'nnd'l'i 11 Spoon, Fancy Pen anil Poc' et Knue. Aticnt'i 11 is invited to an a-t riiticnl cf llroa I and Ca simeres, from miction talis!. i7'0ccrir. Teaf, S tfar, Mola-e-,anJl'ainilvO'roeerios cnu in ly, of 11 .alitics and itacj uhieli eintiot fail tj p'ea Wm. 1 1 1'HLIllJ'F. Cffl IIIIDS. (iatdnrr llrewer's X. Knalanrl Run. o0 Pipes and HalfPipes Ameneaii Hrandy , 40 tlo do H.'iltimnn,' Cin, 10 do do 'Pi lli.ioiiti' Hrandy, 5 tin do 1 Swan' Gin, 10 I Hula. f-t.CroxIluii, 30 bids. Sherry and .Madeira Wines, 31 do 3talaga do fi do Port do 31 Dec. 1911 by J. & J. II. ITX'K .t Co. Qui 1 1.--. X i; W sjtitily, ol ihe liiulu-t n "in' er , i"t rv ... ...ini s nrTii!irXi. A June 10. Xcw Nn'thatli Scliool llo-l's. Oil sti'c nl Ihe Poni-storc n the uLe,-ibi rn f.u tial n-soiiin, 1 1 of t'te .M-isrtch setts and Xs.i York publi -Jlionsfor S tbballi Se'e'itls. June 17. D. A. HIIA3IAX. oj;j:sTm.v hoofs. A X' assortment of Un 0.ucl on Honks ofllie 3!m r . ...1.. .1.1... ,1. 1 . "tetv. for s't' the Hookstoreof the suhs-riher. IJ. A IIIIAMAX. Mhi) 12.5, l.i'sJ. .".lessis. I'AXCItOItX &, T1HIXS3IAID WO F L I) tuloriii iheir eo-ttnuers nnd the pul 1 u that they have 1 M rci-tivol Iriim I upland vat 'eiy of Pa'ent Lever Waithes nnd .Moxctnen' , niadet-xi'tt-ssly tor ihciu, Matte wt'h Iheir iianii.- a:: ' soino with the maker's name 11,-1.11 tht-in. Peroiis wi hnta 10 i;ei a t. 0011 Watch, rrol I er silver, inuyi'e.'i'iid upon ob'aiuiu? one 11 lin b wiu suit them. We unite the u'ten'ion iil'.tnl?o lo our s'lperu r is-,crintent of line hit slieJ neeuratu rtuiuiti-'Aii'-he-. Ut Id an I -liver Spectacle-, v Id and silver Pencil , Cham, Key-, Ureas-lie-, llin, Pins, Lockets, Suaj., &e. Ca-tor-, Co'tt.- Filierer-, ('ol'ce and Tea Pot?, lb 1 I'.tn , 3o!a--o- ( tt 1-, 'I uml ler, itiii-all Lamp.-, Sue La lies, .'a e Ha-1 c's. tVe. .liliitai y C.oods. Sword-, P. iau'ci'1' , S, P.a'ej,, Dul lun-, Hells, Pi-tt-l-.d-e. 1'iatod Con '. lli 'b Cake Ui-I,et-, Can .It-tick, SnuTcr at.l Tray-, Ct lor-, 'IV.i &, Crenin Spoon-, Sizar Ti.u'tr, NiiiCrnc eis, Childu u's C ut ,t-e. Ar-it-iij these may I e fj .11 1 -' me verv rich zoods. silver Whit. Tet nit'lTa' 1.-',ii 011-, -tn.'ar'l una-, t-reitn .-pre n , Do Sir. 11 , .M t.inl and .-'all i' toon-, ni r Cop-, Thimb es, simifi li'ixe , Vtueu tro 'y ,'1 t.-z- . , cs,-. Spt 1 us nn I 1' It-- mu o in tl.'i tLo sa sterl.n mIici. ni-z free. Hardware and Cutici j . Pen an I Pt ci , b' izur , cl - ."tee 1 .- , It 1 I - , X t Cia lts nut P -' it-. Po . t P 1 , -hot li.t-'-, 'ecl r- ca b. I bam . "v; , 1 Can le I .-'.. i . 1 le.- an FI ru , s e-.-i S 1 . c . a anue . Tiav an I -u cr an I vai " ' ' -.' ''.'eit'iunciy. Hair Oiii, i,.: Farrina's l'cu to- l.ero 1 Colo"... . , I ift 8. La 1 en 'it, Pat V a r, Uosi-. H to , .1 , .