Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 5, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 5, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNINGL NOVEMBER 5, 1847, r.1 i f r From Slon'iielicr. On Vpi!nrrl iy, iIh'TImiit P'peil l-'o bill re clnilcrin the Hints of Iliirllngtmi S n.1n tlio bill to Incorpiimlc the Cuinmcrciiil Uank at Bur lington. The llouep adjourned to Triil.iy morning-, fur the pnrpii-enf illntvinjr an opportunity to the delate of t ho luiilpe question, by connsc'i before the committee on rn'td. XV.XV YORK i:i,i:ctiox. Cnretpintltncrof the limton Adveitistr. New Vokk, Nov. U I A. M. It-turns fnvii W"-'rn Now Vnrk nil Whia. Duffie, IMImoro 1000 i 12rio county 400(1- A senih v 'ic kot iiml oni- Son itor elccled. Unclie ter WliiL Stale tirU't 700. CuhuikI itrn: A--emlilv district 1 0(0. nlioU Wliio ticket elected. Ulien. Pilliniire 500. Sen-ilnr in ili.lrirt n.W. Allmnv. Slate ticket Wliitf 2000. Trov uterine nnj 100J. IhmjhUccp'ie, fiOO. Scieneei nlv, Doitinc'rat over '.'00. Umno. !).' 35. ' New Vork City, Fillmore probably 2JJ0 in St.tte 3').000. rcuMoxr At.iticrinm vi. & iioiiti. CULITIlAt. SOCIIITY. Pursuant to pulilic notice.a convention of the friend of and llorticiiltnral im provement convened at the Tree Church Nntitncller. Oct. 27, 1 S 17. Tlio mooting was called to order In II. 11. Swcr, Ii.. of llnr liiifjton, and ums organized by the election of Hon. WILLIAM NASH, of New H.ivcn, Pre sident, Dr. Ciiaiilfs Claki;, nl Montpelicr, and Hon. I.eunaud, of Manche-ter, Vice l're-ident-, uiid II. C. Thacv, Secretary. After remarks by II. IIradlcv and II. H. Stacv, l'.-'i., of lliirhnytou. and Hev. H. H. Ham. of L'ralt-biiry, on motion of L). V. C. Clause, II-q. of llurlinlon, , ' Z . ? A S a, Z : rid aoeiL'ty On n Hon of Iiev. S. II Hale, Vutrl. Tint n cinumittee I e Appointed to prepare & Co. ti.ulinii fur sal J uCKty. ! Aiid -ucti coiiiumtCL' was chosen by nomiiia-1 tiin, as follows ; Mi-"rs. S K H ill ami Imc Parker, of Orleans ' con ity ; U. C. Toif-y, of W mdsnr; C Gnoihich, II It rj..icy st i) I Kmucis iiin,nt Clntifiidi-n ; Ditut'l 11 ii 1 i.i, of U'iisiii,tnn j (i U ClianilU'rand lli'iny Stcvi'lls.ol Cl'-dnlua : 1) INsx;(i . 111! Irs, nf Ulltllin I , l! 11 Ihnw ' llelllllllljton J 11 -yin ii . ot WmUor; II S Min-r.nt Lununle ; 'Willi.iiji Xit.;i,,if AiIiIimiIi i I) iliiMimuk.iil Oiauge; L- luu.ut t-iiiinJ Isle, mid L. liiamiiid,uf Pranklm. And said eoiiiuiilli e iiiliuctcd ul-o to nouiinutu ollicers ol the Society. Adjourmd to Thursday eitiLti, Oct. 23lh. TtiuitsDAY, Oct. US, IS 17. The Convention nut according to adjourn ment, when tlie committee reporu d the follow ing constitution ! roNR-rnvTiov Ar.I I. Tin" niiiiiT.I tine Society i " Tin- Ver mont A .'l an. I I In-tu iiltiiml s5opi.'ly its object, 1 1 piiiiimlj mip'iiii'iiii'Ul ill Arn iiltuie, llor ticilltaiv, Alniuiuiitill --, n.l ihe Jin hati.c Alt'. Aur II Auv ti-r-fii iiiav li.'cniii'i n m-in ier ot th Socu tv In ii'ivi into the Trea-iirer.iistheby-hws may dim i, .iiie aiuiuilly; and a member for hie n tie piv.neiit nl ten doiliiis ut one lime. Per- B ,'1S ieiillU4 mil nl rue n lie lll.ty lie eietieu iiiniun. r" or Co le-em i b:ii Mem!, -is b) il vnt ' ol the S iclety I Aur III. nl'i.'eis nf 1 1- Sm-ii tv shnl he Pre.sid'ltt, whn slnii lie exoillicin elinrmm of the lixee utile Ciiio.uittee.n Vice Pn-.-i lent lor each coun ty in ill t-tate, a Keeoidinj Stvietiny, a Contspoud iu' rieciet uy, a 'I'li a-u er, an Auditor, nn Kvecunve 2.iiiiiiiiliee ill three; wlneh ntliceis shall hold oliice fjr o ie jear tin I u ml others ate eiecte.l. Ar.r IV. Tae ainiii .1 iiieetiuj ol the Societyshnll be h id at .Mompeher, on third Tuur&day hi Octo ber in each )e..r. Ar.r V. The officers ot tl.p Society, at any m -ct-ing iiotiii'd hy tlie Corresjijii.lnu S 'crertrj u ider the dtr.ttion ol me nxecntive Coiiiinittee, .shall hive powel 1 'i'o enact such :is muy be deem ed expedient "J To nppiiipnate the lauds to the pmp.'r tnVitsul the t!,V,.y, ; iippmnt conj. i.iiit.'.'s and s,Heiii uii'etms o the Society. 1. To hold ex.libitln is. in ihe nil n-ces'liy arr.uueinellls, mid awurd sujli preuiiiiinsiis ihey think proper. U. To ch xa tit, rill I dl-irrhiiU, mi pl-.uts, s -etls, boolvs, Cvi: , may be traiisuiiltcd to Society lor that purpose. Aar VI. Iliid-r the di-eetinn "f th- nuemic Coiu.iilttee, t!i.- I'ublishiii!.' lauiinutlee leill publish, or wit'i tin- stit.- in i u'lh-hiiiz, ilium illy, the tiansii lions ,,t thStierety, returns liom Hie County isueieties, or nbsiracts tloio I' mi. h other mat-t.-rs relatim; to A I. u.iure, Iloitiru.ture, .Mauufac tun s and tnu .Mttiuiiic A. Is. as they may deem ex pedient Anr VII The r.xicu'ivc Coinuiillee shall have powvr to ti.i all v ie nicies in the i llijes of ihe Society; and p 'isoiis so nppoi tied shill bold oliiee until toe ne vt auiiii il iiieeiuij. and u ltd oibers are elected. Ari VIII. TliisCoanuniion may be amended by n vote ol two-thuds ot die membeib pitbt'Ut,iit uny anu.ul ineeturo ol the ftocieiy On niution.tio npiiit was accepted, anil the nbovn form udo, ted a the Cottitiitioit of the ts icietv. TlioeniiiiniUcp reported :i li-l nf ofliccr, wliicli was uceepteil, and the j.'entleineii tiametl, elect ed, ;u 'olli s : riesiileni. CIIAULr.S I'AINri.of Northfield. I 'it I'tfxltlents, Li.ovvnp S.i:i.t.Nr,i'f lrnuinlon Co, (;L.n;..i: T II lUii.s.uf Kutlaiid, VlLl.ltM .As!,(! AltillSilll, I, li lliunt:,iif Clutieiideii, li. II Lwrov, ol Tninklm, Samuel Aiiams, ot (ir.iud Isle, Ai'.ill', Vm J. ti tsTtNus, of Orbuius, Das'ili. mi.iivtiN.ot Wthiui-ton, 1. II Ijiw:. ul Cull'. Ionia, liECiir.s C. Hlnion.oI l.s-ex, A. H. W Tr.s.NEV.ol Oiiin-e, Jons I'uHiLu. ol -lindnor, l'liEULUitii IIolui.ook, ol Windham. lle.uiilinii kccietiiiy, E. C. U nidsor. Ou i ri milii.g Serretury, Cmt'-sCLV Uuiliuj-ton. Tie.ismer, Geo r.oc W, StoTr, nl .Montpelicr. Auditor, E. 1. JtlVKTT, nl Aliiiile-Ilf r. l.xeiutiie Ciimmttlee, IUrky Bkapli-v, nl llurliiuton, TliANCl-i, ol llumbuigli, tito V, ol llarie, J, V. IIjwi-s.oI .lontielier. I u'Auhii Cuinmittee, C, Ooodriui.oI lliiiimijuiu, S It,nrCialt-buiy, Dtvio litLP. of Colthtner. The .SofielV Ix-'milt i.r.Mi.izeil, II. n. Stacv, i IIP .litllij r r t 1 Kq. laid lielore It u um m' ueiure tnu i'j,'i laliire, irmiilinir fr encouragement to npricnltiire, tte. On iimtii'ii "f r.C.TtTKr.r.. V.t. of Vorpennop, Vuteil, Tlmt in th i pininn ol this Society, the pas. Kiae ol the lull HOW belole the lll.ll-e ol liepiewulu. tiM-s. r Mime hill niuilar in pnni iple, would heiu lit the Asru iiliuie. Iluiiieultuie, ManuUttuns and .Me- clianit? Aits, in Veiinuiit. On iimiii'ii nl II. H. Sr-vrv, I'.-f)., Voted, (i.s the spnse nf tliis poriety,) Tlmt we np- nrove the pmjei t nf lui'ih-hinj! .in na ieuliural jou iial 111 Vermont, iind that we ri eniiiinend to the latnmble ronpideliition of our liiends llilouebnut Hie Stste Ihe .VW.o'-Z Jumualnmt Vunmut Am 11 uUuiul," pub- liphednt iiidrnr by Mep-r. II.Pliup ,L Tracy Vntnt. Thai ihe ptmredniLs ofthe Cutiti-ntion and nf theSo'ieiy, luelmhiii: the (;,in-tit iiiou and ht nf lieers, be published in the Daily Jourunl, and in the School Journal mid Vtiiiiont AgntulturiPt 111 the ci.uisu nl Ihe,illiigs Imlli of Iho 111 tno iiiii 1 p CnllieiiliiiN nnd nl Iho Soeiely, the iiicellii-r wns nililrL'PK'il hv 111 my (;enlletiieii fnun ihllerenl arts nf the iSlale, I'liiieintJ H lury deep interi'pt 111 Ihe ohiect nml Vxliilt'lilitf in n plnkilii' liobl 1 . J .. . .... .1 ... . 