Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 13, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 13, 1846 Page 3
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YUCATAN DECLARED INDEIM'N- DENT. Tlio New York Herald lias received n lei tor from Merida, Yucatan, uliich contains the following important news ; The province of Yiientiin absolutely declared its indnpondoncu of Mexico, anil is now a seperate Republic. It will be recollected that wo muntionod, a few days ago, ilio probability of such nn event, and that two assomblios, composed of the moat distinguished of tho Yucatscocs, had met in leferenco to this matter, with tho intention of seeking assistanco from tho Uni ted States. Our intelligent correspondent gives a fnw of the roasons for this movement, on the part of Yucatan. This freshly revolted provinco U one of the best in tho wiiolu Republic of Mexico. Its inhabitants 010 enercotie and enterprising, nd if they nro determined to bo independ ent, the rest of Mtixico cannot io-taku them. Annexed is the letter : Mehipa nr. Yucatan, Jan. 1, 1810. , Yucatan is no longer a pail of ilio Mexican federa lion. Yn-terdnv itin "Assemble-J Demi t miiiitnt I1' Pio nounced againi their existing furm of go eminent, and tiavo recalled tlif tlcpnlies m me .ilcxicin uongrcss. The Mexienn Kitr'n hns hern, torn from Ihcir ban tier, and replaced bv the Stars of 1S13. They hac gone back to the old Male oi 1111112a as incv e-msieu Dclore. Ilio treaty witn aipmco. i noc.nio 01 1110 rup ture i this timi trnitvi n resolution hninir been in troduccd and carried, 111 Ilio Mexican Chamber.', (or a revision of said established treaty. Incident upon thu lia been the resignation of the Governor of tho Department, Don Til nrcm Lopez 1 mil Ins place is fitted liy lion .Miguel isaroacuan formnly holding tlio saino omcc. The feehntr aoainst Mexico, and the slate of things in Mexico, has been, for a long unit, sib ntly running in the under current, waited but for sufficient cati-o to put itfelf forth in bodily thnpe. .Mexico, ns usual, bns shown bad liitli towards this section ol the confede racy. Mexico, by her treaty with Yucatan, was hound 10 admit at her porta of entry all productions of said Department duly free. Gradual infringement look phce ajiinst the basis and letter of the treaty the Customs refusing to com ply therewith, l'cclnmalion was mate bv the gov vernment of tho department, which met with no reply. In this slate of things cimecasiialintclligcnceby the (earner Ouadoloiipc, v. Inch put in .it Lagtitn, of a ru mor at the capital, that negotiations were on foot to hypothecate 1 lie customs of Yucatan to the English, which probably was a ruse, 10 terrify tlo Yueatecocs into compliance with their desires. This heightened the feeling'; then came the resolution f"r the reusion of a solemnly made treaty, and the fire burst birth. What will be thornd of the business God only know s. Merida is full of Mrnngrrs, principally Spannids, from Cuba. The only American, besides tny-elf, is Dr. Toppan, from Boston, who Ins recently settled among us, ofaureeablc manners, and much medical Mil i he is likely to lead a prosperous life of it in the land Where the orange and lime rear their head to tho sun, And the cactus and vino blend their tendrils in one. Of tho liatllt of the English and French allied forces against tho Argentines in tho Pmama. letters received liv merchants in .1 , , , . , , , g, . , this city and published in tho Commercial Advertisor.givo further particulars than have 1 . i .,. , , n', ,. n yet been published. 1 hu lollowtng narra- I tive is compiled from a bulletin received in the same way : On tho 18th of No, ember the combined sijiiadrons Anchored threo miles fiotn Obligailo Point. Recoil noisanccs were niado on tlio lUihiand the comman ders pcrcmed that the diftncts were constructed with much ability. Tlieru who Imir batteries, two having sixty feci elevation from tin: v.'iier hue, anil the others on the lower ground between. Iu nil lliov mounted 22 pieces of cannon, 32, 23,21, 13 nnd 12 pounders, die sauej bring of strong mason wotk. A lino 0121 bo us, fisiontd together by chain', ex tended across the riur, whuli is ihcrc SOU yards wide. At one cu I of this lino were ten lire boats ni tlio oilier a schooner armed wilh six guns. Accord ing lo n'l ocei Mils, moie than three ihousinJ men occupied l!mac portions. According t. tha plan of attack, (hero wro twodi tisioiis, the first eommandod hv Capinii Tuhoti.ut, and compri" n ' four vessels the second eoinmaudid It V Captain .Suihv.inpud comprising .ho Mine Tiles divisions anchored from nnitb lu -outb at 700 yirds distance. The stoimcife flotgon, rullou and rirebrnnd, anchored at 1303 yards distance, from the the farthest battery. At i minutes past cighl on the m irntng of the 20lh thd first division weighed anchor. The other toon after. At 30 minutes pas' 9 the batteries opened ihtir fire. At half past ten the actp n became general. Tho cflecl of the fire froi.i tlio Elups wa- quickly seen in ibe irregularity of lint fiom tho batteries. Vet tha defence was obsll i lie. The of thoe wha f.dl were (l cklysuppli'd by others t bin n is true that I the cavalry, stTioned on ibe lull, charged upon the i'lfnntry when they uiteiuptcd to liy. At 12 the enemy's schooner Republican, was blown u t by a hand grenade fiom tho Dolphin. The fire b iaH could not operate, by reason of the strong cur tint. At this time C'apin.n Hope, of the Kin brand, undertook to cut tho chains by which the boats were faUned. The attempt was a passage wis opened, through which the liorgon, I'ultou and Kirehnnd were enabled to pass and lake a po-ltion fla iking ibe batteries. Previous to this, the San Mnrtin and Dolphin had Bu'ered from Iho enemy's fire. It seems that tho fot nei was particulai ly aimed nt, and leceived 100 htts. The I3xpcditivo end Ci-tous tupported the lbinkiiig vessels, placing ihcms.Ue- within niutktl ehotof the batteries. The lire of the latter gradually diminished, and af ter 1 1 M., they scarcely gave a shot. ' t this time the K ighsh comniander-in-thicf gave the signal to cloa up towards the shore, 'the point of npproaih be in? he position of iho Gorgon nnd i'lrcbrnnd. The Kre tch commander prepared to susimii tho landing. At 4" minutes past five, Cnpt. Ilotham l.inded 323 men it 'antry an 1 marinrs; the i tvnnee dr lacltmeut undir Captain Sullian, wcro received with a shaip nusketry, but the rest quckly came up and elrovji ie cnemv hie!;. At tbe same time ibe Trench com iia ider efl 'cted a landing an 1 pos"esed binu-e'If e.f tho first three baiteries, iho enemy timking no re bistance. Tho next morning additional troupa were landed nnd dcsiroyed iho fortifications Ten pieces e,f brass cannon were taken on board tlio squadron s tho oilurs were thrown into tbe water. Judging froni the number of dead found iu the bat teries, and from ihowngn loads of wounded that were .'airied e.ff during the day, tlieloesef tho inc mv mutt hao I een GOO. The e'limbincd forces remained on fcborc through tho 21 it without molestation. In another part of tlio same bulletin is the