Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 21, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 21, 1845 Page 2
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Vti J '- v s. "!TiT,rir!ril " !a'rb'Vev"li'(ki sl.ani.islu. Ihvln.iiril l irr-.iit ntnl vnoilslu iwn i TTl'TP'ffTR! I ffl lt reirNN l.'iiKl.iniliiii.ll'nnicli. Il.iw-uiril ui iy I. nc nil ii.llu 4& UIn&UmJ 3i i enceiii the L-ompr tt lietuLi-n tliiHrtiit p.irtsr nl i - - Hh.-int.ijrH ill Ihihl' the i-muiiciui:! point li-tw-ieii tin It KM A 11 ItS Mil. H I) W A It IK 01? KG ESN E, D re the Juint Stunting Committee on Itail tcityuin tti U'fsvfciiM tu !i'hlature,insith port th Petition of haae Morse and others. OexTLfMCNi It 1a not nun niiv pxcers of me- iiipti.m ill 11 t iilttMiit tit fumiti ilns lutiuon before V'Hi, it niti t iivti tiM-rwlii'Inmi! wuhl nf nuimrl. It t I luvi' tiVfii loittf 1(10113!!, ami men iiuuiuh of (ruts in iMiiri, and f m wttinlitn9 beforu cuittunl t-t-, to Ifirn lint 1 inv, nn) n I'liiupi'tctit nnd hutu'sl tn'iiiM-il. me much safer rt-l Mints lliun .nut: mitt v nu I 1 Id.- hit. U'u njipMr a Ptn:tiil limn before tht? IeiBlitii of Mn4t'huctH, tn m't fir nuiluuitv to utuirmt n hurl pi.Tf of nilmnd wilhhl the Ituiits rf the Si nc. Weair'iMiI di-muirnni'd tiv a t irtitpr il.-iu 1!. We per ceic in the cxnli It-nrc ihu nur riq'ieio; is rciumi'i b! mil lint it will In fuorcd wherever, nml by whoiinm vi-r, iheyiounds oil width it icslt ore tin hi;i mid hud irinisportittiou, I do not iindtil'ihu ti 81 y, but tl may ho tiniri' i upon mil l Inn It nn.v nopi n ut. Hul I ui I nt iMiliiruu or un inln dcln'il imlrr the e portions. Kiiniurh I think hi been biid to fhovvth'tt thirc me siiisficlory :iml ulTlciriil i n-oiii Mr i'nntinif tin pr.ucr of nnr pUiliuii, whet her rc mnh'd .is runuhini npuncxi'iii nun ly for n root through ihf County uf Cltt shirr, nr feir the I truer nnd viiilv more Important roiil uf which wu I rive ht-i nu' en. Hul, .Mr- Clinirmnn, ccrtnin persons npprir lirfnre vmi nml ohivct mot if itu'iii ciliz un of hu fl-iu. Iimii nloiii! llieXortlnvrpteriilnipof VnurMHi, i few from two or time tmvm in New liU.pfhiri-, n 'jomiu-j Vermont, an. I I'mni town in Vi rnioni puincnf whom :iie ilriciibrd .n toi kholib'M ill the Vi-nm lit nml icIiiim If Rultind Cornoniiion. We do nit deny their rtuhl m In lirinl. Wc ire rei-lv to meet ind im! J rlMin Wlnt nte wy Inlhehr?l plnre thev dmv hv lln ir reiimn ulriinretnud by their ni'intfl lint yo li iu-hiiv r-i!ht ful jtiii'dieiioti oer imr m tition. They ty we nrp lut red trom lint uen.V. hv tin iiilj' uf n f.ti iner leuinhluttf uptm Him (pie- .in. They nlleL-e lint nt Hi InM pension 01 i nur leiii'iiiiine, n niirnr wnn Hie piihinnerfl ask f.r a Unrter n rnilronl. LM.titud fur ihuenn tructi in 1 1 tmd from Km lilmrir, from the ninth part uf tour Suite, in Virn heiideii, to tluuii. h t,r mnr the Metnl nmns in uhirh they re- Veriuoni nml Mirliiirll nuJ in J: le, to the Imc nl the M-He, llieru to coniierl wiii u Unlnnd to llrntik-honr Virmoni. 11 n ehmned by the fru nds of ibisenterpti-e, ltd wis 111 necotniMoo-iiiou, mil nsn interpret the A-hhitrnh-im, n ifi?nnce of ten and a hilf mite. If, Imh tier, the Verinnnt nod Alii a tuietfa lf-iilrnid (Virnoratkiii nhrill ulitnui tlm imvif. f.if ulnrh their vMinft.l not tint V l ntmhentitin 1 mm' nfiiJmr tmlftii nm. ta (Innirc tin nut nf.i r 'lite to Hiitliuiilou. Wrniotit jtieati hi uf iheir na I. :in.i shnlt iiie it to extend their Mint at lh- moiu 5isioti, a petition fmm Ip.iae mil from .Hhbunihan tt) Wmehemlen, we s'louM 1 Moiki- nml o hers. Il'e the tlim now hi fore you. waa then teipiire a rtnrterfnr but three. Milled of road, ' pendin. Hid he-it J in connix'im with the pi'iitinti, ami nhotd I in tin ret with iheir loid nt tint ji'dnl , un winch the Vermunt ami acliucctts Charter AlthtMiuh we do not desire thij ehimie. we d- nut oh. 1 w 14 ernnti'd. jett tt 't, and -hi!l hi runUnl t rceeivr a ohtttcr for j That the" petitioners n!n claimed tint their mute lid ir.i iiiu .1 11. 111 nines ui .ii;i, &uiijt t I itf 1 the ele inn of th it corporaiio.i 111 rtJatun Ij the paitbtluw Wineln 11 Vn. It will he ih s ?.en that we nk b-u little at your html?; e rWit liirrily :islmi, and ask niiviniiiif. we nV; i-iootnparativily in uself, but of L'reit importanee t. thoaj who n&k it, and in ditneiMihte to 'he object fur wbieh it is nk tl. of New Ilnmpshi n nt 11a hie pes ton granted a charter fur a r ulrcad from the line of V rmont. t or ne. r IMI0A3 Kalln, throiuii Kerne in the co nly of Ohetdiire, tn the lino i,f Miwaehti vetm at WineheudiHi. T!ir reilature of Vermont hid before ihU Lnn ed a eh irn r for a ro iilfroin Ihir hiii!) m 1 1 CiMiti' 'ti'iit river, in the county ofWindsor or Wm I' This charier, h ihe. tirmtof 11. nny be c 10 11 1 t-'.l with tlii Cheshire ll-ulrtnid, nntt the two w ul I ihm f n 111 1 connected rjtne lcu IKirlutirton thronih Ituilni h lltllows T.dla, and Keene, to Win c'len len. ait I wiih ihe route now piti'iumd for, and the Wrni :it :n I M i irlutsjilv. no I Kiu lihiim ru.nls. wuiitil prt-M nt to ihi; public a emitmiiOLij route frutn liar i-utiM 10 II ist.m. If t-ver y itnti eUeeou!d he nrrom pished, tins whole coiiiitvtiuu w ml I ful, and all ah ivm Winrheiideii be Uinv ill uii, without thecli irler .vhieh we now nk. .1 deeti iuti'ret itMr m .Vew II tiii.iflhire an I Ver tn tut, in die reih f 1I1U apnliea i m. Mro tlnn two III MMtii I piMiii'Hi t, as will appear from vmir lijft?, c ioi(inio.' tmi ie men on the hue fnun Win elieu fen to llurtnutoii. appeirbefoic ynu 111 nid ot'o ir petiiijii. I 'very purli in of the nuue from A'i'mn In tn to Hurlim-to Iitf been ciref II v suijcvmI. The report of cuinj.ett'Ut and expericnet'd enaineer show that is an entire route it is I aitde, that, althouflh it Dt!'! itiroiii;!i an uneven ami sjrnewhit inounnm was not only lor local accommodation I ul part ol n nreat llurlinytim route. Tint the letMIaturc hv aratinni! one" chnrttr iind ri fusing the olhiT,patd iiiio!i nil thermmdtntul qiittioupinvoUetl mid iUci do I in fivnr of the Verm mt an I M.i8achii9utt9 road and we aie now lluriby ptrcludid. Uur answer to this, admitim-' the facts to hs uh stantially true nn st tied, i a ilenid o the corn ctncff of the mftreneca and ponchi iuidmwn from th-ui. It would nlw.iy he rath r d (lie It to dcteruuiie bow nnuy and what inaitets not nppeinnir on ihe face ol a le'islatic ac, were scifed by it by implf cution. The fact that the Vermont and Mi!sn bupetl roid it tmpoitnnt ns 11 local rout, is a sulli ;r ul basi for 1 lie 1 hniter titautcd, iud Ibis eou.-itter.ili in is eiMiii'h In exchi le nil other ct.ifhi-.i.MM. I'esitles, to tin ei-e tin re w a tn 'aci no leysl.tinc dec 1 ton or opimou civrn thnt hoih ii titions "ouuli t tiol lo he uraiited. It h well known tint in bi hill of ihepttnion of Is.iae .Alntse a nil oilier, I Ho roun.l oikeii wm lint l.aili roulis lit iilt I wc!I be Lh.trleiid. That it then coilJ be I ul one ex'ended in linrtiuaton, yet that tin nth r, win 'hever it was, mijiit be a.i imp irtinl luenl rond ihe one itrintunliPif at thallhhoKt1. 1 1 10 oilier hv c Initir in cw II impuhire. at Kccne nr llcl'ows P.i Is, ns the one or the othiT miuht be ex ten 'ed. l !nt alttr a full i'lvi-siumi- n, thej int sinndms com imttee nporud 111 lioro! both routes. Tliat ihehdl cbartMiu the route we now nsk for, pa srd theSi'ii nte and wu lost in 1 lie Iluiifc. Th"ie rnnnul be said ihm to lino been nny Ic!isl.itic (heismn or (pinion exnro'ed tn relation lo the bill. To make S'icit decision or npmi.m, 1 hern nui3t he the cou'iir nut action of all I ranches c f the huisbiittre. Tin re luinu no such cone rrrnee it was 110 more decided on country, ac any rttlrmd must n nccommod.ite ihnt ihe pubhc exigency diJ nut require this route, .i-.i e -. 