Newspaper of Evening Star, August 11, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 11, 1855 Page 1
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4 the evening stab, ?m bushed every afternoon, (except SUNDAY,) tin Stsr Sm'Miofi. rorn** of Pennsylvania mvtnne nn4 Eleventh street, By W. D. WALLACH, Will be served to subaeribers by carrier* at SIX AND A QUARTER CENTS, payable weekly to the Agents, paper* served la packages at37^ cents per month. To mail subscribers the sub scription price is THREE DOLLARS AND F1F TY CENTS ayeariao/fraties, TWO DOLLARS for sit months, and ONE DOLLAR for three months; for less than three months at the rate of li){ cents a week. ET single copies ONE CENT. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 1855 Poitkastiu a commission of JEWELRY. H8EMKEN, JEWELER, 330 Pennsylvania ? avenue, between 9th ?nd 10th streets, has just received a new supply of richlv-<'hased Fruit ami l.eaf Jewelry.consisting of Pin and Far Rings; also, a vmriety of magnificent Mosaic and Cameo Jevrelnn which he offers at greatly reduced prices*. Diamond* remounted. Jewelry of anv de scription made to order. Enameling done, Gold Pen* repot n ted, Coat of A rms and Cre^se?en graved on atone and metal. $ 31?tr FAUQUIER WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS A CARD.?Having seen a communication cir culating in the newspapers throughout the country, to the effect that some maligna-it disease at this time prevails at the Fauquier White Sul phur Springs, and In the vicinity, we think it proper and due to the proprietors of this watering place to state, that we reside at Warrenton, dis tant about six miles: that we have practised at these spring* fbr the last sixteen or eighteen ye rs, and within that whole period we do rot remem ber that neighborhood to have been more perfectly beaithy and e*empt from disease of every kind than at the present time The report referred to must have originated in a T.aiSsnant design to injure the proprietors. JOHN A CHILLON. M. D. SAMUEL B. FISHER, M D. Jv 30-2w "* GLEN WOOD CEMETERY, Office No. 2 9'2 Pa. are., earner 10th stieet, (over the saviss's batik.) This CEMETERY is laid out on the plan of the celebrated Greenwood, of N ew Vork, and situated on the high ground distant one and a quarter miles north of the Capitol?North Capitol ?treet leading directly to the gateway. This Company Lave secured a charter from Con gr?s, appropriating their ground forever to burial purpose* making a fee title to the purchaser, and prohibiting all encroachment* f.oni legislation or of:lerwise. which is of vast importance to those who wish their dead to repose where they have pined them, for it has become a custom iu ali other cities when the burial ground becomes valu able for other purposes, to sell it, and throw the 4?ad prouiiscously into one ltr^e pit. and legal measures cannot prevent it, as no titles are given to the ground. X. li ? Office open from 10 to 12 o'clock a. in., wiere Pamphlets, containing the Chatter, liy Lttws, and a map of the ground, and ail ether in fo *mation, can be obtained. All ordrrs left with Mr. lames F. Harvey. No. 41) Seventh street, or anv other undertaker, will be promptly attended t>?. je IS?ly THE FAUQUIER WHITE SlLPHtR SPRINGS ARE now open for the reception of Company, and in a far more attractive condition th u? they ever have been. A gross misrepresentation against tr*m? having been punished in the Petersburg Intelli gencer and Baltimore Sop to the effect that they "J were closed for the season is now traced to an ir responsible source unworthy of notice. It ia proper to state that there is ho shadow of fo mdatlon for it. The subscriber trusts that h* w 11 not be made the victim of such malignity; and the respectable journals which have given currency to the rumor by transferring it to their columns will disabuse the public mind through the same medium. ALEX. BAKER, jy 13?8m COAL! COAL! THE nndersigned is prepared to deliver COAL of the best quality, at 86 50 p~r ton H. C. HAUROVER. 3d street. 3d dor - with of Pi. a-renue N. B.?1 give 2'440 pounds to the ton. Jy 13?lm JOtlM a. *LVA3S. WlI.llA* TliftaPSOM. ELVANS y THOMPSON, DIALERS I* KA&DW&BE. COACH l&IHXIftaS, Ac., Na. >26 Pennsylvania avrnoe, kttwttm Ninth and Tentk tu, Waakir^ra*, D. C. HOUSE FURNISHING HARDWARE. Britannia, German Silver. Albata and Silver Pla ted, Tea, Table ami Dessert Spocci Carvers and Forks, steels, K&ivta with and with out F ork* Brass, Britannia, Block Tin and Plated Candle sticks, Snovel and Tongs, Wutte irons, Sad Irons Maalin and Bell Metal Kettles, Furnaces, Crid irons, Oveas, Ac. BUILDING MATERIALS. Rural Cottage, Closet. Cupbcard, Chest, Till, Pr.d and Trunk Locks Shuttle, Door, and Blind Hinges,Screws, Cut and Wrought Nails, Bolts Brad's Shutter Screws and Stubbs, Door Springs, Handrail Screws, Dor Knobs Bell Pulls, Door Sheaves and Rail, Ac. CABINET MAiERS' GOODS. Hair Cloth, Curled Hair, Moss, Gimps, Sofa and Chair Springs Venitian Blind Hooks, Rack Pulleys, Roller Lads Brackets, Furniture Nails Gine, Cotfiu Handles and Screws, Diamond Screw Plates, Ac CARPENTERS' GOODS. Planes, Saws, Drawing Kn!ve?, bpokeshaves. Chisels and Gouges, Plane Irons , Augers, Braces and Bins, Boring Machines, Ham mers, Hatchets. D-*ve*.s Bevels, Squares, linages, Axes, Ac. 5LACKSMITH A COACH MAKERS' GOODS lack and Bright Springs, Axles, Felloes, Shafts, Spokes, Hubs, Bows, Poles Sleigh Runners, Silvered and iirasx Bands,Stump Joints, Stump Collar*, 'fop Props Curtain Frames, l^mps, luside Idiiing*, Lining Silks, Damask, Seaiaing Cord i Tufts, Tassels, Buttons. Tacks. Fringes, Laces. and Plain and Enamelled Canvass Russia Duck, Enamelled Learner, Dash Leather, Ae. ELVANS A THOMPSON, je 1?6m <?