Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 19, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 19, 1847 Page 4
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BURLING TON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 19. 1847. Tll5 SlCCtlR filllll. One serene ovfiiiiifj. in the middle or August, 1770, dpt. Warren, thpinislerof n (irocnl.ind wli lie Hliip found hiiiMcir liccalincil union; lm moii'O nimili'jr of Ice borj, in iibiiitl 77 degree oyitr ii l.iiuuiii'. Uu iino side, anil within n niilo of hieel, llicio were closely wedi'i'd to jKllior, anil a siicceioti or snow colorcdpe.ik nppoirei! behind c:icli other, u fir a, the eye ciniM reach, showing- that the Ocean was com pletely blocked up initial qii.trtor. and lliat he Ind ir !i ildy loon s i fin a long period ol time. Capt W.irrotHilid not feel ultojii'llier satisfied with liia situation ; hut Ihcro being- no wind lit could not inovo nno way or the other, ami ho therefore kept n strict watch, liiimv intr tlint lie would bp a to as long- as llioiee bergs continued in their respective place". About midnight, the wind rose tn n jr.ile,nc companii'd by tliick shower of snow, while a succession ol IrouiendntH thundering;, minding and crashing- unWes, gave fearful evidence that the ice r.-a in motion. Thevcscl recelvpihio lcnt frliock every moment) for the h izlnc-s of the atmosphere preventoil thoc on hoaid from discovering in what direction tho upon water lav,or ifthuro actnallv wax any atall on either side of them. The night va spent In tacking ns ofien ns anv cauc ol danger happened to prof-put itself, anil in the morning the storm ahaled. and flapt. Warren- found, to his groat joy, that his ship had not sustained any srriuit injury. Ho remirkcd with surprise tint tho necuinula ted icebergs which bad on the preceding eve ning formed an impenetrable birrior, bad been sunur.ited and di irr.ino-p I bv the wind and in one place a of open Sea wound its course aiming tliem nlir the eye enu'il i-oo. It was two miles b?von l lb" cntrr.neenf thi canal, that u shin made it- nnnonrnncc tthoiit noon. The sun sh-inc brightly at tho time, and a gentle breeze drew from the North. At first rune Intervening ice heirs prevented Cant. W.irrcn from distinctly an thing butlipr mists ; but be was slruck with th strain' m in er in which hcrsnil wore disposed, and witli the dismantled aspect of her vards and riuiriiiir. She contiinotl logo before the wind (or a few fur long ami then grounding upon tho low icobutgs, remained motionless. Capt. Warrens' curiosity was so much e.cil- .l !... l. ! t- .-l.. I ... . t . i . ...'.i vii m.ii iiu iiiiiui-uiiiu-iv n-nprn lino ins noni Willi teveral seamen, and rowed towards her. On nn- proaching ho observed Ih it her hull was misera bly weather beaten, and not a soul appeared on the deck, which was cow-red with snow to a cou-iderable depth. 1 le Inilod hcrcrew several tunes, hut no answer ntnrii:d. Previous lo slipping on board, an oprn p.irt hole near the main chains caught his eye, and on looking into it, bo perceived ii mi'i back on a chair, with writing materials on a table before him. but the frecblones of the light made every tiling vory indistinct, i lie party went upon deck and Having removed the hatchway, winch they lound closed, they descended to the cabin. They first came to the apartment, which Capt. Warrens viewed through tho porthole. A tremor seized him, as he entered it. Its inmate retained its former position, and seemed to be insensible to strangers. He was found lobea Corpse, and a green damp nvml.l had covered his check and forehead, and vailed his open rye balls. He bad a pen in his band, and a log book lay before him, tho last sentence in who-o unfinished page ran thus : 'Nov. I 1, 17(!2. We have now been enclosed in the ice 17 days. The lire went out yesterday, and our master has been trying ever since to kindle it again without success. IJis wifo died this morning ; there is no relipf ' Capt. Warrens and bis seamen hurried from the stop, without uttering a word. On entering the principal cabin, the lirst object that attracted their attention was tho dead body of a female re clining on a bed in an attitude of deep interest nnd attention, Her coiinteiimco retained the freshness of life, and a contraction of limb show ed Jhnt her forn was animate. Seated on the lloor was a corrwe of an apparently young man, holding a steel in one hand an la llint'in the other, asifin the act ofstricking fireaiipnnsntne tinder which lay beside him. In the fore part of the vessel sailors were found lying drad in thpir bjrtbs, and tholudvof a bnv was crouched at the bottom of the gangway stairs. Neither pro visions nor fuel could be discovered anywhere, but Capt. W. was prevented, by the superi!i.ius prejudices of bis seamen, from examining the tool a niinutelv as ho wished to have done. Ho therefore curried away the log book already mentioned, and returned to hi ow u ship, and im mediately steered lo the southward deeply im pressed with the awful example which he had just witnessed of the d ingor of navigating tho Polar seas In high northern latitude. On returning to Kiigland be m ule various in fpiirics respecting vessels thai had disappeared in an unknown way, and, by comparing the re sults of these with iiiformaiifiu which was af forded by the written documents in his posses sion he ascertained the name and hi-Uiry of the imprisoned ship and of her unfortunate milcr, and found that she bad been frozen Ibirtrcn year previous to tho limp of his discovering her among the ice. f UVs.'Niiisrer ferine, To Dt'iitiilN. Stucllnn iJ- Ch's D-pnl fur llie mxVi Mineral 'I'eelh, HiirHniilun, Verm ,nl. ,r,0"V,"",lv fceeiviiiL'' supplies of llicunid fliiui, Moljr, l'ly.a and Plate Teeth Also I'.irecp, Files, '" 1 l'Vciuntors, Seniors, Huns, Diills MniilJ , .Mirrurs.liruslies, Cnle'd I'l iMer. ,te nt Alareh.'. 1S17. ly PKCK A. SPKAR'S. nisi: on so nisi: . In Shoes and Hoots ! That is the tu-s!ioii ! frilOS. C. WALKS is mni:iniiM:i)xoTTO i , '"" I'';1 price ol SII(li:S if he enu possibly help it. ........u;;.!!,!! on- uroici k on rmni , b re pxyitii: nndn-k- ini;nriwineons,.,1.Jeie of leather nud woik hmiip. mKuiiced Iron, Hi , a, ,.r ,.cl!m, ,,. .,,, v , Only lOnlii e ' "'"PMftiMdW l'":'1'- Mini: stoki: Mom: New (ioods. Stkki. FnivriN Clasp, and lien,!,. (iM Knr Knobs. Cm, ' j ",' tiiiKer-rniCT. ami m nnil,.., , ..i '. . 1 just received by . lllUNSMAII) & into' VllKuT' March 4th 1817. 7 ' CM .S7 foil (MA IX. c ASH PAID FOK Ryk. Cnnv .vn n.. Jan. S7ih-3I. bv To.., m' . " B Albany Agrlcult'rl Wiirchouso & Njeil st Jr7. wuui.