Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 13, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 13, 1843 Page 3
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btu tipUt lo personable freedom and equal uuffrag tin I free Representative form ot' governmentto these , nrinciutcs the Whist tiattv is pledged Ihcso tirinci- pies the Whig party is. destined lo establish. Let us firmly maintain them. Let litem he on all occasions proclaimed, and our ranks will soon bo rcstoud to their fullness of numbers, and animated with assur ance of victory. , Domestic duties, common to nil men m thiscotin try, neglected hv mo during four years of public ca lamity, press upon me but they are not exclusive. If I can be of servico among you, here, or in your towns nnd districts, in sustaining the candidates, jr in defending their measures, or in maintaining the prin ciples of tho Whig party, ns they shall be commend ed to the country by your delegated assemblies, now and for the future let the call comet, it will never be unreasonable. It will find me willing wiili nil my ancient zeal, stimulated and increased by cnduiing gratitude. , In this good work, then, let us once more join hands, nnd co forward, aim-sins ns brothers, faithful to each other ns compatriots, confiding in the truth of our cause, nnd tnerctorc confident in its speedy nnu enduring triumph," This is noble, patriotic nnd innnly. Let avery truo Whig profit by tho example. For the Builington Free Press. To His Excellency, Charles Pune, Governor of the State of Vermont. No. V. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. THE LAW OF GOD UNREPEALED. Dear Sir! 'In was shown ihnt the universality of the sentiment, thnt the muidcrcr cugiitto ue put to acalh. Iins been such, mall time nnd among nil nations, that it must be regarded as n law of God, graven upon tho human conscience. Hnving disposed of this part of the subject j I propose in this numbei, to examine the law or God ts ins word, and the circumstances attending its promulgation. , In the commencement of the human race, the expe riment was made of suppressing murder by moral considerations, and (as is commonly supposed) with out resorting lo capital punishment. The insuffici ency of this plan was goon evinced to the nee. Vc have nn account of at least, two murders: that of Abel by Cain, and that of n young man bv Limccli. It is a fair inference from tho sacred record that mur der was a common event in the antediluvian world, for we read that tlte carthvas filled with violence, lan guage clearly intimating that men were constantly engaged in broils with cacli other. In the hrevit. of the record, other murders nre not distinctly mention ed. But from the known principle, tint the wicked wax worse mid worse, the longer they live in wicked ness, it is easy to see that the spirit of Cnin, i.e. hu man depravity, must hnve acquired n terrific power in the course'ofa long lift of 600 or SCO years, and that frequent murder must have been I In: result. The milder course, had been taken in vnin ; nt least, it served onlv .this important purpose, ol demonstra ting to mankind their exceeding sinfulness, and the necessity of higher sanction-. Under the milder course, violence filled the earth nnd men became so wicked, that he who made them could not have mer y upon them. Therefore, with a flood he swept to -MituLimii me cmuv nut, ?aiiiis uiu single lainuy vf Noah. Alter the Hood, the earth came forth afresh, cleans ed from the I lood of frequent murders. With Noah, as the head and progenitor of a new race, God enter ed into a covenant, as he did with A'nm, nnd cave nun a new charter for the world, IIecominands him to increase nnd mullinlv nnd replenish ihu e-irih ns. eures him that the ground shall no more be curse I for mans sake; that while the enrlh continue", seed time and halve!, summer nnd winter, cold and bent, and day nnd night rhnll nut cense, nnd, lest cverv gathering slorm swe.nini nero llio horizon, should awaken in him, the fear of another deluge, he nssures nun mat tno cann snail no more he drowned with n noo i : as a perpetual memorial nncl pledge of t ns pro. misc, he mint the rainbow unon the clouds will, n divine penci'. He enlarges to Noah llio inenni of sustenance, by a grnnt of animal food, but restricts him with respect to the blood, which, Raid God.islhc life of the fl-s'i. He then ndded the great law (or the protection n1 human life, Wiiosi :ir;DDr;Tii man's BLOOD, BV MAN SHALL HIS ELOOD BE HIUI. Tlllslsll-1' law or I He. In it. On I declares Ins own estimate of me, nnu has asserted Ins supremo authority mcr it, foihtddiug man to (ouch it except by n warrant from Him. Thus the circumstances conncc'cd with the giving of this law, invest it wiili great importance, nnd aid us in Ha rtgh( interpretation. The remembrance of former violencc'nnd of ihe wrnili of God upon it, wns fresh in the minds of the progenitors of the new race and would give meaning nnd sanction to the law. I. The mcanint! of this hie, is that which sug go Is itself nt once to every mind. Whether wo weigh the words of the statute, or esnmino the scope and hearing of the context, no ingenuity of criticism ran invest the passage with any other meaning than the first and obviousone. The English version, ns it etnnds in ourhibles, is n close nnd faithful iranst-iiion of the Hebrewin Gen. 0 1 6. We can not find mentatnr who has attempted nn interpretation of the passage, going to destroy its received nnd established sense. It is .ns if the Lord had said, " Alihotigh I have enlarged your means of subsistence, by tin grant of animal food, think not that I set n diminished value upon life. , In order to evince Ibis, I now forbid your enting the blood, which is ihe life of the nnimal, and strictly forbid vol to touch the life of man, w Inch is of vastly greater importance, because I have made him in my own imagc- lf n brute beast shall in the exercise of vicious pro pensities destroy the life of a man, his life shall beta ken, because, it would not be safe that he should live. Gen. 9 : 5' ,So if one man shall wilfully take the life of another his own life shall be theforfeit. His fellow men shall take his life. He is a dangerous member of community. He is not fit to live. It is not proper that any man, should heexposed to iheinfl -oner of his evil passion". Make him an example lo de er nil oili- trs from -'(lending in the same wnv. Moreover, shall takn no' satisfaction (no substitution of other punishment) Car the life or n murderer ; He thall sure-, ly be put to deaih." Such, nml no other, to every mind, is the plain meaning ut tins law. INoiice 2. 'I'he extent of it. Sonie have nrgned as if this Liw were a'Jewie'h regulation, nnd l.nd passed nway with the Leviiicnl dispensation. But, no; ibis law had no mart reference io the Jews, than to ihe Rus sians, Auirilcans or Chinese. II had no connexion with .iiiisnu u.i.iis. ii was L'lven 10 isnaii ciev en hundred years he ore i lHo.cs.-ihe law or God to lanihropy nciuatcd tho great Nation, heave io ihe man, a, man. throiiiih n I generaiions; binding upon csc. ,?,! pick p tho downing wretch. But no ,11 who admit, the right of their maker lo coiern ihem, ,.e Pri7e ml.ney for one negro is onlv o nnd thev It was Ihe primal law of our race, rescued from do-1 miy lose tho remainder nnd the vessel whereas if struct!on,to.replcnish again the earth, given upon the ,lcy proceed ibev me snrenf iwo or three bund'ted mception of he new condition they were entenngup-, ort ,10 ve:s, xvlMl is in a pl ; on, as the rule for all succeeding lime. tio more valuable lo ihcin. P pornonauie ra It is a law as necessary in our nge and for out peo- A,in wo HPrB personally acquainted with the offi pie as for any olher. In its enactment, it was not re- CCIa"n H. U. M. Uriganiine ' Fawn," and what wo .irictedtoanyage or tribe, bill given to the human oreabout to sav was told to us by some of them -family. In ihcrrt, it is an ordinance as extensive and slie pursued a slaver so hard on one occasion, that eomprehensixe i as the promise that while llio earth ,lcy' wcre obliged to throw overboard some ol the roiuinticu, s.wuU., ...c...,eu,iiiiienimiiuive!,i6 iouiu not cease, -as universal in its obligation, as is the promise connscted w-iih ihe rainbow ,n the sky, that God will no. more destroy lj,e earth with a flood.