Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 17, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 17, 1848 Page 3
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XXXth CONOItESS. During the week p-ist the Smote has been almost Constantly occupied, with cloned iloors, In discussing the terms ol the Treaty with Mexico. No other bu- biiicu, excepting tiie ordinary routine ol the session, presenting retitions.Memorials Ac. tins been Iran-notes! in that body. On Wednesday, the mil lnt., Mr. Webater presented a petition from inhabitants ol Fir ffiilia, that the public lands be so disposed ol ns lo ex tinguish slavery in the Southern states. It wns moved to be referred. Mr. Hunter of Virginia muted to lay "On the table, which wns carried. The following is our synopsis of the doings of the House. Tuesday-, March,?. Mr. Washington Hunt, of New York, Imm the Committee on Commerce, rrporled a bill in lavor of tewitting the duties on goods destroyed in the city of New York, during the great tire of IBI2, which wns read twice. , , On motion of Mr. Vinton of Ohio, the House rcsolv-t-d itself into n comniitlee of the whole on the state of the Union, and took up the bill providing lor delicicn cies in the appropriation or llie present fiscal year. The first thing in order wns the amendment ol Mr. Thibideaux.ol Louisiana, offered previously, propos ing to strike out the live thousand dollars in pay the salary of a minister to the Court ol Koine winch was amended by proposing also to strike out appropriations for similar outfits to Holiv iu, Gualamala, Ecuador, Ac which it wns moved should be adopted. Mr. Vinton moved nn nuicmlmcnt, for Inserting an appropriation ol twenty thousand dollars for the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign putts, which was carried. Several other items were in turn taken up and Amended. The Committee then rose nnd reported the bill back to the. House. The amendment striking out appropri ations for ministers to Koine, ltolivin, Ac, wns non concurred in by a vote of 63 to 5. The bill wns then ordered to be engrossed for a third reading. Mr. Charles J. Insersoll. of Pennsylvania, moved a reconsideration, in order that he might be prepared lor auuressuig me unusc, peuuing which, an nujounl' tnent was muted and earned. Wedvesdav. March 8. After some unimportant business, the Speaker an nounced the oruer ol trie day, winch was Mr. l.viiLit s,oll's motion to reconsider the vote of yesterday, on L. ....... . I...-.., in ,1.. I 1.11 1 ....I.: : .1... inc amciiMiMtrii, iv. me lti. minii j inn, nwimii om llie appropriations lor new missions, which wns lost yes terday, and which Mr. I. w ilied to have reconsidered, in order to obtain the opportunity ol speaking upon the question. Mr. I.sernsoLL then proceeded to speak upon the subject and delined liis own position with a great deul of earnestness. The debate was further continued by Mcsira. Dickey and Chs. Ilrown ol l'a. The question was then taken on reconsidering the motion, when it was lost. a j The hill then came up for final nttio'i, as amended, ami passed by n vote ol 137 Yeas to 15 N'uys. i The House then niljourned. Tiirnsniv, M ireh 9. In the Senate, the bill from the House, providing for deficient appropriations, was received, lead twite and , referred lo the Committee on Finance. On motion ol Mr. Sevier, the Senate went into Executive session, mid reinaineJ until 0 o'clock. In the Ihuss Mr. Vinton from the Committee of Ways and .Means, reported a bill providing lor civil auid diplomatic appropriations for the ensuing linan rial year, which wns referred to the Committee ol the Whole. A message from the President was received, an nouncing that he had signed the resolutions of th-niks lo Gen. Scott, and grantiugjtlic.frankmg privilege to Airs. Adams. Mr. Toombs of Georgia moved that the naval ap propriation bill he recommitted, lor the purpose ol mi amendment taking inlo consideration the President's to of the Kivcr ami Harbor bill, tin this question Mr. Hamilton of Pennsylvania mule n snet-eh. dis. cussing tue veto, una lk"'" ' I Fmniv. March lit. question wns luhcii The following is ih report ol the dignified proceed, trigs in the Niu, .Men.i,'erie,a ueik ago to-day ! I Tlie quarrel described, between n couole ol loeolncus. WIS evidently a. mere i'lrk w.el. nll'nr ' uttle of llrltreitcntatires Alter some lime sneol without nc'ion, the committee rose, there lieing no quorum present. It was lieu moved lo adjourn, mid while the tellers were engaged in the taking ol the question, a quarrel between Air. Haralson ol Georgia and Mr. Jones of Tennessee broke out. When liny came to vote, Jones charged Haralson with inconsist ency. .Some histv words followed, until Jones imii- he he. Knroged at this, Haralson relumed the lie i with a blow, alter which they clinched each other with great fury. At last, by the exeriions ol the other members, the brawling legislators wire separated, , fcach of them then made an apology lo Hie House ither I ..ia, uf. me iiiuiueiu oi llie quarrel, u r I , t'J . . perleci Ineiidship had existed between them; but of 'J0""1)' morning last for Kentucky via Newark, course lucli a sliamelul alfair could not be suffered to N.J. A great crowd assembled to take leave "mhvI,!!!'."""'!.! . , . , I "f him, and he was greeted .will tremendous .Mr. I allrey moved that when the House adjourned, 1 cheorinir nvi...,r.,..l. ni,.n it should adjourn to order that perlcit calm ' c"e-""g L lclegraph tu Hoston papers. Iieis of feeling might he restored belore business should ' n,.,.,,,,-..,.. v... - m-Ti . r Ik resumed. The motion was agreed to. I 1 ''"'"TIAI. ht.ECTION' Hy the act of Cen- Mr. Thompson of Mississippi submitted a resolution Rre,,l January, 18 IS, the ne.vt Presidential elec tor the appointment of a select committee ol the lo , lion will be held in every State on the same day. inquire into the nature, causes and circumstances of This year the appointed day is Tuesday. No the rencontre, nnd to report lo the House Hereon, , v,ii -,t, ", .vj Msr Ifnri.ln,,!. .,,,11.,... il tl I, 1 1, ... .1.. ' HnUtr IU. Dreseuce of llie House A good deal ol discussion of the subject followed, in which several members participated. They contend ed that the dignity ol Hie House required an imeMi gation, with a view in censure or expulsion ol the of letidmg parties. Finally the apology of the parties was entered upon the journal of the House, mid so llie mailer ended. Then, ou motion, the House adjourned, to .Monday. y , ., .Mo.vDAi, .March 13. In the II mi', Mr King, of Georgia, ollVred u reso luiiou lo dispense with me de.