(J,Al.l. AMI Hl.rAlL, Nos. 10 i, la (JRKKN St., ALBANY, N. Y. TIIKSi'iisritini:it m:comk tiii: son Dronrietor of the nlmve chinblisliiiu iit I... ' .' the siiuie lo ihc spneious Store Nos. uif y Green st Albany, nud now olfer the hen collection nnd nsson'.' meiit to lie lound ill the country, including even- ibiug used by the Parmer nud Gardener niiiongwlueh will he lound Horse Powcis nud Threshers, Grist .Mill, Horse Rakes. Plows, several kinds, ns tho. .i ll....' gles, Noiirse f( Alnnou,nnd Pronly Sc. Menrs, ol .Muss Minor Si liorton.ol Pcckskill, N. Y.,nnd several nib rs; llovcys nud Stevens' Spiral llay Cutlers, also Wheeler's n nd oilier ; Corn tin-Hern lor hand, several kmds.nU) lor Iloise siwi r ; Fiinning .Mills, llnkes, Cradles, Scythes, Harrow , Cultivators, Seed nnd Corn runners, several kinils, nso sjimveU, Hoes, Sondes t..rla f'l.tili.u V.,L..u 11..... A... X... l. ' ' variety of lricld,(irniai,(,arileo, Herb nud Flower Seeds, all warranted of the growth ol 1810, nml genuine and true to their nniiies ; the intention of J)enlers, Fanners mid (iiirdt nent n Milieiled, ns the piices nie uiuloiui a..., a,i.iiiiit.-B nurrmuru sniii-nu iniy. wuii luth;rtucki;u. NULLING OKjV AT COST. rpHE SPBSCKinKB, ABOUT TO ri.osi; UP J. his husiiifHH at Willistnn, oilers for snle his re maining slock of gooils at cost. Having os great a variety os any store in the county, the present is a rare opportunity for families to supply themselves nt whoUs.ile prices. 'Io his old customers in Willistnn, .... ,......... .rnuKi, ne woiiiii pariicmnriy say mat now is llie time lor great bargains. C5T Please tocaliinul einiiiiup for yourselves Willu-toii.Fth. 10. aitf I'JIS. H. CANTiLLD. NniiuV Sarsiaparilla, FOR Till: RKMOVAL AND PF.RMANENT Cl'K EOF ALLDISEASKS ARISING FROM an lAirum; statu mi; hiaiuu 1)11 1IAIIIT OF Till: SYSTEM, VIZ.: t.. ..i.. i ...n .i ,.. ncoiii eruptions, nm nc,or pustules tmtntjtirr, i.t,.ii.r. t.ilr. .1.. ........ i.i . i In; trMkcml, nihil gnnrnl nml film tijthc hones . nml joints, nfnUmm nlcrm, njnhtlitie mjmvlomn, uriutint.or lumbago! nmlthciinnininKjimiin 1 lmvirevr impimlmn in life! ill to, chioni'c roif 1 """""""" ""'. 'ic. III til riSS'to! 1" W I Medicinal lirooellies ol' S:ilsn,.,rilln. eotoliinrtl u illi the most clleelnal riitts, the most sihitniy production, the most potent simple, ol the M-nitnblc kiugdoin j and it, unprecedented sneers in the iestorntion to oeniiu ot those who had long pined under the most distressing eliroilie Oinlmlii.ulina frivoii il nn inll...l chaincter, furnishing as it does evidence of Its own iulrmsie value. The fullovving is:,nelmct front a letter received from liev. William Culu'liii . Iji.niisumi:.l..Oet.Wil. 1815. AIl ssRS. Sasds : 1 have been alllieted with a severe ' jiam in my side, occasioned by a diseased liver, lor llie ' invented until in the" fulness ol time" it was needed, last twenty years j sulfering nt times what language I The lamtxtonr always lay nt man's feet, but he never cannot convey, but since taking your Sirsapaiill.i I , knewuhntn wondeiliilnnd iinciriiniRniilewnstnns Inve been greatly relieved, so much o that 1 have been , nred in it silent bosuin, until the Divinity nppoinled able to attend to my business, nml jireath uecnsionallv lime drew nearwhen distant continents nnd islands lor the I.Tt hlteeu months. I uliollv disearded nil I were tube unveiled. Heboid it nowtinnsferred lo the other medicine, nnd thoroughly tried llie Sarsaparilla. binnaeles of the tidventiiious sailor, enabling him to which l ean iccoiiuncml in truth and sincerity to nil launch far nvvny upon miknowu Oceans, instend of those who nrr in any vvnv nlllictrd with any sp.-cie o tiiniilly sailins within sight ol lamiliar Innd-mniks! scrofiiloiiseoinplniius. Th"rc Invebeen some remark- I So witli the discovery ol the New World, upon nlile cures elleeted bv us o. in this vietnite. .Mrs. I. whose shores was to arise this (limit Nation nm ,m-er Slnvv, by the o'e ol sK hotllc, vvns restored to better health than she had hi lbre euioved for ten vcar. and Air. W. Stevens, win, hnd I., et, wcverpll. Iillbeteil w it I; Frysijielas, vvns ciitnely cured by the use of a lew hotth-s. A'o'iis.tmlv. W.M. OAI.IISIIA. Ihc following testimonial Irom the Agent to the va.ueof the in a case of ieprcsy will he lead withinterest by i.ll similarly allhcleil : Hnwi.R, Pike Co. Ohio, Sep.", lSlfe Jl'rirs .1 ,'. I). S.inth:- Gents A man hear here used six liotlb s (" vour vatn-ible Sarsaparilla for the leprosy.and has received more benefit from itthnn nil other remedies eombi'ied for six yens pai. It rcstireil a hand, legainl loot from nsitin lion that no person would have Known they belonged lo a human h" ly, asnllnppearcil to be one mass of putriljing sore. Ills hand nnd other diseased parts me nil restated lo their n.i tin n I sie nnd leelir.g;niv entirely hcnlul over, and his epro.-y cured, lie intends usiugnfeiv inoie bottlih to p.'imaneiitly establish jiilienllh. oui, icsiieetlullv. G. W. R A V N II.DS. cor farther particulars, and conclusive evidence of lis supeiior value and clhoacy, sec pamphlet, which may he obtained of Agents ejutis. Prepared nnd sold hv A. II. .t 1). SANDS". Drug gists, urn I' nltoii-st. coiner ol Wilhnm, New-Yolk. Sold also by Pi:CK et SPKAU. Iluilinglon ; II I . Goss, Waterbiuy ; S. K. Collins. Alontpehcr: . I. Ditcher St. AlbuisjM. K. Plait ,t Co.. Plaits burg, nud by" Ki ncially thioiiglioiil the Uni ted Stafs. Price ?l p.-rbottl... Sit bottles for 5. llnrhngton, IS Feb. 1317. v. WO I'lIDMIItS. :il)0()LlTIIO(illAPIIIO I'KIMS. J. heniitihdly colored all frch prims which will boollcrcd by the hundred at New York wholesale nri co.nt HOWARDS Hook Stoic. TXTO.VS IIAVjfor Sale Delivered hi the Vdhnre il reiimrcd by ajwU" G. II. .MOO III!. Till: HANNIXfJ LACK. DK.Siiiitli,tnost resiieetfully informs the public that he ha purchased of Dr. Ihnerv the right to m.inulacture and sell Dr. iijiintngs highly celebrated nnd luwiluublc l'ATi:XT l. U V., which fnrsurpnsses every thing of the kind in market. And knowing that the article which lias been used in this section has been of nn infciior oinlitv, enuim' loaiiya failure, whereas, if a good niticle'had been aitlnully anphed, n cure would have been the result he lias made nrrniii.em..ois tnr i. . ginal laetoryof Dr. H.mning, that every I.ace may he js-rlcct and every patient benefitted by it. The Doctor give him callV "5 """S ' "l0 k,ml-,u Let the invalid consider thnt the Ince is for the re lief and cure of the following di-cascs, which co,llr. r ihlilaccnicnt or wenkueos ol the organs ol the body, Weakness of the hrenst shortness ofhrenth ; conrh nnd spitting of blood 'palpitation of the heart weakness of the side and stomach jdvs. pepsin ; costjveness nnd nlcs : rviiii in the hack w ith curvature; bear ing ilovv n with weaknoH ol thehipsnnd lower ex tremities; nnd ilroop. iit' of the body 3 p"ci.illyin vouug ladicsami chil dren. The above nnd otliT nirilonM. nn..: , hitherto balilcd nil ii.m., i...'. ....... they have been viewed ns- Mechanical' and have been treated by the' Iicc' they have been. nsiVc,ncd nnd we can nows-e n ho't ol cases seemingly well or half vvell.or combined with real disease, ic.iniriim ...-.! r , w ho cannot enjoy life or he cured upon common . ....... ... .ui... iii r i'.ii prme.pUs t : ni-,1 why ; heenuse their! " house isfiilhiiL. down." nnd ley hindni- them up, their puns innisli.ond alheney tu remedies is ' theieliy iiiien. lift )u nn examination ola Committee nf eminent ' mediial men, nppuiuted hy the Aiu.