Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 30, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 30, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY IVIORNING JUNE 30, 1848. The N. Y. Tribune. Tho Editor of tlio Tribune, Mr. (, continues quite tititleciiteil In reference to tlip conrso lio will pursue in tlie cxUtln"; political tontosl. It U but just to say, however, that ttius fur, since tlio nomination, so unacceptable to him (anil to other Olay-Whiga we rnulJ name) of Gen. Taylor, tlio Tribune has dealt with its scruples tind Its readers x ith perfect fairness and honor) and whatever result it may arrive, at in tlio premises, It afford) us as much pleasure to say as to believe that wo shall never question cither the honesty and sincerity of its convictions or tho Integrity of its motives. Mr. Is not a Whig who can bo easily drawn from tho party in whoso behalf ho has so long and so ably contended, ami with whoe success he believes the triumph of so many and so important principles is identified. That he can be drixen or jiroioloZ into any lino of polit . ' i i .1.. .i.e.... -r i.... I icai conuucimai in ii.-iiih.-i un.-uuiL-ai.ui mic- ts Cast, and tho anti-republican,, and nnti-christian policy and measures of which he is Cie advocate and promoter, any Ies certain than it now is, wo have no fears. We look upon liini as a Whig not from policy or ex pediency, except so far as it is politic and ex pedient to lore justico and do right. That the 1'ribuno will conio up to the support of the Whig Tickr t nf Taylor and Fii.TAtnni:, wo have never yet doubted, nor do wo now. Wo shall certainly be sorry to find ourselves mista ken, and should "part company'' with that pa per, in our advocacy of Whig Candidates and Whig Principles with a feeling of regret that would bo strengthened by our knowledge of the nbility, and our confidence in the honesty, with which it is conducted. The Sentinel quotes from a letter from a Mr. Robinson (whom it calls an Irishman I) as fol lows : " If St. Paul was the candidate for President, and St. Patrick headed the electoral ticket, he would not receive the support of the Catholics and inturalized citizens under such organiza tion." On the same principle, we suppose the Senti nel pays our "Catholics and naturalized citizens" the compliment of holding that they would sup port the dovil(him-clf, if tint notorious personage should be nominated " im7cr proper orgnnizi tinn ! Tue S vim 7 nverslujts by copying such trash as this. The following article we copy with pleauie liom the IJoMon Merrantilc Journal, Mnrcli llftt nnd we hope if nnv of our numerous renders nie biiflenn? from nn ol the enmplaint wh'cli it is g:uJ to cine, they ull speedily ninl thenifcfUi-s of it. Dr. Wittai's rfiteuni of Wild Chnnj. It was known many years n;n tint thf winl eherry tree of this chmnte poc(.ed v iluahlo m .Imnal prnp crties. Imlei'il th'H laet wis known to thf Abori gines nnd a d'cot-tiim of thf lrnxes or b-iib ot thi trt-e has etcr bein n''inh'd bv thir phv-iri'iin n on ol the tnrM rflVtuil rt nifdifs in many dis ,is. 'I'm lict, -ev -nil yi'ai: stiuv. irrt'-tv-d tli""attemion of 1 Jr. Wistnr, a hmhly re-peiiabli' pmetitiouer ( iryiuia. He inrstii;Hted w ith can th1 healniT pinpertie of the wild cherry tested it effects wlcn ndimmMercd nlonp, ami when in combination with othrr rcim-dinl ngents, 1 If found tint its minral irtu-.s miht he greatly improved nml by ruinMnin; U with ingredi ents wioe inopprties were well pned and gnu ral ly recognised, n medicine wa produa-d which eon btitutrs n remedy of ureat vnlue in pulmonary nlleet i on, nnd discis of the cheft nnd throat di-nH's biciinrei)roverbially;rtvaleiitinourcititsand large i v towns, nnd olten proetatal, sveinig the lulls ot mor ality to a much grer.ter extent ilian is ih" can with inoM other, we had almost ki id, nil other elates of dis eases. AVr.T Feet. It should be icmonibercd that robls, -coughs, consumptions inflonunntion nf the lim, pleuiiy, and many other fatal disorders ure often the repult o'l catching cold, in coiiM'ipwnce of wet feet, tlatnn r.Io'.hpp. Arc. II right's Indian Vrgrtahlr Villn nre undoubtedly , tho best nieiltciue m llie woim tor carrying oil a com, Iwcau-e tliey pnrg from the ntein llio-1 inoibul hu ni'irs wliicli, wlieiilojcil in Miriniis jmrHnf thi'liudy. fiiu i io locni-ry innl.-nly uieiJt-'iil to linn. . ol thnso 1'ills nki-ii i'u-iv niL'lit mi K"ins lo l'i'il, iihvnjs ntl'jicl n lii-f, niul, il their ii'e bo 'rei:ied in, a r.i cical cure will le the icult. I Ueivai-.k of Coi'NTrr.rriT. Tun om.v or.ioixAt.-' ami uFNL' IvniAV VrnLTADtn i'n.i.s have the -io NATURE OF WlLLIAM WlitllliT WKirTF.V WITH A IT.TJ ox THE Tor heel or each now Sour other is rch- uinr, and In counterfeit this it ror.Lr.v. The Edi'inic InriNiIc liy W. II ( TltTIS, Walcr , Freel,nMil'llli;ul)Olti;A. I'lXK. Colli-ni- Sliii t, toll- nucntfiir lliirhnu'loii. Iti-iiln-u lVrmion, II"rst ; .1 II llykc IIillllilHIIiMl ; W. Uliinlc, .lr Ulciimotu! ; 11. II. (irci-n, UiL-tiinuml ; J. 11. .1. T W. Timer, I nJcrlnll ; llurllmt &. II.ilu., Willi-i.ui ; It., nml li. Aj -rs, Wi-t Willum ; .1. Lyman, .li-riclm; W 15. Vc-tie, Hmcflmrgli ; V. S. & II 1" Wooil, WVniurJ ; Stniilc l.ynn, Cliarlmtc j Jolm r-iniini'U, Slii'llnirni' ; ll. Iticliinmul I'.irniird ;nnd nt the New llnglfind Hninch Ullice and (jencml Depot, IDS Tremoiit Snecl, Ilu-K-ii. . None K,nu',ncj unlfki tinned 1 Itiri'Trf cm the wrapper, for sale hy SI1TII W. roWLII, Lleneral Api-nt. 13:4 NN'afcliiiulon street. thiumph or st ir.Nci:. Driving Illeteultt nml Igii'irunt 1'ielemleli into the llurk Cures nf OUnuily ami euntemi't. .uK'iiW n.dor.tnnd , xy fMotwho !,c- teenied he best l'.ll now k'nown. They liny bo I parations are inakingnt h-neho to enterta n the uke i wi h perfect safety nnd d-cided ndiantage, in l'"l'l ol his Couiny, on He npptoaehuig Aiini ViHilof disease, in everv pecuhaiity oleir-. ursary. 1 mm the Orator ol the oeia-ion, 11. 1). II ir.- ciimiancesnnd situntion, by nil nges nnd both sexes, where-ter n cnthnrtie, iaxatie oi miernuve may in- required. Asa niedicmo tor leinaip, tliey nre une-1 nualled. Acting upon the frecivtumi nnd excretions, they remove irom lhetj)leinall olr-iiuetionsnnd lm-1 mtritirs. They unite crent power with imulnei of Lction.and operate throuirliout the ahmenlary cnnnl, bicli they thoroughly ch-aine. Hipy nexertallto i.. A nonliliv nciion t may be gwen to every tige I ...I nr ihpv remoe all oifen-ixe aceumulatioiia in the boweK nnd do not bring on Hiiei lem cuniupj lion or cotivene ; .they stimulate n f the nrro.u.d in" organs to a healthy stale ; nnd, lit ..i.r. ..t'.llii in nil dienses w heic pli I rT Orders to be directed to ucrncMimi uu. i u i-1 .il.iiflin Albany. N Y nnd fr enle by A I. ar eo.'il'ihiVii.Vo.i.Cnllm i ii.W 11. Hutch W'liKHifki 1 nils,. lohii f-iiiioniUJ il HmXrkh. anil nl",' 1'V lruaS"W J Mirchui.w in every lown anil VillOK. "ilost i:trninliiiin y WoiU I uJl nil: ji i:itn:i wojiax's TJUVATK JIKDICAL COMPANION. BV im. A. M. .HAI'IIICF.AU, Tiofetwr of liineaset of Women. Sulli Edition. lSuio. pp. 230, Price Jl. 25,U00 corits siilu in tiiuci; miimih! Years uf milTei ins;, of physical ami mental ansuirh loinnny an affectionate wile, nnd pecuniary ilill'iultic to the liufehand, iniglit haie Utn spared by a timely jioswusion of thii work. It is intended especially for ihe married, or thoe conteniplatiiiR marriaite, it ihsolo-vn iniporlanl Be dels ulnch bhuuid be kiiovMi to them patiicularly. Truly, knowledge is power, ll is healih, Imppiuess, nflluence, TU' rculnlioim contnined in il pnrti Imn-prmeil