Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 6, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 6, 1846 Page 3
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loaded with meats And tlioir accompaniments. He surveyed Mm attentively fof a moment or two, and (lien began to jnliforiiiiiri In an ' un dress rehearsal ' of tlie ppiro I'.nglisli nt hit" command ! ' Mon Diou I ' eald he, ' can It lc possecblo zat cot gcntilliommo is etc bee? brelifasto 1 Novaro mindi ; 1 fIiiII, I linl; I shall nslt hecm. ' Monsieur I t am a stranger. Vill you 'aw.e pnlitosso to toll mo vvczzcr ait Is your brckhistc or your denay wat you cat! John rises with indignation, his checks distend ed with a largo portion of his substantial meal, and is about to resent what lie deems an affront ; but discretion gets the bettor of valor, ami he cits down ojrain to rr-Mirno his meal, i no Frenchman paces the floor dubiously fur some minutes, until his ciilnnced curiosity over comes his touipurarv timidity, when ho nnain accosts the slurp sot son of ' perfidious Albion, Sarc, If jou know do reckon whorefor' t rek quire for know wczzcr zat is your brckfasie or your doray wat you etc, you would 'av 7." the polttcsso to tell me immediate, and f.iiii uHisikc' John was silent, ns heforc, but his face actu ally glowed with cicitrrtiont and suppressed passion. All t'c-o evidences of ili pleasure however, were lost upon the curious traveller, who onco more addressed hU ' mm illinjr wit ness.' and this time fairly briniulit him to the ue of his speech ; for ho wai In grcit niiger, arensed the 1'Vnclitni.n of Im ing insulted lum ; n blow followed, and a duel was the ' net pur port and' of thoafi'iir. Ihd tho French, man's curiosity boon Gatislieil, he doubtless would have been mora steady banded ; ' hut Datmy bad wil'cd il other.viso.' 1! .'!' bullet pierced him, ami the wound vims d.'ridcil In bo mortal. Englishmen are seldom ill-lompered on a full htoiuich : our hero rolouNd; lie was tilled witli remorse at hiving tlvit lb: P,r,r low on so slight a provocation, and was must anxious to make amends for Ins fault. M friend,' mid lie to Ibo dying nun, ' it yricvec me miicli tint I should have been mi rash as to Insu my temper in so ipfl. ng a matter ; ami il ihnro is .wiv w.iv in which 1 can servo ynii. re't assured you have only to nam", it, and I w'H faithfully porfiirm jour last request.' ' Vill you, my fien' ! zon,' said Ins victim, wrilhing in the agonies of death, 'if you will ho so kind as lull me wczzir Kit was your brckfastc or vour demy wat you etc, I shall die vcr' mosh "content ! ' " T E M I E I i A N C K N O T I C K . Tho undersigned a Committee appointed for the purpose, by the Slate Temperance, Conven tion, hereby requests the friends of Temperance in Chittenden County to meet at the Town House in Hurlington on Wednesday tl.o 11th day of March in.timt, at 1 o'clock I'. M , for the purpose of organizing a COU.' TV l-OCIEV, and takirg such other measures as i lull be deemed necessary for the prorpcrity.of the cause of Temperance, NQflU: LOVELY, Committee. Burlington, March 5th, 10, UELIGIOUd NOTICE. The Rev. Joiim Graconv will commence h!s labors for the year ensuing, in tho Town Room, on Sunday ne.l. Men ires to commence at the usual hours. Subject for tho evening, " llieh man and Lazat us." Burlington, March fjih, 19i3. .'I'M nM 1382. .T. SMITW. TOST Uc.porifully Informs llie inhabitant! tf lX Miirhnginn ninl vicinity, that havinr. chiuzcd hi residence Clintiijl.ini lo Cherry Miccl, three ilonr-w -l of Ihe Congre,' Church, he enn tlniics Iho practice of IMIVHIl l.YN AM) snitr.r.oN, ndopliits- the I rt and ino-t cHlrnHiuis reined os ci" tani mi I whi'o Im is unwilhna to Micro nuy uf the various tyMcins of the day perfect, be iv riM crttitn y M-.loel Irnfu than Midi articles ol me brine, ns be tiisioiind from loiiff cxivriunuu in a chvcrsifieJ oii'l wi e c.Mcn'.eJ ,rneliVe, in I'oih eiiv nnd t-o miry, lo l o I'O-t nJ.ipti't to each and evi'rv cue awaiu that there are nu two i-asos ixnelly nlil,e. llow tar ,ti'e- h.u nin m'ril lik , ir..,i el,,,. In. ns rt-sldcJ In ihl-, i!I.i"-i. In- ivo ,1 1 tfinsi t'ilii,w,li' "il'init lo iho' ilc.-i ion .' nil eiilmhlc-iie I and cniiTliil iiblij', for bo t-eividont it in i-l he arknmvlcJied V Hie 7)C0Vle lint li t.i I' n rr nu. ca 05 where o;ber had l.uled. tcct 1 i ' STUOrSGS & Co.. DKAIiHItS IV KOHHIRN & DO JIUTK! O Icr, at Miniificinreis iricc?, 2.0t) cross IMtf.r.IlU:'! Hcrcw, ..() ilnz. Ulal.t's, nMincu sizci, "() ,;c. Dual- Units, i'.c. jus r l'UDi.isttr.ii ! r.itr.AT,im:Ai, ish-imiint. First American, from llietcnlh r.nlish Edition. SELE-M ANAUEMEN 1' And cure of Pulmonary Consumption, and all nisnsns OF THC CHEST ASH IXKOS. Of London, Ki'Khnd. Willi a pnilrait "f ibo Author, and I'mrnings ilhis iratuc nf tho Anatmuy of tha Lungs. Price milt 25 cents. THIS work cvinins a hrrTind distini't de-prln lion of Hie AN TO.MV OI-'TIIH t DUST AM) l.rXOS nn o none nf Or. Ilui'lian's 11 1 0il f .V SUCCKSSrtJt. mi'lbod oftrriimj CV l., CVibV, Ailimi and Co!ininpiiou--nn nccoimt "f his NIIU' AND I'OW r.Itrt'l. ItP.MI'.nV and diicctioiis f. r SIM'-MANAUi:.MENT AM) CUKE, adaplcJ to popular use. It is llie result of nearly Twcnlv Year's praetlec and cxpcrnntiit in ibn Cily of London and tin- com liioel cMn'ru'ni'o of the inosl learned l'hvsiciins and Stirecons of III" a. forming n perfect Manuel of Medicnl Jnovleiljs an I Ailvico in rcla'ion lo 1 lie An-itomy of the I.unc, Iho hun, bymntoms. Treats menl and Cure of I'uimnmrv Complaints. Tln wt'ik and llie Treatment v.hich it reeouitncnds nre held in llie Inchest pos'ihli- esteem m Greit lint am, ns iho cxtincls from puMi j iurnnl, which nre riven in Iho Appendix, will n'liudamlv show. Dr. II lelnn trulv deelari lint v ilh tins Mnifilo Gmd a Confumplira pilint may ila more Jor himself t mn ny oriltnnry pliysictaii tan vo, ly any oj the common meinour o; prari re. 1'iihlisbed hv I). E., 130 Wibineirn street, lloston, and sold ty n'l th.