-ricnn hisiinn,. I leimuin Dijiloma was uwnrled n, !.,,. ""' -ill. i II. 1 ll'(Mint IClMlV t in. ..(is.K I. i. . . , fit 1 fix i ' ' 1 " 'U't'llN Hi '., i"isi i nuiiiir sum mny lie lm i ni i larrington s, w ho nlo mi us tnuun ot Jenefu Medicine, nt the lowest cash puces. llocl. .1. Kinilli VV be coiibultfii his lesidcnce on Cherre ill. street, three doors west of tb, (!...,. ri Church, nt nuy time, vvben not prokssiomdly en g.iged all the falsi iiu.inimliu,, and rile ri';,r,. lions of certain Knights of the Lancet nnd Calomel in the contrary noihwiihsinndnig, nnd he wis.s i,?,' Irieiid nud patron to understand, that ht. jH nu, the least disappointed or discouraged on account ol nnv iv;w'ih or iveu iieisrcntmn he mny receive at llie hand, ot old school Physician fni they know i ieirridji i iiiiia iger. iiisnot sirmige that more than tluee thoiLsaud dollais wonh ol Lciedic Intro leptic mid Alagnelie medicine, which he h.i's dcnli out to hi, numerous patient m this vii iuitv in 1,-ss than tour veors curing milium. ! sol case, given over by the Medical laeully. os wholly incuinhtc by nil their "fallacies; should e.vciie their 7er nnd call torth their bitteiest indisnatnui. Itm i,., ,i... .. ...n..., jade w ince." Trii;, ih-y have, by c.ilhng to' their aid olil amnions, old educational fiejurlices, anil facia dices, excited mid kept iiim ihc iumd,o thepeimle by the loir cunning und aajl of swntiuol hun.'rv doctors, whose bread and butter is in danger. taCen suae three or Jour Jerer iatients Irom him. in ns many ears, will; no oilier afpaieiit elicit, than to luirrv lliin to their giavcs. bin m .,. - i......i..... h-eii nble to show the srfeiiorily of their 'trentuicni. hv fit, ,11! r, icilintil u'lii.'l. I... ....l.l ..... ' To prove le-yoml nil coutromsv nnd to the entire satisfaclion of the Public. Ibm viln.i I... I... nbove is true, the Doctor oirers the following testi mony of II. U. Hubls ll, i:., which will not Im doutited liy nny who know Imn, ns a specimen of hundreds more which he might adduce, were it ne cessary, ClIRTlFICATi:. "This mny certify that Doct. Smith, of Hurlington V t., has made n very important cure upon one of the members 'of iny Ininily-lwing nu Ulcer involving the w-ho e nnkle mini nnd neiute il... u1.,.u r. 7i.:..i. had ballled the skill ol several eminent Phvsic'iiin, for about lour years, during which lime the Ulcer cm- iiniieii io increase mm spread, t nm Imjipy to My .. '.' ' "Ijnnoii me ciievvouiii do honor lo nny ........... ... uul-.,,, ii. j-,. iiuiuir.i.i,. l airlax, Vt. Aug. 13 '10. tr)" N 11. UTlCtor Ssmilli Lnm.a nn.l a .... 1 , nlirgn Stock ofHeleclie, lntioleptic nml '.Magnetic .... .... .. et., nun mmi respecnuiiy mviles invalids nud those who need, to call. '.'7,t. WARD &. BOOTT, (Successors lo Jones, Denny If I I'm d,) MAXUKAtTlIltKltS OP I. Mil) OIL AND DVKW00DS, IMPORTERS AND 1ILAI.LRS IS VYj;.sruiu's, oi.s, soaps, cur.mcAis, And M.V.IIrAfTIUli:ilS'AKTICI,i:.S, OO Milk irrct, KIRK llOOTT. 25li)G T,!"ite!,der:ffi;,;l"ll,' Woolen Machinery, Girding Machines, Condensers, Pickers, Jncks, Nonners. Slieu, I .embers, llm-hhig .Mn. hines, Kegulntors, A.c. 111. Will lu ..r ...1 . ..:.!. All worn entrusted to him, vvil neatness and despatch. His .Machine Shop is situs, led in .Montielier,three miles from the tillage, un the The subscriber is confident that he can build asgood a Card or Jack, ns can be procured in New England. Those running his .Machinery pronounce it 10 run as well as any in use. MEDAD U'JilGUT, Jr. .Montpchcr.Dec. 12, 1810. y3tf Tin: Graolbjiberff Pills. Tlll.ltly Ann the most cn.Nct.isitK nr.AsoN, why . tlmt class of Medicines denominated " 1'A- ' ''."should be made Ihc menu of incalculable : k ."; '." 1 pose lorcvmni e. I lint a h luh ordrrnl in ent onn nml vnKnciou observation, nnd (rent medienl lenrniiiKiuid experience are hroiw it to hear upon the invenlion nnd '"'U'lUuctiire o a I'll.l, Why limy not this lonnde- " '." 1 ht" fucccss llmt nttends the sncrilicc of siiinlnr , i .lV . Zx K, ' ..."i ... : ' men -m torffl n Pill SM'wII fen. Iienecl nil art a e Iisrrill lielnniln hv mnn. Tirrnlll-firr ytiir ilrvnlhnUi liny unetuiiiect will give a mnn of iiiiimy ine lunsicry over it. 1 ins labor lias ueeii ucs lowed upon llie (iiiAi:i'i:.iii:iio viuiiitaiim: imm.s. and lliry nre piesenled lo ll e jniblic with clnunsuu parnlleh'il in the wlinle history ol iiiedicni science. It will be seen in trnoinjj the history ol'nll arcnt in ventlonsjtlnt they were not mnilc nrilicorri'd until lie; nrrmil ot what may lie termed Tin: ici.nlss or TIMK. The lnnriner's eonion-x.for instioiee. wnsnol a glory, n mission tar hevond the eoneetition of wildest rmcy. i ne i n.l vv nil, l unit rrncheil its highest desii. ny i ilie 'Tiilncssol time" drew mar lor the levelatioti ol ibe Ni:w,nnd behold the immortal Coliunbiis, Irom theloneastle of lii, drenched nnd lenky vessel, found it I So with the invention of priniiii:;, of steam, of the magnetic telegraph. Daeh ol these badits own "ful ness of tunc," marked, made distinct nnd Providential. kjy"I.v.vr.iio.w,scii.Ncr: TnusAMr.ur.i:ATnui.osoriu, iT.iNTirt.r. is lo.uam.y makkui. .Most beautilnl are theillustratiunsnud prools ol this which nre to be lound in the history ol the world. Wc cult trace tlvm from the .Mosaic dispensntion down to the present hour j nil ol them teaching us the lcson nnd giving u, I' ic hope that something yd heller to heal human mal adies is nt hand. That this principle , ns true of Medicnl a, of I'hys sieal cience is cleaily shown in the sJnicfoiilienr (Jo.ctle, which is lurni.-hcd gratuitously to ull who wish il. The GfiAEFENBERG ILLS, nre oceiiieo ny nil vvno nnvc tested them to be nn in conceivable advance upon nil oilier medical combina tions nud discoveries hilhcito known, and they arc nuiiouiicul ns tiii: (ikhat ki:mi:diai. tiuu.mpii. The iuvenlnr of these Pillsrrsl his theory uponno icliool uordoguia of ordinary mltcdicneaclicrs. l'liint ing himself upon the lev elation of the ALMIGHTY CREATOR that "Tin-: iu,ooi) is tiif, i.iit.," he rrqiiiic that Ins disciples and his patients male iiiic the life-em i ent thnt leap thiough their veins and nrteries, before they can hope lor a rinviA ni nt cure, iielielhe can give them, and so can others; but bright and jojous lnudli must come lioui u uue blood. Hut a most sad thought here conies in ! So count less are the impositions which arc practised upon the public hy pretender", nnd so malicious nud boa-ilul nre lie; medicines ndvcitiscil. that the render may be slow to b'-licvc in this Creat Remedy. A word, theielure, on this point. In the first place, read tiii. (litAurnxm-rj (.Krr.rrv.. N o matter how sccplienl you may now be, that paper will convince jou. Thousands lime been convinced in every State and Territory in the Union, nml among them dMingiiishcd . statesmen, jurists, clergymen, phy sioiau, civilians. The bare enumeration of