Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 5 Aralık 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 5 Aralık 1845 Page 3
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I Messrs. Brinsinniri & Brothers, DKSlRKln Inform lliotuihlic Ihul they hate sumo whal iiilare,cii nnd increased their nssorlmcnt n J variety, nnd unite (.very man, woman iind-child, who has the lcasl wish to ilo so, 10 and no what wehavo loshew nud tell. In the line of Gold and Silver Goods, our slock Is ns itnn I nml extensive ns wo rait nffurd to keep, and mn -li superb r In what mo have In I the pleasuroof udorina lo our customers before. Those who wish lo buy Hold Watches, Spectacles, Thim bles, Pencils, Chains, Kings, I'ens, I.ockels, llracc lets. Snaps, Huckles, or any tiling in the jctulry lino Will bo supplied low, Clocks mid I,ooUliR-Olnc, by tho nunnilty or single Mill ho sold at the lowest possible prici'S, our stock in these hues will bo romm superior to any others, and our prices as low as tlio lowest. . . Solar, Hall ami Store l.amp, Oil and Gamphcnc I.nmpi fot Parlor Halls, Stores, etc. Limp Ulasscs nnd Witk-, Candltslicks, ismif fcrs and Tray in ureal variety. . , l- ino Shcllle'il flalcil uaitn naut i. ";, """ i-- S. EARL HOWARD, THE PEOPLES' AGENT., t u ss ted Cups for eln'dren, Needles and Pins, hlilWws, Scissors. Spool Stands, Pin Cu-binus, Mtiris, Cork Screws, Ni.kin-rinss, Decanter Oorli.Phyinp Cards rn n,l Pnih vised Xisiiinz Cards, AT BURLINGTON, VERIiIONT, Comprises ono of the most spienum ami cenera i. . ;.. .1.- O. III ll....,l- I nt.l tin, I oil, locus Ul llio ooiir. .111 ...... ...... strictly for Cash, nud of course Cheap. Pearl, shell an I leallier Card Ca.cs, nice .Note piper, Knvclopcs, Letter nn I Cip Paper, d s.-cs llackonni. mon Hiirds, Chess and Checker men, Dice and Dice Hoxes, "Curls, Cards and Piitnres," btiel Slides, Hint's, llullons, etc. Carpel bags and batch els, very low. Lost. SUPPOSED to have been lost between Peatl St. and Mr. Stamford t IVs. Stole, last weel, n Black Merino Slnwl. The finder confer a favor by leaving it at this ufrkc. Dec. I, 1SJ3. Leather. 4SO Sides of li"!it, middle .and heavy Weights b for sale by Nov. 23, '43. Leather, New Vork In-poohon, FUl.LI.TT & lUlADLliV. 27 brooms. X50 Boz Corn Brums for sule Nov. 25, M5. by K01.Li;TI'.r-l!l!APLr.V. SOAP AND CANDLRS. 100 hoxes 50IU. each, best mould Land, e-, .i " 2j!. 73 " of Soap, 20 " Sh.ivms do. 27 by F.iI.LiriT & MlUM.r.Y. CO FPU 11. 30 hags Old Government Java Java, l.aijuira, ltio, C' bv' l'OLLP.TT & IlUAPLnV. (:7) South Wharf. Co:lle Sri .0 Nov. MUSS PC) UK. 450 Bills. Northern Counties Now York lc Pur'., pickcdnnd iii'pecfel in No vember IM5. and made Irom verv heavy Hoar, I. tale low by KOLLP.TT c. UllAULHV. Nov. 23, IS 13. 27 fisl 2;50 Quintals Coil Fish, 10 Tierce, of Nnrihcrn r-nhnotl, 20 half I.M. Nil 2. MacUicI, 20 Mils, do do lor sa'e hv Nov. 23, 1I5. (23) TOI.LI.TT & nii'AIILKV. FLOUR. 2000 Bhls. Sup. Flour of the wo t c -leuratel lir.iu Is, 130 bbl. i: S lie i Ji it (In. 'extra,' fO " 'Pay'on.i' 'extra' 00 halfbbl.. Ilo ir. Nov. 23. (27) 1'OI.LP.TT & IliallLr.Y, TO DA COO. 75 hoxes Bonn's Tobacco, 50 23 60 73 20 10 5 lmP Carper Cliul.' Sto.irn-' do do do lo bbl l'onti I. (in Nov 25. '15 Martin's very fine in 13 lb. boxes. Mill)', 111', I'ino Cni. !ov.e-ol beslTIavnni Tobacco for sutoMne;, IULl.1,11 iV IJK.MM.r.l. (27) Soolh Uhatt. f;JijiliJiiii s r o n n, lira Hl-fMl Fruit. -I Hoxes 31 It ltasins, i rcsh l ruit) 1 ejv 20 do da do in layers, very fine for Table use, 73 half boxes do 50 quarlirs, 20 liilf keas ltloom, 30 lbs each. 10 bags Soft ShcU Almonds, 1 0 do Madrira Nuts, 10 do Iira7il ih lly l'OLLP.TT d lillADLY. 25th Nov., 1813. Strayed. IJMtOM Itpnj. Wrbhl's Intervale, In Colchester, a small white face, boh tailed sorrel hor e. Dec. 1st. 1815. SAMUI'.LS. SKINNP.It.H SYKUt OF 5 fS C M. G. R A THB UN & CO, MnilCIIANT TA ll.Oll S. HA VII again returned from Ncw-ork with on additional supply of CLOTHS, CASSIMKItCS, VHSTIXaS, AND '1' r 1 m m I S H Amom! which nfe lllue lllk , I'.rown, (lold Mix'd nnd lllk. b'reuch Heavers, lllne lllk , llrnwn Oreen, nine, mil lllk. I'rencli Cloths, Plim mil I mil. lllk. Doo S in Cassimcres, lllk, Matin, 1-iim ano niripu. iiarn- Ibnn. Sornilnltninn. nod Velvet VcSlinnS, lllk, llroWtl, and Drab Velvets, do do do Scraedy and lluttons, loactnerwiinn tarjrcassjiiiiii-uii'i .-..ujr vm.iuiciia nnd Vostincs. .... . .tOo. Sbiits, tlosmjis, Collars, traeits, Suspenders, Tape Measures, 'tc tin. . i. .i! . sx- la,? IVUrilMEIOlliU. J aij. 31. n. Uatlibuit, V. r cituvT ATriiAcrtD.s' ron tiii: ncw vu.n. Tin: ir.l.USTUATF.D N'ISW CN'CI.AM) KAMII.Y 3IAOA7.IX1: sew voi.i-.mb I Jjnuaiy, 1S1GII Mr.3IlS. IIIIADIIUIIY. SODI.N it Co. will ino on the 2Uih of December the J tnunru .Xumbcr of thin luahly iopular nnd naluablu Musazine; beini; the r n-T Ni-MBCa or A ni;v voia-mk. I no suc cess wdn 'h the p'll.hshcrs have met wiih m roinmen cin4 n "Family Magazinc'' that should impart to its readers useful hnoKicuqc. a well as nmuscment and recrcnlion.'lni determined them lo make creater ef forts to render the uoik "till more valuable nnd altrac- tuc the CJiiiiiii; ycir. They respectfully ask, there fore, the encourasement nnd patronaee of every per son who desires lo have weful and instructive worl.s takotlio place of the lihl and fiivolous love talcs, ealcuhtcil to e.xcito the had pasinns in tlio vnunj, winch nre, under the iuak vl' c'icap Literature" now -0 widely spread over the land. Specimen irtiubeis will be freely furnished when sent foi, Iree of expense, nnd thepul lis'urs ask of no pnliahtened ptihho an examination of their work. Paiticular intention H drawn to I ho fact tint clubs of tf.n arc supplied mill tlio work at Oxr. Don. at. a Ye ii, or oua eopv ni I be ' Maaazine" and one copy of ''11 ibeu .Merry's Museuni" nre s ipplied one year for 'I'wo Dollah' a degree of cheapness nuan tit v of matter e usidcrid, which has no parallel. The Riinily Maaazino w ill bo puhh-hed ash rclo fore on or near the first day of each month, on clear ypeand.ine irhifc paper. P.ach numb- r wdl contain foriyiialu double paaes of readina matter, and be illustrated with from ciaht In twelve Nr,V AM) IlEAUTirUL WOOD r.XGRAVINOS. 3Ial.ina at the end of ibe vear n splendid piclorial vol ume, of useful nnd I'litirtaiuina nritler, coni-mmm 57G pais, and inuro than One hundred 'ood Ilagrav iugs. Tnr.Ms. One Dollar and Pifiy ferns per annum, payable !n advance. Tuilubs, as before, when payments nre made strictly in advance, Three copirs i no year SI, 00 Pive " " " .... (100 Ten " " ' .... 