Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 24, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 24, 1843 Page 3
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SCHOOL. MR. GEO. SAUNDKUS &, Co would resnectfullv inform tho 1 public of Burlington and vicinity, that they will bo reauy in open . their school bv the 20th of Decem ber. They will also attend schools in tho adjoining towns, wherever (hey may bo required. Waltzes, Spanish Dances, Quad- ..'.11 I rtA..nn ImlnKl It, . Iltie III1U VjUIIU U .ttus-va ,,. ... . i i . i -. r -I. : 1.1 tne latest anu must msuiuuuuiv style. They will furnish tho best, latest and most approved music for balls, cohllion parties, &c. at tho shortest notice. srt-Mr. Colberlhhastust rcceiv- led a letter from Mr bounders in 'which he says he shall positively bs here by the 15th Dec. Burlington, Nov. 2I.1B43. 25tf FARM FOR SALE. ftaa T.ORsalo n farm in Underhill contain ifllk i- ing one hundred and forty-six acres, IJSIB about one hundred acres of which is un .lZlUB.dcr cultivation, the remainder is covered by a pood growth of hard wood. On the premises area convenient dwelling house, barn, sheds Ac. and an orchcad of thrifty bearing apple trees, sufficient for making some fifty or sixty barrels of cider. Also, a farm containing one hundred acres, lying about one mile from tho above, about sixty acres of which ts under improvement, and has on it a capacious barn, the remainder is well wooded, principally with beach and maple. The above farms arc situated near the centre of the town and on the main .road, are well watered and well fenced, a considerable portion of the fence Iwing substantial stone wall, and together com pose one of tho best dairy farms in the town. The above premises will be sold to close a concern for much less than their real value, and possession given' on the 1st of April next. For further particulars, en quire of A. FOOTE. Burlington, Nov. 22, 1B43. 2Blf HENRY HALE, ATTORNEY & COUNSELOR AT lVAW, ORWELL, VERMONT. DRY GROCERIES. TEAS of every variety, Sugars do Molasses, Coffee, Spices, Table Salt, in small bags, Lamp Oils, different qualities, Ginger, Saleratus, Bar Soap, by Nov. 23d, 1653.. 25 Wm. HURLBUT. PAPER HANGrNGS just received and for sale by Nov. 24, 1813. 25 Win. HURLBUT. LUMBER. lOO'OOO Feet of HEMLOCK BOARDS, 20.000 feet of Hemlock 2 inch Plank. 10,000 Pieces of 2 X 4 Hemlock Wall Strips, 30,000 " of3X4 " Joirc. 6,000 ' " of 4 X 6 " " 10,000 feet I 3-8 Ash Boards, S.OOO feet 2 inch seasoned While Oak Plank, 10,000 feet 2 inch Bnswood Plank, 2,000 feet 4 inch Cherry, seasonedsuilable for Tables, 80,000 feet of White Pine, clear anJ common, from 3-4 to 1 7-8 inches ihick, for sale low by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. 25 TOBACCO AND SNUFF. t fin Boxes and half Boxes Bonn's celebrated JL UU ,rnnd, 50 do Page's, 60 do Irvmes', 25 do 'ro.hy's( 25 do Mitchell' with various other brands, elected with ureal care, 20 Keg, .tolm finders' Plug, 10 do Sheep Ti b acco, , BO Bbls poind and half pound Smokin-r, 10 do Chewing, of the mot prcfered brand. Also, 100 Jars exlrn Ito-e Seenlel Maccobov Sinui; 5 HMs Scotch Snuf in small bladders, for ale by, FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 SUGARS. "I f Hit St, Croix, 20 do Porto Rico, 20 do New J-" Orleans, f.n niiU nintiril 'in An .n-.t in An r.uA MO do Powdered, ' 10 Buxcs W it W .1,) il.le refined Loaf, forsalo by ruijiMii uiuubr.! oc io. Old Duck, Nov. 23, 1313. 25 HIGGING. O sA lh Tarred Rigging, from 1 to 8 inches. OsWWs 10,000 lb- Hanibrofinc, 500 Ms Marline, 500 lbs Siii nrn, 1UO li s Bail Twine, togctii er with Sail Needles, &c. &c. Alan. 5 Tens I est hand puked Oakum, 50 Ibis 50 do Pitch, 25 do Rosin, for sale I v I'OI.I.KTT, BRADLEY & Co. Old'Dock, Nov. 23 1813. 25 FIU'-SII TEAS. fypr diets prime HV-nn Skin Tea, I O 10 do Exira 'Jo do do 100 Hulf Chests Y.-fng Hyson, 60 Caddys Old Hyon, 50 do Young Hyon, 10 niirata Ptra niJalllV Old HvSOn. Thc-o Tea were elected with great care and from the latest importations and will lie sold at New orK Job .ers price, "nu ireizni. 1 FOl.LKTT, BRADLEY .f. Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 Matrons. 5 Pipes CoBnmc Hrnndv, ,5 pipes Swan Gin, B0 BU-. Barber's Warehouse Point Gin, 0 do American Brandy, 5 Si. Croix Rum, 25 llb'l. Madeira Wine, 25 .do Malaga do Id 'do TcneriJc do lfl do Port do for sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY f- Co. -Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 COFFEE; Bags Old Government Java Coflee, 20 bag (irecn do do 20 25 bags Lagmra, 25 do Rio. 10 do AngoMura.'a splrndid article, for tale l.y r.ui.i.r.ri, uuauli-.j a jo. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 ON CONMGNMI NT NEW HUM; rye Hhd Juhn Fellon's, 25 halt pipes J Frltons, as tuu in bis do. 50 lihdu u. at 1.. I run' 70 Bbli C & E TrnllV, fur sale bv FOLLETT, BKADLLY & Co, South Wharf, Nov. 23 1843. 25 V I.S H . Qtl Cod Fi-h, 20 half IbN. No 1 Mackerel. 20 Tierecs norili ,hore Hud-on Bay Co. Salmon 20 nail i arrets uo uo ou for sale by FOLLKTT, BRADLEY it Cn. Old Dock, Nov, 23, 1843. 25 RAISINS: 300 Boxes Bunch Uaisin?; fresh fruit, and in fine order, for sale bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co, Old Dock, JuneS, 1843. SCOTCH PIG IRON. y if TONS No. 1 Carthsherrie pig iron, tO for sale by FOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 23 ON CONSIGNMENT. QC BOXES Conada Plates, CO 5 do Crawshay do 25 do R. G. do do 5 do R. G. poli;hcd Crawshav Plates. 5 do Thorneycroft plates 24 by 24 in. Ii cut, ror saieai reuueeu pneep, oy KOLLETT BRADLEY 4 Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 Agents, SAW fill liL AND CIRCULAR SAWS. 1 n D0Z- Rowland's Philadelphia Mill Saws from v b to 7 leet, made expresaly to order, and war ranted superior to any in market. HOE f- C".'s cast steel circular saws, from 10 to 26 inches, slitting and cross cut. Also, Cross cut saws, English plate, Tor sale by FOLLETT BRADLEY d Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1643. 25 FRENCH nURR MILL STONES AND llllt It DI.OCKS. 1 r PAIR Burr Mill Stones. J. V7 200 Burr Blocks, for sale at Troy prices and ireignt.oy VjuuV. V Cc uo. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 Agents 100 Boxes Pipes, 100 Kegs Ginger, F0 Boxes Exlta Soap, 0 Superior do, 50 Ciilates do, 10 do Cushion Shauing do, 300 Malls Cnssia, 20 Boxes Starch, 200 lbs. Cloves, 60 do Nutmegs, 25 Bags Pepper, 25 do Spice, 10 Tierces llice, for sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY Old Dock. Nov. 23 1813. Co. 25 CAST STEEL. 