1 . . ;i the elements nl , . nn, .-Aipt .1. our puii, our position, awl iir iii'nlalimi. 1 WILLIAM NAS1I, President, n. C. TttAry, Necrctiri. The freight trnin 011 the Vcrinnnt ami Mas, chiiBCttH Uiiilwuy hroko tlirotmlt brido.i near Atliol, hist week, by which accident live men wnro killed nnd ntliem badly Injured. From Mexico. Tlie rtfntner James L. l)uy bail nrr'unl nl New Orleans from Vcru Cruz. Nnlliing; from Scott. Knmo further pitticnlurs concenilnjr Sanla Anna's nlliicl' on l'nelila. lie coinmciic- oil cannonading tlio American tinrk from three lill'ereilt nnintmn tlio ''Tib. ut ft l l . u l.on Iho American- commenced throwing ImuiIh. camn n I l,t x-n int.. it.., nu t'i ,r i . . i.. w i . i i , -V' U l"c1,' ""n,,ri,(l ew-rc1y. the tie.M day. ijanta Anna put npbrcat wotk-i of cotton b.ilee. The lirlmr eoolliuted hriklv ... w ........ hk- uiiiij. it'itt:ii, inn tins rt'iicwu. iliiring the f-econd day nnd va kept up nt Inter vals until the 30th. On the Ih', S.uita Anna with 2000 Infiiitry and cavalry, together with three pieces of artillery Fallied out to attack the American train, and reached I'erote on tlie 4th. Soon uflcr, nil hi men. with the exception of 1 311 liuzz tr, pronounced iiraln-t him iirrn-lnp him nf incapacity and nttriliitinjr to him all the d, ..asters that hid U-f.ilIrti them. Santi Anna reached Ijopeyahualoe. with ,'n huzrirs, when ho received orders from (iuerelaro to reair thither with his forces ; he refused and took up line of mareli for O.imico, intendini: to recruit his army and return to combat the enemy, l'cna ili-cbarjjes the function of President at (iuereta ra, but refuses to recognize Id nsociutes a -oilited by Santa Amu, Proposes that Congress sl ull elect new ones. H 'ports prevail that tlie To.vtn Itingers ent out to attack (iuerril as, ha all b'en cut oilbut two men. Sonic didiculty occurred in the .laaehusetts rrpiiient. " Gen. Culling had ih-arined and delachid 05 mm. Lane arrived at Pernio on the 1 Ith. (.'apt. Wells had been honorably neruitted ; 4,000 men with a heavj train were ubont to leave Vera Cruz. Ruinie stale tint Oen. Patternm will shortly march iiiaiii-t a new St ite not yet invaded. All quiet at the National Uiidpe. The l.-yislntnie of Vera Cruz had nornhlcit at ilot.tiischec, on the 27lli. Areo Iris that (ien. Herrera liad gathered 10,000 men tin National (in ird- at Qnereliiro. Major Webstei had ariiied at New Orleans. ITCol. Martin Scott, who wa killed in one 'f "'!' ny.v batliw More the city of Mcx- icn in den. v i r 1 1 1 - divi-iou, was a n.ilive ol lleniiintou, Vt, lie was educated at West Point, and from the school entered the artnv some 30 o.irs :i"o. lie his sjnco then seen much hard service, and combo tul biui-eif nl vviys with "reat caution, skill, ami kiuilne-s. In hi- youth ho was famous anions the sharp shun ters ofthe (Ireen Mountains, veiy few of whom could in rfnr n !t;.it In bt'ciimpaieil with his. never shot iine in the body ; but at whatever Imiiili' or distance, always struck the head, lie would drive a nail into n hoard part way with a hiinnier, nnd llieii t ikiu III" firlhe-t di-lance at which his eve could distinctly oo it. dtive it boine vv ith his unerring luillel. He has nlvvav been inneh re-peeled anil helmed hy his towns men lor bis amiable and benevolent rpialitii'-, a-sociated with the ttio-t exact inteuritv. With I :t uioderalc income, he has so economized, in his I personal i xpenses, as to support his i.vv n fnuily. I and very es-enti.illy In aid two maiden sj-ter-, several nephews, uud other lel.itives, who with bis wife and imuiedi.ilti funily, now at Milwaii koo, are left to iniunii Ins loss. llovv the-o I heirls bleed and ache, llnvv many siicheiri I 'of bleeilin";, aching' h".uts hive our victori. in ide. The L'uilt of all this misery must rest en s line bnilv. Wim is it ? Wretched m in. For these his-es an I this irnilt the nation takes it pay m (tlory W hat a pitv that men sh mid lint ii-llcct that all true (lory is in goin' good. JUtlr. Coin. hftciDE. Weleirn tint l.i.i Tridiy a stian ;er ia''ed at .Mr. Weaver's .-tore, at Winnn-ki l''all-, for the purpu-e nl buying it piece of rope. As Mr. VV. had none except what vva-the riohl length for bed cord-, he was uuvvilliiii; tn cut one. The ftranoer ias-cd nut ami was scon after fniind a short di-t.itee from the storn i!e:nl. Inning huiiL' liiin-elf vv illi a piece of rope lie bad . I r . .. ii . . i stolen In in the More. He was .0. to he between M ami 0(1 years old, and it letter was found in nue of Ids pockets, ptatin that be bad a wile and live children liv inj, that be bad kill - td a ii tniber of perpiin in Canada, nnd lhoit''ht it about time for him to die. His name and residence have not vet been iiscctlaiiiid. (luz. iHrtikcts. llrish'.on Cattle .Market .Hominy, Oct. 25. KiivrarD tor. tiil TnAM.utr.. At maiket, Ij'H) It-el C.ittle, inctiitlini l.V0 Storrp, !'J)itki'H Wtdking Uen, ITi Cuw-. auJ CnKfS, 10,5jO bhe, p. and nl-iut '2', j IJi-Li' Cattt l Lxtrn ti 5J ; firt q-ialiti. G 00 ; FC( otid tnxl thud qii'ility tioiu I 00 tu I'j, Snini. L-ATfl.L lit- weie tint liotuvd. OKKi.NG Ual.n S ill 8 iii ij at tJ7, $73, nnd Cows and Calves .aks noticed nt 815,19,23, 'Ji, si7, nnd T, ji, .Snn.i Sim dull, huts taken nt $1 23, 1 C7, 1 S7, 2 .p nnd J tJ wiM..t wimieFnle l tor nw-, nint tor unr- row i uiie or twu luts tuken ut 4j uiid fiom D to OJ, il. At it-tail VJ(L. Duly, 3.1 ;ir i ct. There is no i limge ill prices, with a steady demand lor most descriptions. I l Hue .s)'i.ony 1 tceets, W.-lslll'll 11 40 3. 31 '.'i H r, 3S 3j 30 Vu It Ameritan lull blood do. tlo It-1 do. do do. do 1-lAlcniiidu. - . . Iliifiios Art-s, uiipieki'd, - l..tra .oi in ll puiii-u inuio, sui. ortli lilHilleil lamlj - ti No. I do do do Z do no do 3 do do do - ft 15 - . .,.,, DaOWSISrsS. .S.VIinilimiT of the Hi-ad. n rOSritie muss- ,,, the eats, head.,, palpitation ill the itc. Vri2l1 's Iudi.iii Veceialtle Fills ure a ceitaiu cine for lie aboie un)leasaut eouiplnints, becnuse tii.-y puri-e tlolli tlie those Ptniuitll nil 1 collllpt llill.lors which, when tloatiiig in the geiirinl nriss ol circuln lion, are the canst 01 n deteriiiinnlioii ur 111-I1 ol blood to the bead, gidilimps, hiss of memory, dimness of smht, diowpiliess, pain ut ihe head, and many other symptoms ot 11 loaded nnd cotrupt Plate o I the blond. Il'i ight'11 Indian Vrgrtjlte jiils are iiIm, one ol the very best medicines 111 the wond tor tie cuie of nidi gehiiuu, nnd therefore will nut only remote nil the niiote uiipieiisaut symptoms, and cut r-ly irev.nt any evil eonseij leiH-es resulting ttoui a rus.i 01 blood to the head, but will nvt tipjuicdly rcptore t'n.' body to a tunic of pound health. llElVAf.E III Col'.NTEItrrlT TllE OM.V Onifil.VAt. AMI GEM'ISE ISIUAX ItiElACtE I II.I.S I.AU. Hit. Pit,- MTtitt ur Wimjim o llir. TOI' I.AUtl. o: 11 i..m,t ivaniiN wnu a ie.. of r.ini iiox A one ului is ,-eu- uine.nntt turonnleijelt this is ror.OLUV. The eenuine lor nue by . II. CCKTIS, Wnter .l I'llKllDlllll. A l'l't'l.' i' .. s,,..,i pole iieeiiistor Hurhugiou Heiilieii I'Vieusou, Kss,-, , 11. 