Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 19 Temmuz 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 19 Temmuz 1844 Page 4
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lin n, prepared liini food, wove Iiim itinera M is, nnd sitinotlii'il lliu lunir fiiir tinl I'miiii Ills lirmv, uliile ho umild lull; to 1 1 1 r of Inve, nnd stie, Innocent one, uelievutl liini when liii .iid ilm rusti mill lite lily slioiild never be .scpitr.iieil. TnaclliiT lliey roved through tlio wild woods nii'l liv lint stteanis; nfi when eliding over lis clear waters, lliegold- n muni) anil inMiail ol stars men' . . ii i i lllllV I'llinilllllllllS, III! WUIIIll I'lninini nri mind w ill) s'oiies of her on inru; tell licr of tlie wliito maiden's lieaniy, mid mv lic foie llni (ileal Hpiiit initio ctjunltitl rs. iinnr oilier could ho ever love. I lie simple child of nature, likened, enr.iptliiei, IId toiiuliail hi untunm hi mil i'i trntn ed. JULY 1 ill, sir ::ns. elii'iialkt cask. 'T.v-ir a p'otid niul Inlluwed day, Thai day of lite oMcn lime, When freiilnni ros", anil opprt".iin'fi s.v.ty Whs spurned with risuUv i blinii j WIjcii lie luily si r ll v. us penned, Tlritproel'i pied n tint 'in bee, Anil the lii'i-hii a liopis nfn ihtntifsj band Were pledged to Hut yet 'livn n ub.n'iiv hour When tin' sieied liniiil nn ? veil, For they stood in ihprni of a ci mt power, Ami lliey nv no ni l but hc.nen. Yet away all f. tir was In tin1, 'I'lMii.-h the Inltcr ii'iii ili-m fnniiL'. And, calmly nbrnvl in iho seirl'ed woihl, Their bravo ap c.d was H'linr. Theiu vvere men wuli the ytn'iful eye. Ami men with ill paM-'d frame, Yet alike malt n, str.) I? ami hi!), Leaped up ihe holy Untie; Anil never one piril quailed, At thnclrinee ulllu co-ning ficlit, For a r.ncrtd urp,ip each l eii t had milled In more tlnn earthly mi. lit. F.nve, foriuno and rtictr! il.ev rsst Aside ai oiio dish of p'e pen ; Then tin sc. oil wttit f.nili, kite a trumpet blast Tit rmiMi thy souls of turn. Ami the entinnn's iliunder-er l'uomid In tliisehifly word, As the nati m u'lr-red In r iiern reply Fnmi the g .re ot ihe ithlt6S swords. Tln'n irl f".m Inll-'ide ami plain I'ni-hid forth a luinjr tub', And ihi: summer era", and the bending grain nil noble bhiud wa riyi d Ay, ntihltr, th in the wariior poured Upon fame vvrrn'hril JIt.ra!hnn, It-itht d tlit' pniiit i.r Iii:i!m'3 svvoid IJlf.llt) the nu.d VV.19 Mi. II. H.itk, the cumon on our hill I Hat its nhiiM. no strife rrnelmn And t lie cl.iriini'a .na rich i alley nib Willi th.) s'fppiiie punal'? fame, And Ins children, bj the anus Of Freedom's martyred dead, Hue b-.voru, that rather th in live as slnvei They will sill; us luiv u bid. Where h's liilnc fnotfiop tro J Are tracln, ul orum" liaht, And; utun turf of Ins I attic-sod Lifs lol.fd ia memoj-.f 4 1 r siln ; And the l.ft-piil: e inns', ptow cold 111 e'en tin decent ril h-arl, Km lliu lofty died--, aad tha names ofold, As valueless ihinqj depart. Tilt; dark i:yi:d .maid. BV MISS I.Otlf.NZA 1IAVNS. 1)..; 1 Arrofs tin) ocean came a iiil.'iim's hearing tlin M'eiU of life and (ii atli. The former ivero sown for yon, I'm latinr spnuij! up in the path of the simple native.' A lovelj v.iili-y uiii'ie iIm- lliiiiri-liiinj vil lage of W now M.iiiiK. in 1G was or.- copied hy i cin le nf t'uin' topin'd Wl!'w.nns lipfoie lino of w hi' Ii at the tlosi' of ,i still) v nfternoon, sal a smt of the fuit-st, whnse L'il din of -.Clips and htet onlyphic inaiks told ho was n wan inr and a i limf of hiyh honor. Iiis sinewy arm ledd full) a stum; of heed-, weili) Ins pif'ic.ini I'M,, tiiniieii intn tinise ol n yiiting fuma'.o who n.iguily spriiiijr lorwaid oil seeing the h inl.lfS. A dress of the i;.iest fnnlhers inlerwnven with .strips of colored hail;, pnrllv coveiitig her tall straight I'm in, the mi)c.isins tasteful ly ivronuht with heads and shells that deck ed her little feel, and hei lung Id ick hair in its wild luxuriance falln.g ahonl lier iincov tired shonlders, rendeied her iippeanincn ex tremely pictnresq'ie. (niiit)n the treasuri! with a of joy, and twining them in lier huir, slio lionndi'd iiw.iv like a onti" fan n to join Iter compamo'is. On the hill side near hv, stood a ui ll- formtd, fair-fiffd yontli in the aaih of a 1 huntsman, leaning on his nun. Through an opening in tlin tines lie had been an nnsi'en uilni'ss to what h id passed, and as lie gazed nflej her m ho seemed liku n bird esi'apcd from Paradise, he shouldered his title, and with nil appirently wearied slip apiioach t'd tho spot wlioro thu chltd', who serinjj him, asked, ' Vli'iiru .comes tlie pile face; what seeks he of tho led nrJii ?' ' Food and rest,' replfd the nlher; ' three days iiiio I left Sli iw unit with a litintinn p il ly, while in seaich of canie I sep n.ited fioni tliem, mill lieinn nn.ilili- In (mil them on m way out of the forest, 1 have sinrit wanih r cd iibont, and was contemplalim: niiolhcr night in tho woods, when, tliioiijh the tH'cs, I saw the sniokn nf your ':aliin, 1 am ill ; let inn lie in it, and here is iiinni,' added bo, temptingly nlTeiing a h iiidlhl nf silver. Tim chief nf. i great people will not take it. His wintvain is open to the linnniv, if bo hi: n white man who would rob him of his tame ; enter.' Tlie parents of William I'avmond canio from linnland with the hnpe nf retiieving a lost fortune.,. IS v their indidnenre, hi. at an eailv age had iniiinlid with those tin lis of fashion that demand hut I' argent ro cdi 1 1 in"-tid i li.i ti . In hid learned vices unprincipled heait, couiliineil with a lnnd- Sfinie face and pleasing in. Miners. He was soon sealed on a mat in the rnunli dwelling of the Indian, who recalled his dnin'hter lo wait on him. When William beheld her tegular features, snoiv white teeth, sunny heeks, njes of such dazzling brightness as lo di fy n knowledge of their trim color, he thanked Fate for placinn hint in tho way of the finest flower. With his usual gallantry lie anise at her entrance, when iho red linin said ; ' This U thu d.iubler of tint gieal chief, the pi ide of the srpiaw, the idol oflho warri or. They call her Mm Violet Eye. Fit teen times tho biids and (lowers havo come back since the Great Spirit gave her lo me;' turning to her ho lidded, ' briny unison and corn for thu