Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 11, 1845, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 11, 1845 Page 1
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I hi 1111. NOT the OLOISY OP C Z3 s A n DUT THE w & x. f a n o OP R O K n BY II. Ii. STACY. BURLINGTON, V fill MONT, FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1845. VOL. XVIII....No..l5 New York Adv'ts. DRAPER, ALDRIC1I ff FR1XK. WhtVcsalt. dealers In STAPLE & FANCY DRY GOODS. A'u. C7 Liberty Street, IJelwccn llroadtwiv und the l'ost Oll'cc. TKNDt:iilin tlifitil. rt'tt acknowledgments to Mir Vermont cn.tonier for the hi cral patronase Ircretotore extended to u; wo "-cilicil an c.ulv nuJ particular examination of our desirable and aImot entire new steel, of SI'llINC. ROODS, cmhrnerttir a complete a -urimoiit of Staple and Fa ncy article., I'Oih cr iomc-lio and I'nreeiu manufacture, imludim? the newe-t style ofcolored and mo'irum? De Laines, Lawns, lln.zonivr.s ISAntiEcn, Coating ,1'antai.oon Stitfs, ISnowNand IIh acii .n Cotton f'fJTH- ('a i.Mi:nr.'L Vustisgs and ih le-t style of Americas Paints. tThc-e good have all Iwn selected with -icci.l reference to the wants of llie Vf.r most Trahf., and will be Mild at Mic h pri- a shall nmin'ai'i the rep itation we have acquired ol ol'eriiig the cn-re-l inducements to the closest buyers. DltAl'Kll, ALDKICH &, l'lUNK. 07 env Sircet, near Hroadwav. Jame W, UcM.ncT. res- to inform his Vermont friend that he it in the employment ot Mews. 1). A. & V., and respectfully solicits a call when they xisil thecuy. 4lm3 T. B. PALMER'S AMERICAN NEWS PAPER ADVER'IlSlNlt AGENCY. a cinn BYlhere'rnt de-lrnetion of ihe Tribune Iluild i'iic', Nil) Xassua Street, Nixv Vorl., the Coal O.lice of V. II. I'alner, Asrenl for Country New-papers, was destroyed, lotrelhcr with all hi dies of newspaper-, hi I onl. of acco'inl, furniture, (fee. The pecuniary lo i trifimir, and ihe inioiueni ence towhith it has subjected him may, in a srreat measure, be speedily repaired by prompt nclion of the publisher of iiuwspapcr for wiiich he i a pent, in forwnr ling a copy ol each of their paper to htm in iNi'W Yor, conaim'tig a notice of his Agency, terms of adcertisinzi. if-e. Thn-c lo whom he has sent advertisements from lii ISTcw Vurk Agency, durin? the pa-t year are earne-t!y rifpicsied to forward to him paper contain inrrVje'i ndetrliicmenls, that he may once more place them on (he. Th i.u wi h whom he In had accounts, whether setlh'd or ui enled, are rc pcctfnlli reoue-iol to lor ward to h in a transcript ot them, that he ray I o en abled 'o enter every thou; m u new et of boo'l.s, and th i pre-crve a te-ord of ad acciiunt pcraming lo hi ajency in Xtie Vurk. lies; tl illv, .ll. l'li.Mc.ll, Arrent for Country New-piper in ihe ciiits of Now Vorl;, I'lnladelphi 1, llnlimtore and tin-ton. No. 30 Ann adjoinine Hie present Tribune ulliec. New Vort., February 7, 1815. AO Pol lisher ol Newspaper, fi.r which he is Ihe a rent will oblige him, and promote I he objecwof ihe Airen ey, by interim; this Card conpicuouly in the res pective paper. Mi'nnmns and twiot.nFM.i: DnAtr.r.s in ?L3 DRY GOODS. CMnnxciNu Tim luiii; t v.xnlrTV or PRINTS, DRESS (IOODS, 1IO SIliRY AND DOMESTICS. No. 50 and 'J Wt 1,1.1 XII STUIJCT, (Uelwiru Wall an 1 Fin--,) 40 n3 KF.W VORIC. (?eorse Jlerritf, Charle Fly, W.'iiam M, Flih jHV YOI1K AND L K K CH MI'LAIN' stij m uoat, LOW &. VOW, l'loiTii i. r ,23 Old Slip . V. .UiF.STS tlr-rr.- Matliew-im it Sineln'r, Montreal. " ilarcom 13 lyloril, Win eball. Ja on C. l'.er. c ,- Son, ( Jnlioj, " Wm. Coo e, l.-q. S C. I,. LOW & DOW hivi'ii completed iheir armrge incut f r lali. for ihe tri'n.poria'ion of freight to an 1 troin Ncvy Vorlv, I.nkc Chamjiiam, and Can ada, tlurnu the t.i-'n of cavitation, arc iifiif: prepar fil to ei-n'ract freight in any amo int i hat may i e re tpiire I on their ro ite. Tnev line twelve first l.i belli in their line inelnd'nir Oin'o Steamr-which m11 dy constantly I clween New V' rl; and Si. J oho-, C. H., and will transport their caroe without re-lnp meat Tncir experie ice in ihe b'iine-cna!ilelhtm ronh lent I y lo tate that they o !crfanliticto shippers nn-,eedbv no other line. Transient th pper will find it lo their inleret lo call on tliem. Liberal advance male on produce and merchan dizM shin ed bv lhi line nnl continued to Low e. Dow. AIo, good purelJaeJ on comuu-Hon by L. & I). AO NEW SP'ilING GOOl).S-18ir. I'Kck. nmcoi,s(7 & winnirr, 133 I'KiHL nn l 80 IIFAVKIt STIIFXTS, Ni:V YORK, TNVITF. the attention of Merchants in Ilnrlinrlon -1. and vi'-inuv, wtio intenii vi-iiius the cw i or' Mar1 ei, lo their new nnd choice as. rinicnl ol S1LIC and i' ACi ii;tii, ooiw-11112 111 pari 01 Dill SS OODDS. Itich Prmtel llare.'CB and ISa z rne. Fruited Jii'tinets ami fiinglum Mii-lms. Vrinttd Mu-llni'e baine of alt tljle-. Rich tig'd I Ik. and blue black SdUand Domba A larse i-sortment of Ilrorhc, Cashmere, Alpacca awl Musun ae i.ixxne sn. 117..V. UlllllONS and MIII,IM:UV AltTICI.F.', Hat SilUan l l.av n, Paris Cords and Tiimmint Gloves. Mitts, if-e. 40m3 All of which will I sold at the loicest market prices PRINTS & WOOLLENS. So. r.U VI1,1I VM nTUKIST, near CudarSt il's YUUiV rI!OOKIS it MFRHII.I. wo dd invite the alien Jj lion ofik-alcr-111 DIIY not IDS lo iheir -lock of PIIIM llljllj.,r. (to which iln-y intenJ to devote p ir'iculir ntlentton) tosethcr with a sencral a-orlincnt 01 Dry tjooiis, contistins m purl ot the toiiowiii; HUtIS I)F. 1.AINK, ALPACCAS, rnlNTED MOfl.lNS, L'MMCH sTtirre, EtEA. MU-E,N, TINO, OtNGIIAMH, LINENS, LACF. nooo., IIOKIERV, COATt's COTTON, HLK AND COTTON 1IDKFS SEWING. ETC. All of wlm It will ! sold at the lowest market price C.r tA S3 1 1 nr nnnroved credit DKALKHS IN PlilNTSnndVOOUd:N GOOPS will hnd it to iheir advantaze to examine our Mock previous to making their purchases. d0ui3 " LAMPS TO BURN CAMIM1ENE." HORN'S PATI'.NT .-OI.W I10TTOM (ll.ASS FOUNTAIN' l,MPSfor Camphene or Chem ical Oil, have lecome turner-ally celebrate 1 and sought ofier, R 'l0 n,n"' peifct "Lamps" cu'r nil who ii-e them. Try all other, but do not fail to 'I hey meet ine approbation nno prime 01 lry the lest, tho theape.t, and, above all, the .qmnj .1.