10,00 or nnht One Pn'lar a Cnpyll ?"j-One copy of the Paiify Magazine an I one copy oflt.ihert Merri's Mu-uni, (i Maaazine for youth, edited bv the f mious "Peter P.irh y,") one j ear, TvVO DOLLAUS IT PAID IN ADVANCH. Periodical dealers nnd naents will be supplied with the above work at the moit liberal discount. All orders (cash enclosed) most be addp s ed, I!IIADI!URY, SOD1C.V it CO. 27 12 ,Sioo rct, Ilallon. A SAI'T. AM rr.isTiv CllllE I'Oll i-n.-ii'i'iov ni," Tim i.irxos. sp - Tixrt or IH.OOD, corans colus, asthma, PAIN IX Till: SIDl, IlllO.NCIIITIS, WIIOOPl.NU COI tillS AND ALL PPLMONAIIY COMPLAINTS. TN the whole e.ntloioo of remcdiei ol nil Polino narir nir.v-iifii.a I t.i-rr. i lint lllll' l) linivernllV' known nml vvho-c virtue have been so ihorourjily te-lel ns TAll, an I us n euro lorn Id., Courtis nnd Connimptii ii'. il i- understood lo be without nn crpal. MVLItWOlU', the o hei pnneipal ma'edl ...i, in tlik tiretinraiiiai it :il-o know il lo heel tnllycf- licion in rclievin? the prionrv nnd milder itaire-fof Puloiinary nllecioif. lneoim iniuirinese won oiu eriii.i'eiial", tlio inmost earc nivUkill have been ex ..r..i el -inil iiimle't-nt is the o.onrieinr In the uTica cv of ibis It is u l;tirr,u to irive imliu-dinto lebel in nil e"inpl.oiits nouvo specified. nnlif nfier a Inal or Keenly lonr iiottrs lliu pat.em is not bene ittwl, he may rit irntlie not lean I tne mull-ev-will I', rel'uivlel. Ac oinirinviir-' each boltlenre ,li,N.ii!iii fur oni'-. nu I rei.oliunendationi (mm i efereuces to those thai have nude use of thcMch- Tlie Suberi' er has 'een appointcl sole aaent for Now l.nnlumt uii'l otnv ioik,nui n.i-. n --uppiy on han I nt wh"le-alo aim retail. Aacot- vn in-Mip ,t,,nliieraheiins. Autntf. IIAKIJIXOTOX i IlflOTIir.l'. Ilurlinnlcn. .1. 5). St.u-ib, Charlotte Jami-.s l't ait, Wiuoo-lii I'.tlN, Lucius J, C'iicnlv furl Ileniv. Pec. 3, 1813. 27mC pin and .s;;v j Hon. 150 boxes -. X Tin, .11) " X nnd Saoare do, 10 " I U IP I He, 2.50 hoxe la P: tcj, 13 liiinrl'e 11 issi.i Iron from SI loll lb. n the Sheet . 20 liMudle r.nali-h Iron No. 21,23, 2G,aul27, t!300 lb. Wire, a-orlel mzl--, SOW lb. Ilrnzii-i's Uod., Tiiie.1, Copper, Sheet nud Holt Copper. 23 boxe Pontp'.ol Iron in Woo I l,oxo, a ia-ks llnsbt Zin'-, (i.r-n!o low l.y 2T Koi.Lirrr & hhadi.p.y. Ilciity 'I'owii'.eril'n i:vtalr. STATH or VLUMOXT, ! mill: linn, the Pro Distnct of I'hiitcndcn ss. I 1 bile Court for the District ofCbiticnden .- To all pers' ns eoucr riied in the os'nteof llf.XRV TOWXM'.XD l.ttoof Troy, in tlR-btateof New i ark, deceased, leslale. linECTINC. 5VltmF. Oeo. II. Shaw, adotioidlrnlnr Willi Ibn Will an-ie.xeil of (be estate of sai I decea ted. orouoses to reudL'-an ac.-ount ofh.snd uui's'ifiiion, and pre sent bis account naainst said eslate for examination and allowance at n sc. slim of the Court of Probale to ueholilen nt the Heavier 's ofliee m Horhuaton in said dislriel.on the foorlh Wednesday of December, 1BI3. 1 nl.ncronn. on nre hereby notified to eppear be lli fore me at tho timo nnd place afiresaid and pIica cause, ifanv you have, whv the account nfurcnaitl slioul I not be allow e 1. diven under mv ban 1 at ur innton. this lib dav of December, A. D. 1313. 7wi w.n. Wi;s iO.N, l!e;islcr. Biiles. TUT received nt ibe V.uuty Store, mine of those J justly ciIulMii! I i.oil-or Kill.'", which will l.c Gold law bv Dec. I, 1843 hkixs.mud it imoriiuts 27 A Hickory Nut VEW llhls., fivth, for sale by Nov. 2i, 1313. A. A ITl.L g utiilv ot do mil Since XV anil Cliueo'ete, Pepper Sauce, .Mustard, if.e , lor hale by Nov. 20 IS 13. A. S DIAVr.Y. 27 HakerV Cocoa .ird. ,f.e, l nr.wny, Found, J. II. PLATT. A SHAWL. K.iTiiroof Nov. 2d, IS 13. Sheeting, Wicking, Batting, Sec. ) X IH'es of various styles of Shcetinas, tiO 10 do do )V liking, 10 do do Ilitma, 10 Cases Hus'.in Mixed Satlinett, 15 do Forest Cloth, fur sale by Nov. 21, '15 1'OI.Li; I'T it HllADLY. 10 15 do do Molasses. Oft. TiercLsol best St, Cioix, fiJ 10 Ilhds Sit do P 11 Trinidad, Sugars, St. Croi.x, MlliCOVjdo, P II N O 13 C'aes Wool-ey and Woolsey' 1)1! Loaf and l.tioto, 20 llhls Powdereil, 20 do Crushed, 13 do Cofl'jo L'tn!i''rt, l OLLCTT it IIIIADLY. South Wharf, Ilur'iinjton, j Nou-mher23, ISI3. J 13 llh ls 10 do 10 do 13 di TO PHYSICIANS. f - -.r Dr. llohcrt Thompson's Uteri Alnlnmlnal Sup pol ler and Abilonildo lVlvlc. ISai.dnKr. "V7"i: haveporeha-ed Ibe c.scl'wvonahlt f makill an I ven li in ibe it I cue ineiiiiiuied iii-lriiiuent' vvlllllll Ibe (Joonues of Cliltleodeo and I'lUJlkliil, I the State ol Vermont j nod wo now o 'er them lo the p il Iter loulident that they nree in every ri'je -I and in mmv onr'icuhir" s 'lienor lo any ihiua o the kind ever o 'ered. Tbev bavi' the 11111 i.ibfie I noproln'ion of the .Mt-ln-ul r.ieuhy ill ulluosl nil n irl ol ihe eoiiulrv wli.'re th"V have been mtro docei. il vnuiM;ro' &, C. K. Want. NEW YORK nnd BOSTON TUP. -ttbscritier nlf rs lo the La lies and (entlemen nf Itiirlinrrton. nnd to llio O'lbl.C at Iftrcc. the fill- towina; stock of (Sooils which he will sell on terms WHICH Will salist) tne uuer,ior i.nsn. For Ladles' Wear. A. .15 DWA It IKS' CltUAP CAS It ft O O It S T ) li K No, 1 Peel: s llmldvijis. MUSIC & DANOINC. MIL .1. I), IMtOVANDIH, KrateOil f f the very liberal palrnnase he formerly reeiived from llio La 1 es nnd tJenilemeit of I) ithtijrion us n 'IV.icher, m'.es till" me bo I tifiiilornihitr Ibeoi tint be ii eu u school in the n' nve n'-cooipusneo nri at , in men ho will teach -.1101111.11100, it-i most pr.iett el m Ihe nentecl nan room. , M , , , N. II. Mr. P. will provilo ni i-1' for jnbli" nnd pnvnto parlier. Dec, o, 181 1. S.alin Slips, White l-Vonch Kid Slips. Ulaek do do do, Ituskinsnnd iinitiiauers, a miia -ooesaim hu.kuis i Calf lloois an I Shoes, Hunucr over Shoes tur lioiino, ii ii.. ii e... I... I 1 .... II I r, II. I .Mo oeeo and Calf I!o,,., Walkins dlioes. Kid Shpsof i"'o of Mister llodburv and bis Pupil ni Kinil. .I1"HC3 Hir ' I'll 1 1 hi i I f i sxiiu imuii ii u, i , v i 1 r . ( Children's lloois and Shoes of all descriptions. I C' of the Mnai, for ascertaining any Lady's Name A rjchcral assortment ol School, 'the Pearl st. 110.1-0.011 Monday the J5'1 '",' 1 CITY "im iri's 0119 Stationery , .. , ; ( ,y y w )r ,, Pllle, in ,, r,n Wrstri-n Clenrliiff5 by Jlrs. C. M. Kirklnnd, nuihor or "New Home," ate. uuj Tlie Itlilnei by Victor Hugo, 2 vols. 73 Ifntllrr Itlpa's rc-idence nt the Court of Pikbi ill the sertico of the Kmpcror of China. 37J Tlio llnven nnd other Poems by IMarA. Poo. 3le Only n lflddlcr nnd O. T. by the author of Hit " Itnprovisalore," Iran-lated by Mary Unwell. 20 Cosmos; No. 2, by "Von Humboldt." 