*> Pa. avenue. AI11ICA N JiOTEL, No. 4.56 irenue, betwtem 4# in 1 GtA *UntJ. S. HEFLEBOWER A L. T. LOVETf, raoraiXTOas. Jy ??4,0 COFFIN WARER.OO.tI, Ac. J WILLIAM PLANT A CO., UNDERTA ? KERS?MpidencellS Seventh street, between G and H streets i luenatttU proc.u red ia any ground R.1 or cemetery. Co A us. Caps, Shroud.*. Carriages, Hearse, and every article for interments of the best Quality furnlsned at short notice, on the most rea-iouable terms, aud at all hours cf the night. Uavtng the exclusive right of Crump's Patent Corp*e Preserver. we guaranUe to teep the dead for any length of time. jy 11?ly DENTISTRY. B. DONALDSON, Dentist, late of'.he firm of ? Hunt A Donaldson, coatiuucs* to aufaeture and in sert those beautiful/ porcelain teeth, wit a or without gums, for specimens at which (made and deposited by the late firm) was awarded the first premium at the Mechanics' Institute Fair, recently h-id In this city. These teeth are carved and shsded to suit each nart)<-ular ease, and their resemblance ti> the natu ral organs is so perfect as to deceive the most prac tised eye. Particular attention also paid to fiflfctg and pre serving the natural teeth. * Charges moderate, and all operations warranted UAce southwest corner of Seventh and D streets. Keatranee on D. mar 21??m DENTISTRY."" DK. MUNSON respectfully cails puulic d'ten tloo to his new, patent and great ly 1M.PROVED method or setting Ar-J tLficial Teeth, with Coatluious ? , ? the very PERFECTION OF THE ART. t^is siyle of Teeth h~? the full owing ad /autages over aJJ others, vix: GREAT 81 RENGTM, CLEAN LINESS, COMFORT and BEAUTY, vieitig wtth Nature in these respects, and in sock otaer* excelling Public inspection la respeetfuay cik lted Please call and see specime n. CAUTION.?No other Dentist!? the District of Columbia has a right to make this style of teeth. N B ?Teeth constitutionally healthy, plugged and warranted for life. Ofiice and house No. *JBB F. street, near the cor ner of Peaita. avenu : and 14th street. ap*4?tf All strangers visiting the City should see Hunter's Cata logue of the curiosities of the Patent Olttce. Al so, his Description of Powell's Great Pictures. HUNTER is to be seen at 44>0 Tenth street. may 31?*?u* fjOWARD'S U. S. SUPREME COCliT XX Reporti, vol 17, just published and for sak by FRANCH TAVLOR. JI? MEMOIRS OF THECOUNTF.8SOF BLKS lTI slngton. by R R Madden, M. R. 1. A., two Toll. fAi'LOH, T ' WEBER'S BAND. HIS old established and favorite band fur nish immic as usual for Excursions, Sere nades, Pic Nics Parties, Exhibitions, Ac., 4c. Orders mav be left at Ililbus 4. Hltz's Music De pot, oral the residence of the leader, four doors east of General Henderson's residence, Navy Yard jy ???m HFISCHER'S BAND FULLY ORGANIZED. Av ING now completed all my arrangement* for a first rate BRASS AND COTILLON KAN D.l am attain at the service of the public to attend Excursion Parties, Exhibitions, Parades. Pic Nics, Balls and Serenades. All those in fa vor of citizens' band are respectfully invitfid to en tourage our enterprise, h-re in Washington city P FISCHER,deader. ? - ?This Band, under my direction, is regu larly uniformed, and from a practice of over twen ty J'e3r* ' can j^ve satisfaction to every one. Residence, Pennsylvania avenue, north side, be rween Ninth and Tenth streets,-first door west of Iron Hall. Orders left with Messrs. Hilbus A Hitz punctu ally attended to. jy ]4 in)# PROSPERl'S CORNET BAND." I^HIS Hand is suitable for any and all purpose*, and is warranted to give satisfaction to all those who may lie pleased to engage them, either as a Brass, Reed, or Cotillon Band. Any number of musicians to be had at the?short est notice, by applying to FREDERIC PROSPER!, Leader, at Taltavull'g Store, opposite the Marine Harracks N. B?Orders left at Hilbus A HiU?s Music De pot will l?e promptly attended to. mav 25?4m A CARD. MRS. E. PHILLIPS, No. 401 Sixth' street, between & and H streets, d'nires to Inforn t-i" citizens of Washington und vicinity, that she is now prepared to give Instructions on the PIANO FORTE. She has taught music in <o?.d of the principal citiefc of the Ui.ion and ha^ testimonials showing that she is fully com petent to discharge tbe duties of her profession to the satisfaction of those who may favor her with their patronage. I erms: fill for 24 lessons, at her iesidence. it $12 at the residence of her pupils. je 12?eo3in* FANCY HAIR ORNAMENTS^ Hsemken jeweler, ? No.3*1 Pa av bet. Oth and 10th sts., is prepared to inake to order any device that may ?>e suggested such as Flower Bouquets, Bracelets. Breast Pins, Ear Rings, Chains, Crosses, Rings. Cliartelains, Ac. Also, Jet Ornaments for sal.? 1X7* Persons may rely upon their own hair be ing used. jy 31?tr FEEL'9LONDON GREEN GINGER WINE MANUFACTURED FROM FRENCH GR-Yl'ES, GREEN JAMAICA GINGER >1. V1 LLE ORANUES, Jtc.?This delicious be-/ erage becomes tie greatest favorite wherever it if l'ltioduced. It is usually palatable, more whed .* some, and not half tLe price of other foreign win ?s Many physicians use it exclusively. and recom mend it to all troubled with Flatulency. Dyspep sia, Debil'ty, Cramps, Diarrhea and Dysenterv. Persons subject to Chills, or living in district, where Ague or Cholera prevails, find its occasion al use a pleasant ar.d admirable preventive. Mixeo ?vith a little Iced-water. it forms the most refresh mg and wholesome cooling drink in warm wcath^i that can be taken Price 50 cents per bottle, ?5 per dozen. N. II. Country Draggisis Grocers, Ac , findfbl> Wine an advantageous addition to their stock, if* a first late article, sells well, and gives great satis faction Agents, STOTT & CO., Washington; PEFt A STEVENS,Alexandria; CIS8 EL, Georgetown; J. BALMER, Baltimore. Jyft?tl LAST CHANCE.