Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 27, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 27, 1843 Page 3
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For the Flos Press, Wuarronp, Vt., January 19, 1S43. Mi, Editor i In your paper of the 13lh insimil, a Monipelier correspondent informs ih iho Tory Contention hove nominated Daniel Kellogg and Wyllys Lyman, n couple of Lairyers, for Ciovcrnor nil Lieut. Governor, of lliii .State. Now 1 liappon la know this Mr. Ketloeg. "o i u rich mm, carries cold witch, wears a rullle shirt and as fine broad cloth as any other lawyer, don't complain ol this. Wealth it no reproach to n man, if lie comes honestly by it and in this free country, every ono has a right to dress according to his own taste. Hut when the Whigs nominate a man wno wears good clothes, the Locos raise a lerriblo hue and cry about it. They call him an aristocrat, and try to excite tho feelings of the honest laborers against him by talking about his money, his dress and stylo of living. No man has been assailed with more slang on account of his tyle of living than Governor Paine, and yet if I can judge from his administration there is not a truer Re publican in the country. Ho was the first man in this Stale at least who look ground in favor of re moving the capitol from the District of Columbia, if tha system of slavery cnuld not be abolished there. He has always advocated the Rpublican doctrine of protocling the labor of the country against the aristo cratic monopolies of Europe. Ho don't go lor inci dental protection, lint ho advocates protection for the sake of protection, and for the benefit of tho labor ing classes. He weirs but one face on this subject. Histaritl principles are not tho hot bed growth of a diy. He has always put them forth boldly. In his first message he took the strongest ground in favor of I protective tarill. In the same message ho caineout against the veto power, nnd the kingly power of re moval from office. And in all his public acts, he has shown himself to lea true friend of popular rights. I don't know whether ho wears a runic on his shirt, or not t nor can I tell how fine cloth he wears. But I do know he has proved himself lobs a republican by his icts. And yet the locofoco papers hate de nounced him in the bitterest language, because he had a good education, and was the son of his father. They have called him an aristocrat, and a federalist, and every thing else that is bad. This is the only objection they have ever brought against him. And they hitecxalted Nathan Smilio to the skies because he was a farmer and a democrat. TI113 was his only virtue. He was tho "Tanner of Lamoille." Hut they can't play this humbttggamc any longer. They havo now set up a ticket which has not a single far mer on it. They have placed at its head the most notorious aristocrat in the Siale. A man who never did a day's woik in hi life a lawyer by profession a dandy in his dress and a perfect aristocrat in his character and habits. Again I siy don't object to Mr. Kellogg because ho wears brotd cloth. Hut since tho locofocos have said so much in favor of farmer Smilie, and against rullle shirts, I don't see how Ihty em vote for D.micl Kellogg. For besides his fine cloth, he ha3bcen for several years, and for anything I know, he is now, president of a Dank in Windham County. Ho was District Attorney under Jackson and Van Burcn. and is, and always has been, farther removed from the laboring classes than any other man I know in this State, Such is the man the loco focos have nominated for Governor. Whether the party will support him, or not, is more than I can lay. But it Chailes Paine does not distance him by five thousand votes next September, I greatly mistake the character of the Green Mountain Hoys. A WESTFORD FARMER. CONNECTICUT. The Whigs ol" Connecticut held it State wussuch an assomltly as il docs olio's heart good to see. All classes and interests in tho community tvete well represented. The old cry of thu radicals, that the people should ho runicnibcicd, may no lunger he heard. Tho wholo energy und spirit of the day indi cated it conviction in the popular mind, that tho present Stale administration has fulsiftcd its promises, and a determination to revolu tionize Connecticut at tho coming election. Wo are sure the enthusiasm which was prev alent in tho convention is but an index of tho deep feeling throughout tho State, which wilt in April restoro Connecticut to ttio position from which, at the lust election she fell by inactivity. 0J-"Jun.v Davis. Our readers will find in our columns o day on eloquent tribute to this gentleman fioin the Boston Atlas. Tho same paper says that, before ho retired from the Council Chamber, on Wednesday last, the senior Councillor addressed him, in be half of his associates, in a speech of surpass ing beauty, in which he reviewed tho life and labors of the Governor in tho councils of his native State, and on the floor of both houses of Congress, and concluded with a sentiment, to which every good citizen will respond, that " tho name of John Davis do serves to be enrolled among thoso of tho pa triot magistrates of New England, who have walked before this people in all tho wisdom and uprightness which arc given to man." WHIG VICTORY IN GEORGIA, Tho Whigs of Georgia have recently achieved a most brilliant victory by tho clcc. lion of Mn. CiiAwronn to Congress in the place of Mr. I1auirsuam deceased. Tho election was by general ticket, and the Hart ford Courant has thu following remarks upon the result : We have never entertained a doubt that the ascend ancy of Whig principles would soon be established throughout the Union, and our confidcuco is render ed still firmer by the result of tho Into special election, for member of Congress in Georgia. Tin vole was by general ticket, andbf course extended throughout tho Slate. Full returns havo not yet been received, hut enough is known to justify tho conclusion that the Whig majority will not bo less than 3000. Wo think this vote may bo taken ns a fair test of the stale of partie-i at the South. Wherever in tho late Presiden tial election, majoiities were given for Gen. Harrison, the people ore still firm in their devotion to Whig principles. A temporary discouragement chilled their ardor for a shot t period but the tl.imc has again burst forth. The tide has turned and tho resultof the Geor gia election is a most auspicious omen of future sue ce. Tin unctpTted victory conies in good time and the Whigs uf Connecticut should take newcour-' age from an event which proves that their brotheien in other States are still ready for renewed tllbrts. The iritihis the Wliigg have )ie!ded to a most foolish and unnccss.iry despondency, since thedcath of Gen, Harrison. Tho elections which have since taken place, have re-ulled, as every one might have fore seen, in tho success of the Van lliireniles not in con sequeticj of any new confidence in their measures- lint ticratise mere was notmng 10 call out tin- people. Tho Hartford (Conn.) Courant says that a hors and sleih of Gov. Ellsworth were lost in the follow ing singular tnsnnor 1 While somo of tho family wcte making a call on Lord's Hill, the animal uecamo rcsi less and started oil" at full speed, running through .Vsvlum ind Stato streets, and continueing on hi ' 1 ! i.i.l course until tie nau passeu uver ine ice nn. shoie at