a blesins! lo thousiiiuU, ns llie iimiitm-riiblc letters re celled by ihetiullior will attest. Here, nlso, cieiy femaic inn discover the cous-th, ryniplonm, mid Ine iuoki ellieieut remedies, mnl must certain mode nl cine, in every complaint to winch ,cr tex is subject. On llie ircriptnf f)ne Dullnr, llie " .M.irried Wn Ilinn'H Private .Medienl Ciiulinllioii " il )K- tent imailetlfire) to uny part ol ihe tinned Slates. All !.. t,inki l.n nililri'M4i-d. Iitl-.l-li.liil . Ill Dr. A. M. Muuricean, Hox 1WI, New Viuk City. Ptillishini! Clllice. li'J l,iberiyblreit,,-scw link. r- 'l,r.n..lliiiIr An.'iils nie lllhilllleil thnt a few di.Tucis in Mawaclmat-tu, and two mher Elwieiii imt,-. aie yet iiu-iii' A'plivalioiii iiciiicd pc-PI j aid) lis tibove. t mi.. In this VilkiRC on Tuesday, June STlli, by the llcv. H- Dunn, Itev. S. 1)., lite- of PlnttjI.tirRh N. Y. to Miss I.ixvS. lltr.ntcK.ilaimliter of John Derrick INij. of ibis place. In Orwell, on the sotli hist ,!, Itev. I' 11. Win nxr. t,l Jcrielio, WILLIAM 1!. IU'Mi'HP.Y El "f lilncn N. Y. to Mias MARY ll. II. WI1EELEK, nr Orwell. At the lcsidenrcoflier father in Ixcrsevillc N. Y. on Tliusil.iy K cniiiR, tlic 2Jil the itcul. Tho mas Mxi.r.AnY or Plati.bnrc. .SAMUEL AMES r.q. in mis elizaisetii ij. Thompson. eldest daughter of A.w.lxv Tuo.Mrso.N Eft. all of Ivccscxillc. A Y HnClxT.Ti CCIM'tl. Hri.'mai t Mkitiiebs. Sli't'l mill Silver Cliaiu, C7TEEL. Silier, ('.otiiian Silver and llinw tjiiard, q Vl.., n, ' Chains. Also, S.Ik ami Cold, a lino nqnrlrni'iil. iut received. w 34 llm.viMAin .t Ilr.oTiu r.s. IrOlt winding' Silk, tlircnd or yarn, Aim, screw Cushion, Spool Sinm!t,nnd jtit rceciicd. wji llr.ixsMAli' .t Ur.oinr.ns. i'ant ami I'aas, Al'IND assiituicnt jtil reef iveil. w5'i llnixv.-iiAii) & I!r.0Tin;r.s. ftOLl) AND SIlYVKIl, STUUL AND lM.-itcil tind (JeiitinnSiher, Spcctnblcsniul plated Oojeles, a line nssoilineiii just rccrhetl. w33 ISnixsMMn fV Hr.oTiir.r.s. IS IH'.IM'llY given that Isacha I'iiiR.Rive my son I,. K. Kilia, hiitiine iltirnij; his minurity and shall hencrtnrih clniin none of his cnniings, nor pny any debt nf his contiactiiiR nflcr this date. IIimtiiiRloii, June ai, l!tl!l. W.I-.I3 ;. A. Aliens ESSnJc. SOPHIA H. ALLHX, niliniiiNrix of tho i:tnlc oftico. A. Allen liains e.liibilcd nn ac count ol her nilministrotion nml prnycil that the same inny lie nllowcil. t It isnrilrri'il by the Probate Court, for the District of Chitlemlcn, tlial the nine be examined on the PJih ilay nf July, IHItf.nt the Probate Oilier, in llurhncton, nml that notice thereol lie Riven tn nil concciiu-il Py piiljli-hiiia this order in the i'ree Press, three weeks Bnccesicly the lnsi of which to be before the day lot lor the examination. C. ADAMS, Jmlsc June 1SI3. wiitS ISutlmitl ami ISiifliiijvlon Kail ISoatl. rnwo assijss.micnt of I'lvr, dol. Jl lars each, hae U .-n ordeied by the Directors on i earh Mmre ot the Lapilal muck ol llie Kiitianu nnu Mnrliiuton Kail lioad Company ; one pajable c:i the I tir'-t.iuid the other on the 1 jth d.iy of AmriM n.-.t. Payment tuny lie nnde to the llauks of llurlmmou, 1 Verg.'tnxp, MuldMmry, ltl'uk liiwr. lit Ihms I'.il's 1 Clu-hne Hank. K'eenc. N. II. II () 1 rk-n. nt the Kail K-ad ofiiet-, Uutland, IMward Pickering. Col State Street, Ijubiou, or to the Ticafcurcr at his ollke in MiddleLury. j SAM. SWIFT, Ticasuirr. Middlcbury. Jure 21, IwH VJllimti Uo1p ZMatu. WI', the Suli- rilie:, hning been nppointcd by' the IIoniMUe the Fiohate Ci urt fur the !.- I tiiet of L'hlttemiLii, ( jimiiitwiij.ars to rt eie,e.vanine niul adju-t the flaims and demands of all peisotu-, ngain-t the estate of Wimjm IIolv, iate of li-irlmg- j tun, in said lu-tt?ct, deceased, represmed in-olvt-nt, I iindnKnnll claim nnd deiflnnds exhibited in otl'-t ihcieto; nnd hx months from the chy of the ilntc i hereof, being allowed by Kiid Court for that pin pi w, we do tbertfore hereby give notice, that we will at- ' tend to me tui'ine oi our nnnointmeni. ni nie je ol (Icorge I. Shaw, in IJinhngtou, in said District, on fust .Moiidavaof Aucul and rsovember 10 o,eiock, A. M.,on inch ofi-aid daj?. Uaud.thUSf.thihiv of June, A I). KMS. KLA. STANSnUUY Commhsiont,. w .VJw 3 Aim llfirriiigtou't ltatp. STATi: OI' Vi:i?.IOT, The Hon. th Dmkictoi Currri ndl-n, Pnbate Court lor the District ol Chittenden 'J'onll peons conm cted in jhe ctatc of Ann lluirhtgtun, late of Ihiihngtoii in taid Uitnct ih ceased, (Jr.i Lrixo ; WIIi:i!l'.AS, Onric II. Shaw Aiimini'tintor nl the ei-l-ile of sud dereai-ed, piiipo-e to lender nn account nf In adinmtraiioii, ami pri-M'tit hi ne eount npain-tti-aid ehtale lor e.ain'iiaiion nnd nUnw anee at a M"-ioii nf the Coitrt nf Pioliate, tn he hnldell at the Prolialc olllee ill f-a.d Iiiitlin'tnll oil the l'Jlh day nf .Inly next, rP!i;iiiU'0!II', Yon are heichy noiified fn appear 1 hejuie biiid court at the time and place nlnreeanl, nnd shew en use, if nnyouhne, why the nccounl shnuid not he allowed, f i i-n under inv hund nt Htirlmicii this 21lh day ol llllle, A. I). IhIS 5S3 IIItADI OltU ItlXrOltn, IteciMcr. i' in- (o 8'hysiciaii. IN roneiiuenee d the tiii-nt (jnatil.ty of Impure ledieiiieH and mlerior Druiii, nl hnth foreign and donii Mic hind- ofn-ud Inr sale, the Milder ihei is f nre inir no pain in attaimiin those ol v,tulire tiurittt. and tiiliiimie uuotliteit. The diKiiUnntaee to which our l'laclitioucis hae Lccn hahle, can now, to idint I.eni-Iit, lie lcnmveU Cbeuiieal", Medicines, and lhel,e-t Drugs lurni-hed to l'hisicians nnd Merchant, and di-pensed to loin- dies at rensiinable n.lvniiee Irom cost, , rhiiicinni' roiinulj', and Inmlv nrp-r'nnlioni nut up with accuracy and piGiuptnefcs. Tnr.o, A. lV u. lut Uurllin'toii Vt. 'I'lif Coiiiiinv Fons-tii. in r. Iv-ii , the public rn-iy i.pi ct iiii uitcrc-tiii'' nml nislrueitvc IJiKii.urs.; lor we leuture in piedut, lliai llml K''Hllelinn has not jet for'oltiu his enily habits ol pi-ncrnlt. To supply the subttanti.-tl wauls of the inner man, the Jles-rs lliiowx nml Hostwilk nie fully compe lent. nnd we understand llieir Hilliniiness is now rv Inbuilt!; itself in the prociireinuil olidibles lroni llie ciiii-s, which ourtauly sensout tail to furnish tu so curb n day. The Coinuiitlee nf nrrniisetni-uls announce lo nil Uevolmioiiary Soldiers, w itliin nml wiibnut ihe Cimn- I finally, tliey me i ty, that they will be nio-l bapiy toi-iiterlnitieieiv 11c . . - r i rn ..I ",r, ..I... ..ill i.i. ,.r itn. ,n.i-.iLi(iti i. ni. i.i..... I ..I..... I bey nl.-o inlorin llie nublio that Messrs. Ilr.owN & li'MMKK will iluie Ihe i-iiinp-iny nt .Ml eenn inch, wlmh charge eonsideiiua the expeii-ne nriaimeiueiiis niakina.tliH ('luniriUt.-e fonsnl-r euen. lv u asona- ble. They s iy ibis in eonlr.idiet some l.ilse ruinors won u nave oeill circiiiaieii in o lite m.mer, nnd to do jn'iiee to the enterprise, inanifetled by the iironrietois tif the la iiyorueroi nio ivoitiuoiiei-owiiiiioi;eoteiiis, d-.'-wlt X. PliOl'TY. Chairman. rplli: in'ltl.I.NOTO.N' Mll.I. Co. will pay cash I lor Wool. June '.'li, 'H il mid w- DOMESTICS. tJOOO vils. hi:avv SiiKimxus, 3i I.v. wiiiK. :ilHH) 'do. Very Stout do U7 do SIMM ilii Fine Merrimack, M di 1050 doVeiy Fine, 1 -1 n ml .' 1 A l,sn- llrowu Drillinirs, Sliirlinjj Snipes, Denims, iVe., in any ipiautity, lor sale nt astuniihiug low jriee at the CoinerSiore, l.Y.MANS'. Jlay, 18 IS. Towiisnnd's, 8 SUl'l'LV OF THIS l'ori'i.Aii Mimici.Ni: il roiisiantlvon hnnd, nnd for wile by Mav ll.lsis. iKtl.xjwil AMOSC SI'EAIt. lovivr. A FEW IIOAIiPEliS can be necoinoil.iled nl the Ilou-s- ill lite su'i-eriber, oppo-ne I.E. llnus inaiil's rtsideuce, New Slteet. I). W. IIAIi.MON. June 11, Ml. ilOIlw'J ItoiiiK't! ! Ilioiiiicl's .' I l'i:V nr tie: Spiuxc SnLK jut re iaceiv d ut ihe Emits' Em nixut , WILCOX NAHM, llurlington,. May 'J, 181S, d.Vw IViiif. 