155 I'or mill, Walton's Vermont Hccistcr, Wnod.tock do Fanners, Autieultural. Comic nnd Pocket Almanac's. Games and Amusements. TIIK National (lauio of tho American Kaoh;. The ItAcr. or lMpnoVr.MB.ST, by the Author of the tiame of Dr. I'uby. Tho MlisONAtlV CAMrAir.N. I'lie lauahablo (iauic of What n've Ilcv lly Prof. Plim h. Tho Sirife of fffniiis lly a Lady L O S T. ON Thursday, Nov. 20, a liahl colored Carpet Ijaa, connitdna n ipianiity of cloiluna. bitwini Ib.r- t 'nn nml I'. rri, hum Centre, ltwnsboiind Willi 1 s bulierntiil fastened by n strap of ihe snue with n n lliadloek. li the finder will leavett nt Prouly's l vi i.irwitu 11. II. Allen, vi raenne", no sinu no re w,l. TIIOS. S. IILIIllAltl). cLbridpc. Vl. '3a3 For Gentlemen's Wear. N.inolean Itoi.ts, Waler Praof do, Liahl ( nlf do, I ib- ina do, Thick I! ots of all kinn. Hoys linn and thick Hoots, lloolees ot nil Kinns, noyi i ei uucii onoc. ml nn .ir'tele which is entiri v new for rrentlemen. "Cilf over Shoes" tanned with llio hair on. I'hi is llio bet nrlicln extant nml needs nn recommend I til themselves. Tho above artiel" with others loo nu- nienais to mention, will he sold oy inn s licn!icr, on Choreh Street cheaper than can bo boiiaht at nnv other store m Hurtinatoii nr m the State, he feels ns-ur-ed tint with bis extensive sine', of Hoots nnd Shoes, noonewill ao away from bis store williout maUmg n satisfactory trade. Kl'.l I11..X Il.l I V. Ill.l.l'I.U. Hurlinalon, .Nov. 23, llli. 25vv3 liiilo Arrival. J7XC.I.ISII Currants, Mace, Cilion, Ycrmicilli, li Alum, Cavcnno.Peppir, Musinrd. &r. r. At L. if- C. K ! Ol.LI'.TT'S. Nov. 20, '-13. '.'il ll'ufer (rct(. A mperior nrtielc of Ale, in half pint bottles ex pressly for invalids. Liquors. PureCoaninc IJrandy, American do, pure Holland Gin, American do, N. II. Hum, St. fx. do, Winos Champaiane, .Vc. ie.,dt rOI.LKIT'S, nr"Ai?c. New Yoik Courlina Cards and Numerical flames. Comic Cotibon t'nrds and Comic Conversation do Chess Mm-from 61,73 lo 320 CO. Hack-Gammon Hoards, three sizes. Registers ! ! Vl'HMOXT Almanac and Statistical Register for 1910. Till: VISION i or Hell. Purrpitorv, nnd Paradise, of Daste Translated by iheltcv. Henry I'r.iucis Carey, A M , Willi ihe life of Dan In, Chro tioloatenl viv of bis Aae ad Jiliotial Noies nnd Index, with 12, 1 vol. $1,30 Memoirs of nit American Lady, with Pktlcbes of Manners nn.) hremry "i America o Ihey evisied previous to the llcvohilion. lly Mrs. Grant. 50o The Dialish Dramalic Poets, lly Charles Lamb, 2 tils. 1,00 Thelirovesoflllarnsy. lly Mrs. S. C. Hall. 2.-,c Jlin'lrel Love, lly the 'nib' r of Wild l.ovc. 23e Cheap .Mus'c for tho Piano, a new supply. HAD rece ved nnex'ei-ive n-sonmeut t f New nurl I'.i.liMni.i1 In iIOODS. eon i-tins ol C.i-h- limn I iiikI IV t.lmrs. verv b'-l'lllflll. Ide-'ailt flJ- oii'l Drib Aln.ieciw lor Die-se-, Gila Phi id mil Itich 1'l.u I, (iioiii nn I I rinses to lu.iieh. PISIXTi. A verv larre nn 1 id"ii hd n-s-trtment, I o nrlit by Ibe ease mil for n!o very low wiih n lew (bone ii- ei'ti. trin,. nin-elc new- naltcrn. nno verv e e- iraiti ( al-o a are.u variety it iu ziriue nun oioer .Mourning Prints. Hllvl.-s. A lar-n o iantilv if neb Dnnm-lt SbawN. nnd many itjlo ol Kuucy do., b th I irge.ard small. 11I1IHONS. A lew piece, of rich i-mbroi 'erel 11 mietlliblnn. ano I ns orliiieel of Velvet do L'l-trin.' It li'on nnd Flannel II injur.-. Y.c divr Woriled, M ibair and Silk 1'riiici'. I.ii lie's an I Geiireuien' Cloal. Cord. nl-.Sbalel Pitr-e I wis', Snel I'.eiU.Pir-i- Itiuj. nu I Ta-n'-, eolorel no I w hoe W T-ie I Yarn I ca uil'il wdnte Mi-rino an I Woolen d-, 'l'idy Cotto and Xee I'e., iVi. it -. n kwtre III c'., corner ol Choreli an Colle.'cst-. Novcinbet 21, 1313. Carpeting. t- LAHGl". assortment of Carpets, of various 1 widths nod qualities, Knalnh Drugo" nnd Slair Carpets, for sale Cheap far CWi, bv N, LOVLLY. Nov. 23, 1SI3. .Messrs. lirinsmaiil & UrothorV. Itn openina n very decent stock of G inds, Gold, Sdvir. Sieil, Ilras, Gennin Silver, Wuod, Iron, Urilanuia .Melal itc. &;. Looking Glasses. An aosorlmcnt of (lla-i-'M "fall nz mah'iaany ti,l a It paned onesof I irje siz"s, L- kma, G'a-scs an I C'loek- bv the ilnen "r smale. Wo have added viry tinny new articles, our as-sortnv-nt will ba found nrc'iv n oi e oi'-di rina. and hone n i man. wo'tnn or eluld. wh i has ihe Icmi de- vvenave eareiui'V examine i it. h. i uoiim-oir .i,.,.. ,i r, i ,t ,,, ,i,,ni, , , , apiiaralns h.r the rebel nnd e ireol I'rahptut Uteri. I ,rl ,,,' a , i3i a, ,,r", jn,ean only lo-e their Pe. us well a the le ton oiy and otnnion ol lusblv eminent meinbers ol'lhe faculty, nn I lire of the de cided opinion th il Ihey are worthy the uilention of the pu' b", andthni they will ta c it hiah rank unions iuveiiiu now I ei'ou- 'he P. .bin' h r Ibe cure of the di ea-es fur win di they ore re tiimende I. Oil A. II W.L, II MATCH. t. en, WM. ATWATIClt. The above instrument f r ale by HWtl.'INlJTON & HIlOTIir.I!. Dee. 3, 184 STATU OK VKltMOXT, ! fpili: lion, ihe Pro- in-inct ot iiraii't l-le, s-. ) L hale Curt lor the d'S'ri -t of Grand Nle t Toihe be r au-l nil concerncil m ihe l.-ta'.e of Daniel U. Sawyer, late of So Hit Hero. lee ise I. Ohi-ktinq. Where IS. Pooler' v Sawyer, ndnunisir.ilor ol ihe Pst.lll- ol the .rd Dall e' G. S never, ha b reer. in. I to tin- Collrl that ihe leronal eBlntinl tlm kaid ,le. ee.neil is lllsiillii lenl to pay hi pi.l ilebts by the sum ... SCn,-. li.., t - i i . I in oooo, iinu ii nu appi e i uir iieen-e lo veil ueeralll pira-loflanl be'ow 'iven to eaid estiie lyina in Smith Hero, i-nlled the PoIomii firm and IVrri. llnd, totu'i'le him to pay ihe siiid-mnnud the co-i-nnd uf solilinv -i 1 estate nud n part ol.ii 1 larin i-annot I e-c Id wttlu ol tmury 'n tho-e mtere-iel 'I ben fore, yonnio ben-l y nolilied to appear I efore the Pri halo l ourl ni n msmoii ilnretf nt ihe Pri - i Pad 11 I nteo lice in .orih II ero, on ihc27th day t,f Deix-in- I er. A. II. 1ft Ij, nu I show rom t-n In the or five bon 's .is ,-ai I Court shall I'irecl, for the p iv oietll ol Mini dtbtsand i-birireB, o.herwi-e ibe sail administrator will he lieened and mithorized to u I slid Cum forthe purposcalore-nid, t r wditch porpo-e ii is link-red th il a co iv ol ilni rder be p d li-liclihnr wei'liH sue e,sively iiiiho IriuPre s, n inpertruited at llurliniton in the Co try of I bitten len a- suon as may I e. I n w loc's n hereol I h ive beiem a lixed die s ilol saiel'r ihatc Co-u-i, uu U ib-eribe I my Gran 1 Isle in mi I district tin- 2H h day ofXityein' er A. I). 8 3 (27) J VlinZ HDD, Judge. 