Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 1, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 1, 1848 Page 1
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? A- t j f HSJItlillVWTOIV, MORNING, SEPTEMBER 1, 1818. IVcw Series, Vol, a-.-No QA Vol. XXII. Whole. No. 1101. '' ' '' ' ' '' '' ' ' '' ' ''''''' '"' ' ( ' '' ' I ' " '' " j . '' Business (ar03. a OltlJIXAIlV AXI FANCY Executed nt llic Tree ricssOfficc WITH CAFE AMD rCHF.TVAT.ITY. i BURLINGTON MARKET, OT W. C. II A RRINQTON. MEATS, FISH, AXl) VEGETAULES, QftVffl' variety, T.vnn, Tam.hii', Gamuts &c. At the Corner of Church and College treets. mibi n. u's f Mi HOOT A X 1) S II O E !S T ORE, tW Clitirc.trret. ' New York. Boston, run Farwell's Ladies mi l f.enllciiicii's Hoots Mini Shoos r... I I ... I.. ,..,l I 1 ui every iicsiiiijii'ii irtumisi.iinj mi iftiiu. Store st dqor north of Lotelv'8, and diiectly ojipo ' sitel). ICern's, tt'tr Howard's Store, Church St. Bitvltngton jTrcc 3rcrs Published at Burlington, Vt., By D. XV. C. CLARKE, Hilar ar.d Proprietor. Ibis cloths torn and riddled with bullets, and i public had even sent to the field. Onnned t i? . . tt'tiprnver tlm f,i. nf tiiifln nrnitni ,1mm ilinin wnro nlir mpn nn font n rrorr. iiMnitfiil in waa Gen. Wnol, "riding from poliit to point, en- cnmpatis'on, and having nbout them none or the 1 (.It,, .H1 e,t...1nlt.. ll.n tn a. ! 1 1 111 ..A,.,. Mr! CP 11 HI tit !1 M K A ' tl.A nlillft. dn.1 f.ntft. lujxim niiu n uiniing; uiU IIIC'll III ?tlll I l-.l- .inj nuu ... , .m, yimvi nun tcr exertion? Termn Tu Villige subscribers who receive the paperby tne earner Ifnaid In advance Mail subscribers and thuse v.ho take it at the OOice 2,00 It paid in advance, . 1,50 Advertisements inserted on the customary terms. "ApotliccnrirV IIiill," tJF.ORGF, K. II ARRINGTOX, Proprietor, WHOLES tl.E AND RETAIL DrALF.U IN DRUGS AND MEDICINES, "Harrington's Building, Cor. Chn chH College-st. E. fc E. liY HA A, DEALERS IN KnsUili, French, (Jcnnnn nncl Americnn DRY GOODS, , Vest India (Joods mill tiroccrics, Corner of Church a nd Cnllcgr-Sls. J. MITCHELL, MERC II A X T T A 1 1. O R AND tJencrnl RcadyOIuitc Clothing Store Church Street, Burlington, Vt. J. M. FEISKIXJS, M. D. Burlimitov, Vt. CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA, AND LIVER COMPLAINT, can hi: ci;ki:d. I M. G. RATHBUN &. CO, M E R C II A X T T A 1 1. O R S , No. 2 Peck's llloik. M. G. Rtiibcn & Co. keep coiiMmtly on hand en extensile anil full a.sorlnvnt ot Cloths for every description of Clothing ; and are prepared at all limes to supply every article in the line of Gentlemen's Fur tithing GooiU. At. g. RAIMDVJt; C r. WARD. 11 IIH I, ISC, TOS A (I UlOVIi 77 'H A L lVarohnuie and Seed SI ore, ii y pinner,, d.vvky .t o. Constantly on lmmi n larije assort ment ot t annul!! UteiiMls.liarilen Implements, Field. G'urdcn and. r tower tei-ls. ALSO, DEALER IX STOVES, STOVE ril'C, TltlMUIMJS AMI lir)t.U)V-VAnE. COLLEGE STREET. ' J. Si. J. H. PECK &. CO. WHOLESALE IlCVLI.ltl t,1 PAIXTS, OILS, ,h SS, XMLS, Ilrnds, Foreign mid Amciicun Iron, Sled, Viz lion, Coal, Tar, Rolling Cloths, Plug and Cavendish To- bocco, FI.OUK, nnil roreivn mill AVrMern RAT.T. Affentfl for the sale ol I ihioiii.ivu Scales. Adam Smith's Burr Mill-Stones, Lnrillard's Marrohoy'bir Jonv Peck, ) ""n """'S Cassius I'. Feck, Sj Oiilhe Stun e, C dlegej V. I STAiVIFOKB & Co. DEUCRSI.V FANCY AND STATI.E aV7Psl cAiUTrixis, uusi; tpTTJ w .Matting. ltns Floir'Oil Cloth, Windnw Shade, I'ajn Hang- t'ii". Iinn'iintx (Hum, if nil sizes. Flowins'llliie, T.isht itlue mid White Grnoitc W AUK also, China and Glass Ware. fiKOCLRIES, I'tIU, lllUTALO Rulli:, &C. " Church Stieet. " AMOS CTSP EA R , . . Aiiothccary and iliiisiM, RiLKIl iv IVitk-vt ami TuoMi'soxn.v! .MeJu:in-s. Chemical", Suraical and Jviual lu- " it. uments. Mm-tal Teeth, Foil, Leeehe, Truces I " t i irn,n llnunin'. C, .,s Ware. Blushes, thu.s Perfumery. SoapUye-Slulf.Camphene, Inks, Black- mcnl : inc, itc. itc. ( mvste lc Docth nil Things Well." emember how 1 loied her, When a little guilelem child ; As I slw hir in ibe crauMc, And she looked on me and smiled ; My cup of happiness was hill : Aly joy no words can tell ; Aud'I bless the gloiioi s Giver, V.ho." ducih all tilings vull." Months passed that bud of promise, Was unloldingetciy liour J lluuight that earth had never smiled. Upon a hirer flower: So beautiful, it well might Riace, The bow'i where angels dwell ; And wait its balance to His throne, 'Who " doeth all things well." Years lied that little Sister, Was as clear as hie to me ; And uoke in her unconscious heart, A wild idolatry ! wills-hipped atan earthly shrine, Lured by some uutic Fnell ; Fori;etlul of the praise of film, V r ho " doeth all things well " She was the lovely star, whose light Around my pathway shone, Amid this glu'oniy ' vale ol tears ' Through which 1 journey on! Its radiance had obscured the light Which round His throne doth dwell, And 1 wandered far away from Htm, Who " doeth all things well." That star went down in sorrow;, Yet it shincth sweetly now, In th bright and d.izzliug coronet, That decks the S.ivior'n brow She bcy.;ed to the Dcstrover, '"Who'.e tlriltstione may repel. But Vve. kucv, for God halli told us, '" He doeth all things well." I remember well my sorrow, ' As 1 -tood beside her bed, Anil lb'; deep an 1 heartlelt anguish. 