5000 lbs Sanderson and tiros. Axe Steel, I0O9 do assorted flat nnd square from I in to 2 inches Alto, W, Jessup ct Low's extra and common Cast .Steel, square and flit, for sale bv FOLLETT, rflUPLEY -f- Co, O iJ Dork, Vov VI, !B3 35 DA1TCI1TG- HALT. 9000 Bushels Solar Salt, 2000 do Cipe May do. 1000 do Turks Island do, 1600 libls. Western . do, 1200 Dags talilo Salt 23. lbs. each, ,nn i ,. , s -: -.. t 1 1 1. .. 1W QO L.1VCJDOUI LSOIiy, 1U1 BHItl IUV UJ .IVU.UOOI lui Bills, iv KOLLETT. BRADLEY or. to. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 LEHIGH 4- BLOSSDURGII COAL. S50 Tons No. 1, Raked Le- high in lumps from the Hasleton Mines, designed ex pressly for furnace purposes, 60 Ton Egg size for grates, 25 do Blossburgh for Smith's use. The abovo is all housed and dry. For sals by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 MOLASSES. Tierces New Iberia Syrup, a superior article, 30 Hhds. Porto Rico do, 20 do Trinidad, 20 do New Orleans, 30 do Cuba, for sale bv FOI.LF.TT. BRADLEY t Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 AMERICAN patent wrought and cast iron vices, . a new and superior drticle. Foster's Anvils, Amc's long handled Shovels, Homer's cast steel do, Thomas' Spades, Davie's Billet Webs, Trace Chains, Halter do, Saw Frames, Hammers 4c. tT-c. for sale by FOLLETT, URADLY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843, 25 5 TONS 1, 1J and 2 inch spring steel, 200 pairs sleigh and cutter shoes, 100 cro bars, assorted sizes, 1000 lbs. zinc. 1000 pairs waggon springs, msnufsetured to order, ou sen wroupiii nna cast arms, lor brio dt FOLLETT BRADLEY A Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 SHEETINGS AND SHIRTINGS. 30 BALES Trcmont mills. 20 do Exeter family sheetings, very heavy, iu uu omuings, torsaiooy FOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 in I - 1. 1 . - r ,.c.: SEASONED CLEAR WHITE PINE LUMBER. 3000 feet i inch 6000 do 5-8 suitable for nannels. 4000 3000 B000 6000 2000 do do do do w 2 2 i do do, do, do very wide, do do 3 do, 10,000 1 3-8 do cood common stuff The above lumber is drv and suitable for immediate use, having been stucK up under coventor two years, nov. a, la-u. For sale by JOHN BRADLEY. BUTTERNUT LUMBER. Aflftft feet of 2 inch Butternut Plnnk 2000 do do J do Crotch do Boards sawed expressly forpannel stun. The above lumber was sawed for door stuff and has been two fears under cover. Also, a few pieces of 1 inch Butternut suitable for siair rails, fir sale by JOHN BRADLEY. IVOV. 23, ta4J. 2o BOLTING CLOTHS. 3 A nnd 40 New Anchor Brand, from 00 to No. 10, Li constantly on hand, on rons'gnment. FOLLETT, BRADLEY, Co., .4jrenf. Old Dock, Nov 23. 1843. 25 OILS. lOOO Gallons best Winter Sperm, 500 do do fall do, 1000 do winter bleached whale, 200 do Olive Oil, for Cflle low by FOLLKTT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 ItUSSIA NAIL, RODS. 6 Tons warranted Ru&ia Nail Rods, for sale by FOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, 23,1813. 25 pounnr.TTE. 50 Barrels just received and for salo by pnr t"T"t. ii i, inl rl A. s Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. ' ' 25 NOVA SCOTIA GRIND STONES. 20 Water Stones, weighing from 800 lo 2300 each, 200 small finished Stones, 100 do Ohio do, for sale bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, 'Nov. 23, 1843. 25. NOVA SCOTIA P LAST EIC, 300 Tons in Stone, 100 do in Barrels, 50 do in Bags, Selected for agricultural purposes, and warranted pure. Deliiered at our mill in Winooski City, or at our ware house Old Dock. 25 Nov. 23, 1843. FOLLET, BRADLEY &. to. iSHW FIRM. THE Subscribers having associated themselves together for tho purpose of buying and selling Goods under the Firm of COLE & ROBINSON, have taken the store formerly nccuniml bv Messrs. Lyman &. Cole, and recently bv Mr. Cole, on Collego onrci, wucre uiey inicnu io Keep a general assort ment of DRY GOODS & DRY GROCERIES. And as they purchase altogether for Cah, their friends, nnd the Public may be assured thai they can receive them as low tat Cash as can be purchosed in the village. To test the same thov are respectfully in yited to call and examine their new stock of GOODS jusi reteiveu irum new i oik, and liosion ) nmong which are a large assortment of Cloak and Dress Goods, consisting of Super Silk and Cotton Wntp, iiut.i:a3, , im unu uumiEeauie Aipacca truster, inu san, a superior article of Diop. Royal, &c. &c. A splendid assortment of rich and plain Shawls, also, a variety of Cotton and Linen Gauds. A irenpr. nl assortment of Furs, such as Capes, Collars, Muffs, Boas &C. Also, a larrC assortment nf ftrnrprie such as Teas, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses, 6lc. by the PL..! II I UL.I !l- L l 1 ' II19I, DdllCI, HUH. Ul BlllglU 10UnU. Produce of all kind taken in exchange for Goods. Wanted, particularly, 10,000 lbs. Fleece Wool, and 10,000 Sheeps Pells, for which part cash will he puiil' Those wishing lo purchase, would do well to call ana examine our goods nerore purchasing elsewhere. MORTON COLE. JOHN H. ROBINSON. Burlington, Nov. 17, 1843. Bales of North West and Upper Missouri Robes is ineap lor casn, at tUL,r. at i ROBINSON. IF. P. ELLIOT, ARCHITECT & PATENT AGENT, Ol-FICE opposite Ihe Patent Office, corner of8ih and F street, City of Washington, will attend to preparing Specifications, Drawings, &c. and all busi ness intrusted to him connected wilh the Patent Office, ui ma inuie-Biuu, wiin promptness ana despatch. Patent Orrtrr. Fph. ISih 1QJ9 Mr. Wm. P. ELLIOT, who has been formerly em ployed in the Patent Office, as a Draughtsman, &c, having established a Patent Agency in the City of Washington, I lake great pleasure in recommending rum as a gentleman worthy of confidence, and as be ing particularly qualified to lake charge of any busi ness requiring a knowledge of mechanical science, th progress of the arts, ami patent improvements. Mr, Elliot is also well acquainted wilh the practice of thii oiliee. HENRY L. ELLSWORTH. 24 6m Commissioner of Patents. DANCING SCHOOL,. MESSns. PULLER ds HATCH ELDER W ., rcfPccful!y. inform thn inhabitants of . iiuriingion nno vicinity that Ihey intend open ing a bchoolin tins place, in which will be taught Contra dances, Cotillions, duadrilles. Waltzes, und Spanish Dances. They would also give notice that they will furnish good music for Balls, Panics, Vc. bur terms enquire or them or at Howard's Hotel, Burlington, whero books will be open to receive nsmes. Nov. 1B43. 