- Ilooksclkra and dealers in new piihhca'iono in Hit' U. t'rice 23 Ccnis per copy the usuil discount to the rrndo. -old in riiirlinrton, by PKCK it SPEAR ; .Mml- peitr. S. K. Ci'Ll ins: nnd hv iho Hot Iisellers n- ennv. liso uy u. li. n.Yiuiii uo, innoos.i rath. VI. Let not onlv tho who are sulnect to Comnbints lcidin to ibis diease, I ut those who nre in r.mirer from il (consumiiiion! pciusafj'.tbfullv this imporiant antnpp'eeia'p-j woru,: iuyi S IllOO ihlt... I.l,ll..trt ll..... l.l 1. Dr. Siniili eoiiini ,e to keen for snh-. nl rcdnrttl prices a vreal v.inety nl llolaoiVo, I itrn'eppc mil ....... n ,,,- n-,.'m-., oii'ii invi- ikvii vraceil 1 y mil- lion ol pin-on. in Iho Umed Sniio- lir in ire sii innl titulary in removing di-eav, tlnu liny ntlier uiu.wn niiioiia men, nu I when ni-cnmoniiie I hy iho ni-inin nl In-. t:ioelro-M.i2iiein. Jlnidioio. the ufl'eit as Iron nio-i a-loiuh lis in n in ilinudo nlei-es. I'wt. bniiih wu'ild nl-ii lej leave lo inform lie u'.lic ilial he has l. rclia-fl nl Doci.I'.ohtv the ruin to inanidaciiirc nml -ell tin. Uan.Msg's highly cc.c Ira e I nnd invaluable THVO or Tllltlin good vnr!:mn nl l'i- Tin r.nsi- JL n-s.. VILAS U NOYI'.S. I!irln:;ln, Min-'.i 5, 1311. SOCIETY NOTICE. Tlia believers in the Abraliamic faish, in B".r ling'on and virlnitj, who are desirous of form, ing themselves inio n Universabst 'j.iricly, are requested, and prncrtly desired, to m?i t in Mr Leonard Joh'inuc't' nehnol ioo-ii, mi .Mondaj cyeninir next, at 7 o'clock. At which tim: the building of il.e contemplated Unimrsalut Meet ing Ilous.1, wil. be tul;en into coot deration. L'Jl theru bo i general gaibenng of the friends of Gnd' imparlial grace. DiO'il, In th's town, on the Ht instant, Mr. Pste.i Co. aT, ajed 33 jvars. In Underbill, Mirch 1st. CuAntOTTE L r.cRxuAM wife of I. 1). Il.irnhain, aged 23ycirs nnd C uio.-iilis. ERT. 1 r.spr.CITULl.V nninunee 10 llie 'r.n. cri7.,',is cf J i. r.urim 'loo. Hint Miry m! l'iic a ' DM KitT nt in? i;.rTivi tsiunu:, on wcilncslciy Kvenin?, Mireb Will, nl 7 o'c'o'k. Tl''i:F.Ti fents-fir talo at ilia Amcrktn Hole! ami at the lij i1; -Mores. riMIP. sabs X Taiern ' .iihir nd'rs fir sale h's will Known --Ian 1 at ll-ehinnct eenn r and whirli hus 1ii uepi for scviral veirs nisi hv C. II. lliin'innlun Ksq. T'la pi i-o Ins inmy advintages superi ir lo nn oilier s'and in Iho r mniy, Ii on'.' on lli lornoike, 13 imli-s Iron Uurlnaton, and in ibn lino of iroiel .from MidJleb iry in'.ier nod Cniiibridire. nnd aia ft-:t ihi Surtt'ts nro-in I which mtli 'is much of t lie unine-ii of ths s ino'incJiu towns. The O ntral i J i, loeiK I iuihi.1 1 r d of the h rise, and w hen completed must I, i i, a dep it w i bin 10 rods of It. 1 he Inns? is well an I fj'll.ful'y limn of line'i, and is liriioatideommodioiis; there nio ihne Lirce horse tirn, well inn-hcil, nml li.o laie tpui t-'ovls and niber SMinhle out hui'dines and one ncn- of hn I, nil of which will he sjld cheaper, m icwof its ritiiusK value rati meoiii, linn nuy oilier prop tiv H Wes tern Vermoi.i. For terms apply lo tlK- suhsenber near lac prumscs. noisniT nusrr,i.. P.ic'imond, March 3, 1810. 40,3 CHAtaHiiras ?5. its atcee 07 Villlam Street, Opposite Plait Street, NEW YORK. SoheVli lha attention of Mrrchinls nnd others to his entire new styleof SELF ADJUSTING STOCKS, A OKXOWI.r.DKKO tiy ihos- who hue os Jl iheni, to lie sjperi r lo nnv tiling yel imented for ibcnei-k, nnd pnsesshi minv iidvi'iinetsovi r I ordtiiM , arii.-ie. 1 n simp no I i..n '.le n-uiiiy .it larhed lo stoeUs are ihieosivl w n't n-vl a rpiirii sah s itiilni in Ihtir pirn e winch it I'.nnly, mil HI i. much mire easy nnd co'iiforiuliV t" i'ie m ilnu the old Fiy'e. It i3 also s i con-lr icieit lint whin on the nee1-; u exieily rvsemhles i ncaily t t'd. and iho rase with whu-li it is nd -sled lo thoneek and tam olf, rves il i (;rt ndvanUEO over a cravat or the ordiniry s-o"k. On I lie i hole, il - supeiiority over all others fir neit ness and rouveuit'iice, is biicii lint Ihe mhseriher, in common with (hose v. ho Imeus-'d litem, is confijent that thry will superseJo any ibinj of ibo kind yet in- Thedemand for the above nriieles linee ibeirintro ducion, lui tucn sueh ihn Ibo eubs.-ril er would sug gest lo incrchvit, hi, .leilcrs Ihu piopricty of ihcir CJllinji anlrjiimnin!; ,hcm soon us convcmcn, fur llnir arnvnl in ihe my C. It. II. would nlso snie lint bctia, now on ban 1 situ is convamly nddm5 iherelo hy tale nrtivt's, and hY '.If.rnr.V"""0' and eueus.y'o as- nfsioe' ,,0n ,., r0,hr i,otm9i cloves, suspenders, under r-,m . f '?' iicrehief.. oiled lk. ciwn., tir, &c'; all . f liriiiji on your Wood. fTtlir. Ii'.'liest m.irl.ct prieo will bo paid for cood JL ubm ,. ooa, in nooils, nt ihe laMcsi ran prices, i.r ,. & i;. i;. u . . Corner cl Jla'n nnd Walcr sis. ? r..arrh 5, 1510. ( Koatlifirs !, and HLNt IViibrrs irirranttd a good v-J ntncle,) ron-ianuy in uairt ntio ler ,a'e i-v Vil.AS CC AUV l,. ilareh -I, ISiO. -10 150 Mardi GROSS .Matches, lor -ale by 1,-1S10. Vilas &, Kovr.s. 40 Stispontlcrs, 9f If I "u' "ll Sjspen-'er. vv. " i.ia-uc uo Mardi I, ISIO. For sale I r VILAS &. .SOYiy. 10 3 Dried Apple?. TONS Dried Apples, ror nlo l y VILA'S ,f- NOYF.S. Mareb -i, 1S10. -10 Cotton Tlircud. 1 fUtlf LIIS. Cotton Thread, a-i.'d 70'. & CM JLJyV 800 iloz. Spool do do do March -1, 13 IG. Tor talu l y VILAS & KOYIS. -10 OnO PACKS Amei Mar PACKS American Pin, no i or sale ny VH.A-3 c NOYEJ 1. 1E40. dO Hut a ptiyttrtan may nretcct 'I'o noiiro e'en a eu(1(l tfleet, Unless ihe caii-o n he snppo , " Every day brings something New." m IlOtJOtl thi U an old yet it Is a true snylnff, nnd J is proved by the numerous cures of pimples liivMm', lliishe. ol'ilie f.ue, &r. cVr. per lorimd I y the far l.tuied " Circassian Lymph." To those who dontit Us virtue, h. in beds of ruse- ran lo hown where the nl oie ruinpl.iinls were i n'-clually cured. Agtnlt, ll.Utl.lMITON & IlKOTliElt. Cheaper than the Cheapest. BEST Coloene In ireat lollies for SO.'ls, excel lent lor Ihe 'l'oiltt nnd for u-u in Rliitrunr, &e. f-e. 40 IIAUIilMlTON .f- IlliOl'IU'dt. "?V llxpies..., a lie-li lot tf Wi-tnrs llalsam ol J3 WdJ Clieiry, for Conch". Cnd, ite. iS r. 40 IlAKfiLMITON & UltOTiir.llS. TNT I.OVIJJiY lii-nnt r,u hand a now nnd woll XN . nloeU' 1 u--or,nieni of I oor an I. van i .irpet- .. 4 4,ind 8-1 Oil tin h- in erou arviv nl pal- 'rrn- noil lllee-. Al--o, ju-t irenel, anew P-I til rnin-pnre.icii', all of wlueh will liesclJ ul very low pnoc-. aiaun o, ibio. w Dr. Peabotly'n Sermon, AT llie ( r linrtnon r Rev. Olncr W. It. Ptabody, nt ll.irluision, A1r4.ll.lSli. ALo, The Puritan Fathers, A Fermnn by I!t-v. Oliver W, II. IVahnly, Sunday I'ul li-liel hy Of. 21, IS I . 5. 1310. GOOIJitlCIl. Mr. Phelps Appeal To ihe people ol Vermont. Al-o, (Sac, Slave's Reply ToPemtr.r Phe ii's Appeal, for nlL hy .-.ii o o, 1011, i;, ijuiiiilvlil. ST. NiOIIOLAS HOTEL, 28, Cuurllandl Street, Ncio York, Formerly lrnotva a3 tUs Czcltanrra riitei Jfr. -A r r!''cn!y lii"il inio iho hnn u J 1- of Mi's-rs. Wcmmcll & itm- Killirih Vy. It iswiibiua Miori di.iamo JiJS-fiy4 ".' "rjauway i inoMieunlioat l,an. w1-"-" diiiifs, and nf Ihe prmeipal urceu of lie cily where Merchants from llie country do their business! on I for pleasantncs, tf loeation, ga I and commodious rooms, iiuutnc's nnd e iinlori. no linnsM in N'uw Yuri; is I eiter situatel. Mr. Dum. pbrey was fo irlcen yean in the employ fills friend llio Mossrs llovvarls. After nrclaeru under such of Ihe an. In) undtrslnndt il. nuJ Nor hern Gentlemen will not l.c diinppoiutt-.i cither in hi-ir or his prices. ' Joii.-t," ns he w.t familiarly r-i lei, is at-qualnti-i witu ino-t m llie u i moss mon 01 ver moni. and if ltio.