- ,,. el...... "f " """". through all time. protection of God s image in man. It is not a statute . A' " " " 4 "'0,,.co ''"" of limitation, intended to secure a temporary purpose and then expire. No evidence of this has ever been adduced to rn knowledge. Some have supposed, that it has been repealed. Such are bpund to bring the proof. We can show them when and where the law was enacted, and for what end. 1 Wccan point them to chapter and verse. If it hasbeqipeled ilmust hate been by God's au thority, for iib ether is competent. We must be shown chapter and verse, tehen and where it has been repealed. "J.ilsoblienlion ceased nt any lime (sayj ill I . S i. in. ui'mi vfc.a. it iim u . ..Hi. s-ii;.i in message ir.i wUU UIU men know i. i nieso are nii.aiinn, that .no m in can answer. Not n-lrnenof ' J: I , me.-. .V . rlAr. nt ,h . .rl,nne. I,. r,,d.;,ne be Aiund cither . in the tenor of I islnri ehber I I heVeVsonil in ihs course or bod s Providence, or lllv Ulll.-ili'i' " vi God s word, either in sacred orprofnne in the old nr the new Teslamenl." All the reasons for its existence, at all, are equally reasons for its per petual obligation. But, Sir.'the labored and plausible nrgument against the divine law of capital punishment is this, viz: " TnarlAe't'omfntf if Christ and the introduction of Ihs Christisndispcnsalion nas abrogated u, to that it s no longer ty citioin,' ,ircc. n w nnoiu iiunni. what is by no means the fact, that Ihe Law in Gen. 0: 6. was in anv sense, niven peculiarly to Ihe Jews. it would bv no means follow that the introduction of the christian dispensation had tepcaledll. It is nd milted that Christ vacated what was merely typical ana ceremonial m uini nispensaiion, inn u rouin ensi ly be shown, Ihat he did not touch n single moral pre cept. Ho says himself that he canio not to destroy the Law but to fulfil. But wo havn already shown that this liw is in no sensen Jew'fh insiimiion; dial it wn given to Noah and hissqnsns ilie progenitors or n new race, more than a thousand years bcfoio the Jews had existence as a nation, When tho Jews were embodied ns n people, the ex istence nnd obligation of ihis law was uken for granted, as nv'ch ns the continued permission to cat Mnintnl fond. The code given to the Hebrews wa n rommtntnryiinon it. defining necurately tho crime nf murder, tsee inum. n cnapter.) nml rrguln'mi tho execution oriM penalty, prrscrihinsr llio form of j nli rial invrslignlion, nnd forbidtling ihe people lo mnke anv e.itiiprtimise whatever for the life of n murderer. und'T Ihe nain of fisiening the guilt of innneent blootl, nnd dm-ving down the wrath of GcJ upon tho whole community. If we proceed to the christian dispensation and ex. amine its spirit and precepts, we find n sirnng con. fitmntion pf the doctrine taughr.nn this subject, in the Oil Tstnmcnt Tlie gospel gives ns no warrant fiiitlering nwav t'm penalty of Ihe crime, fhrntgli simpalby for llio criminal. It represents God nsvls. iling transgression with uncompromising retribution. At the same lime, it reveals him as the most merciful of beings, and tenches that this, his unyielding course with rerpeet to crime, is in mercy's cause, nnd for nrfl.V S asset that mortsls msvknow the character sl-Xl dsr i er'fn nd b frtif.rd t" withstml t" allurements and guard against its temptation!", " thctj may hear and fear and commit no more that any such crime." It is truo that Christ repudiated Ihe falso glosses and the perversions which Jewish rabbies had put up on mornl law, ns m .unit. 5 1 ii, when Christ says, Ye have hem a Hint tt hath been said, an cye.oran eye, iyc. Whoever will read nttculivelv llio 0th or Malt, will he satisfied. I think, that our Loid intended only lo forbid priva'o retaliation and rcenge. So far irom repealing nny moral law, in inc uccatoguc, no even extends the duly of obedience to these laws, to the very thoughts oi tno neart i he letter ut tho law condemned the overt net of murder, but Ho says. Whosoever isnngry wiili his brother, without n cause, shall be in dancer of the judgment I nnd whosoever shall say lo bis brother, ftaca, shall be in danger of the, Council ; but whosoever shall say, Ihourool, shall be in danger of hell fire. The conduct of Ihe Saviour in respect to ihendul- terons woman, John 8 : II, when ho said "Neither do I condemn thee," if-c. lias been appealed to. IJut this was on I v intended lo ndmini-tcrn merited rebuke to the hvnocrincnl scribes nnd Iihansees nnd to dis claim nil interference ill the ndininistrnlion of the civil laws, as he had done on other occasions, Lnku 12: 13 -n. Our Lord plainly acknowledges both the existence nnd justice of the law of capital punishment, when he sajs to Peter, "All thev that tako the sword shall lierish bv Ihe sword. Mntt. 2n" i n. Attain In Rnv. 13 : 10, Ho thnt killeth with the sword must bo killed with Ihe sword. If we nasi now to the Epistles wn find them inter spersed, with acknowledgements of the necessity nnd righteousness of capital punishment. Of this charac ter) is the a passage in Rom. 13: 14, when Paul speaks of civil government, ns " tbcordinanee of God and the magistrate nathe minister of uou, bear ing not the sw-ohd in rain, but as an accuser toex- ecute Krath til on htm that doeth evil." The sword of the magistrate i nn instrument ofdenlh, and llio mode of execution in that nge was, beheading nsin the case oi .lonn, l lie iinpnsi. Again, when Paul was on his trial before Feslus. He says, 11 If 7 be an offender, or have commiltedanv unng icoriny n; aeaii, I rrjusc not lo uie, rtcls.'j: II. There were crime-, then, in Paul's view worlbv of death, ile hercfullv acknowledges the righteous ness of death, ns llio penalty for certain crimes, or nl least for one crime, nnd he ncknou Indues that n hu man government may rightfully indict that penalty. All agree that if nny crime deserves this penally, it is mcrder. This is decisive of the question. The con clusion is unavoidable, that thcinmr of thcNcwTcs lament, and the teachings of Christ and of inspired apostles, fully snnction'nnd uphold the law. Wuoso SIIEDDETII MAN S BLOOD, BV MAN SHALL Ills BLOOD BE SIIEP. Such, DcarSir, is nn outline of what I humbly con eeivc to be the true ihcoloi'ical argument m this t on trnveriel subject. There are oilier nnd tleeper views which I intended to linns forward ill this connexion. hut thcpresiireof indispensable duties nnd llio fenrof iieing tediously lengthy prevent my giung to ihonr gmnent the fullness I designed. The firm conclusion of my own mind from these premises, is, that the Law requiring Ihe murderer to be put to death, is of God. It is graven upon the hu man conscience and recorded in the written word. It was reissued from Ml. Sinai, amidst the niignsl In l ens of Jehovah's presence. It stands enshrined among the immutabilities of God s truth, in the verv soul and centre ot the Decalogue, ns if God intended that man should never remit or hv his hand upon Ibis, until ho had broken down nil other barriers. It is of nniteisnl extern nnd of perpetual obligation. Regarding it, icligiously, as a Law of God, invested wuh these attributes, 1'nni deeply persuaded that no HUMAN LrciSLATCr.r. HAS ANY CONTTOL OVEn IT, SO i irns mo crime ni murder is concerned ; lint the re peal of it would bo ofl'ensiva to God and unsafe ti eommilllllv : thnt it must stand nml nneern llm enn duct of mankind, until Ood himself shall see fit to middy or repeal it. As ever, Yours truly, C. Comniiiiilcallon. SLAVERY IN BRAZIL And tliecanductoftlie Hilllsh government and Its agents, in the altcmnlccl snpprcssloti of inc sitivc iraue. CIIAPTEn nt In tr.'n'c.'t us