1 1 All DWA RIO. OTHOX'I'S & Co. hi-ma replemshe.l their stock ol Shelf and Heavy Hard Waie,invtle llieatten li m of puicbnsers lo us exaioui mon, believina it w ill be found as exieusivc, the Giolsns desirable, and lerms as favorable ns nt nny establishment in tha Country, The stoik con- sis of, in part, aa follows to wii . House Trimmings. lllal.c's', Lltdies, HI ike's rosewood Knobs nnd Latches, .Mini ral Knobs, Mortice Locks, Mirlit-c Lateltc), ('ottae Lo-ks, Wru't and Cist Iron broad and u.irrow Hulls, Vmdnw Illind llmts nnd I'.nl linas, Hat nnd Cloak Puis-, Hell pulls, Hills and trimtmna-. Jap'dnud hi iss buttons on plates. Cop. b-.artl I'aieht, Window .--prmas, I'ltish and Ilarrel Hulls, Window II. in I St i d. -, oi.ind and bronzed Key Mole re.r.cheons, Cur am P.u, e". i.c. .Joiner's Tools. Joint' rs, I'ore Jack and Smooth Planes, Heads, Dado-, Greci ni Dvelos, D)aol IIjmIs, Skew- and Sitlc llnbb is, Plows, l' mi, iVons, hind, ptiunel and ripping Sawn, back no, S-o I Sq-iares, Saw Situ, Plumb tied Lrvtls, e.immon nud eoneive Auacrs, Auaer Huts, Gimb'eis, Xad Si us, Trv Squares, He viU, Compasses, l-'i'is, Pirmer nnd Socket Cliise's, (toiiaes, Turiiti," Chisels and (louars, Plated nnd Iron tlraus, 1 1 annuel-, Hao In ts, Urn id Ae, Screw Dri vers. S era leb and bad Awl,( hi,l nnd uairH,iii d'es, box wo id Utiles., s.-ipvv Wr. nebes, A md Paper, Grim! Stone ( lanks and Ilo ler, .e. I Saddlery and ouch Hard Ware. ip it. plain and 1ml u. eoveied Hucl.les, Tinri', ilts and .sjcrews, Swivel-, Cockeyes, rein nud tunc if thev do not buy. If ihey ilo buy c hope to aivenn cquivilent for ci'b le't on deposit Willi lis, firther parucnlars after Tban'.saivin.', ill tlio mean time" do noi foraet that " arietv is the sp'ee of life. Wh cb aives n all its lliv r." Gold Watches ns low ns soiie persons sl Vcr ones. (20) IIHINSM Ml) A llltOTIir.US. i nnn H-JUiJ 300 200 .30) 100 3' 10 300 1200 I'or sale bv Hurlinjlou, Nov. 23th, '43. I Sit t tons.-. Gross Hutlotis, ll.iin Coat " Over Coat " Vest Listma Coat d, Vesl Strap sunt do do do do d d do .111 dull I'' i: nch' j ICslntc. STATH Ol'' Vr.llMOM". I TX Prol a e Co-rl hoi Lamoille Distiii t, k. i I. den nt the Prol nio O.liteiu Jobiist ii, in said, on the ISlh day ol November. A I). 1?I3. .I'idnli (:, I'ren b, ndui'ni-trator on ll.n e-late of JI DA I It P.XCII. late of Cnml n.l-e. m sa d di triel, tleceaxl,, to reiehrnu account of hi-. a lunutsiralioc, nnd pre-ent 1 1 ni-eoonl nsndnuui trator uforc-.iiil, for examination and nllowance. WiiEnccrov, it is ordered that the same I e referrc I to n so sion of tbo Probale eourt, It r ntd district, to le holilen at iho Inn of W, P. Mauliovv, in llvdc park, in -aid tJi-trict, i n Ibe 2lih ilay of Deceiiihcr, A. I). IS 13, nl 12 o'elo .M. h.r exam u I'ioo nnd al-lowaii'-e ; and that n'l conceruc 1 1 c imthted hereof, by the p ih'ic-tiion if this oribrin Ihe I! T.'maton Prce Pre-, priutel at Ibirllnamn, thue weelf ee-sivily, lilore -allnuieo hetriiU, they may appear at sn I lime and place, if .hey see eau-e, and ohjt;ei itiereto. lly cr'erofC mrt, WILLI M W. WIIITII, HtgUlcr. A true copy t-l Itcet-rd. 20 At c-i, Vv An-ir.n Wimth, tieisltr. 3VIIHam I'. Iltifiiliam's alias Solomon Vli ton's ISIute. Wr. the Subscribers bavinabecn npp .inled by the Ilonorablo the Pr.ibatc Court or the Dis trict of Oliilteuden.eoiuinissi.incrs to receive, examine alio nitju't the claims and ilcutnuus ot nil pers, ton, naauisi ihe estate of WiLLlUI P. HlIliXllAM, nlns SOLOMON .VIII-ATON, late of Ibirhnah.n, in said Disiri' I, deceased, rtpreseu'ed insilvetit, nnl also all cliiuis and demands cxlnb.tcd in oil's' t thereto; and six months from thed.iyof the dale betcof, buna n'lowed by said C mt for lhat pur pose, we (In tin re ore herthy aive no'iee, tint we will attend to the business ot o ir appoiniment, nl ihe ntTiee of Geo. K Plitt, in llurhoaioii, io s-tid Dis net, on the first 3iondays of Janu iry nnd I'tl'ruaty ruirv next, nl lOo'eloek . M., on ei'jh of si-d days. DateJ this llh divof X ivember, A. I). IB 15. or,') II SII W. ) JOHN N. POMilOY. ! H'AVi: now tcceived thsk I'oll and in'er supply of Gwls, V havcnddwl a number of miii.Ii (which have been mieli i nnured fofl h our furmir stock, "iieli as t; lion tarn, voiono miuin, tma, Wickm". & and wo cull now ncLoiuodaie Mcicbinta with inmost nnyliuurf in "io aii" ' Goods hue. . ..... Wu wou'd mvtnthi say to till who imyvvi i pitrchasn nt wbolisale, that our stock nf (loons I now iiiuiaraesi nn-l met iiesirnit eevir on- no Oar success so f ir In jobbina yoods has induced tl to nnke Inracr nurchascs than berctoforo, mid wo Imp" by selhna nt low prices to be inabled to Jo justice lo' our-i lvcs nnd to Ibe purehncr. We have adopted the Cash System in makina nil of our puicbases nnd we Jtalttr ours-dves with the belief lhat our cods nreoWninnl at the verv lowest prices. Hiiytna Chtap will enable us to self low hr our customers, who will please call and eic for them selves. Hiitlin."ton, Nov 10.1313. American I'rints. viiiAt niy:. . WOl'LDinvpe tho nilccioii of Mtnlinnlt and '.)iwho nnv wish to purchase American Prinls. Our s nek now is th" lira' st and mosl d, s.rnblei vcr olTcreilin dim mntkel, con-iimanf a vciy atoll viri'-iv "f pallerns, ami some new nnd vciv neat sty'es. ' They were piirehasid ni a time when the.iai'iil were rlo-mc their Pall bu incs, nml Jhc owner of Ibe a to I" were nn.xio is lo MAKP. SAIii.'-, wh eh imblcd if loobnin them nl b-ss price thj" they Ii a I been prrvi.nisly sold. In this way we ob tained nu'bdvnntsje ol from one lo Ivvo ecu's on lb" vard, Im s tine -Hies, and iit il in ntir power lo sell llieni n cheap ns ihejobU-r m New York We would si.'tcii n rail from nil -ihinn In pur chase, mid wed" so fully cinfi lenl thai we cll ihtnf upon the most fivor.ibje' term". Piessc call nnd in fur oiirsflics. , llurhnaloii, Nov. 10, 1SI3. 2j Colored Camhric. f) Caes Colon it Cambrie, 2 do Wllilil.-iTOX HIGH MIUOOI. A N It TUP. Winter Term nf this In-ii'iiti m will com mence on Wedne-tlav. Deee.nher 3. tinder the ehaice, a heretofore, of .1. l.TM IV, A. M. The eon- tiiiiou ol ihe s( hoot is pr -spero is, iriiiiijcr oi p ipi s l,i ran, an Itbepiospcc's for the future llnlterina. 'I he instrne'iiin is I elnve 1 to I o efficient nn I tali. Il is nn es-enttal pec ibaritv of tin Iustitiiiion to lend ilie pupil so lar ns pra'-ncable, both to in-tricl mil irovein lnm-ell'. 'I bis renders bis stu lies plel-ant nnd onsuic s ic-e-s. The fnciluies for tie ac.j n-i. tion tf natural science .are uivt i.illy tr L The Pruicijnl po..e.-cs.t lara,o Hersch-lni Tile-cip' i I'siiperior o inli'y, ivilti oilier excellent np.tiranis ivnich be will ii-e ior lhebcno!it of tbo -tiidi-utJ. 23 to 'I'l-HUN f r Ibepriniary branchc " " h'ahei " 11 u Laiui.aaes, Ilotr I can 1 o ohtrne I nt from l pervvecV, ii'dti 'iua wa-h,nx. v It istle.iri' lo tint those who an'.ripate ntlenb'ig ibo dd eomineueeai the I I' ot tlu quarter. Willi-ton.Nov. 13, 1315' 23 81 CO 1 1,0 1 30 1,30 Nov. etas, fur sale bv . . io, i'ij. Vilas & xovns Cotton Threads. "7r Lb. Sli'er's Cotton Thread, white anJ 1 't t nsortid. 