Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 5, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 5, 1842 Page 3
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From the X. 0. ricayunc. Lathst mom Texas. In engagement Uith tlit Me.ricn is- Tho rastriiimins eteamsliip New York, Cant. Wn-lit, armed yesterday morning faum Gal veston, biiitfrtng dates to llio 17th nisi. A cornier turned at Houston from Lipantitlan on llio 1 Itli inst. lirinKitifi despatches front Gen. Davis, commander or the forces at that post, in which tho parhcu'ars of an action witli the Mexicans r detailed. Wo Rive m extract fiom Hit!, ln is' letur lo the Tamil Secrulaty of War, Col. Hockley : HcAn (iUAHTnui, ? Camp I.ipantitlan, July 7, IS 12. 5 This morning about dnyhsiht, Cic enemy seven bun tired strong, cub ml our old encampment, and in n few minutes nil irked us in our now portion, which they hept up fur about twenty minute", and then made nlntv retreat. Three Mexicans weio left dead on the hV!l. and from their trails many weri' drained olf tlicir killed and wounded rouM not have been less than thiriy men. I am happy lo inform yon thai c had not a man either killed or xvoupHrtl. My whole force, including Capt, Cameron's company nf moiinl cdirimmcn,ihd not exceed two hundred men s tho.Me.x ienn force, us I learn from a wounded ptisoiicr, con filled of two hundred rrrttlar troops and' live hun dred Rnneheros, tho whole under tho Command of Gen, Canalcs. The expedition was fitted out for the express purpose of attacking this post. They had one field piece, a four pounder. , . . The Indians arc committing depredations in tho vicinity of Austin. Prom the N. Y. Union. Wahiixoton-, Friday, July 20th, 1S42. The bill regulating enlistments in the Navy of the U. S. was amended on motion of Mr. Calhoun, so as to exclude blacks and mulatto?: from the service, except as stewards and ser vants, ami on motion of Mr. l'rcrton, a provision was inserted, oxclntHnjT this rlas of persons from the Arnw the bill then pisscil. The Tariff Hill was taken un, and Mr. Cal lioun left rpeakin? on ati amendment to reduce the duty on cotton bagging from 8 1-2 to !J cents the square yard. In the House a report was received from the Committee on Indian Affairs, accompanying a resolution Ftrongly censuring Mr. rjpencer of the War Dspartment for refusing lo funish cer tain papers to the committee, localise they wore of an cxparte character, and calculated to injure individuals. The report was, ordered to be printed. The House then went into committee of the whole on private claims. Washington, July .10. A a to the Tariff; a elroiifrer opposition has been made by tho J.oco focos in tho .Senate than wan expected. They have battled every inch of the ground. Tliey have advanced but a small distance yot, and the discussion is likely In be piotractcd. The bill will be finally parsed without a doubt. It will be vetoed, in all human prnbabili!)', by tho Pres. idont ; and the bill that will eventually become the law of ihela'ii will be Mr. Simons' bill lo ducrj to 20 par cent., rfiixing cd valorem du ties on the sycem of home valuitinn, each ar tide being specifically valued in the bill. On theoo subjects I will spe;k more fully to-morrow. The Houc has been engaged with private I l.c both yesterday and to-day. " rii t'larkn-ille, Ala., Chronicle' has nailed its l. a-'-hfal the nanio of Henry Clay for the Presiden cy mltMI. TheLdi'or ;:ivcs llio followii'c laconic naa lure, hie ienons for unfurling the bannci of ihe I i in' -ind sta'csman for that distinguished office, ,i "l,(idu(rvcl!ic tuition, and the notion rioeds Irs seniccs." Tnorm.B Brtf.wiNn in Canuia. The Montreal Herald, niter nutny days scolJing about the administration of tho Government in Canada, says t Tnc pree-nt course of S.r Chides Ilapot demon strates with the completeness of miihi matical de mon" muni, that the Government ol thi colony can not be cat i ii J on hy a ininisny fnirned according lo the usiae- of the mo hi.r country. This is all true. Tho "mother countty" cm never govern, properh , so extrusive and rapidly increasing a country as the Cauadrts. The Canadas would be a great deal belter off indcpptidant of "the niotlir country," with we independant trade of the Canadas. N. V. Express. Fmr. at'Poi'kiiam, Mo.- Snip riir.s.T. We learn from ths Brimswe'i-er Cfln. ths- x broke out m the sh'p yai J of John Oofifioy.; . ol Tuphvn, on 'onti.i af.rr1.a3n lt-t, and tprtui (from l(.t fire un the 6tnm box) by mrtn:, of ihnv.H", te. to a fine new ship cf-iOCl ions, onthi efeU arrl nearly comph''cd. The woikninhad hi'-A- time torteape. It tv o ho'irs t!i- sh.p v. as lurni lo ri nountl noth in." '.r itiir t ived, oiti no i.-mjn.n-e u', iur. Th ship as sh s m.J wn- va'."I , , is rjon, and the . rrotrrpart of iIim 1 is fal' on "Sr. fiolfrey, the coii.'i actor, who had ihc largosi it.t,in in Iter. A'. Y. Courier. Wr.ATHT.rt And Chops. For the laet two weekn we hsd an abun'l-ncp of rain, and niiM air, which has given an impetus to the rrowtli of the yourg corn eeldoTi wincssed in t1, - section nfths country. Our farmers have Cf'iumenced their wheat ha-vuM, which i thought to be more abundant in this country, than it las been for nnnv years nroviouf, : and more boaunful fields never been seen neither rust, blight, or mildew, hiving tnado their appearance. May the hearts of ntir indus trious and enterpriBini f.irmrr bo rejoiced by iiueudu; -rit-b in ni lrKoi to it.pinneraie thir care and toil. From the Ma'if. (O.'.i'o) J-f. sersnnian. Wheat. We learn that nnunu"iallytnrcc amount of wheat was sown last full and thi" spnng ln Vfr mont, v est of the mountain, and in Saratoga. Tir ns. tel.-ir and Culumlua counti"s, m this t.tato. Until iviiiiiii mu i iai u u years me tame sections produce I wheat in great nbundince, but the prevalence of tho " " i ,11 jl, If IJI. ,J ,if. I , rn nilnnnnn TU f. .1 ,.. ... ... vil lias disappeared from tliis sectiim of the country and taken ur it? mar h for tho Wi -t. They hue therrfore ogaiti conimniced the cultivation of wIk at, and the crop thi year proinies to bovrrv ahundint. In Addison and Ituthnd counties-, Vt. it i estimated mat ni-any i-uuhuii v.m.n v i , , ue r.ii-,ei i,r tne home ronsutuption of those, oounti,-.. SitatuL'-i and Co. lunibia counties in this stato will produce a lar;re am't fch, and nearly every f,irmr m Heussthi-r wdl raie,. a sinall quantity makimr, in the arerci;ate no ineon sidcraUe amount. In tho Southern part of this coun ty and tin Northern part of Columbia county tho nrncni.n frtr r... :. :i. , . , i J .. cedent. Troy HVii. There is n very c.xtcnsivo wheat crop in this region, and the growth is unusually fine. Rut wo are sorry to learn within a fow days, that the insect is making serious havoc. Wc know not how wido tho range of devastation may bo; hut wo know of several fields in this neighborhood that prom ised very fiir throo weeks since, which will not now pay tho haivest. Tomperanco Mooting, An adjourned mnetinjoftho Younc Men's Teniperanco Society, will ho held at the Court Ilousr. this ewninp, at 8 o'clock. Tim nilOStion Of lilt) CXIlodll'llCV and rierlif nf T.o. pislatvii