Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 12 Kasım 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 12 Kasım 1847 Page 4
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER, 12, 1847. huiuuh cuujiimtis A Jill 'PCACIlKltS bcfou- deciding onjilicir Hooks lor l-'ull und W liner Schools, uu- invited to exa mini' liusscll J; (loklsjurys t rtl Kiuiling llucks lor Coiuiiioii Sclioo.s nuu" Ac-iiiiiimct!, viz Pibucr Introduction to film uy Ki'iuloi 1'nni.ity Itcudcr S.-qtuI u I'uni ii y iieudcl liitiuiluctiuii to Am. man Coiuiiioii tfciuol Icc-ad-.-i .Hid Aluc-llc-iiii Common tii-uool iClihIt. Tlica.1 books ore now used in over 3J0 towns nnd ri tu it, tliutiju i-nuiplcu-d only Insi iVuiembcr. The ckuowicdged il. lick-ncies i, utlier Ifeadiu,! Hooka, f supplied in tlii-sa. They tiro recommended liy lle.lll) llH.1 CoillllllltlcSIIIIll TcaeUl-IS gill- UlllVlMB.ll iutL-i,icliuu,nii.l urn considered, nul only tiic best, ljul the cheapest books now is-iote the piibue. .Mr. ItiHsi-ll is well known its n ihsnugiiishcd tench iinl ll.ueution, uuJ us tliu LJiiorol tlic Journal ot' UJucdliou. Air. OoiiMmry Inn been for tunny yenia teacher cl the J.imbiidp; High School. Copies, of click book fi.iv ii to towns for examina tion. J.-yOM Hooks will lie taken in part payment. I'uljliiliod mill Lr bub: ut 113 Washington stiect, Hostou, by CHAULL'S TAlTAN. Oi-lubtr 18, 1817. i;3 WOMIISTIC GOODS ONLY, WAI, A. CVV.ST. 120 Pemt Stieet.Xcic Yoik. 1MIC Domestic W!iieliou-,.?i long iftnktirkrJ in I Stud, is now leniovid to the large store No lit Pearl trccl tin tl Si Heater t whep' may be f-.unJ rviry dcseiipliou of Hi.r.iciir.n nml Hiinww f-i!Ei.Tlws "and Sim: U.Si.s, Coi res OsNADcT.itS. Noa Tiii.i nn.l tjorrai r.N Vaiix, H.vtr, n us, Twine "t.d W.iiii.-o,nt th" tny iuwil fish pliers. The n.aoitmcnt exhibited loraile isn very larfeone and comprises every known desirable sty lc- of the s'pev. Eumlj. Country Aleioh-iuts are n 'poclliilly in vnc'l to call nml i-xntmne llie price-. ele win liter lliev purchase (or ens!i or not, and leant the low tuaikel prices ler loincst:c l, M l.Vltl.Oi: I. IMPS. Selected frrtm Plul.idelphi i, llo'tun New Yoik AI inulfietures, ti;; -i!ier wild 11 tll.itiire mid olh- rla'iMH I'or Iniiniii'' lird, oil or cniupli.'iie i nl-o Glol-ii. C'hiinni''., t iir.3 mul ol.ier ooJs in t!ie line opiiiiii;and lor tale l,y Ui-.i.viMAiDiS Dr.0Tiiir.s. Hurliuffton, Oct. S3. IV Ot.Ln.N C .OTItS. f! Casus Gtv t.LoTii 3 SJItibelt, .i do Jlro.tili-lc'tlis, 4 if. Cn-iinere? 'i no Vvlinc,s. Tor tle by Oct. la, 1317. VILAS & NOYRS. I,arcertockirrANuv l'n.iN.of v.iiiouiptile and riiriblies, for by ill'.' tmce or picknrre at fivoinble rate. 1' iyinf piilieiilarnlteiilii.n to Ibn arlice,nnit buy .p ariie lots, we olitaili attetuttiert oier ninlle i i . niiei-rs, and hence .e can ollerd many miles nt Yolk pncea. i) 1. ia,lS17. in Vit. !( Nors. tU('K WMI'.Ai J MHMl, nii:H r.noixn IS fiom new ginin ; and iituaris Sugar llou-e .Mo- lais s" to match" at A. S. L)U U i . h W BOOKS, I3APiriS0X;S Digkst. Pixas of EE the Crown, 2 vols. Marlins Louisiana licpoits ei niplete in tiie vols. Haibouis Chancery lleiioits il I. Ac. ecu. mis nay received oy Oil. 'ii, ls!7. C. G00D15ICII. Sfh'Ot School. MISS I,. II. STACY will commence her winter term cm Monday, the 15th November. Scholars are pcc.ed to enter nt the commence ment cl the tcim. TUITION: English, 3, lo 1,00 ricucli, 1.0 Diawinc S-nO School room one door west of .Mis. Langworthy's, tp "lilts Burlington, Oct. 23,1817. 17ivJ Watches, Jewelry & Clocks. l.'7 J-V. RANH.VLL has just returned from tiuiiSNew York with a huge assoitnicnt of wat:hi:s, JuwKMtv and clocks, Faxcy Akticus and Toys, consisting in part of the following articles Fine C-old Lovers and Lepin.;-. '" J-.vel!..d and Verpe WATCH :S; (.old Tub n ml iWso riimns; coit ,-ipecks and I hnubies : n large t'soitinent of Stone nml Cnnieo Pius, of th" latest styles ', Ston nml Cnmeo lime-lets J Diamond !iiii;s j plaiii, chiised stone nu.l eale liinc, ol every descrip tion ; ('..Id plidesnnd Keys; gold Lockets of ditleieul rat terns; n large assortment ot liar Dicps and Kings; pold and pearl Studs, plain and stone setting ; gol.l Snt.p of nil fies ; iler Dans, Piinnml lliids ; nearl and rhell Card Cases ; iiniy Tablets; bead ami silk Puis, s silver Pencils ; stiel am! silver Specks ; Scis sors, Knives and Razors; tooth, hiirand clothe, B A...I ln iL-ill C,.(-i, ... iitsomtlv i,o b.iml a iritn.l assortment of such cood ns come iu his iw and sell I til low as can be bought elsewhere. J. V. RANDALL. Burlington, Oct. 12, 1317. 10 TIN I'L.VTi:, Ac. 1 nn Boxes Tin l'LArirl-S IX. 20 do do e.vtra t:zt. 15D Rolls Irion Wire. Russia . English and Canada Sheet Iron, Wire Vellum, Sheet Copp'-r, A general abutment ot Itivets, !, 1617. For talc by VILAS it NOYES, Oct. l: 3Ei O "ii? 2S 2 .vi va VAI si,ji si Gentlemen visiting Boston ami 111 want of first rate PALL k WINTER CLOTHING, are paiticularly lu-ited to call nt UJtOAVN, i,.vviti:.NCi: & STICKNIIY'S, A'm. 0. 7, 0, 1 1 i$- I- O.'.i Stiitc Hour?, FRONTING STATE ST. BOSTON. Where ll.ey will find the largest stock of l'aliiiiiinlili! lli-Aily AI111I0 t:iotliing, Jn the city, consisting of e veiy variety of ready made garments, manufactured in the best maimer ami most fashionable stjle which we are n-lli ig at prices that will insure s.iiisiacnon. GAEMENTS MADE TO OIIDEE. AVe also invite you to examine (before purcln"ing) cur extensive stock of uncut goods, compiisuig a gieai variety ot s-hadi s of Exdusii, FitKxni axi) Ckrman Cloths, wilh English, French, German and Ameiiean D O E S K I X S J- V . 1 .S S I M E It E S , Alio, SILX, SATIN, VELVET AMD CASIIXItllE VESTING S, which we will make 10 order, in the neatest nnd most worki.innhke mile, and wanniited to lit. rjPiiet e as low as at any clothing establishment n Hit union. It F. AI C. M 11 K II ! oii sta'I'i-: noiisi:, Fronting btutf Strttt, Huston. 15. ly PKIXTH OiL.T. I 1 cr.DAit stui:i.t, mav yoiiic. LEE Sl BREWSTER Itnblished a waichouse ill llie ) HI3, for th- pur' pose ol supplying the Clly mul Interior Tiuile with PRINTED CALICOES EXCLUS1. VELY, nt low- prices and exlubiiing, I all si-asous ol the year, the Lar gett Ahoi tmcnt 111 THE WOULD. They nre nevr i-pening Several Hundred Package comprising every XewSlulent Coreimi and Domes tic pioiluiiion, mnuy a)' which me not to le Jouuil elreirlieie, having been Punted Exclusiicly for their own sales. 