1,'IUWII OUANiiK ANll, li .'m ''''X lei I'ived i Also, One I '.1,1 fsmoktd Uttl ilaiiH, in itood oulcr. A.S.DEWEY. JuneVltli.'is. .in 1 IMI'llOVr.l) AMT.MCAV AIIt-TiailT Conhlne; Slovo. Till", above stove is ofi'eicd lo the public ns an art icle lor culinary purposes unrivalled by any oilier now in use. lis construction j very simple nml con scu'icnllycan lie tnauiiccd Willi facility and cnc. O'l.rt ,...., I. In-,... n...l l.-l - l...lil.1.. .1. helm! so nrrnnrjpil ns to diffuse tin equal dearer of licnl J in. in. ii n iiiiKUiiiill IlllftC lllllllliaoiy , HI' inn -i in nu puisoi n. j very tisetui icauire in nus sinvc is its summer nrmnartnrnt which rotiit of a fitrnncr I l libit Call be IISt-iT Willi Ilu. f..imi-fccilili-nnd Inorc economy than the common portable furnaces, A cenrral nnortmrrtt ol Fancy I!ox nml Air-tight stmts of the latest st)les, Potent Pumps, lend pipe, Auriculturnl Implements cVc. Joli wink nl all kinJs ill lin.rnppcr nml Kheet-Iioit done in the latest style nml on short notice. iwj-.ll.) lilJSl 11'Ji.lx .V. liVAIiltt. GJALAI) Olfi! 'J'lio nicest nrliclo Ibr j i tabic use. for nlc liv rnp nr bnllln nl JuiicM, wM TIIEO. A. PTCK'S, Aciv Guoils T . V . IS A IV I A li i AS JUST ltUTURNF.I) from Nr.w York with n larnc nworhr.cnt of Wnlrlir..few- e!ry nml I'uncy nrtlrlcn. He litis now the largest nml nest nwirtmnnt ol nUlics mm Jrwvlry that hasrvrr born tiJItTcil forf-alc in the Stntc of Vermont, nml he will prll Rootle lower limn they mil he bought in .Montienl, l)otonor New York, of the pntne quality. He ha Gold nml Silver Wntches of oil kinds, Col J Ijockrisofcvciv Pnttcnif (tolil (nard nml Full chains (iold IV ni in (told cnes tor Ladira or tientleincn, (told Heals nml Keys of everv Piittcl n. nnd a urent variety of Cornl I'nuieo Iiuvn Stone nml c!ittrr Vvt line dole! l itis with irinttq nml Jinx hetlinc lor Unea tiircv two dneii iliiiiront Pnlerns of Hrnrelrls nnd rlnps, (Iold Thimhlrs IJcmls, nnd Chain .Slides, Gol; itings m ccry tiucnption,rriees rromv.etu y'ij.mi Hnr I loops inrffc or pinnll, I'lain or choed ; linr Drops witti Lornl nnl htone hcttnir, Urnil l.nys, IVarl nml Shell (nrd cni(p, Ivory TnhlotP, Steel licnus uincgnnu i n.eis rmse 5ilK,vVc. etc. IJuihnyton, June Iti, MS. statu nr vi;u.mht. i The Ijfut. the Violate Comtfnrthr District of Chit tcmitnt Tn nil rrsnni cmirrrutd the lUtnts of Sum mm lollctt, late of Dtnlington in said JJistllCtt ICCC(l?f f, (Ikluimj' lIinUHAS, Timothy Tolieit, ndminiirator of i ml' t-xMiie 01 me siki oecenfti, propf".ps to ren tier nn account ol his administration, nnd present his nccount ngain-t said estate tor examination nnd nl lownnee nt n session of the Court ol Probate to lie hobh-n nt tlie Probate ()nice, in said Burlington, on tin I'.Mi day of Julv next. ta ' Therelbre, yrm nie hereby notified to nppenr hpfore said Court nt the tune nnd place aforesaid, nnd Muw cnuc, if nny yon hnc, why the nccounl aloresaid phouid not be nllowed, online1 A"!" isR1 01 IIurlinfiton' tllis V jMwIi)' ilUAi)FOItI) lUXrORD, Vugittr. PKIKCK & KELLOGG, S5. Kircr-M., Troy, IKK RKcnvixn kv iatv. ahuivals fiiom It InrnpHt nnd direct from tlieTnaimfncturcr.s.nlarue nnd beautiful nortnient of (loods in their line, which they oiler on the mo-t fnorable terms. supper nml toilet ?et fimt nnd cake ba-kets,prrspre .-liell, t oninoticr, nlain w bite, barbrnn nml ni.l.l. A ()i;vMCNTr.ri Cm.vA Vnes, camllcMir Ua, bouquet holders, cologne bottles novelties in inkstands, niateh and llower pot, c. JYnwivi llr.rE. figuied blue nnd Waliincton blue in iuiitn- i ii-ii, -mi 11)1111 (if.AVs WaitF. cut. ore.-M-il fitlil litaill rent. Imu-lc celeries, wnter hot lien, decanters, tumblers wins champagnes, goblets lemonades jellies di-hcs,lnmps Sec. Arc Ijami-s Patent -olar nnd lard lamps, nitable for lio teli.rliurcijesniul fauiilie.s.ot new and beautiful Mvles, fiom the celelunted inanutaetory ( f Cortielm V- Co. (im miot i s camlt labrns, brackets, catulli Micks Onimla, silver nnd bronzed, of new and npproved pat tern Halt. I,vrrr.s fiich mhied, painted and cut some ery choice nnd beautiful patterns. UniTANMA Waiu: Cofiec pots tea poisf-ugnrsand cream, nnd cantors of every description. KAtrrurN Ware of pupeiior wylcsi and nialhies, hi every vaiiely ot color now in use. Canal lloat (ilass Ware, wicks and lanterns. TfA Tnw&.in K'tsor sear.ite pome ery choice nnd beautilul patterns. ( vs FivTri;ts, from Cornelius - Co., at Xcw York and Philadelphia prices. Tioy, May 1.I8H. D'3SWlaft ALT, 500 I!LS. "WKSTERN," lor mil-tiy j. hkaom:y,.vco. IIsistnc! ECoisioval. rail 1 1" sulis-cribors Imve rcmovctl tlioir 1 (iood-ilrnm the .Inre lately occupied hy them near the Ch-s r.ieloiy.tntho huildiii at Ihe coiner of .Alain mid Wnler ftteets Inrinerlv usrd ni a store bv I.. & (' ll I'ollett.nt Ihe head ot Chamil.iiu Wliaii; wheie they have lor tale a laige stock oi Dry (. nod", (Iroceiics Trniisinim, Cmrkeiy, Hard Unre, K-ill, K-li, l'urk, l'lmir, iVe. Sir. Their pioek iirohahly embraces a greater ariety of CnniU than can be iuund at almost any othi r Mole in the Memiti-- all nl wbirli v.-ill I... cl.t low lnrc-h or approved credit. llAl.l'ii LANDON&Co. .1 in.- I'i.HH. divw.lw. IVels or e8j'.tN. A I.AKfii; and line assortment of Nets for ears, V. iieik or hodyol llor-s s. soldsi-painie or lugelher. I UKUS'S.MAIO .V l)KOTlIi;ilS. fjlMK rl)Kll.SIGXl-;i) KXOWINfl iiv H. jm-t and irc.-ent expi rieiiie, lint n pijing ss telil Is necessarl to siMam a ctiud tiadi. h.-r.-liv,. h''ly gives notice ill il ' eieilit" tthe bad liiemi ol nny piiiih ss j is now by him di-s harged. All coiiliuctn tor iiuleror nguenient to cAchnnne, uienowatnn end; be tin nloie reiin sis nil haimg account Willi him to setile them hy llie liitt ol July neM. 1' i'.MAUK'IIAM. June 15, Mi. dOlw.Mtl I1. I ,12 A K H SS AI ll t ACKS.1MTII. ( IInre-lioritiKV rurricry l'j''p'iiriirpd mm, I Alt kind nf tirxtirimf done tn ontr. SHOP, OLD STAND, ,1 n:v kudu j:ast or cuuut novsi:. . II A IS li Si A M WHEEL WRIGHT, (Ainu ai: am) Nuuuu mai;i:ii, Slllip Ul,'t til till! llllU'I.MIlitll,M0l, dSlwSltf Hiirliiiltiin Vcriwint. 'i'lu' Biadit.' EIm Ii.-uii- iTlir.... ..-.l.n .... i populnr rescrls of - the trailni'' coiniiiuiuly Iur nit iiiseniiiioiis ol I I uiriun tinn Aimriittn Drii (!,,, ,l in Hiirliiiltiin; and if small ptnfita, perw-veriii" in. ibniy, cmii-iiim nlleuli m to the wants ol the 1'iTi.lic-, iiui-niiipiniiiisiiia int. 'rity, nnd liouoinMc deului.'s w nil uu men, nave any lltlll lo do W llll suet es ill busuiess.iben liii nhendv lloiirishiniiesiiibb-bmi.iii is lesllllcd to Lake lite 1 1 r- 1 el.ltl ill lb,. ,n.rfinllh. Illld oeeue,-nnimi.ible pii-ittonill llie mil leslsnnd ul If ctions of the people, Tb(. Propnetots of tin, cs tab-li.