the" names would fill tin page. I,et the reader send ir the most convenient agency for u copy of the Gazette wliliheau be had GRATIS ! In the second plaee.TRV the tills. It will cost but the merest trille.nnd will introduce you to n medicine which you will deem a blessing to the end ol vourdnvs. A thousand things press upon the mind of the adver tiser which they would rejoice to say to the reader, but the limits ol this advertisement forbid. Hut let any one nlllicted with the fullowiug discuses mnke trial of the (irnclenberg Pill", nnd iliey will be PF.R.MA NP.NTLY CUItLD! Aih:ua, iFlatnlenev, lldious Complaints, I Fluor Alb'us, or Whites, lloils. lI,ktrie IViit. Ilow cs, deficient action in (iieen Sickness, lirenst rang, Calanh, Constitiatifin. iGrmes. jllcartbiirn, jllend Ache, llyslerics, I Incontinence of Urine, 'Indigestion, llnllamntioii of Vital parts, il nllainaiioii oftlie Stomach Cough of Pregnancy, Cosnveiicss Dinrrboea. Dillieult Ilieathiug, Dvspcpsia, l))sieptic Constitution Jaundice. uigestion, unperleet, Lie, r Cntimlriliit.: IVienniiinlioii ol lljood tu ,ow Spirit, ,. l.,ar Ar f r'i"l'rl:"' Jrl",l,l'-.V uie iieiio. .lie usllliatimi. siuunressed I or I'aiiiful, i Nervous Disorders, Xetirnli.m . l''eer - - l.ow, Nervous, In- Klfiimntism, ,clllitleut, Keiuiilent, Stumncli,vnriousdi?eafes, ' "scr Ague, IWliitcs. Iiinllhilious I ( I I M UD liU'MII irn-inti i Mini Tin c M - rleiv A...l-il I.. I. .1. . . . constitution is to llictc disvnsis, they urc iiptlyhtvlcd by some Tho Pill of tho Now WorNl. Their wonderful etlieney in tlieseeomplninlsnrises from their power to ortN Tin; Por.i.s: ii.iu.nsi: axo m iH.Mirnr..N nn: moviai u ami iiovvlls; .vi.ihi: nu: hjiw iii'.ai.tuii.v Axoci.rvr.: and to uivltom: ami srra.Nu.Tii ru i nr. syntlm. It is impossible, within llie limit of nn ordinary ad vertisement, to give the reader the reasons for tile most extraordinary success und spread of these pills, jtut ri.vso.nn no i.xisr, which have nbimdamly tali-lied the mind of thousand in tin, country: nud.nmoug them the accomplished Phjsiciini, .luiists, Clcrgjiiicn mid privatci-itiens, male u ud icmale, C '"Ni.vii.iioisCi r.nncATU of the wonderfulelli cacy of ihcse Pill, might be presented ; Hut a certifi cate in these daysisseaiccly worth the paper on which it is printed. A few c.Uracts from the correspondence of tlie company, will, however, ! now given, 1'llO.VI I.NIUA.N'A 1 " Vour enteiprise is the enterprise of the day. Its maguilihle w ill astonish it, originators, ll is destined toiillcct a coiunlcte levolutioo in the llieilienl vmrdl " " "'invi.1. .iiu ii- ii n- r-ir-vvjuiuinij ui inv jMIRTKMll V ROM A J I NTUE oi i m: IXAI I. I.N vvlnturx A. V : " 1 have sold a number of boxesto, of this nlaee. Thev have given entire satisfaction, nml ilu.v me destined toliecoinclhe most popular iillofthe day.'1 From Ji'init; of (iconmv : IS siiireriues I before told Vou of: but intend to persevere, nnd I ion.. to be nble, llie ucAttiiue I write, to give jou the happy iiilelligenee of a perlect rule. I havelieardof many iustauees ill my neighborhood wherein they bnv c per- formed some cAtruiiidinnry cures. Pr.ovi a D.sri.Noi'isiiLii Gentixviax or Ilovrox : Genlleiuen, 1 cunnot relraiu Irom troubling you with n few lines to exiiressniv creat pleasure, in Iieiio, able to say, that 1 have experienced the greatest relief" Ironithe eirect ol your Pill. For many years 1 have suuereu iniien irom consiipation, wmcli lias disarrang ed my whole system, audi have not known a day's good henlth lor ninny ycnrspni,and being nnold man, I despaired of ever ugnin enjoying life ; but n friend re commended me totryour Pill,, which 1 did, al though, without nny confidence j the result, I am hap py to Inform yon, has fir exceeded my expectation,, the cnusent niy sullering i, nearly removed, mid 1 leelmy henlihnnd strength daily renewed, and lam satisfied that the merits of your Pills, when tested must lie acknowledged hy llie whole coniiuunity.niid' will become the most populnr medicine ofthc day. From an l.riscorAL llisuor. Gentlemen 1 consider it to be the duly of every Christian to make known to the world any iidvnuta- ges thnt they mny have derived by accident or Irom nnv discovert of their own. nud will, ild, u.ii,!,,, sironglyiinpresseilon my mind, I feel great gralilica- lion in luiving u m my power to speak 111 the highest ,. i. ..nut .... ..iiiiuuii- iiiscoiery you nave muiie ill tlie production of vour Pills. I was induced ,,. .,. ,l lioin the philosophical manner in wbiih jou have'! reasoned on the subject, ami 1 mu-t do mvsell the ni-iiri,ii -, iii,i j on ine jus ice losny, mat 1 Hud no con- ccpliou so speedy uii elli-ct could be arrived at. My complaint bus Iieen llintol iln'r. lr,,m ulil.!. I despaired ot getting U-iier; but since Inking jour Pills, 1 lind my general henlth, spirits and appetite mi much improv cd that lli.'-lo!iud myself enaliled to endure, without bodily fullering, ibe dutiesof unurdiions Pro fessuui. Infuture I willsend tu vour agent for more l lllswheil Heeded. Will. !....!.... n...l 1 gtajiludc.l urn, fir. rioiii-vcryH.itionoftheentirc ronnlrysiniilortes. lllliomnls ure daili- i... ..i..l I.... ..... Ii...iiu :..l.:.l ,... , r.iiini.. inn Tr.icn, ineiiRAEiLxnLRu Tills WILL klTLIiSlpj: LL orilLRN. WHOLKSALK WAUKIIOUSK, . l'J John sireet. New. York. In towns were there is iiobiouch.tfie Conuuiny will npiint one on application by letter, (post paid) or otherwise, ' E"!Vrsons wishing the Pills sent by mail, can order lliem, GKO. K. FKRRIS, nurllngton, GenernlAgent for t eniiont and Norihtn N. Y. For sals Sherwood's Auction Room, west side Squar. Sir, Since wrilmg lo you last upon the subji'ct of 'ir J';,,i ',Z7. my ill-heahh, 1 liiivelsen taking vour inedicine, and -3 "i;'. J'i.Ji .".illl .V, w inn pleased io say. lhat they have been of the grentest '-Ii ,J ,.J. I.JJ) -J.IS service to me, nud if lliey continue lo give me the re- ", ''I lief I have already fell, I shall bless the day you sent . SO . .- ' M S-,0! Ibem. 1 need ,. .1 iilln.le nmii, l ,1,.. ir..Mn.. I 1...... 27 .'JI 5,1 1 IfiV 20,20 Winter Supply! VII.AS & 1'OYES. HAVK received their wintcrsupply of Ooods.aniong which may he found, I nncy Prints, 1'iiniitiircdo., (Cloth nnd Fur Cnps, Aloaccns. I ifootsnnu Mines, ' Wrapping Paper, M. DeLmues, Rep. do do, Cnslnneres do do, Plaid Cloaking,, I.inseys, Col'd Cnmlirics, " Sclicins, llrond Cloths, Cnssimerca, Sattiuets, Grev (Glottis. Writing do (letter & Cnn.l r........ 'ri.