Newspaper of Evening Star, August 16, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 16, 1860 Page 2
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THF, EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON OITT: THl'?D>.V >?? 1#, 1S?? ] ftpirit *f ike M?rat?? Frew. The Centtitutiam. nrnler the bead of 44 An Authoritative Kipotitlon of Bliek Republicanism," note# the reiteration of the " irrerrtaslblo t conflict'' doctrine, by Wm. H. Seward, in a recent speech at tbe Revere House. Boston. The I*tfiUg?nr*T ar^nes that biennial el*ct1onsi giving tlm* for the " sober second thought,*' are better than annual contests at the poll*. ITT" We have received from Sbiliington (who baa the book for sale) Godey's Lady's Book for ^epttmber. As usual, an excellent number. meeting of prominent citisens held at the Merchant's Bank, In New York, on Tuesday afternoon, to make arrangements for giving the Prince of Wales a handsome reception, agreed that the demonatratto* shall be In tha form ?f a public dinner at the Academy of Musi*;. General Scott was present, and is a member of the Committee of Arrangements. A committee of well known citlten* was appointed to wait upon tbe Prince in Canada and extend the Invitation. rIn New York the motion for an Injunction to restrain the payment of th* Japanese Embassy "bills has been dismissed by Judge Sutherland, on tbe ground that tbe application was premature, tbe resolution not having passed; and therefore no Injunction conld issue on a contingency. Mr. Chatfleld maintained that it was perfectly proper for a tax-payer to resist the improper imposition of a tax. No doubt tbe effort will be renewed be. fore tbe Comptroller authorize* tbe payment of tha bills. Xiw Books?We are Indebted to the publishers for sending us (through the hands of Mr, J. Shillingtan) "A Political Text Book for I860: comprising a brief view of Presidential nominations and elections; Including all the national platforms aver yet adopted; also a history of the straggle respecting slavery in the Territories, and f the action of Congress m to the freedom of the public land*, with the m?*t notable speeches and letter* of Mean. Lincoln, Douglas, Bell, "uj, Seward, Kverett, Breckinridge, H. V. Johnson, etc., etc.. touching the questions of the day; and returns of all Presidential elections since 1S36. Compiled by Horace Greeley and John F. Cleveland New York published by the Tribune As. aociatlon. 164 Nassau street. Ib6?t. This Is a work of much value to tb* Republican-party politician, AVimt * tn nrnvw r\f iim *a 1. ' ?? I - .? - j |T,?.v WW Vtuvi UiOU | I limmuch at though compiled to the eud of misrepresenting the truth, tt nevertheless embraces much, In the wny of speeches, election returns, party ( platforms, ic ; from the record.*' We alio thank the publishers for sending us (through the hands of Taylor & Maury) the "Annual of Scientific Discovery; or Year-book of Facts in Science and Art, for I860 exhibiting the most Important discoveries and improvements In mechanics, useful arts, natural philosophy, chemistry, astronomy, geology, zoology, botany mineralogy, meteorology, geography, antiquities, ?c., io^ with notes ou the progress of scieore during the year 185V; a list of recent scientific publications, obituaries of eminent elentiflc men. etc Kdited by David Wells. A M. Boston: published by Gould and Lincoln?a standark work, now annually looked for with much interest by all the scientific of this country specially. Also, Rosa, or The Parisian Girl,'' from tie French cf Madame de Pressence; by Mrs. J C. Fletcher. New York: published by Harper & Brothers. 1?0O. This little book deserves to become a popular favorite on this side of the At* lintfr as tK/.mrl. ?>'?** ? ?J ? *? "' ? wia|,u uivum auu UlipfetCDOing, It It nevertheless a very Interesting picture of domestic life in France; a aubject rarely treated upon Id Kngllsh, though our book-shelves teem with well written books upon France and the French, a* teen in the public places in Pari*, and front the car windows, In the provinces. Also, to the publishers and Mr. Franck Taylor, through whom we received it, for acopy of "Tbt Am?l-hJnia- ?