-ks ol the members, 1 which was on the table. . Mr. Singerljiid ofiered a resolution to sell the pub lic lands at 5U cents jwr acre to order to guard ngaiu-l llie evtortious ol speculators. Ar. Murphy presented a memorial Iroin llrooklyu, I. thai the public lauds be made tree to actual fieujers. I Mr. Jacob Thompson nfT.-red a resolution that the Judges of the Supreme Court be appointed for a term l years, instead ol die jiuie laid on the tiible.HJ inM. 1 he Speaker laid Mine the House communications from the executive department in relation to ocenu Bicum service, patent oiiice.auil mails, which were or dered lo be primed. Adjourned. t From ihc New York Tribune.) A SONG FOR CLAY. Poi-bt not ! doiiht not ! Ye noble Iriends of Ci.iv, fame's hriglncH wreaths are on your hero's brow. Wreaths thai cannot, will not lade or fall away: Then duubi not, doubt not ; do your duty now ! (Shrink not! Shrink not, from the impending strife, 1W tremble lor the duy when comes the lest ! oik on! woik uu,nud letuscruwu the hie Ol him we lute, great " Harry of the West." Fear not! Fear not ! His lime has come ni last. tr vl 18 R'a"""K brigluly in our sky ; 1 lien how and nail your colore to the mast, And swear this time to win the victory. Doubt not ! Doubt not ! The watch word now is said, In present days, as in the years gone past, '"e flings her halu round our heio'shend, , faultless, iinmorlal.cbaugleu tu the last I Frank II. General Order. Head Quarters or IirornToisM. (Mice of thu Union, Va-liin.riin. "IT IS NO HKCO.MMHNOATION AS A FRIKNI) OF Till-: ADMINISTRATION TO JIK TUB FRIEND OF TUB VIL.MOT I'Ru VISO. Washington Vmun, tilt Ailministnitimi Organ. A special edict ! jWoforo pipers in the Free State, of this Union will Uke duo notice, and govern themselves accordingly. lion. IIenkv V. Sniovi, lale Recorder of To .Mr Fiederick Ilrown, Proptielor of the Sarsa Troy, State Senator, ic. died t his re.idenco I'",.,? "" '!.'"""'.' "'iters; in lroy on the 28th ull, in the 38lh vear of his .J, J,': ! '5",.'.!?. W'L, V.ty ,fl,lcl"J go. Mr tiny In Western New York. At a meeting of the Whigs of the City of Rochester, on the 29th ult.,tbo following amono other resolutions was adopted: " Kesalted, That the Whigs of lt,l,i.. . , HKNRY lil'AY with MmS, , f,r ,rPr1l1 miration, increased by the ln.Se of yea,. .j' ),lt til 0V Ills unceasing, uusemsii ana uniinnll-i.., . . service, and that he is our first choice as the Wl,i,, candidate for the 1 residency. " - " - At a meeting of the Whigs of Cumberland rv I Kr. held for the purpose of appointing deleonie. .,'. the State Convention at franktorl, the following among the good resolutions were unanimously adoi!": Ketolred, That while we entertain a very high union of (Jen. Z. Taylor's ability as a military otli. cer, and his unflinching integrity as a man, and would follow him with unwavering confidence .on the field of Mine, yei as u pomn-u, kusi i'ii.i me .m.c uj Ashland la all others, and that wc are in favor ol run ning him as the Whig candidate for the Presidency, great principles lor which the Whigs have so long ond ardently struggled ; and that to support any one for Jiesolte u, I iiat we are oevoieoiy uuacitru iu me Ihe Presidency, wnose opinions are unanuwii, wouiu I to sacrifice our devotion to those principles and givi up all that we have contended for in th. past. By Telegraph. Tnov, Mttrcli 10,0 o'clock, 1'. M. The Tribune hag a despatch from Hoston, that in G-2 towns heard from in New Hampshire llie vote for Governor stands fur Horry, Whig, I !, Ci'3, Williams, I-oro, 1 1,(300. Tlio same towns, last year, gave Williams 1 1,1(11), Allies II, 701 a giln of lOJ for tlio Radicals. The Repre sentatives lieard from stand as last year, when the Radicals liad a majority of ten in tliellouse. llie Huston Advertiser of Wednesday, an nounces the death of the lion. Mr. Wiieaton, lale American Minister to Rerlin. lie died at Dorchester, cm Saturday night. Within a few short months, Kent, SrcscEit, Adams and Wiieaton have passed away ! (1. H. Richards, Ksn., a Valued and much respected citizen of Troy, is dead. Rome, N. Y., G 1-i o'clock, V. M. 15th. The Jail and Court House arc both burnt to the ground, and the Methodist Church is now in llatnes. Horace Mass is tlio Whig candidate for Congress in place of J. Q. Adams. MrSKINQfM Ton Cr.Av! Al the Mnsltinmim WI.U County Convention, held nt Zunesville, Ohio, on Sat urday, Feb, 26, the following resolution among others win uuonicu ; Ilesolted, That this meeting continues to have an nhidiug confidence in the talents, patriotism, and statesmanship of HENRY CIAY, nnd would ngain recommend him to the consideration ol the Whin Na tional Convention, lo be held in Philadelphia, lor the selection of n Whig candidate for the Presidency. Col. David Chainliers, of 'auesMlle, wns designa ted ns the Whig enndidnte for Presidential Elector in the Fourteenth District, containing Muskingum and uuernsey Counties. Trouble in I he Liberty Parti'. The three Liberty jiarty papers in this Stale are making quite a iwr, among themselves, as tn the Smils. It seems that Mr. Poland, of the ! reeinan, lias cut rather the thickest slice, say two thirds of the Inaf for himself, and left niilv one third, and crust at that, tn feed the Gazette ami Genius I Air. llrigg of the Gazette makes sundry statement, which (he Freeman pronoun res "very serious and utterly crumidio's" and "wholly destitute uf truth." The Genius, also comes to the charge and rails its brother Poland a "miserly tni-ereaut." Wo presume there will lio " rare sport" among these "pure phi lanthropists " for when such persons fall out others may get their due. MidJlelmry (iahixy. " The night is mother of the day, The winter of the spring, And ever upon old Decay The greenest mosses cling. Hehind the cloud the starlight lurks, Through showers the sunbeams lull ; For Cod who lovclh nil his wotks, lias Ictt his hopes with nil." Junnr. MuI.eav. The wi,;..- ..r v . vi rrvn'T r cxce,,ev"1 r"-as a Mn- uidato fur the l'rc.-idency .urthauiiilun dm- rirr. This) is a rjreat mistake. Only one or two in it..