Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 21, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 21, 1845 Page 4
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an pi3Usi;vi:haxci;, At one of ttm risi-i-nl nin!i,-r-rir-a in Wit. one. a SDfiatcr Ciln. hi pil m. p-ehorlntion tn wahiviuiiv U HvHIM:; II, U (UIIU-- ,11,4 , A swallow In the Snnni. Crime to our gramry, and 'nealli the caves Bss37l to make a nest, nnd there elid brin;; vtet earth ana straw ami tcavij. D.v after dav she tniled. With patient nit, but ere her work was crowned Some aid mishap Ihetinv fiiliric spoile-el, Aa uasiicj 11 10 tiiu pinunu. Shfi found thi rum tvroimlil. Put not cast denen(. forth from thop'ace -he flew, And with her male, fri sh cirih and tra-ses bro't. And built her nest anew. But -ctrcrlv had shn nliee.l The last 10ft fenlier on In ample tVinr, When wicked hind, 01 chinci-, again .iid waste, And ivroutrht the ruin o'er. fl it still her heart she, And toiled attain j -and last niglii, hearing call, 1 looked, and lot three little swallows slept Within the earth-made wall". Whit truth is here. O Man ! Hath Hope been sinuieii 10 it early diwn 7 Have clouds uYri-as thv 1 urpose, trust or plan 1 Have Faiiii, and struggle on I ViRTcr. Guide will thy heart. Shut up eve ry orevicohy wholesome thoughts, and thcetil tmosphero by thou ait surrounded will 1 never enter. He who would tempt thee for one moment, to turn aside from tho p-lh of truth, must rrccite no favor from thy hand. Slumber not when evil n-so.-ialcs are pressing to thy side. To be virtuous is to ho respected s to be respect ed i to be happy ; to be happy is to bo wealthy. "In virtue's path who trcsds Treads surely : nil ttc feel and see la a Iriuiiiplnl march which leads Truth, knowledge, to it victory : 'Tts sorru.t's siernt'SI discipline. That makes our mortal mill divine." Could tho young man who breaks away from the golden chain that linds him to virtue, but rc slue the l itter fruits of his course, not worlds would tempt him to run the fearful risk. From heaven of love, peace and glory, he sinks to a hell of misery, disgrace and ru 11. tie lliutt caie fid, O youth, and thou wilt be like a huly angel in the eyes of mankind. "Toccii nut, iiandlc not.'' One of those meddling gentlemen, who like Thomas of old, are never satisfied until they have put their fin ger on every thing they see, was mt long since observed by a friend with his hand done up, 10 n.-e in every day phrase, in some half a dozen handkerchiefs. He accosted him with the usual question "Whit ails your hand 1" "Why," said he, "t'other day I went into the tnill to sec 'em saw clapboards, and I saw a thing whirling round so swift, and it looked so smooth nd slick, and I thought that I'd touch my finger to it, and sec how it felt, and don't you think it took the tend of it right off s they hal loed out, "You must not touch lint it's the cir cumlar saw that sou j all the clapboards." But they spoke half a fecond too late '.ho cend of my finger was rone, and I never seed it since' As Oath ncrtxcrEo itu.n. .Mr Romainc hearing a man rail upon God to curse him, oiler ed him half a crown if lie would rcpcil the oath. The man started "What I sir, do you think I would curse my soul for half a crown V Sir Romninc answered, "a. you did it just now for nothing, I could but suppose that you would fura reward." The poor fellow struck with 1I10 reproof, and said ".May God bless you, sir, whoever you are. I believe you have saved my out. I hope I shall never swear again," THE GUAND DUKi; AND TIIH JHW. A ROMANCE IT REAL LIFT. Thefollowinj singular story, which was cur rent imong the English residents in St. Peters burjh at the coronation cf the present lunpcror of Kussia, has been narrated to us by a person newly arrived from that part of tho continent. In the early part of the year 1320, an Hnglish gentleman, fiom Aknictch in the Crimea, having occasion to travel to I'rancc on business of im portance, directed his course by way of Warsaw in Poland. About an hour after his arrival in that city, he acq lilted the tavern in which been taking a refreshment, lo ta'..c a wilk ihrnugh the streets. While siun'cring in front of one of the public buildings, ho met an cldcily gentle man of a grave aspect and courteous demeanour After mutual cxchiiigc of civilities Ihcy got into conversation, during which, with thecharacteris tic frankness of an Englishman, he told the atranger who he wa, where from, and whiihir be was going. The other, in the most friendly manner invited him to share the hospitalities of bis house tilt such timoa3 he found it convenient to resume hi. journey adding, with a smile, that it was not improbiblo that he might visit the Crimea bi uself in the courss of that jcar, when' perhaps, he might reoiire a similar return j the invitation was accepted, and he was conducted to a splen li I min-ion, elegant without and com rnndiou wiilnn. Unbounded liberality on the part of the PoV, produced unbjunl.d confidence on the part of the Englishman. Tho I liter had a small box of jewels of great value, which he ha I carried about hi-person from the lime of his leaving home rinding that mode of conveyance both hazirdous nd inconvenient in a town, he iii)"eni. hi mu nificent host to deposit it in a place of secuiily till he should be ready to go away. Al the ex piration of three days he prepiredfor his depar ture, nn J in as'.ing for his bit, bow was he mazed whe n the old gent'eman, with a counte nance rxlubiiing the utmost surprise replied, "What box 1" "Whi, the small box of jewels which I give In you lu keep for me." "My dear sir, you mustsu'dyhc mistaken ; I never, really, saw or heard of such a box." The Englishman wo, petrified. Afier recov ering himself a little, he requested he wo dd call bi wife, she having been present when he re ceived it. She came, nnd on being questioned answered in exact unison with her hus'inid c pressed ihe same surprise and benevolently endeavored topersuale her dWlrnc'cd guest tha, it wa, a mere hallucination. With mingled feel ings of horror, astonishment and despair, he walked nut of llio house and went lo llie tavern tt which lie had put up on his arrival in War nir, Thero he related his mysterious -lory, and learned ihat bis iniquitous hot was tho richest Jew in Poland, lie waadvi-cJ, without d day to state Ihe case to tho grand duke, who for lu nately happened al thai time to be in Waraw. He accordingly waited upon him, and with little ceremony wa, admitted to oil audience K briefly laid down bi. care and Co,ii.iiii;ne, "with a greedy car devoured up liidiciurs." Con ttiniinc exprrajed his astonishment luld liiin ho knew tho Jew, hiving had oeioiiito money tran-ac-tbnuith hiiiill,nt ho had always been rcspcctabl-, and nf an unblemished clnroctcr. 'However," l.o addid, "I will uscctcry legitimate means tountiil the mystery." So mying. he called on some centlo men who were todmc with him thattlay, nnd n nifssengcr with a nolo to llie Jew, requesting It's presence. Aaron obeyed the summons. "Have you no re-collce-liou of hating received a box of jewel fiom thehandof this gentleman V said the duke. "Never, my lord," was the reply. 