-linii-nl nie happy loofll-r nt thf present tune souio minimi Hut jaiif. in Unlit' l)r,t (!ii,ul-; ('oii-i-lint; of IlernKi'., Muslins, Oiiigbnuis, l.nwns, Linen Lustres, I'lnin, l'lnnl nml Slnpeil LineiiOiug hunis, Phail DCIiavre, and ui lact every aiticle called lor in the dress ejnods department. w in 'i't: ti hods, Iri-h Linens, Juconetts, SiiUsnnd mull .Muslins, Plaiiinii.l revieie Liuiii llmlkls. Plain nnd Eutbroid ed (.iiriatii .Mucins, Corded Skirls, Lace Edgings, Lisle Ldn,iuj;s,CoriiatioiiCordl..c. Ate, with u (jieut xnnety ot .S.1 ir . . Iliocha Cnslniicre, Strudill.i DeLaine, Black Silk, IJeruue, ( inpe. Sir. Ac. ikii si:ixi:i:iix(; annus, our assoiiuient isKi ond to none nnd nfli-rs lUtriiinihnarii Imlncenu ills to those hu iiiiend In make mole e.len-ive purehnses Ilian usual in this dep iitment, lite piesnt Season. A ball dollar saved in i,p p.uchase of a Counter, Kine, nnolher m Drapery Muslins, n p w t,tiilliii;; in t unions, ,-ueeiutns, lanie plelitls, iliapers, iVe. iVC. is ot some importune ' 111 the K'tllli out ol hie, nil. nil iiiiscnu tie none I.v ii-uuig ': hAjims' i:xciiai:. MORE AXON. I wit rtiv a wash New Store, ne.xt to Ilrins.ruiid A; llrothers.Cliurili r-i irt'i. Itnrlingtou, Mny 18, IRIS, d0vl7 Itool : Mlot'M. T PLA'P'I'S Shoe. Store opposite I loiv nids. Church Slrett. our rsKm nnirs. n ctitrul iioriuieni, nt ptict-H ihat will Is- n,-i lo piuchastis. lie is 1 oustaiilly tcieiiuig ndtfitioii. lo Ins sloik I10111 his on 11 uud City luaiiul.icliiters. June Ll, 'li. ilii J nil Wnr lluilcil t FAiiii or oos Ami vwnci In he rairrd In pa; fur l'cri,'.e. WOW IS TIJK TIMR TO COMB AND buy while llie (ioods nic Ncwniid Chenp. Those ;, if .liili.'iilt n know linn- hiili to mark to prevent suspicion nt their not hiring hccll liniwlit. jnn nicy were rcimy "i"i , , r , 11 price, nml paid for Willi innncy lintlol lite Iconic, xvlto can liavo the l'oou hi cauiui,c,c iur mii m uicir nirent. IlOWAIiDS. June IV 13. T. M. PAUKKRS llasiii'iTtolypi; ISooms. WILL III', (JLOSHDon thoSTth int., tin- If til tin- llrst nl July next, niter which they wil lt.RC strict, ISuiliiiRton Vt.), where they have been for the last vcar. iMayBi, 18 H. wlSt.Iyl. .100,000 lls. Lead l'ipc k Sliccl Lend. THK sunscmiiKRS auk now manufactur ing Lead l'ipc, under n new patent, recently Branteilby the llnilcd Slntcs.ol'n nunlily never belnrc obtained hi thi or any oilier coiiulry j and their supe rior facililieinnil incau'ol luainilacluringenable them todefv competition. Wheie 'I'lnned l'ipc Upieleired we can supply n most beautiful article. All wciujits ol sheet lead and of unsurpassed quality. Tboc wisi hii! to purchase will do well to call upon or w rite lo THO.-!. OTIS I.LUOY it Co., Ml & 'iil Water St., New York. April 18, 1818. lfd2w&,4:iwSm. ftmlinuiS, -liiiKliniii. ANOTIlLIt large lot of (Jinahama. prices still lower limn they were before l"cy are now chea per than Calicirs. ('. r. STANIFOUD it C(). Hntlingloii,.Iime 10, 1818. tldlid D.M.VAKNEY While Sniilii, Culler k (inn Sniilli, 1"i:SI'r.CTI''ULI.Y nnnoimccn to the inhnbitnnt X ot lliirlingtnn and vicinity, that he has- returned to tliH place tind again comnienced buine nt the old stand, on College St , tonnerly occupied by him where .strictly npplyinghimell to hii-ines", nnd doing I work when promised, he Imnes to secure n portion ol the palronagc he has lormerly had June 1U. 11H, Stray Calllc. PAIR matclicil yoiirliii"; SmEns, ilark i . brown about the head nnd lees with dnrk horns. :i yenlllllg Hellers, one ot which is speckled witli while and red colors. The largest heifer lightly bnndlc. Wbot'vcr will take up and return said Cattle to inc shall be rewarded. Wil. .1. SEYMOUR. Iliirbngtoti, June 22, 1813. w.Viif. VIOTICE is hereby civrn llint I, 1 1 Atwoop, give my son, l.K WIS ATWOOD, his time during his minority, nnd henceforth phall claim none ol Ins earnings, nor pay any debts ol his con tracting alter this date. tt'cHtJord, April 8, 1818. Mw3 Dry (iooils vs Money. Ladies' Exchange Notice. IN consequence of lhe"depnrture ol our lr. Wi in the Vatetloiiiti lor iUiioitc, lor our Vitiltm arretl ill Hack of utintiH, we win lo linn our niesent stoclc into luonev ns ,ii as pnible, nnd shall made it im object lor all who bale money to spend to call on ns. Our t'uKtomeiJt hwne that our stock is no lurse to attempt a description in an adiertiseuiint, as, besides the laigcit stock of Jia .-mil Wqjiare haivl, MI.K I.IHIPS, visiti:s , .ii axti r, i:ts, l)re" floods and l'ancy (loo Is of all kinds, 'c a lull w boh sale and letail sloik ot 110VSU FLR.lSlliU AilTlCl.niS ! I OAT, VLT Anil I'nnt SlnIIs, in Crriit Vaiicty. I.accs, Embroideries, 'l'riiniiiiiigs, nnd White tloods. .1 O V 11 X I X G A J! TI C L C 6' , or Evcrtv ncscr.HTiox. II 1 Ii STICS, ur.ow.v ii o s 1 1: n y a x i) i i. o v i: s , And in fact 1 1 cry nrticle in th" DltV GOODS line, hut jiit, needle, tujies ami l ibbou. Ladies in want of n Dress can nnd evry Ihing from n LONDON I'ltlNT.ut Hi cciiis, to the lineal f.iblics imported. SHAWLS, from one dollar to handled', and llie snme wide ruinre ol nrices ill all other articles. In having so larce a stock lroni which lo select, I cu-toiners are s ived ninny useless steps ; and our in-; leiest and object i lo u-e iill our cu-toiners m a way ' that will brill,; ihem olten lo the , I.iulies' Km-Iiiiiiuii I !C W:i-3isisJiJoa Strci't. i ii:o. w. w ui!i:.N io. 1 June 21, 13 IS. wKwldfi'JS.iwlw ' Scfi$ion to Mr 1 1 Siinid. tVI'ATI! CM' VIIUMOXT,) DisTKllT HI ClIllTLMUX.Si. ( The llowirullc 1'iohutc Can it fur the Vistiiet of t:liittrutlcn, to nil veimiu tu irlimii thine I'lesrnt thull eumCt (illLLTIMI : lll.Hi,.. 1 1 1 1 n 1 1 ii Lamport, ginnnan ol i t Luiolinc .u. iiN-woui aim Harriet I'rances 1 . iiiuiliic .. viinn'ii tinn iuhiivi l iiuiiri (iii,w..l.l, children ol Ihe late llirnin 1'. Unswold, i liming filed in said Conn hisnpphentioii. m wrinng. silling lorth Ihat his said waids are -i,I mi.l i.nss. I sed in ibcir own riL'lu. cub. ol one tin Iim.Ii-iI sixth I pait ol ceitaiu lauds, building lots and buildings , iheieon ; that is to say, ot one. messuage and tene- i lueill at the juncliou ol l-hiucli streil Willi li.i slreet, tind on the west side ot snd Chinch stieit und on the north side of said 11 ink stu-et, containing one bill ncie ot land mole or less, wiih two diielliui: houses nnd o:it buildini;s on the saute, nnd is the suite tenement lately ouucdnud oecupii'd by the Inn- Wil liam A tiriwold, also ol n sinall tenement on the we-t side ot the s.lltte Cbunll SUeet.lieM soulll ol Ihe il.iptist meelinii liou-s.', boinided on the west I.i llor nee Whet-lei's 1-ind, nnd on the sonib by Unities l'.. .1. ....... I I ...I -I..... .... I. iii, nun i. ulli, i iiiiiiiiiiiiil: uiiuiii i i ill . -n, ui iuuui , ii i iii i . i. ... , land, mote or less, with n .Iwellinu liwi-s- mid out! It i.- .-.ualH Uueliinil ill nil Kiiidsot inbainit.ati r di billliblllts thereon, both of s.lid lots ot land Sllu.iled ill ns sole .N ipplcs ;, u, j,es f-prail's l.beil-lluiluiKlon-aU of the iiudivuled hull of n buibllim i ''"''"':SS iw .'"'d ISi .-. I.urns. loi in said lliiiluiKlon, known as luuiiber Vr. ol the ' ( 1,1 1')"H'1. ."les 1 ie I liotmii, i-. e iiuarler ncre lois-nUi ol it pew in .Mr. Woiccsi.r's "'u,ns )moi ' t''1' "3", uf i!i.eiiiiaboi,se,ius.,l lluihnsliin-alsooltHoli.iaof 'iiiuienlrbj.ieianswli,. iiv it in llieir ine, nnd laud ill liaitoii in Orleans couuly, lo wit: nuinlur , h;'" 'edsot the. clergy who prnie it M their people, seven in the ninth runic and nu.uberi iuht in the sev- 1 ,ul" l"lrV"1, UT 11 '"''-""il.y "ii i-iud, in c.-w-e ol einh raiiLi- of lauds in said his said 1 "e.-ulent by lire ble may be ..-t wiiliout it. but by in nr.. v..rt- .om... Ii.-ii, mill- ..I it,.. ,,,.0 ,.C 1.. . tin. I Iiv.. rriti.iitpliv nml Hint il v. til I... tn - llml ll, in vl in ...1,1 Im. I ! si.l.l fin.i ,1... n.i.llJ I tlieieot be iiiM-sted in prolitnble slinks, or placed nt ittiereet on ..ood nnd pi-imuiieiit securuy ; nml prni iit; snid Court to urnnt him license ti sell tii.l inter est ot his said Hauls lu said lamls : it- .i... .:.i i . .... ..t i .1... ,,..t t-. I Vuuiri;rii.-. tlif said toutt iisi"iinl th,- pjtl, .hv ! ii 1.1. 1 in-- rniiu uiiii .11.