-. s;t.., i 1 ..r .i lion of Judge Mclean, at all, nor have we been able lo learn that the clliots so made lave in any important degree alienated the affections of our people from their favorite, "the Sago of Ashland." Midillcbury (Salary. . ' '"' " " lVl'U 1110 OOIllllia. Fast Dav. The Governor of Massachu- setts, has appointed Thursday, the sixth dav of Anril novi. in - .1 ..i.i:' fasting, humiliation and prayer. c...: l !i;.' . , Hesiu-(.lav Mr. Clay left New York, on Hhiiiivav Roiiiieuv. The latest and best tiling f the kind that we have heard rel.ites to " Fred," the I'rince nf all wags. ILi whs jn;r. gin? home rather Into, and n little happy, wheTi, by :i d;irk ulley, a l.trgo two-listed fel low stepped out and seized him hv the rollar, demanding his money. " Money !" s'nid " Fred," " money, I lime none, but if you hold on n mo incut, I will give you my note at thirty days'" Hujfalo Express. ittcirkctB. Ilrlghton Cnltln Market Monday, Mnrch 13. RtroRTEll FOR Till'. ATMS. At market 75 Beef Cattle, 4 no Sheep, and 203 Swine. Pair vs. reef Cattle A few extra $7 ; first qua lity t;i'j 'ft fi,7S ; second quality g.'iia ir 0. .VaVryi 'JU 3.3tl,fi. .Vu-ine. At wholesale t 3-4 ?5 3-lc WOOL. Duty 30 ;ier rent. There continues lo lie a fair demand for American Wool, without any change in prices. The sales of loreign have been 'Juu ti juo uules hmprna, lerius not public. Tootihiii Tic Doloureux, or r,ice.ich, nnd every nebe, in nil enses, proceeds Iroin impurity ot the blood, ns he cutictis to continue the business of inauuf!iclu HViaCs Indian Vegetable 1'UU are a certain cure I ring rooting slate, thinks he will lie enubVd to supply lor all kinds ol inMuiuiuation nnu pain j because they 1 nurse from the body those morbid humors whieb are the cause not only ol the nbove painful compiainis, but of every malady Incident to iiinn, Wriglu't -I it ion Vegetable Pills also nid nnd improve digestion, ' ns well us purity the blood, nnd therefore not only make I n speedy, safe, nud curtain cureol Tooihucli.Fucencb, I nnd every other nche, hut will niot assuredly give new hie nnd vigor to the whole traine. DewARF. or CousrcRFFiT. The only original AND GF..SUIXF. InI'IAN VuiLTAllLC 1'll.LS 1IAVF. THE klo- I . nature of William Wright written with a ra ' i tin. mi i, Alibi, ur ttuA. tiuac utnrr 15 nine, and to euunterfeil this is IOrufrv. The genuine lor wile by W. II. CURTIS. Wnter .Street, nud Till'ODORi; A. PI 'CK, College Street, sole agents tor Hurliugiou. KciiIkmi Ferguson, Lssex ; J. II. Dyke,lluutiiigioii ; W. Rhodes, Jr. Richmond ; i:. II. Green, Richmond ; J. II. & T. W. Tower, Underbill ; llurllmi &, Hodges, WillUtou; R. San derson, and G. Ayers, West Vilh-inu ; J. Lyman, Jericho; W. II. Velie, Hincsbiirgh ; W, H. .t 11. P, WoihI, Westlord ; Sliiph s Jt I.ycm, Charlotte j John Suuonds, Slielhuriie ; It. Richmond Hainan! ;nud the .ew r.u; l'JS Treinonl Kngland Urnnch Oiliee nud GcncrurDcpot, out Street, ltosion. - - r I 1 i ..-iiiina uit- iiss iiiiiii tiiie.iiiirn Liver Comii.aist, can lie cured without resorting to "'tlllse ol the foreign copies, nnd while they nre equal mercury, if you will only use Urown's Sarsaparilla and lyell gut up, they nll.ird all that advantage lo the Toiiiiilo Unlets. I American over llie l.iigh-h reader. with llie Liver ('nmnluint. and her lienllh wns v..r seriously undermined. Having tiled various pres-1 criplions, vviihoui success, she wns foriunalcly induced o try your Sarsaparilla and To,nnto llnters ; her better in health, and would' advise any one in al Ilea 1 1 louse them. ours resticclfully, Ciiarixs Carle. Portland, Me., Juud Z, IMII. For sale by Tuto. A. PtrK, and A. C, Stear, Am tliecaiiesand wholesule Uruggiois.aud by deulers gen erally throughout the Slate. 3Swi IUi.sam or Wilh Ciifrrv. This is one of the very few patent medicines ol the duy which we can recom- mend with confidence to all who are allected with Coughs, Colds, or Consumption, or who ore predis. I"!l" 'he 'alter complaint. It has been used wilh considerable advantoge by many Uiuilies in town 1 "iew Biuooorn cases 11ns pmiuceil lug tlleets. lloehttter Jlailu Ad nPf ! f,,;?5d..,$:! '.1,e ?"' nit. wistar s ,,.il'S'.".,)f W'y.!IKKItY. None genuine !l!1";FrI,,., h ' HUTl'S.' Address allorders'lo JJV " W r O WLB, lliwton, Mass. For sale whole- ""V." or."0- A. 1'tcK, Hurhnuton.and by ! . "r ,'",'."lc'11cB generally In Vermont. W-VAffi.? py I.lle Insurance. wiihwhSh1!" a")' """."lishmenls in our city, none wim winch we are acquainted excites so much Iniere., , m the beholder, ..itfe rVll m.iufsci rice k Co., w hich is now in full blast We should BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRroAMORNING MARCH 17, think, from the number of hands at work, and the im mense amount of pills dnily manufactured, thnt nil other pill-makers must stop, or the whole population ol the United Stntcsgoto tnklngthem. Of IIirrick's siignr-conted pills, we have heard much, nnd ns for beauty, we must say, they aland No. I. Why, this pill coaling is quite nn Hem wilh our sugar dealers. llF.nmcK ti Co., nre using enough of Slewnri's refined sugnr ench tiny to give each dear old lady sweetening in her lea for sonic lime to come. Hy the wny, wc would say to those who nre obliged lo use pills, lake lli.RiuiK s by all means. The Doctor is n regularly educated Physician, and enjoys the confidence of the prolessiou, both at home nnd abroad. No pills arc so ir.itch talked of, ond il talked of, used, of course. ft?" Orders to be directed lo Iterrick nnd Co. Prin ciple Office, Albany, N.Y. and for sale by A. C. Spear, Geo. K. Harrington. Cnllin and Spear, Hurling ton, W. II. Hatch Winookl Falls, John Suuonds 2nd Slielburn, Lyon nnd Alexander, Charlotte, Wells, Hincsbiirgh, nnd nlso by Druggists nnd Merchants in every town nnd Village. iHarricb, In this vilnge.onthc 9th Inst., by Kev. .1., I). ., Mr. JAMF.S II. HOWE, of Troy, N. Y. to Miss II. MARIA KASSON.ol liurlinglon. In Ibis village, vVednesdny evening, 15th Inst., by Kcv. II. L. Stalks, Mr. Siili.dos PAMiiii'itsT to Mks F.uu A. cldcat daughter ol T. Conner, Esi. of this place. Very suddenly, yesterdny morning, the Idlh lust. KI.IZAULTH CIIITTHNDF.N, wife of Thomas II. Ca.niili.d, Esq. and only daughter of I'.t.t nnd CiiAitLoTTE Ciiittede.i,oI' Williston, ill thcSSih year of her age. The funeral will take place, from the residence ol Mr. CASlIEi.n.on Saturday (to-morrow) morning, at 10 o'clock, nnd from the Congregational Church nt II o'clock. In (his village, on he 10th Inst., Jake F,t.nREmsE daughter of Win. A. Burnett, nged 7 months. In Huntington, on the 6th inst., Mrs. Mxny Jonxs, wife of Dr. Cyrus Johns, nged 3i. Lnilicsj KIiocm. milU IJALANCli OF UL'R STOCK OI-' J. (Jniter, bnlf Oiitcr, and Walking Shoe", no Kid Sho-sof every kind, will he sold, without regard lo f( untill the 1st of May next. Those who wish to purchase, will find it for their ndvnnt.i"e in eue us ral- K. &. K. I.YMAN. Uurlington, March 10,1318. 