Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 26, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 26, 1845 Page 3
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r and LJWfFerJcen renl cd, in fall Pnrli unonl, in terms as explicit as those made use of in thu JIcs ngc. ln f;lond d:d nioret slit' rnuliiiuinl nt llin rsprnso nf miU ions, Iter mariiinie pn.-pirationi. nt whu h Krnnco tun!; Umbrnncin a very mnt-apropo nnnncr, nnd which prepirntions hive now raised the I3nclih navy to a formidable dciireo of power ( she lifts inkcu hrr pre camions ns itiouch i war mtirhl break out in 1BIo The United States on tho contrnry, have prcjnred nolhint; npiiinst siK-h on cvcntmliiy. If tiling now passed a in the Inst century t if com. net ro had not create 1 interests which render a declaration ot war very difficult, we shou'd siy that evirylhitis depends on the Message which President Polk is to dtlner to Congress. In the event of that maiiirato nrtinininins l)i as sertion of last year, there will only remnn the last nr cumcntnf kings nnd people t fur of ulntnviil wn-dd be negotiation theronfttr. 'I ho qucslinn would no longer be ns to thedivision of terntorv, for Mr. Polk will have Orepon entire. Hnnland has latletly pro posed to refer it to nrl itralntn, hut this the President will not consent to. What either nrgunicnts.cin, therefore, bo brought for win) lirsnlcs lltoo which is sue from the cannon's inotnh 7 Klertnral nect'?ities can, therefore, nlone explain the conduct of Mr. Polk, who had the reputation of beina a calm nnd reserved man. lie is n native of Tennessee, one of the western States of thnUnion. It is on the west thai he founds the hopo of his re election and the wctt demand- tho entire of Orccon territory. It i, therefore, with much reason tint fome of tho Ameriemj uiriula tell their countryman that ihOn-yon q ustion, whkh to be underslood requires nn attentive studv of old treaties and diplomatic documents, is solved nt once in every village of iho. est by political d.'imiioiiue?, who have read nothing, and who only know ono thine that thev arc sine to please lliu nuitiitiidc and obtain the r ufTrflijes, bv tellinc them tint Ood Ins eiumi them the new continent from nno ettreioity to the other for their exclusive use. However this may h, there ti every reason to fear thai the Missaue will be in accordance with the Icelings of the demociacy of tho Western Mates. Our accounts from Madrid nrc fifths lDth inst. A briHnnl Icvec was hf Id at the Palace on that dav, on the occision tf the Qneen'a feact, nnd ill" Pre i lent ot the I'ouncit mve in the evening a grand ball in hon or of Her Majesty. All thcjourinUnf that capital, without any distinction of partv, published articles, in Krosc nnd poetry, ofX-rins their nuunM Snvercian the omnger-l their nfli ction nn In sped. The Gneitc contained a Iloval decree, elevating General N'nrtniz to the dianity of iirnndec of Spun of the fust ch, with the titlenf Duke of Valencia fur himself nnd hi successor-. The reianaiion of Oenci-nl Hon cab. Captain. Genera! of Valencia, had not been accepted by the Government. THEMURDEIM2l! ARRESTED. Albert J. T drill, lio U vuppclnd iifltnv i n g murdered Maria Richfurd, :il Muslim, snino weeks since, iv,is ntirsled ill llm 15 .1 -lizc, m-itr New, mi Fiid.iy llm loili, on lioanl of llm ship .Siillnnn, from Now York. Tim IJec s ivs llmt liu shipped on ban J of (lie Sullan i nl this city, under the name of William Dennis. On si r i v i 11 tr nl the Belize. Captain Voueniies and oflii'rr Trescizes luiaiilcil the Hiilinn.i, and leqnesl ed that the roll of llm p:isencers he called, which was done, and on llm 11,11110 of Wil I i .1 iti Dennis beinc called, 0 1 it .1 i 11 Youenncs went up to Tyrrill, and took him at once into custody. The. latter was identified be fore. Recorder Genois, by several gentlemen of N. Oilcans, who had know Tyriell from his infancy. The IJeo adds that he appeals d to bo deeply affected at tho moment when those identifying him spoke of his liome, and of his father, mother, and sisters. When tho Recorder asked linn what his name was, ho at once answered Albert J. Tyrrell, and staled that he had gono by several names for some time last, such as Dennis, lleaid, &,:. Recorder Genois then told him that he should nt onco commit him upon the charge of having murdered, Maria A. Uickfurd, in Uostnn, until a requisition could be obtained from the Governor of Massachusetts. Tyriill is a tall, good look youno man, with -i bright but restless eye. Nothing was found upon him but a revolving pistol, with every barrel loaded and cap ped. 2 Ar.RICULTURAL SOCIETY. The annual tnaelinj of tho Chittenden Co Agricultural Sariclv, for the election uf nfficcrF, will be held in the Town Room, in nurlinton, on the first Wednesday, (tho 7th diy) of Jan. uary next, at which time tho premiums on farms and field crops will be awarded. J5y order of tho President, Wti. WUSTON Sect. Dec. 21. IS 13. C. F. Davey Kf q , will deliver an address ... .1 i ..t ! .1.- r.i..!!. sj i ioC uujei.i u, . uuiperauee, i .in- .,...v,.-, lie uongrcjanonni unurcti, on nuuuay evening next, at G o'clock. UniCIIIO.N MA It KUT, December 15,1815. At market, 825 llcrf Catile. 0C0 Slnres, no yoke Workimr Oxen, lOCowsaud Calies, 22O0Sheep, and about 2750 Swine. Palccs lleef Csltle. 4 nr 5 voke were taken nt S6 exirs, SG,25s Kirst iju iluv S5i Second quality 81,25 iff 51.50; Third quality S3 U 41. Cos anil Calvts sale1 nol noticed. Sheep. l-ots taken nt 02e to S2.33. Swine, Lois at whoksale, 3J fi r sows and 4 J for bnrrowsj nt relnd from 1 lo ."5 in-d 5Je- N, II 4 l.cniiiifnl i-allle ful hv .Mr. Undciwnad. from the State if .Maine, were taken nt about 57,50 per cwt. HOSTOV sfAltKKT.-Dtceniber 17, 1815. Reef Extra mess, S10 per I hi., mrss 49 9 S1.50. No. I, 0 f? 0, prime, City, 85,50 60, Navy, S3 25 ft 83.75. Pork r.xtr.a clear. 