Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 21, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 21, 1846 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, AUGUST 21, 1846. Fit EE JM. ESS ihhii.imn'ox, vi. Friday mokninc auuust si, ishs. w1ihj nominations, fop. ovi:i5Xon, HORACE EATON, Of Knosburgh, roii'TnxAXT oovnuxoii, LEONARD SARGEANT, Of Manchester, FOR TRRAPt'RI'.I.. EU3HA P. JEWETT, Of Mnnlpcller. TOR COX(?l!i:S3, 3d. District, GEORGE P. MARSH. l.-t CmiTve-ainii '1 District, WM. HENRY. 'J 1 f'oin-ros-ional District. JACOB COLLAMER. till Congro-sionnI District, GEO. B. CHANDLER. ma KXAToitsTciiiTrKXiJUX co. ii ttitv ini AKi.r.v, DA.MID, II. OMON. Grind h'e Co. III. WIS LADD. Hriininat'm Co. it. i:. iiiiowi;ix, ii. .morsij. I'liinlUn Co. II. IIFLI.OWS, WM. CLAPP, 01:0. w. fostfr. Wfisliiiiztun Ci v. a. which r II. IIOLDFN. Outage Co. ). iMtim:, WM. HF.IiAKD. CEO. V. PRICHAKD. Caledonia Co. w. i!, n. rfll. AdJivm Co. W.M. NASH. DAVIS RICH. Windham Co. v.. IIOvVi:, ir. JXO. Ix'IMRALL. a. rurciiard. Kiitlaud Co. .TOSHPII If. CIHT'i'FA'DFN, nnoROF. t. iRir:i;s, joiix rox. Otleani Co. fnoch ii. si.munds. Windsor Co. ii. ih'iiton, It. II. CRAM. A. OUSH I.W, i). ii. iiiiro.v. of Hnvcrnmcnl nro nursing their miserable schemes c.f Free Trade, and Snb-Troaurios, the bravo old Taylor is slowly advancing as lie can, towards the Interior of .Mexico, feeling, doubtless, a natural cnr,c'( for those whom lie Is bound inv'.mj. Wo ili believe ''"I "lcro w1'' lj3 ""' mnrc. lighting. VYi! do not believe tlio Mexicans will ri-k It. Rut how imny prnale jnrlnnrs ill vet Ihj made by tlio 1Kofncn speculators who are drawn around this vortex of expense, how many more valuable lives may 1)3 sacri ficed, nml how much iho crcat interests of Slavery may be promoted, let the sequel prove Tlio Oolilon Sttitnc. In anrient Rome, thoy hail n custom nf crcct in" Statue" to their nuM distinguished liiing heroes ami Statesmen, ami carrying thoin In their trinmnhal Prorcssions. In the degenerate days of that renowned Hepublic, when Unman I,ncn- fncoism bail reacheil its Inlelul supremacy, we nro tuM that the statue of demagogues alone were thus pir.ided, true patriots feeling doubtless, with Cato the Censor, that it was more honora We to be missal, than to be found, in such com paiiv. Tlio cnMom appears likely lobe rcwvcil in our own am;. 11 is iinpossituo 10 preuici in w u.u leiu'lh tlio livelv gratitude of Or.KAT RitlTAtx md her dependencies Uivvnrds the American Nr Robert Walker may not bo curried. His free Trade Report roccitctl (he distingui-hed honor r.ri.miHi iirlnipil in London fur the use of the ... ..i ...n , IlniTiMi Paiiliahent, and now tliey talk ol erectiii" a monument "acre crcnntits, ictcs right, V.q. .Milium !) in his bnimr in Cciiv! I,nokat the following, Vermont Pakmeh". and sec in wlnt quarters of the globe McKay's Ta litV finds its best friends ! Wo cut from the II i7 limnrc Patriot : Sir Jlo'rrt. 1'Atrncl nf n letter from n prominent winr nlantiT in Culn.dnlod Haiaiia, July, 1th, l-t(. "'I'll" wentlinr c"iiliiui-s very taoraMe here lyr the not erer, which promir to lie erynliniiilant. I tfriy Cud tint e may ciioy ill" beiiehl of the market nl the United States, iuxiew nf iliciiiudiliciition nl the 1 arm prnpn-.eilliy.Vi-. Walker, to ir.'iom ire aie pom? to rrcct a ftn'twnf sold." Il is not for -the likes' or us to bo interfering in such matters, but we can't help suggesting a statue to Sir Ilobut after the fashion of Si hit- chti,iiw::ar'.i Imnge. 1'ngland can nffnril to fur nish the gold and the silver, 'IVnne.-'ee the Itrns Pennsylvania the iron, ami wo think likely the Clav would he forthcoming in good season ! For. town r.Eriu:-,nTTivE, CHARLES RUSSELL. The SnillliMinlnn Inllliilinii. The bill establishing ttiii valttabln national Institution, for tho endowment of which iho Country owesn debt ofgr.ititude to a tntiniliccnt and pliilanturopic nnglishm in, (whicli wo trust the lapse of lime u ill hut inrrnisr,) h i become a law. With due rep"rt for other, tuul able, friends of this measure, we think we nviv he per mitted to say tint it owes its success, mainly, to the faithful, persevering and powerful, advocacy of our own gilled representative, (Ir.onnn P. Makmi. It was on his motion, that the annual appropriation for the formation ofa l.tnr.Anv,(tho most valuable feature in the bill.) was increased from Stfi.oon to ftS.OOO ; and it was his earnest and eloquent appeal in behalf of the bill which be did not in all respects approve aided by tho confidence and respect tint were entertained for his character and opinions that contributed rgely to secure its ailoptlon.aml thus to remove a iviiivMri winch Hie ptotr.ictcd neglect of Con grcss in the matter, had fixed upon tliu Nation. Wo regard this definite action of Congress on the Smithsonian Deques!, with special gratifica tion. We owed it to the memory of the gen erotts foreigner who bad selected tho United Slates as tho almoner of his enlightened and ju dicious bounty to MANKlMi, and wo owed it to our national dignity and honor. We rejoice that the "Smithsomas Institution.'' is finally estab lished, and we take pride in claiming for Ver mont a large share in the iullucnco which pro cured its c-tablisiinvnl. AtfJIJNT I! MICTIONS. Clieeilii" Neust NOKTII CAUOI.INA. Tho Old North State has nohlv vindicated her attachment to Whig Principles. The Governor, and both branches of the Legislature, are Whig. This secures the election of two Whig Senators In Congress, lo resist tho destructive measures of the Tree Traders. Hon. W. P. Masoum, the presentable, distingu shed, and patriotic Sena- ator, will doubtless hi re-elected, and will have a Whig like CiEonnn P.. TlAiinr.r., (Jen. Harri son's Secretary of the Navy, as his colleague. Tho X. Y. Tribunr