3S Tor llie 8prin Tr.nle! MAY UK FOUND AT Tllli A.iincur.. ITjI tural Warehouse. n verv lari?e nssnttnient ol llns. ton Centre Draught Plows. Couiurisini! more than Odilfercnt Sizes and varieties. J.S.PKIIlCt;. Burlington, March 15, 1843 3i (1RASS Seed for snlo hv H STRONO, DOOLITTLF. & Co. STRAW CUTTERS.- 4 NKW SITIM'LY, HOVHY'S Patp.nt, il from SS.tO'i,S. llie laslm.iv lie run llnrsn Power, nl the Agriculturul Wnrchouse. ,. , J. s. PLIRCE. Uurlington, Mnrch 15, 1818. 3j I VKRY I.AItCK ASSORTMENT OF il Onrden Seeds, wilh ninnv vnrielr out In he frnirul short of the cities, Vxctpt ot the Agric ultural Wnre- liousr. J. 1 IjlKCl.. Uurlington, March 15, 181S. 3S Ily Tclrgxnpli ! IUST RECKIVKD, FRESH ORANGES & tJ Lemons. for sale ny A. S. DtiWIJY. Ilurhngtoii, March l.i, 1818. 3S I'ilt's Pnlent Horse Power THRA8HER AND CLEAN8ER. MAY HE SEEN AT THE AtiitictiLTi'iiAt. Warehouse nnd will be kenl con-tnntlv and for sale by J. S. PLIUCI'.. Uurlington, March 15, 1818. 3.8 iriUTE & RED Ci-oveii Seed kou sat: It at the Agricultural Wnrehoo J. s. puiitci: Uurlington, Mnrch 15, 18 IS. 3S Commercial Hunk. I milK STOCKIIOLDKHS op said IHxk ' X archereby notified lhat the Directors have or-ilert-d the sum of thirty dollars mi each share of llie Capital Stock m said Hank. (I)clu-ir of the sum pinion Mibscnbiug,) to bo juid in gold nud silver inln nil Hank, at llie olliie ihercof in liurlinglon, on or belore the lift day of June, A. I). ISIS. HARRY IIRADLHY, 1). LYON. I). W Hl'CKLIIY, W R VILAS. GKOKGi: PKTr.RSON, C. I). KASSON, CIIAS. RUSSLI.L, Jttreeturs. Uurlington, March 7, 1SH. 3s3 IN'oliee IOIl TUB SAKK offadlitalinn lluoincss, . the Selectmen of llie 'Town of Colchester will meetuiC. Fletcher) Inn, Winooski Falls, nt III o' clock A. M. ,on the lint Monday ol every month lor the year ensuing. II. II. IllNF.. ) Uv J- "J ir.nF.Rr Selectmen. , , . C. WlllTEMA.V, ) Colchester, March 13, ISIS. 33,3 Uooflnff Klato. THE SUBSCRIIIKK WOULD IXIOHM TUB l'l'll he that, having licen engaged in the business ol inanuiaciuring siate lor two years pit, and havun' n quantity of roofing slate now on is prepared to I furnish builders and others, at a rensmahle price, nt hisiiiiarrv in Fuiihaven. Vt..on l.ivorahl,. lemm. '.,. ! the ilemnml lor the article nt nil nines; he would nKi sny inai ne cxiecis 10 employ experienced hands to put them on to roots when desired to do so. In rel.iu.ui to the quality, the subscriber w ill only say thai it is I the onimon ol cxnerienced slaters, that for (lumliilit.- , they are at least equal il not superior lu the far famed Welch slate. The color is green, and when on the root presents a beaulilul appearance, Al. ANSON ALLKN. Fairhaven, Vt., March 11, 1SH. 31wl Ijcniinrd Scot I & Co' LIST IIT REPUBLICATIONS. 1, The Ixndon Quarterly Review, t. 'Pbe lldiuburgh Review, 3. 'I'he Westminster Review. Quarterly. 4. The North Hriiish Review. J !. Hiackwood's Magazine Monthly, The nbove Periodicals nre reprinted in New York, immediately ou their arrival by llie Hrnili Sieniners, in n henuiilul clenr Ivoe. on line white inner, nn,! nr ("ithlul copies of ihe originals. Hiackwood's Magaime i being nn t:netfae-simile ol llie Ldiuburgh edition. Tl'RMS. Vayment tube made in adranee. horony one ol the fuur Reviews, SJ3 Iki jier annum 1 l- ' .1 . 51X1 Kor nil four of the Reviews, Kor Hiackwood's Mngnine, l'ur ackood and lour Reviews, 7 no NIK) J.IK) 10 1)0 , flJ'KTr,'V'Ii" . 11,".rJ."l!,t,ll furt,,ictl ' of postage "1 '"-" nnm. Notice. TUB Peleclmen of Uurlington will meet for the transaction ol town business, nt the ollice of J. N. Pomeroy, on the 1st and 3d .Mondays of each month during the year, at il o'clock in the morning. March H, I W 37 FOR SALK, TIIR NHW HIUCK HOUSK, on North Street, with one. fourth of an acre ol land, now occupied by Sumner Horkwood. Apply 10 nam KocKwoou or 11. i.r.air.iv vviut i n. March , WW. at iio.tii:. 1IHIERK WK SHALL BK HAPPY TO tf receive Calls for all kinds ot Painting, Graining, Paper Hanging, 4c. &c. , bhrlburu Street, opposite American Hotel. .. ,RU-SBLL & SPAULIMNO. Uurlington, March 10, IHIH. 37 tf. OPIUM. A FRESH ARTICLE, JUST RE" ceived and for sale by HAasisoTos, 37 Apoihecariei' Hall. $100,000 WORTH OF READY MADK CLOTHING! ttUINGTIIALL! The Proprietors of this Kstablishnient have received spuing supply of noons. Selected from the most celebrated Manufactories of Europe nuu America, AlYDHAVi: N'OWO HAJfD Over $100,000 Worth OF READY MADE CLOTHING! MAMTACTL'ilKD KXritKsLI.V roll SPRING TRADE, Made in the llesl Manner nnd most Modern Styles, which will be sold nt LESS PRICES Than similar Goods were ever ofiered fir it this city. STRANtiniLS visiting llosion.nnd DIIADI'.KK I IN ItKADV MADi: CLOTIII.NU.nre particularly 1 invite to call, as their orders will be filled, however large, anil nt the lowrt possihle price. nil the lar gest, Choicest nml Cheapest block In the United Ktatcs,wc can say to our patrons, We are Not to be Undersold I ONE PRICE ! Ami that (luaranlieit to ho lower than imilinr nrtich-M enn he purciwed for rlsrwhere, which rnahlcs llie Fftrmer, Mtrlianic nnd 'rradeninn to make tlieir srlt'ctiuns wilh depateli. nut) uilliout fear ol impusi nun, I CUSTOM 1V0RK ! I In addition lo our immense Stock of Ready Made Clothing, we have cousttmly on liand,n large assort ment ol French Oerinan mid Luglish Fabrics, which , wc will 1 MAKE TO ORDER, nndonr(3armeiilsWARItANTi:iJTO HUKQUAL in every respeel to those eimnating Iroin the most Kalorite Knshioutible lloilsi'S I Ol'lt STOCK is too large to pnrticulnri.e, nnd the public generally nre invited to louk through this lis. tihlMimeut lietore iiiakiug their selection", ns every thing jierliiiniug to n GENTLEMAN'S WARD ROflKcan bclouuJat qUlNCY HaLL ! And no ntticlc criubining durability, style and com fort lor llie Atlisnn or Laborer is omitted. Dealers lVom the South