~ IF there is in Washington, Georgetown or neigh borhood a person who intends to purchase i Carpet this fail now is their time to buy it at u price certainly less than the same quality can bt purchased six v/eeks hence. We are willing for a few weeks longer to ?-ll elegant best quality Imperial Velvet Carpeting* a! tl oO, and best 3-cord Tapestry Brussels at l.Li.t: will be worth <2 and Sl.82){ In the fall. Also, Ingrain, Three-ply and Venitian In pro portion. The prices at which wp are now offering Car petlngs are le*s than the same goods*woula brln^ at auction In New * ork to-day Terms for the Goods, e? on delivery. J ust received and on sale Linen Sheets, rich aruJ superior Floor Oilcloth, also 10 dozen iow-prlced all in new and beautiful designs, and very cheap Also, in store an el^fant stock Linen Sheetings Pillow Linens, Table Damasks, in cloths, nap kias and pieces Splendid assortment bathing and toilet Towels both iou?h and soft Marseilles (guilts, both colored and white, Al lendale do for summer use. Also, Dimities In great variety. And all other Furnitnre Drv Goods necessary foi the comfort and convenience of housekeeping, at very low prices. CLAGETT, DODSON A CO. Jy 30?d2w JUST RECEIVED PER SCHOONER Fairfax, from New York? J50 barrels brown Sugar 80 do powdered, hard and soft crushed Sugar 200 do Connecticut river Herrings, brigh* and handsome 45 boxes scalded Herrings 35 barrels Mackerel, No. 3 125 packages fresh' Tea 75 ooxes ground Coffee 300 sacks tine and G. A Salt 50 boxes fresh Salad Oil 30 boxes Cheese 100 boxes dark Soap 125 doien brooms do dozen Cords aud Lines 100 gross Matches to dozen Buckets 20oo pounds soft shell Almonds 1000 pounds Cream Nuts 125 bushels Crrooiul N uts 3 quarter - asks old Martell Brand* 2 do Port Wine, pure juice 10 barrels old F amily Whiskey 75 boxes Tobacco. For sale by MURRAY A SEMMES. au I?3tAeo6t LAND WARRANTS LOCATED. THE subscribers will locate Land Warrants either in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois or Iowa, a.?u and give a correct description of the land located If, upon examination, this description proves in correct, they will themselves take the laud, glviuj. for it another warrant for the same quantity. One of the firm resides In the West, and will give the business his personal superintendan- e. MILLER A BROWN, 7th St., opposite Post Office, Washington. Jf 1-1?eodin SUMMER RETREAT. BLAKLSTON'S PAVILION will be open for the reception of visitors on the 5th of July. The proprietor's table will be sup plied with the delicacies abounding in tLeiii"'? waters adjacent to Blakiston's Island, lie hopes his endeavors to please will insure him a tfhart of patronage from those seeking health or a little quiet from city luistle. The Steamers Maryland. Osceola, and Alice C. Price slop regularly at his Undine. terms. For one month oo Por one week or more, per day 1 Pu For a shorter time, tier day 1 25 A good band of Cotillon Music !s engaged for the season from Washington. GEORGE W. BLAKISTON, Je23?2 m* Proprietor. MOOT AND SHOE STORE REMOVED. d 'EORGE BREMER has removed his wtli VJT known Gentlemen's BOOT AND SHOE Store and Factorv from 11th timet, between Pa. avenue and E street, to Pa avenue, a few doors above Willards' Hotel He is prepared in his new premises to give satis faction to all. G B. has by dint of grea* care In purchasing 111 stock, employing none out A No. I workmen, and by his capacity to fit his customers so as to nave his work set very easy on the foot, while it al, ways exhibits the most'fashionable style, earned a reputation In his business second to that of no other custom-work boot and shoe mak.-r in the Union. He solicits the patronage of all. and his terms will b* most reasonable to ail. Jy 13?tf j / JORDAN'S WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS I^REDERICK COUNTY, VA.?Opened on the 1 15th of June. From Baltimore, Wash* i j ington or Cumberland ineuiy morning trains iR* to Harper's Ferry, thoace bv Winchester M? Railroad to Stephenson's depot; from depot miles In coaches to Springs in time to dine sum dav. Rice's cotillon band engaged. Sulphur bains. Medicinal effects of water well known. * * E. C. A R. M. JORDAN * ftftO. ? '" . ? Hi ONE HUNDRED MORE OF those superior Magnolia Ha ma, and proba blv all that will be received this season, the} are cured in Maryland according to the old hom? stead receipt, the quality of which is unsurpassed if equalled, by any other ever introduced here. Tt> be had only at rav store. ! Also, a fre*h lot of that peculiarly flue selected and standard Black Tea at 50cents a pound, which I have Introduced. It Is sold only by myself and is now extensively known in the District. New comers and others who have not yet used it are re ferred to the hading members of the Faculty df Washington and Georgetown. Samples furnished gratuitously. Bay Water at 95 cents per bottle, or 75 per dozen. For bathing purposes it is as cheap ;*? common spirits. Mint, I .a vender, and Blackberry Cordials, tl* very articles for the prevailing epidemic. Maple Susrar, Fresh Prunes, Ate., with unsur passed varieties of choice family Groceries r Z. M. P. KiNG, Few steps northeast Jackson Statue. , jy 45?if r I ? ASCY (iOODS TOILET AR.TK LF.S, K q. WE invite attention to our large s.iock of Comix Brushes. Pomades, Extracts, Cologne, Ba\ Water, Arc., which we are prepared to otfer a't greatly reduced prices. Also, constantly on hand a general assortment of Fancy Goods, Fans. Gloves, Hosiery. Ac., to gether with a fashionable stork of millinery, to which additions are constantly being, made of tu? newest and most des'rable stylus The attention of the ladies is partic ilariy invited to tbi? depart ment of our business, which is under the charge o' Miss