the foot of thu latter, plunged into tho opon Connecticut. Neither horse nor sleigh have betn since seen. JTGov. Cleveland seems to havo new light on the subject of Gen. Jackson's occupation. Ho gave, as a toast at Norwich, on tho cUli Inst, tho following: "ficn. Jachson Tho Mechanic the Hero and the eminently honest man." This is tho first time wo ever hoard tho old hero called a "Mechanic." When first notni nated ho was called the "Farmer of Tennessee," and the only claim ho has to mechanical skill, must ho in his bains what Uurko called "an Architect of ruin." Ct. Courant. Correspondence of the I'rcc Press. NOTICE IN RELATION TO THE INS INK POOR. According to the law tiasacd utili. Inn c. e the Legislalura of this State, "it shall be tho duty of the Selectmen in any town, on aulicalion and satis- tactory eviuence, to mane return directly to the Com missionersof tha insane poor, of any case of insanity mum me mit uvvi.i iMuyci, wnenevcr aucu case may occur, and that the said Commissioners shall hiva power at any time to afford relief in such cases;" and it also having been enacted that the Governor of thi Slate shall discharge the duties which have here- loloro tieen performed uy uie uomnussioncra. I would give notice that I will attend at all titnci to any such application of the Selectmen of any town, and request the said Selectmen in their returns to no tice 'ineir respective ages, i-onuuiuns ami circumstan ces, how long they havo been insane, what attempts have been made to restore them to reason, and wheth er their present guardians or friends are willing that they should become beneficiaries at the Vermont Ays lum for the Insane, under the provisions of (he act." As tho chances of cure are directly lessened by a de lay in sending the insane to tho Asvlutn in the fust tinea of the disease, preference will be given to those cases for whom application is made during the first 1 1 ee llionilia 01 ineir insanity. CHARLES PAINE. Norlhficld.Jan'y 2, 1913, ASSIGNEE'S I SALE IN BANKRUPTCY. NOTICE I hereby given that by virtue ofthe sev , eral order and decree in Bankruptcy in thefol lim ing cases, isuoJ out of 1 lie Di'trict Court of the United Stole;., for the District of Vermont. I will oll at Public Auction at thciimei and places hereinafter incniionctt. men i-iicei 1.1 tho unit .in it naiiicu uu- low, as beanie vested In me by virtue of the decrees aforeMiId. Effects or Timothy W. It. Nlcuo'a, or Essex. A Saw Mill situated In Milton, Vt. standing on Und owned by Philander Mar, subject loan attach men! of Kern and Walker of Burlington, Aio, Ono halfihc Mill House in tho null yard near O. Tyler's lit Esex All theinlcrcst ofT. W. It. Nicholiu a contract inaile with Samuel Pnge of E--ex, fur the rent of three und half acres of IjikI in E-sctx, Alto, any lien or interest the said Niehol may havo in a contract mudc with Samuel Page for Luildimr the wood work oflwciitySlcighvWic, the notes nnd accounts Mtriendeied by mid Nichols unddiiehiin when declar ed ti Bankrupt. The nbovusale at Ira Harney's Inn, in litter, tin lliursday, February 10, Ian, at 1 o' clock, r. ,w. Ellccts of Leonard M. Dixon, or UndctlilH. All llierii'lil and inlet-pst of Leonard 31. Dixon, to Jj The several newspaper publishers in tho State one acre of land, on which i erected a Starch r auto are respectfully requested to give the above an inser lion. Convention at Hartford on the 18th instnnt. I Who can wonder that nt the last election in New , -.In c i York, for example, the. U In aitu iiuuiiiiniuii jiut.i.i. on i,u.i.i. I'.VI.IMVI.V, ot New Haven, as their next candidate for Governor. A committee of nine prison-, was then appointed to procure an extra train of cars and proceed immediately to New Ha ven to inform Mr. Baldwin of his nomination, rcceivo his reply, and report it lo the con vention. Tho committee returned, about Ten o'clock in the evening, and announced, tluough their chairman, that .Mr. Baldwin had consented, (though with extreme reluct ance), to accept tho nomination. This an nouncement was received with an outburst of applause, which made the old hall in which they were assembled rock to its foun dations "3 were unable to brim th sunn into which was given for Gen llarri- p n 1 I? I-.ven tho Locofoco vole wax SOOO less 1 1 .1 v.-In .. Sjivard'n majority wnsnvet 10 COO. There wii nulling nf great and eM-ning interest In call ev ery Miter to the polls. I!eides this, the Whig parly were paralysed by sid anil mysterious event, which deprived them of their Grcnt Leader. This nlnne is suft'uient to account for all their defeats I!ut having recovered from this shotk, and rallied once more for the conflict, they are now, with firm hcartsand inlhlicr clliirts tlian'cver, ready to do all that duty requites. The election in Georgia tdiows ..n bo .l.n. Connecticut will imitate her glo rious example. THE DISEASING UP OF WINTER. Is the winter gonel We had not thought so; but a day or two since, a very intelligent gentleman, of I uncommonly minute and accurate observation, whose I opinion upon tho weather wo value highly, remarked I lu u, Dial u&udiiy uuijui iiiu iusi ul r luuai y ui c.iuy I 1 in March, something in the atmosphere gives to light, 1 Reuben Booth of Fairfield county ' just before the rising and just after the setting of the was then nominated for Lieut. Governor, and I "". P tmi-sanron cotorcu-orwnatpam crs ' 1 would call a warm lint. Thiappeaiancc issoon fol Jercmuh Brown of Hartford county, for 0Wed by a ihaw which is the breaking up of winter. Treasurer. Of this ticket the Hartfurd Cou- ' This softened light is "tho aurora of spring." Such a rant speaks as fulluws : " Wo present to t,0 , ll't was observed this wintcron the 231 of Decern 1 .. r, ,. . ,. . r ,. , . 1 ler, and the following days. On Dec. 2G, this pecu- people ot Connecticut a list of candidates of ,Br nppCanco led tho Bcntlcmanolovo referred to, to whom every citizen of our State may well be say that "tho winter is broken," although we had proud. The deafenin" cheers with which ' nnJ for scral days following, no other sign of tho information was received by iho Con-1 1!'8 ''" '' ; bal has since occurred After ' . the weather cleared up, we had again on Saturday and venlton that Mr. Baldwin accepted lite nom- aso on Sunday last, the same peculiar, spring.prom ination fur Governor, will bo responded to hy j uing light, .V. ;. Farmer. the people in every part of tho Stale. Such As Act worthy op all PaAisn. A mercantile name at tho head of our ticket, is in itself a firm in Boston, extensively engaged in business, be came cmuarrasseu in ana settled with their tower of strength, and gives us assurance of success. Called upon hy the people contra ry to his own wishes to head iho column in creditors by pa) ina sixty cents on the dollar. They recommenced business, and fortune has since smiled upon their un lertaking, insomuch that on Monday the attack which is to be made against the llu:',cnt!isa "new year a gift ' to each of their cred- IIWIO, 11 U UUtUIIll, IUIIJ 1.11 (.1111, UIIIUUIlllll ill 11IB aggregate lo about fifteen thousand dollars! Ilis enormities of locofocoism, ho will receive tho united voto of thu whole Whig parly of the such acts as these, which redeem naturo from the State: nnd wo think il will be considered charge of culpable selfishness, which is so ofted utg no small recommendation that his nnmina. 