Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 31, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 31, 1845 Page 1
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fmmmmmmmxasxammmnmmtmaamivtm 1 .1 n i ''''ll'lt'Tl''''""T7!"1W,"W'"T"JW wnniiwm " 1 J 't'ptu.nar''T't iiMUBW wrMinwww imwi mi Minn niwm s i WM ,mliwt0it fern ftes NOT T II S GLORY OP CSSAR BUT TUB W E I. F A It E Or ROIYIB BY II. K. STAGY. K II R L I N G TON. V E It M 0"N T, F R 1 D A Y, J A N U A II Y I845.' VOL XYIII....X0. r HARD WARE. STHONCit it CO. now oiler imrcliascrs nn ex tensive assortment of shelf Hardware, consisting in part of, as follows, lo wil : House Trlnimliiss, ISO Doz. Ulaku's l.itchcs, assorted sues. 350 dux. cast and wrol iron, inr. ntut broad llutts, 1200 gross American " Premium" Screws, lllaltc's -c! 1 tclicou T.alelics, with I rasa and rose wuod k nulis. Pierpotnt if- Ilotchkiss's Mineral Knob,n new and beautiful goods, with full plate, hall plate, and bronzed escutcheon.. ItlnUn's Mortice. "O. Jv ' t.neks. "IV & II.'sMortico Locks and Latches, Mortice Latches, ami slop I. niches. Do. Cottage. Locks anil Latches anil Cottage Latches with mineral and brass knohs. Plato Lock plated, l,ra-s, brunzed, and Jet Key- hole Fseulcheous. Patent turn Nations. Jnp'd, Mahogany, Hrassand Glass Knohs. Urass and Japined Cupboard C.itches. Door pulls, for doors, rates, drawtrs, ipc. Axle piilhcs, various sizes. Window blind bulls and fas tcnings. Window and door spriuas. Hell pull, oranks, staples, and springs. Tower's llil sjirinu, necked and monkey tad bulls. Hat inns. Hat and cloak do. Sash fasteners, cupboard Locks, brass ft ish bolts, c. Also, Cutlery. Table and dessert knives and Forks, in sreat vari ety, in dozens, and sells of 51 pieces. Carvers, slecls, Bread knives, Luli-her knives, -hears, seiors, pen and pocket knives, shoe do, razors, ,-c. Also, Saddlery and Harness Ti inimllii;. Saddle trees', dig do, stirrups, saddle nails and rhiBs. llucUcs, nil sizes and pillerns, brass and Jap1!!. King-, Turrets, (Tig and pad books, svviviK Pad loops and srrews, ornaments, Hnrnc lulls and snatlles, moss, curled hair.paltnl bather Hummers, awls, needles, sewing silk, punches, Hound knives, acin wib, slraininudo, &e. AIo, Trunk Maker's Slardwniv. Trunk bmrd. hrns. nails, trunk rivi is trunk loik, catpct bag- frames and loi Us, Ac. Also, Carilasc Hard Ware. Brass, plited an I malleable iron huh bind-. Broad and narrow Lneo and mills, India Kiibhcr Cloth lip'd and plain, Apron rines, Knohs, Lacenail., Axle, nulls, Washers, Whillle tree staples, hulJ-back Irons, Va-nisli,if.c. Also, Joiner Carpenter, and Cabinet maker' Goods .'VL-ir Irons, incle and doub'e, Ousels, souse, au pcrs, nii2cr bills, hrvils, try sunres, file., couipirs. tlivi lers, mmbh-ts, Inminers, patent hiad awls, pitted and iron brace., bitls, hand an I piucl saws, back saw-, iron square , box woo I rule-, hand vices, table butts, bed screws, e-e. tXc. Also, Kitchen S-'iiliiltiirc. Fire irons, satire pin., nril iruti", toa.nnj Irons enameled prcsimntr kettles, copper and iron ten ket tles, sad irons, mini stones, inalin kettles, spiders iron spoons, jap'd lamps, iron candlesticks, slcujatds, house bells, co.lee mills, c. &.c. ALSO, Miscellaneous ;nod. Chest hinges, pew door butts, Irak ll ip, diet Inn dies, slimier screws, stubln and plate, padlocks, chest locks, cuhhoard locks, wo id s iws, priming kniir, putty knives, Mpa ineTiiies, bailer and trace clnin, cut brads, lacks, ruium! n pptts, bradawl., nutcracker., horse ra.p., null n'r, brushes, phtcr iiiir and brick trowels, bellows pipes, copper wire, rat and mo 'so trap., sleinh hells, Jen bell, hrn.s and pew ter fn u.ili ihk. nil.. I nllnr I rvi rs. horse cap's. curry eitn!., cloak nail., nwi, ii'uir handles, lusi.i do, percussion caps, powder disk-, tea trays, looks and hincc, hooks an I staples, slue., thermometers, s'tates, .poke -hive., draw shaves, smd piper, clue poifi. shoe lacks, shoe pineer., shoe tlm ad, lltunbh s, STill'T., iron ami brass screw pulhes, ox balls, shoe Inmuiers, d'-c if-r. t Toe above Hoods with nnny not mrnlioned w ill be sold on verv reasonable terms Healers in Hard W.iro furnished with 0 lor Irinmiiryis, Hulls, Screws, and imnvntheriMoJsniJv'ew Vorkand Iloston pri"cs Nov. 30, IS 1 1. 2d wauls, In ennrcy to liim privately a specific weekly Kiiuif and, if need he, lo appoint brothers who shall vvalch by liissido at niolit, and minis ter In his ruinlort. 'I'liero is no application fur aid, no onnvasiii'T nf the caso ; no voice in tlio Ii'ulge upon its merits. Silently( without ilis tinctioii, tin." "weekly heuelil" is ailuiinistoreil lo every invalid of our order, be lie high or hum ble rich or poor. Nor lines it brim; with it any souse nf utilisation any fuuluijjmil humiliation. It is not a ilt, but a rij;hl ; not a nr.ituily, but a return of a portion of that which ho has laid up against this and similar emergencies; for our Order, like the cloud in the heaven--, irives back from its hn.oui in ;out)o and refreshing fcliovv ors, tho stis'enanco it has drawn Mom its inoiii hers. VIkwo vvho nro blett with health and prosperity, surrounded with kind relatives am! Irieuds ready to tninislor lo every want, uuy ilcein an institution like nurs: unnecessary; but Iho dearest friends may be taken from u?, and the treasures of this world talu; lo thi'iiifolvcs winos and iluo away. Mven the Odd I'ellovv is not without a resotiri.o. lit- in . ' e str'-lrlird upon a bed of sicklies.., in a strange land, away from roiiutry and Irom friend--, mountains and seas rise .Hid roll 'ivvi.M linn and his home, hefoio him yawns an opening crave, aiou id him is spread I lie mantle ol despair, while upon bis p.ilo check mid wasted form is seen the impress of the arch destrojer, Death 1 no ( lirerinn; voice of wife or children, yl.ulileu the stranger's heart, or breaks the dull passage to the tonh, no sis ter's sympathetic lioirt throbs in kind unison with a brother's woe, no mother's silent tear tU Members nf" J'hanix Lodge, of I-'rcc ''" ' '. ." "? "."V"' piie,--but even tiieie he will liinl m his ex tremity .1 brother unit a friend In relievo his ne cessity; and should tlul dread Miinmons come which soniior or laler