-e ceollemen will rcmemher to eal npo 11 kirn, and ara tli-atislicl, then his " r'ht band will have forgol in cuniiiiii.V The ho t o has I cru thoroughly rrpnrel andlioiulif illy filled up. Until comfort nnd i-onoiny will ,e eonsulled by makms HIS noopi luril niuj'l'ili pia'-c. sUJ Petition toSitl .and. .',,-,.. . . . . ... . li 1 .1 1 1. ui- i-j;jo.vv' 1 A T a session UI-TCICT or OlIlTTCXPEX. h,. ( rVol iho Pro I ate C mri held at llurlm .ion. u-nhu, .,,! r,,r .! dislriel of Clnl'uiulen, on"heirrood tlay of Mnreli, A. I). 1910, toiiies Oscir I', llollalurd. of Shelhnrn, in slid ilisUiccuiidiau ol Cnlhc rine llohihntl, orsai I Shelliurne. a uiuior child of Mvron IloUlard. lilt- of and Shi I'muo, ilerr is si, and (iVa ill slid rourt Ills pennon, in nrilm. si lung foiih ihni Ins riid ward is m i.ed 1,1 hi r own ribl m fet-of tin fdlowiuj ih scrib ed pirn-Is of Inn I, mtnatid in i-aid .'!i"'linrii, t,zt A parrel of Ian 1 Inn? on the s ui h s ,'e ol tho roid leadun fioni Shelhnrn iilliju to I.iln.- Chauiphuu ho'inded norihwnrilly hy fm I roid, n ilherly hy I mil of Sirs, I.ucy lluhihird, raslirardly by Cj ills Tincy' landnn I wiiniinllv hy ihe r ud leadui-' lly mnn Hu'alird's lo Lzta Ma-t-h's, coniauiiu; ten a ics of land. Another pirctl of hnd Ijingsouib of siil road leading fiom Shelhnrn wlhen in Lnl,e Cbiuiplair., hounded northwesterly nnd westerly l-y i-aid roil leading fioni Ilyinin Ilolaluril's In said Mecch's, soulbulv hy s'd roid lea hn; from Shelhnrn tnbgo In lulyhy landol Cyrus Tracy, and noriheasierlr hv hnd of Uishon Coiiisiuek.tontainin" 10 acres and 71 rols nf hn I, And nnoiber pircel i-f hn I, li i'inded cisierly hy hud of llishop Comsioc!., c I'.nhets.crly hv h'J ro."d lead ng to s'd Meocti'tf snub rrlv nnd weilcrly hy land of Ca-ni Uoh ird and northiilv bv nnd nf rrnnkhn II. Jlurc home, ron 1 mi, nir 10 acres and 41 rods of land ihil n sileof slid si ternl pireeU of I ind and Iho innsiinent of Ihe pructetl9nl frutli 9 tie, alinterevl, wotiln coneuee to the U-st inlorcsl of said ward, nn 1 prayinu said court In cram lo ssul euirdian liunso lo sell suid parnls of land, fortho nurnoecof intrstinz Ihe pro ceeds of such rale nl iuteictt, eerrcnhly to the slatute in such rase undo nnd rrovidcd i Wncsr. Venn, ilm lotirt nforriDid ilolh nppninl tho I'ocrtii WcDir.nAr ik March. 1810. for licailna nnd deci ding nn Bill peliiion, nl llm omca of ibo Heeisler nf "iu iuuri, in nid r.uilinginn, nnd uolli order linl tu iier-uns inlcrrsle I hnnotilie, thereof, iv tiuli lei- lion Of llus order, rnnl.iintnif llm Kiilistnneo nf t,nid P'tiliou, t,tcc weeks miccessivrly, in Iho llurltngton "f '":' " newpvir, printed III slid I1urbntnn, . i lunch nub lentions lo lin tirtti.-iiis tn the II ri.!,for ht,"m- "'"il under my hind, nl said "urlinjton, Ihu second thy nf Marrh, 1810. 1U Wm. WILTON, Hcglsttr. wh irh farMirpas-c- rverj thine olihe L mil in market. And l.unwiu.' that the nine ewbu-h Ins hem ti-nl m lies e 'Uon h.i'. I cen t f nn Inferior quality, v. i-uk-m uy a lad. ire, whereas il a ' l-oo I ni m-Ie had Ireii lauhhilly applied a Lure wool I have been iheu-n'i. lie has m ide arrangements lor 11 supply f.nin the ongoial f ii'torv ol lr. Iljuning, lint rierv L ite nnv Ui ptrjul ant every'fiit leneliitul hy it. The Doelor ll.eieftprt) invi t-s nil who nei'd uimhio nl the kind, 10 j-ive him u call. Let the invalid rousid.'r lint the Lire is fjr iho relief nnd CHIC of Iho liitlnuinx tli-et os. wloeh come td a I'i-plai'cnicut or wea!.nesuf lliuorjrausof ine utioj , vik . WcalncFS nf llie limist, irith thnrtncfi rf breath ; ciiigu ami rpunn rj I'lmicl : pnljnlntum 1 j the heart ; ira'mcss if the sij-j and sloi.i ach; ihjipepsia; eosiiienes mil piles; ;ii-ii:i 111 (,'te icith curvature; hrir in;; ilmcn icilh icealnuss cf the hips and foi.-ci- exlrrmiths ; and droop, ing if th". htrlij, espwially ill young ladies and children. The nl.jeel of what lollows is onlv to aid all snf. Icrers in tleeilum as to 1 o the P.iient Lice, for re! el ol Iheir nflln'tions. It i. nut-es.nrr m m- 01.1 enough on tome I't.iiipUinis, lo how iliat Ihe l.ate prepo-es 10 relieve many nip.ircnily a'lee tions, in n ralit nal .1udnal111.1l manner. ..l.t -l.UMiili.tllv rnn-i 'eietl. is n inaehi'iie. nnd ihm when lis ineelianieal leriertinn i m nnr terra io-l, Iht're fodow a natural and I'lure-mm tuif. inotlifi -.mon or ilepret intitui nfiN hinetitins, ns u nal111.1l le-mt. 'I Ins w true or ihcoll a. wi II as the hard paris. With inleiente to the rrs-tns rr rft p ills nt ihe truTiii, wo re'uar!;, lint Ihey art' all eon-ne-!ed loseiher, from ihe lop 10 the I no (f ihe I. luteal inviiy, nnd iro iimler tin- nifl ,enco nf ihnr own weight: lha! the;,-, 111 health, all mppiut each o'.lur, fitini 1 elnw upwards, not tlrmrL'inp; ciidi oilier downuar.l. This compart ula c and upward ai'lmn elurlly e'lt-tel hy the ah luminal m iseb-, when in an n -in u ami heilihy s'ale. Ol eour-e when ihe-i- ai lelaxe 1, 1 ho whole pile of or? .ins will la. I, prol i I'uiq a crncral cnnfii ion .in 1 dipl.ii't':iieut nf t,r ins and nece-sarilv imlucinz a host cf tune ionnl tV- rnnscinei'l-, in a nnv banii'.il way. I'lic-e tlrranic- inents wi.l I r nic.', nnd of eour-o nn v r irn- h'e hy re-tLrina lliepnit- to ihe.r proper pl.T i'. The ln!lowiii5 iwircs-os ome of Ihe efl'tvls of m I't-'.hirontl lifrimenloiio re!i-:alion uion tin- hotly which fa unit I 0 eiue.l I y me 'ifiiieexclu.ivily, vi. : 1 nt- w lime ni.iM. 1 1 t'ru.ius 1 111, an 1 prc-se on lite ur.mry orenn, prut'i ener n 100 littp.ti.t unt il ition of uroii ; or else turning it I nt or for wind, so ns to i-rninp 11--leiu nnd retain Ihe mine, prod ire- rrten'ion, p.v'ms too nnnv 1 lal-e rci tin id s mpose ihe kidney- tn I oa-'eWo I ; il.ey also pres nn the lower I owel, ih it it up, and Iheref y met Inn irally prtidu.-t- cniirer,ess and lurpor nl the I owcl-. There will a!-u In; eserted a pros-ore 0:1 the tittr.eis, (or womb,) er iwi'uis it downward o il of plm'e, : 1 ling ns stgppor'in!! e rds on 'ho -ireieh, prndneinsa si n e t f p 1 in, wr.uiirlius, neliin? and l.uncite.snf il.e I nvl;, pollmir or r.iw'iiir in llie roiiv, where ihe t-li-iiiit'Ut-are nliaehel, and a emit -en nofwi-oht or preslllt Ihe towerparl rd the ihe pain nl to poi Ins or her hand to thai part when walking, 1 he i.ei ve pouiir to the lower Inrdv, iriv iii' ihe function ol m'h -a 1 11.11 nnd innuno, nre o nu piesed I y ihe K.ime incnn- i.e. n pernnnrnl dot-cent of the al doiuinnl t rjrau-, roda 1117 ii'im' ne-s or fl-e ito intii'li trn-iiiveue s, as prieMu rr mil wranwlinrrpiin.t'x'endmili'wn ihchip-and lhihs ; nl-o, los of, or impelnl moiion, r-peri illy on mo i112 n -ptll in ihe iniirn'tie.,'oa-in lo er.imp, or nliiu-t rnn'ii- loss tf mini, n lowards lueh', a'l tlutic mclnn i-illv," w Inch is I rtter in the nu rain'-'. Al-o, llie KOI will hwell near uizlu, I eeau-t- Ihepres sure ohj-iiuflis. ili at-ci'nl nl the Irani-parent Pun is in to the bi dy, hut will 1 e I cfer in iho inorninir. Tho veins, also, will be swollen, nndre'ieved in Ihetane manner. lly the prea-nrc upon tl e lower 1 owel, prmlueint-co-i'tvenes-, and r,l Mrt:c inrr the liio r.