Newspaper of Evening Star, August 7, 1860, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 7, 1860 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. THE LOVIM BY JOHW CLllt. How loth to part! How fond to meet Had we two ua?l to be! At ?an??t with what happy foot I tia*t *n'd unto thee! i arce tliroe tlay* pataed ?dm ere we inet , tu Kpritm, nay, wintry w?*.h*r: Now three year*' ?uns have i*en and *et. >or found a* once together. Tly fcco w?? m familiar grown. fhyseif so often ui<h, A moment's mem ?ry w.ien alone ?\ oold bring thee to mine eye. BiU now mj very dreams forget Th*t witehmg look to trao*; Though there thy beaut* linger* yet. It wea.-? a stranger'* rac^. Cooliks m Pkkc?There air twenty thousand Chinese slaves now In Peru, and tbedemsnd continues The last cargo of these coolies was landed about a month ago, and they sold for four hundred dollirs eacb, the term of servitude being eight years, the wages four dollsrs a month; two suit of clothes In the year, and two pounds of rice per day. It cost the trader about thlm-flve dollars to land a Chinaman on this oast, and as be Is pretty certain of getting three or four hundred dollars for blai, the profits are enormous A Callao letter in the Charleston Mercury says the Chinamen are induced to come by a mall advance of moaey?a fortune in their eyes ? for man Is tbecbeapeet production In the Celestial Empire, and labor is worth but a little to him there To this small sum of money tbe agent adds a judicious mixture of extravagant promise* for tbe ftiture in the new land How many ol tbese promises are falfliled we may judge by tbe number of Chinamen wbo commit suicide. A man who lived at the Cblncha Island a few yean ago cited an instance of seventeen of these unfortunate* banging themselves in one night in ttf same room." C7"N P. Willie, in one of his letters from oui W tst ay*?"A startling effect at Chicago, for th? traveller eye, is the ridden crowing of tlie princlpel streets \>y large vessels and apparently witto do more Interruption to tbe moving tide of vehicles than would be made by tbetranverse passing of a rail ear Tbe busiest quarter of tbe city fi built around tbe windings of a deep creek?and, by means of a most ingenious set of pivot bridges tbe warehouses which are thus in tbe centre ol thetowu.can bring in their ships to unlade carSon at the door - the bridge being part of a broad lorougbf tre one minute, in the next minute whirling around to let a largs vessel go past, and in ano'ber minute restored to its place again! II is wonderful to stand near and watch tbe operation of one of these beautiful machines, but it is, I repeat, still more wonderful to find it part of tb< p? rsnect. ves of ditl -rent streets reaching in different directions, as if shipping and cart-horses were ^noviny equally well over all the paved thoroueb I ires'' ' ~ ' A Fetit Steal** Shot ?A yonngmnn named Maud* was fatally shot at St li?(ili.on Monday morning, on the premises of Mr Albert Becker. Mrs. iierkt-r awoke her husband, saying ther? was a robber about tbe place. Mr Becker rose, and discovered a dark object moving around ii a cluster of pear trees He levelled a shotgun loaded witb pigeon shot and tired, intending tc frighten tbe robber. Immediately be saw a man run and cilmb over tbe fence, on which he fired again over tbe man's bead Supposing the fellow had escaped. Mr. B?cker returned to the bed, and ail remained quiet; but at daylight the corpse oi Maude was found some forty or fifty yards distant lying on the sidewalk. By its side was a handkerchief full of pears from Becker's trees The coroner's jury found that tbe killing, though unpremeditated, was justifiable under the circumstances A Nacohtt Homa?We saw a naughty thing done bv a horse the other day. We were crossing over to the metropolis in one of tbe Jersey City Ffffv bnatc urhirh * J , ? "? tiuwuru. Standing on the forward end of the boat, among the thronging trnns, we noticed a New Jersey dandy, if you know what ,that is, a young man. rather over-dressed, bat neat aa a pin. w1?h a mall bca^uetof roses and leaf sprigs in the but on bole of hu soiue-wbat flnsny cutaway coat W oile his eyes were ilxed upon the huge bulk of the Great Eastern, at her dock, foot of Hammond street, a sorry-looking horse, without noticing it, nipped off his button-hole boquet, leaving instead a round white circle of ? horse slobber " We pitied him wheu he discovered that his flowes were gone, he seemed to ' feel so bad." Meantime, the ''faulty" animal winked to his comSinion, which was as pood as a horse laugh at e practical joke ? Knicktrbofkir. A M*a!iirici3*i Stbmt.?A New Orleans correspondent of tbe Charleston Mercury write* as follows: '-The improvement on Canal street are still continuing, and wben finished it will be tbe most magnificent street in the United States. If not In the world, being eight miles in length, extending from the Mississippi river to Lake Ponefcartrain, and neatly two bundred feet wide, with a parterre promenade in tbe centre of forty feet in width At all the grand crossings monuments or fount*In* are to be erected Already Clay's monument stands at the junction of St Charles and Canal, and it Is proposed to erect a pleaded momument to Fnlton, to be placed at the bend of the street, fronting tbe Mississippi Tbe design. I learn, bas already been made and accepted by tbe city. This street is oar great prometude. and the fashionable side is crowded evsry e< enisg." }J7" At a Democratic meeting in Norfolk, on Tuesday night, O Jennings Wise made a speech In which he said that tbe absence of bis father (Gov. Wise,) was caused entirely by severe illness, and that he would as soon relieved from bis present indisposition, raise bis voice in vindication of the claims of Breckinridge and Lane. JO" Seventy-two white females, it i* said, were married to negro** in the State of Massachusetts last year. AKMVAL8 AT THE HOTELS BROWNS' HOTEL.?H Lewis and lv. IU; W Cla-k. J Cox. J Sii'ftp!?, A Kookin. Ala; W Koo?, 0 Ju-tees. Ha. K Taylor. T U Leonard. Kj; R Ad difc. Pa, J Jf>n*s. B T HudfM i- * ?