sjys fJov. (iraham's elec tion is certain by fi.OOOto 10,000 majotity! Mr. Ci.av s majority over Polk, in 181 1 was but 3,' The difference lietween 'ncthn unit passive" hostility in SImery. If you coniT a locofoco you will find him a very iolcnt opponent of slavery especially to Its extension. Hut let him go again, and he will Veto for the admission of Texas and etcry other pro-slavery abomination which tho "democrat ic" South may require ! If the following pro ceedings do not rpin the eyes of tho Third Party in .Maine, they ate blind beyond remedy! On the 8th instant Iho following Resolve was called up for tho action of tho Maine House of Representatives : " Ursolic rclnlixclo Slmcrij. Whereas, durinc the ndmiiiinrntinnnf this flov. eminent, the power hns for iinny ycnr, hail nn nlmnst iiniiiterriiptnl nseeiiileney, and Ins repeatedly Tor th: Iliriington IVr Press A .i I : i c a .v i ni ) 1 1 1 i : n 1 1 1 : n c i . . " h cannot In Hat v" fire pieriii-liver'il.nni lack gill To make nppresi(,u bittef." Independence Is, to lie "lire, our nnllonnl boat It (the bonM) is oar mot notorious ami conpirunm t. a tare. If n comedian in Kaimchntkn should intn dm 3 I, Vnnkec ill firt remark nf t!,. Morn oHic Orent rrntiil. j Tho following innTTtraet from the Speech oflliclion. ltnvi:)Y Joiixson of Maryland, ir. tho U. S. Senate, 3 tho Tariff Dill. Wo com mend it lo tho Hard fisted democracy of tho country!' Such piece of stupendous villainy the too credulous people of Pennsylvania wasievcr before disclosed. U i' W0UJ probably he that he belonged to tl freet imtion III I' fr humiliatine- to rehct that tuck menm can bo un,,,r inm. Hat bon.ung nlone i iiwiITi suceessfiillij throw discredit am, 0, ,u , . " Ives inui a proof that j - . . j ,1 ...mi in li inveiirilv ol llieir nnvinc niiu e o.lbni.d nn ll,f. lienrV O 0100111111- . J ' . ' ....!.. u.e fi.nri nre innin'I tlieni" v - - . . ........ . It is through such Isgraccimana ucu.i-...K Urm in l!ellra , bra loudest when we a slrumcntalities that mines n. lnolt d'-tinent and .rtH 'S hichanm now occupy tho -!,, Mlnl. .pecies of indeK;ndencc nre to b foan) three mo-t exalted wcfol stations in tho Kepul)-, mnong our c,,iintrymu it would mdee, , ire ale lie! Itd ,! rMl'et. nd then. Whins of Vcr- ! to deny. There are politician, leaded nanu il The Tux on LuMlllr-. ITWill our friends in diirerent parts of the State bo kind enough to send us early Klection returns 7 Whts- ! Are you read y I In aVittlumorethanu week yon will bo again called on to manifest your confidence in, mil vour attachment to, lie; principles of lh" Whig Party. Never were those principl bolder relief, and in stronger an I inor.' cnntmstwitli tlio prlneipli nud pnlirv focoism than tinware at II. is moment. that divide tho Whig Pirty from their crafty and subtle opponents are, for once, and now, plainly and clearly drawn. The l.nenforn vrs piijrrs, the tierreJitnl unpins if lh' Party, fl'r unnersnlly luml-mmtl'inl mid explicit in iavok nf thcn-'ie Vv.i.r. 'I'rade Tariff ichich litis brrn impn'ril iij'tin the Cniinlri hi) the SOVTlIlllty W'ISC of modern "Democracy" a Turin" constructed for the amiwtii purpore of stimu lating and increasing the importation of I'iir riu .Manit act ukes, and in avowed ami open hostility to the doctrine of Protection to A MLIilCAX I.MJi-siRV. Here, then, Tree, men ok Vermont you haoan issue broad and well defined ! You nro onoEl) to such a T.irill'. You are opposed to the Piinciplos and the policy to which it owes its existence. Hut thi.s is not all. Tho manifest tendency, and tho odjeit, of the leading measures of the National Administration, are to benefit the f'LAvr.-iioLDiNn Ixn.REsT of iho Country, and to INCREASE, sTRE.NOTIIEN, and EXTEND its Pow- ERaml Ivn.ur.NCE. 77n'vAi!miui-tr.ition, which nuke.s war upon the Wares or Tree Labor in order to givo to Tyranny larger profits from i' oppre-sion of tho Si.avk, h is a party, we are Th innlto Biy, in Vermont, and that paity, :lirongh its printed organs, AH'i.AUns and sus tains its measures and its policy! Whigs! will you permit such a party to tri umph through your suiiNENEssor yonrmvimvs? Tho measures ami policy of tho National Ad ministration are now submitted for your judg ment. You hold both in jut abhorrence. You look upon them as anti-anierican, anti-repuhli-can ami oppressive. Will you come to tho sills and say so ? We believe it will hardly he asserted that 'brandy ami other spirits distilled from grain" are anion the necessaries of life. Let us see which Tiirifi', tho American, or Hrilish, most en courages llieir importation. Tarifrf '12. Uraniy, 91 per gallon equal to 183 per cent, ad uilorem. Other spuit'.diMihVJfroin grain, Clio 93 cents equal to K.2 percent, nd alorem. .yirits di-tilled from oth-r materials, C,J to3cenls equal to J0I percent, adaloclll. rariff if Ml!. ' iJrandy and nil other spirits distilled from grain or other materials" 100 per cent ad Milorem. Again: lly the Tarill' of ' I-' Wines gener ally, uro rhtirgcalilu with a duty varying Imm placed in ! 1:! lo 1 1 1 V ecnl- ad iWrm ; tho new Tariff direct siilijecls '-nil nines and imit iito- -r -turn ton t Lour- ' ' ' I"' 11 111 mi"" . .1.. Tlie lines (1 IX " 'l"''''', ' "f this character in somo instan ces more in in o per ceni. ; Our Southern l.iw-giiers want, of course, to get tin ir ' tipple "' as ch -a ply as may bo cancan U nt. II letcils. We O'L'ird AlllTlemi .1nverv ntt n rrront l(.iv.,.! wrung tn ine suie,in leang at war with nil our prolu sions ut Repiililieniif.u, stihiTic, in its prnctical np- ernlinlis,nt tlienglltsof the free Htnte, ileKlruetivc The way it begins to work. The Philadelphia Spirit of tie Times, a loco- foco paper, has this paragraph: Mr. Pur.nirr.p, nf this city, is making arrangement' Ai oil' l.ia ,...nn iiiniinfiicturrd in llelniinil. lh 1,-nves for Paris iii a lew weeks nnd will establish nn n.'eney there, nnd w ill leeene Ins i li.ihiiig reiulv undo inueh cheaper than it can be made hero under the new Tariff. Of course ho will ! We learn from the Report of Mr. llur.KE, the Commissioner of Patents page 1 1.W, that in Holland and IS Igium. lalxip or receive twenty ckm.s a day, ' shepherd- cannen and mechanics, ra'.hr more.'1 I'rom the same source, page 1 15J, il :ipiears that iii'rlian ics in ' Philadelphia City mid County,' receive '30,00 per month, or .