Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 28, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 28, 1845 Page 2
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CLlftTON PRISON. I around nil night, much of the time In miro knee I deep, the storm continuing unabated. ThoVDcmocratic Itevicw for Nevcnibor, lh ft ferffiS, contains an article on llio " Clinton Prison," j It, and concluded to take nn easterly direction, . .' . . , " ' , ,', ". , ., ... . ,'by which they hoped eventually to reach Lake fro:n jvluch we shall take tho liberty of I ciinmplain. making.ii.few extracts. Tho compliment I They were this time more fortunate i In their . , 1 bourne, n tho weather was clear. In tho alter-. I) J id to 111 C scientific uua ifieatioiiF. Inlr-rri. ' ,. ii, niAirnachnl a road, about seven or ty, firmness and !nud judgment of he XdllicaTilicy nlsois'overcd irAtii. rixf-M Pnm- P.. mr.! - t.H ..,..! Vntiin nf Tni-n'u ith eunsnnd slid. AL' were tcfp'inse rrom every citizen, in tins section, iy stillln who lias watched the progress of things at Donnomora or is acquainted with the obsta cles tho agent has encountered and success, fully, overcome. It is no small task to talis two hundred convicts into the centre of the forest, within a stockade guarded by twelve men,.nnd keep them secure hilo they are erecting (Jiei'r own cells Pittsburgh Hep. "One of tho firm difficulties encountered in the disposition of criminals, is lo reconcile the reror tiiatorylrcilmcnt of tho nfleii.!cr with public economy. In that our eurcc-s has I cell pcrlVet i .. i ..,,, ,.,mi. there is no itilTl- cult' sunnoning nil iho coniicts sentenced for nn.l iinwsrds. bv llinroivn lahor. Hut on Iho lookout lor Ihem. Tnwvnvicis i the woods, concluding lo take tho road I in ilm niiitn. nndonccol themselves durinir Hie day' lime, until they could reach tho lake. They were, hnweier, so much exhausted by hunger and raligue, that they could scarcely move. Af ter lying quietly until dark, and seeing no person In tho road, they found themselves unable to travel wilhoiit first obtaining somclood. After reconnoitcring a coilace, which they believed at the lime contained only n woman, they entered and enquired thcroad lo Plaltsburgh, telling her Ihoy had been lost in tho woods, and were very hungry. The woman appeared lo suspect them, and exhibited much alarm. She however, set be fore them a large nuaniity ot johnny-cake, as they Jmt n llm famished crinlurcs were ..........I.,., i, tl.n l,.ir,l a man running towards Iho house, and calling f'r Ins gun. 1 lie Mnvieia .nrnnir out nt the door. One ol them ran behind a hovel, and crawled under it. Iho oth er sned for the woods. The invndpr pursued him instantly, with a large stone in his hand, wlucli ,i.r...!tt- mica the comiteiiliiin , . .' ..... i. .,,,.1. .t, rii,.i in .triko the con Kw iMchmu heir trades lo ne inusi ut- u.iu thnr tin ler viliat would no me nir mantci pricis fieh coinpeliti"H not existing. I lie conse quence arei fir.l, na is alleged, thai new opera tive are forced into their branches or huin", by vyl ic'i nn unnaturnl eiimpeiiiion is created,; second, lUt n lile set of men arc led, when iheir s-ntence expire, lo neeocino with anil Ihtis in a measure dishonored thereby. These rofisrqut'ncrs hive rankle, in thf li roast of lUe Amctiin nier lnni fiom ilc btvimiing of thi ompeiiiion : nnd for mori I'nn (vv vnrs Iht LrcUtalnre of thf Slate nf New Vnrk have, heen nirmo ialuteH and I vt tgctl with petition tip i on the (tubject. Within the Imt twelvo nr fifteen , yi-ars, iho excitement upon tliiR il'jVt ha hern : mtioh increased. State con mentions of mcehanir hive been called i a newopaprr elnl!MieiI to nul theaip can'Iulite fur office rrqmret I to ifive public pledges in relation to it, and tens nftt.ons unds of nc'iti)ns have been presented lo the Leg islattirp for relief. In thi stale of excitemfntand controversy thf? subject remained until 1942, when i few median it sitiiee-ted the employment of the convicts in inininc and smelting the metallic ores. The Isesislature embraced the proportion so fir as to pis a law, April flth, 1812, iiithotizmc the Governor, Secretary of State, an 1 Comptrot lr, to appoint a commisinncr, vhn?e duty it' slion'd le to examine the mineral rrcion of the .Stte, and report to the next I.pntslntnro upon ihe practif-atility of the jdin and the expense tf the prnposed ehinie. The peculiar responsibility and enormous ex pfnse of such an experiment, and the disastrous oipenes of a failure, made ilof vital importince to select n commissioner wh, with all tho snen 1 tifir' pnbficati.ins nnd experience nece9arv to jiiiffp wisely, shoul I have ihcinterity and firm ness tojudife honestly Wnh this view, Kinom Conk, of Saratoai County, was invi'cd by the State to accept the commission. Hcin himself tn experienced mechanic, ihoush in no uise in volved in the notation nbont convict labor, and in tcrv pariieulnr nnswerinc to the reqiuremcnis for ttich a mit'inn, he autboriz:d lo proceed at once with ihe tnvestisntion. The rlo'il ts which at the o-itsct Ir Cool; ex presrd of the practicability of thi enterprise prob ftbly incrcasefi the confidence of the Dxecutive in hi nppiintment, as if undoti1 tedly did the confi r. II ,vr, nnt (tri7.n 1 10 man. Ullt TC- turned lo iho house, where, with nM-tanco, the convict who had conceded himself under iho hovel was secured. The one left in Iho woods nnd often erroneous translations from a primi tive language, which frequently make what in the original was rational anil serious, appear in Iho translation absurd and ludicrous. TUB DISEASE IN POTATOES. Lord Hardwicko, Lord Lieutenant of Cam bridgeshiro and the Isle of Ely, lias addressed the following recommendation to the laborcs of his jurisdiction, Is it not deserving of attention by tho farmers of this country 1 Fellow Countrymen, A senso of duty indu ces mo to address you on tho subject of the po tatoc. It is not necessary on this ocrasion to state the naturo or causo of the decay of that most important article of food. I wish to induce you to look forward to the conscqucnco of neglecting the endeavor to stop tho progress of tho evil. If you do neglect to do so, all will oo lost t From all I can Icarr. moisture is tho food on which the decay increases, and dryness the medicine to be used for the cure. Therefore, do