'When ihey tuhi me she was dead. And Oil, that cup ol bitterness! ' "Let not mv heart rebel, Got! gave lie took He will restore, " He doeth all things well." The Battle of Bitcna Yiita. THE WAY Tllfi UATTLU BKGAN. No calculations could have had results more fortnuite than those of Gen. T.iylor. S.mta Ann.i had cherished the vain beliul Hi it his an tagonist remained tut. illy ignorant of his move ments; nw) Writs e.ictreir.a snlicUuile to ke! i t, nidi 1.. : ...vniM, .1,1. he oermitte.1 himself to he completely out-gen- cr'.iled, on this very point. 1'nr his own place and condition were perfectly known, while he him-clf reniair.eiL n.q he unwiillinglv adini', en tirely in the dark as to those of Gen. 'Ij'.iylor, whose retrograde and npp irer.'Jy c'oiifiled and hurried tnircli decpyeil him into what ! has ulnce termed u'T.iurinopyhu. It is very d mht ful if, with all his superiority of numbers, lie c.iuld hive been induced to' venture tc, this spot, had not his elation at the prospect of our pcedy d 'struclion Lnme him so far forward be fore hp was undeceived as to our flight, that lie could nit recede, r.ur avoid a buttle withuut dis- I', moment our fire seemed and feather, nnd tassels, of their antagonist' to grow more and more destructive. At length, 'I'hey Moo'cT calmly and feailessly still, with the head of the Mexican column begin to fall their pieces at a carry. But they'tno, had an hack not liv retreatlns. hut hv beintr shot avvav. lain line that had mischief In It. Their rank" t.2,10 Others preed on to supply the nlares of the had been thinned out ; some of their best men . ... - , t 1 ... ,. .. I.- I e rm.. t .1 . . 1! ' .1 laiicn : inu.inry, loo, went uown. r iniliniT II iie.ui.iueu. a ucic- w ere even i.uucrs sianuiug utterly Impossible, notwilhstancling all were ad. ' there,' whose sons had gone down by their sides, vancing, to gain even a rod of ground ngaint their pet boys, whom Ihey had reared and such a tempest, the whole column finally faltered brought forth to fight fur their country. And a moment then r ive way, amin confusion re- there 'Vere foiiJ, ton, wlisse clothes had been treated'to the cover of the deep ravine. Not baptized with their father blood, not yet dr. till then did our fire slacken. The smoke, 1 Brothers, who had dlood shoulder to shoulder Hi which hid enveloped the two armies l,ke a'thiclt tho morning, stood so no more ; but, while one veil, then lifted slowly i.p, mil there was the field, blue vvitli the uniforms of the dead! HOW THE MISSISSirriANS FOUGHT. Tho aspect of affairs vas gow most gloomy and our cnndiliui most critical ; the scale for a short time appeared to bo preponderating againt it, and Victory to be deserting our burners and winging her way toward thoe of the enemy. But the idea of yielding the day so long as there was a tmn left In fight, never, tor a 'moment, came into the mind of our determined leader ; and, in his indomitable resolution to compel for tune to favor our side, he was seconded by men, I lay stark and motionless upon the earth, the other was near by to avenge him. There were neighbors, too, and menus, who hail grown up One could hardly realize, n he now looked up on the darn masses nt me two armies, that thev had been so mingled in bloody strife since last he saw them similarly situate!) ; nil was now so calm. Indeed, hardly a sound could bo heard, save the occasional dismal flapping of the wings nfthe fierce r.apalotcs, how' hovering over the Pas, or the' tlistatit ani almost, human yell of the hungry wolves, answered by olhers awaj In the gloomy recesses of tho surrounding moun tains, ..nd now, scarcely an evidence of Hit conflict could be seen, except wheli one took n closer survey of the ground about hi n. Then, scattered on every hand, how many and many were the dark forms vyhich tjtjt his eye of whal had been' stalwart men and' powerful steeds! some lying as if ns'vp, and some in strange, uiin ilu'ral postures, Willi the moonlight resting steadily and cold on the bright points of uniform" and trappings, all still and firm as if ihey were together Ui, sc'ionl-boy d iys. They vvrrd hot belted lislnne not tremulous and moving, as vet Repainted. The survivors stood there, white wiien urea.mng annnatfa oeings. jnesewere :i ...i... i.-.i i ii . t I..: r....r.,t ..ju, .j ,i, .,..?..u . .,i.i-i. i those who had bon e all these lender relations to them wre strown, dead or dying, on every I hand. Ye't all in sight ihc'y lay j the faWitiar ' forms and faces of those to vvlnm Ihey had been i deeply a'Jacbed, ant!., whom they had called by i their first names from infancy. It cannot be wondered, then, that these ir.en stood lirm. It was a sublime, a terrible sight, J he t'o ips trite as the steel they wore, nnd firm and un- on 1)0,11 f "ie woro f" conl nl"1, that ,!. .i -1 a 1 knew Ihn strn yielding ns the mountains arounu.tb.cin. Colonel Davis, as he passed by Gen. Wool, who had now arrived at this nirt'of the rrround. , .. ,.1 g, r. ' inc carin, as ino urinate swepi onvv HS "B e.b- n , ' : I !'