1 .. 11 tv 1. 1.. ..1..., 1 . 11...1 1 a. 11 iiiir,iiuiiiui4ii'ii , , . iiii.iiiri-, ..1 i.iiiiiiii'iiii I). II. lileeu, Kltliilluiid ; J II. .V, T t Towel Undcllllll i llilrlbut .V llislu'es, Wllllslo.l ; It. Sill dersoii, nud ii Aycis, W,t WilliPinit ; .1. Lyiunn Jericho; W II. Vehe, I liiitpburgli 1 W S A. II, ' Wood. Wesllonl ; Sin pies A. Lyon, Ch'ilhlle j John Kuuouds, Shelbutiie ; It Uiili.iiuitd llilllald ;iiiiil at New ihinlnlid llraiith Oliice nud tit'livlal Dciot, I'JS 'i'reinont Street, Huston, Kr.AU THE im.iiivt.vo It is really astonishing to e 11.11 won.ieriui euies nre penoriucu uy ine u-e 01 the Saisupmilla ami I ntu liiteis 1 IMiail nl a letter liom Dr. ilhnnis ol t. Oeiiilcnicn I will thank ou to wild ine two doien mole ol your Sais.ip.irilln and I oniaio lluters I ha ve used il with great putceps in lour cases ol ,l s(h-.-i.i. turiiig enth 01 ihein in an iilinosl incredible pliuil time j likewise one case otsctoluloiis binnorand o jau.i- T I consider it n tn uab e tuiiiiioii'id, nud luu-l ,,'1V,. u.j , , ,l,e InppieM ellctls. i Id bke to haie it as pooh us eouieiiient. One of the ia,caol d)pirisei wnsn geiil.einau who hud pulleied n long lime, and had bctu to the .springs lor two pea- Runs. . .. f Caml,ri cur(.,uf d. . ,.. pia o. 11 years pi 111. ling, niter Hying a hundred leuie dleswilnout the Icustelietl. l'or pale by Tnixi, A, I'rtK.nnd A- C Srrin.Apn theuiiiiranud wholesale Diuggista, nud by den lira gen erally throughout the Stulc, ME.MOItlAI.S )l' vens lor ule at Nov. 1817 MirriinmsM iivst. HUXTIXGIVX'S. 19 Consumption. Thrrc is p'thnps no iliene with which our country is nUectcd, wlilc sweep- nirnnniinlly sninnny victims, ns that fill destroyer of the human inrc Lnnunii tinn. Day filler dry, year niter year, the I mil He monster hurries to tlie portnls nl the cold nnd silent tomb ficfli nihted ietiiiT to it cnnqitcst. No ivnlk ot hie is "iicri'd from it blighted influence. No nge i em - nint Iroin Its ilrnth-sdcnlinti thafts. The old, the tn'M'r m"1 J",""11.' "d Mike. are fond tor tldi common runny o mankind. I bcwhi elm redpntii rrh) ,,. m. , tcmpcrnnee has rendered bis si'stem ilnier inns to the titt.lrks ot otiler ill, tlllil w hne' good dfeils ptrp.iled him fur the enjojiiient nl lifp's cnhti evcniii!'. ftmls Con-iiniptinn lii'tr'nini; Its fnnr upon his vit'iis.nnd lenring him a wruid pier hiipht to minds winch lonk ci iiiplncet.tly nn dr-vs u-rll sprnt. Is thrre tm help lor the ntllictrd ? No preventive ofthe drtngrrs Mhidi leset us hi our chnnuenhle nnd fji-kle chine I We think theie i. Ami II the nlli'Ci- timis Oi Ihfisr wltn nip nt linst ,.,ni,t.l ,.. vtn..,!,'. may lu believed there i n prt-icrt ve nnd a remedy. ' u wnr inisim nt miu uiieiry is nir-rnl to ami- fi'rillL WOlld tiS Stall. It n, riN I nl ,l,n" fl,lvf.ntil:nlis nid" ol n lonp st. ing of tit titinus epitip.cntrs to cive it llotnrietv. lis true nliip ntnl int'lnai pf..lipnpp (ifp siiiricii nt to entitle It to the cuiifUcnce uf Ihe public, I nnu to nit nn tn fitnp" the nnme nfils iuveinnr, nsn bencfuetor ol his ppcip. I lb- enn lul nnd c-l the cpnninp UK WIP'I AIi'S BALSAM Of 11,11 CllliltltY.- Nnr.P rrnninp an (-s s.ane.t be I. HUTTS. Address nllntdeisto hi- I II W.l'0VI,i;,l0stnn,Mn. For wile whole sile nml retail hy Tur.o. A. Pick. I'.niliiiL'tiin, and by Uealeia in .Mediciui s ueneinlly in Wrniont. Npeeliil Notice, !T5"The extrnordinary oRAEFtNnEr.o nlls, which are nehievini! tmpanlleed triumphs in vmioas sec tions of tiiis cuiinrry. are now introduced into tins vi cinity. Let every sick ppraon rend the ndvertjspmcnt ir the Grnefpiiberii Company, which will be tniind in nnnth'T enlaten. For side rit Siicuwood's, West ide Court House Hqunre. Also nt A. C SrciR's Apolh etnry nuJ I)iuj Store. ittlUTKl), In St. Peter"s Church, nn tlie 30th u!t., hy the Rev. J. O Cnllnghnn, Mr. l'An.Ntiv to MUs Cla rissa VuLt.v, bnth of ibis town. t.. m.i i.. ,.. i... n... st. n i ' i 'n i, . , ." st John II. BaoTHtu. Miss Aodv Maria Mi.nsr, all of Miltun. D i c b, On Tuesday, Nov 21, in this town, Mrs. StRMi Aw WnnTinvr.Tov W.,r,,r r....t.l.. , " opny. i ms mcliellie, to.upounilcil ill me Kieal la- Heeler, an 1 daughter ol ihe hite John Hopku.s,nq. bumtory ol' the west, is i'tee Imiii nil mineral miIisi.ui ol Noithampton, Mass., aged IS veals. ,af ""J wiis discovered b) the proprietor m f i. I..... i .... c.i l.... .'.I. r. i r While nltetidlltf. the pavment ol the lildimi In this tow.,, ,, bunJay 31st u!t., of typhus fever, ,, the m ,,lkt.t w ,1;J ,,., ,,, k 0 ,,. HtNRV I) I.nuMis, ngpil II j cars nnd 3 nionths, only asthuia, whisli thici.tcued iinrneiliate death, nnd alter sun of Mis. Mntia Piice. In Williston, Oct 2lt of consumption, Persh, wifeofP. Ileckuilh, and danjhtcr ol Joseph "Judge Csq , ol Andcvtr Vl.,nged II jean. j Piinleis in N. II. and Mich, nre requested kc. i BOOKS keco.imi:nli hy twh statb and COl'.NTY SUl'UUI.NTBNUK.NTS. 1. Duties' First Lsons in Arithmetic. '2 Diths" Schtml Arithmetic. 3. V. Kurd's St-html Hhtorttf the United State. T n iiHTiimroj' the Punc nml Couniy Siipt'rintpn diiiis at .Moiiijit'iKT.uii the HUtii ut Octotcr, 1317, it wns Jifsolrttlt l lint this Lunvftition, ihii much as Ad- ,,.,,,. ii tiniV A IthiiH'tic 1-4 if.mlHii tv us lis fiiiH'tmr tu nil other tlfJili-'! on AriihiiH'tic iuw Iwinrc ilic iiii')i. x ci'tim the seriis Iv Viufrnshr Diiricn. an I mas. nun u s Adams' is now m ..-nerai use in our schoo's, would not nt tins time lecnuiioeud any violent or hasty measiuts bj way of mtiodiK-ino, rmyuew hooks. Hut, llupifs-cd w .til a 111 in utlil deip coliviitiou tbal l),i Lues L enie.ii.iry and Loimuon s.c)tM, Aiitluiieties. whether used lls.i Ine.ius nt scuili.y ttioluiltl inelit.ll tiniiiiuu or tor pu mses, m the highest nnd most hbejnl sense rue sipermr tj uny ot'ier ir.t'i iciic.'i icpiiic ncqii-uiite.l, and ituulit nniirmui tliigly unit sluing. y icMiitmcift the ti.tintluctwtt uf UUU8 lis .IM its il till. OP 1 III .soUlild, II. M CA.MP,W. Montiirlier.'.'lsi (let . 1 S I" ii ( it. . Asn, ccy I -Nl"' -7'",''. '-'") ol Mis Willard wns reeon. mended by the Convelilioo nt ISIG. ,,. Itl. , ,m. paUllrUni by A, s. BARNES tt CO., New o.k, and lor sale by Booksellers ntn- eiallyin Iliiriiutiiiiuiiduibt'rluwnniiitliestute. lvmll . . AIllMICal .OIICC. Mn. WIUTCniH hnviuu taken up hi winter renter, nl M.ddlthurv. t.