- n "J! ? - ? v?r wuiv? iu c??ir Duumng ana Hand Railing," based upon plain and practical prlncipies; illustrated by eight large engravings, with sufficient explanations to inform, without conI fating, the i?tron. By Patrick O'Neill, prar. tical stair builder, Richmond. Vs., published by J. W. Randolph, 121 Main street. >1 ?sorKi Politics?The St. Loula Bulletin of the 1 Ath publishes a card. signed by Senators Polk and (jreen, declaring that their suggestions of a State Convention, In which the friends of Judge Douglas should be represented aa well at those democrats adhering to the principles of the party united on the platform of the last convention. has been rendered nugatory l>y the opposition of the friends of Judge Douglas, and therefore submit to those democratic voters standing on the Missouri platform, who are rtsolvtd to defend and maintain the principles enunciated at the Breckinridge National Convention in regard to the necessity of perfecting the organization of tbe party, with th? view of conducting the 1'resideutial cauvjss in that State energetically aud successfully. They respectfully propose the assembling of a State convention.' James M. Hughes. member of the Democratic Nationalloaimitteefor Missouri .concurring in the policy proposed by Senators Green aud 1'otk, baa called k Convention, to be beld at Jeifcrson city, Thursday, the 20th of September, which Convention will revise the Electoral ticket, and take such further action as the interests of the party may reel aire The Democrat of the same dale contain* an ad* dress, over a column in lengtb. from Mr Blair to the republicans and free democrata of St Louis He commences by saving, 1 am well aware that in the recent contest the support which 1 received at your bands is simply an evidence of your devotion to the canse of freedom, and would have been rendered as freely and enthusiastically to any other man, who bad proved bis fidelity to tlat cause, as it has been given to me. Vet 1 cannot allow the occasion signalized by so great a trt nmph to our common cause to pas*.without tendering you tbe bcrniage of my gratttude for selecting me as the representative of your principles, and the instrument for achieving a victory for their maintenance and advancement. He clalma that the result of tbe late election fixes St Louis as the banner city of republican'tm, and clinches the charge of fraud and corruption made against the pro-slaverv dtmocracy in He calls attention lo a comparison of tbe returns fn in Gravotsand 4'arondelet for 1*58 with 1-60, wi.icti sbows a loss of nearly 50 votes in the nj* r precinct, tbe whole oumber polled on tbe btb li st being 138; wblle nearly every other precinct in tbe district stows a largely increased vote He says tbe names of nrarly a hundred of Barrett vote* nave disappeared from tbe poll book in this mall precinct. In Carocdelet, Barret's vote Is leas tban la 1958. although tbe aggregate increase is nearly 150. Tbe namti proven to be fraudulent la 1S38 bare this year disappeared from tbe poll book He refers to tbe large increase in the Kigbth and Ninth Wards, ana to the ticket oh which waa placed "For Congress, T P Blair, Jr.," without designating the term, and then 1 says, la conclusion, allow me to say that 1 shall forever remember with pride and samfaetten the , !-?> ' ' * . '/i j -" i v uavp ueen me leadar of the I , hot* of freedom In that battle tllU the measure of vpy ambition Again I return my thanks to the 1 re publican* of thla district, and congratulate them upon their triumph ( FifiMT Brrwua thb Irdiisi i!?i mt Las- 1 Diaa Wagos Ko?d Paart ?Private letu-ra from i Col. Lander'a wagon road party, dated Honey | Lake Valley, July 3, give account* of an engagement with the Pabeutea Indiana, on the&dof June, five day* march eastward from Honey Lake Valley Laader* party was attacked by Indiana I In amliuah, tad a young named Painter mortally wounded altbe flrtrt Are He died next morning. The Indian# were puraued Into tb* mountains, but returned next day to the number of three hundred, and ieat wed the attack, which wis con- I tinued aboat #*e houra, when the Iudiaua were < routed and pursued- several being killed and 1 one made priaoser. Among the killed vrsa & chief called Big Jim The Indiana continued to retreat during the nlsht and war* ? *** iwo davs bv Lander s without coming to an engajrment His provisions now began to grow sbcrt, Col Lander's was obliged to return to H?ney Lnc After recruiting a few dtys his p rty commerce operstions on the wagon road wL>ich they exprct to complete in sixtv days Lrndet's tsl se"*enty-thre*- men with bim in tLe tU^t, chit fly armed with Sharps'rifles and revolvers ^ , OiTHSATiD B Trans.?'We have frequent ec> < tMioas U> speak of this remar?r?Ki? ? ?? .muw, m* t csuee ws tare foU faith la 111 excellence, sod , kaow of man7 ia?Uncn where II hsa performed aim oat miraculous cures. It Is principally de ifnod as aa antidote for Dytprpsia, Indigestten, and aumerooa disorders of the stomach It wsa dtseorated aad perfected bjr a regular physician, i after rears of reaeareh aad practical experience la I medlclae It to entirely unlike ?li other speclftea . with which w? are acquainted, aad extracts tha , dlaaaae by Its very roots, laaTlag ao vestige be- 1 hlad. Sold by all reapac table druggists In the 1 Lai tod Rtataa.?