-. nivn ii ni."iihi "11 w in lm, u-aHl ex - Ilini Win U'-" r--- - penfC They are ihe innsi -implo and ray 10 man axe nnd Iron, cannot corodu or become heated while biirnimr, easily cleaned inxde and out, nnd not a fecl- oit liva 1 ran or current 01 air. inai o.m u ,-i-ni per hour wi I give yo i n .plendid light 1 1 ! Try one." Mnnubiciureu wieae.aie aim rtiau ny j. u. Kav, No. 130 t'ollon street, (sun 11 mains-,) new York, vU : Stand Lamp- for Parlors with or with out I.ntrei Su-pending Lamp for .Store. Hotel, Hitd Churches! h, Cbandeliers.Sida llrauches, Su: rf-e In any ftylodesirel, or made to order. 1 m (,I(adics, if you wish to pre-erve your eye siaht to a good old age.or want a Mron? and teanti f il livht to ew or read by, do not fad to procure one of ih-o LifP'. 0"e ' lhe e,,,te ofa lnriJ.0 P"'0' will enable you to read tho linest print in iho mo.t remote corner. iim DOLE cSc CO., WMLD'Ar.n uRocr.RS and com mission MERCHANTS, At FRONT STREET, NEW YORK. DOLK & CO. inviie tho attention of Merchants 0vil:,ig K KW YOUK, .0 . cir lar.e ?d d. aie?y of T slity '1 l" 0"."' I ..ut nni UBU, nui . -- -. . . ., - - , T,.o.n f.t 1 nuaiiiic Cor. ?.n" i'"":;, in which ihov o'icr at adcance, on ubeiui. tesms m3 SOXU Ol' THE IJOITOU. BV JOHN CIlOWN. Sit! Sitl Sill From matin hour t it 1 twilight cloom, He's a "future" their in bis dsky room I Away the moments flit, And the world outside, with joyous din, Cloves caily on but the world within Is labor, and toil, and caret No turn knows he in the weary day Hut the turn that shows the pivot's play, Ashe turns his easy chair 1 Think 1 Think I Think 1 III tin) smith's bright forgo the. fire clows, Hill the smith himself the bellow a blows L'nhcatd tue hammer's etniTr Not so the file tint lights the bruin Of him who wears the callcy chain, Or makes the press gang so t He must fii-h with light, nnd glow with Ileal, With quill in hand his I rain must beat Uut ncvir indulge a bloie. Write! Write I Write I TI10' fancy soar on a tired wing, She must still her tribute celestial bring, Nor ow n a weary flight 1 And reason's power, tmd Mcm'ry's store, Must prove thtir strength, and bring the lore. Antique, nnd sae, and mystic; For these, to the nttertnost thought and particle, Musi go in to-morrow's "lciding article" Of argument wil statistic 1 Lie! Lie! Lie! If ho happen lo be a party had', He must echo ihoytll of the greedy pack, And shout the demon cry ! To Honor's appeal lie must neer hark, Hut aim, like Death, at a shining mark, As he speeds the poion'd dart ! And then, when the battle 59 fieice is o'er, Anil the wctora apportion th? captur'd store, T.itir thanks shall bo his part ! Clip! flip! Clip! No "cibbasing" shears his hand doth I10IJ, Ltitt th"so with which the current gold, lly lawful tight he'll clip, The"Diml" is gone, lull he will not fail Of .1 prompt return with the "morning mail'' A basket full ct "cxihanges" And then iho editor oncus and skims Accidt nts deaths, discoveries w hims Asoicrihu world be ranges! Taste! Paste! Paste! With a cannl'shair brush, and a broken cup, lie gather the s"attcr'd paragraphs up, And sticks litem 011 in haste: Tho "Devil" appears, with a grin and a bow " PleaFC sir, they're waitin' for 'copy now,' lie says, in accents solemn : "The foreman thinks he'll soon impose. The outside form with a scrap of prose, And llis leader may be a column 1" The "worU" is done work on a Saturday night, And bounds with a step of gay delight To his wife nnd babe away! F.ut-round the LVi'ur, ewl a ,rj O honest 'Jjourr," who lease hii sore An 1 he may not be unheedfiil j . Tho' bright is th w it thai can furn sh there, The means lo relieie them all from care, lly shelling them out tho "needful." A TRICK Of A GERMAN STUDENT Rolf, Il.iving no remittance from homo and bc'lii" io want of a good dinner, sannteied about the market place of tho town 111 which lit! resided. 1 lie busy throng hail disporsed. few strauelers only remained, who, wilh hungry oyes, were viewing the templing mor sels. A sudden thought struck Holt, llu oldlv advanced, and, taking ono of tho peo ple aside whispered to him that he was sent it that quiet Hour ny tlio celebrated Ur. Ad to nurchase tho tail and the Iwo hind hoofs of an ox, s that learned phvsici- nccusiotm-d tu many attend nils.' Accord an had discovcied, that, by c-.tcininc 'those I ''W .,l10 whole posse was mustered, Boni subslances which tho backbone of an ass, he r"c"' '" ll,u humility of his heart, wi,hod to mioht obtain 11 powder which would bo an infalliblu euro for tho gout, pilsy, pestileucn, 111 short, a complu panacea. Beloro tak ing out a patent for this wonderful discovery, tho doctor wished to make a final experi ment, and for that purpose had sent him to purchase thu necessary articles. As the butcher was well aware thai n gout exlirpt tiug powder would hu in great demand, lm was overjoyed at tho news and handled the before despised hoofs, as if thoy wero shod wilh gold, and studded wilh nails of silver, lie logged out the whole assortment of tails, and entreated Rolf lo take llis choice. With a countenance of immoveable gravi ty, Rolf examined and criticised them, mid at leniith chuso ono of a iel hi ick hue, wilh hoofs to suit. Tho rejected tails wero l carofullv aside; Rolf's offered pay incut was declined ; ami tho butcher, slipping a dollar into his hand, begged his interest with Dr. Addlehrian, Rolf gave him a patronizing nod and, having packed his purchase, !io took it up, drew his cloak over it, and walked de liberately uway. Sounds of mirth and revelry wero still heard in thu inn of tho Golden Eagle, when Rolf knocked loudly at tlio door, and tho 11010 brought out the portlv landlord and some of his satellites. Tlio noble hearing of the student, his free and ninuly air impress ed his host with the conviction that his new guest was one of Eurtuno'ssons, and already in imagination ho fingurcd tho ducats which 1(J ll))0, would soon bo transferred from iho 1 . stranger's pocket into his own. Snatching up two wax candles, ho stepped willi offic ious zeal beloru lliu youth, anil ushering nun 1 . , - , 1:. ... 