must cimiui to all, we iniku provision for his decent, and gath ering around h s grave in solemn array, mingle in tho hist sad ollicet) which are rendered to hu manity. Nor is this all, should lie have left behind him objects of affliction, w hii h were dearer to MY SIOTIllUftf COOD-HV. BY THOMAS It, lOI'LKV. My mother's "good-by" 1 hear it still It conns my eves with tears to fill) It conns in Iho hours of lonely prief. And it brings mo n ad yet sweet rthifj It tells tnc of one who will love me still, II my fortune be pood or be ever so ill And n face full of kindniss comes up to my eye As I listen again to that last good-l.y. My mother's "good-by" ll comes to mo Like a peace-bc-still to the troubled sea j entice, And when passion, would sway, or temptations I hear iho sound of a warning voice, ".My son, this world is a w orld of sin, And there's many a tempting vice therein, Hut slum them nil, nn 1 iluir presence fly, And God will protect thee Oood-by, good-by!" My mother's "good-by" I was very young When sadly Hie words lust fell from her tongue i Hut they cling lo me stilt us a part i f my life, My aid in iho world's unfeeling strife! They ct'iiie in the morn, and they come in the tve To bring lo my sad heart dream, of heaven j And many a lime I have thought, with a sigh. That an angel speaks in a mother's good-by. A I) I) R E S S 7 Delivered on the Annuttl Fist'iral of St. .Inin tlir. Ilraiit1ist, Dic.ilT. 18-14, to and arreptrd Masons" and the ' hall J.odgc of I. (J. of O. '. White- liV It. It. KAMI, r.SQ. 4. CARD. MINSMAID & BROTHERS DKSlllK lo inform their customer- and the public C'tiernMy tint tln-ir winter swrk uniuocH will bo (on ud umuintly extrirMVi. pnod and clienp. iItiili luii' nnd cire hns Ikmmi s-prn in sckvlinr. and Imm mitlp i vmiod nnd beautiful n?orlmcnt of the d i Hero nt Kinds of Goods which am expected lo bo found nt our whilst we do not cxprrt tn Iiae every thini; tint is callod fur, wu would t-nv that mir ns.-ortmetit is bet ter til ecr, wo haiu ifl l".I tnuny new nMichh nrv et hciore kept, nnd ihev wrro bnuyht nt low prkes and will be sold decidedly oir, muc . lower than ev er sold In town. Ihimims "THAMES. We woultt putK-uhirly viniit all w lio w isli to huv the verv best finished Mihosrinv fianud UuoUimr f Mas sl's. l.iicc and amall wiih one ( r two nlattf, to look at our assortment, wu believe we luve the most extensive nnd the rerv elw ni i. ti:a and coFwn pots. Ton P.O. for ii five sbil inf.. In ibis line we shall of. fer Tea Put. Candlesticks. Lamps, Cons. .Spool fjtands, I'aMnrs and oilier l!ni.inmi Miial; llra.s and Plated f! nods vi ry cheap, purelnsi rs may mike n saving hv lookme at ours before llu-v buy. Wko-, 'Tr "3 diiT-yolTy. (lold and hdver W.VTUIH'.S vvnl be nlleied at v. ry low prices according to ny. Ouriissorimint of La dies' and Oeiiileuieu's kings, Pins, and l'.ioielus, will be found veryailraeiive. (Jold and Sione lcl, of very preily Flyles, Also, Hair llraeclels vviili (.old clasps anil snaps. A great vandv of Sione llrooches for I.-idies and (J nileuii-n, (lold Tiiiinhles, Snip., Clasps, I'.ar Hoops and ltinu", liold Chains and Keys of various pitlern. A great vanity of Puis and Lockel for hair and inimaturLS. JET iOOS. A bi aulifiil lot of Jet llosom. Pun, Kings, Uracelcts, Chains, Snaps, Clasp., Hair Pins, c. ham ri.n, ivc. J'lirmls and Urethral of the Mystic Tie: Wo nicol around this festive board lo com mcinorato a diy over lu.'ld dear by all omul .Ma sons. On an occasion like this, it vv as moot nnd proper that kindred hearts should join you, ami though we, of tho Independent Order of Odd l-'cllows, cannot share with you in all Iho mys teries of your Craft, vet wo would (ordi.illy greet vou in tho jrrcat work of Chanty and IJu. iievolonee, which is coinmnidin the atlcut on and admiration : mmkiiid. It will not become in", on an occa-inii like the present, to ilc-rant upon your rites. I am no M.ison as re cognized by cstcrml Fi'ii, et I trust, as a-i Odd IVIIiivv, I am riolit at heart, and my design is to spcul: with particular reference tu ourovvn Order of Odd fellowship. As a benevolent institution Odd IY'llowsliip is admirably organized, both with a view toinnr a) cultii at 1011 and tho relief of physical evil. It proceed, up m the groat princple nf liualilii, ilisteaidin the aitilii distinctions ol society, and placing all Us members upon one and the same level. Tho InctitiotH advantag-os ul birlli, wealth and sta'ion, have no weight in its csti. male of the man ; vvorlh hoini; tlio on ly passport to its pin ilooep. It is only by me ins of social communion, on the footing- ol perfect freedom, that confidence, sympathy, friendship, and all tho liner leelin-s and nll'iclions of our souls can he brought Into lively and healthful eercic. Our Order lecoginzes thi-- principle, and seeks to iiil,r it iractie,il!y available. In the I.'idge room we are bnhers, always saluting- each oilier by thai tille, nor aio we nill'er cd lo throw oirtl.e obligations which How from this rel.itmi are clothed. Ojr duties lo.vLrus each other all the walks and transactions of life, aro con. stnnlly linprr tseit upon our itiinds by various modes ol appp-il and di-cipline by ptecept, by example, and by pledges of deep and solemn sanction. The rites and ceremonies v.o emplov however idle they inavjho ileeui')d by Iho unin itiated, have the.r hidden inoanui";, and are used as vcl i 'les for the convey. nice of u-clul instruc tion. A system of ciilluio tniindoil a. tb s is, Hi a deep kinmtei'jro of the ph.losopbv of liuiuan nature, and addicssed to that lovo ol tho beaur ful and food which has i!n hidden icsidcnco in every human bre-ist, cmiiot fail, su long; as the constitution of mm ro-nains unchanged, to ex ercise the happiest lull. unices on li;s character and condition. It ha. a tendency to establish a hi'h stand ud of morality in a roinmunily. Tonlu admission into uur Order, the applicant inut come with .111 un.ilaincd char.u.ter and an unblemished rep utatio'i. 0 1. ill, talent, inlliience, stali hi and ollico aro of no ,iva'l if the moral ch.iractcr ol the linn he had. Tho v icious nun, lliougn ar rayed ill tho panoply of wealth and power, has shrunk fmm our severe orJe il, or else has been exposed in his vain attempt to pollulo our sauc. tu.iry wilh his unholy piesnuce. II Highly vice has been lliru-t back, nnd hiimblu merit ha been brought forwaul. 