/*?gv Om U?im. c i? H? i" "V " ' ' 4 ' f.?V? i 4t-?*e\ *' bHtaiw *1 WASHINGTON NIWI AND OOMIP. StlTCHIl or SCMMU TlAVIL. { [ Editorial Corr?*pomd?nct 9/ The Stmt ] [No. 17.J Aaguct 7, 1300. NAHAIT AiniTirnnrim Pmni?I,T?* Tu?? TY-FlVl\lAlS Aoo?Lr?H'? Bosi.itss BtsTIM MPST BLOW PF t!l WE TIMS, kc , kC. Yeaterday I took to myaelf, without thought or the Star and Its reader?. Shortly after sunrlao I wai in a tall-boat well provided for the day, standing out towards tbe blue Atlantic We (tho boatman and myself) had a jollv time ont, until nrar 5 p. m ; reaching Nahant again as night closed In around us, and bringing bark soma twenty-seven pounds of cod, flounders, bass, and perch?a capital day's tithing for an amateur. Boston bay, however, Is fast being drained of lti cod. Of late years, the Star"t Washington read, ers will remember, codfish have been almost as common la their own Centre Market, at Potomac perch have been for fifty year?. So, too, have they become common In the markets of all other cities to be reached by rail from Boston In two or three days. The fish thus sold are caught In Boston bay and other New England Inlets (not out upon the banks) by a new process. Formerly they were taken upon the coasts, as on 44 the banks," by hand lines. Now, they are taken for market by linea of miles In length, each having from one to three thousand hooks rigged to them; which are rlsited and Inspected by the fisherman owning them once In twenty-four hours. The people of Nahant complain bitterly that this system of fishing has already made it difficult to caicn coa any wnere in ttoatou harbor; those who essay it for sport, as f did yesterday, often fishing all day without bringing home a single codfish worth catching, among the multitude of other fish easily to be takes here, bat not so much prized. At 7X a. m. this morning 1 bade Nahant good* bye again, taking up my line of travel, this time hnmAU/ar/1 A ?11 ? *1 a vino ut iuur uiiid over vue I "little" and Uien the "long" beach of Nahant brought me safely to the Lynn depot of the Eastrrn Railroad. While riding over the Long Beach, 1 found the whole face of the country bordering the salt marshes between Benton and Newbury port entirely changed. In 1KW or '35 1 ran the first lines for the Eastern Railroad ever ran over them for railroad purposes. Then the shorelines were almost entire wastes. Now they present the appearance of a continuous village of well-built, tasteful cottages, filled evidently with those who swarmed Nahant at this season of the year, before the lords, dukes, princes and earls of train oil, ice, codfish, and ready-made clothing, and secret medical specific*, voting Nabant theirs only by prescription, managed to elbow all others tK- ?r?._ i> ??? ?-? ??-? vw > in ? - i T i = a i . I 11C DUBHII1) BUU lllf New England, million inhabit in the lummtr tUrse cottagfs located in Chelsea, Lynn, Saugus, ywamf scott. an<l Marblehcad; all aci-ewible from Boctoc in from half .in hour to an hour and a half, by rail. The whole of the different beaches of tLe other towni I name above are atudded with bathing-house*; and, turn as I would, my eyes rested upon a multitude of bathers of both sexes going into the water, in it, or coming out of It; as far ia every direction as my vision could penetrate a nuc ui au uvui iu hi- cam orougni me to Ibe depot of the Eastern Railroad, upon the Charles river bank, in what, In times past, was the North end of Boston Ho 1 must lay aside the pencil to tak? a back to a hotel. 1*. M.?1 am not disposed to part with the famous town of Lynn so summarily. Outside of Boston, no other Massachusetts town occupies a larger share of tbe attention of the southern public. I knew It well, twenty-five years ago; when, though by no means as populous as at present, it contained a very "well-to-do" community. That Is to say. iu people were independent, wholly, of public charity. Though even at that time noted for its manufacture of shoes for distant American market, all who labored at shoeinsklng tken rt-ceived fair wages?wages that not only kept body and soul together, but allowed the laborer, 10 SLJJl? * ? " - ii lartuy as weu u industrious, to lay up something for a rainy day. One of tlie operative* (on ahots) of these time*, wLom 1 met In the Nahant Inn where I adjourned for a day or two, told me that for the aame quality and amount of work as that at which ahe earned 95 per week in those times, she rould now earn not more than ?l iO per week. Hence