.vn! Ihujtuerbolt, apptred to be.the only audi p.. ..:.,..., r. i . ri. i . I bte inUiuiFMation oftlo approaching ..vliltc-lll, liuill III i; lf.ll UI It l illlfrilSlll- , ra, tu his aid. But still the Mississinuians uiov-! ed onward. A large and deep ravine passed by their right, while another entered this after com ing diagonally across their front from the left ; fearful nroofj of the desneriito slruirt'h? which had,gnm by." Tlicsd ghastiy figures, with the Immovable luminous jmints resting upon them, were tho 'solemn characters, the terrible hiero glyphics, traced upon the field, which, being de ciphered amidst obscurity of night, told in mute but eloquent language how dreadful a day had passed. - ' 1 ' ' S.o ended the bittleof the Ski of February. Jnilo .lIcLiino's Letter. The following is tho letter of tho Hon John McLanc to the DufTlilo Miscellany. Ii will bo CC2- that the Juiltre. after " ma- oi uu approaciiinir carnage. . n.,:" , r. i ,i t r .1 As tho Mexicans came nearer, Ihey evidently ,u,l! '"-,. ry . iu j,u, uy iu hi m list be sanguinary and desperate in tho extreme. Not a word was spoken ', tho din of tho grounding battle seem ed for a moment lui-died ; the rumbling sound of the earth, as tho bfigaVe swept onward like a ndulircd tho belief, tliat thev could lraw the fire Convention ns a candidate for the Presi- ofour men before il cculd oe very destructive ; ' Jericy." and lliaf'lllen, while the pieces were empty, I T . Ihey could overwhelm the slight barrier before I LoLVJinV'j, July 2a, ISIS- lliem, and linish their vork with the lance. BufJ Getjrlemen: Hiave delayed an answer to your finding, on the cuntraiv. that not a niece wis, communication of the 11th inst., that I miffht dr.;)'jrrgea,lii.'f 'a" liaii moving, (lie whole bri. have time fur tmture refjecticn. T(iia wesdne rnnsent of Hale traitors, against him, with m"n who came for that Very purpose. It is known 'hat VaiiBurcn men, Butler, A.C., have for six wreks totally refused to come in and abide thp decision of "the Convention that those packed in were from the city of New York, members of a Jefferson League, organized witln two iveek, an I vhlch League, on or "about the first of August, veiled down a resolution to send del-' hgates to the Buffalo Convention instructed to abide its decision. 1 vventy-lvvo was Mr. Nan Buren's majority, and tnVp than that nmnher can bo foin,d-packed into Districts they do not live in, Tliis is the vote in Committee : Von Buren. Hale. Widiii;;i. Adams. Ellsworth Me. N. II. Vt. Maa. Conn. K. I. N. Y. N. J. 'o. Ohio Ind. III. .ikh. Wis. Iowa, Del. VI-a. i 0 7 50 II 3 7J 18 iV 37 i 8 1 1' 1 lilt is it ii 6 3 9i 7.' 3 SI It c 7 S 2 8 1 3 scattering one. i tsr- m ii Wliole number of votes, Mr. Van liuren's niajor.ty overall, A few words in addition to the above will Again ; This Buffalo Platform is ver careful to dcclnt.0 t::p!htt'y that it has' no designs upon Slavery " within the limits of any State " ; but ventures upprj. nptl.v'r.g stronger than n remote nnd gcnlle and non- committal insinuation against the outrage of to!j;ating Slavcry'ir. 'ijie'very Capital of the Republic. Beliold !." " Ursolreii, That slavery, in the several Suites of " this Union which -recognize its existence, depends "upon State laws alone, which cannot be reje-aled or " modified bv the Federal Government, and for V-' " laws that Governirieiu iinot rcripnsjb.e. We il.i " fore propose .io ni!er:i i net by' Congress with slav " ry within the Inniui jf any Slate." All right. Tho South will bo oi.lrnt w ith that. Hut will Northern Whig? ho content with such n declaration of hostility to Slavery in tlio Distrtot'o.f Columbia as the following : " lirsil.ed, That it is the duty of the Federal Gov " ernment to reheve'i'.Self Irom all responsibility for ''the existence or cnniinmnce of slaver where ;er "that Government co.iUtutional authority " to legislate oim tliLi'scbject', and is thus responsibls "for iis existence," " trt . li .1 . jl(us is an uiai is said, airect r or tndi. 4G5 rcctly.'ngninst Slavery in tho District." It' leaves the hostility of the Convention to its .1. ...... l r . complete the hMory of life nomination of .Martin I nu.iuanco inoro io do vijerrea. it as. Van Buren. The fact that the Cclnferces1 Kid a-1 stjrtc no suc'ti hosUJity. U U 'uil JSitren, nil' greed upon this nomination was generally known n'vprt ' ' " " ' ,i, f .: l: .1 r.. , Tl lu ' .lllUll lilt: VUlll CIIIIOII HUIIH1TI1UU lUIICIt, AIIUIS'l r . J . ... ... t, . . . .,, e uoutn not .viarttn an tjuren win giido began instinrtivclv to diir.inislt its gait, t" to. myself, to the suliect, and perhaps to , . TI.U ....,, r.,..f' ..' ,1.1- oi.l I, i tbe'rnnnf re. I bn vn enilon c-oriul In eonsiilpr llm . M .n lAv iflefrrtooi1!. r.nd eveitpil so dissatisfar-l lion tliat thnusancrs df the delegates from the West, who had nostomich forsirth a candidate arid felt that they had been cheated, left the Con vention forgood, and took passaage on the b-ats in waiting, for their homes. At the evening cession, when the Lonlerees cane in to an noniice Uic result rn.thelr delibenitli'ns, the'ques the two embracing between them an inclined plane, which terminated at a point near their junction (at this moment but a short distance in advance ot thq,',), hut, v.;hjeli tais quite broad, and easy to be gained, at its upper and farther extremity of the mountains. On this plane, motl of A.nnudia's li.-ht division was now see"' a ' " ' n"Te f ?" ,.n:,,?0' 11 ' , ""?.L ,T1 i"" . " currcd. in unanimously. W acclamation.1 ovl,doW. i;.,liV. v.,l..inn .,, .', ,..'.l ;" . 1 1 .inally, instead of dashing forward, I.i. A most W the act uf the benite, as come up d it was all important that ti n : one-l fTO W V H"l P!"''' ' !v-M P '' " ""e 'f . This was a fitat'mista'ke! and. on their side, it I the country. seemed a pity it should have been made, it was 1 matter in all its aspects and consequence', vas a imneriam mar i in one. . .. ' .t- . - - .... . ' . ' :i . . , .i . my should bo checked, hefoie ho could eflc. a ? " ' S""TL7, C ' " V , O In d ,1 Vn Th" Si i C i, '? -?"a T & below, the first of what wo ' ,i i- length to a hall in the very iiet-work of the two the relation which Mr. V.n Buren i ..r,i i.. M.