-.n.l. ' l.lncu do Silk nnd Twist, Pnck nnd Pound Pius, Sewing Needles, Knitting do Coat nnd Vest Hulton, Pant do Shirt do Variety of Combs, Flannel,; Cofft If WoI'nJ Ivory cstlllgs. Pockr ivory oo Pocket do furges, Rnzors, V e vets. ,.;, n.,,1 Canviissniid Pudding, lllnrps, Silver llaggmrf. uiiiips.ior wool SacksJ Thimbles, I'lntcd, I Steel k Variety ol Spoons, Ilrown Sheeting,, lllcnchcd do, Anron Cheek,. ami nrrr no !scnccsnnd Oils, Shaving Soap, Hooks nnd 11) es, 'tbb Sijspcudcts, lllnstic do Cotton 'J'anes, Cotton nnd Worsted IIo"e, Striped Shirting, I ickings Lace, Fooling, nud lMging, Col'd Waddimr. Cotton Ynrn tf Wickingj Worsted Hells, niooou .. . l,.'M .nawi', v.recu unrnge, Pocket I ldk!s,Silk ((CofiiJ Silk Cravuf, uoic iiuper, .Hiingnnm do, Ami a grcnt vnrietyof otliernrticles. I IleseL'ooil, veer.. i.nrMifiu.l itl. r..t .. t.l. much care, late in the season, when ow ners were very niiTion, towll nnd reduce their stock, nnd we nre thcrclurc justified in adding that they were obtained nt better rntes than usual. lluying um,ii favorable terms will, we feci confident, place it within our power to sell at lair rntes. lie nml oiij s near must seiisii.iu order to (ire, while they vv ho buy Clteiiti can sell so. nml thrirr. , It ismir dim to buy everything well that wc traffic in. mid this enable, ii. lofcllni naxnrtitnoiit Ihvntint, upon ndvaiilagcous terms. . I nncy rrints. 11ns article we deal extensivelv in. nnd vve buv our supply from Coimiii.ssion Houses by the Packauc, and ol course obtain a irriierfndvnntngeover mnnller purchnsers. vv ho buv of jobliers by the ;ucre. Our pur chases ol this article durim; the year have been over one Imcilreil anil thirteen thomnnd yard ! ( 1 l.'l,(KHI.) merchants w ill certainly hud it enneement to buy of us, ifyiricMsuit, nnd lin y mnycnll nnd be convinced. Woollen Cloths, Vvctire manufacturing a large lot of Gray cloth, winch vvelwill sell ,1,-eiderlle lie. V. lifii-n ntu.iii good stock of Fnncv ami Pin in Woollen cloths n Iiiirllllglon, Dec. 11810' f.hv jiust piioor ino.v. I' on Roonxo. Window Snurrr.rts, &c. rivIIK SIJHSCHIlHiH.S beg tucnll the attention . .''I all those interested in roofing, to their G A L VANIZLD TIN I'l.ATFS, and V, the many ad vantages which they possess over till melalio and other substances hitherto used fortius purpose, pos sessing ns they do, thcMreugli and hghmess ot iron without its liability to ru-t, liaving now- been tested severnl years, both m this country mid in llurope. 1 hey are also less subject to expansion nnd contrac tion Irom sudden changes ol the atmosphere, than common Tm Plate, Iron, Zinc, &.c or nnv other metal now used for moling, und cou'iiiently'form a much better nnd tighter roof, requiring far less frcijucnt repair, whilst the fiitcotisliut a trille more. 1'hc subscribers would nlo call the attention of nil dealers nml workerj in metal", to the many other pur pose, to which Iron thus protected, can he npphed. In general terms it i, applicable lo all articles ol iron which it ii desirable to protect from the action ol the atmosphere. And they would especially mil the nt lenliou of those interested in TFiLCGRAPMC LINKS, to th.-ir Galvanized Wire, whieli is now al most entirely used in L'liropo.nnd which nnwer every purpose n n conductor ol electricity, costing only about one half a much as copper, and posscsjingeifual durability with that metal. Having lately erected works in this city for the purpose of gilvani7iug nail, spikes, Imlts, wire, fie., they w ill be able to furnish any articles which may be desired. A supply of Plates (manufactured in llurope,) constantly on hand, from 10 lo K wire gunge. . GIIO. 11. MORLWOOD.t CO. Nos. Ji and 10 lleuvcr st. New Yoik. The Patent Itlgbt for this article ha, been secured for the United Slates ns well ns Great llritaill, mid other i:nropemi countries, mid all legal measures will be taken to prevent any iufriogniem by importation or otherwise. Oct. -M i lHlC 18vl ji. u. ie;iiiiiiin .v. Co. H MLRCIIANT TAILORS, J'.'st receiv ed their Second purchaeof Fall nnd Winter Goods, comprising n very large ns sortment of CLOTHS, CASSI.ULKlIs,, VUST INGS, TR1M.M1NGS fee, Ax. Alnj Shirt", I'osoms, Collars, Cravats, Scarfs, Silk and Linen lldkl's., Illk., (Mor'd and White Kid Gloves While nnd Color'd Siik do., Suienders, Su.-icnJe Knds and Shoulder Itraee. Tailor;,' Aleasurea and Crayon. .11. G, KATI11IU.N, C. F. WARD. Nov. 21, 1810. JJwII COTTONS 40 Hales Sheeting, Ratts mid Wick ing, for sale by FoiLn r fc December;!!. STATE -MUTIJaT." LIFE ASiyii.NCE CO., O? WIlltlTs-Tfili, MAss. Hon. John Dnvis, President. Till: undersigned continues to net n, agent ortlic nbove company, nnd oilers to take risks on lives, according lo the follow mg scale of premiums: viz. ricmiums of Assurance for 8100. 2.2 i S'ji,' E.J ( si S.2 - -. r-' 's2 v.s2 -s2 , ir, vi,no'$:j.a! 3i,in'f.M.:ii Ifi ,07, 4,il l,3' l,70 391,27 ,73,2, 13 $33,tm 3.1 I, -.12 73 2.21 33.S.-, " 18, l'J ,071 iJir, si, i. HI 1,37 8,(17 2,28 31.011 I,00 I.IU -n:i IJW 1,'Jjl 2,01 11 1,30, 8,21 s;w. 3.1,71 12 1,1(1 8,212,13, 30,02 i,-;i .;,io 1,10 I S iK,UJ 13, 1,3U 8,211 2,K) 30,73 HI 1,3S 8,12 2,18 37,17 M; 1,37' 8,08 2.07 38,21 10, 1,37 H.l'.l 2,701 311,00 17' 1,38 H.15,37 3J,'J3 is 1,11 N,ai 2,'jsi iun It! 1,10 8,00'3,li; IIJS'J so; 1,13 d,iki 3,2.1, 12,'jy 51 1.03 JXi3,ll II, IH 52 1,75 10A!8 3.18' 4.1.'.fJ 53, 1.V2 11,2! 3,7fi 10 02 511 2,13 12,l3'3,Ufl I7JS7 ,'J.V 5 0A1 l,VJ 20JS7 "l, "! i ir- , HA 5.7U' 1,03 Sj-lII 1.0S .r).'.K) 1,72 5,'J7 1, O.IOi l,2 0.31 l.H-l 0,VJ 1,'JII 0,'JO! 2,0(1 7,311 2,U7l 27,13 27J8 2,V 2U,(IS ,ys i,"i 1,00 jj s..M'iu,7 i.i.1 rj.r 217 50 2,01 1,1(1, 5tl,PJ .17 2.'.HI 10.15 1.01 .11X1 :n,:id 1,11 l.lfi 30,'JO 3l,0j 32,37 58i 3,17 17,'JI 1.8'j' .i:l.2l) 5'J 3.12 IU.14, .1,101 51,10 Go,' 3,03 2O,10! 6,I4 53,70 37 1,21! A trifling deposit nmln smnll preuiiuin note are al so required, to guard ngaiiistcoutingeiicics. 'I'hus.n person at theniie of 23. innv secure to bis family, nt his denth. $1(H by thennnunl payment of 91,11,1111 nnuuai ueposn 01 nine ceuis, mm n premi um note of llurtv one cent, or the sum of 81000 bv llie nunual payment of $14,10, nn nnnunl deposit of cVccntsond a premium note oi $3,10. The premium note istnken lo gunrdngninstthecontingeney ofgrent ""d unusual mortality, but the Directors have grcnt I confidence n the lieliel that their payment will never ! I called lor. A large proportion ol tlie profits of tlie i ompnny is every third yeur, distributed niuong the existing policies, by being added to the sums respect, it ely insured -, thus continually increasing tlie amount , to Is-paid on tlie denth of the ts-rpon insured. Tlie policies maybe mnde lor the benefit, generally of ui'-ienoiisysiiiie, or sieeiueaiiy lor uie oenem oi in ""." .,n ..nun i...n, ..." , impmn ,u sured 1 lievond the rench ol his creditors. Tlie charuelerol'the President mid Directors of the company is n guaranty of the safety with which n ' KIJM mny in.itvc piovisioil lor ills itiuiny , ill ins ue- cease, however unable he may Iscome by failure in ' business, or otherwise, to provide for them. I on i . 1 1' i'i ii jiii ii j uiimniuy tiijiniii oi 711,,,,, one hulfof which is paidin nnd invested in the stocks ot the United Stales, llie Slate of MnssaeluisiiM. dm city ol Boston, and. in notes secured by liond nud 1 mortgage of unincumbered real estate in Mn'ssachu- . Sells. Worllltbrie tintr, ,li nmnmll lo.niedlheri.nn lia remaining hallof the guninnty miitnl is lia- '' 10 If rolled for, whenever the inicresis ol the eotilnnuv shall rrnnir it innv WllllurillsbliaillpllfelM ronlniiiini' nil Ihc liarliciilnn.. ns ulso the charter and by-laws of the company. , (1KO. II. SHAW. Agent lliirlingion Dec. 1, lslti. 