-t irn t.f I loud to ihe bean, Pi'es are proibn'isl, wli-'-h aie alway reliete.l hy IiMtitc medu'ii.t'S, Tho e ore eVei- t.l pre-H-tre n the pall I l-Iow. Il'ii m- ti'.n teo tint Ihe stoma II, liier a rl t-ph-en -vdl lnv 1 1- led 1111 s 'pptutel, and are 'hanemu' .inpira'iielv from ihe.r upper hirauients, -cin' in the re-iiou uf ihe liver, a seuso ol lianmg and drauifiiur, dull pain, eautina llie patirni 10 lent over an I pr-s thai npi 011 Willi iho hand. '1 ho rrci'-n nf llie .loinni h will Is- tender an I -unkt-ii. rclrjeie I nnd (It, nn I Hie pa liunt wdl speak of "juni'in'M," - nil me, cn iwin.- and o'her li'.o ten anon-, all I r 'i i-e the orfin-bivc fallen away, nml left si ' froni-ne-s " in reali'y. 'ee liow- ueh f.eople will f irw.ird nu I wall fare ( illy, and pre-s ih" Inn 1 to tlielowerobdotne.i i -neb pet plo will also complain nl hsiiiti'irn, so ir I eleli-in.'-, nu I tli-ire s afi" e.nins. Al.r, the spleen will loilra,'gel ilownward-, prhmr on 11- upper tea men's, pnUii'iirra tlei I, il il', ln-.i.'y, rnn-i-ini prn 111 ihe -ide, -vlneli noihnu; ta'.en intern t'ly e ires ; an I oh-rrve how all llie e leelms ei t inpi'iher. lly llm mains, Hk- chanhrattm i-pulh-t tlownwirds nml ri'.i-rs to support inn ions nn 1 neiri, nun in latter will now I e fii-pendrd, t-a- sm-r a frivpieu 11 .t (erini 1 r iintniia'iMi anil eru-e tu siniana niea-. 1 ne I uitr- w ill 1 1- tlragael upon, pro luring .1 1'ispti iimu lo oin forward 1.1 sitting 1 rtan tin?. Alsn.a shii'i. 111-sof hreiili and tlrv e.i ish, mil il ill 1:1111 in ihe Lre.i t,a.i I m-iisc nl inrlinpsS wu'l lie leu. When ihiiei'Xiits ibis tlo-i ent 111 p il lie spea' ers, tl.o vi i -e is v.v.i . and ihe llirtnt -ore, 111 I'nnueeln'n ... .1. ..II ,1... ...I., c. ,,,,,l,.ia 1, iv, r. f,.ir,. I 0. , ni.,1 tin- f.illui!,' nl-o I r.ntr- Ihe I odv forward in front t f ! ihe small ol the Im 1;, or ihr 1 nil ni-, ind 1 inn an nuna'iir.i1 loicrnje on that pirt, Ulnv.-fd by 11 s mm. nii nnd wetkne s, and curvature ol ibe tpuie, w .lb (rrrii piui mid Mireue , 'I'm- alinvf. nu I oilier nniloirn is aTerliou', hive biihfrlo baffle I nil ron-tilnlional Iri'.i'iiiaui -, bin, si re 1 hey hive I ren iewe ' a s ',' an I hive Iron Irea'ed by the 'I.ue,' llu-y hue oil 1 n-n lieatel with nsinni-hiniv mt'i'f-l and we ran no v m'j u ho-t id rase- Kfinuiirly well, ir hill woll, or roinliino 1 wnh real di-etsf. leu lirinsr 11 e 'u-ine, who i-iiiiit.t enjoy h'f, or I e t-ureliwou t'onuunu punt I-ide-nl iriaiuii-ul i ntid why? 1 1't'iusn iheir "liol-e n f.illiii','ttowu," nnd hy bmdin; them up, tluir pains vnni-h, an J I'llieay 10 eternal leinoJi-'s is third y given. Those uln slioiild ivcnr tltc T.acc. Thon who nrewei'; bom lont; eolllUll'tnen, ; who hvo st.!c.i, tin- of lax hi re, r n-ilv faiined. t r w ho nre pii'-inau! t'lrdrpti.ed in .tl oriitot, t.r art 111 ei.uii iii-u, i-iitiniii niway- wear me't-; pttriiftiiar Iv all . 1 in 'led wnh nimal t-oiuiilaiii's, Wea'. nnd I ix-filn ted I'lul hen iho'-ltl al,ays wear it early, to pieti'tu iiermar.eiit ilrtopu.i; r.nd rurva'.uio id' ibe pirf. All lalirrini; under wbi.l nre ealle 1 Tfinalo' weal;- le-.e-. e llu-r nt nrofu-r. t.ainfnl or ob-trui'lcd mi 11 tr.tlinti. Ihey should ho the lnri'onipniiiuii'ut' ff wrall liuiiti4M-l. lui fr. eurrieis. n'ain-trrssf-.lnil i'-its inlly of fttualo opernlives in faetorirs, also ol la'iit-snniKi.iiiii-uii'u in ir.ivi-uimr. N, II. '1'lln.e who inav wi-h 10 tnal u trial nf ihe L iee, ran cnll nl Iho re-i leaco nf Or, S11111I1, or be will i-uiliL'inauywIicru 111 the ullage, without any n:t''iinn:ii ciinref. 1 ney may nlso I e had t flu a-.-euis Harrington if- lln-ihrr to"eil,tr with ninple tlirecinms for np'dieation, c, iVt. 40 By the Collins Company, At CoUimtillr, Conn , I O fi Axe l'oi'5cis, 10 ommm ISInclismlilic, ill) Strikers, Cartuitcrs :intl Polishers, UI) Common l.aboreis. w.i'esW'ill le civrn and steady employ ment. The ware, will I u pud MnKTiiLv'in CAbH. The Company willcoimni'i. to lure, as al ove, llirutiah the Spring, Summer and full ol tins jnr. Any ct ntui-iu teal mil s 1 0 1 ui leeriye prinurt le.i'y. Tho Superior Axes nnd oil er IliUeJ 'I't-uls, ni.w imdo hy this roinji.uiy, nan I e hid nt re tl iff I priees ol Ihe Ilardwaie lueivh.iiits in N Ynrl;, Ili'.-lon, Albany nnd Tiny. S. W. COLLINS, .Will. 20.h I'fl nnr,-, 1S1G. "3U3 New A Adv. LEGHORN AM) PANAMA HA 'VS. JOlt SAI.ll, nn vxlenive n-stirlm.-nl ol Leghorn, t I'anniiii, .".tuiiill.i, Piihn l.tnl", ''Oie-jon," nnd " Cam.h " Straw lint-, n'-u, Men's, 1 1 .' an ICIul-tb't'ii-' Cloth 1 ajis ofeirry vane v ifpnliern whnh wo are pn-,-arel uell nn very rea-tunhle linll-.nlid In Oo'iuiry Jlerc'i in'-, wi I1..1- lo p .reln-e, we o'.ler in 1 ict'ini nls unetpialle 1 I y nnv o her Iluii-e. per si n- ti iiina ihe fitv are invre'l 1.1 i-all nud fxainino 0 ir stO"l; r.f UntnL I ef ,re p 11 -In -iitr el-ewln'ie. IS. I!. We hive ,ilw tyt, on biu.l, For Caps and 1 nr.. of every de-rr plion. OAULT& l'.ALLl!n, 30-3m 120, M.11 leu Lane, row York. For .iale at. Auction, rTUin Vr.VritY of tho Co:i3reRnional Cliurt-h X will ho sold .tl Auction, nn .Monday, March 'J, at 1 o'clock, P. M. on the preniip. II. W. CATLI.V, , C. A. SLYMOLTIl, I Cc"nm rebrunry 27, 1S10. iSew (iootls. JUST received et the Variety Store, a fine assort mi'nt of Steel and Jet Ilutmns, Steel Heads and Pnrs'.Tiimir.ins, fti'.l llit',Chsp- nnd Cold Uracc Ict ('lisps, 1 1 1 ti 1'ick Co'iios, Lil'es (iold Pins, lo elbir with a general laririy t,f fmcv arliehs. j iim.NsMAin a. mioTnr.u-J. To Lt TIVH Houses in ItnrMnriim Vill.itre. L lots of Laud lor card-'ii.i wi Ti Ool Mml 1 v ilh small s nnd Cisternsof Wnter Also, tlu i-lup 011 Church sunt now O'cupied hy Mr. .la's IL Pla't osa shoe shop. Possession will bo given the first day of Miy next or sooner. ISAAC WAlt.N'Llt. Iljilingtoa, I'cb'y. 20. 39 A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STOKE. No. 1 Peek's Buildings. A genera I assortment ol School, Chslcilnnd Miscellaneous Hooks nnd Stationery at CITY PUKLS. ThcQiccn 1 f Denmark, nu Historical Novel, bv Mrs Chailes Gnie, pruo '2'a Ilrnitliwaile's Retrospect of Practical Mislifiiio and' Surirery, No. 12, July ISI3, 10 .Ian. 1S1C, ft 11 uin inp n relro-pcflite view til rtfry ih finery and 1111 irvriueut 111 the Mediial Sueniediiriiig ihe l.isl six months price ( aOe Lie ol Mon. Nathaniel Clupmin, wilh tctcrtu 11s from his miscellaneous paper.