Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 17, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 17, 1844 Page 2
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TV ' j?frA . ,, cms ,1,. (.e.wr..n four nnd five o'cloeU, tno'tns. j and J'?pl tt. -lrc n nm!;cr of 1m!, faind,. hours, llio shots vvcic finpicnt Irom tin1 houses 111 I" FUR I'ltKSini'.NT, HENRY ( L ,lV Y , o;.' Ki:xTirnY. von 'c: i'i;i:smi:x r. or .i:u'.ii:;si:y. SHOCKING & DISGRACEFUL RIOTS ix iihi,aii:i,i'iiia. Conflicts Imvc lecenlly occured between tlic Native Aitiiiicnns mill the Irisli in Phil niloliihi.i. lint have resulted in tliu destruc tion of ;i Lugo iiniDinit of property and of many lives. Tho oiigin of litem is llnis du ncribod : On iMondiy nftcrnnor, Miy fl, tlic Native Americans assembled nt Kensington, on Ibo pernor of Master ntul second slreots. UeTorc the meeting Iml f.n rly completed its nrnnnui-' lion a dorm aro-o, vv liii'li iiidticril tlic asscm blago to adjourn to the Washington .Market House, near at li 01J. Vhcn tin; ill nl -poakcr, (Lewis ('. Luvm, IMitor of tlio Sim) commenced Ins address, a iimii standing at tlio outside the crowd was hoard to Fay to another standing next to linn, (ln'tli of wlmni aio represented to lie as being I rishuie-n ) "Now lot's miiko a none, so that h'i won't ho ho ml." They forth with created a nmso, and wore remonstrated with by some of the bvc.statuh'rs, who requested tliein to lot the proceedings nf tho inooiiurr go on in pence. 7'opy would not co.iso their claim r, slid wi re ge. orally compelled to do so, in riweiitiniiro of te'ceiving a severe flogging;. 7'nis tight enn-ed a little o.c.ilenionl, which was raised to no inten.-e dcrioe, in ennsotpmnce of several shots being hied from the upper window of the Ilibornia ho-x- house, in (,.id.i. walador slreot, fronting tlio market house. llv this vnllev several wounds were inll ctod nnd the Nttivn Americans gathered at thp meeting, becoming highly exasperated, and tlio Irishmen bavin gathnted into a tnnb, they undo nn attack upon them. A number of shots w ore fired Irom the crowd of Irishmen, hut thev weie fnnlly compelled to fl 'C. The Native Aioori ran pursued them, and sov.aial nl fie fugitives, finding themselves holly pros-oil, dirtod into houses and up n! oys, in ord r to escape. Sev eral of the houses into which they wore seen lo enter were attacked, hiiiI llie th u s and win dows of sevpril were hi'tored will st'uio--. Finally, the Irishmen rallied, and h. 'at oil' the Native Americans and there the coulo.-t ended lor the time. Tiiis contest rcsiillpd in the death of three or four individuals, and the wounding of many nvirc. Some Irish women ongiged in the nflray. Miiny of the women who were not engaged with weapons inched the men to vigorous action pointing out where they could operate with more ofTjc.', cl drill;: them on and ralyiim thorn to a renewal of the cnnfl ct w hen over their spirits fell or they were compelled In retreat. lJurinir the night an attack was nude upon a Catholic. Samimry, co-oer of Second and I'liee nix streets ; but was defeated by volhes of ball nnd b id; shot from the, hv which FOieral were killed and wounded. A body of armed Irishmen protected St. Michael's Church. It is pain lul beyond measure to record, ns wo do, this mottling, a continuation and ng prnvutioii oflhe bloody tiotsin our .sister city. The follow ing iiccoiint from the U. S. (i.i siette. cives tho mol.incliolv dotaiU in ns con nected a lorin ns wo have found them in any of the I'liiladtdplii i papers, a ml 1 1 ic ntu of si exciting ;i chaiacter, th it we yivu them at full length. Cum: JjIIij. Wvh'ivc latclv, if ever, sen our cilv inoro cxriicd linn it wa -! Til ly, 111 cou-cq anrc of I lie outrn' s coinnultcJ 10 Iviiivuitrn on liiu il iy puiiou-.; anil nt ail cailv h'Jur, llriT !i r C5 -iiaral Cadw.ilhihr is sued nrilt'r to Im llruaje (ilul of ths viiy jiropot) to pii.i l.: in 111'; nlli'iii'ion. Ala.iim hih', n inc, Imj (hcl 1 I y resolve nf one that w is lielil III the i in'iiy I hi; nn llm lujhl iu' vious was enlli d iti ih-- Suttu lloiisv '.ird, lur 3 u' rlnck, 1'. M. l'o'Vi'i'.H M ih'i:li, a "r.:it iiinntuT of person bore ihri ujli thi Mr, vis the AuiTie-iu fli wcilrrn Mcniity. .Mil Mere sern lyiiii upon tlic roofi ofn row ofhou-es frontina tin) inaiket, and in c.u-ry place ofconriMlnieiit near ibo rune place, oth ers were m ea:oinlly dicovi ii 'l. I We (jive beluw tho list of tho lulled and wounded, so far as wc coulil ascertain 1 Admit live .,'clnelt inntlii r nttnrK wns undo upon the hose li.nte, nnd a lire new lull found in il was brought mil into the open qinreand "li'itieied to pieces Hlnn llv fifu r this n fnine ilw.-llnnt house next to the lime hmicwaa llred, and from Ilia! tuna up to inueo'eliiik in the euiuii!.'. the lliiin s eiiiitinu ed lo fpreil wiihmtt la nnlil littiily nine imv were cnn lined, the j.-rean r pnrlnf them beina upon Cidwalidi r street, and four upon die slteel f.iciiitbe market house ieT r.nijlit fire, and at nine o'clock by in a le ap of ruin. .l i n'ltiiil, the l'ii t HrL'-ide and two companies of third llnuade, i-aiin; on the smtnid, under the com- ,,niw nfil, .,..r!i I'.i, nlm , r. lint fiirtni il o I ,iia"H'r streit. fieinu' notth. I'aiinou weie lniioned so as to nuiteon the street Poiiiiiil' the 111 11 Hit, aim on .was ter streel wetwsird. A di'taelmietit of two cotiinv nies under comiinod or Col, .ml Murray, marched to tlio north rail of the uiailo t, tand formed a cordon .iero the slreet. The military bad previously been formed in b!(e ninin-r on M Hti r trei t. The KlienlVilii'ii ih-i'ic liu.l a number of hi Conla 1ml try f'reo (whiillhad pneeded tho milita'v on Iheir nnreh up.) and proceeded to examine till the hoti'cs from which "hots bad bun fircii j 10 one or them a mm nitiied -Tohti Holmes, wa fnittid, and in llie aine room in wine h be was w as a rille. heavily loided. lie was brought out and cousigue I to the nr it.n Miilttftr,- In the nieanliiiie ttoueral Cadwalladrr made n brief address to the jireat crowd nsiinlilcil hclinv einsier street, uri;iiiL' them to preserve pe ice, and to acl m co operation with the military. I be whole aft or ritnl in the hau ls of ibo law. nil I he w as bound to see that .1.. ...Mln,.ini,i "ib Cnllv itnile. lie mule no ihstm lion '.new neiihir friend nor f.. ,' il.., mnllnr nn.l U'ls llclerillllteil It I laXinlf to son ibe mni'lv of the law Miidieiled. This brii ( I iro. nr l,'i,., wMi ivc h irdlv eiicn thesii' sialiee, nonp.l'in meet the et nera nnorb ili in, and ilniini? ' - . : . . .il ., the entire cpntnir Ihe erovvil ol pi rsons ciucuu-o cciii"il iliiposcl tn let Ihe mailer rest in mo inn n m the civil nod miliiary force. At Ifilf-pulcialil. members of the rarroll IIoel,o. coinuieneeil to throw wnKr upon the hnrnini; dwe I Pius nni1 sueeeeiuu in sionuui' me in lire nor III want. A! tnueoeioiii inn i.niit,i o,,,., r,'i"ine arrived on the eroimd. under escort of a il, tarivnent of lliel.afivle t.i-hl Cnards nnd i'iioi"dl aielv went into scniee. Tho Asliatice I.ncioc hortlv afterward went into s mmcc, alo under nil pi cort o'l nii'itnrv, and slmrllv nflerwards nearly tho whole I'ire j)enrtiucni were up in the oiouml. Toe fire wns then slaved, bin not nnlil mist nuiounl f property wasdetroed The niehueholv result of the few hours ititrins wdneh the n intol ln-tw, en Ibo Irishmen and N nive AiiKtienii" lancd i bridly told in the following list ol kilUd and wounded. uittr.n Jilin Shteevcs, painter, shot tlironch the head died instiinllv. i:,.,,rr?n s-iipit. rrtin linker. .Southwntk ball en tered ii's reck, nnd passed through utio of Ins luuss mid the heart. iHiuia ftiehle, stone eitt'cr, .Soulhwnik bul'et en tered Ins rtiiltt teni' le, and pas--ed oul at llic crown of Ibe bend, tt-nriim tifi'.i portim of the sca'p. West lev .1. Itheindolhr, sh leninker ball rnteied his back ill theriidit sh' u'd, r, travels 'd his body dii- ,Tr,nnl!i-. nod Irisa, t mil nt ill!1 b ft bienM. " Wilhun I'.. Ililhinn ball cntin d nt Ins right slioid- ' ' Joseph Iliee, I u'let entered hia licnd, and lolled him in'niilv. Mr Ihee not ensaied in the afli iy, but 1ml I, II b'.s house