pale slraut'er.' A littlo time niul William joined the games of thu Indians; by his daring cour HgV, tleetness of foot, mid skill with thu rilln, which he presented in thu Chief, hn soon beenmo it fivotitu with them. Fur lliu maid en, whoso cuileb'ss henrl knew no wronir, ho Rathered wild (lowers to derk her hair, Iho brightest. plumngi) fir her dress, placed his rings on her Gnpers, nnd tied his bright I with his every word, so sweet to her oar, so jiuisnuuiis to her soul. No cloud nbscuied tho heait of Violet I'ye, hut liu whoso piesenco niado it sun shine soon tiled, nnd tinder the pretence of gelling ornaments fur her mid the ohief, tu ned his departure, promising soon to tetniii Shu doubled mil Ins sinceritv when hepiess. ed her tit his heart nnd kissed nwiiv ihe tears that ninistened her cheek. When gone, slit sought the loneliest spot to usk lliu Great pu ii for his safety. iUaiiV umiilhs p!!.ed, and Vi'det Ki looked In vain for him she loved. Her heail saddened ; she no lunger clieeieil tlie young waniois in their spurts ; her ornament weie thrown aside, save surli as hail lieen his gifis. I lie pilli tlicj bail troihlen when his arm pet nntletl not the slightest busli to touch her i mighty, were now tier favniiu b. mills. IJy tlie slre.ini tin whose waves an hour of even had been ' sweeter than tines of tell-tale day,' she would nnw olien pass th oi'Mil. .she l on in I companionship but with the 'pale, cold mono,' that hei heart sreiued sick w ith ri flection of a blight er past. Tlie chief saw the change wrought by tin hite in id's treachery, and swoio levPngt on Ids rare. .Soon after he met with oui whose swmd ciossi'il tbti pmiahawk, :im sent his spiiit pi the happv lmnlin: giomid- Violet l'e s hv the gieeli sod pl.U'eil over linn, and hiiiken hearteil, slreweil the spot with flnweis. A llllle lime mill she lim was gone fi oui amidst her )t opto. Thev itiuill ti if, hut coohi not liiing Iter back, v.ty uiiind, on leturniiig to his fi iends, w siiptioseil linn at a neiniiummg settlement no longer lined Ins Imest In hie ainl uevei lefernd lo tier but In boast of bis coi.ipu st. t Five veai.i h id passed, and ihe nxe had felled tlie lines fir back into tho ciuinln ; iheir plat e weie occupied by pleasant ham lets null cultivated patches. When) had eehotd tlie sivaije udl and slilill scream of the wild hint, now lose tones of praise and pr-iver. Much as changetl, even tlie heart nf William Itnyinond, as now, for tho lost time, lie leally lovetl, anil sued earnestly for the baud of a beatnilid woman. 'Twas promisid ; tlm nuplial day timved, and friends assembled in the ilhigo chin ch, He gazed 'A iib delight on his lovely compnnion, uliii blushed and smiled at his extravagant praises of lu r beauty. As they apptoai bed tlin rough ultar, an Indian maid appealed liefnrn them ; fixing tier daik eyes upnii the tomato, in n w lining voice, she said to : Wed him not, or you aio cuised, On his soul lies the ciimu of ii broken beai t,' and turning lo him ndded, ' William llay mond, the Violet liijc will be upon you ; we meet tig tin.' mid like it toyslelions spirit she HAMN't ti'i fiic a vcrv tx't-n ivc a-orinicnt or DltY GUOI'3 invi'c the l.ailio nnd Oenlle- men of U ir'utitton an I vicmav to rail nnd examine them. Amnnir wlurh will IcumiJ llilzonnes, .awn, Mann si rtiic I isi ti9l i ii . bini ed .Mulia Uini- hum-, M. 1'. I.naii'f, ese. tVe. Also A vrre t'xteinivt: ns i rltnent rl Hlnel; nnd I'tuc llhuk Alepineef snpennr tpialit nnd fini-h very tnv. Primp! n verv meat vnrn."V nf be.liilll'ul liaiib, liiht croimd-.nnd superior tnthty, the inn-n leinuit fiy!e in marl;el, Those Cli oils were I oinrhl III llo Inn and are rt-nmmein'ed ford irahility nnd lifte lor, I. iriiilnrt'. Pont-. White ! arnilure UniiilV, Conn- lerM)it", 10. 11 nnd 12 tp'aiter-, andCiirlain Krinpcs. Ii jcl; niul nine lilnek, Uermaii, l.ii'JU n nna .linen. .in llreiid Chiile. t'.i.mniiTesand Vejlni'-'e. nn e.v'eni'e norttncnt. Salmi fi-.. Tttt'i'd-. F.rinnielle, Cniitblt teen, Hie SI m. ('jlinieie. l'i'"ire.l nu I l'l on l.i-tiie', nltC' in.,. 1i.l .--Lin. nnd irhrr rn Ii Summer slti.l-. l.;tilie-' super lll.te Ivi.l tilme , i.ifilit l innieu no. r Himmer. While tin., Ilulf bona do. Abe, Sill;, ,i-le Tlneail, ( Mini, il'C t.-i,,,. n,lm n , tr IV1 M N. A ewna r e i I'll IN f'i n' ICnl (iliittv. li.'nek While nnd Cnhiied, l.i ii: Thiead, l.iuen nil I Uotlen do., While Kid niul Sllll'ln. . Superior S iilinlfield Ilduh., l'engee, Ulioppas nnu ll.ind.i. I! hiek llnhnn (tavat--, extra iye. tun opera lies I'liin'i nnd I' tut in tin. Slinks nnd Collar-. I n indi Dnnitv, ( umhr lneitinir tunl Ivlnnp, Piuise-, liinin , l'nr es, It'. trs, Hooks nnd Lie- on Cud-nnd la I'i se, let liiiiinn-. ,n ex in-nen-Mitl iien) el epliyr wrr-te i, l"nri Itnllci-, with nnd willmut ilnnl,-. Fmu Comb-, Dies ingde, fjei-.-or- I'm-, Neeale-, cvt'. Cnll'iiif. Sinrl; Milli", Farmer', Mi'ldltwr, Mirrimae, Dover hii I tilher Slue ini.s. Knpt'inir ua' le.ieh d I .imill Sliirlltnr nnd Drilhuir. Itle.u li'd Micemnr nndShiit , Tiel-oiJ, Aiexieaii .Mixniri!", rnney alripe. CI I.-, 1 1 1 in 1 1 on Siim'.I Juap.'. Wifkina, U'ad.hiiL', I'aliititr, Kniiiins Collnn, t.olloa l.irn, Ctrpei Warp, A-e.nt old pij. e. Itifh Ian I'tvthie lJ,niii-r, nrnw i i.inen, jaei ei do., fiipermr Wli.'e I.inen I)r Ihiv, D el-, (in b It i--i.t Hint er.lhn's F,e l.iluii,Tal le Closb-, bpreml- 1 1 1'oiahe-, P'.iia JT. I), r.iinu II i!(f'. and Shawl-, llnnne!, Cap and jS'reli IliM oils. Mar-hall's Linen Threail ilo. win'e Mipernne iNo. immcoio iev ior kiiiuiii' L'lee, ece. Tailor's I'l limiilinrs-. Pil1 , Twist, Imperial Cainn, la lilimr, llrnn'n I.inen. 't le-a. Ililii ns. Coal Cord and Hint. Mi:!- .in-, if'i'. d'f. 'I n let's Spool Tluead, Ll.trl.'s and olher l-ind-. linrlinstnn, Ct Alay, ll!. 51 HOUSE TO LET. rpIIR .nliseril er will let his larpo nnd rnmmo ljinis I ItHlCIC HOFsr., shunted i-pno-ite the Hunk ol Burlington, and on the corner or Cburcli nnd Hank Streets, ftr one or n Inuirer linn if years. The hnu-e ha I een occupied for a nnml er of yenr pat ns n boarding lion-c, nnd b well calculate I tonirom ntolale from HveiUvto ll iny hoariVr". Term made l.nown l y oppbeailbn to tliunh-iril er, and posses moii given onlhodrsl day of Mny next. W.M. A. URISWOtd). nnrlingtrn, April -1, 1S1I. dl If c.ijini) htonh's. 5 TONS Nnv.t Seotin (irind ftonrs. tinl-bolnnd milinineil, mzcj cs-orted. STKO'ao & Co. May 10, Ml. SO I JO lASH KCTTI.KS, 00 nnd 1-20 enl'on. Cnnl tlrini iln30, 43, CO nnd 120 enlloii'', verv cheap, Mty, 1811. E0 S TRONtJ.S ft Co. y . I'.5-'. Pongee im lie) I 23 'oz. nni .iti n l-nen Ilnni'lierelnef-, to 50 di z. O nclmm Ci.iv us. I.