Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 6, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 6, 1846 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER (I, 184(5. Ilia fact of Kutul Kpy light liouse belli? Rone Dcail bodius iiro occiision.illy ttiirj nut from mi ller tho ruins, ntnl no ono c:m tell how many llicro nro remaining. As far ns tisccrtainpi!, fifty persons have lost their lives 5 awl it issin pillar that so few are dead and injured, when we remember that the nir was full of hoards, timber, slate. etc., and buildings ftllini? in every direction. Stone could not withstand tho (.'ale, and all seemed to bo going to destruction. Many persons ccaped in boats, andheld on to trees, rxpecting every moment to ho washed away. The scene was awful in the extreme. Aw Orleans Pic, 23d ult. Vrnm Ihc X. Y. Tribune. U'ho I'olicc of Sew York on it Slave Hunt ! Will tho people of this City read and ponder the plain lalement of facts we are about to make ? We don't want to create nn nnwholo f-ome excitement ; we don't want to bring out the virluots of our citizens liv ibousands to de clare and aert by nets as well as words that if we tiTo 'o have moo-law, it shall ho moli-law for the right and not for the wrong ; wo arc not mnlmo raK and we believe in no revolution but peaceful revolution, and therefore all wo want 'tdi i to make the I'cople of this City think of .vliat i pis!n;r around them, and tlieii'scc if th re is not some virtue in the sitnplo expression n , a righteous popular indignation to bring petty ' rants to a sense ol whit they are about. Sow man. a plain itory : l)u Tursjav morning lat a colored loy, by naui''!eorre Kirk, was declared by the Court of Oi t and Terminer to have lieen illegally and w.tjn-fi,lly restrained of hi.i liberty, in other words. Unit ho was a FitEC-Us, witli the same rights in this great City of ours as you or I. lie was released, and with some of his friends lied from the Citv Hall for they feared that legislature of Vermont. Pmniv Kvrvivn.fVl. MttmHCEnsroSicdbill Incoirioratiiigihe llank of Urnnilcrd repealing sec. a.i 01 net 01 in ri, in alteration oi coup ic o ; us-- ltig a tnx, making appropriations, anil numorizmg ine treasurer to norrow lor me support ui govc-nuuc-iu , it lafingtopcillcrs severally passed. Hank The House resumed the consideration of the bill incorporating the Railroad Dank, the question Is-ing on the second reading : ajes Gl, noes 'Jj, so it was rejecieo. A Legislative Condenser Resolution Ily Mr Wright ol Sliorehain, that no limn shall speak more than ten minutes to any one question before the House: supported by Mr Wrijjlit, opposed by Mr Prenclt and a motion to dismiss was lost, 101 to 50. Mr Miner re marked (and very justly) that this session had lieen re tunrkiihle for short speeches : he believed that the reso lution bad better be laid on the table, there to lie as a gentle hint against long speeches and so thought the Hnue, The House resumed consideration of the bill laying a tax on the County of Addison, the question being upon 1 lie amendment of the conitniltee : it was agreed to. The bill wasordercd to n third rending. Saturday, Oct. 31 Senate Prayer by the Chap lain. Reports By Mr Hodges, from the committee np- K limed for the purpose, the names ol Silos I( Jennison, athan Sinilie, and David M be inserted lit the resolution now before the Senate providing fur a committee to exainine into the expediency ofdilfer ently einployingthe labor of the State Prison : necep ted. llv Mr Hradlev. from the committee on Hanks, in favor of the House bill incorporating the Hattcnkill Hank : bill laid on the table, llv the same, from the same committee, in favor of the House bill suppressing bow ling alle)s, with nn amendment t bill and amend ment laid on the table. Hya Mr Suunmls, from the committee on .vinnuinctures, m invor oi me House din iiiciimnrnliliir the Vl. Wrnnrdit Nnil Oirnnnm" 1 bill passed. Jly'Mr Hrndley.frotu thecotmuitteeon Banks, miavoroi ine liousu nm mcorporiiiuil; uie piiihmi Hank ; bill laid on the table. l'v Mr Foster, from the Judiciary committee, in favor of the House bill regu latins certain fees of Sheriffs, nllowinc them SI 50 per chy lor attendance on Supreme mid Chaucciy Courts ; passed. Hv Air Hnrrin"tun from the committee on ltoads.againsl the House bill in addition to chap 20 of ijiiv nun lor nicy iciuc-u i icuau-.uuiiisi uie uiiuw uiu m iiiiuiuun m cuii -.v m some process would be issued nrrain-t lum liy Krcrciaiingioiugirways, ciii ipow-cring comm. ices ni . ,. i.'.i.. r ... ... ..e .i.. it.t-i. ii ... ' reduce the -Tradi-sof roads bi laid on the tab e. llv Minciiiuo c-upouu o mo ...oui.o vvouiu gut Kieh. from the committee on Finance, in favor ot possession of him and return him to bondage. lie lied like a hunted hare to a neighboring cel lar. The building in which be lav concealed was surrounded by the 1'olicemen. The whole MNE J I CM) P. ED OF THE I'ol.ICE of tllil city Wen vribrcd In lake the ioiy nf this pnnr liny if tlicy could t I it ! Now by' what authority was this done! Where is the law that compels tho whole Police force of Now Vorl; to turn out like I soiniuv blood-hounds to hunt down one poor ,ui South Carolina and Louis-iana, reported Negro to make a slave of him.' ''Acre is nn 1 jug resolutions ; the bill providing for the distribution of the Auditor's Keiiort ) lull ordered to a nurd reading. lltntse bills referred Incorporatinc the Hank of Brandon: to the conimillee on Hanks. Itelating to pedlars: making appropriations for the support ol (iov- Crimieill ; Ussi-smu im inc ciij'jui i ui wu l-uii'iii. the Tieasurer to borrow not exceeding st'iOOOl) sevi-rnlle in llie commiltee on Finance. Air Kimball, fium the committee on the Fifth Joint Kule, to which wcrerelerred tlie resolutions Irom (teor- gta relative tothe djlicniiies oetween .Massnchiisetl: i lueioiiow hall and declared tliat this fund could mil be available lor the poor children nt least for ai cntiiry . Mr M also alluded to the declaration of other distinguished genlle men of the same party, maintaining that so Inr ns the children were concerned, this lund was abolished by the aid of these gentlemen i nrs ago. In Ins judgment, no state hail done more for common education by way of taxation than Vermont by her laws every district in the State has full power to fix the amount and en force the collection. Mr. Thomas replied tliat (Joy, Slade materially dillered Irom llic lion. Joiui Mill n, making the lime far less in which the fund would be nxnilnlile.and went into calculations to show that Cov. Slade had fixed the time too lout' and lint ISM would see the fund available: he was mortified to say that Vermont had taken tins liinil to builil a spicmuu siate house. Hill rejected, 101 to ri. An Act ltelntlng lo the Jtnllcinry. It is hereby enacted by the (Jcneral Assembly of the Slate of Vermont, as follows; See. 1. The Supreme Court of this Stale shall here after consist of one Chiel Judge and live A-ilant Judges, to be appointed, m tlie manner piovweu ny the Constitution. ... , , Sec. 2. It shallbe the duty ol the Judges of the Su preme Court or n majority of thein.ns soon ns coinc- liicni niier uieir uppuiiiuiiL-iii, iu u.-rmu.,,.. .1... -who shall attend the sessions of the Supreme Court forth'" ensuing yenr, In suchn manner that lour shall tie nasli'mcil In rnrll ennnte ! Old it shall be the dlltV of ihc lour thus designated to nttend the term of the Supreme Court in inch of the counties lo which they are assigned. , . Slrr. :t. If nnv one of the Jtuleres thus designated shall be legally disqualified to ucl in the decision of any cauc pending in paid conn, or shall be ilelaincd from court by sickness or any utmoidnble accident or nec essity, the rcinaiuingJudgcs so designated, shall have power to try and determine such cause, or hold the court fir such term but where llin-e are only three Judges present at any term of the Supreme Coutt, no case shall be determined by such court, unless all the Judges concur in the decision. See. 4. The fnns of the Supreme Courts in the scv crnl counties hal! be held at the following times : In the ( ounty of Chittenden on the fourth Tuesday in D'ceinlier. Iu the countv of Grand Nle on the fourth Thursday next nfier the fourth Tuesday in De cember. In the county of Addison on the fourth Tuesday next after the lourth Tuesday in December. In the county of Rutland on the sixth Tuesday, next ntter the fourth Tuesday in Decemlicr. Ill the coun ty of Bennington on the eighth Tuesday next after the lourlh Tuesday in December. In the county of Wind limn on the ninth Tuesday next alter the fourth l.'eutlrrit. llv the Senate and House of Uenresenia tin's, That the (leneral Assembly of the State of Ver niiitit dissent from the views presented in the l-eeislu live preamble ami resolves ot the Stale ol Georgia in line. The force was turned out bv or.Dr.n or i HE mwiii:, wilh'mt llie issmViy uf any legal vroccr. Captain Hulkley wauled to get pos.