not pit the potatoes in the usu al way ; but, after most carefully picking them, and separating the bad from the good, place the good under a roof (if you have space,) placed in layers, nnd not more than four potatoes deep, so that they may keep effectually dry. Where you have not liouso room, expose them to tho sun and air during dry weather on TIib great consumption of eoal in llie manufneuuro of gas, lias induced riflbrls to purify tlto gas, and to apply the products to agriculture. In London the arlnuat rental paid to tho companies for coal gat is .000, 000, und 350,030 tons of coal arc annually consumed in lis manufacture, Tills, of course, forms but a small portion of the quantity of gas consumed, or oTtKtfl used, in preparing ga i tho Uiiitcd4jpjJjom. Tho unpleasant and unhealthy DQluvia given o(f has induced many to attempt a purifica tion of the gas, but at last n simple process has been discovered of freeing it of ammonia and its other combinations. This process may bo found reported at length in tho Lon don Jo urnal of Scienco, for this month. It is very important, and wo may alludo to it again. The purification is effected by using dry instead of met limo purifiers. Tho sav- is foolish, ho is apt to bo a great deal more foolish than any body else. Wc havo not dono with this pamphlet nor its author by any means, but wo dismiss it for tho present with an expression of sincero regret that the people of tho Stato could not havo been permitted to reposo unmolested in the stato of mortified resignation in which they wero contemplating tho scenes of last year, and looking forward to tho six that nro to come. Wiley & Putnam's "Liniunv op Choice Reading:." Wo intended earlier to have called the attention of our readers to this adntirablo scries of books. It is a reprint. i . . .r. f I. j ' i . i . . iiu.ui " 1 ,1,. nli,. u-l,pri. ; l,,u ""- " "'- kiuuiiu, anu men pile mom I "fe I ami 1,7 hero dHna the niJl!?. In tho j" nH conical heaps on the surface, thatching mornm" his i hunger became so intolerable that them over wi ll btratv, and cutting a deep ho came nut nnd surrendered biuvell 10 the men trench round about them, with a good drain .... e,.ll (utr-)!nir nlmirr the rond. VIit rcmrncd lo Urn piion they could Ecnrce Iv stand. They were so spirit.broken nnd ex hausted, that no flonini was inflicted upon them. They were, however, tol I that the pun ishment was suspended only unlil their ill beha viour should provo'.o it. Sinco that time, how ever, we are told ihcy have conducted them sehes with tucli peifect propriety as not to have deserved een n ri proof. Mr Cook has very wisely, in our judgment, adopted the system practiced at Auburn, of per milling men to eat at one common talde. tie has also thus far purchased Ihe provisions himself, without tho intervention of contractors undoubtedly the w'ncst and most economical course, whero tlto tuciny ensured. from the trench tocarrv of the water. I'ick Iho best potatoes for seed nest year, nnd take thcin into the cottage, keeping them quite dry, and let no price induce you to part with them ; for next year seed will not be pro curable ! nlfo adviso that at present vou do not sell, for I feci sure that at no very distant period the price of the potatoo will be unprecedented. I further advise all who havo pitted potatoes at once to open tho pits, and pick tho putatocs over again. l am, lellow countrymen, ever your faithful 'of tho aEcnt can be servant, HARDWICKE. B I tit ( n . l - -t . i-i-i r,i. ivinusor i.asue, vjci. lot J. in a unilorni ana convenient shape, on ex ilic by this process has been verv nrent in cnllent nnner. tvilli ennd nrint. nnd at a low various departments of manufacture, and tho cost( f somo f tho most interesting books extant. It is divided into three scries ; one, illuminative power has been increased five per cent, so that it mav now ho used in tho bed chamber with as little inconvenionco or diluvium as a wax candle. FRIDAV MORNING, NOVEMBER, 21, 1845. The nronrietvof allowing tobacco to convicts has Ions been a subject on which the directors of prisons have ililkrcd. At Auburn, it isdemout in ration", while ni Sing Sing us use Is prohibit ed. Mr EldrcdEC. thointclliircntandesperienced keeper of the laiicr prison, attributes nearly half Washington, Nov. 19. Somo state ments have lately appeared in tho "Demo cratic Union," tho organ of Mr Buchanan, in Pennsylvania, which aro entitled to con- Ibis inlubiiion. The nccnt ol Clinton Prison as surc u that, ill addition to the quiet nnd eond humor it produces in those addicted to ils indul gence, be obtains at least twenty five cenl wonh of labor for cverv cent's worth of tobac co distributed, end that its wilhdrawal from the rclractory occasion illy wiualtoru a cilica cious mode of punishment, ihe punishments inll cud upon the convicts to sideralion, as they undoubtedly arc from ti confidential friend of tlto (secretary of olate. Tho witter intimates that Mr Buchanan, in leaving the Cabinet, will not do so at the re quest of tho President, hut by his own frro will ; antl that, in taking n scat on the bench of the Supreme Court, ho will afford an op portunity lo M. Taney to resign, on account of his ill health, and mako room for Mr Bu chanan as Chief Justice. This situation, he says, will not put Mr B. beyond thf. reach of a call liom Iho poople to the Presidency. t iirllier, tins oraclo says that lltero will be no chance in tho tariff, nt least during the twenty ninth Congress. iV. Y. Commercial Advertiser. general, embracing such works us Lamb's Elia, llazlitt's critical works, tho Vicar of Wakefield. Another, "American," in which aro included original works by native au tliors. And the third, "Foreign," consisting chiefly of translations of works of interest written in languages other than the En glish Tttftcn enrirts linvn nlrnnrlu I'P.irll HIT- 71 , ? . , . . . -. I t . . j -ur ,iClpS appeal to the lenient Ver- C(J lar number nf volumes of unsnr. mum, in vinmc.inn aj- wrmcj passed value, anu comprising u nit-ai , -ii- iAc charges brought against htm upon thc,v 0( writers and tonics. occasion of Ins re-election to the benatel These volumes are received and constant- nf the United States, in relation to his y kept for sale by Mr Edwards, Court course as a Senator. Middtebury: pub- Houso Square, from whom they can bfi ob