> ? _ ? w ?- . JJ rt i/uh?? bqu it. La, G liuffni&o, K Dowlinc, h Hartxon, ?C; J F Brown. Va; C l>ai!?y, J Jenkina, 91'; W H Lioe oomh and if, W .Martin. Va; K W Johnson and ly, W uhurehwa*) and ly, 'I ?nr; H Pod<ett, Tex; T M Riohar?i?<>n, Me; M Butt. Mi?a; Miaa A L St?cey, laa M Stocejr. 11; Mr a&d Mr? H Duncan, Mia*; V Hairptoa, SC; to E>krid?e, G Husali#, fcn?; iir J Hi:), V*. national hotel?Major Ppracue. C9A; J S M?'*m, NC; J E Gregory, Cana; 0 a Gregory, do; m kib<- ?; A C hi!!. Md; j C Bennett, do; O C Blanebard, do. J W Kcox. Ka; j E Demo*. n V; a Met'\m. do; R P Archer, C K Irrin*. L Masters. W A Eg<!?ator,'? B Miaux, W W Miobaur. TT Giles. of Va- w P .Maguurd. Mass: U Hurlt>e?h, SO; * H Hol m* and lady. Teen; D W Myers and lady, Md; Mr* 8 V.y^r. do; A R Johnston, do: Mra John?tor,d??; ? Halohw a?>d lady, Va; Miss l.?on, do; H G hat'U and .auy, MY; Miaa Rand, do; Mm Wetter, do. KIRK WOOD H?U8E,?W C Swift,Maa?, G W Pampsor. NY; If Gray.Ky; R \V Standard and )y, A Gorinan and ly, ** fii'nw, O; a Lef*ver, W M.8h"rrf. Ha; J Faiftx. Dr H Powell. Va;T Swaau, jr. Md. VV H U'>K?r?, Va; J T Whitney, Maoi; K J filler, DC. OCEAN STEAMERS' SAILING DA YS From the Uhitch States. Si-nmrrt. Leave. For. Dayt. Catiada B<?U?i Liverpool Auk. & ...1 New York Hwre Aug. It C Waauiuf ton.New Y??rk. .Liverpool. ...Aug. II A*>E- New York ...Liverpool Aug '5 aaxonia^ _New York. Hamburg ...Aug. 5 Great Ka**ern_.New York . H%i f l.ic Aut. lb Pnnoe Alkert.:..New York ttalwaf A ok. ih Kangaroo........New York .Liverpool Aug 18 Ar*g> ..?New York...Havre Am, I* fearopa.., New V#rk... Liverpool... Aug. W AdriEtie ...? ...New York...Havre...... .\ug.;S Finii ..N*w York- Liverpool,.. Aug. 29 FBOM Ecbovk Ad'iaUo.? ftonth'pton New York.. .Jn'ya' Kdiubarih..%,.7.tar?rpoo' ..New York...Aog 1 fer Liverpool New Y ork . A eg. 7 The Har*n? man strawer* leave New York ixs the M. tiiu iTtk, aad srtft of eaoii month, and CktarleMun oa the ?tu and I9tk. The California m?i' ??e*?.^r> leave New York on |H? 4th and >4h of a*** month. INoTICE OF TldK R6KiloVAL OF THE LAND OFFICE PROM HUDSON TO FALLS OF ST CROIX, IN *HE STAIE OF* WIS CFNSI!#: In acoordjM* with the pron?ion? of the aot oi CMirou i-i.Uled "an vt authorising change*in the foe*'ion of land ofloea," approved \lar?r, an. ifee. It is fcereHr drc'ared and mM* known that the C>ffioC> tor Ihf) ARM anhW- I-?1- -1 **-? rimub ?? nuww, in ine of to rewoTod to Falls or t*T ? H C?r/y a ptrtod at 9 plituar ftotio* ulo tha preciaa tin# of o.onnr th* < at Hudroa ?rf?n*t"ry tn removal and?f tt? o?#inn* tor hvnimatt Y%i\* ofBr. C*o x. wiU t* m<rt? b> th? Re?i tor and Iwdm tor the nr j rtiHfiot. Vi"*P -r to*d,?ttheCitrof Wsekington, thisiktrtiMk <h>r of Jane. A- D., 1MB. Bt <>rd*r ufihe Praajdaat: _ if JOS. *. Wl? SON, ' ComauMioMr of tha Oaoarai Land Offioa. ir? uww 486 PAPERHAXGINGB. Ac. I ?P , *? f?#0 r???V R??lH?aaU u{ ic?w-prir?a *p?r? and U iaU?? 8ba<l?a. at ?i?atly rwinood ?no?a Ordera fur Paaarbanc ( an<l Window BluuW exacutad with kill aodtliaaatoli, is City or !SS?: ** tiO. *^6 Bavanth ?t ?Ux?r? ahova jy?aa*' Q<MPaUo?a'HalL For Hu per tor Water, , >. .<< , With DoUcioui Far it Af.D Ctui Snin, s ? Goto 0 & A Y ' 8. Noth?Ml tor. M??a*chu*atta a*. Md Foartk ?C jjf? Tw .( MI8CKLLANE0PS. NEW FAMILY"SSHSSfsv STORE, PUHITlTiRIi A?, South?tt Cm<r of Tenth strut, Washington, D. C. The und?r*ign??d respectfully announces to hit friend* that he bM opened the fine ?t<>re formerly occupied by H. 11. V.??e, Km., and that he baa reoeived a large assortment or SUPERIOR FRESH FAMILY GROCERIES Together with every article in the Grocery lip*, to which he particularly invites the attention of resident families. Ue feels assored that his arrangements for aeonutint supplv of FRKSH GROCKRIKS will ena hie him to ?upplr the demands ol those who may favor turn with their PATROVAflK In his purchases the subscriber hu directed special attention to the selection of Teas, Co flees and Sugars, Which, with all ether articles in his line, will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms, FOR CASH. ij 24--o2w P. McDKVlTT. WHEELER A WILSON'S SEWING MACHINE AGENCY, Rkxovkd to No. 346 Pa. A?., *ia& Tth St. Encouraged by the substantial and rapidly increasing popularity of wheeler A Wilson's unequalled Family Sewing Yachinos, whioh for the laetaight years have mosttriumphaitlj maintained their superiority, as a family institution, over all competitors for popular favor, (he Agent has taken one of the fine new stores lately erected on Pa av' enue, near 7th st. where a beaut ful assortment of ' all'the various styles may at all times be seen, i There were 21 ,306 of these Sewing Maehines sold in the year 18?. ladies are invited to call and see i them, together with certificates from many of the beet ditixens of Washington and Georgetown, in relation to their well known and thoroughly tested ' superiority. irauv ladies cannot oall, let them send for a circular by all means. It is high time everjr family in the laad was supp'ied with one of these health and life saving instruments. Full instructions, both printed and verbal, riven free of charge at the home of the purchaser. P. J. STEER, Agent, No 346 Pa. av??nue, Jy 11-lm Between flth and 7th sta. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR ANtTsEALER OF GAf* METERS, Wa?hi?gtos July 18,1900. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That, affably to the provision* of the otdiapnoe of the Corporation approved May i* lfWn tfe undersigned ia now prep- -?><!, "whenever reauifwl in writing, and on pre payment of the fee of ftnypaats. to inapeot. examin , test, prove, and ascertain the aeeuracy of registration oftany gaa meter in use in tnia oity. Every meter, iffound inoorrect, will beeondemned, and another, seated and marked as true, wul t>e et in Ha piaee. If proved to be aoourate in i'a measurement of gas, it will be sealed aeoordingly, and asain put inaosi ioa tor use. Otfcoe No 510 Seventh street.