21 NOTICE. THE Firm of CROFOT it TIMANU3 is this day dissolved by mutual consent. PRESSON CROFUT, Burlington, Nov. 13, 1843. it. v. TIMANUS, 24 w3 TTE COMB MANUFACTURING business will hereafter I continued by II. W. TIMANL'S, who solicits the tavors of old friends nnd, assures new customers that they can deal wilh him on as favors ble terms as at any oilier piaco. CHEAP FARM FOR SALE. A FARM containing 105 ncresofgood Land situ ated one half mile north of Baptist Corners in Charlotte, with convenient buildings, willbesold my low. For particulars enquire 6f ,.. , , SALLY H PKIFF f lurlotle, Nov. Pih, 1813. -31 if CLOCKS. ALL persons who wish to buy a Brass or Wooden Clock are requested to look at our new onet, we will sell them bv the box. Iiv the dozen, bv the hun dred or single, at such prices as cannot fail to suit. 24 HBINSMAID at ISROTHCSS. SItKETlNGS. SIIIIlTINr.S. Ate. 10,000 SSSS "nd heavy Brown 6,000 Yds. Bleached Shirlfnes, Sheetings and Drills, 6.000 " Dark Fall and Winter Prints, lust received by HENRY W. CATL1N. NOV. lb, 1843. 24 SALT. FLOUIt ANIT PLASTER. TONS Fresh Ground Plaster, If 100 Bbls. superfine Flour, 1400 Bushels cosrse Salt. 150 Bags Fine Dairy do. just received by Nov. 18, 1843 24 H. w, CATLIN. NEW GOODS. LOVELY AND SEYMOUR INVITE tho attention of thrir customers and the public to their stock of FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, which is one of the most extensive in the State, and which tney otter lor sole at prices well suited to tne interest of purchasers. Goods adapted io the present and coming season mav oe lound in great abundance at this establishment rov. iu, ibu. 2 November 15, 1843. MESSRS. BRINSMAID dt BROTHERS have the pleasure of informing their friends and cus tomers and the public generally that they are now opening a new and splendid assortment of goods in the WATCH. CLOCK AND JEWELRY line of business, to which department they intend lo give their more immediate attention. We are constantly making in our own shop at Bur linnton the best silver spoons.! cold beeds. rines. f-c. and receiving from abroad jewelry, watches, clocks ana otner goons in our line irom tne nest matters. As tho holydays are approaching wc shall be open ing new and beautiful goods suitable for presents, for persons of all oges. in rich varieties, and at such pri ces as cannot fail ( wc honei to suit tha most faitirfinus. We cannot nt present attend to all our customers, and to all the work that is presented, just as we wish to, but wc aro making such arrangements at will en, able us to do it as satisfactory as possible. Wc will not enumerate our goods, but simply say inai me assoriment is as complete, it not more so, man any we nave had the pleasure or opening. BRINSMAID fe BROTHERS, (Successors IoPangioh A. Rsinsmaid,) 24 Watch Makers and Jewelers. Dan Day's Katate. STATE OF VERMONT, milE Hon. the District of Chittenden. I X Probate Court wilhin and for the District of Chittenden: To the ercilitors and others concerned in the estate of DAN DAY, lateol Mnrlinnon. in said District, decea.ed. Whereas, Heman Allen Administrator ol ihce-tale of said decease!. ha made application to this Court. loextendtlmtime limited lor making payment of the debts tit said defeased, and settling said e-tatc twelve months from the 24 h day ol January next, and the .-cranu veunesnay oi iwemner nexr, reinir aignea tor Hearing in the premises, at the Ullloe or the Itegis ter of this Court, and it having been ordered that no. tire tlureof be given, by publishing this decree three wws Miivc'siveiy in ine uurnngton rreerress, i newspaper printed at Burlington, before the time fix ed for bearing. Therefore, vou are hereby, notified, to anneai bn fore -ai l Court, at the lime anil place aforesaid, then ..uu i ui-ic, iu nuiKv uuievuuii iiany vuu nae, io uu aid lime of payment leing further extended as afore .a i, I. Given under my hand at Burlin;ton this 15th'ayof isuveuiDCr, A. U. X4W3 Wm. WESTON, Rtgitltr. William P. Philip's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, 1 rWIHE Hon. the Ditrictol Chittenden, .s. j i Probate Court for the District of Chittenden : To nil persons con cernelinlhj cstn'c of Win. P. Phillips late of Bur liniton in said District, deceased. Greeting. Whereas. Casiiis P. Peck. Administrator of ihi ps. tatc of aid deceafcJ, propo-es to render an account of nis anminitraiinn, and piemen! his account against said c.-tnto for examination and allowanreat a session of 'he Court of Pnil ate, lobe holden at the Register's office in said Burlington on the second Wedneday of Decern! er next. Therelore, You are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time and place aforesaid, and shew ca isc, it any you havewhy the account aforesaid cnmilil not 1 a nllnwml. iiven under my hand at Burlington this 15th day ofNovcmlcr A. D. 1813. 21w3 Wm. WJSSTON, r?egir. CHINA TEA WARE. VERY handsome style', plain while, do with rais ed figures, Gii'd band, Gold band nnd sprigged, Gold edge and line, with tea plates to iratch, for sale very cheap at the Crockery store ol Nov. 3. JOSEPH WAIT. NOTir.r.. OTRAYED or stolen fioni the subscriber, about the I first of July Ja-t, one pair ot red and while two yearoia steers looking very nearly alike, and one red and white heiiler of the same age, mostly white. Whoever will give anv information of said cattle shall be hand.omelv rewarded. CYRUS FARRAND. Colchester, Oct. 30, 1943. 22w3 REVOLVING CASTORS. JUST received afull assortment of handsome Brit lama Castors, four, five, and six bottles, ond for sale cheap at Ihe Crockery Store by Nov. 3. JOSEPH WAIT. GLASS WARE. A large assortment just received, comprising almost every nrticlc in theline, such as Tumblers of dif rerent qualities plain and moulded, Lamps 12 different styles sonic quite new, Candlesticks, Pitchers, Pre serve Dishes round and octagon, Je'lies plain and moulded, Lemonades do. Wine Glasses do. Decan ters, water Bottles, Gobblels very rich, Hyacinth Glasses, Salts, Cruit fcc. all very cheop at the Crock ery Store by Nov. 3. JOSEPH WAIT. ISAAC WA UN 12 It HAS Just received, from New York, a LARGE . AffSORTMl-:NTOFGOODSinhisline.amo1ig which aro a variety of pure Wines, Cognac Brandy, Si. Croix Rum, Holland Gin, Jamaica Rum, Scotch Whiskey, Cherry Brandy, Baltimore Gin and a nlen ty of other cheap liquors of various qualities and pri ces. Mulases, loaf, lump and brown sugar, Teas, Coffee, Lhocolate, Pepper, Alspice, Ginger, Nutmegs, Cloves, Cinnamon, Saleratua, Bar and Fancy Soap, and many other articles in the Grocery line. Ills Litfuors and wines uere selected with ear nrl after long experience and from the largest and lest in incline in new xorK, and are warranted of Ihe purest and best qnajjiieg. He has Sheetin'ss. Shiritnffs. Catirnn PsmKp,va Trimmings for clothes, and many other articles but no Fancy l.oods. All of which he wilt sell for the lowest prices. Tavern Keepers and others are invited to call and examine. 