-r - x- tra--,.l ti lie' II i r 'I tune, H II Hear, Ward' , .Jlace.t -1 r un 1 her I- - - V -, P -' .a 1 .111, Lip .-nlw, Ca ur P .1 tot-, if- -. Lamp VVIcLs iiit't (Cusst-. Ch. i-i-al Oil and l-iiup, mm t-t, then er auJ 'e'ierthnti nny otbtrl.iii'l t'ot .-Ic , -loit-s an I ch Hie-. Per-t'its t tdi'tts to lulit their s is"e I i-a 1 lifully -in 1 e--onoin e i'lv are um id toe.xaimnie o:ll ol the La!np now in 11 eat o r lotvOlery cieiuua'. Variety. .Mti-te lt.'e-, jre'.id an-, I-' un--and Aeenrdiaiis, son e It-.tutilil outs, llns- I ml-, Water lei cl-, Ther mometer , e 'itr.att"ii and iisiitit'r C.nJs, playnifi do,, Parlor Had-, Utai-cs Hoop-, Han'rloi.., Pan-, Pin, Mil -I-, Unoer, Hair and all kind Pius am' .Nee 1't-, Carl 'a-t s, S-tap's ivory 1 '011 1'-, horn anil bell Cum 1-, llr 1 he-, Coin', 1 Ii niter-, Sealum Wax, -11. sr.l-, Wh reborn-, Pant Strap, l iear Ca-e-, Ki b line and lool.-, Cam-., Cap Sprin r-, Twine. Diets s-iloeks, llyion Collars Ac. .s-atiu, sd nud b, m .17 .!o ri (..-.-, si.nmjer Stocks, . trfs, t. . of 1 ca iiil'd -11 't-s an I rt -h 0 itiern-, linen Collar-, pont'i-1, s, laru and ro 111J, Uyrjn Collar.-, Pant 5;ra,is, s-u-peiuters, tX.e. Toys. f! in-, S.t'uivl, Mxrl'c-, Dill-, I!o.--e-, Ca'cdn raina-, 'I r 1 Has' e -, t'ay'- Piul'ie-, Parlor Ha Is, Hall suts, w-o I y H i-jsn r-o-, Cow, Tops and many clhcr Clnldrcit' 'I oi -. Various Tlilnijs. Diamond CVmeii', S r."i- Sw-.P-, S -row Cushions, wliue Wax, stiver p. 10. ICiove-, li-h -inivt's, Preston ali, At !.i 111 111V Ft- itlaioty, and a Vt ry creat vaneiy ,,r K.lier croo 's. We wo oil tc pivifu'ily inforin our Ir.ends and t-u-itner, an I all pi-r-ons'visitin-r our town, we aieei n-tnnt y a Mini: to irtr a-ort-meiit, and Ilia! 11 never w as bci'.cr 'hail a' preent and u' l.'dl le happy 10 -e!l to tnv who may Ica-e to cab and at prut's 'thai ,-aii hat-lit lad to -ml. Thosn who are ion 10 j a iito.l v ;th t s," w-h o-.r zcr d-an I prices, m-o mviie I to call an I ee lor ibem-e'ves and not ta' o "kear-say stories." Ojrtd cet 1 to secuio ertnaiierit c l-.t.ii.ei-; 10 do ii we ex.teet to uive f nl fi lunlenl for all cash U-H w It tis and 10 -t-ll si-li ymd a- tetr tM-it mtr. will le pVae.l with, win-it they -.t" borne and examine them and take the ' oitd ii.! cr ibouuht." Wat oho-, Cl'--! s an I Jewelrv, e'taned and repair el 1 y expi-ric-iii-t-il v.a-! men. Ca h paid ft r .-dicr. HATS ! HATS ! ! NOHTF.Il t of Superior .Moleskin Hat", of the 1 laiel -Stvl--. just recttied by 31. POPP.. .- une - -, 101 Fiis!iioii:tl!