interference m the suppression of me; vje-uoi iuieuiicranco win tin discussed. J. M. ALLEN. Sec. pro tern. C. C.TiuaLniGit will lecture on Temperance on haiurelay eveninsr next, at half.past eeven , i i . fiavory uu aiiimav next, at, ;i o clock A. M., at B in tho aftcrn06n, and at 8 "'""'Ki at tho Court-House. Mairiruotfl ' Al. .Fort Crawford, Prair.o du wisrnn,in icrrnory, on ino in July, .cut. n ii 'j,,,,,,, i U. S. Infantry, to Helen Schuy er vn ,nI t J,'i , rr of the lato William TipiH.!!1'1;; Bascll In this town on Saturday, the 30ih nf J., William Stearns, m tho52d year of his age. Printers in Ohio, Penn. and N. Y. are requested, exc. In this villngc, on tho 2Gth ult. Sarah Maria, only daughter of Charles P. and Maria S. Allen, ajed two months and one week. i In Indiana, on tho 2d ult. Henry II. Mouhhrop, ofed 24 years, formerly i f tins town, VOTE ON THE TARIFF. riur.Nus oiM'uoTr.cTio.N look attiiisi r.vmiv Locoroco, r.xcr,t'T oxr. against l'ltOTUCTlON, AND r.VHllY W1IIC1 KXCUl'T A it.w .souTm:uNi:it,s roit it. judoi; yh to WHICH PARTY TO LOOK b'Olt PltOTIXTlON TO YOUR WOOL AND YOt ll L I10Ii 1 The following iiro thu yeas nnil nays. Yi-as Jlcsirs. "Ailanj, Allen, LandalV W. An drews, S. J. Andrews, Appklon, Ainokl, Acri;r, II iheock, llaku. llainard, l'atlon, Ihidseye. Ulair, lloa.ilinan, liorden, 1'jtls. lhiays, llrockway, liron son, Jeiemiah 1'iowti, IunhII, Calhoun, Thomas J. ( ainphell, Clulii, ( liitlciHlin, John C. Clar!., Sta lay, N. Claik,. lames Cooper, Cowen, Ciaust.iu, Cra vens, Cushiil:', (iarret Dau, Juliu Kdwauls, ICvctctt, I'Vs'eiuhn, I'Mluiore, A. Lnwriiici'. l'oti'r, dates, Ocntrti Riddnms, (Soptm, I'atiuk O. (Joodo, f.'ra linm, tJianwr, tireui, Hall. Hal ted, llownnl, Hud son, JoH-ph I! lni'eiFoll, Jonics IrNin, W. W. I rv in, Win. Cost Johnon. luac I). Johns, John I1, Ken nedy, Lane, I, inn, AIcKi'iinan, Thomas I'. Marshall, Samson SI isnu, Malluot Maltocks Maxwell, May n ird, Mo ire, Slorcan, '..oir.s, Moriow.Oslionie, Ois. ley, l.irmenler, l'earce. I'liuII, ton, Pope, I'owill, ltiiiusay. I'elij iniin It.indull. Alexander Randall, lta,, dvldi. Ri 'gen ay, Rodnry, Win. Rusell, Jaiuts M. Rurerll, Sallonstall, t-hi ppenl, HiiiioiUoii, Sladc. Tin man Smith, Rollers, Spuug, .Stanley. Siukc y, Strat tou, Alexandi r H. H. Htuail, .'oliii T. Stuatt, Sum mers, Taliaferro, John It. Thompson, It. W. Thomp son, TilhtiRhast, Tolan I, Toinhnson, Tnplell, Trum bull, Underwood, Van Rcns.M'Iner, Wallace Washing ton, I'.dwaul I). White, Jovpli L. White, Joseph L. Williams, York, A'-iisti" nuir, John Younir, llfi. n; Me isrt. Ami glon, Attic-ton, P.eejan, Hid lack, l!aek, Itnwne, Hold, lireustcr. A run V, liinwn, Milton Hrown, Charl Ibown, lluike, h'ainpou H. Iliitl, r, William Puller, Wil am O. liutiir, fJrem W. Caldwell, Palrie I. . Coldvitll, John t ninpliell, v, i hain I!. C.impliell, Caruther", Cary, Casey, Chaiiman Chfloril, Clinton, Coles, Maik'A. Cooper, Croi-j. I ,111 icl, Richard II.HaM1-. Dawson, Dean, Dnln nv.Doan, Dole", l'.astinan, John C. 1". Iwirils, I'filuTt, John . Kloyd, Charles A. Klovil romance, Thomas l Cos ter. Gunlile. (iurv. Gdnitr. William O. (Joode. tj'or- don, Ci u t i i io, lauin, Hnheisham, Hams, ll.istinus, Hays, Holmes, I topKins, iiouck, nuiismn, iiuinru, Hunter, C. J. lngersoll, Jnek, Cave Jo!mon, John W. Jones. Keiin, Andrew Kennedy, Kins, Lewis, Lit tlefidd. Ahraham Me-Clellm, Robert McClellan, Me - Cay,, Mallory, Marclianil, Allreei .Marhiiall, JnhnTlioinpsnn Ma-on, Mri'lu-ws, Medill, Meriweth er, Miller, Mitelu-11, Newlnrd, Palridse. Payne, Pick, eni, Plumcr, Re!id,Ilediui!, Reneher, Reynolds, Illicit liiwrs, Rorrrs, Roosrxilt, Sjanford. Saunders, Shaw, Shields. Win. Smith, Snyder, Steeniod, Sumter. Ja'eih Thompson, Tuiney, Van lleren Ward, War ren, Walterou, Wellrr, James W. Will.iiup, Christo pher 11. Williams, and Wood 112. EIurHHKicra FerKati: fiiii::tti:ivy. rpHi: School year isehv.ded into two tettus of 22 i. weeks each! one eoniinem ir." the first Wednes day cfMiireb: i'n ollul, ll.o ilmd Widne-day of Stj.ti mher. The charge lor hoard and tuition if yO p.T qtinrif r of II w-Csks, or t;C,0 per tetm of 21 wc ks An aiiJi'mna i half - ol 2o cents is mtide for tho inci dental ixpinn' ol ihe school. H x t n a Uiiaugcs. r.fusic on the I' -per quarter, $12,00 Tlir InMrurin iv f-'r piactice, 2,rfl Diav. iug and Paiiit.og, fi.Ou Trench, at Prof, liouchcllo's charge, 5,30 Latin, 3 00 The IiIumc elep.irlmenl is under tho euro of Profes sor Windnidlcr of Get many. 'lies Le e is ibTcuKtbat pupils from abroad sbe.tild b.ard at ilieN-imnary. Aside liom other advantages, the unsurpassed beeuty and htalllifiilness oi tho situ auon tender it in il-vlf desirable. Hoard has been reduced to " per quirier. The School is not soctauan, bat tho Principal hopes cor to feci that she educates for tternity. Hatlituton, Ausust 1st, le!. K nticc. nHE Copnrtnerthip heretofore cxistin under the 1 fiim oi STtSL': A. Hu t. , is this day dis'-dved by mutual consent. The business will he er.ntiiiutet liy I. STCEI.i:. at the old etand. i.t her of the rallies are at liberty to use tho namo o( tho film in closing tho uucinctrf. .iHMAii :siiii.t.i, Wm. A. HILLS. N. 15. All persons lming tuistttlcd accounts or Notes due. are notified that 'they must be settled or arranged previous to the first day of Se tember nesl, or they w ill bo lift with an Attorney for colli etion. ' ir-csl .,1 C?'1,,S,-I Ts W.m. A. HILLS. HinesburRh, Aug. 1, 1S12. the Hon. ihe Ptoinlo Court for the Diir.ct of t'liitlende-n, coinmiioneri to receive, t.viiiunc ar.d .-, the rliuii - ,ind eii in ,nds of all persons, n.alnst t!ie esia'e of Lphraim Sines Into of Jericho, in s ml Di'-iuet, de cctm d, lepu nted intnlvent, and also all claim and ii inands cxh.'u'i d in o)!! et thereto ; mid i in mh-i Iroin the tiny ol the d.i'o h'Teof, beiu alloA'td liy wi.d couit for that puipose, we do llare fore be'r, bv pive notice, that we will attend to the lui'i'ie: i of our apnointt.u'nt, at tV dv cUm? of J! ntriu Sinn, in Jmeho, m said District, on tho 2d Mondays of Srjde ml er, I Vceuii.ei'anil January nct, at 10 o'clock, a. "I., on '"eii of tv. I lavs. Dated, th.s Ii day of July, A. D. 1RI2. J. C. IHLI.; Commis- TlltriAN OALY-HA , sioncrs. XvrEthe stih'cribcrs, Invms boi-n annointed by V the H"n. Probate Court foi the District of Chittenden, rammisuonnrs to ic.-cim-, examine and adjust the L'ninis .nrl denniuN of all pert ms, nTain-.t theestateof L Y.V.I. V iir.IlCHF.n, hie nfllmcs huri!!i, m ta d Df-irict, dma-ed, n pi.-ser.te.l insil ,'nt. Dntl clo n'l e anus and demands exhibited in oflM thereto j and six months from the dav of thu date here."!, bei ,a allowed hv i aiJ Court for mat pur nose, we do berehy tie notice, that we will ntteud to tho business of our appoinimcnt.atthethve! iniif r.lmer le.-c-nrr, in M mi siiuriirt, m i ain jJistuct, on th'- firtt Moucliy ol IJetotie r next, at llio clock, A. n. Dated, this 2011' div'nf May. a. ii. 1M2. jeWEl'll MAlsn. ) L'omtnts IWMAX .'