11 -t -...It. r.t .1 . I. I ' lilt! IHIfcllO- t'l il imp imc nun uinil 11 IUU. portion ot the route aie of uuu?inl difin'iiliv, that it ' i:j i; ih n ,n'i will hold lint wc arc propcrlv I e c.i i he eomirimte I with tut verv ubj, ciionable urades flire vo.t lli.r "ttie rim stion to be Mihiniitcd, i-1 nlire- nn I a ren i.iaMe. cot ha: .; rr tu ll.o tincn y nn cpni one, and that we are cnlitleJ to a deci.on .iiouni-iins ai .1 veiv poioi, letpuiiiou on n ine'itj1. erade ex'veilmj ivtyfttt; mil throiiLboui its w Imii: , i fuilher, thit to aant ntrilnrter would chttinre. tiaveisiuj -i wta'lhv ami nru.luetue n-CJon, lf n iol-ilion of ihe f i.;h of i!ie inie pleiL" d to tin ah inn linn n itonlt in auuctiltiiriil and iinmif.u'iurina Vermont and Mn nehuef8 oTpora bin That tl e produet, but w'nht'i ihe .Sinteof Venn int in niuihtu rn J ttiith vouhl bch'iilt umhr 't cuunceicd wnhan ore and seemitiiilv tnexhiiiHiihlt; n-nrrie nf hme, fxtcn.nii in another itale, or Stite wou'd divin shle, free-t lie, m unatirse. tinrhle, sfrpennne, c. ; ttie huirit"3 wlocli wcudd (all on to their l!i se mstconui i titles v iljules without, hut ol great roi.l when built, in t thus injure thur fnnehise. And VjUid'Vith.f.irihtua for cheap transport it on. ' even th it the im re nroppcclol Mich a ro-nl beini! built v fiiiH the e t'tence hi lore ) t i, nd an examnnlioii miht retard ur at .jethtr defeat the tomp!ctio:i ol ui 'in' mu,i von iu-131 nu sius:iy'. we r.iuooi iiumh , t'nl a rnlnn I extended fiom Winehenden or Ash b'jrnhini.mify lo Keime or lietlows bill, would be an public ttniirovruient i lint it would at eith.r point aeeouimnd'ite ihe cwmtitg of t'heslrre an I Su liviii in New llamr-hire, nnd jvonld a?fnct their toad Ills worthy nfrpnnrk that if sucli diois'rnus enn srqumres art to hi apprelicmb-d to the Vermont nnd M3sac!iii3t.' fa I'i rptiratum, it i n btile stirpriMiij; tint lint ion does not np.trnr before yon lo avi rl tin in. A ml it i , 1 i'.I iniiri n'mriwimt ihit ulnn null. U its termtnin the husincss of a hiiie territory in Ver- flcd of tin petition, their hoard of Dmeturs tn net,ns munt, whiih ct uld reach no other ron-l yc t midp or unUk.-n hy iht-ir netninn lufure nftried 10, in rel.i chirtered, so couwn en Iv. Nni logo ton much into i;,in l0 nm nyphcation, tint they vitiuallv wane nil uciiii., ynu u-ivu iriiiicu nni ineae pi. ice nre in uie nlijeclln to a portion .Ij-ltie fouie wilicn w til Iliiiy ntv vervchnnml "f a lontr Into of trivel and freuht from w-ji em Vermont to II jftnn, which Ins ' cen we.inni rfetpcrcver t-i if i'.ji-i inlrv v r? eett!cl : nad, n'pn, of a shoiter hue from iho Con lecticnt river allv, o. ico l inger tlnn n v, shoitetud hydiveriorn to (lu ConarA an I ?a-hua n i.I, !, ii renin lengthened by piishiiiLMtp th ve y improvement i ilnt this- lines inetlnt Ihllowi Rills, fonm .ir a it wcie, the ihroit of .i tunnel, and p.t;s 'hrotuti K'eene as the direct line. Vui have bet n to!d, and fuch is the fa. I. tint the Im.- of 'n'muuriiTiiii. 4tlT io'iVO u hictt. m".. i lluncc ihiotiLdi It hv a Innlitl S 010 feet, nr (write 'ndfc les limn n mile in leiiulhi etm-'L'tntt on the northern t'i lu In n cut of cniih nnd rock 70 fr-t b low the) surficc, nnd nl n pom' 219 feet li'teher llnnjhe "tminiiton the Mount ll'iy route.nnu tiience ujm' mle lo the end of ihe survived line nt n urudeot fiO ft el, termltnlini in n rut orTjO feel, And in theeiiiht mih s encnutiicrini! n cut so sevi re lint the riwinier uiri!"t ihe exprdii-ncy of resort lif to n tccond tun net of s ime !i"0 fipt, Th p ) of ihe nnin lunnrl. thepnainrer estimates nt SSOOOOI and Iho tunc trquirid f"f run tnietiun, CrKiit lit r in r vnnrn woikhlir iltv ntld idehl. H tlh ihe pfoiunie of eosl nnd time In wmUn 'f 'bis kind, exp'-rirnee InsMiovt n nre uiverlTti. nnd in thi rie. hv die chararifr of he rork and unforrsen ctih fi'tilti", ilm uinv he very iniicli excecue t, nnu per I, (..n'.lnt. lie propoe in tie pbin three shifl" to be "tink from 'he top. two of wtii h will exei ed 300fel in depth the Hunt about 10 'eifl, nil expedtd lo be cut in itie c 'hit r Thi i of ihi Sfi 3 10 iitif n he "iiunte' nt S3. H1.(Uil23. 'I In rt'tuniiime llnitreii utiles to Uiiil:inl inn ren d. Inn hich nbove ihe Mount I loll V route to form n junction with it. coniimir on :il n urntle of 5 .Mid fid feet, find nt Ituilmd n till '2o leet too high fir lint pnrnopi so lint were ihe T) feet ilitnhitrd nrk upon the irrmb. o n In eotnieet at Itulh-iil. there wo Id be a rotilinunin ende ttf CO teet for 21 iie fmin Iho tunnel. Can such i route as thu lie ndotitrd 1 Testimony In hern nIFerrd a to the ltiiine.s of the Wrt Ihvrr Ruhle ( and sunlv there hnuld he bui niM iutiiv tin nt i'Xpeno-' lit il 'oe not sn prove. It i incontroverted that from Uratihboro' llu M te, Tor nt 1eat six'v mih s, lraeres n merely n'rieiriurnl cminirv of nn ordnnrv 1 1 eittirtlv detituteof mintifaeture. or niiv other kind of bui- nes nlrn hi tec to iitnin a It inroad, nr to any con- side rnhle extent to nid in i' eon trtieiion. It b nil, an unproductitetoiiip of itpelf, without any poimdcrtilde e,il .nppoii, it mui en witirni upon nnv pnoii" livernule with which It I conneeieO. wnieti ennui Inrdlv fill to prove n millstone about it" neek. Wnul.t theftj imics ol mm iroui liurunoioo to ltm'inu. whieh nlooe is nporiiied with il in the rtnrter. he irnn! enung'i lo ttuoy it up, or wonki noi nni u mhu Iolo titer? . . . Who. Mt. Cliurnnn. wmiM invr.M Iheir money in n route of llus i h iraetrr 7 Wl the Sloe' holders in ihe Verm tut nml M iie1ineit road huihl n. The nutpo-e of Ihe ni'i-t neiive of tint Oomfnnv will be imrtfrnl when they t'et th-'ir roa I to ItralilehoM)'. Will the eipiiilit of HoMtvt di wt TiH lhmi an- mvir. Vdl ttie citizen ol Vermont inieret nnm flve in i 7 It i n t the roid they want. They in have. n we hive seen, n rond to no imtimtihie ihem 2-2 utile hor c r, at fir les pi-l per mile, fire from luiim-'sanil piiim; throuyh the bu-inc.s por lion of ttie Si nte. I nnv siv without nfuncp. then, t int lo force n ron ' ihrntyh ihi p-i i i-evond the power of tin f,eiritatiire. If vou t-houM dc ny th inb t wc nk. the mute from Keuie to N ilnn, miic-h nlked of wou'd form with the Ih Hows P.ttl and Itmhnjlon route, a inc of coniuiunieatiotl lull lit le hs de.r.ihle Mian hrnooh ritehhiireli. nnd beyond comnarNon more r.iw rahlf tbnti ihe i'nprnnieahle route you nrc os!cd in lake into your c?prcnl t tvor, AMin. were ihe route which we ndvncale entirely out of the question, it mii't be nppnrenl to you itirit j8 K'ai(j me eimoni ami (n3icinitiu r-'.-m nun mnrelion to IturhnL'ion whieh w"tilr st'iiul in com- pi'titioii wnti t- (Jonroril and Lunation, or evtn nur lini;ton. Montpc'ier, nnil Keene routes. I line iwclt.upon thn view ufthe cnsemorelnrcely beenupe, fiom Ini:iunin to entI. ihe Wi-st Ittvcr ro He lus been held up in pcrpepmi hy nur oppo nents tondvnnco litem and to defeai in. Iii- Ihe llig under whi h lliey lnve loujlit the whole hittle. II n the nri!umeui upon wmeu mey oormieii nmr h.irle'. when we rilled 1' tlhelurehy wiueli they hive obtiiined niot of the suhscnplion lo their ptork. h is even now nI el upon rurlher to it I iv or to ile ft ii i in. It i tlnn ihit t'n truth in ndali n lo this unttt-r Mi m'd be known th it lh dehmve reprepHii niiotn in rc biiton tn i' should eeae. or he exposed. No otlu r rouie to ronmel Ur.iiilehnro wpli llur- liilL'ton, ha been shown before you. Somewhat a'ha! nt thn dcvtlopcmi'iits ni ihe enuinec, nimve statfd, hi relation to thn route which they linwheie- mi: U'ASlll.SU'l tj.N FA.MIL.Y. Tim fiillimliit! Ii'Iiit, ir-Hisl.tifil fnun ilti' (iiTiii in, cotilnitis siiniii liil' ltiin.' p- rl iti -liirs ris)fctinp ii lirmicli tf tjii Wimliinutiiii I'i m II v. Tim Ii'llrr fniiiwAn. Witslttnuliiit, In wliiuli iiiu nllt'7"uTlti(li', ittiiy Im sn-ii in S!itU's Wiisliiiiulmi, vol. xi.i. 393; nml nllicr t iilli'iil.irs nini'i'rulifi; lltn Cmiilv, in vol. i, p. 554.. Jii&js WjMliiiigltiti is ilium iiii'tiiiiini"! in llvi Irrfrcii Vuiiif a in UulliTiIiini. Jof. Intel. it. r..i,rii;ry 21. isn. ItoNnnro Km! It iviik nut lilinWU'lnir lliif mniilli 111 it I ikm-HcmI ymtr favnr of ijtiirVnrW Ulili J I rmilil m l. llier't'Tiirp, misni-r it tMrlicr. In rniiiili,iiico with ymir wi-li. I will, with pleA. i-urr, nuiiiniitiiiMtn in ymi inimn fii'tH rrl.ilins m my faniilv. The lir inrlt Irmn wliicli I urn ili Hci'iulrit, line uii'l.mhtoilly III' s.ihiii aiici'stur n lint fnun iilncli thn AmcricMti hr.