23uili SI'(;.VUS.i hhds p K Suears, 20 boxes Hnvnnna do 20 1,1,1s :,tra Clarified, - no vyrusneo on 10 do Ground do 20 Boxes lxaf do For sale hy Dec. 21, 18tfi. Follltt .V Hbapht. iMienn, oi course, i nose wishing Woollen Soeks, Stockings, mittens, Gloves, varn, Flannel, Tow I' iv.: 1....I... ,..r... . i ....i. i... i , . i ' v,','sj ,L.iieu .i)iics, itree,iicos mill 1 urhCVS real bers.nre iidbroiffl that u-nL , nt ..II JEWELL, HARRI80N &. Co. CoiiiiniNMion Merchant, And Dealers in PRODUCE AND PROVISIONS, No, 30 Wntcr Street, Iletwecn Coentles Slin nml llrnml Abm. S. Jewell, i S. 1) llnrrisnu. I C. I). Van Wagenen. ) XV.W YOItlf . , KEIFR TO Messrs. Killett If llrndley, Hurlington, J.&J.H.Pcck &Co. rniiNiNG KniiK's vin 1 11... 1 0..1 ".. - L the best oualilv. inst reeeki-.l ,' r., n. S5 . .' r. IiaxdaLl's HnHllKADS. innnt ,. , 3. xiiu.v siiur..vij, X; white nnd assorted, 100 lbs. I.incn do Jl VILAS & NOV I0S. nfvflli ,rtintiri,mn XJ ol Silver Inblc, Ten, Desert nud Salt Spoon,, kept constantly on baud. To prevent nny imvonitian we would add thnt they nre marked ' Vilas if Novi.s, Ilcnr.IxoTo.v, nml nil such will be tean anted, bv us a good urtiele of Hilter. January t'J. COL'D Camiirics. 2 Cases coLonnn cam- bries 1 Cae Silflcins. T'or snlc bv Jnn. iW. VILAS fbNOYES. A '' CASKS Of that genuine old MONON GA11I.I.A WlllSk'V r,,. n.,.l !....!. k.. Kxehangc building, 32 CATLIN if SPLAIl. Water street, Ith Feb. 1817. Knot lni'li. THIS PORTl'.R, being mnnufactnred from some or . "j0 !"ost celebrated Root, of Ocnoany nnd the l iniv.i (soucs, ncis powenuuy n, n j-urilyer ol Ihc JW.nnd i the best CATIIOLICON ever discover ed for the cure of ) ysrVJ'UlA. Thcmostfrec nn.l l.l-.l ..... C I ... t t r . .... ..... ...I un.- oi mi., oevcruye, wj irom ueing lol- ovvcdbynnuii)lensnnt reaction, lends to restore, regu late ntnl invigointe tlie nervous system. The most delicate females mny partake of it, not only with im punity, but with the most sensible ndvnntngc. , The Ami Dyspeptic Root Porter is composed en tirely of vegetables, and as a temperance beverage, is not surpassed. The following Gentlemen have been nppoinled agents for the sale of the nbove, nnd ns they will 1 een '-"t'l'.J v.. nuou, .in uiiiein, willKn O rllfll. n.t.lrnsw.l lit I imn nr ,1... l.n..P...... ..ill ......... y. ... ...v... , ,v A,Ulll.l01 ll UK iirotnptly nttetided to. W. P. Rusll.M. I). Middlehury. v.. vv. i unncice, uniggust uristol. Mossru I'. 'I' I' I C. V ,,'',.'" s- y. .j.-vii-, , ergeiinc. Mnnulacturcil mUurlington.Vt. by W.G. MUNSON. For sale In bbls. kegs and bottles, sent to any part of the United States. December, 1810. octf TO COUNTRY VradersT Till: subscribers, , theirstorc corner of Fulton nnd Richmond streets, Hoston, keep constantly on loiiiil . mifl fiMi.r Tor unln .... .1.. ....... 1 ll... ' , :,' uiu oiusi iuvoiuoic terms, a large nnd vv-ell selected nssortmcnt ol . l.lio.l l.uuus .V UICOC'IJIIIKS, Mm, VVVVAl ANT) SOI.!'. LlVVTIIl'lf from llie best-Tnnncries in New L'ngland and New l orn. j ney also receive, nnd sell on commission, Country Produce. Trader, visiting the city nre re spcctlully requested to call nnd examine belorc lnnk ing their purchases. I2THefcr to Jiessrs. Follett & Hradlcy. DLXTKH, HARIIINGTON ft CO. Iloston, July Si), 1810. Fi:iCCstXO & fiillER.lIA', 1 II ft n IT f! v 1 Commission ittcvcljnnt 5, . i iaicr aircci, NEW YORK. Jas. S. l'r r.ucvj.v. Garpi.ner Sherman. r.EI Eg TO Jlessrs. Draper, Aldrieli .S Frink, ) " Townsend, Sayrc If Clark, New York. " .1. Ifi, F. Sevinour, J " Pllilhos .V Ti'lller All,,,,,. 123" J. & j. H. Peck. .V C.n Iliirliion, V, CLOCK KUYS, Wire and Cast Hells at JI J. P. JIAXVALL'S. Tho .cvv Kticliind .MUTUAL LIFi: INSUHANCK COMPANY, HOSTON, HAVK established an ngeney in Durllngton, Vt., and vvill grant policies on the Mutual principle, on a, tavorntile terms as anv similar institutions in tin.. country or Luglaud. tor tlie better security ol the insured, in ndditiou to the amount received for premium, deposit nud policits, this company lias a guaranty capital ol 8 100,(100, one half of which wn paid in nnd safelv invested Itcforcthc conioanv went into operation. mid the tmlnn.. 1 1:1. In to oe caueii in wnenever tlie oumucss and exigencies of lie-1 i'iiiji in, sumo n-iiuire 11. The object of tin coiniianv is to furnish evert-one nn iippnrtuuity to make u small minu-il snviug during liis life, for the benefit of Ida family niter hisdisense, with- t paving anv more than i, nctuallv renuircd to meet the requisite expenses nnd payment of the company At the expiration of every period of live years, ench member is entitled to have his deposits, or so much thercol ns rcmnius unappropriated, credited to him on account olliis future premiums. He is also entitled to receive back, at thcs.une time three-fourths of thesur plnsof his picmiums overt and nbove what may be requisite to meet the liabilities of the company, to the benefit of the income of which, he will be entitled as long us he remain a member. SCALi: OF ANNUAL PA Y.MUNTS, ion iiAcit iiu.Nur.Lu hollar,. On n ' Onn ' polieyl For For policy For For Age or the seven one Agelortlu seveni onn whole! years jcar. whole i years, year. 1 life life, j i It) ,31.3.1 ;0.73 it).7S 30 fi.TI I91.3S 181.20 11 1.37 , 11.72 H.7 1 37 2.81 , 1.13 1.30 12 1.11 (1.71 (1.711 38 2.U3 1.18 1.32 13 1.1 1 0.70 1107 30 3(11, 1.53 i 1.33 11 1.18 (1811 0.07 10 i 3.10 1.38 1.11 15 1.53 0 81 0.72 11 ' 3 27 1.03 1..11 10 1.50 (1.87 (1.78 12 3 3-J 1.08 1.57 17 1.01 tl.UO 0 82 13 3 52 1.73 1.01 18, 1 05 0.U2 0.83 41 3 03, 1.7!) 1.03 l'J I 1.71) 0'.15 0.88 15 3 811 1.87 1X7 20 1.71 0.U8 Oil I 40 a.Ufl l.'.'O 1.71 2M 1.78' 11KI ll.yil 47' 1.13' 2 07 1.78 22 1.83 1.02 O.'.'S 18, 131 2.18 1.85 23, 1.88 1.05 O.W l'J 1 50 2.30 1,'JI 21' I .ill 1.08 1.01 50 1.71 2 11 2 08 23., 1.118, 1.11 1 03 51 4 .US 2.5K 2.23 20 2 03 1.13 1 0.1 52 5.15 2.7 ! 2.32 27 ' 2 Oil 1 15 1 07 53 53'.l 2.iU 2.1.1 23 , 2.15 , 1.17 1.10 51 5 00 i 3.17 ' 2.55 2'J 221 1.20 1.10 53 5UI 3.13 271 30 2 28 1.21 1.17 50 0 2 1 3.72 2.UI 3! ' 2.31 1.23 1.1'J 57 0.57 I.IW 3.13 32 2.12 1.25 1.20 58 0112 1.31 '3.12 33 2.PJ 1.28 1.21 5il 7.2.8 1.07 3.70 31 1 2.511 1.30 1.22 CO 7.0.1 5.01 1.17 3.1 2 00 1.31 1,2.1 , . . , Thus, n person at tliengeol 23, in order'lo secure $100,lo his family at hi, decease, pay annually during hi life a premium of$l,7i),nnd deposit ot $0 lit, and one at 33, a premium of 2, 10 and deposit of $020, WILLARD PHILLIPS, President. Uirtrtiir.i. Willard Phillips, James Rend, Tho.,. A. Dexter, Robert Hooper, F. C. Lowell, K. II. Forties, William l'ursons.Georgell. Kuhn P. Wninwright. rrl.n. l l'.,rli W, tV ,. M,t. 