. SMJTU. J sioncrs. JOR SALI. nt a small advance fioui Coal i. oO hils. LokwooH, EO " Nicwfiuil, S-i " Cnmwood, 2a " H'-dwoud, 2i " ru-itic, 10 " Alum, h " Madder, 0 kegs No 1 r.mery, 20 " Indu-i', G cases Uefini'd l! ra-. rOLt-ETT et IlnAPLCTS. AiiS. 5, IB 12. W O I$ S3 . J 00 CORDS GOOD fur tale by DRY HARD WOOD G. PLTERSON. narhngton, July 2", II2 FO!t SALK, At tho ClKiii) Cash S'ook Stove, ritllK M-.W WORLD. containm2"Mont.r.v Has i heis" bv James "Tho Lottery or Lire" by the Countess of I!!esinrrlon. also, tho "i'ori-.nt Lin:," a laic woik by Jits. f.'laru, author of llio .iic itomc. vj ijiuriitnrcn. July 2, 1912. D. A. URAMAN BUTT Kit. A FIRST RATI: article of Tabic Rutter in small x v or large nuautircs, for tale hy ' II. W. CATL1N. A'. 1, 1S12. Jt&. 'V n I , I. t . li!!!r4 A HOUSE on Maiden l.ano. Hnquiro irlul--fV of A. ATWATTJt. New Gootls Again. QATIN STRIPr.l) cn M.LYS, H'tio t'l.ick Silk. 1 1 I ,)., ft.,,1 11.1 11 1 T - - . V 1 ,(..- ."f-" " 'in "null, ,3, .ll IV, ,'Ullllll, and Cap Ribbons- Hest FitKitGlov'tsand Mils, Par asols t Luietii Lile Tiiriadi Cotton Lii-ht and t.i. ,-.J ri t. i . iJ.-til. laii'visi i,tio .UUVUI14; uisunp i.nwas Cotton Hose i Suspenders,) Noodles i Cjrpu Hind injis j 1 lucid, iVc, all ery chesp bv Au;. I. II. W. CATL1N. Pons .-mil Coilbp. FRrH supply of Teas and Cofllo of superior V quality, j ist ioccivcJ and for sale ns cheap as the I'lunuc, 1... 11 v e'l'l'l IV cheanesi. hv Auif. 1. 1SI2. .j IVnm V..,..-V, 1 TN Chnreh-H, Jt e'Oiid eloor lib.w HnwnrelV. The - siii'M-riirr will o'er lor inle-, tit win le-alu or re. tan, a Hock id neh I 'ml rouleries and Pulley lieiods on aecount e f II. C. JMoere, hy whom they h.ivu ticeii purenasiil tit atioinui iliimiu thopicsent jejuon IheL idioi e,f ihiHi.lnce w,ll liu I ilo. a c-noele.i,. portimity e.l mpplynitt il,eiii.,ly,.s with articled in llifi. inn. unii , ,' t-i I :...!. I... .i -"- w nit- ii, ii-i-M i-eiiinurrai'lV less than oidinary. 1 luy nru rrsp,.,tMlj. ,iimi1 t?, fet eel I ut fur u lew iki ys. 1 1 . '1 11 0.M A S . ITh'ASS ty GRAIN SCYTlUihT SUPL'HIOR pnltnt eont-dvu te-ll m-jiIic, inanutac-turi-d by J. Farw-tll tt Co. Fitchbiiifli. Mass, and warranted. 1), DAVIS. Al.-o filtOCl.'UIF.S, wet anddry, u cood asorlineiit, l i:U Y MA UK CLOTIIIXC, fie,.,, Ihe ? own t Ihe hejil to i-olo ol the lout, riMVIi Ktxliviiff (am y Iraud, a snj. nrlule. EL OUR. IRIvSH Ground (lour received this day and for salt by Moy 20. 1). DAVIS AHJCTION SAILED. rPIIF. followins property, belnniring to tho estate of X LHW1S L .MAN, lato or Hartford, deceased, sit- intiil on tho OnipompolioosiiMiver, in Norwich, Vt., will liotdleicil tor sale a! miction, on the ptcmisi s, on tho 17th day of August next, nttwoo'cloi Ii, tiftetnoon 17. 1 A Grist and Saw .11 ills : Carding and 0 Chitting Works, with the lieccarv loo's nnd apparatui for wotkiw the -.lino! NOIL MILL, M ClltM: SHOP, mid a TRIP-H U1MLR III.ACKSMITII SHOP, the water pnvrejii' fir said M IU nud with thu Mill Due llin:: ilouse and (rarder, a I, ,iiiiiit. Also, five one Stun DicUling I louses' w ith tlio usual uanlens lo e nr-li, anil aliunt SO VCRI'.S nfiteiod lill'i?" laud. S,d I prop, rl v will he edli'ied m pints, orllic whole tojjethel, lis wi'lbo niinouiictJ at the tunc id sale. Terms ol sale, 20 per cent, down, or on eh liminpr the elte els, the lemaiiielet ill live animal pa vim nts v ilh nnmiul interest. MRY It. LYMAN, .Icm'-i' cue (tiinnlKin to Minor luirs. Mil'. I.VtlAV . . . GLORGI'. LVMAN, j'Wma Julv 5, mi. NO TIC II rpiIK subscriber has lilted up hi-) factory in tl iibct i maimer, and is pre pan el to e .ee eili till eirdersin his hue to lhi'snlifaciioiiofciiotoiui rs. 1'ulli el Cloths mixed, an I coloieil,eXc. aln, l'lanniN, m inufactured nud drtfSi d on shares or by llio yanl, on tho best Icinis, and in the lest in.iinier. HORATIO HARNLY. Jericho Centie, July HI, 19 12. lxnucKMiwr. T TA"V AM) YARIOI'S nto the ways of elispos l'.iiinr of Jloncy but nono for the tnonirnt seems to be bo ndvainaire-ous to the subeiilier a" lo put it in to Ins handsaa ihe aeentof lhePe-ople and take thele fur S'li'h useful, he'aiinfiihnud on, ami tital receipts it ate of the handy workmanship ofatt now coilieted from all thu several ilocrii lions of Auierie-an .Mami I'.ietures thcieby at tho saiue'iiine pn. ntif tueotitaeTc ment throueh his receivim;aud iliitrihutmeeinporiuiu to the Labium-;, Agricultural, Mciiiiif.u-ttiiinu, Tia elm!.', and Ciimmcreial interest or the whole commu nity wine h h hoped will not he Last off from hut yet iccrivo thu fosleiing caie and patrnnatrc of our pub lic .Si'i vault whom v.e unitedly call the (iovcrtiment and allof whiel, and when nceoinpli-dicil m strict uc-e-ord.iiiee with the itbove' suettestioin will proie limb IV n-ncnciai to me nirL'es.i iweomiilisiiineni nt ihi'tiro- crii'me mint of uilillict nnil ioi'iiiatie iiunrmi. ment or the atu and thu to all the patrons uf the .Money Stole In pt by HOWARD. uncap i. ash store .miy u. TIIKNtlW CASH STORK. KHIl-'U .mpplv of new '11111 ih-utrnble Gtmds, is i- cxti- i te l by Tom irtow's lloal linn In.i ,1 at X. Y. thenresent W, 1 1 id will be told, m IISI'At. at n small aiht-tiee 1'iuni .'. Y. prices Ainung v. Will I'l' loiimi, I'lniti nun hi'el Parasols etf every vauety, SeotihCiinv'iam. and ImilHlion, Umbullas, I'lo'-anee Hi aid, Modura and Straw Poiiuote, Kii-b llonuet Itiidion", Do Cap nnd Nr. k do. Ladies Fillelt Gloits nud Mitts, La' Jlosrll Pan. I'lcnrh woik'd (Jedlars Rich Tim ad Laces, Muslin I'.djjmssand Insertions, Cainbnek do. do. 1111;. nud Cold' Silk Fnnge-3 fcr Drtse, Silk I'nneesfor Shawls, Curiam Fringes, Rub Dress lltindkfsarid Cravats, l-'mc Linen Cambrie.ks, do. .do. Handkfs, Rich Prmti 'l French muslins, Plain Col'd l.awni, .Mous'ine De Lames, ("bailey, n beauoful assortment, , A ctea't Vail' ty of Hosliry, 151k' Laee Veils. Pile' S.'k Lace for do. Scotch ttmuhatri', Fiench, I'.n-;. and Anuricin Prints, I'urnitiire C.ilico. Gent. Lt'ihorn Hats. do. Lisle Thread Glove do. Silk do. do. I'eslHosk n do, ' Artificial Shell Side Combe, Juiv 23, isia. wm. nuRi.ritrr. N. II. iood Tabic Hutttr will beree'd in cxthance loi Goods. yVAV Ail) VALUABLE HOOKS. "P F.Ci;!T.IUliiwiek.andfeir saleat tho liuok- 1. store nf the Sul'setiber. H-'Uih.ys Poll.tical Works 3 Yo. Cloth. Gil tons --'urt'cry2 Vedj. Infant Scb'.ol Manuel, Dati di-on's Phv--io!ogy, 2 Vuli. Hist and Wist 2 Vol. Reel nil's Ui netnl Anatomy, Pnnenifi's tlistury C K. II story uT Am. Hoard of For. Mi. Yo'in'i t Pieidcnt Kehvarel's U'orki 2 Vols. RoliMi'ons Greik and Lexicon, . Noiilliemieis ' 'oncoid nice. ' ambrid.'" and Savbrouk Platform, Pai tiers Lectures on Uiiiversalbtn, llutlcrs Works 1 VjI.SVo. Robinsons Palestine. Tennyson's Poems 2 Vols. Woods on Perfection, Pond on ihe ( hi.reh, LMwariN on the Will, Si-irs IUc L'lo'-rar.hy. July 2i, 1J12, V. A. TIR AM AN. "if 7TC the subs ribcrs, having brcn rrpotntrd by v the Honorable the Pie.1 ate Court fir the Dis trict of Chittenden, ciimiiii:-sioiitr- torei-ii'-iyxaniiue ainl ailpist the 1 l.uinn and eh iiiamls or nil persons, ai!iiiit ihe I'Stalii of John I!. Cnlkms laleof llincs brrgh m said District, dccinscd, rcpresi Hied tnsol v nt, and also nil claims nnd demand- exhibited 1:1 o!l'-el thereto! and six months from tho day nf the date hereof, lieinjr nllowixl I y raid Court for that pur- poe, we do thinloro lureby rive nonce, mat wo will alti-nd to the bus-mess ei'fuur nppoinltoetn, at the dwellmgnl Widow Jeri'sh'a Call, ins m Hinesbtiiph in eaid Dintict, on the Third Mondays of Oeluberand January-next, i:t 10 o'cloek, A. M. ein e.ach of said diys. ' Dated, this 12th dav of Julv A. I). 