follow i j statement of tho loss sustained by each ill the parties engaged : Tho lers of the combined forces is as follows; Of tbeKrenth, H killed, 70 wounded, .wuung ll.c inr. m.risl.isut. Marcliaud. nf the Sail Martin. Amomr the lattc, Mes-rs. Hello, Vernnx, Smionraii and Dan iel. 01 the English, 10 killed nnd 23 woundrd i a mong th ) former, I.ieut. Hngd ilo .f tho Kirebrnnd nnd Andrews of tho Drlphm. Tho latter vessel had 103 balls iu her hull tho I'ultou 101; tiie Mar tin was i c'dled. The Trench discharsexl 1300 balls. Tiie I'riTio.v or Maiitiiv Giiay. Tlio followinjii tlio of ilio wiilotv of Capt. R.ilicrt Uray, subtniltoil lo ilio U. S. House ol RcnrcsentJtives on Moiilmy by Sir. Winllirrii, and mentioned in cur rojiort of lhat day's proceedings :- Tin pet lit in of Martha Oray respectfully sets forth. Thai your petitioner I tho widow of L"pt. Itobert I Gray, welt known at hi navigator who disenvered, first enteml, and cave us picscnt naniolo the"Ceieim- bia Mvcr." That your petitioner was left n widow , nearly, forty )aars ago, wilh four young daughters, tnd without n leiyiate mfana for their education nnd support. That she has siriifsled thus far lliroujrh life nmidst great ililTicuJtiss and severe trials, and in her' advanced vc is still in circunislnnccs requiring the strictest economy. Thai her daughters are yet livmjr, and three nl Ihein remain uninaincd. That her late Jnisband, Cjpf, Oray, was in th naval n nice of bis cumin vuft..i".w....v..B,vi,,,u,ir.,,iuiiiii.uiii' that ye'urneiil on.-r is unable under the existing aws lo entitle heist If to be placed upon tho hi of life Ifni. tA ta,a,a , nt loners, the net ''frnntim, r... n.l pensions lo e-ntnin widows and for other purposes," provided only lir widons wboss morriupo took place beforo the firetday u( January, 1731, nnd her marriage having taken place in Iho month i f February, 1701, That neither her late husband during bis lifetime, nor his fanidy since his decease, have received tlio sbglu. est pecuniary benefit from the great diaeotcry herein referred to t nnd your petitioner now, for the first time-, inneali to the jiHtico of her country with confidence; thai at tho moment when your honorable body is snrcading before the world the claims of ihe United Slates to a vast territory of immense value, and found- nf iheBa damn, to a great extent, uopn a discovery made bv the fne-rgy and pcraeveranee of one of her Wizens the fa'uily of that citizen will not be s. fieri el, in h'eir humbt. eircumslanees, to eo without any re L.,,..Fiinii i bi t that jour honorable body will make i1 ch rC ion. V. a sens, of ju.ticn and honor or Ihe i ..n in ratiiir for the aged widow and unprr. "J '.CHnd.uLl, c. n I lie man ho first unfurled Ihe'ilau ! Mimtrvi Pin die "great river of the West," T.I, world. With due respect, round the worm. MAUTHA ORAY. Boston, Janu ry IT, 1316 PnnfAvr. Kivr.intxn. Tlio Lodgo of I Odd Follows in Hiidpcwotor, Mass., have passed tlio follow ing lesoltition: . "That profar.o awcartnB is n wanton "no ""i ..t..i i.,,i,..i t,v nm' trtnntatian of honor or gain, n breach of common ilrccnry and courlesv in tho common intercourse of man with man, at n rcconimendcd that a brother who is n.""" ; tie disgraceful practice, bo bteught t trial therefor. Admitting that, tins rro Ilio omy uciiui of a moral tendency which tlio order or Odd Fellows had taken upon tiny subjurt, thoy would certainly deserve tho thanks of every community for this slnglo act ulono ; for, of all tho doings or sayings of civilized profane swoanug is itidmiiitiiuiy ohuoi the most foolish, irrevcronthl and which we have anv knowludge. Worcester Algis. r.NT to Gr.snn.u. Vumx.v. On Frid.iV lust uniting the reports of committees presented to tho llouso of Repiescnt'itivrs, at Wuslitncliin, was ono pii-si-iucei Daniel l Kinr, from tho Essex district of this Statu, Chairman of the committee on Revolutionary Claims, recommending tho erection of a monument to tho memory of General Joseph Wairen. Tho Cnnimilleu unm unanimously in favor of tlio hill, which is intended to e.irrv out thn resolution of Congress on tho subject, adopted 111 It n. n . , , , 1 r I Tho sum appropriated by tlio bill, lor tlio purpose is live! thousand dollars. uvswn Advertiser. Tnnuitt,n in Pawnix Nation. It is slated in tlio Western (Mo.) Empire, on tho authority of 11 letler from tlio 1'uwnee Mis sion, that a difficulty had occurred between a while nam mimed Matthews, and Fulki, :i Pawnee Chief, which resulted iu the death of Falki and Matthewb' son. The Pawnees, on hearing of the death of their chief, were grealy enraged, nnd ruvungcti lliemselevs by destroying tho properly of tho whites cut ting up their ploughs und yokes, and killing all their caltlo Tim "new wirn siKiiensioti bridce" across tlio Mo- nongihel.i, at l'ltls' iirth, was thrown op.'n to the publM on .Saturday last. I he tnzcllo sayst A large number of wajous rf all s.zs crussed dur ing the day, some oftheni heavily Indentd. V. U. contracted to make the bridge as stij'zs any of the wooden bridges across tlio Alleghany, and with as little vibration. As two of the latter are new an J con structed upon the mot approvid principles of modern budge enjinter-, ill's contract was thought by inany to bo rallur a hazardous undertaking ; but it is am )lv. cnmnlc'elv succie&ful. What is most singular, the vibuiiion c.iustd by a number of foot passengers, I n much greater than that proJu -cil bv a licavJy loa Jc,t wagon at tile utmost it is very slight. A Siinntrr i Tnoenic Wp learn bv a letter from Madison, that quite n shirim-di has taken place be tween the ShinH'of Dane county and t-onio of tho citizens of JtfP.TSon county. It appears that the Sbeti 1 went into Jefiirson co. to nrrest a man for assault and battery. t lie was resisted, ami hiniscll and partv were entirely ills omtittcd, and forced to i reirta'. ilio rsucrui mauc uic oesi oi ms way ion , ,,,i,.hl,o,in2 Ju-nconr the peace, to procutea war- lV" 1tl,"'re 1,0 "le, wilh mta. ,'ru'e;"h inrly ba 1 beaten in lbs raco forjdsicc, and ho found ;nt' wirn ,radv been issued for Ah oirn arrest. The .Shcrill, having m the skiruuli lost Ins warrant, nnd parol ividenee of his nuthority not be ing adnutti d, he was on examination, iommitleil.t ilo was, our informant say", about to procure a writ nf Wi'irn corpus. We infer that there i as much dilli cullr m ex-'euiing a expounding the law among our western nuib t-. 1 heiukic f.'