lished by the Author. Nov. 1845." taincd at New York prices, within a few Tho abovo is the title of a pamphlet of days after publication. The latest arrivals forty three pages, which has appeared wilh- aro "Tho Raven and other Poems by Ed in a few days, and we have read its contents gar A. Poe," and "Western Clearings," by with regret and disappointment. tho author ol "A New Home," etc. which It is always matter for regret that great belong to the American Series; and "The opportunities for good aro deliberately ivuine, oy ictor iiugo, in me foreign thrown nwav. nnrl nnhln nntvrra nroslratcd -ii.i.,. .;..: r t :j..i i.,,i Professor George W. Benedict of the rvrml,n. i,atr,1 Dic 9r, frpnuonliv University of Vermont, has been appointed softened by occasional glimpses 0f light y Judgw, a County Supcrinlondeni of llirniinh iI.r rlarhnns. ; liv camn nK nd CI- oiiimuii l,.u.ii iur mo ouiny ui svimiun lions that the subject of them is not quite Mcn. ul1til lhc .lst of October 1846 lost to tho duties imposed by the mighty " uvwl imposs.uiB, trust committed tolnm not quite callous to CHINA AND THE CHINESE. The following excellent abstract of a lec- tare on this subject is taken from the New huryport Herald : ' Tho introductory lecture before tlifi I.v cpum, on Friday evening, by Hon. Caleb Cushinr, was of an exceedingly interesting il-n&aof Iho Legislature in his lepnrt. Ilia first character, well worth tho price of a ticket impressions, nowevcr. cave way nsms invesncn-, ror Ihe whole course nl lectures, lo every lions nrozressed, and he linally reporle-l decided- ieateri Mr C, ias a mlcfi better opinion Iv u favor of the project. He treated the subject f ,,, :,,, .,. ,j ,!,.. V ,t, ..'RrtVnfitixio nr..;n.iknn;n;..nit..i;i.'. ' the inlel li'cnce and capacity of the business rould ls nrosecuted ithoui ihe inter-1 Ch'neso, than those who hae had nn oppor vcniion of iontrctors, who nt the other prisons ' tunity of intercourse wilh that poople havo pcnerru.y auorocii a lareo pDruon 01 inn con- UOCI) wont lo entertain TIIIE AT THE PRISON. Windsor. Nov. 123, 1815. At about two o clock on Sunday morning last the carnage shon in llin State. Prison vard was discovered to A larrc class of n nn firn antl In Idea flian km lirill r I 111 wliriln ' . . . . Ilifl nnnnlfl nro onrtiil na n natinii t hftv i...:i.ii cv.,:, iilm Uinnee , i - ' T j uuiiutny Wda cimaumvus whiuu luuio loivuuoa A ii wa an important feature in Mr Tnok's ' ti r nort S . i " . . . a - i . plan to build his prison by convict labor, the first r0 anu ingcii pus ueyonu omcre, tep to be taken wa to provide smlabto necoin- ure .w couinrj 15 into uee-invu. modations for the pnmber wli'ih he iniiht re-1 Learninr; has the first place in public csti- (imre. In January last, in th mi 1st of snow five malion, and books are as numerous as in A calalo-'ue which Mr Cnslims possession of a single library, quire, m January lasr, in ini mi'isi oi snow uve malion, an f'et deep, the neent eomnienced Ihe stoekndinjr of Europe i lhe,'priiin yard, uhicli nnliTiees about fifteen I , , cresnf land nnd fifivfive rods of the mouth of ".' "7 of the hour and the fact that the building was surrounded by a high wall, the fire was not dis covered until it had made considerable progress ni. the roof, but notwithstanding thic, by hard fighting, the flames were kept within bounds and tho adjtccnt buildings saved. The old tho miuo. This work was not completed untd occupies fcrt volumes. Public measures aro prison wa several times on fire, but owing lo a some time In Mav. While tins wa. in nrnorcss. debated bv the nonulaee as much as in the the. temporary buildinss far the aecomniodaiion 1 United States, and public opinion has as 'i uiKCWSwnc HWliwwnn oil lr iic: m mne , m luciTr.,, in c:il ina ml l.ic PUVeril. April, with 31 inches ol snov yet remiinini; up. I t aj wta 113 Tl0 fata crrilr f t10 f.1.T5r.?,JSa:,..A i'V' r -7-' ' "'J1 "HZ; Chinese has been in trivii.2 too epicurean a OirCHI 'l'U, CHI,, UCt,,M...l .Hill -JMUVV, lUILItll ihoereaternariofihevardandnllihainarnvlicre character to their habits and their govern-. theti'iililinss were to be ereclel. ment. One illustration of this cited, was On the 3d diy of Juue last, ihe ajent fcI n n t10 facl tni a( ,o close nfall letters to one far-the new prism with fifty convicts from Pine anut10r ,,0 wnlton salutation is, 'I wish Siar;, who were mostly taken from U.c q.arnc of lMI',mliIi,v anj prnnlii.' They lack When ihe hour of departure arrived, the con-1 only military "nkill and discipline to irnkn r mken mio ihe chanel. when iheanent them a no.vorfu iiatmn, canible of repelling save iheni ahriefde-cripiioiioflliepliietn which invasion, or of overrunnina cnntiriious couti they were to he taken, Iho trealnient they woulil i . . , men are braver, or din more receive, iheinduitry and obed.encc Hint m i ne ,.B rall)ta, Ffoin t10 tone of Mr Cushinjr s remarks, we should inter that reported, through Ool. Miller, their Chair man, as follows : For Pretidtnt. HON. SILAS II.JENISON, for I'ice Pretidenti. 3. D. Wickbam, Dcnnlnglon County, Oscar L. Shafier, Windhnm " Kobcrt Picrpoint, Rutland " T. T. Barren, Windsor " Wm. Ilebard, Orance " I. K. Redfield, Wa-hington " Samuel Swift, Addison " Geo. W. Benedict, Chittenden " J. II. Kimball, Orleans " Kraslus Fairbanks, Caledonia " Judee Sowlc, Grand Ialo " Reuben C. Denton, Kssox " I.ukcC. Poland, Lamoille " Horace Eaton, Franklin " For Secretary. D. W. C. Clarke. iTir Corresponding Secretary, Thos. II. Palmer. For Executive Committee, Thos. II. Palmer, J. P. Fairbanks, Wm. Warner. And tho report was accepted, and the officers nominated wcro unanimously appoin ed for tho year ensuing. Mr. Clarke, on his own motion, was ex cused from serving as Secretary, and Daniel P. Thompson, Esq. of Montpelicr, appoint cd to that office. On motion, Ordered That the Secretary of this Convention cause ils proceedings, in eluding the names of tho signers to the Con stitution, to be published in all tho papers in the Slate. And, on motion of Judge Bennett, tho Convention adjourned sine die. JAMES BARRETT, Chairman. D. W. C. Clarke, Secretary. Shoe Pegs. A writer In the Doston Evening Traveller, says : remaps you havo not seen what I have. tmnv and many a time, a shoemaker take a block of maple wood, and with his hammor and knile, split on ins pegs at tho rate ol