1 ci- It may be that such acts are not f.ry rare in our lion was unsought and unexpected. The community, but we wi.h that they were more fre quent. JJoston ,1cr. Journal. FEMALE SEMINARY. Wo find the following communication in a lato number of tho Monipelier Watchman. JIosirEiiEn, Jan 2, 1813. Mn, Editor. 1 see from an advertisement in votir last paper, that the liurlinclon female Seminary is about to be transferred to the charge of Mrs. George Paine, of Williainstown. This iutclllsencn will be peculiarly gratifying to the friends of .Mrs. Paine and tho Seminary, llurlington being by far tho most influential and beautiful town in the stale, and Mrs Paine a lady ofhizh accomplishmtnts and unusual qualifications for such a station, it is rcasonnhle lo suppose, that under her care, the Seminary will rank niiionc tlie first in the country. There exist at Bur- linstou all llic external conditions necessary for the e 1. : mL -.if , lJl(jsJt;iliy 01 Biicil uil liianiuiiuu. 1 no cuuice ano grounds, occupied by the Seminary, are those prepar ed, Willi so miicti t.iste and expense, oy liisliop Hop other gentlemen on iho ticket, stand deserv edly high, and merit a cordial support from tho parly. Front the character of our ticket and from information received from every section of tho Slate, wo anticipate with tho utmost confidence a glorious victory." The following are among tho resolutions which were adopted at the convention, and, from the spirit which was exhibited on tho oc casion, wo navo nn doubt tho Wings will arry tho Stato triumphantly next April. III. Resolved, That a prolectiie taritT directly in terests every class of our citizens the I'nrmer by fur nishing him with a home market nnJ s,oud prices the Mechanic by protcctii.s the products of his ingen uity against lorrign articles ot inp same kiud-ilio kins, for the Episcopal School recently under liiscarc. Operative by raising him above a degrading coinpeti-. Th(! or;,.;nni desir-n certainlv reflects much honor ud- lion wiiniue oppressed and Hl-rewarded labor of the on Ihc Bishop i and the wisdom of the Trustees of the old world-and the whole .community by the impulse Seminary, in securing for it theso tasteful arrange which it may reasonably bo expected to givo to every I mcnlB ca'nnot be t0 hisIity commended. It is, in all kind of business, a nd t he general prosperity Inch it respects, a delightful spot. The view, which it affords will I diffuse throughout the .nation., 1 of ihc Lake and the Mountains bevond, is exceeded IV. Itetolted, That tho exertions of the Wing by nothinc of the kind in New Enalsnd : and it is memDers 01 congress in procuring me passage or ho asserted by travellers, that the famed Italian sunsets present tariff, merit and receive our warmest approba- scarcely exc.ed thoe which, on a clear evening, mav lion, while we see in the persevering opposition of the be witnessed there. The Seminary is entirely secluded loco loco memDers to proicc ion in every shape, a from ihe noise and bustle of business, without being nauinnvifnf llinr nnr.nt rmn In Inn Iritntomci. nf . . ' . . Connecticut. V. Kesoked, That a currency of sound, and uni form value is indispensable to the prosperity of the nation, and hko tho life-blood in the human system is needed to she vitality and forco to every measure of relief. VI. ftetohed, Thnt the theory of a metallic curren cy which is now advocated hy tho leaders of Ihc loco foco party, is ruinous to the debtor class of the com munity, and opposed to tho interests of our industri ous population, and especially to the hopes and ex pectations of tho vomitr men of theSlate. vii. ttesoivrii. i nai uie nine na nruven When me CajH" Mobse, Lep. Covntv, Illinois, Near the KVimt'iago Svamps, Vu.7, 1612. Dear Sin, In Sept., '32, 1 wasa"jour" m in your office. Now lam engaged in scctionizing un nshipa in Illinois ; that is in surveying, or dividing tow-lupg into sections and liall sections, l little thought wscn I left you, that at this time I should find myself tru cing and retracing and splitting up into sections the swamps, which, at that time, were occupied and made a rendezvousfor the Winnebago Indians. Hut so itis. 1 left tho Green Mountains of Vermont and came to Illinois, in the spring of '37, and sinco that time, with the exception of a few months, have resided in this great and truly fcrtilo State. The change from a climate so salubrious nnd healthy as is that of your State, to one so uncultivated, thinly populated, and in many places low and marshy, ns was this, produc ed a change in my system, and for a long time, I had to battle with the diseases of this country, such as fe ver and oguc, remittent and biliious fevers, but, after eoing through with what is termed here a ' stajon ing," I recovered from all, and am now as healthy, if not more so, than when I left " my own native hills.' To ono unaccustomed to our mild winters, it would seem the height of folly to attempt the 6urvey of a township, at this sca-on of the year, and that too through the swamps and over the wide and extended prairies in this section of Illinois. Hut with us, no thing is more common. Tho greater part of Iowa, I am told, was surveyed in the winter season. Wo are now encamped in a small grove of timber on iho North side of the swamps, and about 16 miles (in a direct line,) from Dixon. Tho nearest settlement North of us, is about 9 miles, on the main road from Mock-Island, &c. to Dixon and Chicago. At this place, Mr. Ilawlcy's, who emigrated from New-York, we send in occasionally for provisionsand such other necessaries as we need to make us comfortable. Our tent is so constructed that it sheds the rain complete ly; and with the assistance of a sheet iron stove of our own manufacture, we can make ourselves ns com, or nearly so, as by our own firo sides. Our company i3 made up of seven persons, all of whom aro orderly and attentive, and uso ccry exertion to make our temporary homo in the swamps as agreea ble and pleasant as possible. To givo you some idea of tho different places of our nativity, I will mention that our head man hails from the old Granite State, New-Hampshire, myself and two others from the Green Mountain State, another from Maine, another from Virginia, and one from the old Hooster State. The country around us is mostly prairie, nnd as level as the ocean, with the exception of occasional nobs or bhifls,wliich rise generally Sor lO.fect, though in some places considerably higher. Srme of the bluffs are covered with " limber," mostly, however, in small patches in this vicinity. To a person unac customed to look upon our praiiics, the position we now occupy presents a view (he most grand and sub lime. In going to the main swamp, we pass over a low, level praiiie of about three miles in width, when we rise a low oiuii anu uceuu giauuiniy nau u iow and dreary looking swamp of about 11 miles in width. At this time it is frozen over, and covered with snow about a foot deep; the snow being held or bound in from the winds by tall grass and weeds. Tho water now is lower than usual ranging from 1 to 4 feet in depth. In somo places in this swamp, iron ore abounds to such nn extent that it is impossible to run on a true line with the compass. Deer abound on tho prairies m great numbers- droves are seen near us every day. Raccoon, prairie chickens, wild hogs, wolves, and other game aro also very plenty so that you may judge how wo live