Thompson. HUTCHINSON A MUNRO. jy28?tf 310 Pennave., between 9th A 10th sts. SOMETHING TO OLD AND VOUNG. PROFESSOR WOOD'S HA IK RESTORATIVE. THIS preparation, although less than two venr before fne public; owing to its wonderful ef fects upon the numan hair and scalp, has alreadt obtained a celebrity and sale perfectly r n paralleled. It has without theordinary appliana ? ised for such purposes, won its way, ajid been .?artilv welcomed to most of the cities and towns ui the tJnlted States, the Cauadas, and the W*S! Iudia Islands. Nor is this result surprising wb<T it is remembered that its popularity is based upoi its merits, solely as established by actual testft That this preparation will actually Restore graj Hair to its Natural Color, produce a luxuriarf growth upon the heads of the bald, prevent tht hair from falling oil', and when used as a tonic ar (icle, produce a continual flow of the natural fluW and tuns rendtr the hair soft, "lfeaay and waw. destroy diseases of the scalp, ana expel dandrutf the certificates of distinguished gentlemen an^ ladies in every part of the"country who have trie-o it, and therefore speak what they know, most fil ly attest. That bv a proper ?se of this Restorath* the hair can be mad>- to attain and retain its natu ral color to ;.lmost any ai^e alotted to humanity, oy removing the cause of disease from the scalp .o matter how long standing the concurrent tes fimonials of the press and the certificates of nr merous respectable individuals of both sexes, tc ?he use of this curative, as well as of the recon ue idatious of editors and certificates before allu led to, can be had of all ageuts Brookfiki.d. Mass., Jan 12. 1335. Prof. Wood?Dear Sir?Having made tria! "I your Hair Restorative, it gives me pleasure to stj hat its eft'ect has b en excellent in removing in flammation, dandrufl', ajid a constant tendency tc itching, wi'h which I have been troubled fro^a ? aildhood, and has also restored my hair, whirb was becoming gray, to its original i o!or I hav# used no other article, with anything like the san ? pleasure and profit. Yours, truly , ' J. K. 11RAGG, Pastor of Orthodox Church Brooklield Carltlk. III.. June517, lf-53. ] haveus?d Prof O. J. Wood s Hair Restora tive, and have admired its wonderful effect. A" \ hair was becoming, as I thought, premature * gray; but by the use of his ''Restorative" it ha J resumed its original color, and 1 have no douU. permanently so. SIDNEY BREESE, Ex-Senator United States. Prof. Wood Dear Sir?My hair commenced falling oil'some three or four years since, and cori inaed to do so until 1 became quite bald I tried ill the popular remedies of the dav, but to no ef feet, at last I was induced to use your celebrat* d Hair Restorative, and am very happy to say it i doing v/onders I have now a fine growth >t voung hair, and cheerfully recommend its use t ill similarly afflicted A. C WILLIAMSON, 133 second street Ad^resa O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietors, C' * Oroedwiy, New York, and li4 Market street, r Louis. M<> C. BTOTT A CO , wholesale and retail Agen Wauhlngton. T. W DYOTT A SONS, General Wliolesal \gent, Philadelphia, Pa. au I?ly PAIR HILL BOARD I SO SCHOOL FOI? OIRLS, Sandy Spring, Montgomery county, Mi. 'HHE ninth term of this Institution will com J- rnence on the loth day of the ninth montl (September) next. Circulars containing the needful information ii. egard to the School can be obtained by these who desire it, by addressing, at Olney Post Ottice Vlontgomery county, Maryland, R. S. KIRK,o WM H FARqUHAR Refer to J no. T. Towers, Lambert Tree, W. 1) Wallach. je3o?HawVw DR. lT|I. WRIGHT'S JFAILINO ?*?Cii0f UL'JUS A.VTIDOTE ' For the Permanent Cure of COXSVMPTIQ. and all other form* of SC llO FVLOUS DISEASES. 'jPHlS Medicine i3 prepared by an eminent pt> A sician of eighteen years practice in New York city, during which time he has constantly usee, il with the most unbounded success, and created foi It a reputation in private practice, unequalled it the history of medicine. Itacts immediately upo; the blood, cleaning it from all scrofulous hum>>? or impurities, renovating and, by its magic po-.v crs, INVIGORATE THE YVHOLE SYSTEI. iu proof of which, hundreds of respectable wii. aes^es from the doctor's private practice have gi. ^n in their tesdmony, and entreaJ^those suflferi&r from any scrofulous affection, to call upon thev ind tatufy A Treutlhc on Scrofulous Disea??:? can be b^i gratis at PRINCIPAL DEPOT, <108 Broadw;.y, u>d at Diug Stores generally. CHARLES STOTT A CO., Agents for Washington DR. L. B. WRIGHT'S TAS'i?LEbS " LIQUID CATHAIiTIC," OH, FAMILY PHYSIC. rHIS Is the BEST, CHEAPEST, and MOS1 EFFICIENT CATHARTIC EVER OF FERED TO THE PUBLIC. It is TASTKLFSS, f thereby avoiding the i:tu ?eating effect of Pills, Oil, Senna, Ac.,) and pro ijciug no griping or other painful effects Unlike ill other purgatives, It searches to the bottom o: the dis- a-e, thoroughly cleanses the stomach, and leaves the bowls eutlrely free from convenes* NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Children drink it readily and without forcing, and NO MEDICINE IS MORE HltiHLY RE COMMENDED by theMUDICAL FACULTY'. Give it a trial and theu judge for yourselves. It can be had wholesale and retail at E. 11.ST \ BLKR A CO.'S, Baltimore, or CKAS. STOTT k CO., Washington, D C. DR. VrUtIJT'S PRINCIPAL DEPOT, Broadway, where the doctor can be consul'ed i.tily on diseases generally, from 12 to i p. in., without charge. j6 French drawing pehcim from the severe! manufactories of Bausch, Hardmuih, Waiter and Contce, imported dlreet t am the n.a kersiu Paris, by . FRANCK TAYLOR Jyg> HO! FOR THE SPRINGS!?Persons contemplate ajonrney to the springs, sea-side, noun tains, or the countrv, should not neglec! to ?all at IMW Pa. avenue, and get their stock of hair oolb, nail, bathing and clothes Brushes. Dre-is ng, side, pull, necK.flne and pocket Com*, 1 :k Pomatom. Hair Oil. Bay Water, Col^'ne 1.x ra. ts for the Handkerchief, .