and West Will find n large Assortment manufactured expressly for tlieir trade. They nre particularly imilcd lo examine this Stock l fore purchasing. FURNISHING GOODS -AND- IN LARGK Ul'ANTlTILS. John Simmons &, Company, uriNcv HALL, HOSTON. OVER QUINCY MARKET. K T K A NC r. WHST DOO.i IN SOUTH MARKLT STRI'.ET. 3jm3is The medicines issued by the Grnefenbcrg Comptny cons st of" n Stnirs, pre-eininently ndnpted to the dis eases lor which they nre respectively recommended. Great disrepute has nltacheil to the Pnteitt Medicine business hy persons claiming unireisal power lorn smule given inediciiie It is not only idle, but ioipu dent, lo flaunt such n doctrine 111 the lace ot an intel ligent community. It is coulraiy to the very lirst principles ol common sense. Gniclenberg Vegetable I'llls. The Hi-tory of the Graeletiberg Vegetable Fill is brielly as billows . The invenior, after more than a Quaiteraf a Cen riv'siuvesiigation of this subject, was led lo the dis covery hy reflecting upon the Pillowing Laws of Na lure. itZjITIierc nre three principal nveuues by which .Valine oxfiels Irom Ihe body what is necessary be ex tiellcd theri-ftoin. These ihrce nre the .Siool, the Urine, nud the Pores. These must lie kept in a heal thy condition, or dien-o is certain. This it a fixed. nitive J.atc ; nnd no human Is'ing can salely disre gard il. lu addition to this, die Liver must be kept in order llie liver is the largest organ in the body, and has some ol the most important functions to fulfil. It re gulates ihe Hile, and consequently the digestion nnd Ihe bowels. The siomach inust be Invigorated nnd made heallhy. Added to all ibis, the ureiiglb and tone of ihe system must be kept up by proper nourish-inent,eAerci-e, and rest. These are plain and simple lawsj and when they nil work harmoniously, a is-rsoii is 111 sound health. 'Phis position will not lie questioned. , . . t xTXuui, lehen the eiatem is diseased it is the firnt grand ubjectlaset nil tliete Junctions nt iroi, Lath 1,1 em ,,ve .,. tn retture the health. .Jsl The bowels must be opened, cleansed, soolheil and strengthened : ihe urine must be made 10 flow benlth lullv and naturally, nnd to throw' oil the iinpiirilirs ol Iheblnod; ihe liver nud stomach must be regulated : and abuve nil the Pores must Ik1 opened, nnd the skin made healthy. These things il., ne. and nature will go 10 her work; mil ruddy health will sit smilhug upon Ihe check ; nnd life will lie ngain n luxury. 1 he second in the Seiies nre Ihe (.'riicleiilierg Health Hitters. These nre Lnlirely Vegetable and are skilfully nnd elegniuly prepared by llie Graelenberg Company from n iiuiutier ot the most purifying, hit iguraiiug nnd heal ing Roots, Harks, llejhs nnd Vines, gathered in the vust loresis nnd prnirusol Ainericu. As a tonic ; a ih-olisiinent, a restorer of ihe lone of the svsieui, and 10 refresh the sallow complexion, ihey are ol inline diale nud potent clhVacy. Taken ill ihe spring and s limner tuontlis ihey niu the most poweilul Preven tive ol febrile nnd aguish complaints. Sold by A- C. Spear, nud I. Sherwood, Uurlington, I. S, .Miiiisoii, W, II Hatch, Wiuiio-ki Fnlls, Ayers and ('Ink, .Mill 11 ; Ilurlhert nnd Hodges, WlllUhill ; II. H. Green, Richmond; Field and Heueh, Jericho ; N. Loveley .t Co., Cbai lotto : I. iV I. Tullie, Nsex ; W, II. Viele, Hincn'iiirg ; A. ruiguMin, lliintiugtnu ; II. P Wood, Westlord ; W. I). Tyler. Slielburn; L. L. Hatcher, Si. Albans, General Agent, 3Sin3 Invai.laiTi.i: - - FAMILY COMPANION. SIX Lectures on ('anises, Prevention nml Cure ol Consumption, Asthma, l)isa-s ol the Heart, nnd all Female Diseases. t!3i pages, sis engrnviugs. Paper !il cls.j bound 7i els. .Mail lo uny part iut age 'J l.i its. ' Shoulder Ilraces nnd Chest Hvpnnders.SJ, Mall tunny part, 50 cts. jwisinge. Inhaling Tubes, Silver, $3, by mail, letter noslage. Abdounnal Suppoinrs, is'ifect, S3 to 810, lor nil Ruptures, Falling 1,1 tlit Howelsuud Womb, and Weak Hack nnd Cbesl ; rem by l!x press everywhere. For Ilraces or Supporters, or Rupture Supporters, give height from bend lo loot, and circiimlereiice of person next Hie surface, jusi above, ihe hips. If Rupture, mention which side. Agents wanted lor the sale of the above goods Ad dress Dr. ti. H. FITCH, 7U7 Uroadwuy, New York, post paid. March 10, 18 H. 37yl Till n. A. Peck, Apothecary and dealer in Surgi cat instruments, Agent for Hiirliugtoii and viciuily, ifrilaiiiiia Ware, &c. rtOFFKK AM) TEA POTS, Coitke Fii,- J lerers, Fgg-lloilers, Sugar Howls, ('renin Cups, Tumblers, Pitchers, Molasses Cups, Castors, Soup lla dies, lather lloxes, Chambers, Candlesticks, Limp and a great variety of line Lnghsli and American lint aunia vS'urej al-o ' Itloik-Tiu" Tea Pols as cheap at. it is economical to buy. I!ras, Plated ond GlassCan dleslicks and laimps. Ilrass and pluied Snulleis nml Trays, lUanc-Mange Moulds, Plated, llritumiia, Ger man Silver and Com Silver Siiooiis, Muskmelou simp, ed Pudding Dishes lor boiling Indian Puddings 111, Tea Waiters, Crumb Truvs and llrusbes and a .'real voriely ot articles in the Plated and llritanuia Ware line, for sale quite low at ihe Variety Store. URINSMAID &. ItROTHLKS. Cuilmglon, Match 3, 131S, p f6 KIRD GLASSIX Ohssp.ssi;itaiii,k rou cilher water or seed also bird seed of'nll kind', ilurhnglon, March 0. IIAItUINOTON'S. CHL0ROFOUM. PliyMcluns or Dentist-, using Chlorolonn or Utheon, will find nil excel lent and powerlul ntticlc nl llAiir.lNiiro.N's. W CTARy BALSAM of Wiu, Ciibb, Inffetsalls lltnve Powder, tlpliam's Pile Elect uary, Jervis' Cold Candy, lor sal.-by, Apnihccants' Hall) comer ol Church and College sts. Uurlington, Mnrch 8, IBM. (XiMPHKNFj and LMi'7()n,pfrt s!imid ) nice lor sale nt HARRINGTON'S. Denial Surgery. TUB Subscriber, having been in the successful prac tice of Donti-try, lor more than lilteeii yenrs, travel led through llie United Stales, resided three yenrs iu the City of Mexico nnd nboiit lour on ihe snnd nl Cuba, nnd visited many ol the oilier Wet India Islands, Li king notice ol ihe vnrious improvements in ihe nrl, both in Lurope nml Ainericn,nnd by long experience become familiar with nil llie operations firlonging to llie profession, would with confidence Invite nil those in this, or the neighboring towns, who reipiire any dental operalions, lo call nt Miiton Fulls, where they can be served ns completely, ns iu nnv City wilh in IheU S A. Mineral teeth set online gold nud warranted for life j teeth extracted without llie lensl pain, nud nil opernttons done to llie perlect satisfac tion of the patients, nnd nt inodernte pi'ues. 37vv3 I,. HUJ)HARD,.S'ipm JJciiHjf. CHEAP ELEMENTARY BOOKS " PUBLISHED BY THE Amihiicax Sun- X day-School Union, nnd used in Sunday Schools nnd djily Schools throughout the Country. The Union l'riitcr Containing alphabets, spelling lessons, picture nlphn bet, points or stops, the Lord's prayer nnd ten com mandments, n tnhlc of figures und numbers, wilh n variety of rending lessons, engravings and directions to teachers. 