'Strange, indeed. Aro you perfectly conscious," lurninz .11 the Knglishman, "that you gavo the box as stand ?" "Unite rerlain, my lord." Then njdrcs-ing himself to tho Jew -"This is a Very singular case, and I feel It my duly lo uses sin pular means to ascertain the truth j is your wife at home?" "Ves, my lord." "'I hen," continued Constantino, "there i a sheet nf paper and here is a pen t proceed to w rite a nolo to your wife in such terms as I shall dictate." Aaron lifted the pen. "Now," said the second Solomon, "commence by ruing 'All is discovered! There is no resource lift but to deliver up Jhc box. 1 have owned the fact in the presence of the grand duke.' " A tremor shook tho frarno of the Israelite, and the pen dropped from hi fingers. But instantly recover ing himself, he exclaimed "That i iuipoilile, my lord. Tint would be di rectly iinp'icaling in j self." "I give you tny word and honor," sai 1 Constintine, "lit pre-ence of every one in the room, that wha 1 you write shall never ho Usui nsan instrument against nu, farther than the clkct it produces on your wife. If you arc innocent you have uoihinr; to fear but if you pcrsi-l in not writing it, I will hold it .13 a proof of your guilt." With a trembling hand tho terrified Jew wrote out ,lc nale Mai j, upi anJ , hj was Jestreil, sealed it willi his own signet. The nfficirs were dispatched with it to his liouo, nnd when Sarah glanced over its content", -ho swooned nnd sunk to the ground. The box was delivered up nnd restored to its owner and the .lew suffered the puiiUhmcnt his villainy desctved lie was sent to Sihctia. i-r WING f.ii'ed of learning the MasitactcrIvo ! 10 1 st:-s. It is fiUni hi" .-M-jro with a larire as sortment el ('onitp, t mi tin? in pun 1 f Bma-I Clnili-, Ci-hhhtc-, Saliint'tl, VtMin;:, rian iifU, I'fai 1-, Cti t l.i nitiM nu-l Trimtiin j-. Aln.ic.i, ltll.M B'ih I'laitl ami CvzW. il nvn Olmli, Clnmolron-, Ai'ulinn Siiiiii, Aloii t'v I.nini-, lloiii1 az nt, Mi rui in, 1'iiiii. in ii Plain, CorMcJ, K.tiin anJ'1, Sini'l Pl:h'l, Wln'i (jani'-rii'-. K.uiry i'r.ivalP, lln-im, Ilti k MiMimi- n ml Glim-, Hi i-rM Kil, l-'ot-M'l, crti'd nnd SilU (, jtl. i:m ami f.twy G il tutu. Hjii 'mi.'-, Tai'., I.'oi Ijiii MonI,a an i Kji-, Itili) nn Win, rilk, I lucnl, -il!i Hiaul-, Lnt-et, t'orJ. Uinip-, Wlrittbitm, an I .Neiillf.-t. Al Shtrtirtff?, Mn'iltii?., Tic kin?-, Prill ini, C.iu'on KitiniiiN, t'dtlim Vitni. Iluu. VicI inif, Wa Id 1 nr, Carpet arn, Hurl teji. litT-t IJlanl.cif Jirctlls S'mcs, Xaifc, Crockery. ILirtht ire,, and ilu- I c'si tj :aii.y nf Tkas, tfuar an I Mo las iVr. Aic, 'lite aluve jrooiTa vro tIocieJ ;ilh prral caic, an I he recvtlully invilt'" inpi.viiuii, fur they will Wiml, Grain, luilt, Butter, and most InuU of pro di n rtCfived in pajireni. 2U Wmoo-ki Villn'litnlinstrin I'alKt Vt. Oct. 1815. Watches. WK tteiri.' to inform Ttiu'lier ami oilier, that we have a moreeVMi ivn nnd a cluMper !ut t.f L-ond Watrhca, than we have eer hid ihu plcauru of uIUtjii j fur cali, loth (J( l-l .wnl Mitwr. 21 imixsM.uD v ukotiii:rs. For Sale. A food yonn HnrM, 1 rio' wo It in? mare, 1 new iron hIu ConcorJ Waaon, I -ei'ond hand Con lOidWasnt, I Culler, I Sleigh, fur ready pay in ia-I) r ggoil barter. 21 BlilXSMAlD .f IIUOTIir.IiS. FAViI4S9 JMI:IGIiT13S. PAIilS' Catharlie' nnd WgelnMo Pnrsntive I.ez y e'iiie-r, and the' best nnd t'f l Vdly tho llict poji ul ir arucle-, not e-nly 1'e.r adult but fr i In' Irenof all ceiuntries and, and in eve rv coic'ituuiof life. Tl.i-y nrotr"-lly voprt-nlilf, w-nh a i.i.-toine-xpre'il lv eWlihll'll i ihe'V cM'i-e mi pain In lliei pe-rallilll lull ill, the contrary levling- id'plt.isnre, cdcaiiMiiirihe -tcni-nch and lunvels rr.c:' pi'rlevly ih in nnyeiihe'r p'irga live. Their inasu' lil.o opeiaiion Hiirpiise the most eminent plij si"i.n, nnd they lire r.ipidly la'.ms tho p'ni-e-eil all other purj.i'ive I-. V.wi v ir.n-t-lii-r i-lioidd carry thrni, every family -Im-ilet l,ecp thoin, ami every man, woman and child should take, them. talks' woitM i.ozi:noj:s like a clnriu in removing the y iintoni-, startiu .en- .i i-iiiv iimhuji Minn, ii s i,...., nn-)- m i sleep, grating the leeih, p.ib'ni-ss about ihe mouth and no-e, u lines at siimi.ich, piec.innu nppcti'e, swelled I owel and general lever; ihe child talis nun a quiet sleep, thf wnrin- are tupilied nnd expelled in eveiy instance us lar as heard Irom the patient i. en tirely cured. KALES' COUGH I.OZKNGKS, Tor cough, ci Ids, brone lutis, incipient constiuip tieui, whooping cough nnd cionp, the most happy e lce-t isoh.aincd lu a tew moments, the symptnnisilfsippc-ar nnd the insease i at onee brokcn'np- A single trial is sullicicnl lu snli-ly the most sl.eptica). KALES' DYSI'.NTKlty lOZI.NfiK.S Cure's dvscn'erv, durrliice mid all I ow el complaint ot adult or children, i'.iy particular nitcuiion tothe diiectioiis whie'h uei'i'iiip.inv ea-h box and they .ire not known to fail. Pi ice 23 cents. KALI S' CAMPIlOIt LOZKNCLS, Tor common and sick he; also, mania, epi lepsy, ined.incbo'y, hyp ten i, St. Vim- Dance and all oih.'r i'.ich ot langtu'r and oppression of lhu vual powers, 'bey are perfectly safe for women orelulJien in all conditions. KALES' CYPRIAN HAIR TONIC, Is now so extensively known that i-nuiincnt i use less. We can ay, however, ninong thou-an.U who have piri'ln.e-l it in ilu ninl oil-er co-mirie, none have couipl Hind, but on tin- con tr try expre-scd their wonder uuJ admiration on beholding it-elect. CLEAR OUT YOl'l! ItA'l S. The gnawe-g nn I antic ol the-e dcliuc'ive crea tures e-an I o banished forever in jo ir houses and Mure if yo.i will pronue a box of the gcii'iine Mala pascal- Itat Cxlciinlcator, and n-e' it according lo e'lre'ciioiis. You cannot depend upon theabove inedicint-s mile-s obtained of the propiien r, J. J. K.i'cs, trcei, lloslon ; to .ive.i.l co inicrfcii the agent has n ce-rli'ieale with ihe writicn signature ct' J. J, Kale, M, I). Me-inler Muss. Med. So, and Host' u Jled. Abs Dr. Knli's' melii iiu- aie si. 1 1 w holc-iilo add rttail nt An. 'Jo l ciniincrcial nt., Ito.ton. Iltirlinvlon, Harrington fc lltothcr, I)ritggits VhuU--alo ant Rciniters tor live above ini'diciiies. I rrni. iVin. II. Ilixbv, l'riiggit; .Nrtr lliren Mills, II. liidcr; JJrUtol. Ileo. W. I'ariiiclcc ; A'nc Ifiren, A. P. Ro-coe; rtrrifhurpk Center, Amos We-lhciby; S'lclliuui, J. II. Ish nut llinesliuruh. Mar- cur llul'; H'lHijoJii, .Morion .f- Cl.lrl. -, Jericho Cor ner!, Oiki- i- Pe-e-u ; t amonagc, .Marim Wires-, llukeisjUlit, Ariniugloii if- IVmcroy ; West linos tmrsh Jaine M. Dein; Sheldon, A. Ki-uluS: Co.; I 'airJ'uld, llurr f I an-woi th ; airfux, t. . Ilriish -t Co. -JU James Mogan9 WOULD repecifullv inform the citizen ofllur lineluii and vicinity, lhat he has commenced HOOK IIINDING in all i's vnrioiis hrrinrlies, in llie ll'iihling formerly uccipiii ny .-s. r, .-sieiiincr nun b.i'iiiie-r s r-tinji, tiiteic ihwra Knst u tho Tie'e.' I'tc-. citlicc, Ciille-jjc .S'l., Ilnr linslon, V., whiiei he inie'iiel, kciiiing colislanlly on llill'l I.eelfie'i.. I ly lloolti, Ch li.iol., Suleti Hue kit, llcre-ipl I'ooU. I.iwvcr'n Ilricfinj Paper, Jniirn-iN, Invoice- lluolti, ItecorJ ll.iei's. .Mcninrnncluin llooln, uost i ntier. nnit I'oeKeia, N'. II. II ink n. Tiihlii-o rrc. In. ir.iiir.-Cnminnin Mcrrhinis mi l nlh n- fiirnuhcil with Account IlioUii nmli-ni llio tiest p i"'r, ruicniinii Iionnil tnanvpnl tern desired, nndcxe-ciitt-d in.iviiood Htvli.n. ilm si,a, iiiiprovemenu in liindinu' "ml experienced vvotKiiicn enn lirriilnee. I'.irlicijir attrnlion will lie piid t.i thn hinJiujr rf i.iurarics, renonienin, .minn-. i-uriru'iis, cnji iio.,!,,! A e, rtc. Mnnufirtiirer nf lllne, lllacli, nni! lied Inl.n. ('oiintry otders rxecim-d on tin- most f ivorntih-tciinsj nnd in short noun-. I'.dgeii "f Moolts itmrhli'd to nny pitti rn to match, C'ninh or SV'" ih in the hint si) I,'. MoitkindH of .School nnd llliinl. II inks on hand unci lor nle chenp for t asli. r.ipe r lUttn taken in tx C'lniieo for lllnuk nnd .Srhnol ll.ioi.ti, I'aper, if-c. Uurlint'ton, .May 13, ISI'i. CO-ly f SII PAID lor l'OHK, IH'TTUn, hyi:. I'KAS, KI..AX SEBH, hv II. W. I'ATI.IN. cm i:si:. wiim: iii'ans, OATS. SIIHKP PKI.TS, 9, IS 15. a t. Lnriics nnd Gentlemen Wlt.t, find an endless variety of lltushes, Combs, Perfumes, Soaps and Fancy Articles-, at 22 PF.CK &. SPKAR'S. COMt: ALL Willi AUK si'FFi:iua moM pain, Ho Cured Mlllnml Clinrgo or Kxpetiso, HAUTINIVS LOI'ION. Tha jrrcnicst Jlw1-j eicr hitmen fur all the pains ichidi it jimfcsirr to cure, will begic en (mils to the njliclcd who cannot afford to purchase by, aplhj'wg to .Tj.'t i:iE(AIVAV, iVrn- Vorli. BAnTINtt I.Oril).