'I'..r.. h Application for insurance received, and pamphlets cnniniiiing lull particulars n well ns the act of incur- S.WlRErf, Agent. ' Hurlington, Vt NIIKIIT 1IIUX AND TIX. 2(1 Packs Itllssin Sheet Iron. 3S Bundles Knilish do 20 do Am do ISO Iloxiti C'miada Plate, 10 do Peulpool do Pill Hoxe, Tin, 2lsH) lbs Zinc, iU'.iVc. I"' Follltt It Bcahlct. Ihaiic Wai'iirr AS poit si.i: coon assokt.milnt op , t Family Groceries, including Molasts-s, Sugars, l ens, Coir.-e, Chocolate, Pepper, spices, e., iVc Hc lm, also. Cognac Brandy, Holland Gin, St. Croix, Jnmaco und Boston Rum, Scotch Whi-key, Porl, Mo deria, .Malaga und Muscat Wines, ull selected with much care, and be will warrant lliem ns pure us enn Is. bought in the State. He lias also low priced Liquois ol good quality. Tuterii Keepers noil I'Hiiiilics wanting spirits or wines may dcelid on finding pure ui id good orli chs. DecemUr.lSir.. IISII IM q.iminl Cod Fisli, 1 10 Tierces Northern Salmon, III bbls dn do 20 I do do do 20 Mils Mackerel, 1.1 I do do 10 1 do do 10 j do Connecticut River Shad. Dec. 21. FoLi.tTr ,, Hkvclev. W. HATCH, Gun Smith, would in- Form hi, customers, that he has employed nn experienced workman from tlie soulh, nnd intend, to keep, constantly on hnnd.Gu.Ns, better and cheaper than nny ever ollcred in thismnrket, KT"Shon one doorsoull, nfil.,. Ii,u rl.,..l. Plensc call, Hurlington, July 10, 1810. SAMUEL PERRY; Commission Merchant, 3 Front Street, New Yonir, A. M. ITtHEMAN. O Liberal adiances em Consignments. ItlirilKKNCES. Mess. Suydnin, Sage cc Co. New York John Johnson's Son, " " P. it W. .AInrtin, " Frceland, Stuart it co. " i:. P. it A. Woodruff, Stanton it Frost, " 3wV"l!?"r,krP- Philadelphia, Win. Taylor it co. tr" t!'0"1",'! lt "radley, n.irlington, Vermont. Hon. I,7.ra Meech, Shelburne, Lawrence Hrainerd,Prc,'t, St. Albans, " Joseph W nmer.Cnsh'r, .Middlehury, A. L. Calhn, Pre,'t, Orwell, Jolm A. Coinnf, Dsn , Urnndon, (.eorgcT Hodge, Pres't, ltntland, lion. Myron Clnrk. iUhnchester, " .September, 11th 1810. 1M ?.IE?,C,.TS' HOTEL. 39 and .11 JS;1"" r'-nana sidegoing up f, AurfA Hirer to Ilioadicau.) fro 11 'l'l.nnbovn It,., ..I I... I.J... I .... .1 1, .. . - ""-a i iii.irgeu nits season, nnd the lroprictor hopes to accommodate more Vermont customers. He regret, his being obliged to turn oft so mnny the pnt fall nnd spring. .. uisU., oo.iiiuiis are now more nmple, and he trusts they will be found satisfactory to buiiucs, men. I eriii. $ 1 ,25 per day-? , per week. The Hurlington I rcc Press is kept on File at this IIoue. VirV, ...i.n... . .... , . ,, .". .UUlKItliALI. lJ, 1 'IT 'i''m ,ew " the Merchants' Hotel, 3J nnd 11 tourtland-st., nnd find nn obliging Host, polite nnd attentive sen ants, a good tableland clean rooms and bed,. I"m0 HK1NSMAID it BROTHERS. The Peck &. Spcav i) it u t; j:st a 11 1, 1 Nil m 1: . t , mttr, , ., . ni'nUXGTOX, Vt. 1T1 II R subscriber 1, constantly supplied with, and of- Frenciimid India " KUU , . , DRUG.?! Vrw 9te""Va,si, I'cechesj Surgical Instruments; ,Vlllier.'ll 'l .ii.lh nn.l 11 .1 ...!l 7 ,! . . I ...... . .'iniuiiiiiicies, i,iune or .Mineral aters ; D.iguerreotj pe articles ; Genuine Patent and 1 homsonian .Medicines j Pure Liquors and Wines : f" ' ; "uuiaiiH nnu oyi up,; finishes, Perfumes, Soaps, lnk, Ulackmgs.I-aneynnd Domestic articles: Glas, V nre ; Dye-btulf, L'nmphene itc. &c. ! rnm ,1... ..f s.- n : - ""! i 01 iccciviug .inncrni waters, Lnmphene Leeches, itc., periodically, purchasers can re V imon ! hptr trou nine. Individuals w idling Trues, leeches, &c will al wnj s lind n s'rson in attendance to apply them. '-"It TI1KO , PRri,- .. . .... ,.. ikvj .nun i uuiiiii oi . it. T7 lUTTi:itrii:i.I&Co. IirVe"onhd AJ' I! OOlllC M Sill, ll (..- L. n n, 'l'r... . ..... i. ...j foii.e. uun t J. V. RANDALL," HAVING JUST ARRIVED FROM NEW ork. with n Inri.e nnd fashion.,!.!.. naun.,.....t of Watches, Jewelry nnd Fnney Articles, which In of- icia lor sine ai very low prices, nt Jus Ni'tv Jeweler's Shop, in Strongs' Building, College street, directly opposite Cole iV. ltohinson'n Sin,.. "I he citien, of Hurlington and vicinity nre respectful If invited to call and examine hi, goods for themselves. I His assortment consist, in part, as follows: t lltC'llCS, I Gold, English Pntent Lever,, Anchor. Cylinders, nnd , Irf-llinCSl S,il..r 'tllls1, !....., .....n-u f . I....I..... ' Lepines and Common. , , , , i"1'1 Pencil St IV11. Cold Lockets, Guard Chains. Kevs and Seal,. Sneeta- cles, I hniibles, Heads, i;ar Ornament,, Ih.auielled 1 nud with Stone -citings, ;b Dracclets, Clasi,,, Heart, Crosses, Fob nnd Vest Chaines, nnd a great variety ol IMognnt Tinker Ilin:, Pins nnd Ilrooch.s, ofthc latest stvles, lor Ladie mid Gentlemen. Silver Spectacles Thimbles, Pencils, (.old nnd Silver Tooth-picks, Niiver Hutter Knives, Willi .Silver, Pearl or Ivory Handles, 1 Siller Spoons, , Warranted a good as the Coin. Pearl and Shell Cmd Cases, Steel Dig, and Purse Clasps, Steei Ileods, , Purse Rings, wiili bars nnd ins-els. Silver Plated nnd 1 German Silver .Spoons, German Mlver 6K-ctacle,nnd Seel 'I'tvee7er, Cheap AU-cl &iectacles. Key Ring-, und a lurgc assortiucnt of 1 Cutlery, Roger' Rnjors, Knifes nnd .SWssors, Wmle and Hutch er's Razor, warranted. Chapnuns Raior i'trops, Shav ing ioap, Dear's Oil, and Perfumery, Various pattern of .Shell, Horn nnd Ivory Combs, Coral Heads and Necklaces, Cloth, Hat, Hair, and Tooth Ilrilslies, Music Rote, Violins, H,,s, ;-ii d Violin String, of the best quality, Clanonette Reed: All kind, of Watches, Clocks, Music-Boxe, and jcweirv, cieaneii nnu liepnired nt the shortest .Notice. Old Gold nud .Silver taken in exchange for goods or work. November 11th, 18lfi. sotf VGAR & ARTHUR Id A r C uonlies of SA 1)111. 1'lJV f....i. ci. .1, 1, r,,, UVii ,i . : .' .111.1 k-nrn ii. viii- Altr.,111 ull its varieties. Also, Dni"s and Medi cines, PniiiLs, Oils, Varnishes, etc. Hurlington, IMP,. Viilunblo Heal i:tnlu I'or Sale. AtHt. 'suhseriber wishing to purchase a lar- sluA. ger Linn will di-poseofihe place where he now iivcs.cousislmgol fifty acres ol excellent lond,33ucres tJiarcd.undergoodculiurcaiidihereiiiainderiuwiHid, suuatcd two miles from the sonnre, on the road leading to the inoiiih of the river. 1 Wession given the lirsl day of April I'or further nartienlnrs .-nninr.. ,,r Subscriber. .T. IIUSSLLL. 23ml Hurlington, Dec. Lt i sir. K VH "I'ING PINS.Sew ing Needles, and Darning .eeiiics,warranteil the best quaint-. at . J. P. JIAXVA.US. AUCTION SALES. I. smntwuui), Will continue his Auction Sales on thelMl nltertiiKins of I IL WKDNLSDAYS AND SATURDAYS. A large quantity of Household rnrnitiire of dillerent description vvill lie ollered, to.'eiher witli Stoves nnd Pipe. Also, Dry Goods, Cutlery, Boot, and Shoes, etc., which will likewise be sold al pnvnle sale cbeupar than can be purchased uny where ele. Hurlington, IB IT. 30uifi TOII A CCU 300 Boxes Tobacco.from 5 to 20ct7 1500 doz. Fine Cm Smoking and Chew ing do Dcceiuber2l. FoLLkrr if Hriplev noLD pi:ns , ,. , . Brown s, Benedict it Barney's, VJ VictoriaCongrcss.SiuithitFnninm'snnd Bnrd (c llrothers. 2o nt J. I , KAXDAJJ.'S. i-'A.VCT I'lllXTS. 