-11:111 .1 lilt- ijui 111V ' of Julv. ISH. Inr I , nun., n,i ,!,.,.i,ii,, ,, t,.i . lion, nt lite Piolrate Ollic-e in said lltitlmi! ntii or- . t ilmi nil tH.r.i.. ini.....t...l J l.l i :i:-.i imblislumr tblsouhr contninin.' il.i- mb. slnnte ol sant lipplteatlnii llnce wcel.SHiitces-.velv llie Hut liiii;toii 1 ne Press, n newspaper punlid nt llurlinj.Mon, the lastol which publications to be pieil ous to llie liny nssiiied ns uloresaiil hearing. linen under my baud nt lliiiltnj;to:i, nt tuld Dis tn.l, this I ." 1 1 1 dayoi June, IHIS. (Mw:i) lIUADFOlil) KIXl'OKI), Htgutrr. i't'titiou lo Svll li.'icul. STATE OF VEIUIO.NT, ) Dixrr.itT of Ciiintsi'iN, ss. ) The lluiiouilile 1'tohate Couit fur ihe DUliiit of ( liillemleii, to all pet tout lu wlmm tliete presents shall eoiiie, t-r.ti.nxii; 1 lTtll'IIP 1st I'll,... M l',..l.l I: .1 .M. Corbiu, Koyui'td Calharuu- Eorbin, having filed 111 snid Coutt bis applicntiou.'in writing, N-tluin on 1 that liii said wn , Is n,.. and iKissesseiLcuch, ol one uiiditide.l twellib i,.m ., the land ot the junction ol Church and llnnk streeis , ""Mextreorilinary vegetable pioJnctnMi. Those in Hiitlington, where the late William A. (itisnold w.llu.wl1.1 rJnlly obseive its. x utiles. must approve lived ; alsool one undiiidtd Iwcllth pint ol the nlace i'1",1" "'.'"J' !1!'aru ; l'v,-r' lli"J ul"l nflectioiinie bus ntul lot south of the Baptist meeting bouse 111 said "J ,".f,H"1.'! '." ",0l soleinn duly to alleviate tlie llurhnelon : nl.,11 ,,l one iwcllth tnn ,,l il ..! I olsiress Ins w tie is exposed to. by 11 sale nml teilain quarter ucie lot lifi.insjid Iluihngtoii 1 nlso of a new' ''ihod, whu h isihen-s- ol ibis inoiber's riteel. I'ur in the new Ilnck nieeling house- -also ul two u , u I ,llcr l""'llc" hirs 111 painphli is inlentled for the female land in llarion in Orleans county, number enjln 11 1 f5'1'' '" I"' had, K'ans where this humane cordial seventh range ami number seven 111 the ninth rait" " t10 . !"" ' "'V M"ll"'f's lcl,t l H prep ired, iml nn.l that 11 will be advantageous to his said wr,J .i... 1... 1 . . 1 1 .. 1 .1. . . ,l.n, tl.u I I I .1... ... . . . slocks or iilaced ut inleiest, ninf praying k.iiJ (Jouit I to gram hun license to sell the inleiest ol his s inl 1 wnuls in saij i suite. in... inv D-ittir or mint, tuiu inc iJiueeeoS HlVCStcil WiiEnci'ivx, the winl I rebate Cornl nssiniif,! IPlh day of July, A. D. HIS, Jot heating ,,, deeitL nnz on said iniolicution. ut the Probulp l lii;.. :.. ....1 ing llurlincrkin. nnd onleied ihat nil .1 sboultl be itolilicd theiiol, by pnblMiing tins order contnitiiug the sabstante of said application, ibree , ..t i." sin 1 essi 1 . ij , 111 ine HiiiiiiHiou J ite l iess, 11 1 tiewsnaoer iiriuled at llurluiuluu. il. 1... i ..i.t'.i. piiblicniions to be picviuus to ihe da ussigncd, us ulorcsaid, lor h.aiiug and dtinhng on said upplicn. llliADFOlil) KIM'OED, l,'eSiflc,. liesliii'o li ail von d. OPHN TO KJiJiXli. Nnndnftrr I ncsday, 3Iay Killi.tbc rneiigcr Trains will run ill connection Willi (be i itchburs Trnltii between lloston nnd Keene.ns lollowa! LenVe Iloslon at", A. M., nnd 1.,P. M, Arrive nt Kccncnt 11.30, A. M ,nnd fi,!'. Jl. Lome ICii ne nt 7.30. A. AI .. ntii 12 1'. ,M. Arrive at llnston nt 12, .M.,nnd fi 30, 1". M. At h'eene.t-'lngis will connect wilb all the lim'iislo mid Irom Wnlpoie, iienows inns, i ncsicr, i nven dish, Ludlow, to Uutland nnd lliirhugtun : Drew ville.Alsleiid.Clntlcslowii, Siringlield, W'eiilheiclield, Clareiiionl, Newport, Windsor, Woodstock, nnd Montpelier to lliirlinglnii. This hue, in connection with the 1 itchhurg Itnil rond, nnd the Stages to mid horn Keene, forms a di rect line ol fuinmunientions between llntou uud Norlhein Verniiuit nnd Northern New- Ilnuipsbiie; ...) it... .I.n.l..f ,, rft ,'., Iinni',.rll S!,,,,!!,. .Miihlle, and Western Vermont niul isicrn ,ew llninusliire nnd lio!on nnd n No. in cotniei lion with the binges horn Wiuchendoii and ritchbiirg to Worcester, and the Woiccster nnd lVoiidence U.iil road, the most direct line between thnne sections ol Vermont and New Ilampshiie and Worcester Coun ty and the Slate of Khode Island ; mid in connection Willi Stages liom Littleton, Mas. to Lowell, a illicit communication between the same iioitions of New Ilainpshiic niul Vermont nnd Lowell, I'leight trains will run daily, lo and from Iloston, in unmet-lion with ihe regnl ir I ilehhurg Tinim. T. M. KDWAKDS, I'lcsident. L. TILTON, Ilngineer. Keene, May lo, 1818. w-I8lf TIN. UllASS, I Ware, of nil Coi'IT.H A XI) SlIP.KT IltO.V (leseriptinn,fnr sale at llie nurling- ton Agricultural Wnrchoiie, veiy rhetip Jnr eaih rtvrt. . CO. i'innci:,i).vn Diiiierieolviies. cmr.ns a s'i iIiim: i Miissii.s'. cmr.ns a sTiiiii.r: have nttcd up Itoonis ovfr S. Walker's stoic, Church street, Hiirliuglou, Vt., expressly lor tin; purpose nl taking I)tiir.r.RDmrr. We bae every con einenee Inr taking grnupes ol from two to ten nn the same plnte, or single piclures, nf superior style and finish. Set in frames, cases or lockets at moderate pi ices. Ilii.iiicss hours from 9 A. M. to 5 I. M. Ladies nnd fienlleinen are resnectfullv invited to cull at our I looms nnd examine specimens Kniinncc up stairs, between N. Lovely's nnd S Walker' Duniiigiou, t:u 11, 1013. IliKligntc IWiucral rtprinss. THR nnderslirnpil. hnvinir renled ihe il " 1'IIANKLIN IIOUSi:." at lii.-hL'ate Sna. and lurnished it with every conveiiieiice necessary for the comfort of visitors mid hoarders, respselliilly solicits the patronage of his friends nnd the public generhlly. 'l'bese Springs hnvc become justly cele brated lor the curative piopeities ol their waters, nnd for the vnriely nnd beamy of the sutroundmg scenery and make a pleasant resort for persons in quest of henlth or amusement. Horses nnd Carriages in constant readiness. tSbTwo new boats, for sailing and (i-hing excur- sions. ClIAKLUS U. SANFOKD. .May Hid, 1813. ivoTici:. m Tin: MimcA 1. vjiofkssiox. AS adjourned Meeting nf the Slate Medical So ciety will be held at Castleton, on Ihe list day ol the Spring Session ol Lectures Wednesday the 1 lib nf. lime. Addresses may he expected, nnd 1 alh- ological Exhibitions of interest to l'hyieians M. (iULDSMITII, C'ji i efijwiidtii Scc'iJ. wl9,-3t AT BIO.Hi) irilKRB WK SHALL 1SK UAPPY TO receiie Calls for all kinJs ol Fainting, Oiniiiiiiii l'nper llunging, eVc. iVc. Shelburn Street, opposite Amcricm Hotel. lil'SSLLL.VSl'ALLUINr.. llurlington, March 10, ISIS. 37tf yjAIR 11RUSIIKS! A grnnt variety tit S 5. law prices, for sale by Tiilo. A. 1'tiK. .13(Mlic:iI Ailvcii'ii.'si'iiit'iil, All nf the fillmrinz nrliclis ichieh Inrr obtiinal linhnlt'tilej riltIiirilll tin' .Mild Iill a:.' u.vr.ur a i, i, nn ni:.n i: v , Anil an Almanac fur 18 IS (Intti. lt Tor Colds nml l'everi-h feelings and irexent ins I'eiers. Jii l'ur Asthma, I. iier Complaint nnd Bullous af fections. 3 1 Tor Uiaihn-a, Indigestion and Losiof Appetite . till l-Vr CoslUeness in f.-mahs nnd males. .'ih l'or Sinnineh ntlectioiis, Distiepia tin J IMes, .ni . ..... , ....... . :, ! .-, i'. . , i nr uiriii hums llie, ll is not o III 10 lake, IICICI trues pain, and nei tr letleen one enttire ! l'or all these things it is warranted unenualled.nnd all who do not find it so may retm u the luttle unit get thru- money. The medicine is .nnsley' zretit ll'eetern Imlinn Vtinueca. l'ullcr deseiiptton in an Almanac lor ISIS, gratis. IUui Tone To ihe Bald nml tliey If you wi-h a ncli, luviirieui head 1 1 b nr, li.