-Tliu Lotion was Invented Some Velr nuo. nnil U tho hrLidttctinn nrnrr-t. dental di-coverie-, nulcd by skill nnd experience'. Theorirtinal design of it was olidy for the inventor' own ii-i-, inn no tanner nail il i.e-conic c-lahlllieil in lu practice-, than enquiries beiran to lo made, by the friend, of tlio-ei who had been l,e-nn!ille-.l hv H virtue', uhe're it might be proe'iireil. ' lu its tamo began to prend from individual to Individ ini until it 1 tvatne- known sn ncur failing eiire-, in tno-t of the large cities in llio Union. Wiilnmt pufnns, or theaul of the- public iii', il h.i acnuire'il its oevn eelcbrilv and found it way intn publie l.uor ns an llnnv.illisl nnd extraordinary I aim in tho cine of many ol the in hi wuiL-ii lu.iuiLimi are -ui'ii-ct. In l-nse' of (elt-it. Itlm nil iti'll. Swe.IIInQ nf nil Kind, Dislocations or Kiaelurotl lloni'-, itriiiO', t'nt-, CeiutiKions nltendevl with nun mil inll inntinn, I'oi oni'lis llito. nnd Stimrs. iluru, Senld, Chill l.iin, Corn or 11 inieui, an I Wound of every ele-criplion, it a lord nn inline li He; and permane nt reliVf. It i, peilnp the only nrlh'le r,m I ueVpendcd upon in the cure of Iho.e pain in iheluck and -ile, lencrally prcd'ievl I y taking cold niter violent e.xe-rdon and ine'ihcaling. l-'ui (ll.iii Tumor, t.'iiuhairn, Krysipe-I.i, Ti'lli'r or llin.wnrm, nnd all kinds of l!ruplioii of the Skin, il is a mot i-xcelleiil reiuody. Tor ri'VeTcin l Ague. Ague in the llreatt nnd Knee, Crnuip in the S10111.11 he, and Headache-, it t like a edi.lrin. Hut nbuvenll, in tho ohm- ot Ti'iidilio'l and Cnp-ular uiiuiies, Sprain, and Wound olV cry ele crip'ion, it show in n iiio?t n;toiii:hing manner, its iowc'is. In addition to the lonisn Inlt'icni-c llio f.ollon ex ert on r the aocidenl nnd inlirmitio of man, it h i lii-en found no le-- le in 'inular i-oiiiplaint to are uhjecl, iinrlicolarly the llor-c, viho-e y.lllleand usef Ties. elem.iiuU the par lii idar care of it" owner-. In cine cao, where it Iijh been applied to thukind t-rentnre for slisht inju- rie-, it ha, in uddiiion to antal t in-taniatiL-oit core, Kiii'n nppnrenily newniiininiion and vivacity to ihe, (lowiieh nn e.x'eni that in variou lu-Lin-e-cs I he- winniuir ofn race- ha I i-en tcnaciou-y acrdi ed in tlie stimulating nnd happy e'leel ed the I.oiion, rather than the iniiiral pee I oi' Ihe animal.) It ha become i-finally eclelii.Hed n nn iinivcr-al tpeeilie I oth for lulu :in I I oast. The. following are some of the coinplanii mo-t euininon tolhe hor-e-, in which it lia proved it s iperionly. 't'he Lotion i e-eiiiunje.-el enlirely of the- tncli'-inal prop 'rlie'S ol leri'inble ml stance concentrate I and ren. cre'l uio-t pure by di-tillation and other proces-es. . nu inward im-dicinc, It t llio ino-t in noee'iil, wh le-oint', -.luuul.itin? nil I cheering rhar ae:er, nn I will e-xpcl. iiisi.iuily, tho-e dul', heavy and hypochondrcal tcrling to vvhicli tinin are c, s ih jevt, and givu lile nnd niiim.ition to In Ih bodv nnd mind. To lu hid in ll.irlni-jlon at Oct. C, 'i:. Mcssr- IT.Clv if- SI'KAK'S. M AII()(i AN Y ! ! f "AVi: reeentli i:U-n an A gene v for the- a'e of, L .Malioi'anv from a Iewr ) orl. linn, and nu, urw l mi stoe1; nfcruti-h and sha le.1 veneers, such n- are ad miiel tmliis inarl.ii. Ad. ihlion will from tune to time bo nude, a- they are called le.r by the demand, sU as to keep up a fir us sortiiieii'. Woenl, in any f. nn, not on hand, will I c turni-hel at the shonesi notice. The price, will It low, end the term. cash. D. K. PAXUIIOHN. Hiirlingtoti, It Sept., 1513. I4i OySRI'TEMHIill 8, 18.15.0 Anil now u ceiving the lamest as-orimciit ol Drtv (oou they havecver ollcrcd lo the public j con Mstim in pari of i L-reat vaiielv of AMI'.lilCA.V I'ltl.NT., 'TICKINRS, .siii-uriNc., nmi.i.s, Al.P.M'A-i, PI.AIDS, t:oi.oi;i;i) c.unmics. i.rNi-.riHs, SIMX'IAS, CA.NYX.SS, PMIDI.NC!, THliKU), PINS NHKDLr.S, iiriTOXS. CO.MIN, ' HOOKS it r.YP.S, r-OAPS, an I a great .ir.e-ty of other mod--. All of our good arc I ougbl wilh cu-'i daicn, nnd heil'-e totho bell nd vantage. They will bo soil upon fiiomMc lerin, anil nil o dcjiro.:3 ot" buying, are te-pccifullv solicited to call. II irlintou, Sep'. 8, 1SI5, 15 ii coiri:TiM sritcnr, NEW YOIIK. XV I I.M A ?UI V I It 1 1 s: B. Tcvin. 81,'i.I pet- clay, fc7 per week. Till) lleds, If m -ii i -, ii ii 1 IIou-earctLi-.VN. ihe Pro prietor nn I servants ohhtrmg -u I alienlive, an I in manv p.uucu ars it i a m icli mure inviting place lo stop at, t lit ii some much more- i-xpt'iisio house. M r. M. niilh"ri-ed me to say that all my Yermont friends who were intliienccd toe-.ill by hisi-nrd above tlllli'lslil- t fir lie- I tll I I, f. inlll t ..n . n....n, l.. nu jM-, smunj ou uivfii geio-i care e i, ll-mC jas. ic. inuNSMAin, Female Trusses. THIS article ol the invention and , has zone into extensive ush, and lias received llie np manufacture of Hull, and aUo oft nrnhminn nf iha Mnvnr nf the atv nt t!iti:-.!ti wiih Mnrh, ( f every nzo and form, and iit iui mv imi himm lur wiih a iney . nre designed, contantIy meivinial j rncic & speaks, Prom the rivonuueniialioii of our town Physician nnci ic-kieiu ruiriitiuneiK in tins Hiale, a well a i llie Medical Kacidiies ol ihe eitie. o New VorIif Ibiton, Phdadelnlui. an I Hnliimure, we cannot but a sure ihoi ol (ho allhctcl clas- of the happy eHect w hith may he derived 'y ibcii-t of these instnimciit. lu point o'f dural iliiy, and jiarlictilarly price, they are within the reach of nil. To Physician-and I)rujjits who p'trchvc bv thn dozen, thu Man ifacturer1 discount i made, lStf CO.NaUJinoX OF LUNGS, rplIF best niedicir.e known to man for incipient 1 Consumption, Asthma if every sta'4e, Itleedmi; of tint InUUijs, CoULdi, Colds, Iiver Complami, nnd All diseases of iho Pulmonary Organs, may be had of Agents, named below. Nature own lrt'scilplIon, A compound Inlsnmc pnp iraii.f of llie I' Virpinltma tr ' W.hl Ch rr ll.-irl: n i...i . .7iT the Utracl of Turt nrtn-irrd bv n nm. rl,!,,, proems, approved and recommeudfd by ihe mo el.stinstiishe-d phyeieians, nnd unieetsnlly acknowlcd" cli mo innsi vtiiirinie. ineiiicine ever discovered. Nn (lii.irlic i y I : ! Xn Dcreptlon. Sj All published t iteinonts nf.-iiri-a noil",, 1 1... till inedieincnie. in ererv resntct. 'I Iti.. i..r..l nnd irel iho genuine ''Or. Wistaii'b I!alam or Wild rtiir.nnv ." ll.n .lilirioil. n..t t.l.p.,.l A Tnily Wnndciltil furc, WATCnvuin, Oneida Co. N, V., Sept. 15 13 13. Deir Sir I onuu to ihenllliiMed to inform mn il,. ill January la-l I was nllackcd by n very iolent cold, eidiive-u hv nuneiiiu in nit; waier, WHICH settlciloll Illy lunps. It wna aecuiiipaiiiid hy a icry severe pain in my hrcasl and tW. and al.o a disiri as iii: enuh. 1 had in attendance, all llie hem niiihcal aid in oiir'vil lacot hut alter 1'xhaustiii!! all their liil to no nvail, they pronounced my disease, n rovriKMEn cossi-ir-tios, nnd ihey one and all ijure me up to die. After much pi-rmanoii I t'ot ihneiinenl ofinv nhvsician to use iho IIAI.SAM Oh' WII.l) CIIKUIIV, pr,p,irod hv Dr. WisrAti. I purchased nfiho A.-ent in our place one hotlle, hifuro Usui!; halfnf whieli, I heea.