-r" Mon ot the hoy tliat lie might, under all old law j p.pud to the dilhnilties between Massachusetts and th" Constitntionalitv nf which eon Judire I South Carolina and Louisiana. and tliat in the opinion Ivlmonds said was doubtful, and which it is coll-1 "f 'bis General Assembly, tiny member of the confed tended Iris boo,, repealed take ,!, before the eraey winch a-suines to jiolnte at pleasure the rights ii. mm ins ie.ui rcpe.iiu iai,e ii in more uu. , RI,araniTO ,v the Constitution to the citizens of other Aliivnr -iinl trot ft ritrlthfiln t li-t H1.1 nil it-n n T ..".....:- .1 t.. t ., .....j... ...... f..-. . x............ ....... ... - jiuiej, or i" impior uiesc rigms oy inrownig lllipeill slave, found nn board hU vessel, and tliat he incuts in the way of their legal vindication, lusily ex -1 e. .... ... ... s, 1. , ........u I..., n,l.... nr. r .1... ..1.1:. the scent;' When the boy was caught was tun'1 enough to issue legal process! Indeed he had no right to issue any till the Captain brought the b jv b.'foro him. Now, good people, what do von think ofthis ; Isiuhodutyofth''.M:iyor:ind l'nliceof .ew-Vork to turn slave-catchers ) At least whether poor George Kirk is deliiercd over to the tender mercies of his Southern mister or not, haven't you anything to say to Mayor Mickle and his nine hundred Policemen There may bj sum ! of them who, detest the act of which as a body they have been guilty, hut till ihby let the public know that iu sonic" way, let the public m irk his Honor (1) tho Mayor, and every man that wears a star upon his breast as a M.AV-Ill-.TI.K. Trcm"mlon Incitement The flluve set Free mill asiiin ArreMerf.-Atloinp! tnl,n him sitfiii a ll.nv.V new- Writ ol Corpus. Tli bov Cieorg" Kirk, demanded ns a Stive by llie tiptain if the brig Miibili', Was tirnuubt b'-fore the Co'trt id Over and Terminer on Tuesdiv furenoon. when llie ilecision nt the Couiton the writ of hatieas corpnswas pienotir.eeil by .liidg'" Ldiuoiuls. 1 he tle-ci-ion rle, l-ir.'s that the arrest of a Slave in this State under the I,-ws and Cuu-tiintinn ,,f the United States, can only be nn le bv the(o'ner, his agent or attorney lint me laws oi loorma in sjieii a case os the pie-H-uit are not binding in New Vol I; : that the principle 'if Slip' pnhee laws does lint nlf -ct ibis ease, as llie slave is only tleimmleil tor llie iienelit ol Ins owner and that the law ot this Male, which allows n master to carry a Slave before the .Mayor or Jlccnrder, and get ii certificate so as to return him to Slavery, was not complied with by the Cupnin,w'!io,iu-lead',manuelcd the boy and pal him into the hold of his vessel, fioin which he was brought r.pby the present writ of habeas corpus. AMenmu Jaeksonthoco) is understood lo Imvedi can liberty tliat no mm be condemned unheard tor puiv i-ned lor sup posed oii-'iiees, wiuioui Having nil oppor' tunilv of m.lkimr Ills defence 1 and that the imprison nient of nn,v citi.en of a si-icr State by the aulhorily tM iiiiuuii'i ri,nt. in uie l ii iuii , vi luiuui ine iiiiegaiioo 01 nil y 1.1 nil i- u I Ml suieiy m iiceuuiu ui ins color, IS .1 par nalile and cross i iofation of the federal Constitution. These lesolutions, on motion of Mr. Vilas, were laid on me nunc. House Praverbv Bev Mr Ballou. V.iisi nsted Hills To incorporate Female Academy at .Miiuch''ster. and Vereennes Tow Boat and Trans- porialmn Company j to pay James I!u-se SPJ ni ; fur reiieiot iiiirryiuid .lames w maul and also the bJU ol James Murphv severally passed. Licenses 1 he House took up the special order, be ing the bill relating to licenses to inn-keepers, Sec. Amendment to reduce the penally lor wholesale dealers from Jjll to S'.'O, agreed to. Tlie other amend ment reducing the penalty for retailers &c. from S'-JO lo SID wasulsoogreed In. The f'-cs for licences were fixed ns f dlows, to wit : not less ihan 820 wholesale, not less than 60 retail a year or S3 for six miuitlis, not less than 2 per year to irrocers or ! tor fi luomhs. The first Tuesday in March was fixed as the day of Mr Wnlkcrmoved topinke'out the section requiring the courts to chare: the crand Jurv n einllv in rela tion to violations of this act : opposed liy Mr Squierand carried. Mr Corse suggested a difect iu the bill, no provision being made ns to inn-keepers, whin the bill was anienduied in this respect. The bill wes laid on llietable. Aitlk.voon Senate Reports Hy Mr Fox. from the committee on l-.diiraiiou, in f.ivur of the House hill incorporating the Northtield Academy, bill passed. Hy the same, from ihesaine committee, in favor of the House phi, incorporating the l emale Seminary at .iinucucMcr; oiu passeu. liy .ir Howe, Hum the com mittee on Agriculture, against the House bill in rela tion to exciuiilionslroin attachment: lull laid mi the table. Hv Air Fo-ter from the Judiciare committee. iu favor of tlie House bill in addition to chap 53 of II .S empowering administrators on certain condition to sell leul estate for the support of children under 7 years . C 1 .11 1 1) ' .1 c ' sented Irom this opinion; .Mdermin Johnson, on the ! ,;'.V: .'lifV r ,'i !' estate ol insane persons, empowering the guardian of Tuesday in December. Ill the countv of Windsor on tlie tenth Tuesday next after the fourth Tues day iu December. In the county of Orange on tlie thirteenth 'Tuesday next niter lire fourth Tu'fday iu December. In the county ol Washington on the fifteenth Tuesday next niter the fourth Tuesday in December. Iu the coiiniy of Caledonia on the six teenth Tuesday next alter the fourth 'Tuesday in De cember. Iu the county of F.ssex on the seventeenth Tuesday next after the fourth Tuesday in December. Ill the c'ouniy of Orleans on the eighiecnlh Tuesday next nfler the fourth Tuesday in December. In tlie county of I,nmodle on the nineteenth Tuesday next af ter the fourth Tuesday in December. Sec. 5. There shad be six Judicial Circuits in the Slate. The first shall consist of the counties of Hell- niiiglon mid Kutland ; the second, of the counties of Windham and Windsor; the third, uf tlie counties of Addison and Chittenden : the lourlh. of the counties of Orange and Washington ; the lilth,of the counties. nt uniud Isle, iTunklmuun litiuulle: llie sixm, ot tlie counties of Caledonia, Kssex and Orleans. See. fi. Anv of the nrovisions iu the existing law. not inconsistent with this act, shall continue iu full force. See. T. This act shall take cfiect from its passage. See. 8. It shall be the dutv of the Sunreine Court lo hold un adjourned term (hereof in any county in this State, when tne uuliuistied business ill sucli county shall require it. Approved Oct. 22, 1310. The laic Election. Congressional elections have now been held in ten StTites, and tho result iu them, as compared witli those of the last election, are ns lolinvvs States. Maine Vermont Missouri Illinois Arkansas Georgia V Carolina Florida P'sylv ania Ohio This statement shows that thus Whigs have I'aimd Ten. and the lico Focos have lost Fouiitekx, members of Congress. And they have gained mo, m preci-ely those Mates where the conlct lias been most, exclusively upon tionnl issues. In Pennsylvania, where the T.i. IHFK was the great point in controvesy, tho change lias lieeu more marked than in any other State. And in Uluo,wliero the Tanll wits equal ly tho tonic of dispute, and wlicro tho population was mamlv agricultural, tlie result lias been equally auspicious and important. The isspo iu all these .States where