1 . it B. respectfully solicit the particular attention oi iruieis in i,y uoous, in itieir NEW FALL STYLES 1 S 1 7 . Which nre offered nt iiiniiiifaclureB' narknite prices (as per printed Catalogues, which aru corrected daily lor llie uiioriii.iiioii 01 Olivers. PRINT WAREHOUSE. New Yoik, 1SI7. 15m2 STATUARY JIARIILE QUARRILS, tin unit Virwon, HPIfE n Lot r namfd nunrrici. well known tor fur X nif-liiny n mifiT)ur on.'tlily ofinnrhle, of line white ftrul taking a Iiih ih1mi are now Lring woiked, pro ducing a quulity ol iitaibU, buid tu he iviKtjttllrd in Ainencn. All orders for monumentt. laxiit mid crnve tonet marble elabt, block, plectaUttr etntuary from I hew qunrrUfl, may bo ndilrtMk'il to KnowleH Taylor, I'jo prietor, at 'Iu'ondero''a,or vity of New ork,orlo BtepiVn I tiooclelr Superintendent of the crjarri t at Brandon Vt. KNOWUIB TAYLOU, Srpteuiber 1. lHH. 10. SCHOOL BOOKS. pl'HI.ISIini) 11V .H'.NKS, 1'AtiMnit & CO. i I 131 Wnvhlnainit Sheet, llostoiii nml formic by llookshellers mid Country Trnilen nencrnlly. The following winks for Kdncation nrc particularly rrc-onimended In the notice ol tiioe interested ill Hie subject, ns containing the inotlerii liuproveincnls, nttil rnlciilnteil to lesson the labor of tracking nml learn int;. nml nt the same time to make thorough nml prnc-tii-nl scholais. improved series of heading hooks. Worcester's Primer, or First Hook. 72 pages, ISnio. Woreester'a Second Hook lor Ueadiiii; - - . . .. : . L. . llgniui epe ellilltf, lr.S imcei, ISnio. , . Worresler'a Intro hielion to I luru Id ok.with Rule nml InitrueiioiH, 'Jfil pmes, isiim. Woiccstci s l liird Hook lor tienuini; nnu r-peiung, wiih Itnlesnnd lntruelloin for iiMiiiling coiuiiioii ei- ron. S-ii l'-'nio. Worcesiri' l'ourlh Hook, for Kendina, with Utiles nml Instructions, lafl pp, 1 jutu. All by Hev. Samuel Woreefler. , 'I'be nboie form n comb'etp series of liendinz Hooks . I.I..I. nr.. rtnt Liiri,aui..l I.i fine nlbir U rtfl. I. ir ibis purpose. I lie t-erits lias recently neon rsmi'iui .ivn mrnoiEi) bv the iiu'cition of a coiuse id lessons i ill ikiinicialiou and Artieulnlion, Pionunciation, lu l1'ction. Kiunliai7. l'.Hi-.'S. the books of the (.dies, adapted to the capacity ol the scholars lor uboe use me scleral MoiKsiue intention, prepaieu by Air. Win. Kufecll, a distinguished teacher ol Llo cution. PAULEY'S HISTORIES OF COMMON SCHOOLS. fnrlcv's first Hook of IIitory. Parley's Peroml Hook ol History. Parley's Tlunl Hunk ul Ilisloiy. . , I, . .1. ..V.I... II.. .....i u. ''l H DtiDKUl oil- (.uio'ii 131. inc. . The IliMoti. s contain Alans nml nimrnvinrs.nnd beini; in L'em inl use in the richools ami Acailenucs in our country, may betonideied ns standard bookslor the insliuctiou ol Jonih in History. The fust nml seroud Hooks ale brought ilomi to t'le present time. EMEHSOXS Alii I'IMETIC in three ni ts. Patt 1, contains Hn-y Lessons fir becinnrrs. Tnrt 3, coninins L ssims f,,i all Seholriis. Pull 3,conu,ins the hUbi r oieratioiis Key to Pnr,s S and 3. Ques tion" to Pnrt 3. I lories of Arilliinetics is in ne in the Schools ol New Yoik, Pbiladelphia and lloMon. nml in ..tin r adopted. T. . I IiMl.EY'S AUIEMIA. B.iHc 1'irst I.nons in Alfcbra, lor Acadeinl's and Common Schools. Key to the oboic, lor Tench- els. The nhove Algebra is nn the inductive plnn,nnd is designed for tho-e not ver ed in the science. It has been long used as a Class Unok in 111- Public Schools ol llos'ton, and iu various Schools and Academics of high chnincler iu all paits cl the United Slat".. aOODIill'll'S IMIEI) STATES. Oooihich's Hi-lory of the United Stale", adapted to ihe capacity ol Youth. i!ci-ed mid enl.uged fiom the one humltcdth edition, and tuought down to Alan h 1, 1817. Cioodiich's and fkucrsoii's (iucstions to r. nboie. The above History of the United States is nmong the most popular woiks ol tlic kmd. It is iu ue m the Hostou Schools, ami has a high reptttJtiou and an cAlellsue populilllly, WOKVES PEWS hICT10.YA!!Ii:S. Worcester's Llcmentnry, ndapled for uae iu Schools and Academies, containing neaily 'JJOU inoie words than liny other School Dn'lioii.iiy. Do. Comprehensive, tPionoiiucii'c and Hxnlan.i- lor,) ih signed tor the -aine,aml forgcueial ri'lciauee, Caielullv Uciisidaud Lnlaigiil,uud ucivly steico Ijped edition, J'he Dictionary is recommended by poisons of the highist ht'-tary merit, as " combining advantages as n Pronouncing "Dictionary, superior to all others," and as being" a most ccuiipichciriiic, conect, and uselul compendium.'1 UUSSELL'S ELOCVTIOSAUY SE MES. 1. Russell's Lessons in 1'nuuciniion. 5. Do. Rudi ment ol (icsture. 5. Do. Hxciciscs in Klocution. AIo, Kuss.'ll's iilocutionist, a new woik, cumbiniug nil the above. EMEHSOXS SPEU.IXG HOOKS. Lmerson's Nntional Spelling Hook and Pionoun- cmg 111101,011 an uuproveii pi.iii,witn Kcaumg Ijcs 5011s. tine bundled and sixtieih edition. liilioductiou to the abme, lor younger scholnrs, by the same. These woilisute highly iccommcmlcd by Teaclieis ami othcis, are ued in the liosion Public Sellouts, and also extensively in the various schools in the United Stales MUSK! HOOKS 1'OH SCHOOLS The Little Songster, an Illernentarv Sinuinir Book. for Piimary Schools, by (t. J.Webb, President if Iliindel mul llaydu bociety, Lditor of Alass. Coll. Cburcii Music, iVc. The Coiuiiioii School Songter, fir advanced learn ers ; by the same. Published under the sanction ol the Hostou Academy ot .Music. 'I'be Young Lady's Vocal Class Book, designed for families ami the higher schools ; by the same. Pub lished as above. Thenboie fonn n progressive series, for the use of 1- 1:. 1 s.'. 1 1 ' " ' i UI1..I1C3 u.iu ccuuoin. MISCELLANEOUS. Frot's Grammar. Ho-snet's French Phrase Hook. Uolbrook's (!eoiuetry. Abboti's Little Pluloaophci. Noies's Peiiuianslnp. Pnrlei-s Aritluuetic. Illau's Outlines of History, brought down to the p'csenl tune. 1 he Child's Hoiauy. fccliool Commun es, It-ai- icis. ,Vc. deirous ofex- aiuining any ol the above, will be supplied without charge. 111 uuuition to the nbove. nlwavs lor sale at satif fac tory prices, 11 complete assorimtnt ot School, .Music anu .iiisceiiaueous uouks, ttatioucry, cic. Octobct 1,1817. 