away in this country of swamps and prairies. The deer and praiiie chickens ate so tame that they fre (jucnlly como within a few rods of ourcamp. lou may suppose that no person would ever think of living within the vicinity of these marshy swamps; not so, we have found within a few days several pi oneers, who have made claims, and lesidc within sight of them. They live principally by trapping and hunt. deer, otter, raccoon, inuskrals, &c. &c, though some have a small farm under cultivation. Rock-Island, on the Mississippi river, 100 miles be low Galena, is one of the most flourishing and grow towns in the western country. It is hut a few years since lllack Hawk and his tribe were in posses sion of, and lived upon that beautiful and lovely spot Now it is a thriving ullage, and ornamented with many handsome and costly dwellings. The Court house alone cost SI 1.000. There hasbecn no attempt to build up a town there for the purpose of specula tion, but emigrants have built for their own use and occupancy. Mr. J. w.spcnccr, anativeof Vcrgenncs, Vt., came to that place some 10 years ago, beforo ihc lilack Hawk war, and took up his residence. At that time ho was nearly pennylcss ; now he has an abuu dance and to spare, being independant, or nearly so. in his circumstances. There aro others from your State, also in comfortable circumstances. Three miles above Ihc town of Rock-Island, and on the East sido of Rock Island itself (upon which island stands " For! Armstrong,") a dam has been built across the cast branch of the Mississippi, which is about 500 feet in lcncth. This produces tho most abundant and valuable water power known in the west, and will prove of incalculable benefit to the sur rounding country. The proprietors of this valuable properly have already erected a most substantial and elhcient saw null, and aro turning out lumber at rapid rate. An iron foundry and grist mill will bo erected in tho spring, adapted lo the wants of the country. This power being inexhaustible, will in lime, become a second Lowell. It cannot be other wise. Some of your readers may smile at mv ore diction, but let iheni come and see for themselves. Depend upon it, Hock Island, at no distant dav. will out do Lowell in her manufacturing, not only of ooarns, Hour, iron, Ac. but even in tho manufacture of cloths. Yours, truly. A YANKEt: IN THE SWAMPS 3d Congressional Liberty Party Convention. The friends ol the Liberty Party, in the 3d Con gressional Dtriit, ore invited to aseniblo at the Baptist Meeting-House, in Hine-bnrgb, on the Uth day of February next, at 10 o'c'ock, A. M. for the purpose of nominating a Candidate for CongtCM, to Le supported by them at the ensuing canvass. And we the undersigneJ comnutlee appointed by ry, Saw Mill and U.irn, lying in Lmleilull j Une oilier piece of land ciful out lorty four left fqnuie, on which i-vrected u Store, lying III Lndcililllj About thirty ucie of land Uliiatedp.u tly III Jericho and parl- ly in umierliiii, on llieweit moo oi uie man leaumg Irnni Arthur Uolwiek'. und nero Underbill Hat.-, Alto, ii Pew, No. 33, in thu second Congregational inni'tuwr. irtitp tn ni pr ii . I in lorcr-n ir i cmt i ju hrimiTIl! tllhtce! If, nilirtrn "e ITIVell lo Hlnca Spalding nnd lo Itciil en Marcy, by said Dixon, all of which will i.umore particularly iii-mtiicuui uio ii"'v of.-alo; Al-o, the uotcuind account" surrendcied by Mild Dixon, reiiiiiinini! uiicoiiecieuiii iiieiiuieuiMiie. riiualiOVea uatljrtn C. llarnevs Inn. in un ALBANY ARGUS. DAILY, SEMI-HT.EKLY, AND WEEKIjY. rnJ proprietors of the Argut leg Icate to in I ....; II ,! frlrndi IhroULthuut the Stale, that they propose to commence the New Yiarxcilhan en larged sheet, and toon afltrvards) with such typo graphical improvements, as uill render it worthy, as they hope, of the continued popular support ana the eotiftdence of the Democracy. Their arrangements hate been made, as usual, for prompt and full ,W", 1"?F,?: cecmnns ; anujor einufiy".!..""''. - . genceby the mails and news oj meuay 'jv,.,; ' tnnl to their volitical friends In allcases lo aite their first subscription to their local newspa per. Next to that, the Auots is at their service, and will be sent, with a grateful appreciation of the liber ..i ,,,,,..,-,;,,,, II tl n,ul mmroral it has lone enjoyed, to all who desire a pnperfrom the scat of Government. DAILY AliaUti-pcrannum. 'lenpercent ittthiiili.,, fur tminnents in advance. SKMt-'U'KliKLY AHC, US-Si per onrmm.- Containine all the matter of the daily paper. wt't.'KI.V Minirs filter annum, navaotem rariaily in adcance. A publication of eight large quarto pages, containing nearly all the mailer of the six daily papers, with acopious index. This paper, cat sheet, and useful for reference, will ulso be muih enlarged. Any person procuring jicc iubkiii shall uc eniiueu to an auuuiujini coy. CIIOSWF.LL, VAN DYC1C CO. Albany, December 20, 131'i. awl AUCTION SALES; Wednesdays, Weiinesaay luvtnsn Saturday evenings, II Y 11. T IIOMAS. STOVES and PIPE, Kr ICllbW "fill I.-artniiig Ulcnsils, Sleighs and WP" Goom, and India Rubber doming. - o- lot of Fur and Cloth Winter Caps. Salc9 continued in uie eveiunit. BOOTS ky SHOES. TVTENS Sewed and PruM Tin- k Lfooli, J.Y-L du Ho Staid Liberty Convention, holden nt llundolph, icrWH,on Friday, l ebiuary 17, 1SU, at 10 o'clock, on he 3d and 4lh hist., do mot earnestly tolicit the atlenti.,, 0 our fellow citizens to the above call; and the at,0jalll.e 0f .Very man who Itred of being Inud occupied by him in Burlington, consisting of deceived ami J,annointfd by the other parlies, 1 23 70-100 acre of land with llieaiipurlcuenees, siib- willmrr in isei i it t i. - !-.... , I icct to a uiorlgatre don for Mimlry notes executed willing to assei and ,llallU,0 hi. Independence of -j JCo0,. Carlos jjaltcr ( nJrHnjion j-AI,o, them, andreniembei,i,osc that nre in bond n, bound with them when they ,D t0 the ballot box to stcurc their own.inalicnablc ng.(9. AtJson BraoTON, Otiinicl Jlwett. IIosea Sr-Atri.DWa, Committea RliUUEM I'ARSSWonTII, Austin Uelciilr, Williston, Jnn. 19, 1813. THANKS RETURNED & FAVORS SOLICITED. In behalf of the Friendly Union of Ctnada, I ro- turn thanks to those who sent useful botks for dis tribution among emigrants and dtstitutepcrsons in Canada. Should others be disposed to givo good books, or temperance tracts, for the object above sta ted, their donations may be left with Mr. lirainan, bookseller, who has kindly offcrrd to forward them. That many may be disposed to aid the design is the prayer of T. OSGOOD, Agrnt Of the Friendly union of Canada. Burlington, Jan. 13, IS 13. I M. T. The second Lecture on Electricity, will tc given this evening before the Mechanic's Institute, at the Court House at half pan G o'clock. J. 11. JOHNSON, Secretary. BRIGHTON MARKET. Monday, Jau. 16, 1313. At Mnrkct 370 BeefCiitlle, CO Stores, 1200 Sheep, nil CO Swine. 