815,50 3 00 00s clear, SIB 00. mezs, l3,50ei SI 1 s No. 1. none, prime. 810,75 S 811. The stock of porl. i- smal'er lhan ii has been for some years past, and prices have acquired more nun. ness, Lard-BJc. 1? 9. .. ., Hutter Store, 13 15, Shipping 121 S 14, 1 anuly 13 23. Cheese-New milk, 71 ft 8, four meal 5 & C, Shinning 7 tt 8. Flour Howard st, 85,25 & 80,37, Western canal, G 25 13 80,37. Corn-Villon-, nonet Flat, 73 79c. White, 75 it? 70c. Oats Southern. 47 & 43:. ; Northern, 49 & 50c nnns White. 81.7.1. Wool There is an netivn demand for American hales or 1 5 or IJU.000 lbs, fleece nnd pulled nl quoted price-. Saxony Fierce, lb. 3ft 2 40 American full Llood 33 ,fr 37 i blood, 31 f? 33 Common 4 tdood, 23 ,a 30 UinlV, 1st ouahiy, 3(1 ii 32 D a oil, In Colchester, on Iho lOtli inst., Hlisiia Dorance ijed 72 years. , In Underlull, on the 22d inst., Join am Howe, aged 62 years. Printers in N. Il.aro requested, &c. TJARNESNOTES on Ihe Ooepel nnd Kpistlesjor iJui b Pcctmbtr !! 39 "lOUNr.MAS it Co.. Patent Laid l.nmps, also KJ (rood ,1-sorlnicnt uf Glats Limn;, Sido Solar if linns l.anin-. X.LOVL'LY. O.toterll, 1313, Stray Cow. "1AM E into iho cniloitro of 1I10 "73 1 w ulicrilicr on the IStli infant, a '" IJP.Il r.nV. v,lh nun Innmyl li.trn nnil a short tail Tlie owner can have l,er on piymrnt ol eiiatiro9. DA.MI.l, I1A';U.N, Shelhnrn, Dee. 21, '15. 30w3 DIt. WIUdAMS Tor Sore, Inflamed, or Weak Ken ami Dimness of Smht. vI"lii9 appiceiatcd Medicine is for tale in 30 Hurlington by nnd II VGAlt V ARTHUR- PHCK A. SPHAR This great I'cmody, Tor the cure of DCA V X II S and its AHrndant Symptoms. 'PTIS Remedy wliirli is so cekhnted for removing X llioec unpleasant sensitioiH that eeneinlly pre cede dtaoieso, uch as, I-nllina ofWa'er, Hoyyintr of Insects, luzzw ot bteain, caifnscd no,-i s. Ac. &e. is Tor sale at PF.CK & SI'K R'.S if. 23 tltGAR it- ARTHUR'S. Joshua Isliam's Kstatc. SI A 11. OF Vnil.VOXT,) A Tnscon of I'iMnel of Clntlemleii, ss. J XL the I'rol'nte Court held at Unrhsnton, a ami Ic r Iho ili-iru-t of Chiilenden on the 10. h day of Divrmber. 1813, pieseat, tin: Hon. Clnrle R'l-cll. Jo-tc of -nid court, nim tteore HIin oI She. barn, in the Coun ty of Cletlendea, and lilo- in --aid Court his pclilion in v.'iitoijr, -e tin Ijrth he tin I. one-twen'ielh part ot ihe uiiuwinir, iiesen o I panvl (, Ian I, nt aul hellittrn, vi? : nil ihe land and l,uil linsa devise I hv JOSflUt WlAM.Iate if.aid Shelhurn, decea-ed, lo In-, wife, Marlha Isliam, now deeeaved, uhile -lie rentaiatd hi- wtduw. leius all the land lyia? kuiIi el tlie easi and veft rind, pa-ing the la'teilwi-llius hiu e of ihe nld J, sh ia l-haoi, mil ea-t of ihe Mad leading Souiierlv, from tho cllooI house, to .Nntlian l.a!.e"', nn I huundeil -ouiherly hy land-ovvn-e 1 l.y Jjbez ICiany, anl hy the Riier La Plo'j and mil! pond, at hih u nler roar!., in coinnion uilh ihe oihtr deveee of ald lamt, and praying s.u I Co irl to i n'er I nrli'uon i f aid land lo t e liiade anion? ihe scleral him ns enliilid Iherrlo.'nereaLie to the fcJtal ute in -neli en-e- mai'e and nroi ide I. U heie ipun, the Court afore-aid, doili n;ip int the fceoud Welne day in .lauaary 1811, for heinnzand de."ihn? on -ai I pcliuoe, ai tho oiil 'e of the liei. ler ol ai I Court, m said li irlnuiion, at ten oYloel; in the lorenoon ; anddoihorler IhiiaM per-on-in tere-ied iherem he annfie.l iliereofhy puldiuaiion ol 1 In- order, eoalainins ihe idi-taaeo of -aid pelitinn, three vie- iicee ively, ill (he Ilorlingion Tree Press, a Nea-I'aper piinled in -aid Burlington, ihe la-i i.l'whieh p ihlieaiion- to he previous to"tlie,-.i d seeond Wedae-day m January 1SIG. Oivm under my hand this lO'li day of December, .'. D. 1315. W.m. WHSTOS-UroiSTrn. Aaron A, fii'iunii's I state. SV'.l 77; Or VtUlMOSV, AT a -e-sinn of District uf Chittenden, ss. J fx Probate Courl hell al Hurlington, iMtlun nnd for s-ud District of Chiilenden, on the 10th day of December, A. D. 1913, comes Jotiii Mora, adimuitralur of the estate ol AARON KIRMAN, lau of Huntington, in said Dis triei deceased, and files in said courl hj- petition, in writing tli 11 iho time hmiled for settling laid estate and paying the debts due therefrom may be extended twelvo months from iho twentieth day of December, IS 15. WitnnF.vP'tN. the eoert aforesaid doth annoint thu serond Wednesday in January, 191G, for healing anil deciding 011 said prtmoii, nt Ihe office of the Register of aid court in said Hurhnnton. and doth order llint all persons interested in said estate he notified thereof oy putoieaitoo 01 iiusonier three weeas su'-cessivtlv in the llurlingion 1'ree Press, a news paper printed in said Uurlmglun, (lie lasl of which publicaitoos to he previous to said second Wednesday in January, IS 15 Given under mv hand at said Uurhmilon. ihi. lOih day ot December, A D. 1513. 30w-3 W.M. Wr.STON, Hen!sler. Henry Hyde's I' state. ljl' the Mibftribe' -. having ' ecu appointed by the Honorable the Plohato Court for the Di-iriet of Chitteoden, commissioners to rtcejve, exam ine a ml adjust theclannsnnd 'tennnd- of nil persons, ntrninsi the estate of III NRY H YDK, of Uur'inuion, in said Di-liict, ikceised, rcpre-enied insolvent, and also all ilaiins at d demand, cxbil itel in off et there to ; and -ix liinulh. from the day of iho due hereof. being allowed by said Court tor that purpo-e, vie do therefore heridiv give notice, that we will attend to ihe liusines. of our appointment, nt ihe oflice of II. Leaienw'orih. in Ibul ngton, in said Di-trict, on the it'cond Tne-da)s of .March and June next, at 10 o' clock, A. M.,on cioh ofsaidda, Datel, this lOlh dav ol llecember, A. I). 