17w0 BDLO.VJ FALLS STAGE HOUSE. Hy Ruoll Itdc EXTENSIVE nltemtion) and imnrovenifnt! hnve i recently been made in liiN Hotel, com SJondmc with the Kaihoad tendencies ol th day, and it is now in iidiniruhle oider to uecommod.ite and make com fortable if numero'to natrons und the travelim public. I .11 L'.. IL ' lillt fc..f iKJiunn r uus, Jiuj.t totfi cid TO RAILROAD CONTRACTORS. TMU Subscriber it prepired to furnish Contiartois miIi SOhlD CAST IKON .M11IF1.S. for irtCnn. made from lite mobt approved p'literns and ot the U-t mnterinl. He is now making two sip tf 'JO and til inchps in diain cter, nud will Uu nish ilicm with or withuut Axles to gether with the Box'f-,I'uU''8nnd other fixtuies neeec iwiry for dumpuii! C.ih, litird und thiMied fur use, on the muM icusiiiablc wihis. C. V, CON A NT. Brandon, Oct 1, 1S17 III. J. Pcrlnim, TVTOW at the American Hotel, Hurliucton, Vt is cuns Pulmonary Ci-usuniption bv a iu licioiis vinnnstio exercise, cold water ballum?. lubbim?. iSse. very htlle, and in some cases no inciluine usi-d. I ikms. 1 list eAaiiuuation nuu nrescrinliou Sin. Vrsons vilio wish to no thioueli with u course ol tins tieatment will be chaiged by the week or month. Mr. lVlkins receiled the bellrlieialellecls of this sys tem in lllsown case, Itaiillt; been lest.. red allllost flnui l ie itraveto tsenect iieaiui, nv nils maimer ol treat. mem, am! us be has sim-ih the last ten )eais in study iu.f the lungs cuciilaiioii ol tbe blood and die vaiious t!)tnuasiio exercisi's, be leels conli.liiit tlitit cine those cases of Consumption, Asthma, Liver com plaints eve., which have lmlici Iu bun icgardcd asiu- N. H. Come liefn.c vou nrc too weak to hear the exercise, ami iu lact you should come when vou have leltithf fust symptoms. Ijlleiiieinb.-r that there nre uiiiiy iiiuigs mat coiisumpiiie people tat ana uiitintiiai win ue siricuy promtmeii. ki;commi;nuations. I have been erv bad for iiiiniv vents will. Astbms. which was last teiiiiiii itmg iu cni-.i.minliou. I was conlined In my room three weeks auo, when I sent lor j;r. rerkins. 1 li ne strictly bud up to bisdiric. lion, und 1 am now able lo lollow my daily cinpioy inenls. IwiitMo V SnuLDiNO. liuiluigton, ermont. 1 have l.t en alllicl. d with the Pulmonary Cnnsump. lion lor iiu.-.' yinis, and every Ihnig thnt I have irn-d tor rebel failed. I am now under Ihe iliueiion of I)r. Perkins, and feel proud to say tint lam ht reeowr- .-.. 'Mk ''I'"'". Wiunoskl I alls, ermont, Imisiutantto tiif I'rnuc. This is to certify that I have had the Pnlmoiiaty consiimpiioii lor live yeats, and every thing lliat I tried lor relict laile.l. As soon asllie.ndol I)r. Peikrns I went to bun, and siaied with him one wick, ami If. el much lelieved, and J firmly believe thai he will make me u sound num. LllWI.N lIoit.NAULl.. Willsboru", Hrfex Co. New York. 15 i'uni: m tiis rou sale. The siibseiiber beim' about to close his far ming business, i rtriturtsile lusbtiM kof Merino Hiuks. Tlnse Sheep have been bled with the grriitesi inn liom the Ik-si Meiuio Uw't-saud a Iteinlsmillel lltick, Iioiii .Mr, Collin's recently unpolled and now owned by llie Kev. L. 0. Ilingblim of this place. To those wishing to impiou- their sheen the present uffers a rare dunce, as they will lie sohl without re serve, Those wishing to purchase will please call ut my store, ul WiUiston, where llit-y will iiud a person to show- them the sheep. THO.S II. CANHKLD. AViUiston, Oct. , I(I7. I (Siieeessorii to Carney S Sleepi-r,) IIHAtHIIS I.V HVHllY DESCIttl'TlOX 01' Kll.lDY ."!lAi5C0 a m & m (B- In nil Its VAUIOL'S STYLUS AND QUALITIUS ndapted lo the N. ENGLAND & SOUTHERN 3IARKETS, at Tiii:m wtioi.nsAi.B uooms, GRANITE BUILDING, ios. 40 mid ANN STREET, Directly Op mile Merchant's How, Boston. WHITINf! it ICnilOIIkavenowonhnndnmlofn-r lor sue nt ineire.ieunc waul ukji,ih'- i "tv -j niof-t eomolete iisorliuent of III.AUY Au1 Ms, in uriretntiit most eonipiete iisorliuent ol 1(1. Am .MAUb CI.OTllINli.iverollired in this country. Ourbual nees bcins conlined oclusivcly to Ihc VIIOLl..SAl,i: TIIADE, ike createst care is taken in the selection olsiick Oooils .-lul ibe inmilnelnriiiLr of such Slvles ns l ill bet suit the Ciiunlry Tmde.inul n weinipoit onrown (5ood, we have no bcsilntioii In sajnig we cnnuoi in- uxn l)i:i!S01.1). The ulniost cure is taken in the inn mifacture. nn 1 p'ircln"cis liny be nssnred tint our stock mil compare iiiioriiniy iiiinine uesi cuioiu- lioiile einlblliir. Delllels ill thf CitV tllld f 1 01 II the ; -- - . .,, . tomilty iiho nrc boving will do lie it iu iuok ui our ,ul "uu" ,III'"V' " " J. .1. WinTixn. M. Kmoc, Jr.. C. W . (iAU.Ot.TE. rjlim UNDEt(SlfiNFI) woplt) rcxprct- lc' v in In: in llir nubile, Hint be bistuieii up the store tiiodnorssoutli of the Hank of HurliuKton on Church stiect, mid recommenced the I) It II ff MUSI NESS. wIl,n, ,vi) ir. snpplioil at nil times with a carefully selected stock ol ... Dlll'OS AXD MEDICISES, L-nnmrtcmir pi-i-rv nilinl.. Ipnilbed ill the Pbvsiclall's practice, nml deinands of the trade. Also, Snruiciil nml !cntul inslriimnnts, Minnal Teeth, Vnih, I.cer'en, Ihiislies, Snaps, I'truni'iien, Omgress Water, Cimphtiit, Inks. lilnehiirJK, D'je Stuff, c. Particular attention will be paid in the preparation o 1 lisiciau s preset unions ami i iv recipes. iPHAIt. Burlington, July 20, 1317 f.w3 . adwaY's warrantlt: 1 lie. nd.beis -d unto all union5 to tiii: pun- , pcple and ton- 'uu, lor the purpose ot tendering unto eiuier sex pleading countenances and bcautilul complexion", by ii'.u'nvAY'S chiNi-;si: Air.DiCATni) soap, winch is waiianb-d 10 icmoie 1'ioni oll'the lice, neck or hand", Pimple". Blotches, Sun Burn, T.111. Its mv-dcri'.us ellects upon the cuticle, in cleansing the pores of the 'km nnd-ecrcting less-Is from nil im purities, cicatiiig a health) action ol the- skin, and pre it miiicr Sit.r litimi, King Wrm, Lrisipelas, Kasii, Teller, I'nekly Heat, Si hi vy, Ali'ipl.eiv ami H.iibci's Itch, has been a source ol much wonder throughout the woild, liuli ed, it is astonishing to experience the if lectsof this dolicioiw Soan. A lew nnohcations e.