propose lo detail Ihe procc-dincs of t'ic Urilish men-if-irur,on thf coast nf Africa,' tin I fir Urazil itatiun, in pursuit of Shires: t'uir mithud vj tonuemnnliou, prize money, ii-c. There are from cighi loHelve small vesso's, of the w.uat ittiu-, tu i: til, in eener'n. suppose.! lo lie cisi sailers, nnd rxcluiitely F.iijlisb, which nre appointed to the Brazili in station, i: vnprismg, at ill -lim.t we wiile. the shoresofihewbolusonilierii Ailaniin nnd from the Maderia isles no:ih. The rendezvous nre CapcTown. Rio dcJaneiinnnd St. ILIena, where the prizes are nlwnys sent for condemnation. When n suspicious sail i diseovcrcil I rum ihe mnsl lienti, pursuit is imiiieiliaiely given, and upon ovcr liniilint.' her, should she be n sl.vcr. of course llio greatest fears nre entertained on board of her for the result. The English vessel, to hasten her capture, fires into her as soon as her shot will tell : thereby often killing mnnv negroes. Thev do not for human ity P.I1.U .t,n ,,nt',l ,l,r ,,,! .,i, .! ,,r lift, cen should she he the duller vessel, rendering capmrc al most certain, bin ns soon as she has gained sufficient. Iv to use her chase gnus, she fires into her. ns before Mated on account of the close stornge of the I lacks, killing grenl numbers of Ihcm. Also when the cha sed finds herself losingground in the race, shelbrnws overloard her live cargo, in the hope that the philan thropic Englishmen will stop to pick them up. Vnin hope. When were Englishmen ever known to securea smnll prize for the sake of humaniiv, when thev bad ihe grcaterm sight to gratifv their avarice 1 The'Negrnes nre iiiihcettid, the vessel is the main ohjei t. Tbesh. ver thus lightened will sail faster and may possibly escape. When wc verc in Pernam' uco, in the last year, there wns !)ing in the inner hnrhor n ship. 1 lint had arrived fr tm the coast within two tl iys sail of the Port, will n cargo of nine hundred slaves! But be ing einseu nvan l-.nglisii cruiser, the captain In save tiis sliln. llirew Inlrl..rilnm .U..I......I ...I.I.... rs,.tpe.. Wham uinent upon ibis nwful s stem'. The fir-lamed pilv for ihe slaves bv our l.rethrtn tin English, is n nl v firoduciive oforoai resnl s. Lattcrlv however, the Eii!;lish crnisers have kept boats rendv for Inwcnng, to pick up tho -laves when thrown into thotei. But now it is only done in light winds : for, the chase may continue nt n Ltrent-r peed than nny boat can nttaiii in n ficsb breeze, nnd also for days wiihnut bring ended, in which caselhebmi would havn lo he abandoned., ;r .ru nnjroes However without enect. The cnnlain of the slaver determined not to bo captun d ir he could ( BVolrl n,, me rrlnr for vessel or en gS.solhn t she beC!,,m. no, pri70 , ,is, r, s7 , running her on shore under nil sail. She immediate- Iv I roke in pieces, and 350 slaves perished in ihe sort ! The captain nnd hw crew got safely to tho shorp in their boat. Thus I lie Englidiuian wns disappointed in his hopes nf prize money; and wns no doubt well satisfied that ho had lent his ini'e nnd n cloriom on,. to the praise-worthy would-be-suppression of the stave trade. Of Ihe proceedings of the British in condemning' their n'izesnfter capture wo will now speak. If llio vcs-el captured has slaves on board of lief, So that there can be no donht of her validity as n slaver. sue is generally fciii in nn ue jnnerin, or condemna tion by ncourt of Admirably, This is n mited court, II, t'n mat is, composed ol lirazilians am Englishmen. At . ,, , f nre necessary In ensure H e j V .-..riiiy n, t i ore. inc . V"naC ",10110! a 1 111 I She Was either Pm , , "a'"m 1 a J'""5 1 'V1 .,,c l1'""' ,loV.'''1 In,crrv,ln.!! mes ,nl "nm of her cnplurc !hal 9,'0,,";,l ir0na nml " "hv' 'ck- " t H.f,(;n;'',,n'! ' 10 Cnlle ,,f G"m' "P'. """o inform- etl that vessels arc condemned on the bnre assertion of a.-, individual, or a suspicion thnt she was or had been thus employed. We wi'l cite nn instance ihat wn know nf our own knowledge. A bria sailed from Pernambiieo, to the southward nlnng ihe const, to irnde for Braz: wood; as sho had nnlv about 200 bids, or salt on board, which it was in'cnded lo sell or exchange for ihe w ood, she was ballasted with wi. ter. The English consul in the Port seeing her fit ling out nntl knowing thai her captain had made a successful trip lo llm coast of Afiien, he informed 1 lie commander of an English cruiser nf his suspicious So sho was captured nnd sent, not to Rio de Janeiro ihenearest by sonic t'-oiisands of miles, hut m Cape Town, and there condemn-d. simply, because she bid more water linn wns sufficient fir her crew. She had neither slues on. board n' her nt iho limn nf her cnptinc. neither irons, nor n s'.aio deck, nno or nil nf which is necessary loensuro condemnation, when her judges' nrn not interested. The pri7i imnev is regulated nt llio rate of jCj, nr twentv dollars per hea 1 fiir Ihe negroes, and tho vrs. se) is sobl for what it will briii", some as high as Iwo thousand pounds sterling, nr five thous-inil dollars. This is divide I among llio officers nnd crew of llio raptor, and ihe msjor pnrl nf it finds its way into tho circulating currency of Great Britain. I.t't it not be supposed then ihat England "ays out nrher exchequer, this prize innnnv In her officers as nn inri'tmeni log.enler everlions in iho suppression of Ibisln'ribln Iratne. Far from It. Nnrnrnihepe. !roes. namanv s't'ipsa nfier being ratniietl, (as ihe I!nlish si v Troni l ivei v wnrss i'nn diili v rrbirned lo llieir own criinlry nhirh is still fresh pi their mem nries. Thev nre npp'enlieetl In the Brazilians for fourteen tear, nrrnrding lo John Bull, to defray ihe exnen o of ibeir capture I nml ibis monl nearl vihn n'ienf n negro slave i which is fro n C lo fOP,. 000 mil reis, nr nboul 30 lo 49(1 dollars, thereby, hriiviineu nrl "ainof ai lenst frnni 350 In 4Cn dollars per head into thn Eoilisli treasury i ns we argue, thai for vessnls alirndy in commission it is no expense io la'-r nn unresisting ship ll is true a slave agent is annointed In reclaim it,. st the terinlnstion of this period. But to our certain so reclaimed t nnd further we arc informed by those obtaining negroes in this manner, that there is not i least difficulty to prevent Keeping tnein, lor, should I lie ngent inquire and not be satisfied by n plausible tnlej of the npprcnlico in question having died or deserted, n doubloon is nlwnys sufficient to irevcnt inquiries, wu no not wish to impeach the iiinestv of individuals, our business is with Ihe prin ciples uf tho llrilish Cibinct upon this matter; nor can wo present nny proof that the Urilish slave agents nre thus wanting in their duty nn men nnd christians, except Ihe bare asserlionsoC their custo mcrs. Thus far have wo totbo best of our nbility, shown the course of the English in this ntlomptcd suppres sion of the slnvo trnde,nd ptrtof tho ndvintnge they derive finm it; for they enjoy the monopoly of the suppression in n like degree, as they enjoyed thatof uie imue nn nunurcu yenis ngo. We will now see what ml van tape this interference is to ihe slave, allowing ns wo do that their introduc tion isnn evil. Wns the introduction of negroes free more would forn time be imported. Labor would be lightened, nnd the innster who now works Ins slave beyond lae bounds of endurance and prudence, would increa-e his stock, nnd nil would be nllowcd their time for natural rest nnd enjoyment. Therehy, if it is nn o'jectto nidi creatines to live, prolonging their life some years. The trade is now nothing hut the most extensiveand wen organized gambling system in tne world, out oi uiri'i; ur luur cardites, inc) siiceeeu in running unu us a general thing. Thus it cannot be n source of won der, that ihe avaricious dealer crams his hold so full of the poor wretches, nt the probable expense 'of their lives and Health. Were the irnde sanctioned by tnose powers whose entire denendenci! now is, and nlways will be, upon the slaves, they would be ensured nl least good usage during uie passage, nnu good treat mentin a proporlinnnhlo rnlio n the plantation. lo be continued.) ItKIGIITON 3IAIIKET. Oct. 2, 1843. At Market, 030 Beef Cattle, F73 Stores, 4000 Sheep and 2030 Swine. Prices lieef Cattle A small ndvance wnseflect- cJ from Inst week. We quote extra nt 84 50 i First quality, SI J? 84 23 i second quality S3 75$ 54; third quality S2 50 (!f 83 CO. Stores Two year old S3 'ff 13 ; three year old Sll 17. Sheep Small lots of 30 nnd 40 were sold from 50c to SI 42 and SI 50.