$1.25 per day, oNclu-ivo of board.' American Mechanics labor for their bread and to educate thcmndies and their children; lidgian niechanics work for their bread alou", and hard work at that ! Tho n"w liritish Tarifl' is a great blessing! It throws .lmeWe-f)! mechanics out of employ inent, or reduces their wages, for tlio b.wfit of foreign manufacturers. Il openites to deprive American laborers of tho meant of buying at ill, and then tells them, how c'ir ecry thing Immense ilium .Heeling of the I.ocol'ocos of Hie !lil Congrcssioniil District t IJrent Kx citemenl ! The "nntcrrilied democracy" of this District assembled at tho Court House in Darlington on Tiiesdav last in unprecedented numbers. There are some CO towns in the District, and we un derstand that cxenj town, with the exception nf IS, was fully represented! Such a pcrcidlng interest in the success of Southern I.nctfocoism bodes ill to the Whig Party in Vermont. Weare told (for wo iln'nt go to Locofoco Con. volitions) that Hon. -Mr. Hnbbell of Fairfax, was nominated for Congress with great unanimity. that a di-tingui-hed 'abtmcrat" from .WW- ilkliurynppnsttl any official declarations touching the new Tariff, on tho ground that it is not suf. liciently apparent, just yet, 'hue it ii going tn yi- rrale' ami that "Murem lliJiculum'' spnke short piece from the 'exercises'' in tho quarto edition of Murray's (irammar, on "tho hor rors of WAR." Till: RESOLUTIONS will of course appear in the Sentinel &. Democrat. Tiiev are repre- sented as beitiL' a very clear, and simtls and r.Rir.r exposition of tho Prinaiphs of the Party. We shall read them with attention and interest. Tho. Convention took a short excur-ion, wo believe, in a one-horso waggon, before they final ly dispersed. P. S. Wo perceive, with profound astnni-h-m-nt.that the Cazelle intimates that Nf) RES OLUTIONS were passed by the Convention ! Tlio fti:'' mi;? committee was appointed but that '-only one or. iwo or THE.M was IN FAVOR or the NI1W TARIFF"! We can't believe a word of it ! A Sample of tho New Protection. Under iho npperalion of the Tariff of '12 tlio manufacture of Mnslin-tle-Ijiines has lieen es tablished nnd motected in this Country. Tim consequence is that the jn-ic" nf this bountiful and popular fabric, has been reduced from 1 nnd over per ardto less than 'JO cents, thus placins it within the means of all clasn s. Without the Tariff of Mi tho French and Kngli-h Miislin-de-Laines would have continued to monopolize our market, and the prices of them would have been kept up, thus phicingthem beyond tlio reach of all but the vrallhier clas-es. All immense amount of Vermont Wool is inaniifactined annually into these Mu-lins. Hut tho now Tarill'directly discourages their home manufacture, and incites the Hriti-hand French .Manufacturer to their idil munnitdii, as will be seen by the following: ' Tmill'nfli. Tariff of MB. Wool tl c fir lb. ,t 30 pr c. ad rat, eqanl tn 30 pr. lal , f rum Mltn VI) pr et. ad vol.. Muslm-de-Laines 111 per ct ad Tnllc CT07 and the qeesiion whether we sbnll iei-t its farther niiu ueprue it w an us uneonstuutional control nml , " p, " J ,., , , ,.,:,, It.,... wnt he rnnie riaes- " " InetPrsawtlKlnniiiuii i Carolina, KENTUCKY. Wino, strong nml invincible, so usual ! So far as heard from, Inc. w higs and no locos are elected to the Senate, mil tircnlij-Jiie whigs nnd seven locos to iho Homo. Kentucky, the home of the Father of the "American System," of tl e Policy of PROTECTION to AMERICAN INDUSTRY," vahe her hands of Pre- Tra le PnlKcnj ! "Here's to nVr.Iur.r.Y Clw !" INDIANA. Witir, majority in the Legislature on joint ramit! 1ist year the the Loco majority was 10 ! This jear, tlio IT hit; majority will ho aliout tho same. Whitcotnb (Loco) is probably re-elected Gov ernor by a small majority. Tho latest returns are : 13 ir, 1911 Mar!iill Whitcnmb I CUy A3 Counties. Whitcnmb ahead, PIG. Polk do. 1103. Loco and Ex-Cov. Hubrard, of .Vcw Hampshire, has and tin , i u,. .... n .,, ,i. SOme Cltl7Cns,ll WOUIU iwin, nu..iu . " .-n n-mlent of lh Laws. There are perhsps thus, w 1115. Tho Washington I'ninn must tn to re- violated iliecnn-iitutinu m the United Pnte, for the mont. fail not to exness vour utter detestation ot ( nte imiepcmiem run. u . , strain its tears. has no charms for North lEnTOT "crpntu- I Agent, and ewt like theso! Says Mr. II. . " . ' ' r, ' . On my way to ivMrM a mil mftotinq at of oar best interests and pro-...rily, iiawnrthy nn in- i 'j1 .iMinhia. and wen into wnt .