'J'he ailnlrarv and fool- i.-h distinctions of society, founded upon wealth alone, are not known in our Ijoilge, and the huinhln but inentous broiher lia-i found thai among Odd follows, at least, his worth is duly approi'iatei'. It is a highly social institution. Its tendency to prom .te friendship and good feeling am mg Us members, is one ol its in isl beautilul Ii in that siurriilar cnininiiiilon of feeling; and in terest, which it is our happiness to chcnh. It i.s an cstahlislied fact that applicants for charily vv II increase, as tho means of obtaining that charity aro rendered more easy; and so long as '.here exists ch.iritahlo societies, there will spring; up a class of men, vvho, knowing with what case they can obtain aid from these inslitiitimi'-, will indulge in idleiios., drunken ness and debauchery, bringing want and nit-ery upon llieiii'elvos j men who are lost to every bono of honor or decenry ; vvho go about lo feed upon that charity which was intended for the deserving alone. To protect us against the Intrusion of this class of men, we have our signs of recognition which nro known to none but the (Jrdor which aro all the secrets we have, and winch forms an iiisuruiiiunlahle barrier to all iuipo.tcrs. In this regard it is essential to our existence as a society. Our Oritur transcunds tlio lim'ts of State and National boundaries. It profess? to recuunize, lo welcome and 10 relievo every biothernf what over toiigun or clime, who brings with luni Iho accrcihlcd proof of members hiti."That proof consists in Ilia possession of cerlaiu words, signs and tokens, which lorin a universal Ian. guago among its mernbois, and which, to give them efficacy, must bo strictly conliued to tho initiated. How else than by some such lest could we distinguish the true from the counter foil .' hi v else guard our Jidges ag.unat tho intrusion of unsytnpithizing M rangers : and protect from the cupidity of impoMors. that fund which has been raised bv our iiuilual resources, and which is dedie.ited lo our mutual rehclt It m iv detract something from the chirm ol Odd Fellowship with the lovers of the marvellous, but it is due to candor and our self respect to declare this the extent of our secrecy. It in volves no common right it is the cohesive principle of our union our legitimate and no- ces.ary melius of sell-preservation recedes from tlio face of the sleeping waters, lot us bring our sacrifice of praio and thanks giving to liim who arched the firnument to linn who wove Iho rainbow who. o awfully pervading spirit lights up the sunbeam in the morning and walks upon the pinions of the mid night storm. Tims will you confer honor upon an institution vv Inch has stood as a monument to the world of lovo and truth, and your names will iug a largo slieet Iron vessel, standing lieai his secretary, filled with uselim papers, per ceived 11 black morocco porket-book. lie opened it hastily, found it filled with hunk notes, niiifiiiiiiiediitfly informed Ids master of the joyous discovery. It would tic diffi cult to express the surprise nnd leniorso of the li-iinii. lie went ut unco to the hai rack:. will rest forever. em iiazon its escuicneons as part 01 tin bright f ,. ,, i,,,,-,.,! ,, ffieer to us.eni roll of worthies upon whoso characters fame i,i , i,..r . 1 1. . t. i. . . . r n i. 1, luit, tuiiiii: 111:111 in 1 1 Hi j 11 cat; 11 1: ill .ill he apologized fur tho unjust suspicions lie h id entertained toward Joseph, unit offered liim any reparation ho might require. 'All I ask of you, sir, is that, hencefoith, you will never accuse 11 fireman of tin; least base action, unless you witness it with your own eyes.' It.irnn Dcscarvillo attempted in vain to in duce Joseph to iircent some indemnity for JOSEPH, TUB FIREMAN. A TllUlt HTOUY. TBASSLATKD iirom Tun rar.scit or J. A. nouILLY nv AUl.nT HOWLANO. 1 do not know any profession more useful, nnd nt tlio same time more worthy of praise, than that of those intrepid men, who hold themselves constantly in reidiuess to fly wherever a conflagration is lighted up, or wherever the public voicu calls 'them, per forming n thousand feats of valor ; confront ing every d.iy. (Lingers as fi ichtfol as present themselves upon the field of battle, and join ing 10 hip most daring courage, lliu most no- uie disinterestedness, iiiesetiro Hie true' , I, ,,..,- In. n,,v,.r u..l-.. r t,;. iit. citizen soldiers, and I experience great pleas- I out COnvuisivo movement which showed uro 111 relating the following nohlu action of ,,llt ho was unable enliiely to leniovc from one of them. his heart a cerlatn depreu of bitterness to- Amoiig Iho firemen of tlio fnubourph of, ward the only man who had ever assiiled the capital, Joseph L was remarkable , hi,,, j, r,.r, t integiitv. fur ,,.,,. 1. ...... :.. , .1:.,.. 1 i...:i,i 1 - , , ,h - m"-""-" k iiu.iiniy uuiik- winter succeeded to tlio ntitunin :ili(i m porkel-boiik ; hut I forget all that when hu manity ilenrinds my exerlions.1 lie plunged into llin canal again, and this lime remained so long under the ico that thu spectators began 'o repent of having excited that courngn, that sublime devotion which might cost him his if,.. ,t ,,st ,G tued from the hole, hearing thu hoity uf young Descarvillo. 'He is dead! ho is deml !' cried Joseph, deapiiiiunly, placing his hand upon the hu.irt of the young officer ; ' uf all tho three, I should h.ivu e.tperienced most pleasure in sa ving lids one, tonveiign myself on his father, and, iii placing his son in hh nmi3, to prove Mo is not deiiil his heart heats oh ! if 1 could succeed in restoring him to life I' lie extended the inanimate liodv of vounrj Descarvillo uiion the shore, covered it with .1 - . . . . . . - . . i mo . .,; e snueri.- ,, om iieii. er pom ll3 IuwJ m,)1(1 ,u , i: f , young until, and used all Ins pmvc nor presents could tempi this honorable man. lie was satisfied that his character had been washed of this odious accusation, in the pros euco of his comrades, who now regarded liim with increased esteem and attachment The name of (ho purveyor general c.iine frequently to the mind and lip of the fire- ings, lis for his hold talent of diving, which ,0 mnny flrt.s whi.