111I0 a handsome apartment, olfei cd to ilisen ctiuilier llllll 01 HIS CloaK Rolf waved him ofl'with 11 haughty air, nnd, in u deep und solemn lone, pronounced tho word, supper. Tlio obsequious landlord disappeared, and soon nfier returned bearing 11 lordly disii of smoking viands, and followed by two domes tics loaded with other delicacies. Inlo the servants arranged tho repast, Rolf pitted his dog, bestowing on him ono or two muttered monosyllables of notice ; and when all was announced to bo ready, he placed himself at tho table, waved his liand, and said, sternly, " Begone !" llouifacu looked ut thu ser vants, and tho servants at him ; hut thnre could bu no dinulini with ono who seuuu'il accustomed to colnuiand, and without loss of limo they all retired. As soon tis tho room was cleared, Rolf di rocled Ins nitimtion to tho rvpasl, lo winch he did aniplu iusticu : ho then gaily quaffed tho oonoroui wine, and finished this first act of (he farce with smoking a cigar. Altholin Germany. first stiunil of tin! Iiell tin! oliriliont landlord startud intii the room. RdII'ciivu a lung loud yawn, uliicli was enough for tlto ohsrrvnni Uiiniracp, who, taking up 11 pair ol eaniilis, inarsliallod hissilont rui!sl inlo n cniiiimidions lied clinnilier. Rolf tliiiis hiiiwtlf rareli'ssly on a conch, without noticine thai tho useful ptjisonapo called Boots stood roady lo rccoivu his commands. As ins silctii Humor was uy thit tinio well I: now 11 tin otiuhoiit tho wliulr liousi', when ho throw out a leg, Hoots thnuchl a stitial (or liini to do his duty, nnd so anx ious was ho to show his zeal, that Roll 's boot was half off heTuro ho sci'im.'d to knmv any thing of tlto matlcr. Tho inoinont, however, ho was awato of tlto tr.instciion, ho envc tho nian'surh n harty cnfl', 11s sent him teed in" to the other sido of tho room, and a sinch' stamp of Ids foot cloatcd it of all inli mlcrs. Il.iving fastened tho door, lio indulged him self in an extravagant fit of laughter. Loud nnd luns; were tlto prals, which contrasted so strangely with his previous tnriturily, froze the blood of every man, woman nnd child within tlio precincts of tho Golden Uagle. Rolf then went lo bed, nnd slept soundly till a lale hour when ho arose and etiiippi'd himself for the second aft of the I'arcn. Having unfastened the door, he jumped ajain into tho bed, and rang tho bell violently. When a servant entered the room, Rolf threw one leg out of hud, and called out, " Break fast." As soon as tho npp illiug sight met his eve. tho horror-struck, domestic tuslind down" st lirs, nor paused till he found himself in tho kitchen, tho door of which ho bolted behind him. ' U'hit, in the name of won der,' exclaimed the landlady, ' is tho moan ing of this uproar. You come ttinibliiiL' down in hero as if Number Nip wero at your heels.' 'Talk not of heels !' ejtcnliled tho ser vant ; ' I say ho h is hoof I' ' U'ho has hoofs, blockhead ?' demanded tho enraged landlady. ' II 1st thou been at the bottle already, sot? I must beat this evil puicticeoiit of you a drunkard neglects everything. Up boody, and see w liat lite slranco rrentleman wnnis don't von hear how fin iously his is ringing I No one tings , .1 r. ,1 ... , .. . .,. ...:.! . 1 in tue vioitieii ivigie in wi.ti iiijiiuei vtiinuui piyinc for it.' ' I will not bold converse with the enemy,' saiil the terrified domestic. ' Dolt ! fool I you sh ill ho well punished fur this freak, tie up instantly,' she bawled to another servant, ' and ask wh it the gen- lleman w mis.' Thu man obeyed : but bv , this limo Rolf h id both legs hining out of wltilu the sound died away slowly. It h.ip tho bed, and his dog grow led fiom beneath j peued that neither I nor any of my party It. 1 lio servant frieht. 1 I think ran back, yelling wilh nf. von aio all ioi'.ssi'd this morning ; such conduct is euougli to urtvu a woman In distinction. Call ill my husband.' Boniface appealed, ynd lbeinilter was laid define mm. It might wi-!l I..1V0 discom posed the equanimity of any host in thu city to find a pair of unseemly hoofs in his veiy best bed; and accordingly Ids disapproba tion showed itself in his bustling hair pale cheek, and chattering teeth, 1 Heaven grant mo pilienre!' exclaimed tho wife. ' Are you also heightened by a bug-bear 1 Go up this moment or .' 1 1 am goini, my lovo ; I am going, I only wait lo change mv coal, and put on a better vest, and ' 'Do you hear nincompoop V cried tlio wife, as another peal rang in their ears. ' Oil" wilh you this instant, befoio wo are all deafened with noise.' 1 I am going, sweetest, hut I must have all Iho servants with mo. If our guest is i",u I"-'""" 1 suspect linn to De, lio Has been rt!,'i" mu l",st ol lm""1' ! "'" ,ru"l' l's''u such piessmg arguments 10 induce hint to ho their leader, thai ii was quite impossible to resist them, lie, iherefoie, stepped slowly on, followed by iho three waileis, thu host ler, tho stable boy, and thu scullion, all hold ing by each other's coals. Tlio party paus ed at the hack jf tho tloor to lake breath, and there c.iinu another furious appeal. Tlmy weio just 011 the point of running down stairs, when the hostess thundered out, 'What aro you about there? Must I comn up V Bunil'icu cast a rueful glanco at llis follow frs, which was as much us lo say, 'Tint will never do.' A general groan attested their apprehension ui their weighty nrgu- mollis, nod, driven lo despair, thu landloid jj I boldly throw open thu dour. Tho stranger hail now thrust out of bed not only two hoofs, hut a black tail, which ho whisked about in a paroxysm of rage ; bad any tiling been wanting to complete iheir consternation, il was suuplied by Number- Nip, who, counterfeiting tlio utmost degree of cauino vocifoialinu, sprang toward lliu door. It was Ion 'much tho whole initio laced about, und in their flight Boniface fell upon thu waiters, ihey on tho hostlers, lliu hosilers oil lhe stablu-huy who overset tho scullion, and they ull rolled down stairs, fighting und scuflliug who should gel first inlo lliu kitchen. Three struck in the doorway, but wero quickly dMudged by their com putes behind, and limy nil