93 00 per IIH). The First Heading Hook. Prepnred wilh great care, nml designed for the youngest rending classes in Sunday nnd daily schools. It contains simple nnd useliil lessons illustrated with engravings. 3 00 per 1U0. Questions nn Hie first Kending Hook. This is a volume for the use of the. teacher or pupil, containing uucstinns 011 ench sentence of the I'irst Rending Hook, deigned 10 nnnly7c nud npply the sentiments it contains. There nre nl-n directions to Ihe teacher, ami prayers nnd graces, wilh explanations uf the same. Sj3 IX) per 1(K). The Second Iteuilinc Hook. Designed for spelling as well ns reading exercises nud the lessons so prepared ns to be capable of cnie chetical evaminntiou. Illustrated with line wood en gravings. S3 73 per HHI. Questions 011 the 2nd Itentling Hook. Same plan with those on the first. 3 75 per 100. ThtJ Third lteiidliig Hook. Containing lessons in rending nnd spelling, suited to the more nilvauced rending classes, and prepated with n view lo cntccheiicnl instruction. Illustrated with fine engraving. 91 j.) cts. per 100. Questions 011 the Thiiil Heading Honk. Same plan with thou-on the first. 1 5'l per 100. ILL'-These three reading books have In en used with great approbation in many intuit nml primary schools, Ilm( a,c exceedingly well adapted to their purpose. 'le.M-llooks, Cards. c.. for Infant Schools, in great vniiety, nud nearly one thousand varieties of ju.riiiie oooks which ime received llie sanctum 01 the Society, nnd nre well suited for general circulation. These books may he had at the Society's Huildiugs, 1 16 Chesuut Street, Philadelphia, of J. ('.. ,Meek U7 Nassau Street, New Yuik, and 5 Cornhill, Ho-ton. rou SALU. fFHE Brick Stoih: and lot, situated on JL Main street, south of the College Green, known ns the Toitle Store. Impure fur lenns ol sale of jT. L. Doohttle, at the American House. Uurlington, March 3, ISH. 3Ciwl Worcester's llnivcrsnl ttnd Critical Diction, nry of the llnglish Ijingtinge. nv n. wukcestek, i.l. d. One volume, 810. sheep, 1032 pages Price, $3fi0. The piihm.siii:hs" hi:spi:cti'um.v invite nttcniiou to (he follow mg eminent tcstimo-nj- to the excellence ol this Standard Dictionary. The execution of ll lis Dictionary lull y answers to its title. The vocabulary is probably more comprehensive than that of ull preceding Knglish Dictionaries united. Con-unit relercnec is made in authorities with res pect to words newly introduced, nnd care is taken lo note such as nre technical, foreign, obsuicie, provincial, or vulgar. t The Definitions nre clear nnd exact, nnd those pcr-t-iinui" to technical nnd scientific terms nre specially valuable lo the ueneral render. The author has evidently la-Mowed great Inbor on 1 prominciniioii. His sjstcm ol Notation, which is en- 1 sily undcr-tond, mid founded cm a more complete 1 tinnl..d ..I ll. . ......a Ln 1. .i. 1 i 1...... I met with, together with his plan of exhibiting all the l-t Lngli-h nutliorities iu relation In words dillerent ly pronounced by ilillerenl orihoepists, gives 10 this woik important advantages as a Pronouncing Dic tionary. Iu orihngraphy he litis made nn arbitrary changes, bin where usage is various nnd fluctuating, he has niiued to lie consistent, nnd to reduce to the Mine rules words of similar formation 'I he iu-rrtion ol Grammatical forms nnd inflections ol words to a much grenter extent than ihey are given iu oilier P.nglMi D.clionaries, nud the short critionl notes on the nrihonraphy, the pronunciation, ihe griiuuiiaticid lorm and coiiiruclion, nud ihe peculiar, lechnicnl, local, ami American uses ot words inter-sperc-d lluouiili the volume, give to this work much adibtioun! value. The copious Vocabulary of .Modern Geographical Names, with thcii pronunciation, nml n greatly en larged nnd improved edition ol Wnlker's Key to the prouiiiu.iation of Classical nnd Scripture Proitr Raines, ore imp, main npiH-iuhges to the Dictionary. A year has pass.-d since this Diclionaty was pub lished : and its already extensive uc, both nniong cul tivated Liighsh readers, nnd men ol wide learning nl". lords good testimony of its merits. We confidently recommend it ns containing on ample nud careful view ol the present stale of our Innguage. jAntn SrtRKs, 1.1., n. Mflnin Professor of Ancient and Modem History, Harvard I'mvcrsiiy. Joiih .MtI,i.A.v, li.. 0. Ju-tice U. S. Supreme Court, Ohio. Moses Sri-AKT, n. n. Professor ol Sacred Literature, I'heologieul Semiunry, Audover. .Mass. Liivv-Ani A. Pahk. n. n. Abbott Professor of Chris tian Theology, Theological Seminary, Audover, Mass. Llo.nabu Woous, Jr., n. n. President of liowdoin t College, Me. N. I)iio,ii d. President ol Dartmouth College, N Hampshire. Hiivvakii HiiiucocK, d. D. i.l. D. President ol Am herst College, .Macs. .Mark Hoi-kins, d. u. President of Williams College, .Mass. LUVVARO T. ClIASMMl, 1,1.. 11. Iloi tou Piofessor of Rhetoric und Oruiory, Hurvard I'niversiiv. lltvRV W. Ix).viihiivv, a. xt. Professor' of llelles Leiters, llaivurd University. Aijimi I'ottic, 11. u. i.l. 11. Hishop of Peiui. Siiislv Wn.umi, a. m. I.uc Professor ol Hebrew, c. Harvard University, IIlnj. Hall, n. u. Picsident ol Geneva College, New 1 otk Roni.i.v Di-.niii.isov, m d. Professoriu Jefferson Med. , College, I'luladelphia, Frvmis Howes, a. m. Kditor ol the Noiih Ameri can lieview, Cmntrs Folsom.a. M. Librarian of the Hoston Athe-iia-mn. Ilirnm llr.Mntni.v, 11.11. President of St. John's College, Mar) land, Dvvia L. Swai.n, li.. p. President of University of North Carolina. PiiiLti', n. p. President of the University ol'.Ni.slivillc, Tcnn, N. LvwniMi: l.iMisi.rv, a. m. Professor of An. Lan. nnd Liteiultire, CtiiiilH rlaiid University, Teun. I concur full v iu Ihe lending porilons of llie nbove recoiumeiidaiiou not having had leisure to examine all the paiticutars relitrcd 10. Lev i Woomicnv, 11.. n Justice V S. Supreme Court Mass. From n general nud Ircipient reference to this Dic tionary, iu constant use, I Hilly concur iu the general merits ol the woik, nud rcgnrd it as a very vuluable nid lo science. T1110. FniiiMiiii-VM s, ll. ii. Chniitsldlor ol ihe University ol New Vork, I have used " Wnrcesier's Universal nnd Critical Dictionary of ihe lingunge," in preference lo any oilier, for constant rt U-rence. John WiiEEi-rrt, n. n. Presiih-nl of University ol Vermont. Published by WII.KINS.CAHTLR . Co. Ill Water Mreet, lUuton. And for sale by llie llookselleis generally. 