for n moio 'lit, and was lojliing our ibo fence when the hall stiuek him wire fin il and burin d lo Ihcutound, llio uiiiiatcsscat' tered, nod the eonlet Is destroyed. leiinonie, nn immense eiuwu una paiuerio in nie vicinity of rt. Michael's Church, .Hid nhoul '2 o'clock C.ipt. I''nitlinihdrinanded the keys of iheeddicefroui il,.. Mr I.oehrin. the nistnr. who iimnedi.ilrlv ino ibeni up, nnd w'llh limn, tho keys of hi-own 1 re deuce, nilji inni!.' liie rhiireh. ('apt. I'anlaiuh in- Biitutul a tioni scnrcii tjirouuii mo premises, ami louno lii itberatiiis nor liicu coiue.iliil, cilher in tlio iliutcli ur in the luiiise. .Shortly after this Ibrec youin; men walked tbroiiab the detachment of tnibl it y into the eliureb, the ftont iloorol wh'nlihid hien left unloikid. Ono of them in a few minute afterwards threw out of a window a pi rtion nf the drapery of the nliir. They -non cainu oul into the street and w.dki d ,ill'w ithnut obstruction. The dunes soon burst out mid snrci I unchecked un til nf Hie nob'd (dile e liotliiuii teiu.nueil but the bare wall. Dunns tlio eonllaiMtilion. thlec ditmc.l ex plosion wate heald, anil this serwil glenlly to e.xu" i,r'ili, llii, crowil. Tliedwei im; house of lln l'nstnr ndjoinintr, was brokrn into liy Ihe mob, the furniture thrown into Ine street, ami me ouiiuui!: iibcii iircu. in u miun lime it was reduced to rums. llrsl ruction nt '. lHL'iine' Chttrrh. Purine it,c I nt.T oart ot vester lav aftertnon. crnwils to ns-pinh'p in the Uciimv of Ihe Cull ilic Church of St. AiiL'Mstiuo, on l uiiilu street, lictween H.icuaiiu Vf!t,i clip, la. ,Mnnr Kentt look early pn rauliunary measures, and lonir hrfore dark ha a 1'iri'i; iosu of citizens draught- p,l will, which he took nnition al tlio tear of tho church, wln'e the City Watch, haling their badges on, formed in a line upon tho cutbslonu before the front on I'mirth stlecl. Matters reni'iined ipuet tinlil nbout lnlfptist nine o'clock, when every ntenuo ihcreabouts was Tilled by .l,.nn nnsscs nf licilllle. About that time, a snlilarv brick was Ihtng in tlio direction of tlieCily Wntchnven, and siruek with a loud nml distinct (lor nil men was ipnei,) .mams! it, n iron rmlinirat I In ir rc nr. This was lollownl Iva lind chicr from the crowd opposite the chinch in .New street and ill an iiisnul nfor, a tremendous shower ofbruUs stone-, and inisilcs nl every nvnili t In ilrs.-riioioii. wns directed aennsl the church, seat terms tho Watch mid other b) sunders m every di r!li,,t, . A' o it the same time, a similar aitnck was undo upon the tear. One of tlio stones in the lirl volley sirm It and slunned Mavor Seolt. nnd ibis snn ad con- sicnriiion am iiil' ihot' bavui'' ihe iiroieclioii of llio rcir. Hei Ic, the inn'iles appeared lo ho thrown not only from etciy conceivable bill from unconceivable n utters. Tlioii'di no in rsiins wire lo bo seen upon the niljaci nt tools, the missiles evidently descended upon the. llayot .Hiorces. As sunn ns ibewaleh in front had been driven off I in mob went to work n'lito coo v ami svtcuntical lv. One of the iron eates was first broken down, am thus the nlalform (about live feet InuM itnnn which the building stands, having In en rcuhed, a sort of buiermg-rniii was procured, Willi which sieadvani detrrmined blows weio inflicted upon the northern most door, hill il resistiugall dl irts, (which it did im til thcli-!l with clubs llieassailnuts becun lo deinol i'h llio s ishts of llio front win. lows, which nre low and in which hv ibis lime ihcre was not probably sin -ile pane of gluts. W hi the inoli were thus eneiiicd. there was an alarm of" the Troop " " the Troop " an I above all Hie clamor were presently heard llio nut sot a Minn trumpet, sounding the charge. 'I he First Cilv Troop I rohe bv almost at a gallop, causing Ihe crowds In llv j towards llice strei t, w hcie the eomp'inv wheeled ami i ri turned at a similar gait i nnd scvi rni passages, of i thi-i l-in I ware made, but with no tiled, for I Up mob ' followed the horsemen, whithersoever Ihey went, ul leiing lorn; nn I Ion I derisive clie-; while the pnlv imiueihati tv t ngascd in brenktug into the Chilli h did not for a inn n.-nt deist, I nt seemed to tedouhle tin ir ill'ois in anticipation of the arrival of more of the his exertions to prasurvo the peace nnd main tain tho l,i w, iiolwitb.-iiindin he was on horse haih the whole of tho night preceding-, and nl. most Ibo whole diy yosteahiy. I he hliorill was also active. MujorCicnoral Patterson was upon the irrntmd durino; tho nflcrnoon, and took an active put inthe proceedings. IJiirmjrllio lnuut. Itoslilo iiemonsirauons were made against the ( Church of Hunt ehn, on Thirteon'h stteet, and aiauist b.u'tit Mary's Church, mi South Foiiith street. At the former, (ien.U.idwall.itl -r, at the head of his force, made a speech, itocl.irili!i thai lie i.atl boon informed tint mirtial law was pro- claimed, and allowmir the crowd live minutes lo onvo the "round. I he mob dispersed. At the latter, llio United Slates .Marines en filaded the street, an I wore brought by the com manding' nthcor to a churirr. I lie mob dispersed. There were no persons hilled yestenlay, and ml one wounded. This one, James l,"iinov, vns struck on the forohoatl by a hriclt bat, hut the wound indicted was not dangerous. Air. Augustus U. I'eale, whose arm was frac tured by a bullet on Tued iy arternoon, was obliged to undergo the operation of amputating the nieiiihur, tlm wound being considered very ilangerou". We have not heard of the doalli of any nf those who were wounded ou Monday and Tucs- I.iv. did when tho duties approximated the nearest to tho miini rntis ofdutv to twenty five per c nl. ad vah Itnc trade, standard t nnd he uclieu gcnucniin, in inu rem, liflcid olllurtv percent. Tin amentum m wm whole list of luiptirlcd articles of foreign nniuiiacture lo name mm thai is not lower now tlriu m lfl'J. Hero Mr l)clcrwihid tonsk nqneslioit, Whether there had not been a very maletial dechno vvilliin that period in the foreinn price of Iheso articles 1 .Mr Stevens replied, tb il it vvas so) for that (very reason ho w is for adhering to tho present Tanll t by that we bad fostered domes! c coinpeliuu nnd furcul llio foreign iinnulaelurer lo mitigato bis cxaciions, and bo would ndhcro to that policy to prevent his agnin raising hi prices upon usal Ins Icisuie. lie would illustrate this by nn example winch vvas famil iar lo many nf Ins .Soiilhel u fieo Itnde ftlends. Tlio enterprise of the people of Ihe North had induced tbeni to expert In Clint I stop, S. ('., which Ihey soldnt two cuiHn poind, K, mio of Hs eili.cus finding that it vvas a prnlilahle I iisiuess lo these " foieigni rs," or ganized themelves into a company for creating a do mestic supply or the article; in tins theyvvtruso successful ns lo furnish their ice al one cent tier pound. Whereupon the producers of the fun iju article propo siti to reduce ihur price in one half of n cent. Hut the domestic imniil icturers nppenled to the patriot ism nnd good senso of the eitizt ns of Chnrliton to ptotccl ll.em in tin ir entcrpri7o, ns-iiting ihem that tho object of these " fnrcignirs" was to break down the domestic eoiupetiticm t whiih, having illeclul, they vvtild re-exacl the old price nftwo cents. This was to apparent that tho curens patriotically I h0 having been formerly a member of llio Ala anu w'isi iy comniniu to sustain tuu prinnicir. no n.unn Im' s atlirc be coucurrid in by the House, tiKAiit op sin, nniNur.miorr. Mr l'otti r, nf ()., nnnouneed the death of the lion. H. Ilimkerholl, Ins late cnllcngue Mr II wns about to leave home fir Washington to take his seal who u hovvas nllacked bv the disoulcr which terminated in his death on the SOtli of April. 'Ibo usual resolutions vvcro adopted and llm House ntlj'jurned, Waiiiinoton, May 10. In the Senate, but little business has boon transacted, as thai hotly wont into Ilxecutivn session al an unusually early lioiir-ahout 1 P. M. Konio few memorials and petitions wore pre sented, in favor of and against the iinnoxiitioi'. of Texas. The President, yiro toil; laid before the Sen. ate n memorial fioina .Mr Sweetwater, lie re- presents that ho finds himself a rpsitletit of - country a honor, the consorvntor of lis pros- ''V'Vl','-'" '"V"!'