-. lo nun sirenaih, and it was ery evident my connh was much hetier, and my syinptonid in cery way imptnved. I hive noev useil thieo hollies, and eim restored to perfeit heaPh This result is alone nini to Ilm usn of Dr. WIS TMl'S IIAI.SAM OK WILD CllllUIlVi nnd I take this mellio I nf ijiviiiu you Ihe information, partly to pay vmt the dehi nf irtaliludo I owe you. nnd partly tlnti thirssiinilailvalllicted may know evhiro tn apply for relief. Very truly vours, J.VMHS SACK. Mr., Dnifc'ui-t, under dale of Watcrnlle, Sepieiiihf r 21, I8IH, writes: The smtciucnt jrivi-n )ou hy .Mr. James Sa;c ii well kiimeii to ho tract I y Ihi rr'wtc comviunitu. It certainly was n nici.l remarkahle cure. The silc of inn iiiiuini is ciy poou, nun us surressin cures truly ilatlcrinr;, Voilis resiic'Cifullv, ,.i, , . 0 I'-'-mi:ii Orders fmm anv part of the eounirv shudd head. dressed lo KIM II W. I'OWI.i:. ,,.. 133 Wiishiunton St., Ilosion, ceiteral Agent for the Prt'jirtctor. A V. K NTS. Peck il- f-pear, llurlintilon i (ienriie Ayrrs, Milton i nuvutnn Ai llurriit. U'nesburph t l.milon it Clan field, Willinton Willinn llhoads. Ilic'imond i II I.. Tamp, Slows 31. Wiree. Cembrldze: Curtis it IJirkiiikOn .f. JSolde, Chthea ; K. Ilnniinirlnn IVr rennw; Dr. Iluw'l, MiddMury. Kuld also hy I)llir-(islt god Auenls gpiie tally, on0 DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OP LIVERWORT. PntCK UEDticr-n I.nrge Unities 81,50 1 Smnlll. Dll. TA Vl.Olt'S n.M.SAM OK I.I VI IIWOHT, from 375 llowerv. N. V , lor the C'tHtU of CON SUMPTION nnd MVKll COMPLAINT, COLOIld, COLDS, vVe. Head the following t Stonisoton-, Pee. Ith, 1811. I'r.An DocTont Keeling of gratitude to you, sir, n Ihe rnly means, Divine I'rovideiiic, in tu-rfectlv re-toring tne to Inralih by the n-e of 1)11. TAYLOR'S UALSAM OK LI VKIIWOKT, which I purclia-i-d nhoul a year since til your oilicc, No. 375 IIOWRIIV.N. Y.t nnd nUo tho hope ori enelilting my lellow creatures, w ho, like mv-elf, (at that tune-) nre .iill'crina cither from CO.NFI It'MKD CONSUMP TION OH I.IVIUl C01'LINT. nre mv rc.ions lor now vnlimiarilv forwnrding n simple etnil ol my ease, tincc.cly lioping this narrative-, true though plain, may induce tho thousands ol others similarly n.lccleil, lo tiso llie amc mean, uniiiy i;. lieiin-r thee will ho ririnllv bleel. nnd thu be lire- serve-el from n nrcmatiire L'r.m-. to which tho jaw oi iii'.Hi.ilc Death ha untimely eonigned myriads oi our race, wno tlionghlles-l -.oppo-ca nicy nan only a slight cold, with a little cough, thai would oon get well ontself. About tho lOih of March, IS 1-2, 1 caught a severe cold, from whieh pleuriy cnuod, nnd vvn contineil to tny bed SKVKNTY HAYS. About the I5lh June I was nblelo vi-it New York, iniput of furllicr nied leal aid for n violent pain .it intervals in my right ide, -ho.ihler nn I shoulder blade I 1 remained in nil ai'iiiit Mxii-en ei.iy- under tho care of an eminent phy sician, nnd received onie relief, bill ho did not re imiie Ihe inll.iii'iuation from the Luiin, and in July the coiurh b-eiinio verv violent, accoinonnie'el bvex- pcctnratini largo quanlilie- of I'u, or purulent mat ter, from winch there wa soared)- any cessation or rest, except n few hour repose in the night, ptoduceel hv .strong opiate; I wa confined to tny room from 7tli Nov. lo the 2D1M April. Uiiriiiilhe-elivetuontli I was reduce 1 in Ih-h to 103 no-inds, tome .jo iionnil les than natural ; I had tinir-fr foim nud I rcak, from each tfw Inch' I rni-ed'jM it a nuart of bloodv ntatte-r. I now i-onimeiicel tal.iii ehiiere nt kin I ell Syrups, Pitts, Ilalsnms, fa:cngciund Kxptctorants here follow the name of J.iyno' Kxpectoinnt, 30 bottle Hungarian, eVc eVe-. but nil to no purpo-e; mv c-ouaii coiri'iue i incessant. o e Iwcen it and exiei-iornling I wa not eptie t five mill ute at n time diiriiiir ihed.iv. IS 13 I i-ull ed upon vouat vour oTu'e, 37 llOWi'R , and pur' eha-cil 1'OUri nnTTI.KS nrvnnr llll. TAY l.Ol'S H.M.SAM Ol' OI!T, banns lieanl mucli nt it. loiiti ld me it 1 wouM cnnnn'T to u-v it sie.uldy, il would lerlainlc cure me, mid it I trot out ill it to scud nl once for more. I look no nil the hollies, and wa relieved of thecn-tzh, pain in the, cne-t nnd Mioulclcr, aim n cause it mo io expec torate verv fre-elv : I niircha-e-d another I ollle nbont Ihe 18th Jl.ire h,'w Inc h I lool; oex-a-nuiiillv lor a lit tie i-oinrli. exmmnc w hi -li. at tin lime. I wa nolle renovated in health, leeluiu lrom nnd heiirtv, and weighing 140 pound (yeur inUllil lo t-jmpnu nl cure). I reuiaincl quite well until the month of May, when from exposure I took a violent cold, w Inch con fined me to my ho'i-c lliree weeks, I nl once em to New Yoik lor more I! M.SAM OK l.IVK.I.WOltT, an I then prm-ured int-ihrcei botllcsnt your Wholesale l.stablitimcnt, io. 1,, W.ilcr M. tictorel had n-icl them iii. July fimnd me Iree from all eoiish, which h.l nol tincc returned, ninl 1 mo-t llrinlv I elleie thai throuih Ihe Provi Vnce- of God, DK. TAYLOR'S MAT.KAM OK MVKIiWOliT DID AND HAS CO.MPLHTI'.I.Y CUKKO JIK' and I alsnlelicve it will cure any one w hc.-e l.tin j ore n'Ie'cte.1, il tbcv ..:n ,ni ..i... '.i.r...,:...,u . 1 .In lm.., for lt:, , u-eor:ly one or twci boitle-, hut .....t i .i.. l .. .,...1.1.. ........ .r .. sIkiiiIJ ren i (ire tiftv liottlr?. In roncl i-iou, Iear Sir, yoi prrccixe 1 hav6 I cen k imie iwenty-eicht month-, and none ol thephy leiaii at honn' or a' road, however rdilled, wiih whom I runulted, eo'ild trrve me nny ermanent re lief; neither did the IIAI.AMS, (excepting yonf,) Syrup-, Lozence, Powder, Vt Kxpretorant-, nnd iliilerent other luj'iid prep uaiinn-, ofwhkh I lowed ahoit SKVKNTV-I'IVK llotilen, give any I etler encouri'ement to derlinin? liojte. Ihirina ihi time, a near fi I co-dd ralcnla'e, I rxprc or itrd full SIXTV GALLONS OK I'US, Oil PUKUI.I-NT -MATrnil, and mo-t cheerlnlly ronsenl lolhepuli liration of this statement of fact, wherever in any way it may miI.ltih' linmtniiy. (Signed) UI.UHKX C. II.VNCOX. VM. P. CHruCII, hems duly sworn, depo-c and ay he ha I een iiitmute'y acipninied with ftenbtn C. tfincox. alu-tit ten enr-,aiid know him to he a resi lent nf Stnnmiiton. Conn., nnd that he i a man of integrity, on w ho-e wunl I In ntmo-t reliance ran le plu-ed. 'and that llie tatt,iiH-nt in the aUtve certiorate vthIcilv Tnt'K, and the cijjiiaturc af fixed i in hi hanJ writing. (si-i.ed) wm. p. nini';ii. Swurn Ult-re inc. tM lih Dec 1811. i:AMVt Com. uf Peed-. ForaIe Lv Vl'.CK. & SPllAU, Aufnt- for llnr- lington; Win. Hluidr, Richmond; J, If. Tower &. ion, Uir-orhill ; Aa Oove, rairtax J ueo. Aver V Co., Milton. 