(near Odd FelInwJ Mftll \ I liuin O - ? t - ?? V W? M . ' - - WWII I VIII U ?. ill ? fcU %J f? . Ill* CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM. JT IS tf 1 napoo tor and Sealer of t?a? Meters. EPRKE CONCERTS! RNST LOEFFLEK, /Vw Vori 6etian 1.ii awd 2d street*, wou'd reaseotfully ?tat? to the ablio that A CONCERT ofiflH SELECT MUSIC will be riven ever* MON-w? 1 DAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS dm in* the mwo, at hi* Pavilion, commencing at 3 o'olook i and ending at lo p. m. Previoua to the Concert, i the Saloon ia open to thoae desiring to while i away a few houra in the mazy danoe. ICE CREAM- WATKR ICES, and every ueaoription 1 of CONFECTIONERY alwaya ready at oity prioea. Parties desiring the Gardena for Pio Nio par p > * . are requested to five a day or two notioe. ! je 18 3m \lfcW YOKKAND WASHINGTON 1 STEAMSHIP LINE. The Steamer MOUNT VERNON will leave Hexandria and Washington for New York EVERY WEDNESDAY, at 3**ftTl> 9'olock p. m., and New York for Waah-" ",T'Ti* initon every Saturday. at3 o'olook p. m. PaaaeDgers can join the ship at Alexandria at auj tirre before the hour of the ateamer'a departure. N. B.?In the event of the steamers inability t? oroaa the bar in oouaeq aeno? of low water, all cooda Will hft nrnmnfl* lirktaiMi tr% *r?H fmm ?U - ? r - ~ ...r? J -p u.?> wu ?uw * \# Ml U1V omUUDI by the under?unea. For freight or raaa&ce apply to MORGAN A RHINKHARfj OO JS-S.MATtr WAntArn WharvML MoDONN ELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! Mol)ONNELL*8 CATAWBA SINGER WINE! MCDONNELL'S CATAWBA GINGER WINE! This Dtlieiout Summer Beteragt, The He&ltliful And Tonic Prupenaitiea Of whiota are now well known and Universally Admitted Throughout the Union. Is Now For Sale in Washington by Jo*. W. Dana,8?h and E at*. J. T. Coburn, 13th and H ata. Jaa. E. O'Brien,9th and I ata. VVm . A. Brown, 13th aud P ata. W. 8. Jonea, Maa?achuaetta av. and 3d at. Peter Monaghan, New Jernejr av. and G at, T. Cogan, Pa. av. and 20th at. Jaa. Bligh, Uth at. F. M Orme, Pa. avenue. E. E. White A Co., Pa. avenue. Henry C. Purdy, Pa. avenue. B. Hayea, 4th aud H ata. George W. Orme. Georgetown, I). C. H. L. Offutt, Georgetown, D. C. JAS. MoDONNEt.L, iy Seolm General Agent, Baltimore. O NOT1CK! itP.GULAR STEAM PACKET LINE BE T W KEN BALTIMORE AND rr?- ^ W A 8 H 1 N G T O N.-Leave Commeroe at. wharf, Baltimore, aa owa: TheS* Nichol s everj WEDNESDAY. at8 b. m. Columbia, every SATURDAY, at 60. m. i.eava Kiley'* Wharf, at the foot of Uth street 1 Washington, aa follow*: CoLCJtBi*. every WEDNESDAY MORNING. at6. Sr. NsruoLU, every SATURDAY,at6 a. m. 1 For freight, ?c., apply to TKOS. W. RILEY, Agent, Ri!ey'? Wharf, at the root of 1 n>ar 18-TATfiin 11th st. Washington Proposals for repairing the ^ub tom houst at baltimore, mb. TBK*nr77 r*PARTMB!IT. ( 1 W*.?Hisoro!?. Ju!y 13,1 Pbofo*al? will be received at this Department , uuUl tae fifteenth day of September, A. D., 186 \ at 12o'o!ook. noon, or the repair* of the Custom ^oiiae authorised to be repaired at Baltimore, ary aud, according to the plana and peotfioa- ( no ? prepared at thm Department. Bidders will be required to receive the o>d oastiron work di?pmsed with in part paiment of the work, at the rate <>f one dollar ?er hundred pound*, and will he required to furnish all the nateriaJ and perform all tae necessary labor to complete Uie repaira according to the p an* faruiahed. N tuetr p?r oent, of the amount of work done and materala delivered according to oontraot prioe ( aid amount to be ascertained in the manner pra- i AArih^d hf tK- rtnn?.a?? lL- * _ - .mm, uj ino eiiimiut of tl i a. f-nt of the Department appointed for that par- < po?e) wi 1 bo paid monthW,a* the work pro*re?*e?, ami ten per cent, r^tai tied until the completion of the oortract and aoc*pt?nee of the work fjr tho aceat aforesaid, and to be forfr ited in the overt ot , nan fulfilment of cmtraot. Haeoilioatione and drawinta will be read* on the 15th of Aiuu't, when thy oan be had on application to tin Department. Hie prnposs h mait f?e ?ent to th D?p\rtmei>t. addreaard to the Secretary of the Treasury ard plainly eodorae<|" Propotalt Jot repairing ih* Bnlti more Custom koust, and wiM be opon'U at one o c o^k of the hat day named tor receiving the HOWELL COBB, jj n 2aw?w Secretary of the Treaaary. L'euirl,,"Ne LIGHTNING!! \ LIGHTNIN0S!! \ Iii Tim or Psacx, Pimuroi Wa! P. LaBARRE, S**tkVM*t eomtr 10U and C tl?? M A!fP?ACTUBXK OF PLATINA-T1PPED LIGHTNING RODS, ReavMtfa'lT anat???<?? *? k" ? >1*- -# ? w ,??- ? *v *?>?' iruwiiU VI ?* MQIDC" ton and vicinity that he i? prepared to exeonte ail i order* for erecting l.igUiiag Conductor! on the t moat approved acjentihc principles, obstructed of the Terr best of mater als.on very moderate terms. Ail PiatinaUppcd Points whiohare manufactured i by me will be stamped with my name. Weather Vanee of any design made to order. I iT _ NIHfiW SILK MANTI.K8 AND HOOPKD SKIRTS. We have repaired ta a*#rasj ofjdh Sua IHAWrLliS and KfcAL rKKISt-H LACE MAN rLKSaod Pjt.lNTS Ala- lTdohen of the fall at? k of WOVEN 8KIKTS of superior eaaiitj. Ladies in want of any of the above gnpda i n?VhV"?,v.?'- ! 275 AL1EN 275 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, PlMNA, AVU01, Between lOtli and 11th streets. je 18 Btt| altimork BUTTKR HOUSR. n.:i 1? * wmiT rwrivin^ irein anu i*o*t, la Go* ben packuc. Alao, Ohio Batter, at If Si and law o?nt? W KLLlCOTl A jy ? 39 K?chan?? Plan*. Baltimof*. ?>ER8*?NH IN BBARCH OF 0UITARB, V Violtna. F lataa. Aooar^ooa. F ?? *, Bamoa. fejS.RnainsasfaassiS ^S"** W. 8. ?ETZE?OTT. , || o. h Q<> p, h*a bo* on hand th<?'NoTAarnk'^b^at^dar^ TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. PHI 8T&AMKK. PLYING CLOUD HAVING A undertone a thorough examine _ jpw ^ not: by the government inspector, ?ow ready for Exoarsions to Great Fails or to aay points on the river eot over W miles distant. She will run to Arlington from Fourteenth street, or any wharf in Washington at 3to?