!"'" 'Irit lie was a citizen ' ,., Jty," nml tho protector or Iter glorious in tif the U. iS. residing in the Slate of Arkansas. i .. .. , . ! Ho Ins negroes and ho desires to bring Ihem 5lll""ons- t'luogtnni, irom nny i back inlo the United Stales. source, tint lenst of nil from us could ndil Air lugiiy vvas acquainted wit i me pcnnoner, slru tr) )s rpr,iitotion. Ho lives in tlm hearts of Ids countrymen. His country will mice. On nil of en .iohs of public cmtTiritn cy, nt every peiiotl of iiiipcnding tl.ingpr, llttxttv hai been looked to as llio man lo breast ibo slorni llio protecting guardian of tlio nuiion's prosperity nml honor. Never ditl a nisis ariso nppealing lo bis love of country, to bis matchless stiilusuinnsbip, but Ito lias met it promptly, fenrlcssly, without consulting bis own pnpul triiy, ot for n ino tiient nit'iirim; as to personal conspqnoncos. Suflicieiit lias it ever been lo him to bclievo that it wns vit!tl tint it would benefit his country. This is ibo man whom llio peoplti have produiiiied tn tlio ibampion of tho would mi mi in another instance in bis ow n State. , .. : ... - i I.., l..l ,1. : r .t. .11, IIIIJioi I ill, riiiiiv inn- in uiu ixiii, jhii; wi in,: , . . . . . . ... . . mill, wa in the hatut ol charging twelve ami a mil ""''w" oop'--n aim win u'ui "" Mr Sevier of Arkansas knew of several such ... II :.. .1 rnlnr.Ul l,n Itll ltirV. .il -llin'W 11 lilllil, -ill ' ,,ii nini.1, "to ... . , , . . . . , , . , , of his cars, died msta.iilv. , In an inured, !,ly bnef prno I, the nbstiticlion ole'red woi'.Nnr.n. ' ''V the sa-h was itiuoved- Ibe gis htdit near by i.- Ilmrv Hess lbmch, tnie'rn'-keepcr, ball passed linguidied and tire eomeyed iuln ibe lower centre tb omdi'tbe Ib'sliy pan ofibi' Innd. I window. I he luc was limb ubtedly kindled bj Inci- .1 inies Whilnkei. ball entered bis right thigh nnd f-r ma'cln s a we were close sp, claims, and certain- snhnlind lite bone. ! 'V lire was earn it openly winun. fl,nrt..s On . khiit wiib a s hit ill lie head, tho su- A soon ns tne ii.'UI , i, 1 1 ilT I, '4 ekllll IS flMCllirrd (ieorge Voting, built i entfitd hi left breast and passed out alius hick, lie is probably dead the wound is f'liil. Align ins 1'ede, bid'et entered Ins lift arm nliove ihocihow, and badlv fiaelnnd it. Tlic ball vvas ah flneteil.anl vvas p'rfeetlv 11 it. Wtigbt J. Arih-, sbipciipcnicr, shot through the hip. tlnngeroiidy wounded. , .lollll l.'islier, leillet entereil 111 li ll nrcasi, iiiinei liiff a moial wound. Me is prol, ibiy dtad. I. i!in r.iggari. snot in ino lotene-io, no , o , .,, .- ten, wound-nml injittcs monai. dead. wi spen ntuncrous persons cumloved ibetnsidves in luineing sunll teee'S of b nr,s and otli t II 'lit slulF w Inch were eober thrown upon the tire, or bandi d to those inide. Tip' ll inn s i jj,, appeared to m pie slow iirogrcss, t,,r the light was not seen in the second stoiv al nil, (iln vvas owing, we belie.'e, to the windows having sbutiers inside,) but nn n sudden they bur-t lorlli from the loof, nnd nl titnM iintnednlf tv enveloped ihe b ie nf ibe cupola. The sight ivislndel i,y a Inu I cluer. The beam fill cupola of the Church did not hum Willi the rapidity which might have been suppiscd. This was owing to Ihe cornice nf the bise proj"eling llo is priibildy si fir as for n lime to shield tho columns which sup- puncii iiiuo mi,- no i , i is. On Thursday morning, martial law having been proclaimed, and the military being in pos session of the city, every thing vvas quiet. when more linn five persons were seen togeth er they were dispersed. FROM WASHINGTON. Washington, May G. Tun nnnvcit or rnivn.r.oi:. After in v 3 o'clock letter vvas closed, llio House pro ceeded to discuss ihe sabject of the report on the late row in ine i inue. Mi I'elit, oflnili.inn, nhjivml to the report, because il dul not impose nny puindnucnt nn tho dc!ino.ticiu members nnd becaiiseit vvas p-irlieuhrlv bnrsh to the individual who wnsnot a member .til Monre. Mr While, of Ky., moved to refer tlio whole ensu back to llio committee with directions to report also upon the caso of soma pt rsomblies tint occnried in debate on tho Hoir, the oilier day, between MrCavc Johnson nnd a member from S.C Mr Cave Johnson opposed the motion nt length, and pointed out the ililli rence between tho two cases. He illuded tolhi'tretpicntoccurrcnceofcascsol open vio lence on i he floor. Mr NVhilt defied llio rjcntleman tonointoiit anv tie- narlurc ftoni t uler by himself at any time pt tor to the hte occurrence. Mr Johns in said tint between himself nnd the members from S. C. alluded to, (.Mr Holmes,) there had existed the iilmosl Itieiidlmcss, but 11 uelore and alter the necuricnco. Mr Wbiir, nl another singe of tho proceeding, moveil tint tlic report he recnmniilted, with instruc tions tint 'I bo sri nmeutli'il ns to sta'o that when bo (Mr Wlnti.) used the words "i i'. o damned ic" he did so m a if 'iiic'. nnd Icnniug lorwnrtl so ns tn bo heard onlybv I lie ineuiber I'totii New Voik to whom IheV vvre iddressed. .Mr Halo idl'.'red a resolution tint so much of ihe report ns bad not been nclel up"it, be reeoinmitted wilh Instructions to report that, in view of the ftcts tl t1 ired bv the couiiiiiitee, it appears that John While and Coorge It itbhitu did Iglit, willingly, on the ll mr, and, in s,, domi', h tvo vtola'ed order, and been guilty of an nllVnv, nn i d, serve the censure of the House. And Ihnt lh" lion. John White, nf ICeti'uckv. for a Idrcsuu nll-'tt-ive language to a member of the 1 Ioue. deserved the eclisiue of lb'' House. The lit st branch be had till' re I nl the suggestion of a gentlemnn from Condi ; and the second in accor dance with his own judgment. Mr. Hal-' -tod the lloise presume 1 a singular spec tide. The he bad been given here in full session by one inetnlier to n not tier - Mows had rollowe 1 net ween an uidiv i.lual had fifed a pistol and commuted cent.iEi mile for cirrvinL'"inss"tigers. This vvas coll sidercd onerous by the travelling public, nnd tin op position lino vvas gotten up on n tivnl route, between the same termini, which charged but ten ccnt. Upon which, the old line, lindi a its receipts were diminish ing by trnvel being directed from it, reduced Ms charge to live cents, obviouslv with tho intent to breakdown tho rival establishment which wns called tho " peo ple's line." Tho "people's lino" appealed to the com munity to sustain tliein m outer to guaru against mo renewal of tho exnelion of Iboold lino cnnet'ient up on their bring driven from their competition, nnd they were patriotically sustained, now, sain -ur lie belong lo the "people's line," and we nro resolved to preserve low prices by fostering tlomclic cninpclilon. i ne anoic is ntu a t nei sieetcu oi fouio oi utu nu merous topics of which ho treated in a very cfi'cclivo manner. Tlio Senate passed a bill supplementary to the net to regulate the Navy of ibo United t-lntes. The lull renenls the nrovisions of tlio present law which al- lows lo officers temporarily performing the duties of lb, ise ol higher grades, llic pny ptnper to thai grade. Il nisi provides that whenever nnv ship or vessel of the L illicit Slate, shall ue Inst nv snipwrccK oroincr wise', except hv capture, nllownnco shall he marbi to lite olliccrs nod crew nf such ship, for loss sustained bv them, according to such scale nnd under such reg ulations n shnll bo established by tho Navy Depart ment, 1'iotidcd, Thai the extra allowance to such m hv'nlunl, in llio respective grades, shall not exceed tight hundred dollars to a captain, six hundred ton iMiiitnniider. five hundred lo a lieutenant couiniand- inn. thien hundred nnd fiftv dollars to a lieutenant, surgeon, nssisinnt surgeon, purser, captain or lieuten ant of marines, chnnlnin. professor of mathematics. secretary lo commander of sqmdron, or sailing-mas ter! 200 dolhrs to passed midshipmen, masters mile, units unman or c crl; : ono liunorrtl dollars in a non- swain, gunner, sailmal-er, or carpenter! sixty tlolhrs to nny petty ollici'r, sertieant or copornl of marines. (illy dollars to a seaman or marine, nnu ivvcniy uoi l.trs In n hoe. Mr Itigby" addressed tho Senate in opposition to a protective Inni!' In r.vccutive Session, the propriety of di-cnsing the Treaty or Annexation with open doors was con siilered, but wilhuut any definite result. Tavlor. butcher. South walk, struck by a .The I line probably i reached the rool as soon ns Iiiuen iuj'ircd. accompanied bv a placard beniing m so up lo ten o'cl jc'.. last night i ho cannot, lirgo letters tb'.1 follow i ig: ' Tin Is the ll ig that was Mirvive. pent li.ill in the eve, wnunil d iiiL'eious. I J noes Itrnwn.bro' en leg, occ.uioned by running against nn awning post. A nnu whoc iiiineisiinknjtvn, hid tlio patella or cap of bis knee dislocated. Wishmg-nn Ilivhciger, Indly wounded. John F.igiu.ball cnlerod at his sluulder and pass ed mil nt his back. Two b iy were uoumle I more or lrs um"crousiy. Mn'iilan I was d mgiMii-lv vvomubd bv a sh it fired I yjohn T.icnrl. ,1 nctrio siimig in the tn ir kil house, piiup.'dnli ly fin'tl nt Tn.