-j cannot be occiied of ilepeiidnu; mucli tisni enti' iis guidance or old-faluolied notions o: , o'jh.ntion for the regulation of their netmn- , I ntnram lleiircsciitativcs, Senators, and Vice 1'rrt, ei iirent lie, i) e. nun. in n nil,. (( tfi y the t..u illations o the An er ea. h i . n ere. , Mw " ban. hill, on w it h wn printen. m inrcc '1" dent, tlierc tire (it is supecicui aroy iiic tnumiam.ns ol the American Union , there- , T,i(. lari;r(i k. ,',..,., U.J ly by eleU-1 ,,.,, nj. ickles derived from Hie wash- ti llcmhcd, That it is the solemn conviction of this ' in -'r l,',"' l'",k-' . want;''!1 VTaTgoing, IVoj le, or the g.d of the country, legislature, that the ,1Ues,i,. , , abolition in nil . f '''J',1,'; "iak' UM ul ""lltrelw!" fc" 1 It are we so independent that di-honct and se , 1 I li- ivii'Ltn IV n .1,1 vn IT in IUI U II I .r.iniiNi.v I tl.inkl irnve a nuartcr of a dHnr( Iash,J hut it was wo ill more tin nl hat to .Mr. 1 oik lietntinnin our national nllVir liae Ii tions p irani'jtrit iti importance to any other before the iunerican people. The fu nifhtY Jojtnt'tl kivp: fMr l)r.L.s. Air Joii.vio.v. niii'-i hfivi1 -ti t iri. vr wiwih-it one, sir. you IM - !. (tin fflllVMHX. terai tcry iiko "UV s. ..... i ,n, " The friend, of tin, resolution expressed their wish I l'r,"!"an; "," P"''' 1 t"f Z fonil of ih-t il,n n,.i,on unnn on sl, ,1,1 he tu.wlJ.t..,l ! "" 'he oilier ide of th" cli.imtier art ion a test rjUestiotl. And the. ulu -lunod, ens. wiiios Ii JSays. iVmosNOXC. I.ilierty inen 5 Locos '2 Liberty men none. Ljcos C3 Total 51 Total Will the dinette plcao copy ? 63 F.-(iov. lioucK, "of Schoharie," has been ap- j pointed Sub-1 reasurcr for the City ork : loss lfi-2. About 2fi Counties to bo heard Irom. Locofoco majority, 18 15, 0,33 1. MISSOURI. Tho Tribune says : "The St. Louis Anf Kra (Native) concedes the re-election to i'onre-s of Hon. James li. Ilowt.lN, irrciilar L'co, over (Jen. .Milhurn, retr ular Loco, and W'ieht, Native. A lar'e portion of the Whins, it s.iv, preferred Row tin to the Natio candidate, ind so elected him. County ticket doubtful, j'our to one niinst tho Now Constitution. ILLINOIS. Villi ('loi'rrsiioral Conientinn. .ne Da lies Co. gies Turner, Uico, .10 majority, in 18lt,(il lor Polk Ire, for Turner 110 'II, 7.1 for Polk: Wiwhegn, l'J. nniority for Kno in 'II, 178 for ('by; Ogle, Knox 00 in 'II, CiaV.'lL'. VIV'i Dilrir'.Snnganinn Co. "io Lin coln, Whi" candilate lor Consre", oer 000 majority and elects the whole ticket. (Iree'nc Co. elec s two Wliins to the House gain. Morgan Co. 1 Will";. 1 doubtful. M"iiard 1 Wliiff elected. A Whin Senator elected in tho above three Counties. II md Co. niyes Kirkpatrick, Wilis, for Gov ernor. iS mi., nn Irnith, Hid. lor i,onirrese, It,, and elects Whitr Hep. M lenunin Co. 1 WIul' and 1 Imco elected to the House. received the Reappointment for Ilo-ton. Res- ponsihlc Polk-nien, wo suppose, could not bo found in either of these prcat Cities ! We have but two remarks to make in reply to the dinette. The first l,th:it Jlr. O.AV was not opposed to "Annexation" w hen it could be ac complished "irilhnut war, without dishonor, and with hie common consent of the States or this Union." Would the dazcltc oppose it on these condition!. ? The second remark is that wo never cat any tote hut a mo vote in our lilt?, lielore we were "of age," we thought the "'dory" of Jack- oni-in a wonderfully lino affair, hut wo "re nounced'' the (leneral and all his works, years before wc left the 'adjoining State." It is a small matter we arc aware, but wc dislike par ticularly to bj charged w'lth Locofocoi-in, past, present, or future. The Troy Diilj '.)-, an efficient Whig Jour nal appears in an improved dress, and on an en birred sheet. tiii: Tho War languishes for want of ordinary ef ficiency and foresight in tlu War D-pirtment. With a nirrow-mind.'d pirtizan Pre-ident, and a " sm ill-light" Attoni'-y as Secretary of War, who.e only distinction on tlio page of future his tory will be that ho disgraced tho flour of Iho Senate by proclaiming Iho ptirpo'Oi of popular elections to lio simply In dec uro " to tho Victors tho Spnds of ictory, tlio country h is within" tn look for, in the management of great enter. prises, but u series of blunders, Tho world li"v- er miw such stupid iiiim in ignm'-nt and inibe cilily as have been eiucri in tho commence ment and prosecution of this Mexican War! It was begun without authority, and by a most unpinloiubly rash and imprudent exposure ofa small army in an neiny's country without nny provision for reinforcements, tho fatal conse quence of which were averted only by their own indomitablo and self-sacrificing bravery ; and It is continued with a reckless hcedlcMiess of expense, mid with an inefficiency of means, that is nlisolutily unpirralh 1 al. From the I -il, of .Mav to the 1st of August, nearly tlireo months, (Jon. Taylor Ii is been waiting at Mat. nmoras for sumilies and lrancports which should Into lieen provided lieforo a Mow was struck ! A notable discovery has lately been m ide, that tho Wiui-ian t Volunteers, amounting tn somo 0,000 men, are not "regularly in tho sen ice of tho United States" and I hey have been r.ii putel to New Orleans and discharged, thus r n 1 ring worse than useless an expense of hundreds of thousands of dollars ! In tho mean A mojcl Veto. Tho city of Lafayette, Louisiana, Ins a .Mayor who is a jewell in his way. When tho Corpo ration do "nt dothings according toOnnter (k.k.) ho "sends back" their work or repairs. Rutins kYo m'siage are w h it challenge our sped il ad miration. They are brief, pointed, free-and-easy, and intelligible. We find nnoiit iho l,oui iaiin Sla'e'iivin, which, as it relates tn 'internal improu'inonts" we commend to ("ol. Polk. If it is not quite sngood english, it isbelter sense, than any that Into jet come from him. Hero it is : LAr.tYr.rrr.. July I lib, Hin. f lentlenien : I s-n I hack for your fariher consider ation, the resolution ndopte.l at your sittin of the Ttli ., iiiitln.ridin.r ill., eomimll mi ..tlt'el.. nn.l Iniiil. iiujs tucn'itinei for the cniistruetioanf n stock whaifi lietween the Millbank and La'nrrc wharves, i I mil lint nnoos'il In the coisruelinil nf wild wharf, but only lo lh- power ccimi ma cuiniiiitti'e mro'itrnrt I tor wnik of nny kind wilbniii kiiouim; rxartlyuhat tlirt cn-t will lie. It nns nercioiiire iwen t-u-ioiiriry. in lidveilise, for K"'iled propiwals for works nf wune jiu- portunre, like ihisis, nn I iliei-oiurael ifiven lo tiif low est bidiler, wIih'Ii, in