- terminate completely, any vestige of 'I'liu, Sui.burns, l etter, occ. lis uieuiciuai pioperiies oemg seiecteu I10111 the most safe, rare and cllieacious baims and wx tracts of uiienlal giowlh, renders its cure for skin di seases certain ; while FOR TOILET PURPOSES, ft" M the most extrtioi ilium tj Sutji in the tporltl. It being cntiiely Iree from Alkali, eiaeiitail Oils, Coio"ivc Sublimate, ccc, it will not irritate or intlame the skin ; but 011 the coiitiary, will render it sweet, pure, tair, clear and keallliy, and never lails iu iiu oariiii!. beatilv to the coinulexion ol all who use it. Price at 25 cents lor large cakes, and 121 cents for small. Sold in Hii-luii;lon by A. C., bolesalc Agent, tor I2J cents percake; in Vergeiines, F.Hun- '.iiigtou ; W illision, liiirlburt iV. Hodg'-s; Auddlebury, IS 1. Kussell 1 .Miinlpelier, (.. W. Scott. J. it U. (i. KADWAY, 2 Couitl.iudt St., N. Y. IIOOLSliY'S PINE SYRUPS, for sale 1 12 Catlin & Si-ear. FALL GOODS. 1"OI!ISON" - :iiri.l),arenowopeningthcir A- stock ol new and elegant FALL iy WISTEll GOODS, wldili for vnriell- and extent, has never been surnass- ed in tiii" inaiket.iuid which they offer to purchase-is on tbe incst lecsonablc terms. Sepumber '.'1, 1817. TELEGRAPH iNOTICE. THE TnusTi:i:s of tui:Tho and Caxa ch Junction Tilenrnph Cuinjmnr call upem the Bftveral subciihci to the capital fctock ol said eompa ny to pay the lollowin n?i-"Hncnif on their vend fnn-cnpUoiH ; on tli 5thof Oct., 181", twenty dollais on n i-hitre ; on the 5ih ot Nov lSl7.ii.teen dollars on n share; and on theCihoi lVc.iai7.ten dollars on 11 harefeaid caiU lining aecordmi; to in tide IM ot the nilieles of Atoocuition ol sud company. I'ayments may U-inatle at the IJank of t. Albint?, ut tin li.nik ol IlurliiiKtnn and tbe ranneis and Mechanics Hank in I'.urlinmon.iit Ike 11 ink of Vercenues, at Ihe Hank of the ISank ol llulland, at ihe Hunk ol Miinehestei and to U. D, llariini-lou. V.i , Hast lleiiniiiBton.wIiereilie nei-ewirv receipts will tic guen tii:0. V HUNEIJlC'l, J . .1. II l'CCK, Piustees. II. !'. K1CIJ. Ilurlinston, Sept. SI, 1317. 13wl 9flfi( nUSIIIJLS Canad Salt, just JmtxJxJKJ reiciicd and for sale by liouACi-; vhi:i:li;u. HEALTH! HEALTH! Dr. n'UUIVSSVKSAPAItlMiV and WILD en kicky urn j;us. The followiitR voluntary t"et'nnoninl win cien to lo thf Aunt, .Mr M. WiRTA.nt Camliiid.'e, Vt., und tpeuksvulmnesm favor ot tin- i ledicme. CAMnr.inr.E Vt., Sept. 1st., 1317. Mr. M, Winr!,IeartSir: llavinji been n crrnt FidK-rer from that tor ture of th" humm race, Piyrw.and h.iymi; nt last tound relief, I it-el det-irou-i that others fiitrnnt(amt there nre ihouvuvN) t-liould know iliciueaiiH by which I wan cured. Until nbouta ear f nice I had hulird much irom Jlfmtlurn.Jlemhiche, mid J)iz?tyfii,in much si that 1 was conlined to my lu'1, h- iik-m of the time. The looj w Inch I nte diMi."Tf tl me. and in tact, lite bream uluuM ti burden. 1 wan lot 'illy una ble to nttfiid to the f-hjihte-t duties n-quired of lue,so cieat uim my debility. Haunt; tried nil rem edusiecomtrifiided nud ndu-iliM-d lor the cure nf my complaint, iiiled the prin which nre so highly rcc ummrudfd, and taken the ml ire or Bh)hiciuu' with out netting relief, I :ie up oil hopes o ever enjoying UihmI lica 1 1 it ni;:iin: in tact, my rnysic nns imnhiy loin me mat nu-y ceuiu uo noiuiuy mr me ii uu tune my sulUriuns weie very ureal ; all lio-s ol ever l'ina made comfortable bad tied, nud I (i.ive mysell up to sillier. Accidenlully.iii looking ovei a news.a- per niiliccil aii i arilla and II lid amy y((rrx, and on renduiB it, I Ihoiight lint I iniukt piobably obtain some leht I, not uiiiiniMK vs... .... S S h to ,ien ouia"el bv i"L Ll.r ,, 1 Kco, . e r.l taking It, nuu iu my Iiel. neingencouiaeil indiiceil lo i was able to ,i ililu ..vcfllciit Medicine cntirelv reiuovesit. lam ol opinion eveiy ciise id Dyspepsia and its uticndanis can be luredbyibe use ol Dr Wood's Saisapaiilla Wild i'liciiv liitteiH. To those iroiibled w ith habitual Costiveness, loss'of ' Aoi.ite.s.iur Sioiiinih or Headache. 1 would earnest ly reconuii-.-iid lliem to try it. Its astonishing ellects in my case should induce eveiy one sulK-iiug Irom this disease to give it a mil ; 1 leelsitislied ihey will nev er regret it. You ale ul liberty to relet anyone to me, and it will give me grcut pteusuii- to pei&onally mom meiiil the use ol that eicilliiil tcmcdy and stale llie patiiculaiB of my case. Sicned. MILl'.S HHNNLTT. We nre aeiuaintt-d with the ubove naiiied Aides n-uneit,um llieslaleineiitul llie Hue discribed ill Ins cciiiucate can be depended upon as being i-oircct MAnri.v Wiiils. , Hlnkv Siovv-ELi.,.lf'yiil Law, v...., v i. M-pi. ISI , ll. Owing to tbe eieul success of ibis medicine, there ure many mutations; he particular nud gel Dr. Wood's as this is llie m iginnl and only genuine piipanilioii. So I wliolesule aiid teuil by Tlll-.O A. PIX'K, and A.L.SI"LAlt,Apoibecnriinnd wlioletule Drug, gist, liuiluigton Vt; J, II..V. J. W., Under m'll '1 vler &. Ki Mlimn, and J. Ttrnn, Ksen - 1 III. LillAlin, .. ...UlTKI 1 Ullfl, 1JII1U nUULlNUTUN AtilUCULTURAL Warehouse and Seed Store, rpilK SUiJSCnillER hwino m-ron: Tin: I sole proprietor of the nboie establishment, will continue the lmines, nl llie spacious store, known ns the Thonns lluililing, College iiuriingiuu, 1., mid now olli-rs the Is-st nssoitincnt of I' Alt. 11 1 G AMI (JAItnn.VtNC TOOLS to be Ind in the country, consisting iu pail of the following nitieles, viz . Piouty ,t Aleais" Centre Draft Plows, nil sizes from file horse to eight; Subsoil nml Side-lull do. ; Ilnr s.uva nivtimai f I i-iniUtiiiins. Iiiinir eomliletc for use : Hny nml Strnw Cutters; Corn Sheliers, various kimls j l-'mming .Mill", Ciadles, Seylln-s, Cullivnlors, Seed j nml ('..irii IMimlnra. Ilnln-s. Sboieis. Smiles. Hoes, Picks, Fork", Clnins, Yokes, Bows, Wheclbairows, Folk, Shovel nnd Hoe Handles, Sickels, Sausage 1-II eis, Apple Peaiei", Hatchets, Lead Chain-., I il Spoons, .Manure Pullers, liny Knives. Butter .Moulds and Stamps, Wrenches, Lanterns, ell Pullc-js, Hill Hooks, Hush Pullers, itc. llOnTICUr.TUUAT. TOOLS. Fruit Gatherer". Pruning Saws and Chi"es, Pruning Shears, Sliding do., Pruning Scissors, l'Joiicr Gath erers, Editing Kniics, Tree Scraper", Glass Hooks, Pruning Knives, Toy Tool", Assoited Sculll'-, Grass or Lawn Slicnis, (inrden Reel" nud Lines, Wicding I 01 ks, 1 inuspl lining 1 lowi Is, I1.11 ucii syi ing"s, v Mic issors, -c. ivc. I liavu the agency nlro for the Fale ol AIorrill I'nl'-nt Union Srnlrs, a heantlful article, in nil respects cnunl, and ill some superior to Fuiibanks' Scales, and much cheaper. The iiuproieinent consists cluelly 111 conibining the plnlfomi uml counter scale. They weigli with perfe nccuracy Irom ! oz. to 210 lbs , anJ uccupy no 1110 room linn llie counter caie. I have recently visited the principal Nurseries the vieinily of Boston, Albany, vc, and am pn-pare to furnish to order, nt the luune pnecs, I init I ree (rape Vines, Shrubbery, House Hants, &.c, 011 the slioitest notice. I lintcnKi made unangeinents with the manufac turers of Horse Powere, Tlueslung .Machines, Clover ALII", Sugar Alii!, Corn nml Cob Cincker", itc., nud shall lie nble to bullish lliem on short mil ice, nt manu facturer's prices, with the addition ol Ireighlonly. Cumins, this is jour Store. Will 5011 sustain il ! II I. .. s 1 1 I ..... . li.inii t. . n...l 1 J ftN-"-, ' --'i.