210 " (heanrr I .'I U UoZ. Stmol do do di do .lo de I'or sa c by VILAS & NOYrX Nov. 19. Pins and Needles. n.( iO Pi''! Imetican Solid Head Pins, Jl'V' I 3D lb' Amencan Mixed do 300 M (1 nlfrd Hv I Needles, 200 G-nss Knitting do for sale by Nov. 10, I3. VILAS & NOVKS. SOAI. 1 flftft Do'- Slnv'na Snap, for -ale by I UUU Nv. io 'i3. if- Novrcs. VILAS & NOVI'.S. 2000 Do.. Sine Combs, 500 ilo Twist do 100 do Cap il i 500 do Ivory tl i 300 do II ix woad do fltlO do Ores-ri! do 73 yross Wood ooeUt Tor sale by VILAS Nov. 20, M3. lt & novf.s. 20 500 7? Hooks and ICves. Gross Honks and Cyes on Cards, l-'or Ml,, by Nov. 2(1, '43. do do in II txes. VILAS .t NOYKS. 20 It i'iisl ers for IK-iG, -nf l Walton's lleaisieis fir 1510, 'Jkivi 20 arms Aim macs do ilo, SUGAR-COATED. J!Af3 5C I.IVK rpiin ureal pa-ronaao iln-sc ju-ily celebra'wl Pills L have paint-1 -iuee they we-omade known lo ihe pit' lie, I-one f ihe sironge I proof, ol their uncom mon powers. They uiu now considered, wherever they nie known, n a universal balm. Thoyaio e.iaerlv so iaht nllerby the diM-i-rnina und Hie eoinui'inily, l heir Tens. 1 fT(l Cbes's Itysan Skin 'I'ea, kOJ 100 do Younn Hison do 30 ilo Old II) son do 10 do Hlaelt do 25 Caddies 13 His each O. II, Tea, 30 do 11 " do Y. II. do l r sale low, by I'OLLI'.TT & IIIIADLY. Q'At City Prices! ! !3) Tlir. New r.nahnl IXONOMICAL MOUSL KI'.KPmt and Paiiu'y Ittitijil Hook, ivery family should hive ono WALTONS' Vr.lHIOXr Itl'.GlSTSIt, nnd IV. liters' for HIG. At wliolmale and re'nil by Hurhntjton, Dei-. 3, H33. S. WOODS, TUP. HOSTOX SICHID IMItMONY. or New Knjland Colleciion of Church .Music i by T. IIissbll t he above is decidedly (lie best Hook lhal can be had, the music is new nud oriamnl nnd enntnininz all the various metres, nnd the Lleiuenlary Principles nre as plain ns nny man can Islk them. It is designed for the usa of all denooonalions. r sale by STI.VI'.XS WOODS. Dec. 4, 1815. .In forthe I'ublis'itrs lucist .S'liajis, lluia itc., with n coikI .is-orlment nf Hra-sanJ Plated Harness Trimunnas, also Sadil'c and Gia Trce, Hitis. Siirr'-ps, llame, Wclibina, Lace, Tufts, n,,,ss and Platid li inds, Lamp, p ilent Ltaiher, stump Joints, 'I'runk tiadsnnd rtvcls, ihrca 1, carpel b-t" I'lann nnd I.odts, hca,l knives, ham im rs, dravv aiiaaes, creast p, claw IihjIs, rein roundt rs, snli'iina knives, wrot iron Axles, cast do, Malleable Nuts, Coach floor Him and Unit lb s, itc. .f-c. Shoemaker's (Joods. Amos' Kmvts. Hi."! Web, Hc-I Hall, Nippers, Size Sucks, Pea llrcak-. linsiis, I'.yi let-. Hoot Cord. I.m- I in? k'uiv-is, Id ys, Aiken's Ilnfi, paient Pe" Awls, lacks, Shoe Pun hers, linn I lies, Shoulder Sinks, 1.011a Stu ks, I'rencli Wheels, Colt-, Copper Nails, Iron do, Knife Strops, Ac. Cinlery. . rAn exlensivo nssortment uf Table and I)eert Ivtuies and Pork-, new nod dei.irah!e paiiirns. Car vers and Steels, to match, Hrtad nnd Huteher ICtnvcs, Nut Picks, Pen and Pocket Knives, Shears, Scis-ors, Uazors, iVc iVe. Heavy Hard Ware, Anvils. Vis-es, Hl.ieksmiths Hollows Cro 11 irs. Cut ter nnd Sleiah Shoes, llrass IC ules, I.oa, Trace nnd wio nirt l lho eoinui'inily, heir areat work testily for litem, mil they ihrivo a. ono byiheir true merllt! no I lint l,v I he f nth of Mia crliil,,,.. I., llunewhoure .u leruiir Willi disea-e, tiiv lliein but 'Jailer Chains, Shovels, Spades, S cket Spades, nrini;i oitiivus, iron .'Iff, irven .ui'mil", i moron ISo'jcrt .llooly's INlale. STATIC OK VKItMONT, ) Mill I. II n. the Probate Dilriel of (.'liltlen len, ss, j 1- Courl for the Di-lrui of Chiitenden t To nil i.cron.oouoernclin ibec tute cfKOHHlT MOODY la e uf Hui tinyluii in .ai l Ihe-irn-i, ik-reased. . 'nr.t.iiNa. Win nrAs. Geo. H. Shaw, adinini.lrator of tho e--In'e ot .aid decease I, propose, to nnder an umimi of his a liiiini.traiion.and pron-nt hiiiccounl against said e-tme f r i-xaniinaiion an I allowance ..rit... f V,iir, if Probate, to be luddena' lhL lttpi.. ter' oifu-e in H irlinston, m .ni l district, on the fojrib Wi-dnelay ol iiw-eni' i-r, lau T..ini. Vouuru liiroby noMied lo nniiear I e lore said i-ourt ut lho lime an I place aliirc-uid, and ebew eause, it any yo i iisve, vhj- nw uw-umn muiiv I .I.....1.1 1 nllowed. Given under my hand al ILirluiston, this 4 hday cf lleeeumer, .1. .'. . onect! Let Ibeiil iry them precisely according tulbe iiireii.uii v. iiiiii .in u.ii..iiiy in a uij, itno lliey will rejoice at the happy change winch will le made in their eou-liiiilion. ! Lei ibe alllieied who hive ma 'e use ' f every o(ir remedy, without hav iua ever I een able to cet any relief, try but one tingle lo.r, nn 1 itiey win i hen heal le to jmi-ee ul tl.e.r extraordinary powers 1 1 ! In ra-es of Co-tiveness, In hir-es'i'-n, Dyspep.ia, Jaun bee, I'evcr and Aruc, Nervo i. Del ibty, nnd all llilliotls ooiuptaiuts, llir which Ihey are a -.overeian reniely, Weakne s, Pile-, Saltrbeiim, I leer,scro. iiloio. eomplauio, I'ever Sorts, Piles, Impure Hloo I, LiM,.nas, Asthma, Colds, Cough, Intlueuzi, Croup, Worm-, I'oul eoniplexion, Had Hre.uli, Palpitation it the Heirt, I'ever-, Colic, Hold. i die, (tidiness, .Ner vous Alh vttoiis, Los- of Appetite Painters' Cube, nnd nil tteneri.l detunneiiienls ol health, ihe.e Pdl inva riablv prove a certain nnd spiv ly remedy. They re store io vioruj. health the mo I exha is'.e I constitu tions. The Suffar-co.ited Maaie Life Pills ore the'eom meiiceiniot of a new an I important era m .Meheiue.' nu I ihe I e.iiitifd inyeniiiai nt coatina I bem wi'b didtuar, !-'iv's them addtnonnl value, iiiasuuu h as it tl's-s nway nlioaeiber wiih that o lensive la-te wheals always experienced m t.ikiua oilier inedi ciuo. Agents for the snle of ihe Suaar-roated M.igic Life Pill.nre Me-srsl'liCK Ai SPLVK, Price, 25 ccnls per box. A i-heei rout iinina a short treatise on Di-ea-ej and Medicine, with lull direction., for u-injihe .Ma? le Lile PdU acci mpany each I ox. '1 his .beet, mi application lo Hie ,aeuls, will I e given gratuitously. ioc. a, itsi. I'or sab- by Nov. 2d. '45. VII. S & NOYP.S. 20 Nolie.e. rTMli: s ib-erilier would inform tlt public ih-t he X isprcjiartsl toeloiu -mil l'uiih '.Vo'ii.n's ( 1 eik. Dres.e-, Sh iwl-, Ibani'-ts, i-i-e., m-i leof Mil:, Cotton or Wool; nn I pieces of -ill. or oilier fancy s tod wdl t e Co'o ired nnd dre-se I to I e equal to new also, Men's Clolhe Cleanel nnd Dyel if ius-es ury and linishe I, I thin',, to the si'isl'i -iVvii i f the p iblu-, al a rei-i u iblo price. SiMis tint nre Hhck be ' lo-ireil to uny colour wanted, Green, II row n, Scarlet Crinisnu, Pmk, isf. Goo Is Pa-warded lo J. if- C 31 irtiit'., I y sl ice wiili elnrae iaid, will bo aitcudel to, fintsl'ieil and remrned in u seasnua1 le nme. 