-ini'li iln. HiPinlfil, wliicli i prnveJ also hy t lie eattie nf ami''. The f.linilv nf Vahiiiijlnii i ilccomlril frnm :i (riinil 11I1I IIiiIhIi family, whii' n r I v limt'i, invnpil rniiiiiitpr.itilp t"1'""'4''!"11' ht thn nntntiPf nf Vnrk nml N'Tlli implim, nml in nthiT il.n i". It liO''ann riiiinnrteil. hv inirri.iuo, ulli lhi family "I Shirley, ttirl r.'rrcri. Sir l.iivrpnro Wimiiiiiiflnii in irr'c-il l;iizi':i!iu. a daii'litfr f Ilia -piuikI Kirl i'.'irtT', Il was al-d rniini ctcil with that nf tMltT'. D.iKp f II ii'kniL'h nn. A hniiii li of tin! fimilv, Inuii iiiikiuiwn caiifP", fur lln'V were ivi .lllir. uin"iraleil thn yeir I Hot). In AmnriiM i thn well linmvn (imp 111.1v t-ay iHi Irnih, thn nn ver" illy fani"it) ami I'ru-hlenl Gunrye Waililiialim. v.m ilefreiiilml Iriiin it. My L're it L'ramll'itlipr, .Time W.i.liingtiin va fn ileeplv itiiplii'a'eil In the iiiifi'iiin ite .if thn IJiik." (4 Mumiiy'li. in ttUnio "J tjlntln II, 1IWJ ainl KisT.Tfat'liw nl.lftfe.l In flv limn H il'IuiiiI. ami, alter liinna hy hipw reck, nii.itri imii 1. mi ). .111...H ..I I', lie. , ''u i tul,-- iti iiiiii.iiiiij. tiie en nn 1 . m w ir uitlhj littt nelvhburtnf! prortneti ttf'Mtxlttjll Tun l'ri-ilrtit nn.v liini in tin) Amh-iMttditr frnm T.-s-ini iIip "i-tMii-i prnici'lintf arm" nf thi. practftil ii lerimi'-nt nait 110 1 tipnurt 1 nvei vmi tirongpro ffc7iMiT urrnn are -i-nhailv noaiTfiil ! If ilm M.-tiran Amha.fiiilnr, ihir ni tin. Iiarn nmie, tlt.I not think nf tlm mnry nf Little Uml Riillntt llnnj, il wmilil ho hecnii"!) ho ni-icr ir-ul it. "O'tintliiin, whit hit! eet vmi'vp biiII" '-Tliat's In ro yon the lieiti-r. mv ih-nr." ' Giainlma, what a hiil ii'isf vnu'io L-nt I" 'Tli-i''iiMnn-ll Ihi'hetli r, mvile-ir." Ornml 1111, wlnt hijj arm. yim'ip bi!" "Thi.t'-. lo tiutr you Ihe h'-lier, my ileir" '-fiiniiilnia, what big Icelh y.Hi'w. cm." ''That's to tat ytm all up." Wn h up nr-rn book, efirl fircr. in nnr nay, hut fir pith iinl i ike, ami ceniiiiin lium-ir, rninmf-nil "J to 'rri lenl l'olk, on Iho sti-pa nf Ihu Copitall".V. V. Mirier, tioiit BSTwr.r.N hie ("nr-EK and tmr l'AWsrr. Is. ctAjJte Th- Ar nni Int. Muemvr nf ton 2 I int.. iv-v w. Ii-irn inroiiiMi nr. j. ... ...jr.-", .r- cne im-rc-hnil f the r"--l( iNnii-m, Ih-t Hp P.iwneji Nali-m altn-Vid, almut li-n il is s.iicp, Hip t'r.-.k, V'mliv "in Utile Hn.-.-r ihu store nf Mr. Thiifjias llnnpii The Cn-i-ks were -ittni U.-.I hv the I'iwiiA", hut repnt'iil Ihi-iii afur I ilhni! s x nf llinr wirrf ns. ami wiilioiii nnv l.i on their ii If Th- I'nvne'" h ue reiiirniil In thi-ir homis iiuiu Ihe wihl erairiil", f.r a n-infom-im n', itli wlm-h thrv hup sworn m return nn I lake rrvtwie. Th- i-a. It-tiim fTnvk nrp reiuovioif fnun 'he expn.'-il q-nrii-r to ihi- .Inner wlllc nenn Th free' were il nil-mil niiiml ttie si"ilp". anil nur inf irmnt "iv, were uri-ni-Iv expitpil. An -ippoiuii nriio. iilfur In, titpo Iran liiiitpil 10 i Im Cimui in hii!.' Offlrer. at I' nl G li- n. Tht,afrriv nrenrreil tn the enmiirv uhirh wns np pnriinnml to the Senmil" hv iIip l-iie tn-Hv, nml whilhrr tliey nre il nlv Vpmoiini'. The Piwiipp, when Ihev i-oiiin hirk to f ilRI tlii-ir llirrnl, wi'l fiml i irnulilp mup riitouii'r in llilleclt Tii-te-nii!!-L'pe, the .Seininole chief, anil will he npt to Iota ' plenty s -alp.' HUDAV MOltNl.Va, MARC It 2I,1SI tu iTiuiL no ad . nu Iho riMSt nf I'orlu- i1, everv llniiLr "f hm tier- ... . , . , , . . nnal nnmnrtv that he h.ul Imen ahln In earrv Wp lnvl1" realtors nllenlinn to Ihf fnun Kiiiilaiul. Iin caine tn ll.ill.iml. While speerli nf Mi Kilwnr.U liefiirn u cnuiiiiitlei' nf llieio he was frecpiei.lly ilennmleil. im Ihn pari i ,j(J M l?,.,cms(.. ,.,,U(.,nll. n . s leet nf n rnil mail IViiiii It.istnn In It I the nl llinrlaiiil, hv Us amhi"iil.r, ami h s ih'tivrry insisted upon; hul thn (J.-neral S'.ites iliil mil emisont : ami thus lie heraine the f.iumler nf tint, wiueli then In fluiri-li in' llnllaml, ami is still m exisleneo in the persnn, nf two nidividua'.f, lieutenants in tlm army and j navy. I pnses nil nutnrapii letter tutlmnrcat nun Cieorp WashiiiL'lnii, Irnm Mount Vernon, Jan. uaiv Jll, li!)!), in which, nniuii ' i.tner intiijj, il ' 7'neie ran ho hut l.ltlo ihuiht, sir, of nnint, nur iip-ceiiiniio iron i no sair." m.u i., ;i- uiu i . . . , . , . hram-hc. nf itimreeile I frnm the sane. num. w '"""""a s" "ilenselv fix inn llie . try ; at what lime ynur am-estiirs Idt Hutilnml nir.inci nl llm enlerprie lliatllm suhj.-el is ii... ; im...- 1-.I01-! ... .j-..;..... hi M,.ver ihmiii sleep until llie ilnno t run. Iy nne nunur.'il ami tiny ve.irs aj.'n. . ,, , , At the a.'O nf h..x'op:,.' received, in 1791. a ' ";",,, -Mnnln' il uml Dnslnn ..... uinv- rniniiiissi.iu tn the I) se-vice, hut ...tum. m; viii.onlv in tit. ni.iii.-r, iIiiihIi mil wtllimrtiispne the Hit ivian ll-pul.!ir, f.iiuded ,,x ,(.,v ; ,.,-,.,,. jlM will .ill i-.i.ii.. in 170") ; and, hemj a fntlilul lolhnwr nf llm 1 . , ; , , , ,. , ,, llnu-enf Oration, I emiirrate.f. A' the loruii. 1 " '" ''" 1 ! " 1 1,11,1 H'-'"" "r linn nf llio T)ii'eh hri'JiTTeTiTll.. Puller, nl Or. ie.iluisy tu the ui.itli-r will .IiiiiijIps lenil In utnn,uni cnuip ir itivi- I. icililies and iui.nrlatici! m ill Cenerat mutes. Il is clear, fiireihle, full of facts nml just ciinrliisiuns. Tlm oljecl tu wliicli lliis i-ITuri was ilirerl. d lias lieen se- cnre.l, nnd llie rlnrleis fnr llm wliule rmiti nmv ennneel willi end. oilier ul the desired In lltn inc. in time pulilic nllciiliiin rno.M UASUINOIO.N. Tliu Setialn was ill secret session (in Wednesday, fur several linurs. They con firmed tin iiun.iiiiiiions of Gen. Armstrong us Coiisnl In Liverpool. Mr. Jnhtt Davis us Suivejnr of lliu port nf 1'hll.idelplii.i, nnd .Mr. Nurris Wtlcux lis Collector of New IIu veil. A innnrr ihe noniinaliriiu niiidn nn Wednos day, nre mentioned : Wexuti'ler U. Everett, us Cti.i.iiiisstoi.r r loClrina; Mr. Vurinenter us Naval OiTirer nl liinlnn, in ptacn nl Gen. H.ilierlsj I!, F. Iluller as District Al lur.iey nl'iNew York, in pl-ire nl'O.'den II.. fT- inan ; V. II. Poll, (the I'resiilenl's lirnllier) us Clinruent Naples, in ptacn nf Win. lion! "are J Mr. Jewell nf Maine, us Peru, in pl .ee nf J. A. IJi Vnit; unit Mr, Slialer uf New York, us Consul to lung KntiL'. Mr. Bates was said In tie hetter, iillllniioli still ilaiir.erouslt sit li. The cm resp. indent nf tlm N. Y. Tribune tives llm fiilluwino. rnniois: It is riimiir.'d lint Aui"s Kendall lias lipen appninteil I'.tunMcr for tins city," in plaro of IJr. I Ins nmv he true, lull llie report, I lieiiete is promiiuic. James ti.iii.m, il is re. ported, lias been appointed Solicit. ir nf the I reasury, tn place ol .!r. I'eiin.-e, hut this is no' true. ;lr, llnlun has not heeu iiffeied .1, nor wou'd he accept, lie will pmhahly ho ap pointed Di-lrirt Allnrney fnr this District. II ih s-iiu Hint idiiuiiliis ,M naiinilors, ol iNurth t,iroli. i.i, will li t piiIhs Mursler In Spain, in plui-p nf Washington Irvim, Kn. I lie vacant si-at nn tl.e lieneli nf the Supreme Curt lias nut tot heeu niled. As I mentioned in ymi some days ao, Mr Wilkin--, late Sci re, tary nf War, was noimu.itcd Iho last day nl ihe session, hul nul acted 111,011. IIu must hn re- iiotiim.ited Unlure his n.itiie can cmna before the S-mate. The Senate will prot.alily adjourn by Monday nr Tu-sdav next. They will then liavo been a orMiiolit in Ft'ssinn. There i" a ttory t.lloat tint the Drilbli Min islcr, P.11 keuham, has sent a remmistr.inec In Mexico ai'ain-1 thui.