-Wcnlhers SI 25, to 81 75. Sicine Shoats to peddle nt ) jc fur Sows, and 5c for Barrows; At retail from 5 to Gjc. HUSTON MARKET Oct. 3. FLOUR Howard st. 6 00 & Western canal, 4 C3 n 5 00. l!UTTER.-10?19pcrlb. CHF.F.SE.-4J3 5do do. WOOL. There is a good demand for American pulled and fleeces, and sales are larger than for sev eral weeks prices remain the same. Saxony and .Merino fleeces, 37 0 40 Full Blood, 35 & 37 i blood, 30 Q 32 Common J blood, 25 (I 30 Lamb's, 1st quality, 35 iff 37 Smyrna washed, 25 & 23 Bcngazi, B 13 lluenos Ayrc, 5 10 Msicffn at c3, In this town, on the 10th inst. in the .Methodist Episcopal Church, by the Rev. Thomas W. Pearson, .Mr. Joni. I.cnd to Miss. Sarah F.. Hatch, both of this place. On Tuesday 3d inst. by the Rev. Alex. Campbell, .Mr. A. Kenyon u Miss. Harriet Patterson, both of ibis limn. In ibis town, on Tuesdav, ihe 10 li inst. by tho Ue- .1. K. Converse. Dr. Wm. E. Jennings io Miss. C. M. Blackman, huh of ibis luwn. In this town, on Tuesday, ihe lOih inst by the Rev. Mr. Saflurd, Mr. Charles Benns, to Mits. Lvcinba Hill, both nf this place. In New. York, on Tucslay tha 3d Oct. by the Rev. Dr. P.ilten, Sedgwick S. Brinsmaid, of iho firm of Biinimaidcc lirolbers, ofibis town, io Miss. Henri etta A , dmjhlcr of t!u I nu Wm. Kidder, Esq, of that city. 3D)fi o (31, At the residence of his son. N. Y. City, on the 3d inst., David Rcssell, Esq , of this town, in tho 65th year of Ins ace. In Charlotte Sept. 23th, Mr. Elijah Pecic, aged 82 years. Jlr.Peck was one or the first setilers in Hines burgh. In this town, on the 5th inst, after a short illness, Freemen C.Vilas, ol tho firm of Vilas, Lootnis, &. Co., aged 23 years. The sudden death nf this estimable young man has carried sorrow far beyond the limits nf the family circle, for it is the general senliment freely expressed, that not immediate relatives onlv, lull ihe whole com munity, have s id'ered "a very ureal loss." And wc'l may this be tho tght and spo'.cn, since good princi ples, amiable feelini', energetic aciion, made him ibe enterprising man or business, Ihe pleasant assoeia'e, the obliging neighbor, the readv supporter or social, civil nnd reliuiousinteresis; while lliese trails nf char acter give promise of a larger usefulness in I he davs to c tine. Death found linn in iho full vigour of liis ficiiliics, in iIk- midst nfi'iulus rious clTorts, and ill the very season when life's attraction nre the strongest. Yet in those unclouded momenta left to him hv dis ease, lo ihe l.inilest thoughts for others he ndded the declaration or his willingness io submit lo tho Divine will. That will has been painfully manifested in hi death. Call it carl, but call i1 not unti'in-lv trial cm not be so, which comes in God's own good lime. Ami he nny well be said lo have lived long, who has so lived, ihat he can reel resignc I to di:-, w hilst those around In n mourn his death as being to Ihcm a sad bereavement. In Charlotte, 7th Oct. Maiitha, daughterlof S.H. Tuppc-, i.i ihe2lst year order age. Death had no icrror life no charms, She sweetly slept in Jesus' arms ; So like a river flowed her peace, Her friends found comfort in her death. The Vcrgcnnes Vcrmonter will please copy CHAM PLAIN OPPOSITION STEAMHOAT COMPANY" J PLRSUANT to iho articles of association, undertha name and style of the "Champlain Opposition Steam IJoat Company" the subscribers thereto are i.cuuy iiiiorinea, ny i.awuf-.nce Wvebs, John C. Hammond, Caleb' D.Rarton, John H. Bovd, Sam uel C. Wead, Jonas C. Heabtt, Gideon Lathbof, Isaac H. Smith, Nve, lUtny Adams, Ste phen S. Keves, iiipI Thomvs A. Hammond, the nre- sent trunees or s-h.I ns-ochiiion, ihnt tho requisite nillOlllll. In rn.r..p ..l.ti'ii........ .1. ..M ...r.l... I --, i.iiuii uuiiiiiwi , ,i, ojiu UlllklCS, I1U9 been duly subscribed -and ihe subscribers nre here by furllier notified Ihat a meeting nf said subscribers, for Ihe purpose nf electing nine or their members as DlBECTons" or said association, and Iransaclinf all oilier proper business, will be holden on THURS- 0; I'lrSOTX OPNOyBMUERneji, T illlll UMim kasnnH r LAWRENCE .MYERS, JOHN II. BOYD;. Trustees. ,. GIDEON LATIIRCP, Burlington, Vl., Ocl. 13, 1843. BOOKS AND STATIONERY FOR SALE AT V. HAnitlNGTON'.o, tollcte flfv BIBLI'.'S i great nriciv, Qisrto, Octavo, Duo tlccimn, Prt-trt do. in v.ariou. lending.. BRAVER BOOKS .rail sizes and bindings, pri ces frein 85 cl. in 85 00 rath. WATT'S nnd SELECT II r"MNS, Methodist jlrMV., Camt- MF.r.Tixa HrMNS.WtNCiiELu's Watt. Pialms nnllliTMNS arranged by Sewall for Unila r.nn wor-hip, Ac, Wrapping Paper, Cap and Letter P-trer, Maynartl and rtoves' hine Writing Ink, no letter in',- man-dae-lure I i', Sand Hoxc-. Waler Cnp. Blaek Sand, Wafers, Se.ilinif Wjx, QnU., iiiaiiufacti red an I native, Pcn'.nives r.n 1 Pencils, Blank tlonl,,, &0 which will I e Mild for pay. Ocl. II, MS. 7ROISSARrS CHRONICLES, No. VII. receiv. r,l,,y , V. HARRINGTON. This is ona or Ihe mis) rare a id interesting works that ha been isued from iho press in this rounlry, nnd e ijitaias more linn one hundred and ticcntyen gracing s. M,i!i.JiSif'imVS WORKS The PRESI. r DENTS DAUfJHTI-RSThe HOME The NFIGHBORS and NINA, fur sale hv " v. Harrington. r,,F;,,,'jlilitf.r,",!3,'"'P'''' MWo of MARTIN 1 CHIIZZLEW1T ro notifird Hint Pan III. is publishej and far sale at ml. , .. . HARRINGTON'S. The subscribers to the New World Edition are no tified ihat No. 9 I also publi-hfl and for sals ot ihe IK. rr'.K. f To-Monnow, at i o'clock, p. m. I (inn CORN UROOMS, in lnti( accomodate Jl VllvF niirchasers. Carpets, lie Is & Ued-icad-, Bureau, Sofas, Dinning and IIrenl;liTt TnMe, Looking Glas-es. China, CrockerV nnd Glns Ware. Kitchen Furniture, one of Soaulding't Patent Cook ing Siove.', nenrly new I one Franklin Stove, llox and dumb Stove-, Pirn", oVc. &c. Oc alter 13 1843. DRY OQODB AT AUCTION. THE entire Sincl of Oood in the Store lately oc nipiel by SKTII B. PCOTT, will I e sold nt Auction witho il re-erve on Wedhcday'Oct. 18 h 1843. commencing at 1 o'eloeV P. M. and continue every alternoon untill all are sol I. 1 Store in Church Si. nearly opposite S. E. Howards. Ilurlington Oct. 13, 1843. 19 if U. S. MARSHALL'S SALE. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that the follow ing goods, wares and merchaudi-c, condemned in the Hon. District Court of the U. S. fur Vermont District, October Term, 1843, will lesold nt Public Auction, nt the Auction room of Col. H. Thomas, in Burlinston, in said district, on the Sth Jay of Novem ber next to the higlie-t bidder, sale lo commence nt 10 o'clock, A. M., vii i 2 Frock Coats, 8 Pair Pan taloons, 2 Vests, 2Cloal.s, 9 Silk Cravn', 12 yards Itlhlton. i v's Cotton Clollv 1 Shaul, t Mniiserin tie Laine Dresses, 1 Dress Pattern, 1- pair Shoes, 2 pair Gloves, 2 Stocks, 1 Cravat, 5 volft'-Strninnx, 1 Bible. I Testament, I Hat, I Wor lel lldkf, 4j -jiW glazed Oaml rie. Also, 3 Siik Sbawl.,'1 1 ox Lrnaen Thread 1 dozen pnir Glove-, 30 MnrtinJSIrinif2. t:rost Fox Skm, 2 Sq'iirrcl Lining, 2 pair Siinll Moccosins, 2iloZ. Coney Sl;ir.s. Al-o40ydr, Moeelm do Lame, 12 vds Cambric, 93 yds Bi-hOti,nwn, 7-yiln Swiss Mu-lin, 2 small pieces In-eriion.ijAlw, t.Lox cou Minin 70O hnttlfs n.anir'ii Mixture. Given under my hand at BrajfqravViis IStli'dav of WILLIAM BARRO, U. S. Marshall. .' - -Jltt. -tyi e.V, BURLINGTON, VERMONT,) October, 1943: ' J. TUIK SUBSCRIBER has osened t Books-ore in JL this place, snd intends to keep s full supply of in all departments of Literature and Sriencs, and will supply Schaol Teachers and LountryfMercbanls with Arithmetics. Histosies. Grammars, Sfellino Books, also Alqesbas and the higher branches of Mathematics, together wnn llio uiassjcs used in Un ocnoois, Academics ma uueges. Arrangements hate also been rhadi'fof nrocur ingany of the Periodicals nf ihe dny,nmnng which arc l,onaon, uaiiiDurcn, foreign aim Westmin ster Reviews I Blackwood's' a'ud tlic Dublin University Matazine.' i THE AMERICAN QUARTERLIES, SUCH AS American Biblical Repository, (per annum) 85 00 American Jurist and Law Magazine, " 5 00 A merican Journal of Medical Science, ' 5 00 Methodist Q.itaiterly Review, '" 3 00 North American Review, , " 6 00 AMERICAN REPRINTS or FOREIGN REVIEWS London fturterly Review, (per annum) 83 00 Edinburgh " " 3 00 Foreign Quarterly " '! 