she has been compelled to abandon shoemaklng In Lynn, for "helping'' In the Inu of her native town. The good woman, with U-ars in her eyee, explained the altered condition or things there Admitting that Lynn had become a niout important New England industrial center In the last twenty-five years, she deplored tue altered condition of its laboring population in the meanwhile, beyond expreasion. Then, no one in Lynn willing and able to work failed to obtain work sntflc.ient to enable them to live well and save something. Now, according to her story, half the male and female shoemakers of Lynn only manage to obtain work at most meagre wages?at half the rates prevailing twenty-live year* ago : at wsjjfi ranging from four to six dollar* per week for the very best male workmen; and from SI 50 to 82 per week for females (killed to work machines, laboring from four to sixteen h nirs per diem. The shoe manufacturers, storek-epers and speculators of Lynn, most of them, appear to hare gotten quite rich in the meanwhile. But, according to the doubtless truthful story of this poor but evidently sensible woman, the banks of that portion of Massachusetts are carrying loads of their paper?growing out of their rivalrv in tra<i??i.?.?!?>? ,-u " J - ? ....? M nuvi nuitu lllfy 111 U si sooner or later luccumb; bringing down with them, when repudiating their issues, toe whole hoe business of Lynn, "with a vim,'' hs It were. Subsequent Inquiries elsewhere (in my route ho:ne) having confirmed this woman's account ef how shoemaklng kitelng has been carried on for years past in Massachusetts, I have faith In her description of the state of things existing among the Lynn shoemak'ng operators as well 2s operatives 1 do not hesitate to affirm that the meanest paid laborer in Washington city of tie age of 21 years, who works six days In the week a'. any description of laboring work whatever, not only receives more moaey for his week's labor, but obtains his rent and provisions for l<sa money than the Lynn journeyman shoemaker, anil Wi/t? W?? "- ? '?" * " , ?uvna uu Wilier VO Q1CU16 to til 111 whs' bis political action shall be; wbtcb, If I am rightfully Informed, Ua circumstance almost unknown here; nearly every employer regarding it aa his privilege to iutlmate to those be employs . bow tbeir votes shall be cast, to secure tbe poor boon of such employment (at such wages) as be has to accord. W. D. W Abmy I.1T?LL13M<? ? By direction of tbe proper authority, Col. George Wright, colonel of the 9th infantry, has assumed command of tbe department of Oregon. Capt. James A. Hardie, 3d artillery, baa been directed to perform the duties of Assistant Adjutant General at the headquarters of the same 1 department. One company of Infantry, and a platoon of | dragoons, from tbe Jepartment of West, were directed to proceed on tbe l'<tth to the Pawnee reserve, for tbe protection of those Indians again* t t tbe Sioux, Arrapahoes, and Cbeyennes. : roe uoopa in Aliaaeaota are to be held subject to the orders of Lieut. Col. Abercrombie, id infantry, for service against tbe Indiana Lincoln's Cabih*t?We bear it rumored In political circles here, as coming from reliable Republican sources, that tbe following is to be tbe composition of Mr. Lincoln's cabinet, in case of bis election: Wm H. Seward, Se.-retsry of State. H. Winter Davis, Attorney General. ( John Sberman, Seeretary of tbe Treasury. i"as?ius M . CUr, Secretary of tbe iuterlor. R?*.i mml n P W-J- " ? ?j hum ? . ?ur, cn;icwiy oi ine PllVJfi John Hickman, b?cr?Ury of iVar. Schuyler Colfax, Puitmuifr General. ? ArrOIHTMENT or FouaTtt Auditor of Tsbabjar.-Taliaferro Hunter, of Virginia, for aome :ime past cblef clerk of the Fourth Auditor'^ >?oe, h*a been promoted to tbe poaition of Audi , or, reudered vataat by the death of A. J. O'Ban. 1 ion, wbo died at Capon Spring? ("Va ) few day a 1 ince. : . , , f i AlliviL o? rww ?Mt??? yi achsu.?rii? U S steam-frigate Powhatan, o. 1 lie Fist iodla tquadroa, which conveyed th?* 1 >a pan ex Kmbaaey to Paaana, ha* arrived at 1 Philadelphia, and bar officer* been detached, t la aaid that ?68,000 will * required to pay M the craw. *14! j: it - ' I Ml '5 " " s Rrru*!! or a. Lixctimaxt rioM an Expio aino Exfkditios.?Lieut. Ralpb Chandler, lite of the expedition which left thi* country on the Mb of February, lH5?^?nder command of Com mMkler Jeflfcracn Page, for the purpoae of exploring and Purveying the Parana rlvtr nad itt tributary itretini, baa returned to thia country, been detached, and granted three months leave of abac nee Tit Wbathbb.?The following repofl of the weather for the morning t* made from tfc* Amer Uan Consolidated Telegraph Line to thfer Hmtthaonian Institution. The time of obeervHIlMi ts about 7 o'clock. August 16, 18410. N6W ^ ork. N Vaf?