my niinion, is the bet course to pursue j otherwise it tt ill In- establishing prcce- leni. cry ue'ii 'iaiui, F. IIOULICNY, Mayor. Mr Sttnininnt'ed to nrsit in the nreviom resohi. tion, which motion was lost. Slntitnmii. .Mr Swain coulVnt come il against tho forcoof a little, short, sturdy snubbing veto WiV.c this is," i a!., Mperct adral.. Locofoco Chantro of Touchers. Wo believe (Jen. Jnchtim has hitherto been the special idol of Locofoco worship. .His ojiin ions hate usually formed the staple of the "prim eiples" of modem "democracy." Quito recent ly, however, our Yankee locofocos have taken to quoting Henry Clay as their authority! To look into one of their pipers one would suppose that parties in Vermont had, after a whittling ne gotiation, finally swopped Leaders ! Rut the whigs ilo'n' agree to any such change. They would Ir- glad to see their opponents on .1r Clav'n ground, but they cannot for a moment thin! theni-elvcs, of going over to (Jen. Jackson'. Wu only ask tho Locofoco papers to quote .Mr Clay with common fairness, and to rcincmlier that he Ins been from the beginning, and is time ix r.uoit ok the Tarut ok ' , 'Pint's all we ask. If f,W means that he is in favor of ad in lorem duties (without ipia'ijicalimi), ami in favor tho present Freo Trade Tarill', then let them hau it so. Speech of Jlr Slew art of I'll Head the extract from this speech which will bo found on tho 1st pao rem duties nut clmrlv. It explains ad valo- mcii cannot us" us as instruments lion I Is our independence sufficient lo ge u ' the ri al wishes of the people be of any woie'it term u 13 lh? measures of public adminMrui .i 1 we independent enough to have our own wi.. important interests of indntry, or in the lif-- nl -cone niing questions of tience. and war, m t ; ;s-i 1 to lh interested plan of Pity Creod-mnkr -It ... true that we hate opinion terlf h t t too s.i on.instiuels and feeling-) ipou inant s . he (pi stmiis, nt least when first proposed j bi. . on. torio n tint wo have not independence en m.'i t r tain nnd assert them. The proposal to nnn-x Tt is linn. Among thne ' best men' was, it I remember to th" Umuu encountered an opposition nt 1 1 fi - I -p'-akms nf n," the hard ll-ted deinrsrney Vl'l!!t,,,K'!V uvf ihiit there w.mia lie a inretini! nl t-olillllbia a .I.L'a nltprti-nriU. mxl liriolli. Ihelll to COUIC Ollt 111 llieir streniiii 10 ne ir me ii'-i in-ii ui 0-1 .. ,l..iooernlle tiinll- of 'I 'to hear tlie tnnll viudicateil tonn th" nimilhsof men on whose integrity j tli"y cuuld relj men who were mcnpaoie 01 in' ni-1 rmht, the present Secretary ot .Vnte. He was one ut those who was to d'annnstrate to the conlelin dc inocraeyuf Pennsylvania that the milT ol Ivi was a ii'iniH-rni f 111,'nuiir.. fori, in.. tt-,iiT4 nnn uiiriiion'o t d.'tat it, but could not, nud who tnlled iiimn lliein to loo by the nioKt rational nnd conclusive nr elect James K. 'oik, that they ,,ei,t eu-iire the con. tiimant'e ol the tarill of without the alteration ol . a litter, only not universal. The most sane nnd pommJ t of its great impolicy were exprcwed in p print, m Congresa and ninoiu; the ientile , iijin The Appeal nml the Itesponse. 'Vic Appeal. On tho 25th July, tho IFus'ii'iynii Union, the -ime intelligent oppoion seemed to , i t tj a scheme, which was, however, generally leirardi d rs too insane to be looked upon with dread Ilm t a -nexation was a neceaory link in certain polit. n" 1 ambitious pclieines. 'i'he Creed-makers ne. orinj y declared it to be one of the purposes ol the V irt a id 111 an article filled with tho most scurrilous per-; XK Vople's independence united like wax abuse of senator Haywood, of N. C. for refusing to vote for Freo Trade, thus appeals to tho " Old North State" : Tlio Inst liimittiiv: nml the liuxcst. Tho Washington correspondent nf tlio llilti mnre Patriot says " (;. r.dvard U-ster has com menced writing tho life of (Jen. Sam. Houston." If there can lio a bigger humbug than "C. 1M wanls Lester" we should Im gl.ul to know it. Wo presume, as in tlio casn of his mo-t absurd nnd silly "biography" of Powers, tlm Artist, ho will place his .Mss, in Houston's hands, and roll on tho floor with the nlhtr children, while ho ex- amines jt "pencil in hand." The authenticity of "C. IMwarda liter's" future biographies will lima, while th.j "mousing politicians" nt the bend naturally fnim their chief attraction ! Where is Hie Parmer's Jlnrhet f Tlio entire export of the produce of Fanners in 18 1.1 to all foreign countries was valued at $13,82:1,115. Il consisted nf Hour, grain, pro visions, butler, cheese, vegetables, &e. &e. Now then Massachusetts alone, during the same year, imported from other States in tin Union agricultural products to the amount of 1 duty millions nf dollars, three times the amount sent to all p iris of ll,o foreign world ! The-o iliiHirts included (besides aliout 1,000,000 ill Ciilttm) " nearly a million barrels of flour, im mense quantities of Indian corn, oats, hams, pork, b-ef, laid, butti-r, cheese, poullrj-, Sec. &c. &c." There are more than 15J.000 hands cmplotcd in tho various mechanic ami manufacturing es tablishments in that state which have grnwn up under tho 1110 Pitoicenvc Pohcj-. Thoy nro all, of course, consumers of agricultural pro ducts, and thereby they encourage and reward prmlucttan. inn .-secretary n alKcr, (wnoso iie- port was printed by tho llrttish (internment,) says : " Asricultiire is our chief employment ; il is best adapted tuour siliiltion.aud if not Jepretird by the Tariff, would Is most profitable.' Divert thn capital and latiok invested in .Manufacturing in .Ma-achusettj alone, In at-ri- culture, and cannot our Farmers seo with half nn eyo tint Its elrect would inevitably bo to de press both prices and lalwr And yet thjs is wdiat our Southern, Slavo-LaW, Incofoeo(Rii. lerr, ara ftnuhly aimln; at ! I.oeofocoism in 11 Nutshell. Them Is 111 di-envered tomh.that wo know of, when' jalriotism is so buried "beyond tho plum, met'.s .sounding,"ns tiiat which Locofoco pattinm ship furnishes. There is no such thin" as an on larged and gmeroiis reg-ird for the oroat inter ests ofa State, or the Country, cter found in it It is beyond redemption, supremely and intense ly seljish. 