-gert, nnd seviral -b-itstnrk luniiii llief irelteid i Tnggrrt then nn in M n hnuso Inu a iitiud er of tho Native Atnciic.ius ni-bed in nn I nn le him n prisoner. I In win con duett d down lo Aldeuinn I! illenu's olhre who upi n the o'lih of one id the spectnnr eomuiittcl him to ihe MovameiiHUi'pus in. Ileb-n the ofliee m clnrgo of the two nllieers. and a number of cmzuis but when near Heaver stroi I, the trow d took him vblcnt ly tmt or ibo hinds of his conJneinrs, lied a rope no md bis tuck and dragged him s,.me distance along the street. , His e-aptor then passed ihe lope over the end of nn iwmiig post, nnd pnlUd h, in up for the purpose nf IpuiidiU' hiui, hut the I cam broke nnd he b II In the eirib, he was iIiph dragged for some distant c nnd llinlly left Ivmg in ihe Mrcel to nil appe nances dead. He vvas. Iiowelel. Illive vvutuini,iu up -nm n'liriiino heiwevci, trampled on by lhcliih l',iptt I till Iln; wor.H nre i xaet I Al 3 o'clo'.'k, die me imia the , Slate Mouse VarJ vi .is very I trg". tin I ns Ih c d rouinined the nhh tiou th it llniao who ci ii" s'i ml I he ' picpiud for tle fencc,' soiiiti nppeai i d vvnh ilea llv vvtipius. The Mayor, who ivaswilktig lotind ibe vird. rj liellv rWidreK ihe persons wit en he saw- mined. UiumiI Ihe pers ins ibus arrested hid a gun, and another a double-b-irriled inl. We believe that Mr. J. 11 N"wb ,'d was called up on to preside. Auiiugtno saeikirs, were (ijueral Smith nnd Col. C. J Jick. TnellnvMr IVrry nll'et rd the following lesnUitiuns, winch were read nnd ndnplcd liy nclniiiinon t Whereas a gnus and atro.'i ins ouliagc his been perpetrated in the l)iliiet of Kensington, by which a meeting of American cilren, assembled for the put- poe nf dehheralnig on tho all'itrs of o ir cotntry, w is (Wearouot sure ,s'. Abbot Lawrence, a young man, a nediew of Ah-I b use In 1 eoiil.iined. thev did bv tiu'ins nf lb" nnrin, which stood inline diait ly ovi r the burii'iig nnteiiils below. The cupola burnt for a long lime before any prirlion of it fell. I'd'ir after nilhr. stanc hi hi after stanchion fed, and Hid the strut lure stood cie, I t no mass of 11 line. Al I 'iigih Hie icm lell into llio s'leei. i uis rh died' r chei r. A f, w moments after, ill" fal ling in of ibe roif carried wilh it ihe I urning but ttill erect leunius oflhe cujiil'i. The be.ii wis miens , nnd the roofs, ,oor nnd win dow framts, and other wo id-work, of eviry budding near, wns either burning, blistering, or sending up wna'lisuf Fleaniy moisture. .Many of llin n.ljtecnt bouses weie on fire: but hv tho well-ilireeied elloils sf ihe firemen, who were eailv on ihe ground, we too hippy in staling lint none has sullaed union illy .other firtine ill" or Water. Not si, iiow-ever, w.lh tho houses on iheeisl si leof Crown street, norib of 'be Ciiureh. These were suf ferel lo e-peli fire fioin ihe ( 'lunch, and none of l ie engines threw w iter nnnn ihem, h cnuse Ihev wi re the proper lv of llieCh'itch. Onewnsoccupiid by the Itcvi rend Dr. Motility j the other vvas us;d as a sem inary and ns the library ol the Chinch. As if lb' fire which hid dt . Tinted ihciirp-r ics nf these bouses d,d not ile-eend ftsi enough, (ires weie kindled m the lower Unties bv means nl the hoiks (sine of which wero cecednglv vahnhle.) found in the le'inry. A fire was nl-o b lit on the pavement in fmnt, which wa- likewise fed by nume rous vidiim, s iifln.i' s.audbv the futuiture which the Wcpvr.sp vv. Miv 8 Mr Wellcr this morning moved that the rules i ! the House b" susptn le'd, to enable him lo submit n reso lution extending the time fur considering llio Tariff I'll!, to Friday noon. and noes were taken on the motion, and then1 weie lor suspending nnmnst it 77. Nol tWO-tltirtls. Mr Heinird then tillered a resolution declaring that nil il. bate on lb" Mill --liuulel cense ill committee, on IV,,!-,,- nevl nl ' 1. y. The Speaker declared the resolution to be out of order. Mr Ucrmrd appealed. Mr Cobb demanded tlic nrevio is question. .Mr C.ive Johnson moved lo liy tho resolution and nnnAfll .... il.n ,..I.Ta On llos motion the nves and noes Were ordered, and the tuition to hy upon the urI"l''"1 iilhernets of vnleneein the hall, nnd during the ses sion oflhe House ntul yet it wns proposed todo no thing nt nil. No vote ol eensino or eonileinnnlion was uMn nrrvniled. Aves 1 1 3 1 nivs CI be.uil. Was it limbing to the people nf this count! y j, jlelCav moved that llio llouso go inlo Commit tint the House hid been transform! tl into a bear-gir- ,,ril,n Whole. den! Wns it n .thing tint Il.nvu-khiv, s and pis'ols tr n.rmrtl tlennndcd Ihe aves and noes. The wcro mtroditceil tin this Hoir? It w is an outriL'C Speaker put the question upon calling I he ayes and upon lh diuui'V of the people. Wns no nonce to bo nne nn, 0 tlccided there weie not a sufficient mini taken of it I Was it all to leruiiniloiu the i.ll inquiry 1 (t.r ofgciiilemtn up. Tellers weio dennnded, and wheihcr the I'e wnsgivrn in n v hisper oruot ? Wlnt ,,, a roiint llie nyes nnel nivs vvcro ordered, nnd di I Ibe people enre whether it wis in n whisper or ' t,a nintion to go into coiiini'iUce vvas enrned. Ayes aloud? il wis the greatest insult if uttereil in a wins- j jo . mys .',9. per, and, a the gentleman s-iys, in as cool a manner i jjr n.'i, liin's look tlio clnir an I Mr Hurt who wn as ho spoke now. It showed thai it wns not tlone in ' ..n'mled to the llior, give way to Dl Duncan. The the heal of passion, IP r in ihe excitement of tlebite, pr r(1, n ., bullying and blustering nnnner nnd snid nnd dial il cl.u ned no ill hilgencefiom human finiKy. 1 it.,, when he wns Mount d in his icuntksnii n former He wished it to be s ttbd wbe'hcr Irnnsiclioiis of this ,1V I,,, the expiration of lb" hour, ho hid not been elo linn justice. Tito nomination of Mr, Frelinyliuysr n is an excellent one, and is received throughout tbo country with cordi il approbation. Ho is n true Wliio, ti tried Stntcstn in of known ability, a du voted Clnistian, nnd n patriot. So nobly has bo borne himself, as to be, lilto Cii'sar's wife, above suspicion. Party mad ness, in its most reckless course, lias never dared to iiss iil him, either in bis private or public capacity ; and tbo venders of vitupe ration, slander and libaldry fi.ive stood mute before ibo stioiless puiiiy of TIIIiODOUi: FIU:LING!1UVS:.N." In nn ago of de traction, no higher compliment could bo paid ;i public iii'tn. Anil now, let us one and all rally round the stand.iid of CLAY nnd FRELlNCi IIUYSKN, and triumphantly tbVtr where they may eflictenlly exercise the en nobling powers with which God lias endowed them, to bless tlic country and honor tbo family of linn. And in so dointr, let every man, whatever niny have been bis party bias, feel the proud assurance that the desti nies of the nation will be confided to tbo keeping; of men whose sole ambition will bo to rentier its people prosperous and happy. HARMONIOUS DEMOCRACY" These nro spicy times fur loco focoistn. Tbo Globe and Richmond Entptirer arc at lo'jtrerbpads, and the democratic members had been called to order, tho usual adjournment of Congress arc pulling forth manifestos and prevailed, and therefore no busmen whatever ,iuctir1 for . rr;,ii,st Van Huron, ns " ! I rn ti "ti ct cu '.Mr .M.