elections have thus far been held. Iris been in the highest degree suti factory and encouraging, ilvcry where have the nets of tho administration met the explicit and emphatic condemnation of the people. CwMfier aim iwi'mrcr. The Whigs aro triumphant In New Yurk! We are indebted InllnwAttD A, Sr..Nsr.l!KY, who came from Albany in the bout last uvening, for tjio glorious tidings. MH. YOUNG'S ma jority ranges from 'TUN TO FIFTKKN TI tOU- SAN1). Tho Whigs have curried Hi of the .'1 1 Congressional Districts, nnd fivu or six ot ibo eight Stale Senators 1 The 3d Senate district has elected IRA MAUIUS by over 7000 MA JORITY. Our returns of tlie members of the Aembly are not full, hut the Whigs have gain ed largely, and have probably a majority of the members. The City, however, has elected the entire hoco Vocn delegation witli tine exception. Wright's majority iu the city is about 60U0. This is glory enough for one day. X. It. We shall look, witli a good deal of curiosity, for nn llxtra. Sentinel to-day. That paper is dcatli on early news, and it will of course hasten to spread these gratifying results before its numerous readers. It will then have leisure lo resume its highly edifying essays on the human mind ! From the Albany Argus. (Jivisa It (Up. The ItesKlt In (lie. Stnlc. Return" were received l it night by Telegraph, at midnight, Hiitlicient to indicate the result in the Slate. JOHN YOUNG, the whig candidate for gov ernor, is undoubtedly elected. Tlie extent of his atority it is yet to soon to state with certainly ; but it can scarcely bo less than MOO. T he tiroliibilities are, on the other hand, that l.t. Gov. GArtuiXEit, aided hy tho anti-rent vote, nKo elected. Of the legislative and congress, wo can form no reliable opinion as yet. Tne probabilities lire that Hudson, Hem. anil Clowes, whig are elected Canal Commissioners. the yeas and invs on everv important o'lestion. Tlie Appendix is made up ot tlu President's Annual Messige, the reports of the principal olferrs of the In Bellows Palls, on Wednesday morning, bv Hev. K. l'utmni. Mr. Josmi II. I. vnn. merchant, of New fork city, to Miss M vuv Wales, daughter ol Stephen . II. Wales i;sm nt n. In Brii'hlnn. Mass.. .Inns N. BitTEn. I!n .of Bel ows Palls. Counsellor at lavv.toMbsS.viiAU F.daugh ler.,1 tfired Colon. Cso .of 11. In North Trov, rJlh imt.xi. l.epins lassett, ot Ilvdepnrk.nnd Mr. Cyrena the firmer place. In Northfield. Oct. 2."uh, Mr. Lym-in S. l.ewis.of Duxbiiry.nnd Miss Malinda A. Poland, of Wnterbury. In Leicester. Oct 22, Mr Frank Skinner nf Worces ter. Mass., to .Miss F,lii (1. Perry, of the former place. At IJeuverwvck. .N. .1 ,on the auti instant, ny uev Mr. Ford, Ilhvin Hutchinson. Iiq , of Woodstock, to Mis Harrietle A. Benmnn, of Hanover, Jf. II. In Woiiilstiick. nt Si James Church. W'cilucsdiv inorniii2,2sth ult., by Rev. Dr. Clapp, F. A. Gailield, ii. u.,oi mover, t,. turn .viiss itarrn t vv .,youngc.-i laughter of Amos Wnrnn, F.sii.nfW. Ill V e-t roilllncv, V l . on tlie Ulll nil. PV .1 esse i '....I. II 11 W.i .'. ... It XT..,r.. ..I'W., Vo.,l,n,.l. to Miss I'r.vxci.s A.v.N W'txTwoiirti, Preceptress of I plele Indexes to both at tin- end ol a session lroy v-uiilercneu Academy. contrary, coneurrinir with J lube IMmonds, At the inoment ot the boy's di-ehare, inimense cheering was sent forth bv llie crowd of persons as. seinblt d in the Park. The boy was hurried oil' by his friends, who succeeded in gelling linn into Morse's building near llie Anti-slav cry office in .Vnss-ni-st. An immense crowd gathered round the building, and llie Mnvor having, on application of the Captain, is'ucd a new proee-s against the hoy, the Police was goon on tlie ground iu great force. They had been on the watch several hours, wleMi about naif past four o'clock offi cers Bioom and Boyle discovered a enrtman in the net oi removing a box from the vicinilv of llie Anti slavery Ollice in .Vassau-sn. Th'y followed the cart inio Park-rnw, when Hojlc jninped upon the cart and took a minute of the destination of the bo, which was directed t J!cV. ra .Manly, lsex, N. Y. Oll'icer Bloom then took his place nnd "through a crevice saw tlie colored boy, nn I immediUcly broke open the box nnd made the arrest, ollicer Cory of the 2d Ward ns. usting in take him to the tlhVc of the Chief Police, where he was d.'lnined lor a few minutes and then ta ken through a hack door lo a rrriaire which was in at tendance. He was then driven nt n rnpi I rate to the 1 onihs, where, according to a previous arrangement, the .Mnvor and Recorder were in ntten l.ince, nnd Judge l.dinonds was sent for and a writ of habeas ear pui was served upon the Mayor returnable l irthwilh. Air. Jay here served upon the District Attorney a for mal demand (based upon a provision of the Siatuie) that be should appear on behalf of the Slave. Mr. Blunt appeared on behalf of the Captain of the vessel, nnd Mr. Hrndv. the Counsel tothe Corporation. on h- i.,.lf ol llie M'avor. who with Jnib'e Ddmondsand llie If eenrder occupied the bench of the Court of Sessions. Mr. Illiint rat-ell ohj'Clinns to the firm of proceedings on the Eiouuds 1st. That Judge Dduiuuds had no right to issue the writ, as the npphcntion for such writ ilireeted to no individual JuJce but to "the Cir cuit judge." Andsecoiidly.thntJndge IMmonds had no righl lo is-ue such a vv nt, during the titniin of the Supreme Court," probably still iu session at Roches- ...r AfiernOlii'l crviilfuruiul dw-Usniul lla tO VvllOSt custody the boy was in, the matter was compromised; tlie Mayor passing his word that Kirk should be forth coming nt 10 o'clnik this morning, when the mutter is tnbelidly argued liefore Judije IMmonds. who will meet the Counsel nt the Chamber of the Court of Ses sions. . , . While Ike above matter was under considernlinn, the Cuplain of the vessel made nn nllidavit charging the hoy with assault ond battery committed upon his person. Um this nllidavit a warrant wasissued and placed iu tlie hands of ollicer Bowyer. And thus stands the case at the present writing A'. 1. Intitule. lSIG. 1SI1. IP. L. A'. Vac't If. L. X. Vac't. 12 0 1 15 0 1 2 o 0 2 3 1 0 0 1)500 05 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 10 1) 0 10 0 4 4 0 0 4 4 0 0 0 7 0 0 0 7 0 0 10 0 1) 0 10 0 17 fi 1 0 10 12 2 0 11 10 0 0 8 13 0 0 K7 lT 1 0 27 5.i 2 1 lmportmit Arrangement. Tlie following from tho Hunker Hill Aurora iftho31sl i doubtless correct tho editor nf that paper being an fail in Railroad matters: IV. M'lfrai'"'". KiTciinrnu ami Vt. Cestrai. Railroads. Wo uiider-and that, at a meeting ol tlio Di rectors of tho I'itchburg Railroad, yesterday forenoon, resolutions were paused, the object ol wldch was to bring about measures of harmony between tho several railroad lines, extending front this vicinity to I AkoChaiuplaiii. Uy these tl.o Central Railroad is at liberty to form a connection with tho Northern Railroad, and the Fitchburg Co. equally at liberty to assist and connect with tho Rutland. The connec tion between tho I'itchburg and Central lines, l, is still to ho made and must bo regar ded as a very itniiorUnt arrangement lor the Cheshire and Fitchburg comi-mit The Cen tra! Railroad will nudotiuicuiy no ueiiciweu oy tho new state ol tilings. M umMosiAi,. Gentlemen advertising for wives in I.ndon, hang out their daguerreotypo miniatures in a window oi kuhu mniioii.uou i shop with this label : 'Wanted A temaic companion luiiue nuuic ly personally. any insane person, on certain conditions, to eonvev real e.siale vv hen a contract to that clT.-ci has been mai!.! by such person vv Idle sane ; bill pa-sed. l!y .Mr Rich, irom me coininuiee on i malice, against Hie lull re pealing the act providing lor a (ieologiciilsurvevof the State : bill refused a third reading. Ily Mr Hodges, iron) llie sime coininiiiee,m luvor ot the llou-e lull to p ay George M Willard S2j, il being compensation for taking care ol the State arms about seven years: bill passed. By Mr Harrington, from the committer on Bonds, in tavor ot llie House bill, incorporating tlie Vcrgennes Tow Boat and Transportation Company : passed. r.itsrossed Jlill Providing for the distribution of the Auditor s Annual Keport : passed. i ne resoiunous reponeu oy ine committee on 1 1 nance, insirucling tlie Directors of the Slate Prison to examine persons and papers, nnd ascertain the expen ses ol the Piison for the last ten years, inquire whether they were ncce.ssarv. and also astertriin the nnnnnl number of prisoners ;usouppointing Silas H jeiinisou, iMiiu oi .