-. I. r. I hll'l. I n bill I li I0U di z. cuttcn (tloie, jn-t rc-fived and for rale ' y VK.AS & LOO.M1S & Co. J inie 5. Ml. 1 "ST T A I'o r FASHION, l s 4 4. REMOVED. W.J. FAY HAS remove i to tlie eom 'r of Climeh nnd llanli strect'mpri sue the I! ink of llur liiietoii, here be hii" '-'n (retieml i-stri Im-nl t f ..,,, , , ......... IJUti I n a iniijs, liindeot the I l'-I stink nnd by tho tnn-t tin n bo old ns as the iCJAll kinli of -.I'tirk iiiT'e In rVr on die mo-t reisnnnlilt! terms ana nl tlie snone I niuiee. Uurl.imtun, J n.e nih, i " -s.; 1 n tirti woikmen, wlii.'h wil Iieapesl, TO iMKltCII NTS, iM NUFAC I' UH Kits AND D-.US. IJyc-slltill's. l)yi.Wno'l. lltl. &C. alli:i,l U1) & JIOIU'AN. 17 r v t. t o n s t it n n t . n . v . Will hire constantly J or s.ih. Alum, Arpol, Aiminoiiy, Areliil, nuailn. nine Vininl, lliflin, Itioi liini; row- der-, Itrnihh Oam, llrim-inne, t 'tn, C nil ear, Cepper.!', Cupper l'iitt t ream Tartar, t'liennt', Fuller's Far h, Gam St-iu', " I'owders, Glue, A'.'enN tor i;. in oiro, l'xiraet, bulnrne, ban Die, M.ul.'er, Xiu (Jail--, Dxn'ie A id, I'nwi.Oe l'otn-l en irlash, I'm a h, H ll Amniine, tasar Lead, s imi'', fsalllowtr. Tin, T'irinerie, Tenzt'l-, 'InrMrin Aeid, Verdigris, Wmd, Wliitiinr. &e. llcvVr'- fhila ACIDS. rj"a I nrt s, Vipia imuonia, .luriilie. . MiirnUi' Tin, N'e. Jl. Tin, i ri Aeiil. Jd Vitriol, OVl'-WOODS, It tr Weed, nm v ooil, Fu lie, II Hie Wood, Hyper Nie " vol i, I'tM eh Wood, Itisl Snie'inl, ir' arv Ri nt. Quei. IJ.rl;. Sc 'elphi.l f!l-e an' SUGARS. 1 "Villi 1)3, Sl. Crmx nnd 1'oito Itn-n fncnr, 10 1 yj pai kaire. le reilned loaf, eru-lii d and nnw t'ero I simnr. I y SI HONGS & Co. Jane M, M I. 2 THE I'A'I liNT liACE, tsvrsTrn nr 15. f. IIANiIN(i, M. I). OP MTTsaiT.rill. I'l:KBVMAMA. WIL!. be l.ept enn-taiitlvtin hind by Dr. John W. Fmeut. ol Fs-ex. lie havui'' uurelinseil tif tbenriiinnl I'.tteivce the rxeluslrc rirlu to malt and end Ihe nme. wuhinniul for I in (.o tnlnn tit Chit- tcndeii, Franl-iin I Lnnitid'e, na 1 11 rand l-le. , The I'ATfWT I.ACF. ha- now I ren bcfnretlio pub. lie for n n inil er of nmiilh', hun beds hive I een nn- pbedni ilirTeient panof ihe eu'iiiiry, nn I with n s'ie et'.s iii-ver lefnre eipmlfed l-v anv rimedial ncent iNunit'ioas well n'ltliMilli'.ited f 'eriifi'Mte- of n I eneli- lal liillMein ein of di-e.i-es of b ni? Initd- bijr. nu'cht I ef irnished Ireia thi-iuuikihate vieiiult in n Idiiimi in ttin st'ileiiienl nl enKe and eertilit'a'e nreiire -fnmi' bed I y Dr. Itamiui'-' and olbcrs. lint tin- i-noi ueeincii ncie-fiirvus al lliepre-etliiiine.ri'-fc ence t an I e iriu'u In individ'i.iln wiirinir the I.acc, in iii'.irlveverv lown in ihe Oonniv. I'ln -it-inn- have Inm? h It the neee-i)v nf n Snitonr- Icrddlerenlly consii'Mfii'ilniiil mine perfect tn it- adap tion In the hitman form, lima anv I lint bad been pre- elite t mine pm nc. ihe nm" lion ol ii.inauiii' meet ' with llu ir pi'iieral appro' niinn. n. u i- i'e ijrueU i reli-ie svnin'nins. nndifinedv a ela- ol nliv-ienl mala-'ie- which cannot ' e rcnelie I ' v inedi'ine- nletie. I ho descent orili-n'ni enieiit of he vi eerra ln.ui re- tnxnlinn fit ihe ahdominal inwtrles, or nlher en es, 'ends tonllernad deriniredief inciinn nt evrrynrarnn la I be h 'inn n py-Iem, nnd, in ttinnv ea-t s, tin t'e la tf n ttoni the natural heil'hv no ilinn nf nir'-, i ibe ean e nf ncncrnl i'i bihiv in MnV-. nnd Feinale-. t'f Dyspcpila, A e"ii,ntif the Stomuli mil l.irrr, I'aljnlalinn ol ihe Heart Spinal Irritation, tltplrna ffinnrondr ia, file?, lrahipn lltflia. Sttpprtiuitnn of fTrinr. the lironchith ot P d Ih'Sim',!1 or, nn ' ici- pient fanntmption uti nf wb eh will t e in-tch relu'V. el, if nm enlirelv lemnt oil, I v 'he n-n oflho fa tent .ictf, when their ex s ence t-eati-eil lv t'hv ""'ll 'It raivj-ineiit and a m"ii)ii'cal Ui placemi'iu of nirt 'vhi'-b ean lereltdv n-eerlainf I lv nl -trlin-j ihe lorm nnd svmplomi "I Mm peisnn a t.'ie.1. I hi-in-irniin'iu ha-i ten eximiiiei iy l"S. Jinn, tinker-, I r iiici-. nn I liri't'otiili nt sev lorl-' tin I'.ienby ofPill-h ir h, lliir't'i i'tiin I Now Haven, and ha i,' ttiintsnin'iri.ivnra1 lete-tiiri nv. Anpa -an n- for llu l.lce n)nv I e ntani! In )hp lt' - erder, nl F-sex, or II ezar Ar'luir, It 'rlucr'nii. I'.il'enls nl a I'i-innee will be vin'et n 'heir re-i 'ence re, 'ire-l. JOHN W. F.MI l.'V. if.3 ex Marth 27,1811. -13 ) f Whip-, n,.d C. Heater . Co.'s Stareb, to w hieh we invee enrt't'iilar n lenttnu. 3--Ca-h "aid fiird t inn ire I Hi !e-, Indian, Ceronn and Glue 1'iei t-, i f nil I iud-. 51 3'tt CIS vnt.FS A. SKYMOTJ!!. vrFITH m Ii 3 .'ii-tomcr .nit 'llu nu' lie srcnnrnllr. V a 1 ir.'e .'i-urinifiii of IIA 1, .ot the lalod -New 1 ni l buh-.e, ii-i-nn ol ' HI AVI K HATS, OH 111 dn. M'TltA do. ltltMH tin. CASSlMF.Ui: tlo. PFAHl. dn. F,X1' MOI.F. SKIN. ( Oil ilON NAI'T) do. WOOL tin. .ill ofwb i'b tre o leredfor Mile on favorable tcrm, in I at low prices. rial- mu lelonrder on -bfirt notice. 3IercI.. mis who w-li in parclrt-e hits of sroivl o, 'all y I y ' he d'.zen, nie invite I to e.ill an I examine Ihe -tui'V'.ind price, al 'hi- e-ia' li.-hmenl. 