'I'lii.HDorti: d. North l-'errl-b"rah, Nnv. 17. 131,. 23 t fi. Cotton Yarn. Baltiii";, &c. f t" I! l I'.S Cotton Yarn, Hittin?, Colorrd 1 Uv. U';i Iduta, nud Wn-luii!'. Mtrrhants can be supplied with theje article nt r-ry loir rate. ULAS .i- NOVI'-S. H-iriinatnn, Nov. 10, 1913. 23 Co n m. vnrioxT, ) rni-:i:i -s. maiiv S ' ja:;k iioi.t, t.r . th'- d iy pri scnleil to Slates. Case (30 doz ) Slates, Nov. ' '13. l-'or sale bv vilas & novf.s. 200 .o Tor -file liy Nov M,M5. Suspenders W' Susprmlcrs, VA ibiia tin vilas & xovns. Wurlnps, IHiIg 10 inch ISurlins fr Wool Rickin?. For Mil,, by VILAS & .NOVK.S. Nnv. 2fl, MS SiS Hrowu ShcMJtinjjs. "1 ( Ui'cs Meivy Hrown Slict'tings, J V 3 " Pino ! iu We nnnat ny iluy aro Vim),' but they will le sold at tbo lowtsl price wiltnl'ow, by VILAS it NOVT.S. Nov. ll M5. 2G rfPATi: O t' intern in Ct in'v. Ii irlitiutoti mi anl co nrv. li i nu htr ii:i iQ i, in wri'iur, a!ire--'il tn the Hon S'ip-ttne rvii't nt J I'lif.v Kt ii' to 1 1 belli at I! ir linai u, u thin nn I U r at ' t in y (,f Cbi'UMi on th; 31 wul. iv nfVf pre. fdiiiir i l't- lir-t Tue!nv m Jan ii irv, .. I). 1610. m iltus U rib, on tin- 'X U d.iy ofSfpi. IHTl.ntaiil Iturliiiston, wliert lieiben rt i tin n Uxwi Mv niarnoil lo Wilhatii (. Iloli i that, simii nl'itr miHi nnrntitCi ll.i-y ri'iimveil out of llir- mm ai'mv.inl i C''tn' ie'iienls i i'o igh kei'P-'C ni iho Ma'eof Sew VtrV j thai (mm ibe turn uf H-icli imrriiiie tn ibe Sbhy ofM.iv IS1C, sbe, the so 1 M.irv Jane, I j v t w t b the ;iiil Willi 1111 (J. m full nberaiii-e ol lb in.uii.i-r' eon 1 1. let on her pirl ; tint on tb.' iliv :'il yeirf.i-t .if.reTiI, al 1'. u Iccpp'ie at ire-ai 1, where ibe p.irtie ilu-n rc-ule I, tho -ail William t. will illy ile-ertol lu-r, leaving brr, with three Minll children whi-lly i!e tiluto of any inem-t of -ip;nrt ; tint iin-e lint time to the ! iv of tho 'h'C hereof, iheai t Willinm Cf. Ii i reile I mostly in St. Loin- an I New Orleans an I In never rei trn ed to In fimi'y imr lunn-hed cither the .ud Marv Jane cr his and her children with any menu of s'ip.iort. and ha-, wilnil'y refised so toiln, in May, 1SI1, (lie siul Mary Jane, bum; win lly tfoMi t i'e f ibe mean- of -upper?, lemove I well her aid ehilirtn, trom -anl i'eiilr,ecti-ie to -aitl II trlmuton. anlihai -be ha ever -nve re-del, an I -ill re-i.!e-witb her pireni in ad ll'irlimrion, and Ins rc-idd tliere for more than two yar In-t, an 1 pia ins that lln I on ! of mitrimon V li-tween her an I the -aid Willuim (i. tnfiy be ih olve-l, aareeal 1 to the s atiile in -uch ea e made and ptoxidel. nd it 'e nu n 'e l Tpeir to me lhat the aid Wdhain (i. re-kle. out of the -ate; It is ordered tint ibe di 1 JIary Jane pause him to I e n"!'tied i f the I'lideni'V of s'd 1 'C ill m m ni I .Supreme Ccnrt, bv im! lii'aticn ('fihis order, roalannn ibe mi' stance of her Mid petition, three WtvU .ic.'ei'ielv in ihe liuili'i.'K n Tree IVe , a iicwpiper printed i.i said Ilnrlnuton, the last id whb-h puhheations lo be al le tt nw wee' prevb u to the next sialeJ ee-sioti of said co tri in ianl C'huten 'en (Joniity. (iien mi ler my hind M ni I 11 irlnifjtoii, ibis '20 h day of Novem!.er, A. I. ISI.. .milo l. nrA-NnTT, 2u.v3 Jtde of the Supreme Court. C. l Slumlord Co. i I-TAVINC? rHnrnrd from New V tk ith fo.ida I 1 'Ill-fourth time tin eiuit, would remind the piiitbc tint they Invcn laryer torK of fl'ipleami fan cy Dry O i id,' (irotTit-s, Pro -tscry, Ulimi ami fit wire, LookniL' Clings. IVincr II.iiilmiii'. IKill'ilo Ii.nhc, .Mull, ipc. thin iluy were ever able io olLr nemre, II. Xo "Auction Ono and no red flijr, hm ptn-li prices a uny perhaps ptuve lc?3 attractie thin cnlier. Pnrchncrs nr" .-o!i:itcd to call and ex amine themselves llnr'umton, Nov, j, 1c1j. Urowti Drill, Tickinir, vSlc. H.ilr llrnwil Dntlf, O ." c.i-es Voik Tic! m2?, ' d llleidu'd htrtm2, for ?ilc by Nov. 19. (T) VILAS .v NOVIlS. AlVni" iriicVof Vennrin' Geese I'eathcrs, war-ran'- d ." I, for -ile by Nov. i9 M'i (2) VILA X NOVHS. 'fin IMntc, vSlc 1yZl Hoxes 1-3 I XTui Plnre, J 2 1 X StVnre do " " Lire 7.- d-i 73 II IN Iron Wire (iorted No.) Hn-"n, Hnpl'h an I t 'nn.nla Sli ft Iron, sheet nnd IJoti Cop prr, bliret Xinc and Lei I. WV: Vellum, Rivets, &c Por s lie it the loet prttc hv Nov io isn a:) vilv5? & xovr.s. (i. n a c ivus, coLMtT uorsi: sqtai.i:, IllllliDU-lnli, V(. 'SsV PD K A M'lV.Ii. inraii& .Mil ii Paints a ml Oil. O Tons Wbilp I.e-iJ, ilry, nml in Oil, ''ure' 'Ultra' O .Yo, 1. Vfiiiiiin llifil. l-'ri-iiub Vellow Virdiaru Win inn, Il, l-nil, Spirits Tnriinliii(, 1'iilly, Var null, I.illmr'i', I'nibir, nl.o I.ilil Srl Oil. No. 1 1, ' 13. C'fl) S I Hd.NK'S it Co. Kclilra, llii.i'.s nnJ llui'-es, Mniuru an I Hay I-'orks, .Vc. &iit and (if AlisccllniiRoiis (Joods, Hail SVrcws, I't-il oml T.ibte flnsiurs. ,.lo I'ullies Dinner llcl's, HIi-ii-Ii d.i (!ni Ir.ins, Ttnstin Irons, I'rv I'.ins, Cuil lliuls, I'ur.-i Inni l'rrwrtini! Kelilis, Snir-c 1'nns, Iron, T.i' b; nn.J Tci wionns, Tea Trays, Unlaiinn 'lea nml ('iill'.-ti I'uls, tilnir Itoils, Scicw, lluuks, Slft-I Vanls, Itnss, Irim nnil Tin Cnnille Slicks, Jtip'd. linips, siiiiL-l anil Tons, rctinil nnd lilt imsc I'Jyi-rs, Curtain llinc-, fi'ue I'ois, M.ibnan n v Knobs, Stairs, TlH-rnioinei'-rs, Wiro Scies, bkan s, Sad Irons. I, anirrns, Saws, Wrencbcs, Hn nnd .Mousu Traps, Axis, Hammers, Ilntcbcls lines, l'oili8, llrass Ketib-s, Inn nnd Coppi'r T.a Krilles, Piles, Heel Chain, 1'osl (In. Wrot nnd Cast Xnils, Cut Tacks, Curry Combs, Horse Card nnd llnisbes,( loib, l'l sb, Coiinier, Slionnnd llnir Ibiibh es, Tape Measures, Iron and Sieel Squares, Ar, i-c. uliicli inakoun a lull os.ui uncut uf Goods of all vane tits usually called for. Dissolution. TIIl-I copartnership berctoforo existing belief n the subsenliors unler the name of I,oely. Sey mour is dissolved. Ixivcly is authoii-cd to receive the payment of all debts duo lln- Inie firm. N. 1.0VHI.V, MAKTINA. r-nVMOtn. Iljrl.ngton, Nuv. 12, Hlj. '.'G3 !?OSTOM ALMANAC. IIOSIOV AI.M NAC, for IH If), by S. N. L 1', will I e ready f"r Ibe ml lie on or I e I'oro the lOib ol Dci-eml er. Tbo new nnd -ilt-ii h I Man of ltosmn will iiiram uopear in this nninl i-r - Also n new Map ol tic Hauroadj. m the Common wrath id .Mas-iieliu-ells. Till- map .bows nl n sl inin nil the r u Is 'bver;ing Iroiu llo-ton. .lions r.u-h I'lieof rot I, the si.itioil ( r depols nro legibly -ei doHii, Willi their distiini-e. from llo-inn. It nlao sli'iu'. iIir rou'i- of tho I, oiu I -l-'M1 1 lload, and llic iivir.o 1. 