-siuiue.uuo iwviu .it l,nmp, a coiuunttee to examine whether a stone ouarrvor other raw materinl may not b cheaply procured, upon which to e.ieiid ne- iiiuoi ui uiu i-uuiieis woo piom 10 nie oiaie, were lopieo. '1 he bill instnietintr llie Treasurer nlu-m-. In elili hold Irom each Judge the lat quarter ol his uiiniril Fal- in) until ne receives a cerlilicnte Irom tlie Keporter nut lie lias duly complied with that provision of the statutes winch reijuire him by a given lime to luniisli the Ke.rterwith his decisions, was amended on mo tion of Mr A that the JuJge instead of the lie porter shall give the certificate, nnd after being oppos. ed by Mr Cram, us undignified anddUrespectlul, was ordered to a third rending. The Senute bill relating to highway nnd bridges was taken up and ordered to a third readin". The bill relating to parties in actions ol laivf,enablin pill in case ul nonjoinder or misioinder ofdef'ts to duly proceed on certain conditions, njrainst the renl delendnnts. without an aliatement of ikJ writ vena in. ken up, nnd ndvoeated by Mr Smith: and was order ed a third readiiiir. I lie engrossed bill, amending chap 20 of It S so that n jury oi oiree ersous snail ne allowed delendant ill case when ihematter in demand does not eyep..,! SVln wnsu!kciiup,auu ,vir v imsonereu nu that nil juries befure a justice shall consist of tliree in- stentl ol six men. which after lienor c.,mi,n...l l.e Messrs Vilas nnd Hnrrincton, mid opposed by Jlr uiu, mis uouiru. .ii r jiurioo reuuirheu against llie oiii.uiiu ii vvie reiecieu ov a vole ot into lb. 'The engrossed bill (specified above,) requiring the furnishing to the Reporter, bv each Judire of the Su. prune Court, ol each decision rendered, vvus tnken up. MrSinilh moved to append another section providing nun nie juui-en punn incciui .uonipelier every second j'Aitsinit's ci.i'it, This Kvening at half past six oclock. Nov ember G, 1810. Dr. Woop's .VvKsvi-Aaii.t. ami VlLn Cunaav Hit Tl.ns. We are eon-lantly noticing iu our exchanges coninlimentarv noiices of the nbove popiilar remedv 'The following is from the Bristol Countv D-'inocrnt. Wl are glad that our Taunton friends appreciate this valuable medicine. Fiom the Itristol County Democrat. A Vai.cabi.e Mciiicix'e. Among the great var iety ol popular medicines wiueli are continually coming neiore ine puone mere is nccii-ioininy one oi rein uuir tv nnd vuliie. This the case witli Dr. Wood's Sarsan nrilla and Wild Cherry Hitters, a new article, und which .needs only to In known to Imd an extensive u-e. Tlie medicinal properties ol llie Wild Cherry have long been favorably con-idered. Willi great tlliency as a tonic, there is united n sedative power admirably adapting H as a remedy in cases wliere a tome is re quired, nnd wliere the disease is attended with irrilu hi Hv of llie nervous system. The Sarsaparilla is i drug much in Use with the ficulty. The mode of iis operation is not fully uiiderstoo'd, nnd it is c'a-scd Willi those agents known ns alteratives, nnd winch have the tiled lo remove the morbid humours Irom the system, nnd induce a healthy and salutary actum . .1 I ...:.l. .1... vl'O.I ci .....i :., ...... V.OIUOIOei nun I ne loin s.111 1 y , it luiiijiuuim n jut. dueed singularly well lilted tu derangeineiits mid dis . .i e'.-. i,.. .1 . .r e.i.. OSes OI llie iinn'suve organs, iij ine operauon oi in one. tne mor nil net on is cnamreo. vvuiie ov mat i the oilier irrilntioli is a lived, and tone nnd vieor llu iarted to the debilitated parts. As n soring medicine there is, peihaps, none superior to Dr. Wood's prepar- nliim. while ns 11 useful remedv' in discuses restlltill'j Irom ilerangeiuents ot the digestive tunetions, tlie Known nnd acknowledged projicrtics ot its co!isiitu enia inuLe n oeyouu quesnoii. iiiM"i F..r I. pp.rir x- spr.m Thurtslnvol ()ctols?r lor the rurrire of revismtr ibeir ..; .' .. i I - i ". I .. . , . ; "V iieeisioiinuiiu ucsiguniiiig wnm snail ue puoiisiieii ; tur ried 11 to 8, and the bill was passed. House Hill intra dueed llv Mr Miner, bviman iniuiu consent, taxing county ol Bennington for Court House and jnil ill the Soulh shire ; .Mr (ieorge objec ted thnt the bill is unnecessary, as the citizens of ilen iiiiiL'tonarepubscribinir lihcrnllv- liir this obieci. Mr Miner believed thnt the bill wjmld be neiessary, oiler un iiiecuiioiouuuiis, uuu uie oiu was oruertu to u mi reading. JictlortSDv Judiciary Committee. SenM Itill cbnr. tering (Jrund Isle County Insurance Company, and it .tna t.n., llv e. I,,sn ..I 11.... .... I ll . ... .uiiimiiui- ui ,IU)B Ullll .tirilllS, ng uii.-t bill referring the rcneol of the law obolishmu the sehiKil fund to the H-ojile bill tupporled by .Mr Sinilie, the ieople were not nt all satisfied with rob bing the ioor children, ond thought the act of Inn ear unduly favored h ri Ii ; he said he would keep llie lire nliveiintil.Morihineeting.niidlet the people put it out if they please. Mr Stoddard said the bill did not pre sent the issue fairly to the icople; the uueslion would lie. will the people tux themselves to rep ace the lund t and unless the bill is amended so ns to present this question he could not go for the bill. Mr Checver sjio ine measure onnst jenr was popular in Ins section uuu iieiiiougni ine oiiiuncoiiedjor. Air Tliomassaid the reverse was the fact in his town, nnd be spoke lor the bill nnd the poor children. Mr Miner said il any thin" could bo given tothe poor children by this bill be would support it but such is not the fact: he could well recollect that a few years go very distinguished genllemen who wn supported by the democratic par ty lor Governor last September, had stood up in this lwi ANOTIHIR MPi: SAVIID BY 11112 USK 01; DR. WISTAR'ri BALSAM OF WILD CIIRURV Tlie fillovving certificale is from the wife of Mr, I'.noch Perry, a v cry respctable farmer in Oxford Co. Maine, and can be relied upon as true in every tiarlie ular, It wns not solicited, but given by the lady, from a sense oi nuty, leeiing mat she owed the preservation ot tier lite to nr. w war's Halsoni ol Wild Cherry. Kumtord. Oxford Coiiinv. "Vte r..i o iuit This mo v certifv that I have for n' ,i-.- !.r . ..'. been ullheled with the nstlunn. Iu OlIuIkt, 1413 I took a violent cohl, which produced a very severe cough, which was iiceonipnnicd wilh severe pains in my side, nnd I sweat profusely nihis. These had symptoms continued, until I wns so much reduced nun i wns iiu.ioie iii uo any worK about tlie house, or walk across the room without ns.sistrioce it. 1..1.. 1811,1 was so nllheled with shortness of breolh, such ihtliciilty in breathing, nnd iu sui Ii severe pam, that I wns tumble to lie in lied or sleeofor tlire.. ue.-l.a n..- pliysieinn who otlended me, mid nnoiher who wns coiisiilleu, until gave me up in ine snid they could dc. no more for ine. .My friends despaired ol my life, nnd I had no hois" uiv self. I ihen commenced tnkiin. Dr. Wistur's IUUntii of ild Cherry. Beiore I had taken one bottle, 1 was able to walk nbout house. 1 combined tu take the Balsam until I had taken f mr bottles, mid .Mill 1 A .it vv i.i.i,, irec Irom pain, little or no cough, do my own work, keep no help, and have not enjoyed heller healih tor liheeu years. Signed, RRMANCi: 1T2RRY. None genuine, unless Hgncd 1 BUTTS, on the wrapiier. For sale by PKCK fc SPI2AR. Sew Series ol' tin; Cimgressloniil (Jlobc mill Appi'lldlv. t' nt its last session, through ihc Joint Li brary Committee ol lb- two 1 oiw,hav ing nuihori.ed a large subscription lor the Co.vori.ssionvI. (Jmuik asp ArrLxntxt nnd the Senate, by resolution, having di reeled the mode nf preparing the reports ofits proceed ings, nnd tmlhnried the Secretary of the Senate to contract with theimdersigneil, slipiilatlug that the re ports when written out shall be subject to the revision of the speaker", the Coxuresmonai. (Jijoiicaxd Arrr.x ntx is now ollered to the public, nut only as nn niithen tic. but as nil ollici.