5inC ; II JG US' PA TENT FENCE MACHINE. II. 1 DI'AVIIV, tT70Tf.l) rci-pectfully notifv thepuhlic lhal ho has rt'turncil in nun hl"oii imi s. ami leconimenced ininufaeliiriUL' the I A 1 1,7 I r l,.Lr.. lie H now tnenared to fulfd nil contrnels (h it w-re iinfulfillrd in confeoupnee of I lie late lire, nnd will he happy tu nerve nui nnu new purci-ams uun some ot ma vane lies of rami. G 1 1 den or Ornaiuentil I'enee. Ortin? to llie adantn?es dented in the iipc of the above miproemcnt, he is cnahltd to afloid a neat and beautiful fence fur yards and Kan'ens, nt much less cxpcni-e linn mo puuo ciri he yot up tor m nny nlhcr W3 v'i while for durability it is nm excelled hv any h conimon use. Tun nimble iniprovenuiit wn firs.l tirnitolit out in Western eiv Vmlt. win rp it many hundreds of llio first njjrirultiirists a. id others in in mrt ot I ne ciaie, a iso oi iio. until nru. unci. j,k is. Judire Churchill nnd nnnv others in Sew flampbtre. In Tac uliprtwi t his I ren introduced it has been hishlv approved. Af. a Kami Fence it coml inps more ndvaiiineei than nnv other fence ever iHcd. It can be used cUhoutpott nnd is therefore notnfiectcd by ihe frecz ujnnd heaini: of ihe ground. It takes loss lumuer niati any oiuer uiuu i lenee, is a rerlain protection nsainst nu Kin-is ot cniijp, is nut Im ble to i;et cut of repur, cimior be blown tlocn, iseas ly ipt up, laUendown and removed, uithoutmjury. rpVn IAn.MEn should be without nt least a sufli cienYquantiiy lo throw around lus Odds of grain and slant yarns. Win-jolu City, Juno 12, IS15. Ili'p.L.Nr.TOS, July 5th. 1613. Mr, II. P. Di:wir-T, Sir : A- jn-i haveasel my opinion iespectm2 tho ui(al-lrnrj. of our Patent I'F.sce or oriianu-iriil purpot', I would remark that I hive u-ed some of onr lirt n'lalitv l nco a In nt a eotiae, erected ihe last year, and (hat I liLtit very well, lly tajiiHe; ie pvsts, ami putiinj; on a uasc, (loth item co-tm only about tfl,50 per iod,) it nuU'3 n licit and dur.iti'e iTiiaineiilal Keuce. nt about two-third the cost tfmo-l of the Other Lnul of ornamental 1 ciue in comimin n-e. jno. k. co.wnRsn. The undcrsirrnrd havlnu in 1 somo nrncllcnl rxneri cure for ihe put vcar in ihcua of Dewey's Pnriible Field Fence, can very cheerfully bear testimony in its Invor. 1 cixiFiUer it aumiraoiy n't lpied lo luiervales, su! ject Ut severe freshets, and find it very convenient in a variciv of ctscs vvheica temnnrarv feme is turd' I ?' I util il tnr pist i oi i-neloH a nnl nf S'01."1" ?a,!p.a"'1 hl,"" nn 1 i,".,cl, '? '") ""'l'" !( it , ?. n. ,nlury.,wl,n 'evtr- noucii an tmru y mill shook his head at it. occasionally. I have no hesita tion in saj lug that everv firmer should hnie more or icssnitt. uir.Ni. ii. i-i-...i.u... Colchester, July 8, '45. A VALUABIjIC medicinic. VU nr.indrcth1 Wst'tal le IMI- have nroved ihem XJ pvc an cfTcclual aiUint id nature, linvini; circd in Ihe United State at le-l one hundred thoin. and crsous of which had I een pronounced mcur.ii'10 oy incsiicai men ol llie nrsi rauu aiu btanu ins-. These Pill, from the neuliar i.ronerlies thev no- t't are cileubite-l lo cure ( ii?eac-, whatever be ii name, all having ihe ame origin, in nnv person jn whom is the miiwr-ul 'brca Ii oflife," who parlukes oi ihe "universal "one Mou.,' ol winctj are made nn people wno uvveii upon the earni, unu wihimj oiv order nri'-e- from the "miivt rsal root" of aU tliscaBe- namclv, imiiiiritVorim)eih.v circulation of he blood Thocho are bu Wrm from n bad stale of health, will do well to givt tin in a trial. A c u li t s , H. II. Howard. Ihtrlineton t K. P. Hreen. Rich mond t J. Tut lb, Jjssex ; (!eo 11. Oale, JericUot J. 11. Tower, Underbill; Ceo. Ay re, Milton; II. Sanderson, It 'tit Milton ; II, II. Iline. Westford t niorton iV -mric, ntlttttont .Marcus Hull. Jttnes burgh t J. II. Uhani, Shttburn ; J. M. Slaple Charlotte, , 3mG NEW TAILOIUXG SSTABLISHMB2JT. jami;s Mcii i:vn, WOULD rcpoctfi1ly Inform Mm inhi' iatt. o Huilin!,ni an 1 vicinity ihat ho ho In Mted himcll in Ch'ircli Slnvt, ivcr Mr, II .rl' v Store, wilh the iuienii n olearrynU on tha TAILOUINO IUfSNKSS in all its branclic-. After hi Inn? cxpcrien-e in 'uifiup.., in ihe pi mcipat low n in Scotland, J'usland nnd ihe Un-ted a'c, ho lWI confidence in nivma iuod silii-facihin, mi l homs by Hiirl attention to h 'siiicss, of rcteivtfiif a liUral time of palronage. All Older for 'urriN, promptly ntlendel to, and warran't'1 to I n n'l caei. w hen proncrly made tip. Kill I-'avkioni rciVlveil, a.l will r rcorivrd monthly lUuluton, Frpt, IB, 18U 10 r3 SARSAPARILLA. COMSTOCK .f- CO S COMI'OVSD Vl.VW 11XTHACT OT SMISAPMULLA, I'Oll viincuitr. or Scrofula, Chronic Ulicurmti'sin, (icnernl Debility, Cutaneous Disease, Scaly eruption ol tho skin, Pimples tin the ncc, Teller, Mercurial and Siphilnid disease, Ilile Ironi impure li ibit if the body, Vbcrnlion of the llitoat, Liver Allecttons, Pain and swellunr ol the bones. nnd nil diseases arising irom on impure state of the blood, exposure and imprudence of hie, oxcesshe use of mercury, &c. The Sarsanarilla enn be depended unon by everv one as being n gooil a any other in tin country or Kitropo. Penplo(can nvnil themselves or not jist n they please in using Sarsaparilla. Tin pure extract i put up in ns large or Inrirer bott'e ns any sold for one dollar, nt the unprecedented low price of BO els. cr ooitic. eo:ei dv ionisioe k iV no, ly I remont tow, liostont IIaurinotun & DnoTiien. onlv agents for lliiriillglou. ItT.USSINn TO MANKIND. CONNELL'S MAGICAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. This great Healing Salvo t acknowledged In-nil who have used il, to be tho ino-1 won Icrful nnicli- ever known. It expel all injuries by fire, extracts nn ..iiu, .,iiu I'lt-win-. iiioi iiiii.-.iiioii iii ue ei y e i-o. A child, a nephew of n fnend of mine, stepped into a ve-'ci oi willing water, anil -cawou nslega up to the knee, when Connel' Pain Kxiraotor frcm Com stcKd.'. wa applied, which abnot instantly gave re lief to the little Mifl'crcr, and oon enliiely cured It, Also, a child tif my own huriied it baud tevercy, and I used Ihi Salve, wh eh save instant relief, nnit cured it entirely, nnd I for one could nol l-e induced to I e without it. 1 t li i nil eicry lamily i-lioulel keep it on baud to-ise in eve ol such accident. II. ADAMS, Pastor of Trinity Church, Sanperlie-, N. Y. Sold by Comslock if. l!o-s, No. 10 Treinont Row, Rostont IIarui.suton' it UiioTU'Jrt, only ngentfi.i eiuriingion. won ms. woiims. wonjis. KOLMSTOC1CS VIMMIFUGE. 1 hi reiiit'Jy lor wcirni is one of the mot extra ordinary ever mscd. It uUclMally eradicate worms of all Mirts f i oi j i ctiil Inn ninl a lull. ' lion-and- pcii li I y wnrnis wilhmit tho realcailu 1 cinif known, S-hiiu other riann aa-igntil for thfir u kni'p until too lale In t urc the tn t c:tuc. What imnieiipu rfponil ihiv lln.ii rtM upon the part'iil w ho duus not know,and i fie dot-tor ho doe nt t iitidcr-Mnd the oiiiplaint which is dt'stioymij those prcfiou lUmer of life'.- t-luldrcn. What honldjodonu T 'I he anvuiT N plnin. (Jnethu Verm ifnc, which will le sire to do a on I, if they have no worm-, and il they have, it will destroy and eia 1 irate with a oer tainiy nnd prens-on tuilyit!,oiiihiiis, II. an not harm the "in illesl infml or the Ironire'! ndult. There i-no inemirv or mineral m il. Mer cury f thelasN of most worm re nrdie ; and the remedy I ometinie wwr.e tlinn thedirae. So neir it zeripes ; but rtly upon tin. I4very per--on wM 1 c fun vinred on oiietnat that it astliemo-t nerfci-t cure eer invented. We rail on nil go.jd citizens to male known the etleeis of this wonderful remedy. IVu 2 3 cns. Sold Lv Com-tock Ho, No. 19 irrmont Kow, uoion ; iiarhingtun ij lir.oiiIEn, only agenu for 11 irlingion. TIIH XAPIjKS HAIR DV!? ne.'0.,ntal,le reason, (or the la., one-r !V.V-t nale nnd lemale, ao ee. ;r,,u,c 10 nn it- iiieir ,,a,r turn perin.inent- ly (tr.iy. c havo fn i eiuly heeu upphed n for nnieiliin? lo turn the I nek to its e-eilor, u lucli tin mil ii-eil u lo ?o to miK'h Iroul le and ex- cii-e in euiler lo fiunisii euir i-n-tomera ami the puh ic cenerally wilh a new and iuiiroe l Huir live one is neaily ellee'lunl, nnd tu t the Ifa-t iniuneiu tothe he-ad or hair lor the moderate tirieent 50 e-enta per Louie. t- haeesueeie'ihil leynml iniri-xpcila-tii'ii-. Till- urlii'le we o ler tn the- p ihlu; iih creal conli 'eiiei-. Wo have ii ihiuiiojthlv us ed, liuio alter time, he-liirc we eould olR-rit tor .ile. Tlu-prii'C i Ihalalleai- a lord ioa,. n,..l ,i. nliie-... i ..i i- . ' i 1 .. .