-sueiil tellrrs of marniio. Tins is pmhahly n il limit fuiiiida'u.n. Tl.e du ty evidently Leiuujs to the Critibb .Utuistcr at .tie.Mco, NEW II VMI'.SUiUE. anoe, in .lie 1.11011-11 service, m l.w.i. I was .10. pointed Ueiiteiiaut in that hrid-J, until Ihe Uisbaiiilin..r .f the hitler, alter the peace of Ann-no--, in 1502. A few mui'l.s Itior, I lud Hie goi) I Innum1 111 enter the II1v.1r1.1n service. rre found s,.us,riil iherew-is nine hnle show n( mio IIipii. ne.riv I .r.y two voir II U'n pieu, i.illm-. t.-irl: i.nnn a mere imw ilahi v of a cross tnieo ill which I li ive lieen alt n'li il in'iiM su-er the nurnosa of the would work ihcin nil ihe mj .r-.". An I soil more, i'i 11 ono of iheir directors shon d stnlponcxuni-iaii-in hif,irp,!'tithnt 111 In, opinion, nun ill llistir n nnijo.ily nf .u' Iw'irn, th.) Cornor 1 ion would he lu-tn-fitied insie-nl of iniure. bvcrauiini.' 115 a ch.lller. Hut we procetd to coil.h c r'llu uliji-t. 111. We suliscribe fullv to tho d-u-rine ihit Courts and r.e''j.i nn s nie liound 10 respect ' vi-Bied ri'his." whether rujnvid hy iui!i).lu da or Corp-iriiion hul, niree .nnv iinis 01 sinL-es are now, ami liaic 1 w-hcn rhi.ued hv forpor.m ins, ilu-v imi.i he shmtn "!" ' noni Keenepi i;,js:.ui, lor imi nrrn.iimn-, ,,inVc been csprcs-ly urant.d, or .11 L ast a nei-i--i. dation uf ile, Iriuli and ilini si .ppiha opennimf iho ry mn,I,.i f u,-,. ,s .1,,,, ur-intisl-fn p-uii .11 ol tin I'lichhiirt' Il-ulro .d.uiore than 10 COO pnrsincrrs have lu-en re.e. iv I on lo Hi.n rjaj in s v in.-uilis, 110:11 iho dire.-ll-in of Keeoealonp. Inahhi.ou 10 iht you h-jve ihe opinion of several inieltieni Willi.1- i-s I.11111 i.r with iht- t-ouniiy end die eoiir-eot hii'iues., lint sm-ha !f. I would l.e well sus. t an I in 1 en eoo I r. nun for ihe invested. Were .e M s'op hele, llenllelllt n, I pll.itdd i'la-l-.l ill tuha'.f ciii..-iis ..fiNinv llainpslnre nnu pe ;.! ar s ioiertlia,i le.s ive miller 1 1. n tlu ilo.-tnne 01 irei-iaiive r. sineiion epnn li cl lau ui.) - i:ui wiien .-!l. .1 it;..... 10 ., . ... e . t,.,f-e el-rul, or ' p''t flilh," l.v w'liell aim tut everv cre.-itnrc of Ip!iI'IUoii w.eikl lain cn-id. r estll lieducd loiuid uhencter it comports with u i-neres" we i.pudnia it alioedirr. The en'y ''fuih" of a .Slate on vln.-h 1 eorjvirai.on has 1 ri.iht lorely f ir us s. rutin lu-imi.t 1 lie siipuii li in nfus clmlfr, as we believe, is, ilnt iho .pji-I i 111 mi, 1.1 whiuii I hue relerre.1, Ihu wp lnve un.le , ur0 n. ,,! tune-., m.d upon ill ruhiecls. exercis -1.111 a ci-e ill 11 e have show n that a 1 uh'ie pxil'iu- n fo-in-1 letMs'ntive di-.--rii.on upon lite case hifore ey r, n nt, 3 the mul priji d f ir, ns accoiuuit.dr.tini so ij,,,,, n, na lie'u-ve lint llm mily mie-tiou wiueli fir a. 11 u" sin tour Male, vour own ciuz. ns; an.! ai nrifesnn ihe di f, uce ina.le hem is. wlinher ine imi connected Willi llie I hesinr.i Ua lr.11 1, aii-oiuino-li- n?i, nn ,u, ilrenlv rlnri. red .. rnnlliel wuh tho Mino nc- 11 1.! m iriule wuh Ma-.saehiii II-nnd ilia cneh oihi r, thai e ic'i iiiT.rdin" nearly civ of H.0.1, ,11 whii h hni nlwnis p.xi-l.d nnd fr mi co.nmod iiiun. hul rme is up, iirc-1. ceo-ii.-ipiiicil p. suion always win exi-i wmeu is mil- t.i illy tienefieiil 10 all eom t-rncd. o-al hns a rt-iht to re'liues fir as .Irpcnds up 11 vour own ft.-dmcs for ctirin it oil he-eifi. r, whn-hare now t tersore-td ri i'ih 0 fi'itrv. ao.l are lur.afierli l-o enjivitlhy everv p .r i n f it po exu-n-iielv wall thp a ihty to profile I'.d s.i-t-u.i litem . Ihu is neces-.-irv to ihu l.i-.j I ueof c.i urn ui. aiion lo whieh we lnve tel.. rl e l. pxtenditij Iro-ti ll.ision to llinhtuion. and ih.-n.-e .0 tl .ultra', an I on us wiv lo-.kilt" toward-ntld r.-aehi ni io, Northern and N'orilieiisiern New 't we ipjird th s tor.iuttiDjr link as of 1'ir more f.-!i-ia! liliportiuee. ttulroit mute councPtiai' Ilototi with Vermont aii-l full, 1 1 s-eois to he the list erent wini of die ..I ihe renr.l'lli.j incus for exleuoin from sioio point lliver lo fi.-l.-r, hie this seteu ye irs In th" in st Injl - whhmii surteys, or uieasiue.nenl. nnd wiihoui nny- ., Iri y as M ir-h ill ol the O irt, ..ihu .11 11 11 .nn) , , . v., ... . t 1 There his heeu sonu-lhnnr s lid tierelo'ore alio tl n pnnmction with lliiihiiciou from llratilehoro', hv Hellows'Palls hul the f let lint the rnillpbclwppll the Iwo ln-1 places is dilTieull nnd expeti ive, ns -howii hv Twininc's si.rvev and 1I1T .lie dt-i iiu-e between Winehen.l.m antl tt.Uows P ills, hy wav nf tlnllh horo', is iweiitv-niup. miles ur,-ipr thnn thr..' K.-euo or so-lip oilier ems.- Ins eiiMired an entire silence on this point, nl tl is heiritn:, If ih. so t iew s prcsenti-,1 ate eorreei, how ca-i il hj siWjJn. vou nrp r. sirnine.1 hvohlimiion tolhpV.-r-111 intruofJIas'-apbiistiis Ru'road. from anotin-i ihe s.tnll bo- n""wl ""k ' Mow can the two Roi 's he said lo bp so coiu'lr'1"''. " Bra'iiiti'j mi" involves a .f.,i-.l ,,r .1,,. ...i,ur)sll i. at.pireni tlm the n lesii in to ho if.-ei led I not eveTS-il' ' "ti HP'" II I'olll-lto leu. l-.ri-Hi. the evpensfl 'ertnotit nn i K. ... 1 1 vntltlifirri 'itnl u'kIi rn V out of tt iniiiral rliiune1. rhnr5VijLH,,J, ufiiniiiuurirTiiiM JtrtniLr.n 1 1 ' . J ' n t.U..-.i ti.t-i i rtteue ni'i-io.jr ,K. c i lu re it :n!;s lo come, no 1 vM-ie nei .icr Iinnt lid, ami Icvd it fiom Winch-melon cIivmi b it ll ii wheihrr il shall be received a. thelit p unt or n t on ilnt Kmd nt nil. So in relation u Wenern New Ilamphire. Sh must hraceommo Htcl a he a !(, to be, mid thin heni fit tho Verm nt nml Maiehu ftiMls Roiil, by throw in a hinine nn tn meci jhteen mile of ilnt rend, or he driven tUewhero ami irive tint roi I nn business to leou fii it. If thi i po, nnv fmh of Masichu.eit pVlL'el to eti"t nn the Vi rmont and M i3i'hmeii U tI. wou'd he hen redeemed bv grantinir, mt by den iny; our re- quest. Now- we mniniiM Urn m no ueh srn?o nn iliry be x 11 1 lo he eonllu'tm,. ro id. lip wereu nn-non briber n rond phmi'd be c hatiered hv ihe uteof nn v stimr lo-i.l, h uinj the snnu a''ier d teruiini. to nc c ommod Me jn hu;uei md to drun it ofiM sunn in. it w'-ml I hu one win Ii n not prva -nt-d here. If vou w ill cn-M your eve on the map, vou w ill Me ilnt fiom ihe e'jvi le'iri pom I of ihe two mid at hhunilnm, the Vermont and M n-iiehu'!'. ro id p ies m-irlv wes', nrd ihe r nte v.v pr-y for n niiv nnii'i. It i ni pn u n b d there i .nnv c 'itll t In iwien them for biiMue'i' tn jour t-tntf j nor nm it he contended ihtl th'-re will I e win n ihe load we prnv for fdinll he e tent'etl to ICiene Nti lur route would neenmmoiliie i!i husinif.4 wiueli woul 1 be acei'iimodited bv the itOsnr n ! i In. Tr.tnn run I si'n.ii'il li.i .-vti'tt.liyd mil v nu I iee. Ntmnl.i inijihe 1 irye nnd coint mily tncrcis- I( .I'owq, hetidei nceommo.hii e ihrf conn liii b.-iini..f our eommerciil c.i-utal. I ,:. A (.r fllieshire nn I Sullivan, il u-.! biuk for it im- Tuhhu uieiittoo Irn bce.i ihorou.dily nwahened in prr, ; countiv beund .itnl a!mu ilnt point, llnifi t. .iletlnn 8-ven treat rouie hrtwren While the Hiniiio' ortt' will took in liooni. lM.?JVl7.V?;,7n"l",n0 m l,,,,I-'iion ,.in!irriririJ ,ii,, bVanhlM county, und ihe U Toe i'm pnl.lie, mul iho iiumu nnd n.Ivanti2ps, of n,r:.utt - ...h.