.ir. NOTICE. The Annual Meetinc of tlio Milton Tem por.inro .Society, vtill hn holdon at Milton Falls, on S.iturdiv otoning, 14th insl. Ilev. Mr. I'.nkci , of Unrlinjjion, will address the meeliiiji. Feb. 13, 18-1G. jD 8 a a! 3 In Troy, Wisconsin Territory, Nov. lllh, 1315, Mr. Assns lioniKFOv, fjrinerly of Milton I., in the .16th jcar of his arc. At Moorrs, Clinton Co. N. V. on the "iOi li Jan. 15 1G, Ml-s IVlly Uico, njyud 63 ycara. Furnicrly of Guilford, Vt. , In this vd'agc on Ttiday It-I, Annik, wife of 13d waid Magralh, in her 2Isi )ear. s-piiug may return, nn 1 all nature with gladness Inhale tho sweet breeze that melts winter awy; Hulcan it dispel the deep gloom of our sadness. Or turn the dark ivght of our grief into day 7 Alas ! o'er t'vj grave that soft breezo will by sweeping Through thermic I oughs that wave on Chaniplam's lonely ihore ; While thy licart-brt ken childten nnd hnsb:ndnrc weeping The inoihoraiil wife who can hear them no more! Oh, snatchel in ihy b'oom from tho hearts that adore thee ! Of life, loves and Itiends in one moment lerrf' ; lonj and sad arc tha days wo must live to deplore theo, Why why wert thou taken, or why were wt left! Ilad'st thou died fu It ofdajs wo inijjht chasten our mourning, An 1 jidd to tlio doom for all mortal; in store ; Urn tho sun of ihy beauty went eiown in the mor ning Oil, deaicsland li'st, wesh.ill sec thee no morel I'jt, bles'd bo the name of the Highest ! He sent I bee To gladden the hearts and the hearth now so lone: Though Ion Jly wo elream'l thuu'rt ours Ho but 1-nt tine Am! when Ho recalled'the Hotook back his own And ill ugh lu ibis world we thall gnzo on theo never, Th-re s'iII is a brighter nnd shore Where ibe loved an I iho lost are united f 'rever There .Dinie AsUrc! we mav sre thee once more! BOSTON DRY GOODS, JOBBING & IMPORTING II OUSE, JOIINSOW & SIIA3JHOW. Nos. aiid ii Milk mI., lloston. einnoslt.' l'"i'dcial Street. T70Ut.l) eall il, e aitemion e-f tho trade in Ibis vi.inny to the- r larco nnd well nss'irtol Btocl;, winch will loiie-n-d lower than New Vorl; prie-e, Jor onsb or e-ructit, CO.MPntSINO IN PAUT, domkstk's, - roaniR.v noons. 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J.imes, in 2 pai Is n.irl 1 oi ice I c 2V- liarpCI'i IIIIIIIMU'llCIl l,t)'C,.0 tj,.0,i. - yV J.k for rein llarpciN llliiitiin'ilrd IlibV.No. 49, 2j(! ' I.LN I'LM a R' itriciy. IJarrcl Suit ! Tf DHLS. Tine Salt, in glad order, for sale by OU A. S. DUWKY. I'eb. 12. 1S1G. Elias 1 v 111:111 FTA8 received bv I'xnrcss a new addition tohiscx XX tenstvo tiar.k of Dry floods - inchi lin ft great variety ol fruits, which he o1 ers ery ceap, i'.,,ri,,,i,,., i,'i, i" inir. To ,et. amrsa rrlir.I'ul lie Ilon-c in thin town I; f&Sf.SS ns the Vrri l Street House. nnwn apply to nr.Mtv i.oo.mis, a lliiilingion, I'Vb. 12, 13-lli. ent. 37-3 A CADEMICAL INS TITUTION. j. s., a. n i A'SO" nie'd i'tin- (JlIAItLK U. IliSMI.i:, A. M., 1 eipuls. Jlrs. .1. S. SI1 A I l.l l.MJ, I'reeeplrc-. Mr. S. M. IIASSWTT, Teacher of ocal Mu-ie. Mrs. S. M. IIASSI.T'I, Teacher ofl'i.ino JIusie. Mr. O. T. HOrntlTON, Teacher of Landscape rninling, niui i er-pee'iive. Sir A. 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I'll OAKKd, Secretary. nakcre-fiehl, Teh. 1, 19-10. 37w3 ltusscll Cramer's Ustatc. STATi: OK VUIM0.N I',( rplll: II, n. tbePr..! ale iii-irie-l e.t 1 hitieniien, ) I uourt n r the ni-ict ol t tiitteiiilcn : I o all pe-r-ons e'oncerncd i it thee-'nte ofRUSSI l.L. CUAJ1I.H, late of Charldlte. in -.'id d siriet. elcee'ase-d, Gner.TiNfi. WiirnEAS, Onn Sbolo", ad rini-lralor uf the e-tnto of said dee-en e-d, propo-e- to render an acetmnl id bis aduiini-tration, and . re-cut hi- nceoiint nguin-t -nil e-lale fer exnminiition an I nllowanie at n -e-sion cf the Court of Pro! ale-, tei I e- held nt Ibe lfegi-tei'- oilicu iu Ihirlingtnn, in said dtnet, on the second Wcduo dnv etf March next. Tllnnl.runK, 'ou arc hereby notifi.1 to nppe-.-v, be fore said Court nt the time nnd place nfore-aid, und shew euu-e, li any you have, wdiy the account afore said sho.dd not I e allowed. Give-n under my hand al Ilurlington, this lllh day ol I ehriiai v, A. U. 1B1U. 37w3 Win. WKSTO.N, llegUter. Samuel I'', llolllstcr's I stale. V fl'. the -nb'eribei-, having ' cen appointed I y tlio 4 Honoraldo llic 1'ie.bate Co-irl for the Di-tiei f Chiltciidcu, commissioners to ie-ceie, exam menu adjust tbe claims and demand or all nersniis, against the estate e.f SOI I'M. I'., laieof bhel burn, in said Di-trict, decease I, repre-enleil insolvent, an I nUo all , hum- and demand- exhibited in cll'-et llierrto ; nr.d mx months from tlie tiny of the date hereof, be'ing nllowel by sanl dairl lor'tbat purpo-c, wo do therefore hereby trtvo notice, that we will at tend lo ihebnsines-of our appointment, at tho tlwvll ing eif wie'ow !lili-ter, m Shelb irn, m said Di-tnct, em i h" last Tile. -day of Mav next, at 10 o'clock, A. 51., Dated, tins 2"ih day nl January, A. D. 1915. horaci: saxton;? n 37ev3 Win. HARMON. Comnuss,oners. For Sale at Auction, fTMlF. VKSTRY or iho Congregational Chur.-h J. will bo Bold at Auction, on Jtonday, i-'tbruaty Hi, at 1 o'clock, I'. M. on the premises. II. W. CATI.l.V, ) C. A. Sl.YMOUK, J Ccmm- I'cbruaryC, 1S1G. j torn: all who ,ni; SUFFKRING FROM PAIN, ltc Cured without 'Ii.ii;u or lxpcnsc. SA21TI2;T5S LOTIOH, 'l he greatest llemnlij rter Inmcn fur all the pnim uhich it jirnfisses In cure, u-ill la given tiratie to Ihe afflict ed le-'in cannot afford to pur chase, by applying to 323 UltOAmVAY, Xmv Yoik. BARTINS LOTIO.V-The' Lotion was invented goine year ng-ij.inl is iho prolu-lion f iieci-ile-nml ehve-tne'iie'-, elided by s-Uill and experience'. 1 ho original design of it was sede-ly f,-r the mvenlorV own u-e, but no soone-r had il beeomo e-stubli.bcd in his prae'licc, than t'lirpiiries lepan to bo made, bv tho Iriond. e,f tltO(C who bad I cell 1 e'ne-filte-d by it's. virtues, where it might bo procured. Thus its fame began to spread Irom individual to iiuhwdunl until it boenine known ns n never fndtng e-ure-, in mot of the hirs,e titles iu the Union. Without pu ling, or the' met of ilio public press, il lias aeqoiretd its own e-elebrilv and found it- way into publje lavor ns 311 uiinvulled nud e-xlraordinary balm in iho euro or many of the ills, to which mankind arc subject. In e-a-e's of Gout, llhciiuatisin, Srtellmas of all kinds, Disloc-a1iouor 1'raclured lltinc, llrtu'-es,('uts, Coulu-ion utlende'd with pamaud lull lin.titou, I'oi onous Ilite's and Slings, jlurns, Se-ald-, Chitbl.11119, Corn- or luninnv, nnd Wounds of every description, it nilbrdd an nnine-dUte and pcrmane'iit relief, ft is, pe-rhaps ibu only artie-le that can bo ilependod upon in tlio euroof tho-e- pains in the bad. 1111 1 ,-ulc-, Ki-ucrallv produce 1 bytaUini; cold niter iolnil e'xe-rtie.n nnd oie'rlie-atuig. I'or (ilindular Tumors, I.umb.igo, HryMpclas, Tetter e;r Itingworin, and all kinds of Irruptions of the Skin, it i n mn-i excellent remedy, I'or 1-Vver nnd Ague, Ague in the) Itreist nnd I'aee', t'rnmp in the Stoiu.ti-be, and 1 le-adaclie', it nets like a charm. Hut nbove ull, iu ihu euro ol 'rendition nnd Cap-ular injuries, Spiaiu, and WounJof eve-ry ele'-. e-nptiou, it shows 111 a most astonishing manner, us magical power-. lu addition lo tlio benign inlbienco the 1, 01 ion ev erts over the accidents and inlirniitie-s of man, it ba been found 110 le- vnluab'o 111 similar cetinplaiiiis to wbith inferior nnimaU nro sitbieci, panhularly ibe Ilor-e, whose' vain, nnd u-efulne'ss Lciuand the par tly lur e-aro cf it ovvueis. In some eaise w-bero it has been applied to lliiskind errature f-r slight inju. ne-, it has, 111 addition 10 all almost instantaneous t-.irt-, giieii apparently new animation and vivacity to, (lu Mic h nil extent that 111 various instan ces the winninir of a rat e' has been teuaciou-iv u-ertb ed to the stimulating and happy elTecl of ilio l.oliuii rather than the n.itor..Upee'. of the nnimal.) It has icoinu y e-eienriiitii as an pnivira peei if i.i. r. ... '...i i.... ti... r. ie .. 