-fl report of iheoris'eedinirs of Con gress, niade under the eye, und published by authority ofthebodv. The undersign";! originated the mode o! lonrnnimng the nroeeedinos of CoiilTcss. which, thus adopted, is to lie pcrli'ded with the aid nnd under the supervision of I "... ' ..i.l.llentioi, u-n. lie. lira, 1,11,1 note UlllllilLl". lie it ..... .,. .j one tint gave each successive step in every nunsiire m belli hrancliesof Congress ; a brief of nil the debates; eveiy important vote j nnd nu Appendix, including nt full length nil the levised speeches delivered during the session. The work, ns it is now to be conducted liy them, will he found a tnot perfect political history. The Senn loiairooi ill,. Soiii'sniid i lie Itenicseiiiaiivcs from every section ol tlie Union bung willi them into Congress n know ledge ofthe Icehngs, seliliinents, and interests ui their several constituencies. Public opinion and tlie ....I.U.. .,.C.-...n,lnii .u 1, .ivi.iu notonir those thev ren- resent, are cmbodieilby them ; nnd in the crucible of r',ir.,Ga tl.e ll,U,l.t, nl'ltlir titllf IS lirollllhttO Its test. and 7s there coiKcnlrntcil, iu dirci ting the political movements ofthe whole country. I lie impulses inns given through Connss hum every quarter react upon flieii'itinti tin n leltt.le niitl nil il4 cntiioonellt liartS lire made to moveiuco-opetnlioii, The piess cannot lie more usefully employed than in condensing nnd again spreading uuronu ine mieiiicence oi our ntc couou, tending to sucli hanpv results tiirougu our niniosi mi raculously adjusted sjtnte and National institutions, Ilavin l idenlilitil ourselves with the nlall of advan cing the usefulness of Conurcss bv publishing full and impartial reports, nnil iiavimr n lare mass oi uie tvov. nr.Lssio.vAl. tJuinr. and Al'rr.Niitx, issued during the last twelve vars, which would be impaired in value to iltamcb. CAM 12 into the enclosure of tin-subscriber sLs- iiiiornboutthe2Slhol .Vpt.,asiirtll Drown Horse, switch t.iil, small bunch on tlie bnik, and 11 little white on one bind foot, suppnscJ to lie nhout 15 yearsold, 'The owner is requested to prove proju-riy, pay cn.irgcs uuu mRC iiisnorse. , 1 IVI..X 1 St (Jeorge.Nov. 5, tSlfi. iiTJivjl Andrew II. Jtiitsou's Cstnte. WF. the subscribers, luivinglieeH npiioiuled bvllie Honorable tlie Probate Court for the District of Chittenden, Commissioners lo receive, examine and ndjut the claims and demands of nil peisous ngani"t the estate of Andrew II Judson, lain of Sle-lliumo, in said District, deceased, represented insolvent, and also all claims nnd demands exhibited in ollset thereto ; and six months from llv (hy of the dale hereof, being al lowed by said ( otirt lor that purpose, we tin Iherelore lien by give iiolicc, that we will nttend to the business of our npjHiintmcnt.nt the dwelling of Snrnh JuJsou in Shelliurne, in said District, on the third Tuesdays of December nnd April next, at 10 o'clock, A. M on em It otsiuil days. Dated, this 2ilih day of October, A. D. 1810. I.VMAN HALL. ) CASSIUS L. SI'lIAIt, Commisiiimris. l'J3 K. II. WIIKBLI'll. ) jtusr moor mii.v, Fon Roonxo, Wixnow Siu.ttkus, &c. rpm: sunsrumniisiiegtocaiith-nitcniiiin JL ofnll those interested iu roofing, to their (AL VANIZKD TIN PLATI'S, nnd to the inanynd vantages whicli they possess oyer all inetahc and other substances hitherto used fortius purpose, pos sessing nsihevdn, thestreturli nnd lightlies of iron without its liability to rust, having now li-n li sted several jears. both m this country nnd iu 1'iiiopc They are also less subject to expansion nnd contrae tioiffri'in sudden thanges ol the atiuosphere, than common 'Tin Piate, Iron, .me, ,Ve., or any other metal navv uso.llbr roofing, and cotucquetitly form n much better ond tighter root, requiring far less frequent repnh, whil-tthrt'.rstcosiisbiit a tnlle more. 'The suliscribem would also call the attention of nil denlers nnd workers in nietnt',to the many other pur poses to which Iron thus protecteil, cnu be applied ci.wjim: hooks, thii psaltp.ry-a L.J collection olChiirtli Isiwell Mason mi l ("eo. J. Webh-publiH'iliui ler the sanction nnd witli the ns,robation ol tlie linsiou Aenikanv ol Music, aiel ofthe U istou Handel nud llnydn Society. The Music ispnneir.illy new; cither, or arranged fiom wntinis ol celibrnted nsnpiers. 'Hie variety of metres is veryt large, nnd lis; hannony natural and easy )et dignified nud devotional. The woik has. Iw'ides, several new features, which will commend il esp-ci:nl tu the singing master, chorister and con gregationnl mgrr CARMINA SACRA, or Bo'iou ColWtion of Church I.owell Mason publislied mid'rtiie sanction of llie Ilostott Aeatlemy ol Music. No work ofits kind Ins ever lcn received with more decided and universal approbation ; it hiving been cucnNVi.y introduced to choirs oud singing s.hools throughout the I'nited States. Tllil VOCALIST Cois-u-tiiii of -hotl and easy (lees, nrrniiged tor Soprano, Vlio, 'Tenor. nnil I'sn Voices by L. Mnsun.and (1 J. W'ebls i very popu lar work. S. WUUD.s. Burlington. 20 Oct. IS 15. 17w.. rrrirnyr-ft5?) 'JMIA, SPfJAR, COP irrM&XRS!'i lec, Molnsse-.. Spice,, S.ilernln. Slnrch, Nuts nnd Raisins. Cod-Fish, Mackerel, Salmon, fvc. .V; Jim received nnd for sale by L. L. STOM. 1 Slet-ou's Hlock, Oi.t. 20, 1H10. 17 us nnu utility lo tne -i.ul.lie .1 the worn weie disconiiu- , , is n,,,,i;,,nlI(. , n .,,., , irilll ued, we have n double motive to prompt into extend i,;,.i, ;, :a , i ,,.ei fr,.. il i.i... it through u new series. We nre resolved, if possible, to eive it periiiaiience. nnd to hand it down to sueces. sors ns a standard wurk, worthy ol being maintained and unproved. e shall enter upon our new under taking without being distracted or burdened bv any associate labors ofthe press ; and, thus unencumbered, shall hope to make the new series n step in advance ol the former iu all points of execution. With n view to accomplish this, we shall be (one or the other) in atten dance on Congress.. The reports will not be affected by our party bins. We believe every member of Congress will bear wit ness that our reports are lull and (air. Tlie Congre.-s-ional (Jlobe is made up ofthe daily proeeednnrs ot the two Houses of Coinrress. ond mint ed on superfine double rnj a! paper, with small type, loriu, eaeii number (brevi-r and nonpareil.) m ouario containing sixteen royal quarto pages. The speeches oi ine nieniiiers, m tun nrst lorin, are condensed me full leport ofthe prestreil speeches being reserved for the Appendix. All resolutions, motions, and oilier proceedings, are civen in llie torm ol the Journals, with which it is desirable to pnteet from the action ot the atmosphere. And lli-y would especially call the at tention of those interested in TCLl'OllAl'IIIC LINKS, to their (!olvani.ed Wire, which is now al most entirely ued i'l 12uroH-,aii'l which answers ev er) purpose as n conductor ot electricity, costing old) nbout one half ns much us copper, and possessingequa, durability with that metal. Having lately erected works in this citv for tin purpose of galvanizing nails, spikes, bolls, who, fcc they will be able to furnish any articles which may Ik deMre.l A supjily of Plates (iirinufictured in I"2uioi',f constantly on hand, from 10 to 32 wire irung-. . I'.EO. !!. M01li:WU()lKtC0. Nos. 11 and 10 Benver st. New Voik The Patent Right fijr this .article has been secured for the United States ns well ns ('rent Britain, oik' other European countries, and all legal measures will betaken to prevent any infringinciil by importation or oinerwi-e. Oct.a'HIC. Hvl Till: HOSTO.N' AhMANAU 1 OR 1817, -3Y S. N. DICKINSON iless ige, tlie reports o the principal olie-ers ol the lTTIT r , i,iui.,1 ,.,,.,!, In,-i December will In? thoroniihly jircpareil, nnd m-ertnl at tirtate nifinht rs of CuiitTrf"-, wnth'n out nr iciiw)! liy ilifin It i uriuted ui th" Mint' torm ni tlie Con grc-sion'il (ilobr, nii.l uimlly niakcn abuut iIr miiic Dunnii thi' lir-t inm.tli or h wreK nf a Pcjon, thprt i ran.. more Ihmiiu'-i ilonc than will inak tvn iminliprsa wwU oiw ol ihc C.mri's's'Kinal ttlolif nnil o;il' tit tli" App"inli. ; luit during the ri'imiimler uf a fS"?ion, tiieri1 tlireo nniiil ADMlXlSTitATOHS SAfiK. ElYagrcemeiit ofthe Heirs nf Jnhaziel Sherman ) deceas.., the Ailmini'trntnrs will sell at Auction at the steamboat whirl in Vergcnms on Tuesday llw 17th November lu'iniit, nt 10 o'clock A. M. -!' K '.M Tons STEAMBOAT MACHINERY. Atni-ng vvnieh nre S Boileis nnd llue, n (MiiiiIts. I .SlinlLs. 