1'o.uI.N'ri.el, Mar. It M, IS 1 1. -i-'lf DYi:-sTurrs, a cms, dyk-woods, ,f.c. V!I,I.I.VU 1AUTHII)(S13 s; M'X, 31 Cbfl" ilreB', Cornei' of Pultun, Neu-Vork. A CONSTANT SUrrLV OF TIID rOM.nlllN'O AUTICI.tS wuolksall; ami hi.tail. iteil liom tlie cimrcii. Treating the occuri euce as a maniac's in trusion, the ceiemony was pcil'mmed, hut thiisi) tunes of threatening etil lung mug in tlie oars of tlm wedded pair. Ni'.ulv t'A o M'.ns hid flapsctl, and tlie blight lavs of hope hid di-pelled the feailol thiiid that liimiued the day. 1 lie sivage inli.ihitaiils, finding their gaino dis peised, mid llieuiselves ill i veil I'i mil then eailv bullies, and tlie gi aves of llieii fatbeis, ever and nnuli give evidence of spirits punt ing for levenge. At the close of it battle, when many liun dieds nf tlie Indian nice were slain, one stonda irtoriuti. On llm ' blood-staini d snow' lay Win. 12, mound, wounded uttli a poisonous arrow ; In Ids side was tlie giace I'ul fill in ho onco caressed, and the sime voico that spoke, al tlie biidal iillnr now broke iiion lliu ear of the d ing man : 1 Willi nn KuMiiond, w lien faint and wea ry. :t d.nk maid of the finest niitsfdou; hv tho uliile mans arts miii won her love. Your lying heait deceived her slm was no more happy ; tlm ttees and fmwei s looked augrv. Ash. lined lieforo tier people, she left tlii'iu at the (iieal Spirit's biddin i lo re venge her wrongs. She w tuned the white fhi'ter that yon nestled in tieat heioiis linsiini. Her e) o fotlowoil jou lierbeiilt sought levenge and lias found it. 'Twas 1 1 1 1 liand of llm Vinli't I e that poisoned the arrow ami sent it tn your breast, SI e Ii is brought a thai in, and can m ike mi well.' (Ji.ispiiig at lliu shadow of reslor.niun, he vowed to become tier skive unit think of none oilier, if she would nppl it. llu call ed her back to happy tlaj s, and spnl.e uffu line ones us ho hull' raisetl himself In take her hand, and sunk hack almost eh nisted. Sim bent over him till their lips ueaily met. Had iho 1 old time enme o'er luu ' and liei woman's heart lelenled I No! Uai-ing herself to her full height, wiih a laugh of triumph, and a heait unmoved, she ic 1 You e.iliniit rise lo gel it Vinlel Ko will not give it, Ytm shall die ! ami jour scalp lung nt tlm ted m ill's bell.' Snatch, ing a dirk from his side, she runiinut tl When tl.e iiiont .-spirit pisses un cloud Mill must die. Thi I; of ill)' w bile wife that wishes fur Vol), louk on iho daik oil)) hv vour side. See; 'lis lime.' And willi thai hand 1 So soft in love o wildly nerved ia linte,' for ;i'she pin .ed it to Ids heart, and with llu their1 ,iin in blood diintiin.' fiom tint nulished steel ,1 ., .... ... ....' inn nan nroiigm to tins country an 1 , ,t ., , . i ,., t t in M.r ow n. " If we do I. ut watch iho b' nr, There never yet was h mnn power Wliiidi eiiiil 1 evide, if uiif"ri'iven, The search nnd and vilmI lone Of nip- who trea"iircs up n wro ig," I an Die Ci cbai'eal In hen llrnzd Word id-1 "..111 ers Hyp. rN'" Wood Pen' h WntiJ Ha. he Vnnd t am Wood liir W.m .1 Crce'i 1-1 1 nv IVi -.ira-jna Wood I H2''. Oil I'n-ue Aet-r 1! i' rum 0 cieiirou Hark Wlutinjr Wit-Id '1' iineiic Sitmae M'Uijeet Ma l-'er (i.iir.iu'.e.en I '.id' ear Oielule S.illlnwer jut Halls IVr-mii berries Aiineito Wnad (ib e Itnii-b Gum I'm ia'e l'ntn!) Hielii'iiinn'e do Sal .iii"Ui-io I. it ha rut!') Copper Aii'imt nv IsnL-nr Lei I Illue Viinol (.'iipM.'riis April it, IS 1 1. Abiui Arirol Cieam Tatlar I'arinrie Acid A'P'te Kern's .Nl'r.e AC'd M irialie A'':d Oil Vitriol IS'i'i.ite Tin Munni.e Tin Jl'iri- S'lhdi.Tin Crv-l'il- Tin Cbeiuii' Ai Anionn Fuller's Farlh Itruu-ti no titrate Iron Ox'tbe Aeid Dleaeliiii;; Salts S,tl Soda Pm A-lies Ft-i.l A-hes Verdigris Pure Tin Hal nrv It.'Ot Ttn-nl (iuir Senegal Indian l'n-ie Fx). Vood I'lpe C!av Flos-'d Tin Twine Thermometers Ilvdrnn.eteis Vat nets Wi minis Cloth Cu't-li Terra Jationica Po n'n Suot-h Manirnnee-e tfee. tic. Are. 3iii-i7 L' ljsr II PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. vAnn ANTED. rpHIS article)! too well known to ncedcommen 1 "hlion and the exnerit nee of si ven vcirs has lemonstrntetl to tho eoillnn rrnil mniniututv. that for necurncy, eoiiveiiiciice nnd iliirnhditv, thev nrc unrivalled Coal vard scabs to wtudi from 3 to G tons. Dorinant Warehouse tlo, to wcigli from 1-2 lb. In 5000 lbs., Portable do. to tteifli from 1 2 nz. to 200 lbs. Portable' tonnter do a uewartielo to wcigli front 1-2 oz. to 10 lbs. J. & J. II. Fuck & Co. Agents. llmlinston, Jane 30. 113. tif iii(ir:r: .s; itnits'"on. A TTOUXH YS AT LAW, fyr. flurlini'lon, 17. U'i Ol i -ih WeM. SADm.t:, truisr.sK axd maxu- 1'ACTUHEIl, cou.ncii STIinUT. ALSO, locper of l MVEUY STAUM2 of the Court House (Ho- nl Iho Shop nc prompt nt 2G LIVEUY ST F.ift of the Court I f-VfcwX' m Annie's How.) fWt, X Appbea ion undo 7) Vf V,l or Hirn will recent f V tcnlinn. ,-r?v'ri'i Hnrlinrtnn, Vt., j IX XKW YOHIC. To supply Ihe City and In erinr 'I rade, 1 y the Piece or t'aei.aire, l cinovcil ! From 113 I'eirl 'rret in l l cut) vit si itnirr. srvn WltLIAM Stkctt. V.: k Hl.T'W.STI'It 'ive nnt i e In ihe Ueal. I 'iv tied., 'h. v hive le'iu ved ihe Varchi i e Inr P, nee' Cm ' , I x"!uivt-lv, fr 'n irl.n.'lt ('tliiv Slrt '. l' ei'iil'ii n ' their . leiuii.u In Proi's nnlv 1,. o, ll. are r m' le I I i evi' ' u an ns-'irtiurni far ui .ni-sinir anv ever l.etnre i fl'cie ' in A"'erea and lo -ell al prn e-'n low midden. -nil- lv l.nwer Hi in liuu e wlin-e ntlenuon is- tlivt- t-tl ilm iitr n Inrae vaneiy nf article-.. 'I In- Stivl; emi-i ts'nfsr.vr.tiAi. TtioWANPf of Pat- tfi.ns ash Cnionisn'. enihraetiiL'eterv vaiie-y t.f AMF.HI'MN AM) FOUF.'GN PItINT In mar1 ei-.nany -tyles t.f which are ir. a up on-1 1- -iteiy or iheir own -ale-, nii'l t-anuot I e liuu eise ivheie, c-:e..p. in -ecnn'l b ind-, Pciers in Prniis will lin I ii for their in'er.M In ns iiiiine tip- Sic-k It'fnrenn' iiui their p'lrchi-t-- d.e will h ive Ihe idvau'nee 1 1 le.irmna the Inwe-t l,ei prites and eomparing nil ibe de-iral le lJles m at el -re'y m e. Cn'nb'Ziie t'.f Price-, corrcele I with eirrV varialion of tl.e Mnrl ft, niepkued in the hands of buyers. .ipru '.I, -11. -lit II VA It. US TO I.HA-I. KOIt A VP, I.AItHI'. FAIIM 3 ncl.c'dwhhn''airv , .. i . i t tji. j. v. nun - iiccp, nn ' nrt- 'nit-ii i i i'a . f"0 Ktf. ,1111 I. T '.ll't Ittlllt 11"". 'I III! IMT-Illl HI !pw npplvuur m t lute sMirj,.,.it pifa..-In -3SS enrrv il on mil fund h ihe I esl locum men 'alum f r in'e'ii'v nu t mil s'rv. Als", two olher farm-In lei for an nmo ml ngriud ll'v n. The e firm lire pi "it'1 1 on the l.ike -bnre 0,'po--i'e H irl'iuxl n. Applv in '. M. & W. C. WAT'OV. Purl' ,!C IS 1 1. 3D if TJJJZ !