1 V Uumplam has prou',1 it, Miperiority. I'be l.oiion is cotllPOSel entirelv of tbe ineebeinal prort.-rtio of vectablo tubttnnevs t'oiircntratl rnvl renJereil movt pure by ebsiillalion nnJ oilier elie'inii-al proee'e'. At. nil jlivv.lld llle'die-ine, It IS tbe most ill iioi-enljwliole.oire', tiinulatin? nml e-bee-riup cbarac ler, nnJ will expel, instantly, llioo ibill, be-avy' and bypi'hoiiilrieal feotini; to winch many aro w nib jeet, nml piyr life nml nnloi.ilioii to both boJy ami mini!. Tobrlmilin lloilington nt Mes.r.. I'KUK .tSI'KAH'S, Also, V. II. HATCH i I'o., WinoosU Kails. Feb. C, 1 16. The Etna Itisuranco Company, t)f Ilnrtt'oiil Cotincctb tit WITH A CAPITAL OF 250,0 0 10NTINUF lo in 'ironrtint l"-r. by lirvon thuiiiosl lea-onoblo t tiih. (3I.0. 11. SlIAW-AoEsr. II nMi n ? t o 'i , IVb. C, ,1 8 i G. i)R. GEO. W. WAiU), WOIj'I.I) respectfully announce to ibe ciiizrns nf Ilurlington, that he has taken rooms in Church st., ono door north of Mrti' n's lint Store, whtro ho will ba clad to sco tlio-o who nro disposed to ftvor him with a call. Should any individual fcot di-poed location him in tlio nwibcatioii of tlio " ITcfSfTnir Art," he Tula ci nil 'ent of pivius them noc.iusenf regret lor so iloins. Hood rcltreucts may be seen hy ca'lin ns above named ll.rlingtin, T.h. 4, 131(3. 3n3 Ar O T j"c E ' IS hereby given, that tho eopartnersh'i heretofoic existing under the firm nf wmnnT ft i r.inctiKK, i this day dis-iolved by mutual ennent. W., I). Pl.r.lVIIKK. As there is trouble, dtbn due in Wright ci Kleteher arc not to be paid except the pariie. I e pre out. D. 1' C1IEU. D. Klktciii'.r rc-peetfnlly iiotillcs the pul he he b.i et.ibli-bed hiin.tll'iit lliirliiigion K.ill, oppo t'e Mr. Weaver' Sirne, w lute be i rcajv lonn-wti nil cnlU iu Ilie Tllllorillf b .sinews. A. II. Lnttinir done for niher- to mafi-ii at nil times, and W'.u ranted to hi if propcily ni-i. J .111. 31, '-lu. '(WJ Asa Illionel-4 l'.statc. STATU OK VldtMONT, ? rpnlMI, n.tb. Probat0 lii-triet o I hiiiein en. ss. I J- uoun lor tne iniriei of I'lidtenden : To nil per-on concerned in ihee-lnte of ASA RIIOADH bile of Hiebmond in said District, .leeeased, ItnncTtNG. Wm:nnis, Ransom Jones nnd Ames Ih'tey, oxc e,l ibe ln-t will ed id de'eea-evl, j,ropo-e to render tin -icecuntef tbe.ra lunni-lration, nml jircient ibeir nceoiint ngnui-t said e-tnle I- r examination and allowance ut n ses-iou nf the L eairt ori'iobate, to bu bnl !en at Ibt Heffisler's nlhe-e in 1! trliugton. in snid ej i-l eicl , (in the lo-irih We-dne-day ofKel iuary, 1310. inr.nrFonn, I on aie nereny mni'ieu io appear i e lore said e-onrl at the lime and place albrc-nid, nn I shew cause1, if any yo i have1, why the uecwml alore sai I -botild not v nllowej. (liven under my It tnd at II irlington, tin- llhelay er Tel ruary, A. D."l3!0. 3Gw3 Win WISTfl.N Hcshtcr. Farm for Sn n. 4ti;'.; Syt'5vK '----'7 SITUATKD on llrown'a mer, in Tssex Vt., con taining 110 acres. There is S3 acres nf intervale on it, 51) of which is now meadow land, n good firm house, 3 barns and sheds, n good sugar and anplo orcbard,and nn nl undnnce ofwntei is one of the best larnis in the (o inly for a dairy. Also, 20 tons of liny. A part only, of the puielnsc money will be rrnuircd at the time of the sale. AI.S'O, A duelling lions', shop, barn, and four acres of lair', nn which is a gnod orchard, lving in lhc vt.laj of Wd'iston, for salo low and on a liberal cretin, by Win. I. M'.VMOUIl. Ilurlington. Jan. 30, 1810. 33tf IWM.IhTO.V II1C11 HCUCIOl. AND Female yeminnry. rPIlT Sprint? Term of this Institution will com- X mciie-e o.i Thursday, Tebruary lOib. under tlio charge, ns heretofore of J. I.VMAN, A. M. The condition of the school is prosperi us, number of pu pils large, the prospects f ir Ihe future ilattermg. The instruction is believed to t.o efiiei'iil and thor ough. It is an essential peculiatttv f mo Institution to bad the pupil s far u- practicable', bo'h to instruct anj govern titmsclt. I Ins ronucrs ins slunies pleas ant, iind ensures success. Tho facilities for the aequi sitinn ofnilural Seiienco are unusu-ilv g-o I. Th Prim ipal posstsscs n large Iler.ehe'ian Telescope of supenur (jn-riiy, wun outer e,c,-ueni appura".: wh ch tic win use lor ine eeiiittt oi the sm-ienis. TUITION, Per thoprihciinl branches, iVOO " higher " 5 00 " Languages, 4 30 Board can be obtained nl from 81.23 to 1,30 per week, including washing, e;c. It is desirablo that tbo-o who anticipate attending, should commence at the beginning of the tninritr. Willision, Jan. 2?ih, 1310. 33w 1 VfLAS XOYKS, WJUUi.D iris. . the alii-nlim nf Mcr.-hinls anil V Ptd'ars who nuy wi-li ti purcli.ise Aniericau Prints. O t s-ioek n.,v is the tare,, and 1110-t deir a'do eer ofl'-red 111 tins market, cj.i-.-nng of a very grcal varit Iv of p-ilte'ii-, a id s .mc new and very st)lcs. They were puicha"d nt a t.nio when the ngenis were elo'ing their l'jll busmcss.nnd ilio own ers cif iliu goods nere nnxwus to -MAKI', SAI.H.S, which e'o.ililed us to ol lam them at less prices than they had been previously sold. In this way we oh tamed an advantage of from one to Iwo cents 011 Ihe yardjOn some stales, and puts it in our power lo sell tbeni as cheap a the lobbe-rs iu New York. We would solicit n call from all wishing to pur chase, end wo do so fully confident that wo sell them upon Ilio most faiorablo terms. I'lcaso call and s,eo for j ourselees. Ilurlinzton, Jan. '-'3tb, 1510. 31 "jTOS'r Ilt-ptefnll infirm- inhabimnls cf WX. IJ'irliriir'nn nnd vi -mity, lint htivm? chantju.l Iik rf-i-lcii'-e Irom ('h.iinhun tu Clit-rr; ncct, (href (luor v.tM of iho Conirrc3ra'i onal ClKin.'h, he the praclu-e of a luiVMirrvN am) sunc-no. atlitjilinar ll.e 1 est and mo-t t'llioacju'ia rtincd c ex .(in j nnd wliiie In' i- niuullinii to l-t;,t've nny ot lite varnMHsycnia rf ihe day perfect he would i-awn il ly ht'lut'l 'trom them -.neli artiflc ul nit'ln-me, n ho liiionnd trom loni? cxju-rient'e inn iliveridiel and wide cxtf.nled (.r.tftHV, hodi in ct and I'oimry, iu 1 e hol adaptdl to each and every caoa aw die thai there aro nu two casas exaeilj ali'.c. How (ar mre ln nil en hi efforts since he has lesidetl in tin vd'iffe, hy would must wittingly sul'iiut to th3 deei-ion of an enlightened and candiil iiiiblic, for he i ecnudent il ' il ' afknowltjJsfd liy iho people that he In- e.ieeled a cm e in mo ea-cs whereoihtr had tailed. lint a physician mny ncirVvi To notice e'en h sok1 ttlcti, L'nlesis tho can-e a, he uppf li nine times plainer than uU nuc n. Vet he Imi made oine important cures, wlrch all, hoih iiliysieiansand other-, admit to hatrj resisted aii their skill fur years. Doct, tininh wo ild aKo leleavn to piform tho pnhlie ihnl helia ptirelinel ol Doct. Kmcrv the riphl to iiianunictnic and -el Dn. KNNM-i-'shly ele hnted and invalnahlo Patent Lacl, vhn h tar ur pacs everythinj,; of the kind in the market. Heing of opinion thai the artie'u wlik h ha l een uel in tins m' ha teen of an inferior quality, mining many a (ad. ire, w herea if a ' koo J arm-lo had I eon laiihfiilly applied a cure would havo htn the result, ile has undo arrangement lor u supply from the original tuc-tory of lr. ttanninj, that evt-r La-emay lsperjtct nnd every pafenl lenetitlet hy it. Tho Doctor therefore in ilea all who nmi anything of the Kind, lo give him u call I c lore p.i.fhaMng tUe- here. Dr. .Smith conlimit's to keep for wtc, al reduced prices n ;rreat wriety of Itolanico, Hiro'epiic ant Mugnetie remedies, whuli have been proved hy niit- lions orpertoti in lhc I'mied htaie-. (ar more hit fa and salutary in removing eh-ca-e', than any otlie-r I 'he lollowiuir highly re-pe-clnble cineua, e-diior,-hiiown iiinona men, and wbiai necoiiipauicl by ihe ! I1"1 he e fliecr-, &c, Tln'y area few la' en fiom a host anion ol hi. l-;ie"lro-JI.i;nei'i' Jlaelunc, the ilUs-t ofolhe'r-. Ilhi-i-aWel f.rih iliu icsliinoiiri! Ir-s Ui I e-cii mo-t ii.tonih n in n nmltitei to of ca-es. 3-.ll... i.. .. .i..,,-,.,i.. u..