-nta for the round trip, or IS oenta for the aiule trip, or from Georgetown, by way of the canal, lor 15 rents round trie; l? cent# single trip. _ Bxou-sions to the Insane Asylum every WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, -tarting from Georgetown at 12 o'dcck m.. and stopping at Stone Mill W barf and other wharves in w ashington, so as to reaoh the Asylum by 1 o'clock. jy 3 eolm JOHN MOOUE, Proprietor. N CAPON SPRINGS. LW and improved route viathe Manassas Gap Rail Road and tbe Stras- gg - burg and Capon Tnrnplke.ttM j*H6SBE only M miles of staging over a oomfor table and safe road. Leave Alexandria in the urease and Alexandria Tram at 7.15 a >.. take the Matassas oars at the junction, arrive at Cap<>a by 5 o'clock p. tn Fare from Alexandria to Capon ... - ..?5uM r i viu ?? cmui ii& vuu Hi ?.... 5 nn For inform&'ioii enquire at the Rail Road Oflioe omer of Sixth at. and Pa. av.,4n Washington. *nd at the Ticket Oftoe on Union at, Alexandria, Va. jy U-dtanthAug 1YALT1MORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. 13 WASHiyoroy branch. Chamsb or Houas. ON AND AFTER WEDNESDAY, June 13th, 1880, train* will run as follows: Leave Washington at 6 an and 7.40 a. m. Leave Washington at 3-20 and (JO p. m. On Sunday at S ? p. m. Leave Baltimore at 4.25 and 8 40 a. m. Leave Baltimore at S.1& and 4J0 p. m. On Sunday at 4 25 a. m. Passecgers for the Fast Will take trains at WO and 7.4" a. m and 3 an p m. For the West at ;. > a. m. and SJO p. m. Pnr innam^i;. > - ? jt w? nuuwvvua ? > i.*u in- ttUU J>2U P III* For Norfolk at 7 40 a. m. On Saturda; evening the &?0 p. m. tram *r*? to Philadelphia only. )e 15-d T H. PA Rt*ONE. Agent. NEW ORLEANS , X2NT TORBB DAYS WITH TH* CHOICE OF THREE ROUTES. ALL RAIL ROUTE, Via Orange and Alexandria Railroad TO LYNCHBURG: Virginia and Tennesse*, East Tennessee and Virginia., East Tennessee and Georgia, Memphis arid Charleston, Mississippi Central, Iw Orleans and Jackson, TO NEW ORLEANS! mkmphTsTroute: Memphis by Ra'l.thonoe b* First oiass Packets to New Orleans. MONTGOMERY AND MOBILE ROUTE: Montgomery by Rail, thenoe to Mobile hy Firstolasa Packets. Mohiie to New Orleans by Lake Steamers TWO DAILY TRAINS?Scsdays IncLnDin. Leave Washington at 6 a m and 6 p. ns The Steamer GEORGE PAGE leave* her whart foot of Seventh street at 61g a. m. and 63* p m. and oonnt-ct * at Alexandria witn the Oraoge and Alexandria Trains for the Sonthweat. Oflioe?Pennsylvania avenue, oorner of Sixth st. BAG0A6B CHKCKKI) THROUGH TO WHW 0RLRAH8 Lynohbarc fB5" Memphis ? 331 in Bristol 150 Atlanta & W Knoxvilla ?2ft0u Macon 28 rat ?hattanooga ...24no Columbus ? 31 so vwwu.... *.-m ' MMontRonierT Sft <*> HunUville . ,27<?> ) via.\Iemphis.42 so Grand Junotion. 3n OfijN. O.S via?j. Juno 42 5" Nashville .. .25 H)l \ via Mobile.. 46 00 THIS ROUTE IS EI^TIRELY BY RAIL 300 MILES SHORTER,'and HOURS LESS IN TIME than any other I-me? the Lynchburg Extension being now oompleted, an also the Mississippi Central. making it the QUICKEST AND MOST PLEASANT ROUTE FOR SOUTHERN TRAVELERS ! It is provided with First dims Sleeping Cars! !To New Orleans ._^.....T2 Honrs. Memphis.?M M....... -04 do. Montgomery 83 do. Nashville 4 6 do. lETThe U.S. M AIL~aod ADAMS' EXPRESS are taken over this New Lino. Iiokets can be obtained at the Hooth Western oe, oortiej of Siith street and Pennsylvania avenue, to the following points: Lynchburg, Bristol, Knoxviile, Atlanta, Chattanooga. Huntaville, Grand Junction, Nlaoon. Nashvii.e, Dal ton. Columbus. montcomery, Mohi!?, Memphis, ?nd NEW ORLKAN8i ID" THROUGH TlFKETS TO THE VARIOUS VIRGINIA SPRINGS. VjTOmni()? <? and Baggage Wagons leave the ofnoe at 6 a. m. and 6 p. m. JAMES A. EVANS, TioketAgent, _ ma 2S-tjr Cnm*r f^ijtth nt.and H*. *v. THE STEAMER JAS. GUY Will resume bar trip# on TUESDAY, Ztst of Jl""? k February. 1W0. WilS leave WASH JNGTON every TUESDAY KR11)AV, at 6 o'o'nok a. m.,and ALEXANDRIA at half-p*at6 o'clock, for CURRiOMAN and the intermediate Landing*. On her return trips .she wiLl leave CURRIOMAN every WEDNE8DAY and SATURDAY,at 5 o'clock a. m. LUOIAN 8. PAGE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSfl, Alexandria. feao_ PFOR NEW YORK. ASSAGE, rNCLUDING MEALS AND STATEROOM. #T.ftO. TbeNrw York and Virginia Screw Steamship Company'* neir and elegant ateamihip MOUNT VERNON, Capt.T.C. Smith.^flfi will leave the Company's Depot, tern Wharves, at It'o'clock a. ra every WEDNESDAY, and the Company's Depot, at Alexandria, at 3 o'clock p. m. same day. "omL Waahiujton and Oeorietown oan take the ooachM oonneoung with Alexandria team boat* or railroad, wbioh leave the oornwr of nh street and Pa. avenue hourly, or tney can !?ti on the ttwwr from the Weetern Wharve* at U w qiqqjl ft* ra. State roomi ott be enlaced on application u Mo?m * RhlMhart, We.teni Whanree r reifht will fee received ay to the hoars of depar . JET lnenranee will be erected on all rood* by tulSiine at the ofios of the Company at H per cec; fn i Li ri 1 Tbe aooommodations for pa*sender* by thi* tin* we mevery reepect Urst-o Ma. and every effort wil be made to render thi* coram u>jioation with Ne? York an agreeaMo an.1 healthful ooe. ? powle * DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM!? Hm olosed his office forth# sea ion. and will bn alment, as usual, dnnng the sum iner months ; will resume practice about the 1st of Dctuber, of which further notioe will be given. JU??L _ D DENTISTRY. I R. HILLS. aft*r a praotca1 test of tvo years, f*el? that he oan with oonfid*nce reoom-^?9% mead the CbeopMwtio Prooeaa foriQserUniME&BUf utifioiai teeth It hae the advantage* itrengtn, beauty, ftieaaliuaes, and cheapness. fail nppoT sots inserted for fttf. Partial in proportion. (TIBoe 306 Pa. arenne. *?7 FM I R K, F 1 ft K. i < POTOMAC WATER. I am still engared in the PLUMBING and GA8 FITTING BU;?IN ESS at n; old stand m Pnilnarmomo Hall. The advantage of having a plentiful supply of water was readiy observed at the fireo? recterday. a* I am well sati'fi*d I should have hern burned out hut for the bountiful supply upor my premises and th?tof iny neighbors All order*'for the lntrortuotion of Water and Gas will be prompt attended to. Terms as reaeooaj)i a as anv slumber in tk* m?r it > ' C. frNVDER Wnew ooors. F. Hav? just received a'argestook of Bleaobed wt Brown C'?TToNS "f the t>e?t males SHEETINGS, TABLE L1NKNS, NAPKIN'S, roWFLINGS. IRISH LINENS, so? rar I.A^vNS, from 8 cent* to ISK ; HOSIER Yfi QLOVES, GAyNTLETTS. WHITE. RED, BLUE aad GREY FLANNELS in v?