(ke tins n.elhod olJiy- in to his Inemls nud the .Luicing cininuuiiy Ktner. nlly, Hint In 14 plepnied Ut turnih uod iiiuic for It l'nitiefi.tVe on renxKiiable te ins. Any number ut puteh liitlil'lied tn in two tu live, ns the iKcnin limy reiiuiie JIi It'iml cui.Pi-! o n Clniionet, Vuil JIoiii, I-t iiihl'Jd Violiut. ami Ophfclyde. I'tteih nddle-ed to II IJ. V hi I tu.M l), .Middlehiiry, Vt., will red-He JiM'TiijH nttelltioll. VJif SELECT SCHOOL. rrim WLN'I'KK Ti:i:m of .Miss K. .Mills' II, t ill eoinuii'iiee mi the l.nhnt mruitHT. Scluiliiisplni-ed under her ear-- willb- thormiuhly in Miucted mull the IJnyiisli liraucheMisiiall) i.i uuiit m kIiho.s, also ni i'li-iieh. I) tiMiut;, and N't-edle woik it di sued tireiit atlelilinll ttlll bi-psid to the deiolt riient ot th- se mlais. liooins over I'osl Olliic liuiliujjtuii .Nov. 1, 1S17. I'.'tf IEuoK Riiidin Z'fkT&t? The subscriber ha L -zS(Y '" inny bii'dii I ili-'Tl n y s.TU' bis tll?tolucl.s :is rcceiveil n choice block, and will toiucinaiid the public, w itlt liic.iMlll , nil slioit in lice Nov 1HI7. SAMO'VI. Ill'.XriXGTOX. ACCOUNT BOCKS. 'IMir. sill sci it , r would the attention of Mer it ihantp and i thcrs ns.n llun.k tin, k. to his ns poltlllelit. 1 hate llie 1 1 l losuiimeiit that 1 linte evt r been eliubit-d tu clier lo luy cusp mers, Imlh in iitiality i s- hit V-, -. - nun in ii i Nov. 1317. .V. itu.ri.t!io.. I'J hmadi.m; ron nn: aiim.ion." ILLUSI KATi:!) I.ifk of fii:.x. Vixrini.n I HtolT. embllielll ' n lull desciii'tioti of the caoture of Vera ClUi, tlie I little ol Cerir (ionlo, and the nd- . innceof ill,' Army tin ihe Cityol .Meiico, wiih plans I ol the bnttlis ibe whole i u-trnicd by numeiouscn- irmvuius ':in.r nru e 7 ,i-.ulli- i,e I-.. ,V " " " ' CiOUDKlCli;' Nov.3,ISli. yt3 JNOTICi:, V 7IIOM this date I cive ntv son EnwAr.n Mabcem. I 1...' ...' . . i....:..u.a ... 1....' .. I will in t nm nnv more debts of hi. connnctin,-. nor clniiu his eniuiuit. uller this dale. his ASTOIXr. .MAUCELL. Witness, Antoixe IIvntino. tuaik. Allium. Oct. loi7 Vv.3 (irapu Vines rOIl SALE at the Agricultural Wnrelioue. Nov. 'st, J. S. mitci:. - tme, nn well ns lieiinu nil tlinpsatiil loilgluleps, pm. A RELIGIOUS SOUVENIR. dueed byhaiphwiiiiLsorexptpuietothesneiiiyoi the riiiip I.-.. , .. si weiithet. llenig, likewise, one of tie most delicious 'IMU. lllltlSII.VX hl:l!'MI,i: AXl) aIISSICX- 'J".il-t Soaps in ruse. J aev An.mai. ior IrttS, eltgiuuly illuptintfd with To he hnd wholesale nnd retail nt the Medical Li iiif .Mezzotint,, r;nt'inihi"s by Sah 1 .UN, piinled 011 bomtoiy of A. L. (.'iiiictm k nnd llnnh fc Co , No fi t u- finest pnier, nn.l lion 1 lui uu iinnropiiiitt- uud elc . .1.1... , Dim ill-mini jo, -uieoy Nov. 3, It 17. I'JwG C. GOODRICH. NEW finODS.--Mrs. Lanowokthv hasjusi reeencd a lull and fnpliiouuble apporl- lllCill 01 l'ANCY GOODS A- Al Y, coniting in 0" Kith Veltels, Satin llihhons, I lowers mid Laces; also, llonmn nml L'npi nf the liil-pt ew Ymk pain ins, with a i.iriety of Gimps and l unges, Cloak and D.ess I'utleriK, Sic. lluihiigiou.Nov. I, Is 17 19w3 ITPUAM'S LIKH OF FAITH, "J do Interior Life, Way of lloluitfts. bv .Mrs. Tahner. Keeping up ApiicaniuccK, Leiiurcilu Vtung .Mcn,.,. f.r. Nov. 1BI7. 1'ui wile at UVMTIXGTOyS. 11 INS. 4i(J. .")(I0 pucks Aiiict it-mi I'jiis. 'Ml Al .Si-wing Nredlts, IUO gnew Kuilling do. OctolHT til. VII.4S. H Ulls. LEATHERS!. Jt era ketn const; Geese nml Hi'tis' Frntli. in constantly 011 hand. V11 as f( Notes. I.A.M1' OIL. -g X llbls. rnroi)prrm; !10 do Elephant: i tJ 30 do (tinned hale, lor sale bv J. BRADLEY it CO. Burlington, May M 1 AoulA Wharf STOVES. WE iiavI: Jt;st nr rr itd n laijie nsMiitment nf Ah'l.OJl and COOK i'7 VI S ol the tin st itn. H lid kit i!,wl Ith weotler to ll.i' nl lie 1 1 sirnily re itiitid puns I'e'H'l s wis li lt p li tin I Ki will iluwell to ein us n roll I dure par ti r.m c rlftwl.rte. Sibc.vo OUchcr 25, 1817. IStf Cheshire Itnili'ond. ON nnd nfter October 13th, Tinins will lun over this Itnad n fnllnws Pnsspngpr I ruins will ne ran tn i inrhptiden In mneitinii with the Fltehhilic Trnilis, which lenle eonnei t!tinrli: Clnrli'slnwii nt 7 A M. nnu 1 P. M. I'mtn Wuuhendon nt 9 43 A. M. nnd 3 40 P, M nebenilnn nt U 4j A. Al. and 3 40 P, M., I ...1.1 .1... n... I ,t.u t'....t.i connrctinir Witt tmins In llnctnn "ill ins rnui.i. .i.i itiai i niiiuurK Stnites Irnni Vrftern n shhe, and thp State of Wi nnu Antthern iew lliinp. nnoi i. win deliver nnd te ceive wissciippis nt Winchctidon ill cuniit-t tinn Willi tin trie iinove t rnins. A Freight Train will be run dnily encb wny In enn nectiun with the usual Fiti hhiire I rpiulit Trains. T. M. KUWAItbrf, President. October 25, 1917. l'Jtf COJIS'l-OCK'S ClM.nilUATKU MAGICAL PAIM FXrHACTOR. Tiin univetsal approval and continued demand for 1 this vlihinblP uut-uent, is ihe best test cl i.s c-b h. li-hed wi.ith, lor the cure of bums, scalds, l,lit.'ied surtaccs, tor s.ires ot n Kinds, ol However iotirr tnm . i.... ...j '.ii .....1...I i :. . in . .. "nil tlie salleter that its name is trulynpi'plied-Giwi.fw ir i ......?.-. i.... i "r niti ii .in caii'iiiiii j 1 1 1 in i i'ji i "in ii i (nire cnnvince bold in 1 in Uiiaps, lilted tor any clmintp, nt 23 cts , id ct- , nnd $1 each, hy A. L- Cnmstock, N . C Court. N Y ; nnd by A. 0. Si-ear end Tiilo. A. Pice, Apt-thcciilies, Uurhiigton. "mAKTnrit's: (liinuiirr'! 1ltr n,. fV I UJIMUUS OLDIIIDfil. S Hi MI OF Lo- V l.VMBIA 1 lie best mill chenpeft llleparatltn lor the Hair ever olfc'red to the public. Discovered in tlie vear IMI, bv Jobn .11. Ulilnde l or snie I y A I,. Conisti ck, No. CCouitlanilt-st., opposite the Nationnl Hotel. N. Y.; and by A.C. SrtAR and Tuto. A.Puk, Apothecaries, Uariiutiton. li) LOXGUiY'S UllEAT W l'.STlUlX IMinS I'AXAVIIA. rjslIIS medicine had its origin nmone the north 1 wp-tcrli tills- ol llidinlis, whrse medical 'kill us surp.i-scs on sus oi.- iiiimniii -JOT IS l.l pillits- dfmuing ol Imdiiiji ii-Iitl, w-h tiirm-liril thruugli me iiuiunwe vi uu am oi in- iiouie .ii--iniuiiy SucU'i) .roui tin Imiul ul a trU'lrntftl Indian "Mett irinc Man" tin? tinnpmiiitl, winch proM-il ininit-tlinMy (.li'fciniil.iiiiii touk turn Iroiu I filth's ilcor :ind Kstuit-d him to (u'rli'Lt licnlili ; find with nmny pii'Mit- and much tititjblf lit obt.-i isu tl a knuw Jt'ilut t the mate ria. h nnd tciip' (ur rimiponiidiMj; the pJitue. 'I his medicine is (Mt-pninl with tfieat circ, nnd mil hex-Ijeiis-; nnd, tu tiuniil niiin-t t'(iu.iterleit, the -iinire pnttM.t buttles luHf the wot iN " Kunle)'! l'linnct n in ini-'il ettei,cfitt on euL'h,uud the ineide label ij;u ed h S. M. Luiik'l-y. Torf-nle l.yA 1 Comt'-rk. No. G Couitlnnilt-ft , nnpoiie Nntiuttiil line, X. Y ; A. C. Stla.; nud '1 nto. A. VtiK, Aputheciine?, lhirliuton. I'J JUU.vftU.Vn WALNUT Oil, MII.ITAUV Stl VING SAT. rr"IR 1,-cuhnrly iiustiiiiahle enmpeuud is the in. I veiititni ol our .Mr, W in Johnson, nnd has now become so cxceeilinitly popidar that no oilier aiticle can civesuch umveival siit(si;it'tinn. Other irre-(iou-sible peisons nre ntteniptiut; to iuiitnle it in aipear miiv, bat nh such is spurious and a counterfeit on .Mr. Johnson's oemnup aitiele The public will only bp secure by purchasing from un' our regular Aeeius nf the highest resiietlabihty, tliroimhout the United Sintcs AtMi i eveiy ihctipticii of thr nmt choice Fcrntetl So-ip in entin einlK'wil i;iit InheN, l'-encrs hr the H.indki-rcJin-r. ColuL'tt" U nter, Unit Oi!t IViiunniUe, iy MiieiirH, i ootn i'owuet,nnil reiy ntticie i intu fi red m th Perlnmeiy d'-paitniPiit :it A. L CnmMnrk'is No.Cc.urtlnniltt .oiipihf the Nntionnl llcttt'l.N.Y In Huilniytou l.y A. C. Silak ond Tjilo. A. 1'icir, Apotuecoin-s. iv JolmsouN lirliati Balsam, 