-rn Vermont Mr t I, ,...... n, ihelirst i.l..u-. I n.mi,,,0 fi nr CrV:'"""1? .' V" V.e ".n,, . "'" 'i' '".T ' a. .' J ' ' nr 1 1 1 ful. .. I,,., it, ,t nl,,,, u...,..l . j, . i llJIlnws,ir llie l.usiuea, m an tollmen! nnu I rl ml "",:","0'he rrouieto..I..iilllihroa3h ,; , ,f lf , , ,t,,8111 ur , Ti.."ii', M .....i.lli ,i ...,. i . . si llie piihl.e, ihe ICeeup and llellows Kails totiit inn-lit ir ullul ,- ,b if , ? 10 J1''"-- erererr.d. .!.... sm-li strenuous and unr. leuitm: np. I . ,; , I , l,J , ,, , - . I '" ', '" ' nosoi ... 1.1. made ... .he ai.;.licali.,. wo e. . ,1, il . l Y.i..rI.e,i-hil,iro has h. en nked, im I is now nirniu v. 1 1. f .v..,, . I wi l l, llie proi nice, and is now undo .,s, , J(.1v ,,, .,, f Xoiv t,imi, nJ i.i ii1 ' iy "nl"l'"11,1.,'"" nnji i,.,nn nfV.-nr.ont, inaress uiiu your Sine nt ..... .hrouj 1 i he uew.p ip. rs-I ntein Ihe SI,erbro!( ' . ' ,,',.. ,. ...:, . ,.,,, ,!,. , ..... ,S' ,V' 7-",'1 H ",'" ,' " ' ,p ,'" " ,we'"y .ansnrtlon . f llnir hSi,.e wuh your Slate and c.v er l, m .heh-ene an I ll,i,l ,.l rouie. , , ,. f,jr,vJ lf , ul ,,, , , , ,,f I a .n.eilleu. of he ,.-verr.l s , j,,,.,., ,, ,.-, um;, ,-, ,t ,,rcmuiiellliea. fern,,, .. II,li,.jion r.ferrrd .... nnd lite rl. ,n lho ,,, ,u lo i hn p ice and Moiiiren .niid nl-n , ,, lf ,0 4i.riP ,,, f.vor its -wu cu zens-a ihe Mi.isieid route to Mmiire.,! wuh ihe ib.ianee .- prlnl.,pe Wl-tl jh ir prop.rly npphe.1, bin nhj'.- Ihmlf. lils.ttt Ihirlinelon. V'o Myilrcal. n.ial.le i nou.'li lun resort. tl lo a n pretext upon 1 I'lou-ord, Lebanon, nnd Muiup.lier, I wlueh to sicnfieo ilio ronveuiimenf a large extent of '.'111 in, 93 315 ins. ' (-..unirv of which llosion is as much the eomiueri-nl 1 !v en-'. M. l-'all. & M.-nipelier. 2 " '.til " , ,-apital, the yrea. rei.tral marl, as 11 is nf M.issiehu- He in',.' 'r,,' II l-'dls.'.- M.Http'l'rS5 i " 379 " t Keiu. lo uu-itra inuni. .loru.iiof oitr i iii&.ns s-ui.e t llrniii-'-'r .'. II l-'il's fc llul'n l-2'it " " 1 m-lireel h. m-fiis lo whieh .hey lnve no ,1 uin, irn- K -it, 11. Fall .1- Itnl md 221" 3?r " 1 .p.-etivo nf S-ato hues, and wlik-h it may I e, ifnl all, i -.ul, h i..' t' rn. r cV Rutland 'Jji " 317 " j w. I he s-ciiri-d lu lb. in ai die expense of some oilier .- out. Iln.cri.i I and .Stans c'a.s ..f v. ur reizens i rju illv .-milled lo jour favors. I- i, -. Mo itrcil 31"? i I in .on. b i- "s' e,l of l.-to.-l ilion. ' 1,,-isl ii.,o Tip li-nn efroni ll-trlinitan In ' oatr d s .. i , miv pn-vent irn t el nnd 'business ciilerum a Sinn tit 11 heforo jnu. Il is stated where, it ell .oses lo, but II .-niinot en. ..pel il lo coine hy. sal 100 mips. The dill reiKB nlTj;l.oi h ul' j.. where it .1 .ei noi choose lo. And enoiiu'i, ll the full six ruutes above, i.inlly. ! fc, ... Mr. Phiirm in, has inpear.d in lids in. . ..ii. mi. i .In. nie .tub enci! in fator of the ve-ujili m tn h..w hit whiievr, lln rt n. I destined Kee.ip. II II iw - l-'ill.. nn I liuiland rouie, r lo couiipi I the cut- nf llision wi I. Ilurleej. O.-. r the le-blu-m rou'e is 20 mil,.,, , .,n, no ttlen'hn nf the Itrtiltlthoru' roatt up HVf " Keenpnii.t tlooiiK-her, 2,1 " Hirer tn 1,'ull.iml Kilt trer Turin it p.irt ufil. 'IIu- " " llr.illh bom ami Mnnipelipr 51 " opinion is u. iiepor.line.! with ihe o nuioti exnresse' ii .- .i.i-ii.i iiniianu 1:1 liy ilio cili.ens of llilllinulon. .Mnl.lldiiirv, llntlaii.l ' " Hmitl.-hor..' W. Ilnernnd Ituilnn.l 2J " .mil other .uni beyond llm supposed i.ine.ion nl ud is i route lo M mireil s'.-.ner ihn. th.. Haver- rouie, n, n.p.-nr- bv the iciiions to.., eivim.' hill an I Simsteiil 20! mile,. This ii.Ivv.iiep in dis , n nref.ien.e m ih K.-pup nnd Mellow, Pall,. la i -p. all n her il.inss heiii" en, .il, would he .li-eisiie I, is a's i in i videnep, wbieh Ins l.tpii eivpn by nn in fivnrof tlte s'lo.t nnd .'i'.-.-i I n-. It involves a I miel ueni sentl an from llnilmd, .bereis but savinv in.t.ii'av of nl '(-a I 9 jl) I ouu ip.l nn an out , ..up ii.iu oi west nf iIip u niam, in relation lo ih rxn -lisp or ruunina wiiien u...n-. not ne ipteiy m up i ivvo rout, s anil in i. imii Hie suite prefeicnee pie. l.v 'ne l'i'"l linsmesi nn Itie pxei or ilisl inee, anil which will: ih to.s of .imp imist bp h'.rtip hy ihe lam.' of the rouieor be a drawhick iipuidiv. i-J. ti-'s. S .HvVp pIi'i il tin ns an entire rvile, .hp Kw.i.-. II ll.t vs l-'i'ls. in I lli lati-l (.is,. . ihroufdi a .e.ei'itry -.f uor.j pr . I .piiveaes,t,iviu r .u.trp ability limilin .he vuits'ructiou .,f a and uiorebu si..-., ... no nn. m nrnnnni m ...its lenir'h than Ciller of .he others Slid tint il will ll. Ibis rpsppi'l enoitnre favorihly with either nf thpnthrr routps pr.t. jeetpd. sirikiny ih'ir uf distance nut of iheir most nnnrr..l,ipiit'p puts. 'I I.inlly Thn this route will I rinsr mire new Im. sines. ti.'H'.s'ou ihsn nnvniher. Headline into ihp rti-h Oounips of tVpstern Vpiuio.ii, nssinj aloa-r the .1.r..d.,r l.nke fhaueil un. it will furni-h a new ibor. ri.t2hfire fir thp biisiups, of ibo.p f'nuuties nurl of Morilinm Ww-York, sun nitiirnl'v draw tn lloston mup'i wliicli now- pisses ihrnu di ihe lake and cannl. r. ll.iiKnn.nnd ihi iippii.Npw Voik. Pilil.llllv Thn tavina of distnnpp is not lo lip wholly -irejirie-l in ref renep In llie rrjr2e.'ie-r IV.. l-nvp cnn1tn nf ihp Vertu.inl nnd Massiehu. setts It.n.l, mily in r. Inion ... i.s pu-ipusion, ,.. a bu- iness . . which, in our Mief. il h is no fiir cluni. and wlii.-l. ii nccoiuinolaie. As n Incdm.d hp colli nodniltli! to i.s i-xtenl, the husines- off. Ion.' line I l tlassiphlls. lM. will" ll il enn do nnlv by h.-iu.' t-MPiided ... Ilrei-nfiel.l nnd iheorp lo llrilllel.o ro', wp li ne nulh'uu In iy in oppoi-on nrdispir n-.-eiiieni. li is slid furi'ipr. if it should ai smie fmiirp time he pn per lo urnui .In. clnr.rr. llm is as we const. u-n, tl'ihereis ii-.ilimi' in the ot. e.-ii .ns tint lnve liei-n ur-'eil, ni'j is ify a dec.iil, snll i. is not cxpeili'in lint it l.p untiled now. 'I I nl no fainter authoiizi-ij ihp rnn-trpt'.i.ii nf a roid to conii"Pt with n. Ins been nl. inbied in New II nnpshirp. Thn the Clniirr nh nineil lliere, n fers fur il. rivh. nf v to n Bi'iieial l.u. nn.l llif.1 i.t-nernt tn.v V..SIS il. n lloird of 'o.l. nns-ioners. an in the Coyernor nnd nuneii. ihp In ileil.lo whelher llie pnl.'ie cood w-odd -p pro-.i-ued hv the roel tiroposi ti. nil I lint nnlv tu ilm .-vein nfnu nrnnniiite deci-i m. does the n"h. of wiv tei in the fTortioriiion nml .In. ninons li.oici ent. mined there, the Cuiuitussioners my ..... .a...., .1... Mr. Clinirmnn. this is a true siitenicn. of llie mai ler, nnd we nre fire Inabnil ihn ilip'i!!lil of wiv is n sinra't" m in the eonsiiu--tim nfllsilrnuN of nnv eonsirlerable leiiiith llm wp are far from nd.iniiim.' I.. .In ... in iho I'l.-s .bus tllpl. fil'ill-l. nny .,oll,.i,.r,r r, for ilemi.lL' or .lehivillL' ns. Hail roid Aitl tie ('i.uip. I I I. ne. also pi intp.l a shud; m It it'... i. w1. eh, I if Oo-I will, is s.-iiip Him. In hear 'im, irn I ' j tl.. Km and e.iuniry. I li .vn 'lir...-. .. .- : the ehl'-e . LildwiL'. -IX'OPII y." irs, is .. pi- ol 1 his M..n-ty tin' ICnj: llie mm., nl, I teen years old, is pupil in Hi It .y il (J,.rp, of Cule and Ihu llunl, ICirl, ten ye ir n-d, Ire. irienls Hie public eel Is. II.- toy two nnrri i. ' ees w. th d inohte. suf fiuidies of ill li-jli.'-t no j ! In illy in the laud, my children are nl iced in t.ireeali'e cir.-uiu-lauce-, eten w'te.i I shall I... ' tin more ; ami, ill ilu's inanner, lies'li o' I'm ! fiiiuly in tins up v country in iy ll mrish. U..lj one liis h cestui lo .1 1 It would. le.ul nu. t ui fir In enter ui'n del ul- , yt uiv Inojrapliy ; fnllieiiiir in ;ljci .v .rs In. I, o-iei-iiT Apu'i-il '() .At-i 'si.. .'in- nt . inv, ornfjn nu chiefly hy revolutions, ami at a later pprunl placed in iin.iorlaui olli -es ami ntlp-r r-'l .lion-, I could not tin it witli-iut h...!i t.