50 Beef Lattle un-old. PnlCES. Bctf Cattle. We quote to corre-pond with lat week, viz: a few cxrra at o4 50. rir-l quality, 81 a 4 25. Second quality, S3 25 a 3 50; third quality, S3 a 3 25. Sheep. Lots were sold Irom 81 tc i so, vtoiners from 2 50 to 373. Swine. At retail from 3 1-2 to 4 1 2. In Springville, Erie Co. N. Y. the first of January inst. after a lingering illness of 11 months, Eliza F daughter of Jocob Uadglcy, Esq. of Corllandtille, N Y. and wife of C. C. Severance, Esq. formerly of this place. so remote as to preclude easy intercourse with the intelligent and cultivated society which renders Uur l'nelon sodesirableand ole-isant a residence. These external advantages, heightened by the cir cumstances of the easy access to Burlington from every direction, especially up and down the lake, wouia seem to leavo nothing on this Hand, lo be desir ed. Nothing can bowanling but properhfeand now er within. The resnectnhlc standinsr of tha Semina. ry would indicate, that these have not been altogether wanlintr in time nasi l nnd lhnn wlin know Mrs. Paine need not be told, that they will be found there r .tt . : I . , . ........ i , j; in inn iyi 'is ic'ii; n wie insiiiuiiou is unoer ncr ui rcctton. It i truly cheering to all who have the in A. M. I'.neelo nr.Inseiili I'.nnL-. nf Isiirllncton. All the iuleiest of Jo-eph Cook lo the House and ail the lutcnM which the Mini Cook mav have In sun dry nrticles morttraired to Durotha Viler of lliirlinii- Ion, lo scenic the payment ol one hundred nnd Idly dollar-, nil of which will be particularly decrildl at the lime of sale, sale of the above property nt my ollieein Bnrlinirlon, otiSaturday, I'cLruary IS, IS 13, at 11 o'deek, A. M. directs of Daniel II. Tucker, of Huntington. All thuriiiht and intere-l of Daniel It. Tucker, to certain land Ivi'inr in Huntington, purduecd in con nection wiili Si as Tucker, beim I he re-ideme ol said Tucker, subject tu n claim nf three hundred dollars andintere-t Irom July, ibjuj at-, sunory armies of farniintr utensil-, one three year old heifer, one liursc. 7 slicen. and the cuuitable inteie-l of said Tucker to produce rai-cd on said larm. The above sale at my ollice in llurlington, oaturuay, rcoruury 1S, IS 1.5, at v o'ciock, Ellccts or Samuel lilniic, ol ivuiiston. All il, nitcre-t ot Sainiiei Wtihmle to one cipial undivided half of the following laud-in llollon, Vt. in the original charter ol'New Hiintinzton, in the Coun- IV of Chillendeii, in wit lot. iNo. 2Jo ol ba,7j ueru 23fl of 10 acre 237 of 13J acres 234 of 30 .icru o'n ni tn neri 210 of'iUV ncre 211 of ill acre-. a ile-criled in a deed from William Allen to Sainuti W Ii nn e. und recorded in Uook -Ii It. lMce 1 Ijhi tow n Rocoids in Uolton, Al-o, the notei und account stirrciiicredtoineliys.ini limine, i no ai.ove -a.e ul my ollice. Saturday, February, lb 13, at 2 o' clock, i:m. r uects ol iw.iivin m line, oi .viiuoiu All the utiles, claiuwand account ol Calvin White nf.Milti.n. tirrcndcred by bun tinder the act ol Bank ruptcy m.iy iciiiaiii ini'-ollccled, and which will lie particularly nccru cu at uie nine ci saie. cut ui my ollice, in Hurlington, .Saturday, fclruary 13, at z o ciocu, i-. .w. 1 il A. it. HAS" 1.1-.1-., Assignee. Burlington, Jan. 17, 1813. 31 do doCalfKip ami Seal do lloyi do do do and Th.tlt. do Youths do dr Un do Mens Scwd and Pegd. Calf Downing!, do do Kip Urogans do Morrocco and Call Pump Boys and Youth- Kip Hrugans Women's Gaiter Boots Farewell!.) do Morrocco Shoes and Slips do do Call Bootees do do Shoes, do cheap Leather Slip, Mi-su-s cheap do do and Slices, do morocco do do Children- Clicks till J do For sale cheaper than the ehcapet by 33 DANIEL DAVIS. NOTICE. OW1NO to my heavy losses, I shall he ouigro w call on all indebted to me to unite payment, olid to sell myStoro and Goods to aoid llictr being sob! at Shcrifl sale. I hope this notice will 1 e sufficient, as I should regret to sue many or my customers mat have dealt with me over twenty ears. 1 havu it rood assortment of Gouda, and they will bo -old. 1 . ,i l. ...... ..I.,.. il.n 'ile, irtv nf flprPlll- Sliail muse nu aecumns .itii;i uiw .. - -------- her, 1312, at my Burlington Store. J111 M M V Burliugton, Nov. 23d, 1912. "-If THE CoiMriiiership herctoloro cxi-ting between BR W.N & tin- Jay by mutual consent dissolved, all thu concern oi said company u-ill I i mini. led I V K It. L'e.OS.MA!. uoo.tu imu" ... Winoo-ki, Jan. 9lh. 1813. E. R. CROSMAN. N. 11. Tin- Uiisiiil. will be continued ns heretofore all ihuse that wi-h for Castings of any description can I o supplied on low Icrms. ........ i,33w3 K. K. CKIISJIA.". HARDWARE. ti(ji! TIIEsubscriler having reienlly leplcnis bed lit." slock of Hardware, oilers for salo the following Goods, at the lowest rutlcry. Table and De-erl Knives and Forkt, Pen and Poe et Cuivu., Razor-, Scis-or-, Sliee Sheuri, Bulcbtf Knives, Itboe do., Steel-, &D. iVc. Carpenters' and Joiners Tools, Cast and Spring i'iuel I'diiuel, Hand and RipptnS Sawn; Circular do. from rJ to 21 inches s Cro-s-cu and Mill do ; Slater'-. Brat c and Hilts ; firmer and mortice Chi-tls i Gouge", Plane Iron-, Aueer', Situ mnnJ ttiiit,! A srcs. Adze-. 1 1 d ii i tiers it-e.l Hani-' ai.J Baldwin's Planus i Taper, Pit-nw, .Mill---aw, Ua lard, Etitialisiii', Warding and Cabinet I lie 1 SK . Wool and Hor'-e Ka-ps ; a general assonmeut ol Saddlery Hardware. l'armlm; Utensil. Cradle-, Scythe, Manure and Hay Forks i Hoc .Vine-' Snincl-; Spnile-, Duelling Shovel-, die. A-u Furnishing and Ituildirs' Hardware. Tr.iy, Britannia Tea nnd Co lee Pot- ; Lamp' : Spittoon; Hand and Tea Bell- '.'Ca-tor ; Britannia) (icrin.iii siherand platid 'lea and 'lble Spoon-; Metal and enameled Sam e Pan-) Fryinz Pan, Bal Pan-, Pol- and Kettle-, Bra Kettle-, Fne Iron-, &' . Locks ; Hull Hinse-; Jaine-' Screw : Norfolk an.l Knob Iitehes ; Blake'.- E-cutbeon do.; Window Fa lening ; S.i-h Piillie; Rail Screw-; lleil Screw-; MahoKony und Giusa Furniture Knob ; Glue, die. ie. W.M. J. HUNT. June 21. Strong-' lluild'ug. 0 WKAPiMNG I'AI'Klt. NE Ihon-iind reams, assorted sizes, for sale by Vti 83. 31 o. uuuiinn ii. WHEAT. A FEW bushels good I riuht SPRING WHEAT, and also, a few bushels best PINK-EYE POTA TOES are wanted in exchange for Goods. Apply at the corner of Church nnd College street, to Dec. 30. 31 JOSEPH WAIT. NOTICE. C1 HATEFUL fur favor already received Irom an T iiitnllteciit iiiililic. the unilersiL'iied would -olicit the continuaiiLe of the same liom thuir old cu-tom- er-, who have furnished ns Vvoo) to manul.icture, ti their own advantage (as they can te-tify), and would al-o be happy that otlur wno nate wool -noun con e anil do likcwi-e. ive n ore incin vc t.ri majufacture it into Broadcloth that will eomparo Willi anv in the Stale, either for home u-e, crm -lylu for any'mnrket. Weute at all times to Lo found at the Uiirlincicn Mill. N. B. We will rxehnnse cloths, for good hira body wood, on reasonal le term-, ' tir.i.-i rtt-i..-. n ,.t,rit-v lior.ljor ou.i iv,i iiiuu... Winooski Falls, Dec. 23, 1312. 31 tf M. G, RATH BUN, D It A 1 13 It AND T AlbOR, (Nearly opposite .be Bank,) Citcncii Si. 32 if Bchlinotos, Vt. Stephen HaUHt'si Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, ( qpur. Honorable the District of Chillendeii, s. ( X Prolate Court lor Ihe District of Chilleinlen : To nil per-on-concerned in the e-tuie ol STEPHEN I1AIGIIT, late ofBurling- ton, lit said Ih-tnct, ilecea-eo, greeting. Wnrnr.A-. Ezra Meech. adinini-tralor of the estate of saki deceased, propose.- to render an account of his iidiuiui-traltoii, nnd picscnilii account uzajiiM aid e-iatefor exanniuilioii and allow mice at a-se icn of the Court of Probate, lo Peholdcti at the Keg- 1-lerVolTice in said lliirliiiulon.onthu -ccond Wedne iIjc of Full marc next. Therefore. You are hereby nntuicd to appear ocioru .