bulled into thu kitchen, und barricaded thu dour behind them. Consternation reigned in tho inn, from the cellar lo thu garret, Tho guests weru nil ringing lo know the. cause ol uproar. Thu l.inilhidy railed ut thu servants, who refused to leave their entrenchment, and Buiiifacu prudently coutiterfeitod 11 swoon, Irani which all tho kicks and cuffs bestowed on him by his active spoiiso failed to recall him. At length, snatching up a tray, shu exclaimed, ' Should ho bo tho Devil himself, lie shall liavo his breakfast, if ho pays for it , this termagant boldly marched up stairs. On reaching tho apartment, she found her guest sealed at table, waiting for breakfast, who, lifter paying her tho compliments of iho morning with grave courtesy, motioned her lo set down tho repast. Shuobu)ed, and in doing so, glanced under thu table, hut nothing was lo bo seen tlicre except u pair of very liindsooiu unlimited legs, Un iter pretext of adjusting tho wiudiiw curtains, she niado u detour to thu rear, but with 110 belter success; und shu then walked do 11 A supposed supernatural being, the object ol dread stairs thoiotighly persuaded that till those marvellous slot ies had utigin itud in tho ef fect of alo. Roif, having finished his breakfast, slowly descended tho stairs, and at the santo mo ment the carriage of tho proud and rich bar oness Licbcustoin drove im to the door. In stantly all was htistlo within tho Golden Ea gle. "Out rushed tho landlady, thoaivaiters and tho hostlers; and into the kitchen slept Rolf, with porso in hand. Boniface stuod trembling before him. II is proffered pay ment was timidly tejecteJ; nnd in a voice almost iuaudiblo from flcv ition, Boniface begued him lo accept his poor eiiteitainmetit, lidding that hp)Co" red the fio:nS of bis company sullicient competij iiion. ' ay, nav,' quoth Rolf, advancing as the other re-' - 1 ! ' w Heated, ' Ibis must not be. At least accept this purso you know not how much it will oblige mp.' 'Heaven forbid I Tempt 1110 not ! Avaunt, 1 say !' cried tl.o horror struck landlord. On observing our hero's well-feigned astonishment, dropping on his knees ho added, ' Your excellency must ex cuse me ; I am under a vow not lo touch money this blessed day.' ' Nay, then, then is no help (or it,' slid Rolf, wilh the utmost urbanity ; 1 but liencel'oith you may rely on my patronage ;' siying which he gaily bade good morning nnd left tho house. Singui. wt Dr.i.usiov i.v Titr. Dnsr.p.T. On tho fifth d iy ol inyjotiinoy tlio air above lay dead, and all tho whole e. 11 lb that I could reach wilh my iitninst sight and keenest lis tening was still nnd lifeless as sutio dispeo pled nod forgotten world that toll round and round in the heavens though u listed floods nf light. Tho sun, growing fiercer and fier cer, shono down more mightily tiotv th in ev er on mo ho shono before, and, at I droop ed my head under his fire, attJ closed my eyes against the glue that surro.indcd me, I slowly fell asleep, for how many minutes or moments, 1 cannot tell, hut, after a while 1 was gently awakened by a peal of church hells, my nativu hells, the innocent hells, of iUai'lon that never before soul forth their music bewind the Blavgon l-ills ! Mv first idea naturally was, that I still lemaiiied fast under the power of 11 dream. 1 loused my self, and drew aside tlio siU tint covered my eyes, and plunged my hire fact) into the light. Then at least, I was well enough wakened, hut still those old Marten hells rung on, not ringii!? Inrjoy, nut property, prosily, sieaui- Iv, merrilv ri-iging "for church." After had a walch by which In measure tlio ex ict time ol ils lasting, but it seemed to mo that about ten minutes h id p isscd befute the bells ceased. 1 attributed the effect to tho groat of tho son, the perfect dryness of tho clear mr tliouoh which lnioVed, auil the ileen stillness of all around me ; it seemed lo 1110 that these causes, !iy occasioning a 1 "real tension and consetnietil susceptibility of tlio hearing org ins, had rendered them liable to tingle under the p issing touch of mere memory thai must have swept across my brain in a moment of sleep. Since my return to England il has been heard at sea, and that tho s lilor becalmed tinder a verti cil sun in the midst of tho wide ocean has listened in trembling wonder lo iho chime of Ins own village bells. Anon. Superstitions of EniinviA. Tho na tion is overrun wilh superstition. Wo can describe only n fow of them. A p iper nr nior is regarded as a proservativo against tins weapon ol an onoiny. The presence of cross, or any portion of the Bible, is supposed lo interfere wilh tho labors of thu blacksmith. No metal can ho welded, or casting taken fi nni the mould, within sight of thu cross. Tho worker in iron is supposed to he en dowed with supernalural powers, and to be able to transform himself at pleasure into the likeness of a well or hyena, hickness and misfortune aro asciibod to tho inlluencu of thu ovil evo of the blacksmith. Dvvatfs are treated wilh much respect, and regarded with lliu utmost fear. No Amhara will venture to destroy a serpont, except on Stlurday and Sunday, when tho sight of ono is deemed highly auspicious. Sacrifices aro nllered annually, in the month of June, to the evil spirit. Ono of their specifics in disease is In loin an vni iwicu towards the head of the paltonl, nnd then break 11 uoido him. 1 no sight of a It irn is snlTn ii'iit lo shako the firmest nerves. A fox on iho led band, destroys all lioiio of success in unv undertaking, hut on tlio right, is highly favorable. An antelope hounding across liio path augurs success. Tim appearand! ofa whim buzzard is auspi cious, or inauspicious, according to tho posi tion ol tho tail. Un lliu banks ot the river rVirara, stands tlio only piero of machinery in the kingdom, a rudo water mill, con structed liv an Albauiaii vmToY. But the intolerant and ignorant priesthood, pronounc ing the revolution of the wheel lo bo tiio work of devils nnd genii, ils osa was interdicted ifter tin eu days, und it lias since remained silent. Sinoulau CuiNiisr. Custom. A gentle- tuati who has travelled much, and is qualified lo