<viai?.clear? cool Philadelphia. Pa ..clear, cool. Baltimore. Md .'.clear, cool. Washington. D. C........clear, wind-NE Richmond, Va 6tt\ Petersburg. Va. clear, cool. - Norfolk, Vi clear. 7U3, wind N Raleigh, N. C clear. W. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, cool. Columbia, S. C clear, warm. Charleston, S. C clear. 73s, wind NW Augusta, Ga. cloudy, warm. Savannah, Ga. clear, 72?, wind N rtOH THX WK?T. Frederick, Md clear, pleasant. Cuml>erland, Md clear, pleasant. Grafton, Va clear, cool. Wheeling, Va clear, calm, M?. Parkersburg, Va clear, cool. Cincinnati, O clear, cool. Pittsburg, Pa clear, pleasant. Cleveland, O overcaat, 60, wind 8 Cedar Rapid*. Iowa haxy, ealm, 87?. Cairo, 111 clear, 70*, wind 9 Ottawa, 111 hazy. 6-*?, wind 9E Elgin, 111 cloudy, 54?, wind S Barometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a. m., (corrected for temperature,) 30,ITS; at noon, 30,162 Thermometer at 7 a. m., 81*; at noon, ? Maximum during 24 hours ending 9 a m. to day, 75 Jf*; minimum 55*. Our RmIt Msutala C?rre?p?ad*ace. Col. I.ardim'i ^Waoon Roao Exp?ditiok am THK INDIANS ?FlOHT BETWin THE EXPEDITION AND THK " PaH-UTES"?ONE OF CoL. LAMDER'S Men *>dsiveial Indians Killed. Honey Lake Valley, inly 2,1860. Pear Star: On Saturday evening lait we returned from our espedition agalnat the 'Pah-utei' Indians I will try and give you a abort account of our trip. On the afternoon of the 19th of June we left our earrp in this valley, and traveled until daylight of the '20th, without camping, taking a northerly courae Nothing of importaace occurred until the morning of the 23a; while pasting through a narrow canon we were suddenly attacked by a large l>ody of Indiana aecreted in the rocks; (this waa about 9 o'clock, a. m ) At the first fire a young man named Paynter?riding in advance with Col. [finder, Capt VVetberlow, hit (Paynter'a) brother and mvself?was mortally wounded An ordpr waa given to charge both sides of the hill; which waa immediately done, and the Indians retreated into the mountain f?stne?a>B.where we were unable to follow them. Our wounded man was taken charge of by ten men, and moved into camp, two miles from the point _ C ? 4* L ?..? ? auici ai v o ciotk idc nnt mornint; young Paynter died, and at 7 a nri the Indiana renewed the attack, and a fire was kept up on both sides until noon. Several Indians were killed in this skirmish About this time we moved aome 300 yards, to a little rocky ridge, where we could t>e more secure from an attack of a larne force After making camp. Colonol I/inder and fifteen of us made an attack upon a blufi' occupied by twentyfive Indiaus, and which partially commanded c ur camp The Indiana were dlalodged with but little trouble Near tbe same t me a horse w.-s captured The number of Indians was eatlnmtr<t at 300; they could be seen very plainly from our rjitnp with the naked eye In the afternoon Paynter was buried with the honors of war; and just before dusk a:i Indian was discovered about a mile aud a half from camp, making toward that of our enemies. Two of our party went in pursuit of him, and he was soon captured and dra^gcl into camp, amidst the cheers of our party aud 'lie ylls of the Indians This happened in full view of both parties. Ten of our men were kept in readiness. expecting the Indians would make s >me attempt to save one of their party; whii h, however, they did not do. The Indian klll'd I turned out to t>e one of their chiefs, called Big Jim " Daring that ninht the Indians retreated; and the next day we moved eastwardly, aud in two dnysstruck Deep-hole Springs, where we expects! to meet with them ajjaln; but in this we were disappointed Our provisions were now growing -'oeautifully less;" so, after laying there two days.we retraced our steiw to lhi? place.where we arrived as above 3tated We remain here until the 5th. and then commence operations on the line of road,expecting to finish up In 60 d?y?. I forgot to state that our party engaged in the light numbered seventy-one men, ana were mostly hrillffi with ? J ,1-1" ...... r m imn aau VUU I revolvers J. A. S. rvoaMli Col. John Cunningham hat dissolved bit connection with the Charleston Evening News. Hon. Augustus Scbell, Collector of the port of New York, ha* arrived in this city, and is ?t lying at the National Hotel. State Elections before Novkmbke ?Elections are to be held in tbe following States, at the times named: California, first Wednesday in September. Florida, first Monday In Octobcr. Georgia, first Monday in October. Indiana, second Tuesday in October. * " own. ifcnna Iursaay In October. Maine, B?