( ti r inf nc-sil n - tzi'in inr t h .IVin In-iii.HtL'O C'lHiijMriy iirHiirifcul ('tiniifrticui fur mmr tlnn vtvv vt-nr- iint. anl contiHUt- lo r n 1 1 1 aTitn-t I' fsjs- I v firt nnd all Kmil- tt" I niiliii2' :inii person ii r'rvt ami will itvtio j)iiii'ntinn-n In-nil fin II .rlntijKdi.nii'l imiiii'tli.iielv i .nc Po'ict' Inr 'lull p irposH nt a rntf- t ft pu niintii, ns any priva'O futiipinvc.iii a Tin' nn lunl teI itj.po.i- i' i.n nl'thi- Ooiiipntiv ins-Mi's ?nlt'iy tn ilif in-ii ivJ, and tluir, lioimra1 't1. aid lit era! cvir-e tn llu Rilju-'ment and paymt-nt c( toc( will I e at lifted hv all with wlmtn t lny Imr In I np-amn let du t.u.iiii. WM. A. OUltJOLD.AuM nt. Ufiilinruin, Mirrti 1, I3U. dU if m. nui:Liujin HAt Ite'e'M'l an. I is new reitiitimr a pencral a--or'nicnt ( f FANCY A S'l'API.F. 1)1! Y (il)IIIK, nm. i.; wh "h m iv I e f "ii 1 a'ii I a -oriuivn) . l.t-.. . f-r I. a 's I)l.'L., Hon., phiui, ' nn' P - ' ' M ' el nc .'" l..eif , r'"ll O.'-'c'l I 're-s SiM n' on hhi"'. no ' h ue Id ) ' (l.n V S'.vi- no ' enh re I Crn e Na'i . II. nne' S' lt, S i rrfine Hi ' rine-, lite aid l.mpn I", lirecr-, Svvi-s mil Cam' ri Pile mr- nml In-eriitiLr-, Fine Piniilv, Chin'. 'I1 1 Veil-,'vll kl- nn I Cravit-, Itfiinei nnd n'lier Ril.l on-, wi.'o l.nce, plain and li?M Swi-s M"sui-, anil 'nmbriei. Plain S.t'in 'r.n ' an I li.i'n i-" lie i.iuie inwis Pe l.nme lid1 U. If id C.I V.'-. I.i-t Tlireititn I Si k 'In. Sill. Mais and Glo-, bin '. and enlurel (!un,i-, iel Cap . ts-'e. A e. HROAIK'I OTIIS, Plain nnd Fan"v C.t-simeres Sil'ineil-, Sun in. -r t a inieie. p'a n nnd c I re 1 Cam', Uri'nl'F.'e, I men-, If. tilii"! v an I llam ihnn Jen ii ( Fteni'h, Fuel) b nnd meait".in Prui'-. Mu'iininu' II.1I7 irine, l.awn-, Tie',-, Flannel-, t'ra hi P. I.. Hal-, I. HnnneH. I.f'.'hnrn-, Fmbiel-I.1-, Para-nl-j Tw'tne, Wielr, H.iltmi;,anJotlicr lliinr too numerous to mention. AI-, A Oeneral A.-orin-en) of Famii-t Cr.ocrnu:. p, ,s Mr, V, II tI' nn nny to fi utnl a' the a' nve -ti re where be will ' e h-mpy In wail unt.n hi- fi'ien's mil nihei who innv favor bim wiih a call. Store .lirc'ily nppo-i'e .iie.-s. i.meiy tV. acv 111..'. 1' , Cliurch -ir'. el. Hiirluuiin, May 10 ISIt. dD'f um run, TFST re.tittsl, a I're-b M.pplv of COMtKFSS WA I, in bn.e if one and Iwu dnzen each, and for mle Iv CI-O. PI-.TFItSOX. Hnrhniion, May 7, 15-11. A3 if Il"l!l'. I'AlMMt. Ilou-e Pa er, n or'ed u'tahtv. and nLW Patterns, verv 1 heap, ui-t -Mav 1C. 1811. 50 II. W. CATUX. SOO J:; 100 IIS 1M.ATI S. Ac. ItOXKSTin Plnicl-SX and eira size-, r,0 Hulls Iron Wire. .Nu. 1 tn 18, Sheri Copper, Tinned nutlHh'.cU livels, Copper liieis nml I nr-, Ho lUtppcr, with a cenprnl a-srr'menl o Ti.nicis Ton's, STltO.MiS & Ci. May 10, Ml. 50 Woo! '11--. J-W TIIF. Urilt.lNCTOV Mill. COMPANY are leadyt Ti'i'i'neWi . 1 tu i-nii-ifar'nre int" Itrotd Cloth, on tin' -nine lerui- ns lieie). '' ic, I y M'--i" . line!.. I".. 11 nnd It.ilhh'iu, ho oil- el e e I in rem .111. Farmer-, Mer.-h ml-or n'her-, w Im are wi-hunr m haie Wool man fa tmel lor the r own u-o or for market, ean have 11 done m ihe ' e-) manner. SI I) SKY I! Mil OW, April 23, 1811. 17 Amnt for !!. M. Co. am I'll i tan 1 ! yv' I -. AND GlhXnUA L S VAGI HOUSE, IJY IV. T A Y I Olt. CoeitT lloctn Sui'abk, P.U'.ungto.v, Vt. 2"i liaiiukrichit t'ar.juiul her neck. She, In re- marW pn;c Alm, vu tipailfjrCI. SIMUXfi (JOODS. A I.nrireanl Clinlec Assorlmen of HTM'I.E A.YJ I'A.XCY (iOI.DS, Ju l le eived In III New V' rl. ' )' BOYNTON st BUIMM'HT. CjATIN nnd I'.m) n i Vrtl Sl.liwl-, PI nn Do Lain i ) tin , Muslin oe t.ane-, I nil?, it nu;i, 1 unit no- nie Mii-I ad, Piin c' I.iimiis and .Mushu, Alpine lluiul a iliiec, lto-ier,('l v''-. ''' iOO PIF.'TSPh'INTS, 1 1 ViuiL'tf I'autrnu. tin 1.01c. niet'ciii'i m i -,,rtpti c-lmini;-, 1 ie:,ini', o.tu-nnry I iiinni'i., Plui.l., Umuliiiiu, In-11 I. men, nrowi Hull iud. u larzu iisMirtineat of S .miner ( I'h- r.n (iauibrot iis nnd lanu i- Ua v 111 In Ic- no) menu, i-isl, ,1 ietv thniee tlcciinii of l)noit Cuilla an Vr-risos ttrnert It s. Mol t-m , Itiown S i'.ir, l.t. il'.'o , Y011.1t' llymni, Hy on, llv-nii bk'ti, nu I Imperial lca. tolltt', Gin L-e'r. Ite e. It.ll-'ii. and Spur 11' all 1 111 U, ( met. try and (j.iob Ware, Nmb, Saltt, Flour and Fi h. Will tt.'p'i on hand a iron I assortment of HOOTS and r-HOHS ii nil bun's, itud wt rl. mn.Ie to inea.ure by u wotkiuau netsts an reel uimeiuianon. Ilinelursh, lay lib, 1811. Bl On nf n i o.noo It. I l 'ITHt nrd .10 !. ' IHN (II I S Ntanii'd in t Ian ti (or Cctkh nt lie hlfU-s cee. HA J?D VAiI5. QTItOXOS ,f- Co. have retetvt'd nn I ofcr to p .r- ehi-.r-'t ery Rfiieril aorunonl of 11AIIO WAKF, ainuii j:t wl i-c m iy Le lojn I the following wu : I! Ul- nu 1 S"rr", IS'' ru H- ami Amerii'an La'chc1-', Cho t nml Window Hlind Hinge-, W ie t bee . .s-prmi;-, Mori 1. e He It r.nil.-, C a'eil I'.. II Spr ns, He I Or.ui -, Hon e Hellf, Hand, Tower, Flat tpriu?, Sqtarc and.Monl.ev Tail, T11111L and llie-t H.onlle-, 0. 1r itu lt.ii.t'-s, Fire Irmi-, I!fii"h Vice, lirass Hnui'ii- on plate?, Japau'd do. .S. rew I' ilbe-, Hat and C. al I'm-, Itiiic, Ilm'.-- ainl Hi nit's, Sh t n-Serew-, Snd b-an I Plates, Pad l,"i,-, Tiuuk do., CuploarJdo., Till do., Che 1 tl... 1. 'i'u -hta'.ed and Coie avc Auger?, Hi-nee- nu I Hi i-, Het its, I' riner Chi el, Jo tier-, Mori ire and Socket do. ( , It ns-lavi 1 rs.Ciinlilfl-, Suit! e anil d.i' le Plane Itmis, I'... ..on i. In iiI'iul'. ll.iiid an I Ripnam Saws. Knives tin I F"r:.-, ("irver-, Mtvl, Hntber If. nve-, Hie.idand Shoe Knives, Priuu.ui do, Pnt'l el and Pen .lo. till-. Mill do. flit Ih-tnrddo. bnlf round do. , Horse lta 11-, lira- llm f,C irlain rinsr ,'l ea bell-, ,, .. . t. . , ...'.. .1 tape ...eit-iut-, liui.lT S.U.1II1-, oaa tion?, 1 an 01V do., Hr.i I.-. Tn1 Ic S.10011-. Table IlincP". Cu'iiiit' Nipper-, Head Awl-, Sah Faslenen, it 1 r.'.fl.i r-. C' r Scitw-. H.tii'l Vices, Trowels, fieri Yuri ,50 0IOOII1 ..(Jri'llrna-.Sauccpan, I'.iiaaiel'd Mus 111 Keiile-, He.loWf Pine-. IM id) ,( 'upper Wire, Screw pulhe-, Axletln. Mi Ii llniicr-, i"Mieiuei,, iron aipi.uu.-, tiun ou , IHI O HV- Ul. . .,.'. 'I?, Few er Cock., num.' I t'ltr-, llu'ter Iryere,, (t iTn-.o, Fijiiic p,in, It i' Tii.i !.. i. mid lv.ay It le., M iite.-, t.a.iu'' tin Sue I'livvr-, Mabojj.oiy Knob-, Snap Iluuiu.eit, Carpet do. Screw irnehes, Uruad llaicbclr, Sh'iii.'bai?dn. llriiSkiiiimeri', Saw Sent, AciSc, Al o, IUAVV llAHDWAltF. Anvil-, Vice-, Cust .S eel, Plated and Iron Shovel 1111 si, ma,,., 11 .im rorh, tinv no. lim imr.-, rn i Kail-, 'I race Chain-, Iron Wire, Urass Kettle-, eVc May 23, Idll. 51 I'l.Otllt. 