1M2. AI'Gl SITS McLLT V ; Cunniis SM1TH NOllLL sionets. LLIZAHLTH liROWNICLL'S F.STATK. VV! 1. lhi S ib'i-nbers, havin:: been nppoii)led by the Honornble theProbateCouitlor the Distiiet of Chittenden, commissioners to ree etvi', examine and adjttn the claims and demands of all persons, against he estate of Khzaheth Rrownell late of Cohbester in xid Dittict, deceasec, nprce-nted msolvrnt, and also all claims nntl demands exhibited m tdbct the nto; and six months front the day of the date hereof, hi iny allowed by r aid Court for that purpose-, wedo there. lore lien b .tve notice, that we wt'l attend to tho b'is,ii'f s oi our appointment, at the dwelling of .lames PI nt 111 Colehi sier in said District, un the Second Mondays or September and January next at lOu'clock A. M., i'ii ' ach of ?aid el.ivs. Dated, this 5th day of July A. D 1R12. CD'S. COLLINS )Commis JOSLPII COLVr.ll 5 eioiute. A X IMP O R T A N T V () R K. rnin: i.ivr.s and timls of "Tin: unitld I UtlSIIMAN." Hy Dr. R, II. .Madden, author uf "Travels in the casl,"eX:c. eVc. This valuable and iuli resting work, now in tho London pres, will bo pubhslud on tho 1st. of Augu't, in K.xlra Nuiiibe rsof tlieNew World, the tiroi'tic tors expecting toiccttvu the ptool theeis by the next Cunard steamer. It will I'ontam pattictilars never before made public, re'pectiug the plans, object nnd conduct, ofthe"i:Nn'i:DI!tlsnMAN"-tbe means by their nereis we 10 heitaved to ihe liovirn ment. and their measures In, tr. tid. Ill the collec tion of the mitcrnK winch involved llio libor of many years, Dr. Aladeleii made! three vims lo the l.,iilf Sl.itis, and obtained lmpoililit elm 'iiuetits and information from the survivors of iho I'mtid Iri-hmaii, who had here sought and foutul ilu Iter. Thcro is no period in tnoiUrn Instoiy more ripleto Willi siuttiif; ami pathi tieiueidiiiis, than thai nl t lie famous ni-callid "Itih Ri billion" of 17'I9. It fur Imbes ihe llelu st 1,1.1,1 lull lor lotnatilic nariativc Stufe entered into the homcsof men, nnd Danger was piesiiit nt the rfiiesides. Rut it is imnecissary to enlarge upon a topic, the mention of which is enough to excite the i-oh'i t leade r. Dr. Madden' work will meet the tno.-t highly roid expectations, and bo re ceived with umursal f.ivor. H ' The above Work will be for salo at D. A. UltA MAN'S ROOK STOHF, 111 Ihithngton, iiuinedtately onus publication, where also tubcriptioii lo tho "m:w woniii" ore received. r COFl'FV. MILLS. "NCHI'ASh WILSON'S Co'leo Mills, a vcrv su I. perior .,,11. le, f"r salt' l y W.M. .1. III.NT. wiiti: cloth. ATO. 1. 1. ul No. Pi Ii 011 Who '' Ih. m-t re-eivcei 1 i WM. J. I1F.N P, Jij io, Mri'llg I'lilI'llngjUeilirilt ei. CANADA MAIL. Tly a recent arraii'Tinrut of tho Department, the I'xehaii 0 unico ni iiigiu .ii ii " "-.I" ei llutbni'toii, whtro n mail is made of for Moutrra lady. (Siiilaysrxrtpttel,)at 1 P. M. nn I elesjialcbeel ""'... . 1,.. .1.. nosiiiri iiirnl ilu, rr-fodar Imiebetwini lloston and .Mimlrial is but two days, Udbitvveinthe latter City and llurlingtoti, only ten ' Post Musim in llu Stair, nnd cast, will please ike notico of t'ns ai range ment, and govern tlieiu. olvrsaeceirdingly Tim Caliaua mat arrives iper nai, innoui 1, nun . nera to bo mailed it ftiuhngton, thoulilbo deposited n tlio office byGP.M III li 1 1 Hutline'O"! JUI UNITllD STATKS DISTltlCT COURT Vermont Btislicrl. IN UANKIUJPTrY. Nollre (n tsltcAW-uu r nt;nlimt S'ftlim nf IV ItAMHII PU tosliow caiite tmaiii'l in tinon olJ.ishna Item "Jr. ol lliurliur!,''i in said i id, at theOll'u eol Sain- Di-iii, I. to1' d. -WH I' in I Punt.", Dull, .'t Ju Hit I mtpi h t, in sa: 1 D.e- trie I. em W In lay, t .11 1 1-, IU, A. M. ,x VM:ilUPli to slu,w i ntife af'inst tieliiionof Lvtiuil Pill 'ol I" i'LonIoii in -aul Dis- I'ird. to be (b'thicl Hal uit, i.t lb. Oll'ieceif Sanni'l PlIIIIIOK. Di-ti . t Jlllll ur1 1, iinpi her, in said District on . Ier hy, ' If.l ,1. 1U, 10. A.M. IV IIAXICI1II I'l YklVvt .how cause naninal pelilion of Aimer Poll.iriVVJj term said District lo l.c in i'ian ii ii inieini ii OKjeeuf alnuil Prill- tin. Di-tri. t.Ii d r,n s-i,d Distliel. on Ws be si i)', ,i;nil M. IS I1AM IU PTCV -N e lo show raiife auain"l n, niion nl .Mi, 1 Cm I.. i of item in raid I i-- tiiet lo bed' hi d .inktupl1 ihe e.irii'e of Sain- in I Prcnli'", Disiiiet Jlid Miuilpi her, in "aiel District, on Weilnesl n, MT.i, IRK', 10, A. M. l.V I1ANKRI PTC Y iXnlu'o i show cause apainsl petition ol -n,noilt',e'Kveiodof 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ilj t r 1 1 in said l)itii I lobed. .l.nielvl'.kuii t, ntlhe olllrc of S.iitiii'l Printi-s. Di-I'iet JL'1"0' 111 J'nntpilirr, in '.l".d I)II1CI,0I1 WcJlU.dlTleUiiUSt'Jl, HI2, 10, A. M. SIMHOS' rfH.15!iiii3lon, in said D.strict, to be dcclaieil lianl.Vli at the offie of S.imnil Pre ritiss, I)itrict Jui'.Vjfm Monipi l,i r, in said Dis tuet. on Welni'sdav, .flv-i't 'R. 1 10, A- M- MAHK Afli'A't', otT ell I" tir, msiiid Durcl, to le deelatid l! ut lb" i filee of Sjiniifl Plelltiss, Pi-'riet in M inip. ! r, m aaid Aui'ii-tai, Pi 12, 10, A.M. 1 x, m r i d Dinrie t. lo Illtrti-t. on . ! .lonx s:a.r: be eh ,-latnl I! i i-'s ruj i tl .'"(lice of Samuel Pri n- ti-s- Hi tri' t Jnel lil.'i.lin 1 .-r, in sml District, on Wtdn. -ilay Aiii; nil, M?, 10, A.M. HF.N.W MIS. PIH'.I l',of.M',i..rpli. in siiel District. lobe elei-hned P.m.1," i't, at Hie l';:iee ol ;aimu 1 Punli-s, Disttiet Jiiu m Mmupi Iur, in suid Dis irtcl, on Widnesilay, Aulii-i 31, 10, A. M. ROSU'I'I.L M. SINCLHIt, id Westford, in said Distiiet, to la the. un! l'ntikrtipt, nt the Ollice of .S.nnu' 1 Pni.tisu, l)i Mn t Jiiu.' . m Monlpel'i r, in said Disc, net, on Wedie ', lay, A gust 31, 1512, 10, A.M. FISIH5R TIIAYFR, oniurliniton. in said Dilrict. to be eleebni d I!atikrupt at the Ofiiee of Sainiu t Plelltiss, District Ji.ilftc, in Montpehi'i', t,i nd Dis tiiet, on Wediiesi'ny, Ausul 31, 1312, 10, A M. HF.NRY IIOARD.M AN, Jr., of Ls-ex. ut said D.s trie I, to be declared I'ankrupt, at ihellffieen! Sam uel Pienttss, Diitriet Jtidt'e, in Monipehei, in said tnet, on Wrdnesda), August 31, 1042, 10, A. M. JOHN C. JACKSON, ol Underbill, in miA District, tube deehtul I'ankrupt, nt the Ofiiee of Samuel Pri miss, Distiiet Judeo, in Motilpi her in said Dis ttiet, on Wednesdav, Aiijiust 31, PI.', 10, A. M. LF.ONARI) M. DIXON, of I'lideihill, for Ins Dis charM' anil Certificate ns I'ankrupt, at the Court House in Rutland, m said Distiiet, on Finluv, the seventh day of October, A. I). 1? 12, at 10 A M. SYLV! STKR H. WOISDI'.N, of f.ssex, for his Dis eharoi! and Certificate ns I.'ankrupt, at the Court House in Rutland, in ; ud Disiiiet, em Friday the Ffvrnth day ol October, A. 1). 