ten a min ute. Well, instead thereof, you may now go Into a peg mill and see tho tiawg, knives and chisels, driven by water power, and forty bush els of pegs all pointed, smoothed and polished, turned out in a day. I cannot describe the pro cess to vou, but only say, they aro as neat as a pin. Tho last process revolves long enough for Iho friction of cSch pin agaflhst its neighbor,, to do the business of polishing itsolf to a nicety. They aro put up in clean cotton bags of a bushel each, and sent to Boston. This Yankee peg is now exported and used In the shops of London ! Among the late American inventions we no tice ono for filing saws, which will provo a very time saving machine. The machine has two files, each attached to a sliding carriage, for the purpose of passing it over tho saw ; and they arc connected with levers, so arranged as to lift the files from the saw on the back move ment, to permit tho saw to be moved forward and present the teeth in succession to their action. Tho best silk in this country is raised in Ver mont. It is larger and stronger, and brings a better price than the silk grown In any of tha Southern or Western States. Boston Post. COMMON SCHOOL SOCIETY. Simultaneously with a new School law, wo have a Slato Common School Society, FOREIGN. tho claims of honor nnd of c4f respect. How much deeper must be tho sorrow of the right-thinking, when a powerful intellect, forgetlul of tho dignity inseparable from for w,ici, we lave nou. ,3tuv ,jme , be greatness, goaded by remorse at tho memory Upeak tle attention and aid of our readers. The official account of ils formation follows STATE CONVENTION OP THE FRIENDS 01' EDUCATION. Pursuant lo a published notice, a Conven- reanired. The chaplain cave Ihcm an cxliorla n'nn nmt hts nirtii? benediction. I KmhulteJ m: b vrd a tow-boat which lay nt ho su Sins; Sin? until ;he ncit mornin.7, iho convicts j,j8 m bountiful supply of water being lavishly thrown upon the Itimcs maus, but little progress I he loss lias nuiucencstiinaieu. journal. Fatal Accident. O.i Monday last, at Sax- loi.'s River village, while at work in the Soap stone Mill, Mr Francis Dudley came to his death in the following manner : Ho was en gaged in drawing stone into tho mill by water power, wilh rope and windlass, and while tho stono was moviiiir very slowly attempted to ad- just or slip tho rope upon the windlass with his hand, when of a sudden his lingers were caught between the rope and windlass, and being alone was unab'e to extricate himself till his arm of powers misapplied, and stung by the sc verily of censuro which is ever harmless except when it is just, deliberately betakes itself to tho business of low vituperation ; and, in assailing will) llie language oi the tion of tho Friends of Education was held at ale-house, those who refuse to witness ils ,10 Frc0 Church in Montpelicr, on Saturday, degradation in silence, sadly demonstrates Oct. 18lh 1845. llie mammy ol even great talents to maUe Tlu Convention was called lo order by malice respectable 1 1 Ms is a spectacle Thomas II. Palmer, Est,., and on the nonn mai is pitiable indeed, nnd wo would 10 uod naljon 0f tliu iho lion. Istac F. Rcrlfield, it were possible to sunt our own eyes to the Hon. JAMES BARRETT conviction brought homo by this pamphlet, was cau( , ,, Chair, and D. W. C. Clarke was appointed Secretary. The objects of tho Convention woro con. that it is to be found in the highest scut which this Stale can bestow upon a citizen. If it had been the manifesto of a jjisap- was completely severed from his body at Ihe ppnsed they would ultinntely attain elbow, ami Ins body and head so severely oruiseu ..nil... cImM ,n,i .lieinlino !vlr i' as to cause his death in a few minutes. His ..i.u.ji ...... ...... ... . . . . . :, spent a rcsiless mgr.'. .m prcnKwi, ii"' remarked, that the late 01 1110 uuinesc snouiu - distributed tobacco an. nt;si niose who louui nu. . warnj t0 tu,s ulopian dreamers be pervade I to abandon in use I he nvid, y - a jn,0,ec,ua, mut a mangled corpse, being only able to ut- with, which it was eraspcu1 by many was truly ' v . , ,., ,rla nf ,.B1CP tu ler the words, "I am a dvad man let me die." ur irts ne. One sail ho ban chewed nearly nil of and physical ellort to the arts ol peace, to . Ga.clt. hi.'.i.. Tk.h ; 1. , mi.Sst tuie. Wondiilin cxt net on of that martial spirit wilh- uettous rails ma.cue. and leaiher cuttin s had brim uscti by others for m). iviich independence can never be main the me purpose. No fabled spell or charm . . tina nMiSSlcT' , . I Within her own territory she produces ev- Tl, .-nn.-li-ts hchiived Pilremlv well On lllCir nru lliinir rent: ISIte for the WailtS Of llOr pop. hurney. and reached their new abode w itbout n , yimjo,,, " phc imperial cominisioner repeat rf . t ; ... .n. . w, . Dirfin. t ' ... .. .. imleeflurt havinii been inndo in edict nn'capc. ; ,. ; , ., that I his commerce from Aficr seems them romrortamy "'M ,1,.' oufs, had boon Jit.-rally forced upon trv. and in default the slaves are to be free, Slavert AuoLrsiiED in Okecon. We learn through a letter from a citizen in Oregon, pub lished in the Argus, in tho town ol rlatte, lint tho Legislature have passed an act declaring that slavery fhall not exist in Oregon, and the owners of slaves who bring them here, are al lowed two years to take them out of the conn pointed candidate for highway surveyor, wo ciscly stated by Thomas II. Palmer, Esq., should have read without wondering, or ra- who concluded by presenting the following rc- ther, wo should not have read at nil, after we solutions ; which, after having been warmly had arrived at tho "card of gingerbread I" advocated by Judge Redfield, Rev. J. T is tho deliberate, digested, well- Peck, D. W. C. Clarke, Governor Slade, J weighed venom of a successful candidate for P. Fairbanks and others, were unanimously llie. Senate of Ihe Unilvd States I It must adopted : tro abroad for this wo suppose) lliero is no tiisohed, That it i expedient to form a Slate So help. And what will people think of Vermont when they read it? hand-bill looking title page, its coarse paper Common .Schools.' and coarser language, aro to go out as a The Chair appointed Thos. II. P.ilmcr, specimen of our refinement ! D. W. C. Clarke, and Dr. Shubael Con- - 1 We shall not of courso undertake to thrust verse, as tho Committee