1 r.OOD STOCK OF FANCY PIUXTS CO.VSlsr- fiOOD STOCK OF FANCY PIUXTS C0XS1ST- ing of various styles and qualities. Traders wish- ing to replenish their assortment before going to , market are invited tu call. Feb. IK. 31 VILAS A. NOYLS. FE.XTHIUIS. I fl EESE and 1 1 KXS FK ATI I ERS. M For Sale by VILAS it NO YES. I u!ington, February 18. 31 muni) a .. 1 LARGE LOT OF DRIED APPLE, il For Sale by VILAS if NOYES. Burlington, February 19, 31 NEW MILCH COW. I Xi:v siimi Cow, Fob sua: by . il Feb. is, 31 VILAS it N( NOYF.8 THE RURLIXCTON DRAWING ROOK! or i k;i'hi:s. 0I:LI;CTI:D from the work of Eminent Masters, I O lor the use of Amateurs, Families and Schools j by John Henry llopkin, jr., price 3,on, for sale at 31 IiH'AlWS' lluolc Stsrt. STRONGS & CO. vnoi,i:sAi,i: $ uhtau, nn.xuuis In Hardware, Cutlery, Iron, Steel, Sheet Iron, Tin, Plate, Sheet nnd Holt Copper, Iron Wire, Flour, Salt, Paint, Oils, Dyc-Stulls, Piaster, Grind Stories, itc .Vauufactiirer's Agent, for the Sale of A'ailsnnd Iron, nnd Window Gins, of nil sizes. General Agents nnd Commission Merchants. IJ beral ndvnnces made on Property consigned to thein. Last Side Court House Square, Hurlington, Vt. 1 1 y i noos k r faixscHjInga IILADI Ti riKTCIIlIll, F.ismoN.tnM: T.uum, has It removed shop nenr Harlow- it Wood's store, where he considers himself permanently located Ho desires to return his sincere thanks for the liberal sup port he lm, received since hi, commencement in busi ness ni the aforesaid city, and hopes by assiduity in business, still to merit n share of their patronage. 1 hroiigh study nnd practice in the nrt of Tniloring.he ha discovered a new mode ol drafting coat,, w Inch is unknown to nny but hini'cif. A correct measurement 'ucMiowi.iigco ny nu tne trnue to - tbc only mean 1 ot ensuring complete "fiL,." The ioition oftheeu, ! tomcr must be understood. There is not n Tnilorwlio 1 con ensure n complete "lit" without this knowledge. I D. I- would iiifonn hi, customers that be has pur I chased nn indubitable mode of cleansing garments, of iwmos, ,0,0 01 giving in'-ni iiieiresn anil lively np 'm'.o.','.1, 'S.y, w,erc wont ta hn'Q ,lici'' earlier data. CUI ILM. done to order, on the shortest notice nnd warranted to fit, if properly mode op. Hoy,' Dress,.,, and Ladies' Riding Habit,, made according to fashion or fancy. Winooski Fall-, July 1, 1810. the Morirriivs iTiTEieT, " TOR TLVIALE EXCLNTRIS. HIS valuable and highly appreciated Medicine Wl", ''blamed from nn Indian Doctrlss, in the Valley ol the Lohinihia River, Oregon, and since it introduction into civ ilized life, ha, been of more bene fitto thehinnan race than nil other medicines ever used, lt will almost do nw-nv the curse entailed upon our mothers from Lve. It will tfli-ct a quick, easy delivciy that no other medicine will, except whntthe red women of the lores! use, that is congenial with na ture. The patient will get about in half ofthc time they do treated in tlie old wav. j It i, n sure preventative of Hroken Ilreost, nnd childbred fever, and the proprietor t willing to WAR 1 RANT a cure to nil who may have occasion forits I use. Those who have been imposed upon by Quack 1 and Quack nostrum, nnd have the natural fear ofn j second imposition, can be referred to some of the most respectable families in the town. All orders from a distadce, (post paid) will be attend- cd to upon the shortest notice. I For sale Whole-ale and Retail by tlie Proprietor, Dr., nnd by Harrington if Ilrother. 1 Agents, 1 Hurlington Vt. Sept. 13 1910. 12 S. EARL HOWARD, THE PEOPLES' AGENT, whose mum m$m STORE. ATJURLINGTON, VERMONT, Comprises one of the most splendid nnd general Stocks in the State. All goods bought and sold strictly for Cash, nnd of course Chcnp. iimci) apple. If Jan. 2il. 31 TiOOO lbs, mum aim'i.i:. by VILAS &. NOYLS. rM) 1V00LI.X SIAXLTACLUIIERS. A JL large quantity of Fleece, Pulled nnd Broken Wools tor sale. Manufacture! will lind il for their interc-st to call. VILAS if NOYLS. llurlingtou, January '.'Dili. 31 r71, Wttshhii:fnn .Street. JUito.v. T - V. 'I'. ADA .UN linvinff oneneil thm nrw I . ,,,,, tl.,,l;,l 1I.....I 1. r..' '.',' - , lie that nothing shall be "wauling lo make it equal to" nny other m the Union, and not second to anv. Noveinlier. la 16 19u,c MOTIIKK'S IlKLIKF. rpo MARRILD LADILS, the Mother's Relief, a 1 medicine which soothe s the disagreeable sensa tion of Pennies about to beecme niotheisjiind insures 1 ns,,fo debv.-ryin all cases where mal lomiation or some unnatural circtimsiante do not prevent. The reimtatiou of tluiirlicle. though silent, has become extended ns to produce nu immense demand A pamphlet intended only for the eve of those directly interested nnd their phvsicinns, 1, prepared for gra tuitous distribution where tlie Relief is lorsole. G. A- UART1IOI.IC .V. CO . I 11 ..l.u... NT N- Tor sale by Pi:CK it SPL'AR, the authorized ngent, fir this plnee nnd viciuiiv.who can alu supply Druggists ot the Proprietors Whole- sale price. October ilih 1815. 13 , " . ZC7,T:. IJAIMNS SO bbls Sun Raisins, J V 20 J bbls do do i 2.V) boxes Hunch do 300 ! iro i Dec. 2 1. lo do do do Follltt !( do ls3('i. do Impresses Irom i iv-Vorkmid lloilun lo Miiiitreiil. VIUGILitKICL-S AVif Vot k and Montreal xirets, WINTER ARKAMiEVlE.NT. THi: F.XPRF.SS WAGONS for heavy freight, leave Hurlington for New-York, and intermedi ate places, etery Monday morning, '1 he Messenger for money packages, and lighter ar ticles, will leave Burlington for New-York, Ice. every Wednesday morning, nnd every Friday moniing tor Montreal. CHLNT.YitCO'S. Boston and Montreal Erjttess, Will leave Hurlington for Hoston, and for Montreal, everv Friday moniing Will leave Boston lor Burlington nnd Montreal, every Tuesday uiomini. ; and Montreal for Hurling, ton nud Boston every Monday morning. Packages, anu oroers snouiu oe icu at ine umce ine uay pre- vious to arrival ol llie F.jpress. - . lUJTTIIIirilU.IVA-rCo. Hove on hand M.-J . jw Baskets llerdsieck fc Co's Chnmpaign, I l.on,lra, Clnl. .1. Also a lew Lighth Casks Purr Juice Port Wine Cog. Brandy. 30 UJM. WRKUIT, NOW RCTURNS HIS sincere thnnks to the inhabitants of Burlington and Winooski Falls, for the very hbeial support last be ha, received, since his couimenceinenl, nud hepe. by strict attention In his business lo merit n share ol their patronage. He also begs lo inform the public, that he has received ihe latest iahioit for the rnll ami Winter, which enables him lo cut according loth.. rn.l,i.,i, ,.r i..,.Ur ll, u-islies luitlirr lo infonii Ins lnends, lhat he considers Iiimsc-lt iar more competent, either tocut or lo inakeonygnnnen ,muen superior to nnv oilier professor in ibeuri ol '1 adonng at the halls. N. II. All onlerspunciuallysllendedto.ondrtecu tad in tlie most anproted styles. . . Now- located vt llere J. Ilirrington formerly carried on business. , , tfll- Winooeki Fall. IVc. Ith, 18l- 83-tf flOTTOX VAK1V. WADDING to 35 V naiescouoi. v,r-.VNOYV:t " Jan.,'-V. by VILAS a; NUYES. TDROWN PliniJTINiii. tv inooskt anc; other jjhtvlcsanii numiiiesoi ....k.. -... Sr't S, 1SK. HJAS & NO L. p

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