-.nuu u, mv uiii, hi, nit; inc.,, i iiitiii sill iiiii-' , I I.,. : i .i , , ilenctl iv recirii ins eoursu onw.ini io me roan, riusu- (. " e . -, , ., . hues of ire. en wiiu success, unci apparently irrcsisimic in i , ,, , i- . ' , .'.,,i accept this plntfqrm. We presume, too, ho ""ill,' if thoilght .expedient swallow the de claration oi his Utica letter (of June 20) nnd'say he would not veto n bill abolishing SJavcry in the District of. Colum'&iai if Con gress should pass it. He is ready now, to make any pledges that may bo required, and to swallow nnv political, pill that may orin 1 1 lias iissu iil-u - .. .. . . ,. ., - . ' it bears upon my Ptl 01 nniww, tnaKing a.iogeiner a bc prop:ir(.j f(jr hin.. w0 saan seo. ne of mv name in vcr' rf 1n?c,,,klc ';nrHh' l,,ll,not " ,nln, ln ' l"J ! 1 ' ' ''' i.. r i.. opened Ills mouth nr roe from his seat. YVi'l maintains to K'-od View of Hie whole crowd, and on tins point lopG wil be nserics Df political articles from .. . wo cannot bo mistaken. I ho cheeniiL' baviniri 1 'lion on concurring with the report was put in j this way : ' ft is moved that this report be con curred, in unanimously, W acclamation.' To The in-tant Ihey did so, the pieces , the : have been deliberately considered ... . ., .,;,, stKtl(Jf imrncJr. , tlie pen of tho gentleman (heretofore ailing i a ii urn in n uio c ri is dii iimi i ninnit . . .... ... i j . . n . numbers, he came down like an avalanche.-' r.1 U ' i d r , B' a.ely proposed soine other hus;ne, and the ones lhenitwas that Davis a;id Ins foUowers sur- , . J , . f '' f "'.",f.n"1 .'J! fid,.,, f,,r the Presidency. I feel deeolv nnd t.'nt.if nonconcurrenee not put at all. llun passed all their Junker brilliant, el oris. I hey , , . ' .;,.,'' . rf 1 ,,'fi ,ef,illv Hie. boror vn hav.i onn n.o Lv tho ll.rt'"s ollr "mtMlmte ticir. y Jort" ' hut" on'rioi dlv.M'ortr of"h,,il'r i tars "f v trumpet, ! expression of your'Kindness aml'conli'Jence, in ort , but, t lirrnvn rapidly order of bit le , dre.luful woril w , .inutej.. plM: i- Tw, connection will, that high office. lor U "( converged on that Ik" u, ful b U -P"n the prmcipJes of the Onn-lit... tl o air was H ied v tl, the simp hts-ing of i . , Tle w,a )lc.ld (lf ti,,, as thev have been iidieinlly settled, the .' tt ' nc ' ."?'f.,!r,V'?.n.,:'.?nJ-cu h.e column was ,'ro ' aled. a, d liderl s ho e. ' free State.. V moderation, vigilance nnd firm- ...A-;.!! . cueir ra ms win, circauiu eiieci. ,,.;,,.,, , . ,. ,' ,,;. . r.ess. nie.v nrcvent the extension nf slaverv to me ireciciritory taieiy (.iincAeu. vitiicui tuo ii IU.C.UUH ciic-ii luuns wiiii uicaiiiiu eiic'ci, , ,' . , till they 'did not pausi ur.ti; they ha..' brought i? nwl it.idp, and cn,u-on v.;i;l. L-a. he enemy within rlo.o range of theiVovvn Sn-1 J"!? ',' ,n,?V0K J!recl""1' . , rrinir weanons. Then iheir linle lino bl .vnd I efre the Mexicans could r.'Covi were anxious to shout no to the nominations if a chance had been given tlieiii, but it Was not. Notwithstanding t,h.e immerse dissentients thst, Il e uvat: nifcrs werfe' unwillirrr to trust those that rerniin-' ed with an opportunity to express their views The whole thing vva a juggle and cheat. I n mtifco this Jigging perh with the "deimfcrattc party) who furnish, ed us, under the same signature, with tho " Notes on Cass' Letter." We commend, to public attention the subjoined culm and weli-ccnsidere'd exposition df the'identity of the views, respecting the immensely im- covcr from the sanctinu ol law, Slavery can no more exist in a c"m.cmj a brief reference only to the ans on the brink ol the ravine, the Mexican light infantry on the plane bejond, the cavalry having been driven to cover on tlicir leu. jjui mere In this allair. had it not been for tint iinac. countable and suicidal pulling up to a halt be- i furo a body of the best mirk-aiicn in the world . was no cessation in the striiL'ule. and Death con-... , , i ,, ii,u n ,1 Frew ll e New Yrk Express. Letters froni (Jelit'ial Tayl ) lor. tinued to gather m tits bloody iiaroi. u'ln.,. mu3 of c ivalry,' instead oi. chiiiig thus',' . .i10 almanaeks siv. noieuoiigu ior ii:u .ivssiaiMi.e.iisiuii.i; i,,,, ,. ... ,,tr, .e ,,, iloatit tliey ' t,i it.w li,,.,." so no iniVf.iv. asses in uay , uivir uiouo ta-u, iav0 ,ec cliccl; such mas lliirht of the enemy alms could satisly them ' (living loud yell of defiance which rang on ' ib'n ear morrt liko'llia mar of ai'urv lions thin tho shout of men, thev iiL'ain rushed forward. checked; but it is dillisult to for Taylor letters about t is time, and in abun- was 'ready to go vvitli any jle and diet. r,ortant suluect of tho exercise of the Veto rfectly tritnbarcnl, '! . . proceedings ot the ' power, of President Madison nnd, Lrpncral, On tho morning ot Tjvinn 'A..P;-.