to report a Consli nurc.lvos l.olivnnn lliic aratmtmie imse'to nn,l tUtlOll lor llie Consideration Ol lllO OllVOn- thoso it was aimed at, for wo aro inclined to '"on. who reporled tho following : think thev aro capable of defundinn them- Constitution of the Vermont Society for the Improve selves but wo feel authorized to make our own comments on the production. The gravamen of tho elsewhere Hosotved. Thata Committee ifth ree he nDnointed f to prepare nnd report to ibis Convention, n Cunstilu- lion for the "Vermont Society for the improvement of The Boston Traveller says that the Mas sachusetts, Capt. While, which left Liver pool for New-York on the 22d of October, put into Holmes' Hole on Wednesday, in conscqucnco of the sickness of the Captain. The Holmes IIolo correspondent of tho Merchants Exchange slates thai " The Mas sachusetts1 in coming over the Shoals, on Tuesday, struck on Nantucket Point Rip, and threw over about fifty bags of salt, when she came off. At 5 P. M. she ran ashore two miles to the eastward of Holmes' Hole, on Squash Meadow Shoal, and after dischar ging into lighters, was got off without damage. Tho money market in London had expert enced a check, and was tending downwards on account of the alleged misunderstanding belwccn Sir Robert Peel and iho Duke of Wellington. At least that was tho nominal cause. Consols were quoted on the Slst as low as 96 5 8 lo 9G 7-8 not having been fur several years before marked under 07. In the Liverpool Cotton Market for the week cndingOcl. 21, there had been a slight increase in the demand, but without altera tion in lhc prices. Sales for tho 20,000 biles. Imports, 143.9SG bags. In the Grain Market there had been general rise in the prices of most articles 0 trade, and in Wheat and Flour a goood amount of business had been dono on specu lation. Tim arrivals at Liverpool for the week ending Ocl. 20, amounted to 14,000 bbls. of Canadian Flour, and 0000 quarters of Wheal from the United Slates. Accounts of trado in the maniifacturin districts in England show a considcrabl filling off from tlto average amount of bus! ncss, The unexpected duclino is attributed lo the unfavorable conclusion of the harvest. The mania fur Railway speculation England continued undiminished. The Liverpool Standard states that meeting of tho dircctois of the leading rail way companies is about (o be held, for the BRIGHTON M A ItKKT, November 17,1843. At market, 2300 head of HecfCalllc, 1250 Stores, 19 yoke working Oxen, 40 Cows and Calves, 2600 Sheep, nnd S00 Swine. PatcEs Hcef Cattle. We quote extra. 83.O0) First ,,,...1,,,, 01,75 , Co.n,l n"-''lv. fii.00 (ft S4.'2a. Slorcs. Vcarlings, SG & iO I two years old, 810 to S14. Working Oxen Sales made at S70 & S72, and 891 i3 8101. Cows and Calves Sales were made at 17, 20, 24, 23, 31 9 42. Sheep.-Sales nt 1,12, 1,73,2,12, fiS3,17. Swine. From 31 & 4 at wholesale, nt retail from 4 V to 4e. ujrrelmg Cattle Mess, 5J,' "0. 1 vi,lit prim 82,25. nOSTON MARKET, Nov. 19, 1915. Ruttcr Store, 13 3 15, family, 15 & 13. Cheese New milk, 71 00. Flour Howard st. Sb,12 P 85.25, Western canal, 86 51 & $6,62. Woo .There has been a fair demand for Amer.- can, and CO or 70,000 lbs. have been taken by manu facturers nl full prices, with nn upward tendency. The ship Francis Ann took out 200 bales (41,626 lbs of American for London. lb. 33 S 40 eni to Auburn orison, where he L'ro- eurj and added to his number forty-four ne.'' eoijricls. The temporary buddings erected for thcrecep till of ihe rohvicis' havo cood floors of two thudinesiies of plank, nre cli.bnarded with rough hoards, and hare roofs l"d wilh the covets of boards. They are all 22 fii'l m width, nnd stand in, line. First n a kitchen. 31 feet long, m which arc an oven and lour cildrnns. About 1U feetdiklaiuisabiiildinjr20 fecl.ouz, used p tai lors' shoemaker.' and turi'crs' ten feet distant from this, Ihclcinpori.'ty prison eommen them by tho English an.l Americans, au- The act prohibits freo negroes or mulaltoes VC.'te y to 1110 liuerusis anu m- , ,(uui lulling ur ruuiiiiiiii 111 Mils tuu.ury, anu ,i, 'hinncn irnvernment and i.'cople. rcnuires them to leave in two vears : and in de. 'N.iwspaperr, as well as bouks, abound fault tu bo hired out to the lowest bidder, who and circulate free'y among the Chinese, and will bind himself to remove them from the coun it Pffltin Gjrotte. particularly, penetrates try for the shortest term of service, and within in pvrrv nut of the empire. They annually I six months after iho expiration thereof. The publish a 'ted Book, similar to our Blue I object is to keep clear of this most troublesome tiaaa jiuuuiaiiutu . . ., ., .i.. ...1 c 1 .nr; 1 ic one anu sunnivinz me oiner: ana ny promo against 1110 legislature is, um wncn o.i.iiue. -,,Ul0 formation of Counly nnd Town Socie.ies, to S. Phelps with (ha mighty sound ol truni- Ussist in tiionccompiisiimenioi 11ns grriioMect. ' i- 1 r 2. Tho officers of tho Society shall bo a I rcsident pets, and Iho clattering ol the loci ol many fouriCcnViccl'rcsideiiis.nSccreiary.acorrespondiiis runner, nnnearod al'lho Lccislal ve hall, and c'"X ?na " r-cu.ive uommiuee, an 01 wnom ,., . snail noiu tneir oiuces lor demanded a re-election to llio senate, the successors are chosen. Hook, givitiff the names and emoluments 01 all public ufficevs. 'Ill reglU IC tnu pnpuiiunni ui winnu, ces, which is 250 feel Ion;;. Tl bed 1 of''" enn-1 11 "- . be of Amnion that tho Chi r?'.:.J J2?!l .???.V, "' Th' v a el n;s census dLs not overrate the number, iepaVa..! from' ' each oilier hy Pfin of an,, thtt ,,, lliri,0 .Sundred and fifty millions liiirrt, ftKmii tuin ft i-t tiiMi. T im pre 11 yu,w ,., . . - - m ia ,iui ,ar 1111111 iiiu uuu oleet ion?, one enaoi hiucii .'..' ' rnnnlrv as lame Jia .'iurope, leems Willi Mho floor and the other U .use bed to J he art- cou. ry. as large . H . In lhc southern j r, between ihe two rows 01 co.; rt 0r the country, two- " fcei point towards each others. Id I jnecJ, and the poorer clas.-es subsist on lite guaru yaiis uuniiK no ..1.,,. 1 - .. . . , , 1 n n,,si. f I QOils, caiF, rills, , are kept on duly In .his hall a, a MU ' ' .1 , .i,,,ku n.t nidinek-. A I sivarminn masses nv i"i iuls, whose tins space Four Eiiard: lime I one at each emi n guaro n? . u , , i.-. ' inrrow two in walking me nan. a lauie m wmtn iuu carriago uji ii."..'