3 00 Lilllc's Museum, (monthly) " C 00 Blackwood's Magazine, " " 4 00 Dublin University " " " 4 r.O Metropolitan Literary Journal " 4 00 ENGLISH REVIEWS .not aEraiMTin in the U. S Christian Observer, (Church, Monthly) 4G 00 British Critic, (Church) 5 00 Church or England Review, 8 00 oneregatinnal Magazine, 5 00 Evanga icil '.agaztne, 2 5(1 AMEtlCAN MONTHLIES. American Mtd enl Library nnd In,'c!ligcncr, .83 00 Di- t-ii-rslit-Keviets, moido v. 5 00 Boston Medieol and Sirriual Jem nnl. 3(X) Chrisiian Kznininer, (Uiiilniinn bi monthly) 4 flO Gnham'sLidys' and Geiitlemana' Magazine, 3W) Hunt's Merchant's Magazine, BOO Journal nf the Franklin Institute, 5 00 Knickerbocker, 5 00 Law Library, (rr.prmt of ihe mo-t valuable . English Law Reports nnd Treatises,) Phil. 10 00 Law Reporter, Boston, 3 00 Ladies' Book of Literature and Fashion, 3 00 Ladies' f-nmpanion, 3 00 Ladies Garland, dtc. dec. acc. . r i The above nre some of the nrineinnl nvleurftnnil Magazines publishe.1 in this country, hesides'a great many not namffl. anv onn oi wnieji kiii De lnrnrsliel oy me siioscrmer ana aeuvcreu nt tin store or for .warded by mail or otherwise as directed, on Ihe te. ceipt of the subscription price .of the '.work ordered in advance; There is an edition of Blackwood's Maoazine published at the New world Office. N, V., at 82 per annum, monthly, which will be constantly for sale by VERNON. U ARUINGTON. College St., Strongs' Biii'ding. ' ' ' ' 10 rlllll-. Democratic Review. Blackwood nnd Gr.a L ham' Magazines and Lad v's Book for Oem'cr are received at HARRINGTON'S. Oih October, 1 19 "FRMNCII WITHOUT A Tftl r iii'n A NEATLY primed pamphlet of 69 pages in Six fv Ka-y Lessons designed lo fieilita'c the acquisi tion or ihe French Language wnhniti 'ihe nid or a teaener, tor sue ny - v. H.WUINGTON. Burlinton. 13th October. , 19 A FEWropi-tsorthe Dowav Testament, n line f di- j. x linn, lor sale tiy V. HARRINGTON. 6th October, ISI3. j -jc 19 riOHBEvS COTTAGE ECONIWY. a neat cdi w 11 in, lor sale cheap tiy v. HARIIINGrON. Cih October, 1843. 19 KATF. IV SEARCH A, the "Seniiel. OF A"IIUSIIANI) PHILIP IN SEARCH OF A WIFEt forsileby 19 V. HARRINGTON. At. (ClltlOIi GEOGKAPIIIEtS.'iMiichell's, Ol - neys, woodDridge and wuiaruVav and Mitchell Primary Geography, and Parley's for sale bv 19 V. HARRINGTON. -fclfcGlMBH OHAMMARS.-Tlro'wne's, Bar JLlt nnrd's, Kirkham's, Smith and 'Kosdicl.'a trans in'ion oi us oacy, lor sale oy , 19 V. HARRINGTON. A I.GKIIHA. Davies First fl-.ilr,nBi.n'ie.' XI. Bourdon, Bridges', Bailcv'aiuukPurce'.s.for sale oy li V. llA1tHLGTON. FAMILY GROCERIES. ' HVSON, Young Hyson, II. Ski'r?and'Hlnck'Teas East Boston Loaf and Pmvdsted tugnr; Nut megs, Cloves, Ground Pepper, Spice, and.Cnitiamon, wi,niu ui superior quaiuies. lor saie row tiy ELJ AS, LYMAN, 19 Strong's Duildingsi THOSE THAT WANT TO 'HU 6CHOL AHM A'lTRVn-.T. r. " rNE, two, three, orfour,)earftin.therVnLvei;ity,of V Wrmont. to commence 'nextcdmrn'eiehient. 7. . p mueeo. rwiqtjt a,Juliy,Qirico Oct. 12, 1843. 19 lienty ToWusends Jl state. STATFl UF X'F.riMONT, ffRllE .on.i ihe Distuci of Chitu-nden, j X Trot ate" court or me uirinri or unincmicn, iHRrtsiitr. nd other nersons roneernetl in ill,, e.mi' ItFx-'nv 1t)WN3ENI lateof'frovStatei;fJ,e.iWri in Uiil uiiriui, iirATalOl, . . I WHEREAS, George II. 'ShaVa-uTI?M.t'rrrtoV; w'ith ihe will anneXe.l of the Kta'e (t iiJ3t'o;;e.vesl hath made application lo this Conn, lo exiend the lime iimnea lormawing payment of lhe',t,M il .aid de ceased, twelve months from ba 88:P'av of. June, 1843. and the 8ih day ofNovemler. rS4l leimr .- signed for a hearing in the premi.'ept the O0le-e of ine nczi.icr oi iiil.tjouri, and H havirc hcen. orrjerfj i.a, ,w,s iiicicvi i-j icnen, oy nuoniaing im ce. cree ihree weeks snece-u'vely 'n ,IWturljng;l,nn.Fre Pre-k, newspaper printed at Bnrllni.on, before the time fixed for healing. ' Tfierrlore, yon are hereby noiified,(o appear before ri i wuiin, ai i ne nine an-i place aioretaul, men anil ihere, in make object ion if any ynu have, to the aid lime of payment I eing further exiende 1 as aforesaid Given under my hand nl Burlington Ibis -lib day ol O.-tol er, A. D. I84J. ' 10 WM. WESTON, rtccister. Robert Moody's Estate. STATU Of VERMONT, ? TH E Hon. the et of Chittenden, ... X Probnie court forlhe Piirict of Cliiiirnden.lnnll per-ens coma-riml in Ihe e-tye iT ROBERT MOOUY, late of Iturluijr ton, in sail ti-tnc, iV ea-isI, WflWtRA. GeorseB.Shw, iirlmihis-rnlororihe erate oftJ i!e.-eir.i,- hath imr'e p.iplii-nn'on ip tbi. Co-tr, loexieml ihe' lime limited for; payment nf thr deb's of n hi deceive' I, twch-eiirrBnths fnni the S. i'v ot a-tf.ber, 184 J, and the 8 h day nfNovein. her, 1841 rwintra ngnolfur n henr'ng ii ihe premi.e. al 'tetlSci ftheRr7istri ol lusCp in, q.i it having ten or .erfj thst m tine here 1 1 e gi vt-,1, y p iMiVp iog ihitt'e.'ree throe weeks .nitiv.siveiv jit thu Uur. linfton Free Pre.., a news paper rrin'eJ ai Utrliug ton, 1 e'ore ihe time fixed for' bearing. Thertfore. von are here' v noiifie I. tain.,,, in.A aiu Courtf at the tinitt nnd place alnre-ai I, the i and menu to insia wiaaion ll any you have, lo the uid limn of nsomss-rtbeins; further ex'en-'ol as aforesaid. Given ns-der mvr hand at ll.irlincir.,. ),;. j,k ,i.u oOctolr, A. P. 1843. ' ' NUMHKR XV. of AM.ISON'S IIISTO RV of EUROPE, just published, nnd for sale by 19 V. HARRINGTON. Slmutato for i44, For Sal.y V. IIAltRINHTON. B(U)KN! BOOKS! ! CiAMtiMiHUNIlNriTOX is now receiving froi receiving from New Yiirk a goml aortinent of SCHOOL I10OCS, IIIHLES, IIY.MN BOOKS, PRAYER IJUUK.3, A.iNUALS ami GIFTS Tor 1844 nnd a vj nets' of other nrlielcs hi his line, nil ot which he of fers to his palror.s and the puLlic generally on very irfvurtiuiu luriim lor i hii. S. II. would talc this opportunity to return his !n cere thanks lo his many patrons for their pat favors, nnu hopes ny ins attention to the wants ot li is IricntJ and the public to merit a continuance uf that palron. nge. 18 REMOVAL. D. K. PANG JOHN CABINET MAKER, Villase Sexton and Undertaker. HAS removed to a New Shop, ncarlhu south end of White Street, opposite the house of the Rev. sir. innverse, where lie will I nt home at all time. He will continue to make nil kinds of Cabinet Form. lure which he will sell low lor nromnt nav and re. snectfulv solicits the continued iinlrnnacc ofhis old customers, and that of others nl-o. In hiscapaeiiv of mage oexton, he lias since appointed, purcha-cd at bis own expense a new 11 carve and Pall, nnd nrenar. ed with much rare nnd labor a new Map of the new i.cHiiiiiiu emeiryoi ine village. lie wilt i.eep rently niniln fntttntt nf mii.t f... ...l..ltu nn.1 nil .1...u furnt'-hetl nt Ihe shortest notice. He'will lurnl.h and attend with his Heare. Funerals out of the Village or in any of the adjoining Towns with less trouhlu to friends probably nnd I ctter order than nny one near er at nanu ami at as snort or snorter nonce. STOVES! STOVES!! NEW PATTERNS, & CHEAPER THAN EVF.R. Alt kinds of Produce taken inpayment! liberal credit given or Cheapfor Cash. HENRY MAYO, having taken Ihe Store tormer'v occupied by HICKOK & CATLIN, i now re ceiving a larire consignmen nt stuv .s.fnn .i n ol any desirable pattern of Cook, Box, or Parlour StOVCs. Stove Pine. Tin nnd Cornier Triminitifr.. Since. Sinve Pinn --,,. nn.i (',.,. r.;,,.i-. Hobow Ware, ate., which will I e exchanged tor nny kind of Produce or cash. Tho-e who wish I lo liur- chase Stove-, will do themselves as well a him a lavor by examining In tock. jJiiningioa, uct. 1, 1813. 