-c Irom iliindrulf and scurl, do nut hid to prneuie the geii'iiue llilmol Colunibi.i. In cases ol but. ne - il will inure than e. c -id lour lApeetaiions. Al.i:te who have lo-t thnir hair twenty years have had it I -toieh to its ori ginal peili-ctinn by llie u-e ol this balm. Agi, stale or 1'otnhlion nppeais to he nn fbsiacle whntfwr ; it nln tnus, s ihe iluni to How with which the delicate hair lube isliHed.hy wlmh means ihous-uids iwbo-e hair was grey a- llie Asiatic eaale) Imp had their " lo us n.iiurai i oior I,) the u-e ot tins in i ti i n valuable. In all cies ol le r it wi! be loiim r I pl' -i-inl wnsli tun cau l., iwil. A lew app i,-a "'" "ri "'' 1 r nan I Hung om. . H rtrenj;tlH iis tlio roots n neur laiU to impart n rich i'1'iv.v imii, nrnnee. niul as a n-rl'iiine Iur the toilet ti H unetiiiiilled ; il bebls ibrei- timi n miicb ns oilier intscnllcd hair lesloiatiies and is more c Iti iiual The i;eiiinne iiianuiai urn d only by Coii.Uu-k .V Co. 'Jl Couitland st New Viuk. CoNMi.'s .Mii.ii-Ar. I'ai l!TriAi-iiit It is now conceded by medienl men tint Count I s nnj;ie il I'uui lixlineiLr, iiinmilaciured by C'om-iin-k .V Co., y Couril.'ind st. N Y , jn the trtcntest ivonder ol the I'J, ceiiiniy Its ellecls nre tiuly miraculous. Ail pains nn- teuioieit limit bums, scalds, e mid nil externa! sous, in u few minui'-s ntn-r iKiiiptie.-iiiuti, lienluiLT the smite on I'te mo-1 ilelienie .-SHI. le.nini no star Uje HI lllirils llC .sillitect III lis COI1I MU, nil litnls iHrc ilrtarolrd. t'nitliiiii llemelulK-r nnd I.-k lor I Coiinel's Alacieal I'nin Extrartor, inauulaclilleil bj CotllSlock A: I'll. . oinsioeK .V I o. rx l . noil take no oilier. DiAifiMN Ciui n- l)n. .McNaiks iict tif On., Those ileal Irom old ne nnd Irom nil.iin y olti n re tell e llieir heariur in n iitosi niirnculou-. in inner, by I the Use of ihe oil. It has the t fl -ct to teslore lite leu- Hu" brni(! into the iiaiurl.inciiouot the pails eii ns i " . - . ,,, lo ri'siore ihe benruiL' wbev lo-i or initiaireil. 1 In" w ill be done in nllea-s ii recent dealnefs. mitl ninny ol Iouk stalidtllsr. All deal iiersousshtiultl use llusoil. Ci'insiock t'o. 21 Courlluud, st. ine the wboltsahrs. Pi ice 1 per llask. PiLrs, Sum s, .-c.--Tnr. Ofm-ivt Htx-s' Limmtm' is tin ntlicle mote justly celi-bral-1 ns n cure for lite nboie, than uny or nil others. Its lines nie utmost Iunuiiieiiible, niul it is only neco-my to let itinse who know ihe article nnd used il tvjiIi siith ureal success, that it is to be bad true and i:eiuiine 1 1 Cotustoik . Co. Coiiriland st. Jx'i-h Yolk, sole pioprietots. Dr. Siii.vs'.s Sick .Ilr..itncui: KiMi.nv -Why will sutler with that distn .-suit: complaint when n re mt uy is in u.'iiiii mat win noi tan to cure you t remedy will tllectually destroy nnv mini k of bead ' nrne, either ncrruDsor tnllioiis. It In las cured cases ol Iwelltv venrs' slniulin .MnnthRf tCl.ll.r 1 XMA1 Dkiovihv Al! ".xI':.ti.,1 I',le niotbeis niul nuxions to nionl the Pnins, D'stres" ntnl Dangers of Child Is-ar- lug.uie eariiesny cuirenieti 10 iiiiin their tears, nllnv 1 1 '!'lr nervousness, and sooth llieir way by the use of . "'"); , now sole iiroprielcrs, Contsiwk .V Co y I 1 Loiitilfiiiil .1 ..ii' x njk I Couitlnnd H New ojk 1'or.WoiiMS- Kni.xiaiorVa ViHitirroi: will erndi cate ntttl cure children and iiitults who hate woims Caution -llewnie ol nil unless lite iiatue is spelled " KolnisliH-k," the old Dacli inuie ol ihe iiitrnier Price '-''i cis. per bottle. 2 It caiuittl iiijute the th.ld should I lii-l f be no woiius.btil 11 will ilu 11 oml To nil. lut.f axii 1 ixr, Comstoi k's Neixe mid lloue Luumeui tiiitt Indian egetuble Elixir, is tlie uioitellettuar curu fur Uhcmiiatisin, contracted eoiils, or muscles, uud iswarrented I'lcureany enseol U li-ii- ,,,., ..,i:.., vn ,1 1 ' , i. E. Ilariiuglon, uud A. C. Spear, llurliu.'lon ' June II, 'IS. wSlmii JlLir'singly"1'"'! '""Ily",, Removed, r1lir,SI'l!PCItll!i:it would Inlonnhis cn.toiwr X Ibat he ha removed hi-i simp to th.i bmliltug Intel V occupied hy Mr. .la. il. l'lalt, nenily oppi site the Clullenden County Unfile, nnd directly oppoip. nlwavshe ill readiness in do frit work entrusted lohini .ir iinieues nun Miop, on v.iiurcn 7.t Mnerc ne win t,c n,ot workinanbkn innnncr iticlndiiig .IIA lll.l.K V AMI tt'ATCIIKS of cverv dercrit.tifiti. innkiiiir ATtA-T Lr.vrn IScate- MEiTSas good as .lolinsuii or Robhison. Aho, Duplex, Lepnie, niul all eiiicie. iV.c. All Kinds ot repairing. selling pinions, sian, cyiiiiucr wiieeis, .vc.ns wen nn neat as can be done hi Ihe city rf New Yolk Music. boxes lepaiicd i Accordinns mid Melodums tuned All woik done by Ins own hands. Air. Vt having winked in a large niaWMimcnl m the city of New Yolk Ibr twn)eaia, Mnunling, l'm ishlng and itr paiiing Wnlches of all kind", and hav ing previously tea ived good iii"irii( tintis frnni an e eellent 1'arorienn wnrltiniin, is well nuahhVil ioe- ccutc the tuost dillicult woik, nnd be exboits the public to plare m luti! their ooiilidenee, and hi tow upon mm a inie oi liationage. iieier, i'ir ininrnn linn resnecii nr n s wor iiiiaus u ni iinn resireung ins wnrKiuaiiiiip,io -"rs. i Vnn Ami. lie i, Cooper, No. 11. Maiden J.siiie, New Ynik. LOL IS f Jil.Mli.M'. Ihulipglon, May 11, 1819. lfilf Sell I Will, AT WINOO.SK I FALLS, npillj SlrWWMKR HAS AT 11! STOHK A a lnrpf nirimont of nlnin.t t-vt-rv kitul of (InutK purc!meil entirely fur ('n1i, Iml not Immiiu hi u ill nil' ri Point: ofhi nctKliIioia, linil lo Ijormw part nml tnul anil will wll tn p-iy llint ntiil to purc1in-f nmrp, jiIct-r tvill niul pcc, (lie bt;Bt ntul cl impost rrr oflrrcil in this Countv. PJDNKV HA U LOW. WitWki InlK Mny 11, 18H. 'M rva:w oois. ti rsshs niiixs'i aid Ac HHOTirnns liwl nrc rccciinr! nccos'-ioni to ih'-ir Mink n iitir Wnlclic, .Tpwclry, Clock, nml tnotnll kimNnf good's thai they Kcnt'iiifly ileal hi, together with purh new kilnJ-i fia tiiey juJf their custotnera will w i-h I'ur ns we nrc rcccivintr (loods every wei'k, we rati suppiy nuy nrtielc in out Imp r out of it which may he want ed. Wc Invite nn examination nfour Wntcheeby tho-r who wish j;ooil tniie-keepfrp, knownifi that we nre cualiled to, nnd d mmih ot trlliiitl all (let'crip'toti1 of selling nil dceripiions of Watchr? ii low a nny New York or Hcton Uou-w, or any Pedlar can or wir.t, f-ell lliein. Oar norttuont iKoriI r,f dorks, Wnlrlt ri, fiold nnd .Siler (lood-i, Tinted nnd Hritnnttin Met nl (JooiN, Itinp", Mimical Iiietrunicnt", Htriiii!", At., reifnmery, C'lnr Cnn tt SnnH' Hnvn, Canes Plain Hair nnd Curl-', Ili-ml Maud-, Hnis-t, Piirwanml Pock et Hook, Cnrd-i, Kaors, Scissor, Knives, and nn ul lnot endlfss variety ol taiiry artii-Ie-. (inld and SiKeml l'mis, black, white nml fnney colored I'nns. J'cnll.ernnd PnMehoard l'nno.ifcc ,Sif rr Spoon", Porks, Coflin Plates, HuttT nnd Print Knie, children u Silver rotks niul Lups, nnd all Sil ver (Jood nt nil tiinp on hand in 1-ircu miaimtii'5, almost nny nrticle in (iotd or Siler nnde in nurhop to nny pattern desired. Watrie( (ork nnd Jewel ry denned and repaired hy ourselves and experienced journeymen. We employ no apprentices in nny department of our huHiies-j. Our nim and dcire i to cll siuh (ood nnd to do our work nnd charye such prices ns will be pcnua neutly fratitlactory to eu-tomer. i)Af;ui:inu:oTYPi; aoon. I and 5 Plate (Icrman nnd American Cnnierasnnd a largpr nnd mote ctPtiste aortmrnt of cvpry nrti c!e u'-cd in the linn rereivnijj ami will be kept on band nnd for alp nt Iw New York and Iloton luicee, Sro- ill, Ij, Wiutcp.nud Preii' Ii 10 Pkitp in hrce nium tities. HltlNSH I1) & HUOTilKHS. ItirLUn'iiU'' pi'rittcin!IN iiv.wp. pnrp.r?ns W-v Z2m , r.l.. r-r, r. I II -'-V, I J I IS i il Ji"l I I'll ii-ii t iij HI nil CUfff-, will noi mconvf-nienc' ine aiuuiiii or injure mm vrn u n i bad no di-ease" it i Iron- 1 to 8 time- thenper than! nuM ot' llie lmitntmns wlmh nie l.rju'r I'lrculntcd ihioutihont th' country, bt-in put up jn Intuer p'lek'i Cp., fuHm !"til to cum nn otdiharv cap of Iiaes, nnd to administer in u do''-n cafs ot cold, t atari h, A c. At ibis f.pao;i, while the Hore is (-bedding lusroat bn vital (in'ryy i in'jrh reduced, and he is extremely j liable to cold, iVc , many caM-s ol Incipient HfaveJ me com rat ted now but nre Mip'tre-fd by pu&tnre or ! WMrin we.itlier, till tiifv utvuk out m lull toree m tl.e tall. Thou'and-j ol h..i--.