1813. Win. iltJill.llUT, ) ? w.n. It. Wll.k-ixs. t Conmissuncrs, Wanted. smart active ROV as an Apprentice to the Tat- l tonus! t.usincss, j ti Dec. , M3. M. G. RATHIIUN & Co. Mits. miasm:, HAS ,n far recovered Irom a severe fit of sickness ns to be able to open her shop again for the re ception of customers. in Having been obliged by sickness to close her shop fjr ,)ng itme in the best season for busme-ss, and"a large stock olricli nnd fihiouable liounets. 1 p.,nnu oilier Jlilliuery l'oo 'a nut being obliged to rai-e mon-v to piv her debts, she hns coneln ded to, .and will pobiiivtly, sell her catis and mnnv other arlules at cost, or nl les lhan cost. Person's wanting such articles will find It for their interest to can. Burlington Dec. IS1I1 1S45. , 1PE INSURANCE. TMIF. Stale Mutual Insurance Comnanv of Wor. J. cester, .M'issaehu.elts oiler to issuo policies of insurance on lives on Hie most favorable terms. Ap plications rcciivid by ar.o.n. siiaw-aoest. llurlingion Dee. 17, 1315. liihli's and I'raytir I3ooks. For Christmas and New Years Presents. ALAURF. as orlment of llib!e ol various sizes in extra binding. AA.SO, Prayer Books in nlmn-i every vnnelv ol rich nnd e'eianl bin luiir a f-w in extra Sill; Velvet lindmg Willi Cold Latp. Worlh S7 00. Ily A. FDWARDS. Dec. IS. 29 Pciki.' Huildiug.. Est ray. C1AMI2 inlo lbeeni.looro of 1 lie solwriber, nboit ' the 23th oil., a I.irjo Red lup',1 borneil Cow. The owner isrenucjied 10 pay 1 barges nnd 111I.0 her away K. IIADI.KV. Ilirlmslnn, De-. 14, IS43. 2Dvv3 JN'olicc. THIS mayeeriily llial I lime jiiven my ton Rodney llobie. In. loiie 10 ae nod Irnde for binoelf, nnd .hall tl 11m none of lu ejruiui?l nor pay any debu 01 ni coniraeiinjr uuer uu uaie. j.ui:.m:zi:h itoiiif. iiurlinsion, Dee. 10, 1313. 2au3 Notion. fIIF. Stockholder, of the ( liainplain Oork Com. M 11111 v. are hereby noiified 10 meet nt the- l!x ehanse llo'cl Wnter Sircet, Huilui'Moii, on llie foil Monday bema the 5lhday of January next, nl two o'clock nlicrnoon, for Iho purpose nf eltclinr five III lectors uf said Company for tho year ensuing, and lo transact such other business ns tunv be found ne cessirv, when mel. T. I'OU.ETT, Clirk. Iiurlinsion, Tec. 17, 1943. 23 ShmvlS ! Shawls ! ! IF you want n Shawl, n warm Shawl, n handtome Snawl, nnd cheap Shawl, call nt Lyman's where you can gel Iho ino.t rihawl for Ihe least money ol any place in this Latitude. Burlington, Dee. 16, 1845. 23 rJVACOUSTIC OIL! ?A F7U the cmi CLnE ros vfXJ v HorneeMmtli. zoc Cailvle's Life of Cromwell. 1,00 Harpers Ilhislratcd tl.hle, o. 1. Ill islraled i-lialo-pr.ire, No. 71-2. Dai nl Dump-, by 'I'. Ilaj nc llaj ly. 2io Soldier ofl.yoii', hy Mra.'Oo'C. 25 The Hostoii Almlliac, for the year 1810, by S' N. DicniN-os. Ily A. EDWAimS, Peck's Uuikling.. ANNUALS, ANNUALS. MATUltlCS GF.MS. A.tinitiCAN' wii.n ri.oWEits, In their native Haunt-, by 15 nnn C. Ian bury, Willi twenty plate of Plan's, eartf illy colore! af er nature j and land-tape view-, ot their localities, Irom drawings on ihe iot, by P.. Whitefield. tl'iano. 0,50 llealli'a ItllUI'SAKIl for IH lfl. rdi'ed by ihe Coiiuus 1 1 U'es-jneloii, wall I laolifully liui-heil engraungs, 1 vol. 8 vo. London, C,I0 Ilcatli's HOOK of HI.AUTV l it" IHIO, rjdi'eil bv theCounle-s ol UK -rnpr'on, wnli en i!r.nina'fi'oniclrawm,'sby thel'ir.-! Arli-ls. 1 vol, 8 Vo. London. 6,30 The HOUDOIIt ANNUAL, A '."hri-l-ma-, New Year, and llrrih day pie-ent, for 1SIG, Q larto, I earn, tolly houoml and enibellislied, wnli ten plenli I Me7zo:mt laigravings. by Sarlain. 3,50 i.r.AFi.nrs or mciiory Cor ism. The Great Hook of ihe Sea-en, Killed by Itey ncll Coate, M, I). Willi Hoc engravings, la rich l,ia ling. 5,00 The I1IADKM will, eleven hcaniifu! illu irnlioni fc-m Designs, by Sully, Huntington, I.cuize, Tie. fic. 3,S0 The DltWVIXO IIODJI AXNUAIA preseul for all sei-on , Willi fifteen plendtd enRra vins Sill; I in ling. The HHIiliK of a SHVSOV.-Ry the Conn ie' of II e-sinlon. Splendidly 111 isiraiej from drawings hy A, 11. Chilton, R. A. Painter to the Queen. OATTKiniOMJ'S IIISTO(ilCr, A- XUA I..--Tlnriccn li jrlil v fini-he I engraving. il lustiatuu the great Civil War of Charles I. anl the Pari. anient. The GIl'T, 8 Vo.--Vilh nine fine engravings, hmd-omety I o ind and gilt. The .IUVUMIjIIRHM. 1 810. " l,adi-'S.Tip lloo!;, " Iteligio i Souvenir, " la'eiary Souvenir, 11 llaiciuihe, " Anieialeiie, " Jev.ell, " ltoseile, " Token. Also a sreal variety ot Juvcnil Hooks, Toy Itools, tlaine-, Vc. Ac. -unable for the ap,ro,u.hmg Ho'i day :o which the attention ol the pjblie l- in v ueil. 20 Slcijili Shoes. I NV quairi'V of Sleigh Shoes fun ishe l and made 1 to f nit, 111 pa nieut lor goodwood or cash, at the Iron Koitn Iry near the Lake, bv J:. R.'CROjSJIN. Burlington, Dee. 17, 1813. 20 TO HONOR THE AllIUVAL OF Santa Glaus-, WHICH i looked lor iheen-uirg week, we oflVr a tdioii-o n-sortmenl of such article, as are most in req usitinn on such oeci-iuns, a- fi r in-iance, llox and Ktg Itai-10-. Powdered Crushed and Loaf --ugars, Mijienor Colfce- and Tea-, Chicolate, Co coa, tJround Pepper an I Spice, Clove-, Cllron, C111 oatuon, Inee, Nutmegs Mu-tard, Vcruijcelh Almond-, I'raz'l anl Madeira Nuts, Soda, Lemon and 0ler Cract.ers, Mixed and plain Pickles. Piekerldy Tomatoe and Walnut, Harvey aad John Hull Saute, Ihrd Pepper fiance, Ac. dc. A I so, Lio'ior., Wmeaaud Ale, of httperior quality. L. A C. K. COLLHTT. Cornerof Main and Water Streets, Dee. 18. 1815. Oj.-.:"- (Hi. TO UE SOLD AT AUCTION, AT TT THOMAS Auc'ion Room, on Saturday, Dec, i -i-. nt i o'elocu, i: .u. Pew No. 17, or ihe Pew Mr. Wes'on occupies in ihe Rev. Mr Peabody's Unitarian Church. Also, Pews No. 31 nnd 32 in the Rt. Rev. tlishnp Hop. kin's I'piscopal Churih, also, one Scholariip of four vears in ihe University nfVcnnonl. The above will bo sold for good eod used papi r on time. 20 13a uk of Biirliti'Moi). NOTICF. is herrhv given lint a meeting of the SlocklioMrr- of the Hank of Iluilmuloii, will be hot !eo at Ihi ir HanKini' House, on the second Tue day of January next, al 1 1 o'clock, A. M., for the purpose 01 electing seven lurcciors lor me eu.uiog jear. it. u, lull, uasatr. llurlingion, Dec. 5, 1815. A'otico, ALL persons indebted to the late firm of Lovely & Seymour, bv Note or Hook Account, are re ques'cd to niiKe payment 10 the sub.cnher A'llhout delay, (unlessa particular birgain lo ihecontrarv ha been made.) NOULU LOVKIiV. Uurlimttnii. Dec. IBih, 1S15. 