-Kay being; entitled to tho II .or, when ' ''""'-J1' ,lle.V rcall' sti)posed it made somo tho Id I came up he yielded bus priority to .Mr iliHeruncu wht'thur ho or some other unlucky II irnard of N. V., w hfi nddrossed the Ilou.-u du-. wi t s,0, l,0 ,1. 0niiiieo of their np" rinj; Irs allotted hour in opposition to the bill. ,. . ,, ,,. , , .Mr liirnard tool; up ami reviewed the lull as ! proachm? convention. I bo Clobe rliarges a loventte measure, it having; been reported irom the Democratic members w it 1 1 tin intrigue to the (onimilteo as such, rend tug; lis claims to t (k,fi,.lt j,r v ,,( s.,vs ,,,. Mm ,rv sitpp nl, and basing-all the merits of liie . uc h iirelpnsitins on in e1e.-3e.-1vu me. i,uu m befnio the session rinsed, the whole of them would bo better settled, and that vvas by the ad mission of Texas into the Union. The memorial was referred to the Committee on the .In tliein rv. House or ItciT.nsr.s.TATivr.s. The Journal of yesterday having been read and approved, ftlr llauilin ol Alamo introduce! Ins colleague, Mr Shepard Carv, recently e'ocled from the Seventh District, who vvas qualified and took In- seat. 7'hc Speaker laid before the IIotiFo the lei lor of resignation of linn. DK011 II. hewi. The vacancy caused in consequence in the Commit tee of Ways and Means, vvas ordered to bo di ns were, also, those in the Committee on .Military All'iirs, occasioned hv the deaths of Messrs. Moore and lirinkcrhnirof Ohio. I'he Senate bills on the Speaker's desk wero read twice, and appropriately referred ; follow, big- which the Speaker hud before tho House several Fxecutive communications from the Treasury, War, Navy, and IW. Office Depart- tncnls. Ily mineral consent, reports of two or three private bills were made, which were read twice and referred. run iip.itisii tap.iff hill was taken nut of Coimuittpc on Wednesday last, after my report nf proceedings for that day had been mailed. No action vvas tanen upon the bill, or amendments, in the House, farther than to make it tho order of tliu day for Thursday, and thereafter daily until disposed of. Tins course was taken, at the request, if not on the motion, of Mr .McKay, Chairman of tho Commit leu of Ways and Means, who desired to address tho House upon the tnuritsof the hill. Hit, pre vious ill health hail prevented his ontr.ig-iiig; in the debate while the bill was before the Com mittee of tho Whole. In consequence of the announcement yoterday of the death of Mr llriukci null of Uhit',iinmeiliatc,v after the I louse Mr 11. argueil sirongly against the hill, and in , TIipso nonllemen in return denounce ibo favor.ifnp actoflSl'J. Ho ;r..ic.l. 111 nt .con. . 0ol " , ff o(- ,,cn .;,. elusive v, that the bill behire the 1 louse, shcmld I it becon'13 a law, would ho altogether inadequate , drawn their subscriptions, luchio who, to meet Ihe demands of (i lvorninont, and that I by tbu wav, has uh,inditi"d Yan Ilurc i, s'mro kind were lo be tolerate I here or nil. able, is be intended, tn display lo the committee ceT It wis well known lint the people nf Ins part of the ,, 1 ..,.,, uhieb be cbaraeleiisi d as Win: counlrv, (iw Findim!) di I not n cognize the rules jr Hirdcu sml be hi I no doubt they were I.oco which p.viint'l or insured njip.ils to force, lint .'or- l.nnners made to ordi r. when it was known tint duty eille I them to the con- jir I'eruaril nnd others called Mr I). lo order, who llic t, bn w mild pltili'C himseirihal lli 'ir representatives ' nevertheless proceeded wilh bis remarks, when tho would nil be waning. They would not be bie'.wird t.nir called him to order, but without elT'Ct. lo enter upon ibis field nf battle, nnv more than thev 1 vlr Hurt then rose nnd dennnded tint tho chnir were 011 any other held. He hoped the prnctiee of Ibe I ,.i.nnl(l hrin" the 1111 mber from Ohio to older, ns lie Hu had, therefore, olllrcd 1 n, vieldeifibe tbor to him, not to imikca speeeh but 1111 explanation. Tbeelnir repcrnted llio coninnnd ofonlcr, hut It vvisilisrcg ml. il by the l)r who, amid luniiii uou cries of order Irom nil quarters nf tho House, continued Ins remark lid he s nv fit to close of his own acconl hot 1iwrenee of li ismu, was nt Hiding on tho out- s'nrls of the crow I. when a bullet siiipU hint anil ius,., In, 11 much pun. It nppenteil upon eMiuiiia- tion lint the bill bid tru.-k Ins, nnd bulg ed iui.n-1 n rem, wbt.'li was 111 Hi" po K. I, hv which cour-e w is sloped ; the cent w is com .letcly lielil up ant the escip, ,it .vir i.i.vrcuce uny no t-eiiiiiii-ly considered rrovideiiliil. iMlUllT'l.tS lllSI IllCtS OI I'lllllT HUH H'I ,'H" lertlav. esncci idy bv th ise who carrieil oil the I101I1. s of ihefi'b 11. Oiij vouiig 111 in who went out to carry olltbe holy of Air llanitnil, Iml a very inrrow-e-cipo seitinl shots bavrig been fired al him, two halls pisied lino igh the skirl of his coat j one 011 aeti sine ot Ins 10 I y. .Snerill Ale vliehii I was tin vnsing 111 ins tuoin in nit nn en I ti the ti ns j the 111 ll it uy were calle I nut nt 1 u'cloi I. 111 th nlieruooii, mid they were put At one o'i lo -k, llic fin- wns einfinetl lo the innisol ibo 1 'Inn cb ini.pi rtv, and nil the surrounding bud lings wereeniirclv I'riefioni tlnng'r lle lwicti I mr nml five o'cloik, the mob pineeeled uniibward to the Roman Pathol e Seiioul llou-e, at the conn r ol Second and l'htpni site, t, which nf t r In 111 .'Stone 1, wis si t on lire nt lite lop (We iindi r sinn I lint n quantity nf 'niupliene was tbiow-ii up 111 the cup da, and the liie thru npph d ) This lii-iulif .1 building wns aln c ui-tuncd witho it nny tf b i.ig undo lo siveit the fiieni n throwing wi ler only upon the adj lining' bu blini's, to gu ird them fioni tbetlim s. At ti'tlo.-k, the hire bl.icktnul nnd tntteriug walls nlone remained. Mr. J. Corr's Tempernnce nri.cerv Spire, nn the opposite conn 1, 111 nil of the School IIous"iyisnllnekrd dining llte jif leruoon, and i's contents e miplcP lv desirovi'd. Tbu windows were dislieil m llio hulk windows mm I-"-' v.v.," - - .. " J " 111 1 U C.OI I, III III .11 M-l IIO.IO, ll O'l . I . " ' ,1 , broken up, and the hvus nf cur, ns wintonly nnd nniion nt 7 o'cloik ; had tie") mined on the ground , from Ihe wi Is nml llie iipiveiiile wooil-wurli III tut' murderously sacrificed by a band of ruin His firing in lo llie rrovvd Iron pi ices of concealment. We, the N itive cm -ns of the f'i'y nnd t'ouuty of I'lii'ndclplui, in Town Meeting assembled do hereby pr, sent unir felluw- eiti.ens nf all idndci find thst. lieu. uis of pnrly llie foil, i.ving res I'.ulinus. Heso'vcil, That it is alike the tight und iluly ol all 1 ilizens 11 MCefnlly to nisemh'e fir the iinrposa of ex prersing tlirir seuiimenu on the principles nnd actions py which our uition snnul'l hu goverueil. Ilei Ived, Tlnl llieinterfercnee with such assem. blnaes by others not p trtieipil ng III them is 101 in-frm-liou 00 llie rtg'il 211 uinieeJ to us by the Cunsli lulion and Laws ol our country. Itrsalve I, That the recent outrage in Kin'ingtnn, by winch a npelmg was ..isiuihcil nm lirti'.,en n at -1 o'clock, tbo leriilde.lesiiuclion of bib would t'nve 1 interior shnltt rttl 10 pieces anil thrown into tne streci ,.r.,,. t,,,.,! I In e..i,tl , trail, ,11 UUUO HOI 11VC 1 PI'l litis Olise 1 1ICSU 'ClIVC VOili-v w.ia ii, in ... Inki n place. A me, in' ot i n 10 ics. wc unui-rsiauei, was nnu list i veiling, at ol Si. John, for llio pur ine id considering and aJopting measuica lo al.ay tlic escilemcni. A tibcird. worded in tho following nnnner, wis poslel nbout the stieets in an early pirt u( ihe thy j To the Calhohes oflhe ('Uy and (Jouniy of l'lulatlel- plna : limeoftiio at'aek on tho School House on Tuesday mghi. On the opposite corner to Ihe School IIoiisp wostvv.iiil, ivno two old two story brit k houses. Fiotn one of theso the shot was fired caii-oil tlm death of .Mr. Wright. Tho frouls i f bulb of them wore beaten in with slones. Pen frame houses adioiuing St M.chaPls The uielincholy riil of j estcrd iv, which resulted in , Cmri.i, fn'mtlm-nrd, lliok lire from that bnilibng, t! 