-L.r..fiii?r,. quenees, have the Whigs of the country more unitedly and persevenngly op i, than against the corrupt and capri s employment of the Veto to thwart anil 'hC ,lnf..nt tl,o Kvnrescpfl will nf thp nennlo thro1 verv ini'euioiisly calculated to bring tho stiff- . . . '..i " . , ,i necked AbolitionWis r;nd the' Hale then 'into tlio their Representatives. ndontion f,f tho Villi Huron collar, and declaring i The Whirj Pnrtv have never demanded 'lllS'-.rrSM the aWrtfonof'thoVt-to, as has been wound up with saying he falsely olfiirgcd ; but they have and do con- Look out for rain nartics were broken up. ind resolved into their Look out original element", he wi pimrclv street, Burlington, Vt UliOilGi: 1IJ I IJItaO.N , DRY GOODS LRIES Ooclery.Ffoir, Salt, Plaster, Window Sash.C, Ikr.AUl .UAUC jl.iillll,ii, Together with a large variety of other articles. rlaST DOOR NORTH OF T1IF. COl'RT llW'sr. o was, therefore, sin-nhrlv linfortumte in A moment, aim iney weru io-i i ioc-ic ... havino-thusceno of Lis anticipated enL'iL'e- their antagonists. It was only a moment ; hut so suddenly, unexpectedly, and us it were, m, l,t tlt-y bad dished, into the ravine, p.iairLereii rionsly changed from a known Io an un- tin the opposing wall, and now stood beloru the i V.-,e u... Im loss so as to llm Mexican-, noon their uvvn side. ! or a few null-, A, I.,.,.., I, ti-i'.", i... i.i'.,j.,i,.ir.,.ii it in ii,,. cvhi,',i ' nles more the ciruiL'e was terrible, ye ir, there ho one d iv, above ail others when ' bloody and lorn the column of Ampudia lost it c I the heart of an American naturally animated steadiness ; its fire slackened; tlien all orgini ,'?' by the purest sc'iitimsnt of pi.inuism when j Kilion va gone; its ranks were resolved into '""u'l that is greatest and best in his coituliy's a confused multitude, which in a momcn tcrutn- conceive whit cuiild hivo saved the Mississippi ,i ,nrn .n. i To tliis the Van Buren an 1 Indi uu troops from totil destruction. And cco Fccoism is. well aware tint tl.o wl.igs cheering, r.ud then c6mr..cnced tlie liad so iar;;e a uirce uniscn siiFpuu our lines, jmt now are peculiarly sensitive upon inn sou- traps, c.irciuiiy uaueu. ami at thi'gained the loud between Buena ject 0f letters from General Taylor, anil hence, T c next day, when all was supposed to he Vi-ta and La Ango-tura, the -forluties of the they aro supplying th donnn 1 for them in their fited about right, a bilder move was trade, and day would agiin have been placed in a jeopirdy party, with avidity and in ubiind nice. Forgery Mr. Robert Wilson, 'of Micliigin undertook to piinful to contemplate. will he as unscrupulously resorted to,'as it ever get an expression of opinion in fi.v irof Van Bu- a TrtiPtPl l iTTnilirTinV was in tlie wannest political times. ren. He began by saving that he was one of A I L1U.11.L1, Kl.l KI1IV 1 W(J su0 nn oxtrlct )Vo,n a ,Gttcr , lhe Tri. ,ic B(1imnrc Convention in 1811, and aided in The Mexican', who were thus hemmed m, ijUn0) col)iocl fr0:n a hciitherii, lU Whig iWr, throwing Mr. Van Buren overboard, lie had were phyed upon by no less than nine pieces ...-.i,.., j..,, ar nam( i' BCrsou sent, in which now come to atone for the wroii" he had then my body.w any body.' tendi ;n ,lc oxpi jcit anrJ .'u i ,i,'"..,, .v.h.'rrunae of Gen. TAVLor, " thr.t, for many nd patriotic lar.. 4). S. AdK'ili!, HOOK lUXUEU, I'AI'Ell RVLER, AN II BLANK liOUK MAKER, In th Vets naildim. t-'ollrse Slteet. stniiig, Ooolittle o. PEVLI.RS IN HCAW AND SHELF Cutlery. SadJIery, Me fHA Rp warEJ chanic's Tools, I louse lHiv USS J.:n "ii ui.ins Nails. filnss.W n doi Si.ti. Iron. Steel, Tin Plate, Sheet Iron. Wire, ed our men t;i. anus. No oe, who there wit PAIXTS, OIL, F LOU II, SALT, PLASTLL, j n?S(,d the cheerful alacrity with which Ihey lirinil isiones, iny v.rin eiiv. General Ag'ius anJ Commission Mereli'ints, k. Thompson, ) Cast Side Court House Squnt'. doolittle ) Clmrch and LullcsC'Sirs. IJ. W. UltllW, history is brought most vividly to his mini, as bled away, the wliuio neeing precipuaie.v uaci an ex-.aple that should, strengthen Ins purpose, io inu n-erves. , , , , and nerve his arm to envilale live glorious , Tho ihen turneJ to tho right, deeds of the Past that is the diy which gave to beat up the cover of what hid been the 11 ml; birtii to the Father of his Country, lint it was ing cavalry of this coluu.ii. They Inuiul hi i at- on the morning rf Washington Birth-day, tempting to cross the ravine on tun iianu, n that tjinla Anna indulged in the delusive hope, 1 ur.lcr to attack them in reverse, a few only nd that an army of American.?, uuniudlul "f it crossed, their counninder among them, but they Isu'lhme associations, and recreant to tlat' fievar. Went bc,ck ; und those who were pressing country and their name, had basely fled before , down to succeed them, received a lire it was ',jm impossible for them Io withstand. I hey too, It was 8 o'clock when tho "long roll" call-' gave way, and ll-u nacir io inc. pcini w miner u.i- ."o on,e, who there wit- liyb', int.(iitry nan reireaieu, ami wnvie cnvj lAritvf mil 1, nd.iMi lll.iv wi-Vn 11.1VJ illst forilltllL' iicraiu. I ii-ss,,,, ,ou ! , j - . I adzed their weapons, and spuing to their, in tho linos who saw the linn resolve A CHABGl: AM) A UUrULIst:. linpres-ed on every coiiutcnatice in that do-1 After the Mexicans had I tiled n their attack tennined little band can ever forget tho spec-' jtoena Vita, Ihey ui.ido a determined effort tacic. livery br. and en'ivenin of music strue oi our ngiu iirinicTy hi mo muni.