-ry l.ioj , a d, , this leller I. s aire it I y all lined nm. dnra j Ide extent, '.It it it'liirli li is iioeu - .id win, I hope, sitislyynii. will only add, It) O'der tint vou ui iy hucunie allu 'ether a.-n united with mv sit il it .on here, tint I will nitij mi tn the sen i mule .s r.'.rec mil to thp. it ss..f I ..f mv iiauie what is otherwise not u-u il ; hut in ''"'Ido. as li.-u.-r illv an .rotrd hy lh Ill's case 1 think I nnv uiikn ail eteeplioit, lit!, e.iu-n it Inrnif, in n uiiiinur, a p.rl ot my Into, raphy. Thankinrr yn-i for the literary proiluctimis trail-milled tn llie, which pos-o.-se-, by Ihe pre l ire of thn renowned I'rufes-or 1 1 ri.t mil. -tu enhinced value, I reuiiiit, with mjiiIiiiiciI s ol perlecl esteem, four decitod, pii-li llm tiling nlo - nl fisior th in it wmil I lialnr illy nmler ..tiler cii.-iiuisl tnces. I Tlie Can nil P irli inioiil Iris ltiiiI.-.I ii rli irler lo llie I'i oviiu-i- line, tlnouoli the t'.isl- 1 -ni Tnwn-liips, iiitt-udi'il In roiin.-i I ttitli n j t'l'tiii I'm tl. mil. ,Io.oi. I'ti-hli' lias -pent i llie winl.-i in M. itit.i. il, I. .1.1. t in., tin- oiiiiei, l i ii.I Ii i- s.icc toil in i-oli.iin.. itie t . p iihii-s of lit' C.i.iiliin- ii. fit-. I nf tin- Pot ill. nl unit.' ; Imi in nrili-r to ... tko tin-tltiin.' pi in-i-lile fie li nl to prut').!. tin uin tits tn ti . 1 . 1 .nail tliriiuol. Iwo liiimlieil t.iiti-s nf .. Sib. -ti in w il.lorni-.s, uml this lie Ii is tlotii. lit ph-iliu j lln-l.iil e-ipitil. I'nl til.- II. i-liiui ins ill-ivnw llm aiillioi iiy ami .lisil.ttu. the intention, A '- ll ill iil' I V llie I'.illnw in..' piper, siiiecil lit' i 1 1 ii i i-.... (i i i v O' is. . I, iw .-.-in e, u. ul twn tlinu-auil iitn r. i I'llie le-iilins; e.ipit.ili-i- I l.-.-ini-s i il I'!, has In-i ll loXt,- iu'i',!..'il, to si-t'nil- iiinlli i li.'fT'r lliiiil-.' la en iufiim.-d lh it an eirne-t .H'.r. is iI ii ti llniis us it mat tttipenr, llie result of tlie l-ite i-l.-i lion in "Sew II impsliiri' ll is fo. miiiii. flats lieen I i-.iiit ilt-tl .is ilitnlil ful, nui! i . i , . . ... u-n it.. in .its. it k, However, now ini-tit well m tiled Srt:i:i.t:, liicn, is i-li-t t.-il (J.ivi-iiior, hy n Litre majority! ivliil U'.iiiilliiny, who us 1 1 1 . i . i . l . I - (I I'.n Conofess ill til. ice nf II. tie. is omloiditetllt- tlrfmtrrl ! Well ill llns us il ple.isintr indti'-ition Hint tlieie is stiuie sense of individual res poii-'tliilily in Ilio Granite li-oion, anil sli here ifier reoanl ,.r fuu ledeniptioti uni'iuo llie prnli.iliiliiit-s. I'UO.M AFItlCA. Tliu brig Cliipul.i, nt llnllitnnrf;, lirings inlnlliiTenri! from Monrovi.i lo Jan. 24. Tho Colonial Legislature closed its session nn llie 18 It. L ist ymir ilio properly of the Cap tain of. i Drilisli Lrljr which tvns landed In Gr.iud Bassn Cotinly, ctmlrafy to the regu lations of the Colony, tvas seized hy Ihe au thorities. This led lo n Innjj rorrrsnnndence 'willi llm British ntTicers, in tilnrli lho rljrlit of Cotoiiial jinis.liclion is fully iltscius ed, l.i'ing deii'i-d hy tlio llritistt, nntl asserted hy Guv. Iloherls, tvho reconiiiiciuls tln.t nn iici-iirnli. slateinent ufthe fids lie suhinillud to tho British Government. Tho sifTuirs of lite Colony were- in general very prosperous. A fuclnrv fnl purchasing slaves li.i.l lieen est.ililisliuJ near Monrovia, but wns st.on hioken nn. I hn iiiilit-es nl' G.ilinnn river linvn snlloj). I the uf Knot.iiiil nc'iinst tliu .eiicli, ttho have, us is alleged, seized upon their river, after n fruitless lo nor- chase it, and have subjected them to their rule. Thn U. S. hrij Trtixlon. Com. Bruce, ile.l f. urn Monrovia, Dec. S3, for the lee- aril, in company with the U. !j. ship Yuk- in, Oniii. Uell, The emip'rnnts that left B.illiniore in lho hrio Clppula, for the old colony and Cape iliiias, nriived at Monrovi.i in safety. Those fur Liberia proper, sent by ihu Penn- ylv.iiii.i Coloniz'iliun Society, were to be tiled at Bextey. The Unv. Mr. Appleby antl tlie li.-v. rlr. I'erkins. .-mil their wives. arrived at Monrovia on the 11th of January, in the bark California, on their way to Capo 'iliiras, where they will join ihu Episcopal mission. Ur. b. t. McGill. co jnta n hvst- ciun, of Maryland, in Liberia, was married in Munroiii, on tliu 18th uf Ducember, to Ml-s Lli.abelh Duvany of that place. L.VTCU FUOM CHINA. By tlie artival on Monday, March lOlli, of llm splendid ship lluticpin, Capt. Palmer, af ter a reu.aikahly short passage ol 91 tlatl I. nut Macao, tie havn inlellioenci! from Cbi-o-i 17 days later than bv liretioiu arrivals. Ills Kxrelleiiry M. Li Cr-innc, Miuisler ul France In China, ttith his ladv and suite, hut arrived nut in llie Fii"uli!.CIcniiatrn. Pnvxsvi.vtNi t Si:.N't'rniis. Thn L"eis I .tun- of Peons. Ivnm i. no Fiitl-iy l ist, mail ell. ire of (. mil Simon C iiiieioo of Daupliiit O-'il'ilv, ftii" In Onm.'ii'-s, in ll pi tee v. it-.. ted hy Air, Itoeh inau. Hon. to set unt iinme, liat. -It for W'n-lii .'1..-., ami will piuliulilv like hi, sen ill the ijelllltl lll-ll it'. Gi-n Ciinernil w is elm. on on lite 5ll tiilhn, by tho uuioii ,,f .1.", Wl.ii! Votes, will If) oit-.-u b Demnr. ,.!.- nienilu-ts, uml G by ""1(110 A mei ir. n-s, lie is a Di-oiiirrat, Inn is decide. Ily in I'.iv.ii- iil'.l.n Tarilf, nnd of 1 '- ti'i'l'-l1 ""ilt "10 i.siplenfi;iii.ili. m ..e ,i,i,iin Miinnio llm states ufthe t.rnceei Il-l.ll' u'-t Iy ill.-o. llllen.-u f-ii.upo.iui.' 'ie I1 . von til J I'.i.hiiiieut, ilm 11 is iheir int. .i s. th 11 ih.. 1.1m J nl the sales uf publie I nuts, 1S.1 Willi ea UAItuN VOX WASH I NO TON. floya! B.viriau Cli iiulierlaiii, lii.'ii.u 1 eit (. 'ii. oral and A d do. Camp In lis .M.j.sty lho K 11'. tainim Hitler nt the Order nl I hi .1 .Mo nt nl the Iliv.iri.tii l.'riiwn, of th" Greek Or der ul the S, of the llrnisli Outer of the tilth, K1110I1I nf Ihn H-iyal I-'re iclt Oritur nl the L"oiii uf llnnor, and I.-.rd ol Niilziu";. 't'o Or. .1. 0. F.i'zfu . . Consul nt ll.o D. aTJTZ. Amcrici in Lcipuc. inuni,-in 111 pr...os,.,i iKiw.'-ti .tt our ni at. 11 ine .ti hullo O.-ptn by lt i.1 load rbo.ibl the 0 e n. it md M i.ue. lo i-iiiiituiimi-a e at thai pntiii wuli the hue of Mr l.s'i; an I i'i it ih.s Ii-ip of 111 101, bv .In.tL'e 1- -pil.ili.-li) 1111 I I bu3iuess men of the ciiv of lt.14t.1n, vvoul I ro-peo;fu. Iy nprcsi'ut tint w.t cjiistJcr these positions as urn npons. Without tintleriakinj to stiln the virions renrons whe the Por land mule, so c.dlrd. i n .1 lho otto nl ruin led to I he i -leri-sl, nf ihe 1 a nnd is" lo fi id supi.oi. it. II il--n. or likely ulliill to surr.-ed. we would resppptf.illv ripr. -enl ihi tfn eoitlaiiiiii'-auou t(. iilit'lleit liv- ntllA-IV I'i twrell i (Ureal mil I ',- PKHSIDKN'T POLK A HUMO'.UiT. Prcsiletit's Meffaees, luiuni.iri.l A.ldr.srs, .Ip., -,re nil In hi-dull bin lliey ate ni-rasi.-u Plv h'.'lite I up with passapes ol y.-iniis hiltuor. Tin- lolh... ino is .he Intesl specimen we h.i!e lien, nnd is in nn n.lini rai.le vein : ...... .-I'.. r. I n. nnwers" (Mexico e'liecllll. ) ' .b. not must radiate fin 10 preil rrntrnl points nl seem lo appr.-i 1 ne .no ..nit c ar.. .. . ... .... - l.u.inp s and hepx'.-nde. tow-ir'ls ilio nitipr .-ir.-ie ns nu-iit union 1 a .-1.1111 .... . : .,,.. unv instif, A ,,;. ..