1312, at 10 A. M. DAVID TYLI'.R, or L-se.v, for his !)icharpe and Certificate a", at the Couit Hons in Rut land, in sa d Distiiet. on I'riilav, tl.c tcMiithday nf October. A. D. 134.' at 10 A.M. ROYAL RHLRMA". nf Isex. for his Dirliatre and Certificate as I!anl,"Jpt, at the Ceuut I.'ousem Rutland, in said Di-'net, un Friday, thu seventh day of October, A. D. K!!2, at 10 A.'M. NOTICE. pVTotiec is hereby riven that I have lelinq'iiMied to i-N my run, Pamu' I T. Wib-nv, the residue of Ins minoriiy tlui In; is at full bin rty to ret & contract bis own' benefit, nnd that ilnll hereafter claim none of hi'.' earnings or hold myself ieionr le for his d.bis. IZIiKNrCZF.R WILCOX. I' s'X.Julv-20. 112. I. ihe ' 'ri' er ,l;aviu:-1 'cn nipemi'i-.l 1 y tl.e l Hun i.i'!i tb" Tr"! ate Court lor tin' Di-iriit of "ii 'terden, cotiitni -',,!:. in n-ceive, exaiiune and adiii-t the claim- ande' Is of all it on-, nirainM 'ate of llen-auun Adam , late id Mthoti ht -aid Oi-trn, de -easel, repreriiMte'd in olvcnt, an I hl.-ei a'l claims an I deiuands exhil iiel ino!-it iluu-'.oj nnl i.x mr'n'b-from tb" eiiy nl tin due hereol, I eJ inr by,sai I couit for that pnrpi se, we do theio fore herel y'civo tioiiie', thai we v.-ill c!:en I to 'ho 1 usuie si e f appiuu'iiii'iit, at tho ilwrllinp- ol V. c. J.Adam , m Milmn ni -aid Ih tiiel, nn iln-15th day e,t Septe'n! cr next, ut 10 imJui-1.-, A. M. Dated thu 25th diyot May, A. I). 1812. JOil.'s J ACKSON, ) Ci tnmis- Ll.IJAIl III ltl!ICIC,S -ioneri. APPitnxvjcT: Y..TKn 170R PAPKR 51AKINn.-A s,r.,n2 benlihy hoy, X abojt 10 to IH years of ase, mtendin? to won. foi Ins hi in.;, may fmJ 3 cooA ijiji..riuitn v bv :ipd inr io JunoB. C. GOODItlt II. I HtltlllPI'. OA OOiO FT. Comuirn Pine Hoards, ZVX)0J 10.000 rt.e'earelo. do. ICO.OOOft. inruco do. for fctilc by It. W. CATI.IN. SELECT SCHOOL. Till! next term r.r the Milti ;j Classical Stlvct Sen. 'i.I. will oi mnicu.-e 111 Mnneiay, August 15. Term- per 'pi.u t'-r In 111 .'.'3 to f; . Roard may I e ed tamed m te-1 c'.al to families, lor 151,25 per wick. C. TAYLOR, Principal. Milieu, July SO, e812. fiw" Has just returned again from jXcw York. rsxili; New (tool- are li t arriving, anio, g which .1. uri' K.iiie nf the b'v.e t ptuvd arlnle ever 1 c l.'re I no'.vn, ,tu. I nil are a el i u-i :i'- f old I ciV'-ire I. ilillinm nriicle ,s,,,., a- llomut .T.uli-on M-t-lin I Iovuti an I l!i' ! i,ii ne.v Ciiliciv 11,10 M 'Sims -oil Miavvls, II .kl-.,'-, Mil-, II, 1 icry, I.m i-i I'.iti-, Para-nl ., i.e-. iX-'. m all the varie'y and ftvb iniagnial v nnd a- he ,ol. nulv for nioiiey, the id ii'ei nl 1,'iyins i.'"od of the Pee ps''s A -e-tn (liiev-t ran 'e' I il'y a'fauiol, viz. 1 f iri'tmu the hu:l.i;-l r..i' lit rash. ,v ll.v.iiue tint il:r nrc lulu bilhn-l, 110:1111 for it 1 l.i-iii, Ili.tkiU'.' .1 sure nre.llt lo ll.o pur clia-rr ol 10 j cr inn a.'.v.iuljc 111 tin- tra Ir, by np- p. Vi11v.1t HUVYAICI'S "Cheap Cash Storr, 20 July, 'M. AMERICAN HOTEL AND C:i5NI5KAl, STAGIi IlOUtiti, UUItLINCiTON, VT. rpiI15 stibseribei having leased this well known L Until, wuiilil eivr lutiru to Ins frte 11 Is .Mid the tiavtlhug public, lint no pains will I c spared em hi pan to n.niio it i'i ai to any cslaiilisiinu lit 01 th kind in thu Country. From a lot'" extHiience in th bu inis.i, he Haiti rs liuiifelf he shall in tib'e to give i-.iiiuiucuuu 10 uu w 110 luiiy uvoi inin wuii n can. S. W. TAYLOR, Riilliivton, July 11, Tlf "jRF.SH Teas nnd Dry Groccne , Just re- - ivi 11 nuu lor 1,111: low nv June 3d. LOVLLY et SFYMOUR. Ctt(MIxi:i5Y. A I.ARGI-: and splendid nn-orttuctit of Croi In ry ol s.iiew-11111, iii-aitiuui ptttrn lor f'H low ny June 2nd 112 I.OVI.LY iV teF.YMOL'R riiuitp fJroccrics. RY.SON Ynimsr Hv-on, llv-on si in, Toukav n i.. ..',-... 11 s.- 'l. .. i- . . ..... iin, it ,s, , ,,rTU men .-,i..,rf f.ii,,,, t.n tltl'l PelW-diri'l do. P. Ii, Ml ,ls.fs, r.itlli 1, sytup, n,..l I . en I '. . I.... .... P . ' .limp, Kill .we. e l.l . O ll-l-, IV". Os... .Vrtc Orleans S"iris c1011 as Iht I'lennnl. for ''leby Jiiil-3. S. Jl. POPl. IMLRSON S Outlines or Orography nud llt-tory lJ Ulali's Young Oiator or New York Header. Tho nltciitton of ichool teaehei" is iiarlicukitlv ic- iiiesttil to the nhoio books, Copies furnish, , fur exaiiimanoii. June B. C. (iOODRlCH. to the ruiiLic. 'Mill' Subscriber has ree'd a gineral nsorlment of U Goods nt his M Store and at los new Stote nt vvinoost.i Milage which will be bold at prtcca cor rcpandmg with thu tutus rhrim ns, tho clicnnot. N. U. Supcuor llurlmgton .11,11 Co. Clo'ln fr sale. MD.M5Y ll.llll.OW. lliitluigion June 10th 1PI2. nl (ivv Shoos. TU.ST 1 ' hps, STrce'd a new lot Fiirvvills Shoes l.'JGaiters A. JuncU 12' H. W. CATLIN. Tlll'Oiul, Sir.. OiM) ''"'S. white and col'd Cotton Thread. 0tJ 3 ( ascs tin elo Spool do 50 Lbs. Illaek Linen, do f-,0 Gross Round L-irits, I'or sale bv May 57, IBIS. VILAS, LOO JUS A Co. Silks. CASK Poiirco Silk, 20 Piece bl irk, blue black and fisure d ilo 20 lis. India si winrr dr. .'O.OfO ski lis Amciicau do. I'or sa'o by May 27, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS .V Co. Feathers. fiOO l'"s-,'eo-e I'calhcrs, warranted or superior tJ" ipiabty nnd country collection. 1000 Lbs. Hens' Fiathers, fm sale by Jl.iy 27, 1 -12 VILAS, LOOMIS ex- Co. "4 4 XII1IIIIIIVS I. men Drill. Moleskin, nnd n IT onat vnnciy of other siitniucr soods, vcty chenp. klUnc3, 1B12. S. 11. SCOTT. Kid: ' J ai,ha:y and hoston hail hoah. I'n re Itivoiih to llsotm, n't. .Muriini': ti.titi iln "jI, to Hn-ttin. leaie-s the 1't'PM nt Gii'cn'.o-h ut 1 beforefl ii'i lei' l; pre 'i-e'ly eeeiy iiiiiiiiin ,(" leliivs cx" i'ed ) nrrio in Chnth.nii ?i, nt Pitt"lii !d i;, ai .SpnnijUekl 12J M. at Worcester -U P. M. anil nt I'ostoii Cj. PiiHniu;ers br aklast at Chatham. Piissen'reis ini-'-t b avo Albany, bv tho south ferrv. not later 0 n'eloe I.. The afieruoon I rain, also I hrotiab to lloston caves tin, Denot nt Grcenhush nt 3 3i. iillive nt Clin, I, am atli, nt Pitt-illchl ti ', nt SpiuiBtieldiil !)J P. -M., leave brui!hi lit nt a A. .il. niiiitirnvcm lloston ata Pnsiiigers leave Albany as above at 3 20 and nut later to Insiiie; a pn'suir". Tin cars or the IIudon and l'crkshiro mad will inn bet w ceil Chatham and Hudson in connexion Willi b I'll tl.'UIIS. Pu-eseii!!cis for I.f-banon Snrtnirs lcavo the ears nt IMwnrtls, the lice by singe to tho Springs, about G uiilis, tirlriim Pitlslielel, nslhey cheine. rem iiAirrroiit) Axn .ylmi'liiv.'.v. Pa scniriTs le'iiv.ner Alltinv in the innruiii' bv llic 'I el, lie fi e.'eli.iU tiM.ii fiui.i tin' nl. Ii, nrtive in Siiiiiulii liliit 12 ', .Mil. may h iivi'.nj nn'.'field at t fiir 1 la, Hotel tbi'iice hv curs nirivo in A. w-IIiivlii bv TJ p.m., Or h-ive Gii'enliush in the 3 3"i p. in. irniil, arrive in .-?Tiii"ii, e, n uj p. in. ttiinee tit t n. in. by attain Iknt lo Hartloid, arrivinir thereat II thence by Slinn, Heat at 2 p. in. arre v in New York in t inoriiiiiby 5 o'i lock, or they may leave llarlloret loi sXew Haven ny uau liood uio p. in. tin I iime rut ic at e; p. in. .Sliiiiubo.its leave Ni vv Haven for X. YotI; daily ru (;i:Ji:.Fii:i.i. u sovun xn ham. mm j.. Slane s w II leave -miimlii Id. ii.tilv, nt 0 P. M. for Ilavi ibid, via Nottlini.ilitun, Gieenlield, lbatlhboro' and Hanover. Si.ii!, s nNo run dalv rrnui vest llrookf.e d to Waie mid I'.nfii'ld from P.ilmi r to Tluco It tiers, I', le bertown, Amherst find Mo.isou Pioin Wdbra- h'ltn to South Haillev nud .Noilhuiiiplon. ! -ur to spini'ilii HI ?