- iiiwmm-, , - (;en. Xuylor is represented as saying lie vvomu lone, and alter c.vpiluiing tor aw one on lin ing the centre of, the crn3 liro Crnm Reynolds 6 accopteil tl,o nQjiUMtiW uf tUe'of h'rmrtnioucion, he asked what pieces to (heir right, and O'llnen s nnd I liomas Convention, hid 'it been' tendered him on tlie mm i b'st calculated tocarry outtl.'nprinclples pieces on the lell, while Sherniiii and Bragg , lii.tujei,,!,', , Convention." of this Convention !. To this oiiestion the re- T years past, the known opinions and wish " es of the Executive have exercised an un '' (Uic and inuiriaus influence upon the Leg. " islativc Department of the Government" ; and that " where questions of constitulion " ril power have yecn settled by the various Departments of the Government, nnd ac ' quiesced in by the people," " the will of ' the people, ns expressed through their " Ukphesentativks in Congress ought to Ex- lunihia." the of Wathii ntonl" passed from regiment to reg iinent, and irom corps to corps, amid the most cjillnu-iastic shouts. CtiAta Asn Cabiskt MANurArTURER, ' Two Doors Smith County House, CncRcn Sr., Burlington, Vr. All kinds of woik in lhe above line made lo order on the shorlest notice. TnfCB V ST AR I F. ftl&3&h . L I 1 .-Il w , X. AND , OllLACKSJIITH Sltor, By S. S. SKINNER, ALSO Saddle, llnrnrss nnd Trunk Mnnufacturer. r.ast side Cvirt-hotue S'jiniie. JOHN BRADLEY &. CO., " 'VllO(r.SAtr.DFAl,V.stN English and Anieru-aii Bar, Holt, jiod.ft it, Hoop nnd BAND IKON, , PigIion,Coal,Sheet lion, Tin. Dolt and Sheet ' NAILS, GLASS, 1'HSTF.II, ........ i r.. e.niui!.. l.Ltur N.ilt. Burr Mill Clones, Bolting Wheelings. enemy wero now cutting to pieces, in the gorge RTOItAO li AiiU I nun t0 which tliey Hud been dmen, wiu,e tuai in Custom-house Agents and Commission Merchants, r(;ar ot yfl c0)le ,pi lj;,;n y,IUr iirauiii, i souui niiiiiii lnniirin at fieri; hazard '. 'was tlio oruer. im ' .1.1 - I. ..l 'Pl.n .nn,.nii;.anl Itnll. tr, force taeir way io me roiu ai a ponii nc-.u nner was unfurled to tho bright sun i.'u pUieau. They brought down, from the lia- gbrce7.e ;anu,it,l.u various bands 1 cit,j4 a fresh brigade of cavalry, covered by k up the nationarairor" Hail Lo- jnflintr.. jn all its passage of ravines. W ith sacred bittle cry" I he inmnrij,,, .i.....,ceA to cngaL'o tho .Mississippi nlle- From Gen. Taylor's reiterated determination, port says, 'there was a pretty general re-pouse I . , ' ' expressed to mitiy friends, to write m more f Job,, P. Hale.' Undeterred lathis decided mi-, '.' be respected nnd carried out. In the L lftters for publication, wo believe this atrng swer, the speiker,' sr.ys the report, ' alteinpted i ecutivo." These nre the deliberately ex many other Iettars to ho like the one tint pre- n put in r word m favi.r of the radicals of this ' j 0lillioI,s Q( Gc. Tavlor, niid'irh ihn fraiTinentof tlio id Indiana Volunteers and tlie 3d regiment of tlio same, vyhu wens s.till i a'a'niL' to'ell.'r. and who hid near them one, were tearimr them UP in flout. Althiiiigh at lir.-t they answered our troops by a f'ne of inns kctry, a tlie ground frum point lo point afford el them cover, yet, aa iui.y i.i...uu- i - other Ietttra to bo like tlio one tint pre- o put in r. word in favor ol the radicals oi mis . :;,. nt T,VInn. nn. irho i,.,wn, unit Mm eiiiTi ol our suoi inoro uesiruc. ., -., :. .i ,i.. a... r r ,,n n i.i, i,,i,.,.i,i ,e t ,,. cries n no 1 1" "i . ' tivo, they L'rew panic-stricken. lJicn Imr c md fagy, so connectod vvilh othor expressions ir. special y'eadiiig,' and was finally M ed, tor, ban- i the iiilleMblv honest anil uptigbt malt foot mingled together, and, vyithnut j ansing to a Context frnm wi,ici, it is taken, as to bear no dun tho efiort in jet a committal df the Ci'uive'n. .m, 'j admitted to be, he will eart v them resist the storm under wlncn niej siiuereu, pre.- tn,nsivu Wh'nr meanins. lion in favor ol Yan Buren'. It benir: thus m ute . m'i,. ,.. ,i, , ,:;c d on at.U.h'i "? "V"""'1"'' , ' The Whig must lo lti. very greet-., who. apparent that the noiiiinilii.n of the ' used up l""1'' x l it.iuw. ..... proved below, of President Madison, l.-o lnvcriTi'Tinv. who ieu no ign iii uic i. ri which hid r.illeu into their i bnl striivied our n ior fellc over them an I nniiilUe.! their remains in the mu-t horrible an I revolting in inner. 1 ney were the men who had received tlio surrender ed sword of lhe Tex in Lieuten m', Campbell, a gallant gentlem m, and then plunged il into hi' ii'i-om. These wero the men who in tho tnorn in., had surrounded that nrey-haired nun, Lieu- toinnt Price, of Illinois, seventy-'vvu years old.i and crnellv forced their lance through linn, a ' . v i 1 . I . y. i oese iitii ii,c-ii to dooinad getuiiin uYltvi4 it come. Lclcre us Wo wish tho Abolitionists and llinso who came . in any thing .Vncricuu (mijcr tjle lesp'oiisibility of some well ltnowri, here vvitli honest Intentions to get a fitting rep- leir liain.s the men vyho rr.pCctcd man. l'orge'd letters will be bo as reseutation of their principle's , joy in' a candi- fello.vs, and t e i stnid j,,,. l,l,lolvberries. Hi politicil chart is date so thrust upon them. in his Alison letter, un J in tho cord'ul accept ance of tho lio.iiimtion of th; Whig Philacleh phia Convention. From the Buffalo Coin Adv. Auj'ist II. thi: iiuitalo convkxtion. TLo Vy H wns Done. The Uuttnto Plr.:," , I ,' yho ttided in its formation, nnd who was so well' qualified to pronounce up.ui its ineuii. ing anJ intent. V,hcn they find Gen, Taylor upon the Platform of Whig Principles standing side . . . . , , The lJuffalo platform, as inttmaieu u , . g.Jo MADIi0J. 01id Jkfferson, and V UI1 .'Urtll .. I - , t ,;,,, In mtminiatpr Professor Dean to the lute Mtb'l A. Tltker, Thu s. ILCanheld. LIVERY STABLE, howitzer under Cant. Sherm in. The position ; if for pasiim;. .Now they vviire going Uiek nni 7niv" 1 TIH1 IIOTTKST OF Till, ol these troops was some live innnmm y.uu. , mo n c r.,;. y ....... wo are indented to a ueiegne io ino -i)iivtii- ' FIGHT. I nearer tho nurd thin the point where Colonel been done. o had b it little consider on f ir wm lv.