-coiid Tuesday In September. Minnesota, second l'n?"sday In October. Mississippi. first .Monday in October. Ohio, second Tuesday in October Pennsylvania, second Tuesday in October. Mouth Carolina, second Monday in October. Vermont, first Thursday in September. JET-Kossuth, with tbe few remaining members of his family, were In Pnrls, at last accounts. It is said tint the illustrious Magyar felt keenly the death of hi* sister, and that when he read the account of the attention and res|?ect manifested by the gentlemen of Brooklyn at her funeral, he wept ana ei''lilni*d: "Oh,"that their j>?ople were my people, and their God my God " From feme imaterioutt source, Komouth receirea quarterly s-l o<Mt. the accompanying note Indicating siinply that it ia from a friend in America and )* Intended for bin personal expenditure. U^"On Friday afternoon. Mr JameaMcCorkell while adJaflttag a belt in the dveinir dpnirtm??t or flermlnu's Woolen Factory'In Philadelphia, missed hit footing and fell tuto a vat of scrUdin;; water. He wu at once liken out, but lived only a few minutes. O" The steamer A. H. Sevier, which left Memphis, Tenn., on the 10th inst , lor Cinclrnatl. had eighteen hogthends of tobacco, de- i signed for bipiuent to Baltimore from that point via the Baltimore and Ohio railroad. 07" The tax-payer* of Pougbkeepsle, at a public meeting have unanimously reeolved to petition the Common Council for a steam fire engine. 07"" The Lindell House, a large joint stock hotel at St. Louis is nearly completed The Republicans claims it as the first In the Union. (Yy"CKNTRAI- BELL AND EVER' TT ILJf CLUB.?The remifar woeklv m etin< ofth* ImT and Everett Club will be heiu at Tho'n's Hal1, THIS<Thurs<l?)r > EVEN 1 NG, at 8 o'o'ock. .1. C K?*!ibdy, , will a*Mre*s ih? Club this evening,ant all persons fri-n<11y to the cause are respectfully invited to attend. If CHAS L CANFIKLP. Sec. I f ?="A MEETING IS RESPECTFULLY R fill 5 quent?(l at the < ounc I Chamber, in the City Hall,on THURSDAY EVENING next, at o'clock, or those citisen* who are favorabl" to th? erect on of a Monument to the memory of the late JOSEPH GALES. The object of this meetinn is t. inmate measures tor the purpose of carrying oat a augf estioa which haa met with the appro ??i vji mo enure community. au 14-3t ir*?comf. AND see OfJR cei.KRR *ted ' LKS NAVY FI.ANNF.L COATS at ?4Jft at | au 10-aw SMITH'S, No. 461) Seventh itroct. , GREEN GINGER, White Hranrty, Pure Cider, Viuepar, and ch??p Pre*eving Sncar. 1 It* JOS W. DA VIS, corner 9th ar.d E *t?. 1*HE PRE?COTT HIGH SCHOOL. I 37 0 Eighth St., Brru'szs K ahd L St?. ? studies will be reanmed in tlii* institution on I MO * D \Y, Septemb-r 9d. Circnltrsat bookstores, i au 16 t' A C RICHARD?, Principal. | Received and for salebrown'sessenceof jamaica gin r.vp hYON*'K"Kl AGNKTIC POWDER, whI 1 [OORE'S INDIAN ROOT PILLfe by ? ?* 0. FORD, Jr.. Drnceut. < an 16-12t corner El^v^nth ?tr??t and Pa. *v?_ i riiHE RIP?TEY F EMALESRMINAJl Y \ I HOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL, J sitcatkd brtw?ft?rf Will commenc lU n = xt on MON DAY ,8 1 , timber H?th AH dwrin* further infcmnatfnn will , ti? i'umiahod with a ca'aloiinejivins.full HMMH* , is calling iipon or addre?*iiu iu? ?u .* era* ~ o- fc ATElKV _ ? DAI I.V LINK OF NKW FOUR-HORSE COACHES TO UPPER MARLBORO', J Party!** * U S, MatL it. t Tbe unde-gigli U are row Minmog Daily,(exc'Jt Sand <v,> Four ho ? Coaches !*?- . l*ewu"W*-hiit4?onand Upper Marl UmtgTJESZ * y>ro\ a? follow*: BEmTCE? > |/mt? ?he Steamboat Hotel, eor?i?<r ?>r Seventh l it and Pa a|7 o olock a. m. Retninhifc leave " Lisp r Marlho-o at 11 o'clock a m , ann arrive ? t WMhiucton *t *-* * t 3 20,: ml at a ft>r Haiti,iiore C??? * (? pROPOS\L9. NAVT DtTAETMlST, I Bureau of Yanis and Dark*, Auga?t 16.1861 \ Ska lid Ph>po.*?l? Tor caoh ol&a* eparately. nd'TMMt " PruPuM1* for I !*.?? N'n.i ntm? th? nla..a I for the Na*j ^ ard atinam* Ui yard./' will t>e re o?i?eiat this nffc.a antit noon on th<* 19th day of iSeptawihar nest, for luraUhinf and delivering at tli?eevor?l Navy Yard* the material* an4 arqolea em??rao <t in print d ?c ledu e?. ? hiou will be funnelled on app icanoa, and aent by mail. if rr?|M?t<d,to p'reus* Uenirint to offer to oontmot lor or All of the <*l? s*??<d therein, hy tha e >mpai*Urt? wf the b< veral Mtj ^ "rde, for ttia claw-o w ttif yards under their coirma'*d, 6r by th*na*y agent nearest thereto,t*r hy me bureau for any or a<i the 5 a da. To prer'Ht confus-on tnd in -tol m thr j ofrr>, nu hid tell bt rtfirtd u-Inch cohjo/h.' t mm for mot' than on', yard i? one tnrtlop'. and eaah in dividual ?