-uiu cuuri u, mi; Liiim a,,., pluee afore-aid, and show cause, if any you have, why the account ulcre-aid should not he allowed. Given under my hand at liurliugton, this lU'.li day of January, A. D. IS 13. at o -.... -vi-u., jielsier. I SHERIFF'S SATzE, On Saturday, Jan. 28, 1843, Shall sell nt H. THOMAS' Auction Room, large quantity ol DRY GOODS, I Y, GROCERIES, I GLASS and HARDWARE. Sale to commence at 10 n'chx-k. forenoon. H. FERRIS, Deputy SherifT. BASS VIOLS. JVTELODIANS, llass Viols, and Double Bass Viols; veryniieouesjsuiiaoieiorsinaiioriarge'-.nurcii' es. Individuals or Choirs arc invited to examine them. PA.NGIiORN &. UR1NSMA1D Jan. IS 13. 31 WANTED. A Load or two ofGOOD HAY, a few nice Chick- XI- en.- or Turkeys some tre-h I'.cg-, esc. civ. Firo N)ticc. T"I1E mcmbeis of the BcntiNOTON Fine Company X ale hereby no'ified, that the annual mcctins.' of said company will be holdtuat John Howard's Ho. tel. on the fourth Wednesday, tho 23lhdav of Janua ry A. D. IS43. at 7 o'clock in the afternoon, for the choice of 10 Wardens, a Cleik and Treasurer; and for the transaction ol all other business required by the Charter and by-laws of said Company. mcnt upon the muubcts. The prompt payment of entrance fees and assessments are an very necessary, but the cheerful performance ol all the personal duties required ol the members is of the utmost importance in promoting the nest interests ot tin company ana rendcrim! it efficient in time of need. The House-holders nf this villaire who are, ns vet, not members are respectfully rccuested to attend to join this Company and contribute their proportion of pecuniary means .uiu ueii.uii.ii cieriiuiia, in sustain ing thu Company, in their wont ot protection. By order. LYMAN CUMMINGS, Clerk: Burlington, Jan. 2 1913. exehanc January 26, 1SJ3, PECK A. SPEAll. 33 20 BOXES SUPERIOR FAMILY SOAP. lO do do Starch, S do do Figblue, IS do Scale! Herrinis will be sold very cheap for ca-h, by O-jTHEIM & MICHOI.LS. Collese St. next to Mr. Watt's Crockery otore. Just Itccelvcd and l'or Sale at the Uurllngtou nook-More. DUFF1ELD ON PKOPHECIE9, Stewart'.- Hints Bu-h on Prophecies, Jack Hinton, Khemiall'a lcture, Wheatcly's Kingdom of Christ, Buriieit- Reformation. Jan. 20, I8. D. A. lift MAN. PAY UP. WE have aome accounts from a few cents to a few dollars, of small moment or imnorlance to those who owe us, but of great importance to us, and wa respectfully inform lliose interested that we intend lo collect them immediately, and wish to do so in the way to make as little trouble or cost as nos tible; but they muse be settled very soon. All who have accounts against our firm, or either of us indi virtually, are desired to present them lor payment, PANGBORN it BRINSMAID, Jan. 26, 1813. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, Vermont District. IN BAKRUPTCY. CURE FOR 77 O H M . Faluicstock's Vermifuge. Prepared by the suh-criler, nnd fold Whole-ale and Reiad at the Drug Warehouse of 11. A. F.ihne.-iock & Co., Piitslnrgh, Pcnii-ylvani.i. THIS preparation ha- now -mod ihe test of -everal' trial, and i- continently reciiniiueniicd a- u -ale and elleclnal medicine lor expellin.' worms from the -ystem. The unexampled succes which ha-attend, ed its adinini-li'.ilion in every case where the p.tiient was really alllietcii wilh worm-, certainly renders it worthy Ihe attention of phy-ieian-. 1 lie proprietor u.t- inauc u a pnim to aeriain uie re.nlt of it- use in such ci-c- u came within his knowledge and ohscrvalion and he invariably found it to produce I he hum salutary eileeti uol iinfreiiiciit ly afier nearly all the ordinary preparations reconi- mended lor worm- nan teen prevtuii-iy rc-oriea to without any permanent advantage. The fact is at-te-ted by the ccrtilicate- and -latenienl- of hiuitlreds of re-peetableper-on- in dilicicnl part- of the country, and should induce Minitie- always 10 Keep a ot the picparatinti in their po.-e-sion. It i mild in its operation, and may be administered with perfect safe ty to the ino-t delicate infant. 1 lie ('cnuuie criiiuugo i- now pui in one ounce nbial-, with tin imiire--ion upon the frla--, ' FAH- Nl-ii'lOCK'S VERMIFUGE," and the direction- accompanying each vial have the siirnaturc of the lironnctor': any medicine imt un in nl.tin ounce vials and the -ignatnreol which does not corre-pond with the ahove ite-criptiou, t- not my tjcninne t-rm ilnsre. Ih-f subscriher deem-it hi-duty to use the ut.ove nrecautiou- ill order to cuard the on b le airainst mis taking oilier worm preparations fcr his deservedly popular triiiiume. Tin-medicine has I cen known but a short time in Burlington, but throitch the wester State, it has been the ino-l popular ami efficient worm remedy for a pe riod of nearly 15 years being used in the practice of regular physician-. In the Canada- where it has been known 1 ut about two year' the -ale- have been very great, I cing about 500 gross. The Surgeons of Her Maje-ly's troop nud local physicians nuke constant use of it m their practice. CAUTION. There i- an article called "Kolm- stock's Vermifuge" lately put in circulation hv lie LAW BOOKS. "10MMON LAW REPOltrS, 39 vols. v-' Condensed Lnuli-h Chancery Reports 13 " United States 0 Wendell's Reports 25 Cow en's do 9 Hill'.- do 2 Paige'- Chancery Reports, 8 New York Dnre-t, calf 2 do do sheep 4 American Chancery do 2 Starkic- I'vii'cncc, 3 vol.. new edition. Coweu's Plullipps' t o 4 vols. T7E i lie subscribes, bavin.' been apnointcd by ihe Honorable the Probate Court for the District of Cluitciiden. commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims ami demands of all per sons against the estate oi .vy. (.; 7 .i l ha ) O.V, lateof Jcucho, in said District, deceased,repre- cntetl insolvent, anil also all claims and demands xluhited in ofT-ct thereto; and six months from the lav of the dale hereof, bcinc allowed by said Court for thai purpose, wo do ihcreforc hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our nnnoint- nunt, at I lie dwclliris of wulo.v Lucy Rawson. in t ij'!-!i ' t,.i; un.i,,l nt m.,.. January, FibiuaryanJ May next, at 10 o'clock, a.m., on each ol said days. I'uieii. mis Hill day oi .oicmDcr, A. u. lb!'-'. 30 TRUMAN GAl.USHA, ) rnmm;,.!nn AARON UURNEIT, Commissioners. Kdward l'.'ii'i'iiittton's Kstatc. WE THE SUB-CRIBERS, having been ap pointed by the Honorable the Probate Court for tho District of Chittenden, commissioners lo re- 1 ceive, examine and adjust Ihe claim anil demands nf I all persons, against the cslalo of EDWARD FAR-' R1NGTON, lato of , Burlington, in said District, de- ceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in onset thereto; and six months from the diy of the ditto hereof, beintr allowed by said i Court for that purpose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that wc will attend to the business of our ap- I potntment, nt the store of J. W. Weaver in Colches tcr, in said District, on the tenth days of January and i Juno next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said da s. , Dated, tills Dili day of December, A. D. I'.'. J. W. WEAVER, Commission-1 G. W. HORTON, I rts. Notice to show cause against Petlon of SBMUEL WHIPPLE, ofWilliston.forhis Discharge and ucrlincate, as a ine court House, In IV' ;n..U n;l-,l An lV'..lnA.n.. .1.. m.i. dav of Mav. A. D. 1813. at 10. A. M. ' ar ii r r L" hiourtn r 11 ...I : i L : - TV--L . auu uw u. iuohui , u. uutmn;,.,,,, ,u, m, uiu.,.rCc ,,ar,rrl.