(nn.i ii. u aTjMHnt lo it eliline-ili' im Wi-tooel that Dr. Siinib cannot obiam tlio oIhivo invaluable re'oieic but by pavini tho eab for ihein, mi l bo wl-bej none to tail wlio Jo m l in'i'inl to piy lor wlmt tlicy bie'. lliirlingtnn, January, 1810. 35mG WANTED. TWO or Ttlltl.'i: good workmen at the- Tin Ibisi. ncs. VILAS & NOVi:s. Ilurlington, Jan. 29, lSlfl. 3 7,' I TT IV In . -,Tn.,, s V ., ..... u, , J. monev. which Ilio owner wi recrn. hv mil f . 1 opl'!l ,u i"1 "-""JF Strong, e,.V.nC I ""''"Eton, January 27, 1BIG. 3-iv.ady A covincial lliverlner ii per. in 1 1. 250 do Letter do .Aimed, " Never J""' 2a' '31g'J '"' Vi'shillings and two- Ohillihiiis 4 X immediate and perniae" noyinj complaint. I'or plaint. l-eiif MvU . .. 33 fiATUti iva ine did tor lUbiuhing is of Ihe Ltgislatuic. ATTUVTIOV CONSUMPTION!! I fye. rplll! sol senber again culls the ntteiitiou i.f the 1 inhahitnul- (if Ibirlln 'Inn and vicinity, to ( call and iihl.un) a iitinpllel, demilim? particulars, nnd giving ene, (it cuius oi ino sirouge-t po-sioio ch.iraclcr, eticc'eil l,y u-liei Ilie ue v. u. Down's VJXiliT'Allhi; IIAL'IA.U1U i.i.iaiu. iioiwnn standing Iho p.ipen nro full ot ndverli-cnienls of ('.unit Medicines, yet among the who'u there per haps i no article that rank so lii-rti and appnuiche" so nearn seeeift lur Colds, Cniigb-, llroncbiil., nnd tho whole I'anlogucof I'uliiiouary syinptoni-, as this celebrated K.ixir. It Ins I ecu observe 1 from Minna to (leorgin that eon-uniptive patient" (al'er hiviui drank from one to twenty boltloof Wild Cherry, tlttnxari m llal-nin, Olosomon, and the tlio isand other ni'i'des.) have I ecu compellel to ttn uteiiV tlahumt lefoie nny per luiiieni nr.d la-tnisr I em lil ilio p ni'-nt w.n vi lii'c. In llur'inirlon tbe .-ale- have I cen pr inipallv lo three who li.ue wa-le I lh?ir money hi purciin-ing Wild Cherry, Vc. flA fic-h 3'ipidy b i iu-t I ten open el, nnd pniniihicls ready for di-tribiilion nl the Urug Store of " liAKlil.NGTON ,f. lUlOTlIKR. IVi. 31, 181(3. :)7 NEW ES' A B L I S II M E-W T I .1 7' rr inn TUP, unders "tied bae opened ibis shop asu per liuinent he a. mil fi r the Mile e,f DltTii.S nnd MT.IHl'IM-.S, KHHl.1' nnd tiriAVV IIAIt IHVAltn, Paints, Oils, Viiftnw-Ufoss, Dtn-SriTPs eV (!ni e r. ui.-. We as lire our friends mil tbe public gem rally, that they can le -in. plied Willi article-, in t lie nbove branches at as low rate1-, lor mine ipialitics, as at any i.f the ndjuiiiuig inarl.ets. di n. 1 1 r -it ev i;n, Kciilhors ! A GOOD supply of liens nn 1 G'cse Teathers noie on hand. Warranted to be n gooJ ar'ic'p. Tor sab by V1I.A8 cc eOVT.S. llurhuglon. Jan. 23, 13IG. 3 OATS. Cash nnid for O.iK liv Jan. 10, '13. Sl'ROXGS ,f- Co. IN riSAVCHHV. Samcci, II. Claiik SsTATH OT VTIt.MONT, t-lditelideii County. Hrvr.v 11. Itr.Mlvc.Tos-. Mn.o G. Hrminotov, .Ifareli Teim, 18 10, IIauiiii-.t N. Cnt rr, nnd ! John Cnorr. Whtrras. Samiud II. Clar';, of Now Ldianon, in tho State of New Voik, lin'htlit- (hvlik'il. m my odin, lit- I ill tif f -rc b-urf. bpoulit to iliu Cuurt uf Chanct-ry tuxf, to 1 u Iiolck'n ut Hurlinalofit in arid for vaiJ Cliittt'n If n tVcmtv, on tliuUM l u'-l.ya-(on-, ot .unrch A. I). 18 IG, vher in 1 lie - lid S.ini'ii-l II. (l,irk pray sit I ti-irt, fur tltu can-o-j tlii'ium -tt (oilli, to leu oriole x the riiht, little ami nitm'4 of the haul Huiirv II. lifinintnirton Mi o O. ItetntnintTtnn. Hnrr'el iV. Crnil. and Jidm (ro I. of, in and in ihe fnllowinir iIptiIipI nreniv to wit : "Theft-Hmwiiir dp-onhuLj I.m I m llint"sl-ir?h ururtsanl, in tlic sct-oml ilivi-un thrfpt.f. r.ntaiiini one huiufrm acna iiioieT lc-v; nivl Mioun in ml ion i ilif name ol lul ICO, uhcieof David Kerri-"l"ini2inil L'rnii'cr, ar.d ip the -inu' land pi edhvt lOOiM'orto hv, lli'iiiinirioii o-i lhc 31-1 il iv of Miri'h, 1H12," nt wludi PTid prcini-e-, or nf pn t whert'ot, the said tlinry U. litMuiMfjif n,IIilo G. Ketniiminn, Harriet X ('roll nnd .If hn Crod hold siih-efiuenf coiuey:invs : And w Iierea- n ninadetn apiiear m im tint thu-md Henry II. Iieminton and Mlh) O. llenmicti'ii are reKlenl without ihi- Siaic n that ipr.unal n ti'n (nnnnt Im nn lo to iheut ot'tlif pendency of Iho said Hill nl f re'lo-nre; 'll,.i,,'fm .1 uiP,'..,nit ll.ii it,.t i.l I T,.,i n- T T H)"nni2ton'and MiIoO. Koininp'on h.neni'iif e pf the lllinir of "-aid Mill, hy publiciiion of lhi on!er in ihe li ee a newpajier trniU'l nt It.irlinamn, in -Tid ChntiM len I'ounty, thrtr wet-k- siict'e-ivel', the Ut f sta'nl pnl !i auniH !o I e at Im-l twenty d lys lielure the next Term ol the Co.iri ift'hanM-rv. tit veil limit r my h in i at I! nlmirton. in -aid eonnij, tins tweii'y-ci-'ntii itavot ,inn nr l -iu lUnVAKI) A STANSIU'RV, Off:. II, l-r.A EN'vvc rtii, Soticitur, bG3 nu: .0-T ASTOUNDING DISCOVERY! A Kl.i:IVC 1 A JlltSVCbU A WON!r,!t ! ! ! 7'ei ettrr. Eruptions nnd DUJignrcmcnts of' tne tskin, l'imples, I rccklcs, bnnuurn, Salt I'hrum, Scurvy, Sore Heads, $c. fyc. -yc. TOUR jvar- a?o l.i-t A ujj-I, 'ho e-ap n! of l-'iancc 1. was a-toni-ln'd in coii-e-rucnce of a dicoverv itiael.' hy an J-alian (Jtieoii-t. Many doibted it peemcu nniiosi nu impo-Fintiity mat any llilil imiii hy the liauda ,f men, c d I liave n ich -milnr now cis ns that claiuie I by A.srov,o 'i-rnist for In- m lentinn. .Many ela-eo I him nnd hi- invention ns n h inib-ia, fnrid, nla-1 many f,nb-h n,r-on- wiihoui trjltic, do tho -nine now ;) nl length, nfler tctin? it lu iliehoapit-ii?, the .ileJicil So -ic:y ol P.irii. ( hoti, cheinix s in the wuilil,) dcliveieJ the following icport to SiL-nor Ve-sprini : " We have now iniii'itely nn I carefully examined invcinioii oi v e-prun. we haie'aiialyz.