*ie\y. We have a few rioh ORGANDY ROBES on h od which we have marked !*? than o??t. jtg) TAYLOR & HUTCHISON. D R A N C I 8 HARPER, FAMILY GROC KR V A'N^VEKD STORE, Comer nf New Y?rk arum and Tenth ttrett, Respectfully solioiu the patronage of those who mar 8e in want of any article in the anove line. Hie endeavors shall be to p!easerand by a strict attention to the want* of the public, he hopes to merit a sh&re of their patronage. ' His tock oonsists of every article usually to be founo in a fir?tr~?I- ? ? ?? ? mmij u rwerj ana Keea Store. ma 17 tf A One at 25 cents per month One at 8n do. do PIANO Oneat *1 do. "a* at ilSft do. FOR One at ft dt?. On* at 42 50 do. RENT. And up fofTJk ?n do. w J'>H* F- ELLIS, ) jj >1 , Pa. av.. btwe?w>9t?i and 0t?-stsNil WILLIAM BRADLEY BEOS TO 15. inform the public and h}? friends that he baa on hand a lar^e stock of Marble Mantela^quHa a uew stylo. Alan Monument Head Stones. TaM* Tom. Ac . which ha haa to dtspoea of at pnens to suit the timna. Alao, Brown Stone oonstantU kept THRKR RBAWTffOTrUPiWiPr OR coT^ TaOE pianos Ibr rat,t .toy the wa?k or ehioker?x * Bona' Pianos aiatl pnoea. )r * 0 MBDI01NB8. D*' f9DiSrbwu LOCK HOftflfAL. JSm Di?fmmI tk? (MM Ctrtmm?, 9f?Uf, mmd mi? KWtctua.1 ffniirft iii til World. FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPftUDENCfc *0 FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMED ATKLY. A CVRR WARRANTED, OR NO CHAROE IN FROM OtfE TO TWO DAYS W Mhin ?f U? lui.luitnm Wnf ud Hitddtr, iattliaMy l)iKkir|u, Innuu;, (hum Dchutty, NirfHii.iu, Duptpi;, L<' (?u,iow Bpiri'U.C?a r?mi?: ftdtu, Palpiuuaa Dimptia *f flight *r iiMmra, Dim*** tftki lii^tbrwi m? ?r Skiu. Afivutni ?f tt?? LanluwcbN R?w> tibMi Ttrribi* DuoKira truing ft?n Muar; libiu ' T*?U>?Uim* Drtadfsi ind PtMxacu** Pr*eue?? which n? d?? iisMMihl*. *od distr** 1*4y *?d Mlad TOSHG MEM Capaaially *h< k;Ti kiCMii tka ?i?ttiaaaf Saittary tket dratdfa! and daatraeuaa It*kit wbtcfc aaaaally awaapa a* an anuinaty fn?aihoaa?od? ?f Tmi | Mtn afiba n?i ataitad talania and knllaiu latailact, ?!m aaifki aUiarwiaa htfi aaurncad liatamnf Kanitaa arltk lit* tb?ndara af alaoaaoaa at vakad ta tuun tka Siting lyra, ?*7 tail vuk nil >ni daaaa. MAUUtl. M AKE1B9 rtuom,ar Tattf Mavwitaflulullu rfa*a, kainf avaraaf pajaiaal aiakaan, ttfuit (lability, danriaitiaa, *e . apaadiir cmd. a vlia placaa bimaalf aodat tka Hit af Or. J. aaay rattfft aula con Ida is hit baaar aa a faotianac aad HaUaall; talj a pan hu akill aa a pbyatctaa. urrics Ha. r corra ruDuicirrun, laft sand aid a ffaaof fraas Salumara auaai, a faw daara fraa tka caruar. Fail nat ta akaaraa aaaa aad aaaakaa. kattan aat k? paid aad aactam a auaf ok.. jobmtoh, Maakara af tka Rayal CaUaga a'Barjaaoa, Waadaa. rradaaM Oram aaa af tka aaaat aaainant Callafaa id tka Unttad > la la a, and tha graaiar part af whaaa It/a tiaa kaao apaat >a tka kaapitala af Laodaa. Paria, Pbiiadalpbia aad alaawhaaa, kaa afractad aaraa af tka naat aataawDicf aaraa that wara aaat koawo; many traablad arith ringing io tka kaad aad aan whaa aalaap; graat naraaaanaaa, bairg alarmad at aaddat aaanda. baahfainaaa with fraqaani klaaoinf, aaaa >aai antk darangamafii af auad, vara earad immadlataiv. TAKE PAKTK'SLAK NOTICE. Taang Mao aad atitara wba ba?a lolarad tkamaalvaa by tartain praetick Indalgad in vhaa alar,a?a kabit fraqaaauy liarma Iron: ttii e era pa maul, tr at icimi, wit Mtcu ai Which art nifbtly ftlt a?io whin |atlitp, tod if Btt carat, randara raarria(i impoaaiklt, tad dtiuayt balk Bind tad kady, tboald apply innntditttl*. Tbott art ttnit of tht tad tad ntlucbtl; tftcia aradatit ky ttrlt htbiu af vaatb rii j Wtaknttt of tht latk tat linakt, Pinna ia tht Haad, Dimnaaa of Bight, Lata af Matcalu Powtr, Ptlpittuar. of tht Ht&rt,Dytptpt.y, Ntr*taa irriitkttl?y, Dtraof tutntaf tha Dig tttJtt F auctiaaa, Qtatrti Debility tyniptonta of Cooaai^itian, Ac. MENTALLY ?Tna ftarftl tfiettan tkt mind trt maik U kt drtadtd?Lott of Mtcaary, Oanfattao af Idaai, Daartia.aa af Spiriia. Knl Farhadinft. Axeman tf Bacittt, telfPittrait botaaf Baatadt, Tioiidity, tit , are atmt af Ik* t?ila prt dnced. HERTOVt nctlLITT ?Thtatasda tta aawjadgt wkti It tht ctaat of thttr dtchnitif health, itainf their ?tf**, b* traiDf weak. ptlt, ntrraat tad atcasuiad. ha ?inf a air, jaiaj apptanoct aaoai tht tyta,ea?fh or aytrptatm af ctutaaptita DISEASES Or- IMPRUDENCE. Whin tht mitfwidad and impradmt votary tf pitttara ladt he haj imbibed tht eeeJe of thit painfal diataat, it taa a/taa htpptna that tn ill-timed aanaa tf thania tr drttd of diecaaery dtttrt him fr?<B applying to thctt wha, from adacttian ted reapactabtlity. eta tloat ktfntad him Ht ft I It lota tkt kauda af ignorant and dttifniuf prtitodtrt, who, ireapable af caruir, Slch bia peearnerj eabettoce, katp hira tnltr.g month arctr month, or at long aa tht tmtlltit ftt tec bt akttioed, and in diepair Ittet him witk rainad health It a rb a?tr bit railing ditappoiountnt; ar by tht aat af that dtedlt ptiaoii. Mtrcary. haetan tht catittlttuaoti eympiar.e af thtt tarnblt dittut, aacb at Afftcuooto'tbt Httrt. Thraat, Matt, kin. 4c.. progreeeicg with frighlfal rapidity, till dtatb pata par ltd ta hit dreadful eafermge by landing hiia ta that MattcaTtrad coarirt from vhott aoarna aa trattltr rttarot. DR. JOHNSON* REMEDY FOR ORGANIC ? KAINJUH AND IMPOTENCT. By ibit frttt tad important rtmtdy vaakctat tf tkt trgtat at* tpttdily carad tod frfl ?igar ratiarad. Tbaataoda aftka Ml narvoaa snd dakilif.tad, vka kad laat all kapt. km kiln imntadiataly rt!it?td All iropadimaou t* Marritya. Pbyalatl > Niutl DlaqaaU eaiiona. Lmi af Pracraatiaa Pavar, Hartaaa Irritability Tramblinf sud Wtakoaatar Klfcaaauan af tka BMt fatrfa kind tptaadily cartd. K^UOHttMEST Or TBI PR EM. Til MANY THOB3ANP8 -tr?d althia Irtctatlaa wi*la tka laat tavantaan yaart, and tha oaretraaa impartant twjri al aparatiaoa parfarmad ky D>.MioaN,?iu.