1 tbo lliid-oii Ibv t nslir ns ll.ii.iy. INo Mnss.ichu-elts man can cxauiiiio tills Mup ol Itnil roils without b- fei-lins'. At n alaiiec be .et-s ihe-t! real nru-riosr.f busines- ifoiin 1 tirospert ly all (cim rini in ibueieat ini'ir.ii'lHi.f Xcw faia land. Tin Mi-ifllinedi!, ilepaituient of tbc AIiut ho reecivtil all due ut'ention. The lliisiue-s llirts-tory nud other local mat ers bate It-en thor onghl)' revi-t-d, nud made, in all re-pcel-, as perfect as io-silie. Or't-r- to benddrc8-(sl, ns, in the 1'i.bbsln rs, .Mcs.rsTIIOM S (1IIODM A CO. PlS-a-o nr.t",or to the 1'ioprietor, S. N. DirktsstiN, SJ Wdblnng'oii .tltvt. Now Goods. '1MII: siibs'-nbtr bavin;; purchased ilic enure inter- 120 Tin IMatos, Slc. IloxnTin I'lalcs, 1-3 X and extra ize. ItHi Uoxta Canada I'lates, iupiciis misn nnj tiiieet iron ass't, No's. &0O lbs. bheei Copper, 00 lldl'. Iron Virc, ass'l. , Slietl Zinc, Copper boll, lllk. on I liniied Rivet,, wiih a gcneial assortment of Tinners "I.""' ., ... STIIONQ'S it Co. Nov. 15. '15. JO jshscho acaosmy. WINTI'.ltTI.IUI coninicnees on tut first Wed ncsday of December. TIIACIIUU.. MII.I.I'.II. I'rincipal. r.llWAUl) 1'. S. Mil. 1. 1. It, .!' l'rin-jpnl. MISS I.UCItl'.TIA, Vtichertt Draw ing uni I'alnlint;, and the Urench Lanyiat-e. THAl'Iir.Kss' IIUI'AUTJinVT. A Untiled experiment with a .caelum' c-'j" durina the past term has thmtn couchiMtily the ad. tantn.-es to be derited from establihiiiz n depart, inenl devoted entirely to ibis obji et. 1 1 .sdeterinincd ,i..r..r.. in ,..,iii,0,ii..i ilm iiriMit lern- uttb ri-LMilnr i est, m Ibe lilolirm of Lot civ tV Seymour " ' ,Jnly exercises tn continue ihinush the ycir t eon. the I'Jih inst. nnd bavins just rcliirned from New in, f n carrfiil relwnrsal of the pruiciplra of ilic Yoik, it now teeeiviii!! n wry larun airinient of rnitllsli l.aucinife. in sll u. pins, and tith a design I'aneyand snph DryC.oid-, dry Oroi-ern a, Ltoelt. , .,.., n; ndvaniajis of a normal school. en-. C um (llass Ware, n stilendid n-soriiiicnl of ...i.' ...i, ,, ., .u i;,rm.rl,r. (m iriHim, Limps, nl vinous niiiiiiits, an ol iiiiini mim ne.u.a uniisiiallv Cheap for Cash. Sa.ia, ipij. NOHI.i: I.OVI I.V. li'ound ! ON Mon lav cvenin?, near lho foot ol Main Hlrect, it SUA WI,, winch the owner can hive bv railing i.. i c. i:. roi.i.i.Trs. Nov. W, '15. Water Street. Liinij) Oil. rboee who woa'd prepare thcin.clics fur leaching are united to make tbo expe iinrnl. Jeiiebo Centre, .ov21lb, 181). 2g.t3 1 I.1AS I.V.IIAN UAS receit'.KiroreriecO.'il lly . son, lljson Shin, Viutx lly. .enniid lllro-k Teas i loil, llrnwn nnd Uracil Susari .Moa-sesCo lit-, Snuis, llox llasiiih. Afewjirs of Ol anperi'T iroirttsi nrgrr, t.o. eoa nnd .bt-IU, Macaroni. .Vu-tard. ('boeo'iiit-, Ci'rou, IVpper S.iuif, Currants, Orouud Jr5; IfRKSlI "IW?!! Ol"inii n- bleecbed and natural Winter and , llb-e, fjinifer i InJigo, ;urebleacbedSK-rin Oi'.Sperm wuu 1- all bptnn O.l, warranted pure, for Sale, n I Tallow canjles, r-oap, qv, o,-.-, Nov. 15, 15. (16) by bTUONG'S tV Co. I November 20, 1815. 55 I'.u Mills CuiTrt:snLS Cocsrv C'ocrt, O.Ubcr Term, 1S!j. IIin.t.M I'icasoy, and bis Dttin llAxtr.n. I I V tin's cnu-e lil Mill, 'of .Sbt-I burn, in Cbititndi u C( iiuly, ut tbo .March Term of this Court, A, I 1815, br n;s hi. lut against Hiram l'ier-ou, I'orint-r.y ol nud Shell urn, bin note oiie to pnns t-nl nov.n tint nl this Stale, i!c'ariu;r on u note (hied 3 1 April, IS 10, for .0 an I inieit-st, le in I'. K. .Murray in two tears Iroiu ihe Nt of January the" next, nnd milium ri ulf; David lla.ird as Titislcc ot said J'lerson. And it uppearim: to the Court that llit .aid Hiram Piersou bis not hi I ner-onal noliet- of lho pendi-ncy of . aid suit, l he usunl i ultr ol noliet- tt-as mane ny tno t;oiiti nt the Term last aloiv-nm, and tl c s ud t a i-t-wus foii'iin t-l to tin. term, when il u lhat -aid Pi. i ii lius n .1 Im I u..ti.utl' mid -nit, t-ulier 1 y publication or in person. 1 itRRM-otti:, it is ordered l,j ihe Court that tbo .am cirse 1 1- (O-ilinuiM and that Hie ilt-lendaut, I itr son, bate m tieo ol'tbo pen lency of tin writ. I V n ib lishum lliu Mil..t.tncu ol tin jilainti I's sun, in the t itv t-rcs., u i ewspaper prniie-l at II irbiit;ion, in .aid i-ouinv. tl rt-t- week .ii(ic.telv. the la.i ol ...tid pub i- alums lobe at lea-t twenty day. before Ibe ut-.i ... ii rt u it-no in mi t.i urr. H.ilolut llurliiigton. Notemler 21. II 13. n. A. SsTANSIIL'IiV, Cletlt. l.YMAN TllWKIt ClIITTCNPCN CotMV ColT.T. OitoUr Term, 1S-I3. rAitNi-.e.- ICeell-r, nn I their Tru.tet- Ciunlt.t I,.Nilov. J IN ibiscaiisel.vmaii Tbayer t.l r-lit-P urn, in Cbiiii uilcn.oouiily a- llit-MarehTt-rm ol tins Court, A. I. 1815,1 rule. In. action an.nnsl Asa bel llarnc lllid I'luhp :. K.x-ler, ( I Ibirliliylou, ill aid Co inty, m an actio i ol de'it on ju lem -nt. And it .ippearino to tlie courl that ibe said Aabel Harm's resides out o this Slate, nnd ha not bad per sonal iiotico nl llio pdidtncy of, aid sun, lln- usual ( r'frofnutii-ew.isinadeby the Court nt ibt-u-rm In-i alert said, .mil t-a-nt wa continued to the present tetm, when it uppearimr to Ibe 'Vurnbnl Ihe .It-1 ii Inn', Uirnt-s, had i.oi had notice tf .nil, either in ,urou oi I y pith i,-,tijnn, Tin:nt:roiif., it i.onlt-rnl I tbo Couit beietbal .nil -.iii-ti 1 1-. uni i h i o.i nim tii.ttiiic I'tieuii.ini, llarnc SliLKOT sen (JUL. MI I.. II. TA f'Y Mill commence bcr winter li nn on Wednesdiy, the 10;h of Dec, to con tinue 1.! ncils-. Schiil irs are c.xi ected lo enter nl the commencement of the teiiu. Ttilllutt. nnylisli, from 83 00 lo 8100 I-Vm-h, I 00 Driwiu, 3 00 .Schoil room onstbor west of Mrs. I.anivorthy's, up s-nirs. Iltirhngton, Nov. 21st, 1315. 23 I'owtlcr ! TIIOSI1 in tint of a superior article of ponder f r rille shmiinj, can find il nf riiber Ilinrd's or Diipjut s nnnuficiiir.'. nl I.. & C. '. riH.I.KTI".-5. Corner SI nn and Water 'ts., Nov. 20, 1 SI j. Aiuri-'-, nu V--, run collars, ci'.- 11 M. HATS, for site cheap as the ebeiprst bv C. A. nnd KVMOUK Ibirlinqton, Nov. 20, '43. Sit 3 Overalls. Or A superior quihly, made of ihe llest lltissia Duel;, for sih- hv ibe d i. -n nr simrb-pi r, bv Nov. i0 lSlj. C'.i) L. & C. V.. I'OLLI.TT. 1'rcsli I. onions! pOX AM) SULTAN I IllSI.N-, CITl'iON, l- Mice. Currants, Prunes, Almond., A. Nov. .0, blj. .. s. liI'AVr.V. cJuT.lfn's anodvnT: 1' O ii rt" II I S ci-lebralid medicine winch cures Too'li-Acbe insanth. rehete. Airue in the Tn. e. shnutin? Pain, and In ihund Gums, is ( I'or silt- I y in 10 ( P. irliiigii.n J CAIMN & SPF.Ul, "I!, nn.N'13 I.r.. CLAin. Henry lljdcN Hstatc. STlTK OK VI.'UMONT, ( T :i I'rulalo Coirt Hi-lilrt (d'Chillen Ion. 1 tV hol eii ut lliirlm.--ton, tt uh n and for lln-Di li id af.i.-t-aid on the I4ih lay I Novciii1 or A I). 