-l, ccuned during this had Ircqiionlly procured for liim tho mex-1 rig,,rous season, Joseph gave new proofs of pressiblo dollghl of saving thu lives of his , ,js courage and Iniiuanitv. Iiut of all of fellovv-hoings. Fire and water aiipeiired toll,,, nets nf inn, I ism. which hud liy some it is s.iul that u.i.i l ollowslup is i " me elements in vvnicn ne was to acquire i excited Iho admiration of n, i I. in.. 1, ul li Liu nn nr ii V iiiire. " nn. i i)m rnfmliil mn nt I in irni'n.l l...i ..I' him than life, and from winch to part gave a keener pmg to the bitterness nf death then, ton, the widow and fatherless children, instead of being thrown upon the uneorlaiii charities nf i ho world, aro visited by us in iillbcted, and laught to lean upon the hiendiy arm ol our or der tor ciinlidum-o and support. The subject of cdiK.ition is nno c fit i I led to great consideration by our Order. It is true that it has not yot attraction tn which it is so justly entitled. By many ll miy not be known I tut wo have a fund eacicdly tot apart for the education ol the orphan children of our deceas ed brothers a fund inviolable for any other purpose and consequently, eo far, steadily on the increase already i.i some i.f the Southern Lodges, schools have been established express ly for the education of.the children of deceased Odd rolhnvs and at a recent celebration in Iiiltimoro the pleasing spectacle v. as exhibited ol sniiie lil ty or sixty orphan childien inovmg in the ion, vv ho were being educated and supported by Lodges of that city, ll is truly one of tho mo.-t beautilul features of our whole system of rlnriiy. vVhen wo visit the sick brother, administer to Ins vvints, smonlh lu dy ing pillow, and ((induct Ins remains to their l.iit resting place, vv'e turn not away r.nd show to t La world that our iilti-ctum Inr hu.i Ins been buried with bis remains ; hut if he has lelt children the patting w ith whom unrcTfl the p.iuj ol nil, we Hint in take ti.e.n f he n iu.i, the nreindiee which ignorance, imlice and slan dor have hurled against tint time honored insti tution, are brought to bear upon us. Whether this is the case or not, 'I am not prepired to say, lor I am not a Ma-ou, liut if by il a " low order of .Masonry," it is me ml tint Ma sonry inculcates more noble prTncipIc, or is cilculited to do inure good to soeiely, as a phi I inlhropist, I bid il Ood speed in its noble undertaking. I'his opposition, we are persuaded, is the rc- everv one, none hich I am about lnL'n . to relate, nnd which is strictly true. It A lire broke out at night, toward tho end prows, too, that greatness of the soul is to ho of Autumn, in 1829, in lliu vast warehouse , f,i j ,K. ,,, m,he as well as in the of the lo the royal guards, most elevated classes of the social older. ami iioui tins uuilding, tilled with couitmsti blu materials, hefoio its progress could ho ar rested, il readied the sumptuous dwelling of the purveyor, It, iron Desc.irville. l'.iiou Desciiville, the father of a numerous family, thought onlv of saving his children, thu The winter of vvilhonl being ex tremely rigorous .was long nnd unhealthy ; mauv of tin; inli its of Paris suffered to inflate Hie lungs, lie continued his efforts for some. timefiircing air into the lungs, -tud then pressing tmon the chest, so as lo intimate tho process of respiration. I!l,inkels were broughf. hy some of the bystanders, which were wann ed and wrapped loiind him ; the region of his stomach was inlihed rapidly wilh warm chillies, wet with spiril, so as lo piooucn a consider ilile degree of fiiclion. After these elliirls vveie continued for s o lime, Joseph had Iho s uisfaclion of witnessing signs of re turning life ; ho then left him nnd went intif a house lo cl go his clothing mid make use of the pioper means of restoring animation to his benumbed limbs. Accusiomed tn surlr ciicuiiislnnces, Joseph well know the danger of approaching fIU: in his present condi tion ; ho sent for a tub of snow, with which ho lubhed his limbs and body till a re-aclion look place, the blood was again tin own la surface, and the skin rtsumed its healthy functions. As soon as he was able, lie rc- lorned to the three young men whom he had saved. When they siw him, they seized him in their arms, nnd heaped upon" him Iho ivcliest tn iiksol gi.ititude. Tho emotion of suit ot a depraved public sentiment, iiiu he vv ho, , .., 0f w1(l, 1C soon placed bevond the in Ibis diy, w ith so nnny results of the benign 1 .. ..... ,. ,' , , , Oold and Silver, Gilt, Jet and Iron Hair Pins, Head Hires. It in among Odd Follows that man meels and Xeck Ornaments, lliillinii, Hindes, Heeds, Sc. for man as his bro'hor and cuu il : when, from Ihe irunintug Head anil ern ilrc..; i.oquet lioMers,,pe. , .,,.. i... ,,(,,.,rs ..... K ..,! ... ,M. i... i,,,,.,,..,,,. inditsolubly united to his follow lueiubora in the a t) i, i) ! i: a .s A few dozen at wholesale ami n tail. CLOCKS. 200 of the very best "(ierouies'" and "Terry and An drew's " Brass Clocks m finest O. Ci. Mahoaany Ca ses, warranted of the best "inliiy made, sold by tlio box or single, very low. C A X K S . A new nnd splendid lot nf Canes of all pnltirns, Crooks. Ivorv and Si ver Head-, l.oinleu tleuls, holy bonds of Friendship, LiVii and Truth, here, and hero alone, does bo feel cafe m open ng the inmost recesses of his h-Jirt, and laym ' bare all his cares, his woes, and his sorrows ; and here alone can hu give lull scope to all the warm afi'eclions and noble impulses uf his na ture, or sect: thu coiisol.itHiu and sympathy of .Sword Canes. &c. I'erides for Ones bv the dozen, his fellows without fear of exposure or ridicule JlltM A.N(r i- Itlll'.lll.n. , lu the ordinary intercourse of society, our ad- I)ay and Martin's Li-juid lllackiug, Paste blacking, vant.s r Friendship in ly be met by coldness J' hrK mY,VrAwY....