<aid kf ui raparttrt af tha pa part and raaoy atkar paraeiii, nauttt at whKh ha?a arpa&rad ague and i*j?:r kafara tha l?v!ic, kaaidat kit ttanimf u a ftntltuar af cburacttr and ratpaotl Klity. ia t laSeiant ga&rantat ta tka afliatad. Ha tfc-ly R. J. UOVEE DOD'8 IMPERIAL WINE BITTERS, A re now being uaed from Maine to the Sreat Salt Lake, ani tne universal verdict of all who uae thein either as a mertieint ur a* a bererate. is that they are nnsurpaeed in the worlfl Lfr. Doda need them anroe^afn'lT in hi* practice for as year* before we pnrohaaod of him the aoie nght to lhanufaotare and preaent th*m for anie to the pubiio. For the cure of Inoipient Consumption, Indigestion, Djt popma, Piles, Nervoua Uiaea-e*. Female Coin plaints, and ai! ca?*a requiring a tocio, thejr are be jond danbt a most invaluable re" edy. Aside frow th^ir medicinal pr?;?eri.iea they are a pure, w^iole rn**A . t ? 1- -I--: - - -i? -.1- - vuiv c?iiu \scjjipt iiviui prvyragf, pruuuoing on iws plnasai>t rxhileratmc effeota of Brandy or Win* without th'-ir lrjuriouH r?a>alta. I et ah friends of humanity and ail advooate? <>f tfmpfi anee assist us id suostituinx thM? valuable Vegetable BitWe for the minrrnl poisons and adulterated Liquorf with whioh the country is flooded, and thereby effeo' aid in i?n shing i)i?<>ase and Drankeneea from the land. CHARLKS* WIDD1FIKLD & CO., Proprietors, 78 William street. New York. J. 80HWARZK. A tent, Washington, D. C. DR. J BOVKB DODf' imperial gin BITTERS. For Pieaaxea oftb? Kidney a. Bidder \r n Urinary <>r*au*, and especially for Femai* Oliatruotkuis, never fail to oure. and are warranted to give aatiat&oUon. CHARLK* WIDD1PIELD A CO.. Propnetora, 79 William at.. New York, j. HCHWARZK, je7-ly?r Agent. Washington. D. C. Highly important to all; mrs. cors INDIAN VEGETABLE DECOCTION. It is W?ll known that in the Snrinr >A<m!#? ?.r? more apt to contract disease thin al anv other penod; and it is equally well-known mat the wat to ward off disease u to keep the blood pure, for "all the ilia that flesh ia hair to," arise irona impurity of the blood, the mam spring of our existenoe. !t is, therefore, important to a,]' that the system shonid be thoroughly o'eanaed and pnnfied, and tht* oan bo done in the most effectual mar byusing MK5 M. COrS INDIAN VbUETABLE DE COCTION, the best rem'ylv discovered for the cure of diseases of Skin. Erysipelas, Scrofula. Kheumatism. Nervous Debility, Fevers of different kinds. Dj*pep*y, Liver Coraplatnt, and all other diseases arising from impurity of the blood. Ithaseffeoted the moat remarkable ccres, as oan be shown by numerous certificate from persons of th* highest < respectability, and is recommended by all who have us'd it as the mort invaluable remedial agent of the day. IT7"lt is sold by all the I>ntggiats of Baltimore, anilat tho residence of tho proprietor. MRS. M. COX, 16* East Baltimore street, between E<ien street and Central avenue. None genuine unleaa her name ia blown on the bottle r.nd her seal on the oork. iC^Pr.oo 91 per bottle, aix bottles for tfhobsnlt Atent. R. 9. T. Cissel. Driifiit. Umrgetown. D C., Wholesale Agent for the Ihstnot, and will suppy the trade at ray prioes. mar ?? tr yfl? ALL 8VFPICIKNW THREE TtinsnAR, 1, *, k I, trHtfd by Royal Ltturt P*t*nt of Bntlmmd, mm ttewrtd by tk$ S**i* of Ik* Btoi* it Pkorwimeu dt F?r(?, and tkt Ist\ptrial Coilttt 4f Mtdtcim Fwum. No. 1 is invaluable for exhaustion, Spermatorrhea, and all physical disabilities. No. a oompletaly erad oates all traoaa of thocc that have beon hitherto treated by the nan eo'nand pern nous um of o>>pavia and ouheba. No. 3 baa entirely suet .:.teu tue injurious us? ol mernury, thereby iusurmg to the tuderer speedy relief, dispersing all impurities, and rooting out th? venom orrt .heaae. TRIKf EMAR.Nos. l.Sand Vare prepared m thr form of a loienre, deveid of taste and irnail, and oan he earned id tn? waistooat poofcet. sold id tor oasep, and divided into separata <h-ee. as adminis tored by Va.ueau, l?a.iemand. R-oux, Kioord, Ao. Price #3 eaon, or four oases for ft 9 whioh save* fS and in $27 oases, whereby there Is a savins of ia. To bahafl, wholesale and retail, of Or. Ba k RO v\ . 184 Blocker street, four doors below MoDougal street. Ni-j Vork. immediately on reomriag a re mnwwiuv, ui. vui innrarw uie rnesernsT to an* ?*rt of tl:e world, t^curelj pa?k<K>. and addressed acoordmf to tha instruct .ous of Um writer. Soid also b? 8. CALVERT FURU, Jr., Walk, ins ton. D. C. de t-*n Huohu, Hospital*. 1 nstraawnts or Rtn?s?ainu tbem all.aud, ifdi?fK>??d to profit br my axpartawai Writsfor jut private Circular on SPKR MAJORK H*iiAITS CUES. With tUT>p encioseti, aduroM, in per foot oonf denoe, your friend, a former sufferer, merely rapar soribin^o^jlff, Char'^stown. Maes. A" W*. T. DOVE * CO. RE Nov preparoi to execute any order* with whichthej may be favored in the PL1JMB1N0, ?AS (jj WEAM FITTIN8 K7" Store on >th street, a few door* north of Pa. lilEW STYLES OP KICH J KWKLRY?H. Q? 1^1 HOOD has jnst opened a large stook, which ne wju^nrrai very <ow tUdc Therefore thoM that are wi akin* to carry home anything tn hi* line M prewaU, will do well to aali and ?amn? tda took at 3?? Fa.avean*. >eB JMPORTANT TO HOUgEkKKftERS. EJ. ft. DUR&EE k. CO.