>1 a farm mu-t eign the bid and ooniraot HidJom a-e here'.* cautio :< d and pation arly rot-bed that their iTts mutt be in t*>? form hereinafter prescribed. a?d be lu&iled in time to rreob taeir destination before the tunn expires ftr receiving tSom- ? h.J . I r w .L-lii ,uB V K I V? I U' ? n? tt'iiin '?'?? y received aftir th< y-./iod stated, and *? ailuicanc* trill b* matte for failures of the mail. To guard again*t offers tx?iug opened brlore the time appoiuted, bidder* are requested to eodoiae on the euveiopo above the address, and irav a line under the endorsement, thus: 'I'roposa s for Ciass Iho. name the class) for the Pfar* Yard at [nam* the yard " To the chief of the bureau of Yardi and Dvoks, Washington, I). C. Form of Offer. ?Here date the offer ) 1 (here insert the nam* or names composing the firm, foil name th? town, > in th. tftata o (name the State,) hereby offer t>> furnish u. der joui adretiwm'ut daiod (date of sd>erti?ement,) and sub jcJi IU nil uiv rt>quiro!iieiil? ui me same. and O! I 16 printed schedule to which it refers, all the articles embraced iu class mo. (name toe class) for the Navy Yard at (name the jard,) to said ohednle, viz: (here pa?t- on the printed olass from schedule, and opposite ea? h ancle set the pnoe and carry out thesm?nt in the column* f >r do iars snd oenta, and tout up tue Aggregate am- unt ?l the bid for the class.) amounting to (here write the amount in voids ) 1 propose as my agent (here name the agent, if one is required by the schedule) for tu? supply under the classes m>oeHaneous, by a non resident of the plaoe of delivery; and should my off^r be accepted, I request the contract ? ay be prepared and sent to the uavy agent at (name the agrnc; )for signatures and certificate. / u.r* 1 ? *--- J**L- * \ ?*ci u mo inuuci mra rftuu nicmDor 01 uio IKrill iO eign ) Form r>/ The undertigued (name o! guarantor) of(name the town,) and State of (name the Mate,) and <nar e of aeo"nd guarantor, Ac ,) hereby undertake that tha at?ova named (name tha bidder or biddart) wi 1, it hit [or their] ofTr an above be aooepuxi enter into cout act with the United State* within fi teen d*y? after the date of notice through the Pout Ofbo?v of the acceptanoe of hit [or thnr] offer before mentioned. tlT *. -O? ? nini?>. isnnau'?n| uirinl'ir* i Iceitify that the above named (here name the guarantors) are known Ut in? to be good au<i re apoDBibl* guarantor* in thi? caso. <?igna'ure | To be signed br the dutnot judge. ui?tiict attornsr. ootleotoi, niry atent or some pereon known to the bureau to be re*p<. naible. PORTSMOUTH, N. H. Cl??? No. 2. Stone; omi No. 6 Whit* pin*? rpruoe,juniper, and cyprcne; cia ? No 7. Li'ii*, hA rani Dla?tt?r: M>? x n . , - - ? - - .* V. W. - v?ll?U ?? WIOB8 Uravel Kii<| ??no; ola s N?*. II Iron, iron nail*. aul ?p k*>?; oiaaa No. 1? Htiel; o & No. i4 File ; o'.s?? No. 14. Fa nts, oil*. an? eia?>; cla*j i>o. ;b s*' ip chat.dlerj; oia*a No. 17. Hardware; can No 1R. fta'ioner); c as ? No. *>. Hay an sUa?; as> N<?. 21. Prove'd<*r; cla s No *2 ?'haro >al;cla-a No J3. B 'itin*. pack int. and hosr; o a. s No. *4. f perm and lubri.^a m; oiia; elm No. 25. Iron osattiua; o *ai Vo 26 Augeri; claw No. 27. AutHraoite ooal: claaa No. 29. Bi'uiniuou* Cumie land ooal. BOSTON. C'AM No. I. Bricks; c!aa No. 6. Whi e pine, apruje, juniper, An ; u)??? No. 7. Limn, hair, and pla^t^r, o a*s No.i. tiravji and aand; o>a* No 11. iron, nun , a d sp:k>?, cia^a N ?. 2 alee; c'a^a No. 14. Pile?; cia?a No. 15. )'a<nta, o!*tanu g:a*?: c.aa* No. 16. Ship ohand ery; olaai No. 17 Ha d ware; olasa No-1*. Stationery; o as No Hay at d sira? ; o'aea No. 21. Froveudor; cla?a No Zi. lylia'C' a ; cia^a iMo 2*. Spe in ard lobricat rg oil;o'an No. 26. Aurora; o a,a No. 27. Aut r?ci!? ooal; c a> * No. 29. Bituiainonn Cumber and c<>al o!an? No 3f>. Bioad Top k*mi bituminous ooa'. NKW YORK. C am No.7. hair, atid p'aat*r; c'aaa N\9. Gravel a nil ?and; o.ass No. II. io".im n na Is. and 8|i krK;c a^a No 12 ttte.i;cla*a No. 14 Fie*;ca?? No. IS I'ai- tK, oilo a <1 o aaa No. .? Ship ehmaler?; o an No. 17. Harovar ; cars No 18, SA*iorit r>; o a6a No. 2?. Ha> ard airAw;c aaa Nn. 21 Provender; cla?a No. 22 I'htrtoal, o a** No. '3. M'-1 tinz. ra:ki'K, an?i h< *?; c!an N?>.?4 9P'"U arid Inlirioatit g o.U; o!a*? No. 26. An e a; o!?b? N<>. Zt- Anthracite ooal; Uaas No. 3". Broid T< p acim bituinmooa ooal. PHILADELPHIA. Class No. 5. Oat ai d wo^d; o'aaa No 6. Wh t<>pine,apruoe.juu'par Ao;oa?sNo.7 Ln.e, hair sud planer; oaa. No. 11. Iron, icon apikea, aud taiia; c aaa No. 12 Stee; o a-a No. U Fi'*?; o aaa No. 15 Pa nta, and k aa?, claa? No. 1?