23 Burlington, (Church St.) Nov. M3. RICH AND SPLENDID GOODS FttR THE WINTER. T-J W. CATLIN has just returned from New a. M.t i on.- ana rniiadeiphia with a very large as sortment of FANCY GOODS, amonir wnich may belnund high colored Velvets, Chii.ans amlTeasahs (new articles for Ladies Dresses,) Plain Primed nnd Striped de Lames ; Colored, Bluck and Blue Black, W aiered, Sifipfel and Fisured Silk and Colored' cn Lustres, Orleans Cloths and Printed Saxonys, Rich Plain igured and Striped Light and dark Silks and Challvs, high colored Velvet ; Hat.Cap and Neck Ribbon.. Np. I Light and Dark French Kid Glove-, Black and Colored Gimps and Fringe-, Gent's Slocks tuul Cravats, La'diel Rich Velvets, Plush and Chine Silk Cravat,Swiss and Cambrick Worked Insertings Edgings, &c. P. S. The above Goods and many more not (nu merated, haVe len selected with great rare and at much lower prices than u-ual, and will b sold at a very small advance for cah or approved credit November 10, 1843. 23 8. N. PAHMAI.EE, No. 7 Counsellors Hall, (Peck's Building.) 13 BOOKS AND STATIONERY FOR SALE AT V. IIAKRINr.TON'S, College St. BIBLES a great variety, Quarto, Octavo, Duo decimo, Pot-Let do. iu various bindings. BHAVLIl HOOKS of nil sizes ond ees friuiiSS et. to 85 00 cat-h. ' WATs and SELECT Hi'.MNS, Methopist JlrMS, CAMP-ttEETlNd H TMNS.WlNCHElL's WatTS Psalms nnd HtMNS arrangwl by Sewall for Units nan wor.-lnn. i: Wrapping .Paper, Cap and Letier Paper, Maynard nnd Noyes' r ine Writing Ink, no belter ink inanufac c V Vi raS .'..oxc- WftlerCiip., Black Sand, Wafers. Sea bri War n,it. j ""h '!a,i.VuiPe"ktfVV;s' nn,J PeiL-'I'i Blank Books, etc. s- eviu inrimv. llcl. 11. ij- 1M7" af afT ta.i. WOOL PELTs wan V VF.M-i "V W. CATLIN. Oct. 29, '43. 20 ns,?rCM?PPINC TAYS, CHEAP. " 'IMIOSI.who are preparing to male minced pies. X sausage-, &e. are inlonnMl il,. .1. . li-!.' n cfiod Tray sf, ro. from an assortment ol all sites at our 17 MsiHsMAin d BioTnrss, r.nnv AV THtR. Co BUSHELS of tho fltst quality ot flUINCES W at 81,60 per bushel, for sale by ti unu. rr,iriuii. JET BUTTONS, jet, and white bugles, steel, gilt, and let heeds, beautiful silk nurses, steel trimmed. and lots new goods, 24 BrInsmaid if- BRuTiinn. A Large assortment of 8-4 Cotten..Car.petina for ale by 24 COLE Sc. ROBINSON, A Large variety of Furs, and Cloth Csps for sale xjl oy i uuub 06 nuniiou."i, PROSPECTUS FOR THE CONGRESSIONAI GLOBE AND APPENDIX. THESE works have such a wide circulation, and have been so universally approved and sought alter by the Public, that we deem it ncee.tarv only in thisDro-Dcctustosay that they wi'l be continued at tho next session of Conzresst and to state, suc cinctly, their contents, theform in which they will be printed, ana tne prices luruietn. ine uongre-nonai uioi e is maue tm oi ine uauy nroceedinei of the two ilousee Of Conirresr, The speeches of the members are condensed to bring them into a rraunme length. All tne rexmnions ottered, or motions made, are given in the movers' own words, and the vca and navs on all the important Questions, ii isprinieu wiin sman iype ureviernnu nonpareil on a double-royal sheet, in annuo form t each nurn- I er containing 16 royal quarto pages. It is printed as fast as the business dune in Lonzre-s furnishes matter enough for a number. The firt four weet of a scsion usually furnish matter enough for one num ber a week! and the balance or the seuion enough for two or three numbers a week. The approaching session ol Congress will Le a long one, and will fur l.ish matter enough, we suppose, fur tilt jr or sixty nuinoers. The appendix is made un of the President's annual message, the reports of the principal officers of the Government that accompany it, and all the long speeches of members of Congress, written out or re- visco oyinemseives. n is printed in thesomeiormas the Congressional Olol e, and usually makes about the same number of pages. There are not so many numbers published, the first weeks of a session, as there are numbers of the Congressional Globe, be cause the members are slow in writing out their speeches) but, towards the clo ot a session, the numbers are published more frequently than the Con gressional Globe; Each ofthese works is complete in itself) but it is necessary tor every subscriber who desires a full knowledge ol the proceedings of Congress, lo have both) because, then, if there should be any ambigui ty in the synonsis nflhc sneech. nr any denial of its correctness, as published in the Congressional Globe, ine reauennay turn mine Appendix totee tnespeecn at lenitb. corrected bv the mrmUr himir. Now, there is no source but the Congressional Globe and Appendix, from which a person can obtain a full history of the prodeedings of Congress. Gales &, Seaton's Register of Debates, which contained a his tory, was suspended in the year 1837, and has not since Lccn resumed. It cost about five times as much for a session asthe Congressional Glolcand Appen dix, and did not contain an equal amount of mailer, a great portion of the current proceedings being omiti-J. Complete indexes to both the Congressional Globe and the Appendix are printed at the close of each ses sion, and sent to all subscribers for them. The reports of ihe Concessional Globe and Appen dix are not in the least degree ntlecled by the party bias of the Editors. They are given precisely as writ ten out by the Reporters and the Members themselves nnd are subject lo the revision and correction ol the speakers. Both Houses ol Congress take the Congressional Globe and Appendix for their committee rooms, and for the libraries ofCongress. So confi lent are we that all whos.itncnbc lur these works wili be nlea-ed with them, that wc hereby pledge our-elvfs to take I hem I ack and icluud the inonty'io all who may be dis-atistied. The approach of Congress which will discuss lor tne American people all the most important question ever entertained by the national councils, and new and extraordinary measaresTnever before fully ventur ed upon, lias induced the publishers ol the Glole lo make greater and I etter preparation than heretofore ht rc!uiiiiiK aim iuiiiisning ine speeencs anu pro ceedings nl ihe next session. A stronger corps ol re porters, new type, and liner paper, will be provided, lo present, in the bot manner, thedebales and doings of me representation oi ine union wnich assembles un der exciting circumstances, very widely didering from the state ol things encountered by any previous Con cress. The executive nower isnt war with both the proat parlies that eompo-e the Congress ; and one of iiie.