1 Piston, 0 Writer Wl Is Centres, 1 Cogwheels, ii Fly wheels, 1 Connecting Rons, Drum head slmfve, Bs:a plate. Walking Ileum, D ck Plate, Air Pump, Hutvv.-II Cm-s Head Sj-tcaSui. I'our Toms Wn.itnhl lion, Consisiing of Steamboat nnd !llnckiiiiih tools, Bolts, .Screw Bolls and Kejs. , Wedges, Nuts, Hand (Jcaring, (libs and Ivejs, e. A lot ot Vulves 1 Copper Boiler, A (inaniity ol ()!, Brassand (2ipper, Round. .So,uaic,'tiud flat Bar Iron, Baud and Sheet Iron. Wrought Iron Pipe ivc. H to i) Tons old w puiLdit und Casl Iron. A lot of New Hardware. A iuantity ol Carpenter's nud Joiner's Tools. 1 large nnil 1 small Turning Lalhe. 1UJU lbs. Anthracite Coal ID I bush Charcoal. !i I'rvxkuv Stovu LUMBER. VI, ; Char Stull an, I Common Boards and Plnnk. floor Hardwood Plank Clapbonrils, Doors, Window Snsh and dressi-d pine lumber, vc. fee. 10JIJ Pickets, and a.) Cedar Po'is. I NEW BOAT SAILS. A uuaiility of Cut Slone, Sum Stone (re. Stn. kz. HAItRIET SHERMAN, IS I All SCOTT. WILLIAM JUSLIN. Vcrgennes, Oct. IT. IMG. lTw-3 lengtii man usual. As tne tmsmess ol the city inr crens-s, this depirtment ofoiir Almanac grows" with it. In the number now coming out, there will be a Ties ot DIAGRAMS n-iircsentiriglhe various HAIL ROADS divcruing from llo-tun,with historical sketch es of each. 'These diagrams or m-ips have h-en re is lisle ill! Bllllle.e ll , oilier I ,r lie,, .,r prepiOCIl III sopie COU-llier.lUlC CX ICUSC, UUll Wlll.lO- eerscaeierv wk. sJ4m .VWV' 5iPJ'. " Wlllbe,,n,;illvi,,leres,ii iberedre. we ..denial,. .luui ...e,or .o .. 1 ne usual ijuail- that the Con.m-ioml (Hob and Aonendiv loWther !!' "ielinneous .miter will P.; lounil m its , will nrike iu-ar l.'iOO I'lrf:' qa-utn iai;( prin tcl in Finan ipu t)R' i it ami imnpainl. w turiiwicom We Inve ouhaiiil the Con "res.-.ional (Ilobe nn,l An. pendix Inr the last lilteeii ses-ions of Congress, making together lifleeu large royal ipnuto volumes, which we will sell, unbound,'SU: or bound, with Bussia backs and comers, fir ?3ii. 'Tbo-e who want the bick volumes -Iwuld apiiiy tor th"iu immeihatelv, ns they The covers will be illuminated witli some choice spe cimens of Priming, nud the fine large Map of Boston, win ne pouuii up in me volume. Orders m.iv he -cut to Mr. 11. B. MCSSEY.'JO Comlull, und to THOMAS (iROOM, 82 State street. or to the 1 ropneior, fc, N. D.cki.nso.v, o- ;isi iuglon street. 1S3 In Fhelburn. October 10th, ANPRtw II. Jidso.v, ... are muei j. i o (ircsssn men neti nr coooi fte ' .'.s. i . a . -s - - -. - -. In llvdenark. Ith.of consumption. .Mr. Uliam ' .... ,i.: i, i.. . ni i:..' .r. rV"Lrii ".rrJSr; '.y.tvw vuvtii i.'.nJs.'i Hie hardsoii. aired M. i- .i.. i.. . I --. . . . . I -' VI2lt.MO.Vr CI2NTRAI, RAILROAD. , 7 v- o r . a s- .1 1 I. 11.. . - "a1" 1,1 '' ,J i iiiocieiiis ciiouoi i,e iirucioeu III Concord, N. It., Oct. S Nnthntiiel I . R"-''-" lroiu any oilier soirieUnlcs Senton InvniL' ston- for many years editor of the Herald of I'recdoin, pub lished ai Concord. Iu Dixon, Lee Co . 111., on the 10th of August, Mr. Joseph Miwm, aged 00 years. At I iconileroga, (near ine rorn .v I .. r-epi. . ped printing their Register ot Debates iu KIT A X asessenient ol ten dollars on a share Inslieen I. r or,lere,l l,V llte tltreelora ofllte Ver, I ("..,,, ml Ue will endeavor to print a sullrieiit number ol It-nl l.'nn.l C,e.,f,.,v I' ,., ,i-..,.r lie. surplus copies to supply all that liny Is" miscarried, or ceinlierneM Pavinehts maybe made nt the l'nnner" lost in the mails; but subscribers should ! very jiar- -, Mulnnics llink of Burlimiton. nt the Bankol Wirt lYinnVPelTm, son nt I ion-ill Cellon of Orwell i i ",'V, 11 I , ' .Vlolllpelier, lit tile innk ol l ood-tiKK, Or ttt tile .s.(i, warms t eiton, son ot i.unnn J nion, oi Lirwiu, shuu d not be ab d tosunnlvn the lost numbers. i 'r,.'.iw;..., iri i'r,..n, i..... n.. TERMS. I S. H WALLY F'or one copy ofthe Congressional (Jlolte. J2LI.VS I.Y.H N, HAS received one iae Lube's heavy Kid walking Shoes. kid lined, atone Dollar a pair, also Kar vvell's nnd Almr-fi'-ld's walking Shoes, cloth und leath er Buskins, Kid Slips. ,e &m. Low priced Buskins, ch-'ap riinarouud Slips at '.17. -ALSO Men's Patent llubbers nnd strapped Over Shoes. Indies Patent Rubbers and Rubber Buskins. Oct. n Vt .need J0 venrs. In Wluiin.'hnm. Sent. 3D. Mr. William W. White, aged SOvciirs. r or one enpyof the Congressional (Jlolte $1 no lit vv iiuungion, on in" i.ui uu.,oi i yi:ius lever, "oi.-sojtj ui uu--piieiiui. i iw Mrs. Lvdin.wileiifMr. Cbe'iever Stone, auclfij. lorsu copies of either, or part of both j Hi) In Kovnltou. Vt.. Oct. (ieorge "1. Elliot, I The money may be reunited by mini at our ri-k. youngest son ofthe lite Samuel l'.lhol, Es,j , nged 1 1 b"sale-t and st wny to remit is, topiy the nineimt one jenr nnd five months. Iodic Po-tm i-P-r where j on iesule,aiitl take from him in urceniieiii, tict, i-j,oi lyniinni lever, .nr. j nines ii.-n.-ipi, actuunue m me muovvmg loriu. Ooddnrd.of .Macon, (ia., aged I'i, " Post On tec, , IS I . Iu l'ltihburg, Mass., Oct. 7, Mrs Caroline (J. " Ueeeircd from A II dollais cents, (or the Humes. wife of S. M Humes. fonnerlv uf Bratlltboro Glair, from ichich I lime deducted one tier cent.. ageiiJJ years , moiitiis. Treasurer lrlw5 T tV V. T. DAMS hiving opened this new i j ami spieniiiu uoiei, Peg leave in ns-ure tin and charged myself, in mil account tcith the Ceuer at J oil Ujjtcc, tcith the balance. The 1'nilmaster of U'aihiiisioiicitij will pay that lulanrc to Jllatrif Jliccs, oi to their aider on the bark uf this tecctpt. ri, r.,i, r.i n ii, .1, . ' .le " i'i . ! aiv other in the Uuioii.nud not second tunny. in.,1 I , i i Olhee Dunrt- Novemlr, 1S10. l'J w ueu me nmouutiloeslloteveeeil sin. VV lien itc Boston Oct saistn. iiYi'osui'iiiTi: or soda. Iitm. srpi'iA' or thi: .miovi:, with about every article in the Daguerreotype line. Tor Sale bv Hivi 'BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. ADAMS HOUSi:, 371, Washinatnn Strut, Rostov. lie that nothing shall be wautinix to make it pub pial to l'JniO ceeds 4 II). it is best to remit. is inueh us possible iu bank 1 I.--'1.1 ,I..!'V"' f A.HIMI !. I,. 1 win n,tiv nn.l ,1... P..-i. .......... . r, .1... i I 'ii. . v.-' Wl-li 0 .o. I nrtle e 'I'o Wool (irouors. Tun suiisciuiiiMi iii:lii:vi.(j that In' has a iowrhnicf Stock Itttck, takt tliinican (ilnnrinrv; thoo who think tlu; urowiiifjuf ii.n wool1 anohji-ct worth thcirntti-tnum, th'it h-t can ili-po-p of V"1 pur,lw' " M,,ur " v"'1 1 u n . 1 ,,"V.M,:,I,, ' ;,.,.i.i... n... :.....'". .if.A.:.. vj wi.h n v.i i nrtiri.. .r rimn.ii.Mi.. (.nn r.M.i u nt cn ciisc ol the Manufacturer and the rrnututnii of the ! Po-tmaster's receipt should be s nt dm cted to , and '"'"i.","' 1 1,L' l'nc, 'eibiccd to , j cents per . . . . . ...i i , i ...... .... ..r .1.. . ir:i i nil I. n .1. I ceitis rier o onri. ttnr ut.ini, erower. nui supciior in ie nunitv am ouaiiiiiv oiuie ,."".'" '''V '"'ii oi uus . sonic arc mine - ........ .. ........... lleece logelherwiihu good liirniiindconsiitiiiion. hiliit nt doing. I heinoii should be Iutc by the Till He is not prepaid to lake nil oath thnt they nre I"1 I' urine-Mo procure nil llie numbers. II pure fan ar or Itiiui ion et nr anv ol her atttiic t c l.iss 11 : " m-n nine, we may not ue auic iu iurni-ll otliiie wooled sheep, but having been engaged in tlu-lir-t iiuinliers Ifrino.nuii li;tin-' Hiaml no 11:11111 in introducing notrr.slittht-:iHJUt;tlRNtlortiionrioniioL'tton-iiiiit' t-ucn crop's as ins iuiiin,ntns a 8tim.