speak of tho customs of lliu Celestials, says that ono ol Iheir rations (and ny no means uncivilized) notions is practically dis played as follows : Tlicre is a huge room, in a well-guarded building, which is locked. I ho keys aru in tlio bands ol lhe pi ivy coun- il. Every day tlio conduct oribo bmperor s closely watched, written down, nnd lliu lecord is thrust llirougha small aperture inlo this room. After the Emperor, and nil 1 reigning relatives down tu the third cousin and all these aro served in llio.saiiio man tier) aro dead, lliu records aro collected and published. I bus a lair and impartial Ins'.u ry of the merits of their royal rulers aro held ui) lo public viuw as ihoy really were. 1 hi custom makes lliu Ivupcrnrs exceedingly careful and circumspect. Wo suppose one never cuts oil a head, or orders the bamboo to bu applied, or lias a criminal squeezed ho I wee 11 two boards, without lirsl rellecling up on how it will read in print. The editresses of tho Lowell Oflaring are much annoyed because post mailuis uddress them as ' Dear Sirs.' They say it sounds ' orW.' Rather odd, but not a-mm. REPORT OF BUTTER, By the Committee nf Addison Count; Vt. Agricultural Society. Gentlemen : Your Comtnillec, appointed to awnrjl premiums on Hotter, after saino delibe ration, 'beg leave to report. Tint we bad no hesitaury in Awarding the firt prcnt uin to thvul Hazard of IVrrisbtirgh.S 1,110. In other loin a near resemblance to cacti other as exhibited. Your Committed had no difficul- ty in agreeing and without a dissenting wuco awarded thu Society's second premium lo Goo. Spencer of Addison, .'SJ.CO. Wo noticed and examined nthor specimens which Rive great credit to tho manufacturers-, espccinlly a li.t in stone i-.s rinlji by Mm. tf b"rr',t, nf VerjriMine which would have taken a premium if a thinl promiutn In.i bM ,,,,. ,r proper nere .,, hpinart. t nil t w loOtirtiiat --lA I, b'rei . Was made between the first of May and the 10'h ol July, examined at out Tatr in October 1H11 Mr. H.izzud's butter was.made about the first of June, packed solid in an 0.1k firkin, and beaded up tigh!, stood in a clean dry cell ir, and is a pait of about nine hundred pound undo from six cows kept on grass only, and made Iroin .May 1, to Oct. , and tho cro.iui was nut alloweJ to stand over !Jt hours before churning. Wo conclude Mr. II. intended to say, 'Thai the milk stood 21 hours for tho cream lu rise, before it was taken nil', and churned,' and before tho cream began to sour. We infer the hater from its taste and appe ironrc, in isinucli a Its age, can scarcely bo identified by any taste which 1 usually found in butter which bis stood for months through the hot season. Mr. Ilazzird's butter teemed to bo remirkiblv Iron from I'lutcin. or whey, or butler milk, and yet moist and easily separated irom 1110 knife which was abundintly 111 untested by the beriiiL' itistrui ion', fso salt could he lound in Ihc butter, nor betwixt thu layers, and yet the whole seemed to bo well seasuued and titled for the table. Your this butter would compete well at any fair in the United Slates. Mr. II., d.d not siy 111 bis ' cc ficaiion how much, if .try cheerc, ".13 made in the tunc of making Ins huller. Where cIiocm and butter ill thu dairy are made at too same tune, the quali'y of the butter may be greatly unproved at tho expense of Ihe cheese. This ipiustitui has long been settled. Tho cream that rises lirsi, is the iipmI pure, while that which ri se last, more gluten and is more taste-le-s, or insipid. Your Coinmitlec are of opinion that so f ir as a first rato nice article of bu'ter is concerned 111 mirkct, seven eights of the cream which rises tir.t is worth more to the manufacturer undo into butter, than the whole if, when the one eiht wh cli rics las', is incorporated with it. Mr. Spencer's butter was undo from three cows in June, kept on grass and laid down 6ohd in a btonc pot, covered with brine. This specimen is a prune article otherwise than in sailing. The snl seems to be altogeth er to 1 course, l'.irlicles of undissolved salt found 111 eating good buiter is always objection, able. We examined oilier lots where big salt was lifod, much of which appeared both in the bultur, and betwixt tho layers in tin undissolved I state. 'I'm much sail is always injurious to but ter, e:ecn!'C, mile's it is undo so Him as not to be loom! in undissolved particles v.hcinn me:. Troiii I0112 exneneme yuur coirintlteo are , ot opinion thai no preservative oilier man pure, line salt can add lo the good tl'ivor, or proseria- lion of butler. We have tried many expert- iiienls lo supply the deficienccs of bag sail, but, hive hitherto failed and until wo substituted good Turks Island, or Itock salt, we met wilh low prices in in irket. appears in it ; Ihe sourness found there is an Your committee are aware of all the inconve- o.xydo just beginning its combination with the nionces arising from tho irrioduction of tho lint-1 glu'.en and whey, and is the decomposing prm ish Liverpool big salt, and greatly regret that ciplo of all vegetable and mineral substances, the American dnmsts should bo contented to 1 and tins is the first step approxun itmg towards uso an impure foreign article which is so inn versally rejected by tho Bnglish as a preserva tive rf dairy products. No one should be sur prised tint the dairy products of the United States should meet with so little encouragement, 111 Ihe Knghfh market. Many causes Ii ne ope rated favorably to the introduction, the useu! Liverpool bag salt and salt ol a similar clurac ler undo at Sjhna, N. Y. Firt, those salts are manufactured and afTirded very cheap, and the L'icrpnol salt is used for ballast in ships. Sec ond, its appearance is very nice and imposing, and at tho same, time is ro tolerably lino that It tiny be used for most purposes without any pul verizing: besides, tho Legislature of Now York soino years ago laid a bo ivy duty on tho lockage of Turks Island, Itock ami all foreign salts 111 order tu force a s ile of tier own, so lar as that States had the power to monopolize the salt trade in the vicinity of bur canals and western Likes. Your