3o3 WM. NEWELL &, CO. HIAXlTACTt rACTt-nins yrp ANP iomiLRS OF nun OO.MIISTIC STRAW BONNETS, AiiTiriciAr. ri.(Mvi:ii, HATS, CAI'S AS i) runs, no, 03 kiijiv ti:ki", 1848. Hank ol llurllnfftoii. Iljp.M the 1st day t.f April next, the llnnk of Ilur. linglou, will he open, on davs of business, Irom U o'clock, A. M. to 3 o'clock, P.M. until further notice. Hy order of the Director, U. 0. COLK, Cashier. I eh. 25, 1818. 3m3i. IHssolutioit Sc. liciuoval. ROY BLLV, HAVIN(J DISSOLVED with the firm of Hostvvick &. Hliii.enn now be found nt the Shop of S. W. Taylor, opposite 0. F. Stnnl lord's, Church St., w bete nil kinds ol work in the 'I'm, Copper nnd Sheet Iron business will be dime to ihe satisfaction of his cusloineis. All kinds ol jobs nnd repairing done on short notice, liurlinglon, .March, 1st 18 H. nfivvl TUB IjAST UAIiL. ILL PERSONS INDEBTED TO THE il Subscriber, by Note or Hook necount.nrc request ed to call nt the Store ol Douglass &. Iloltom, nml settle the same previous to .March 15. All demands Ihen uusettli d will be handed tu nn Attorney lor collection. TIIOS. II. CANFIIILI) Williston, Feb. 25, 18IS. 3f,w3 fTRASS SEED. 200 hush, jnst reucive.l "UT nnd for sale.hy 1. D. HIXIlY & CO. lSurhnglnu, .March 2, ISI9. ;if, CLOCKS. Hv ti)') enso or sinsxlv, for salu , low by 'HRINSMAllKtllltOTIILRS, Huilmgion, March 3.1SI8 30 DAGUERREOTPli GOODS. A full plyofnllnrtides used, kept constnntlv on baud byn , ,,, HIUNSMAIU it HRO'i'HLRS. Hurhngton, Mdrch 3, 1818. 315 TDOTASH nnd Caldron Kettles, of nil ileeerlminn. X coustnmly 011 hand nnd made in order. Also, n .... ..,.1.11 ..nn in ton complete nssortment ol Hollow Wnre.nt Dec. 21. lWllUXGTOX i'i nt FOUSDllY. Tines awl a return of the Public Miincy, "1 "rcr""'ent I. oil 11. R iT"'i: ov,1LsSION.M, (1I.OIIE IT IS SEES 19 that the Administration nni-thave, in some such w ny.runds 10 l,m- n bo!h inonevA' men (o carri on the nr. Aow.the lVoile Agent, ,emg wholly opposed to wnr,will.s,.anygoods,V,'ir.,e(, ut War prices and invest tlieca-h in Piece purchnses, hopiu.. hat 111 due nine ill" warspeculntion will end nnd pence be made, so that the iK-.,,.t., isiend ol striv ing for mo ney lopny aves and sending buck the public money now us,-, hirsihool purposes,) ,,r going t Mexico to iglit, will remain ipiiet iu their severnlnvocaiions nt houie.niiilconiinui-toiloasiheylong have done, buy ing good, cheap of their agent, HOWARD. nurlingtotlj.Ian 1UJ8H. 30 To lunnii-aiifx. nAIlNI)i: ,V fcs pnssage Certificates will be furnished 10 Old Countrvinen who wih to hruig out ih.'ir friends rom Jrt.and, al the Hxiblss Oiiue, west rule Siptire. Hiirliugtoii, Feb. 17, 1818. 3if ,500 DO. PAILS. 200 Cheese and 'I'M kii .i.uiis t..i . lor sale by GLO. I'DTCRStlN. liurlinglon, I eb. 1, 18(8. 3iC HARLOW &. BENNETT, C O V S S i: I, l, (t i ,s a 7' . AH', IIOSTO.V, AIAS.S. t. s. iiAnunv. 3jiu3 r. 11. iil.vnttt, riin.MirM silk pockiit imivi s. MANlTr.CTLJRED L BUKLlXGTOX, Vcn I. For sale by J. S. PCIRCU. Hurliiigton, Feb. 23, 1818. ;)., fillLOIJOI'ORM. A Si-pphv op this new J nud celebrated preparation, manufactured by W. ... ..nnv ui iiusioo.jusi icceivcu ami tor sale hv 3: A. C. sniAR. r jLovEu sKiii). 2000 Lns.TT,;, J Clover Seed of a superior quality fn sale by Jl I. I). HIXHY iVCO. 1 M:W YOHK AIlVr.UTISUJIENT. ISlSi. READY-MADE CLOTHING. C. T. LONGSTREET, HAS removed from bis former Stand, 83 Xassnu, to No. nl Nussau Sireei, New York. Where he has ihe largest Clothing Wnre Rooms, nnd the largest stock 111 the ci'y, all of which he pledges hhiiM-lf are made iu the most durable, fashion able.and tcurkmanlihe viannrr. The demand lor his stjleof Clothing having in creased lo hi great nn extent, he has louud it ncces snry to enlarge his business, and takes p!enuie iu say ing tn the hundreds who called upon him lastjenr wilh ihe cn-h in t heir hands, and could i.t no goods, .because they were nil sold abend) that now- he has enough for Ihem und lor nil Those dealing in the article will find it greatly to their advaninge 10 buy ol tin lions,., or thev will be able, not only lo sell their customers n well made, l.isliionable.iiud genteel garment, but at a price hirer win iiry nurr i.eei selling (eoie,anii leaving a large protit to themselves. 1 To those who do not deal in the article, but sell the goods iu the piece, A'Oir IS VOt'l! TIME. Alrendy your Cloth sales are dropping off, and soon they-will entirely cease j nnd some one more wise limn vours. ll, seeing which wny the trade is going, will Iw selling Cluthiug. It must and trill be sold 111 nvr.liY VILLAGE IX AMUSJCA j within two jcars, (for this reason) your customers can gel a belter and more genttel garment, ready made, than lo measure j and nl three fourths the price, IViu can nair have Ihe selling. j N. H. Country .Merchants nil of you Call nnd sat isfy yourselves. i March III, 1818. a7wi DISSOLUTION. 1 rptli:('OPlUTM:Mii10I,.,oorel.,ith,2 1 1 ?''nf'l'"i I ut,-'rils-rs uiidir the linn ol Host- vvick & Him. is t liis day hy mutual con-iil ill-solved. 1 be notes nnd nccounts will lie found nt the old stand, wht re all indebted nre requested to call and settle. 1 II II IIOSTWICK, ' ,. , ROY I1I.1N. Ru Imgton, Feb. 7, ISIS, 31 IVo. 1. . I" Ciinseiiuence of iniiKi it.v i'iiic i)i:sj-ATfii, 100DS CAX BE SOLD ATneui ie- 1 oik Prices hy ihe Pconle's Acent. Febrmiry'Jd, I8H, HOWARD. IiMlESIl LE.MOXS & Box Rusixs. Just received by A. S. DF.WI'.Y. Huihngton, lfiib Feb. 1313. 31 riirsii (sitorxi) PL.sri:it, at Tin: .i:w 311r.l1 at tiii: r.vr.r.s, limTOXS NOVA SCOTIA PLASTER, now grinding. For sale by H. W. CATLIN. IVh. Bill, 1313. 33 PUOTICCTIOX i' 1 11 1: 1 xs v it a N v 1: c o 31 r a x v , rim Kuril, t'nnuf client. CAPITAL 200,00o D. W CLARK, Ptesldent. WM. CONNi:i:, Seeittary. CEO. H. F1IAW, .Igcnt, Hurliiigtou, Vermont Feb 18,1313. 