-. . lelieee in le s iperior to nnv le-lorc- nnde. Sold lx tyoiimoek ilr Ho-, Nn. Ill Tieuinnt Kow, Huston t IIAHI!I.Sa iO. ct UllOTIlKUonl) ngenlslor Bur- IlllglOll. IIAI.M OI-' COI.U.MniA. I.adie and (.'eiiileineii. e I vi. i he without llmiren- uine Oidr.elau' Ualui of d'luui' ia lor your hair ! io'i nny uepenu upon n, it i- me only nrlu-le that 1 -urc lo mert-nt hle-8. and kee-ils ihe ht-ad lire Irom dan.lriiir. We h.iec- known it to ro-tore hair on tin-1 al1 Ilea K ef person sow'uty -,eirs of use- Lonistor l. . r Uo.s give lefe'renet- to any that wi-h, to thosiMiho h.lve'leen t-erte'i'lly h.ild f..r year ami have In 1 he'ir Inir real led eeiihin ihe-la-l two luonlli. He sure and pel the Pennine', wi h the i? nature of Ci.m-leiel. if-Co. on it, nr uel none. .Sold lV (;ou.tiH k nnd Uoss. Xo 111 Tremrnt How, Hus ton! II.niii.GTox tt l.'r.UTiirjn. agents for liurlinrloii, r u e n c 1 1 i i : v 1 1, a i ( ) a v. Thunrllelc. ud for tal.m- ol' s iiierll ion hair fl oni ihe I -lev and nei-k i -id I ,-it SO cent per I ollle hv ('onisloil; iV Iln.s, . ly Treinont Kow, llo-lnn ; ii Ar.niNt.TuN ej- unOTiiEi-,, i my iirents ter llur me lon. Vt. lG.iiC Slieep Kuclis. TIIH Snhsrriher i maiiufjcturin? a fupcrior arti cle of' ll.Vl KM. in which he would re- fneclfullv call ihe alien lion of the evool erroevinir mm. miiniiy, n9 ihey will lind it much to their advantage ! iu use llll Ivllill Ol 1C1CK. 11. 1'. IJl.l 1.1 . Ilutlinijtoii I'all?, Auj;. 1, 1513. lOif I'ailiting, Carringo Making, &c. SPAUMHXH A. UUsSEI.Ii CONTINUH tho Painting business in all its vari ous branches, nn I solicit a continuance of the public patronai-c. Wo hac .ilo roninicuccd CAUKIAOi; .MAKING. and arc prepared to tnako toordcr anv Kind of Car napes or Sleighs that may bo wauled, in n first rate manner, nnu cneap lor casn. Repairing oono on hotl notice. All kinds of produce taken in exchange for work Call and sec for yoursclus. Shop on Shclburn St., orporlte the Amctican Hotel. Ilurlinston. -May, 1813. EOmG II. C. SPAl'LOING, 6. It. IICSSELL. JN. IE. DOWNS' Vegetable H a I s a in i c THE O RE t NonTii ebn llr.Mr.pv lor C'oiiihs, Cold-, lllrcdins; nt the I.uiifc'-, Ilroncliitis, .Night Sweats, Di'iie-iillyof I re-ailiins, and nil nlhcr ehaenses of the l.uuy-, which are the Incipient -Use- eif Cmi iiinption .a dlse.l-el'ial hi-, here-'oti fe-preiee-d fatal, bnt flmg all iiiiHlif.ils'.ill.nndilrnc'iiig i licit .an I tn iiniiinely f-rnes. .u oilier inivtii'uie et ehscovcred has gr.ipp'e.1 evith I ht fell elciroyer id human lite with Mich s s 2 5 2 " n , tn ' Si The llaUamic i lixir has now I een in general n-e for more than ten ear-, and ilu usand-, tauyhl it. inciiinparable value I y experi cine of its woiulerf il eiiraii.c properties, have ace-e,rd ed tu it a ce'elirity unpar.illi-lcil in lhu whole wide r.mse ol M'leiii ein tin or any tuber e-ounirv. ini'o nn piiwt-rru iiitiie-iuc urst lee-.ime Unoevti imme-ii-e nuniler, who be-lieicd Ihiin-eltc tu tho ri-i oniiiicn i it to our iricnu ami itiepui iic nene-rany, 1.1.1 .tage.of a eonliriiicda id ineiirnblect.nunipiion I ' e'levms ihat ihnu who may hate occa-ion louse a and prouoiinied by ihe iiio. sLilllul phvsieiau. in ' remedy forany ol the diseases for whieli it is recom the country pn-l "H hope of re'covcrv.'havi been ' meii'led, willnoi 1 e-disappointed in its cll'et ts. rv-cut-il mirae-idoiisly trom ihe- sri ol Death by its u-e, and are now I le-std wilh lit-.tlih ami strensih. d sire' i "i I, I -a VlealuV' Itoilo vcM- from id nni ' e. Ii i. ! it anil eoiiii. 1 11 Is it ature s own siinpio Kestorative llalui oi-coared bvono wlio was brourrhi ti brinU of the- ;r.ive by Consumption, nnd from celebrated for their ere at mtrdciual virtues. I i-mployiiienl ol natiual mean, tooteit'oiut- and conn te-riiet the cil of .Nluie he.ilum ihe laceraleti l.iinss of Ihe iilllietei.1 patient in the w or.i iiotll.lH,..i ses and rclorinir the finclioiis of llie ilist-.ue! ineiii. Icr. lo strons an I healthy anion. It ha e'Uvtcd cures where all other ineth mn. have tailed. In nit .'.,..-. of Vstliina. IVhnnitin.r (. .1... iieciiiiiulaiion of Pldeirm. o tle'-tme iiv.. m ),J l...-,lil, and life of children it parlu-iilaily rtvonimeiidetl a nn unlading cure, nud nu family in the I'mon, if ihe-y wi-h tn preserve their e hildre'ii I'reni sullcriugond tle-aih, should not bu wiihniit it, Alino-t ct'unlless testimonial of it. rcmaikah'e c ircs, tinin etery q rartcr nl the l'mon, ninl Irom indi 1 1 lu ll in e-very condition ol life, are il. best trolen liul. sliuwin!' in lhu most coucbi.ivo manner that this Prcpar Hion .1 -Is epoii thu humaii system in a luaniifrlilllf short 1 1 iiiiraeuli'iH. These may he found in 'he daily papers, ati'lal-oliiayhei bliiine'd in pain phlels und handbill ofnircni. tree edin.t. 'Ihi. incoiuparal le mi-dieino is prepared only by Jf, II.Dohis, Tioy Vt., Ileoripinul iuve liter and pto pnetor. CI'UTIS tt SMI I II, St. Allan. Vt. Onlv Whole-sole Aaetns, lv whom A.'i-ni can be supplied 111 nil parlol tho Union, upon the lie-sl terms. Sold bv e pe1-i.1l appointment, by PKCK & SPKAU, 1 IIAOAII h AUTIII'll, illmlinjrtnn, Vi. SMITH t. WJLKIXS. J 43-vl tVU JKJI1X1 J 3ff. Snrsiiparillu and Tomato Hitters. IpiIIIDnillCK IIIIOWN, a cclchraled chemist of llosinn, has succcc'e I f r the lirt tune in com hininit the medicinal virtue- of tho SArtAtAntLLA and Tomato. Apd the reii't ha met the most sanguine expii'lntions of the medical profession. The whole Venclalde kinedom elocs not lurnish levei S'ib-laiice set admirably ndaptcd to-oiriy, nouriih nnd inrio rate the human ytcni. Thcso Hitler have nil the etlect of the tnol powertul purgative when u-ed in siiincicntqunntity, and yet nre so mild in their opera tion I hat they may I e given to per.on in the most delicate health with perfect safety. They are very agreeable to the taste. The component ingredient rf these Hitler." is no r-ecrc:, They nre coiiipo-cd of n vcrytronir prcpar nlion of tho celebrated extract of Spanish Sarsapa rilla and the extract ol Tomatoes, Willi the addition of soiiiu of the most popular vegetable medicine the country nilords. The true mean ol preserving Health and Strength Is to purify the blood and correct the unhealthy -tate of the Bowel, b'or this purpose no Medicine ha been found equal to the Sarsaparilla nnd Tomato Ililters. These excellent bitters w ill be found a certain cure in nil ca-es id indigestion or dyspepsia, jaundice, lo ofnppctite, general etchiliiy, faininc nnd cd the stonneh, owncsol'iinl,costivenes, de'ertni nation of blood lo ihe head, pain in the limbs and side, diarrluEi, weakness, dizinn, culnncnu eruption on ihe taceand nei-Ii, hectic- fever, iiishl weal, nerv on and sicli bcndiche, acidity of stomach, luhou af fection, pile,, and in all di-cism caii-ed byinipiiniy oftlio blooo, the debilny of the ystem,or tlie imheiilthy sinte of the -lom.idi and bowels. They are nlo excceehimle efiieaciiu in resloring eonslilulii ns broU-n down by ,eilent.iryeniployincnt, nnd have been exlcii-ivcly used ly I'lenryiiicn, lidi tor, Printer, Clerl., Sc'.imsiressi-., ami numerous other who-e he.illh bad boni (upircd I y confinement and close application, with l e happic-t re-iill. Tlicy restore thcnciion of il.e tomnch, inereae the epiality oftheblooil. and imo.irl to the wan nnd cinacialcil system ul the invalid the vigor nnd glowol true health. The-e Hitter nre warranted to e- a purely Yeaetn ble euiiipo nid and marl, this, !Oi'lhcy can never do llieleist iniurvin nny case w'.i.ileve-r.i (J They are l.epl bv per.ou ns al'AMII.'V MKDI CIS r,and h ivebe-en uiicn to the vounoest cttlLDnnv on account ef the iiiilducs, of their operation, wi.h ex'-i-llen e !evt. 