4 OK hrnutifj itiir. cleaiiMnrr nnd prnmotin tl. 1 C' out lint th llmr llieie is scnitely a tuition in the woild in which the Jjtnuty uj the Jlmr i? not considered nn ohect id Lonwderut.Ie i-nportniu-e. I 'or Iie np,i,'",et or prennt.on u" Pn n""'111 q'hty.of h"! ur the y me npfiniienicnt or orewnnuon oi tins neiiiuv. ci proper ilegueot hixnii e curl, nnd n line mellow GlfHS, nie nt iie-iiiittic, Hint .niioii" prepiuiitjnn. have Ueu lioui time lo time put lrt!i, t y which it lnil en nttpinpteil tn produce hhiic or nil ol thev t tK-cts Mnny ot' iheiu i- known l.y t .Ktk'iHe, nltKj. lutely nei;:itie, nttieis nre either detiiineiitiil or olJen-f-ive,nnd a lew p tK'vi some indiidu:il fjUJihtv vlnch reiidei! them FU)Mtlor tu thoe with wtiuli the nre cl ru-ed, Mr Jilinfccn hii, howter. had tlie ynid loitune to diH'iAei n romptilioii, the Jlitfum ni fffiw,' which lie ruiilulcuti) otitis tu the pubiicim pob- KuBan the d.siied ipi.ihii.b. l'or s.i.. bv A. L. Comsioik. No. ij Courllandt-st.. otjpi'site the Niitloil.'il Hi lil.r V ; and by . C rflXAK and TliCj. A. 1'i.cK, Aiuilieeiiries, Burh 'iKtmi. I'J COMSTOCK'.S PAIN KILLEI! ' "I S ii-ed with the niri't n and heiiehViH , ff-els in , J. the lollc.wmg c. Ill (.1 ;i i 11 1.-, tuul call be ti lled upon to alwats cu e Dysentery, ChoU-in lulinlum, liiuii. I thite , Quins,. y.stpa -ins in Children, Chilbta ins. ll-uns, ' llrukell lilca-ts, Alea-les, Ciauip,, Spiauis, Cuts, and all sures, elthct cxteiuai or II t 'Mini, (ne t.l teitlolis on eliell bottle.) rreliaied hv tlie Apotheca ries' Ci'iup.lll) , No. 0 Cnuil!audt-ft . i i,i"siie the Na , tioiiiil Hotel, N. Y , nml lot sale I y A. 0. fiun and Til lo A 1'liK, Apitlutaiits, Ihiiiiuulon. I'J I f AUNDKY STAHCII FOLIS-II --Mtu.u. I li lietiired by Win. .loluisen Sold wholesale nnd at the L-culapuiu Apothccari' Uimiiuiiiy, tj poHile the Niiliulial llnlel, No. li Coiullal.dl-st , N Y, and by A C Si eai; and Tiao. A. I'uk, Apothi ca caiics, Innlinioii. IJ joiixsay? xuwly ixvi:.xtj:d SON FLO.. B.t a. S.. AP. 'I III! nstniiiidiiiL' Hieeess I Imiecl t lined by my in- st'.n.. I.., l.l ...,..i il... K...t ,,..3 I lelitioli nl the Wa'nut Oil .Mlllliny trhhlluj lunst'io alible ui o..,,.,:. l..r ,i S.-HIU11IJ lolilliound. Ill tt,jt, p,.rlil, I bate succccdid tn a th.iiin, nnd now piesem the tmbliL' with llie mopt iieilitt and lux- '. n...... J .... ' 1 I. I .1.... " , S 1 Kli; , henue..l science, and ns sir-h I submit lo my Incnds, ' patrons, nnd u discerning cuiiiiuiiiu'y.the Sim I'iotctr i''iiiii,in .Swill, as the nt- plus ultin ot Ms kind. . u.u""' eounter.eils by any unpiintipltu pie tenders, those luniui les who plrite lo hit- on the cost ol. ,1!'' "!l'rl! "Iul "'ie''! ul when . W.M. JOHNSON, wholesale l'eittimer.Nti. n(Jouillniidt-Pl.,oiiposire the .Milli.nal lintel, .New otK, Korsalel yA C Sri ak nud Tnto. A. Peck, Apo thtcarics and ttholcuile Ditigijists, lluiliugti n. l) JOHNSON'S ITALIAN .ili:iIC.Ti:i SOAI', FOR reinovini nil pimples nnd eiitatteous njlletious id the pkm, tiiiiui: a healthy action and ruddy t niiiiiauill.PI., ,1. li lurpaie l.y .1, t. c TEA 11 nnd Tu to. A I'tCK, Apothecaiies, Uuiliugtnn. I'J JMIMSOX'S JAI'OXICA .WICK. I 7 OR iiiipnttiiic a rich, luiuriant and glossy line to the Jlmr This di suable legctnble juice isui.e of ihe lunst iuiiiK-ent yet the inopt , ilectiif nj,plicn lions for the human hair eter inieiiicd. im ol the ino-l tnsbioiiiible Indli b in New' Yo.k hate long been i.i the habit ol using it, nud speak ot it i.h PurpasMu any llung i ter tnteiited. L'ldii s. ity 11 ! To Ik- had ol A. L. Couistntk, No. li Courilnndt-M., N. Ymk; nnd ol A. C Siakuiu1 Tiilo. A. I'uk, A)iotheeuiic', IJuihiigtoii, I'J FUR STORE, O. A. SEYMOUR, v JNurlh-tnsi t iiiiiei ol lin m-iiiiiu StIOIIgS llulldlllg, IN ini iting the ii 1 1 1-1 1 1 in i ot the public nnd esprriallt nl ihe lailicp, to the eilciisite i,ppoiimcutn Muls Ho is nnd im.iioiv on Kile nl his irtlihhsluucllt, I, , p iei!ectiy ituriniiled in paying thut they are uiioies. lionnbly iheiuopt elegant tt.iuge cl the kind eti rollrrd in this ton n. Ilebasaison great variety of Otter, Seal, Ueater, Fur, ami other Cups, ior gentlemen and children, l'ut collnis fur gloves, it.c ALSO The Full fashion of Hats, all of which offered low October, 1st, 1817. lw3 ( Ilk COHnS IIAKU WOOD, Tor tale by OUvl VILAR iV NOYLi ' PROSPIXTUS Tor the Consrrssimml filobo. rliitl Appendli. WVj issue this pro'rectus to apprise tlie public tf renewed piep iiiituins on our pntt to publisli the Congreestunnl OIuIjc and Appi-ndix lor the niiproni li lug urasion, and lo Invite Bubscnptioiis.. '1 lie two lli.ii-es luive controcted w ith us lor tlie woik.ou sui li tiuis us enable us now to tiinke complete tepoiis, to multiply and isue the numbers In quicker tucccsiun thiin le relo re, nnd without Inciei sinj the pi ice to subscriber", we hope to innke a good leiuin for the hbctnlitv nnd hieh ullienl sanction thus bestow -A nn the pu Mention. Vc shall incrrnse the vnli.ine nt lend oai'vliiid liejotid the ordinary hulk, nnd rudeator to ndd to its usefulness by exlitiJint' itill latthcr lis tlrcu- tnlion. ... .... This Inst is lint the least important point in the Mew nl C'uiiijii'ss. Knitlilul and du.iihle n polls ofthe de Inns m the bnilv lire ol value in inoiuiition to the ex- tent nf their elKiiInlion iiinuiiH the pri pie. It is III I this wey tiinl Coiiitr ss bmuejit into tlie presmce oi its remote inntituMil lint il ol.Mies ensy nccess nnd liiilds eniiiuiium.'ilii.u with tlirm Irnui d.iy to liny, and lendets tin' iinieimm ut naliy n pu soiitntive. Ilnvinir univ.d It ! nil nnitier ill Cnimrcss the Ptriiii"efct inaiks ofiit'ptub'itinn nnd confidence, in tlio jbrm invm.s Mid pprnimi' iit tontnw t vend to eon- .. . ... ' i. ..ii ..... I i :.. linile IIIP W OlK , w P Sil.l II IHH Ol IllUIIU VI illlllll; ill nn- i luipain.'ihiy mi. I nnlu-lty uccissary to tli Hue lu.n I-, input ol th" etiuiiReineut on our put. The next si sa lon will tal( to the utmost the b t etnuts ol those con netted with the mult itnkiui;. It will be detinuuishpil by disciissiunsiif extraordinary inien st nnd re"iills nl abimiur enncetn. Tlie wnr, its oiijin nud eouilutit by nlliceis ia the enhinit nnd 1 1 1 ie field will liirnish suh jpctsol pr lunidiuqii ryaudconaiiieiatiou. Tl.elcrui9 ol pence, the disposition to lip Hindi1 ol cotiq-iesLs, the coiispqnpnt-t s to be diawn liom all that hiistn-en tlone, mnlli..lii...n.iti... In (Ins Pi.iltllrt' Hllil , St.f"linl!v lis 1 entity on the nppronciimi! p'lcsuleulial ejeLiinn, wnl ' nn.n in inn., nn. l.iui. I l' iiiiitiii ll.r lllM. iishi r ,ii. ?'" '".'i1'1 l'OHV'..'.", "Peni m 'he councils a lil.niat 1 d v-ar ns preKnant d itnod or ev il to 1 1 ton jLihin! tire next i tins continent ns those ol Kduip weie lo the Old World m the days ol i .