-s P..m. injhtrereuco and scorn : ,ur confidence uny he A grc-u variety of pleasing Tos, (iaines, I'meU", followed hy treachery and betrayal; our exhilu Conversation Curds and Fancy Articles wdl bo open-, lion of sympathy may bu receiv ed Willi suspi. H in tune for selpeiint'. cion and distrust, and our confidence maybe WORK BOXS. bestowed upon an unworthy ubiuct, and perhaps Ilosevvood Wo,k Ituses i will bo sold much lower than tune(1 Illto Vi.lit-iil.i by the very recipient of our wo ever had ibcm before. , butv. Hut Odd Fellowship, by est .bbshing nllIVtlf OH' Ai, y . a rt.cirocal confidence, opens thu pure foiin- Oleopbane, .Chinese and "!'pni Creani, ISap les, Ians uf fni,n,,. aml ,ivL,a flll, onni.rtumly for aeXxava'i .d 'jli liury and ail ,?.p,.ri. ho (levolopment of all tlu.e noble impulse, and ved Soaps. j kindly aflectiuus of tho he irt, which exalt us auuvu inu oun (mugs oi eariu. Nor is any system of benevolence mora skil UHUSII- ( vmm STH, '.v. Of most kinds in use, cheaper than ever ICS ol nil kinus. THA TIIAVS AND WAITI'llS, of new and beauti ful patterns. TAIlLt: MATS. Od Cloth and Willow 'lablo Mats, Cup Mats, Ac. vAJitnrr. Nursery Lamps, Wooden Spoons, Puller Ladles, Chccso Toasters, llread Toistcrs, Curling and tluil ling Tongs, llniannii nnd I'.aribern lied Pans, Sick i ur fairest hopes, and lay prostrate in the dust Cups for" f.cdiug tho sick, Soap Cups and Dishes ( ( j eari,,s f ninny a weary hour of toil Tooth "rush l)hes, I orthern and llritannn Snit . . . )i..,rnn.rr, (,u,or .nll04 emitmuallv at CupB, Bnlannh Spittors, Uravy and Soup ,ajiC8 and labor, thtro aro oil or lausos cont nua iy ai anil Spoons. Work to sap the foundations uf huiu'iii happiuoss UMP GLSSr. AND WICKS, . and tirosperiiv. To uuard Its members against For most all kinds uf Lamps, including tho Chemical tirhU 6tr.ingo vicltsitudes, is one of tho object and Campheee. , . , f ,.,.,, of Odd Fellowship, audit may not improperly A (.real ininv new ariichs not spoKen nf vvlneti , ,, , .., makes our slock very full and complctound we are a'NoTfi.0T'"in & mummv. Oils. Pure Ijlcaclictl 2 500 1,000 SlO lib Dee. (Jnlloits i'urc Winlerand Fall Sperm. ,i0 j,, do do While, do Anuiiean Lintced, do Qlive, do 1-iid ,, , ' 1 1, pi) J. A J. IL 1T.CK & Co. wilh tb" rej- ha with which we-,i,,...i, ,.,, ,,.. ,... ibeoi in llh ten'-.i J (if r-iiuiimn, htoro ttieu minds Willi tisoiol kiuiw ledge, and bid llieni go forth. to honor nnd d -t uiclmrrt Kuril is Odd rcllo.vship r.'och though brief ly and imperfucily sketchcil, ilio'plan it presents for tlio in iral amelioration, ami nnd physical re lief of mankind, liy a combination of theso ob jects it aspires to tb"' highest lorin ol human benevo'euce. It inculcates temperance, indus try, good order, lovo of our country, and obedi ence to her law s. Above all it imposes upon its members, those high anil important duties which wo owo to God and our fellow man; and it seeks to expand into an abiding brotherly love, and nn all-embracing charily, those in stincts nf natural aU'ection, which, however, they my be salislied or perverted by the pursnits and jostling o tho vvoild, are the law ot our boinf, mil on which its own foundations, are deeply ', It.i mission is a high and holy one, its Iriumphs nro those of peace and good will an, ung in ni, its trophies unlike the red ones ol war, are the smile ol the orphan, the tear of grati tude thai glistens in the eye of her vvho siticlh in desolation, and the blessingr of thousands, iv hose hearts have been g'addered by its nun s ir.ition of (umfort and ol hope. A society, the purposes of which aro such as I bave described, it rnighl ro isonibly he suppis ed would line been sutiered to hold the tonur of Us way m peace, and without interruption. Hut such ha. not been Ihe good fortune nf our Order. Unlit ulo b.-s ievtli-1 ,il its out. (aril nb-.orviuci-s her keen and polished thails, fins-' picion and prejudice tho brood ol ignorance 1 have sought to alarm the cretluhuis, but well meaning, uy tian; surmises, concerning us niu-1 den purnoses and mysterious doings. Hut their efi'oils have utterly laded to arrest its onward career- Wi h the courag" of conscious recti tude and the serene and tranquil ll m or ol" truth. Odd Fellow-ship his moved steadily forward in ihe piths of usefulners, overcoming all obstacles-, subd in ng all opposition, reaching at every step of its progress, from high to still higher achievements of good. Hut there aro still those vvho would dotinituco ouronler.n a 'secret asociition,' of such wo would inquire: can there he no concealment without fraud, no mystery without crime ! Has not every human bosom itsinvu secret counsels into which the u.iger eye of curiosity is not sullered to g.izo ! Aro the sweet coinmiining and tlio sncrej coiili.lenco. of Iriend-lup, of lovo and of hotitchiilil l.ulh allMiiuanv Iraiuls and iinposii ons upon thu ciiinmuiiity i Is there mn uiysiory everywhere, all around us, and about us, in Iho common air wo breathe, in lliu leaf that rustles in the breeze, in Ihe heaviugs uf the ocean deep nod without repnso ; in yonder blue and broad ex'p.insu now radiunt with the nno bright orb ofdiy, now with iho myriad pib-r lights in which the night rejoices ! lYun Win that 'dwelioth in secret' though all tho inter vening links of creation down to Ihu meanest thing that cioops upon the face of Iho earth ; is not all a nnrvel and a mystery J It were char ity at least wbero nothing but good appears to abstain Irom the suspicion oi evil. Hut wherein ronsistslho 'secrecy' nf our or der I Not in our piirjuises and objects; for they are published to the world, cswoll as the means by which il is proposed to accomplish them Wo acknowledge tho right of community to know the principles mid a. ms of any association, which may be organized in its midst, It is tho right of sulf-proiuction, which is jphcrunt in ah society ; and when thesu principles aro pro claimed and ex pored to public right is eaiillsed ; and if they be legitimate and praiseworthy, ihure can bo no further grounds ol nisi complaint. What more then docs it con cern Ihe world ! Whoso rights aro infringed if wu chooso to ihnnv a mantle, of couhdunce, hko inllileiico of our Order before his eyes, and without aupiaiuting himself will, its principles and des gn., would raise up and proclaim it an Hvil, exhibits a character fit only for Iho as.o ciation of bosoms from whence every generous impulse has b.iuu removed, and whcie a wild and furious fanaticism reigns alone. We are hold lo assert, that there is not a principle of our Order which does mil lend to Iho, political and social virtue. In Ihe practice of Iheso priii-iples weinike no sicriliee of our duly to our (id, to our country, or to ourselves We aro fulfilling a Divine in junction, when we visit the sick, clothe tho na ked, feed the hungry, and administer to our neighbor in distress. Wo aro increasing the slrenglh of our political union, when we tc.i'h obcdiemo to her laws, when we unite hei citi Z"ii. in the strong bondj of Friendship, Lovo and Truth; ever ready, "Ik. Id civil disi-.en-"in. .bu iti... uur Ue "ti. to h save. ' i .i.