-, by his D.initl, pnee S2,C0 A Defence of Capiial Piinisbr.ient, by Hrv. flcn. 11. fherver,D.I).,and an 11 siy on llie Gtnund and llenton ol Puiiishmrnl, with spcciil rifer- in 0 to Iho Penalty o Uealh, by 'lajlor Lo is. Puce, I.eigh Hunt's Inlnn Poets, in 3 pnrtr, each works of John Keals. U mris. each Over ihe Occin ur lllimpsrs ofi'rnuliu many Linds, by a Lidv 01 ii".v 1 orn, ThoSIrp Mother, by " J itnes," in 2 parts, eirb Tho Klve,trunslit(ii from the Herman of 'Tiock' hy Thomas Caih le, TheCnckit on llie Hearth, by Dickens. Theatrical Apprenticeship nnd Atiirdolal lierol lections of Sol. Smith. I'.-q , Conadian, Law yer, etc., desians by Dirlry, Columbnn -M.1pa7.1no for March, Orabiin'o do do Lidios Nnlional do do Harper's Illuminated I'ible, No. 60 Notes of a .loiirnrv from Cornbill lo Cairo by Mic!i.ii!lAnj!clo Titmarfh, each Plulanlhropy, or my Mother's llihlc, Skntelii's Irom Life, by Laman IthiHiird, in 2 p ui, each Lord Million's Life nf Conde, Spans, rarh lliirtilt's l.rclioes n the ri'ial'-h Poel7 I'. K. Ilerirj's llnnk fif I'lni-tms, I'. s-os Jetii-.iletn llelitereti, ir.tnl.itctl by Pnir- l.ix, nt tni t4, r.n 11 ov; l-'tnrr.isltf. I'nin, .r llm I.nndni.,n mined Sttil- ni.hyMniyM It D.ui.i, 1 lol. 18 inn, iiiusbn o7e The lli.lorv of .l-din Mnrlen, hj Mu. .hei- wo'itl, 1 v. I 12 1110, TU: I he Sirp Mother, by O. P. It, James, in 2 parts (Mil 1 prirr 2"c no- 874 37 i r.n rn ; 2i 10 2", 37 S 371 37e, Il'e CO- C0j SELECT SCHOOL. 74TISS Ti. 15. STACY will enmrnnieo her Spring lii. Term 011 Mon lay, the lClh of March. S. hol ara arc c.xpcatcJ to enter ut ihccommcncemcnt of the term. TnnMs: r.nah-h, 53,00 to 4,00 I'rench, 1 00 Draw ins, 4,00 School Itooin one door We-t of Msr.Ljngwerlhy's, up stairs. II, illusion, Feb. S7, 1310. tO Doctor 13. Crain's PATENT SI'INO-ABDOMINAL SUIM'OllTliK ! THISlni'riinicnt. so.juslly npprri incd, is brine introduced into Ibn fiction ol the Union, ibtniij-ii the influence or Medical Clcnlleinen, fur the rcht f nnd I'criunriint Curonf tho tinny riiseises nrisins fioin the orhnnnl coinphinls fir whudi this rrlchraiid Siipporlrr i mtentlid. It is bibeicd, this nrtiile npires to becomo the Lslnblishtd Suno. Abdominal Supporter of .Snriipry. l.xttmled notices willnnpeni in the future nniul ers of th.s piper. Stilijiintd, arc llio mmrs t f a few" uf our PbysiUJiis, hy way of re comiiicndnusn. This miy cerlify lint wo hate examined Doct. 15. Croin'a Spinal Supporlir nnd are tleridedly nf the nl'iruon. ihrtt it is llu1 best article we hair scrn. lint has brru introduced is a Snunl Supnorter, w hue nt lb .Bine lime il "ombmcs all ihe abiloui nit -ui url ofotiiei tnitriimenls. Charhs Hall. M. D , Horarr Hatch, M. D. Th. Chim'ii.-lnin, M.f). A S. Pitkin, M, D . l)r"in-inior nt ,inti"i", Mednt 1 Collicc Casif ion, Vl. M ums Swnm, M.I) .l.ilin Liuerj, Jl I). Lnrl, M I). Thu nppoinicJ Agents for Ilitrbiiitoii and veinity am .Messrs. PLCK ei SPLMl. 1 lib January, 1515. Valnahlo IJenl fvstatc. rPHI5 "iibscri'itr leina abmit 10 remove X 1'ron Ibe ullage uflltuhnqtnn offers s lor sate the Ho isp.Iiarn nml Lot. where IJ;l5ri Ii'1 now lives, on Iho corner ef Pearl nml .,.vusaj champ am streets, slid will cue pests slon llie first nf Apnl iiaxt. All percons wil.ine; 10 P'irtlnso Heal Ilstaie in ihe ullage may find a rare clnnre fir a baienn by cihuif! and cxauuiiirii tor ib-msrlves. AISo, 40 q .niter aero lots, inst of ihe north end uf Champlam street. WM. P. IJRIOO-.S. IVbimrv 2j, If 10. 39 Inlormation SVaiitcd. A YOU.VO M N by ihe inma nfJOHN THO't-J- AS PATlT.i:, leu St Johns, Cnnsth, ill 1R31, then ah 1111 17 )riis old. Ilia fnruh hue not hcatd fi n:n him i-iuee, nnl should this meet the rto of any who can :ie any inlormitinn eourern.u' lum by nd dre'iiie hi- wnlowetl mother, Mrs. Mnv l'ATTcr, of lliirhiigin-1., ihev will confer rpon her a Rum i.nnr. copy. I: A' O T I C n IS bere'iy piven, that the ropirtncrib p heretofore cxi-tine; under ihe tirm of uitioHT n.r.rciint, w ihi- day dis-uhed by iinuual eon-en' W. WP.IOHT, 1). I'l.I'.l'i llI.ll. As there is trouble, del is due 10 Wright ft I'ictehtr aie not 10 be pail except the rami's 1 1 pre f .it. d. i'llk 1? n n n o iTb n i? n n i? rnilll mi Ii-rs'cnol wnuld it--pei'if dly nolilV the J. pulili that ibo books nf the hue I'.rin of II'rtgi( ij". I'icUtirr nie in b s, hand-, a- Ihey nl nht thuuld le, nnd Ihni he will intend In the settlement n! ihe -atne. Tho-e indibled are rif'ti,e''l toeal! and ad-i'i-i iheirnfounis imiuediitclv. Tln-nalv "iro'ih'n'' there i- in tin- matter, ciow- 'nut of' ihe fat t Mr. l'l.r.Tcunu has po.-l etetl the finitls of llie p'iriuer--hip, and ii'lmej to a.'cojut for ih" -..inn. WILLIAM WP.IGIIT. Iliiilinslon.Tcli.lT, 1810. A CA DEMICA I, INS Tl TUT I ON. J. S. SPAl'LDINO, A. It., I A-soea'el Prin t IIAIILK C. IIISP.LI5, . M., I 11, a'R. Mrs. .1. S. SPM'I.I lUi. Priveplre.-. Air. S. M. IIASSL'IT, Tcmbirt'l 51 Mrs. S. M. UU'Nl.TI, 'IVnehrr nf Piano Musie. Mr-. O. T. 1101 fillTON, Tiatlur il Lin l-tapc I'.tintoic. nnd Per-pce'ive, Mr A, WillTCO.MII, Teacher of Pennnn-hi,,. H11II. SPUING TJ'IIM commences on Wiilno-day, L Mnri'h -1. aticn.11,11 will le given to tlio-n do-ictiiu? to trieb. Tho school is firnifhcd wi'liu siipcr'nr anpantus liK'l idin an Aehro'initic' Telcafope, wnh 'L rre-lrtnt and Oi-Ic-nsl power-, -iiTteifii'lv Lire;.-10 leinVr i 1 I li-lhe Nebti're an I ihe Itincs, lli'lts'nnd .l'l lire- nf the Planet-. A'Ct id'Hiaaiaois 1 lu Iratm.-I! it any, Irnin 1 lit.- pro-re-s t,f ?t rniuriiii tl to ihe iim-i hovut. Id spec ns td llowrrs and trees, a Tele.-iopie K.ileid-11-1-11,-1', c e. Liv'ure. 1111 seh'nl hei""ni, N.ii'U'.il Philosophy an I Chcmi-lrv w.'h rxneiinioiu- will bu given. 11 ok-nie f irui-hed ly the Ilo-.rl, fioni Sl.tiO to $1,23 pir week, including Fooin, Woo 1, y 11 1 waiunr. T 15 K3IS. iuuli-h M ranches, CO to C3,.")T I niuungc, ! 0) Pniin, S00 Mil ..Von, C.f'J Mu-ic. I."') P .111111111; and Drawinc, 1,S0 to 2 00 Sl'nl 0.v::i.S, .Secretary. Itakcr-ficld, Icl. 4, IP 10. 37j Tlic ilitna Insnranco Company, or Hartford Cimicc't tit WITH A CAPITAL Ol 030,0:0 rtON'TINXT. In in- ire iigi ns: 1j. cs by lire, o r il,,. tn-tst rnn.nnnlile ' Tin-. lil-.O. li. SILVW Aobst. Ilnil'iigloi', IV'.. G, IF 111. Klias Lyman HA rcciivcd by I xprrss a new a !.! linn lolii'it tensive stock of Drv (loods-inrlti 'in? a great voi it-ty ol Punts, which ho o .er (cry ccap, Ii nlin' ton I'eh. 12, IM6. irn!ra It ( SjJ I'r.rin for 42i 63 j"ini)A'rr.D nn Ilrown's river, in I'ssex Vt., con 0 timing 1 10 arrrs. There is Si aeres nfinterts!--nn it. 5U nf which is now ine.i low hnd. a good firm b nise, 3 Inrns nnd she!, n aood enrar and niipl ort'hird,an Ian a' undance or water and is nm-nf Ih hiet 'nrnn in llio ro u.ty for i dairy. Also, 20 inns 01 Iny. A tari onlv, ul the purehise money will be required at the'time i the si'e. AL0, A d.tePine linns", sho'i, birn, nnd luir acres rf hnd, nn which is a i." od orrlnttl, Ivinn in ihe village of Wibiston, fcr sile low and on a bherhl crulit. by Will. 1. 