29 Kstrny. ClAMI'inlo the cnelosuro of ihe subscriber on the I 29th of Nov, last, one light brtndle, and Iwo deep red venrhngs. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges nnd take him nwny. L. T. Sl'RAGUE. Dorset Street llurlingion, Dec. 5ih, 1315. Piano Fortes. MR J. Ml'NSON, take. tlii opportnnily lo tender hi rratefd acknowledgement f, r the literal patrouaire be has received Irom u generou. public, and wo ild Iherefore remind ihein 1h.1t lie ha. on band a Milendul aorlmo il of Ri sewood, and .Ma- hoiianv, for cae-, nnd will mal.e 10 order any of the vario'i- style. ol tlie preent oay. Ain in-irunienis nreall male ofihelie-t nnd ino.l ihoro ighly sea-on- I null rial-, nnd warranted lor duial liny, 10 l e equal mnnv instruments ih.veer, be hopes, I V prompt intention to the ho-ine of nun if.iet iring Piano., 10 receive a continued .hare of patronage. iVA NTH I), -At iho shore In-ine.p, a sniarl vouiiir man. wlioi. iomeacO'iauittl with the Ciliuiel m.ii.niL' iusine-s. 1 lie lesioi recommeiioation. win be re'Tiiirevt for hobrielv nnd hnbits of indn-lrv. none !...,. ..1 ...Ji. Il?lll.- VlllV-illV Utl"l3 HCIU 1,1,1,. J I. I. ..M ... W. -JW. . t II irlmglon, Dec. 8, 1815. COW. QTHAVI'.D on thoOili ins', a small Red Cow, hnd ..J on her tiorus n Kope w lien slic left t nny inlorina tiun 01 taiu cow will be uuiv reivarued ny iiniuoii wiir.r.i.r.R. II irhnijlon, December II, 1S43. 23v3 't'lionnomotcrs. I7IINI. I.ondun Thermnuieler-graded to forlydc Uices below zero, tunable forth coldest ealh' er, for a c low uy iirixsm.ud &. Dceemlici II. 23 TUSTIir.Ci:iVr.l)and for saleby Iho suh.crilu I lirgosupplynfOnosba JJtfinilioiiSpellina Ibmlin Wholesale ami Helailll M. WOODS. Dtcember 11, 23 rillUl' I,. Mason nnd Geo. J. Webb, X nnewloijusi teccived aim lor sale nl i ity I'm CE, liy it December 11. 23 Muoaroni. i-vID you ever use ill never mnke n soup ulihou I i ,1 l,i eomu tu I.vninn'. nnd buv il. Also ore semd Oinerr, put n liule in jour Apple Sauce, it inalics It t'o Ural raif. Iiurlinsion, 1'ec. 4, 1813. 27 Found -a ... . t - .1 a . . A.'enlnn nn. ll.n r.-tnl nl Main C.. a HllAWL, which Ihe owner can have hv calling t -" v.. roi.ui.irs. Nov. 26, '45. ' Waltr Strut. riMlR Sub-criber would in- J- form lu iremU nnd the pi.blie.ilial heiM Mill eorryfnir on the Hook niadini and HlanU ISook making In all itf IUIIUH9 i.rnnuie, ana is pre pared tO bind Piinnl.l..,. D... iiner-. and to lehind .,1,1 lln,,l i.. .... 'in a manner ami nt tuH. i.n,.o. n. ,..., nil those lie posed lo favor linn wlih n i',n nnn workman m hi-en.nlov well o,,,.r!.. ii.. ie husine mid who is second lo nonn i.i iLi. try. Hl.iok Hool,!, made to order nnd ruled to anv pattern on tliorl notice, ami warranted. ,23 S'lIJVKNS WOODS. li irhngion Dee. IS, 1315, Strongs' Tlultding: .Hoses Pclloli's ICstalc Wn the Suhscrihers, hjvina beep nnn.,1, t in Ilnnorali la ,iti 1-11,11.111. fliniri nr r ine i-iis- trie I of Chittenden, coin uiissinr.ers to receive, examine nnd ndiust llm rkuun and demands of nil persons. no unsi Ihe esialo of ,M08F,S PULTON, talc of llincshure.hi in said District, deceased, reprcsen'ed insolvent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in ofl-Lt thereto t nnd fix months from Ihe day of the date hereof, biiugnllowed by said Ci urt for that pur pose, vvc do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to Iho business of our appointment, nl Ihe duelling of Dollv Pellnn, in Hinrshurch, in said Dis trict, on Iho Nineteenth days of February nnd Jlay next, nt 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of si id dav. Dated dav of Nmembcr, A. D. 1813. AUTISM AS I'l AGO ) SVLVISTIRR SNVDER, V Comm. ALI'HKD II. ."UMNi:U. S llenjainlti lli-h's I'.itatc. WE Ihe nt'M nt er-, lieimr nppoinled by the Pro. Iia'o Court for theili-lnet of Chittenden eotnnns sioners, to receive, exairene and ndpi-t nil claim- nnd demand-, of a'l por-on-, niramst Iheesta'e of HEN .IAMIN lltlSIl, ln-e of ?liell urn, in said di-trict, decea-ed, ropiesentod tn-oltenl, aad al-o nllilaim anl demands exhibited fn oll-et thereto; and six month, from the day ol the date hereof, hcinu n. Iuive.1 by said Coin I "for that purpo-e, we do theic fore herohy give nichnl we will nttend to the buoic-s ol our "sB mincnt, at the dwelling of Naomi Irish, in k-fc, m -aid Di-tric', on ihe 13th days of l ebroatune next, nt 10 o'clock, A, al. on eieh ol . DaleJ, 1 In h 10 b viUr. A. D 1845. LYMAN II AM.. ( (JAR 'AD IlL'llltlTT. mm- Vermont Central Railroad. rPIIK -ecun I n-se ment, of tin dollar, on each J- -h ire, in ihe 1 rinoul Central Railroad Company has I een ordered by the Directors, and l- paya'.le oil Tiic-day, the twcniy-even'h day of January' next. Paynieatinay he mt le nt ho'llink ot Monipeher, or the l''armer?an t Mei hanic. Hink, at llirliuion, Vermont, or at the Trea-uier's Office, No. 17, 'I're mont Row, llo-ton. SAMIT.L II. W ALLEY, Jr., Treasurer. llo-ton, Dec. S, IS 13. 23 C1IAM1W.W.V AND CONNUCTICHT C.IVlilt K.VII, Itt) VI) tlOJII'AN V. ( Tlio nnntnl nuTttn of i!io Clnmphin ami Conncc ticul Itucr Ilttl tfciiail C)tii.nny ui'l beheld at the Courl House in lint and, on the second WYdnesdiy, hcinL' the llih thy ot .