'wRaVJ'ln in' I ?nd -ro totally comuniPil vv , ev.Pptiot, s'l-ire m this ingi 'al scene to humble ibeiii-clvrs be- of one wh ch was lorn dim ll to prevent tbo 11 lines fore fJ 1 1, md In svui i.iihue deeply mid sincerely with rtn l the lives or cii,en icriUfeil, H nil mrracli m nf n, vvh isu relatives nntl Iriends have f ilh it. I eat tliose ngiits vv Inch nit lis with llio ahlen unci- nl tins nesily couiiire nil lo a vol I nil occasion or excitement ineelin: Hi soiled. Tint whilst ns men nnd Aiueiicans, wt nre determined ut ull slid every h i.rd, to resit unin llie deitli. every infraction nf our rights, we ore de termine I th il vvi I n ii hu led by provocation to re nliiie mi the li-ihts of o'lurs. Itesilied, Th it the proceedings of n portion of the Irish inha'-i' ints of th.i Di-iri.-i ol KuiMiigicn, on Moo Iv after noun, is tho surcM evidence dial cm be evening was of the most intense clnraclcr. In the vt- 1'iven, thai our views nf the ?vnlurah.iiou Laws aie eiuilv oflhe scenes of violence business appeared lo lorrect nnd lint foreigners in the 'boil spue of five l. m n sinn 1. nn.l nt every stin nne mi l I. Illo father. vests, nre inclinable of cn'triii" into the spirtl of our inns ,,f i.w il.seustin" ibe nrobible nnd Institutions, terrddo cms 'o icnces of tlm ombrcak, or inrnliug the .1 ml ! 1 1, I !- I.. .1.- ,1.1. I - .' . - . ... . , ... .1. . K'-soiveu, i nil we coosiuci me iiiinc in uiu i-iio nte-t acl ol vt in nee out ot tli'Minny w mi w uicii nn: lie Sehu ils ns necessary for a fmliliil courro i f in- jiur ii-euicd. M my were neiuilly finntic for revenge, Hiiiclion then in, nnd wc tire ilvterinnied In iinititiin The ccne during the cuniiuuince ol the eonlligia it llierrin in dcepite'tif tho ill'irts of niturnh.-d and linn was awfully gitiud. Au'iat eea of fue rngml, iuinilniali7.ed frireigiiHrs tn riecl ll Ihetefroui. llio roirin" noise nf w-lueli w is heard at n consider! He.nlvcd, Thai this intcling lubevo Ibal ho rp l.h, distance, mingled wilh ibe rinsli nf falling limbirs rentlv siieecs nil II irisnt llie uieiius in inu nnio in nr turn' ling wnlls. I'eople were hurrying hum r nnu ibo Di Ircl ol Kin muton, wns Ihe inciting cuuse ihnber. nnxiouslv endervorui" lo sive their nroptrlV win l rcsulied in the murderous fccvnisuf llio Cib' .,nd nn the open lots ndj ui'iit. tides nf furniture vvcro lust, benpetj up mmiscuously. Women nnd ibiihen, ItesoUrd, Tint we approve of llie proceeding-nf llic undo bou-oless by ih i destruciinn of ihur homes. ineeliiiL' held nl the Awinldy Hud lings last evening, wero gnilieretl m llm vi'iniiv, am tlio who o scene from catchiiiL' to a brick houso furl her to tin smith. Several buildings in the v icinity of the Church worn somewhat iiijuii'd liy III" mat n( tho Illinois and tho Hakes of lire which fell in show prs. About this time, the penplo inhahitiur; the house." on Second street, and on the streets fur Ftune distant e around llio market, hong; out American Flags from their windows, tothow iheir adherence to the Native princi ples In the cnurso of the afternoon fire was nn plietl to a number of franio houses on Harmony Ine. i nn ,,r,! ,1, nm ,,f tlm tninv with which t ie t'ou r . fa sun 1 street r 11 tl 111 ' oul III i-.v.uw ana 11 IT until u .i unci miii ri i e e. . iy a ni iii n.iitii. md In shun .til public plicis nrnssenihlige, and lo do noihing thai in nny way may txispcrate. l ull nv pe-iec won nil men, nun u ive inai e-nimiv wiilmut which iu mnn em sic r!nr. 1 1-ilAM IS I'Mlll'-K, IIi-Iii pof I'li.ladclphia. I'bih lelnhh.Miv 7. lSIt. The extiiemcnt diirmg yesterday nf.ertinon nntl llou-c would be settled. this resolution of censure, Mr Schenek, Mr Mnrris nf I'enn., Mr Hiekinsm, Mr White, and others oppose I the resolution, on the ground tint il proposid licensure, without n mil, without even an inanimation, or the hearing of the testimony. Mr llilevvasiu favor, lio -ii,l, nf postponing the su'ijeet, md nrtlering thepipeis tn bo prilled. .Mr Dick'tisnn asked why Air I lib, who bid tnini festrd so much '.en I for llie bonnr of lips House ou this uccasion, nnd was so dt shuns nf cousin nig the uiein birfioni K"ii'uckv, bad not intufeicd when the he was ijiviMi, on the tlonr and m de1 ale, lo Air Stew-art by Air Weller. ' Air Hale wns not here then he s lid. Afn r f irtlu r elibiie the vvho'e subject was postpo ned ii'l Tliurs 'nv nct. Air Dunciii coiunieneed bis speech on the tirill, ncetittling In previous numiueiniiou. lie luiiunteil that if Air van Huron would nol tin, there weretwu w-ir-b uses re dv Col. Johnson all j his friend from Wi-coiisiu (.Mr Dojgi'.) Tcr.spvv Miy". The lloase Ins been occupied ibo wh-do of to tlav in the iln-cus-i'in of the Tanll Mill. Hi. Duip'iu bid the ll i ir in the ui inline', and concluded Ihe speccli win dl he cimitnenccd the prcc, ding evening in favor nf the bill, though his remiiks had but bltlu connev m with the bill nnd life: led iiiam v In nirly nulitics. lie was followi d hj Air Harden in opposition to die lull and 111 favor of protective sysicin, nnd particularly m illustration of lis benelieiil "iIIVih nnou the agtt- u Mural and fitnuiig inlness. Air Illicit next nil- lressed the llousein suppoii oflhe lull nud in behalf nf the fiee tiii.le doctrines of the seho"! nf which ho is a disciple. He ill I uol mi lips occasion, ns is Ins wnut, thieiteit thrsotuiton unless the prott etive sys tem was nbniidonul : but be ebar.iclciized ll ns un- cotislituti'iu il nnd opni srivennd .is hi ing iniquitous- le unjust to the people ot the South, who, to use tits I inguage, were miiinti uy it, an I tho money nuts en acted put in llie pockets of the .N'orllu in nnuuf.ic'u- rers. Ilesnd It im- a sys'eni wbicb his consiiliienls Ind alivavs protested against, nud would conlinuolo d i so till the' end nf Innej they would never submit in ii, nntl might be forn d 10 resort to more decided uio-ouni s in lice themselves from it. Air (,' dd well of K v., followed on llio same stJo or ibe q lesllon. Air ii.e-ens nflli.. next nddresscd the eomnilitcc in i ill ist eloquent nud iniprcsiivo di feiire of llio Tariff Invv nl 'li lie couiiniieii nnu reiiiieu nmii in lion lint ihe South hid hem robbed hv the cvi-ipiii I iw, nnd proved fioni nclnil tl Un tint th it teelinu nf the cnunirv hid been decidedly be icrillcd nnd undo prospermia by it. 'I'" this cnJ hu q lotcl the prices of v.itiniis articles ol production nml e'ons.impiiou in nie South, which showed thai the plantir got a greater price for his staples and put chased his supplies nt a less, under tbu nm ration of tbu lire-sent 1 11 ill', thin when the duties wire at the lowcsl point under the coninrniniso net. Ho alsj showed Irom ollieiil la- bb s, going hick somo leu or fillecu years, that the the operation of the present tariff law more than accomplished the purposes, anil answered the evpectations, of the bo.-t friends of tint measure, lie was opposed In the sweeping-, and destine live character of tho hill under consideration, as it cnntemp'atetl a radical plunge in the entire revenue system. It d.d nut propose alterations hero and there the increasing o thu duty in one instance, and lis diminution in another, but it struck a b'ow at every interest, by chmiii,? and rediirmg the duties throuhou. Mr McIC iy next obtained the tl ior, who occu pied his hour in .1 defence of the hill reported from the Committee of which ho is the Cli.ur. mill. 'Phis is tlic li--t and only speech yet und ; 111 support of Ihe Ways and Means tardl' bill ! 11 vvas reported to the II uis,?. ll ha-, met with friends 111 part, but untie hive been found ready to swallow it entire some lew from coii-cion- ' tiniis convicti ins, ti'hers from policy. Ot the U'it nl 1 cnulil not bear, but i s in-inner and rniracier 01 .ur oiciYiyr. iiiianciai e.vuimmn, I ink wns lint ufa tiot-bnnso b'avvlir and bully. 1 the least said the Infer for hiui. Air Hum of X. V. wished to explain. He bid ibe The ll ior hams as-ignn-d to Mr Cullntn of ruber dav staled tbu average duty in Inrcian ports nit , ''0ltu,(.i,r,0) after r .McKay hail concluded his in on .11111 pi". 