-o win nave ine ascendency in llie Senate, while the other holds the power in the rcs-cntlv enoen ron nlar branch. In this attitude Consross 'will meet, to deal with mot tnterestins; Ionics uhich have ever in- yoked its wisdom. It will find the whole ft venues of tne country 111 the hands of irresponsible f inctiona rie., in whom no party confides. It will find an op prcsivetari:l'robbing thegreat ma-s ofihapeople and the Government. It will find a monstrous moneyed and speculating interest struggling to build tip unmh- cr iiiiit-iieiiuciii taxing nower in an inmriiora-erl h. tablishment giving, as a vested right, to certain class es, authority to counterfeit for the nation n currency forbiddin by the Constitution. It will find political agitators iu Congress to work for presidential aspi rants, urging Ihedistribution of the national domain, and the assumption of Siale debt', asa means of en listing in their political designs all the rlr-.e who look to distribution as perpetuating anexces-ive tar iff, to assumption as appreciating their stocks and creating a national debt opening a new field of spec ulation, of which a national bank is considered uei-es- tary, as Ihe grand stimulator. Wnhall tlie-e vasti. sue will lie involve, the question of ihe next Prei nency, on which it is suppO'eJ every re-ult will dc pent). In such a crisis, u ; nroner lhat the neonle of eve ry district in the Union should he, well informed ol Ihe course pursued hy its particular representative, and ol the hearing of all the discussions in Conzrcs', and of all iis proceeding'. 'Ihe important topics opened up in Congre., will, we have no doubt, great ly protract the session, and con-cmentlv increa'e the volume of our reports. The Congressional Globe ol the last long-ession (made up of the proceedings, in eluding Ihe votes and a synopsis ex tended lo almost a thousand quarto pages, small print ine Appenuix ci speeches, revi-e.l or written nut hy the speakers, consisted aiso of about one thousand quarto pases. These volumes were furnished fur 81 eacn. 1 ne same amount ol matter reported and pnn ted at the usual prices, could not 1 e alliirded for le., than 810 per volume. The matter leinzprernrejfor our newspaier, we wereenable lio transfer il and con vert il into the book form, and sell it at the reduced subscription priV-e. But the volume ofllie reports, in creased bv tho long session of Cousress. mare the coal of the paper alone nearly equal the price at which the volume wassom. rne publishers made nothing on their work. Anticipating lhat ihe approaching ,es. sion will not be shorter than the Ion? one of ihe 27ih Congress, wc had determined to rrti.e the price of the Congressional Globe and Appendix 10 $2 each ) and, to justify this enhanced price, incurred new expcra'S 10 add to the value orthe work. But, being impress ed with the importance of spreading inlormation among the people, 011 (he eve of an election trauilit with such consequences to theuonntrv as lhat ol the next Pre-idencv, we have resolved to adhere to the old price oftl for the Congressional Glole, and 91 for Ihe Appendix of speeches, in all subscribers up to the 1st of January next. After that day, Ihe price wiii uc iur eacn. A some persons who mav receive this nronectu may wish to subscribe for our regular papers, we will here slate that we nublish a Daily namr m Sin, x Semi-weekly paper at 5 and a Weekly piper, with a complete index to it, at 21 a year, payable in ad vance. TERMS. I or the Ctmrressional Glol r, 81 per copy. For the Appendix,!! per eopy. Six copies of either of Ihe above works will lesent lor tS ( twelve copies for 810 ) and so on in propor tion for a greater number. Payments may be transmitted by mail, pattageptiid nt cur risk. By a rule of the PosiOfnce Department, postmasters are permitted lo frank letters written by themselves, containing money fur subscriptions. 1 he noted of any bank, current Where a subscriber resides, will be received "ny us at par. To insure all the numliera, the subscriptions should pe in Washington by the 10th of December next, at farthest. 1 ,,D"-Vo attention vill b paid to any order unleti the money mtompanito it. ,.... - BLAIR 4, RIVES. WisHiwOTov City, Oc. 20, 1843. NOTICE. i1AME into the enclosure of tha Taylor farm, so called, in Colchester, about the 15lh of July last a BRINDLE YEARLING HEIFER. The owner is requested 10 can, prove property, pay charges and likelier away. Apply to G. H. MOORE, Colchester, No. 15, 1843. 24 w4J Burlington. THE WAY TO BUY CHEAP. There is now at Howard'! WINTER OOODS, Such at will suit every class of purchasers for Cash SAY Goods for Cloaks, Dree, KhawN, Muffs Boa, Bonnets, Fringes, Gimps, Tnmming's,"La ces, Mu-hns, Ribbon', Gloves, tlosery, Short, with every nnd all descriptions, of small articles. Crocke ry, Glass, Lookinir Glass, nnd House Keeping Hard oaic; . c'0ii Carretings, Paper Hanging., lliitlalo Rubes then Family Groceries, wilh Oil &c. &c, nt die Store where cash only is u-ed )n huying and sales are made in like manner by the People, agent, ofcourse cheap, at HOWARDS. Nov. 10, '43. 23 GROCERIES). A full assortment of Groceries comprising almost every arnclein thj line (Liouors eitaptsd) all of which will be told is chesp ss the cheapest hy Nov. .0 1643. HENRY W.WlN. CONE LANTERNS. A N assortment, some extra size, a very bsary and rV superior article for ril t the Crocker Elora by N'ov 3. JOSEPH WAIT, NEW GOODS, Lur a i u ja CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. THE subscribers have jii.t rc-eived their Fall aiW Winter supply ,f Staple Dry Goods and the Best Family Groceries among which may le found Colored Cambrics, Common and Rich Print, Mouse line de Lains, Pla n Figured and Printed Alpaecas, Gingham-, Parision-, and Printed Merinos. Berags, While, C'aml rics, figured plaid 4: ror Jed.) Liren, Linen Hdl.f-., Laeu Quilling, Grecian do, In serting and lace Kljiu--. fancy t-ravats, Alpacca do., Iia'ian do., Mufllers, Pocket Hdltfs, Comforters, and Ve-t Pallerns. Night Caps, Slate colored Cotton Hu-e, Black Worsted do., Lambs Wool do.. Ca.lunere do., and Super. Buck Gloves nnd Mi'llen-, Gentlemen's and LadieV Kid Gloves, Gent's Ribb Cbcini and Woolen Uloves, Ladies' Uaali and Dlaol, Kid do. Webb Braces, S itier Hubl er do.. Black Silk Cord, Mohair Cord, and Oxfurd Mill-, Sill, und Mohair Coat Binding. Needles. Scli'd Head Pius. Pe.irl nml II, .np Sinn Buttons, Superior Gilt Coatdo, Horn and Lasting do. Hooks and Eves. Sill, and Twist. Snoot and Skein Thread, Knitting Cotton, Umbrellas, and Horte uiaukets. N.eit Shawls, Plaid nnd Rich Wool do., if leached and Brown Slieeiimrn nml Sbirtin Bleached and Itrown Drill, lied Tick, Plain Cotton Fiannel, Ruii Ruy,, Canvass mid Tadding, Wigging, and CJ-ialily. Plain and Gauze Ril bons, Diaper, Cotton Yarn,, . j.iiiiin unu iiuiiiul;. nenn nag., I-nnge tiiushum Hilkfr, Black Tabby UII.