3 Uf. JJTN'A ' rmr: rxsiiit axci: co.hpa.vy, lliirtford, Cuuneeliciit. CAPITAL t2B0.0OO. THOMAS K. 1IKACE, Piesident. S. L. I.OOM1S, ixcieta,y. GEO. I). SHAW, .Igeur, Hurliugiou, Veinioiit, Feb. I8,J33; 3IU SILK SlllltTS A lllt.V.MIItllTII IMI.I.S, ONE n preventive and the other a cure of Rheimia. .,, for sale at HOWARD S. Feb- 13, 1I3. 31 ltd WX, Blue, lllack and other varieties ol Cloths lor Over Cunts. . . Feb. 10. 33 M. G. RATHHWN & CO, I DYK STIWS tea. "I fill Rll-s C.nii'EACiiv Loo iVoon Xivr groun.i. 14 ;si to do I ustic, do Redwood, lO'llhls Hlue Vitriol, 3 do Lac Dve, 5 Cases luuigo, 15 Kegs Crrain Tnrlar, 1(1 Tierces Coiieras, J. UltADl.EY.Co. do NtewiHs.1, 10 S3 do Camwood, do Alum,, For sale by T.iimlicr. 1 00 OHO PECT Sfcjlso! huv, , ..J ',yJJyJ I.IIMtlHII. fr sale einressl for Cash ii""i, ' . .. . by 1 . LOVKLL it CO. i.iiriuigion, Dec- II, 1817, 2511 LAILS-TlllS DAY IIECEVED AT TI1E Ali' rlnfllurnl Vv are house j, s PEmcB, Hiirliugtoii, Dec, 2, 1817, tAI.LAI OIL, lWr finuee. Tomato Catsup O London Mustatd, Hakers Prrtnrcd Coeon n,,.l Chricolnte A. S. UVWEY. Dec. ), dres9 Goods, OF nhnosf every known style for Lndieswear, t's i.Jli-ring in ipiautities, ami nt prices not surpassed by any other house. C. F. STXNiroRD Ai Co. SILVER SPOONS, Butter Knives axi kj Sugar fc'liotelf, warranted good ns tlie coin, nt Oct. J. V. Randall's. Bit. IV. AVARj), r ATEi.v itirrtmxED to this Country Fnojf it Ihc Ainerienn Missinn in Ceylon on ncconnt of Ihe unpaired slnfe of .Mr-.. Ward's health nnd for the benefit of his chihhen, 6fii..ra his Si-rtice3 lo tlie pebp'o m IlurliiiL'ton in the practice of medicine nnd surger). He will be Imppy to receive calls nt the residence 1 f his brother, Dr. Geo. W. Wnrd, near the Methodul chupeh Jnnoary 10, 1813. 2U SHOI'LOKn imAClX 17 LASTIC Shoulder Ilraces or chest expanders, i o-rc J 'habitual stooping, or round shoulders. For sale by A C. SPEARi TRUSSES. AGRMAT ynrie'y of Tru-ves, cfjtrlprising almost every kind in use .,r Males and Females ; iM Abdominal Supporters of the most approved sttrtu consi.mily oiilund nnd for Sale by 5IU A.C. Srr.AR EXC'H AN'Gi: on LONDON, LIVERPOOL, , 1 . , DIlULINnndKDINUIJRail! In uins to suit purchasers, IMiMny, 18 17, , (, J, II. PZCK (5 Co. IriiHi. this i) A j r r.xrnRRs, f 1). KlXliv. & en Illl-P Divrirpn I 11 oil e,, ...... , .1 splendid lot of Prints, which nre new-and choice; slyles. Also Linhroidery Hraids and Gimps. Hnilingioii, . Inn. IU, 1818. 30tf FL0UK.-aoO Illlts"."st;i.EnnNE Vwvvt, JL for sale by J. V. JllXll' CO. I D. BIXBY & CO. will pay Cash for a 1. lew thousand piod Pells. Dec. 2t, 1817. iti.ri: 0vr.1t coats. j 1). BIXBY & CO. II WE RECIEVED K , m ime nn 01 coais now is 111c time to get a ht. lyeceinuer xi. IAl'.MnitS would do Well lo cnll nndexsmirt'll L M'perior nrticlc of Ptnughi,cnlled the " Worce ter Cnule Plough Dec. 2117. tnamif.ictitreil nt uuiu.isaroy FouxDar. LAW BOOKS. Stnrv'on Atfetie,. Stnt-e ,111 Story on Partnership. Story's lepiiiy Jurisprudence,- Vols, i-.,-.-. i - i-, Sloiy on ilie Con., Abr. Gould's Pleading, Luig on Sales. Ilfu'ly Diget. Digest New York Report I Vols. Civil Code of Louisiana. Jnrinan's (iunl. eriuoril Slalules. Heck's Medical Jurispru dence. . ...i-i .s i.i.-(iuiis, new i.u. ' Chilly 011 Criminal Law Wheaton's Selw ju. , Kinne's Law- CoinjH-n- ilium, 4 vols. 1 do Kent. In Hlackstone. Vermont Repons, Vol. 1 lo, 17, nnd 18. I'orsuk-by liurlinglon, Jan. 14, 1815 C. i. EDWARDS. Window ."Xa-li. 1 LARGE SUPPLY or Wismv Sisu op il all sizes constantly on hand nnd fir sale hv , GLO. PETKRSON. Hurhngton, I eb. 1, 1818. Doorsi. K( FOUR Pannel Doors for stile hv 1 , GL'O. PLTERSON. I Uurlington, Feb. 1, 1818. 35(J La III. ! LARGE supi'LV op sawed Lath kept il coik-tantly 011 hand and for sale hv , , GLO. PL'TEHSON. Hurhngton, reh. 1, 1313, 3Jwrt C3I0KED HAJIS CLEAR AND MESS i) lVk,foraleby A.S.DEWEY., 1813. 30if IKO.V AMI AAII-S. ' ,1 ( 1 I ons l.nglili I ire Iron. M". ID 'rous Old S; abie Russia Iron. li Tons Swcjis Horse Shoe 11 J0 " Round and Square " 1 f ' llnme and Scroll " t 10 " ll.llltl 3 " Hoop " VI " P. S. I and Norway Nail Rods, Navlors A. Co.'s Cast Steel. Pcitsoii's Spring do German do Swedes do Ungh-h Hlister do 'jnou Kegs ICeeseville Nails nnd Brads. 3i() Do. Rasps nnd Files. Hy J. J. II. PECK ti CO. lasi. "?nnn BoXfs Uurlington Extra, KJJVJ Uurlington. Hurhngton, v ertnont, Ls-ex, nnd Lake, Redford Crown, J. XJ. II. PECK Co. 530 CO Do.. Fairbanks' Hoes. Id dor. do nnd Van Ornam's Hay Porks. 1" " iscjihe Snathes. 73 " Re'ddington's Seniles. 5(1 Farewell's 50 " Illooil's " Hy , it, J. II. PECK iy CO. Ilarihvarc. riMIE muler-igned olfer lo purchasers a stock of -I heavy nnd shelf HARDWARE, comprising a vnriely ol givnds is-rlainuig to Ihe various branches of Ihe trade, which have U-en selected wilh great care, both iu regard lo perfection in sile and finish, and icnsoliableiicss ju price. Purchasers nre resiieclfnlly solicited lo cull. STRONG, DOOLITTLE &. CO. Nov, 3D, 1817. ACCOUNT BOOKS, ' FIM1E siib?criU-r would invite the attention of Mer' X chants and others using Hlnnk Hooks, to his as sottnient. I have ihe U-st nssorimenl that I have ever been enabled to oiler to my customers, Isuh in qnshty and price. S. JIVXTISGTOX. Nov 1817. I'J .1. A. n.VY.MO.l, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. OFFICE at the residence of the late II) man Lane corner ot Si. Pauls and Hank Street, liurlinglon Dm-inlier 31, 1817. 27tf A'lTEXTlOX! BATTALION!! Ar,T. those having unsellled occounls with T. W. Lovcll. will save cosls by calling nnd sciiling Ihem iiiuncdiatelf. T. . LOVKLL. Hurhngton, Dec. II, 1317. '" I)I(ESEI.Y'I) CITRON, Currants and pa lent swnn Cnndles for sale by U7iu3 A. U SI r.AK. Sri'l.llllin llllimi-t -, l... unmni'i coats and lanfs, of a great rnnetyof colors anj tcMure. by ' M. G. RATH1.UA .t CO. 1 I'll 111. 1113. A u 001,1) PENCILS, ,arge assorliucntat . KixPALVS. I, HAD PIPH X CASKS l' l-'linch 1 do 3.4 do 1-2 do. J For sale by J.HI.ADLEY, 111 SHOES. Waoox Boxes. ilc, for sale nt HinLiNOTox Foc7nv GI'.XTH' WHITi: Kill OLOVES, CUA vals, lldkfs, c. forsnlcnt M G. UATHUUN JLCOS. rebrunry 10,1818. 33 SSTE1X TRIMIXCS. TI'EL Hag nnd Pur-e Clasps, Tjssels, Fnngf Heads and Kinas, of all privet al J, V. Raxos is.

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