1 no interests and succe.-s (,f 'r are the beginning and the end, the motive and the aim, of all its political labor and effort every where. It knows nothing but jarty, itc. .v for nothing but;Te, and it caret for nothiii" but party. If we needed an illustration of tho truth rf the-e assertions, it is rCndy nt hand. The Alba ny Argus is the acknowledged leader of Locofo- istn in all the North. It is the sly, sleek, imper tumble, dihonet and able Talleyrand, which supplies thn cobe-he mortar that holds the par ty" together. Rut it has no more liowels for the welfare of the S'u'e of New York, than a snake. It sees no good in the future hut party success, ami fears no ctil but party defeat. It supports and sustains a candidate for office on account of his supposed ability "to promote theintere-tsand well-being of the entire democratic jutrty," and it oppose ami denounces him tho moment it thinks that ho fails to "strengthen ami harmonize tho whole parly." Just now tho "great democratic party" in N. York, are at loggerheads alwut a candidate for (Jovernor tho Ilirn-hurners upholding (Joy. Wright, and tho Old-hunkers opposing his re nomination. The Argus is an "Old-hunker" of the most imctnrate character. It opposes (Jov, Wiight, not liecause bo is not a capable and faithful officer, but lieciuso ho is not an Old hunker"! Read and see. We cut the follow ing from the Argus of tho I5th hr-l : "Let the partisans who demand of others not to re. fleet indeliberate, shnw. it ihey can, lint (Iov.W'kioiit has sniutht to pioiiiote the lntetcntt and irelt-heiiiq of the entne deir lertttir pirty, and Iris extern! ',1 to nil, who gave linn a cordial and eeiieiuti suppirt, equal cousidernliuu nnd lair treatment ; and that lusndmiu i-tration, lor the past nui the future, stands upon the si ronij basis otnu carne.-t tvisbto consolidate ,se"i eniind harmonize the tch'ile party which contributed lo eleinte him 10 Wu present station." Suicide. On Saturday last tho boJy of a Canadian, named Louis Vmjo, w ho h id been for some j ears a resident of lliirlington, was found su-pended I iv the neck in a barn near the south cm! of Water street. Life had lieen extinct for some hours. It appeared by the evidence taken before the jury of Inquest, by V. A. Stansiiurv, Fsq. that the rash act was committed by the deceas u.l in n do-pair occasioned by domes. tic difficulties and troubles. He was about 50 t ears of age. nri.ii AT hie Raltii I. Inoeiisoll, F-q. of New Haven Conn., has been appointed Minister to Russia. Ri-hop Fknwick, the Roman Catholic Ili-bop of Roston, died last week in that City, 'lleijui escat ill pace.'" Al) VAI.OKIMIS. Our readers willleirn from tho following how the new ad valorem freo trade Tarill' bill will operate : An Valorem Duties Custom-Ilnn? O it'is. The New York corro-pondent of tho National Intelligencer, who, as every body knows, held nllice in the Custom House, under tho l.i-t admin istm'inn, relates the f dlnwiug, on his own per sonal knowledg : Nothing is dearer to the American lVn;i e tU' n Pence uhen it can be secured tvilh honor. War is not mnre ruinous to the interests, than repu r r, j the foehni!s, of nil the Intelligent and (Jood Y. ' ' purpn-es ol certain men require that a f. w .r nerdies an 1 unjustifiable war be imliepd 11, 1 ' peace-lovinat nation ; and we vnd moivy ti i i,i ti witlmiit stmt ; the former to make rnpul . . tunes; nnd the inner to be devoured by cm 1 ,j i nnd th" latvie of thes. Un.ier an n'eur ir. ' , ' extemlum th? area nf freedom' (stupen Ioih 1. 1 ey !) the Government, it begin' lo appear, I, s y lieen applying drafts to the popular pucket Tin tv lurns out to be but nn enormous Tuichnn, "i ic. fr which th" enw i more repidly In yiell I ,v And the cow y'elds with mo-t mutcrnni c'. s lndeiienileiii, indeed ! .Vnreely anything is more needful to the p-. Tier -y 01 this people than sllell llldustlllll protectl ni r had enable us to be mdep. ndent of loieiim e q uai of ( toreurn ninuufneture'., of toreiirn production A ' -tn 1 had experience, nrijiiment, prool, enough : ml the p- t 'that fiin lie ot nuy ntoil. Yet we siii:-r t-. 1 . iiaini'steis to play nt tat nnd lo-e with our pr.a t I policy, n it they were the people. Itwn- I. .-t - a 'tint the orduiury resources of the Stan- w u ! t supply innney enmiuh to fid nil the purse. 1 1 ,t Raping lr it. The ijlOli(XX) n-dny must be ki pt and accordingly the Tnrilf mu't be so chop ' t ! stiinulnte the iiiquutntion of duty-pat hi jo 1 I 1 111 It l.V H thi.iicnti.l ,l..ln..tA .rnari..!.... u . ce Hint not n simile ttbii pi- " , , , . , ,, ', 4i.l v.... 'i'.iu n.u 1. : ourselves 1,. (. anlivd Inr 'he th,i-nndib to 1 1 1 wnirer Ihnt fiot ti -ini'le federal e.t. 1 and urimiiset tlinl hMv.. not-... f...l..l .. 1 or in tins -t.ite lies ever iiw the JIM nr knows nny- l,or.oot!l. wunre indenen.leiu MW Ihimrnboiit 11 except wlnt I,.. ln seen in llr foi , , " 1 Iwoi-m-sn. u Atlas and -iuh papers owned by the. Manufacturers. I"'"''1 1 eniisjltiiiin was heard parrnti m n v 1 Vt Pali int. elliptical - nleuce 'Polk, Dallas, and n. T r The "New Taritr Rill," Schedules amlall, was '!-" l'ennsyltanio's fatonte son has now e 1 . published in the Free Pro., of the 17th of Julv. 1,mv 10 l"c'l't-llt imp-rfect sees.