1-Tt, an In-iruim-nt purpor iinir to I t-tbu l.i.t ill nn I To--uiiieni ol I'enry I lyde a i-i.fll ii'mati n in a-.l tli tri i .'eeet-el, w.'i pro scutel to the Cum ln-re li-r Probaie, by Henry ib.- cxe itor therein named. 'I itcnr.ror.i: n i or.lcied I y ai I Courl, that public no ii i- be i ven to all pcis ut eoni-fincd 'herein lo ap pear heloro -a-1 oo ir:, u a se-s tun thereof lobe holden nt tht- Hi'iri-terV i tli e in said II irluuion, on the sce "ii I Wedue-day 1 1 l)u euibtr, A. I. 1615, nnd coii't- t tin-1 r ib.t'e of sail Hill; audit i hirlher ordered tbti tb s i r.lcrbi- tmbb lirlihrec ttcel.s successively tn tlio tluiiiutoii l'iec Pro.s, a nc.vpi,iet prin't-.lnt Ihirhuzt"!! in t'ns S a f, Ihe lis: ofuhn-h publicinons in be prcviuu. lo ihcilay .i-siKned, n alores.ii for bt-.iriim. (iiu-ii im 'er my Intidat t lie Uei-tei's Oilier, this i on o iv 1 1 4i ttt-iiiot-r, . i'. lau. Win. Wi;STO. Ilmhter. J70II Nov. sale by .0 1315. I. k C. i:. rOLLIHT. Corner ol 31 tin and Water St. A. S, OSCWSOV HAS rcceiu-d bis Fad 'ind Winter supply of Gro cent's, iVc, to ulncbbe invites tin ntientioii ol piircln-cis. 'IatniL' ibs'-ovcrcd that (load d'oodf find a ready sale whilst those of infeitor rjmhty re i nre the expenditure of soiuo tloTienee to ( irect the i-irol trmsfer. tlio stoc'i nmv ofTcred has been t-li'ci I rt-.tb cire, Impeinj eio " iti-ficliun to all b nny cxn nd Ihe ftvor of lln ir pitroiiT.-e. Anions the Grocenes uill be found the uual upplv ofTcas, Siit;irs, CollVe, Spiers. &v. Alsj, Smarts Sncar-b-iuse Svruji, and Cuished Su -ar. HuiliiiKioii, Nov. 19. 1813, JUST lll'.CinVKIl, l-'ISIt of the folloitin, ,9 scripllon ! No. 1 Matkeril, I.arpe, " " Smlll, " 2 " in bhls,, baltcs and rpiarttrs, North lloe Salmon, Conn HiierMnd. ilry rind Picki led Cod, md Pitl.iltd Ilertins, tvc. .Nov. 'JO, '13. A. S. DIAVr.Y dc- .xlirsil SODA and WIN II IllSCUIT. Lemon ii I. nn I Pic Nio Crackers. Crail.ers- Also, s-uperinr llostoli A. S nnwi V. pitKPAia-: iMit ThanUsgiviiig. Christmas and Now-Vi'ars. ALL ihise in want ol Dried Currants, Citron. K.Uilss Sf.t iii k, I'us, Piuiio-, Maee, .Nut. luejs, Clot's, ('iiitnnuon. Pep; or, --.let- and o ber herb lor .c.i-ouiiil' i AIo. Snd,ne-, Mii-tard, llird Pepi er S tnt-c, r. .r. I'le.ise call al llnrrniftou and Urothtr's where inaj I e hi in I a laryo and e-ii-!leiii a.sorlitient if the nloto pt-rftcily bom Ne- Vi rk. Iluilinsrioii, Nov 20 1513. 23 I... , r,i... i ....... i ".' lie i ihe m'..iani..iif il.. i i.'ntni. i'. ...... ,,. it...'i'.. i.... j" '" IH'W reuiedi. stlnl b nc ticenilv been broii'di in. I....I '. . . ...i ,. . ' firward for Ihorehtl'of Scrofula. Sounl llcnon DIJ. IMTKIX, ""V7'OUI.I respectfully inform the inbabitnnls of this tillauennd ticinity, that lie has loca'td InuiMlf here ns a ph)s inn nnd .uruion. Il "ill Ic Ins unJct inline purpose to make caicful eMiiiin i lions loas.-eiloin theeaiiso and by direct application of rt mttlid- to combat di eases, and remote ihiir cause, nud by care, aliciiiion and rauhfulness to nil wbu may rail upuit him, bopts to prote It.iii.e'f wor thv of patronage. lle won. d alro uv that be is ut posses.'iou of uimt forward for Ihorehtl'of Scrofula, a,er prinll at Ibirlmgion, in .aid Couiitt! 1 7. -.i '"0 1 kl "f 'f""' "I'1"1 Ihreo w ct'L ..i.v....nely, I,0 aT f .aid publi.-ntiou. ' 1 ' V,'" ' """I'l-"'" ";' ul1" ' '' to be nt It-u.l itveuly days 1,-fore I lie next 1 f V , "nininendiiionsol i-uiblV Itrm ofthis Co irt. soiuenf the innt eniim-nt p'n.icinnsi IMlnlat Ibiilington, Nineinhcrr). 1815. a"J f' "' m Nf Vork City op 1 II 1.. A. sTANSIII'UV, t'rrA-. I'lstray. CAMIJ into lho enclosure of tbo subscriber nbout llin mill lie uf October, a re I )e.irluti sitvr, the owner I requested lo prote ptopeily, nay ibareo, nnd taktlunioway, ' nu,ling.onNov.2?1.S13.,U,,CHCLOlG,, eatiuns from in ibis siiic lontnn. tt hn-1. liny bo .ci'ti by rolling on htm at bis residence, a In lle west of the llurliuiilnii Han'.. IbirhniMiin, Nov. 10, IS 13. Stray Sicurs. C1AMI'. inlntbernclosine ofthc Snbfciibrrin Sepl ' la. i, a Hid two tear ni l Siccr and nlsoonibf 1st iusl. a lied jearlina Steer. Tbeoitner is nquest td lopio?,proieriy,aychrgeiiiul take Ihemnttay. . , .... Win. L. YAI.n. Cliailolle, Nov, 13, '13. 21w3 , PJS17 GOODS. QJ 31. POIT., has j i t received his winter toek of i G md iinoii'i which miv be fietnd n laree as sorlinent of cloths,, vcslmi;, llinnels, ca.hiiicrts, iili-ac as, prints robrov, pla ds, bnset, iifkums. drilling-, and a full nssorlnicul of tailor's irituuim;... Mm, A lirt: stock of Gr.ic. r..--, eon-istin in pirt of lo-if. luiiip, pott I . re i mil cm-he I Hilars, -snljy, molissi's ten, ci-ll.-e. snp t. bieco, I imp or, s ih ra ms, snrch, iVc. i.c. nhu-huilhe soldatiho lowe.l prt -trt. S. M. l'OIT.. lbiriinton,Niiv. II, 1 15. 21 I1ACJ All t&"AliTUUlt, Alin now receiving new SUpbeof SADDLERY, tOACll AMI sttLLr liar (I w arc, in all its tarielics. .!..y, Dims .Medicines, '.l.YVW, OILS, VAIl-1?I5. I: $ llutliniiton. Vl. Oct. V. u. ATTflllXUV J) A V lu Y , at LAW, A C(lir!-r.l,l,OU OFFICII, That I' rnicrlv occupied I v Charles Adams, I'.q , who ni o will le i ci a.toii.i'lv j.n--iii lr the trans-. .ict on td wbiit-ter busuits. be may sill be to anuid i". 2ll-tf iNHW FASIUUXS. MntASKIt Insjusl . rt liiimd Irom New 1 oik uilli the latest f3.,. tons lor HAT. C MM, ?S CAS .n, I 1.0 K S. i ii "? i;l'V?."'t t nml a spb mini nssortinent V j) V fl 1!os-ets, Csrs, Silks, y'.'V Vt'LtETS. ItlBDONS. I'luwio. and KfATiicss. .li,- v-i a poni as ortnient ot die JlsA 111 west styles of Alpacta I.tislre for Cloaks and, nnd ni nniinci for tbcainti. Mt-rrs nnd Nlik Tics, nil of which she m'l sell for the lottest puces, liiaintind Duller It-ci ittd in exclianre for lioo.'s. Iluilmcl It, Njv.'O !.!. 23fl ISAAC WAKx'a31t HAS fttrnlcn full aoi i men t of Citocerir, nmonj; wliitli (no .iiiiu ktn U uf pure Wines. iS. rrou, J nniiiT.i nud AY.v Hum, llulinntl (l.n, logc, l!ruii!y of fui q-ii.tiy nnJ umtlulit'ipiul. Mto. AiiifiiCtin Ittuii, fiiii nn I Hntniiv, liie lu-fi article if Ihe kin I. lli will tiill I't iti i iirutl sofUuni, Hninoy nnd O.u llnu are lnvked ttbnui the country by I Tew Vik and Troy rulers, I'jr ihip llnrd Its itrna than llicynrt' fulling ihoui for. Il ismh i true that a man who i a ( nuan can not cell bad sin or ollur pinti. Wby nr Ilu y nil ickiiiy in etii't ucvfrv mnii who isa rt'iailtr o hpintv nr tavi-ru tavper. and (rntellmi; nvir itu ct'unir v uryina nnd iiiiMrliininc ibn (tropla lo buy llinr lutr if ihiicis ntii greit fpmil.nuin prinl client milium. 1 only ask ihose ilm bay of 1 he i n tu bring ums of ihciu and compote them u'hH mine. UurIiiifiicn,Xo. 13, 1515, if

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