-vm. ales r. ', n pnslieu 0.11 I - ' . - : - ., - 1,11,, ,. ..i,r,es and in- You I.0I1I ihppon-1 tren-uisr minimis, nte wori.i nas 11..1111112 ... rn. r ...1 w u 1 r.nn 1.1. leirv a.iiliiuou. in our oove.niui nl. 11 iiin- X 5 I vou n f i . .. the' n.nli. v' for nnhin, ' Ihe ch-t-f .ua,is.rn,. nnd .he popular bran, h of ot, H.forhi'li we em, where ele, but to our ari s are Merl. d lor liri tcrnn, by llm -iiflr.isr nf tioit. we a K to take n up or nre to h ive it. nnd enrry It 011 imloflhe rirnl h ts alo ut ained hv eoui.arion of (he luuiei". wi fir n prrarmii'il hv repnru of eitL0ner8 A reei-ni, ihoi-ouifh survev habei'ii made of n rouie frnm Me lots r.tlln lo Mu'hnqtnn. e-tlled the Monni llollv rntpe A Hiirvrv hi nlo been made, nnd ih repori ii l.rfitre voti, of 3 10 mile, c Miioieneinir nt Itritih horo', nf the Wt i Itivrr rout nml (he pnc'i nt-fr ht1i pivfi ihe remlis of hi eximmntion nl the mirumutf ihirieen ont8 to Rntbinil. The elntni ler of 'U3 Mount llollv rou'e I hive he fore denr-ribed tn v ui Thn elnrai'ler of ihe V Itive route vou hnvoii lh" U-por nnd leiiiciionv. anl I Hindi you will areo Ihnt it I most extraorui inrv. fler ..ailnn .hpilifficntlie. of prnero ine fmm llrildflioro', nnd ih erihini tnnons di limit slid ptpen-iv- points nu I'.pwav IIip fieqinl pr.... In of WpsI Hiver ren-'erpil neeessnry hv llie high, ro. kv ...H prppipiiniis Innlts .hniiiie down npir Ip "ip ..resin 1 iu-paionil p.llll'.tfs nnd fills of iinnepn hi lii.),t qn-l ilepthsrpipl.-s i point s-iuip ton. miss frnu. (l.p r.o.-.l.w here tliHonly n.iTf- nipnj nnwnnl lowsrds Itiiil.nd. for nl lean the ht.) . ...l.lnn.r,, I M..O...I,.. . n. vou slioiliu L'ram .1, nnu hv home i. should luenvn l us', lh" respun--llehlV nf nl.rP.i.iS n urel. piiblippillerpnsp. wou'd he whe'P ii otishi hy the ci uens ol bulb New Ilnnipsiiirr nnd If vou deny us, nnd wp do perfect nur Chirter ns wp Inv-.i .10 do.ihi wp shall ihen, will. I'lnrters from l.mli Vermont nnd New Il inieshirp, lho rninmenee inpn. nf llie work must bedeliyed for a year, lo nttail lho neuon nfnur next l.pffistnlurp. Sir, sanip veil nnd a hilf snep, ibei-itirens nf er uio'il, in ItiPT iliscu-sion of Ibis suhjeei, snid wn nrp delprnii.ieit tu have Kiilrnul ncrninuei.t nion in traps. 11I our business with liosinn.nnu tl ,Mw- iianipsiu.e, bv her l-srislnin.ii prevenis ir her Irrriiory, ., .. will .... 11. l nev anurinio. n- .."jeu n eivdlin-.', from lliel'l crnl pnVvol your Slnlp. Whnl will Ihev now SIV. It, when Arw linnipsnirp ins rp. ni.iveil her Inrrier, they rind ho repulsed by Mnsn. hnspils' ... , i- Sim-p thelisi .e-ssinn nf ynur I.-"saturp, llie pole pv nf N'pw llainpslnre, as indicated hy her laws, has elnmreil. TIip liw n ferred tn civrs the riohl ' f way ipplt ration ln nlreidv hern utide in ihp ('omniissinnprs. .0 prnee. d under ii in .rfaiion n nur Ohirter. Thee hlv-p appointp-l a div for so doitlff nnd civPn Iho hp--r,,iry no iep, lull iIip.p his -o. vel been li op lo "omplpip lh. ir duly. We .me do d .-.hi of n favnrn. Me re'idl, Ihn .-. rp wp In I e ib nipd her a seeoiil .1 .in ..i.r n'.lliorili.'S n. tl' lllih. WPlt1V.n S. j H "II i- useless (or os 111 In-ntp a ron I to Wiueliendoii wh.-n yon hnvp l..en ilenied hy Massachusetts adoii. lo't into nur Slnlp. It,,. CX ...itm-n. u-p fnr no ueh rpsilll. Wn took in you with eoniidpnep for a fnvornhlu ih-pision. In I.p nni r1ni.nii-U- but ptieprfllll v. nnd In lb- (.- yis'altirp in .nefv thn dpeisioe. Cnniinrrd fhnl if 1I1P rnlerti'isp, nl w tuei. u .s nny .o.ivr in nr ..... mill'. shnll lie lill'v enrrie.l m, Hie oeue. a.- .....til.... 11 .11 nil pn.trp in New I Ilinpshirp an. Vermont nl.ine. but lu Massachusetts more limn lu rilher. is in I Atl lillic D.-t-an. as w-e h ive no '.nt'it it w.'l Ii - til no .h.liutdiy. 11 must he from Ho-lou lliii-ilsih Ne.v II imp-hue and Verm mt in Moulted ; nil. I. so fin wo ar-ahti-10 j 1 Ije ihi isiha seuiiiu -ul ul the . in Z-Misnf llo-lnll ypller-i'ly. tuy yranl. bv ib- Piovinri il Parlii-nenl, "i.in1-' a pri fcrenee to 1 ditT r. 111 ro'.te w-- h--'i-e would h.-lb-ill il.-1 lo defer, if 11. il id i nilely .Ii f-.l. di" o j.-rl - ni'i'-h .lesir.-il by business men in tu id i tin I the United -lilies 11oto.n, .tl trch7ih, 1313 ' (, it is evi lent, me ins tn tin more ill in merely mutterl willi Moot.e .1 wb-o she builds a r-iil-ro..d ; ami llie.e is no mom tu il.iubl that , t i- i.orlbi-rn neiol.hiits will iillioiatrly lend llu-ir aid in I'Mcndiuo llm Fitrlibuit;!. roid llir.nieh K"enn to liuilitiL'' ton, ami llienee lo St. Johns. This route did. ilo tins li i 1 1 1 i n . . 1 1-. 1 . The DiMiincrotic uieittbers in :i eiticns mil fully alteti'ded, hit no mi i iti-d Mr. Georoe Vt'ond.vurit. A pnr lion ufthe putt decli.ii-il supporliuo tin nn mi n a I ii i : i on the jrrn'ini! that Im is an ad cite of tlm iirinciplo of Freu Trad-. O the fust ti .Ilnt, Mr. Wni.ilu aid had 5 1 t ut. Gen. C-.iiiei'i.n 11 and lho rest worn sratt. I rnn-iilei alile ininilier ul thn Wins! votes heiii2 t;iven lor lino. Junes Cooper. the Mirre. dim.' battols, the vntes did nut rise ill... v.- .")(). ()u lite O'li and ballot, tl votes weie for Gen. C iitiernn G7, Mr Wood 5 , -to I four seaiterimr. On the see oml It .Ilnt, Gov P. irler ll ul fivit voles. Mr. Itiish tvas not a ramtid.ite. lli'iii ii'lt-i Hall, wil'o of Rev. J. L. Shuck, Missionary of tho Auirrican Baptist Board, lied at Htiii2-Kono mi tho 27tlt of Novem ber. She tvas an excellent woman, and has left a family of fun children. The Europe an Police soliciled tin; privileno of tiearinrr In-r remain tn llie grave. A Bints had been established nt Hong Knii' by the IStiii-h Gnverninenl. IJustiii-ss al Cantnii was dull. The pop ulace leniiinetl quiet. Ketiiir; liad been di-iir irr.l. . Iiang.. in the Ministry had hroiiolil into office the auli-Fiinhsh or Lin p.ity, ami K.'tii.n li.i.l heeu ii-dured two rules in rank. His cu-i,,. lou-.ird torel-.'iu-is was the ciusi. ol In- Ins of favor ve.i-ii;,,. "ri,,. fii.-ud uf China tioiiV.e. lusty "low out of ibis choline, Tribune. with bis S iCs ihnt LuUI-l in t POST OFFICE LAW. The new act will he foiled in our columns' lo-d.iv. As il effects a radical ch nine in ll.e policy nf this branch nftlui public service, its pruvisinus should be examined anil under stood lit' every afliv tber of llm cinii- piesents a rninhinuiiiin of interests thai will niuiiity. e lliereluio spread it belore 0"r atlers entire. serore the requisite capital, anil it's llm unit' nne that can, .it present. Put- that down as certain. i -wilier lit I'P mile iu cornicc-linn willi lh A tN ill irt i by six'' f ft grade, fur unn six U- n'jht milos to lhne nulh'ins who niiisi. in iht-ir uwn persons, hear all ihebuideiis nn.l mi-rues of war, nur ooveriiuteni cnm.ot he oilierwise ilnn tmcifi.-. toreijn powcri (Mexico uf course) "should. Ibm-foio. look nn Ihe . if Texas in .ho I'ni.ed Males, not ns the ofe nation seeking lo ext. nil her douiinions hy arms anil violence, but as the penc.ful nrrpusiil ui of a leriilnrv onro her own, l.v aild.u-i nn.uher n.en. her lo i ur, ntion, with ihe consent of that member thereby ihininishini' llie ch inces of war, nntl! lo them new und iter inciciisitis mar. krl-for llitir piodoc-a. - To Texas, the re-union is iuiperlnnt, hecauso ihe strnnff prnieciinir nrm nf our cove.nment wo .Id he extended river her." I'rttUtcnt't Inaugural. l,,r ilm toiiin.e.l. no.hinr. is rennirul ... show' .his pirn"ri.h addressed to foree.'ii powers in bo nne of the best jakei ills annals of rtiplmn icy cm furnish. Tn ..liters II may rrryiire a sl.uhi The For. euin power-mat-ne cousi-ieiB . .i. p.i-i-... ...... llepri'seiitnii!es(G-uernl Alinonienniiina ihem,) on lite 'Slept nr .he laipilnl, white lho President lurna to- mil inn n irau jars u i - re-.. per I fully emrent ynu, r.iir!2ii fuweis. nm io l.e alarmed nt wlnl may nppenr nvsres'ton in our pro. I ,., nor nl I IP SOIIIOWIIV UOlllL-ereui aiooii.e i"I..' rouinelleil In nssuoie to . arils Mrxir.i . , . . .. ... Von tin .ml -'.tpprerlltc our true rinrnei. r. .. ,.r.,i Ci.nsii er I li'it iuiis is ii i nion wn i- ... i, npn-i." ... iii''rei"r.-. sr.iri" h-' Veiirofir ';'e.ra,PE!CE f our ohjrrll Ourriiiz-ns lnve in be Hire, oiineuiioTe.x is, revnhed nemn-l (lie iiovern.ncnt lliey found there, nn.l aimed possec-ioii of the country. We cinnoi diny to t-onr ihe war w-s enrried nn I y m-ti nn.l mevis frnu. iheUnilpd -.ties, nnd "nt ll eiiiiW not hirc been mrritil on wiihont Ihem. The revolt was surre slid. and Ihrvirvi pie who nrrontplishpil It it'll I be n- .