18 CHAIR FACTORY. T the ol I stand of 5. ELSON fi & GATES there i. ihe I e-l a- sorimenl ol CII.MHS ami will Ic old c-benper than cun be pun-hated at anv oilier place in B-ir inzlnu.' MAHOGANY, CL'BLID MAPLE, I'AIiNTEl) CAiMi EAT, LAIIGF. and SMALL ROCKING. DINING. CHILDREN anJ LARUE ARMED CHAIRS, at C. L. NELSON'S. Church street,opposiie the O'd Bank, oral his Fac O' ry tnree uoors norm oi ine u.itic-n.- utiurch. 13 ! LIAS IjYMAN HAVING received a Inrse assortment of Fall and Winter Guods, anions which are a great va riety of rich goo.N for Ladies' wmier dre-se. nnd cloaU.i Cliu-nns and Mot-sehne t'c l.mne-f Inch ctl- o rsnnuncii: uito, motiropiirnnd nan ino'iruing no. alo, Icauhnil ino-iriiinu liimrliams : n larsc asort' mcnl of Calico-, srperiur q-ialny and fini-hi Alpac ca--. silk warn, cotton do. : n irreat variety of Shawl- an endless variety ol iitive and llo-u-ry; India ltulil cr Mitts, a new article, very superior, hot bav inz tune to enumerate for nn adverti-enient 1 hi-week. invi es Ladies an I OciitVrnen to call nnd examine the goods winch will I e shown with ii!ea-urc. Cotton Yarn, al-o for thread very cheap. Carpet warn, wicking. letting, waikiing, cc. etc. Burlington, u Oct., IS13- is NOTICE. SM. . ot I POPE ha. in -i rcceivi-d a srnol aj-ortment DRY GOODS nn I GROCERIES, which are o.lcrcJ ai ihe lowest prites -for cash. Wain..-', in cm lunge lor Goods, good Bulter, Grey Cb th, Woolen Yarn, dr. Uurtiiigtoii, Del. 4, 1813. 18 w4 ItUUIlUlt MltJES. LADIES' plain nnd ligurcd choes, du. Golac do. Men's tlo. do. do. plain and figured do.' do. for sale cheap by Oct. 4, 1843. lSwl S.M.POPE. jg BARBELS FINE SALT fornle ,v Burlington, 4th Oct., 1813. POPE. 18 w4 llOUSP. TO RENT. A leaanl Home with garden and i je oilier conveniences near the Aea I- emy, po-scsion given nl.out the fir-tor lovcmier. Also, ball ol Ihe Home 1 now occupy on Catlin's Lane. Enher haircan be made aconxenient leiieinent (or a ania'l fdinily, posftession about ibe ,ame lime. 13 ir. I). K. PANG BORN. WANTED. Cfl PUNCHEONS or GOOD CIDER bv try O.-t. 6. 1813. I3.v3 C. L, NELSON. Harriet I'ickcriug's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, j ATn Pro' ate Cour' District ofChitien-li-n, . J XJl held al Burlingiou. wilhin and Inr said District on I he 13 hdJV of Sep'cin ler, A.D. 1813-Pre-cnl, Cliarle- R'iP-cll, Jiidge. of snd Court, an instrument purporting to I e llie-ln-i will nrtd le-uinent of IIahiiiet PiCkekiso lute ot Biirtiinr'on, in ,nitl dis-rit-: tleceaiel, Uiing pret-nte'l tos.iiti ooirt here hv John l. rickeiinir, Ihe I xeeu in uere ov .ioiiii ii. ricKeum.-, ine-1 xeeu- lor therein named, "lor pro1 .re; 'Ihe Co irlafore-nid ilolll appoint the tecoud Weh.ed.iyol Nove-ml er A. D. 1813, .11 theotlice ol ihe Rcge-le-r ol said Court, it II irlinglon aforesaid, fur proving ,nitl will, anddolh ortler that all per-on. concerunl I e' nofi.ied to .ip.nar I efore -aiJ Co.irt at the time an 1 place nfore-ait to ooute-t Ihe prol a'e ul said will (it they see eaiisy) I y p d lication ol this order ihree wtx-l. .ucce-sivcly previous lo Ihe ,anl tvoiid Weilnes lay of Nurenil cr, A. li. idij, mine ilurlington rrcc rre-.--, a newspa per nriuleJ at Burliii'.'lou alore-aiJ. Given under my baud at liiiiliniiiun a lore.-aid tin 3Uin nay oi septtinurr, A. v. ibu. 18w3 Wm. WESTON, Register- J. E. BRINSMAID & BROTHERS, SucccSkOrs to PANG HORN 4, IMtlNS.MAII), IMPORTERS OF WATCHES AND JEWELRY. Manufacturer.. ofGoLD it Si'lves Wahe ; Repairer, or Watihes, Clocks and Jacclry. Jame Edgah Brinsmaid, Seugwick SwirT BntN'sMAlo, 17 William Bliss llntN'sMAiD. fllHE Mibseriler has now on band and irrends to X le able In furnish, at short notice, .Mi-celUneon., uaw, uiassieai nn i scnoii nook- low lor eash an can le nnrcha-ctl in inarLet 30 Sept. 1843. 17 V. HARRINGTON. LOST. IN Ihis villaee, on Tntsilay, Sept. 2G, a BROWN OVERCOAT. The fiader will confer a favor by naving it ai mis omic. 17 LOST, T AST evening, in this village, a i-mall GOLD JU CHAIN ami Locket. Ihe Under will La mna bly rewanled by leaving it at this office. Burlington, Oct. 5, 1813. M8 w3 The following letter is from the Pastor of the Bap tist Church in Kee'cville, N. V., a gentlemen of just ly deserved popularity, as a preacher, a rcholar, a christian and a man. And it shows that the medi cine of Dr. Richardson, of South Reading, Mass., which is offered for sale by several of our eilitrns who act as his agents, hss a very wide popularity, and is worthy of universsl patronage. DR. S. O. RICHARDSON, Very dear Sin Havin?. for several vears cait. been in the habit of Making snd finding relief from bilious and other com plaints from your truly celebrated Bitters, I feel great pleasure in expressing for youiny hearty thanks. I am fully convinced that their very rtlensivs pop ularity is well deserved. I am convinced of this from my owncxpciience, and from a careful and nrn. longed observation. It is nol a mushroom popuhi li ly, the ofi'sprmg of newspaper pull's, which, like Jo nah's L'ourd. sprini! up in a night, nnd desiinnl to ns speedy n death 1 but it is a popularity ihat is destined to live and increase in brightness, when the fame of a multitude of Ibe nostrums of Ihe day shall 1 1 -v e perished and been forgotten. I Ihnnk you that yon have felt it your duly to circu late I Iran rprotigh Iho country: mid I nm eurc, that, while Iba hninah family nro nttlteled will, il, ,tii. Iiidinou ailments to whieh flesh is heir,- they will lie sought after and purchased, and ihat von will rnntin. ue to receive amnio pecuniary compensation, and, what isi'ifinitcly dearer to agcnrtoiu fiesrl, ihe sin cere, spontaneous thanks of a grateful principle, I was well ncnnainte l with your honored Father. M4 Iwd f-eq-ient occasion for his professional servi- crsi tic was irmy n ni'jiD man, and a nenriaclor 01 his rice and nml itudrs now live who will always revere kit Mess his memory. I am truly thankful that bs hsSso worthy a son: and I bona ihat ihe viriiM, and good name, and medical skill of the fatbsr may long lie in his offspring. Vour obliged and cratepjl fn.nd . 'P Kessovillr, Sept M, 1813. ' ICwi The Medirines at wholrsile and retail by PECK V VIOMNCEI.M)KH At BASS VIOLS. . BASS and Doubles llas VioU or PreswuV ana DcarJ oil's mnke (or sale nt manufacturer's prices. 17 UnissMAiDvV BnuTitrns. SFijMrf:otii)s. XN nil their vnriolio oitii'iig nnd for t ale by 17 I'.IHSS.MAItl & liROIIIESS. IOII CIIOPPINU V It AYS. CHEAP. THOSE who nre prep, iring to make miii' ed pies, sausage, fie. nre inlunnel that they ran select a good Tray from nn n"iir:mcnt ol nil sixes ut our sture. 17 llniNsM.MD & Mll.lTAItY niiTTONH ON HAND. Alt'l ILI.F.ItY, Iiifniiiry, Rule, Field ami Stn l'llut tons. Ilulions for General and Suite will I r furnished nt short notice. Cliappctu.x and other caps fii.MnslieJ to order. 17 J. E. IIRINSMAID St UnuTltCRS. I.yjnaii Mcicliei's listutr. STATE OF VERMONT. I rpHE Hon. IhuPrr I'l-lrict ot Cliiiivnileit. '. ) J- bale Lourt lor tlic District of Chittenden : To all ncr.ou c neerncJ 111 the estn-o or I.YMAN BEECIIER. lute ot Hine.burgh. m said cea-ed, UnEr.riso. wiicnEA". I-.Iiiut lieecher. n Iiiimi.trator ol ihe o- tnle ornKl decca-ed. iirono.c. I o render nn account or his administration, and present lu account upmost said e-tafo Tor examination and allowance at a ion ol tho Court orProbate, to I e holdeu at the Rest- Istci's ouice in Unrlington, in .aid district, on thelSlb utivui uciuut r nci, litEitEFonr.. You are hercbv no' S ' t" a-noir ba lore said coutt nl the lime an, I place afore-nid, nncl sncw i-aiise. it nnv vnu nave, wn' I be ncL-ouiit a uie saiiUboiild not Ic'nllowed. tuven under mv ban I nt Burlinmon this 2Kt dav oi oepicmocr, a. u.t -ilj. 17 Win. Wl-JaTU.N, HttjisltT, Aim llnviland's Estate. ST A TH Or VEriMOST,) r a Probate District of Chittenden, ss. ( XI. Court he d nt liur maion within nnd for the district of Clutten den on the 23th day of September. A. D. 1811, pre sent llio Hon. Chailes Utistell, Judge, a cony of ihe last will and testament of Ann Haviland Into of ihe town nnd County or Westchester, and StntcofNew r orit, deceased, nnlv allowed and proved m the Sur rngatc's Court, within and for said County of West' cliestcr.and atateor.New 1 or t.tuvinr, been niesented ,01,no pourt here thafjsaid copy and proors may l efd- e . 