eoiftimllee aroawaro of me objection urg. ed against the use of Yioe k s ilt on account ol the labor in pulverising and lining it for use. Now, we are acquainted with this business by the ex perience ol many years. A hired man and boy will pulverize and sifl through a fine sieve two beshols of llocl; salt in , II or -1 hours. This will salt two thousand and six hundred and eighty eight piuuds of batter, .illowing one sixteenth part of the t.vo bushels for wasie. A little loss than ono ounce of finely nulvo' rized Hock salt n sufuVieni for a pound of but ter, say 11 10 or 11 oz. will s ilt 10 pounds if the butter is brought to a proper state belorc sailing, and then Iho salt is equally and thoroughly in ed : besides Itock salt will Inrduii the buiter and render it ripe by working, with lutle more than half the timo and labor tu fil it for the tub, or table, than it does when bag ealt is used. These rules aro always applicable when Itock salt is used. But your Committee aro uii.ih'e to prescribe any definite rulo lor thu use of the bag sab : they are so variant in their true char acter: being manufactured by ddl'crent lnnj, in different Crtablishmciits, and in dilTaronl countries j of course there is pruh.ibly some dd ferenco in tho process of iiianutacliire, as well as tho component parts of tlio article iinniifan lured. Your coiiiinttlco do not profess great skill in tho science of Chemistry, neither does it require much skill 111 this important branch ol science, lor tho dairyist lo disrover that tho lug salts possess soino quality which ought not to bo incorporated into diiry products, and tint some important preserving quality is wanting: probably expelled 111 Ihc process of manufacture. Why should the Aiiuricm tlairyis's use sil lint lhe llnglish people m inufacture, and total ly reject their own in all tueir g aid dairies.' Your conitiutleo recniiiinond 1 lie follo,viiig ex poritnont, to wit: dividu equally each churning. Silt nno part with Itock and th other with big ill : and so keep doing, tinld Iwo vessels arc filled for keeping ; 0110 salted with the former, the other wilh tlio latter. It uuy be proper lo romirk in this placo that the preserving qual tie of tho Bock salt tiny bo destroyed by a ht tlo Inn much beat in drying it. Salt should bo hied in an airy, clean place in the shade, when designed to be undo fine for the dairy. Your committee aro aware mat great oxer- lions have been made for 20 years past in I lie Un led Slates lo improve the dairy, Agncullu ral pneit'ties Invo offered liberal premiums, and largo Bums of inoncy liave beon paid to couipet-1 that il a spider or a ly should chanco to run iters in premiums on butter, and the people of; across il will not be found in the cream, and la ir . I t. l'l. .1 e' ..ill, ilni rtiornimr n, I tl... mnn ntnl V ermoiiv 11 1 u nn.inu I4it;i:i in lliu iiui'ldoi) ui ,olu.,ii. iii lloMnn whiihaviisn hnnniifntlif supplied thoir Agricultural Society wilh the means to replenish their markets wilh improved1 dairy products ; it Is believed that innrli Ii is boon done by way of hnproicmnt in tlna way. Nevertheless a great deal more must be done before all our tnarliola can bo and at all 1111109 supplied Willi lira) rale dury products. In as much us tho w hole cntmnumty Invo an interest in this subject, your committee deem it of importance o ro.nply with the wishes of ,ho Society, to making a pretty full report aslar as we are able will, the moans and exper.enco we have bad in the business. .f d. trying. . Your commiltee are of opinion that iho mm ttfacltirer of a goud article is far bolter compen sated lor all Ins caro and trnublo 111 producing it, than those are, who are contented in produ cing an articla of medium quaUy only, lint no iiianiifrfciurcr can e.vp'ct to tii"rh above n.puiivrfy n!ii b eiHj-t..., - the . l.iljbopl). ical iirinriula of tmines. I ho be.t butter is undo of mill;, or cream fro n cows, tho component parts of w is Oil, Glulen, Whey, Annual anil Vegetable matter. The Oil is that p irt vv Inch, when separated from the Gluten, and Whey, or buttermilk, is denom inated butler. The aniunl and vegetable mil ter irf what constitutes ils good flivor. The Gluten is the Component patt which forms curd or cliecse.and the Whey is a watery substance part cipating in soino small degree with all the other components. Mow comes the process of separating, w Inch is truly chemical, and is per formed through the agency of I lie churn disher. But tho first m inufacturcr must exorcise all Ins skill in preserving- in the oil, or butter, as fir a possible, all tho animal anil vegetable mitlcr, or good 11 ivor. But it is proper here, before we en'er upon this part of tho subject, to remark that much depends upon the blood of the cow, inu still more tin tlio lood she is allowed lo cat. i.eeKs, onions, cabbages, turnips and tno.l roots are easily detected 111 milk or butter, by the, wnen cows are aliened lo leed 1111 them ; 111 short our cows could never feed 00 anything wo have tried, except the natural jrr.isses of the country, nnd Indian meal, and escape detection by our taste. Alany ofourdairyists are generally negligent in trying their nullt by the Lactometer, and go on from year to year, uutg cows of inferior blood. Some cows in tho same lot ordinarily will jwld ono and oucoiglith inch of pure cieain, of delicious and 0x0,1111(0 tl nor, on a four inch cylinder, while others apparently a good by the p-nl, will scarcely yield '.i tlihs, and that too a glutinou, tastoles substance. .Such cows slum. d bo rejected from the dairy, let their other qualities bo over so good, for such cream, when incorporated Willi the o'her, dete.-ioratcs tho whole batch by tho inteduction of a glutin ous', sticky, tasteless substance. The uunufac. turor cannut be sure of presenting a prune arti cle in the innket at all limes, unless a perfect uniformity of practical operations aro lirrt adop ted and c.irri.'d out wilh the iuot scrupulous oxactnese, in the dairy-room. Kvery utensil must be kept perfectly clean and sweet. Tlio cows mul lie regularly fed ar.d milked, and al ways milked clean and at regular hours. No cow should bo Miltdred to piss a meal without having her luMer perfectly relieved nf all the mid; contained in it. Llvae't uniformity through all the processes of rn in.iging the milk, cream and buttor, until it is ready to ho delivered in tlio nnri,ui, stiuunl lis obse.