-iui ijrti,itrinc' tatfii.he lifliL't'Hne tan nfclv rccoinnuiiil llu-tn to tlu notice ofany uitcated, whether tlruvcr ur .Manufacturer. KMAS BOTTL'M. Ni-w Haven, Xov. 1th Hlfi. l'Jv3 1113 unit; 111 writing lor lliem unl-'-vi w si-n l-n tlif mon ey. JILA1K&. KlVIiS. Wa-shintim, OvM. jt ISIfJ. k: in future rntirdy tor cadi, t shall allbnl tlnnj-- in our lint" low. J w'J Iturhnston, Nov fi, T I.. 1 STOM! ie-jifctfully rrmrn hi? tlinnks to David Viy Cntn jr.) Itatn STATIC Or VHintONT, Till; Hon. the- Probatf DivrRicroK CmrTKMiEN.s-H S Cnuit (or the District of Chittfiidtn : 'I'o all person-eoncenipJ in ihe Estate ot l)iitl lXiy,(latc jr.) late of tl ox, in saiJ District, de cciwtl, (Ireeting. WiiEnrvi, neore Whitney, nJoiim?trotor of the e tnlo ol -aid deceased, propose- to render an account of hi udinini-trntif'tit and pre-?nt his account ngaut -aide-tato for exnminatioii and allowance nt nne-wion of the Court ot i'ruhaie, to he hold-!! at the ReUter' otUre in Ilurlini;ton,in wild di-tnct,oii the Hrcontf Wed-ne-ilay of November next, Tlmrftirct You nre hereby notified to appear before aid court at the time nnJ place aloreid, and show eau-f.ifnny you have.why the account aforc!aid should not Itealloued. (tien umler mvhtnJ nt Durlinston this day ol Ortobcr, A. D. 13 iC. AVm. v:sTO nhur. WINTER CLOTHING. H"aly Jladc: or 32ri.Ii1 to Onlrr. THK i?ub-sonlT has ju-t received from New York n Jarpe nnd well H'Nrted nutriment of Ready nnde CJothin lt amoni: which ninv If found Uro-id cloth I'rock an I Drvts Coatf, over Sackt and Surtunts heavy Tweed frocki andoer 2?ack-,lieay Clotli frocks tor lmeine wenr, Kerseymere do do, 1'ilot cloth Sack. Vol- nnd I'niils ot eeiy Variety . Ali.SX- C!otha.Caa,i!nere., Tweed-, Vetinj3 and Trimminca, which he will make up to order in good tyle, at a small ad-fUiiee fium rtady iuadpric" Call and nee. .1 A M I IS M ITC II K Mi , Draper and Tailor, Church st. Rurlinton, Oct. S3, t IG. 17w 6 Sflrrt Srhool. 1IISS L.IJ. STACKV willcommkckiu:u ill winter term, on Wednesday the id December. Scholars are ejctid to enter ut the commencement ofthe term. Tt'ITION: Knglish, $3to 1,00 Trench, !,n Urawing, 3,on School room one door west ol Jits, Langworthy's, un stnirs. (lutlniSten, Nov 5lh 1916. 1?3 .".IILI. SinT1. NOTICIlisherebv L'ivcn, that THIiP.K VAI.I' -Hl.ll.Mll.l.rillA'r.Sou ihel.aehine two siiuatcil on tin- Soulh side ot the llasin. nlmve Lock .No. "J. marked on the 1'ian.No I en nnd I. levi n and the other on the Ninth side of Lock No. '1, will be I1-110.-C1 ol nl l'ubtic Auction, ut l ie Ollicent I'ublic Wuiks, ()x rr.iiuv.Tiir.i'Oni uiv ok NuvtMncr, mist at Noon. 1 he nlnn ol the uround. and plans and specihcalum relativeto the nnniier of inkiuu the wilier, A:r., liny ls had at this ollice, on and after the 1-t November, vv lien liny other iiilonuatluii us to terms ol jiurchase .lo. m.iv ne oiuaiiieii. I lie lnts nre narticiilarlvvvel ndapted for tie- con struction of .Mills for flouring or Manufacturing pur- poses-,l'in-'witliin Ui-cily, en the 11.1-1113 nl the l anal, 1 .1- 1. .1. 1': i.. 1 ...i nu... -,n uuu ui i-iisy iiivess, iioiu uy lunu inn. ,1.1.1, j uv 1.111 nt the ordinary levid of the river, will lie, nt lots ten and eleven, iibnut twenty feet, and at Lock No. M, thirteen feet, with nu ample supply of water nteacli, lor .uuiiug purnnscH. Ily order, Thomas a. nncii.Y, .Wf, DcrvnTMrvror I'cumc Wouks, I Montreal, l'Jih Oct., JUS, J 14 I'HOXOIiHAl'HV. fA3Ii:S IlOIhVSJtV, vorxo Jlraiwiu t" from r.nghind, will leeiure on l'lionogniphv, and the art ol Kennrtiug, this livening in Strongs' Hull, at 7 oVIoek. .s-is-ciinens of Kapid Writing will be e. hibitcd. A collection to ilelruy e.K"nses. 19wl fTATK OI-' VKK.MONT.l 'PO the ll.morab'e CitiTTKMiux Cou.vtv, si. 1 Supreme Court ne.vt to lie hnldeii at Burlington, within nud lor the Countv of Cliittenden.on th llli'l'iiesday in December, ISIfi. Yuur'iitioiur .MakvC Tibium. of Jericho in said County of Clnllenden, respectfully reires.-nis that 011 the 'Oihdav ol May, A. D. It'll, at Richmond iusaid County ol'Chilleiideii, she was legally joined iu mar riage to IUmcl II. 'i'tnuu. then ol the l'il; of New Yoik, by tlie llev '1'hos. llrowuiug ol said Kiclimond, then a settled minister ofthe liosiiel iu this State, and lived in the strict observance on ner put ol the mar riage covenant until the 1st of June Isll.wlien the said Damli. 11. Tihiih.l without nuv nM or rea-onable cause- or provis atioii whatever, vvihully di-setted jour IK-iiiioner 1111,1 uep'trtea unioparis uiihiimui, w-imoui the limns of tins State, und slid Tli'.RILL has from thence hilhei to reiuaineil separate and apart from the petitioner and without the limits id this Stale, and has wholly refused ut all tunes to live with, or provide for tne pciiuoncr, herelore the petitioner prays that the bonds o ii.alriinu.iy lieiween berand llie sai I Damu. II. Tirt- kill may tw dissolved. and a leiral bill ol divorce nrant. ed her, and that she may fx-restored to all rights lost bv said lnarriiiifi,..ivp,in,t, Dated at Iturlmgton.iii said County of Chitteiiden, tlus'J7ili ,t.-iv .,rri,nu.. 4 iv iie. ' - J . w.l'n.1 If, IQIU, 1 OraSIlllIi ll fm It nr.iu-.iru ,.. .1. f'....r. .l.n. !.l i, ,,, t.,-. ... ,,c sv.'U,. ,1,.., Itn: s., 111 lUNir.LII. I1111111.L named in the foregoing pouum!, resiiles without the limits and jurisdiction ol tins Slate, so that 110 'lerwuinl service ot said ietitioii ran be bad upon u hereby orderrd that notice ol tin- t n. dencyoflheKimelwgiventotheKiid 11 'I'm. imuiisiiu g sain i iiti,,n together w uh this or I tier lor three weeks successively in the lluringtnu I'ree 1 ress a iievvsiiaiier printed ut llurhngloii in said Coun ty olUiilleiideu, the last of which publications to U, ni least iluce weeks U-iure the nel term of the Su preme Court lor said Couniy. of1()(f,11'jj(.J,-rli''6on,iii said County, this 25th diy A. II. MivxARr, Alii. , -MILOL BBXVm'T, Judgiof the SupirmeComt. ST0M3N FIIOM the Sub-enlii'r's shop on Thursday after noon, .'.'th ult ,a Silver Lepine Walch, tour holes jewelled, llra-s cap'd, Liverpool make, crini-on silk guard with gilt Heads worked iu it. Whoever will Live any intoiiiiatiun of said watch will be han l-,une-Fy remunerated. jj, l'LLTCIIllli. Winoo-kt Palls, Nov 5, JSIft. VJw'J M""l!S. JlllltlilT'l', nisusr' ui:ci:ivii) from St'W York, her Pall and Winter us-iut-nient ol Millinery (ioods, compri-iui'all articles here toiore kept ill her shop together Willi the lau-tsivlcs and inllerns lluiliniiloii, Pel. M lSlii, lSvvS. his Ineiids and natrons for the liberal natronane he has received the summer, and avails luin-cll of the present opportunity of mfiiriumg them that lie lias received his Pall supply of Staple DRY GOODS &, GROCERIES, Which he vi'' Sell ujion terms that cannot failta mit pun ha-ers. A 1 . S O Constantly on hand, a general assortment of llspecially the Autisht lhulle Ocen Dispatch Cook iux Stove, which no lnivlv slum), I t,. itli.m, wishes to economise fuel and save two-thirds the labur reo'iiren vvuii any oincr Move. No. I, Stet-sin's Hlock, Church st lluilmglun, Oct .M, IS HI. ( 1' Octohrr UOlli, 1810. XI!W GOODS. fpiU'. SuliscrilH-rs bine jii.t roooivol from j. ,vr- uiu, a large nssiriineni ol IosmIs which have Is en purchased at gicaily reduced iirices, thev will besolit nt a small advance, for cash or approved credit, con-iling iu patt of the f illowing nrticu-s, vi lliueblk.lllack.IIIueand linld . Lied riutlw. Ilea. ver do., illue blk, Black and fancy Cassuueres, While Planncl. Scarlet do, Twilled do, Cnnt.ui do, (i.da l'laids for Ladle's nnd Cluldp-n's Dresses or Cloaks, DESPATCH STOVE ! i'ati:.ti:i ji'm:, mu. Till, inventor ol ibis superior and celebrated Stove, would respceilully call public iilti'iitiun to the lirinv advantaires which it combines in one eonve. nient, ceoiionucal, durable, compact, nnd ticauiifu! ar ticle, ol more capiejiy lor lieat anu cooking purjmscs, than any oilier ever ollered to the public, iiaf, 1 or lis (.xvi:.xn:ci:! It has I boiler bob-s placed adove the iinmedintenetiim ofthe lire ; one large oven, occupying the whole base l'laid Linings, Trench -Merino, Iliack and Colored l ofthe Slove. which, bv CMieritnellt. lias nruve.l itsu-lf m,n l.'nii.n.'lin s;,.ln,., ,-,lkt s i,., to Ik- equal lo n bnckoveii for Ml Inking purpuses ;1 de Lain. Iloinbaime, l'laid Shawl-, Wusiiiimton do, -,. ii i-i r,,,Uri uiiiieiisioiis, n.icic .viaiiiiarinoo, i,auiesiariiet tsiiL's, plain and tvvilied ofthe nre-tHX. and over llie back part nt llie lower Cio 'li.ims. I'.m do IMih,.. slill- l!l,, . i.l.,. :... i: oven which en imot be surp isst-d tor cooking purs, ,l Lnibe-sCravau.tientlemen's Jo, rVur-eennd Snit whciia higher t-mperaluru of heat is renuired than ; altield Ildkfs, Linen Caiub. do, Irish Linen, Linen for naniug bread. 