(! lliil. v CASP.S J. it 1!. Kuower's wirrnnted Hat, ebenp ('. f, Jlnv-'T S. II. sffllTS. I LEMONS. I X( POXP.s of I eiiu 11- 111 01,1110 on'er, fi r -ale at , ) I Nw S i.i-1. pi' e an ' I' - 1- hi. ' v I O'.l I '.., Mm- -27. Fill. 1. 1 VI .f. HP A' , f.V lit A SOLS. If II fi 'tired H ic-i .1 1 'lfit anil p am suit i'ar n-ols all pik-ss and coitus, Mav 26. II. W. CATLIX. NOTICE.. fir S v srrr t r w.t ia ft h It rn !t" iliou-and no n.lsil trooil l-lit v w nt (, i ilvtred at H eir . ore. IteaJof Pear.- trcet. P.IiADl.F.Vcv 11VDK. H'trlinston, June i.i, 1SIJ. Uroa li-lntlis Cheaper than cxer. f VHI'; subsertber has jest rcccivetl an assortntent of Cloth, ifcentjv purchased iu X"cw Vorl. al lit tmn. which be oilers for sriht nt such ririccs ns ctttnol inn suit purchaser? I hn m want w II do , II ti. tall on June ;!. 11. W. CATLIX. NEW coons. pi.t'i: I'll.. Homl iiz iie., Crape. O lisl Sill;., heavy 1) Satin Ve.tim;-, Linen mil Ki I Clove-, .suis.-o In-crl in:. Honf.ei Hil.lin-, Artilicinl-, Ilk. Italon Crnva's, Ta' Ic in I U t ta i.i' er-. Cotton Fnno'0, Colton II. -e, tpe. Ac. ;u-t rite ve I, I v!. 1-12. II. W. CATI.IN'. Blaiu'hitrd's Scythes. VLAPttii: so ,plv , f tl e a' oie lelt-l raltxl Seylhet, iiairanicd, tor -ale at tedo el pre-t-. JOI.I.I'IT .'. IIHAI'LLV, Apent. Ol I Hoe' , J uie 21 Lti. CtTdar Posts. 1 flAn('':l)! PO--I', a Ilr-t ra-e nniele, for lUWU .iilo low I v FOI.LI.'IT d-HUAl.Lr.V. Old Poet., 21 June, l-12. Nova Scotia I Master. rpiir, Subscribers are thii day reruviny a fr"sh 1 supply of Xma Seoiii Phste', and will com. mence "rimlins lit their 31 II nt ilio Pal s on Jtonday next. POLLF.IT & HllADLF.V, Hurlinotntt. Mav .11 142. ' F, the rvil mTi it, li.uniir been npioin'.-i I y V the limit ral lethc Pin' ate Co irl for the Pi tr ci of Chiitcndcii, ii'imui loner- lo live ve, cnmme and a ii'fi Ihe claim- nud demand, if a" cr , aBiiuisI ihet'-iaie of John Jehu'e f l! i itt .1, in -ai I tit-iii' I, ' ttea i'd, if rc eit t1 in c ten , Hal al-o all claim, anil di-tnan I- exhi' ut-d in o e tl tic. io; ami six mouth- from l hi iku of hi .!k t- heu-n Inns allow t-l by iai-1 Court for p rpcr, wr do tlierefiire heiit'y ctve noli e, iht te will a en I to llie bume-s of um an onitiii-sii, nt ih. I'wroinj of Warren Hool, innkei-per, in lb r'uiifiiti in aul Pis iricl, on Ibe llnnl .Monday, nf Anc isi nn ' .Noiem'.'er next, ni 10 ii'elnel., A. M, t n each of sni'1 days. ll.ite.1 llil2l-t day i f M n, . ! 1S12. LFTIlHt LO'IMI.-. Coinnits. IlAltltV IIKADI.F.V Montr. TiBOKSKK ATI I K EK ! i f'fF LPS. lave I'tc-o icaiitcis, tii.t reeeivtsl Ol t ' an 1 I rsub '" 'i'I '' '' ihanetir I efoie , dm ' a. U NIXSON. V 1.1 n s 3l.IV!.- V ' It sl la- : "'h K ' Mi, S O.-t r

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