-.ed in order to 111- ouro mum uuiiormitv "I nricoj mw 1 satisfactory re muneration. W hen these ruled aro adopted. me cunracicr 01 me article so 111 tied, and all ddlioultu-s in silcs an becomes set- arc 01 or. Hut there are principles to l.e observed tn the manufacture of butter which seem generally not : to be well understood. The best butter is in ide of milk or cream before any acidity or sourness putrifactiun. It is this principle which exhibits itsoll ill rust on iron, decay in limber, vegeta bles, and putrifictiou after ll.u principle 0" life is destroyed. It is the principle tint forms lhe respiration between the buttermilk and oil, or pure buttery part, and forms butter. This chem ical process is effected by motion, or agilation of the creini 111 such as lo bring tho tine ptrli cle.s of tho cream 111 contact with the atmos. plierc which oxygenizes the gluten and w hoy. or butlerunlk, and forms a sop 1 ration leaving Ihe oil a pure anoxydized sub-tance. The most superficial observer will detect oxyde or acu' 111 1110 uuitermnu, when tlio most keen and ex perienced Ulster, is unable to discover it 111 the butler when the buttermilk is all worked out. I ho moment oxygon combines wilh-the oil jir uutter, rancidity lollows in exact proportion with lliu com'ji in l ion of this all. destroying principle, hence ilia importance of establishing a thorough, uniform, philosophical system in the daiiy-ruoui. When milk is 6el for raising cream, tho best cream containing the must annua) and vegetable matter and lhe most pure part of the oil, rises first, while that part of tho cream which rises last contains mure glulen, less oil, and is of an interior and tasteless quality. This accounts for a better quality ol buiter being undo when checsc-nuking is carried on at the same time : the poorer qu ility ol cream is lelt lor the cheese. As the general principles of dairying, so far aa-hutter is concerned, have been sujgested lit lhe lorogoing remarks, your Cuuiiuiitee will closo their report by a uiuro particular descrip tion of pruceses carried on 111 the dairy-room, but 11 minim bo remarked here that a particular to the bottom nf the ocean. As a war e.tsb description ut all tho processes and varieties ihmont, therefore, it would be decidedly in. wnh winch we are acquainted would be an end- Unfile ieut "in case of a war with Knland," a le.s task, lor v.o have inud mure than thirty. Power which a mahgnal patriotism islauht In wiiu cuursu ut prucueuiu 111 inu uairy-ruuui win bd ubst rved. Tor a butter J 1 1 ry, a deep, well ventilated col- lar is uiosi approved, tlio bottom ol which should . Mr. Editor, w ill you believe it, and impress the lit) coveted wilh sloue laid in lime or cement, j f ict upon your readers, that the cu.t ol our little tlio whole shoo id ascend a liuie towards a dram Navy exceeds all that is earned by all the mar to let oil'tho wash. S'unc is buiter than wood chant vessels that sail under the American flig, or brick, uu account uf thu impurities which the 1 above their expenses ! Ties fact I luvc learn, latter may absorb. Tho sides and over head j ed from an extensive ship-owner, who arrived eh iu Id be wed plastered .with lime so as to ex- al it at the end of a long and accurate calculi, elude insects. An arch with a chimney form- tion. I trust this fart will occur 10 your mind nig a canopy over sheet-iron pins used as boil- ers set 111 11, should bu undo 111 the ui.ddlo on ' which almi st girdles New ork. Let your rei uiiu side ol lhe dairy.rooiu, so tint the heat will iters remember that all the American vessels en. p-iuuip illy escape during the process ui iiualiug tue milk, which is done by selling the pins ol nidk 111 heated water. A spring t cold wa'er ! do not clear enough to piy the cost of their yro ehuilld be conducted into Iho d nry-rooui by un j teclion (.') by Iho American Navy. This is jjuv- ai'ieonci anu lei iniu irougns prepireu to re- eriiineiiiai insurance or commerce with a ten. ceivu her pans of milk, winch aro couled by a 1 gcaure ! at iho patronizing paternal rate of one sueain of cold water running around such pans hundred per cent. Now, Mr. Editor, if our glo until the annual heal is nil'; the water constant nous littlo Navy were safely moored within ly discharging, and passing off through the " Davy Jones' Locker," do you believe that the drain. Soon utter ihf auniiil heat is excluded 1 ralo ol iusuranro on American Merchant vr lrni the milk in thu morning, both night and !sels would advance 1-2 per cent, in Wall street!, in iriimg's milk aro heated by placing tno pans I For one, 1 wish tint the disproportion between' ol mills iu the water, which raises its tempera- jour Navy and that of Great Britain were titty lure to above l?l) deg. It should never bud ! times greater than it is. Wo should be the nor simmer. The pans of milk uro then set 1 stronger and richer for it. There would hvo back upon the troughs, (out 111 the wator) and been a hundred limes more commerce in tho stand "!l hours, when the cream may bo taken ..IF niil rllllrilPfl. 'I'lllia Mt-..M. Ii-cluns ilia off and churned. cream upon the surface si that it may all bo ob . Ilia JU-.0 1IUSIEIID IU tained in about half tlio tune it takes to r.u.o it in the ordinary way, improves its quality by pre ventlliL' sourness, hardens lliu surlaco so much i viini.iv- v..- n ... ....w-iiiii u wi n.v v .... labor 111 norforiuiiu? that most irksome ulceration. half iho pains only aro necessary to bo used, and much time and labor are saved. The time occupied in Iinatmr tho milk in the dairy of i0 cows, 1. from 'S to HO minutes. All '.ho mih are imdo of tin, and !nuilIod w'len eith er cool or hot, by long. made for llii.t purpose, " U n,, , T L Tln " 'PI""lJ . ... 