-, ami nu.i IMupuuie preuicaies totliose smgulaily conn . t 1. ects. h remains to hvi seen whether the .an 1 . , snu,,i- un now p us,, so snort a sentene ru " y " And now one tvord to the noble democrats of the old North Suite 1 Your state election is coining on imuu the coiiutlexion ot tour legislature will deneiid the election ot two senators ot the United .'states, ttho ' are to lake the places of .17esm, II lytvoml nnd .Man- I E11111. lie conjure, then, the menus nl 1 nut; 1 1'ltADi; m North Carolina to roiw themHtes 10 . train etery nerve to carry the legislature u two AN 1I-TAHIIT "eintors. Tins Is r WHICH THE IHTTtX ! to ee loiuur COMI.NO Lt.rcTlo.N (iuito a stirring nppetl ! And now, then, for tho llesjinn'" 1 The Olu Nor.Tii State heard this till'u'.er of 0110 of her puro-t citizens, this suH-feJ p... sioner and tid ofa fraud pawned and spurious Adininistr.ilion.aml replied by electing a WIIIC (iOVFRNORbv from F.ICIITtoTFN THOUS AND nniority, a WHKJ SF.NATF. and a WHIfJ HOUSi:, and will send TWO WHKJ SIJNATORS to the sen ite of the United States ! Tho appeal, was, therefore, on the whole, rather ;i failure .'dr. Ritchie had better stir up his FjiEt Tit.tiiE friends a little in VFRMONT ! d , t3 I - Knt it -nniewhat strance that not n single ... . ... il0.f.., ,S.. t.etviu lay n -mail wnger On the 7th of August wo inserted tho following paragraph : "The new Tarill' Rill as puMi.hrd in the Free " Press of the 17th of July ispreci-ely n it p iss, "oil the two Ilou-os of Congress, w ith the e. " ception of Section 0, which was stricken out." The Patriot exchange with us we believe! " i'laV is a jnvi:r,i" The list Patriot quotes from Mr. Clvy's speecli in the Senate on the 1th of .March, IS - as follows ; r. .1. nun 111. iimn recently thrown upon itsenn-t u t y the I'rcsiJent of the 6'enate. The lmmniai, 1- n. ,u coalJ not endure 'a cu,icience swtted w uh t ki a pleJ 'Conseieuee, conscience, O 'in a lender place !' PiAike the Vice I'n si lent has enjojed more favorabla and 'stated' nppjituniiie for developing the m iral nature lhan were allotted (imfortunatelv Mo a c ' 1 one of his distinguished confederate. In go.' . 11, iv i 111 some I11PI1 sa nrlirlil nn.l i. n 'Hun. To tho (ieiitlemeii of tho I.e;nl Profession in Vermont. We have undo arrangements with a gentle man of the liar, by whicli wo shall bo ablo to fur nish in tlio Freo lress regular and correct Re port of tho )W7Mf of the Supreme, Xi-i Prius and Chancery Courts, on all que-tiotis of interest or importaiieojn the Counties of Chittenden.Addi- ftn,& I.nnoille. TlieseReMirts will embrace brief statements of the seteral cases decided, as well as tho principal points taken by tho Counsel, nnd, as they will precede by somo tun years tho regular publication of tho Reports of tho Su premo Court, besides embracing Sisi-Prius tie cisiuns,v hope they will lio especially interest ingaml useful to the Profession. ? pre t Ami there the Patriot sinn of tho tops. Xmv the cnnclu- paragriph in .Mr. Clay's speech. part of w inch the Patriot quotes, is as follow.-: "There is. Ind.n o'ljc-tion tn it : ns the value e'1 uu -il"jet-l looniiUO.l.nilUns Olllll- " A Oennau merchant, by the name of ,ha.l re peatedly entered gnodsat the cil-toui bou-e by tinudil lent invoice', to tli verity of which he had sworn. At lengih be was ihscotered. As soon as he u-pec-P'd tie di-eotciy, he called upon uie nt my house and snt"d that he should probably have some ihtliculty with the collector, 111 winch , 1 coul I render him -ential s'rvice. 1 remarked, without p-muitii him to piocee.l, that 1 was a (J ivrii.u ait olti-er, and vvoulil lepmt nil he su I to th.' collector. lie continued 1'iveor su thousand dollars is no qkect tome ; and I know you will 1101 betray the cnu. lijenee I repose, in 5 mi lay; 1111 stupjied him, stating tint 11 he oeisisicd I shnulil ouler bun out nt invhotise lie said nothing more, except urging that "Vie mlh which nre inev itable under any and etery sjstem ICU II lit It t II MIIIH'lt'lltl- II HO. llll.le.l,,tey Ui, lug to the cu-toiu-hoiH", 1 reported 10 Air. (Ami, the collector, the conversation, vciliatiiu, ns near as I could recollect it. The man was nriested, gave bad, and run nwny. 1 1 now repent, nhandnn ppecifie duties, nnd nt least ' one h it nt yoar rivoues vv al I,. lalent, an I swum I in occausc' iitey aie nouims out cttst im-rwu-e oaths, I it , that n theory, mid according to ever)- sound the divine that they conquer and govern wh. r. v r 1 prin-ipeot justice, tli- ad valorem mode of taxation i' c0lc q-i,. !, v.,,, . . entitled tn tie preference " "'conn.. I lie l.omau .N.'imte must needs o:i. , , (. sir ine itiiK-rml crown Napoleon but shows , .- w ly person nnd hi banishment is retnk.d It t ire ...... ..uv..-,r, 110 .NUwieou. tVe ndiiiit tl, t. claimant. e mirreuder nt discretion to k no,is Andrew Jackson vvuh Inasi. ,, rc-.eclable, I niysell : -., Iiaren with In c t ie t ll"t ist -."s. ...... .00.J. 1, nim.i oiiin- ,..ojw.u, .111 ijrmi wan IllS C. ., st 11.,, vull ever varv, eithei honestly r frnu Intently, nnd jilnu-ible he liimielf- and even I, , 1 r 1 there 1 soin-. dilh'ultv ei iireventing Irnul II ji ,..,1.1 ; a'iu tven jimi.s h I with the lltl.Mli rALL ATIOX proposed by my , ' 'UKl u'l"u" "-y (secret correspond, 11 friend tioni lihnde 1-lan.l, (Mr. Simmons,) the al ra- "llkl-' 'ctoriuu.s. The lir-t earned us; th, lorem syst"in cm be adopted vv uh nil practicable safe. ly.nuo win ne mate to thn.e chances onlv of I'ian.1 Osdi'iisbiirgh Iluil Itond. Wu learn tint J.v's Haywaed, Usq. tho Chief Fngineer of this inqxirtaut Road, with two as siLmt Fngimjr.s, Jlivsrs. Cauteii &. Cuktis, p issod thrnugh our town ycterday on their way tn Ojileiihiirdi, at which point it is proposed to oumioiicotha locating mirvoj- forthwith. 