* SXjZIOT bfzoxw. Guaranteed not only ABSOLUTELY AND PBRFECTLV PURE, bat f round from freah Spioee, aaiaotad and slaaned by a? expreaaly for the purpose without refereeoe to ooat. They are beautifully packed in tinfoil, (lined with papar.t to prevent injury by keeping, aa a incle trial will atmadantly pro**. Manufactured only by ? % MIBCKLLANB0U8. f ^ / IOOIOIT1 % v\ i $ DJ8PATCM! * ^ ^ ^O^vSa?e the fieeci! At accidmts will kmrrm, rrrrn t? w*/t-r?nUt*4 famiius, it ia vary d??ir*bl* to h?v? mho* nt>?M Ad oonvenirat r?T for roptiriB* Firaitur*. Toys, Crocker j, 4o. ftPALDIMU'S PRKPARED 0LPB mwti aJI inch itmmmaiN. sjmJ tx how?hoM OU afford to b? without it. It it aiwara rtM7 aM ap to the etifkin* point. TbmUM Imikimm itj for umpire ohaira.apunu*r?i ttimia. ImmImi doil?, acd br ken oradlea. It ia in?t the aruala for oone.ahell. and other ornamental work, ao popular with ladi^a of refinement an* taata. Thi? admirable preparation la uaad aaM. beta* o:,-ir:ca<!y beid in aolatioa. and foMMdaf all 55 ra.uaMe 4ua.ittea of Ue beet oatxiiel makera' alaa. It ma; be naad in the piaae of ordimry maotlace, batQ( vaat'r mora adheaive. M USEFUL IX EVERY HOUSE." Prici. JS oanta. N. B.?A Bruah aooompaniaa each bottia Wk0UimU Jay at, No. 48 Cedar atraat, New York. Odreaa HENRY cTsPALDING 4 CO.. Box No. S,6<>?, Now York. ^vt^s^^easiSBSF e Show Card aooorapaaytnf each paakace. IDT A ainile bottia of SPA^DlffV'S PREPARED GLUE will mt? ten tinvea ita ooat ar, aally to arart houe*hoi<l.^~Il Sold by all ironiuiiat HUfaoaWL Drsfirieta. H^rdw* and Faraitare Dealers, Grocers, aa4 Farcy Store*. ..... Country merchant* should make a note of SPAL DiyO'S PREPARED OI.UE. when makin< mp thHr lirt. It wVI stand any climate. leW^ly V"*^rftrmt'i* (U? Jd?t rhttUitr m f* *J<* wev1 <'r.rT*"-*rJ 5|s^: MOHOHUHEtRl -?&, | ft i ffm d*r+*d wp<>n orftmy C ^ / if w. > ;?4~ lUU.ii. r?.-^ <riutm. -.1, J ptumidUtb ?o? . a*. /? M r, jr jLIti r* ' r.,_. .. Jji i.- ,1- ?? M. - n ^p] W. tii ('%? * Mi t' ttt Mrdhctfi^i A* -. - ^ u 8ole^ropifrtor f. i? '"^^-1 ->~ X ^ CAUTION. PURCHASERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL IN PURCHASING THE VA11EY WHISKEY TO SEE THAT IT IS ARRMATin VAN mVHKKFY BlWIfU IIIW IfUMil llllllfllMI WITH THE SIGNATURE OF ON THE LABETALL^THEfes ARE AN IMITATION AND A COUNTERFEIT OF THE ABOVE WHISKET. WM.HJJA1T, SO LE PROPRIETOR 19 SOUTH WILLIAMS! NEW YORK. FOR SALE IN WASHISVTON BY 1 7 1y BARBOUR ft 8EMMK8. TIaraffink.OJLl _ JL I?ft f HFAFEST LIHHT KNOWS' Wear* now reoeivinc Pa adiQe Oii direot from the works in weet?rn Vtrrirua. The ?ua ltj of it la excellent, prod acini & ateady, hril iantand !-eaut:fu'lijbt, ai?c more (!??wnt to the eree than tti light. Thi? Oil i? fre? froma^u'teratU n,and rerr mob ino-e economioa' than many of the Coal Oim o?e<l at thia time. IO" It ia in no way explosive. We keep aioo a ??<pp y of the moat approved " U"'"-''Mf'iWktShy font* aale for the Dint; lot or Columbia, Corner fifteenth at. aixi Vermont a*. Great Kanawha Coal and Oil Company ma II Five hundred traveling trunks arrived Uiig day, emhraaim ail que!i-Mg*^ uea and ais?-a of sole Leather, Ladiee'BfVH Dreso an"*. Packing Tunke. Our trunk^ *** sm?j rocm exhibit* at this time the rn-ateat variety rtf trtLVP inf rAuuiaitp* * fourxTtma ?id?* of New York. At?o, ?nr^ d?on? ti<in ol 1-ADIES' HAT BO}. "8. VAL1CEB, CARPET BAOH, SATCHEL*. Ao. j fT3?01d Trunk* repaired or Uken La exebAO(? for new osm. WALL, STEPHENS k CO? Trmk Sale# Room. nmr M-tf a>>a Pa. avenue. [pun ? sispsohj . ? ? ? w*? - - i* *- - * w o uocr tor saie in* aooy# nuatrd wtwki of floe Copper DisUl*d< Marten Rje Whisky, in barrels and half-barre ? A? it is of oar own dist.Ha linn.tnd hithiy improved b? age, we oonfriet.tiy leoomaieini Hu the rvnxvT &&a beat Whisky to at can poeaibiy m distiiied. We aim off?r oir OLD FAMILY RYE WItlSKKT, td other brand*, from the largest at oS of Fine hiakiea in the United Butte* FREEMAN & 3IMP8QN, Pkxrnix Ihsti!lery, on the Sehuyirill rirer, Phita Office#?96 Wall street. Now York ; and 10* 80rth Front street. Philadelphia mar gMy 1.?. c. UM*a. a. a. aorr. f. a. avtbi. I AMAR, MOT** AUTRY, JLi ATTOIUfM YSAT-LA W &.OLLJ SflLM, MlSSj. WUl praobae in ue Huh Court of Errora and Ar m^gp^eSaSwiMe ipri) WU ?hi MVCfKi vo Ute UtUiHM Of CltUM Nnrt* WIMf GOB RfitU, ? I W , MlRITiCTTin or MILITARY CLOTH I NO, SoVTHKAaT COLHU BKORS AITS SPErCV PHILADELPHIA. f MILITARY CLOTHW FOR SALE. 12,000 ass kiltUtMiioD of the public to o?r laxae tod Wfil M iecud .took of ChUDMM?aa Cr*b App.e Cider, which we guarantee to be ?ore ju of, Mad will be old on ratkaon&ble term* id oraer to m&ke rooa for ost spring atoek. Give nion ?t tb* Uaioa Uottliag Depot, lb 0 No. iT ft rt*D ?u. Oeorcaiowm. T YELLOW PINE LUMBER. x \ LL IWoriptiona of tka fctwve Lumber, for T?m wfcrrNK H^idS BOARDSAnd ^.O^liNG i<1r??aa*<l or ' tlra?al) ru> cubed dir<Kt from th* aoathern naim Mr _JOY 4 METCa LP, 70 Binitb'a WA8MNeTONliW|Ne ROOMtt. TT ItHStJk tl..twe doort Sortktf r*. AmW?" ; - * t o ?> >? UOWK'S IMPROVED WEIGHINGSCALE* 11 The- So&;?? r*?rteT?4 to th M CM moat umple. datable, M rvtiabta leMwwrfr ia PlpSa^r; 4m l?-W * O. PATTHOW. 4|*?>. r I ^KE WHAT AYKinj BAltUrillLU ^ I*MkANVkMK>T OpTltB Lift* lon'i t T?. vi ? 1 ' ? ., A ?, A n ?. ?. ( M Ih, J. a iiw.TwrA, MmiAII j~l ? NMlfliiMfA l.ivw* Cow?ff*mt lor Ml ?<?". duriBf ?f. u> k I TM o*v*r wr it. MKl BMk ! hM f?rr (Mk. M; Litwwu >or? tn tk? ut, Ui* doctor* taid * W oommIhI I Aotm (rwm tmn tuaUrMMH w4 <H* rMM UltriaM'. M? tkn ni fteawj tori nr,h?* U? . mi my*m ?* ' kiu?>tt#f! fallow < >< *-??.i ha* ? wk^iium ifMbto. cor*n?j A ? *tio?of offrM?ioc od i?ij ttvakou with Uf*1' ?tc t Ilvorn r*nuU' n n?t dmi a?i orw. k*rt tk" ib batata* \ ?m ot Idow bow ?? I far fr?* M in4M?ril?M* l**ii?( < <>MUM W ien? tnitiiKMip* of tkl* eon4>Cloii, with?wt ratiM, mm vcf! MM ?M W IM> I mm wpmaa w m bettorj bat rMdin?. la Uw Cbn?*iMi *<f ymr FtraayArilla. | WWIMIMN laki ( ll. WIU ? mm'Dii i?nli Urn of i omr filtf. u> tb# komUurui 4ir?tt Fioa t?* ira?, it b*d ?^R mr Clmrd^l U??3 I IBffl'fd DTUllkf " 14 h?r?. 1 rvfMMC rut b?