1, iioteiii.i any biiuing or si 'ppmg ol ll.u Tm. ' ,., ." ' "' ' , ihc cream L ke p o ver a, S y by ,vil, it a ,,0 d keepin g way j butcr fa d" - 1 'tho vear. Won,2 , . place every morning except Sundays, Then incorporating; coo', in thu nil EpiEnna nf the year. Wo prefer dog days and the latter part ol Iho season, before the frosts are so severe) as to injure the quality of thn grasses, 011 ac count ot tinny obnoxious weeds w Inch find their way into the stomachs of sotnri cows, while 111 t heir tender state, in the early part of tho season, rerlnpsit is proper to remark here, that the ch.lraelerof tlnry product's oi'dill'erent districtw of country when 111 market aro settled input, from tho fact that the lands in ono district of country yield leed of a delicate and exquisitely food quality, while tho lands in another district orudiice fond of a very ordinary quality, This fact is well settled in regard to tallow in cattle. When butter is churned all the buttermilk that can b. should be worked out by the butter worker or ladles, then a little less than one ounce of fine rod: nit to tho pound shouIJ be evenly or thoroughly incorporated, then stand in an even temperature say from 5d dog. to C2 deg., twoniy-four hours to ripen. Now work thoroughly and tlio butter is ready for the lable or m bo laid down in the tub; hero is lhe most d fiicult point to be attained in fixing its trua character. If it is not worked enough so as to exclude nil tho buttermilk, there la danger of n rjneid appearance on opening 111 market. If worked too much 11 will be gluey and more taste h)s linn it should be in order 'to command thu lirft or highest price. Bailor should be undo in such a manner as never to require but once wnrkmz alter the salt has been well incurpor? ted : repeated worli igs expel more or ices of tho animal and vegetable substances which 1 ou st itutes its goud flivor and should not be work, ed nor washed nil". Tnese rules are applicable in all cases in churnintr and nrenanior huiior for the tub or tabic, whether the cream is raised by heat, or otherwise. Your committee cannot re. commend washing butter in cold water, it is never done in Lngland by the best dairyists, un. less it is to be shipped long voyages! and thu strongest brine made of rock salt is used. In recommending any particular churn, your committee aro under some cmbirrassmont. Churning ;s truly an irksome la-k and it is be lieved that more depends upon tho preparation of the cream to facilitate this operation than 011 tlio churn, admitting it is so constructed as to bring the particles of cream in contact with thu atmosphere in tho most feasible manner so as to combine with the oxygen contained in the air which is the principle which forms the sopara. lion, and tho oil in butter. We examined near ly two hundred diffv'ren: patents not long s lice in the city of Washington, one only excited much interest. 7'uis was an air churn so con traded as to carry many currents of air, through the cream unlit the principit nf seporation is formed without any friction of oar or dasher. We are inclined to think this churn by some improvement on the ono wo saw, may take the? p! ire of all M10 oth-rs in latee dairies. V.,r j packing vessels geoJ-oak.liear.t stuff made into 100s, or nri.ins, wen snaked wuti many changes of water, and then stand a lew days filled with strong brine, is good as any thing. The butter shonld be pressed in solid layers two or three inches thick, no salt beween layers ; if firkins are u-cd, bead them up perfectly tight; add brine through the bung bole in the last head, and bung tight. If tubs aio u-cd the butler should be covered with a cloth and tine salt two inches deep on top and add a little brine. If heating the milk is omitted Ihe pans may be set on the cellar bottom and the cream will usually all riso in !)T to -IS hours, according to the weather ; to bring the erenn lo a proper temper iture for churning, it may be suspended in the Well wilh the cream vessel partly immersed under wator over night. Submitted by J. M. Weeks, for Com. For the Tice Press. THE IIUITISII NAVY. I observe that an article originating in the Courier and Enquirer, giving some statistics with regard to the strength 01 tile Uritinh Navy, is going the rounds of the newspaper orcss. Alter staling the number of war-ship, cannon, muskets, mtriiies, cutlasses, captains, sabres, sailors, red, blue, black and green admirals, long tune?, hcuton nits, and all the other hum in and inhuunti elements of this vast peace ornament ut Great Britain, it is thus compared with that of this Government, and .in tho language of Dr Duncan, ono of the uneasy war.spirits of Con. 1 gtcs. hays the Doctor ot the comparative strength of our nival force, " It is to little that it could be led in the British Navy, in all the stillness and sccresy of th.- heart of a dense and boundless forest. It is so little that ou might detach its size from one wing ol the Itnval Na vy of Great Britain and Q leen Victoria would not know that she had lost a vessel." Now, then, Mr. Editor, " in caseof a war wilh England" that oicrlasting proposition, we might infer from Dr. Duncan, that a single broad side of the whole British Navy would send ours, wiui an us giory anu paixiiau "peacemakers," regard as "our natural cnenn." lint what i Ils use as a peace establishment 1 Is it neces. suy to protect our commerce ! no, not at all..- whenover you look upon the forest of 111. ls ' giged in mmmcrce, and whitening every sea , ami ocean on lhe nlobe with Iheir canvass wnnra. ' world had no war.slnpa ever been launched up- 1 nil lli. nrp.,11. 'IMinu tl l. I tin II nln..l V -- ; ... lliu l.,d CllCiniCS nf all commerce, civilization, and Christianity. 'I'linv 11rnf.fl ill-trust is. . tn.i..AA K -.1 -: . j ..u. o,m nillolONIUCS wherever they go. hwaggering like tall, full fed, arrogant bullies from port 10 port, they in. tcrrupt the natural course of trade, and ih.n suine all that he spread canvass of the world can earn. The British Navy uere ilallati- - ..- ....... .,n,j, nun; u all ail ' chored by the side of the lluval ficor,,. n,, Britain might yet bo the lutstrc.s jf the woill and queen of the seas. R. i

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