--- - - - . convicts dine extend the whole length of the f()0t.paths, and no horses or 0. I.e.- Beasts 01 hall, and is so arranged as to he hungup by th burje ar0 J;Cpi (0 require large ranges ol be.,.,. .when .notlnu-e whero ""CStmZXZ' '"'P popuUtiuil i cr.owded into UariVoenum;. 'SW J SZ Snd buried in the profound ' (; in his character .it American amba ador. dVoi ha of 'o primeval furcst, that it would consli- 0,ploycd, was only dollars a month , and "me teuiptahoii 10 the ronvicis to use un He t' t! j ihey foun'l their own fuod and Urpirsio Ihe hope of unking their escape in .be , . . ..f.r. Th aenl now, however, seems to havo c 0.11111. become elnvinJcd that the wood.' rather protect . . Th Chinese have long been acquainted tS prison thn expose it lo this danger. I w)tli all the iinprovcmcnl in the arts, upon While he was absent at Auburn, on the occa-, which Europeans pride themselves as he ion we have neiore rcierri..' : inventors, wuu um v v - Child killed bv a Hog. On Friday, as a lilllo child uf Mr George AdamV, about three yeirs of age, was playing in tho yard of I111 dwelling, in the neighborhood of l)lackood town, Caindjn coun v. New Jersey, it was sud denly set upon, with great fury, by 0110 of Mr A's hozR, :.nd before effectual asshtanco could bo rendered, was literally tnrn lo pieces, and immediately killed. An older sister, in attempt iug to rescue Ihe child, was also seized by the lug, and had her arm seriously mangled Onion River Dames. The valley of Onion River is admirably fitted for dairymen belter thin the valley uf lhc Connecticut and Ihe eastern pari of Vermont generally, where the soil is lighter and drier and more easily injured for grass by drought. Even now there are lame daryiii; establishments in this vallcv. June?, of Richmond, produces cheese fit for a president nr a prince, and in quantities sufficient fora small kingdom ; and in a recent drive through the noble meadows of Jericho and Wilhston, 1 saw several herds of from CO to 100 or moro cows each. Wilh increased lacil ities for getting to market, this business will bo argcly increased. Huston Atlas. Pi!.r.rETUAL Motion,--.We wero invited ves tcrday to examine Col. Iloonc's attempt lo solve this- lonii eouuht problem. Our examination was .somewhat cursory, but sutticicnt tn satisfy us tha,' he lias invented a inactiiuo which will move uuttl me of its parts aro worn out by friction anu me cuu..ncii elements o. mo at mnsnhere. The source from which the motiv nowcr is derived is found in the ureal cxpan siveness and of courso contractility of refined spcrtnaccli-oil, which in their qualities Is four a'ld a. half time.'' greater than mercury. The oil is placed 111 a metallic gioue, irom wtncii 11 rises or sink in a steal lube ; intn this tube a-raiii is filled a steel cylinder that ascends or fall wilh the liquid. Willi this cylinder are incnf of the Common Sihoot, 1. Thoobicct of I Ii Soeielv is the iiiinrovrment of lhc Common School, by dillusing through llie Slate w . . .1 tniormaiion respecting ...e aeicc.s anu aciicieocies 01 CTiaT 'C brought our School System, and the best methods of rcmov ono year, and until their - ... , , , .1. ine uui es ui 1110 1 retuuem. , ice iTFMueni men ol whom such election was 'lemanueu, SccretarViIlnjCorrc?1,onlins secretary, shall be such ominariiv appertain .0 sucn omcers. A Th.. r,ii,ii'n ln,,ii,i!llA.. a.mll "At..!. f.-ixp enarges uroiigui members of which the President shall be one, ex oH out of consideration fur him, appointed a Committee to investigalo Saxony Fleere-, American full blood 1 blood, Common i blood, Lamb'.-, 1st quality, 35 37 31 & 37 23 n 30 30 P 32 M a it if a S o In Jericho, Nov. 27ih, by the Rev. Francis B. Wheeler, Chahles II. Lvman, to Eliu A. Dlack man, all of Jericho. D ft o (fl, In nden, Nov. 5th, Adeline, consort of Alonio Hinds, and daughter of Dr. Wm. C. and Patty At well, aged 25 years. Papers in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York are requested to notice. HARDWARE. STRONO'S &. Co. having replenished their stock. nf Shftfnnd Ilpnvv lard Ware, invite the atten- lion of nnrchaser. 10 ils examination, believing it will be found as exlensivo, the Goodsas desirable, and tirms as favorable as at any csiablisnment in uii C'oiniry. The slock consists of, in part, as follow 10 wit 1 House I rimmings. Illnlr's 1l.umM.1K lies. Blake's rosewood Knobs nnd Latches. Mineral Knoh. Mornce Lock-, Mortice Latihes Cottage Locks, HW, and Cast Ir n broad and narrow ..nils, 'vinuow .mnu uiiiis nuu rm ninss, Hat and Cloak Pins, Hell pulls. Bell and trimmings, Jap'd and brass buttons on plates. Cnp- buard Catcher Window Springs, Flush and Barrel Bolts, Window Blind Staple", plated and bronzed Key Hole F.sculchcon?, Curiam Pins, Ve. etc. Joiners 1 ools. Jointers, Fore. Jack and Smoolh Planes, Held. Da lo-, Grecian Ovelos DO and Bevils, Skew and Side Ualibus, Plows, Plane Irons, band, panntl and ripping Saws, back do, Sul Squares, Saw Setts, Plumb nnd I.cvils, common and concave Augers, Auger Hills, Ginib'els, Nail Setts, Trv Squares, De vils, Coinfa9scs, FiUs, Firmer and Socket Clnse's, Clonics, TurningCMsels and Gouges, Plated and Iron Braces, Hammers, Hatchets, Broad Axes, Screw Dri vers, Scratch nnd Brad Awls, Chisel and Auger Han dles, box wood Uulc9, Scipw Wrenches, Sand Paper, Grind Slone Cranks and flo lers, !.c. addlcry and I oach Hard Ware. S nn. nf en,,ci,lr.n il, l,.i mnan. nf 1 .. J.ln P"n nna lint n. covcrra IJUCRie, IHrril. , ,,.w .......j i'aj hooks and screws, bwivel". Cockeye-, rem nnd ing from obvious motives. And when wc read tho lofty vaunting, and observe tho af fected air of injured innocence which per vades this unique publication, wc find it difli cult to bring ourselves to believe that ils au ., ri in llm vard. in winch as yet tnero . ,,..,.!n Mnrhinnrv has not been in lhVsignTl BU.1 (which is a twenty four pojnder,) , of' handicraftsmen out of employmont. was fired, in order to give notice to the tew m-, iIoIlce ,19 8UCCCSS with which Lnglnh and habitant of tho surrounding country. 