(.urmry next, at 10o'-tiek in I ha furt-'iioon, fr Hie I'lcctum ul directors, and for the tran&iriioii of any other Lu3iiuss, wIiilIi may be lluiniiliriu'rcssary. s business nf orcnt importance will be broueht bclure the tni'ftin, it is dr-smu'e that ihe stockhold ersthouU atttndas penerailyas posillp. C SAML.SW1KT, Clerk. MMJIebury, Dlc. G, 13 H. vviLMnn ft smith's E UR O V E A N TIME S I written an 1 p-tMished expressly for despatch hy all tlie Steam h ps which have Fngland for TI1F. LNIT1.D STATUS AND CANADA. TimEE rSSCN'TMLrr.ATCIir. DISTINGUISH T FROM ALL CONTnMl'0tlN'EOl's PCCLICATIONS. FIRST. It eon'atn. a full, correct, and ennmre hen-ie Shipping Li-t, Person, intere-itd in the .Marine 01 America may turn in an in-taut lo the in formation wdiu Ii thev -cell, w uti the certain v ol reiv ing on it., truth. It thu. uper-ede Slnpping Li-t., arm oiner expen-ive puoiicaiion. 11001 i.urope, -ome oi winch are six tone, tlie puce of " Wilmcu Smith's L'or.oi'r.A-i Tis:r." SLCOMtl.V, It contains n Price Current ol nil Ihe grot Ilr ti-h iu.b' i:,i?)jiean .Maik.M-, deioted lirineinillv to thoarucle-'.of tradeiindeomnier e. n-nre luooeiliatcly appcrlauioig 10 the United Slates and liritiisii .Mnerica ana 111 wtiicli 1 lie Merchant, 1I11 't'ra 'er. and the man of Un-ine s mu-t feel an immuh. ale interest. On tlie -ere of corredne.., iheTabular i-igiue-, nun ine remark- an-ompauying lliuvannu' Market-, showing iheir actual condiiioi, may I c reli- e.l 011, nno are, in fa"', sv avtiioritt with mo-t of THE TlnST Itot'sF.S IN THE rSIXCIFAL CITIES OF TIIF. UNITED STATTS AND CANADA. IHIltDl.i, a. n neuspaper, it presents to the American reader, in a concentrate I iate, and where Ihe interest or tic- importance of the subject demands it, iii ihe (no. 1 detailed u.i.l ample lorm, every topic ol political, eommeriial, dome-lie. nnd mi-eclla'aeou- in-tere-t which ha. uccurrel in Furope or el-ewhere, (.line the deoartine of the nreiious oar Itel ciioci il ; regard being paid lo whiiever i. mo-ily lounccied won, nr relates to, in political, social, and coinmena.ll well being of the Uniieu Siatts and Canada. Oflbt- njper tho "llo-ton Morninn Po.l" savf We are irre illy 111 le1, led 10 this Newspaper fot our oreign, .uece'laneu 1- and Uonuncr.aa iew-. t)ne number if Wilmcu & .-Mini's I 'cropean Time- i worm a wliole tile ol any other Kngli-h paper. Sllh-crintion to 'Wnirn Shitii'h Pi'noiriv. Times," I'ut Dollar.. a tear, received by Ihe fo lowing Agent . . Wi'iner & Smith', H iropcan Times untie. I Mer. Hel ena A Co., State stree'. " "TI3fit urton it Co.. Stale t. 17 os t on ( air. Hotchk' , new. dapol Court .Me-r-. .eber & ( o , New-Aaent-, isjliimore,. .... " bliutatcc ih'er,New.-paper agent. ....Mr. Amo. Head. Newspaper Depot, Charleston. Mobile. iioniieine, iNew-paitr uepot. Or;.. I lr, Uravo, Commercial news room ' i Mr. Miryan "nan, Depot lor pers, Cvo. Albany, Mr. (,eo. Jone., Newspaper Office, lloihclcr, Mr. I'ewei, Hook seller and New A'-'eni. ,ei(ini,(Mc.).Mef-i.Child t Co. r.xpro'n Asrnt. Huebec .nr. i-ane, I'.xiiiange iSeus Koom Ahntreal Mr, Wll on. Kxchance Xew do IJrerpool Of the proprietor,., WdnierSt Smith rj'Coinniunipnlion.,ihepn. paid, and in all ca.e r,.,nvl "MIimPF.AN TIMKs flFPlnpn w.. direcled. TI.MKS OFFICH," New 1 onK or 1.11 RBI' 23 Brown Sheet iii"s. 1 Ra'cs Heavy Urown Sheeiings, 1 U 3 " Fine do do We rmnot ny that they are 'chean.' but ihev will uu emu ai ine towt-Bi puce ine mari,ei will allow, by V11.AS ei KUVKS N nv. 2C.45. 2G I5u I tons. "f-1 llullons, X-ixJU 300 Horn i;oat " Oier Coal " Vest Lasting; Coat do Vesl Strap do do do do do do 200 " 500 " 100 " 300 " 300 " 1200 " Tor sale by nurlini'lon, Xov sunt do VILAS & NOYF.S. 2Clh, '43. 'omits, Doz. Hide Combs. 2000 500 do Tuisl do 400 do Can -do 500 do Iury Ho 300 do llo wood do 500 do Dri'SMUt; do 73 i;ross Vood poel,et do For sale hy VILAS it NOVHS. Nov. 20, '45. 2G Fruit. 1 tzr Hoxes M It lUsins, (Fresh Fruiil J- OK.' 20 du do do in lavcrs, very fine for Tublo use. 1 75 hilf lioxei da 511 qinrters, 20 h ilf kens nio'im. 50 lbs eacn. II) bass Sofi Shell Almonds, 1 0 du Madeira J'is. 10 do Ilrai.l Wi 25,hKov..lBiy."OM'F-TT'-"ItADLY- I looks nnd Eyos. fiross Hooks and Cyei nn Cards. " UtU 75 " do do in Ibxes. For sile by VII;.iS &, NO YES. Nov. JR. Nj. 20 Hrgisiers for 1840. On Walion'a ReaUicti for 1946, OV)J 2H gross Alninnici do do, For fcaleby VILAS & NOVES. Arpssrs. Brinsinaid &, Brothers, rvl-.'SIRU In 1 inform iho juiblic Ihallliey have some , ",nl enlarged find increased iheir assortment nnd variety, nnd invito every man, womnn and child, who has Iho least wish to do so, to call nnd sto whal we have lo shew and sell. In tho lino of Gold and Silver Goods, our stock is ns good nnd cxlonsive as wo can afford to keep, and mm Ii superior to what mo have had Ihe pleasure of offering to customers before. Those who wish lo buy Oald Watches, Spectacles, Thim b es, Pencils, ( hams, Rings , Pens, Loekels Ilraee- wiN'&lie f,fe0r"y"""i!in "' jWelr' lille Clocks nnd I-ooltlni;-niaisoi, l.n B,.t.t .t. . pois1!,!c.pricw1niir stock hi thwclinrs uil ba found lowest1" 10 nnyot!l"r9'ondoi,r Prices q9 low ns the Oil and Camphcno t.nmns fin P.irlors. llnlls, Stores, clc. Ltiu'p Ghsscsnnu Wicl.-, Cnndltsliclv, Snuf ftrnnd Tr-iy i" trial virntv. Fino Slirflic'd Plated Cnki llitfkrt. Sdtcrnnd p!a Ird Cutis for clnlilrcn. Xicdlr nnd Pins. Sidlptms. Scissor'. Spo'd J5land, I'in Cithtons, Srtifis, Cork Screws, Napkin iiim) Decnnlcr (!nrk,Phy ins Cards of nil fpnliliL', pi iin nnd ctnli.'saul Vtsititi Cards, I'uarl, slull nn I k-alhrr Curd Cnsrs, mrc Note pipfr, l-nttl'ipctf, fjrncr aim i-.ip r.ipcr, m.n iJarkcani mon Iltnrd( Chcs and Chrrker men, Dice and Dice l'ixp5, ''Culls, Cards nnd 1'iclurri," StttI Heads. Slides, Kings, llutdms, Lie. Carpet Uaea nnd Saleh t'l, erv tow, Razors, np9, Rirap, hrushes, comhs. nnd all articles couned-d lliprinynh, In iieni vnriely. Our tnzors aivo cood siliflieii-in, nltiionali sold murlt lower than evtr. Our brushes are innally of the fino salected hrislle nnd dn not flitted down like the cotnninn kimU and arc sold niarly ai cheap. Many of our fine cmnhsnre the "ii'j plus ultra,'1 and cannot ho belt nt louse calelunn