(..- eotl.-fcV riix'f-O' oiv.i iiie.huatii.,i, req-i n-i ''. portion of my address io,.n. i. -i. d.epest and dearest inlercsts aro combined with the prosperity of your husbind-s fathers and broth. or. Agreeably to the tone's of tho Independ ent Ordjr o! Odd Fello.vs, vou are excluded much Irom the liuuiiil cold, ami tliase sudden j young Uescarvillf, who felt that he owed Iik changes oftempenituie which allecis, injuri life to the man vilioso huiior his lather had on sly, iho most robust constitution;. Hut suspected, il would he impossible to piint. vvhiLl the great muss of workmen in their, ' .Never.' said he. ' h is hiioiaiiitv been forgotten in this fiighiful disaster, pretty little girl, two years of age, who slept in a chamber, the only approach lo which, in consequonco of the progress the fun had made, was through her fathei's apirtmoul, which was double locked. Thu piercing cries of the nlarmed child reached the ears of Joseph, who instantly broke down witli his axe Iho door of this room, which was thc private cabinet of Baron Desrarville, reach-' ed the child, and here her to tho nuns of her father. The Haron oflerud lo recompense him for his generous devotion, but the fire man, faithful to the regulation of his corps, ttci l 1 1 t-d that ho would accept nothing, as lie had only pel formed his duly. When Joseph mentioned the fact of his ') del- id.,nn,J lo ' 'laving been compelled lo break down the v I door' oT the adjoining up irtineiit, to reach the M 1 "tiv"0'' 'I1V j '"iiil I, the Haton suddenly remembered thai rJVui d . , ,, , . ,.v, i ni iii lev , viiloe, anion,' which was n small pocket book eniiloiutng forty bank noles of considerable amount. , s there was yet time, ho hastened lo lemovo lliem to a placo of safety; tint humble dwellings wore ill must deprived of lliu necesviiios of life, lliu opulent vveie sur loundod by all the charms of luxury ; invent ed even in the midit of nnow and fiost. Among iheso pleasures, thu one whirh youth enjoy with Ihu mosi avidity, is tho e.xeicise of skating, in which they are enabled to dis play nil their natural strength nnd peace. V promote! to sucn uivoiion ami licroi-iiu belore ; never h is a hrother or friend showed such generous courage and perseverance to sivoany onu from in inevitable death. And you knew th it 1 was the son of your accuser.' ' It was even Inr that reason I felt tigfenl-' or desire lo sivo you. This is tho only means people of my humble condition hav! from re-Mirialing vv 1 1 us ill our mystic proies-1 siirpiLo, when he leached thu room, he found Sinn ; not because you are unworthy of the so-1 thai iho pocket hook was gone. Ho search erf t, nor because the tools of Iho craft are loo j ,,, UVerv where with much anxiety, hut could ponderous for you to wield, hut because the (!l,cov,.r traces of it. Convinced that iho of mercy and chanty arc inherent in i)econu, t,u )r(,y 0r ,lu firemen, vonriature; ?our tears ol sympathy 11 iw Willi- . , a it. i i- , . mil bddmg. Vou need not those strong and tlio ,.ly prison vvho had entered his cahmet siubhorn lies which aio necessary lo smooth the j determined not to give turn sufficient roug.icr attributes ef man; you need not the limn lo dispose of the propeily, he Went sign ol Odd Fellows!! p to Miuiinon you to the I immediately to inform the captain of his bed o alll.cliun, nor the use id symbols to lead company ot lliu thell which hail been coin to virtue, iourowu hearts aro the hottges in wlndi virtue preaides, and the dictates of your will is the only needed incentive to action. Frown not, then, upon our Older, but be as sured that to t o correct OJd Fellows wo must iinpiino in all the social roLuius of life. Willi to the ai.liqmiy of our Order, I need say but little, as we have access to the piges nf iloly Writ. Ill reading the history of jnnaiii.ui and Divid, and other ancient worthies, we can tuco the principle's of Odd Fellowship. It ins survived thu downhill ol euipires,anu me milted. Although il was with great ofl'ort lie could accuse the young man who had s.ved the life of one of his children, of a crime, he yielded lo tho imperious circumstances, and claimed tlio nuthoiity of the officer lo obtain justice The captain, on account of the uni formly irreproachable conduct of Joseph, de sired, in so grave nod delicate a mailer, lo proceed with c. union. lie beckoned Joseph to follow, ami conducted Intii lo 1 1 to apail l ins evening nnd dangerous sport is mosi n m iking iho great and rich feel that wcarcJ common upon ihe Canal do I'Ourcy, and the 1 of impoi l ince in society.' 15 isin de la Villette. Thousands upon thou- 'Ah! helieiume, my good Joseph, tins sands of spectators cover the shore, cticonr- truth will never he efiacedTroui my mumoryj using try their exclamations the uudacitv ol I desiio lo publish every whom what you the skaters. Some push along in sleds iho have done for me. I will inform your offv most fashionalilo I idies, who give theinselves cms of tills deed, vvhiili, however, wilt not oMlircly to ibis p issing amusement. Olhers, surprise them, for with you il is not an e.tlra vviih skill nnd addies, vviihu single effort, ordinary ((Toil, and shall not rest satisfied design, on the ice, either a figure, or the lov- until you h ivo obtained tho just levvaid for ed llovver of the lady of iheir thoughts, to the neble ncis you have perfoiiued, and for gi.iog no lbl lived v scene, il might iiliou-l 1 1 ... Il. iii-m..s u iiirti liii,iaui. I. ' ' bu im igined ih it tho celebiated liossi iii fetes Dining this oiilpouiing of the hearl, iho" upon