-'" " -r know it will not take 11 long argument to convince vou that it is for vour inleicst to ban- one plate iu tin1 County where vou can find every tool or iirichiue vou may need. JOHN S. PEIUCE. Burlington, Julv 23, 1817. 4 rVew-Vorli & ESositoii boot m $m STORE. AT U. IlA'rniCLDnn' Clinrch street, & 'JJ may ! found ihc Innrej't fIih-U oi l!oi-rs nnd t"i3t MtuF.sinat nntteriM'i'ii oiRTfii 111 liurimnion. IU Irio fp.irt'.l no pains in Ins selections l.ntli in rc par.l to qualtty it in I Mlc, nnd wuh -mall prulits feel- sure of mniiwuMiiHioii orvnu cutoiiior. Ainoiiij m block, hi part, may be iuurnl the follow ing nrticiLS. IiadifV, IJoot" and Pnons, ' Gaiter loot, of eery( Waterproof Boots and Shorn, Fine 1'ieneh Cnlf do do do do wwed do do UroKuns, Morocco do Stout Calf and Kip Shoes, Cloth G,i iters buttoned IMunella dancing Cai- teis. Dancing Uumps, IMoroccu rilippeis, Calf do Calfeliocs.nll kimh, dnwerintion " Tr Ihiskins.l itcst style " Kid " do " riunella" do " IJiiltOaitera, " Tiench Siipner, " JInslHi Kid do. " I'rendi S itin filippcrsj an colors, " Goldlhonzed do " IIoue do " Stout Roots it Uu-kins " Shaped Kuhberf, I " Filmed nud plain do j 12jffa' Ihntn and Shoots " tiattrr Hooim, KubbeM with leather OiVH " -lo do Buckles, " do fin'dnnd plain. ii (nit'rs,bestquahly " " Hu-kin, " rrunella Slippers, all; colon, ) " " Ihi'-kin", all color,) " Stout .Morocco aiulj Call Hoof, i " UubheiMdallkiixK Childt fit's llnol tiud " X-iriMIl ITHUCT IJoots, d 11 colors, , " " .Morocco (jailer?! button and lace, , " " Buskins &, ShpiiT " Ilooti nud Ankle Ties of nil colon. Ge nth men' Boo ts a n d " Napoleon Hoots, Uh mid without tups, j Joys' Stouts and Shoes " 1 meCainioou, " do Kip do " do Calf nnd Kip Broan, " Ptout fhoeo. nil kind, ' Biuncll'i (.alters nnd , 14 Fine Calf Boots hewed nnd pelted, i " do Kip do do ' " Seal and Crain pen'd " Cnlf Bro'insand ICip heweil slin-s, j " Ioiocco Boots and Hus-kins, l " I me Ijailcrcv D.uicin Bumps nnd I 1 IfSt'I un KIUUS, Al'n, Galloons of nil colors, and black and light fcllk yaiter lacei?, cotton laceo, itc. Patent CongressB oots. IIG has also purchased the right of Kurlii'i-ton to inanufacluie Uav's Patent Conqiieis Hoots, l!oon.ts and Siioir, which are iiibiiilted lo be Haziest and most pretlij artiel ol the kind ever put up. The lollowm-; extract, is lrom the Fanner and .Mechanic, in relation to this Hoot : "Jn Europe the 'Congress Hoot' has come into ex- tensive ue; it ispalronraed by 'lhilnn Is (iucen by the nobiliiy, and by I lilies ol I.itenirsfjine. In fuel, it is considered an indispensable article of fashion, as well nsol conilort. The Conmcss lloot, Trench Cnlf Hoot", and every 1 :.. i ..c 1 :.. .: I ... u l. nun. ... i ui ii in ins nor, .... ........ il.. ii sii,v. . .. i emplois, ill connection with bis establishment the best I workmen. ur.uiiux n.vTCiici.nnR Ilurlinston, May 1817, -'tt A'1 T Winoof-ki falls and examine a well Bflected nssortmnit of : nnnns anu i paints Mi:i)iciNi:s, oils, t:i:ocuitii:s, ) dyi:stitt , Wkichaie ofli-red lor sale as low as can be bought in Jiurliujitoii , or any wheic in tbeStatebv t Vo.r J"'11'. lFl j H..,.-,,,, I UDSOa IfAi SALMON (IF Till! KlltST' quality, packed llie prcM-nt season, for sale by the pound or Hlf. bbl. A. S. JJiwev. i j The tJiiicfcnliers Vi-gi-lnble IMIU. i--nannnHllVPl!Klll iil'WMI a vn l''in I -""'' . . Tlir.CII VIlI'llNltKHf! r(AUAY Hereby nie notice, thnt their (illN'lllcAL Af;ent for Coumiesj.l New-York is i (j;o j J';t;is, Rurlineton Vt T1C (j,l1(.rai Agents are fully prepared lo' appoint whereier li tre is mibranch of the Com- ,,.iny . ,.uhl.t ,, personal upphcatioii or by nmil.iw. Tht. raI)i, mf of ib. secelebiaied pills, and ihe fxiraortimary cuies iiit-y ure const coustaiilly efleciing.ieli 1 1" f IJ"!'"1" I" A j . 'Ibellmrk-iibergPill-areinconceiiiiblysiqH-riorlol Cures, nrn CuiiMiintlv i:tli...ii.,i Hy tliese 1 ills, in ea-i-s wbeie every oilu r means had utterly build. 1 be most abundant prool of this could lH-giveii,buin IrialolunelHix willconviiu-eibepaiu.ii They can be ordcrul nud s-nt by mail, at trilliu 'ei. pense. The pi ice is cents n box fr, ttcodoll.ns h oi th in e oi del ed and the money , euiitttd, the Cum. paniiwill piiijthepiistiigcaiithe Pills. Ilemiuaiices ul the Company's risk. Wherever there i iiougeucv ol the Com mny they can be ordered by mail, These Pills me taking the place of nil others, and no iktsoii should be w ilhout lliem. ALL UILLIUVS COMPLAIXPS. llmrel Compltiinti, Couttl.pation, llysprpm, I'erer auil Ague, Headache, Jaundice, Liter I'implaints llheuinati'in, all Stomach Cuinplawii, (!i,f Sick! uess, iSr fr., yield ut mv lo these Pills. ''... purge aivayulfeiisive huiuoiirs, arrest the progress ol discnsi. and at the a Hue I me rcstoio lone ami vigor i ! system. In eases ol gilierm deraiig.-mcni of healili llieyare SOVKItl.KiN. ' ' r wain usa. The weak will Is- mad strong ; the pale nnd billions complexion be iistoud to perleclly iresh nml heuhhy color; and the hulls) inptiins will one by uiieUUippear In shoit, theso PiIisiiV- an inconceivable advance upon nuy illieriiiulicinsever olf-red lo the public ATUIXL Ull.LtXllilV XXVIAEOI 1UIS. 13,'sj JONES BALL & POOR. ' NO. 123 WASiriNGTONSTJUlCTHOSTON. Iiiipiiiltrsiil'eV Wlmlrsiilc Deitlnrs In Watches, Jewelry, Alllllnry (.'md, ,.