-j.... " her eat v i iicrev. her ently ('tifrtty. truch a fii'ltl lor dthbeiaiion nnd Tit'!, .1' hcWr 'mf?M''1 10 " V,M v-"'1Sr7' Ail that lias iiiintjiit-J. ortunv I.ihmIut tranpiie be .,,., , . , l , ,. I 1ITniu , v . V, ' 1 1 , ' !' Hw Cahioiiria, in ihpcnpi ..I ot .Mexico ","d !l,e l,f";;ll- !'"'ndan on it, will ccnie under I wdlcontniii the lu-torv nl thp wur."and its netiun de- Iterniineitsnsalls, whither they b dccidpd by nru:s or diplorim.v. And whnteier is develoi ed cone, rn- me Ibis vnsi nn.l in. slim, mnttpr mi tl.K ll.Kir nf Congress or m the lJxet utile nicu.s. will be lound tiTorded in theCoin!ie,-iiin! Lilohe nnd Atu'ndix ThcConjtrew-dotHil (JIoIm is lnnde up ot th- daily proteedit;i;!ot the two IIt.iii tl Conmet-s, nnd print ed on upeitiue doutiie lujnl pnper, with unnll t)pe, (brevier nnd iien'iicil,) hi u.utn lonn cm h nuiniier (.untniniut; sixtten rojnl 1411.1110 panes, The peech rs. td the meiiihci"! In tin lus-t form, nre condensed the tult lepn t of th prepared -'eehes bei'i ieeiv ed hr the Appendix, All rcn dution, uioiion-8, nnd other proceeding, fire en iuthelorm ofthejourn nl". with the eus utid tuijs oil every inipoitant qjfD tion. IJvery member will have nn o portnnity to rend hit reiimiks lu'lnre they n v put to Pitts, and alter our if iucomtt, Tfi1 Appendix up ot the rrcsi.Ieut's nnnuai mesTi,'e, the repcii tt ot' the jitincijml oflicrs oi the i;oienuuent that nitonipnny it, nud nil f-peeth" ol nu mbcr ol Conii"", wutleii uiit or revised by them H'lvc. It journal d in the same lonn nthe Coiurci- sion-il Globe, nnd inunily nmUcs about the s.ime nuni- r of p-iges (lurini; a Kes.on. DuitiiL' the tr-t iiioiuh ir f.i.t weeki ofn ssion. there i-iiniely mote buiiif- done than wih innke two mimbeis n Meek ot the Coui;re-iniuil lilohe ini'l one ol the Appendix ; but dining the leinninder ot a fes-ion, theie i- u-uilly j-ullicieiit matter lor two or three muiibet'- of encb every wetk. The 1ie.t K'-sion will be uuiiMrilly i!iteretiuj; ; theiefbie, we cnlcuinle that the Coiure-s-ional (ilolre and Appendix toj;eth. r widnuke nni 30,0 lai''e mriito oani s. minted in f-mnll tvpe 1 evierand nonpaieil We Inrniili win- - eie 1 in t s to 00 1 nt the en. ot a tmit. We will eitilcavor to trim a Mitliciftit iiunibT of 'tirtihi. ci iie to stiz-id v all tint mnv be miscarried, or l et in the nmiK but julcnl ris -hould be verypai ticular to file t':eir p'jes carefully, f'r tear that we sh"u I in t be able tn f-tipply all tlie lo-t miiubci!. We bfi'n lew Firplus copies ol th- (ouiiie-ion-n (J!nbr for the la-t i-eMon e-f Conyre-1-, whiih c w.ll II for the ori; mbwnittio.i price n copy, W e lmc no surplus topus ol the Appendix for thut fe,-iun. For one conv of the Coiicm ""ional Globe $2,00 LV. ... . ... .1 .. I.-. ti 1U1 1 ui mic rcjiy i uie (ieiiiu I 'or "ix 1 i'pie of either, or pait of both 10, o0 I'iopnetor (f newpnpu w bo crpy thi propidu- beore the tirt d.iy ol IX-i ember, nnd seihl u- one copy ol their p;per coutainuig 11, tunikid ninuud with a pen to duet 1 cur attention to it. t-h ill have their name etiien d on our book tor one copy ol the Coiiyrf ?-it'ti al (tlohriiitd Apociidix duim; ti.e w ion. nut nllord iii cri-dit tin iii nut. Then tun-, nn jx-rson need eot.suuii- linn ill Miinns tor tmin, uuks the jiriet-f ot iiicie jtitoni nre mi iow uini we euii1 luoni'V aeeiitupaiiii'S the orib-r. .Suiisciilitions sboubl In- here liv ihe lCth Dofelnber. ot tiuthest, lo ensure nil lie- inmi'lirts. Wn-hiiii-ton Oct. I, 1117. III.AIK & U1VKS. 1 hl'iilm-s ;.c. bale Bnilnps, 40 inch 1 bale Canvass, 1 do 1'uJdiui', lu'sile hv Vilas &. N'ovts. X IKKIXCS, ir. J CasrsYorkTiikiun-. I 3 b.i!,s Drnwn Drills 2 bal--s stiipt-d riltlitlliiis. tij ' Bro' Sli-'elins, Uct.-l. lor tale l.y sV. Nul. ISioliiiioii. 'PHC co-pattner-hip liert totoreeAutin;- between the A subset itieii, under the firm ot Mi.Nno: -V. 1 Vit-LLrr, i-this .1. ij byiiuiiiial consent dc-suned. All Ihe bu siness ol th'-late tinn must be p. tiu d with J S. .Muu ton. .1 . .u'.ON. LOUIri roi.l.llT. Iiiirlinston.Oct. 23, IS 17. 3w IS So (imiul .Miller's stnie. X-TrEihe; 'nl p liheis, hniini; In en appointed hy the 1 lllble the Probate Couil ti l Ihe Di-tlitti I , ll,, oiioiabli Clutti'llden, (oituulsuiueis to Iccelle, t-..-llline and i niljU-t the claims and demands t nil pctsuus, nenm-t 'the t-t.ite ol .Solomon Altller, late ol Wilh-tuu, in S-Ild DlPtriel. dcceliscil.reliresellted ins,,k, nt. niul nUo nil Claims and di mauds exhll.llcd ill olisi t tbeielo. anil 'Ll nibs tiulil the dill ol Ibe dite heieot. beiiii- nllo.tcd hy said Con t tor that imrpose, we tlo thenloie hereby ene nonce that we will uticudto the business of our nppuiutim lit, at the dweliuiitol H.irry Aliller, in Williston in paid Distnu, on ihe I i-t .Mo.ulats ol Dccciulicr nnd .Maich next, at lOu'clotk, A. Al., oil each nt slid il.its. Dated, this' d ty of Si ptembcr . D. III". 11L1 IIRONSON. ) .. . 318 CIIAI.NCI.Y IlltOWNKI.L.s l.imis IMuccN INtntf. .STATH OP VKIi.MONT UK Hon theTm. lin:iiT ur OmrrtM i.n, b.itr Couit tor ti.o l.s-irict o Clmti'iulfii : To ml jwr-oiis cmuvnit'il m tlie tstntcot l.iuu rime, lute ut WtMtoiil. in html Dis-trirt, deceiuHMl, (!ifctiug. Whi-iens I'olly l'iiict'1iulininilrr.tri of fnnl Jtptsi cJ, proposes tn leiuler atl iuruunt ol her n.luiliiUtui tuii,niu iie(-i)t her tUTOuut uiiiiist muI tlale tur exiiiuiuiithui nnd n Hsion ot the Com I ot iotiatet to li.4 Iiolileii nt the ullueuf tUv Uvfitilcr vt p.iiil Court in liu'liutnii, in witd t)itnct, on the 1th Wdne.M.I.i) ol NmeiuLer, 1817- Tlierriuie, mi- lu-rrt.y imnfitd to npinr f-fiid routt fit tiit liiiit iitut p.uee titorcii.i, it ml frhew cnue, it any you luiie, wuy the account aloir&Jid not 1 ultoit'it. liiveii uiultriiu Imnd at Uurunton. thu '-ith Jny ol Otok-r, A. V, KSI7 ..wlti CilAUI.ns Ul V,hhtJuJsf. lH'I.IN AM) I'lS'I'OI.S V VI'll- I.DT. il nm u. Oct -.7,1-117. HKINSMAlim IIUOTIU'.US. C1A.-II will in: .win roit 10011 iii .ih:ls or ' Herds (IrupsSi the Agricultural Warehouse, it debiercd prcnoua lo the close ot natigatioii. Oct. M, J S. rciitci:. s'oio?ry of Vcriiiiiiit. 'I'll II Third Aiiininl Itcpoit of the State (ienlngist, tms ii.iy puausi tiirhugt ii, Ott - , 1117 KLIP'S I! (U.1S1I DICTIOX 1 ll Y. D1CT10NA1IY of the English Luiamge.ron. TV tninini! the I'louunctutiim. I'.tumolnxv nud 1.x- I'luiitttmji of all the words nutiioiizeil by eminent tt riters lo it men .ire n t ocaoui iry '! llie itoois ' ol Ciiehsli ttonlK.nnd nn mecnti il hl oi llnek.ljitiu I and Esciiptute pro(KT iiiiines, by Ale.iander lietd, A ,L, one tol, rjiiio. tiuop-iges, nt ally bound in leathtr, pi lie $1, this day Icccitt ittti ny fJwll C. flOODKICII. Del. .0, in I , iti:Ati(i ran nn: I'luii'i.i:: L'ltll.MONTS Kxploiing flipedilioii beyond the I liisky .loiiutniis,pi'r,'Jj.'; Siegeol Lmblield, i T.ile ot theliieat Hels-llion ; llth.iu Allen's Nnr. tutite; iipphndid Lilhognpliot (inn Wiuli Id Scott, as large np lite: dodo llojeptllan l'lgure, A'e Oct 37. IttlH C tiOODIlICII. 11UHB sri.HM OIL ji:st iuxkivld. JL Cusloinerp can ilepaiid on getting th i bept article the luaiket alliirds. Also ihenp oil. lelined whale, w.iiniul -d lo give MtipUitloii and light Ctt. DI7. A. S. UCW'EY. OAKCRS rREpiBKD Ckoa kept at all If time by A. 3. Dcwtt. Oct, 1817 S. EARL H0WAltD,i THE PEOPLES' AGENT, I WIIIIHR GHEAF ft 2 H s'i'onr AT nvia.isd i j:umoX'i fnmnrisns nnp nt llip mnl sntpnilid mill ttpoorsl P'nrl; 111 hip r-tnie Ml pm us .oiu;ni alio sou Riritliy for Cosh,. "lit I rf course Cberp. eTCTQ O I ve V CO T r Tr 'is 1 t'f TltTn AT . IIUI'I III ' III I 1.1 111 ' "i" Anlieullural Wine House p-fL, n hi rye iisoiimrnt nl the htist 1 i il CA "'"I tmet impiovpil 'ivlis nf J-i 2 '"'."'C I'r.tur, ar.d Air-tight Fliv.s.'li.mile lintiHe.,1 I!. Iw I. .Top-& I like. i"tHi('ii' Vl. il-nstdve f-Z-flr'ti1' PV- lii l!mv Waic, tmd Steve the A,.ii,.!n, Wine tr,,s.. ". Tiit,-t--L 'J rimiiiinn '-"WCSB 11 Cofkinc Ptovca, '?S1,r 4 AlrTuhtDot, P.irijr. Troy Pattern. .1. S PlilKCK. Asmtfur J. B. lllteUF.i:. Darlinston, Oct. 1, 1S17. 