7 olataes. Meats, VittldiusH, .Sr.. I Sheeiiug, lllkand Col'd Canibne. While do.Jackonei, mav oeciiimiiiitic the iipiieroveuin the iu.t desirable , barred and Striiied Cninb.Swiss Mu-lin. llishon 1 jvvn. (trceii llarage, Cap Uice, I'djings, Triiniiungs, .S'dk elvel Kibbons, A! I Is Velvet, Tabby do, .Suspenders, Ilounet and Cap Kiblsms, blk and col'd Lu-tiing do, Needles, Tins, 1'earl Mnrl Iliittous, Cicit and Vest l!uttous,.ViM,ny Wool Wrappers. Umbrellas, Mack, drab nnd nssnrleU col'd Linen Thread, white and isd'd Ashi1 Thread, Knitting Cotton. Cotton Yarn Carpet Warp, Halts, 'Picks, llurlaps, llor-e lllankels, l.aihe"s and (ient's India l!ubl rs,a very superior arti cle, Tailor's trimmings uf all kinds, line and roarn- Itrovvii .Mieetings, IJussia Diaper, .vulch do, Uirdsi:)e GROCERIES. J) & H. H. D00MTTLC I Sale, u choice si lection of (In oiii:rt rou rocenes. which will be sold very low for ta-li, orcicdit, vi llvson, ' "I Inaf 1 Hv-ouSkin i Powdered I. Y'oungllvson f Uas' r.,rt l!.co Jv. t' and Pouchon J Ilavann.i J lVpper, Spice, dinger, Nutmegs, Cnsj-ia, Cloves, Uaisuis. Silarutus, llu-e, (ocoa, March, Soap, Mo-las.-es, CoillL-h, 8ji" Oct. ei'tlt fslrt. 17w6 llllllll'll ltob"s. llulValo UoIhs ju-t received and Inr-alehv P sV 11. II. DOll'l.ITTLB Oct. IDili ISIfi. 17wi SI':.V3tri STKB'.KT SlOrNE. ffWUl Si'iisriiimm, or thi: kiuxkli.v I lluuse, Ilighgaie Springs, rcsjn-ctbillv announ ces that he has rented the above e-ialili-hiuent winch is now opt u for the aicolutliodatliel nf the public II has lately lieen titled up and furnished in a style un-surpa-sei'l by any public house in this siction, and sit uated nsit is.nt'ihc head ot one of the principal streets, 111 Ue must delightful portion i if the village, it piesenw superior attractions to the traveliirliirpli-uie , vvlulo it is not so tar removed fruni lie biisiiicss portion ol tim town as to otfer any incu-ivemencc to the mail of bus mess. The sul s.-rilier having lung ben etigagi-d in Ins present business, flallcrs luns'selt that lie -hall l able to give sitist'actjoii to his rpicsts, far as his wu eAis-rience, a well furuisheil table, careful and an, li me servaiits.andii lsir stored with the choicest lujunis mav contribute to their comfort and enjnvinent. A'l the stages which leave Iturlingtuii call at this house tor jm-senirers, aiut nmvejance will be provid ed tu and trom tlie steamlmats. rurticsot pltocuri' vv dl bo enurtamed at the shortest nonce. II. N. COLD, llurluiiion, October Ifiih JfUfi. If,. manner, wu. e, a king preait m the lower vvhich is ll eonvell'.encc" illgllly esleenied by thus,, who have used the Store, an I judge from experience. This oven is also u good bread-baker, by regulating tlie heat by means ol tin placed aliuve it. Secondly Pur its ncuMiMV ix m:i.i The hre-lmt is placed in such n position, that the fire pusses directly under Ml Pour of the boilers, and thePire ins-U S lll.LVPN lei i in the smallest sied Stuve, liefore it rcai lies llie pipe, nnd Applies tlie bent directly to the out-ide plates ofthe Stove the wimle distance, and thereby obtains the lull use of the fuel Uf ire it escapes into the pipe : and when heal is not neccssiry lor the room or for baking, by closing one of thu cross dannicrs.tlio heat Irom u very small iu in tnyollucl may be made to act directly upon one or two articles ot furniture, nnd thereby get the full u-s-ot the smallest tpimtity oi tuel, nud in summer, when tlu-lower oven is not neeucu lor lUiKiug, the upiier part ol the slove may Is: used fur all ordinary cixikmg imrposi s, wiihniit heating the lower pin, nud thereby nil unnecessary heat is di.-K-n-ed with which makes this stove a SIMM nil OR ST0VIV ii"l TOjH-rior in arrangement to any Stove now before the public" under that particular name or lille. A cursory view of the Slove is sullicient to sati-ly every icrou ol its durability, as the plates are ofHillieieiit thickness to make them durable, and the construction of the Slove is simple and compact, ha ving no ngui uiinscy uamis rs or apparatus uuoul it Third, the capacity olthis Store m doing a great amount uf I'usiue ss, at the same time with a small (pnnlity of tuel surpasses any stove cunni The pro ccssot baking bread in the lower oven, linking jKita. Iih's, meats, Vc in the upper oven, broiling urtoast ing under the cast iron roaster in front, and boiling on the top wilh I boilers, limy U" done ut the same lini", with tlie sime amount id luel thai it would rciptire lor baking or boiling alone, and do all the alsive named wotk iietfcctly, and without the one mterlering wilh the other. All of the foregoing statements canbeeorrolorMcd by hundreds who have the slot r now in use. Por Sileby P'n;T?o'jsnn',N,. i. i, i, stpm; Church-Sirtcijiurbngton, Vt, O.-t. iai". do, I luckabuck, Crash, Table Linen, 1'nlienes. ,V. eve. lTvvf. i j, a, ii. DOOLITTLK. i:mas lymax. HAS received his Iall nnd Winter givvds consisting in part of beautiful Printed Cashmeres, M ),. Laiues, Lvonese, l'laiu Alpacea, Plaid do. Cahinere Do Cost, Kmc 1'nglish. anil French Merino, InJinn.i, PineXiAony l'laid Cloak tig, 1'riiitcil Planncl, Cloak Linings, Am. A Sri-ENPID ASSORTMENT OF Broad Cloth Ca.sinieres,and Vesting, Pancv .Siitmeiies verv low. Heavy lllack, Illue, nnd oilier Colors Heaver Cloth, icu uvc-i cwsus.dia., iuuiiiis,v,iru,aiiii tiimimg. I'RlVTs, A great nrietv of Prints, some small bright Plaid fur children Also Tulkey Kcds Ilannels Plain and Tw illd. Moreens nrlet Crimson, l.iavr., i',uu,unuiillil V . CHJ , .HerillO, UIU L,OtlOll Shirts, and Drawers. Winter Itonnet and Velvet Ribbons, Itich Silk Searfsnnd Cravnts, lllack Silk Shawls Zephyr Worsted, P uisc Twist Plain nnd Sbiuleil. M;i'kini, Canvass, Steel Heads, Purse Kings and I iiiais, Worsted Yam, Pine .Merino nml Wwlendo. Dovlstk Ooops. llrown Sheettnrr and Shirtincr f-nm s nr vr.l to Is. illsa do ol cts per vard nn.! nnnnnl. nrillinr. Canton planncl, Brown nnd RlearhM .Striped Shirtiti", Colloid Cnmhrie. Double and single widlh, Tick, isior, l ieiui, (licking, uaiiel VI ntp, and Loll. ill I UI ,1. W I ("Inr-ds, nrneenrs and Oil. a- uual Wickwutc Dlcck.-JOOct. IBl'i. J Oysvlcrs and l'iiiil. T" III'! on hand iu the vnrions Ss-asnns, Oysters in IV Ihe shells and ken. Apples bv the barrel. Oran. ges and Ih'Hioiis by the box, Quinces. Pears, Penrhes, sweet IVintoes, Cnestnuts, W'utntits, sVc. ice, by tha bushel ur barrel, lor sale by 11. lll..UK.VI... Accommodation for Hoarding at the house cct D. Ut.ACKM V October Hill, Hill. lClf. - i. -i - i . L BURLINGTON IRON FOUNDRY. Curner if Main and Watrr Streets.) mid S I' It S C II I II 11 It has extended his I establishment for inakini' Casiines. and n now prepared locvecine orders with dispatch nnd on reasonable terms, 1 laving n large nsxinmeut of I'm- terns lor ilillcrent kinds ol luacluneiy, it is nn ohiect for thoe that build Saw-intlls, (irist-imlls, Starch rnc tones, Pajs-rnulls, cVc.itc ,to c-all and examine betoro purchasing elsewhere; as his patterns are ofthe latest improvement Al-o n great vanet) ot otlut patterns too numerous io js-cuy Plouhs. Caldron Kettle. Potash do.. Wncuon Boi es und Avles, constantly on band. Also the 1'rocus sion and Keaiting Water Wheel, which is cousnlereil to ! the lien vv heel for saw -mills that is in lbs.-. Cast ings furnished on reasonable terms. li Ii. LKUSS.-ilAN Hurlington.Oc-t. 9, ISIfi. ISm'i. MRS. LAXGW0KTI1Y ihajust ixkivi:i a full supply of fashionable Millim-ry and fancy (ioods.coiisistm iu part nf rich Sutiiu. elveis. Kli.w. ers, Itililsins. l'caihers and Laces .Ijr.O,ccnsiant- ly on hand linnneu. and tBot tne newest st)le,nml palteriu which she oilers lor sale kt the lowest cnslt prices, M ilhnen. supplied ntasjaalJ advance. Also, Curls, Kingletsand llamtf. ol I'tiui Hair. Hurlington.Oc-lobcr Viltt. l-lfl. J"w3 jyMITICi: u her. by given, that I hive given my !. Son, UautM tiiiiiiRics IIchmt .his timed u ring the remainder of histninontv.m.,1 will claim non of ln cArmngsiv'r pa any debt, of (us rtmraetin atier this il,ito . - Piirlingicn 10 Oct lib. UPPcVrV rUK.NKT Unci

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