-ei it-coin, iniie'iit o.irt- welrivo u"e I it iu tevoi-il ci e's and we liesi'iiio not lo pio-io'iuee u (Tho Iialiiu iiiei u--ai boip) a- a urcit tite-snir, nu I a truly won l"i Ull i-emo K tornnve-uianeoiiBi r pi inn or eh-li 'ure nient of the s'.in. 1'- mvcnior o consider the true Irlan'liropi -I nf sulieriu-r I. (SijucJ) UIOlVOM) DUI'Itr.V, Pre-. The-n come-'lie lepori ol thu ' Sen-ieie do Tin li- lute'," (it i-ciclllllle'llt- I " e ai-o a umn.le i," e"c- l.iim- iho nee' ! ore i l.nt ,(at tin- -in;Mihr iireparalion Ve-prini'- Iiali-m die .So ip ! Wheie, in Ice I, wi'l -eie-nee) -too I Hero we haie a pioparJlieni mi le in the I'orni of a be'.airifnl pic-'c of -onp, whii-h w-eKno.v by actual pi-ai-'ic, to cure every citnnenus er'ipu i.i, e-very dis liKUle'lllenl e,f, nil I e'en di-c.!, -Kill I Wliere' will it- magic and -insular po,ve-r eea-o? The .ejr,,, Iho Creole, lhc Vel'oev I!. ice id' thu lii-i, an I Ihe lie 1 Man of Ihe l-'.T West, aie all' e' tinder Ihe lull .i-n of it- y powe-is i,t elenrinir vol low or diseeil- oroUkiu. nn I ina'lin? it whuo nnd bea iiifnt, and of e-iniijinir Iheeoli r f,inri.', or I lack, or I mwn -l-in." (tlere -everil per-on- wcio t-rourbt forwar-l hi the pre-idciit, who bad ii-cl it, in proof ul hi- assertions.) i:i:d THIS I I'roni llic Inventor Inni-cll to the preenl Proprietor. I'inii, Nov. 1, 1840. In e-on-idernlion ot iho imi nf SltiUd, I havodivul-el t Mr. T. JOM'S, re i-lin.-iu the City "f N'ow York, .V A , the whole pro c of niauuf.ictiirina-, o.rihcr with a tvomeiit i,l' tho in-srri'dienl-, coinpo.iiif: my l'aliau Cheiieeal Soap. lie i- to maniil.iet iro it for -ale in the I ni'cd Slate only, nnd to h.ue tho priviVee of nainmj,' it "JO.i:s'f IT MAS ClIKMIUAl. SOAP." Vnnc-, Ilcniy J. Huldswnr h ISiUncd) ANTON 1 J VKSI'IilNI. There lire pro' ably few person- of in'elliu'e'iiee', who, after rev, Inn; ibe n n.i-, will doubi the o .ahties oi JONI'.S'S ITALIA?,' Clli:vCAI, OAI'. m 'ur nn- rrup'n.n-, I'i-I.p.iienie'iil-, I'rc-klt'-, Sail Rheum, S-urvy, l-'ri-ype'h-, Sunburn, Moipbew, Tan, Yellow or Hrown Sl.ui, eVe. HUM A N IT A IU, iv tiie ronM m- a Beautiful and Delicious Preparation c a i. ie r. i j o x r,s's COHAX. HAin. H2CT0A TIVC. "jVfOTl-:. Anions iboelu aled, tbero uro tew who 1 will doubt b il tint by foieiu' the roeu-nn I w-alii of the head to a lii'.ilthy action, wc can e-au-o growlh ivc, elark, crowtii. '1'bo root- beiuc; hc.illby, a-eliin-'iit e-alltd d in Irul'or mmiT i di--ch.irffo 1 from lhe-oilp; the bur now Uvomcs soft and Mll.y. 'I b i- the mot- Mronedy fn-iened m their native 'oil, prouJIy nnd splendidly eli-plny their I e'.iu ly, a-a peeimrei of doei-r 1 nature raised Irom death by tho pouertul a-d e-f Stien -e, H iving n.ilivl ;i above the, true', and roal i-i ililk-of Jones's Coral Ilairlie-lorntue, I leave iho inielli.'i-nl poriion of the puMiu tnjude of the truth I'l iu po-hes-ttii: Itie-e ipi.ilitie-, iy tho te-siinionial bost tbe mo.-l I'liltbte'iio,! bo,ly e.f men in tbo.-j-; low i 1'ioin J. S. Marker, lin ' ,n j"! """ "alive The Anierii-an Se'ieoiiiie I 'y ieerned irreclaimable. el wult a piviinen of J. lound it so. Tlio firit wai to ami :Ughy. And here ju.t .How n.e int-1 nnJ teste-leny lo repeat my tcitiinony in favor iniJ tb it ii :ining. Provioui to draining, ihe ground .ilr i"""" peeuliirly situated, everv little show. bei er me water wouiu collect in little pools, causing, for the lime being, a certain check lo all our operations, thereby losing much time. Now, it bleeds at every pore, and we no longer fear to have it rain. To all our farmers I say, drain land that noeds it with, out delay. Standing water is death to all useful vegetation. Draining does wonders. After a thorough and complete draining, I could scarcely recognize the toil ; the differ ence in the yiold of grass was perfectly as tonishing. Everything that could grow seemed to enjoy end take advantage of its new liberties. nn iIia " " My ne.t step in order -a. to cut and .'he bogs, and apply the ashes to a crop .h.s i . Hcla Clillletidcii'n Hstale. STATU Ol' VKHMON' I', I rplll'. lion, the Pro Distiiotoft'hitlcndcnss. I. Into Court for the District of Chittenden I To all persons e jnc riii-l in Ihecsinloof lli;i,CIIITTI''..I)r.N,lateorSbelburii in said distri !, deceased, (Iiiebtim. wur.iiEAs, Simeon W iMyne, niinunisirator oi mo csinlo of said deceased, nroposes lo lender a linal ne count of bis ndnimisiralton, nnd prcsenl his nceoiint njamst said estate for examin Hi in nnd allowance al a session nf tho Court o! I'rolnte, to hehnldcii nt ibe llegisler's ollicc n Ihirlinaton, in said district, on tin fo irlh Wednesday of Te-brinry next. Tut.nF.roiiB, I on are licreiiy lioiuied to eppenr oo-b.-forosaid court al tho Imio nnd placo af ircaid, and shew cause, if nny yem have, why tlm account afore--sa'd shoul I nut he allowed. Given ti n Icr my ban J at Ilurlington, this 231 davof January, A. I). 1310. v3 WM. WP.STOS, twister. Via. A. (IrlsV.ol.iV Ustatc. WT, Ibe siitieril rr, having !ieen nppoiute 1 1 y the Honorable ibe Co in for the di-tn'i t nf Chittenden, commissioners to reie've. examine tin I nd i-t ibe elui'ii-aud dentnti U e.l'all per-eii , .iirams1 thuesta'e of Win. A. GUIS WOl.l), Into nf lb rim -ton, in -uid dl-trict, e!oecu-e.l, re'presenel ni-oleut, ami nl-o nil cla-in-un-l deunin-fs exhibited m e, I--et Ihere'fi: mil sx tnonib I'roni (In! die- id Ibe d He berce.l, be ng nllu'viil I y said Court f"r that pur- po-e, we no itiereti re iie-rc'-y uive nonce, that wo will alien I to i be l.u-ini:-.(dour rppoint incut, nt the O lice of Get. K. Piatt, iu llurluiirtim, in -aid Di tt-ict on ll.e r-t Mun liya of June und Jiuy lie.xi, at 10 t; cloek, A. M, e,n en h (d mi I day . r 1 a ll.Uu I, this 2tst emv f .lanunrv. A. 1). 1110. .1 N POMT.ltOV, ) 33w3 P. DOOI.ITTI-T., Comm. V.. T. TNlil.ns'iV. SELECT SCHOOL. "jVTft A. A. PAIIKI'II will ennuncnee In- next 1 L trrm nn Monday, Kul rnary I' irtirstil ir at teiuioti will I p nat'l tit the or innrv I ranrliea nf nn education, and len-t n-(liven in Uook-IutpuiK ui h pmci'-e. S hf'.tr- wi liinu lo ntlni 1 wdl do well lo beijln at ihe co'iinieiwii'iient of thu term, ni no tu dent will he it'temd l"r n liw ttmo one ipuncr. l K M M S ! Cnmtnon P.nj;!i.-li llram-bc-:, 53 00 " u 350 JuiKiinsue, -1,1(0 Pdtonl IJiumi in fit !ln',l lunldin'r, WVst sh'c tf Cunrt House .St a:c. :il 7AUCT I 0NSLES " IJvcrt II tdncsday and Saturday afternoon AT sm-;iivooDs AUCTION hoom, Vet ti le Cu-irt Hou-c S ptaro. nnvi"iti:AU5, wash stanhs, TAIIM'.S, U(JilT STMit C1IA1U.S, KCDSTHADi and KUUNITUUK nfevrry do'ri(ition wd! 'c Upt futi-lanilv on hind nnd n.ld al Auetuin i-r l'nva i a!e. Tin- heinir uuvV K irrntnre o 'th an ind'u emcnt to person- in tt-uihnir ii pnndia o to call and exauime I r(.ne l.nvni2 v)-v here. GRANITE. P. AUIIOTT, keeps on hmd, nt flsrrp a larno J J atoel; of superior (la.wiTt:. for btuldin!! ruir. pos,s. His (piarry is that from win -h theslonu was olitninetl tor the M.ini-iiouse, nmJ ho will till to order, on short notice, nny bill in the line, with nil arlie'le of superior excellence. Orders ibrotiah nnottis v rl meet Willi as prompt attention ns personal nppbca Hon. Agent, at Hurlm-Mon, SETII JIORSK. 22d January, 1310. 77 B SCHOOL eS- 77 li SCHOOL .Tf.lSV'v,1, A Manual for llic ie of Teaehcr Kniplovcrs Tru-lee, luspecture, eVc. of Couitiioii Kebuol-. Trice 51,00. This I'nV. i fee. rnineiidrd by l.iut. Oovernor r.aton. tatc ui ermteii 'ant ,,f Conini'iii choo's. to nil Couniy and Town Superintend-in a .tud all Te-irh-rrs. It will be found ii-eltd to I)is nets' about beuld- or repairins -ohool lIo,i5C3. I or sale bv A. IVJWAUDS, No. 1 Perls' fluil.lina, 11 irlinHton, ) January 11, IS 15 1 Dtipilatory Powder CO r.inio'ti for rcmoi.n r Sipcrl'.jons Hair. Ah. O tbe Amen -an Hair Dvel for rolo in: White or Grey to n b.