11 HEADING FOR THE MILLION. Me'v'co;l' Cliiefniliis. rnXICO and her Military Chieftains, front the irl ol Hidalgo to the prrsent tune: com prising sketches t.f the lives ol Hidalgo, Mort-ios, Ituibide. Pallia Anna. Cjoincz. Plilliih.s iiiistninente. Pnindes Ahno'it ;, Aii'ta. i.laniar, llerre rn.nnd De I.aWirit. liv 1 av K011IN&' N. iilu-untei' bj twelve roitrnii4nnd Lnumvin,-, I- tno. 3Spi piper covcis, price So ci , i iibeial discount made to the trade, thtSUav ie(,eieil.l Oct.5, ldl7. 13 0 liOODRICII. ELLIS LVMAN HAS receivi'il nn extcinive n-ortin,nt of AXl) IVtXTM: aoo;J6,compnsmsi. Lcuu liful urttiU'tit of JLnilic Dress CrOocIs, such ns colori: n r r i:n c 11 Mnnixos. sn.K waiii1 lA', I'LAIU AI.l'ACCA & OlILHANS CLOTHS, OIILVOX 77..lJsV,Jie. with ti great tariety ul IX' l.rnti.'s nnd Worsted Goods A.MKMCAX AXl) K.NCI.ISII Pltl.VTS, SIIAWI.M, SII.KS, ItlltHONS, sVc. noniict, e.ip, satin nnd lusiiuii; UiMioes, Zi'pliyr orsteil, IVsc 'i'wi-i. tfteel iltads, Itiiif iilnl lili:-.. Cla-tis. Iiiius. .Vt. Linen !ii'ttui4 nnu iniiiii, Litii-n Damask, llns-ia slit.etin. Crill, IJi.i(t'r, llruruleliitlis, Ciitsiinirs mill Vrsijin:-', llli'in linl Ctiltun t?tii etnvs nml liiinn?. Jliiivtii Slii-i'tniti, AUniiinek.riaiiruuk, Divistille, firninte Alills ami uilii-r liiieeiiii, lium mie tulwu vanls wide. Alsu. Tiikini:. Waddmi;, Carpt-t Welti, U itkmu, Cottuti liatif, inn, ..Ve. V. I. GOODS. Mohses, Ten. .S iir, fs-v.-ral qt ilitii1, Jina, Liiirn, Uio and r;t Do.nini, Cotke, Clini'iilrite, Li.eua and As, Niiinit'i:-, (Jot, s, (v.nn.iiiiini n nd nilir spicci, II. t ttinUT stipiiK-,1 si.rin Oil.svc. .Vc. WltKWAKC lklLLI.Vii. ) Corner Co.iejc uutl C'tmc't its Uctuber Vii, ISlT. ) 1) Mrs. merritt V5 h'ct iierniven rnrn N't'W A'fint; I Il'with tlie bti-st styles and I'nsimiiis Inr Hetnvts, Cniis. and l)rcsw,s. tnirrlliir ith all mtith's usually enlletl lor in the .Mi.u,i-iy line; su"li ns veiM-ts, ir !.n I,T ::rvr vX I styles. And slie n'so h:.s for sile the bust i-t)l of , .S't.- Yurk l'lishioin and I'atteins. Sikxuny liiieks i r n:t OX Tilt. I'AitM of H.Mix.Min Sam oud Tsq. ot Castleton Vt The i.lote Uui ks nie r.f tine s i.onv btoml, puichiised the aes..ui s'lisontroni tiie thick ol Ilenrv I'sit of IVn.i'ik'-ep-ie Dctehcsi Co. N. Y. eomiirise tlu wlioie spit k ol H.ickr. lor pale ine (uesentyiar by .Mr 5-wilt. and we ic se lected in the month ot I ebiuary last ; tor (iriuness an I etenneshot llci ee, and are now ol lare s.e, m t;iiod i with loiij. line, thick wool, thitk tue belly mil lees. The link ni .Mr. r-v.-nt I.- prune 'i; ouy, Willi nn mi.Mure ot inellilo ni them. The stuck sold by us, the loltownii? note from Dr. Cluldsiiuth, .Mrriwiit'stion m law, will show C.iR'Ictoii Oct 5, 1317. 1) c:,P St.. r,,!.- , 1 ,.w Itenre -...., (, Sir Mi l.ithtr lit l.'iw, Henry el PoilL'hkei lis e. owns and has sold 11. to Vclhiotlt lloth ill out tlie p'l.e?l b.'e.l Ito ly sll'vp Thus., go.'d to .Mr lliith.ud ot siinrt bam, m- ol that son;. Ke-spceifully .M (.IILIWMITII. a To Wool Ji,ot,r, I ftsiS and niti:i;i)i;us or n.Nr. siu:r.i. 1 X..tlM. Ilinni.r (ll - last silUIIUer U''V 1, (r llll'e- h. llll, lit ll llh-tnll. I t pim based nl J A lllltnr. t.sij. ol Jl'tritord. Conn ,nl bis nuputtcd Kwes 1 bin k lamb and ll s, splt.utid StiH k ll.lck. the silent the veiy p ijienor lambs wh.ell hate been soul tinin Ibis uujjoit. ed tlisk ilurui'i the p.i-t pe.isi.n. This Ihu-k is one vear old la-t Jiillll-ii v. vv.t sheared wtirli a la ml). Aili 111. 1-ilt'i. and t.-'nill' An ' lu. Isl7. the thud dav niter , w.ishiii';. liistl-eiv weiehed 1 1 lbs ol clean, line 1 , wool, lie isveiy l.iri, nud uiieoiiimo'ily wooled ; n Inrdv, n 11111! coiisiitutioned nuiinal Ills s,,ck 1.0s. s.-s Vine cvcileiicc. 1 have iciiteil the him nnd nil the stock el l!ev. L. li Ihnhaiu, and airicciLly to ieieatcil s.iiicition, 1 coiioktieii toj.ut the Illicit in a llllllieu lliiuiLiert'i cuoice .tilieric.111 .ticiiuo l.wes at S.O each, to be (iaul on taking Cw, s away When j It is consuletcd not one ot the lull blood lambs I! Ik cii pold less nun lull, nnd 011 up to uiilOcatli the price aSne ii.ttm d iiiu-t he n--irut-u i.s wty r.a tunable. Appltcntioi must be nuiile son:. U C. IthNUEIAM. Wii;?toii, Oct SiJ, 1517. H AGRICULTURAL WAF.EHCUSE. I us.T l!i:Ci:iVi:i).ii Iresli Minnlv of T(.OA.s, niid I JMCi.V;.N, suitable Jor llie stasoii wllll ll Hi. IV bf tfUIld It It IX US, puiiiible lor llie station among It...ton C title JJmft rciv?,n!l :2es, lioev'- .tinv Ciilt.'iH, ait Mit'u, it'iy K'nms, Oittte Tun, .Mutt's pueut AtjrK'uliiiral Fnincp and CnulJron, fiiis.iiid Il"liuv nr-, iI" mi o"ciipno:iJ, IrjujH-nor Ox.Iovrt Iji.u-liimd Stmifi, Cat rUei t?tio- nuJ KittUf, t-l rny d scription, Axe lhn.Pi-!-., Unt , Cnrn P-uuius, l ire irinni S.ei, s. Coin alu-l'ers. (il.1111 ScoiHis, U n llui k- is, st c. Punnets, n number tips is the unit store in the state ' devoted e.lilUflliH' tu ) nor IllUlcst. "A it .ml to Itit . it ise is suiii.'iein " J. ft. rullA L. J D'"n,Uci 27, 131' li .u.u. izv.'.s rnu xovuMur.n. rni)r,Y s ladii:? hook, tiiiiltauis .m.g,iiiii-, L'uioii ,', Ladies Niilit', Columbian .Magnitiie, OA ii. Keeeiie.1 by EDVAnL).-. SOME THING N'EWff I1IIO TTS Dinning Cnnls l'or Stlioolp and fa. I 1 llllhes, conplPllllg III' Abbotts ,-eiies ul Drawing t.arns i limine do do t'ottng' l'oli'igc Amiiiul Head do do do do do do tin do do do do do do Bower do do I would itiine the attention of Trncherp to thr riiso- Diawiug Cards as ih only Hilat n'rt.w in mill Pel I Ills tl.iv Ittettcu uy .,.,., Oct S,'l7. Iswl C U00DUICH. 1) srovr. rii'i:. IlL'SSIA, Ungliphniid Anicriuin Stoir Tipe, fur iule by (Oct. til 1 Yin .V Novis. ill. VV. LXIMIS iC. l enso .u tic Lianies, . St , T I ease Cap uiicivs. a vjlirt ot Lloa and Uicss I'tpigrs uud dltpo liulli.ilh.lI .ile by Oil -I IL1 NoTIS- : ALIWCCVS, iC. 100 Vs. Alpiccsp, Cotton uud Sili Varp, .) " I'laid, 25 " rll wool "IMkat," . , On sflUUIf tili'iiiiivi "'J i . On. SI ! M r ?Rliw . f i retimT.M WnlhiiirWrd Vt., and ll.ere liv s7?M5- I ' Vu '":.' "'"'""tn.Udcnnl.l April I a 10 i that ? nJu'inrK Xy-V ' 'h"v 'hen rrmoipd lo Lanrf.lou New Uniripsiun imtS - - Vr-;l7 a '""V H' M'-'uber IWh IslU, tliut from Ihu stilClS-.'.'l .f!3' . '' IH.u.thesnid I'ctitlou (or Divorce. SiAstutA Doty, ) To th IronomUc the Srjprem r. Coin t of Judicature next to n DaTT. li'ii'leil tit Ihirh.ulcn within nnd f ir llii.coiinty of ChitlPiulCii on ths Ith Tiu-sbiyin Uec'tiiherA I). IS17 Th of MnriiiJa Unty.of ot l.uium;;t,ii, in 3, Couiiiy of Chilteiiddi.humbijr lotnpliiiiiinj shows ll.nt shi-wns Inwtully moiiied to U'l.n.n I IMy, n twtive ol U nliiii.'loil, Wriimi.t. nt M'.lMiy hi ll.c Stat ,,f Mnssach'jseus, onlheCth day ol O tobvr.A I) Is33 ih-il in IS- mufitli if Uct. 111 illitril a- lived Willi sy .Mliii.,,t..l ... r. .. . , ...... her pan ut nil th - piouiu sotin,. mania lo'itrati u'1 siid l'.'lli Sept. lam.tit Lmedun nloiesild the Mid L'rnnMd willmly deseitcd tue E,id, . I.