61.1 MUUlt.. ,0. IB'.u. 35tr wn.iiisrorv isjfjn tLnoo:i . a d Fornnlo Scniiiinry. rPITn Fnrinr 'lrm nf Intlitu'inn will com JL inenco on Thurfd.t fel'tiuKV l'Jih. uniitT tin1 clnrL"1, fia liPrrlnforc if J. lA M.W, A. M. the rendition uf l'io hc!i. ol m pn)?prri in, ii'itubpr of pu pils hrcv, siml lii" pnnp.'t s f r I In f:itiirj iJattrnnp. TIip i;i!-iniuiifUi i hcl evil d l.c cfiitirit nnd llioi otitr'i. It H in uifitnnl prru'p'Mv f til1 IiiMiUitnn tj IratI tho p'ipil i) fnr a pncitrnltW , lo li t ) i.Htrut'i an'l cvrtj lu iic-!J. 'Vv rcnilrr- lui stu.lifs p!n ant, nml ruaurc sneers. Tho fin iin-n for the ncrpii pi.i'in nf mtiirnl fifienct. nrf untniti!y irO'l. 'I'hf Principal possttrs a hrf IIit'l-Iic'i'iii Tflesenpo of Hiipenur q'la'ity, with i.thirexef lleni apparatus v.h cii lie v. .11 u?o for the .civ ut ol hc "luJents. T V I T I () S , I'or the principal liranclua, ST 00 " hiifhr " -J 0.) " L-tttmnrrf, 4 30 Hjartl cin bo oht linn! nt from Ct,2j to 1,50 rfr wet !;. influ Imcr wh'iinj-. iVc. lt ih dcbirahle tint tho p who nmicipTte attending, slKiuid commence nl tho iaimiiri ol wieq'iarior. Wdhston, Jan. 2hht 35'. 1 I'liriingion. .fan. ou, i VILAS fy NOYP.S, WtlfLO inv.m il-o ntlrniim of M:rchnnt3 nnr. J'cihars who tiny wish t purHnec Arnencin I'nnli. O'rtttm'k now ns the laiLti si and nto-t drsir able rrr olf -red in tins mirkct, eonsi?tinir of n ei" grrit irtri"iv of pvn i us. and a' nt nrw anl very ttt.v S.IV1CP. 1 lii-)' were pun infif at a time wticnih' ayen'fl wire cK-s.ii ' lln'r I'ad business ,nnd the own ers of llie roods were onsiutl In MAKII SAI.KH wlu'di t-n llde I us to ttl lain Ihrin nt lesi prices than ihry had hem prrMnnslv iltl. In this w.iy we oh laioi-d nn.advauincp nf fiom tine lo Iwo cents cn tin yard, on "nine Mjh , nnd puis it in ny power to tn..l them as cneap as trr lotiDirs in .ew i uru. vve would soiieit n call trom nil wislunijto pur Inse, end we do so fuNj cnnfi lent that we sell ihetn upon die most Iniurablc terms. Please call and sto lor vourstltes. Hurl iiTton, Jan. S3ih, IS IB. 35 nr. .Soutlurn nnd Western papers wuljileaPi Jurlinfiton, IV'. IS, 1510. 3Dw3 IS'icti Tali la At Vinegar ! I'Ki ic it splau's. Pot aloes ! ! I OA nUSIIl'.LS in prime order, fir rule bv I tiU L. tV C. KOLLLTT. Pub. 23, 1S1G. S9 New (iootls atN. I.ovolyV. JI'RT reee.M-I nu nssortinent of Kuw Styles of Prims, i.l o (.'mm ll.-.r.igr, Drab Co'lan Vi lrt-t nidi Perrm iln'c, Hl.u'l. Whel nibhnn and oilier Kail" Oooil-, nil if v.'hi.'li nre sellinj at jjieat lar-p.iin-. Ilii inelon, l ib. 10, I? 10. )cnn ('andlos; , Pl'IiP and etind nrit'de nine In' found at HAR- ii. m.i;'io. & niiomr.u's th,. i,,we-i e.i-b prce-. I-a, Tanaiy fc'iet, Vsllow Ibrd Seed, and Cullle Fill llone. To tlio Ucaf. TO thnsf who nriMronblcl Wii'i OcifiK , nnKinr, j.i tho K.irnnd a Nw-c u-ot w.itor (t'Ihu, t-i'l an 1 prtfirc n h(i1 nrii't fnr Ii I-'- 'nt hi IIAlt ItOTO.N Uliuninrs, nnd r.M b) f idi-ldy fpend ilnl I.i rs lor aivcr!i.tJ U mi'i !, Shawls AN almost cnd!es variety of ShuvN, of bonitit ilo-isfiis ant patii'rn-, unions whii'h may le fouii 1, Pplrndtd all wool t'aj-hiutri'-, I, join IIiocln', PauurA, plain de laino, A-o., i.c., u .ore'.! a; a "mall adviniu irum 'ost,by N. I OVKLV. Hoard. JOl'l! Olt rir.PF.RSOSeanlc,a--c-)mmolal-JL iil wi h guo I llo.inl hi npiilyui'. nt llie Collage, I'lTiirr id Chain,! uin in 1 IVa-I stieet-, II irliiiR'ou, t'V'h. 13, ISlfl. 33.v3 I lour nml lor .nlu ' v II. WIIURI,!-.!!. nun i.ikc;ton" fplU: NLXT TJ.UM in iliw bnntvv wi I L iticnoc on the 3 I d.iv ol M.irch IS 1 A resninr and M'-tci;iatic t'onia' uf -luJy .ibo it to be ado tied, and it try douabV thrii ,mtiil- wh iniond tatrr t i r d irins ihonoxt (tie month, envr at tin com iiiL-n-enHMt ol th'-' i-imiini; Toi in, nn thr '2 1 of -March, ouiv bid L3 f.ui imw onjov peculiar adwuitaar fur acQMirni;; a Know eJjre ot Mnir, Dr.iwiti?, Pnint a? in on or witter o'ors, an i oi ti.c rretuti un Siiauc. Thirty-five yo'i!i ladies ran h aninmolatcd witb Itfiurd, room-, and all the convi"i fence for ttid iu the Hi ininai 1uiidi'rtlic mime baiu rare cl'tl.e tea h it-. Afcw aeanoK'-, few oaly.rLma..i to Le tit le I. T i; li MS. Hilf jatiiblc in advance. Tuition J nelich (iratu-hts and I.aii.i, pur quarter, S."00 " lunnMiiie. 8 00 Ir Hirmiient tor practice, - - 2 CO " Dm wins. -1 00 " " IVlmh-Ii, 3,.VI I'oinl, in-tudinjr feci, i?ht, and all tin tt nvrn-in-f-t J.-r "lady in lar-'e an I well t'lrm-slied room, $-2 perwie, or 23 per t mg!e ol t-Icun u'.l., tiiebidiu? washing. Ieb. ICdi, lBJu. 33 .IKTvVIT.N Mias 1'lcmn :ne'3 5?rhnnl nn 1 the ( !inirtllniip .Smnrc.a Muic lloo- fir ihel'nno, l u ti uttT win ).lcie j:ie not. -e at tloiOJiKC. niirlinsd n, IVbrunrv 13, Sli. NEW ESTABLISHMENT! rpNK untli'run.nel haie rpeni-l tlii shop as .1 per J- ruanciH Im a .nu lor Im- -n'r ot Mil 'IH an I lr''It'lT!, BI3i;i.Ii' and IltllVV IIAItDlVAItn, Paints, Oils, Wir.Jmr Class, Orn-Stviis A: lir.ocF.aii. V.V as-ure our frimids and lie nub!,.- ireneralle nni incv can it- -u niiru w..u at-icii". in ineaoovi branchi'-, at as low raic, lor same n ubtivs, as ai anv 'i nu- n ijuiuiog inari.i'ts. ii . ii. 1 1 a 1 11 Oi i;o iJ, HAH rrinoivd bis nd !hV Sluiji lo th.- M'lii'e bii'ld hj; on iVli'c:? -tre', neir Ohuridi -trert, over 1 Ills it Oh irehN t.iverv S'n' b-oi'ii-e n,i I tp in site the I-'rcc lViii otTi.'e, win in will le lo.ind on lunJ SOI'!.l'S, I 1 Rt'NKS, IHltMl'-sn3, VVLI-IS, llllll'Ll.t;. I CAlltT.T HAGS, Willi's, tf-e. a rbr-ap aa hcclofare. I'u'l uiul ie". Hiir'inton, Jan i.iry B, laid. 32 Cnsli T1AII) for EMPTY I'lo ir fliml 1 Meil.iil-o li'i-d f. naulctiid lmri iv'.sn, isib. nsu ii lt. P.PLETCIIEIl & CO., wnoi.r.sAix utiAixiK i.v WEST I1?CB5 0A GliODS AMI GS.CO. ALSO sw;?.i;,f- i:t:ri.'F.n on. ovai.u tctsns, ria. 3 siHaoriaurc' now, II. l'". li'lrtdier, j. 1.. V, lllpplo 150 Jan. I1 ti t) 0 r . UriAMS Wrapping Paper, s.di, (III o Lctlor do Tor rain bv vilas it novi:s, 100 3, inis. Vantotl, AN IPPRnNTICL AT THIS OITICC. Whoro is llio best jil ico to buy FOR CAS in THOMAS C.WALES' STORE. DOSTOfJ 19 Hi oad Street, corner of Central St., Iti ibe only entire Cash Wliole-alcan I JoLLiiigr Ilool mil Shoe Store in Ho, ton. All tin- other- bov nearly "II and ri ll inoslly on credit, but Wn'es stu-l.s lotherata fys'cni lotti 111 mjinrr nnn iriiiuir, uiul runsi'tiueiiili- ran nnd wii l l a orrat deal low ei prue than anyotln-r tinier, cilher I v lb' ' a-c or ilosseu, i ry nr'i cm 1, anu you win hny us i no, nn ins roxiTASTLV ov IIAN'n Alt hinds qf 1'ashiona'ile custom made Hoots and Shot. Maii'ilncturetl f, r rrlailinc in ibo New llnslaud Slate-. Al-o, a nrrit variclv of low price Klioi'. All id which havu Uv-n I onshl intlilliea fcr ('nib at Im iban t'ot, nod will te o'.d In bus 10 u.tit iiurrbaii ri- nl n euinll I'oiiimis.u n ovrr ihu neit e.uli eo-i,nnd 111 many in.tancea le.slbau the Jlanufacltirinff Co-t, Also, Larsro Loin on which ho has ndvanctd nionev, nn 1 M'bii-li inupt be kold for Cab, in tots to suit ths couury trade. ot itu mott liny wdl brine. Go and 1 41 kirn and you wilt never rcpentit, 39in3 I VI,. 