-t can b eaved from future ( unoundnp'vrf( if, w'beu the f i r-t 8mpion,a vl cohl or , whar2inn i ob red, n tew tin s ot the 'l'titleisall's I bnve Powder should he pdmimKtfred. They nre w ai rented to wholly erndn.n'e lecent heaes ai this eaaon, citi:T sijuci rnnrirjt The h'-ave powdtrt iveu in wnall dorc, will be found inot u-etul at tin? season. 'J'liev f-timuinte the f-kin to can ell' the Mipertluou hair and proihire new they jooen the hide, site, a ulo-y upparanee to the rnnt. nrotect njiin'-t di?ene: lb'V nh Iroiu their fin nliLfimiivo nnd rpj-tomtie nowpr. inirtn ilir lilwul nnd rinovate the whole nsteni, which hurn-s rcfjuiie . nt this season a-; much f." any of the human race, who find a prepatation of sarsapanlln useful to correct a itiated Plate oi the lluids, Incident to the change of' wenther, which in the min atu-cls ot an annual, ns well as ail veyelawe me. I'his retni'Jy bn" acquired n ftandiil" never before, attained by any horp niedieiiu, and in tact we know , no pnti'iit mpcluiiiL thai has reeeurd ns ninth Lutu- i mendatiun conoid. rin,r tlf I me il Ilia been etlab- -ndin li,-. er.untrv. .Mom- tlnu run) wriinl nml wr.iun U-tnuonts Tune u,luutarmIU bepn tendert-.l i .Mes-rs. A. II fioniih i Co. 1 certify that I bought om- of ICiil.l.rltle's TattecsuCs Hcnve Pimd.'ts.nnd usetl nn n bnise of nunc that wn3 troub led seletely lull lit-nvet nnd the single package cured bun. 'Ihe now-ib-rs were utven nbout two months uno.and I ItaYe never s-eii nny indtcaiiotis of llie nista-e .-line. II. J. CimiK. KM, llroouinie-st Mr s.Preitlent of the Stiueities Italik.iliforilte us that he had a hois.-fined ol heaves ntul bad cot'sh by '-re p iektii(e. Mr. J. S Siuiili, 1 1 l'ulioii-st. mil- ti to tell ns tint he cured bis horse ot n inosi nnuov- in nn.l troublesonte rmi!:li accoiiiiuiuit-d by evidence ol worms and general lack ol condition by the Tat- tcisniri tttaie rowiiers. Fxttact lroni n litter from a merchant nt Clyde X. Y- who has sold nn iuiiiteii-.eipiaut.tyot the I leal c Powdets . " 1 have only 11 packages rt nnd voeltl like to have ) on fciiiI i croee more inuiieiliatelv. I would not like to lie out ns every body who wt-hep to get a icinidy lor their huiscs, want " Tattiisalr," md will lake " iioihing slse." Yours cc. W.M.C. Elv. I Ix Ji- New Yoik. I I" Ahi'Mily I'liMi'hi'il. II. '.s.des the above we enn it ler lo llie publWicil certificates nl Me-srs. E. A. llauks. South Ainitoy, X J.: S. llobeils. L. 1.: Ed Junes. Civile. Tx. Y.: Mr., Midilleliint , Vt ; E I'm. C. Lo).l, ,i. 1,-tie ami others ol mis ui . , which piuves t-onciu stiel) that it is the best leint iiv w blell can Is- given to bor-es trt'iihiul with beavi s, iVe. worms ti-Inla or tin-lies, incipient blunder, g. uiders, nnd genenil want of condition. Auni'e duitiioits tor its ue tu all liiese discuses nccoiuiiauy each i'aik-ie. Prepared and (iol'nllo. Co. IIV I ulioii-sl. ,ew-iuk. A. C Spear and (ieo. Har rington ngcn'sior iiuruiigion. fiia.icrs Simp ! ! I WOULD tvMiPctl'iillv iiilinni my frirnJs, I mnl ilu- iiiiliheirenernllvlhat 1 Imve ciiened n Shop, near my lcsldeuce oil Peuil Mleel, loi llie purpose l I'lirnishiiig. Culling ami (JIii.lii nil sizes ofi' nn nnd l.iiu-y Window lllnss. a'. lor Sash or Pn iiiie rraiues- k-pt 1 ou.-l.n;i' y ,,u ,ain nt .Mauiifjctuicrs prices. IlEliVEV lll',(INF,TT Iluilingloii, April Si), UU-. H jj,,- HiiIIiukI k Iir'tnf',ion IS ail lioad. f"VO ns,i ssiiv nts ,,'f (ixo thill.tis ntcli H. Inn been ttrtlercd '.t ihe Diiectursoiiea'lifhnre ol ihe capital ,,uck m t,e Kutloii I .V lliirliiig'on llml i.or.ip.iny ; one pa) able on ihe'Jfiihduvol June, nnd liie other 011 the lilth d.iv ol .lu'.y iieit Payment 111.1v le m.iilo lo the Hants ol linrlineton. Vergi lines, Mnldlebiiry, lllnik llivtr, lie'.loivs I'al's, 1 lieshiiti Hank, Keene, i 11,11 o I'fikms, nt the Rail Hood Olliec, Itiitland, EdWard Piikeiing, No. iVI Stnte Slreet. Ilo-ton, or to the 'l'rensnrci nl his othec lit Middlebuiy. SAM I) SW1IT, 7Ve,iiiri. Mitldlelniry, Ma) IT, lsi-i, !mG IF Vl TO Till: CXf TAlYS nrrici::1 A S lite " Mnvor' iV 'n 1 People don't care tmn h lan nets UU tinotls. ibci- V WHEIfEor MOW tviitit tin 111 1 heap ami good, niul n mmd iotoriiu,tit 1.1 sileet I10111." Wewill ti) und suppl) suih wauls nt Ihe Variety Store, please rail ninlsie. HKINS.MAID - UKOTIIEKS MAf'KlIti:!,, No. 1 i.- ,' i HhK, Half Elils. limners, F.igl'iln, and b ihe niinrle poniitl Al-o lluil-oits ll.ij' Sulinoti. A S DEWEY June r, 'S wS( M 1 rn j-nl, r."vli,l)".l ll"' rnl'liisuro nf tlin fcith- tS-iX. stribet 111 Millon, about the Mill ol A pul.a soriel ii )eai old Mat Colt.xviih a white leei and a Mime stupe in bit (ice. Any peison Kliiugin lortn ilion to the siiWnlu r where llie ni ne limy l' bniud, or rtluri iny hei to lustsiseMion, will be s.ilia f.iclniily icwanliil. IPILLIAM ,M M'Kf. "MUli'it, Jan. li, ISIS, ni3. j ..a -r, ,i.T. MPi asinafHR u $ b k u a a IZF'jb'-lA tmV b( V , i, t-s v- ! H H B M H irt W ft m i.i fit 13 s .Vr,r(. linn iim- nf 11 I'.ivi ll - ll'il Wl III Ulll- Jl I ' - ' lii- j ri'iriiri f i i- -n 1 1. il t. i-n in .l'i il imiic f t.i iHmij rilrt r -ni Hi- ffntiuti ill i i ii t n in r ( I I' tu 1 rt-r i I rfd (It i li I i i - f fir -K i-n ti j' i'pii v if mi'.-, im i it t ttri nr -jmi in Amu"t III. V-tw't -! St I At '' I w it i il 1i Iri'wtilj i'n.fitimy jiiini o'ntlii 1 1 "'1 1 ' w w '" ' nr 1 r'Uj'i',: i'ii 1 tn i t't- ti il t I w i .lUliji'il t k "i fi U I. I H I t-fiiti-1. It'ir t i" ih nit th "f i" I ttj 'it (; HI , I n tH" of otr tirt ii M m. if -ll l ii'.i Vy nt I 'ftril ni n if Siriptir.Ih. Mi I 1 it i ..I t li-i'ii ', 1 1 1 ni a . v 'l.iys it cuiii -fy f-imil ui, in 1 1 c Wi-ll Hint lit mr. k.isf!iti;i,i. wir.Kint. .win v, Svt i-n. i .'inn . "for U. ttU Ti'rrv, llll' t A Pt lit Il.irt lt'll. (y'tl I 1, nl ti"'' "I ami iff-! i rti- i i'i to.l itunj: it jii extract t i I irr rf,c"U'.l fit ii hli'l' llll. TnU'NlRMtt I liinciwrl mi- Imtllc ofitlir H imp 11 1 mi I f'oi'l it i- ft'(lpnt lii it f'ri'fti ii.ii'h ii i Uroiiic r!ifii.u itic lu w hicli I niti ii1iiMt. (run mi injury itcru-nmr.l itr 1114 HlMll -I IT. I'llM-iU M'l I III" lftt! - t t'i ciii ol' I vniimr. 