<oap, Toilet Bo .es u.d Powder, traveling, pic nic, work, aad?= .d baskets, Ac., at the Piano, Music, Stationery and Variety Store of JNO. F. ELLI>, 306 Pa. avenue, betw. 9th and 10th sts jy IB?ti NEW WALTZ Just published by the sub scrloere, the "Multiflora Waltt," compot-ed ind dedicated to Mis* Sallie Drl ?ch. of Leesbu-g, Va., by Prof. J. A. Y oung. ? H1LBUS k HITS JySl Mu?ic Dejot. DENTISTRY. DR. V. SHINN, Graduate of the Philadelphia Coil* ge of Dental Surgery, respect- .*?22^*. tally informs the residents of George-/WK^j| own and its vicinity that he has locaX-UCu-v ed himself amongst them for the purpose of pr.ic 'oUce 1**1 Washington ?t., abovs Bridge stnet, isorgetown, D. C. *?dam*??l? ? EXCURSIONS, &c. FIEaT GRASL EXCURSION AND PIC 5IC OF THE George Washington Clnb, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, On WEDNESDAY, Aogait 14. THE members of the GEORGE WASHING TON CLUB, of Georgetown, ? ^ take pleasure in announcing to thrirJp^yTir i V brother Club* ard the public generally that they have chartered the safe and commod ou* 'Steamer George Washington, and will glee a grand Ex cursion and Pic Nic to the White House Pavilion on the above named day. The members of the Clnb pledge tbearho that no pains or expense shall be spared to make this one of 'he be*t excursions of the season. Scott's spleffdid Cotillon Music has been en t;atred for the day. Dinner and Refreshments will be served by W Coke, in his superior stvle. The boat will leave tieorgetown at 7, Washing ton 7*4, Navy Yard at 8, and Alexandria at 8if o'clock, returning at a reasonable hour Tickets SI?admitting a gentleman and ladies ; to l>e l ad of any tf the Committee or at the boat. Committer of Arrangements. Lemuel Brown, Chas Grimes, Andrew Clements, Jno Heard, Jno Gobert, Jos Crouse. autfi t i . . ?J . (JRAND CIVIC ft MILITARY EXCURSION OF THE German Yagers, TO THE WHITE HOU.<B PAVILION, On MONDAY, Aacust 13, 1044. THE YAtiERS respt* tf.illy announce to their friends, civic and military, and ^fc the public generally that thefr ""**m^iii ? iV?i* Excursion will take place on MONhAV, August 13th. The well known Steamer George Washington has been charteredfor the occasion, and will make two trips both ways, leaving the Steamboat wharf in the morning at 8 o'clock, and 1 o'clock p. m. In the evening the boat will leave the Pavilion at 7 and 10 o'clock, touching each trip at Alexandria going and coming. W eber's superior Band has been engaged for the occasion. Tickets ONE DOLLAR?admitting a gentle man and ladies ; to be had of the Committee or at the boat. Refreshments to be obtained on board of 'he boat and at the White House, at city prices Ord Sut Ruppell, Sgt Schiuaii, Corp Walil, J Anger man, Peter Schweixer. an 3?flt EXCURSION TO FORT WASHINGTON f WHITE HOUSE, On THURSDAY* Alf. 16, FOR TIIE BENEFIT OP THE METHODIST IPISCO I Ai- CHURCH, CAPITOL HILL. rpiIE Steamer GEO. WASHINGTON haying l l??en chartered for the occasion >vill leave the Wharf at 8 o'clock, precisely. A Hand of good music will i?e in attendance, ind everything that can conduce to the pleasure and comfort of the Company will be done. An efficient caterer will be on the boat to fur nish refreshments to those that may desire them The Boat will stop at the Navy \ard also for passengers. Tickets 50 cents?Children under 12 years, ?.? cents. Tickets can be had at the Drug Store of Mr. Mc I'herton, Capitol Hill, and at the Bookstore of W. M Morrison A Co ; Pa. avenue, or from either of the Committee. Committet: Wm B Waugh, Mr Marton, Mr Jones, Kep Phillips, James Smallwood ? an 6?eotl6th GEAtfD FIEEHET3 AXD CIVIC EXCURSION AND PIC NIC OF THE FranklinFireCompany, TO THE WHITE HOUSE PAVILION. 'pi!E members of the Franklin Fire Company a take pleasure in announcing to .glV"""*" the Kireineu, their friends and public generally that they hive chartered it:e safe ?tnd commodious steamer Geo Washington, and vviLl give a Grand Excursion and Pic Nic to the WHITE HOUSE PAVILION, on WEDNES DAY A ugust 2^d The Company pledge themselves that no trouble or e.\|<ense will be spared to make this one of Jie ple-.isant, gay, and nckerehe Excursion of the season. A celebrated Cotillon Band has been engaged for the occasion Dinner and Supper will be furnished by an ex perienced caterer. For the accommodation of those persons who do not wish to spend the whole day down the river the boat will make two trips Leave Georgetown at 8 o'clock, Washington at N, Navy Yard at 9%. Alebandriaat 10. Afic-no^n leaves Washington at , Alexandria tt 3^ o'clock Returning, will leave the White House at 6 and ?ind Hi o'clock p m. Tickets. ada>ittinga gentleman and two ladies, f 1, to be had of the Committee of Arrangements, and at the beat on the morning of the Excursion. Committee of Arrang' m>nts. Rob't E Doyle, J Williamson, G R Crostdield, J B Medley, . L R Thomas, P J Newman, J M F Hough, Alex Tait, JnoTConmbe, R Ecklotf. eu 3?law2w&dtd 11a FIRST WARD LIVERY AND SALE STA BLES. IN announcing to the public of W ashington that 1 have taken possession, by purchase, ^ ot the above Stables, on G street, near the War Department, (lately occupied by A. Schwartz J 1 wish to inform tnem that it will be entirely conducted by myseli, and that all orders left upou the premises will be attended to punctually with elegant Carriage* and careful drivers. The Riding bchoo! willoe con ducted by a professional equestrian and perfectly do? ile haVses; having stated hours for lady equts triaus. in private or public, as they may prefer. Particular attention will be paid to horses kept at Livery in his establishment. Persons requiring open barouches or family car riages, can ue satisfactorily accommodated, as well as those desiring riding horses for gentlemen or ladies. FRIEDERECK LAKEMEYER, Jy 21?3m Agent. "official. Trxasvrt Department, Aug. 3,1355 Notice is hereby given to holders of stock of the loan authorized by the act of 181#. rede?