(s 1(m ,,, 19 (;f..r,c, tll While tho.e of the Mcxicm army nearest the LUvis's r-glnpnt w is first cng iged in lhe mum-, t'i ii who had h id no pity lor our m ingled and , w(on WM AiWg ,ie piv(,r f ,he Conveu- iu on Ibein, and, having cut the , ing, bat larllicr down the same ravine. v soon , oiee.nog c..,n ...... ...,v . ijo,,. i,,r the Inllowing staleineni oi me ineain an of nation never to' , (,,lS0 ,he yal, ii,lrell ductors have proposed them t) press , , , an enemy, vyho. . ., r, ,t. , r -., .,, pt .,flirm lirsl example ol ...- " , , T n .o. . i. it, o!r fmnt toward tie mouii-. niiirderirtL' wnundcu men. t aster anu Lister " :: ., . ,. !......, i,. iimi mv- v, ...v i - " ,i,, ,, ,i, ,, j lutions. vv lien uie reaunig was uone, nisi.iinn lams; ino nuiam iron is wvio lunm.-., ...... - - tlieir left rested on the right of Colonel Davis's . the side of the mountain, ihey were about rchn-nt, their right upoit tho ravine Higher up, p.uuu or l.uuu hi h , cavauy aim innuiry, tlieir trout being ulso towinl tho mount tin, but mingled in' confusion j hii armed miiltiludo , a more to t bo north, ln this way, an ouiuso ro- mere cuaos m nivii . ami .... IIIJUMXC.TOX. I nobly was It executed. That magnificent batte I ry which had encountered tho enemy in every ELLIS AN D CHURCH, College Stmt. ,CV HAGAR & ARTHUR, QJ Dealers in llardivnre, Drugs, mints, Oils, Dyeffs COINER Of CHL'RCH AND C0I.LME STRFET t CALVIN U. HOWARDS, r.OOKSELLEn H STATIONER, Cousiantly for sale a general assortment of 8CHOOL, CLASSICAL, AND JlliTeKl.l.ANKOllH ItliOKH. TUE CllEAF rCnLICATI0lS,BL4NK BOOKS, STA TIONERY, MlIUCAL llOOKS. No. 1 lccli' HutldinR, C' -MAJ- Ky & ,, ATTOIINUYS & CttINSi:M.I)US AT LAM' AMI SOLICITORS IN CIIANCEKV, p. A. SMALI.ET. ? J. THELFS I. SHERWOOD & CO.'S AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE, W EST BLUE (VJUAIl-. 1 b title from Palo Alto up, and, before which lhe I .... .. J I ...I.I n.. ne tF l.mallip.l .VICXICall Hllliy liao vvnieu aaj. n upon by tho Angel of IL-ath now belched forth a storm of iron and lead, which prostrated eve ry thing in its front. 'Nothing 'co'ufd withstand iis terrible furv. In a fow moments Sharnian placed his bittery alongside, and took up tho firo; the draggooni were ordered to a'pdsltion within siinnorlinn-' distance t and at the samo (nstint, Washington at IA rtngusiora tear open the gate of lancers from the gorgo be low. Davis and Lino, with tho Mississippi 1 Indiana volunteers, havine coino upon the plateau at 6ome distance to lhe left of llm nilillerv' noil red vollev after volley into the enemy, striking him in Hank, and enfilading his repeated ranks from right to left, llio can. nonading on both sides was now so incessant and tho roar of musketrv so loud and continu ou, that it was 'imppossihle, for tho general clangor and din, to distinguish llio fojiortof any single nun. The ntruciile was moL.despc- rale, lhe vvholo air vibrated with the rushini! current of balls. The Mexicans fought us they; never fought before, and with an utter disregard "f life. Our men were falliti!' on every hand. General Taylor hi in self was in the midst of the cnthVing angle was presented towards the ap- dving, with flg!, pennons, lances, and muskets. nroachinrr cavalry, Khermau s Howitzer eeuig on a i mixeu up. h i i" to escape by clambering up the sleep sides of nf'tlin mountains: but most of them stood huddled together, while our stioi went crashing through them, and our shells iiKciyise, opening (or tnern selvii a bloody circle wherever they exploded. THF. CLOSF, OF TUB BATTLB. As the Biin sank lower and lower, the occasion Fvery lancer al rattlo of musketry gave place to dropping mm, oecamo less auu less ire lenirlh entirely ceased. Tho fire both sides hud gradually subsided; ilaritvof the best i tile sun wont down', tho heavy and revrrberat- drilled troops on a field-day. Had the comman- ed repoitof cannon liau longer and more uu . . . I. ... . . . I . ,.. ...... .I..1 ..!! . ftn-lIU i, tl'.a l,,l.tlPl1 . II 11111 silence succeeded, and again its left The enemy was formed in a close column squadron's, and came down the slope at an easy hand-gallon. His ranks were well chued, his troopers riding knee to knee, and dressing l.' a!U..,rtl.i I'.... tl.,.tr '.nt.lAa All Inn tlns mill lianusuiii.-ij ui, linn ...w neonons were llviniT. some fifteen hundred of them: tho men were in full uniform, and tho ,. 1.. - ! 1 ln..nA.l 1 .,,,U nr ,,wlrpl Horses eiegauny capansuiic-o. ...v-iy muiu ... ........ pat erect, and kept Ins charger well in hand j shot, which, ir, turn arid while tho briber preserving exactly it quent, and at lengl intervals and the direction of its march, moved of artillery on botln the (h.iirman said. It is inoved and seconded thai the resolutions bo adopted. all you in lavor, nve carried. At this nointa member, who Intu irom me reauing uieu m ycc in.vB.,.i-, roso ard said : Mr. Chairman, I voted for the rcsolutibhs, and I'novv movo to re-consider the tote for the purpose or amendment, ine i-nair declared him out of order.' Another member arose and endeavored to be hcafd, dcclanrlg that th j first member was in order. The Chairman, Mr. S. P. Chaso.'the great liberty-leader, neph ew of John M'la'n.conlinurdlo declare every, hiiv out of order, and immediately said: you in favor of calling the roll will say aye carried. . .im. ri,t. will call tho roll for an informal ballot and it will be understood that in this vole . . ..i.i l.:n.l..... nn .rtv mall. I lie forward with tho case and regn derof this beautiful brigade desired to win the cert iln intervals; finally it was hushed ; a pro , . e i.