-autiful llrown or II i k. I or sale bv l'l'.l'.'C e:- .S PICA II nnd 1. II ITCH Co , WmoosUi Pull. i cvnn von ufh (uwnAsrino ir. Upli.nnN Infernal Hrmcily For the cure of Pile, Lijlatiui'ion of i'ir f.iver and Spleen; Itijljinttio'i, , Saieyess and I'UeraVuii of the aSVtjrnw'i, Itatrtts, hidntyi and HUhU ' dtt ; lujlvnmutory and Mcremial H'tenmntiim ; Impurity of JJlood j Il'cff.XM and "Jlimati'nn of the Ppinc and for the lit Uf if mttrrieil Lotties. The Vendible t'Pc x:icrlunry, Invenied by Or. A. Ppliam, n di-tinyui-lied phy-i-eian ot New YorK etty, is ihe only rfally -iicee-fiJ remedy Cor that d in'jcroM, and di-ire sni fuinpl-aint, ihe PI I. PS, evr t Hertil n the Ann n -nn p dihf. .Mar', thut it Nan IM'Ktl.VA). RUM l.DV not an terml np 'ii-atmn, nnd will cure nny fa-col Piles, either PU'edm or IMir.d, Intennlur Kxiemal; ;tn I prol al ly the only thin.: thai will. Thc-re i- n' ntitiUo alio it it. It is n pnsttive euie speedy and permanent. It isal-oneonve.iient inednine olnUe, an 1 improve iho general lu'al:lt ill u remarhu''!e in inner. 1-neh Ilox eoniain twelve i!o-o, nt SJ cN. per !.i-e. It is vry mild tn it ojierauon, and mav le saken in e---e- of'the ni(-.t nt-ine mtlammali'm w iihimt d inner. Ail exiernal a phea'iim-. art in the hi-ihe t lejree di-arceahle, in'-funenient, and iflensive, nud fro'ii thu verv inline of iho di-e i e, teui'Mirarv iu their ttVijei, 'I hi- Mr heme anae..- ihed'oea-c at in -oiipv. mil UPMOV'Nii lIH.CArsi;, ren.ier-, iheejrc CHii PI. an t PP1MI ANK.NT. Inflammatory l)Israrsa AlilMtsrh Pie i.l !.'TPItV va- onginnlly pre p tred fur tho em e ot Pils-, et it In pruwil ile't to he a Meihoine far vpenur to all o herf, malltliu i-e-o' un In famnntury haraeier, with n tleleriiinniion of Moid to anv pariieular ).irt orcruan. In Inttam illation and Uui,:eiii'iui the haier and Spleen ; In d im. tion, Soreut-"- nu I Pii-eral'on of ihe .lunnaoh, lluwel?. Kidney-, nnd Hl'idder; in lull lrnnmiory nnd Mercurial HheunutMii, U .3 thu Ucst .Medicine evtr dieovtred, Ininm Hies of the KIooiK J or all I ui put nu - of the I' oid, ar.sinir from tha inipruilent u-t- ( AletTy nr other oane: br Di-ea-e- ol the SUia nnd .-rutliun ,1 tefiiim : in all iMu wheie the HIoihI i- powerf illy de'eriinniHl to the Hen t. phmI i. in.- z.ine- nnd di-tre-", lr. PPtlAMS i.i.t i u.u it- entirely tnimalcM, To .Harried lMdIe, Mnrritl Lalie aie nlnu st invarutlv iilivt t tint painful and lniurinu. disease, the PIM.S, with cunseijieiu Inllamition ol the fsto.iiat-h. HoweN iintl mue, weaKne ot tlm J!ne', time vl li'ooq m the Noa t, '(', The Illeetnary 19 perfectly safe ter Preg imiiI 11 he, an I Ihu nin-t urfiil Cddiali that ran pu-Kil.ty be n-ed, a it I not orilv remoe the Pile an 1 nil mil itiuuiury di-ea-es, WITUOU P PAI.V OK IIUtlTATlON, but will ensure an eisy time, a a!e delivery, and a j-o-in I enii-litution m iheoir-priug, i:tiro fur l.lfc Ott.t ran lied, Tho Kleciuurv eonta.n- no aFIN I.ItAN MKII- cini: 1 rt At.pns, coi.oovxtii, liA.Miiutii:, or o' her poweifnl and urilatinu Purgative, -No fear 1 tiikih-r ecl I , In e nn 't( 11 - int ieuc no eh 0150 ut diet ne e-.iry. If taken ae'ordiiur to P e ihre. tiou-, Ct'RK roll IdPK US CJUVIUM'IKI). Pamphlets, jyivihl vahin' le niformitit'it refpeet'iig thi .Ifli-nif, miy no iihtmticil of Auents gr ui-. J, S. Hu isliiou, 130 VaInnr,ioii Sirtvt, lhton, fft'iieril Aont lor the New hns:lantl State. A(. i:-ts, Ilurlington, PLCK A SPIAIti Montp'Htr. ClarU Vt'ollm; liutland, tHniell & Hell ; J!ennin$tont P- S. Pe.-k. AUo, hy V. II. iiAICU Co., Mi nooiki rails. 'AC ly UiigH Rags PAPHIt Ills'., wanted in e'lchanje for and Mtationary. by sti:t,s WOODS, norlmston, Jan. 1S1G. S.ronij's llmMing nMKTRI'.V or T.ientv Ship Cirpenicri, at the i 1- SHU' I AK1) near riolei a l.lboiv at Hits place Illacpi iS WW Kn nuir of mill. w'lrJ'h 'T ' .It'll 1 1 " illll'i 'I stomkijO's. COI.I.VKI1, ia new'in. 21, lstu. iimiv w tun . ' , correctness : have aU'i - . lliPV flirt a cnnMl place of lek ( . -cuili w,,ere ,h cou,j slow it away anoA'" i It again at thoir pltaaure. Un examination. I rln,1 t hi. ;.ii,n..,. n; recuy under the tongue is a little cavity, about aa large aa hen's egg, with a very eurioua clap. per; and there I found the cud ; and there. P rot bly. it will always be found, if the animal has had any thing to make one of within twen. ty-four hours of its being slaughtered. , , LOVE IT I'E rERS. Weitboro', Jan. 17, 1840. According to statistical tables, women in all countries coinmmit fewer Crimea than men. In France, women coniposo one-fifth of the condemned, in ihe U. 8. only a tenth. But leal the ladies should be vain, we my add that it ia said the origin of moat crimes msy be trac ed lo iheir influence. bum' ,;..r,V:l''w ,hJ.. -r . : " "-u...wii it-u iim.i i:r.Ci of, will uie his ling.' J''or tinlo oi TARM, eo'usferiiw oWI iii-res of inhubltl 'llin b.rnnl Piarie Ian I of nbemt i mill ert'iternons. fi'unted nf T II, m lt,riw,n.t lltven nf Teielllll- ?lvitih. Mielticail. T'f Iirin i will HHircl nml the mill eel tile M. l.Bt lend. t,'..r Hint . -ry3ir(4r2. nnd iirnin firtn I lit' olllrs i t xlrn ililin-irv eipportntiitv nl particular for the amnion of w,H,l,'eatilfl nnd hoise-. as there H a Inrie pr-iric n !J rennin pmlnlily fjr yvflf m n pi-oi.'iit nittttA' wiilinut brim inrjloril nml wltldi producit trU-- nnimn ly Biiflifiienl for tha inMiKennnee of thimWin t of .lo.iJ of lnp nml enuti'. Tccuiimoh (iho fjrmor rp'MniPc nf ihi f liiefi) N very LTdwitr t' wnnl nut iwrn'y in ttf fr-ftm M'i ion, I, iUt- F-r v, (. whi( li h n rtt I mid hft Ju turn u-nt it U m tiir utiil-t uf the irrmi- whrnt rr.uinj! nunpy -I"' "d lins t xrue ibunnff tni Is, one wliHi Im bet'tt pronooif cvt tht'lt in (lit: Umd Sin '9. Tim firm -vtll be Bold nn n lilxrnl rrcdit if riMirv1. r mil bo rx Jiniiffet for piopeft) in thi town Of i cmity, ami iIimI.0 fvrwu, ifnnv, ill he revived ' niitl. as iho cjm mTy U Tor further icrlhfflliiu nT irp of IIINKV THOUA8 or 1 1). I). HOWAttf) llnrltnEto i.J.Nnunry I II34fl. 33 Pi tiro JJetu- s uii. The nnhj Dnm'ijier and Praerfr th Ihi-: pIIK oldest writers on iho st.bjoct of ihe hair Intv 1 one nod nil tilluiM ti iho propfrtirfl uontHhit-tt io ('4mette near itrtrtie, ns prttsi'rvntion Tint i beMiiiifie-r , f "NhIuiv's i-ove-rmtr for iho rlld," Hip pocrnios, i!ir most nncent mi'dical wrimr on the u'' ji'd, as in Ilia "Troutisii on parts of Ihe Human IbinV,'' ihat the fat of ilia ( rn) Bear, is oty nn mini" in tanini! nnd mpsorvira" the) fools of the linn- of n kilt , when premature baldness occurs. 