*mable on and afier the 12th November, 165d, that the whole or any purt of that stock vnill be purchased by this department at any time previous tothe3?th No v ember next, for which 3 percent, premium wl?l be paid iu addition to tho sums expressed in the certificates. And to the holders of the stocks of the other loans of the United States, that pnrcha>es of the *ame to theainonnt of ftl,3l0,0Uiwill also be made during the same period at the following rates: For stock of tbe loan of 1342, a premium of 10 per cent; for stock cf the loans of 1st7 and iSUS, a premium of IS per cent.; and for stock issued un der the act of 1S50, commonly called Texas-in demnity stock, a premium of 6 per cent. Iiite.est will also be allowed, at the rate stlpu iated in the certificates, from the 1st July last to the day of settlement here, with one day In addi tion, to enable the Treasurer's draft to' reach the party. Ceitificates transmitted to this department un der the present notice should be duly assigned to the United State* by the party entitled to receive the purchase-money. Pavmentfor these stocks will be by drafts upon the assistant treasurers at Boston. New York or Philadelphia, as the parties entitled to receive the money may direct. JAMES GUTHHIE, au 4?dL\ov30 Secretary of the Treasury. LAW PARTNERSHIP. Robert j. walker and louis janin have formed a co-partnership under the firm ?f " Walker A Janin,'' for the management and Argument of cases in the Supreme Court of the I nited States, and before the Court of Claims at Washington City. Address Washington, D. C. may 10?eo3m CLOCKS I CLOCKS! |F you want a good honest Clock?or ? that will I always give yon the correct time. d? op in at G FRANCIS. 4U0 Seventh street. He las Clocks that cannot be sxcslied?handsome and good tin* keepers, lie sells low, and every Clock is war ranted, JT?1 !EVENING star. THE CHECKEE-WOBS OF LIFE. The discovery of the auriferuaa nature of the soil of Califoruia, which b?a attracted to that incognita terra so many enthusiastic adven turers, has produced the groundwork of many life dramas, of an interest in comparison to which fiction sinks into beggared insignifi j cance. At the times when the tidings of the occult 1 treasures existing in California were pro ! claimed in Paris, a young resident of that vol : utile city, named M Descour, determined to I bid adieu to his family, consisting of a yount and be tu.iful wife, and an infant son, with I the' certainty of Amassing a fortune in the I modern Ophir. To bis wife the parting was like rending the ivy from the staunch tree to which its tendrils cling, and it was with the utmr*t reluctance the finally acceded to his departure, accom panvmg him to the ship, and bidding him tare well in word.-: rendered inarticulate by convulsive sobs. Reaching his destination, he forthwith went to the mines, and in abou* two months he sent to his wife, who had takei up her reMdence with her father, S20U. But, as Mrs. Hale very truly says : "Not even' flower that blossoms Diffuses sweet around; Not even scene Hope gild* with lisrht Will fair be found." 8 For the poor fellow's hopes were at once blast- I ed by the receipt of a letter, (the original, in French, we read at Judge Stuart's office,) in forming him that his wife had fallen a victim to the arts of a seducer, a former intimate friend of her husband; thnt she bad aban doned her home, and was living near by at the house of her paramour. Crushed iu spirit and wirh a broken heart, the husbaud toiled for two long years in the mines, when, having ac cumulated $10,000. he relinquiahed his toil and embarked for Prasce. Arriving at the house of his father-in law, he received another shock by the announcement of the fact that his faithless wife and her paramour had quit ted France for eomo port in South Ameii'*?, taking with them his son. He determined to Jinrsue them, aud with this riew embarked or the city of Valparaiso, whore he s?.on ar rived. But notwithstanding the uioet diligent irquiiies he did not find the fugitives there, lie went thence to Bio Janeiro, and to many other S..uth American ports, but his seare.'i was fruitless, and a few months since he ar rived iu New York de-pairing of ever fain beholding either wife or son. Ab .ut n week ago. however, while walking through William street, in tnis city, he wa< startled by meeting, face to face, his' .ong los; wife. The sudden pallor which overspread her features, and the spasmodic effort by which she preserved her presence of mind, aosuioi him that be was known, although she pa.-?e 1 him without recognition; und he, fearful that sbe might elude him. followed her to Nj 47 ll tge street, where she wa* residing with her paramour, clothing manufacturer, i amed Frederick Dippcl. A actne there ensued ?.f earnest entreaiy on his j>art, of appals to by gone days ot rosy pleasure, to earlier happi ness, to the copious tears she shed at their separation; and, on her part, of stern refusal, of disgust to his person, and a determination to continue her unweddad connection with Dippel, rather than return to him. The miserable husband, fiuding entreaty of no avail, sued out a wiit of habeas corpus, on Wednesday, btfoie City Ju.ige Stuari, in or der that be mi^ht at least obtain the guardian ship of his son, now a fine boy about seven years of age. The child was accordingly pro daced, and the mother, with a concourse of female nei-hbr rs, appeared by the Judge in his private office. The facts, as we have .