nr hair clransinir ; cum!) clompr nnd infant hnir brudies. children1 knive and foil. 9. New vies ivory pocket i-oinlj-s nnd pockrt memornnihinis j I oy. pine nnd pti77.ltrp, ftto hd'k', convprsiiton cird-a bv tho tmanhtv nr sinfitp, dolh, dolls hend?, nnd art endlt m virieivof foods for chililrrn lo nunse, instinct and break. Wo have nn toys that children will rot brink, Toys won'd neither be useful nor intniriiie if ihev did not wear out and brcTk i by theii brcaUinu a cltdd lenms rhr bard lc?nn that all lliiurg ti nd to dissolution. Tel waiters nf various su"s, Uritannn and eirlhrn bed pans, pit cup, Fmp nnd bruh didies fur wash tnblt and stimt, tntlter dishejj, thi'tlren's Mali and low willow chairs, nursery lamps, t bamber paiN, ineinl and eirthen ilnmbers, fnoi hath, Icti balh, flesh rubbrrs made of hair, chtnper and I tltu than the hair nultens. W ('fmimunlnn Kuril! turr. Ac. such as inn' ards, goblet1, phte-, hiplntnal bowls, lea mm cott "j pot, ant all yooijs in the hrilannia ware line, such as candh si ick tumhlris, lalher box es, suat bov. Is, ( nam ami m(hseo t up, etc. etc. cr fpi ons and Folks of the plain, the French threaded or any other pattern lupi tm liaml or made lo onitr, cutomers will i ti 'trvo thai Horn lhi tune all Mioons ot our make will lave the ttamti "UrmsmiU and ihe lellcr- il, D. and a stamp of ihe honey lieu beluccn (he tellers M. O, Spoons and oilier silver with stub s'amp on them ran be rehed upon as o irs, and made of pure siKer. We are obnued in self ilefenru to state to ihe pu'dic thil uedo not imw, and slull not supply any pLiliiier wilh our spoons s' thai whemur the st.ile mcnt is made bv anv one thai be nets his ;noons at our s-liup, 11 liny I a known to all that ruch M-.ttment is 1 m 0. ills now a frtquenl occurrence that an in ferior arlivlo (if spoons, walehes nnd clocks are fold to unsuspieiinj: fniuilies in llie c.;un(rv around us, on the -trennih of the siatement Hut tin v came frmn our tlmp, w ben we never siw the arneles uni.l bro't to ho slitwn lo us and to ascertain if they came from hero. MctM Spoot;, Fine German pilver platej with pure sihtr: nls.', giod Gcruian n'ver, tho best undo, that will noi turn ytllow; also clieip one that we warrant In turn vellow. Plated, bntannh, iron and all kinds rninnii n sdohoj egg ladle, soup and gravy la dle1, eg t o lers tons! rack-, I inter h 'lesairl stamps, ake slices for lurntni: cakes, fish kiii-i.'f, wooden pnt ns, siuir mnlleis and k lines, spring sieel yards, cane, norv nmt p'nrl InMera, srahnj wax, taper-, tocki t bonks, ' Lsi'iiioirs" pretty tor presents, black tr.uelmj trunks, nnno and round keved mehd:an. and oilier niu-u al instruments tunin liamnu rs and 11 Ii", I laekm; of vnri'iiis kind?, good blaekmc rushes, indelible ink, ake rollers. sul'iII pilty pans, ;'i-to-bcd lamps, match snfes, safety lamps dauer- roty; e iroods if all kind', ctmera, etc. Also.n ia rittv of tho best kinds nf pirtor, counting house, pocket and other ink stands smd boves, iudia rub- her, drawing pencils, natnls inaibenniical ms'ru inents in s. tis and gtncle. Vehae a v ry decent stock up stiirs nnd down, and it will nt t hurt ihpin to have litem crammed closelv hv tlion-Mnds of ihe people, and if we cannot present inducements lo pur chafers we do not expect lint iliev will on v. Uur aim is to sell rood- at saiifaclnrv prire". such cood .m:i suit customers a ter tiome exninimuon ami use. e have nuduional hem and hone 10 te able lo do all work in the wairh, clock, jewelry, and silver miinwir nn" prompny ana wen. Dec. 4, 1913. facts i;rr; rdini: tup. SUGAR COATED IMPROVED Indian Vegclahle Tills. For G'onsmtnition, Colds, Coughs, Rheu matism, IJyspepsia, refers, II arms, Discnlrri, anil Diarrhcva, also, sure Cure for the Piles. ti:ti.iixi AVINGIeui atimkeil ome month with a had Co'i-rh, Weaknes. n mv Clie.t. nnd lo-. of an iciiie, I 11 ed rijlir. In ban Veseial lo Pill-, lull new wor c, wi'h coftl sweat- nt inslit ; couio not leep, an 1 believed 1 wa-111 n Con-umpnoo. I pro 'iirelalo i.f Dr. SmtlhV Soiar f'oaleil Imorovct Ve;e al le Pills, wjneh re-tored my healih wiilun .it da, and I Uliuve them to Ic the I est rcmedv I cm u-ci. or.oiSGK w. c;kangi:r. I'.imbiilee. () 1 13 h 1331. 1 hue been allbcic l fm iime time wilh ihe Liver (onipl.nni; having pain 111 my -ide, weakne-- 111 lai'k and tnach, anil ov-pep-ii. 1 have lauen over one d' i:i'ii bi'.xe. olUiilir" ImlMii eie'al le ami Itraudieih'. IMI. In.1 ctmiin -el to srnw wor.e. and wn. so rt'duced thai I .leMKiirtt! tl i'ver caiiiinsr it'Iifl. 1 1 ii Tied Mr Siiii'b' Suinr ('..arel linpr,A. id I. V. Pill-, an I bi'furo I bl I till! lied Ihe econd I ox, niy p.uu. and dy.pep'ia bad di-appe-treJ. My 1'iHxl now dinest. well, and I am aide to alien I to mv f lintiy U'ine. beveral l my irien,!. nave .line ta ken the 1'ilU Ur I a I ciuiih. and have foand great rebel from ihein. 5ln Ori3 S. H iiitxev. 0 Mrrile t Uci.tnn. Mae 9. 1815 I lia.e I een fur four eari afilietcd with Scrofula I.enrnse and I'enfne.v and lue I een unable lo oli' n ii n v re e i l u i iroeuren n. nu.t ui l... Shu b's valuable in Ve3el.1l.le 1'rU, and in four nioii'h. all mv eoinpUuits bad di-appearcd, cnnlrary ... .11 r-......l , ..u ,,....B I ,.nl. I lii.o, . fur my Scrofula, without any expecinn ol rebel, Ml. Vernon, Kenneb.v Co., Me. April 13, 1S45. 