'Ihe followini are a few of the manv new rcoom. men 'u ion wdncb have, been mil tothe propneior i f HHOW.VS S.MtSAPAIilLI.A nnd TOM TIO UIT TKUS within a short time. KCMRMIII It. Alway ak for Ilrown's a there arecoiiutcrleits. Mn. F. HnowN, Dear Sin flavins teltil the value of your Sar-nparilla and nnter, I lake pletsure lo put- lo yon ihefacis of my ca-ef r onr uwii niLiitMi 1111.1 iiic 1 in fin ii tJiurr. 1 uiivu iieen u lermir wnn tne i.rsnicias nnnior in nil moc catitns my hand nn I nrm lo swell wry mm-h, an I lobe very painful, nl the time and for t-omc time previO'i," hive I ecu iroubled with a weak stomach j iiiii'l of my food ha h-irt me, and there ha 1 een a mcular fain'nessatthe stomach, win. Ii h.i leen in creasing, and caied 111c much rf.ffi 'otty. Alter I cominenccil taNmr; your tinier I could perceive a Gradual and immcdia'e relief, and would recommend ji with much eonlidenceio tho-e who are iroubled with such complaint. 1 our, trulv. iruiy, VI i'.-micL,ij. Hath, Me. May 27, 1S15. Mn. F. Brown, Dear Sir: 1 haiesomeimiepat sn.Vred much from Jaumlice and Dy-pep-ia at the hlonadi; lo ot appctile, and tronl lean I pam Irom ' ' " I" '"e 7 ' " - ".- - - - V -'.," teht , wa. ,,,, , , s,,arill.i and 1 Tomato Hitters. 1 re-e'e-ived iiiiiiil-hale relief trom ihe ii-e- of emu llottle-, ninl trel i-raiitieet for the preat relief I have reieied, and evniild rec miiieiid it to all who are su.Ie.Ting fiom i 'err. Veeirs, tnh-. I i.r.DKUICK Ii. S1.AI0. I.'lica, .. V. May, 17, IS 15. Mn. V. Ilnou n, Pear Wirt I am nru in oute.f your Sarsaparilla and Tiuii.Uo llmeisj It i an arliile ihat iin ich Iho'i'.-lit of j an eddl.uly from rranlfort, Her i Kimer uoiin.j , ,ay. m,.-na men e-oniine-,1 lo tier l,ou-e i lor seeen vcar. nn. Hit In- l nal led her lo L-et e 111. Several in tl iscity (ay Ihat it i the Lot inediiinothey luee ccr liilecn. I'lca-e send inea fresh mpply oon, a I have not a 1 utile in the i-tore. Vour with re'p'i, J. 1-. W.VK.M.K, per. 11. I'. KAV. rilmnuih, .May 29, 1914. To Mr. Drown, Che-umt, liu-toii. I i ernly that my wile- ha I een nlHirtnl with n very I ad humor on her f.n'e, and at her stomach, forlil'ieeii e'ars pa-t. Afie'r u-iiiir enriou niedii'ines reveuii liie'iided for c-eiiiiplanits wiih I ill hi or nol enc hi. si e eoninun i t us hv ihe auvu e e f Mr. lie'w.ird Jl.i on, A0 ", . yi nr ii'sap.inll.i, mil Iniiuto It it -te r, line, iic o. now in 1 e tier health, than -he has I e-Ion- eiin.t-l i r the- last filiten )e-.irsj nnd 1 would eieerfilly ri eoniiiieiul to all and I've-ryhone who is atil cieil Willi 'in nf the eonij laints w to,.o this mi-di-eine i io omiiie'iided for, to use it in pre'ft r nee to any article now in ute, Vours tes cctiiiHe. J. II. LKACII. I'ynlin I, Me. June 3, 151). I ivcn Complaint, ran'iire-il win. nut reortin to ii'ereiuy, if ou will only u-e lirown's arsapanlla and Toinaio limns. To Mr. Ficdrrii'M llrown, Proprietor of the Sarsapa rilla and Tomato Hitte rs : This r'crtitlos ihat my wife wa severely afflicted w th the I.iitr C'oinpl.iinl.and her he-ilih was cry e riously underiniiiiil. ilnvin? ir,el various prescrip tions wjtlienil suce-e-ss, ,he- wa- lorlrna ely indue ed to iry yeur .arsnp.iriun ana loinaio lin'crs; ncr ne-eltll scon bean to iiuproe, and she is now m,.ch belter in hcallh, and weed ladvi-eanyone i.. ihem. Your, rcjpe-e-tfullv. CIIAULKS CAItLi:. All orders for the nhnvo Medicine addresed to the Proprietor, K. IIIIOWN, C3 Wrikliintun St., Iloston, will meet wilh punctual attention. PKCK et r-PKAK, Wholesale Atri-nts for nurlinc Inn and vicinity. For sale also hy Ge-orce Ayers, Milton j Hovnte n A Iturrilt, llineshnrtih; l.andonit ( nufii'lil. illilon t U ii lit mi Uhodcs Jr.. lllchmond i Manin Wires. Camhridscj II. I.. Camp, mo John i n. nownian, cri;ennes; Miiiani u. iusell, Jlin dleburvt S. P. I'clfield. Montoelier. Seld also bv Drucmst and Agents generally. S I per bottle, or G boltles for 85. July, IS 13. 7yl .iicdicim: roic tiii: sj:.Yr.n's .o.vv and xiuivi: LItTI33ITT9 JTOI! Ihe e-iiri- of llhe'im.iiim. Clire lf llieini lllalll Clmn Stnr-nnti ltrui-es. Svellini-. (Inntn nessol all bind-. Pam in the ", "..Jl."1! " ' " " ' s ot iii-cei s, I niliuaiiis. I I .. ! 1 e-. ouuu... urn-, irecze. iinaatitase-ol external ri.,,.-'' , , ,. . , , i'heie ha neecr .escs the penetrating an I lu-jliny powi'r lu so cre-at a desre-e-, while at the -aino tune it cannot I y any po.sihlity prod ico iiijuiioiis elet't. lly it ai'iioii ppi-.eri.ti .1 iiic.iciuc Milieu pos. on ine lll it eseile. a health- ciri-ulalion nl ihe b.ool, andrenioie all ohiru lion to the insensible perspiration, which i iho cause i f o nnn h human ii'lcrniL'. It haseoin.'ilitceoiiirol over fire.nn I may 1 1-ii t-.l with perlevt sulci v ill I hi- eeor-tiMse. ot burn. 1 he- priet- p it upo.i ii be-ni -1 ir I e low- nlhcr meJi 'me, if ihe lind, most e .Vclually remotes eveiy ol.s.icle to it. universal u-e. Why will yon .uirer pain wlie-n a safe-, clicaciuu. and cheiip mc'icine i wiihiu vour reach 1 IMPORTANT TO IIOUSKMn.V! Thi l.inimcnt t not tuily leneti.-ial lo the human system, b it ithe le'st article- that ean leii-edfir IIor-c Ihat have bevn spraine-d, broisi'd or pnllel, and for tinny oilier eb-e-ase re'iiriu an eicrnal reme-dv. 'I be hih character ot the r.ciiileineii sign in; Ihe followini ee'iiiiie-aij will render it e f inter-! loall whoiuay hateeiccasioii to UfC n me'dieine of the U in I. The un li'Minel In vini; mii'c ue of leaver' I.ini mcnt, f r hor e-. and lindins-it to lea val lo rem. cdy for l.imcness, ga'l-, sprains, I rui-c eV-,, would 1 r ,l,1 '"'"'eiiorir 1 1. ) I 01ls U Itnwr.f .1., W.ilpede, N. II. Stage OIIS ItMtnwr.I.I., W.iliede,.. II. I Stare "KOUliH lirXTINOlOX " ' Plll.l-TIAII AltM-TIIO.Nff, " " Proprietor, 1ICK1.S1).. Clait-uinnt N. II. J I'rlcc'iS .HI cents per lloltlr. Prfji.ire lonlv by T. SI' Willi eV SO.. Dnnai-ts, Wulpule X. II., Kettl, "A til), 4- Cutler, SI Chatham M. ll(.jli'U, ho'esnle AKents, Olserrr Kttry bollle oflhe jti-niiine will havelhc signature of T. Scavcr ip Son. em the inside w rapper For sale by Peck &, II irlinjtton ; O. Shole-, errisburgli ; J. M. Staples, Charlotie ; F. Ilnntiiiir. i mn, Vercnni' i Mc 11 A" t ari., wr'istou; li. f-T 1 ! lu-. .Monlnelier. nn.l I Hnhm'1"-! ; he Druggist, and .MertMin. generally ihrouglinut the Stale. September 8, 1613, 13 JMUIY'S HOOK AMI X UW8 IMtlXT. J in. Ink nt Factory Prices forcath, f.u salo by lluihnslon, July 3, '1 1. STI'.Vl'.S WOODS. Aniicxatioii. .SPAULDIiNG &. UUSSKIJ, HAVIXrt tnken tin 111, CK.SMIT SHOP forinrr ly tKtupiol bvtito, A Allen, ro prepared to reeveiinuitieliilo the public as well a. nny oilier K.mb lishiiieu' in Ilu. vicinity, Wo want all the old cus tomers, and lot. of new out.. It. O. SPAUI.DINO, , S. II. Kl'sSlI.U Burliution, June 2.1, 1813. I'"" .liiJJliJiiU-SUJSi A SUPEU10U ARTICLE FOR COUGHSr COLDS, ASTHMA, AM) AliL PUliMONAnV COMPLAINTS iiu:paui:i) from vKuirrAULr om.y. THIS llaNam i oTered to the public generally, Irom a full conviction ihat it i upenor to any other medicine now in te, for ihe nireol various diV caea ol the ehe-t, Its e lecis were first tes'ed in pri vate practice, and the medicine, more extensively cir culated attheearne1 -obcitude ol many, who receiv ed the niot i?nal I enefit from it, In disease at onco dislrem and nbtnnin The preparer of thi BaN Eirii bn for everal year- paid particular attention to imlmoiiarv comnl.nnl. bv watchinii the r nroirres. mvcsiiffaiiu;; their cau-e--, and caref.dlv tmtieinx the u 'efts of the numerous nnd mnt approved renicdie-Ji uhuh have I ten prescribed by phyician of all or der", a welt a ol nmot every parent medicine ever oi'ered to the p,il be. lint, on'caieflil trial, i' t fully hown, ihat ihe Compound Prilmonarv Halfam wih not in the comparison wiih any of the HaUamv (Yugh Drop, IVn toraU, or Syntj- I ui lia in nu merous