-tatcd them, were admitted, but she pleaded in extenuation that her huiband had su .jeet-d her to ill treatment, which was subsequent; y proved to have been utterly false Tiie only redeeming feature of her case wa*> the remark able devotion she manifested towards her chiid. lie had evidently been the recipient of the most unwearied attention on her part, and was also mneh attached to the man with i whom she lived, always addressing them as I lather and mother. Tne peison to whom he really owed his paternity was of course a stranger to him, a^d was evidently regarded with aversion and distrust. The Judge then determinod to take a day for refloction, aud ? dh'Urned the case. Meanwhile, counter suits were brought against M Descour tor abandonment, and for ill treatment, both of which were di*missed? the plaintiff's counsel, a very skilful legal gentleman, with a very uneuphonious name, hew Snebley, proving by the author herself the falsity of the oharges Besides this trou ble, M. Dc.-ccur received a severe eastigation at the bauds of one of Dipple's employee#, because ho endeavored to obtain another ia terview with his recreant wife, in hope of moving Ltr htart to pity his forlorn condi tion. The Judge, when the case was again called, exerted all his eloquence in endeavoring toin du'^e Airs. Deseour to resumo the path of vir tue, as her husband was willing to overtook the past, and receive her again as the wife of his bosom ; but she persisted in her determin ation to continue with her paramour, and no ani<<unt of reasoning could shake her in tl is resolve. Then Judge Stuart'Bduly was plain. It only remained for him to pronounce his de cision. that the child muat be surrendered to theguardianship of its father. Wh/en the Judge delivered this decision the mother became almost wild. She claspcd the child frantically to her bosom, declaring that thty should not be parted, and the child closed his tiny nruis with all his might around his m< therms neck, and wept biUerly at the thought of parting with her and going with bis father, who, to him. was a repulsive stranger. The united shrieks of the mother and child wer? most piieous u, hear. The broken-hearted father atood on one side, betraying by his com* pressed lips and rapidly heaving b'Mum the terrible emotions which were agitating him, snd which, despite his manly exertion* gto ?uppreas them, found vent in unwilling tears The tableau presented wan deeply affecting, sj nuch so that some of the spectators, unable to witness so painful a sight, retired from the room in tears, liven the Judge betraved deep :motion; but, in view of thefaotsof the east? u view of the life of the mother?he felt it his luty, in accordance with the law, to decide as le had. Then followed the stern duty of the The arms of the child, clutching convul irely to the neck of its mother, were forcibly letached, and he was borne screaming U a larriage with his father, leaving the motl er n a state of menial agony bordering on the 'erge of insanity. Thus endeth a chaptcr in actual life, where n the gold-demon has violat**d the sanctity of . home, broken up an attached family, a-.d Irivcn a tender husband and father a wan ierer about the world. And the seducer, rhat of him ?. When all the wrongs that have ranspired for ages ure set aright, when the venger arouses from his long, long sleep, then ball come his retribution!?N. Y. Sunday lourur. New Mode or Vaccimatioh.?The Dublin ledieal Press says: *? Without punctures, three regular vaoeiue ustules appeared on the fourth day, and were >roduced by merely placing some vaeoine mat er on the arms of two children, and rubbioc tie spot with the aharp end of an ivory V nils, 'he fact that young girls take the kins pox on heir fingers when miiking, euggesjjd this lethod of vaeeinatioa " WM ?aid, and very beautifully nid, aatoce man's wit becomes all men s wis cm hven more true is it that one Iran's irtue becomes a standard which raire* or, nticipattoa ef possible govdnssa in ail men. ENGLISH IUEKAMIS. Ths last uumber of the Edinburgh Review (Scott k Co. s republication) has a very en tertaining and curious article on English sar names, of which the following abridgment i? made by a weekly newspaper. Kigbt leading classes arejpren u follows : 1. The Norman name- brought iota Eng land by the invaders at the Conquest. Domes day Book is the grant authority for this claw. They are either preceded by the Freu.-ii par ticle de, referring to particular place* in Nor mandy. by la, which implies some other dis i tinetion of the individual. or they stand alone without a prefix l>e Valance. Le Sirange. ^ortescuc, are illustrations Fits, pnftird to names, corretpouds to aon. appended Mfat H) nrnne*. A? FkX Jaires, tbe soi of Jauics; fits William. the am of Witliam. >?me modest parvonue. kave exposed both their variety and their ignorant by u-ung tho Norman and the Saxon form at the -unt time *s flU Harrison. 2. That Urge claw of nauea which hare * local origin in E-*!and itself, such as Brook, \ ale. Street. Field There is art%ld English couplet that runs thus : "In ford, in ham. in ley and tua. The must of English surname* rua.