the Nvvi, in thu (Ieni of winter, iiveie ruuipanioiK of the young man emptied their passing before us. purses into a hat, I'ori.iii .', logelher, a sum Hoi the ico in theso northern cn'iintiies is "f five or six bundled francs, which limy now more linn thin it isjn our climate, nnd ne- canio forwaid lo offer lo lliu fireman as a cidents moro raiely occur there. In iho mai k of their graliludo and i espeel, but Jo coiuso of thu winle'r, afier the burning of the sepb, taking tlio hal, ihiew il upon the shorcf house of baron Decaiv'ille, n very leoiarka- -entering tho pieces nf gold and silver in hie event occuiied on the ('anal ilo I'Ourcy. every diiociinii, crying as hu did so, vvillr A number of young men belonging lo the noble dignity most disliiigiiisheil (unities vveie awnibled ' l)u y'"" suppose that I hive been aclua uli. bieakfast given by the vanquished ska- led by pecuniary inleiesl 1 All that I cut lers to their livals of some of tlieii games. accept of yon, gentlemen, is a liltle refresh When the feat terminated, they leturned lo ment, uf which, 1 confess, 1 am in great the Canal and each one moil iilt-tl upon his need.' skates, gave way to iho promptings of an Hardly had ho uttered tli-su words, when nn iginalion e.xciled by the numerous toasts he vv as caught up in the arms of ihu young which had been drank. Alter thousands of men and earned to a neigbhoiing restaurant, feals of strength and uddiess, three of the I heie thu fi slival of the mnriiing was reuevv- most e.xciled joined ImikIs and engiged lo ed ; they treated Joseph us their equal, and execute, coireclly, tlio slops of a gallopaile honored him ns u m in dear to humanity. fully adapted to thu daily wants and common casualties of life: umbr the best of govern ments, and in Ihe prosperous tunes, wu aio all liable to misfortunes which no human fore sight, can guard against, and no human prudence prevent, lnuepi nut ntiy ol the nuurai causes which may, in llio twinkling uf an cje, blight bo called a mutual insurance association where, in consideration of a trilling weekly contribu tion, the worthy brother has guaranteed to him a regular allowance during sickness, and assis. tancu in caso of actual necessity and want. To the end that may always arrive In lonson, it is our special duly to give information concerning any brother, whom wo may know to oe i. i i . ,,- de-ir.i...,i..f,lynasiics; Ihe monumental mar- i "' '"" " , be I,,, cmnbed to deciy : the pyramids are1"1'"! ' l '"' Joseph Irend.led nnd l'i.iv wil i vear : UsS whirlwind, o vvari grow intiu in uiu tnargo inane nguiiisi nun h ive paa-ed over the earth, spreading desolation llo allonipted to speu and death ; the sceptre has fallen from Ihe pal sied aim of the monarch, and lofty thrones and umpire, hive passed away in Iho splendid dra mini destruction, since the subitum edifice of O Id Fellow-ship first dipped its spiro in tho cloud.-, an t shed Us brilliancy in the benighted bosom ol iho world. Thai have tho Independent Order of Odd I-oll.nv.i great reasons to rejoice in the rise and progiess of their institution, and that their prin ciples havo been kept sacred, and handed down unsullied through thu generations of the world lo tho present. And ll the siino integrity shall bo observed, lulure generation, wdl behold wilh r i pt ii roils joy the Hag of O.'d Fellowship bcrnn upon the winds of heaven, and rejoico to see upon us waving folds in characters of living fight, " In (ion wi: Ti:ur." Wu cannot close without odoring a small Inhale of respect lo our Masonic, friend.. We bail you as biuthrounf Ihe mystic tie. lMgrims of Iho List, to you it has been given to view Ihe trophies your Order rising in tho List, and progressively spreading lo the West, hy its wide and dill'iisivc light comurinduig the atten tion anil admiration of mankind. To you as a part of Iho wide-spread family of your ancient Order, is committed tho solemn and impressive trust of transmitting to posterity, pure ami un. imp lired, your secrets, your beauties and your benefits, Shall wo hail you as fellow laborers in the great work of Charity and Honovolonco ? That when you visit tho morning circle, anu unu hearts pierced with a thousand sorrows, cover ed with giooin, and shrouded in despair; when mingling your loirs with theirs, and vvliilu the e.iirhng and uplonding smoke of your burning incense ascends lu heaven, may ino auncieu learu that Masons havo hearts lo feel and beat respousivu to theirs; theu'vyjll your memory bu treasuicd cud cherished in their fondest recol lections, Hrelhreii of our Order, let us rejoico that wc hive aXlaiued to what vve have, and from thu past lei us take courage to press the battle to Iho gate ; not forgetting that wo aro dependent upon thu Father of oar monies. And while wo carry out our principles in our associations with thu world, let us convince mankind that OJd Fellowship is biscd upon " Friendship, that whirl, nrotuctti tho domestic hearth, around tlm eniiuuAhi nf mir nrivatn incetllli's ! All wild """""'"" .I-' , , ii, .. n A .. I ..l... .1 n. . , : . I.-,..b ... i.. .ii. i ....I iiu nruiM i n iramni ir anil wiuinu may outer our invelic i.uve, ami iriiin. mm "eu me nrsi origin ...-..! r ....... !...m: !os nf tha 1 r i, ivln oil wlui tvai. bi nv wilh lliem a rrood rays of the maiiiui' sun play upon the moiin L-Kliro Is ieuuiro.1 tovii"n iiift! and isalitaiii hWlinmo ild chartCter, te invited to participate1 lam's gilded brow, mid when tho hgjil of day which was, then, the most fashion dilo in nil thesdoons. They pei I'm med, indeed, tho attitudes and molioi s of llio most skilful (kill er is; but ut lliu luoiiient when tho llueo funned u ciiclo iho ico suddenly broke, and in the twinkling of an eve, tboy were nil buried under ihu thick crust which coveied tho sin ( iro of tin- Canal. Tho most heait lending dies burst fioui the spectators. Jo seph L , llio, was strolling about at a shoit distance from the scene of disaster, nnd, always ready to respond to tho rry of distress, rushed lo the spot, and en quired tho cause of alarm. On being lold of the accident vvhicli had occurred, lie threw off his heavier clothing, and plunged into llio opening through which the unfurl unute young