1'iilll i;UT Llldi Uf nuit. Ourli'iloKirl, 0 ve.irs old, h.isti'!ered allthewoM siace. of worms : an I we have nexer found an eliec mil cure, until we a Inuni.iered l)r. Smith' Susar I'll s which our I ill Ic rirl tooK willful ine ua.i rtiuc- lance 111 of iwo at a lime, and weneierwit- need nu ll a 1 hance in hlmrt a lime. I be l'lllf brouirbt away a nia of ivurms, and bc al onec tin pioiul. She is now in jnyim-bealih. Webavealto (bund llie r reate.l lu neru from iheir use. Jacob Calloci, 8 Stable M. N. V. tCP" We Inve in my eerlili Mte- of cure- 111 ca-e rf WORMS. AIo, lliey are warranied llie I et Oiuiah leinely now in u-e neier fading id relieve the uio-t nl'siinaiu Conjrh'. or Cold-, wilbin 49 hour-. The directions an I ireitment nl the ili-c.l-e accolll. pany every I ox. 1'riee 25 .ent per Ixix. N'11 "Siicar I'naiel 1'il's," can be pennuie without the i'.'nniue i f Ihende invi ntor, (I. ISI'NMAMIN rSMI'l II, M, 1). I'r.sident ..flhe K. Y. I'ol'efc of Heal 11, upon eierylox. O fli-c ilevole.1 exel i-ivelv inibe aienfthi- medicine. No. 170 OIIIII.W WITH STitrr.T.New Yorl,, and N...2 WATKIlaTHKIVl , lb .win. icr-roi; salt: ix ai.i. run riu.Aar.s and toivas is .v; ir a r.i vvi'.v. N. 11. No travelling pedlers aie allowed 10 tell C'AUriON, A a mi-eral,le imilatinn haa lien inide, by Ihe 11 unem'S mar I 'fined I'dl. tl 1 nt H..rrv u !,t sure ihn l)r" O. Hem. Sillilll' Menatlir. 1. on every lox. For sale by I'KLK i Sl'KAIt, lljrl 1121011. n.v. i, isis. "s Hv Notice. IT liia Inn much the practice to sell Stoves al n crent piofit nnd Ionic tredii, but as renatds mysilf, I am ilispiisi'il 10 irverfctnc orueroi iiuui'siii .j-, rrspeet Small proms c in or 8'iori crtuii, maj tieal tor lite purciuiFer in 1110 ruu. I line a hinill slock nt llrnndon addiiimi I jui rerem il Iiom the IniRe.t anil best nbturtnir. 1 proveil pat'rrii" in inn m: I hnetlieliuprovM Ilnlw.i I Vnnkee Nmiiuii, I'.iib. firenl, nlan a nnn Anngm, nu llie auuis ur nnrlinj fori ov CIMMPLAIX Til A N S I'O H T AT MS CO Tl,s'(0.cU"lw IheChainplam Tratfuor n ,0 , Company nr.' hereby not.lio I. .1 ... Id 1 Hunt ,m, ,.e,,,,a n.r 11,0 ul.vlioi, of ihr.'elor; :. ""' ?'. " , u ror lraiiei!in,ii ol row ml,,., I ,.1 " V. ... .. Proper. When a.,. u.,i, ,; ,,,, - 1 rouiy. iiimci fu H,irlini!ii,ii,I.n Thir.,la,. V, ,1,. day of January next, m one ivi.wk, P. Jl! " uy nr er, (vp. p. uooi.iTTi.r:, cu,k. II irli'ogion, I),.,;, ., Is ) list ray. CAMI3 Into Iho incloureof Ihe suhscrihrr on or about Ihe Ijih nf Oct. n small H,rer r!lr .1.. an ner is requcslid lu prove properly pav clnrnes and '. t""1,Vny , O. T- RUSSKLL, s'""i "vo. si, iaij. 27w3 oiiidtii ddiiks mid rjiiitioiiury, AT City I'ri-csll or as cheap ii any bodv sills in lluilinglonby STF.NTNS WOODS. 27 Strong's lludding. 1'iillalo lioliey. El. IAS LVMAX Im for a!e a rhoien and well se lected lot of.Vortli Wo t"rn llulTil 1 Rubes, soft pliable pelt-and dark heavy fur. Still on lhnil, A Fc-.v moro Clicsta nf tlnl cupetior qualily and rV low on cl Tea so highly recommended by the bct ofjiiJyca who have'd llieartiide. 27 E. LYMAN. coffm:. 30 hags Old Government Java C0.U0, Java. I ngu.ra, Rio, Cuba, " bv I-'OLLLTT , (!7) : P.tUDt.r.Y. Souih Wharf. Nov. 1 S t o v 0 . AYANKKH Notion Cooking Sloie, which ti-i s I een in i.c two oar- nt toy hou c lor lc cheap, pival le in wood. Ao, Heavy Coatinc al mv S'nri'. Ilavli, I64S. 23 P., I.YMAN. SOAP AM) CANDf.KS. 2.00 hoxes :"j()lh. oacli.ltest mould Cand e-, 73 " 2jb. " " " 73 " of Soap, 2'J " Sliavni; dr. 27 !.y !' ILI.I.rr & ISRDt,r.Y. Carpctinr. 4 I. n(in nsortnirnt of Carpet", of various V widths nnd quahtie., Kniilnh Orurget nnd istair Catpetf, for sile Cheap for Co4i,bv N. LOVF.I.Y. Nov. 23. 1RI5. muss ponic. 'SSO Bhls. Nuilhern Counties New 1 ork Me-. Poru, packed.ind m.peelel in No. vember ls43. and nnlde liom very heavy Hoj., I r nlelo-,vby FOLLHTT i URADLKV. Nov 23. 1313. 27 FISH. 3i50 Quintal Cod Fish, 10 Ttcne of Northern ."almon, 20 hall' bbU No. 2. Mackerel, 20 Ubls. do do for'sale bv Nov. 2."., 1' 13. (23) FOI.U.TT.'L IIKADLr.Y. FLOUR. 2000 Bills. Sup. Flour of the mo t celebrate I I'ran 's, 150 IjM-. v. S lJeu-li li Co. 'extra,' E0 " 'Pnyloii.i' 'e.ira' 500 half l,ol-. II nr. Nov. 23. (27v roi.LF.rr i nu.vnLr.v. TO HA ceo. 75 lioxes Bonn's Tobacco, 50 " loyd'- do CO " C.i-perN do 5 " CiarkU do 50 " Slearil-' 'lo 73 o Martin's very fine 111 15 lb, boxes. 20 bill-. Kmul in?, 10 " Fine Cot, 5 I oic-of best Havana Tobacco for sinokinE Pound Lunin . FOI.LETT& liliADLICV. Nov. 23, MS. (27) South Whail. TIN AND SHEET IRON. 150 boxes 1-:$ X Tin, 30 " X and Srjfiarc do, 10 n 100 11 ne, 250 boxe- Canuiia PJ,iie. 15 blind lv It'i33ia Irun frt-m Si to U Ih. tt the Sheet. 20 Imndle- Knj;Ii.h Iron No. 21,25, 2G,and 27, 2500 Ih. Wire, aborted fi7e. 30UO H. Urnier's HhN, TiueJ,. Copper, Sheet and MjIi Copper. 25 boxc Punltv(d Iron in Wood boxc, 3 ca.ks UrtIit Zinc, forale low hv 27 ro .urrr & hkamxv. Rjllos. JUST rectived nt the Vnricty Store, KOmo of those justly cilclraiul U'nuNor liilli, which will bo sjM lov bv Ul!I.S.MAID &, HROTIintS. Dec. 4, 1S15. 27 Hickory Nuts. A FCW U! Is., frcli, for tale bv l "A. S. Dl.WF.V. Nov.20, 1S!5. 27 A I'L 1.1. s-ipply ol OrO'ind Spu-e-, nnd Cli"co!aU-', Pepjit'r Sauce, .Miis'hi . Cocoa rl. if'c, In,- -ale bv A. S. Dr.wr.v. Nov. 20, IS 13. Sliootiii'r, U'ickiii", liattiii?. Sec. ) r, "lies 01 various styles ot sueclings, t&U 'i do do Wi kina, d0 do do I! inn);, 10 Cises Ilus'.in Mied Sitlinclt, 15 da Forest Cloth, for sile by Nov. 21, M5 FiJLLICTT ii. BtlDLY. Molasses. Tierces ol best St. Croix, 20 1U lIUJl u no 10 15 P It Trinidid, Sugars, St. Croix, Muscovado, P II N O 15 III1J3 10 da 10 d.i 15 do 15 Cases Wool-ey and Woolsey' DIt I.oaf and i.uuip, 20 UMs Powdered, 20 do Crushed, 15 do C'ofl'.'o Cit,h',d. FOLLCTT-& I1R.AULY Soulh Wlnrf, llurlingion, ( November 23, 1315. j Tens. 150 Clip's Hyson SkinTci, 1UU do 1 nuns II ison d'l 30 do Old Hyson do 10 do Hbiik d.i 25 Caddies 13 lbs each O. II, 50 do 11 " do V. II For sale low, by FOIXKIT A. I! Tei, do MADLY. (F'At City IViccsllIO) Tin: New, iiousf KF.r.l'F.K and Fanny Book, ticn fitnilv li,,iild hive one WU,TOS.