1, MB. inin DRYGOODS.JOBBIfJGaiillPOilTING HOUSE, JOHirCOH Ci CHAIIZJOT. Nos. 12 and 1 1 .tllil; nt,, ltoston, opposite I''edcial tsllicet. WOULD rail the nilention of the Iradn in this vii'inilv lo the r laree ntnl well nasorttsl Siorl.. whii'b i 1 1 o'liii-J lower than New York once.-. jcreasb oriredit. coMrnmso ix r.nT, DOMLSTIt.'S, . rOKLIO.V GOODit. iiravy nro siu'Ciings 01 v, line uouis ami l.ineni all -tle Ltbl nud in e tin llraty cc llu'ht Sbiilimrn, Hleailii'd Ul.tvlin0- and illlUllllt OidM Cauibrii's., Ki'eci.if, llrnali-ltlli.&Tueod-, I'.i.iry and plain Oa.ii- ini-r-, Ot e-l 111s, Plain and hincv S'tluicts, t'til'tl uiul 1W Drdliusa, l it'i.inu nn I olnpi-s, nfenrv I Alpa.'-as, Oiit-au.-, IdJi- niiiii . Iliiinlinzinrsj I)o Mctro ( 'luili., I'rcncli & Hug, Mirinn-, Velvets. Ditr.sH ooon. JL Ito L lines, Cn.'b. De l',.,.....n I...-.I...1 a, v...,,..,, ,114, , llcpl Cubiuerca, I'nntisl Lawn--, Lunn fiitniluuis t . . co-in ALL WHO ACE SUFFLTiINfJ FUO.M PAIN, I!e Ciiro.l without t'liaise or i:'c:iic. Il.e rreulrst llrmratj trrr Known fur a:! the pains uhieh il pn-fisses .1 cure, ti-ill he giwn (Iralie to the afflict ed ic.'io cannot afurj to pur. chase, hy applying to !?23 ltttOAIMVAV, New Voilr. pAU'llNS LOTIOX-Tlu1 Lotion was invented li (euiie)t'irs a , anils ihe pro lu 'Hun of a ci- den'al ili-i'..ii'rie-, itidi'tl ly sl.tll on I experience. 'Ihe orieniil tic-urn nf it wassolelv f r the inven'nr own 11-e, but no Mjotier li 1 1 11 Lerntuc t .s:ubb-hc I 111 h nri''l'ce, ilnu t'uo'.i rirs lrjiau 10 le untie, hv tho Ir.i'ild- of liui-e who had I ct'ii I eiiefiltrtl bv its virtues, where it tuibt be prne inl. Thus Us fame to spread Irum individual 10 inJindual tinid 11 bei-auie hnowu .1- a necr f.tiliniri'uri', in 1110. t of the lurce citits 111 lb' Union, Wnhoiil puiln, nr Il.e 11 d t film n il lie nie., it baa at'u mod Us own re'ebrnv an I fo'ind ns way into publi fivor lis an unuvidied ini.i exiraor.iinary 1 nun 111 mo euro 01 many 01 llie it's lu i tucn nie ul'et-. In e.i es of flint, lthe ini'itisiii, S.vclhnas of nl kinds, Oiblo.'ation-or I'rac'urrd Hones, Ilnu c-,C .ts Contu-inn- atteniled with pniu.inl intl.iin.1111,11, Poi 0110113 llites nn I S mas, U'ir..3, .SealtL. Chill la-nr. Corn-or It ininn-.nnd 1101111 1-nfeveiv rcst'ri.iiiou it a ,ird.s an 1 letlute and rieriuaiii-nl relief. It is pel haps ihe only artn le th i can be depended upon in ibe t ine of llin-e pains in the bad. nnd tide, seneialU pr.iducol bylalin roid ulur Mi'lenl exrrlii-n untl overheating. Tor (il.iiulular Tuuiors, Lunibao. l.rvi-ipo'as, letter or Kinwnrni, and all binds v rrnntiiina of ihe S. in, 11 i- a inn-t evc'ie 11 remr Iv Tor .'"ever and An ic. Aaue ill the Hrra-I and Tai't- t'ramp in the fttt.inarlir, and tlead.u-he, 11 in'ts like a charm. Ilnl above all, in llie e'-re oi 'renditions and Can ular ininnes, Stnaiu-. and Woun Lol every tie eription, it .bow-111 a ino-t luluni-luug manner, us in.i'ji -ai power. In addition to ihe lenian infloeni-e the Lotion ex erls over tho aeeidems and intiruuiit's uf man, 11 ha been found unless valiiaheui ninilar 11. its to wlni li inli-nor animal, nre snbiect, par,'y llm llor e, who.e i.ilue nn I u-clalui-ss t.eunnds Ihe par tic lar eaie ol il owneip. In mine ea-e wlureil liau been nnnhel In ihiskmd t'rcitura I, r idinhl luiu rie-, it In-, 111 nil luion 10 an aluinat nuMiilaneo 13 eiue, jiiien apparently new aniniaiinu and vnaivy to ihe.iniinal, (iu Mieli uneiicni 111.11 in various ei.s the wiitntnisnfa nn e has I een len lrtausl v a-entr l , ll, si in, ,!.,, ,1, it ., 111 I liannv rll'.'Ct 11 iho I.o'ion rather than llio nai iral .peejoi me aniin.u.) 11 11 is I e.omo isiually eeliiiratcii as nu 11111vvr.11 i-vn,. I..l. i:,r ,n ..nil 1 ..-il Til," ftll'owilllT a TC lltlUie C Iho l oinplainlj common lo llie horse, m ulin liil ..m,,,.l ,is sinu'rinrill'. "'.?.. . .. .. L ' 1 r ,!.. .n.lm,nsl llie l.uiit'11 is enuintie.i tutiiii) i . .......v...-. I'lannels, Linnyj, printed Orsantbes, llaUnriiio, Jran Pciiimo , Mexican frtripct,' IV". Cs C, Prints of inanulat'turo cf Mir iuiaol;. llnmiliun ec Ceelicco bu'ii. fnrn'jur. Cizzt-iw, Oliapiu, Kobe nui, ivC. Silt.!, bi ll, and i-ol'J. fi' si lid nlain. Slnvilj, C.r bmcre, llrnt b Ilainas'., M Do UUh. land, UnrcgcOni! re and Miizcppa, Also. Ob-VCii. Ilnsirrv. Princrn t ..... -.. . . . .J : . .. v ' ami r-piiiaiiield rs. IE. isui! l l . wno it ai inn nnovt. iiitunl es. Ublisli'iient, ri'-p'tfully rolicitd a call from lii Irund- lien llu-y vi-il llo-ton, I-l. 13 37jn I LOST, Chilbl tins ! ?f immc.lia'e ami prrn-.ment cure for th's n noi ine coniplaiiil. I'nr silc by I'L-K i sSITAIl -nd ! W.I1. II TC1I iL Co , WinootUi Tads. I'Vatlior.s ! A GOOD snpp'v ol Hens jV. nn liana 1 Oecse rc.itli"rs note Warranted to b" n erood ar'ir'-. .'ursal.-bv VII. VS ti. .0V1.5. II irliiietnn, Jan. l lo. 3", AUorroN SALES Eccri IVcrLirsiif nml Saturday aflt.riwon AT SIir.ilWO'HV.S AULTIO.N llOO.M, Vie-t ti le Co irt lloit-e S nre. ULMTsPAUS, WASH -.fANDS, TAI'.LKX, I.IOHT STANDS, oil Mite:, i!i;uhTi:.i)s and PORNlTl'ltr. of every ilr.ciiption will lc l.rpl is,.in iv on nuni nnu iu tn .iiiruun cr I'rtva e sa e. 1 hi- ln'i.i r ue v I irnr'Oo o 'ers an uitl itement to perron- nteii' 'u.-to ii ir ha-elotail .ind e..un nu ! e!or.' hu 1 1 : rl-eiv he. e. (Mi NiTK. r. ARUOTT, kcppH nn Innd, rt Ilarrc. a lnr?c frtiM ! i i-imct'or t-flNiTE. for luiildin pur lin n '-it i v is i'i ii It urn w hi -h thp s one a iird h.r the iiT c-l Initio, and he wi'l fill to onler, oi aiiorl no' i'p. nnv li I mi ihe It-io, with nn nr'T'o of hit if nr i MVilt'in c. Oidtra Uirniih nsetili will nr n v. i'i n3 pio 'i .-fi!teti'ioii as otiso-inl rpplica- R pust'S, lieu A Jent, at Lu, Inn S.'.l Ju'inirv. 151 ton SETII mousi:. I i h'piialorv I'owdor SO r.imons for rnuovioj Suariiljins Hair. Also, the Alien an Ilur Orel fir coloring While or Grey lo a b. uililul Iboivn or IV'i k. I'i r sile bv IT.l'Iv A SIT. Ml. mill W. II. HATCH it ( o , Winoos'. i Palls. M. G. RATIIBUfl & GO. mi:iiciia.t ta ii.ans: VT WV. a;am rfturn.d from Nevv-Yotk wilh L L -idibt.otl'll upp'v nf oi.o rns, oAsisiMniii:1!, vhtings, and 'V r 1 in ri 1 n rr a . Arnonj wh'i'b are ll't-e till. , Ih.-tvii, Gi'd M.d ard lilk. I'leindi Ilravrrs lllur IHU , II, own On en, I'.'ue, and lilk. i'lelleil I'lnllw, PI on mil IVd. II U. I Jar S in OiissinitTf s, Lik Slim, Pnin nnd Sinjid. 11 tra thea, .S'reilo Horn-, and Ve v, I Ves lines, lllh, Itronn and Onb Velvi I', do do d i Sersrdy rind Ibitton. tojpihrrwiili a !iir0rcasurlini.iilol 1 ancy Lasti,iiicrcii and ,1'so. Sluris, ll'is-uns, Collar? t raiat", Suspenders, 'ape Jliasurcs, .'sc. v.e, I'lirlineioti, Nov, Cj, lSH. ;,3. CJ. I'.atliliiin. , v. V. Vai-J. . ifT.t".u..