-,rK. fr II A. Mwri'i l',rmif,,r,.. and and uertincate. as a uanKtunt. at iho I ourt House, i - -- -- - - - -a-i - Ij.Windtpr.fni.idD, QBV Ol .IIBV. A, U. 1D.J. Ul IV, A, Jl , I ' nsit- t. cr, r . T rl.n"J'J n,jUi.iiit,iuiiii., iur in. ..,.,,..., nrrri,ti. and vendors of all Gen house of Coin-tock & Co., of New York, which i re. presented as iieins ine ".-amc a. ranne-tock." i in- I- noilliet a-e, icr ivuiiii-iueu s I- u i'.i-c nmiaut'ii iire-eryui!r none of ihe virtue- of our excellent medi cine, the only security to ine puone i- in enquire choice anil Certificate, as a Bankrupt, at the Court House, in Windsor, in said District, on Wednesd), I ine am any oi .nay, a. u. ich j, at iu, a. -u. uine Patent Aledicines. Burlington, Vt., Jan 16, 1812. 4m34 ., ... ... . ii 1 ICtllUllt IIP lll'l greotni lie atrainsi ine rau cai nun ncaiructue. meas- ,ereRls 0f educat rt nnd human development urea of locoipcotsm is to no renewed, anil tliat ttio , lcart ,0 seooitr important Seminaries passing elections of tho next two years are lo decide iho great , inlo ,), UIIrj9 0f ihoFO who exhibit, in own life question of a protrclivo tanfl agains a visionary free ! anA f,nrcle.r, le clearest cve.nplifiealion of iruo uaoc-ui ,i i,u..,i, ..B...-c .iiuiutiiuustniari-1 cUrc and who nrecnpahle oriakim up. n it were, euil schemes of loeofocoiin, and of iho intercsls of , inn own lfo nnd ,einr, the spirit of nil ihat is the country generally against that policy winch has ' r,ccCIll , beautiful around tho n, and ofinfusineil, .. i,x Ilia ninfm nflhP Until! ft I inn If nnd Im tlm nnn. i 1 . . . . i . . eral eondilion of the fine while under tho direction of ' r-nvernnie t i r'-p ,f ilm I of Whir pr ciite, and of the .itehiv a. id purjotism oflhe pi liheaa T " " ! "v Whifjieity IX. Resulted, That thfi Miiioiomai y caru i f four opponents during tho brief period that has (laped lince they have been in power in Conneciiein, has more ih on ever convinced us that their principles are ullerlydest ructivoof tho best inttiresls of the Slate, and that they deserve what wo believe they will re ctive in April next, n total ovotthrow by an abused and indignint people Of tli'-i convention, tho tvouraut savs, it tnovp. And cheering, tnn.n Ihccertainly, that under s ich intlueneeM, nnd wilh such culture, instead of ihe Hi 'iiitin.' !in,;p .isnfafleclalion, which tliefavhinnabln ioiriin si hnnl loo nfien send for ill, the belter half of riHitin shiill nvo Ii' e nneel" (it ihey are) in ihe midst of n, with simplicity, grace and beauty for their hand-maid', "And every gesturedignity and love." Youre, trulf " Out of darkness cometh forth light," a tlto Printer's Devil said wliun ho looked into the Ink-kcg. THE GERMAN STOIIE. THE subscribers beg leave tp renew to the public of this nnd ihc surrounding enitntrt. ,1... ;.,.l.v... nun uiu, lutj I.UIUIUUO iu hecji cousiantiy on nanu choice assortment of DRY GOODS AND finnf-Knire all of which in their particular kind, are of superior quality anil surpassing cheapness. Especially would lliev invite public Mtenlinn to their imported ("i'.bman, I'liKNCII cVSfani-ii WINES, 'ben Cooxac BHANDV, und Houand (Schtldain) v...., iii.i-i ui which nave already l.ccn for ome years under their own particular survey and in-pec. lion, and Iheajte ot w hich added lo their iinuue-lion-able purity renders iheiu peculiarly hi for medicinal I hey a, so re-peetftilly inform Slorc-keepers and .lavern-U-epcr.of ihe adjacent towns, wdio uro de sirous of supplying their Customer with genuine arnctes, nini uu-y can l e supplieil with tlem at (he Gcrinnii Store, in Burlington, wheru ihe nuh.crilers will .cave it lo Ihe discrimination of those who may call to judsv how far they havo a cliiiui lo assert the superiority ot the article, ihev o'er lor ale. O-JTHEIM t MICIIOI.LS. Collego ti., next to Mr. Wail's cx eii-lvc Cr-ctery Store. Jan. 20, 1813. 35 CABINENT FURNITURE. nPHE SUBSCRIBER would remind tho Public, that he still continues tho CADINENT BUSI. NESS al the Old Stand, on Church Street, formerly Nichols if- Herrick, and over Mr. Hurlbut'a Store, where he has a cood assortment of Manor: .inv. Black Walnut, Cherry and Pine FURNITURE, consilium of Secretaries i Bureaus; Sofas; Dining, Tea, Work and Toilet. Tables l Bedsteads and Stands, which he will sell for cash unusually low, according lo the times. WANTED. In eichanee, Birch and Maple SCANTLING, suita ble for Bedsteds 2 inch, 1 inch, 5 Bths and 1-2 inch BASSWOOD. WHITE PINE BOARDS. R1RCII BOARDS, and most kinds of Country Produce. rieasccau una examine lor yourselves. SAMUEL IMCHUI.S. Burlington, Jan. 13, 1643. 34lf Marclal It o ley's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, fTIIIF. Honorable Dt-triet orchiltcnden, L I'rooato court CIcnsing, Dying and Repairing, ALL orts orULOl HG, all kinds ol SILKS and SILK VELVETS, Renoiated and Repaired in ine ncairi pi'sstuic iiiuniicr COLORING douc on thort notice, Doer. Saxton's Buildlnt, Sign, EaNCV DlWO. E. RICH ir. Churh rlrcct, the District ot Chittenden : To all person- concern ed in tne e-tate of MARC'IAL ROWLEV.IaleofMil- lon. in sa.d ui-tricl. deceaeo, Ereeting. Wiikreas, Philena Rowley, administratrix of Ihe e-tate of said deceased, proposes to render an account oilier administration, and pro-ent her account nganist -aid astate Tor examination and allowance aia e. ion ot the Court of Probate, to I e holden at the Rest' i-ter's office in Bnrlingion in said District, on the second Wednesday of February next. Therefore, i on are herehy notified to appear I elore (aid court at Ihe nine and place atnresaid, nnd snow cait-r, it any you have, wli) the account aiorcsaiu siioutu not le allowed. Given under my hand al Burlington, this 17lhday oiuanuarv, A. u. isu. 34 3.y W.M. WESTON, Recisier. James ."II. Ilazen's Estate. TITE Ihe subscrilerslieine apiminleil bv ihe Hon VV orable ihe Probate Court for the Hi-trict of lirand Isle, Commissioners to examine and atlju-t all claim and demand- nf all persons it;ainst the e-talo of JAMES M. IIAZEN, of North Hero, in said Dis trict, represented insolvent, and also all claims and demands cxhibileil in oilieil Ihrclo ; anil six tnonlhr from the 20ih day of December la-t, leinc allowul bv said court for that purpose, wo do therefore here. by give notice that wo will attend to the bitsines. of ( ursani appointment al ine dwelttig house of the wid ow Jane jlazen in North Hero, on the sceon t Tues day of February next, from nine o'clock, A. M. until I o'clock, P, M. of rail day. JOHN KNIGHT, 1 Commission JAIIEZ LAUD. ( er. North Hero, January 2J, 1843. 34 3w TEMPERANCE ALMANACS, FOR ealeby D, A. B RAMAN TO LET. For terms apply at the 13 tf A Commodious TONE HOUSE at present oecu pied by Un. lli.s'Eucno. premises. Burlington, Sept. 13, 1642. Wliito liead. 1 TON White Lead in Oil, it do dry do. warrantee I rniia in nua itv to any maiinl ct ired in the United Slates price unusually low, STRONGS. Nov. 10, 1832. i Ly Story, vols '. ol ihe LnileJ State !veut'- Coinnientaries, oinhnsou - JJiclionary Clarke'-Rudiii.cnt-and Practice. Jtit receiveil by nee. -.a. auj u. uuuduiuii T1 STOCK OK IIAKinVAUE t'OK SALI- HE SUBSCRIBER, having determined lo leavn Butlmgioii in the -iinnc, oners for ale, for ca-h, In enure -lock of HARDWARE, at Ihe invoice. cost in Aew 1 on;, nddingiiicreunio two per ceni.ior expense of tran-ptirtation. A Ins stock I- entirely new, alio well setccieu, uit prooi in w iiic-n nc ivuoiu refer lo any Hardware merchant) and cya purchased previous to the pas-aie of the new Tarnf Bill, hj thinks it won d be im; lor any person who wi-hed to ensagu in the business, to do sounder moru tavorahle circuin-tance. J. rlUiM. Strong's Buiidhir, Dir. 30, 1512. 