men had passed. The iik of this attempt may easily bo conceived, when it is remem bered thai ibis hiilo ofieii'd ihu only menus of egiess from under tho ico which coveied tho Canal. In about h ilfa minute, ho made his appearance again, bearing in his arms one of-tho young men. Ho deported liim upon llio shoiu giving him into the care of the spectatois and again percipitated himself into ihe gulf, h ippy In have been instrumen tal in saving nut! of the threo victims. Somo instants elapsed, nnd nothing was seen of him, hut at last he reappeared alone, s lying hu was unable to find any one. There uro two more,' was shouted on all sides. lie plunged in fur tho third lime and le turned with the second skater, motionless and insuusilile. After h iviug deposited Inu. in llio arms of lliuso who vveie (landing round, ho plunged into the holo a foil. th lime, re mained under water as long as ho was utile, hut appeared, at last, vviih empty hinds. His i'oiiiileiiaiii-o was depressed, and he suf fered so much from tho cold mat he vvus un able in inter u word. ' Oh ! our preserver,' cried tho youi'g man ho hid first sived, do not abandon our dear Colorado ! ho belongs lo uu honorable unit suspicion which he was unable to banish : a i opulent family which will. recompense you as .1 n it i .. , . t . i i. i . . . i. . r . ! .o- i IIIUIIIII roiieu ny, anu in ins ueari, josepn was j j on deserve 10 ne. 11 is a yniiog onu ei in still regarded its guilty, llo continually bil-ibo royal g.urds the sun nf Itaiou Descar- anced in his iniiid Iho proots onus innocence ville. and tlio combination of circumstances which ' Descarvillo !' exclaimed Joseph, uilh a seemed to establish his guilt. Nol being1 convulsive movement. contented, therefore, to sustain it loss of forty ' Yes, llio rich purveyor vvho lives in thu thousand francs, ho was thinking uf enleiing Fauhurg l'oissonniere.' a complaint beforo u. inagisirulo, when Ins' 'Oh! 1 remember,' replied tlm fireman, valct-du-cliJinbic, one morning, upon umpiy-i ' ho once accused inu of having stolen Ids bill thu words died on his lips. As soon us ho iccovereil from thu terrible emotion which ho experienced, and which, in thu eyes of the Baron, seemed proof of his guilt, he demanded (hat he should lie subjected to llio most rigorous search. It was soon dearly ascertained tint the pocket-book which lie was accused of having stolen, was not in his possession, 'I know hu was innocent !' cried ihe officer pressing his hand warmly. 'Ho grow pale, however,' said M. Descar ville. 'It was wilh indignation,' replied Joseph, will, (lashing eyes. 'This is un unexpected recompense for thu service I have rendered you ; hut if I suffer under such an accusa tion, you will suiter slill more ; for you will hu unable, during your 1 i to lime, lo lake youi child into your arms without blushing at tho thought uf tho manner in which you outiagud her preserver.' 'I mn suro monsieur lo Haron,' added the officer, ', us ourselves, you will preseivo n proloiiud silence with legaru lo llio strange scene which has just passed.' As for me, Captain, I will promise Hom ing,' replied Joseph pruflly. '1 sli ill inform my comrades of iho kind of recompense wo uro to expect for our services.' l liu fireman, indeed, related to Ins com panions llio insult which ho had endured, and carrying his hand to his swoid, ho added: 'If il had not been for Haron Descarvillo s grey hairs, hu should have dearly ulloned for this cruel insult: but I had too mauv advan tages over him, and am forced lo hold Into in contempt I he Haron, liovvover, enlei turned n secret .Many leasts vveie given, but that most rap turously received was ihe folio ving : ' To the respectable body of fiieinen !' ' I accept in the name of my comrades,' said Jo-eph, 'and 1 tlaio n-srrl that they will ulvvavs show themselves worthy of the honor you dn lliem.' ' Who can doubt it,' said young Descar villo, ' when ou uro tho surety.' Tlio countenances of all weto radiant with joy, and this hippiuess was increased by the appearance of Haron Drscarville, to whom his son had sent word of what had occured. Ho threw himself into Joseph's arms, nnd was so much moved ihat al first ho was una ble lo utter a single word. He look tlio hands of iho fiienian, those vigorous hands vvlnrli had saved Ihe I lie ot a loved sun, and halhed them wilh leais. At last recovering iho iisj of speech, ho burst out with, ' And havo I beet, capable of suspecting. of accusing vou of a crime ! ' ' Do not siy any thing moro about thai.' M. lo 1! iron. ' Tho blow did reach n.y heart, I must coufsss; but thu wound is cicatrized now. It will ever bo in my remembrance.' tc plied tho b lion ; ' and siuco you will not tie recompensed in tho manner which is so pleasing and exciting to officious zeal, I shall not rest until you havo leceived th it justice, vvilich is due your heroism, and tho many valuable set vices which you havo performed A few months utter, Joseph received tho star nf honor from the hands of his colonel, who well knew how to appreciate him, and was soon piomoled lo tho lieutenancy of the liriinien, vvlioin lie commanded inuny years.. exciting their warmest alferlion, and adding In their irputniion hy inspiring lliem with a noble uesiro lo nnilalu his example. Tint nun has suffered a en, it ami lernhbi ni loss of one of the bean's U ,i tewrls, vv bo ha. been laughl lo frune Ins words and looks wilh a reference In tlu' opinions of oilier- ruber thin lo In. own feel ings, whose lows havo nil object, whose smile and tri wns aio schemed. Doulpe-s it was the purposo oftlni (iriat ll.-ina who gnvclounn such pow ers ofexiuefsiiie his seusjiions iho infiuiie shale of iiiiiiii.iiiiuia in mo voice, i ne rnpiu pi tv or tVnlure? nut even iho mnveinrnis uf ihe luiibs -doululfss n vvaa lu. will ihu should harmonize, the one wilh tboollnr, and Iho whole be ihe pure expres.iou of Ibrr huiiiin '..ran t an I vet suio evil has dominion over Ibehimiin rice, and all ihe aid. of (lod hate been (.eivened, hovviar. ly. ptrepi m i child, do we find ihacounteujin and ih. bps spmkin:; iipeiher ihe iel unoisui of the tftriii and tho iifladiihtiau..! Uiou.hts oi the uwtA.

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