1 0 0","'s Su erline Flour " Jlernnatons" D V JL 51) half l Is do do S'ay ri. 50 S IHO.NCS & Co. IMlsTTTHAIRS!! CHAIRS!!! F.SPF.CTFUI.I.Y inform ibe public that they will lit rt-ilti r c irry on ihe CH Mil iinkins bu- nes. at I 10 oli staml 0 I IIAVnn, rsi caut tv Co.. on Church Si., two doors ninth ol the Conntv llon-e. and f.el warrinlidui snyinu that lliey cm fium-li as indsome niiililur'.tile nn nril'ie tn this line, as was r oheted in l.iirliii'.'lou, and on as low terms lease call nml exiiiune. All Kin I- ol Chins, Sciiei--, hetlee-eraille, nml inol. made to ta'der. Old CI airs repaired tin. I short nonce. Co'inlry Produce of all kn.d- Uen la exi n.oi'e tor eiii'r-. JOHN O. DACCFIT, IIAUI.I It. SIUAHT. R.irlinston, Mny I, lStl, -19 A (,'OOD n-rtirtment of Hroud Cloth-. Pliui and f Fancy Cas imeits, Hieh Vniiiijj., Draptl'Ke. Tweet-, .-iiiinells, S nanicr Suill-, txe. at prites lower I 1.111 bail- lieu soM in tins plate. May '33, SI J C. F. STANIFOIID, I'ltlXTS, ic. rpr CASFS Anitrirnn Print, D tlu M.iui'bt'8't r tiim: mini.. I tlo lleai hetl sU'emi', ju t teti'tl nnd for tule J nc 5, -14, I I y vilas, LUU.ilts Slic('liiis1 Stc, tic IIAI.I S l.rnwn flieeliug. eU '3 do 3 do June!, '4-1 ltriu. Tttk, jn-t m'eivtsl nn 1 for mle t-y Vtl.At-, l.UU.MIS iM. I'll. WOUI.O tepectfullv iufnriii hi- friends and the public tint be lint just returned from X.' York with the latest fa Man and lint be continue to eirry on husiiu'.-s ni Ins old siand. Ilnvait n-i-led oine of Ihe bet shops in "he 1 ity of New Yo.k he trusts that, wiih 1111 rvpenen'-e of iweiiiy-uvn years, he can Willi ihe iiesi Tailors 111 th.? part of ibe eounirv iV. I. Cm ting done at shot t, cheap for cash Mav S, IS 11. 13 If . ) oaowJ' 23 Nov.. 1913. ( Wan ed a J 'iirn.'Vmin 1 1 Her 111 1 1! ir run' Tr Im- tner. A good mecli.iuic will nun empinvnieni. S. S. SKNNi;it. W!5 1(J I IT'S INDIAN V F. C. I T H 1. 1! PILLS) Olt l!f I)IA I'UIICCI 1VI'. rilOtl'ill mane medicini's have lieu lelnrelbe 1 11 il be lor 11 in ich lonircr lurind Wr.iour'- Inuian' Vnor.TAiiLt'. Pit.).-, yc none -land- ip w in lituin.11 ttcruir,, nr ha-mi're ram Ily n'taints.1 a linn Im 1 1 upt'ti p"u ihircst in 11 ion. The Titou amds 1h.11 nave 11-ed ibeui ibrn nibout ibe tonjlb titi.i I rca.lth nl he llcnublie. nil liar rhceiful le t.innny lo their lliornti'jh rtKiara nnd lliilil triernlioll when elm loVfl 111 thu mo-t di-liu ill I " w loch l'eh is I. tir In." Theihenrvofdi ui-enn wln.-h Wntmn'- IsmiAN TABLE P.l LP lie toml'V', ill -, v 7. ) '' there honhfane yrimaryranse of all the disorders that ajjlkllhr human family, nn I ihv i- cnrr 'l liinuor- j r, ill teller wonl Impurltiaf lllr.od. Tin pririei pie i- miii' -u I'l'iiernlh u 11111111', )bi) e uinv in f.e" e as' 1.. 1 e -11-i.iiiifd. 1 nu "nn. r-alcy . f npiiii"ii, hele vl'i-cu er- enns'it'iiote 1 111 n er tee le 1111 ii' rry. Il 1 n-i'le.s iln-rcli ie to di-ci-s ihe-o 111 1-ne-- ol th - ihc.MV in 'hi- pi ic and c nnexii 11. The onb Disiiat. PniNclfi.t: I e ntr n.lmilied, tl e modeol ai'ncli pro'es ed I v at.r i -lint.tier- ' e i tne ihe -nine iiame'y. purgation, H a many of ibe -n-ealled -pec fie- in w I e'ore the public, prmbicr en' une lorin of Pnr'j.rimi ; they nio e her -flnrifi'. t'a hurtie. Di re'i' nr I'x'ie tiii-int. W'riuhl's Indian Vevelatile I'ilU em' me nl1 )be-e nmperne-, ami n,e herel' te 1 nl u'aleiln. ai'mk the elements nl i'i t-n-t 1' nil inoi'-. nnd b a Inirinnnin-i- an I com' intsl . pc. run. 11 in osiiel it ra leti'Iv Imm Ibe sv-ieni. Their e t"-i 1- ahno I ui.iff eal, nnd i- 111 b'- aflliae-hmv Inr is mil,ltie-s iti 111 )'-elneaey Itolh vcre. and all ni"- mav einplny tbem, ncc. rdt'.ii 'n 'I ' biecin n . wit ho i' leir. for w'-hde thev 111 ore rtnin tn cure nil dis eases 'hat nie leincdiul, they utrcr mlliei an injur upnii ihe -vslfin. 'I he prrf.c' safely of the me h'.-iiie is mm1! ei all Important quality end me whnli ba- con'ri'"-!. i1 ui re 1I1E11 any tfmvr el-e oit extension and jiotu In rily. lo a icird. Hits wdicine rommends itnetf vtronefi; to the pitrnnai't of the jnihlic. and its use bids fair to Itcjmc b fordone, nlmni-t itnitersul. i Airrios. Theeiiipiis nf Ne.v Fn.ihiu I tire re-iieeiuillv in- fnrmeil tbnl in een cpencc nf ibe popu nr'ti tvlpch Wrcrh1'-In ban Vt'i't'ia1 lePdl- hnveeirnel! v their .t-ioirsh nir y. n lues-, a l.ane nl Conieeileiier. ire nnw 111 I 1 -1 1- 11 ' lv ei.tra .cl in pu lump on the 'Ir -'l-pecl in-, tl valueless -.lid peibln- ihnffrruns lliedl-ci-te, 11. 1 'er ibe iinoit'"f lii.Iiiin ef 1' 'e P.II-. Tins is lo inlnrm the pu' pc, ilia the .en une incili' ha- on the 1 . o , V.'rlirlit's luiliiii Veselntitc IMlla, (INI I N PI'lliiATIVr) rr the N'lirit Amf-rtan cni.i.r.nK or tlt.Ai.Tn." Anda'-n am'ind the I oner 1 f the lal tl will I u loun I in -mall type, " F.mered ncef-r 'itiif 'o ihe Act of Cnncre, in tl e voir 1910, l v Will ii 'i Wi-iuh', ill die ClerL- O licen 'he Disirici C.mrl ot the Ka-iem Dl.-li icl n( IVnns.t I vmii a." Tl.e pa' lie will nl-n reniem' er liini allwbo -ell .In .'.'iiiiine In ban VcL'e a1 to P'll- nie proi 'eJ with n ccrtilun e . I Htreic v -uiicl ' v William Wrlsltt. Vice t'reslilent Of Till'. NORTH V'll 111 AST COLLBOI'. OK 1IKALTH," nnd 1 h-n ne Her are never mi anv ci e ill-owe I in-e'l the Dcii'iine me ttcine A'l rave'uiir A-'enl-will I e orovi 'e I ""lb a Cer'lIIcille nl ue icy n- ,ilno c ''cseri he ; an l'l. n e who taiitn I btw one will be l.uown a I. i-c onic gi' r-. 'I h" f illow.uir ln'lil v re-ppe'nb'e pero'if have been appi'iii'e.t neeie-for he Mi'eol 'he nhi.e named .Viislil's Indliin Vegetable I'ills. OF TUB N 'Bill IMri'.tCAM COLLtC.fl t'l lll-ALTll. Uil'.STS IV-'. A: S,c ir, S. F. I, D. Daii t Co., Hiirlaia'tin ; Fran is l.aelart. Cnlebe-leri Mor on & Clnrl , Willueinj Lorin Tv'er, l -i"t; .1,11. Tower A Son, I n 'trh'll; A. Harney, J. L- in-in,.Ierteli": 01. icon '.'-, I.. II. iireen, ii.ciuiii n-i ; .1.1!. Dde, llnntimr on ; Moii-on tV Iienn, Hn-'. I ; M' n- 11 tV, I.iiici.ini A. P. It .-e. e, New-Haven i 1!. San 'ennui, W. .Mil'nn j 0. I.. Dr.t'-e, Milieu; '.'on. Av e-, Mil'on Fail-; Marin Win iinfiw.,lil Sni'he. Cnnibriilsft W. S it C. P. W 1 ..!, W.-t f r.';S W. llnifhtV Co.. Fairfax ; II. Ci o'., Shel '"111; Win. II. Vi. l e, lline-' " ; S. II. Hnrncs, ''barb 'le; Tupi e.