31 ItEVOI.VIXG AND OTHER CASTORS. CASTORS and Ca-tor Bottle-, Tea Pot, Snufler and tray., Caudle-ticke. Plated and Gcrniaa SilverSpoons, Pewter ami Iron Spoons, Pin-, Neo- die. hooks and r.e-, Mice and tsoot L.ace and Buckle-, Brushes loinb- ic., at very low prices. Please call and see befoie you buy. Pa.NODOICN- &. BtllNSMAID. Dec. 20, 1843, 30m MUSIC BOOKS. CARMINA Sacra, and Boston Academy, just re ceived by C. GOODRICH. Jan. 6th. 1343. 32 JAMS W. IIICK0K, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Orricc west side of the Court House Square, Dec. 12, 18. 23-tf llurlUglon, Vt. AliHANV AND IIOSTON KAIL IIOAD Farc through to Boston SG. MornniL' train lliroitL'li to Bo-ton leave. GreenbuOi at J 1 elbre 7 o'clock, daily, Sunday's cxtepted-arnvc at Boston CJ. Dnalfast al Chatham. The afternoon train to Sprmghcld only, leave Greenbusli at I before 1 o'clock. Pa-enger- can leave Springfield at C A. M and arrive in Boston al 11 J A.M. Pas-enger-nm-t leave All any at 61 or 125 o'clock, and nol later to m-iire a p.vjaee. Fen New-Yoiii: via llAiiTromi and New-Havem Pa eager- leaving Greeiihu-h I I eftre 7 A. M. take -taue ai Sprinil'eld at 12 .M. reach Hartford at -1 P. M. and New Haven at 7 P. M. Iodic leavo New Haven hy -teauiLoat al S A. M.,and arrive in New-York at 2 P. M. Pas-eneer- m iv ul-o leave Grceiil u-h al 41 efore I P. M., leach Spriuitield GJ, ihenee by stase at SI lo HRULIiXGTON FEMALE SEMINARY THE Trustees of this institution would inform the public, that, at tho expiration of Ihe current quarter, in l-eurmry next, us management will de volve upon jirs. uconcr. t'AtM, as rnncipai, wno will lake the place of Miss Lee, the present incumbent. Tho Trustees, rclvtnn on Ihe hum and acknowl edged qualifications of Mrs. Paine for the govern ment ol such an Institution, invite puoiic attention to the following terms and regulations! Titr Spbino Tebm will commence on Wednesday, the 1st of March next, and continue, as usual, twenty- two WCCKS. TERMS. Board, ineludinr; wnshinc, fuel, lights, etc has been reduced to 325.C0 per niiarter,(ll weeks) half payable in advance. The Boarding department will continue under the care of Mr. Braman. Tuition in Enslish branches Sa.OO per quarter, half pavaule in advance. Dtawing, including sketching from nature, and naintinsr in water colors, ?3,00 French, Italian or uerman, cacti o.&n Latin 3 00 Piano, Organ or Guitar, per quarter 10,00 Use of Instrument for praclice - 2,00 The French and Italian classes are under the care of Monsieur Bocciiitti- Pupils are not received for a less period than one quarter, but deduction will be made from the above charges, in case of protracted illness. It is desirable mat pupils snouio ooarn in ine semi nary where thev will ai nil limes be under the special charge ol the Principal, who, he-irin in mind ihe importance of health in ihe pursuit of their studies, will constantly nun nt their physical as well as their moraland intellectual implement. in uchall ot Ihe Trustees. GEO. II. SHAW, Ster-tary. Burlington, 20ih Dec, 1S42. cars for New Haven, and thentcby steamboat, ar riving in ww i on; ai -j r. Faiu tlironuh to New York SC Fcr New Youk, by the Hcus.Urn.'c Rail-road. Fare SU. A Irani of cars will leave Greenhush daily, (Sun. day- excepted) at 5 P. M,, reach Bridgeport at i A.'.M., take boat at 7, and reach New York at 11 a.m. P.ts-ensers muil Le at South Ferry m AILany at 5! P. M. Freight traii-portcd daily by thi- line let ween Alba ny and New York al rate (rum SU to 810 per tou. Flour in lot- of 500 I arrels ai 50c, per larrel, and for any If quantity CO.. per barrel. Pa-semrir-musl procure tickets 1 eforetaking Car. Ticket- can I e ol tamed in All anv at G. R. Payne's otTi e, sj Broadway, or at Ticket Odicc in Depot at Grceiil FREIGHT d"ePARTMF.NT. A Frelcht Train will leave Oiecnbiish daily (San day's excepted) for Boston at 5i A. M, r.verv infonualiriii will be siven ai the office ia the Depot at. (jrccnlUih. Deceml er IR. 1S43. W. II. TOW. --END, Master of 1 in-portation. STATE OF VERMONT, i The Hon! the Probate Il strict 1 1 Chittenden, ss. 1 Court lor the District of Chiiteiiden, to all per-on concerned tn thec-Iato of DLL i.ti'.Vt'.llaie of Milton in said di-trict, de ceacd, GreetIno, WHEREAS, Elijah Herrick and Samuel Board man, adin'rs cf Ihe e-tate of said decei-ed, propose to render nn account of their ailmini-tralion and pre sent their account acainst saides'ale for examination and allowance at a -e-sion olthe Court ol Prolate, to be holden at the Regi-lers ollieein Burlington, in saul di-irici on the second WeduesJay of January next. 'Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear beforo said Court anhe lime and place afore-aid, and shew cau-e, if any yon have, why the account afore.-aid should not fe allowed. Given under my hand nt Burlington this thirteenth day ol December A. 1. 1642. WM. WESTON. Register. NOTICE, WE would inform our customers that we are in great want of our pay for work for the two last years thai weiuusl haveit or the 13th of January next, and those who expect to pa v in wood or grain, must be punctual for if not paid at the stipulated time, their accounts and notes will be found in a third man s hands for collection and no mistake. A. &. R. G. DUNCAN. Burlington, Dee. 22, 1342. 30 3w TUST Received by Huinden'- Express, a new lot of Superior OTTrn Cap-, nncolori'.l Boa-, Silk Warp, Alpaeca Cloths, Coat Cord-, lc. which can le found very low at H, W. CATLIN'S. Deo. 22, 18-12. 30 AT BURLINGTON, Vt., mice the sleighing ba leen so good, the Good- have slid oil' from the People' Cheap Cash Siore at a wonderful rapid rate and the Agent i so bu-ilv ensnccl in sellinz'heap that be has not tiinetosell dear. The nock i-onoof iho ino-l general and exien-ive ofany lhal be has had ilnr!ngtholast20ear, and wa- pro' ably never ex celled at hi-store in any former year, therefore per- 'On-from a di-ianee may come wilh n confidence of I fins supplied with Drj Gno.1 of nearly every de . riplicii that may bo wished aud at the. lowr-t prices ' I. ... ' llnll'itini or ctisii. ui iij.. .iu Dec. 21, 1812. 30 ANEW MILCH COW, five years old, for sle by SAMUEL II. BARNS. Charlotte, Jan f, 1?13 3w. A Classical Spelling Book, CONTAINING rules and reasons for English Or thogrophy and Pronunciation! derived from a compute analysis 01 tho lancuige, by Rev. A. B. CiiAnv, M, A , for sale at the Burlington Book Store. Dec. Zl 3U U. A, UHAMAK. Cash paid l'or Pork. TIIE Subscribers will pay cash on delivery for 1 WELL FATTENED PORK. FOl.LETT i. BRADLEY. Burlington, Dec. 22, 1312. 30 BROWN SHEETING. 6 Bales Brown Sheeting, just received and for sale low hy LOVELY &. SEYMOUR. Dec. 15, 1812. Cash paid for Ohts, N delivery at their i-tore, Old Dock, V FOLLETT Burlington, Dec.2:. 1SU. BRADLEY. so CLOCKS!! CLOCKS!!! A FEW doublet nnd single O. G. Rood Clocks, which will be exchanged for Griin or Wised on the moM rea-nnable term lr p. DAVIS. Water t., Dec. 20, 1M2. CLOCKS. IJIGHT day and 3G hour Clocks, Brass or Wood J lor sale us low as can be bought any where, fcr cash, wi od or product. PA.VGSORX cf- BMH-HU-D. Clock not delivered until raid f ir. IV-. If, 18t2. JC-J

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