(. PasseitL'i'ii are imrueularlv lenuestcil to nrocuro tln-ir tiekels hi lute iiikn," seals in Ihe cms. Ti' kels can be e,btaiuul ,u Albany nt fi. It. Pa tie. i olfiee, 2J i.roadw.ij , or at ti. ket in Depot, at Gk I'liweMi. I'RLKillT I ) L P ARTM I-.N T A Pre it Tiam will leave (u e nbiish djily, (Siuidavs i..xcrptiil) for liostiiii, at ni A. .it. Charires lor riour lo nil east oi .prun-heiii, 371 cts. r baried, and wle n in lots ut lt'Ohhls. or inure for n- tiin, by special e'emtiaet at ti dui ed ptii t. I'nst ela s fremiti, such as iitiriorte-el Dry Goods, Tin", llontiels, Piiotsaud Shins. Ik!) per 2lC0 Iln 2d", suebai Hides, I.eathir. Huniti, Gims. ,. I'lBsli me its and FMi, at fi Ml per '.'(n 0 llu. 3d l! iii, such as t'ottnii, Pee Wimils, MiiI'ih s, Snear, A e. at S j per 2C00 lb. 1th class, su It tis Coil, Giaui, Pig Iron, l.timoer, vv mil, eve., at n i per -UUe, w. I'.vetv infiirnnlioti will be givi n at Ihe office in the Depot at (Jin iibi'sh. NOTHT. A MiiehandieCar will be ntlaebe 1 to theiiflernoon pa'.'ient'et 1 1 am, for the aecntniiiod ition of those who may de tic to forward oiiie pai aitieli s of til it! 1 1 1 w ilh ex It a lies-patch, fi nil vvlueli an of u pi u .h i' le inline i sue ha butler, .pi'. Rail's ol 1 ti'ight will ht double Ut Class pel regu lar finijht rt. vi l l i , I reiglit Agent. W.M. II.TOW.l Ml, M.isvr 'I uu Grt'i'iibii-h Pep"', Julv H, 1S12. TO RE XT. rTIlM store 011 ( Inuch-M. recently occupied by I Mitchell & Ilarues. ns n 1 oufee .i.iuarv Shei. For ti'tms eVc. apply at ibis ifiiee', or lolhepuson on the pn mis- a. lvv-li. llutliiiKton, Julyvti is 12. GRAtifi WAddOX MATS TT'ST rrei'ivrd uudh, Milrl .1 Juiv22 WM. .1. Hl'NT. A IILL NI'.WLI.IS l.'SIATi:. ST ATI' OF J R'.iuNT, (The lion, ilu- Pn.l ate Di ir'tt e.l'Chiiti i.i'rn , X Cum t Iur the Di-tnet it Clntlen !en. To .ill Per oin eonce-rni'd in thee taln l ,l el Now ell lato ol Cli.iilnlte ill Jld Ih-trn-t, divea - e-1. Grcitini'. WIlldiLAS, IV.ra IloU.e'.xi-eutor of tho l.i-t wi.l Xtiil testament 1 f naid iVora e' I, pr pose- to tetit't r an 11 "Oil uu of hi- ndiiiit.i tratiun, uu I piesin In- ite-i-iuint .tiranii-t ai I es'aio fi rrxanun ttii'i, and iill"W.ini'ent nscs-.ou lifthoCeiurli;!' Ptolit'e', tol elud 'en at the l'e';;i-ti'i'- oi.n'i' 111 I! irliiuTtou m .tiileli-l, et on the ,e'. ond V.V Ine day 1 1 A, -rii'l iwxt Tliereforr, 1 n'l arc lieiel.y nmilied loapj ear l.rb le a 1 1 e'eii'rt at tho Utile nnd pl.n o .lloti" inn, and shew an i'. ,f at, vynii havr, why llio ari'emnt afwe-uid sho :ld iii.l I r allowi'l. titv" 11 under my hand nt lueitnti tin - 2 1st day nf June A. 1'. ibis. v .ii. vv i..--iii., rrcisrer. LISTERS' NOTICE. A 1.1. pi-rsnus ncyricve'u oy tuu ass s"incni inane ri. by ihe Listers or asi'SS' rs of Htnhntiton ihe present year, nto hereby tiotilud that said Liters wifl niteiidatihc Court bouse 111 lUirlimtton 011 Mon day the 25ih day of July inst.,nt 10 o'clock A. 31. fiir the iu,noo or ri-ceivini;nnd In .mm; riiehapphealioiis as -boll bo maJc to them re.hi.ivu to such UbSesj- UK'llts. J. P.ARSTOW, j W. L Y.MAN. Listers. J. 15. IIOLLI'NUl'K,) July 13, 1912. 1U?..IAM1NH. .SKIFF'S I'STATII. STAT I'. OI' VFR310NT. ? The Hon. the Probate Dmtrict of Chilli iiilcn, rs. ) court fe.r the District of ( lutieii It 11. Toad per mis interr-it-d ui ibr r-!ateet Ileal . II. S' 1 1; la'r o( Charle 'ir iiii.nd di tnet. Whi ira-, Sully 11, Ski 1, ii lui'.x i.I s udr late, haih lih'l m ,ai I i-i url her priuiun, in xvru:ni.T, M'ttui"; I ith that tho prrsoitnl e-l.t'i' nf tbo Mini 1'e ea r I, f- inve.iti'rievl .mil appr.n-rd, amounts to 702,52 j the de1 1.- allowed I y the i-oinuu --lourr au'ain-' ai Ic-'ie'r ami nut ItiOl l j'i, 73, nd that the- -un1 lle'ii.l.II. e'li'd scire I ol n'u.iit line Inui.'n'd and direr .11 re-uf laud, I i-iuir the f.tnii on whii-h br lur-i the luiir of hi- 1V11I1, , Uua'o 111 -aid Cli.uhiitr, wh. Ii land 1-iiu-iiiiil i-ri d w ilh a nioriaairr to J.inies Tair- ,'ird to ire irrthr piiyii'rut ol live Imn'ml de llar and in'rii'st, n u 1 .1 1 -e, a uu r jjaue to Ainu- I'n si to -t'-ruir die puj inrnt 1 f I e'twriui nvr and -tx Inin '1 ui t'.tr-nii'i it,'rii-i i tn. 11 mo units -ireu,ci in -ail llioilcirrs wi Ir llol me-rn't't'. to, not iil't'We'd I v. ihe i-oiiiuii'r- 1 ti -aid r-tate; that said bud i-ubi. 'il ;ic, to Hit' widow's ruin ol dowrr ilii'trm,.tud thu it 1- ne'iv-'iirv in -I'll die vv holt-of -aid Inu I an I tin lever 1011 of tin' wtil.iw'-tl I herein, for the put-pn-r 1 1 pav intr thr de! t- ara n-t -aid vtalr nud tin rxi'iior- ol a iiiiiut -1 ration, an I nraviiii: - aid rouil to li.i'ii-rhe'ilo -i'l and eemvev llowliolr ul fat.l laud ami inr ri'ii r-ii.ti nt uuwr, iiu'iomi, mii e-i-t to thr I iini'iiuil tain e?, lytti tho ttaiutu 111 sin h r.ise luai'e' aiul pti.vii'e I. Whrtc'ipe 11, Ibr c "it a'orr'.iul ihth appe ''nt tl.i i"'em I Wevlni-ilay 1 1 Ai v.11-1, IS 12, In beittii ;; mi" doe dm- on s.n.l pi- 11 e n, anel 'odi older nil nrr- si'n-mien' 'eii I r ttoiit r I tl ern I 'y piiblie.iliiiu ul tin-erdtr runtainiu. thr mi' taiu'r il ,nl iu-iiiujII ihrrr wee!,-.M,ei r.-ivrlv in tin' liiiihui.'loi, Ftro Pre a uev.-ji.i; rr prm'eil 111 Hut im.'u in tl.r Ciinnv el "lilt 'en, picvieiiis tu said -ii ond We'.liu-il.iv eii tujr -st, 1st . Given i.ndrr my baud at said liitrlin'iin Ibis 5lh 1l.1v 01 July, law. WM. WI STO.N lUsi-ler. EARM FOR SALE tf.-t i.'ijli SAI.I'.. that will known I'nrm ii. iiattd 111 M lion, about one mile liom the tinni r Falls, foruii'ilvowued nnd occinucil .S. bv the Ittv. S. It. Cianix e-uiilaniiiiL' br- twiiti 2i.iand .lOOnotcsof laud, coiupii ed ill part of ionium, nil, i"e una pastiutnir, nnd fin el wooillots and orchard. Said farm Is wi II wanted, has. two r.00.1 etwe liinir Iiouii", one nt which i ol lirick, the other of wood, both in cod rep 111 ; dure pood cnoil barns, one of which is CO by llfee.1, the others JO by 10 feet 1 a liorsr barn nndotlur nut buildings with fiood yards and water btoujjht into ihtm and to tin liou-e in Ion-, and itlo thttettood welN ei wntir on Ilu firm; ln-iiis 11 desirable situation tor u man vv ho wants to rtiie ncal stock or sheep or both, or is an cu t lit nl rami for the il ury bus'iie-i. Those wi-liinu to pun biv siurli 11 f irm would do willbv applying soon to John and Janus 31irtou on the pti'tniis, or lu fii 11. Win. Nitshof New Haven. Mdton, March 21, 1812. 12 if .YO Ml ST Alii: ! J71iOt!It-IT.orR-Jint rrriiicd and for sale by x the suliicnhi r, nfew b un Is eif hiiper-'ipcr extra fancy Wistei 11 Flour, (I'aeje brand,) none I tttrr if any as goid, Recollect Faglc brttiul warinntcd per- leci, June 11. 11. 11.WIS. it.(rison's Pills STAND unrivallrd u-.i , b ainrr and urillrr r.r the l'ovvil-,1 lend, un I the whole sy.tun III Din r tlnr.i 1 r liiosritess 1 f tbrbowrls un I oiht'i' nuniurr I'i'iiip .milt, thr-r e-ati e rrbr.1 upon with prrbs-t ,.( n. lidnvei a- a ronmion mr Ih uu' tu I r krpt tr.i Iv tir Use em all o -i i-iem- whrre n -.ithnntr 1- nu'W, iln itirlirtnr I: iiuriii,illrd. Sill only ul ibr Varielv Store by PAMUlOltN ,t-llltl.SM till, ' AerniN f r .Mui'im.iis ul Loudon. TOR 11NT. AtuS. fiuiil, enliven nut I'riekilwrlhi,,; bo., .