1 ll if nvi'ri t ah n' iitr riiiclpil Jt'iyiiu an I iiMuiiini 'luk'il i mil Sur if.tnll i. HllTif tkiii;) llirtriinl. Mirch 2, l-ili. Rheumatism ancl Itmiib.go. iV York, July. Vt I'-IT Dr. Tn-rvnvn: I !r lV' lt 1 rue I lutu ! iDh l' wit'i Kffiv rli'Mtni ih niii. 1 lniv l'-cit nt tiitu" in tfriMti"! n.'t'it pi'sili'. tun) un-i'i!" to l-i' my I'mpl'tviifiii 1 1.. ,i.o 'i 1 1 ' it1 nit i"l. of I'i" lit nS i t riM I i ' .i hi I i 1 1 p ip T n ' I i-' i ti - of inr Hi ip irill i .in-l I'tmi. .vmii' I It t it. mi I -on IT I until n'rl iitl rrliff. TUr Il nil I7(' li"- I I I r tit -himii im m ti i ni' m Klini'ii iti ti-ihit. Mi't nl li- ilt'i li i Ihmmi imjii iii w lin ! I ant V r It l ' hk'W' thai )ir run ,) (c t i Hit'i ' llml inn will m."t lu I i- rniupl nut, nielli,. x ulli . i-, men vim jnvi:.s Sillier r Vmmt u'a sh "s s hi h B'uste 6 To Mothers & Married Ladies. Tins llitr.iit nf S nn it iri!!j 1iu Xi'rplv iirfpjf'il I rt't'Ti'ii'i ii 1 tiii d i i 'i ii(il iiiits. u fn it tin uliu lits ri ivn o iiipi-.f n'il ijiprn irlmi tint rritu'al p'rinl, " Vhr Hint of lift tltuiilil iifitlfi t li tiiko it, in it is it crtiiti iir''('utiiu fiir aitv ul' tu it i iitium nn I h'trnMp ilijifi in wliii'U I'.'tii tl-i uti? "ii'jfit i I'll- tini'or I uV. Tin pr-ml may hr thlnynl fur rrtrf urtf b'J win; Ihi mtdtntt. .N'U m m f-m .iliijlilc ur tlmt who ti itjijtnTii'.i'i . rti inliiKi t. a it h'tititpl td itn-t n iitirr. In j ii -kpi'iit.' tlir t.i'iii I .ni'l ini r itntr tli t''i!l. In l'"'il, litis nif n.1 ii" is .IrV: fur .ill 1 1 1 lllllCjt'l iImpucs to w li ic Ii woiiicii v .t1ijprt. It linirr-i t't2 wlin1! "jlpm. rru-w pTIrtnciltll" ili Ilttih "inriifs. ,y ri'tnintn t'l lnif iti nl' Hip Im ly, nut sn far Mini I I it in; i to iru.liii'o ii'mipUMt r1 it ition. wliu:Ii is tlio t. m) ot'(ml inoJiciii.'lak ufnrlV n ile i .d.iif -s and tliii-ii-p. GIRLS, READ THIS. Vnit lt(i IniP pit" C'i)i;l xniiH, ilil'.l ivi'i, liluti lies nil tliP fj'-, ruijli fMii nr fri't'UI uud nre "nut di'pints." iip ii Imtili- nr Uii of Dr. Tua ii-' mi's ir.ij irill 1 It ill tlfiii"" nmr b!tm 1, ri'iumi t!u frrcTtlcs tut I lilotr'ir, nn-1 kop vmii iiiiuu itioii, p.iih I vt flit. jniiK ;tii 1 luMiinl'iil i n1ii-u .ilj ui rtlutti an ii iiiiiiuiHi. iiImij tu fim.imtil i In-". Sni'i'.'il i'o!J5::3i; .13i-th:inc. Dr Tiin iul' frc ij irilla h n ur1vi(it .in-1 ipp.1v i-ure f r I nt, unit t'niiMinmtNiii, lurri'iiii", l.fieni rii-i' i nr lillrs. 1rii-trt I i I Mi'11-.tntitKi'i, liico ilnii'i .Mtiiiif, nr im i. it ir ilii IVihiI, .mil Inr i'ip tPiipr it pto tritmn of t irlli'T tu- ri'illt uf iiiln'rciit tJUst. ur C4i-.e ill ii il-., .lite " nr im i iti'iit. mi. i' -'li ,in-in.' tinn lt ili.''ne (Ifotti t smii. jt w akii .hi t I tit l I p. 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Ilrt ,ruwv,'Tvrt 'lv i ft- ltd ii ?re ittv ilutir-ptt bv nnl u mi I (i"irr l D.'lnlm. .tint mi farun uiumii U Uy p liii tui'l l; i Jo vn. f illnt jol'liii' U'uiiili, vit,mtli r ililtii'iiUu s, ami liui iil p.tps li,r s omi nipiln nif l-ns rtl'i-i tiil pnat turps, mi.l uU i ' it rp'nm-ii'' id-it f -r nn Ii tun's ns I luw b ncrilnj.l. 1 ul.t m li-tttlP nf niir l'fr.ict nf u;ip iril l UllJ t uiltur J fin itin.i ipi .'tvp in I.i a 'itii t p -iik I it rp.ii i "it lnr mmpl nut ui I -toi lirr It ill'i. I!'"!.' "r-iffitl for UtP IciifliU r rrpeor : id-Jiiuc in thus j--k in j.Ii-i! jiu.' it, ami rcrn.iiifiL-ii I it to . , ,Mn. M k MtHMifi libuiiV. Au-;nt It, 17. Cir. of (iruii! A- tJ Hu t The UJev. John Serr )f.Tprsyy 'ui tuiiill ami Iith! rpppcttilp iIprT".n.3ii oft'i- I'. iptit tlM)niniilatiftii lnii'lp I in lli" I't'tloaiiiT rertilV iip at l)i it'tr. , Towrxn D-ir .'n t arrt ff-nfiPtiliiril tn fip ' tiiin,rnt ofili-- lev m I ilcrnVd fnun ii-ntj tntir Stirs-.'r',r lioinr. In-unjoin.', t .!ijU rriulrr n Iintrit U ,V U'-1 i " rcinrra i,.r many ;' "v ; v " ""' , " ..:, , 'I as ,ul. rtn'uulv tnmlt1iMiii' nn.l nr . it tut t In n"au.-t ., ii, i u - - 1 im imiuti i ( u me ! fat )i the t rtot, unu, in, r-'i-n-.l littl-or n.i t.piilt, until Monk jour Stp-ipmiUa. wn x',ir" ltr Vi''n 'b it- h 1 ii-storr.l mr. r., lll(,rp t' " y; ' 'r " iT"L . i , ".v ' " Hi nmv l?" "iTuZ, ' r.'n. rt'iu i i t'T I ir.'i'. a f ltp'n 'i ii'nii ,tr h Eft m . .'ir. I li"i" '"' ltl,., -krtoli m.i lie .m u.uJt t-en-M to . ) mil ui'till Lio Im tu iui'j ja Ju!j It. IP 1.1. Jtr.j i ill.. My. S'iV.fiikino, Oft'io t'.T.t -t I'tttiri It,-, lik.t'..t-i-il-iif.. . V i.iu , , t'if itilliiwiii crri' i r-, f jrcit tritfii.ut ltn,.tnij i Vir Ynrk, V I 1" t"d il"rtvf tin lu-t uitiltT Willi i'ii It U 'I' ll n- ii 1 1 fi n l- i i i. ail in .1 n it ti ihniir- in tth-tl .'-O'ln. v! x .mr -ii-i1m.i1Uiiii-I !! not - tv 11-1 i'l it i ii , , . vl I it, 'ii iii-th - t t. b.-it iiai ii ..0ll, t'jr n. i. I cum.n need talent. Ulli IK) lli'jinct tt'iilh. C. J. Itnl'MN, lAtirofl! ttinJalUp. Chun li, 3.1 UUti ?i Methodist Clergyman. Tlio ftill. ni in-.- wns mmi! t.i ,,r ttri-iil in Ki'111.11 lie Hie Itev II TI'Mr UN. ,,f Hi - l: I' itiit-li nan ol'll most I,.. cil 111.! r -(i 1 1. .I in t"it. 1 iirm-i't 11 1 uu 1- iiiimlisf n,),.,,,,. ,1 mm Ii r tl . T ,1. m'!lr Tuwu-i ti.- bnri;),tl ill 1 ttlr .,,, I'm 'Mi Vr R-ox I Hi In- r.irMiiinti. yylt (a, in n, t'H ""I '-r-il Uemril IMnlill t.f mi- ,,' sit t flule l.'I- I I I .1 , 1 ,' irnilli; irnl .tinn .if till, li.Bi , ,mr.f I ir.ur, .. .oil i owf-tinm-re nf hlicj roJj (.,, l.tiif...!" ilnl l -rii.ii.ii- 1 it. I-'isISIjIiut.i i.'it ii.iri llr. T 11I.I11I.11 1..-. ipinllu I i'lu' ,t I niut's-s, inuie III lie 11 "1 ' " H'liin .iru- 0 ..ii ir ., JXU . I.utloiii Ik. c 1 imii 1.. 1. Km, il.-ila lli.l , ,., , j, J,,, I. j .11 I., t-iji n.-m- 11. 1- i'.,lU. ,vt I liMi'lif sj 1 ijitiin It. I.. -ns lint "I Hi. .i , uitliuut il Lit 411) 1 nn I.,, ' ll luMlmie i.ifini'i- nr,, ! ,, ,,v ..,i i..i. nms.,1. irtt-l. ni.1 H llll. hl jl ,1 ,,.,.m In". iuf inn 11,,,',,. )ill..t. ill ullrunie-,1 ukl. i,,l,., ,'ioW.ijr, .4'i't "A. TEVER SORB. si u is -in .'itr.ul r-...n Dr. lltiwi, uu 11I.I ail.l re 111 is llri'iiirt-til, VI i-s. 1 'it- It ttfreaii l.i-l 11 Tu 1 a. it-1 . t if, ijV irllln tins alliicri'lW til T'i- f' -i. :V .r ;," I-- 1 .r-, Ir Tli' S11 ipntlls iiist, mpi s rrml'i' .,lr nml mtr tsl li in t.tuii l am Iti'i-.i tiltl' in li..,ru. llun pontlriiimi 1,1 Itt.'tt In. I, -i'ii 1 rn iiiml-'i liettftliifil by ii. u,i, an, triliiiii j, t irlUM ..I". wu, 'i I tu-ln-.t I liaie sli-eatt) so.l S'un. I lull ul' tilt- iljiliu.i ) r..t it. il Iniiti lott. himI .(urn wsul 1. kimii Hint-. )ut.i, r. -pciirnlli. H.lMI I, III CAUTION ! CAUTION ! ! Ofcii 1. tlir prfil n. . I-, I n nui. hw .). r j(, 1' ,rn I'tfiM- :i !"ci1m r ot ni'ii tffitl waic lor'! rrl '.mr V.'i Pill II' II. .'.I lll.tklll- lMlltU l,irUl l, r.i, l.JIitM .( I... k. A..- TXv . uurallv it up U. ii ij.i il l-otil, il i iiiu, t'l.'i ilf irt f 1 ir t.ijVr'ir ami i I'iui lr. T'lrtii-t imI, A. Hin tb,rt3l lu l. 1I1I1 Sinn- mm ii.ttiitu imii'v, n ku tue Urr ovui ill t. tj.-i.iciplml iiii-nM'Mulii-oiuiicrlvii ir.rtki'4, ,ii ii'n -.1 i inr liro,!i ri aii.1 tlxr ibttft'tt A irMiii tn !- i t'uAr ritm . uiwbKii ilu. on LMjuiie Inum-tWiii . til.t. Onniiti1' a n.tiliiiiia, )itb tt VilU iriHUi. (.r.uur I liv uMii lr. uwni ml' Saf4srtH i, puUluhto .iti'il Iiv ti. ttn'r Uf sImi imtiltthiE tlK t -itUtctf irf . .iiil4i.iti fm M It w u iiirtt'l- sxltA-, tli?. u.-lU, n' W. !) tir i lor ii lnl(h.H 1 Uf , uIm (iitMii i, i l,Mlil ll lltinivi.ti limn ftjtU' tU4.ill) livtf HMtl Ot n I if.'tjtart 1 1, mi.) ih-tt tt injure I tMri l i!tt jfuft i r'l !. r linn li 'I l'" .uul ugiti Hn u ( oiiii tiuk iriii'l h) i'i.!' iu -a to ili..uf nl I'n'r IntVi. 'J'Jic lt!i. n.i lu-'ir (' l.A'l Th'tv uf for rHutr.'u oiia boitl irstnn'.li, lit, mMtti,: u U't 11innlit irunln nitj i Mil tu ie t mi iilli.ui. i - ruii D ujH'iiwf in iliat IJ i m'l. nr lit lio-t4. ll l'iIoni iii'nuiuT t"''It' '" IhhM not I i'ii M tjtif mt) ntlu r. l'ru.r;it)'lt u)i 4rHi4iillia, juj ' jT-'t'-i t'llin i'ii-if nnu, I'litT htwr I'mrli.tril put n Jl 1mIu noil lifHUM 'hit iihWp gtrattrt irf i-.! t itnt .I. it iit i. 1 nr? ni-pittc Iur I if. '1 -V-i in ttlirr. 126 FULTON RTRExIT M l.'I lUMMi. N, V. I'lioixlori P"R il.ll. tr jfurf fVj; ftt u a ti. a ("ii. -r'fM -u-it iio.ti.ii (Von a ,s,.. ,oni Mi I I'Mif"! f',,' S Mi. hru--t, Mn,mi, V t.i . It.fiiUK iia,'!' M l u, iiii I 'tinn , Wr-slit.t r, 1 lrtlMil r Oil'itii. 11 a iNnH'M'i .tTtnl, Ihiii llutkltk or 11 br.ial ml M.ik.r w( ,cwik S J ui iiie intt'ipjl 1 u;;it uui Vi,'uUu u1(4iu mmiu I' l"' ' W - .rft till ' pT,,,, I ' iitumy.itooT.s.-i.o, ,,., T.lI(X lot sale bv lllEO. A. 1'ECK Jut

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