-it .si. irtlh tin lerrtlo'V t'i"J a 'c nmqn'reil lino ihe Unit.-d Sinte.. Hut haio nu har , yeui enipn, nlmiii eonri -.-si ! .i.i We mat- wislllnnllnw-niippniir le.rilort-! but "n will he lo "eslen l lite ibi'iun un nl Ppii-p." Sll iill.l nur i-iti7e.i of "ip A..'.wel pn 'er nn prniinpp nf Mexiro. il vf will cere-inly rm iher--.. the Anule Snxon untun when .he e, lliey will rc i.1..I ,... tliir ,lnve if tlexi.s. .rf..-es ... r I Inhtish shivrrv for iheir nrri mdniion. ihev will rrrlainlv mull, nml r "tev i-et"" " "'o " '" siiprcrd. by ihp help up i'iill furnish, nnd lliey will Fiiom BtiilitDons. I,ai.r dales from Barb nines have been rer.-ived by ll.e brio N'.irrls. Slanlev. al I'liil.tdiliilii i. The ill. - - - .ill', rn., ii, . . . ... - , , ' . tiers lire ni nnly filled willi detail nf llm hr-pome in.leppniletu t and when piilepeiiitenl. Iney I quiet . r n i.i i will lino i ii d.l to ih. as itv plessPi nnu we time n .'.-eat fire. Bos. nets wns rnniidi-lely S"S. ' ". "i" ,l,ntl e.-risinlv inke. spt'lit KEFOlt.M." Il will lie observed th .1 thn guillotine is in in, i it -it Washington ; hut ils millions are i.llngelhei Ino iiiuderuti. for lho liunsry ex peclants it ho h.ito relied willi so niiich confi dence iipnn " a new order of ibings," under the Pulk dispensation. J.tcoii Kt:NT, jr., of Orange I'liimlv, lias been aipointeil Marsh for ibis Stale, in plarn of General UtiiltnN, expiies the present n.onlh; and this, il is llinnolil, will ho all thn ronsolaiion Vi-rmoul it ill eel al present. Nn remnvals aru anliripaled. Mr. Pulk lias sii.'iiifi.-d his inleiiliou not to remove old and lone.. tried iiublir. seivant. meielv luroiiird . I, int. irons parliz ti.s. lie is mil n I'aiulitl.ite fur re-.-h lion, ami tlieri-loiii tin no ..ri-asioo lor ilmli sertice. A mere ner.ip inry tiniler Tyler, biiwever, is mil re n.ile.l as a ronclnsivi. ti lie ; and II I thai -in iSes is in great!ei- nf lieimj " pioscribe.l." Tin1 nirres- pniiilenl til the Eteniiti! Post, under date uf March 12lb, writes : " I he rnllerlnr of New " York is here, ami it i supposed that " sail " wont sive hint," iillliniich he is repotted as " a vert' efTn'lenl uffirer." Thi-i in .v be so ; unit prill ips nut, Tlte appniiiluieul of Pur' .It in the Siiivetiirsblp looks like ili.iu iug uf llie lival ra. titillates for llie C..llertnrsbi for lh.' benefit uf tin' pr.-seni iiiciiiubeni Bui wc sl'.ill see. If Van Ness has inllnenri eiiiinoli Hi li.iltl on ttherii Im i-, nil will bo here, uf cuius'', nnd llui-o win. liavo fX There is no in in in Mr. Polk's cabi net tt lu. can he reca riled ns a friend nfllie i . i fi" . x e . 1 1 1 Mr. Bnclianan, and he is in llie State Department, tthirh has littln or nothiiiii In do with that subject. Mr. Walker tlieorisiiip freo trad.) man, nnd nt the head of llie treasury will h ive lho appoint ment uf all the riislum house officers anil llie idminislratiiiii nf the custom liooso laws. Nothing snnd ran bo expected frnm him. Plin u hnle force of piny patronage will now bu against ilio tariff. Ver.niulnnk" spenl so n.nrli limn in proruiing " si.jne.s," s .. .t.. .i.. ... t nlr-ALi. ..,( fchnll rei tiioicli (I li this iln nior. RflVit'iit HM'iKiiri's ,hp,n iio ih Uni m. Hut, p- ntl en Aoibiadorn, know linw In sy i it i-i 1 1 lisif with lliti Afii .21 zsiw wcd 1,1,(1 '"artl w,,,,fw ' ''i..,,. : , 1 i'"""-','"""",u, II! no, nil n't! 11 is ill the- i-.meye.i resrei ( 200 Inlildlngs wcrn Hfitrnycrl, e,tliliit! t'.c domini'ia of IVioc." The whole Tn- ( I" Id L..'L'1-l iture nf 'una, tirling upon n Joint H,.,n,t ufilu. Ju. diciart Coiniu'r'teo of tlie two Houses, has iiuaniniuiiily adopicd ttie following Hesulu liuns : eso.'tW, Thai llie General Assembly nf Lnti tsi in . do hereby protest against the interjusi. '.on t.l the Stale cl .Mas-arhu.-etis hoiwein Iho p.du-e regulations of this Slate an.l persons af. fer.ied l y ll.ein, us an interference suhiur.i.-e nf our domestic order and d interims tu tl.u public peace. i'.esnl,cJ, That this Sum will not reropnise unr to!, rale any imss.nn, private ur public, for the purpii-euf hrmjuio; and pru-priiliuj; uttis, in behalf id colored peismis, a the cipense of ili-il State, with Iho new of testing the legality of their impriMUiiuent. Wu trust M-iss.i. h.nelts and other Free Stales will simii hive soinu ' Police Bej;..t. linns,' and enforce tliein. If a fiee ciiiz.-n nf M.iss.iclmselts may tut iniprisuned and sold as a Slave io Sooth Cirolini or Louis i. in. i, simply her. Hive ho lias a black nr vcl- ow- linle, let us sen wliellter citt.nnsul I liosa Stales minim hn 'Policed atier the simo p ilteru for tlie riime uf IniltliiiL' men in lion- l.tL't'. Wn nre averse to all such legislation, but the wrong is with those who begin it. This is a game wliicli one can't well pljy alone. The Wnudslock Mercu- v gives the staleinent of thn ctiairoriil of llie board nf ily nf the liiivn nf Pooifret in lelaiioii lu ll.e I'ollei'tioii uf l-.xes in th it town frnm which it appeals, that, (or llie itvu past years, I. to bills .iiiiounteil lo t.'Slli.-J, on it hich llm C.illeelor, A. J. Ch iniliei I tin, iisketl for thn utiale.ueul uf unit S9,33, more lh. i ll half of iilncli iicrrued on lloii-resid.-llls and in rouseniieiico of errnrs leati.ig less than live dollars ..baled on lho citizens ul Ihe town. No pel son was commitli'd, or a cent .if properly sold. JollNsoNltN. Thn editor of lho Salem (Mass.) G-izi-ltn regiets llm room the Inau gural of Mr Pulk lakes in his columns, mid remarks, in n style that reminds us of llie author nf llie Itamhlrr, thai tlio public now "recatd these ilnciinieiil as ttnrse th in waste p-uier, poss.-s-in" all tint fiction nf nun nice, willini't its inl.-rejil, uml nildiuo ihu sin ul hypuciisy to llie defecl of diillnesj," Seiiatnr Batcs, nf M iss-ichoselts, lies iliingerniikly ill, al Washington. Little or no hope it entertained of his recovery. Miss WnnsTnrt.-A son of Rev. John Ran kin, of Ohio, publishes a stateiueul in rela tion io Miss Webster, recently released from the Penitentiary in Kentucky, which utterly contradicts that yuinit; woman's account of tier connexion with Fairbatik in the abduc tion of slaves, and charges the complexion of her caso altogether. Indeed, if wo are to believe Mr, Rankin, stio oneht to have staid nut her itholeterm in prison, and li.iving cot out sho deserves nothing but srorn fur her character ns long as she lives. Speaking of her statement Mr. Rankin says " ii is not truo from beginning lo end," meaning there by, that it is false from first tn last. Miss Webster, says lie, did accompany Fairhank to Olii. i, hut as tn Mr. Allen and Miss Smith being man ied by lho Rev. Mr. Rankin, he knows t.i ho false. That gentleman never saw ur even heard of llie parties. As to her stoiy that sho kueiv nothing of ihe abduction of the slaves, Rankin sats lie is prepared lo prove tliat sho did knntv all about il, $'C. This unfortunate cirl is, ite am afraid, not only given In gadding and slate. pilfering, lint ahnniin.itily given to fibbing. J J't Cour. and I'nq. Harper's Illuminated Bible has reached its twenty-first number. The engraviiigi, largn and small, are very numerous and ele gantly executed, thn smaller om s, especially being .inning llm handsomest specimens of lho art. The numbers are sold for twenty fit o cents. Tho it nrk is now nearly half completed, and will f.irm by far the ftnrn family Bihlu ever publi.hed in ibis country. Fnt.M Mexico. By nn arrival at New Oile.ins, ftui.i Vein Cruz, nu the Gill instant, ite learn that Santa Anna's trial it as lo take place on lite 2-llh of February. t

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