-if. pV?r,SS 1 "esuoii (jtvi'ii iiuineli.itoly. iiiB'jn. i.uipiiir 01 i,;"ilVaai 1, un. July 8, 1812. 'I'nssols and Cortl. Gt ltl:i:., llbir and Hrd Tn- e-b and C. rd lor Wni f i'ovv Shades and llluiib, Al-o Itullrr LifK and Hack Piilhe-,jiitievcivedaml lortn'rby Julys. WM. J. Hl'NT, Slrouij s Hn.liltne, ( i,il,-je Si I'lutli (Jans. T ITST rre'd direct finui il,n i,,n,,r., . a.ii ' . ,, , "-S ".li,iiui n (un ag. sortmint of all kinds Cloth Caps and I'or Silo at grat bargain) by, Jun9, 42' H. W CATLIN, WANTED. A good fctnalo Cook. Fniniirrof HIRAM F. OR1SWOLD. Ilnrliitrjton, July II, 1812. Ti'i III' siibseril it-, h.eviti'r Iren npiioui'vil by ? llio 1 1 1 ni e i ul lu thu Prol nto C'ottrl lor the lb-' trirt of ( liiltenden, eo,,nn,-i,i,nrrs ,1, in eivr, eixiitn- ini! nnd nipiM I lire I huh and del, , an ! nl all person-, nynin-t the' r-tatttof llrnry Town-etnl, lato ol Troy, iif New York ele' eM-ed, rrpro-rntod in olvent, nnd till eluiins and elctnaml- cxliibiliil m 11 l-ei tbrretiit nnd six luonths frutu thu day ol thu dale herror, I rimj allowesl by .aid Court Inr that punio-i', vr do iluirrf.irr heic' y invr ntitti-e', ibnt we will nt leiul to the l.ii-mt'" id 0 'r itppninline'ii', at tho Hotel eiT John How-aril 111 liuiluit-ion, 111 -a d ib-tri't, mi the lirsl 3Ioii lay 1 f Si pteinbi r next, til 10 u'eluik, A.M. l.'alod tin- 29 ll day nl'J on', A. I'. IS 12. I.rnll'.ll I.OIIil--, (Conilni Pllll.Oi'l01.riTI.1 , 1 Muner-. New Fur nil nrc Ware-House. On CliuiTli-Mt.--(Ill rear of the Court House,) nVllLISCTOS, VT. TH.MtXI'.S KCi'.IiHll lnvo nn band and J nrr 1 1 n-mii'ly 11 lour 10 tin ir -tifl. of tbrir nwn imi'iii u-i' ir, S. la-, Sreiel.trir-, 11 irr.i'i, male Rimy and I'lierry iliiiitig, eentro 1111 I card Table-, llt'Jslead-, it .e. a n a i n si Curl initplc, e-ano -, tito 'lull, '-oinii, on e-ane, mi ld 101-kimr nud I'liuiiuon diii'iiu CllAltt.S; nil ol w Inch air niadr ,1, Ibr I i'-t uritiiirriind I y experien ced worl.ineu, and v. i.I lo s Id ul prices rnrte-ptind-insr Willi tbo tiinu-i for id It, 1 1 111 1 er, or country pro d' 1 ex Illce's l'.itent I'niinlins Tilllls, .Maniifit-ttirr 1 by Hutnr-. eV. irrelrr, rim-oantly on hand, w Inch tl.oy" will exchange! for sraut or cash il reii'ihrl. Also Clocks of all kinds and prices ' heap as the i-hiaiii'si. .1' ly 2, IF 12. FarowoH's t-ihot's. pi.ACTC and colored half Gaiters, -O iMisses ilu do Kid Slips, French P.u.-kin Sliocs. Morocco ilo Cluidreii's do. Mm s Pinups, el'-c. iuit received and fur snlo cheap, I v May 20, IS 12. S. 31. POP P.. Farmiti!.r Utensils. POZI.N Piitenl S ytl.o Smith., 50 do. I Ian 1 Itakr-, 20 20 elo. Ilav Purl.-. W arrri's i-elr' i'.i'" I irra and cradle .Sey', It.xforil'- do elo elo I'ei. Hi cm and 1 .t-t su, I ,!o Shove'-, S.nule-, eve. ite, ly Jinn' 30. '1'. I'.'ix. W. L. SinONO. PROADCI.OTIIS, Cn-in, iJ tin tip, by 3I iv 27, -in.eics, Sattinetti.exr. Ac S. 1!. SCOTT. SUM.) IT. It GOODS. L.CK Gin ih Poland -ti.i Chillis. . ) Licit! and Dntk (s.iuil.rouiis, Keiiliicbv' J. ans and 31 irioo Cas-nincies, R.b'd and Plain White Linen Drilhnss, Cn.'il t niton DrilhiiLS Vttv Clunpbv, .Tune 3lsl 1-12. 'II. W. CATLIN. Blanc iMaiiiio 'Moulds. lip RRAR, WAIT .X. ROOT jiave Want .Umre - .T.oi.'e's China i (ttroiun Vnstt. ALtti't Stands, e"i.weti Stiihih, 7'.'ire Cuj s. Cti-tttnt do. (Vnss Cun eWc .-'tiil.. (7u. Ciraiiurs, , e-. four five s.x bot tle Itrvnltmr Citlots,aU vti theap r cour-m. June .,0, 1M2. U7A7;01I SASIL jl Tl.i nil.sci I er Invepur I rba rl the 3!a himiy for t( the in iiiiit 1. 'ine 1 1 Viiulov I a h li'itiirily nwne ! mill "l Usui ly S.itiev Siinih, a E, Wine... t 1 Cii,und 'lie ni.n ' to in .f.i a .i.tu' eiuy ilr ! riipin ii, m, I l.ce,i n u lan' lv n h ettJ tu a- ouii.en, i.f 7 by P S.ish, at tl,!i 'lowing p,, ,.. 12 l.tliivil Ca iii.tiits 31 it-, in r Lieut. f do 3J do !) e'o 3i elo C elo 3 do 4 elo 5 I'or at tin ir Shop at tbr F'.i'K and by flerrqe-I'riii-e.ii. Ah nnlrrs in the above line a Mrc-si-d n Catliu e- Chii-c, will le than..lidlv in t'i I'll ami pre uiplly a.lcimedto. MOrs CATI.I.N.2.1. I DW1.S w. chasi:. It iihup.ti 11, April tl, IP 12. Tabic Duller. RHANGPMI .NTs 1, 1 ,, i;i,. v.-ult Fanner A torn -. pply nf da- rhoni-t Till Ir I uurr tl.r un. .I nn 21. S. II..-C01T. LAST NOTICE. A LI. p" r-un-111 'iblid 10 I . II. Wrxht ex.- Cn,. te 7!i II. W. Cittlin iS. Co., e no 11 11 1.1,'sif. Cailiu will l-'ri-r re'er've' tin- n-ala 1 11 'tcr hat thnr Heeuunt-it'i-t Ir immrdiirriv -r'tlrl. Tbry will havr rvrrv itirntion pud llirnt byialliiii: ut the sti teol J me 21. 11. W. CATI.IN Paper Hangings. Nl.WIrt ehi' J mi' 21. S. II. SCOTT. A xf IL Vis Gi- vC.' G )Lj ti o SsH.tJtcty, Coach fjhcIJ'EInriiwarc 111 all us varieties. nlso, Drugs, .Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, JiruMics ii alll.imls, Jumer t Tuoh, ij-e. The sul "rrtbers nrc nuw n crivintr s' pplk s of the above j- oils nt the old stand, r rner of t liurcb and Collide stn ets, sin of the Padloik. II C.AR & ARTHUR. Ilitrhn.'lon. 27ih Maj, 1--12. Hair Hcalinr. I Q 20, 22, 21, and CP, uii-hc , just ineurl aril v)tur mho ny Juut'ji. vv.j.lli.Nl, ' Strong-' ll'iilil tip GLASS. inn Umo (il iss 1 f dillertnt nn- iindo.iah JV W i,,.., tor stir ly S. W1,KI li. smxGLi:. firrv TIIOCs-AND-oodpruurShiuRlr, for.alc vc v J rv low I y jj. WAI.KI R. .1 J 1 1 i v I , SZ( IIOXI Ihuieli Hui-lti., &0J !() K,.i.s Jlalaaa ,ln 15 llt'si 3ladeira Nuts, 12 do Filberts, 15 do 1 1 1 elo 10 elo Almond", bv 30 Die 1111. I. iJ.'.T. II. Pr ! Co. FOll SALE OR TO 'V . 4 lliU'Si Alsia stnal! II n'diR.'T . May 211. C TH.N.NB, Enulisli and American Prints. 1 Q CASHS tut reciiviel nnd lor 'ale nt low pri. ce,hy l'liv27. VII. S, LOO.MIS ts. Cu. LIGHT! LIGHT!.' ALL whowi-h tn lu'n s,i p., sine, or pul lie Ini.l liiiss chr ip and we-ll ate inv.'r ! to ran ami M-r Guld's I Intnl. al O ' and laimps. 'I he Oil i- 73-ts, pi r call ut .nt I will jiiv mi rr li-ln 'ban S2 worth of I, amp ( III. Lainti-an I Oil nnd Wie's nud (jhiHsf. fi r Milrat the Varie 'v S'urr. Ji'iir.3. PA Mi ItOR AIlltlNSMAIP. NOTICE. ritlli: uni'rr-inrd, hiv n? rutensl into e-f'tHiritier-I sb, tirm etsMt.l.LV A.T1-.S.M.V, w ill eivr prompt nt'enti' 11 10 nil I h-micsi. h mav I r riitiu-teel to tliciu, i-ul.i r in l.iw nr I b tin ere. Ctiilcelnu biteine will itxcivr pa, in-i'lar aitiuin n. I). A. SMAl.l.I V, h. J. ti..n.m:v. Illlrlillstnn, July , 1S12. .)ff PORK. Ort ""I S. Pork. fur.a!rl.y Z' 0 Mav, lit 12. S. WALKI'It. LVMAN & COL10 "1171M. pay 1.1 h I'or a frw Thousand Puuu I, iinr 1I1 ni I'n. t Wool, 11 deliveied at 111 tlirir tuir -uun. PurliHKiu.i, I J dy, 1812. Tin: New Chap Cash Slorr, HY W.M. llUItl.UUT. 7' h t C a h Sytttmvorls fell. HWlNli nird it two wet')., an I nv lived u vrry Id rral puiroiiai't', vr arr rn irautxl toe-iiiiiuii.r the same, and lo n- er 11 vtry i;rerul a- urtnicut i r rasuual'lr Finiey nud Staple Pry Goo K nu t Fnmdy tiruieru-, nl thr loicest caih price lor rr.uly eiuli. "Huods will I i.itjhl, an' -aid lo I r half so',)," Nrod any nnr br told that Good, well hud in ai Nrw York lit Jl.iy, IS 12, mil l Ir 1 heap I Ciis'oinrrs vv lio'inr o rresl old mods ,11 rost, will i'o vv r't in rail at the ;CJuXrw Cncvr Caii Stciik, I ,tiK dicr p irehasCs, nnli'.xaiiiiiie an rntur IVo-h -ti pii opened. Mnnlay Moriuiiii, Junr 27, IS 12. LOOKING GLASSES. ALARGF an I well selected nsortnirnt, consin-1 intror ffiW, M.ihw ntiandd ll. Mmi"ani, rrd !.., rrmt.l IjioLoi.r Ijlnscrfi. Inr R'.'ii nl tiipn tl rrducnl pricrs at tho'Hardwnro Stme, Corner in Chrtreh and Ctl Sl., by IIAOAK & ARTHUR, HARDWARE. rillli: ub-eriler bavins; recently rpplentihuj b J 1 -hi' i. id Harlwure, o'lors fir tule the followiu Guoi-, ut the lowest pnii'i. Cutlery. Til It' nnn I'r e'rt Knivo- and Fork", IV11 aiulPm t. "t KitiVi s, R.iz..r-, Hei-snr-, Slu-rp Micar., llulen' r Knives, SI, no do., Mrels, Sc. cce. C'ailicutcrs' nnil Joiners' Tools. Cn-t and Spring Steel P.innel, ll.ind 11ml Ripp'e Saw j Cm u nr do. I'n 111 8 to 21 inihes j Cro-- and Mill do) S,'n'rr' limit's nudlliltj Kiriucr 11 mnrlii'o Cln-rl-j Goii'os Plane Iron, Ausrer.,Si ,ni,s Mm, 1 Axe-, AilI'-, Huuiniers (Ve.; llanieO ,t i l!,ililvvin PI tne- J Tapir, Pit--aw, MiII-shw. Ilat" . FoimiI lit', Wnrdiuj! and Cabinet Files! Shoe, W, an I llor-c ll.ipi 11 ifcueral iisMjrtment ol' Saddl IJartlrare. ll l'iirmlim utensils. Cr.i !e, Scvlbe-, M.iuniu 11111I Iluy Forks I II Ann;-' Sin iv els ; Spade!-, Dili limit Shovels, &: iti li'iii'iilslilni; nnil liitllitciV llanhviirt . Tray-, lbi'aiiui.i 'le.t and Co leu Pot--t Lam Kiittouiis j Hun I and Te'11 Hell-; Ca-tors ; llrilini Geituan silver nnd plated Tra nndTuI Ii' Spes e Metal iiml t'liuniele'd Sam r Pan-; Kr ,112 Pans ll.t P in., Pot- mid h'l'tile-, IIim-s Ki'lilo-, l'iio Irons', ex LiH'k-j Putt llmires ; .I.iines.' Sen'ivs; Norrolk .1 Knob Late-Ill"; . L Iihenn do, i Wind l''i-lenincs ;1s, Puilir.; ltail S rew ; IkdSeti'V .Miilii'ininyund Giu-, 1' irtutnro Ivuobsitiiue, etc. e June 2 1. WM. J. HI VI, .S'rouits' llinliliii CtAI.K'OP.S nro seliimr at Hurlbut's Cheap C ' Store at less price" than were ever known lit 1 parlor the country. Heaut nil Ltinhsh, French a Amtricati prints. Call at llio new store, Clinrt Jttnufl. W.M. HTRI.lH,"i IXtMAAZlNIlS, black ami blue blac't, for f. I. the lowosl priees,.byJunoS. W.M. Hb'RLIIl T. 'pLAIN all wool Jlouailino tie Lames, sup'' s u .1. stuped ilo., pruned do. eif tvtry vanity, fur s. nt astoni-hniily low piioesal the new store, by June 8. W.M. 11URLRLT. lira lu CnitUcs. Gt RANT'S cekbiatcd Ginin Cradb'S, jut rccuv I I and for ale by HAGAll eV At the u,l stand, f-iqn of the Padlock, cor. Chin li and Collstjc streets. June, 1312. OAVS.-Ro-vvranirs"3IirrSaws ; IL VlnTanel C 1 . t ' I'lleulfir elo. j English erms cut lo. ; Hand, pain 1 unilbnek do.-, Compass, Wood ami Felloe do. Just re reived and for sale by 11AOAR& ARTIH. It, Cor. ( h, and College itieeis:. Juno 17ih, 1312. 'I'russcs, A N F. W supply of Thompson's celebrated no t. proved Ttussisj nlso Dr. Hull's eclebra1 J Ttus-xsand suptiortcis for salebv IlAOARil-ARIITIIUR. Cor. Ch anil College.' strcit. llurlmttton, Juno 17th. .Mltcltcll's Jroi;rapliIcal Works. MITCIILLL'S Primary Giopraphy. " Sehool do. and Atlas, " Geoi;riiphicnl Reader, " Outline Alajis, " Key to ttudy of 3Iaps. For sale by C. GOODRICH. Jims 15. O'd Stand up Stair-. IKT's Lite of Patrick Henry, cheap edition, June 15. Fur sale by C. GOODRICH. Cooper's Naval History. bv the author and complete in otiu Volume, jast received by 0. GOODRICH. June 15. limh-biiidini; and Itlank Hooks. J Llil.JR'-.J, in il , Ucriiid-, etc. cV -. fur sale ma le to ,.ii r. Oiu lloo! - leboiiu 1 .it -liur' iet .lunr 15. by C. (U0l FARRAR, WAIT ky ROOT, lave icii'ivi il u lull supply of CROCKEilY, GLASS & CHINA WARE, Which, ad 1 lo he ri in -to k, inal i s llieir complete, and 0 eitii reryloaprh itidce'il,eorii -in ndiu? wi li In- pie uru I ll tunc-. ,11 iheif line will ,lo vied ti famines in w.nitol Ook s all and examine at lea I, 11 .In.' cm nn-ul ( hiiicli aii.i Collc,'o irect. Ibiitoiton, Jin.' 17 Ii, 1812. Gold Bund China. iT'PLRIl (laid Hand, Hand and Sprig'd Ciimi O Via Stti and piato- tu h, very eheap M tLo nto Store of I'A UltA it, WAIT W ROOT. June 17lh. T7ARI Wl.l,L'ri Shers, Half Gaiiri--, Kid Sin.-, X e. iiiidrrii ;hn's, lir. ju-t rei nrnl by w.m. lu''. Jlllll! 10. I'sipur Hangings. I "lOi Pin r-Pnrr Il.inu'inij", pattern-entirely lVxxl new, ol all uuulitie-, lu-t opened by Jhnr 10. W.M. lit lll.Ul. 1 Solo liCathcr. EC. LOOMIS has jut received Sole Leather for 11 cents cash, by tho hundred pound. Also, Patent and strmt; leather. June 10. Cash Paitl Ibr Hark. EC. LOOMIS will pay cah lor 40 or 50 coru'- pood Hemlock Hark, ll delivered in one month liom il itc. June 10, Paper Hangings. rrnn Pir.Ci:s, for sale at Mamif.ielnrcr's prices tJUU ndding fiewht, by C. GOODRICH. Juno Hi. Dinner Sols. BI'AtTII TL lUne, Pink nnd Hourl on "prisM fin-iirri-e'!s,e-ouiilrie with Tea- and Cofl'ic-te) match for sale uiu-euumi nly. the new Crockery Steire. .lunr 17 17. FAKKAK, "AITeV KOOf. Glass Wan. VI'I'l.La'surtinenturfiViisi llnrf, rrnsi-ting nf Lamps, Tumi lers, Pre-rrve Di-lirs, Pitrhrrs, Howls, wine"., riistanls, iclbes, 1 ehrv -land-, tioblft-, es. I'or s.ile'cheip at the China and Glin- Witirhoue f June 17. FA KK It, WAIT & ItOOT. to iT:nt. T'HK Siorcfortnitlv occupied bv Hickok If Cntlin I Appply to June 8, 12. II. W. CATLIN. GROCERIES. 1 " Hh 's.M ,'1. r-, 10d , Sucir, 10 lb xr- Luafdo 1 ) 1(1 Hicr- C. Il'er, 5 d,,. Pepper, 5do. Spi -c, 10 Krr- liin-rr, 20 lie xu Si ap, f r -air bv 0 M iv, Ikl2. S. A I K 1 It. SJlTl'.l. UNCI. Ill ll.ili-shce'iut, for u!el V O 0 M.i-. S. WALilv'KI!. hvporlmit Discovery! Cl IiTAIN l l lti; FOH CORNS Or. Ilailey tf XVW.t hinctun ei.y ha- in letich d,-eovi-rrd a euro r Coins, Tin- nii-die'ire is uu unfading e-urc in the I 0.1 p.i''e i f t, fee-it uiinute-, willioitt pain or d.nn s e 'o thr panrn'. I" CK A- SPI All, 11 rbnct. n, nrr my only author .7cd Astcnts (Vr the '-t uiiiirs uf Clnttr'uden and Or ient. . " 'IIIOS. JFHi: WIIITAMOItn, Jnl 2, ISI2. till A sent for N. V.. States. NOTICE.. C.U'dlncanil Cloth Drrsslnc at .ifuililj It rook. '1MIIS IV11I li-linirni I1.1- I mi lilted up ill pood L uri'er, nnr' ti" pin. 1- wi'l I r -parrel to elo all we rk to the saiitfaetiun ef dir pul In-. It. P. STACY. .U'o. Piiirliiicton, Jnnr 20, IM2. i WOOL. 'pHLhiphrst 3Iatkct Puce will be paid for c;ooJ L clean 1 brcc wool on ace'ls or 111 cxchati!!c for Giodsby JuueSO'U. II. W. CATLIN. Tin Plalo, &c. 1 tr IIOXr.STinPlatcl-'JX.approv'dbrands, I VjV. I 10 do tlo IX. so.ti.arr, 50 l'uiulb s Iron Wire, a-sortcd Nos. SO do Coidish Sluct Iron, do li Packs Russia do do 1 Cask Sheet .ink. Also A aMirtmiiil of Tinners' nrliclrs, milt as Sheet Cupper, Slice t Le'od, Copper Boll. ic. P.v VILAS LOOMIS A- Co., 3Iay 27, 1812. ' Opposite l'earl-!. Jlouse. Shootings. ,1ft BALIS l-t Brnwii Sliex-rui'.-s. 'i'U 2 Ci-o, Ulra. bed elo. I'or sale by May 21, 1812. VILAS, LOOMIS A: CO. LYMAN $ COLE'S, La.l.c' Hrnii7c KnlTir-, " Kid Tir nnd Slips, " and exile'revlrloili Gaiters, Children's rolorrd Gaiter-, " Urouzr, 11 ll ael. Kid llooievt, GentV Kid and Jlor hx-o I'iiiiij, May IS. I'll lFI till. A FHIi-ll srp.'ly nnd a wmu artir'c i for aloby 2V Old Ii.l,, .tluy 27. IOLLr,rr.pllRADt.l .

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