-I, uruivii i.ilien, etc. Ost'. FAMILY GROCERIES. Ilvson. llvson Skin. Yotintr flvsiin mul (.mi l,.... tier tea. St. Croix, Havana and Sugar. Java, and St, Domingo Coilee. Pure Ground do " " Cassia, " " Spice, " " Pepper, " " Ginger. Premium Starch. Nntinnr. ImbVn. Gum ( n i Hi...: " ' i u.i unu oii'iviu ounp. L.oriiinriris iiini-K and seolch Hnu r. itnntvr. ,ln. CanJIfis. Rice, Cocoa Pasie. Cocoa tshells. n,l rs t r. ' I i-rcpnreu ooeoa. v.ou risn, .iiacKcrei and Salmon, Uavetnlih ami i-aper io:acco. l-RUIr Hox nn I Kri; Rnfsfns, Cnrnilts, f.'ftron, uf-iiious. I'cram .uis. iirazi in.. I'luii.eris Vtrti,i L'hesnuis, tf-c. Afio, liny and damn's Liq ud Blacking. Pa-le do. Pepper Same, Powder and Shot, Percussion Cans, L- m . . .. . I L' I . I, ... tr .., I' aiiiil- iiuii ruiisf, i iH-wei iviuvc, niaics, sci.son and Combs. The above wc offer fur cn-h or ready pav as low- as can lo bought in' Burlington. Thankful for the paw nage received wc solicit a continuance of the same, hoping io retain liy strict attcniion tu bu.ine-' anu iiiiegruy in our dealings with our patrons. ,. S. N. OAUT & Co. Uiirlington, Nov 7, 1813. Stun m Boat Meeting. Commissioners Under llm PltnrlA. r.nm lUa iCfflslallirn nf V.pnmni ,1 .: r tU . , m . .V . . -', ' ,IIU Sl .,lll lllslll Ui l , 1 a t-htmniain Slcain Boat Compa ny, hereby give notice thai a ineeniiff will be hn! den, according to the provisions of t,aid Charter, at ... ,"" ur- Elevens, in Vergcnnrs Vt , on the fust Wednesday (the Oth) of December, 1S13, at 10 o'clock A. .!., lor the purpose of choosing Nine Direc'ors of said Uumpany, under the Clnrtrr tibove iiieniiontd, and lo transact any other business that mav become npficairf LUVRENCE MYERS, JOHN C. HAMMOND, GIDEON LVTIIROP. 1- . , . For the Commissioners. umt'a at f taiiaburgh, November 3 1 1943. 23w4 WHEAT. A FEW bushels of NEW GENESSI'E WHEAT of Ihegrowth of 1343, for seed, a first article, for ""Ipoy. . GEO. I'ETERSON. Burlington, Au?. 31. 13 Oliver It lss Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ) rPIIE Hon. District of Chittenden, 1 L Probate Ci Ihe for the Di-trict of ChilVn-l.-n. in all ner.nn ourl edin the Estate of OLIVER BLISS, U'eofE-st-x, ii said Di-triri, deceaicil, Greeting s concern in Wbebeas The ol ihe esta e of said dm-a-el.propu.e. to r.-mlt-r an a-count orthcir ailnii'n-i-int'oiij-in I present their a. c tint against said estate tor examination an 1 anownnce nt a fes.jon of thi Court of Probate, 10 I e hnlden at ihciifli.eol'ihe Ueff, ister 01 sai l (Jouri on the tt-jr.nJ Wo 'nc-ilav of No veml er next. Therefore, You archive! v nonhel tn appear before said court Hi the time and place afore.aid, and shew cjii-e. 11 an-)rii nave, hy hc acco inl iiforesaid should not be alloive I. Given under my han I at Burlinslnn tbi I8.h day nt,l a. 1 1 tCtn J CHARLES RFSSELL, Judge. STATE OF VEIIMONlTTrplfK linn, the Pro District orcbitienden. I litiB Court within and for Ihe listri.t of Cltittenden, To the crelnors anu oiners ennrerne lint he estate of OLI VER ULISS, la'e of Essex, in sail Di.iri-t, deccrfsrd. Wherca.ihe Admini.iraior. of said deceased, hath made application to ihis Conri, to exiend the time limiteil for making payment of the debts of sail de ceased, twelve mon'hs from tho 3 1 day of November 28l3,and Ihe second VVelnesday of November next, being a-signed for a beariuir in tho premises, at the viiuciu uieiwsi.ier turns L,oiin, ond it having I een ordered lhat notice thereof lie given, hy pnl lishing this decree ihree wctks successively in the Burlington rreerre.-s n news paper printed at Burlington, te fore Ihe time fixed for hearing. Therefore, you are hereby notified, loappear before aid Co. 1 rt, at the lime and place aforesaid, then and make objection if any you have, to the said time of navment heina-further eTleni! Given under my hand at Burlington ihis 18th day of uciooer a. u. una. 20w3 CHARLES RUSSELL, Judgt. Oliver Howard's Lstate. WE the subscribers, having been apppint'ed by the Honorable ihe Prolate Court for the District of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, ex amine and adjust the claims and demands of all per sons against the estate of OLIVER HOWARD, late of Milton, in said District, deceased. sentcd insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in offset thereto 1 and six months from the day of the date hereof, being allowed by said Court for thai purpose, wn do ihereforo hereby give notice, ,11.1, nu mil Hiic-iiu iu iiiu uusiness oi our appoint msnt, nt Iho dwelling hou-e of Sylvester Wntd in Milton, in slid District, on tho last Tuesdays of No vember, 1843, and February, lB44nexl,al 10 o'clock, A. M-, on each nf said days. Dated, this 2t dav of .September A. D. 1813. LYMAN BURGESS, n . . 20 ELIGAH DERRICK, ComroisitWa. WINTFR GOODS, Cheap for Cash. 1-4 4-4 S-4 and 9-4 plain andTwilW white FlaqnelN 3-4 and4-4 plain Plaid and TwilleJ Colored do 10-4 12-4 and 13-4 heavy while Blanket-, 3-4 and 6-4 " Over Coat Cloths, received and for lale rhcan l,v H. W. CATLIN ALSO, A very lare assormrm of Buck Skin Matins end Glove,,Moccann, Fur, Fur trimmed and Clnih'Cars. Fur Pea ,'o Rr. r' HAG All & ARTHUU, ARE now receiving new supplies of SADLER V. COACH ANbl SHELF HARDW AJdi, n all its varities. ALSO, DRUGS t MEDt'llNES, PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES, &c. etc. Burlington, Vt. ) Nov. 10, 1843. J Executor's Sale Of Ileal Estate. WILL I e .old at Public Auction, on the second Monday nf December next, at the dwelling house of widow Mary Alexander, on thepremi es, all Ihe Real Estate of which SAMUEL C. ALEXAN DER, late of Wllliston, died seixed and posses-e.', consisting of twelve acres of Land with a good new convenient Dwelling ilou'C and iiore uarr,weu finished with an excellent cellar, well oflirst rale wa ter and a luautilul brook that never dries or freeze, snd is encuml ered with a mortgage for the payment of a note to Simeon Wakefield, dated December 21s', 1841. for 8349 wilh interest, on which a decree was obtained at the October session bfChittenden County Court redcemal Io in one year; Abo, fifty acres of most excellent unnutor meadow, pa-luring or plough ing, which is now occupied partly fur each, tho said hrook cro-ses the said fifty acres and on is a 30 by 40 foot Bam and an excellent Orchard of fruit, this said 50 acres is also encuml ered wilh two mort- xages to the said Simeon Wakefield, one dated De cember 25!h, 1839, for tho security of the payment of a noieio Aii'tin l-nain lor