-.f- HeiirMnde, St irks! oro i.'n , Sh ile A: W. Ii) , Fe.r.-i 1 rith. Tlie only O lice in Ho-t. a where the In ban Vc 'e 'a' !' P'H - cn ' e 1 li'i'tle-l I - a ' 9P, TKt:.MOXT STRKHT. )g Pr n in il can I Oeneral I'epui, IG3 Kn e rtei, Pluli Vlplna. 33yl FOR SALi: I1Y TIIF CllOSS, ai.o AT KFTaH II Hy Pl.t K &: SPF.AIt. fViQ. The fib-eril ers nro conlini). (sij3 nl'v supplied with FVI.KV tJSci AlflH l.i: in Ihe nl I innth, I pi), ,,f ,. Oilieilik nnd Patent kind-, Mc h.'iiial wnier- fmm Sarntora tlu. from (nlflonia, t nutu'a 5 Mi,n W Liquor ,(pure) c. lies i "'iracal Injlruu eiii.i'M,,,. ernl 'Iceh, Ale. Si'I're-criptitai.-put up nuhorte'l notice, IClr'Shop open nt all hours. PL' If it SPFA 1: iinnitiuti. r ei . 1, io-ij. jj.( All, jJpoMtrarfti to riiYsiaiAA's. " New Chemicals and Sttatlry Artlclen: Phe A flit-. beinical. Aininnniacal Pieinraiion-, Itronnne, Cjanurol of Poins-bim, t hl'ira'u of Po:a-n. F.h'eri"iii. F.renl Fresh, Pu'v. I llierea' I'l.', I x inc! of (1 iiiiin, I X'r.ict nl lilii'auy, llan Miiie'iMir I lei trif.ei l.x'ra 1 1 1 Aconee, Vci jinn, Hum'1! 'c ' f Mcrc-irv, 2-3 Ic-tnte of Sulphur, I'slnle of Iron. Hinoxn'e of Merniry, 'Iy r.odate.l Lnpiof cl Ar enie an t Mert urv. 'e .he .Heal'bySpahish nnd Stteedi-h, O. ol To' aeco, " e rin, tVe. Ai., fte. S Ira eof Silver.cbemiral S'ew f h c- ol Intiruaienti v I'll. Miffiin ian Fluid, N.e.b hn Wno-t. , PKt If ft SI'F. rt's. II Ad All tfc y-A . & 1 AltTJIUu, ARK now receiving new supphts of SA DLER V, COACH AND SIIF.LF IIAJiDWARE in all its viritu k, ALS.I, nUl'R.Vit MF.D'TINFS, PA STS, OILS, VAU IS'lSIIFs &c. fic. Ibir'ine'on, Vt. ) Nov. 10, 1313. J C II A Ul FACTORY. T the .11 -land of NFL SON it O ATI'S 1 beret- the I e-l as. for'tn. in nt CII.MltS and wdl be .-1 Id 1 1 1 a 1 1 r than ean be pnrcba-ed 11' to v o l er 1 hit e in IP'rhniiou. MAHOCASY. Ct ItLI n MAPI F. PA1.VI FI' CANF FAT. LAHCK aniSMA I. KOCIflNt;, DIM.NO, I1H Dlil.N and L.UUiF AHMED C. L. NF.I SON'S, r'hurcb -in et,nppo'ie the O'd Hank. oral his Fac'o by iloic door-in r b t f ihe C.11I1 Ii Chureh. IR ia Vl S.V. I'AltJIAItF.l-: ATTORNEY AT LAW. S'i 7 Counsellors Hall. (Peek's Hnibbng.) 13 FOR SALE. J gMl V hrcr and c-ntmi 'i. iuiwo s'ory HIUCK B PWnMI.NU H(HN:aM Vr tnnI on -!iu wet -I'VofC'i lli'rt (Jn t n, at tl.e I'l'.td nf ( "iilfe'.c mot, ut 'Ins 1 1 ire. Tlie Ho t p 3- ' y -J5. with an a eincnt ry, w h U id In-n an'1 provision (filar., da w ma 32' v C', tx n"in? tr-rili cn Ci'llesc OrrtMi, with v(.l n im I -imi' do i e 1 plow, hiu'i him her and Itt-pins toon's n' um-, , nrprt nml torn no !i ni I am, tirr ruzc lio-i.c, in1 h'"- nnd othrr ' it-h tipti-,nnd a -t-a i- ii ar t w tS wMwMxs liuu!-, Hirl n irttn I n rn1 lo wtll (i hmut n("the bet (pnlny in tl.' v !'- and a lr - U n-nm, nn! i rpinrter acre 'f'l, i.f tl.e fu'-t (va1'!! a laryo aan'tn anJ clioue irim iit' vt-i tf tht hou;e anJ n r The 1 'it il lin?- nn ronri.ftrd in modern 't le, f thtttt m.ittTial nnd't, were ertvttil I y ilif 'd)3 rd tr Ur own i v, and ihe loraticn a (rd-n verv t x't'ti'ivi and plea-ant prn-pn-t nf th vll.igr an I U1 c n tlie nnd t- not surna-sed by anv other in thi- -:trt ' fihe i-o -mry. Pun Ii ilts art- tai!fd to t.dl an 1 exmvne for ilit'in-i'Uu-, TtTin- tna le kiww n ' v tht tim1 tr nn ilu- pumimi. rMl'I L HHKD. H ir1 n-tun, Apn1 IS, W if hi:npy u.u.k, ATTdltXnv IMlUV-nMiH T UAW A MMiii: sr.iv tttioiis. 7LOtH'NCr. Hlind. It tl.ind. S'raw nn I I'ns'foli Uoniiet-, JIl n'-' II. tine'i., tsillis, I'niil-, Uui!- liam-, Sh ut I', nnd llilkl-. .ve. tVe. ui-t if eivel l.y .May 23, 1S14. 151 II. W. UATl.l.S. ron sa le oiiro7ii:.x'i . THH Large nu-l eoniino.loos JHu'llin'.- Hou-e unm'elen Puirl lreet) now oetupied Iv Mr. Irin-innid and oppo-iib uev. l.eo. I. leeeimll Pus e gufii 1-t Jl.iv. 1'or fur'ber pirlieobirs nrpureof iSATHA.N H. HASWi;' I.. April 11, loll. I' -io COTTON THREAD, &c. tl(( LI1S. while and ctloied Thread, tlVV Sea esspul do y ' Ainerienn raek mil'. 5 lbs, mixed pin-, tu t reeeived an I f. r tal.-by VI1.AS, LOOJUS 6i U.e June 5 l?lt. 1 ICE CREAM. 'CL Crrain Tret z r-, Jell Mu dd , nnd Wire diuli . enter , tor -a o I V July I, Ml. 5 ISHINSSIAH) & HIIOTIIP.ItS. DlU'.PAHF.I) Civ i n, wrinielli, Clove-, nu lue,'- L r tur.'li. u, n nurrpiahty, In iir tV'". y I - I TO.MiS A. t o. a s 44. i.aki: CIIAJiri, MS. Mnv-vonic AM) ll(sl. nlW. PltOPItll'IOItS oflln- Line haveir"vided 1 a el.i-s t.f ilr-l rale I oai- lo plv the pre en) .e-i--nn I elween Ln' e Chiinitilaui nn I Seu'-Yor' , foribe irnn-porialton ol niefeli.iuip-e ano -neli n'her pr i may I e en ru-ted to iheir enre, nii'l bo- u lo they intent! to merit, a l.iir inro el ertv rteetve, a roino... ' .... . ., ... -v v..t. I nt'-t i n us uo into "-ii in .s.-v i.'i", ..' I e iim.-l I y -leani en II itl-iin H mt, nml on l.ake i'l,-,m,,!.iii't' lii-n fee.-.irv. In tin- iiio.'f nr. ptm is not m.i icipl in inj try hy Irin hipuienis, nnd lots lire hep) loiteMier. Ti .. I...... ori.oaiM eonnec) at .ev l . ii. wiiu ine lie on, eh Line ul" It" -Ion I'.ii'l e's i Ct iilrael- for freicht i t'l ween Ho-eon or .Sew S fris ii'il l.nke ClMinphun, be ina le web o ir aitt-ni., Propeny ,.-,L.,,r'.'fd no- fill am ,u'-e i I lintni'ii. lor- MHn'eT in either direction via Wes cm U-tdroad, when tlcsiieJ. p n o p it 1 1: T o n s , roi.i.rrp .v itnt i.r.v. Poirtintrton. vt N1CI10I.5. HPUTO.N .. I IlIT'l LM I'.S. Si. Mian., Vt. a n r. s T s , L. A. .'oiivffN. 0 t'.in'ir. Slip, N. Votk, C. I.. WjtiiE. 10 I ens W barl, l! it)un. -15 if FARM FOR SALE. in sw.1!. it t inn in ruile.lnll, eon- V ia .nnu' i ne huibel nnd torv-iv ! a"re-, i o u iiiltt"! nen ni wnnn ia tuiiler enlivi'ion, the ituiani 'er . vered I y a eo"d '--row Ii f hard wo. d. On the irenn e-nre.i i-i'iiteii eniowtinni: o..'i-e, . ...... -...-u- te. ii n.l nu or.-biiil ol tiirmv leanns on i - u 1'ieiem for nm' mu .-onie liny or -)'' panels ... ult-r. Al o. n ts'ieniinna onenunureo ,n-ii-. hiuirn' out one iin'e froin ihe a' oui ntj n. r.- .1 whi-ti i.iinil.T inipr eintni, ami nns.ii .. I nm, ihe reiu.nriier i- wen wi.i'n., pm.. .-..n Willi I e.i' h and mu If. I lie a' me nte siin.i e i near he eentie ol Ihe iotv.1 nil-m Ml tin run.., tn . ell w.Teiel nml ne'l leiu-eil, a eonii iera' ie porii.'ii f Ihe fenee I einir -i h-. annul -tone wall, an I lo-'e If reomiii.fu eiifttlihebe t tl nry faun- inibelown I'he u' i f nreiiii e- will I e ?n .1 to elo-" n eon. ern lor m ith !