1 he e. Atncrican manufactures are sold there, not caps wa. made immediately oHer dinner, and the . , , din ,t c,capness ofChincso labor. Mlowing ii.n'.rnanyneaeeoimt y after- hg?elh ' ibni ,llt ,l,e in. wards gave ci ...e.r . - --- i - - . . . . mUtXMXli in Aioon as ihey were over the pMteti ti.ey ran I "uu""' .' ':,. jiVomo future day, pro. (, iha-mounialn tb .ho north. m.end,oBto ..lake ,ho coun, ry. """.bf lAto ihpir WrV I lrOUtf 1 10 vvimeriicaa iw viiiu..,. .iv UU(;i edit.'" i t . l i,t. imbei;!; They con- ntrujuclion 0f machinery would ; and, by i..A.t tn,n tonianilv until nhoul uarli ' ... n( innto -.'inent creat numbers when they found m)n..'rx j c.f workmen, cause a tPvo uttun in tho coun. conec,c, ,10 wclti anu- chrck. that regulate SSttKW. a&n whicWM try? He expresses 'ZZVV -netlon.-.UtWe .t.rted-while ihey supposed ncy had been con. I our commerce wilh Ivtnna p eu. tantly travelling norih. Weaneu anu numsry, ,. of muci, mcrcao ; uiai " "'. .in j A medical writer in a late journal menliona iheir -feet badly woun.le.1 n ''I"' '"f " T U groat maratimo P0en83c'"1,7ri V-m I numerous cases of lead cholic under his charge. nnuoyin'tliem on at a cold stormy niiilit inTidmiiiince' Bui the fea, ofpunUhment 1 , con;foing power upon . it. , Of course, Bnally ditir'minaJ them to malt another cfj. I, , 0 r;ol tmly fur the 'an nd s ih'ov were now near the .0U1I1 de of ihe u u.l'H"sl ' "v , . - r Ca hfornia, and "il.nn,ey imajinH.bat it would b. an exatiou of O regon, but o. w .y mlltter'to travel ,ou.h nnd enter the road hy Jhe whole; wcitorn cpast cd - ' whuh 'they hid hen laten .lo th prison. By the consummation cifth pretlicif"" Ihe lima thoy had decided nn eourje, a heavy . Tl(8 wron. jmpresion which have ob' fall of hall nd rain commenced, leave!-1 , j j , d , tie ciilnow character, , , Iillf ? Iltll Iliai - I r.n, . nub nn mela ..r luitli I h nfniirii'C. vii t iari91Hl IIUIII Ullliniil "OIVI ir. ,ii.ein.ihediicui..'?wi!ro destined to liave an ibro'jLrh leaden pipes. Tl.o which had pasted water i always iin. I : ... I. : I. .!! pregnatct. wn.i tree caruumc aciu, ivinvu ui. solves- portions of lead in ptssing over the sur. face of leaden pipes, or cisterns. Other cases wcro.those'of pritler.s, all qf which, With those occasioned by drinking water impregnated with lead, were curcJ with alliim comlimd tc'th git tKcum. The efleclt of this cholic are known . t,. i, !.,,., ..., ,. cio. II snail ae llicir duly to keep llie sutiject or nil- against him by almost every body uxcepl provenKnt c.f tho Comon School continually before tliosn cliargou with tlto business ol procuring tne people uy snort, puny, anu pomica nrucies in ine , . , . rr, ... .1. . County papers, and otherwise. his re-electnn. Tho commtllco set aboul 5. The Annual Mceiing of the Society shall be held llii-lr tvnrlc n wnll n lliov could and pot 01 Montpelicr on the third Thurl.iy of October. UicirworK as well as nicy couiu, anu goi Spteal , mectlns, mav be called by ihe Kxecuiive sucli eviuence as was williin reacn. 11 mat committee or uv 111c i-resiuent at tne request 01 nve i . , 1 ., members of lhc Society, evidence was not plenary enough, il was no- 0- Anv person may become a member of ibis Socie- torious lo every iinprpiudiccd man at Mont- ly by subscribing his name 10 this Constitution. , J ' ,, ,. 7. The signing of Ihis l onstiluiion shall beeonsid- pelier that it was because, notwithstanding cred as n pledge: 1. That the signer shall endeavor 1.. i..,! r .1.:. K..,nl i.i ,l.n to extend the usefulness of this sociely, by enlisting tho foolhardy boasting of this pamphlcl, the nelv ,nclnbera on,.,ng Ins nelghbors especially per- Witnesses lorboro to indulge 111 plain speaK- on in.o.y 10 visn .iiunipeucr ouru.g .lie session 01 0 ' 1 I ,Ka I an.. O Tim, 1, u..l nasi., in ,h. ulik. bsl.nient of Counlv and Town Societies, in order to nrouse lhc people from their apathy on thesubject c.f i-.uucaiion, ana spreau iiseiuiinior.nanon inrougn llie community. 3. That he will assist 111 disseminating the publications of the Society in his immediate neigh borhood. 8. The fust election of officers shall take place on tna ...n,nn nftl.;- r-nnXMnllnn n. nnn...l... ,l..a. thor is tho very man who in the, last agonies afier on the third Thursday of Oaober. r 1.1 .... i. 9. This Constitution mav be altered or amended at u. .oeCa..uU,.a..,tu.iU.c..ul;u ,u gu nny annual meeting, by a vote of two thirds of the lorn tho very uouy which naa cruelly nciu inemoeri present him dangling in mid air for two or three days, On motion of Gov. Slade, tho foregoing and there, in the presence of friends and foes, Constitution was adopted and presented for abjectly appeal to tho pity of his audience, signature. and pathetically talk about "the clods of the Tho following gentlemen thereupon sub valley covering his ashes!" And after scribed (heir names. wringing a reluctant election by such means, Jnnies Barrett, D. W. C. Clarke, Henry Miles, J. c , .... 1 P. Miller, Isaac F. Iledfield, Geo T. Hodges, Walter Trom men who wcro inclined loo much to Burnham, Thos. B. Ha.vey. Samuel Swift, F., J, nitv. na nro roirnlr.,1 l.u r,.rn;.,c nndaiml.i Scott, Cyrus Dirge, Bern. Fairchild, John Crowlcv. " , b , , - "(," ios,.a K, JSallou, Kbeneier Howe, jr., Wm. Gilmore, upon men who told Inlf the truth because 111. P. Dana. Frederick Billinas. Jame Keves. Oram. Ihey could not decently avoid it, and with- T:,,,l: ivu'.re";. ,1),ar!i f.-i.V.oX.V'lTu; held the worst half from motives moro credi- W. Hartshorn, Tho. II. Palmer, S, H.Jenison, . ,, . , ..... I 'ti'iiam oiaue, inos. 1. iiarreu, 1110s. r.. 1'owers. uuiu ro llieir Hearts man .to llisir .ticauj. Samuel Whitcomb, jr., Thomas Kidder, Shubael Con m ... - . . . verse, William Warner, Ju.lne Morgan. Frederic! I IDS pamphlet must 0 COurSb bring out ,mon, Daniel Bowen, Bel Howe, Jes.eT. Perk, Iho whole history of lliu Senulorial election Chas. F. Wgerlen, Ch. C. Newell, Welcome Be ' ..... mis, Dennis May, H. C. Benton, hh Lee, C. H. Con- 01 10.1, anu we aro very COItain lliai ll Willi kev, Hiepnen Holland, Josepii Adams, J. It. Hhce not exhibit ihe aulhor in any light moro flat-1 lock' ' l""r. A.Buckhn.Surr, Ilo... ter nrr to his nridi, limn I,n nrrnninil bnfnri,. Oil motion Of Col. J. I. Miller, it was Tho infamous and unprovoked allusion to ordered that a commillco of five be appoint tho privato affairs of one of the gentlemen as- l)y l'10 0l,ilir '0 ""P0'1 11,0 nBmc f saulled, will not probably bo he d as dimin- ccr,' ,MU """'f """" ,,ID """t"on. iiliing Ihe furco of the old saw about ihose 1 no -.Hair uppo.meu w.essrs. j. i-. miner, checking iinheahhy speculation in shares of