-uvnj lu-r v.ifh mi Han" child wh'jl'y ilpstdil-p of nny tu attsnlsiippott- Ih-itsiid Oiiiumi J hu tnuded i hi the antJ ol Venii'itit more than iwo jears s.iice hn ii'seiiiou oi s rlu .il.irriiun on tue sinl Utu hept 1110 : tniit s.nd Uiiuoii'l hfil" en 'rr iinny )ean piai, mid stnltoiitiruKs to be inteiiiireratp in his habns.nuil is ui uu.ii pi-is uj iu ouvf in cusniuy oj me roam cum i ol the sn I parties j thai sin slid I VI i Sept. IJIUsiiiJ I Oruiniid has npver ri'tiirue I to his laulily or bullish' '' the wild .Marnula, or thiir fluid any li.'srrs of iiupiioit nrul has liming nil tlrpl s riod, beini; se'itll ! Jeiiiswillulli, leli.sitl so to do ; thiil since Auau't idl.ll. ... .,' .. .. .1 I . .V""1 IV '!?.. ' .unrmua uas rc-iuto n iic.iiieiiiv ritioiit . I 1 it siiit.'i. hr flfiirfs'iid i cser Hon r-he lias auppurleJ lieiseil nnd child aolely by her own ,iirur. H'I'.iTcture tli" said .McrlnJa prnys tint the liotlJsof munuoiiy lietvtren her and tl.t ;uJ OimondiiiayU dissolved afc-r-fnhly tu the rtalu;- In tuchtif'B and provided. tn:tl ill it t.icclni.l ol'lli? ajid pirtit-s, n Ui' about i-ii1ii)miis old titni.ttl Liton, n.ay bt de eictd to itinauiiii ilitciutotly ul Ins mother tue fciiJ AI urnidi James V ti kok.J MiRt.sBA Dart V liint'jr LiltlUnU Duriinuioti Manli 52, 1B17. Mider or Court. ."di'f of Vt,- I The Ibregoins Libel betn j Ciittemti.i Canity ss J exhibited luin-tlnsfith dny ot August, A. 1). 1,7, and it-in reijresented to 'ine tli'itthes'iid Oriiloild I) 'ty n f if I;mi2 wittiout tins but"' T.'ieieJ'me, i: is oidei.'d that the said Unnoiid l itybenntiried ol the ubjve L.u.-i by piihiisuni; tne s'Une or th.' s-ibsfiei-e llcririil toaetieT with this order, in tie Ibirhimtiiii Tree I'reiM, a mnvspap-r j,rinti'.l at liurlin,.'toti, tti ei vwt'ks suo'jesivt'iy, tr.e last publics tion to bi1 at last tour Wfe.s bfloie tu next tmiuf Ills' i2ii;,reineCo'irt,tthteli p.itilieiiuoti sn'ill besuincient hotice t'i the sjiJ Uriuutid Doty to appear alii unaWe lo tnJ 5IIL0 L. CENKHTT. Jif.tit nt fie upremt Court. Dated at Uerlinmon, Auutiiih, lsi7. 1TJ VntM'I'ir.T, AM) WIIITINT, PAPEEi aoi) Ili-ams small Wrapping, 1U0 lai-e do i'JO " Cap Taper, EJJ " L-tttr do Vtiis !j XoTlii COTTO.V - MMKV THHKADj 7."iO lbs Cotton Thrtad. '.eiitte and asVJ. 15X) do. Spool do. ricwinj Silk mid Twisl. ; KoYEt. A itooK nm i:vi:iiy oshj s1 IX Li:nnKs o.v Tim tsr.s of TIIC LLNGS ; nn.l causes, pretention, and eurp of consumption. Astl.inn, and dist-UM'S ol the lltntt, o'l th'iawsti Lniuetity, and on the i.iodn ol presi'ivii-g nutli r.n.l leni Ie heiilthtouii hundred y-ars. with Ul Ii Usirntions, hv Xitiiut-1 frheiut-u l'ltchA. M. n. 9 Tlns day retfit.-d by C. (Jocdriiii. Or.oUr i'J, 117. I7wl Of this? fiiriehtm ice fund tmntions cherish Ntjnre tlie shadmc crc the substance jieriih, T. 31. Dngucrrcotypc l'oiimit Gallery, Coiiecc sirei 1 . Iluriinton, Vt. M'lin riopnitor tenders I..s tliatiks to the citizen! - of Bulling;, n i.ud vii'itv.y lor tl'.e lineinl pntron a?,e he Ins rece vt-d, nun havuii re- utiy be:! t. Nettr Yi.r nml purei rj".' an entite'v NKW AIM'AKA TL's, ifrOCKan I CILOMICALrf, so tint l'lcturt-i cm I e taken mujh larr tn.i'i ever oetore done in thi, prut ol'il.e coa.ii.-y, he s-iiu-iis oo'i'.inued p'itronn;e. l.JUi'lt VI !' put up in Lttra Momrco Cna's nt tin1 verv io'.v r-ice "1 N1..V). 1'ictifes of Per' ' tons, View, el Ilui.dit'gs and Lr.iidfe5 es Can be taken , WITHOUT V.T.VC r.LVCRSED. A hre assi:ni'e: ot (ji. I nu.l I luted Lockets of ' tor te.y V', 'T, L ( cjii anjtiaiuj L'niies and U.n..t.,iiiii are rtsectiLily invited o ,ne s,i'..ciii.c..3 j , i. lt,:a3 lyj:7. Ill AS R:xniVi:i) t eiu-mtn-j usori.iicnt of uu s. 1 rimres, Huttonp, an i a fetv pieces of Dress li-.m-, I ii. its cC . A. s. n h-nutilul it -a irtul-'llt eflhinud l'urs CK-pt, !tin, -Is, ritel biads vVc , nu I is d niv expecting t.e' air'vnl of his entire' 1 ail uieiinv,;iiii m put i.i Diest GooJs and C, iimu,-, sj-.-lj is 1 1, uud' Tliihep, tjiik Wurp Ly t-n"s', A .ueu. Oni'i iriJ l'ulo Alto 1'iaids, "te. Iluiiiuj'on Uct. ai, 1317. . Firm ami Attn- ood ! 'IMIR Suhscri'.ers. under the linn cf B DO t'P..I.SsV h III) TTI' 31. Hi int; ptirchisc.l the llnek Store recently ij.t-upled 11 I I II-I.D. line llll" II" rciu-ueii l.i'oi .. .. t (jnuuS.Cu:i. .b:u:I st DP. Y GOODS, dun u:ir.s. CIIIKKIJIY. HARDWARE. VU COSH 3JCD!C!3i S, ('.tini i- Oil; F!tw. I ' . ''. Ami. ', ifce., tnakinj a eonijilete assort.nent el every thins thst may Ie timed lir.wlnen th y are now ready tu ex 1 li-inte. at the lowe-t 111 nket p tee, for Cash, Utniu, Toik bu"er. Coei s-. niul ml kinds ol produce. Ail tin' w I10 wi-h 10 get the woi tli of their menef nre sokciu d at least toe ill and examine our sun k be-ion-piiren.ipiiii: ei.-i'wheie, r.s we aie deteiluined net to be undeipold bv any alore in the Ci 11 'tv. (iuO DDI. Ct LA S3, 11. 13. LOTTL.M. Willirtmi, Vt ,0cl. 10, 1317. Idtf rAHMEKS & .MECHANIC'S DAXK. qsj-. Stcukhojlrrf el this linik are hereby m 'I 1 fed lhat n tail bus bctn ii.ade of lite o.i each share ol C ipital Stotk, payuble on ur bcu.n t'ne 3d d ly ut J.inuai) in Li ouier n the Doird, C !' WAUNDK, Cithire nariip;tn:i, Oct. IS 17, 17vt3 fM.LMI I.AU1)!-1 Tierce Clmieo LarJ i" OctSI. I.,rsihbv A .S" DKIYJ-Y tmm.M! lf1f l?TI-:if!"n lo! of 8 . ,.,," .......j Then mmeteis. ti-artai teJ coriect, lor pale by II,i,-maiu J Hr.oriiEgs. Li fiOLI) r Lnre apsortmeiit nt IIM'IL-.- J. Y. IU.t.ii.t.'a. k Ac J! tin lot rr Viuli:, lliivs tiinl Slriii"st, s Yiol Ptringa ofthe b.-t rjmlity, nt Oct. -.''J. J I . i.i., .tz.. o. C'PY CLASS IIS Cor dnv or niultt. of nil k3 (Ut. et " J V. r.A.MlALL'S. Q ftVXL TIMMINC5. ! k3TFXL Bag and l'uise Cla-pj. T.ise, Trincef, ' Heads and Kings, m all priets at J. V. 11a.sp.ili j 101,1) I'KXS from two to four Dollnrs, Let i Ilrnv.-ii's rrcnvuni Dinmoid roiutcd. Alhcrt It Il.igiey s, Jieiieiltrt and Iviaiey s Henry s New I.ngiaiid, '1 he Mn'iuiu lloiium. '1 tie 1'ecpit. l'eii, The ittKia l'tn uud Congress lVns at O. t. '-'). Y. I.ASUAI.IJI. f'lLVlIl. Sl'OO.iS, nn-Tiiu Kxwrs a.d Vj sVijrfar trhjveit-, warrtinit'.l uod n the coin, nt A xow at wivnnsKi v.v, Ltrge snd ct"nsne nspiirtuient of nnv goods, c isneEKrcs: CUGCKUIY. and IIAliDH'ARC, most n! theiu purehnped nl redneed prices this fall and jursiiJewnhouirt'-tite I'lrftsc Clin nun see. jIDNEY BAH LOW. I7ii.v! ! October 2.'. 1I7. spooxs.. ItirRn nswrlmcnt I J of niter 'I'ahie athl Tea ona.warrMitfd a good Yius .1 Novts. I ( WW AND HAIMtOAIIS. MANUAL of KoaJ .Making, coms-ipinr the i locii.ou.usistiii. noil and tinpiotenieiitt'l (loads nnd It'iilnrnds, by Win 31 Gilleppie. I'i.utsor of 1 Civil Bugineerins in Union. CoUege, N, ..with 150 e mtranin-s torsaieuy j. uoorr. en. Oct, -7. 1917. - swl) Bill Paper. 1 MCE ARTICLE l'or ele bj . jt fi t I?'T W C GOODRICH.

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