-' VKIIMONI' IlF.niSTSIt nnd Fir-1 niets' Aliinnie for 1311. At uholesile nnd le nil hi Iiurlinsion, Dee 3, 1933. S. WOODS. qIIF. IJOSTON S-VCUKD HMtMO.W. nra 1 Knilind Ciulcliim tf (..hurch T IJissrli. I he nhove t dtridedl (tint c-tn ho Ind, the niuic is n; oonimning a I Iho variou r ljinciik's nro as plit It is designed mr L Pec. 4, Imvcd. PROJI . Ilr nj. W,it,l,i' inirrvalo, ,n Clchcsler, a A small hue f, Ce, bob t iiledvurd hnr,e. ' "e.isi. iaij, !)MUi:i. S. SKINNHH a sai'I! imi i'mci ! ci'nr: t'ou CON.SUM TIO ' O' I ill'. L'j.U-i, .iPIl'- TI.NG OK IliOJK, CO! 'i I , f i S. AHIll.M. PAIN' 1 U Tii') SID , liao.NCIllTJS, whomi'im; con. ns all . in CO Mf'f.AINTS. N llie whole imI r - e tinrv nfieftioi.s t' e-i f rtmt'die t.f all Pnlino t nut (vie n nnntTf al ' up I ten t-o tlji.ruughly ifj I r n Ctiurtu ami tj 1 ! 1"' uilhuut H,l "it i n' pnl inn' ri ' c .11 1 ti ' he t,('niy ' u , 11. J m-'nVr -inqe- .-l . "in mm thesu w 11 h m! .in 1, -I I ha iv I ten 1 ' ". l cr in iho tlTic I- w tixri:D to cut n ti i I n' ova fLfcifitt'. linmrii an 1 u h )-p vr v io-te-1 ns TAU, nn ' tn n Cun-iiniiiiii n. r ! t ' dinl. I.IM.IIW.) M', t en I in I In pi', nr. in n t- i liin i- in re'tt-vin il - it, , I'ul'iii n-n-y .tli. i"ii . T er itia'uiidl ihu i.un 't c 1 'CM, 111 I n n U'l-'eii' 1- cv "run- u ci-ii li i i immed ato rel if -it ol t c nnd if filler a trta ol uwnly t tr hnir iho is nn I null Wit, huma- it: ,ru i;c Vn lean I the nioti ev w i'l I c relm V I. Ac uf t; ui m? i ic'i I c' Ic ant lirni-ti'tn ( .r u--in r, nn i ri. in nenti il.nn Irvti an 1 reft.' re 11 'jc lo tlioae ha u inmlc i;s of the Mt U cinp. Phc S iIi-iti' er hl 'ee-t nnninti! oIe ai'ent for Nou I nn I Svw Vofli, nn i ha- a -im,iy on haul at uholu-.tle nnd rt tntl Ajjent vi I he him liel n h' era! Ktmh. Attit3. HAKkINCTOX A. hftOTIIRIf, li-r.inoi, J. M. .SiAn.i:, Clnrloi-e. Iamch I'Lait, WinoutLi I a'l., I.Lclts J, C'hcxly, Port llcnrv. Dir. 3, 1SI5. 27n 6 M. G. fl A T H B U N & CO. ME 11 CJIA i T'i 'A IL o n s. HWH nenm ruturni'd Trom A'cw-Vodc with an ndditionul siipp' uf CI.OTHrf, CASblMl'.Rns, VnTINGS, AND T r 1 ni m I n rr s . Amon2 wh eh nn R!nc IJIU . !!r..un, Gold MixM nnd Ink I red "h lit-aver Hint Mil; , Mrown Green, Mine. nnd lllk. l-fench Chnhs, Pi. mm an I IV-d, Htk. Duo S!in Casf-iineres Uik. S iim, Pl'nn and Siripd. Huru Uiea, Serii-'o Home, nnd V'ulvti WsIiiil's. Itlk. Urown. nnd Dnlt VeUtU, do d di .St'rifly and Huttuns, tofieihcr wnli a lare nsiurtmtnt uf Fancy Ca'simert and Versnnsrs. Also Slurta, Rosomt, Collars, Cram if, Suspenders, T.ipe Mfaures, Ac. i.t:. Murltnci'm, Nov. 25, 191 j 3J. G. r.alhhun, C. F. V.'.ird. gTAVi: no v rei-eneJ ihjir F.i!! nnd V-inter supply till of G jo 13. Wii I) iv nJd-d i n.tmbcr of arililei (which have been nm h enquired r) ! our former stock, ench aa U 'lion Yarn, I'oSouJ Wadding, Mat (in?, Wick inn, Ac. nnd wo can now ntcomodols SleVclnnls with almost anv thing in tho Staple Dry Gund-J line. We won d m-idcslli siy to all who ir.ny wish to purcliaae nt w h.ileg.ilt', that on r slock nf Goods U now ihe lararsi nnd mi'Si di-&irnh'erer (dlertd hy us. Our e.icre8 so fir in johhitiL' -jouds Ins induced ti to milje Imijpr ntirclne- lit tn hcrciofore, nntl we hop bv se'linn nt low to be enabled to do juslice to our-dves nnd to ihe purchnir. We Inve ndnptcd the Cn-Ii Sstcm in ninkmc all of imr pnrc!ni3 and we Jlniirr uiirseHe-j wilh ihe belief that our goods nre obtained nl lb vcrv luwest prices. Mnym Cheap will enable ih lo sell low to nnr ui3tomets,"who will please call and see for ihem sjlve. Uurhnnton, Nov 19. 1315. Colored Cambric. Cnse3 Colrnl Cambrie. & ii u cm ri;i, tur ouiu oy Nov. 19, 1?15. VII.AS ! NOVF.S Tin I'hiii, &c. I ryjr Rnes 1-3 I X Tin I'lale, 1 J 23 " IX Sonne do G " Lueo S'Ze do 75 ills lion Wire (asoried NosA Russia. b"nglih anil 1 anad 1 Slirt 1 Iron, Sheet nnd Holi Cop per, Sheet Zinc and Lead, Wire Vellum, Ilticts, &c 1 nr sile at ine l,nvet prues lie Nov IP. 1?!'.. (.'5) VII. S it VOYF.S. Notice TMI!'. s ili-cniier w;vdd inform ihe public lh.1 ho -L tsprepirel 10 Hem und nn1 h V.'o'upn' ("I mki-Ores-e-t Su iwl-, lliinnei, o.-c , ma le of Silk, Cotmn or Wocl; an I piei-e. of -Hl, ur other fancy s-od. will he I 'o uetl and riie-se 1 10 leript.ilto new. al-o, M,"i'-Clo'lu- I'lemel and Ovel if ntre--ary and finishc I, I 'h'11'., 10 I be s rrau lo-i 1 f ihe p iblic, nt a re.i-i nati'e p'.v-e. S' k- tin' are llln-k can be e do ired 'o any 1 wautcd, Oreen, Uio.vuSjar!ei Crini.' 'i, Pmk, & ? G.iok frwaiib'd in J. if- C. Martin'-, I y Had wuh I'harce- paid, will be anendeJ ti', fiui-heJ and re limed 111 a sca-onnl.l' lime. , Till Ol ORE 0. LYMAN. North I'erri-lii'rgb, Nov. 17, 13b. 25 1 6. G . Ii A C KUS, COVUT norsi: fQiwiir, Kiiiii- mnw ccoss. Q M. POPI', h is ju-t received lits w ntcr stock of Goods QiiiJnsf. uinrh tuny te foun I a lirge a orlmenl of cluihi, m-iiitei, Luiing-i, flannels, cfthmeret. olpaccaa, robrov, plaids, tinseya, lickings, ilr.iiin-, an J u lull ns5onr.ii.nt of tailo'r'f tiiiniuins. A hrg slock of Groctru, ron istinir in part of lonf. lump, pawdcrct nnd cruihfd furors, also, molifPe?. teas, cnflde. &oji;i t hrtco, fa nip ml.silera lus, starch. &c. ic. v.liK'li ui.t be sold nl tn loncti pnc(S h. m. ropn. nuilington,:;ov. li, 1S13. 24 ISAAC V Fl AS for ta!,;a fu! ns tturunt ol, among IX which lira Trt.nia Ku of nurf Wines. St. Crok, Jtiinairn nnd Nt'w U mh Ur.tndv of liist q'i-.' ' . -i I AlllftlCTl llll'll, li'H Ml 1 I'. 1 i' iheUmd v wl'I b 1, t. Ttid tm ih in iiic l .u L 1 Vorlt and i iov IhmI , u Holland Gtn, I'og'c. ninduiicTniid. Alio, ' . t! In si arlicle of ' b of Hum, Brandy .t t if c tuniry hy New tbir I Ksb pnrp than i i t if ie ih-it rt man hid i'in or other spirits. t.ii-efiperv man who ihey nic sWttn u I i 1 who a fi rim1 ca-i n t (( Why are it. y n n-km nil in ft'tn 'it it ? tor air n uecptr nnd irntclhnE nvrr ilu' r-iuir no unionnninc 'ne copio lo huj lutr shili if Hit o nil grt' it ?pH-nlnton -t'lt'nt cheTt m 'h m I only nk ihse thil buy cf r intihnn"tj r of Item nnd foiu.aui. ui I lie lliirlinT M'KUP OK 1 if

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