1 I" .,,r,c 1. in 1 1 1' 111:1 111 Ic, I I in nrOV lolls IlllestlOll. Ill I cti'iformiiy with prior arraiieinent or under- llien he hid nluimel accurate information winch showed Ihe average duly lo he 7o pel cent Air I '.it r t. nl n uuirter pisl one, tinu lip in idcthc mini South Carolina speeeh n.'iuist protec tion to American industry, lie denied lint prices bid been reduced in ron-cqu-'iico of ibe null liw of '12, an I be nl-o iirrtcd Ibal il was not llii", us rla- led in mo report oi tne eoiuumit-c nu ui.ioi no. -t , tint ihe pro luction nl cotton had ocen proui. ieu uy the tirntcctioii nf the (loveinincnt. Air Wintbrop icid from the rciorl of tho commu ne on in nm ........ .1. . .. .. . " ' ,; ,. Bwcroi to the r name-, all lurtlter procoeilint recoininend a redueii n rif the tl tv tit inree ccnis pt r 1 . .. , , ,,,, ' J r,. ,.,l he- certain linnuf.lC- . Oil I 10 C.lll VV Pre S II.-)f 111! I'll. 'I llO preVlulls qi0 niiers bee.i s,. f the neccsiiy uf mkIi duty to pro- lion was sec ml 'd. and the House brought to a tcet the cotton grow w th Ins le-narUs I When tho Speaker was about nseort lining whether there vvas a second to tho previous ipipslnm, a call of the House was il 'tniudjd by Mr t ave Jolin-on ; em vv Inch, tne lie- i in-tnil lor ine yeis ami nays was seeonuju, I Vims 101), nays Sl. So n ridl nf tin: House was 1 ordered, em which, alter 10'J member had Bli the hour of one, at winch debate in comimllee vvas to tcruunile', having nirtiid. Previous lolhefcwrcunil.s nf Air , Air I Ih- got Iln llo ir and rend in nn audible tone of vetco, n politi cal eieid nn Ibis subject arranged under some ten ur heads, the substance nf winch appear ed to be specific obj .ennns of bis ngiuist the bid. The (tominitlee then proceeded to lole upon ihe diir-rcnt sections ol the bill and tho virion.-, nniciid incuts ns nll'ertd. The principal amendments adopt ed in committee were to rntsc llie duly on raw silk Irom l'.'j cents lo 11), ibe present duly heme 50 cents per pound; nud tostrt.e nut the section which pro vi Ics lint nflir the lsi day of Si pt.'inbcr lot', all du ties which cxevi d ivveniv-five per cent, advalorem, shall lie reduced to Hint rate. Tiie bdl wns llien reported to Ihe Iln ise, ant! .nr. All Kay wis assigned the llior. He expressed a de sire tn innlic some remains in support oi un, i in, um did not fie-l well eiioiijli lu proceed nt tint lima- Amotion was then iiitIo to luijjurn, ntu u wns in ted d nvn in enable Mr Urniugoolc to ofi'. r a n sol i lion that the lull be iindn Ihe speci il order for lo morrow, nnd from day to d iy till tl tdiall be di-posed ul'i win, h res ilulion was adnp ed. Air Mnrnnrd wns lie ti ri c.mnu."i ny ine i u in, wns aho it to Ptoceed lo nnke soiin) reunrks upon ; tho bill, a privdeie lo winch ho thoiifhl be vi as entiled as one oflhe roinmiliee lb it repnrltdlt. )!ut the f'lnir decided ibm tho molion tn adjo im hiving been suspeiiiled for a spci 111 purpose', tho uentlemiii vvbn bad undo It Ins a right to bring the Hnuso lo a vole on lint question i and the unitiou being insisted on, the vole vvas taken and the House a Ijourued, 'IheSenitenfttr spen hngseiino lime in the eons tl. eraiiouof the lull to rtclutter the several Minks in it, Is llisini-i nuel unking several amendments there- iu't rests were tho most prospi runs under lv) went into Fxecuiivo Session, a nrill'of protection, nnd lint ihe smallest amount T 'i uirsi nv. -nay v. The senate wi-nt into executive sessim, unincdiitc ine neees-u y ni misu uiuv j....- f nun ..-i- nw ... m... ,m. ...... .- .. roweis i ilcn s He was proceeding ,liroct vote upon the bill, the lllliU question bj i when the I 'hnii-unn's hammer fed (inl,.red. Mr V. mur of New Jercv moved tn I.iv tho hill on tho table. Mr H.inhn of Illitmis asked if it was to ho cnii.sidered as a test vote il so, it jdiould bo un derstood. TET A'OTH ONI TIIH TAP.IFl". The motion to I.iv the llrittsh Tariff bill on tho table l'i:VAII.F.D yeas Id."), nays '.)!) So the llr.lTi-M 'Pap.iii- Ilii.t. .' lihlnn'the table. lite Virgin! i election b is pot his bl irxl up, "spurns the dictation of the Globe," nn i is for snmehudy bn knows not whom but frankly confesses tint llie Domocrntii: party is little bettor tb in n "scattered mo'i." Tu dor this state of tilings, it U hardly woitb tbo iroub'io lo specubite about tbo mallet ; but t'tc woild is fall of cossip, nnd we gnu our ro.ideis tbo following -is the latest runi"iirs, as wit find thorn embodied in the southern p ipers : " The Herald bus advices fioni n Special Coriospoiidont of a new 'tide and tie' at latioemeiil nmong the I.oco-Foco lcndiis, whereby the jailing interests of all lire to le teconeiled, nud llie i-ntiie host move forward in liaimony to the battle of November. Tho beads of tbo iinanoiiiietit are these : Mr. Van Ul'kiin to bu thu candidate for 111, wiib an undeist Hiding th it Mr. Cm.ihh n is to leniain Secietary of State till 13-1G or '7, md Imvo fiee swing to carry out bis sc'.p 101 s by tbu Anni'Mition of Tex. is, ami to di-str. y tbu T.infl' by Coiuniem .1 Treaties. Th, so accomplished, lie will ictiie. and ho sucrte-d-ed by (Jul. Iitxro.N, wilh un iiiiderstandini that Mr. C.vt.uui-.N is to liic a clear track for L' reside-ill in IS IS an! Cel. Hr.NTo.v ditto in lSo-J. This is tho programme. Wo don't believe il can be carried out. And be sides, il leaves too many great men unprovi ded for Utichanan, Cass, Sec. Pcrcontrm tbt! Calhoun correspondent of thu Ttuo Sun writes fioni Wasbiiiglon that tbo broach in ihe party is nut heilud, but grows wider evu- Mt Irvin of I'enn. tujvod a recoiiaidoratiun ol i ry d iy, and Hint thoiu will nssurutilv uu two the vote ju-t taken. . candidates for PresiJent run by it a strnight- any how. Phis was tindonbtivllv Hue when vvtiiten, but homo consider., . , to cot, , . sinn m o e - ; m( Annoxa,,OII54l nt ,l0 So,lth 111 lllli'l-llioo" "I ,111 ...It. It , t ........ i million to adjourn btih n.tleel, on the yeas and navs were nrdereii. Ilefiire the vote was announced, Mr Hummer nf Va. announced li s cnlle.iguo .Mr t5. (loggin ; hut the vote wasaunotii.c.'d before ho vvas sworn into idli.'''. Ve is 77, nays l'JJ. Sj thu IIousc refused to adjourn. I.v wbicb neouiuiiltee wis ntuio'iilcil I i male saiia li'e prcparnlioui for the inn r enl of llie first mirtyr in ihe rausenf f!ivil and rctLu ms freedom aiming in, mid ihil we reconiineiid tint Ihe friends of oar cause t.hall alteiid Uu: unit ml in u nnuy. Itesolved, That vvenls i npnrnve nf tho resohuiin iinssed nl the sinie meliiiL', by which n reward ol (nn Thnusind Dollars is oil', red fir llienppriheu t-ion and I'onvieiion nt llio iniinlercrs. fl ,ne.ll,,o nf lilllll I'urdv. it wns Itesdvcl, That a collection bs tnken up for tho Inn efit of widows, mothers or eliililreu ol ino muruereu, Most nr those nresenl moved ia n body lolviiisiii Ion. (al the corner ol Second nnd jAInsler strri I.) an I i.mcep.lcil iii nri'iiiu." a nici'lliig. Iml Ihey Unit senici nailed up their flu. (the same tint i f pikeu ofnhnvei slieii a nuinber of boys undo nn attack upon ihe III l.erninn llnse Hnuso. A number nf sh 0 wero then fln.,1 irnm linns s iii I he vinnilv lounnl ih urcliii ml il.e Nniv Aincrienns nllir ili'neir in.' for n mo inent, milled nnd n'lnc' etl thu llnse House tnok nut . ' ... .1 i . ii-.i . . . .1 i . i... i. .t. .. bad us nipropn ile i-luinx in the md nccoiiiiements of the snldi-rs Ibo ciution nnd their irunrds, nu 1 tbo elt'iise and dark mass of pooplc by which the vvhobi sn i ire was beuimcd in. I he uublnrv reuniiied ou the ground dining the areiler part nf the night. There i rca on In believe ihnt llie immedialo din ner is pissed nnd the riot ipti lb d. Mutt tarnesily do we hope ibal il may bo the rase. Fioni the U. S, nuzutto of ycflerday. T.ii, llinTtiv irc-.-siv-r.Tnsi The riot iii KrnMiic- iin vcslerday, nil h n 'h not sisinabid a itli ibo loss uf I fi-. un in toiriinVl i"k in the evening, vvas neverllie 'ess untked wilh viol, m e nf tho nn st outrageous diameter. Djri u- ih night liuec numbers of people -eniamed iiboiil l4ie s" -lien of violence, nml llio tin. I ivy keil guard u n I livbedit. when a pot lion ullhein venrc irliev.vt I,., r, nt n. uis from the t coutl n id bird Ihi'-'.idfs. nml so ir'1y n' . '. 