-c. If A V 12 itncni vri) nv nrnivr auiiIvals iuom J A l.ii,'laml nml I'rnnre.nlnree and exicnsivc as sortment ol the followimjilesciibed (tooiKwillnnnny olhci kimlsloo numerous to he mentioupd,si'leeted ex piesslyfor their wholcile trmle, and iouiprning Ihc Bienlest inrietyol iiitielesto be found iu the city, to which the ntteiition of denleis Isinnn-d, liold nml Silver Vnlelies,.Inpaiineil Ten Trays, In of Leier, LT'pine, All-, setsorsmijle.ol allsi7rs; fhor, Jloii.oiital and' Cnnl Tiays, Hrend, Verse Dseapeinetits, of l'ruit nml Knife Trays. nil i)inlities nml piices.'Tnlile and Pocket Cutlery, iroiiiiiieceiinrnieii tiuiK- nci-sors, uaors, ivc. CIS III I.IICIDOO I, Lon-1 from the celebrated ma don, uml Lode in Suis"e.' Alarble, Rosewood and! Ijbony Clocks, Oilier ('lotks, ami Eight D.iyi 'Pniiepi ces. (.old Jcwclre of nil de"- liilf.ictiuersol Slu llield, Rodgel", Crookes, Wos- teiiholin,(! with many ch'-nper kinds ol Table Knives and Fork", Willi bone horn nud cocoa wood handles. i-nplions; Pun, Ring" ltrn..,l,.l" 11. ..I I'hic- Cbl"ps Steel Hag lllul Pussc Cold Beads, (iuardj Chains, Keys, Gold and: Siher Pencils, Specta cles, Thimble", Eje (lasses, (Juki Pens,. Locket", w it.i a geneiali n'soitinent ol'dold, Sil-i il.i'ps, vct nnu 1 01, Chains and Alouiiliugs, Sled Heads, Spi-ctach-s, Spectacle Cases, Silk Purses, Ouaid ('h.iilli, Watch Glasses, Specta cle Eye", L-tntn Wick, Tin nml Shell .Music Boxes, Jewel Boxe", bronzed and lacnuered Thermometers, Table ver nud Out Inuej Goods. I Plated Cake H.ikets Can dleslicks. Calois, Pa ted nml Britannia Table llells.iVC. nml 'Pea Spoon, Coiks, Wnteh Tools of every dcs Butter Kitiie", &c. c-iipliou. Britaimta Tea nml Colfce File", Grnver", and nil Pots, Sugar and Cream kinds of Watch Alale- Pots riil, both CmdiVi and Coiuiiituiioii Wure, of all Swiss'.urJ. kinds. 1 Purchasers may be assured thnt every thing in our line will be tarnished on as lavoiable terms ns can be ploeiired floiiniuy soulcc. Dealets are invited to call nnd examine. UEO.H. JONES, TRUE Al. HALL, NATIIL.C POOR. eowlyl5 MERCHANT TAILORS' Cent IfHifiiN riiriiihiu? .Store M G. HATHUUN ii CO., iiwi: nn- 'tii. eeived llieir fall slock of Cloth", Cassimeres, Vesting" nuiiTiiniuuug", amlare piepand to luinih and iniiki; garment" in the an-s style. A larL"- nssorliuent of Craiais, IMkls , Shirts, Glovi", Sinpeiideis, Silk nnd Woolen Under Siurii, tiinu , uspcniieis, .-siiK nnu v ometi i.uiuer tiiri, (jollais, Mioiil.leibiaccs. m skoit nil nrncles ol deli tlcmetis' dress may be f Aim Tailors' (ravc found at No. 2 Peck's Block. ravous, Alcasurcs .Vc. AI. G. RATIIHUN, C F. WARD. Ilil'lini'l n My 12. 1SI7 M. OSTHEIM, 110 MisniiTr sti:i:p.t, sr.w voitu, WIkiI'-siiIi' Ginccr nnd Dealer in Iiiiporlid I.iijiiois, Wines nml Serins, roii-igu i'lt'scnrs nml t.'ciinnii Kissin ger Alincinl Wiittr. 50tf V l 0 I) lT c Commisriton iHcrfljanto, IVo. 1 Wilier Street, NEW VOliK. Jas. S. rEnaLso:,. Gakdineh Sherman. HEFEn TO Me9rs. J. !s .T. l'eck. N Co Burlington, Vt. " Draper, Aldiieh Frink, ) " Townsfiul, S.iyre Clark, New York. ' .1. J .1. V, Seymour, ) I'hillips Culer, Albany, llm3 1847. ITIci'chatstsi' fiinc. LAKE DOATS I'ortlicTinnspiiiiiiiion ol'IMupcrty rictu-ceti LAk'II CHAMPLAIN, TROY, A LRANY, NHV Y0Rv k ROSTOX. The Proprietors ol this Line will run, during the pre sent Season, SIXThbN l-'IUST tLASS LAICU HO ATS, and nre prepared lo execute pioiopliv nil bu siih.svm,i, niiim tiil-y may op cntui'l, J r?o .w-r-tions shall be wanting lo nii-rit a continuance id that patiouugc. with which the Line has hercloloie been la uied. Their arrangements for toiviurr on Hudson Iliier and Lake Champlain will enable lliem to give yood despjtcli to properly, 1 loperty lorwarued by this Line is actually and ac cuiateiy weighed at the tnneot shipment. The Hoats are iusuicdfiiud propeiiy not subjected to llie occa sional delay and nijUry incident to transhipment. Propeiiy lo and 1 1 i n HOS TON' loiwaided by VLSTKttlRAlLliOAI) or Vl-JSSKL. 'h. A. .10HNBON, 'J Cocmics Slip, N'cw Yoik. COKNl.LlUo LOVl.LL, New Voik and Hostou Packet Ollice, Long W'luil, H iston. ',- " J'ilOPlllCTOItS. joim im.vni.ii?.v c., nr!ilIlnn v, SllCCSSOrStO FOI.I.ETT i DRAI.I.CV "rniiion. It. NICHOLS. HUitTCiN it Co..ft. Albans, Vt. lliiillngion, A pril, 1 Ctli ltti" li tsatsiK' sai-.v-ctpai'tllii, rou tiii; ul.moval and pkumanent CUHHOK ALLOlSLASLS.MMSING FKOiM AN l.MPCKi, STATiiOl-'THK-HLOOD T " Oil 11AU1T Of 'i'HU SVfaTJiM, . . VIZ.: ,W -' Sa of ula, or hi 'ng's evil ,Il.ieuiniitism, obstinate euta neons enndtuHS, iiiiiilrs,or httsluUa uutht'face, blufchcs, tile, cinoiiic sure eyes, ring worm artet rcr, sciuanenut rmiufiemcm una jwiu uj nones nnd joints stiuLunt uU'eix. sununtir svirwtums. sciaticit,or luinOago ; and deputes arisititf jrotn an injudicious men) mercuiy, iinctteitor diOisy, cr jtimure or imprudence in life; uUo, chronic con stitutitinnl dtsnrdas, c. Iu thi nrcpa ration are Ptrontjly concentrated nil the Medicinal propeitit. of ais ipanlla, combined with theinott etleetual aid-1, the xwoiX s-dutary productions, the inon potent ninple.- ot the veritable kingdom ; audits nnprecedeiileil hicccm in he ict-turntioii to Iiealth o tlius-e who bad lon pined under the must di-tres-mii; chrome maladie.-, Ins cien it nn exalted character, furniihini' ns it docs cudencu ot iu own intrms'ic vnlu. The billowing is anextract fiom a letter received froniltcv llliani (ialusha : ltc.KK-.iiiKE.Vt ,Oct.S-i.1. 1313. Mtssr.s Sanps- I Have been ullhcicd with nseiere pain in my side, occasioned by a di"ease.HiM-r, lor ihe la-l twenty yeais j suliermg nt times language c-nunot convey, but since taking ) our S irsapurill.t I hale been greatly much so that 1 ban- been able Iu intend to my business, and preach occasionally for llie last lilleell months. 1 wholly discarded all I 'ker medicine, nnd thoroughly tried the Sarsaparill i wlnch I can recommend in truth nud siucerily to a illcerilv to nil Itiosc wl.. nrr ... nor wnv nllbcieil Willi nilV sl'Cles ,,l scrofulous compla nils. '1 nere Imebeen some n nnik uble cures elli-cied by its use in lluswi'imtv Mrs I. Shaw, by the use ot m botiics, was tesion-d to better health Ih'in shehad hefoie enjoyed b.rten jiais.iind Airs. YV Stevens, who hid been seieielv ailhcicd with KrysiiK-las, was entirely cuicd by iheiise ol'uleiv bottles. Yours. truly. WM. GAl.t'SHA. The following testimonial liom the Agent to the j rilumriAli a samhri ;iil;-,l ' 1''11' o l'i". S?ei.7. 1SIG- .Vesns .1 .' .1. 