- 1 1 in ti i r ten i..'e, no . i" '.'iveii on ihe l-l ol April ueM. rui i ir.n.r p in u i- ar eiiu i.e. 'I II iiluil!'en, I f'.. -12. IS 11 T-T , r i ni inmitruT loiaDLIOrilVICl. I N S'W TAIL RKIMG ES rPlll? -il er her will earry tut bin-nuss wo .loor 1 nurlb of 11, W'h'nney'f rbop, on the New Ito.i.l, Andhe leelswarranle.1 in niyuif, from I lit- Ion? t x. nericnee he ha ha I in London, that a Iwort; tnlru-l- tsl to linn will le tlone in a lu-lnonable ityle, niul otd atil.teiiuu given, Also liealv made Cloibuv kept on ban 1 tin 1 lor ta'e, i, 11 Garments eleaneu, nml euttintor oiners to make, dune on the rliorlejt noii. e. It. P.mTIlSON. I!urhn?lon, .May 82, 1311, 51 3m M- i'i- Bfi ATE1 HUN &. CO DRAPERS iS' TAILORS, No. PeekV II ill line. TTAVK leiiirned fr in New oil; wiih their SurinR AVH ui-t re tive I Ironi N.v y. r a rrnern' a.-oi'inen' t f I .m.'V nn' S n'de D'V Oood- ouiiT'-inir tlie li'ts' siie oi rrun-, t'lnuiiaiu It'.ni! n? ne. Hi t not l)re - I luviv, SI -nn Sil' Shuv's,, M, VL'i'iie , Hr 'eh i Sh m l-, rioreni e nnl Straw Hounets, Sdli Part ol-, llo-ery, Jliu., & Aim. r'or (tenileine')'- u'i mer weir. Pra i DV't' Hie Skin, Cn .iniere, 'twee I rlo'h, Rvm1 roone. lionii nuif. yelveiten. K.iucv Silk Ve tun., 1'iai 'an ' . ', 't do., Jlirs. " and Valen) i .'o, Kaney - .id- ii ti.1 Tir t i.'iii-. t ll ir , tV. eve 'i. ii ..'in ' oil ns filial" as tan ne utmsiii lor 'a b or a'.pr. veil re.l'. Ch ir. h Href), M.u S, IBM. -10 f DAIRY SALT. Onfl Sacks 1'niry S,ilt,jut re eitol hv 0 JU H. W. CATI.IN. SIny 9, Ml. -tn , LAHOI' ns-IT'inent of r.uuv I'lfiiliCn- liner TV for O Coals, nt I COLi: tt HOHINSOS'-J o "TOW lloiilleiiifu is llleuine XS n t.tiv v tir V VTC It-iillODK 10KT wCJ. A'.-O. f V-l l'" N0 vn M'sll 11' V'KIS'C,-, IILCK, Pl.t I '(I'll 'l ''') '. l'l. I' ISMCS, U'AKI.IIS WAX. S. dc tc. P CK & -SPLAlt. BE MOVED! A'ixI door In the German Store. In emit'., mi web I ru.'-, Jlisheuie-, Ae. See., will le 1 und a ei m'de e a-- rune t ofhe-i quality DYi: STUFFS. Hurl net. n,23lh M.ireb, IS 1 1. 13 IE MA UO 'i RU -v THIS art 1 II S I'.S. fs-i.every W & An WOOL! WOOL!! rpiir. M.hi'rd er w.u.ld resie ifnl y tiitomi the peo- tde that be is pretiartd In make uool into cloth? fur a'l that v.i-h lofaior him i Ii their cunnm, iz. : Plauti loll,?, i ,issunete,and Manuel, for thefolloui on. - s : l'l en 1 th. h"hi mix eolorf, 23 eent; Cafsimerp, 30.entst Plain Cl ub, dirk in or full color-, 30 ecnt: C.u-unire 37 e. nts nud Klmnel delivered bne, 10 e. ins per yard for cash, or half of the cloth vt hen finished. Also, Carding wool to lolls nnd dresin;r rln'h. d. lvjian. North I'errisburgh, Jlartb 13ih, IS44. 41 1116 3S f IMl.O! IMI, V. I rl'.T the atlh e t reint mber il nt.'hev haven Item J edv in tu Ce'l iine ll.iv ' 1. niuieiii. )i zen nnd d'.'iiu- baveleen old n iln- vi iiy wiilmi tin i.a-t iwuvtars t-ulyuur to it-t'iiit iiTie,iii ju PI CK tS sPPAHS. ISAAC Mirnitfir'tirer if TIN. SHi:r.T.lH0. AM) COl'l'Cll 9 wari:. nml il a'- r in coi'pnn in vrs, i.i:n run:, .r-c. ("h ti Ii -trtet, Hi.rlutiilon. JlarebC, IS 11. ly-10 P ( ' K tsi SPRAR, wliooale den lorn in English, French, India and American 1 1 H U fi S , Also, DUUOOIST'S Ol-ASS WAKK. IStii'llnstoii. Vt. !e of various inventions b'-, "tar-b'-, and o rti, of ie ait'! furni, nii'l for all the irri.-f- lore, hn h i hev were te-li:nea fur s.ile at Vr.CK & SPEAR'S. Hnrlinrton, Virmont. 35 SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. 1 1. I i"di ol TIU'I S I r It'ipt irrs inci.'ent to ' the .Male, Air fale, and a. e raielv aonlird, br 33 PKI K & SPRAR. " TO REXT J7IIOM ihe tir I of Jlav, n envrn'ent HOl'SE, Inr I a I irje (iiiuly, nr fr two Miiall fa mil its, with I'.nrn, Wihi Ibo i e an I tlarden. A!", It' oni in h new Ftriek Hnu-e wiih W .0I tin -e, nil -il 'a'ed l.-iHeen the Court l'.ii-e S.p'Hre nn'l li.e like. Aepll It Hiirlincien, Apr 1 ?, Ml. 45 if II. MAYO.S1. 100 D.VIItV rAIr. SCKS P.urv Salt 'or ale I y May 14, lS-lt. SO S. M. POPK. V S'l'IH), -I OD I) TAHLn HUTTI It, in cxtlinnpti fi r OVo.L It i,v s. jl popv. I'u- intrton, Mnyl I, IS 11. 50 Sloel el .to'iipriMiicunns-t rlinent ul enrrluMy e- leuiol VKSTINOS, a tew choice CAS.SIMl'.Ill'.h, nnd an ex t'iiie ai.rinent ul Tltl-M J1ISOS, Al, O. ItATIISVN, L- F. Wahd. Mny 23, Ml- 'I Wit, 10 lll.ti. iSorlhCaroluiJ, bv 1 .Mty tO. t0 SlIlONaS tV Co. COl.E tj- llOIHNSOX I'l'I'R for nh it InriTH n vnrlint-nl of SPIUNO nnl SUMMER DRV OOOI)s. retenily .-l.n.e.1 for ul the lnue-t market priees. Tbt' will luet'ive in paymeiil for tho i-anie, 111 It. wool or on e I'airv I'Uller lor .1 lew wi eits, niirwiueii iiiev will I e sold for enth at priecs low enutigh to in-nre enlilrntle. 1 niA;7.'7 IN exeliamie lor I'lonr, Salt, Tea', Ttduceo, Ury Oocu'i. ol erery I. mil, or Ciifli, u few tho'i-nnd H i,, of Eoodeleun I'ltts'tt Wwl, f. r wbieh the bt-t inmUit prc will Ic paid, by 1 COLE ck KOIHN80N STItONfSS A- Co. lino jiut received nnd now oi ler nl biw pi its, I0Ton u--or'ed Enuli-h Tirelrtn, 3 tin tlo Swede-, -i tlo Rub n Oil Sa'le, 3 dn do Na I ru I , Sandersna'- Cn I Steel, Sucdisdo, I'nKii Ii llh-t. do. OiT'uan, Ten ( n! , t'o Anvil , IConer Kev, and P.i'rnl, Vttt'tt, SbovtN, Spade, lite-, Cro liars. Hay 'and Mttniire Kotks, Sutle, S-vrji Shovel Willi 11 pr 1er.1l nnd full n -t - incut a It mnionpery, Mn , I 'It, 50 M. ircniTI l T MARSHALL, 1'lttHI Jl S ACHUSBTTS OI'l-'EltS hi feruees to Ibe piibhe 10 Pmw Plan of nil kind of Public Hin'dini.1) and P tiling I Inline., and IwcwUe to cuntiact lo build ihe time required, Itiirlinslnn, April 1.', 1SII. 46tf TO RENT, T.'MtOM THE I st OP MAY, the Store 1 known .t the (irnMAN Store, next 10 Peo', .! .S'jiear, Drur-ri-ts. Inouire ot Apnt 25, PI IK A SPfAR. c. ni'.xxs. .ir. & to. Dll.U'EIiS & TAILORS (2 Joar South uflhe Bank; Chureh itrett.) EVERY VAIHI'TV Ol' CI. TH A TIHJIJILNGS ( ONSTANTLY 0 HAND. Cutting done In (lie most njipiovcd style aud Warranted. Noverrber, IS12. 26 xev g (Tons'. S. M. POPE has jou rtx-civtd ht Spring Slock ) ol I'ry Good and GriHtrii h, which ha will sell for ensh or rndy p iy a cheap as thu tl eape.-t. Pur ingt ui, JIny 15, IBM. M 1

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