o-i.Si,(ii same date oi mort gage with interest, one for the securi'y of thepaymen' ofa note to Enoch Nolle lor 8320, dated May 5th, 1842, with interest, on which two mortgage? a decree was obtained ns above at (he October session of Chit ten 'en County Court 1843, redeemable in one vcar aiso, Z5z acres ol TimDered L,and, which Is nionia ged to At el Owen, jr. lor 8150, dated July 23d, 1843, wiin interest, which Is now die and payaue. The right of redemption of the above prerni-es' will I sold in one entire tract or in parcels asaboveat mays.uit iin-nasers ai tne lime oi sale. The said Lands will be sold subiectto thelesal ruht of the widow Mary Alexander to dower therein. JUti.N v, Executoror 23 w3 S. C. ALEXtHDia. ISOLATE ARRIVAL.) THE Subscribers are now opening their Fall and Winter Slock of GOODS. Woolen Cloths Irom four shillings to 810 per yard consisting of rnirlish, rrencb, Uclgium and Amen. in Broad Cloths : Heaver and Pilot Cloths. Plain and Fancy Cassi- meres, and Satinetts Silk Velvets, plain and figured Satin, Valentia and unu va-siiurre tor testings ; An extensive as-oriment of tailor's Trimmings: A few desiral le patterns of rich Velvet. Chanieliun Brocade nnd Chu..ans for Ladie's Dre-se-, Velvet and 'ilk Cravats, Ribbons, Dress Hdkfs, ShawL', Fringes and Gimp Trimmings ) Gentlemen's F.mcy Scarfs, 1 ies and Stocks, and uenis. i-ateni over Shoes, a neirorlictt. , ALSO Fresh suputy of Groceries of all kind-, all of which with numerous other articles we oiler to our friends and the pub ic at the lowest market prices. , , , KH.KW if- SPEAR. Church st., Nov. 1, 1343. 23-1 Pierce Standlsli's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT. ) T'HE Hon. I'lstiict of Chittenden, ss. ( X Pml nl- rnnrf the District of Chittenden, to all iieisnnsronivrn. etl in Ihe estate (if PIERCE STANDISH, late of ..uimiifcjiuii, in miiii uisirici, oet-ea-uj, iireeting. Whereas Rilssel? Urownson ndminislr.nni- nl'sni.l deccasl, pronocs to render a'n account of his mlmm. isiranon, and ptesent his account against said ctnte for examination arid allowance at a se.sion of the Court of Prol ale, lo I e holden at thi- Register's ollicc in Hurlmton, in anldis'nct on thesecona Wednesday ol Deceml er next. Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear before aid court at th time nml iiIuca arn.n..l .i . i. , - -uviL-aiu, unu ruciv ratip,if any yon have, why the account aforesaid siiiouiM not i u aiiowcti. Given under iny hanJat Uurlinglon, this 7th Jay of 23 w3 Wm. WESTON, Register. STATE OF VERMONT, I TMlKHon. the Prol at, 1'isirict oi Chittenden, a. X L'ourt within nnd lor thed.'strict of Chittenden, To the creditors and others concerned In the c.-tateol PIERCE STANDISH late of HtinMnginn, iu said district dtceared. WHEREA", the administrator ol szi l Jc.'cased.hath made application to this Cot'irl, lo extend the lime limned for nuking payment of the debts ol .aid de ceased, twelve months from this dale, nnd the 2d day of Deceml er next, leing assigned for a hearing in the prerni-es, at the Offii-e of the Regi-ter of thi. Court, and il having I een ordereil lhat notice thereof I e eiv en, by publi.diing lhi decree three weeks succe-sive-ly 'n the Bur'ingtnn Free Press, a new.paper prinieJ at llurlington, before the time fixed for heating. Therelore, you are hcre'-y notified, to appear 1 cforc said Conn, hi the lime and place nlore.nid, then and there, to make objection if any you haie, lo the Faid ttmeot pnvmenl leini further exipndel -,r,,r...0;.i Given under my hand at Burlington this 7 h day of Novemler, A. 0. 1813. 23 v m. WESTON, 7(girr, PARIS WHITE DINNER SETS. Avery spleii-hd article of Imperial Granite Ciina Dinner Ware, n full a.-sonment with Tea Ware to match, an entire new style and very hand some indeed, for sale cheap at Ihe Cns-kery itnre by Nov. 3. JOSEPH WAIT. NOTICE TO DEBTORS. ALL persons indebted to S. B. SCOTI' are here by nolilied to make immediate payment of their woun'saud note-to thesubscrilerand savetbem selves rn.t. N'v. 3. JOSEPH WAIT, Auignee. LOOKING GLASSES. JUST ree'd a hrst rate assortment, which will lie sold very low. UAGKIt it ARTHUH. Burlington, Nov. 2, 1843. ESTRA Y. BROKE into Ihe encloa'ireof ihe sub.cnberon th 23d of Octol er, two three year old teers, I ear ing the hlli wing natural marks, namely: one ol said sicers dark rel w-i'h a star in the forhcadj the omcr uarK riM wrn line oacK. ineownen. reqne.., ted to pr.ive properly pay charges and lake thema way JOHN A. PLACE." Hincs'ur h, Oct. 31, 1843. 22w3 BEE'S WAX, 1 00(TI IL1,e' Wanted immediately in ex a Ww chamc fir Goods, by Burlington, Oct. 19. 20tf WM. HURLBUT. David Rod's Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, ? rpHE Hon. the Dislrct of Chittenden, ss. ( J. Probate court for ihe Ditrici rf Chuienilen.toall persons concerned in me e-ta-e in UAtlK KL.AI-, late or liurlmgton, in said Di.lrict. ileceaseil. Grfatinr. WHEREAS, Lleazar Stuart, admim'sirafor of the r.siaie 01 said de.-ea,ed, proposes to render an account of, and pre-ent his accvunt against said estate forexamination and allowance at a session of Ihe Court 01 Probate. 10 1 holden at Burlington on the 2d Wednesday of Decemlier next. Therefore, you ni; here' v notified, to appear lefore said Court, at the lime and" place afore-aid, and shew cause, if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not be allowed. Given under niy hand at Burlington this 1st dayof ISI'V. A. II, 1013. , 22w3 CH'S. Rl'SSKLL, Judgt. LOOKING GLAJtsLN; A Good assortment of LOOKING GLASSES some very large and handsome, for site whole sale and Retail at uncommonly low prices at Ihe Crockery Store by JOSEPH WAIT. Nov 10th '43. 23 NEW FA8IIION8 AND NEW GOODS. M. ERASER, HAS just returned from New York with tha LATENT TASK IONS for Haia, Cips, Cloaks, and Dresses. i.y. Also, a splsndid assort rnenj of Velvets, Silks, Rib- uoiib, r lowers, L.SCSS, Edgings, Rouchea, Gloves, Mills, tie. de. Also, a good assortment of Muff's and Boas, all of which will be sold on the most reasonable terms Burlington, Oct. 1?, 1543, . 