0. Sands. man near value ol tin-i-sarsapariiiii iu a case ol lepiosy will be more bottles to peiiuaiieiilly i-sinbiishiiis health Y'ours.iuost rcsjH-cllully, 11. W ItAYN'OLDS, I'or farther particulars, and coiiehi-ive evidence of Us suiH-rior value and i llicaey, see paiuphlcts, which may be obtained ol Ageiils cuius. Prcpmed and sold by A. II. it I), SANDS. Drug, gists, UK! l'lilton-Ft curlier ol William, New .Yoik. I'or sale by Then, A. I'm, Apoilicaary und Wholesale Druggist, 11 I'. (!oss,aierbury ; S. Iv. Collins, Momiielier! L. L. Duichcr St. Albans; M If. Platl .t Co., Plaits, burg, and by Druggists generally Ihioujhout the L'ni. led Slates. Price ?1 perhotlle. Six hollies for $5. lluihngtoii, li l-'cb, IS17. ly, UfATCIIliS, JUWKMJJUY, CLOCKS cleaned and repaired to order, and hi ax eood sivie as can te uone eisewueic. July 1 J I! AN DA LUifl TOH ALTO. li()Xi:S 1IAKK1S' CAVKXUISII Tobacco, 150 70 ' Peini a " " Dade's " J. tj J. II. PP.CK f- Co. LUMJIER. i nn m, Knot Spriico Ilonrda. X JXf so AI t,lnpi,oards. Spruce and Pine Shiiinle. Hy J. ft J. II. VL.VK H CO. auo '1 'Aft hy the Bbl or slnale Oallon 1- June. 10 51 CATLIN fj SPK All Doiasfnntly on hiiiid ALL the popular Patent Aledcciens of the day war ranted genuine, ALSO Pure Lirjuorsnntt Wine, tor Aledecinat .Mechanical nnd Chemical purposes only WAI. H. HATCH. AVinooskl Falls, June, 1st 1917. sUH Agents Wanted. Win: SUIJSCRIHER is DKsinocs op ks- B gaging a number of men of good address nil. I business habits, wilh to S'.JA tendy cash, to sell and use his new impioved Sulphur fume, or gas bath. A profisol $5 to 6Uj a week may be realized. All Post paid lelteis promptly answered. O. S- BLISS. No. Cohocton, Steuben Co. N. V June 211, '47. LIFE .INSURANCE. THE Mutual Lin: Company, cl Woicestcr, Alassachuselt", contin ue 'n issue policies 011 lives, on the moat favorable Icims. HON. JOHN DAVIS, Prctiilenl. I111O GEO. H. SHAW, Atent. Alii) nml Candles. 1 June 10, 51 CATLIN" it SPEAR. lAl'c Snissiraiicc. npHE SUIISCRIIiER is Arhat for tiii: fl. .Nrw Evoi.ami AliTC.t. Lire Ixscraxce Com tasv, nud will effect imuinncc 011 lives 011 terms that cannot fail 10 prove sntisiaetory. S. WIUI-'.S. liuiluigton, Aug. I, ISI7. CuiO Tin Plates, Iron Wire, &c. Jisd) D ll()XI'ST1N PLATES, 1-3 X and HH) Bundles Iron Wire, assorted numbers. 2G do Rus-ia nnd Euulisti Sheet lion. Sheet Copper, Copper Bolt, Rivet", Lars, Sheet Zinc, Ac, by STRONG, DOOLITTLE &. CO. June 1C. lo!7. 51 I) v u s Turrs, Q(W '!u!, Cnmpeachy Logwood, 2jnbbl St Do- O' ' ' uiiiigo do., 2UJ Mils Nieni.iguay,2j'l bbls Fuslic, 15 J bbis Camwood, 30 hi,K M hbK Alum, 73 bbls. t ..-peras,2Ubbls Blue Viniol,5:i De mijohns Oil ot tiic-1 J. fj J. H. PLCIiii Co. fcu PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. j. it . . Burlington May IS 17. RAA KlXiS l'OWDER, tJUyj Hit) Hays Shot, 150 do. Corn Hrooms, 75 " Pads, by J. tJ. II. PLCKli Co. T7XCIIANGI: on LONDON, LtVL'ltPOOL, DUHLIN and l.Ul.MiUuull ill sums to suit purchasers. Hiih May, lb 17. . hf J. II. PP.CK ! Co. ; it o c ii it i us. Ilhds St. Croix an.l Porto Hico Sugars, 7u Hbls. New-Lu-jland " 10 10 mixes ij'imp ID Hbls. Powdered and Crushed ' SO HliJ". Molasses 15J Half Chetts Young Hyson Teas, SlJO Cuddies BJ Chest" Hyson Skin " dl) Haas Hio Collie, lo " .lata " 21 " Pepper, s.i " rii..Ho, Di)U MatsCiissj-i, 3.1 il.iis. Sal Lratii", 10 Kegs p-ue limber, SUOlluM'S. 11-irSoap, 60 " Pipes, J. if . . II. rCCK is Co. OUT TOUACCO All) S'I' IT... V ' Ul I!bl. Lorr 1 -mi's Chewing Tobacco. 00 bbl" doSn-.o'iinu do, 500 Hladdeis Scotch Siiutf, SIX) Jais Maccobos Snull. 40 J. U J. 11. PJ.CK H O Agents. JE.VVELL,,HARRISON Co. C o m in i h s :i JJcrc h a ti t s. V s ". And Dealers in l'RODUCK AM) PROVISIONS, " No."3,T'riU-r Stu-ct, Botwrcn Coenties Slip and Ilroad street, Abut. S Jen-ell,''-' ) S. I), llarri-on. 0. 1). Van Wajenen. ) NEW YOItK ttrrKn to Messrs. Follett Jt Uradley.Durlington, J.iJ.H.Peck it Co. " ''JSBSwAlrtS ff AGAR&ARTHUK f-sj. -J.'rtiisy are nowreceiiingnew fiipplies of SAUOLEIt V, Coach nnd Shelf IIflIU- V AUK, in nil its varieties. Also, Uniij? and Medi- ernes, i aims, una, nrmsnes, etc. Uurlmcton, 131G. Aiiutliec.nriesi' ESnll, Corner nf Church nnd Cnllee St. Hurling! (ii:o. C.!i.VfiTn.v. I'iiopiiiktoi!. 'IIOLESALI AND MTTAIL UILVLCl Drills, Cluy.ilciils, Oils, Ciimplir-nr, Djc. BlIIIIS jlllllS, IVC-., sVC'.ylVC. 1,.Sf) (leneral dealer in Patent, Dotamc nnd Titoxso jcian lUvcrirs. Tor ihe sale ol" JtwETT's. Comsi.x-u's, an.l Sheh in's Medicines, as also tor all the popular Patent .Medicines ol the day Sole Ac'ent lor the sale of Thomson's Sui ivktek and (! all's Uieri naior, All orders addressc I ns will meet with prompt at teiiliou.lie caielully packed and warranted, haiingthc largest nud best noriril stock lo be found shoii of New Y'oik purchased rxeliisitely for cah we are enabled to make large discounts from the lusiumaiy pticcs. Harrington s Huihhug." fc P S l)r II J llE SEUiKowillbeln ntlendanceon S.lllirday'siilul Wednesilny'slr. in 10 A M.,lilllo' cliKkP AI., at Apotheeaiies' Hall, comer. of Chutih m , , , V ' f lT n ' wll0wl!'U 'ml' 37tl asafe del V,, iiiTd nsT he e ,ual 'nia some uimaliual ciicumstanccs do not p, eve t reputation olihisiiiticle.tuougl. .item, las U-c, the Proprietors Hholisale price. us-iouervtii ibis. u PAINTS i$- OILS. 1(1 T0XS Winn: I.kmi, dkv and ... 111 V.'i. cn- rt,,, I'rencli Yellow, Verdigris, Uiroine 1 i-llow. t hrome Oieeu, Litharge, Hed lead "lining, f c.., as.i Lin-Sccd Oil; Spirits Tuirn tine, I u.ich und 1 uriniure Variush, iu iiuantuics to June 10. '17. STPiONG, DOOLITTLH ! CO. Vlciili'. 1 500 bb,a ''WUR LfJUXJ 500 nif. .. saw by J. J. ii. !t r0. i ier. . I Bfc" To llrnli-ifxi. oaMori y uot ueH jr me suleif Minera " 'I'tithplltirHiijilini, Ycnif vt. r 1 raj vi i. i. i irtKrl,,".f. ,'I1"'B.r i"iiJ flam, .Molar, Pivot nnd -Plate Teeth. Also Forceps, Fib s (.ol.l aiid Iiu I' "il". LAcuvators, Scnlois, Hurrs, Drills Moulds, Mirrors, finishes, flc-, Plaster, ite.nt March 5 1817. ly TIlHODOIiHA.PLCK. TRAVIS & CO'S NORTilERN LINE. &fi 1847. The rrmirlolorsortlils Line will cnntlnnrj t run a Six On, Mho of Boat" during the pres ent season ol Navigation, lor the Transportation ol all Property entrusted to them, with safely and de patch, between AV; II' VO.r, nml ST jonys C. E. 1 Ihe 1 ropn.-tors hai.- nnnug.