'he ihnrii't ntipeariug In be tniiel, tbo rest i in li'ary wero diaivn oil, .. .il. ,i,u ,e,. inni if i. four men. under the I .'i, w-liteli was leu toguaro were rtaved, upwards of fifteen houses were Clllli-IIIIH'll. About bi o'clock, while Ihe military worecn oaged in tho neighborhood of Second rtroet, mob attacked llio gTorerv s'oro of Mr. Patrick Murray, at the corner of (lertn in'own lload ami .lell'iTson street, beat in tho windows, throw Ibo "nods in I l.o store into thu street, pitched the Inter of i l.o nrms litriiilurn out of doors ami window, ami scarce. ly ihirisited when a dot.u lunnnt of cavalry, foot and artillery appeared upon llio ground. It was generally said, ihnt it was from this store that tho liii-h hat! obtained llcir ainmiitt lion. In the evenin;;, between light and nine '. clock, a frame Iioiimi stn tiding h irk from llio oast inirmiie r a ii l he In ise i .III he 1 1 el. n lid then broke the nt'iiiiraliis up, An old lender, the proiu rty nf ibe cimmnnd nf C'-inl I ... I ' ft .-r .. ...I. . ,. I ... I Cl 11 innl'a I 1. ', IV a nine ion 1 1 r 11 'li I 'ii 1 1 v, li 11 ., a .. i i i . , ' '!.-. n . . . house, was bruki u up likewise, 'llie Native Amui 1 Vuitt Jo'cht-k, a ernvlof people went to Minn i .n ilh In I nm si wete iliiring the pernnis nt me lowest tn rill's. From this view if llie subjnet ho was convin ced ili-t t ibeCouiiniitie nf Ways and Aleans wuuld bo disippoiutcd in ilu-ir e xpeclnlions of increasing ibe revenue by decreasing the duty i bo was the mure sat isfied of tins from ihe f ici that llic committee had nol di-i'.'ued lu furnish tbcllouso with nnycfiiminteof the amount which they siippo-i'd the lull iitidir ennsido rnli.iu would vit-ld.' I In demanded to know of lliuso vvh i opposed Ihe law of '-ft on eonslitulionil rrotind in whit pirticulnr ns it related to this new bill was it inoreconstitiiuiunl tlnn lliopriseni tawi, iioiu uis-cti-niiiatcd for piolcciioii, and neither vvcro framed BoMy wilh n Terence lo ibo tcvenuu principle. llo blii Ily nllu led to the false nn I iibsurd declirn lion nnde by Air Illicit, till! the Sum li aide I incur strutr.ile for indi-nendenee siiitnlv on nceonnl of its ab- btraei iiuliuus oflhe colom s, without rtferenceto the practical benefits to be deiivid lioui our si palate e nienee ns n union, nnd thai lbs t '(invention nt Annp nbs out nf w bicb crew- the I 'onvtitution. came Inpclh- sulo of I'.idwahlor .'tet'l, vvas fired and totally , er fur lb,! pin pose of cstab'isinng .Vtc trade. Air. S, coiikuuifd. A hack huddiii'' adioiuiii'' was also siid truly that the revets.' was the fuel, that our filh- I,.,.,.,. i, .!. i era sought lor no abstraction, but for n pnctienl Iniv- burned to tho ground. rrnnu-ul. vvlu.h nhonld rcgnid the vvelfiro oflhe neo. Two brick buildings on Herond i-trcet, nm pio ntul tliat ilioobj'ct of ibo f'onvcnii innt Annpohs fratno buildings in tho roar, f.tcini; on Master I was In protect our interests nt home and our Hag stree', worn set on liru alout eight o'clock, and abroad. Tl,0 Smith, nid Air S can ho no lonircr linrneil In tliP'tfmiioit I hutnhiugcd upon llus mbj 'Ct, ilwas donn Willi ah- burin lo the jfrntiml, 1 tractions and llusines vvlu. h I. nl I u disippiovetl About tun" o clock, the fences in front or St. iy racienl evperience. Tlm Smith wns national in Mtrhlf IV Church wero giilhercd loether and jis feilmg and was willing to support nil measures a hottlirc miido of them. which Icuded lo promote the inliKsts nud prol ct Pbn Military were il vitled into sections and nnd encnurasti llio industry oT llie vvho'e country vvcro ejinrthno u!mo ions premises lv nfter my letter w.t closed, Inst evening, and the doirs were closed for two hours. I learned simp'v tint nothing was done. The snli icci of il, hatu was. ii n believed, the resolution nf Air. Ib-iilon, lo lake up the Tex is nnne uion treaty on a certain tlay, una discuss u wun open uoors. li Is nnilernno.l ibnt n nrivnte letter bis bccnic e-eived here rrnm rjeneral Cnss, stnting his vievys in . ..r nr 'i',.i , ami ihnt a letter Tor publication giving lull nnswcis m inquities address- eel lo linn, tiiiy nu cvpecicii in ii ii ij ..1 It is probnble that llio question will make so nine i trouble among the deiuncratio Senators that thev will cndenvorio nvodn dim-iioion of tl. Hut Mr 'Pjler wi'l not permit lint, it n sai I. I should like lo know huw he w ill prevent it. He may cill a spechl session liter llm iiiijoiirnmenl, ns lie threatened In iln, in case tbo Senile do not cither niectnr ratify thu tieaty. , "Initio Senate a'.o was received from the House, announcing tho death of tho Hon. Henry It. Illllli Ueill 'IV Mr Allen offered the usual resolutions, after a tri bute to the chiractcr nf the deceased. The Senate then ndjoured. Mr AlcICiy, ns chiirman of llio committee which np Hied tin- linill' lo bo heard in support of the lull, nnd nil Satut V It 1 1) A V JIOHN'lXfi, MAV. 17, lll. OUIt CANDIDATES. Wu have already announced tho registn of the iieoplu's will, tluough tbo Il.iltinioru Convention, and we to-day proudly cast our banner to tbu bree.o, insciibed wilh tbu ilbistiiotis names of CLAY and Fl'KLIN( UUYSIJN and of whoso triumphant elec tion no well infoi tuetl man at this day enter tains tlm slightest doubt. In tnakinj; this selection tbu Convention lias but fulfillud tbo oeneial iwiiccMlion, und responded to llio unanimous wishes ol the lues throughout tlio counlrv. It wore almost idlo lo spoak of tbo raio merits und pio-oniinnnl fitness of Mr. Ct.iv. Tliu htsloiy of our country for neaily fully j ears is Ids history; und who ever is familiar with tlio events which hivo iranspiied in our (.'overunient sinco ISOfi, is familiar with tho lifn nnd character of IIliiN UYCLW. During that time, tboto is no pr ibitdy ibo discussion will be combined , public nieasuto of giuut nnd beneficent mo idaevenin,. when .he previous ques.iou will hia w , ,is iiet. ur ii mi uu i'bn is now before the House, vvitli llio amend- !Vo ai'oncv for its it.isteuco ; nml nolle ol ll rbecrvnr mmrf sl,m vvnnld bill iinliecdi'tl nnou tbo , infills iidiplfd bv tho couiuillleo tit llie vv liole. 1 lie ,..,1..,.,. il,-,i li.ivu not fl It t 10 I Joks Oil tlll'l Sijs llOlllim,, enrsof Ibosc whose .tally cvpe.ience proved to them most imp irlniit nl ibose ntu. niliuens is Ilia mni e on , pn "' J , . ......... Tribune . The vvbnlo district was covered in this nnu. ,,', ,, ,..,,.,,..,', , ,t,,. i more rr wlnt inoi. in of Mr lurey. striking out ihe chime which i.j, nQvveifiil und natliOtlC resist iter, (Je.icral C ulwalladnr be n unrein 'tins in ihey rcll nud piy 1 s fur what 'h y buv, ibati they p ovidii for llm ruspeciivo leduciioii of ihe inaM tiiis was Frid iy and tho new iiriangement vvas iitith', if at all, on Fiiiay evening. Gen. C.tss, thu True Sun in in adds, is Ituld ing back on Antie.N ilion, iuttnditi" to conio in at tliu eleventh hour ns thu compromiso candidate ol tliu whole patty." On tho other Innd , some of the wise ones think il best In make no nomination, but let the election of Mr. Clay go by default. They nrgiio their party is doomed to detent, vvitli Van Huron or uny ono else, ami that their chmco of success four years hencu will be decidedly better to let the w bigs have it till their own way now a result which llioy cannot avoid, by tlio way. However, Van will get tbo nomination ; not bectuno ho is thu choico of tlic patty, but because no ono ulsu can iniitu inoro votes. At a Lit" meet ing of loco members of Congress ho was found to bo in a minority, but as no one elso could bu selected with better prospects of success.tho meeting broke up without coming to any definite action. (T? Mr. C J. l.fif.nsoi.i, nppearsin tlio 1 ist Globo behind a letter from n number of Loco Focos in Maryland, who assure him thoy can make a respectable fight ;n State on Cass or somo now man, but with Van as iheir candidato they aro a gone peo ple. Mr. Ingersoll, in reply, is cautious though significant, but intimates that Van Huron's op'uions un the Tariff ami Annexa lion n.o very bad to take. U V 10 "'''' i .,iliint'. lint it is easy io see wuai uc went".-

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