20w(3 Hcl.t Chittenden's 1, stale. STATE OF VERMONT, rpHF. Hon. the District of Chittenden, rs. S I Prolate Court 1 for Ihe District of Lhitl.n 'en : lo all per.ons con cernedin the.lV.ate of BhXA CHIITENDEN lale ol Shelburn, iff raid District, ileceaseil, Gseetino. Wiiebea.. Simeon W. Pavn. administrator of the estate ol said deceased, proposes lo render an account ol bis administration, and present nis account against saidestateor examination and allowance at a ses sion of the Court ol Probate, to be hi lden al tha office of the Register of said Court in Burlmgion in said District, ontbuiecond Wednesday of November. A. D. 1843. I iiERtrcBE. yo.i art nereny notified 10 appear I e- foresaid court at n sue and place aforesaid,. spl shew cause, if any you are. why, the account afore said should not he allowed. Qiven under my hand at Bm-liaitton. th's I7th dsv of October, . P. 1?43. ISJi o Jmv o I Ji-3 llir ritssrui, .iuii; Q-'NKW FliiiM.U THEsubscrilers having formed a copartnership in business, unler the firm of THAYER, STUART & CO., would respectfully say to the citizens ol Burllnspoa nnd vicinity, lhat if they will call at their CHAIR SHOP ON CHURCff St.; two doors south of the County Home, they van find the Beat Assortment of Chain ertr offtred in Ml market; and they are determined TO SELL AS LOW AS THE LOWEST. All kinds of Chair.', Settees, Settee-cradles, and Stools made to order. Old CI, airs repaired aad painted at short notice. Country Produce of all kind taken iu exchangt for chairs. FISHER THAYER. CHARLES H. SlUARTi JOHN G. DAGGETT. Burlington, Nay. 1, 1843. W A NT ED. 10,000 Feet Basswood l'lti.l a extlistt for Chairs 8t TO PHYSICIANS. New Chemicals and Sundry Articles l The Acids, chemical. HydriodateJ Liquor of Ar.-enic and Mercury. Leechc, Healihy SpanLsb and Sweedish, Lupulin, Magne-ian Fluid, Naphtha Wood, Nitrate of Silver,chemiai Oil of Tol-acco, PuJrin, olc Sta. dto. Ammoniacat reparations, Bromine, Cyanuret. of P,ot(ss!um, Chlorate of Potassa, Elaterium, Ergot rresh, fulv. Ethereal Preparations, hxtract ol opium, Extract ol Rhatany, Hair.Mitteasor Elestrifiers 21 At PECK k SPEAR'S. Now Gentlemen is the time to buy your Water-proof black ing ! ALSO, PASTE AND VARNISH BLACKINGS' BLACK, BLUE, RED AND INDKLIULE INKS, WAFERS, WAXES &c. &c. 23 PECK & SPEAR. MISS C. RANNEYi WOULD respectfully inform the Ladies cf Burlington, that sue nas just returned irom Waw York, with a choice and full sup ply of GOODS usually kept in her! tine. Among which may I found a choice article of Silk Velvets Camelcon Corded do do Satin Velvet Colored Satin. Coulisse Satin, Blue Black Satin; Green Watered Coulisse Silk Chine Cameleon Silk, . A good variety of Cap and other Ribbon's; Double Striped SatiVRibbon, Superior Omler Satin do Chine, fisured and Oml-er Cameleon da Diil'erent style of Laces for Caps, Border ingand Piece Lave, Russia, for Borders, Gimps, Gloves, Mils, Bags, &e. &c. New patterns for Dresses and Cloaks which' will Ls made to oider. Bonnets nnd t'a'ps realy made. B irlington, Oct. 20, 1843. " ii A fOPY OF THE DEMOCRATIC REVIEW ffom1 July last, for sale bv 27th Oct. V. HARRINGTON. TO THE CONCERNED OR THE UN CONCERNED. ,, Ih yon want to furni-h your children with ITo'oks, Paper. Quillf,lnk,Slaie,if-c. for the winter schools vou can do so at V. HARRINGTON'S and pay M Paper Rags or cash. Burlington, Oct. 26, 1873. 2lwl rpiIR WIFE OF I,EON and other poem.. iy iwu sisiers 01 ine wet, iur snie i,y Oct. 27. 21 V. HARRINGTON. BORROW'SiniULt: & GIPSIES in Srais forssleby V. HARRINGTON. For an interesting account of the author, the refder ts refered to an article on the first page. Bela Chittenden's Fstafte. STATE OF VERMONT, WxfmnF.ASv District of Chitiemlen, s. V Pro! a'e Co Vrf held at Burlinitmi. in said District, on the 18ih day of October, 1813, Timothy Peiers and Eliza Y. Peters, wile o' said Timothy, filed in said conn their appli cation in writing, swing that ihe .aid Eliza is on ol the heirs to the Estate ol Bella Chittenden, late of Sb'elbufn, in said district icea-eJ intestate, that said Timothy and Eliza, in right of .aid Eliza, together withothei', hold said E.taie jointly, and are desirous of holding the same in severalty : and praying aaid court to order a division ol said Estate among ,lh heirs and person" lesally entitled thereto, and that commissioners le appoin'el for that purpose. Therefore the Court aforesaid doth appoint and a.sign th; 3d Welne day in November, 131 1, at' tha' office of the Register of said Court, in Rurlinctori, in' said district, nl 0-' lock a. m., lor hearing and de ciding in the premises, and do'h hereby order thai all persons intere-ted in said e.tate, or their scents or attorneys, if living wilhin this siaie, le notified 10 a'p-" pear before said court at the time and place sforeai'J to make objections to said division if they tee cause, by publication cl the substance of ssid application togeiherwiih this or "er, in iheFre Press,-printed at Burlington, in said district, three week sufcrisively previous tothetime of hearine. , Dated at Burlington, in the d'.trict of Chittenden) alore.nid, this 8'h day of Ototer.-A. D. 1843. lu3 CHARLES RUSSELL, Jtidgi. - JoiiiH. Calkin's Eatatr.' STATE OT VERMONT, I rpiIE Prtbate .Cfiuri District of Chittenden, s. X for the District, ef Chittenden : To all persons r ncerned in the esta'e of JOHN B. CALKIN'S late of Hinesbnrgh, in sahl UistrtctdeceaeJ,inie.tat, GatErixe. WneatAs, Jerusha Calkin's, and Ni ah EdtfinV; administrators nl ihe estate of ssiil dere-ed, pmpo lo remler an account ofiheir admiftistratiop', and; pre sent their aeennnt against said e.tate for examination' and allowance ai a session of the Court of Proba'e.-If' he holden ft the Cilice rf ihe Rci.ter or sak) Court in Oiirlinglon, on the second Wednesday of Noviil-' ber X. D. 1813. .... TuxxrroRE, You are hereby notifieJ to appear bs fore said court at the lime and place afomavl, ami thew cause, if any you have, why the account Hrre. Hiu should not he alowl. . , Oivan under my hani at Burlington this I3th day of October, A. D., 181 . wS . . . QHARLES RUSSELL, jjjg ,- "LUMBEK YARD. FOR tale by the subscribers at their Tird n furl Ctreet, COMMON BOARDS, ' bATH. FLOOR BOARDS, rudy plaoad, CLAPBOARDS, . CLEAR HOARD", Also. 3,000 CEDAR POSTS, white & red. HICKOK .f- STEVENS. Burlington, 50th September, 1843. I6w3 WANTED, PUNCHEONS of GOOD CIDER, by Oct. G, 1843. I3v3 C. I,. NELSON. 50 I'.MAS LV.MAM HAVING received a largp assortment of Fail ami Winter Goods, -among which are a'grsal vs-' riety of roh goods for Ladi'-s' winter dresses and cloaks i Chuan and Mnuseline de Laines, high rot o .rs and rich t also, mourning and half mourning do. : also, beoulifil mourning Ginghams ; a large asori-' inent of Calicos, superiorijuality and finish t Alpae ca, silk warp, cotton do.) a great varisty of Shawls i an andless variety of Gloves and Hosiery; India' Rubier Mitts, anew article, very superjor, not havV ing time to enumerate for ap advertisement Ibis weckv invites Ladies and Gentlemen tn call arid riamiiTJ the goo.l which will be shown with pleasure; Cotton Yarn, also for thread very 'heap, Cart srp, -vi-sl inr.Vatijn?, 'va'Min'r (k. Purl ii-j(n " -a A T 4

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