-.i iai. ...i.i ni i,n,.nn,,il r..,iml nnd ra'.nful si ctice stticceded. and agalt applause in uuill oiiine.-, no 1f, r, ,.,.., ... - . i-,.,. t I.. I.nll.r tr.tnr nr til. It, Oil 1111 VV I ill more nro. I ha rh d.deennins eliaaovvs o evening H ill mini " ".ii ,1. ., ., '..,." ,1,. d.,1.1 Tl,. unnlllS nnil style. The tniii ensemble oi ins column menuy m sicai u.n u. i.v.u. ,." m'ost admirable. Il had a burl of air about . were still there, and vv ere still sternly reca d ng nonchalant ininner of going into each oilier, tacc iu iacr. 4uvy " - t fessic was it in easy, fie work,- . , ..ii .... i ... -n ... ' .. nn.-i ..nAn iim s.uni. rrroniui vvnere iney n.i. WHICH COUIU 1101 UIII 1.111 IU uuu a .,.,.......( I-. , - ., r ., Consnntlv on hand Cabinet Furniture., Chairs, Luck-"eneral Taylor hlimelf was in lha mld.n of the dant'a pernonal guard, the regimotit ol nustars, curers , ana ma nigi" r ' inSGUK,'&e'.' ' veryhotientofthf fight,ea!,nly giving hn. orders,1 they were the most dashing Iroopa thi Re- ears again the witchery ., i. ,.ii,i,,.r lilndinir unou any man. roll was catieu nuu un- naming who for. In lids vole two f lhe sup. I rn l.ll-IO ir eilUS Ol JOIIll I . Urtiv, S. P. Cliase, and Henry 11. St niton, voted for Van Buren. While some oiq uei uocrais. i, e Bolton of Cleveland, voted for Hale. If Mr. Hale's confidential friends, who were left to pro led him by tveir presence in lhe committee, &c. continued Uuo to him, he would have been imm. .,, .md or had it been supposed, that Chase ,iml Stanton were treacherou, they would have Convention in this village, is just big enough j t- jvc.mellt 0I principles that gov. for New York Hornburners nnu no uigger It says act a word uhout Slavery in the Dis. trict of Columbia, and decla'res for a "Rev enue Tari." Tho following is its Taritl' (!) resolution: " Hesth-ed, That the obligations of honor and pal- -r.. nrnelieable lisvnient lit " the naio.n!al debt, and we are therelore in favor of. " SUCll a tarilt Ol Ullliesas win mi inii "'"'i.",r ,i .i..r-.. .1.- ..d..c.rci ei-nense.ol ll.e Federal C,ov erilllielll ,alla in pay milium iiisiuiiu.ii.a . ... ' and llie interest thereon." y,'as there ever a more transparent Free Trade humbug ! llcad it again, Whigs of Vermont ! nnd tell us whero it recognizes tho ob!i"ation of tho Government to adjust its Tariff Legislation so ns to l'UMliK ND PROTECT AMlillltJA. i.Atiuii. Nowhere ! The Locofocos who drew it up and who pasicd it, are tlie very men who voted for Polk and Dallas and tlio .Mexican War, and thereby inyovci( the country in the enormous " national debt " spoken of, and they may well declare that that debt o,ight to be paid nt tho " earliest practica. hie" moment. They arc Free Trade men, cruel "the earlier PfCiidenls " of tho Tto. public, Whigs will not be likely to be misled by any modern "Buffalo Platform" that is adjusted on so nice rule of "era. ability" as to bo plainly 7ion-cn,'fii';iilii on such subjects as Slavery in the District of Columbia (!) and a Protective Tariff! Notes ou Politics. Madison av.d Taylor on the Veto, I ! Your President may easily becon e Kins... J'atrici. Hehst. " The rersnnal opinions of the individual who mty " happen to occupy the Eicemue chair, ought not to " comrol the action nl Congress upon questions ol 1 o " niestic policy, mirocjiit hi. owectiom to e in " TERCOsu. will R s QCEsT.ons or const. "EP.UAV E CEBN SETTLED UV THE VARIOUS " OF OOVERNMENT. '-.'D aCCJClEsCLD IJt rT Tilt TEO- Such ire the declarations of Zschary Taylor on the Veto;rull of wisdom.brealhiiiL the epint cf i U-p.iblie: -harinormiiiith ll Cdiiltitution, and consistent with the theory ol Kll'.'goyernnient. ' ' The opposite doctrine asserts, lhat the jierionnl ,'s,i;,n. of ih'e Esecuiive re supreme nd absolute, nnd thev tell vou that thev nre. u7nmihiii'Vm''r ' 4 . .. fore, m l.ivor oi mcu a turn., us. rv , . wrilj 11 mv' overninent, ineludiiig lhe Judiciary.and even hy his will paj s rejtrfM,r in office in approv infflavs, are not obli- this debt and also defray the nrrMMrv)6ator),olimm. ' l" ' expenses ol the Government." Not a lisp .rhi,?-ery dorine was advanced in a Veto Mef. r .i ,.rii!e, I nivfocos. who sag. Il is niw Ihedarimg child of democracy. It comes from these patriotic l.oeotocos. " j";ll(,,l(0lIh(rKl tS , frre repreKutauve euv. attempt to entrap you UV tlW Pro'V , eriinient,andinolvesmixinisiTOrtbyUie''dcmoctat- I .. ' ........ r . 1 1 1 n .nn .... .. .. . I. mind his ideal pictures of thu cavalry of the oh i;eierlively stood the night before. But n t lie i d jn ho tt) W(.r0i ? Soi VRE LAUQP, and if of kiojs and despo.s. ' ' den days. Those fine fellows were the chivalry Mexican line we could hear n0 an,n"'" i ' .vi.era their treachery could be ,iwerfully fff.c p- ' Lptch reoticilNO the "FEE A, ,i,e Vg',t authority that esn U redact i nr. of Mexico, and with lhe exception of the Preif 1 rangue, no responding vxras, nr W";'" Thr U .f rN) P-e,on' , ' Vv , We ' ! ' iftntitiwipn t r'S' l ' in r , ii ,...., Hussars, cheers : and lha n tht Wild brouirht not to oor live , "c"' ... t ,b.v nrrfets SO much to 10B 1 ' l"''" i nam s per.oui B.,i.., i..o i.- " ' r.i.. f ,k., ..i T prefer ao much .

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