questionable companies, and upholding tho character of those which aro legitimate. A Paris Ministerial paper has tho follow ing rumor of a settlement of the Oregon question: "Our privato correspondent from' London announces that tho C.ibinels of London and Washington havo como to an agreement on tho question of tho Oregon Territory. Il is known that the immediate occupation of tho Oregon Territory has been rejected hy tho American Senate by a majority of only two votes. An American Plenipotentiary had repaired to London to follow up tin: negotiations, which have at length ended in a final crrangcincnt." Mr. O'Conncll attended a great gathering of tho Repealers at Mayo, on Sunday, Ocl. 19th. It is slated thai 80.COO persons were present, in spite of a great deluge of rain. Death or the Mayor.. Wo are pain ed to be called to announce, this morning, the doath of iho Hon. Thomas A. Davis, Mayor of iho city of Boston. Mr Davis departed this life, at his country seal, in Brookline, on Saturday last, between the hours of twelvu and ono o'clock. Ilo has been suffering, for several months, under the pains and extreme debility of a pulmonary disease, which has at last terminated his ex islence. Host on Atlas. breast .Vnaps Rings. &c, with a good assortment of tirassanu t'laicd Harness Trimmings, also snuclle and Gig Trees, Bills, Stirrups, Hames, Webbing, Lace, Tufls, Brass and Plaled Binds, Lamps, patent Lealhc r, slump Joints, Trunk nails and nvels, ihread, carpet bag Fiames nnd Lock", head knives, ham mers, draw guages, creases, claw tiols, rein rounder", splitting knives, wrot iron Axles, cast do, Malleable .nuis, .joarn uoor .tuns anu uanuies, &c. ac. , blioemaker s Uoods. Ames' Knives. Hoot Web. Heel Ball. NinDer-. Siie Slicks. Pec Break-, Rasps, r.velet-. Boot Lord. Lin ing Knivts, Keyp, Aiken's Hafis, patent Peg Awl, Tacks, Shoe Pinchers, Ran Files, Shoulder Stick, Micks, rrencn vwieeis, 1.01.-, copper .au, Iron do, Knife Strops, Ac. Uullcry. An cxtensivo assortment of Table and Desert Knives anil Fork-, new and desirable patterns. Car vers nnd Steels, to match, Bread and Butcher Knive, Nut Picks, Pen nnd Pocket Knives, Shears, Scis-ora, Razors, wc. cc. Heavy Hard Ware, Anvils. Vises. Blacksmiths Bellows, fro Ban. Cut ler nnd Sleigh Shoes, Brass Kettles, Loe, Trice and llalier Chains, hhoieis, pades, socket spades, Scoop Shovel-, Iron Wire, Oitn Months, Caldron Kettles, IIooI. and Hinges, Manure anJ Hay Fork. Ac. &c, and of Miscellaneous Goods, Bel Screws, Bed and Table Cnslors, Axle Pullie Dinner Bet', Sleigh do, Grid Irons. Toaslinj Iron, Fry Pans, Coal Hods, Porcelain Presening Ketilef, Sauce Pans, Iron, Table and Tea Spoons, Tea Tray, Britannia Tea and Coffee Pots Stair Rod, Sciew, Hooks, Sieel Yards, Brass, Iron ind Tin Candle Slicks, Jap'd. Lamps, Shovel and Tongs, round and flit nose Plyers, Curlnin Ring., Glue Pois, Mahogi nv Knobs, Slates, Thermometer, Wire Stives, Skales, Sad Irons, Lanterns, Saw., Wrnc!ie. IUI and Mouse Traps, Axet, Hammers, Hatchets. Hoe, Forks, Brass Ketilet, Iron and Copper Te Kt)t Files, Rasps. He;l Chain, Post do, Wrol and Cat Nails, Cut Tacks, Curry Comb, Horse Card" and Itru-hes, Cloth, Flesh, Counier, Shoe and Hair Brash es, Tape Measures, Iron and Sieel Souares, dtc. de. which makeup tfullisiorlmenl of Goodt of all varie ties usually called for. 1 who live in glass lioutts, andjho infalualion vo. T. Hodges, William Warner, Asahel exhibited in.llie 'publication" of (hat gentle. Hrd, ar.d J. P. Fairbanks, at such commit man's vrry proper and considerate loiter, is ,ee' but additional proof thai when a groat man The Committer-, nfier n tl.ort absence, m A Cukiositv. On Saturday we saw at the store of br.Chillou, in Broadway, opposite the Park, a living chameleon, just arrived from Borneo. It was black nhen we siw it first, but a few minutes previous, it had been nearly white. The nrcsent specimen of this most ex Iraordinary animal, which has tho appearance of a very ugly lizard, is about sixteen inches in length, and perhaps three or four in circumfer ence at ils largest part. lis nyes aro placed within a dirty brown skin, looking liko small and very brilliant diamonds set in brown stone I. food, nn H ps and other insects, which il catches with its tongue, darlmg it out with the velocity of lightning, and with unerring accura rv. a distance of at least a foot. It is truly ; great curiosity, very few we bclievoevor having been brought hero alive. courier. SEtr KtLLED nv .cctDENT.--On Tuesday evening, Nov. 4, Mr Artemas Kichardson.of this to vn, was sporting with a dirk knife, in Ihe bar room at Iird'a tavern, Swanxy Factory Village, when lie accidently stuck it into hit thigh, cutting the main artery, and bled to doath im mediately. Keene, A'. . Hep. I.IME THE MF.1HCINE TOR rOTATOES. Two fields uf potatoes,, side by side, in this village one dressed wilh tan vard manure in which was considerable limo, received no blight nor rot. In tho othor field nilh common barn yard ina nure, lhc lops wero early blighted and a con tiderable portion f lhc potatoes rolled. II nan icick (.Iff.) P biuret. Dissolution. Tlin copartnership heretoforeexisting between the subscribers under the name of Lovely cV Sey mour is dissolved. N. Lovely is authorised to receii the payment of U debts duo the late firm. N. LOVT'LY, MARTINA. SEYMOIH. Burlington, Nov. 12, 1815. 26w3 New Goods. rilHR subscriber having purchased Ihe entire inter M. est, in the laiehrni of Lovely & Seymour on the 12ih inst. and having just returned lion New Yolk, is now receiving a very laree assortment of Fancyand staple Dry Good., dry Grocefiet, Crock ery, China Glass Ware, a splendid aoorimcnl of Lamps, of various qualities, all of which will be sold unusually Cheap for Cask. NOBLK LOVi.LY. Nov. 25, 1815. Carpeting. A LAUGH assortment of Carpets, of widths and qualities, English Drug vsrioua ggeu ind Stair Carpets, for tale Cheap far N. LOVELY Nov. 25, 1815. Late Arrival. ENGLISH Currantt, Mace, Citron, Vermicilli, Alum, Cayenne Pepper, Mustard, Ac. ace. At L. 4- C, F, FOLLKTTS. Nov. 26, M5. 26 H'ofer Street. A mperior article of Ale, in half pint bolllet ex pressly for invalids. Liquors. Pure Cegniac Brandy. American do, pure HolUnd Gin, merican do, N. K. Rum, St. t'j. do, H'mu Cliauipaigne, Ac. cc'.,al FOLLK1TS.

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