3j' Tho SJ,0')0,000 appropriation hill, for buy ing Pe.ico with -Mexico, and a few more Slate States in Calilornia, wa lot in the Senate. The Pliillslnirgli liepublican say: "tiffin our fit page will be foin I the Presi lent's Vetuol the harbor bill nud theremaiksof Vice I'resi. dun Dill noli ca-tin j his vote for the tnrilf bill two able dnciuneni, and ol deep inteiest 10 t-very citueu." Fpecially the Vila, Pl.ittsliurgh folks say! The American Itevicw. Tho August number of tliis ublo and dignified Whig Journal is received by .Mr. Fiiwauiis, Tho contents are of unusual variety and interest. Tho loader is a capitil pipir on "Tho Oregon Treaty." Fvcry Whig, who U able to subscribe for tins sterling periodical, Fhould deem it a matter of patriotism well as duty to do so. In the course of the debate in the .Senate, on the Tnnll', .Mr Nde,nf Connecticut, a lending Polk-man, look 1111 iH-casion to give ".Sir Robert Walker" a severe' thrust ns billows' "llesaid be had no confidence in the financial stnte. incuts nl the Secretary nf the Treasury, lie had no (.nth in them, nud based no cnlculnlion upon them whatever The financial alhurs ot the (Jutermiient were in a Mil nnd deplorable condition. In my con science I Isdieve this l.'n os no you iiKtu timt I llottaii Atlnl, Yes.nnd w e recollect of hen ring you iy a few month mice that Dr. Ndes waacrnjy. Vt. Patriot. Yes, but you ilenicl it stoutly then', what do ton say of his sanity noir ? .Melandiolly SnicttiE. William .M. Price F.sq. formerly United States Ditrict Attorney for tho Norlhern District of New. York- rn,,,,,,;. led siiichh 011 tho 1 Uh inst. at about pj o'clock at Ottignou's Pistol (Jallery in Canal n. U- 1. 1. :....!. 1.. . ... . v """: iiiiiislii, in miuiuoii to 1110 atHito we learn that tho imni"diato cause of this act was great pocuni iry euih.irr.isuient, which had su'l lectcd .Wr Price s household furnitiiroto Sherill's sale. The otliccr had Kitioneil tho allair a long us pos-ihle, but 011 Monday told .Mr Price that tho salo must positively take placo without further delay. He did not live to w itness it Tribune. Now then the Patriot knows that mi nilnrems with a mini: valuation, and ad lalnremt on the ror.Eir.v invoice as contemplated bj- the new Free Tmb T.irid', are widely dilVcrcnt affairs. Will it pleae tn say so! Again wo say "fair play is a jewell," .Mr. Patriot, beide being tho best policy in the long run. Xoneof your Pennsylvania tricks in Ver mont ! 1 w.i -euied us ; the third plnys a ruinoiu game a st us, will, loaded dice. Verily, we are a conrtm, t people. Hurnih for Ind.-pendence ! O.i the way to New York, 5 M r Aug. 10, UiO. 1 - u l The Potato disease. We- hit -from all iart of the country, showr ravages of tho -potato rot' aro likelv t , . .1 . v. ti..,,, wi j-,.ar. in ourown the 1 ,. ease has certainly appeared wrrii r.'xV.,at, Vcr may lie the client of its fatality. IV ,! , r , . tatoesthat were sound last year, have a'r, 'y btcome seriously infecteil. We incline strongly to the onimon thn tt , g-ta- Troy Conference Acnilemy, Poultney Vt. Wearo inihdited to tho kimlness nf thn l!,. XT. s.' ....... 1' ... . trim cn ti,. il.,. nlH.:.. ..11. iur .1 copy ni me 1 atalogito of the 1 """"V 'ne ir..e t , Corporation, Faculty and Students, ofthisAcad-1 K0n founi1 1,10 s,aIks ' veril placis, emy, for tlio Academic Year IS 10. It js veryl1""' wllioh '"sroj-s their vitality, nnd then, neatly executed, and furnishes an admirable ex- conn""lil'ate ""'- to tlio talwrs. It hUn. pose of the excellent condition and judicious 1 1"'"1 ,n l,r"ecd from tho egg of a lly win, h H inaiiagemeiit of the Institution from whicli it ' J-L'l,0-K-- in the stalk Our farmers Van cx m ennnated. The number of pupil for the year is ' ino for ""'"'"e-ves. Wo have examin, d o.-m. aluio-t unprecedented, living three hundred tuul fourteen. We nro glad to record so unequivocal a testimonial 01 the prosperity ofa High School which we believe to be so elevated in the charac cr and degree of its educational influence. The Faculty con-its ofa Principal and nine Teach ers, The Fall Term will commence on tho 27th int. Wo take this occasion to notice that tho Rev. Ji'.ssF. T. Peck, tho Principal, who is wvll known in our State as a zealous and efficient friend and advocate of tho cauoofPoi'ixAn F.n fCATtoN, has recently received from Union Col lege, the merited distinction oftho degree of Doc tor of Divinity. Krratum. In an article 011 "Homo interests" last tvoek we svak oftho prices of glass before and after the passago oftho Tariff law of 18 fj, as 8J,75, 3,00 and $3,50 and 82,00 2,25, ntid 8'J.ftO "per 100 feet." It should bo "per" 50 feet," thatlieing tho quantity, of the kind spoken of, in a "box." The error was corrected in part of the impression. Our readers will seo that the cor rection makes the argument xvo used stronger, Iho fall in prices being on 50 instead of 100 feet ef pl". 'tV ..,1 .,.11 . ..1 c 1 . i, ojuiiu worms in iiu-ni n,vnr The remedy iiiK)nestionaby is to mmt . ' smiivs .,eitv uie jtoint of infection. It h is found to lm etficacious. We hope the F n. rs will at'end to it. Towa Itepr:nl:ilirc. At f 0 Whig ineeti,,, night-uefore-la-t, C.txs 1U'si..l, i:,q., wis imanimoiuly re.,imin-t, ,1 lor Iovn Representative. Jjr, nirti r beeleetcj. The Whig ofIIllrin,,Um ow ,c thcniM.dves and to him. isratiierdulieult to .btonmno xtheth ent was the "practices" of the Third Party or the Ucofocos. They mt settle that nnfer tvtwivnthenitolve. Cov. luuv, Hixm of Vt.. N not a candid ifl for a re-election; nnd on tho expiration of hs enn(roll,,eino,tobsr next, will renin to the Shite of Ohio. .SWfi (Ms.) Itegisl, r. Wo Invo imderstoisl, wo think from good nu t honty, that Governor Slabs lias been otl'ered the Presidency oftho Oitrtln Institute, at Oher Iin, O., and that ho has contented to nccept o .V. V. Cour. ,v r.nq. '

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