*' An anecdote is told of a former Lord LytUe? ton, that he jocularly boasted ? the superior antiquity ot his name over that of 'he bren villes. on the ground that the little town ex isted before the grand ville; an aueedotc that reminds the reviewer of a more serious di-pat* .bat once arose at Venice between the ?ami - liea of the Ponti and the Canali. The former alleged that the bridges w< re above the ca nals. the latter that the canal* existed before ths bridge*, and the Senate was at last oblir d to interpose and settle the questi ? f,,r tbem In this connection, it is reumrk^ that, in a few instances, the naaes of met. have been I converted into words of common import, as tantalise, macadamise, a sandwich, a til burr, or a brougham. , It is an interesting fact connected with the local origin of names that Fairfield runs through all the langtfages of Ko^pe. a* Campbell, Ketubls, Campo'bello, Beau.ami., bchonan. . class of niiH'j derived from occuna taoni. There are i,458 Smiths bSrn annu <!ly iu England and Wales. The Taylors are next m number In France, the name of Lef.vrc corresponds to our Smith, and is derir.4 frm the Latin fabir Tamers, Co.#ks, ^nd Shep herds are other familiar examples of the cIam of names now referred to. The i aue of the p*t Chaucer is ?upposcd to be derived fr m chaussur*. hose, and is *aid to be the same as Hosier. The derivation of N ipier is also in teresting. I i old time*, the servant who. at table, held the napkin tor ths host or guest, was called a napier. Napery, observes tho reviewer, dei.otee tabl? linen; hence tbeoffi 'i*' designation and the surname derived from it. King is n very common English nam* jt existed in R >iue in the fo:m of R?x, and is frequent in Francc as Rri and in Gviaiauy as K'tenig. A wish to get rid r.f a vulgar mine has in duced many German scholars to a lopt Greek au-l Latin foim* Na'auder is a translation ot' >i?*unnnn. Mela^chton of Schwsitaerde, iino tu? of De Groot. An English physician. Dr. K ?y. give a charter and his name, latiuiied, to Caius Coller-;. Cambridge, which is pro nounced Key's College to this day For some similar reason, perhaps, a soaof Monsieur Pa quetin bee me celebrated as Moliere and a cadet of the s.mily Arrout made himself fa mous urder the surname of Voltaire The n 'me of Phil!potts id a corruption of Philpvt * diminutive of St. Philip, and shoulJ be ao written. ? _ Another large class consists of thosa de rived from the christian names of parents as from Henry are derived Harrisou, Hani*. Har ries, Hal kin. Hawes and Hawkins Ap in Welsh signifies *?n, and Thomas Ap Will am Ap Thomas, Ap Richard, Ap Mo t Er*n. the actual name of a Welsh gentleman of loriner times, is thus easily understood sth This olaes consists of deserintive namos. as Q>*oduiau. Wise, Mo ?iy flth. Those derived from the animal vege table, and mineral kingdom, as Wolf. Steele. Rose. ' 7th. Those derived from religion, as Pardo, Blood, St. John. Those are the foreign names introduced into England after the Conquest, fr?m Scot land, Ireland, and other countries of Europe. , J w too numerous aud familiar to rvuuiru illustration. 1 Bio FtMU*b ?Salmon trout, weighing fr?.m thirty to fifty pounds. are caught in g;eat lumber-, with nets and Seines, on the Canida ?i?le of Like Huron. M f would adviae s^mdo >1 le^ak Walton's disciples, who-c aintuur ff rts are confined to the tir.y trout of tho lit tle brooks, to make a uiisM??nary tour to tlio ireat Lake<. and take capiive soinr of the big jues that play in their waters Ths re? ipro ity treaty ha-i given a new impetus to the business. Some two hundred American fishermen are low engaged wi'hin fifry miles on each side ?f Goilerich, in the business This has gr -utly umul ittd the Caii'iucks. and it is estimated hat four hundred of them arc now engaged in he same business. About one hai dred miles >f lake shore is lined with gi!l-net^ a->d seines. -very boat that cmne* in Las a large number t s.i in in ?r iut At MFhitewnod termi .us of he northern railway, from Toronto, thev a:ked in ioe, and go to O-wezo. Rome. Ctica, llbany. and New Vork. <)reat quantitiea aken at Goodericb go in ioe to Clevvland and Cincinnati.?Eastern Argus. 8. QtTAMTITV or AtfMt XlTIOK Exi'KVQKp rj^H| kbastopoi. ?a letterLvm St. PeWrabui - of uly 14, says: " The combat^ of the 17th and 18th of Jane ers doubtless the severest and most desper te that have taken {dace before Sebastopol. rom private correspondence this appoara luchmore th?n fmm mere > tScial r> ports. In ae is stated the following, namely 4 It it npossible to form an idea except fy per-on l icspection, of the amount of irun tnj ;ad which is used. The ground where t*e >mbat nM>k place is entirely covered with lot and shell. From the Jlst May up to th*? ii June, our soldiers have picked up 78 400 ?unds of lead, ant 1 015 bombs ori?t' rounds Jt exploded; and this is not (*oe-third part of hat has been used by the enemy, as gn at art of their amuniUon u buried in the the town ramparts. '1 Aid roa the Mtiicas kavon rioxitTs ? he Sau Antonio Ledger gives an account of I ii organixation of a aulitaiv foroe in Texas to I Id the revolutionists in Mexioo. The ft rat | irt of the expedition arrived at Leoca | ver on the 17ih of July, ?x. l. more wesa I ?urly ooming forward in great ousbera. They tpected tocroas the river o,n the 24th Capt. enry, late of tbe T>xaa volontecv, the itnmandar of the expt-^iliuu. had issaed an Idreta to the pe^opls c " Ti-xas and Mexieo. ? the former hr -ays the intention is to aid | the ewtablishn.ei.t f s more repablican | irarament, and finally to bring Mexieo an I ?r ths protection of the Amerisan eagle. | em ral Lauto d??Ures Uia: this is ths wish of e Mexican government themselves CPA Belgian paper mentions that a Wwn rood Dapriea. the wife of a fanner, residing Toerpea. while ahe was feeding her j ouliry, iknpa young chicken in her hsnd ts caress A cock flew ap peeked her violently in i ana, aad thai inflicted a woaad which a not at first eousidered serious, but which erwards became inflamed to saeh a degiaa it the womaa bas slnse died from the OTHl it. ' ?

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