eae, irahied theii-fendent-v as a curalive. in ihe tollowincomplamt' j Cnum'p1ion, Asthma or IMithisic, Whooping Couah, Meislc, Catarrhal affec tion of the I11112-, llydrotliorax cr Dropsy ot tho che?t, Infliicnzi, Croup, Spittinir of I lod, pain in tho hide, hhorinc- ol I ream, nnd common com. It reirnlaits thu natural secretion, of the svfem. nro- eures a free I'xpci toration, and allav morbid irrita- muty. iieme m arcat muiiv, m nn (ii.cpsc ot me bine's. As ihe C' lnpnutid Piiliimnary Ma). am has lhu far et.djlihed an unrivalled reputation whert it ha 1 een iced, it j hoped ihat il will proe a b'eing to community, in prolonging bfe and adding to its coir fur t. Vot Dr. H, rairchitd Miltont 17. For three year I have ucd Dr. Carier Pulmonary Baleatn in my pra -lice, and am aliened tint it i a compound well adapted lobinfj cc mplaints.andentiiled to mucli , creJit. I consider it n eale mabt inc. nnd ima that 1 can cordially recommend. I would, hovp.vf r, advise iho alihcied to consult -ome j idiciou phviuemn as to ; a prcpiiratory coure, or an ii-si-innt medie-alion. a 1 think the sanative intlucne-e of the remedy would thus t,e more ure. n. r .MKU11I1.U, .11. u. Milton, Vt. July 23, 1345. Tin may certify that la-t nmmcr I was ntlncled withascverei'nish.spiltins of Mood, and painin I ha side, which reilui'ed tne rapidlyj nnel, a my lather's f.uinly had el nl of the consumption, I expected lo fol low iinlcs I found rebel -oon. I therefore employee! lhe-le-t physician in ihcse part, who pave me no rein-!, and all appenrences indionli-d n sp-dv dro luiton. Hut fortunatelv I commenced taking Dr. Carter's I'ompound Pulmonary Hal-am, and oonbe cran lo reeoer, and tn a tew we'eks resaincd my urja health. We hae-u-el in our l.tmily considerable of S.iti ,i-on lice I's Ve;rel.ible Pulmonary IJ.iI-arn, which aie-but temporary relief. I wen 1 1 rccomriv Dr. Carter's, a leuii; superior to Ilerl'-. or auj o tier niclii'ine I eer ir.ed. for eli-e'ae ed the luni:-, e ven for edul Iren. One of tny ehiidren wa la'ely taken with the croup, aud was soe.n eiire-l by ta! ini- Ilr. Carter'. Ualsam. I think every family evo-ihldowell to kee,i a iipply, an I u-e it free-ly when'.. b'flwilh ro'irh or e'olel-; even when takins a Jo irney 1 con sider it piudcnt lo put a hotllcin nivtrun' . for fear I may need tt. KPIIUAIM K. WEdT. reubtiry, April 15, 1555. Wlmle-ale and Ilctail Aient for the low-n of Bur linjt n, a Haihiisoton it Huotllr.. LVSURAMIE. Tlin ?ul senl erhas acied a treni I" the Ctn Iiuiance Company of Harit' naci ticut for more than twenty ear pa(, and c niinue to insure ftsainst losecss by "tire, and all kind, of bud line nnd personal property, and will rc-ene application at hioiuVein n.rrf ii'mion, and immehately isne Poiicr for that purpose nl a-" low rate- of premium, as nj private comp a lord. The undoubted respon sp i J j I y o I tin Company, insures cafety to iheinMi red, and tin ir piontpt, honorable, m d 'liberal mum in Ihe adjiMmcnt and payment rf loti, wil he at ietcd by all with whom they havhad oeca-iion lo dobusmes-. WM, A. OKISWOLD.Acnt. Burlington, March 1, 1511. 40 tf There is no excuse for the Jfcarfacht when you can obtain the Grn inu Mausii-vm.s Aiiomatic Cataruii rtiJ' Acnr. Snltf ! ! ''PIUS smifi is a certain and perft -t cure for $ L catarrh, and common co'u in the Utrad and thr Headache and m an excellent artie s for ore anJ weal; ees It openan I p-irses oui nil obstruction, trenj:nens the Claris an.l gives a healthy action lo ihe part ntlecitd. Vetcare of Counterfeits ; All those vihinjr to purchase th penuin article "f Mar-hal Smut, hould purchase ihat of which IF. ( fnri.'ev Middlebury Vt., 13 theproprir t'T, "ard no (iiher,"a I manufu-tnre personally, the inu lohl by aid GrulJey. Dll. MARSHALL. I rertifv tint the nbove article wa executel in mr proen c and that his s ten at nre thereto j- cenuinc. Mi liliehury, Jan. II. IS 15. N. II. T he name ol II. 0. CSridlcr proprietor will he found upon e-ve.-y b"tte of the venuiue Marka.H' Impreivexl Snutr. Si Id wholesale and retail hv H. C. findlev, Midllehurv Vt. PKCK A. f-PKAR Wholesale and Ilctail Prutrgiits, llurlinion, Vt. An I l y Drjg?i-ts generally in the United Stales and Canada. 35-ly Dr.. ntn?ttAt.L e IXDfAX VEGETABLE Black Plaster. THIS Placer is unrivaled for curins1 serofubn sweilins, urvy, sore-, lame I acl, burns, pains In ihe sdt, hip or limbt nnd seldom fails io p-'ve rebel in of local rheumatism. Ifnppheil io lha side, it will .ire many of the common liver com plainls, and it is found to I c equal if not rnpenor to any corn obister. lor corn on the feet. Il immedi Hl.-lr .,,, -vn.,,! .1 M-ill ,Mni .nr.. im. Goul, bpratns, j nc.,t nj i.nn0 quicl,y to heal.-Fami in in the ;i, ISuiiiluiess, Lame- , hnL( llf ., ,,.. .,icr, find it bener Ihn any side, I nek or oin.,j,ns else f. r all purpo-e for which a pU-tc or s of in-ceis, t hilldains .alio i wauled. Il virtue have I een witnessed 1 r i ' ' '. ... l ,ai ,. . wau,l i.. h,vc e... 1 r . ,,0.,.ari,l. of rc-pectnl le .nd.vidnal. in vanoi. pan. "f ihe 1'nite'l Stale, w ho have tested its eilicacy. I.jH-.- 2V. ..r )0X jCty.Many t-t-rnneale, may Ic hail, showing its exir.ieirdinarv efTcct Ueware of Counterfeits : All'tho-e wi-hiiig to purchase the gsnuint article of Jlarshall's Piaster should pure-hue Ihat 01 which II. C Cndley, Middlehury, Vt., 1. the (ienertl Auent and no other a I nuniifjciure personally lbs Plaster sold by said (fridlcy, DR. MAnSIIAI.L. 1 certify that the ahote article wa. exeetiteel in my pre-ence by Dr. Marshall and that hi. mgaaturt-thert-to is genuine. DOIMSTAS WOOSTEK, Judgt. Middlel ury, Jan. 11, It? 13. Sold wholesale and re' a tt bv II. C. Gndley, r.en eral Agent, .Mieldlebury Vt. PRCK ef. SPEAR, Wholesale and Retail Pruzqists, Itiirlinelon, Vt. And by Druggists generally 111 the United Stat.t and Canada. 35-1 y FARM FOR SALE. nol! SAr.H, n larui in Underhill, con J. taming one hundred and lorly-m ncre, iboti one hundred acre of which is under e'ldtivatinn. (hi. pMm.nn.ld. .-. envoi nl by a good growih of hard wood. On the i' ''i-u,..,ni,ii,-i11ow,inns 1,011. e, tarn, sheds, -to. nnd an orchard of ihrifty tearing npp i irees suilicicnt lor maliii" some fitly or mty barrel, of nder. Al-o, a larui ccnininiit! one hundred acre., I vine- about one mile from 1 heal out sixty acre, ol which i.undfr improvement, nnd bason it a cans. emu. barn, Ihe rcin.1ir.1lcr 1 well woneled, principally with Loach and ma le. The above are situated r Ihe centre ol the toun and 01 the 111,1111 riM", are well w.eteietl nud well fenced, n consitlrraMe portion ofihe teuce I t-mg snli.ianiial stone wall, an I tocelh-eri-ompose one of the bet elairv farms 111 the town. The above premises will le so'il to tln-ea concern mr much less than ihur retl value, ai ' poss-.ion men on ihe 1st of April next. For furil cr purlieu, lar.enq lirt-of A.FOO'IE. Ilurlinston, Feb.2. 1611 3Stf Health and Strength. dr. s. o. nii innntox's CUVCKNTRATrn SHERRY WINE HITTERS. "CJ' hey ure the uiinviilloJ and '.icioi . rom pound of a itirulnr I'lis eian andcraduaie nf the .New llampslurn .ilitlic.l Col'e'ge, who ha made Ilu study ofnieibe-ine lujrefession, nnd ilie-ynrehishly ree-om-nicndttl l v maiiyiiflhomost cidel rated Phvsi. iin in i',e .-.M.riirv. s .'.t-i,l.llv Ihe IIF.ST .MKDI1XK KVI U OFFnitKIVIO T1IK ITIILIC, for Dyspcp. .it.JaiindK'e, Liter Complainls, Humor., i.e'.andeV raiieeiiient.t f ti e Stoniai li nnd How els. For sole in lluiliiiglon by PKCKtV.SPKAR.whoIs ale Agents, w ho will furnish I'talers at Ihe jro- pne-o, also, hy Messrs, IIACSAR if ARTHI'R. JtilySMXirA

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