'Ilie no r inr-inliinnrs f tho ll,ub of l lis b ar nr-srrst tntb skin, nro covered wiih a shining fn which lornis th, source from wbenoe sprma and r,ri ji'into lhc reWls ' i tlio tnir that civri ihflnt so profnseiv, 1'ims is Ilo Inu t f nntorc, nml it follows ihnl lltet oil prod.icet'lfroi.. the fat of this annual is v,-ry useful to the human rnt ,t in li-adm? to the rocosury of the hair when prsm.i inn-iy io-(. Surely no greater privf can be m'tfiired Us let lb value of Gnutine Heart (Jit tut the hnir. l'or yeor-Ihe- puro nrtiolo has bu considorftl bv the most e mi nent phvi'-itins, the In st remedy for batrlnfs, fall ir eitfor teed ness of the- h'ir, and nil ooinplainis con necte"! thi-re-witli, I,r .it nre shotil,! he tnkon fn n ' ca-rs as io ib cpntinicness nml p'truv of ihp nil. T real arlnde carediibv purified nnd hie'ilv pfifnntcd. fur nlo bv Messrs. IIARIIIM-TON & llROI'linu, Driifjisis nnd Apa'b('Caiie3, A.c. e'Lc, Ctiutth S'ree-t. Ilurlington, Vermont. 3d I.IPU ItXSUKAXCn. Stall' Mutual Insntanrn Cninpnny of Uor e-es e-r, Mai-ncluiell3, ollar to iiue policies ,.(' Ins irarte on live" on Ilio moat favorable terms. -Appli ations rocenc I hy (ir.O. II. SIIAW-Aeir..NT. Iliirlinsiun, Dec 17, 1SI. FARM FOR SALE. " lV .t 4 r I a iafit. . t...tai.m r,... xiiSi lnin one hundred nnd (oriytt J J nert", nl.on one Innifhed tlcre of n J-irtL- m niiN r dt va!ion, the rcmntmtT It envere.l I y a po"d "nwh of liaid wof-tl. On lfv tremi-p'.flre.i e.nventeii't!w-liiriji hou-o, I urn,stli, Ae. nnd n non-hard f tlirdiy leanrji app e tretf. nt'ieieiK for niaUntrsoinu fifty or mxij barrets (T "ider, Al o ii far.n eon'oining one hundred acre , Iviii'J-ihutil fine mi'e frnln the a!'ove,nl out sixty am -ol win h m undyr unpr enieDt,nnd IniFCU an cspk--niii. 1 .irn, the renmnder i- c'1 wom'ed, prin'-ipa 'v wnh I n"li nnH majde. The al ore are ittimied n(iJ. Mu rent.e of ile luivn nmi u ihe main roaiJ, at M wa'eti' I nnd we 1 'cm rd, a 'i'ial'( p( rtli 1 t Ju- tett'-e I einrr tit)Maniial tfi'e whM, nnd tntruit' t f iiiijinse our nl ihi hi'-1 d i t farm iniheiowu. The a'n r 'reinie- v dl I e po'd to ,(, en' ft Im mi li le IImu eh, r real .'I: e, and poOh-i' i irivt n on ihe 1 - t of A,-rd iu xt. f r f iriher pnrtic la r- enq nreol A. J UOl II. M n'.nnun, FY-! .j. l S 1 1 32il I I.SPH 'UT IJ.y rM irii hi wnrrne-t ihanl( S t Icr the lihe-.d patri'iiaue he ha- ret'ived duriir. !he!ior' pero t he tia leen Im-atcd 111 thii plaee, an.l AMe- all n - ohi eu-t mer. and ihoo wWo mi- paT'tn z" him, tint they will at all tim find hun rtn W 10 exemu iIkii irder tn n fdy.'e lobe retailed t fete and excelled Ly none. Hi exp''tn'i -n here, 1nv 1 ivn more than rea' izetl, and in returning Iik urn tend a'-huoveledgonieni 1 wO'i(d nu.t'c-tly 'aU it a ct iitnuieil pairoi,ai:e. Shop in Chtin-li t over .Mr. Hi rlbni' HtorL1. liiirli.i-r 1.1), Jan. I, H io. I'ACTS III auiPLNR n m: s ua. n co a ted impi: o i '; n Indifin Vogoltitili; I'ills. For Cuusminption, Colds, Coughs, Rheu matism, Dyspepsia, Fevers, IVorms, Dysentery, nnd Diarrhati, also, sure (Jure fur the J'ilcs., AVIN'fJipen aitmUel -ooie nioinb with a ba-l 11: Ui, -uli, Weal n, s- ii my ( :ii'Si, nnd b ofari- M;riTsf Jit ' I pe'ile, I 1 Wn.'l i'- In ban Ve.-e-ial le 1MI-, hot irre-w we r e, with e'i'1-1 ..veai at ntgrht ; eouKl not leep, &n i b. ii-n-e I 1 v i- i-i a Ccn-nmptiuu. I pro e i,e, a I nt 1 1 Dr. Son h' Simar ( ei,ilel Imiirovi ' Ve ire a1 lelbiN, liieb r'-ored iny bualih within dove, and I lel.eo ibeni le, le the'lesi reinedv 1 e'ver "-nl. ti' iiHUK W. GRANORIi. . raniblilse',t)-t 10 h 13JI. 1 hue bee'u nlili.'ie'il fm 'onie 1,'ine ith the I.iier Conipla-ni; hutniufpain m my n,te, wemkney. in I nek an I m moeb, and dy-pep ia. I have lake i over one d zn b,'-e. ol Vr.-ht'B Imllan Vegetal I and Uri iidi tfili' Hill-, bit continnvl to gri w "ttwet, and wav s mined tha! I depntroJ ol ever gamin -' it.'ltel. 1 1 ben iriel I r Smi-ltV Sugnr I'ontoJ lmppeti ed 1. V. Pill-, an I befoio 1 had hoi-bed the ee-ond I ok, my paoiH und dy-pi'P-i i bad difSppearrl. )b I.kxI uo',v dice's," well, an 1 1 a n able lo attend to nn family dolies Seeeial ol' my tiiend havu .-ine-o ta ken the I'll!- for 1-a I etughi, and haie (bund greiat rebel Irom hm. Mil- Oris S. Wiiitxbv, 9 Myrtle at. Ilo ton, May 0, 1815 I baec leH-n I, r '"ir ear rflli -ted wiili Serofiili, Lepriy and l.e-aj'ne-, and have lieen unable to nt -lain any r--liw tint. I I pr.n-ired nix. be!Ce-t of Ir. Sini h's vflnable In 'hn Ve'aMe Villi, and in fim lou-rli- nil my complaints bud disappeared, ounlraiv hi ub my lueuil-' eXjie, .ai'viifr. I loeik these I'll'--lur my Serifula, without any txwJrtlnil ol itllef. JahS K. (TmuTR. .Ml. Verni-n. Ki'iin'-bw Co., "Vfe. April IS, 1515. 1'EUIT.GT Cl-Ki: OF WOJU1S.- O ir li't' j.iil. G veir ol l, l,a aiii'eied all tl ewcr-t siaso- of worms ; nn I vrr hive never found nn t-Hei' e-juv, iimil wi a,lmini-terod lr. mtih rjuirni PiMs ve Inch e,ur Imle j;irl toe k ,wi'li 'ot the leutt reluc tance in do-es of two al a tnt', and we never wp-ne-.etl -oeh a el,.,iite 111 -i hbert a lime. The Pil! bronpht away a 10.1 i.f worms, au.l -lie al oue'e in, provovl, 8I10 ,s now 111 j 00s beithh. Wuhuvi'abo found the yreat'-t bene 1 liom tho'r u?e. Ucoa Cai on, 8 Stable si. X. V. IC3 We' have many rmiH-uie-, ul euros 111 cae- fWOlOIS. Al-o, ihey are viarranHt) iho le Ce.uih rvmedr now in iit iwer fijins to re-licietbc mo t itbi-itnaTe Ce iirli- er i old-, within 41 heur. 'I'be; ibreelnini ait.t ireit nent ot tbe -h ea t aee-e 111 pany every I ox. Puce'.1 nil'-pet 1,0. Ko "S ileal I on'e t P 1 s " 1.111 be i cil m.e e 11 lie t lb" ne naiure' 1 1' the n le nm n'or, t. HI N I MI SMI'III.'-M. I), l'lesi lent e.l tbe .. V. I'ol ij-t ,1 Ileabb, upon i-eryl,x. Oi,;--e' de-M ted e.-bi-ie le) ibe taleol tin- medicine. Nf. 179 UUKI . WK'H STltl.l'.T, New Vorl , and No. i A'l s'l lUU'.l jr as """,M' lb first it-o.' .siz,7i: v m 1, Tiir rn.i : , , I1"1 Asn voirv.s'iv i:w rai.. i -10 l 1,18 kind, N. II. No tnivcuiiiK i ciKr a o an eminently sue- WrloV A- a "'Cb'fm !S Vt'r C0"'PaC.'. ma'e, iv ii. u.i.i- -"Spuceol more than about six ee-,i i. .. .-n way. It runs wiili so much ease, .s , i, i veil should suppose one person might easily p., I- nr iinriy oi mem, anu the ,n urs isuone in a most thorough and perfect manner. Both sides of a sr-atn look alike, appearing to be beautifully stitched, and the liljm id rlnenK nx-l I i .1 nev .e'r ' b-v hi'd- " straiphl or curv. . el seams with cnu.i taci Hv. ami tn r..-llu i that il takei but two minutes to sew the wliolo length of the outside seam of a pair of men's pantaloons. It sots -100 stitches a minute with perfect ease, and the proprietor thinks there is no difficulty in setting 7C0 in a min ute. The thread is less worn by this process than by hand sowing, and consequently re tains more of Hs sl.cnglh. The simplicity of tho construction of this machine and ihe accuracy, rapidity nnd perfection of its oper ation, mil placo it in tho same tank with the card machine, ihe straw biaidcr, the pin ma chine, and the coach lace loom machines winch never fail lo command the admiration nfevery intelligent beholder. -Uojfon t'orr. IForce itVr Spy, As the anow.drop cornea amid enow and sleet, appearing aa the herald In the rose, to religion cornea amid the blight cf rffl ettnn tn remind ut ol a perpetual summer, where the orient sun never retires behind a wintry cloud J. f ns V J

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