*lth rapid It. ana a?'W. ftftor ?? ??, anto j m |iw4 fetakk m4 ueactb aa anv otkar ?i?ii Mm Um HDitf*?a r *,t 11 f?KXi" Uuver blaaaia?a om yoa JOIK W.HlOtt by Dr. 1. C. AVER A CO., M?m. if U-Mtm 17. C. R. tf T. A . HmffRWELLf UKIVEESAL COUGH REMEDY, For ?// Th-?at and L*<nf Complaint*. from C#?Haoii CoMfk* to Actum/ Con*umpt\on HUNNE^'ELL'S J CIT L Y CELEBRATED Tk* Natural and Srtrt Rem*iit fwr mil Nervous C?mp/a*ntt, \ Fmrm Naar?lgia throne i. all ftm *k*? Opiaja VM ?T?r aaad t? that of i>?!inain rnrmena. aix) IM onnana ohiaf omi' of l<iar*a<L(Wm OP SLEEP. ThaTola AikhJ? na, titouch containing aot a p+r Lo>of Opam. pr<due*a all Uf requiramanU of. k and mj l?a uaad in a', caaea wk?r*vw Oat em *m ,|L a"d with oat aro'aetrt arTthin* bat Oaroa, a**i ( avirif th? patiaat ta a parlaottr notara a atr. Tk* I'UTWiaJ Coafk Krm??df, itrnd frwe all tha onmnoa olnaotioa ?. f vouch Rata 4taa, whiaa K-xiaoe uauaaa of proalr?tioa,> ma) t* oo?at?i*rr<j oommuti anamy to a.! Throat aw) l.ini Coaplaint*, and naed f rf?x5t impjcity Aaking ah to coart fr proariatora or friaada th* atoat aar?>r? invaaUgatim, of both Rem?wli?a. an<l raarfinc of oar pamphiata to t* found with all daaiara. mmJ aura yaiUMiari) to parchaa* oa t of th?*a v' oat ba aejen<l?xJ u?ui>. wo wait id aocftdaiioa u.a Aaeiaiona of Ptti^uU aad Phjaiotaaa. "Pnooa within ranch of a:!'* nittAL aacirra. J. W. ItmtiwiLL A Co.. 7 u4 * Cow mart la Wharf. Br it it a 144 Wator at., Naw York, unci?r me ?up -r vision <u jod 1 u BL r? N RW KL.L, CUMBiit and Pb*rin?c*atiat, B ?t?r , Mm , vh<>M irnatvrv 8"W? the o- Ira nfth* iter^nir? only, *imi to *krm ki^rMt ail ?V?td trr*li i^eyeetsh# d?*)?r? mr?wh?r?,?r(1 11 th? Drucciau in W M*iafU>B and S?ort?towt. mar at-oo.r Helm bold' Genuine Preparation 44 HIGHLY CdNCKNTRATED" f-OM POUND FLUID EXTRACT BICHU. tPo?Uff and SMOI&C Kom d* or DiM??w of th? BLADDEK. KIDNEY*. RAV EL. u>4 DRuP?ICAL !*w Kl.lj Thi? Menicm* ivrr'^*r* tb? po?r? of Pkmuoh, and exoit>-? th* AllMlf BKN T*? I Ql-> ?*% M>? HOB, by thf WATpR Y OR CALCEROt? df^iU.His. abdal< INN AT I K AI KNLARo} MRNTt* bj?" r?d?nwi,M w*>U M TAIN M7 IN FLAMMATION for MEX. WOMEN. OK CHfLDRMX. HELMBOLD*B EXTRACT BITRU, For WMknMHM Anuni from Kxmk*m. Hah.u of lTm*ipftfc"i . Ea: * IndiHorftinn or Ab???, Atfmdui wuk tkt/olfwimt S|rMpi*m>;? Ind^totitinn bi Ki. rtmn. I?u<if Pn>H Low of Memory, Difficulty of RreaitHag, Weak Norm TrwMnf. Horror of I) i WU*fi>n*?>, Oimo of Vision. / Ptii la the B?> k, Vni*er*a! 1 .*?aitude of the Mikiw 8?bW<i?, Hot Bud*, F! uabinc of tk* Body. I>ry aaea of the Pkia, Ernatious on tfce fK*?. PALLID COUNTEWAFiCi! ~ Th?? avinptoma. if allowed to to on, vhioh thia m aa^iiojo- irrariaM? romoT??, noon W,?w? [MF'jTByrV. PATCITY. EPll.EPTlC FITS, Jjf Oh or W Bica tii Pitiut hat Kirn a W bo oar hi tUt t taei ur not Lr*< Mall J Wlow by ttaae "PIEErt'Li "INSANITY AND CONM'MPTION.? M *.c?y are iwir# of the oanae of thm rwf*r\mr, BCTSQNK WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDSOFTHK 1N?*ANK ASVLLMS AjU tkf M'ImntJtrtv Owl4. t? raiMwtMi Bftr Mf> vitne* a t? the traui of tk# aaaarU/.n. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE ATFECT*b WITH ORGANIC FAENE&* Re* lrM Uie aid of medieiiM to ilr*mUiat A rid iLrieorsfce the >*y?towi. V*?cA Hblmbold'* EXTRACT Bl'CBl' wm.i ifrdaia. A TB1AL WILL COir?CI TBI HOST UBTTICtL IN MANY AFFECTIONS rE<TLlAR TO FEMALES, the ejiact Nucha >a by My otlier ramjdy, aa ia Ch!?ro?ia or latantion IrreiraiBrity, Painfum^a*. or Hnppr*aaioc of Coa iwtt r?y. miiiii, v mi ? wr NrTMH MM* of the I'tonii, l^aoorrlitM or White*. ftteruluy. ud for ft : ooMltiiu incident to the ? X- wh?U?er ftriainc from lodiaoretloft, Uttiiu of Dieaipfttaon. or in the DECLINE OK CHANVE OF Lin. ftl SYMPTOM* itori NO FAMILY WITHOUT IT 1"*kf no mnrt BmUfmin. Mtrcmnr. m> ?<m I Mrfkuw/p Mf.HMHi lxx~ ft' <mj X/u>at< ' HELMBOLD'fr EXTRACT BUCEC PECRE?i>Tt*EASE8 BftH their e-. At little eap?B*e. Uie or ao fthftnt* In Diet. Mo laoonvoei?ce. A*' Es^ontrr (t 'HUM ft fr??u?i.t deeire ftr, . (1VM atretic th to Tnoftte, thereiy Rewortac UMUuonona, Preventing. ftud cnrin* Stnetorea of the Urethra. A..ftfini Pftinftod Ii:fl%irin>ftt.<>o, " frequent in the ?iftM of dieefteee. unrt e*f?tUn(; mU tmjm?m ?hi'a*td. and teem ni Manet THOUSANDS IPON THOUSANDS WHO HAVE UIK TBS VICTIM* or OCftCEft. ftcd wh" bftv* pmo fttt to be e?r*d in ft ehort time, bftve foftud tl. ~y were deoeired, ft Ml thftt the 'POISON'' Km. by the uae of "rownrn i> TniMUtTi." been dried ay in the lyaten, to breft* Oftt in ftc ftccrftvftted forr,ftnd * * PEKHAPS AFT&h MARRIAGE. Um Fklhbold'k Kitract Bvctv for a. i|m bi?i and dieeeee* of th? URINARY' ORGANS. Whether existing in MAt.K OR FEMALE. And l? oertaia to h*vr lb* <1??ire<i <f?? n fc Pit mm f-OR W HICH lT 1* RKCOMMKNUEIV J?rtdeac* of thi hwi r* ImM> m*4 rtip+msM* ciar" atfiCA?^foF-W?Fll. AVer* f t JP fMr*' IIMdMI, "" "kksmirdf^e. Prkt SI 00 per b*tllr< ?r dx far |S.M Delivered to ftu} Adur<>M, aeeareiy pMktd tto observation. cESsskksv "-1 "aas'tfjC:: affidatit Perecraally appeared *>efor* me, ae A i imii the c itr of Khi T n? d?ly avtxii. doth ear. hia >r*?ara i?e eo. lata eo I cs??^s_*25!h * sfnr IN?, 's^v {*?ro-ir*nd'?ubJenb?d b?{or* ID*. tin A ?ty of Novomber. MM WM P. HIBBFBD, 4i<MWk Niatfcjtroot, ?bt>v ?m?, Philfc. ddr?m i?tara tor iaJurm*x.oa in oouImm to R T H ELM BOLD. CUni^, Depot, 104 8" nth ?t l*t ChwcwvrMs. AND^u\*p\lSfctPL^b DKALJSU^. Who ndovor to dupow or nr.i own ' " rut" aiiicu* m rm* uniAiw omiiw ?y asta^ a " * larrorw komwhl Bold by B. B. WUTfc**? Boraath itraat,tad B. C Pout, J*., Mn? hu. tnut tod Bknatk gfcttfJBKKfiBiSfHh A^Blvofe ?MPtifllTlONA MjITpoBU* k f T <W?T "879 N?KSX"l 206 '??; snf%w i&s i,n ;s. ?*R$smjsst S" jwjwwjf ortin tor wnnor Con>i??a?* ifhtwi tili^gs.| rkiipot-rs ti'KPowDu. ^ _ 1 3nnj<rnnN5 E oS?' WOK i.D ?tS.C#^i^35?= othm |OOH Mk>rt Pi J(,HN ft riuo u< M??I? IMMMT. }0? P? *? , brtw?Mi tutMA ? MuUMftb W'trMof ^<Mi BUMl IM???tt r???r>j ? ? PP PHfft.?^RKAT HA*?A.IN1-Om E??w uu PMW. mi te(t ur**<, luf |T^? S^iSasJ'fcV. v; Sff

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