1 rccortieu in inc pruunie i;otiri,iur inc uistrict oi Chittenden nforcsaid, agreeably to the Statute in such casematie nnu nrovit cu. TiiERr.ronE. ihe Probate Conn for the districrof Ulnltenden nforcsaul doth hereby order that all pet' ons interested be notified to nppenr bcoire said pro' bate conn, nt a session thereof to be held nt the Reff isters' Office in Burlington, nfuresai I, on the lgth day oi vcrpier, a. . and contest the tiling and recording nl said cony of -aid will, if thev see cause. by publication of ihis order three weeks successive v in the Burlington Free Press, a newspaper printed in M n..i: . . -ii ...I t. i.t; ? "I - ' i ; biiiii iiiriniui'tii, an ui which puuiicanons io ueprevi oils to said ifclli nn v ol uctober, A.u.ltiii. Given under mv hind at Hnrlinston aforesaid tins otn nay ut aeptcnibcr, A. 1). wm. VM.srii.. Heaislcr, PORTABLE GRIST MILLS. THE a ili-cribcr bavins been np;oinle I agent for ihe stile- of Jo.i.lh Pl.ltt'. Universnl Porl-i.le urnt Mill, is prepared n, furnish mills at .n,rt nonce and aotliori-ed to sell rishts Tor iii'liviiltiaN. lowns or counties. Tin. mill took tlic premium nt Ihu Fair uf ihe American Insii'ire in N. Vntk, lnt niiiumn, and the Milseqcent Miles have Hilly l.umecml the high prat-e Iherele touel iipon it. II is ndinirntiit; lor gnnding tnthan corn and norc feed, Gr in of nil kinds is gound with equal ficility. Also cofluc, and ail kinds of spices j also salt, drucs, &C. nml it isen.-ily adapted for r-rimlin paints. Its I durability is equal lonny other mill, the stone being composed ol f rencu liurr i nnu us eincieiiey wnn its simplicity is remarkable, as arc also its other desira ble, commendations for compactness, poriableness and low price. 'I here arc f. ur different sizes now inadeofihesemills, viz: 18,21, OOand 36 inch stone; prices Horn S125 to SCP0. The smallest mny be used by hnnd power nnd turned by n crank, and either of tpcm arc readily orlied by norne, steam or light water power. Wherever water power is scarce, and grist nulls for grinding corn or grain of any kind arc consequently scarce, these patent nuns win uo in most invniuauie, tor wnn nneoimese nuns wnn horse power, nnv person could grind all thnt could be ground by nny other mill. It is at once admitted by nil who liftve seen 1I1U mill nerform. ihnt it is truly n la! or saiiiiL' ami economical machine; ns with it more work can he tlnne Willi less power tby annul half,) than nny other mill, nnd it will do I he work nt least ns well and as last, and the price is less than for any other. fiit.s-!U. uiiurui. Burlington, Sept. 20, 1343. 16 tr GERMAN STORE. A good aurnrlincn of Fiinge-., Gimp-, Cord and Tasj., 16 Just received I y OSTIIEIM & CO. NEW GOODS. SILK nnd Wor-led Shawl-, very handsome itvl , for ihe- Season. Jut receive I at ihe 10 GERMAN STORE. NOTICE. THIS may certify thai I have given my son Will lain M.Johns, his time during i,e rest ofhis ml noriiy, and shnll claim none of his wages nor pav any debts of ais contracting from ihis dale. SILAS JOHNS. Huntington, Sept. 21, 1813. 17 AOTICE. THE Si.bscrilcrs having formtsl a copartner-hip miller the nnd (irm of KHiN eV SI'FAIt, wotil.l infnrni their Ir.eud. an 1 ihe- lie e'eucrallv, ihat they haw openr.1 nn entire net? flock it FANCY i , ,-, ., .--.-s..... S' ,u wln.h lluy re.pcctfully invite the-ir ni'cinon. i.ii-i.r, uui uuuua an i nnv liirtiCKK DANIEL KEUN, , G. C. SI'EAH. B irlmgion, Church Street, Sept. flth, S43. 15'i; Positive Sale of a Woolen factory. OnTilURSDAV.O.l. 10 h,-at 12 o'cloc!,-, at ihe Old State House, Boston. ( Will bcsnld without re-crve, by order of an Assignee,) I lie Woolen factory and M.icliinerv A,r. IllHrlc oii-nnil li. ,l. Itwiin -.!...!.. litisKaai woolen .Mtiiiulaciuriu; Company, sit.ia vaat ... r i ,.,, I n I in Ihe flourishing villase of Ludlow, Wiiul-or county. Vermont, unon Blue!. River, one ol , be I e-t stream's for propelling man.i factiiring machinery in tdenati-. TlieFiclory bml. ding is five slor.V.1 high, Mib.taneiallv buillt of bri '., ami c.ipnb'fol'coiitamiiig six et. of ! er-cj ii'ere ill i. c lunery. Then- nre now 111 sai l r.irtory thrte prtii.t--els ol imchinery, Willi 11 com de-te',et (f lixture for the nunc; :il-o, n loininc .aid Factory, 1 wool bouT, dye- bo i-e- mid dry hou r, nllnf wliich Kre ncailj new an.l coiiventeut fir the buincs.s, AIo, a con, venient loanling hoii.e, -iiilicicnt 10 nccuinmc.lale from 50 10 73 boardlirt nl-c, tw-6 kirn-, and on ibe saincpiivdege, a Saw Mill. The loeanon is favora ble for obtaining wool ut u very cheap rate. For f irlhernarlicnlars enquire of I). PERRY, I so.., P. M. at Ludlow, or WIIITWF.I.L, SEA VER CO. I5w5 No-. Sift 6. Mori tai Block, Milk st, 'PHE ciiizen-or Burlington and ihel'ub ie L ly nre respecifnlly inrornicl, that the German Store "will l" -ontinied al Ihe old .land, under Ihe linn ot'.M. OSTI1EIM .V Co. A generous .hare of Patrrnage is respectfully requested. We hope l y iinrciiiitlingniicnlion lo business and punc111.1l rcgaril to allcngagemenloto iveiirelhecoiifideni-epl ibe pub lic. A new and Ire li its.oitment of Hood, isjnat re rvirnlifnd w ill I e .old at therery loicest prices. The pill Jiu are respectfully invited to call. Burlington Sept. 1813. M. OSHIELM ii Co. l.fJ.MnHU VAItl). nOR sale by ihe suhseriheis at ihcir yard on Peirl x Mre-cr, ., uu.miu?, LATH. FLOOR BOARDS, ready planed, CLAPBOARDS, CLEAR BOARD". Also. 3,000 CEDAR POSTS, while Sc. red. tllUKUtw if- STEVENS. Burlington, lOih September, ISI3. Ifiw3 FARWELVS SHOES. J HARWELL'S Kid Slips, do. French Ho. do". do. do. do. Walking Shoes, ao. morocco no. ao. Just received s,nd constantly on hnnd. for sal hy P. & II. II. UUULII Stpt. Cftih. 1F43. 16 wfi Fltr.Sil TKAS. OLD nnd Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, and Black Tear, of n superior quality, Torinleai ihelowcsi mar et price by KERN et SPEAR. t-riiircli .-ireel. Sept. 1B43. 1011 WANTEI. WIH I'F, MfAeil. and Brown RAGS in exchange fur Book., Writing and Wrapping paper. 30isepl., IHI3. 17 v. IIAKKIIMilUN. GROCERIES. HYSON, Hyson Skin, Young llysan, Pouehong nntl Souchong Tins 1 Onhn.Noy,- Orleans, I.oai and Powdered Sugars! P. R. Molaisf. Ginger, Pep per, Spice, Cassia, Nutmegs, Clove Sattralus, Bar .-.nap, Variegated do,, Mustard, Wul.) Candles, Co coa, He, etc., just rcciivod and fur Sale hv P. & lh 11. DOOL1TTLE. Sept. 20th, 1B13. 16 wO Z A'r,,1Ir Q ,, tsUPBUt'lNE I'l.OUIt. Isettjler are daily rece-ivin" Superflnr in I arre-U and half Varreh, 3v.,s wul I ,-, care aaarof ihe mnt upprovol luands, which ihej o 'er forcsoh at a , mall advance. FOMITI. linAlll.F.VA . Mm. i NEW GOODS. THF subscrileMi have jual returned from Nw York, nnd would respectfully invite the attention or purchnsers to their large nnd well selected nssoil ment or GOODS, corrismtg of Hruntl Clill.r. lies' ver ClotliH, w'nssimcrs, Kiitiiuis, Vistmus, Silk Vtl Vet, Tnbby Vellcl, Snlin Vesllugs. lilneit iiniinn Sil, Black Gro de Swiss, do, Blue Black Gro GraiK do, Coloted Oro do Naples dn, M ufiliu de I.nn', iiil.l. ai : n i ... III.M i,iai;is iqt.iLtn, uipt; uu. iiiisiiiii, ."ciiiko, ...