-d with the Cham plain Jinnspiiiiniion Company lo ship daily, (Sun dais excepted, hy Steaineis liUIJLINti'i'ON ANU WHITEHALL, on Lake Champlain, which with their Line of first class ess(, Canal and Lnke Boats, will forma Line uiiilrpa'"ed in facilities for the Trausportationof Piopeity, with despatch and safety. ALL cumin -llll-l H) l-V Tills l.lvP. AP.F. INSUIIED. W. A. TRAVIS, A?ent, Whiiehall ; p. F BLOUNT. Asent. Troy j L. J N STARK, lL NVw-Yok. Hoais ol this Line ,cave NEW YORK, ALBA NY and I ROY I) lily, Sundays Excepted. SHIP II Y GHIITITIIS iVio- Yotkaml Tioy Line TuwDoats. For Freight apply to L. J. N. STARK. .13 roomies Slip. N IF. A. TI'.A 1'IS, Whitehall; ' A. A. TUIIIIS, S-hmjierrillc l O.T lUAlCXr, l'J:i Ihrcr-tUttt, Troy I). COI.n,W6Pier Al'jamj; A. C.Alh', Cmnstnek's .uniting : CCKTISMAXX. Manns Landing ; XIVIIOLSH IlL ltTUX St. Alban-t; II I II A II. P.. l'lnlt,LTBh! COLVIXrniMULi:, PQ,i Kent; W. II. SAXB, V!izy; to 1. 1.1: r r ; ; .. i ui.r. r, , J. It J. II I'l.CK, I .. .V. WAI! I:. S CO.. J Burlington ( 1 A. WhUII if CO . Pause's Point; WM. IJUI1IIAM, Complain; 1 ii iirii.'o,.,i,i'nv WM VOOTl), " ' ' A'- John's, C. B. MATIIhWMlXb SIXCLAtll, Montieal; W. C. lUiXDPHSOX, Quebec ; TRAVIS it CO N. II All Goods shipped by this Line will be ae curately weighed and caielully handled. Alaik Goods Cure TRAVIS it CO. 43 tl "CLARK, FISK & CO."" 2-is iTii'o .v nti!i:i;t, s. VOk . i AVE on hand, nad offer for sale a choice K-lee-1 ul - 'call leas fiom tlie late arrivals, com nrisinff unu uau cnesis ttysnn smii, li'J Uo do l nun-' Hi son. UK) 173 75 37 id "73 bo 57 do do do do do do do do do do do do do do Old Ih son, Twankay, (unpowder, Impeii il, Flow cry Pecco, I'ouebong, Ningiong, Oraiig- Pccco, do do s-oucnong, .11 cadi ICS nf inrxiit" ..I,:..Q It ih 1 'I- .......n. .usu, OJJCI raekaues I ooneco, conipn-mj. various brand" an.l qiiaiiiies ; ripes ami Se.r,ri.. Maeeobov and sVnt,-h llltl; New Oilcans. Porto Hie... sir I rn.r .....I tl- vana Coll'ee, eiushed ; Loal and Poml, ml New- Orleai-s, Porto Hico, Nu.iv. la-.St Crou 'I m- iiiao unu c una iioiases: Hall Hoxi s. Ilm and Kec KaisinSlSt )oillin-r,,. I ul.r. I!,.. I s; ..." ami Jam Colli i' ; Pmiento. t.,.. r v ,.,,... Cloves. .Mu-tiird.Ca-s.a, 1 aney 1 liir Soap.SpHrm ami .Mould Lumlies, Winter ami Siiniincr Oil", Mack ere .Salmon, Shad, Heirui', Pickled and Dry Cod. and a lull and uen-rnl assortment of Oroceries, which we ofler lor sale .it the icry lowest market prices, and to winch we invite the atieniion id" the connirv mer chant. CLAIiK. 1'ISIv- ..-. ( ( N . II. Liberal advances made upon consignment. JOHN S, WARE, Stnnigc ami I-i.iu.-inliii .ifcicinint, iNOItTil H'HAHr, H V k l i f; ro a, yt. KErrnENcc : VILAS it XOYLS, .. J. .V. .1. II. PUCK .t CO. Ourlmemn. The Niiiili ti linn ollcis evciy lacihiy for the safe epmgandpionipt dehveiyol li. i(;bis,aiid allbusi--ss addressed to tile care of J, S. U AltC shall ra. ceive prompt attention. lue Meam l'ropiller. James II Hooker, the Stea. iners nurlinjion,isut. hail. l'rimcis Sailus, .Montreal, and the J-'errv Heat Winmkt nu.l tl .ihi;....,., i;..u ol long bouis'auil vss. is c.irrying Ireight on Lako Chiiiip toinh atilns Wbau. l- fijr. IHON AM) NAU.S. I i Tons Hngbs'i Tire Iron. HA 10 Tons Did Sable Iiussia Iron. 'i Totn. Swedis ' 15 " Horse Shoe ' 'JO " Hound and Square M 15 ' llnme and Scroll " 10 " Hand 5 " Hoop IS " P S I and Norway Nail Hod,. .Naylors .t Co.'s Cast fcieel. Pen son's Spring do Uciiuan do Swedis Jo l.ngbsh Hlister do 2000 Kigs Keeseville Nails and Ciads. 333 Dm. llasis and Fiks. Hv 17 J- H J- SI. PP.CK It CP. Gils. Vflflft Ca"iw winter as, spring Meai-I.i-d Spciiu, 1JM " " Win,.. 25 Hbls. " J.ard W " American Llnseid, by J. If J.J I. PLVICtcCo ?A AfTJ Roxesi Uttrlhiton Extra, mdJJJ llurlimrton. Darlington, ermont, Il'sex, and Lake, Kedford Crown. 150 J. UJ. 11. rPCKLCo. I)7 rairbanks' Hces. 10 dux. do and Van Omani's Hay Forks. 40 " Scythe Snathes. 75 " Iteddingtun's Scythes. 50 " rarcwell'd 50 ' Hlood s Hy I. !t . rLCK .S CO. CO rimtri & KKI.LCGG. l.MPOUTLIiSOf CHINA, GLASS, EARTHEN WARE, Looking t:inst-, Ti n 'l'rii)s, (.'iiundoiei, I.iiiiijs, C'listois, Ac. 1133 UIMIU STUEET, xi.rr.En it. rriRCt. 3a tpoy v v GEO. W. EELLCGO.J JJi 1 IllOA.IS.I. i'eaiil stiu:i:t iiousc, iiiirlinutoii Vt. a-jsjA J1V VILA- iV .NOV Es. Circumsinnces having rci.dend llie control of the above pieiinscs necessary, vie would guenoiice to the public that the Peail Si House is imw ojien for the ucfuiuuioi!altuiiol'untel!eis and oibeis who may call. lleii-g located in one ol the pliasamisi parts ol our village, ami commanding as il dins a bne siew ot Lake Cbamplaiii and the scenery about Huiiuigtonr utidnlso being near the I uiveisiiyci Veimont, w lliiuk it can scarcely tail to please the scurchfr lor pleasure and lecrcaiion, while nl tin-same tune it nf lords those us,u bumcts n ctmloitable home Air H N. Cole and Mr- 11 li. A1iik.ii, late c Ilighgute bnrimis. will inauae the lli.c... lur ..s nn.l loihose vihoarc acquaitued with them as Cxtekiks, it would beunuecessji) lu say a single wold tu cim iiuuiiiin. ouiiiit in say iuui evern mine vi 1 be. i-to make it ngiieable and pleasant to alt who wish in make u a supping place, i-heviiig that ihe oi inioAicnimg drinks as a ingc looe iiijiinous 10 inem wiioiiie or do not uso l, nud dcltliuental to the well U io.r ,,l also ill hoslilnv to the law ol iI.h Sim.s nn.l ,1, strongly expiesstd wishes oi a majority ol il.e Kiee incn thi-uot, mi- shall outlier keep it publicly no, ctandettiiiety lobe sold i rgirei away. A sun ible carnage will be piovtded to take passen, gets lo a. id from ihe Steam lloats. All Stages will call al this House. ,, , .. Wm. R, Vtt.xs, .March, 1817. Mokillo Nous, .llai'Iiiiic Alainuarloi'v. fpiIK Subscrilx-r is iiniuifacturmg, und is prepared C to build to order, all kinds of V uoli ii Alai-hiiic-r) , cum ns Carding Machines, Condensers, Pickers, Jacks. Hips, fcuers, I-ulhers, Hi iifhing .Machines, Nappers, iit-guiaiors, vVc. All work entrusted to him, will be s.vecnleil uliti nearness nud ilcsptilch. His Alacfiine Shop is sitax ted in .Moiiti-hei,iliree miles Irom the village, un ihr roairtu Wniccster nnd Sl. Albans. Tliesuli-nlK-riscoiilidiiitthatliecan build nsgonif a Card or Jack, as can be piucured in Xcw F.nghinoV Those running his Muchineiy pionounce it lo run ai vvellasnnyiuiis-. MRU AO WIHGIPP.'Jr. JIoiitpiUer.Dec.llfelfl. 5,.

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