-i;A?.rsijJ. SS.GHA1TT TAILOR. O I. SIM ( '1 ri'I.l.V rvl-iriH ln war'm-l ilnnk-r I.V li r tho Idierjl paT-'na-rc In- h:is rcn'ived d irmg ih--i-luTt poriol he lu I ecu 1'n-iUfld nt tin place, in ' a-Mtr" nil ni ol 1 i-iisti.hier, in I tho-e who may oatrvn 7'- In n, that they wi'Jai al' trm laid h.m rt Vy "i ec lie th- ir t.r Vr- m a s-ljlu lobe cq'iillcd by trie and t.V'-eiied by none. Hi- ex;ie v n- lnvc, hive ! c-n more ih n real .I, nnd mi r.' uijin In-, r.rH'il vUnmv.e liieincn a wo ijd im -de-:'y -i i mi i c mti'i o ! piir 'tiavo, S'i i in ("i iii'- !i ' , ocr .Mr. .lore. I -r'ni-' i n, J 1 1. I, 13JG. 31m3 run school fy run school ?JST1U. A Mimnl for the use of Teal hers P. ui'hytrs Tru?ie,s, luspictors, i.e. of Conuum Mehonl--. PlICll & 1 ,00. Tina Itoo'. 13 ue r.nnrnded bv Liul. Governor H tlo'i, no M.irrinlen 'r.ut nf Cnnniutl "Vlinn'?, lo all Con.uv and T.iivn Su iirnitendm's and all Teirh- ers. II vs ,li 1)3 l.u'iul u-eliil lo 'D.s'rictft annul bu,u- - or repairing --chool llouca. Tor sale by A. i:i)W.BDS. No. 1 Pt-elis' Pi ild'ne It ulinstuii, I Ji.iuny li, 1313. I Uiiiis.' Ili."s.' TjAPKI' Ilrgv vv allied iu t.chanie for Hocks and ctaimnart, uy STP.VP.NS WOODS. Purl njUn, Jan. 1313. S runs', lluildinj. FARM FOR SALE. S W.rc, a larm in I'udriliill, eou- .tiuttnr nne huiltel un I i.r'---ix otr one hundred acie- of vv hieh lirJU-.i, is uiiler fill vvion, the remain 'er n- iivered ly n pood jrruw b of h.i-d tuml, On tic pientnosniea hn.i e, I urn, -heibs, anil an oreh.irtl of ihr Ity I earing ann u treiti, ';J neres, alt Graham I' lour. JUT reneiiid a sir tll rpmntilj' cf Orabar.i P'tmr fioni iho I'ri'tnii Milld. N. Virli:'jfaetureJ In m tin- be-i ol Gene-cfl v heat. .SOV.2G 1313. -21 A. S. IlI.WI.i . u'lii-ii'iir Inr mai ins snine lilivor itii- bane's nl Her. Al-o. n far..i ecii'iiinms one btimlml aeies. lyiu-'a' mil cue t.ii.'e frtiiu iiu a' ove, a' Mil sixlvaere- 'i win -li is unili'r unpr venunt, ami h.ts on h a enpa ions I arn, the ri'inair.i'cr i- Will vv m ',,1. nruu innlli vviiu i e.ii ii ami mai le. I l.e ai live nie -i tiauvl near nil-centre td the inivn an I o ihe main rot', ail 1 vvi'eied nnd well lenrotl. u eiinsnteralt'eiuirtinn n f I he lenee I I'iirjr Mih via uti il -tt new .ill, and to.e'h- r eon pure one uftbe beitdairv farms intbetjvvn. The nl'oveprt'iui esMill le ao'd to iu-ea cnniein fur niueti less ihau ih-ir real value, an 1 pos.essii n irivcn nu the l-t of April neit, 1 or fi.r'her part-cii. lar-ennureid A.POOI!'. il.iiliustcn, IV-. 22. 1311 3a, f JVoiico. A I L pcrsnna indtl n dm ihe late firm of Lovely ft --V, nuuir. bv T'ute or Ilool; Account, are re- qurs'ed to im'i-e pnvuient to the subscriber Aiihoiit eiay, (ii-iiesaa paritcu nr narenui in uiernuirary nai ten nude.) NOULU LOVKI.V. llur'i i';ton Dec. laili, Ii.j, .J fJIIIK L. Jlnmnnnd Geo.J. WrbV Ji- a new lot uce.vid and torfcate at i ity I'm- cn", by . ii uuu, OerrmbcrlL 2s J''op tialo or I-iNcliatipio. r'fiSh. A I'AllJI. riussiuief3C0 ,sWt". -5.vitS Jl arrant valuable 'I i tu S-?K''gr&y. btraud Prune lund of nbnui !ijftS,StJJ equal propurnons, suuiiled in 'WK. C s?r5S9? ll'e thrums town nf 'leiuin ti i-,3fs irh. Mitluein. The farm i. . , s 17 will vv ilerrd nnd lha anil ot Sl lb., rti-liesl ItillJ. I'r n Hliiil. vi5c"i.-.,j ondein n firm 1I113 olbrs on rsunirnunry tj-inoi tiiuiiv 111 particular for the frovvine nf wool, catilu and bnrcs. aa there u a lari-e pririe a ljoinini; ibis 1'irm lint will rf-miiii nrob-blv fir vcara ill im nrrtf.Mit fitiintioii wilhout bnnir inclosed and whuh prisbirrs ras nniurally millicieut for llie maintenance of thousands of anl uf .herp and citlle. 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IIOWAUI). l!urlinr;tt)nJJaniiary II 11810. 33 properties nf vesclnlio ndistan. es eonrruiratfsl an mit.l imp,, bv ihft'ithition nn t oilier rlti'iniea A nn Inwaid medu inc, it ia llio meal 111. itin'eul,vvlirc-nn'i-, .111111113111111 nnd rhrs rin? rmrac UT. on I will expel, iiisiantly, llioso dull, heavy nn I hvii rhondrieal fee.uu; to which many aro so ub leot, anl piv life nnl aniin.itiun to boll, bo ly nni mind. To be had in I! uluiaton at Mes-r... PIX'K FPPAIVS AUo, W. II. HATCH s'i Co., Winoosl.i I'.i'ls. IVb. (5, '43. THE CULTIVATOR Published nt Albany, v .-1 MUR rCA N A O RIO UL TUR IS T Published at New Vorh. IAril 32 paaea, monlhly 31,00 a year. Sjcci -i mens may be iceu at Ibe aiore of i'. ooonmrir. TiOlnba mrpliftl on iho -ma ttruia aa nt the otln-e vvtirre pnnlialn'tt, lliirbnelon, Jan, 23, 1S1G. 35 Barrol Salt ! tl I1ULS. rino'Sali, in tood order, for aale by J' A.M. DKWLY. K.b. 12, 1918. To JLct. fRIIKPul lie Ho i.ein ihialown bnown LIFE INSURANCE. rpiIP. Sia'n M111111I Insurnnro Ooinp.iny of Wor I. era er. Massachusetts. nl1'.r la 11,11s nnbris 1 Inairnnre on hvea nn ih., ,11, is, rti,.rnl,t.i ,..,, aa ine i-crri rsireci iiotiso, nppiy Appit.-al.ona rcccucl by 10 V,V "X VW.JM1S' As"ll: , I ,. SHAW-Aekt. r,urlinjionJPeb, 12, IStf . ST-J Purlinston, Dec. IT, 18U Cotton Yarn, Hatting, Jtr. rxrt II Cotion Vnrn, llaiiine. rolnrnl I rt W.u'd'nir, nntl Wiekinir. Merchants enn I c supplied with llictc artiiu- .it rery iic rarrs. 1 it..i .) .u i.r. Purbngton, Nov. IP, 1913. ;$ I'atior I l:ijiiiniit-r. Avery 'nee L"l l"r ale, WhoIesJi'e or lleiail a il.e'min i fa -t' n r'- price-, K. LOVLLV. 1 urlinjl 11 I ee, 21, UIS, 3d I'inno Fortiis. MR J, .VrN--0. ta! e ilu isiprrtuniiy 10 tender Ins iratel d ncknowhsjeemcni. f, r the b1 rral p.nronaue lie has reeeivisl Irom ,-i geniTO is iiublic, and woi.ld llmefote rein, a 1 ilieui ihu be lias oa bind a sp'cndid as-nrtnu-it ot l si-wood, and Ma- hoyonv, for ea-estand wdl inateiu nruerany f-l Hie vurni-is MY'', ul ihu pre i"it itay.. m.irunieu'.a are alt n.adr uf ihe be-i and 1110 thorn igbly sea.on el inatrruil-, and wurrHiiiedfur tbirHl.ibiy, loberqunl lnnuv uia'riinien s vv na'ever, ui- nipe, nv I'liuupi n'lt'ii' .ui 10 'he I ii-li e- of'1'.iCturui? I'i 1110J, 10 risinea aionlinowl ilure of pulronoite. Uolorctl CunilH'tc. Cl r"ara Pnlorrtl Cambrie, do .S.tiTiutt, for sale by Nov. 19, 1513. VILAS it Novr.s. Tin IMato, Jtc. 1 l101" 1-3 I X Tin Plate, 1 I J 23 " IX Square do o " Lnrre a tie do 73 Il.lls Iron Wire (asortn No.) Uua', r.ngliah nnd I an id 1 Sheet lr.,n, Sheet and Doll Top per, bhecl Zinc nnd Ud, Wire Vellum, Uivrta, se I'm sal at the lo.vial nueci, bv Nov. ID, 1313. (.'.3) VILAS it NOVPS. Slill on Hand, Pew mire Cheats of Iliat aujiciior ( low tui el Tea so hi.'nlv toenninirndril fvih bc.t ofjulca who have used ibenrln lr. -7 IL I.V11A (Jot'so I'Vallicrs. A Prime ariir'e of Gocic KrMlici ranted cood, for nle by Nov. 19, 1BI5. (231 Vl'.AS ,f. 0T

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