-iij Bombazine. Uirmliiinis. Itiihou luwn. tinned am. -Swiss Mo islin, Mull dt, llus i i Diaper, Bird Eye do, Crnsh, White nnd Colored Ciiinbries, fine Ulcnchis' shirting, Irisb Linen. I. ndies .Cravats, Mouehnilt' Lnino 1'oin's, lila-k I'nlian Cravnls, Culored Silk cravatr, Uingliain liauuKf', , Hit ttops, ioiipn Hose, Super Cnshimeic Ribs, FiinttcH, Lace, Ladie nnd Genilemans Gloves of nil kinds, Night Cups, White nn iCo orcd Spool Thread, l'minui", unnvns' , Silk, Twist, Buttons, Limn Thread, Silesia, Wig. gans. Coat Colds and Rin'ing, Wnii li Guard-, Cnr pet Binding, Umbrellas, India llnbbt rs. Nut Sus penders, India Kuilitr uo. vnieo-, vviuio nnu ruo Flannel, White Cottun Flannel, Unbleached do, .Shawls. Furniture Bindings. Tukin-r. Drillings, But- Inps. Wicking, Cotton Yarn, Carpet W-irp. i'c. iVc, all of which hnve been puiehnsf d fur cash, and are determined not to be undersold. p. it- ii. ii. iioyi,riT'-:i Sept. 20, 1543. 100 MFFALO ROUES, TCST r ' -t'd for sale my low I " J I', .f- It. H. UOOLI' TLV If! t Sent r'-.b. Vil 11 MTU A Y. 'THAYED fiom the Mi'i-t-fil cr, ot; the i: J a llUel, Low. with a li - L'.-v acrcr . e; anil Mil, horns turning over, a out I it. . '; tween 4 and 5 jcarsoM. The liieV. : -. c ably recoiiijicnscd, ly givni' iiiionoat. im: u.l.sir.i, j.iu.11.1' Burlington, Sept. 21, 1843. 1C.v3 BROAD CLOTHS, Cnssamcrcs, Vesting, Orleans Lloth,Silk Wnrp, Lustre Alpacca, M. D. Limit-, Damask t.'abylc Shawls, Fancy Cm vats, Gentlemen Stocks. Collars. Slicc'inir. and most nrlielcs usually called for in Ibe Dry Goods line, constantly nn bnnj: and for sale by ''KERN d- s-l'EAR. Oliurch street, Sept. zt, IBJ.i. lull HAIR! HAIll ! THF. public arc respectfully inforrntd thnt II A. SMITH, is now prepared to fu ntbh nnyar C rliei" in the line or hair woik on the ahortesi nulic.-. Cash paid lor long hair. Shop west side of the American Hotel. Burlington, Sept. 21, 18-13. lGtr GRK2MAN STOCSE. Maeearnni nnd Vermicclly, Olives un.l Caper-, S dtann Rai-in--, Very nice llox do. Erciicb Figs, Cocoa Nuts, French Prepared Mn-nrd, French Piepared Chocolate. Aire, Cocoa Pn-te, lor making Chocolate iiiirntah'a'ely,' llotmlcati Prunes in lilas. Jar- and Fancy Buxe-. SarJincs preserved in OliveO.I, China prc-ervcJ (ttnper. All of sii.Tior q -al'iy, IC Jii'l receive.1 I y 05THI l.M & CO. A lew Honslicads or St. Cioix Suiiar .4.o. St Xi Croix Molasses, or a superior quality for sale by Kl-.RN it SPF.AH. Church Btrfrt. Sent. 22. 1543. lctr SELLING OFF AT COST FOR CASH, or at a small advance, from coit in exchange fur Grain. THE following articles nie no v oil-red at the BrM; Shop, in rear uf ibe Courl IIo-ie, uzt Curl Maple Cant: Seat Chair.--, Pain'.ed Cam; Seal do Coimnon Dinning nn-l Roe-kins Cluir, Bureaus. Light and Wa-h, Cherry Dinning Table-, Work and Toilet do UcJs'.e-ads, Clock-, (f.e. -A Iso- Rice's Patent Fanning Mill., nt redue'd price-. A. BARNES jr., Ae-tnr. Biirlinvtcn, Aucti-t 23, ISt l. " 12 f S. N. PAKJI'l.t t:, No. 2 Counsellors liM. (Peck's Building.) 13 WIIEA T. A FEW bushel of NEW GENF.SSI'E WHEAT ofthegrowth or 1313, for seed, a first article, for sale by GEO. PETERSON. Unrlington. Anr.31. 13 . NOTICE OF DIVIDENDS IN BANKRUPTCY, IN CH1TTF.N1.EN COUNTY. NOTICE to all creditor nnd oilier persons in in teres!, that by order of the District Court of tho United Stales for the District of Vermont, a divideni out of the nsests of HENRY ZOTTMAN, of South Hero, JOHN SINCLEAH, of Essex, HENRY BOAIIDMAN, jr. of Essex, LUCIUS WOODARP, of Essex, JOHN SMITH, of Ctilche Itr.nnd CHESTER PARK.' R, .d Undirlull. Bankrupts will be made and deel ircd hv the Court on Ihe 2iili d iv or October lieu, at leu o'clock fire noon, nr the office of .Vaiiuiel Pieiuiss, in Montpelicr, in slid District,-, aiming ibe creditors who shall lnv proved nnd filed proofs of their debts before- said day. Unless sufficient cause be then and there shewn to' the contrary. EDWRD H. PRENTISS, Clerk. I'nted lbe;4tbdivof August, iq 13. DR J. SJMJZTH'S, IATROLKPTIC PRACTICE OF 91 RB) I CI IV R. WttluJexcetC s Aig'iy concentrated '.Ihdieal Compound !CP.'0 CURE NO i'AV.3 DR. SMITH, wo ill 111 11 rcpo.-iully inform the 111h.1b11.1nts of B irliiigion, nn I it- ve-iiiiij-Ihat fur sivtccn years lie lias I i-cn 10 ihe- practice of Midicineand Midiciftry, C ye ir- io Cbarles-iown and Boston, Ma... and 10 veils 11 the catcriy part of Vermont j and be is coufiJe-nt h-s pmctice bas I cen a suiveful, a-1 lint cf any other physician in lhi pjn of the country. ll ha. ee-r I eeu'nn fibjctlol para'tio int importaneo with htm, lo simplify tlie;iruti't of .lfcii'cine, nn 1 orereowtc disease Willi the greatest possible prompti' hide and certainly; un.l lorjrvrini year. pat he has I cen investigating Ihe r7ieni v an Ur'ci ils of the j(ro. lepllc t"a lU'e, lit external n;i;i in glil . 1 i-cr'ratitl. In the in- ll a ion of tledtcme an nine, he ha I ceie II 1 t I-, e i.levlieincs in us ,r I II " 1 , ivi,ivd if die nil . ' j j .1 -11" .!. alsorptioi, nno of tri-iling nisersi's iit( n 1 thiiik- the n' It uutagr. of this ci :r v will, 1111011 a lilt'e esicn1 11 a' I and has of 1 lie . rta- 'itv ic Vt 1 pear ol viocs to .111. In iho .0 tic. (fCV, drtn and cn-Cs of extreme dtlitilj, ai ' : i j-i - i.J Female weakness, when- 1 1 liti li-' c . c ct . i Inlen internally, tbt'.e-reiinilit- .ire oi'lbc r , 1 e-t importance ; for, 111 many ca-., he a i c et. -speedy cure, by ihe ii'eof external .ippliniious, alone llm 111 obsiina-e nml violent ea-o-, by taking at tht' ainc- nine, internally, an appri-jiriaie iiu-tlicine, ll.c disorder may l e attacked on both surfaces, at the same time, that is. evternally and internally. Having math- him. elf aeipiaiu'ei with every form of di.r.i-e- incident to lilts pail of Ihe country, he now oilers his Mrvites to the i-nizeiis ol llurlili'gion ate.' its vicinity: confident that, by aitnnjon mid kind ness to tbe'Mik, and a ju bcioii nml f'nimfnl apjilica lion of the above remeiht'., he shall U-able 10 meet the most sanguine eipeciatious 11; all who may guo him a call. II will nltcn l upon ibe nek, nt their p'ace of residence; out where they re.iJe at 10c great a: dis tance, be will provrV loarilnivl convenient quarters for thein In icmain in lite vllase, until tLey an; t-o far rcl eved, a to I r able to rci'.rn home, mid i.sothe Medicine, without the aid of .1 nhy.iciaii. Ile will la.e iae. of Consumption, female Complaints thcumali.m, Ac, eV..'. at hitoicn risk of ,1 cure, pro vided Ihe paiicnt will iiinain ill ibe Mllnt'c and (ol low hi. Jiitvliini-, so long as he willing 10 pre. icril c ft r him ; and provided nl.o, ihat ihu patient secure him thepaynieiil t f bi bill, it a cure .liail l iffev-ied. 'Ihere are many advamagcs for paicntat n dis tanie. who are aflbrftsl with chronic eimplaipt., in' eoinin; ar,d remaining in tho villajea fev weeks 1, 111 a short lime, Ihe disorder may be 1 roten up, when daily Medical aid is at bant', when it 00 dd 1101 le, in many instance., I y sending for Medicine ami dirt-dionf, 'and applying them at home, without tho aid of a Physician. And Io.k'c, ihu patient will lecome teller ori-ualnteil with hi di-cu e, and tho bet mode or using the tucdic iir in hit case. All ciminiunicutioii., po-l poi I, will receive mime.' liro niicniioii, N. B. Donor Smith may be consulted al his rri. Iciico in Cbamp'niii Si. ihree door s..uth cf Pcsrl, a li-w nvl. win of Ur. Iliucl 1 rg' .line bo i,e. itZr'Sjhne, Medicated I upour, and sioiccr Oiths, inuyle bad, either an u luxi.iy, cr uiiieJiat acem, I y failing ai al ove. !CTj- A few fOnios 01" Jcwgrr s I ajiilv' I'iivsi. CIan lor .ale. ept. 1, IS3. ir WANTED, 17 OUR or 6re good jjurncyiiicn joiners.for which a i fair prico will be paid. C. MEIIIIT. I'urlington, Sepl, 20, 1813. ICtf NOTICE TS hereby given thai nppliciii n vill b" trrdr to the L Legislature of the Staicof Vrrnni t at lit. next Session 10 incorporate n Sieam IV i t'otiipaiiy in he, entitled ihe Champlain Opposition Kksiu lb it C tin isny, with a capital el 30,000 1'ollnn wiili bbir'v ti incrrise Ihe capPnl lu onn hundrtsl thousand dollars. uatoi ai .11. Aiiiair, acpi. 0. if. 1. BRONsO.NW ORATION lel.-rciho Literary S.. rietie,.f ht IJ V. M " t pnb'ishtl 4 1 f a u

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