>. Shif ctiaudiery; oia.? No. 17. Hardware; o aaa No 18. Stationery; c aaa No 19. Firewood; c'aaa N . i>. Hay aid straw; a aaa No.21 Hrr?Y?nd*ri ola?a No, 22 Cliaro a?; elaaa N...24 8m ??? i-k-4 eating oils; oias* No. 16 Autttrt; class No. 27. Anthracite o a!; class No. 3u. Broad it>p and emi bituminous oca!. NAVAL ASYLUM. Cias* No 1. Cklhi *: cl**s No. t. Ha s, boots, and shoe ; ola?* No.S ^revision*; o ass No 4. N1' * ^rr ,io **"' ^ Brea^, cl%ss N?> 7.T baooo; cliu-s No 8 Muo OlaiiH.nit.; u.acs No. 9 Hailwae, c ais No. l?i Paiuis, <ii and glaa>; clas* Nu 11. Lumhfr; ol ss ;< ?. 12 S*atn>ner?; class No. 13 Firewood; ola?s No. 14; c a ; cI?k* No. 15. Prov>?Ed*r: olaes No. 16. B ickf; c;a*s No. 17. i?n?r;>Tement or cemetery. WASH NOTON. Clas* No 1. B'lck*; c as* No. 4. YeMow pine lumh?r;o a*s No.a. Uaic a'd hard wm>d; ola*s No. 6. W hit* pi <e, sfruoe. juniper, Ac; o<ass No. 7. l.tfU'*, hair, and p'a tcr; c as* No. 9 <i:av?l and ra d; ola*s No U.Iroi, iro i.a'ls a i. spikes; elats N>. '2. Slee'; class No. 13. I'.f, ir?-n; c asj No. 14. Kile*. cla<n No. 15 Paints- oils, an (las*; clasa No. 1?. Snip ohan ier?; e'a?s No. 17. Ha uware; c a*s N . 1>. S'ano er?; class N?*. IS. Firewood; clas* N .2". Ha> and straw; cla** No. 21. I'ro-en4ti; o rss No. 22 vlharoo*:: cla*s No. 21. ing, pvkmg, ar.u h st;c.assN .24 >jeinaid u b toati it ii?; c! N . 27. An liracif coal; cla*a No. 23. K'0''mcn'l or Virginia co.l; class No. 29. Cuinberlatd bicuininou? c ?a'. M/*?? ?"* * nunruhK. Class No. 3 Yellow pine limber; o'aas N >. 4 Ye low pine lumber; class No 6. Wtiite pine, fpruoc, |u iper.frc; olass No 8. Cement; o'asi No. 9. Grave, and sand; class N<>. M Iron, iron nails, a <i spikes c ass No. 12. Steel; class No. 13. Pig i on; c'a * No. M. Files; class Nu. 16. | oils, a d ?l\es; class No. 16. Siiip ohand'err; class No 17. Hardware; class No. 18. S>tat onerj; data No. J). Ha-< ai.d straw; class No. 21. Provender; olass .Mo 22. Charcoal; o as* No. 24 Sperm and ! br.catinc iis- cla*s >o. 26. Augers; c a?s No. 27. Anthracite coal; ca*s No 2? Cumberland itu minouscoal; o ass No. an Bro*d Top aemi bituminous oo% ; o aits No. 31. Keplauing the jal.enes at Nava Hs; m PKN9A.COLA. Class No. 4 Yellow piue luinbrr: class No. I. CPmen ; etas* No. 9 Gravel aud sarin; c ass No. II. Iron, i on nails, and spike*; c'.ass N . 12. M??el; oias? No IS Pig iron; c:ass No. 14. t ilea; olass No. IS P&I n t* ??it? ?r.H -1? " " ..... RIBBOj CIH( 1^)1. 16 0D P cnandl-ry; o %? No. 17. Hardware; c;m No. '* Mationery; olas* No. 19. Firewood: class No.^t. Hay and ? raw: class No 21. Provender: olass No. 22. Oharooa'; ola?? No 23 Belting. paoking ai.d ho?e; o a*s No 21. bperm and lubricating out; Claa? N< .v6. Augers. i The sch'dule wt'l state the times within which artio < * will t>? required t (bedelivered; aud where , the printed fchedule i? not u?-U, the p -liods stated in it or deliveries must be copied it the bids. All , Ihe attic en wh.oh ma} be ronti aoted for must be ile'iverea at tucli plaoe or p anes, inoludinj d> *ya<e j and cartage to the place wnere used withiu 'he >?vjr Vards, re*pec ively. for whioh the viler is 1 in vie, a* mar b? directed by the oomiDsu>lmi orb cor thereof; ana. all other things being equal, prcf I sr-?nee wnl b? given to American manufacture t No article wil1 be received a.ter the expiration of < the period f peoifted in the sohedolee for tti*eomplet on ol deliveries, unless specially authorized l>y the depa<tmeut. lu computing the elaa<es, t? e pne stated in the column of prices will be the sta- da>d, and t?e aggregate of the class will be oar- ] ri**d out according to the prices staged. j 11 is to he provided in the conuait and to be dis- j liuotly unterst?od by the bidde.s, thM the amount j *nd number of articles enumerated lu classes bead- j rd "Miscellaneous" are specibtd as tne prtbtbl* lUAJltltv whi?n ?.? ^ ' ? " _ ^ ...... .u?; im id|uhou. ft! wok m lo hz , Jut* f ?r det^m mine the lowest bid; bat the oonIraotor 1* t<t furnish more or teas o( the said enumerated artiol** and in swh quantttut, and at tuck Hm*?,as th* bureau or eommandant mag require; utoh mcreAse, however, not to exoeed one-hail of 1 the quantities s'ated and requisitionssent thr?|h the post office shall be deemed sufficient notice) ( iuunc the ti?cal )?%r endini 3?th June, >861; and whether the qintities required be mure 01 le.s than ih'ise specified, the prices shall remain the tame. All the articles under the oon.raot must be of the J tost quality, deuver.d in Rood order, free of ail and svery oharce or expeiue to .he ?orernmer.t. and ?uhj-ci to the inspection, oount. ?eifht, or mess iirementof ihieaia .Navy Yaiu.ana oeiaali re ip.n,ta satiataoory to tne commandant thereof. Uiddt-rs are referred to the yard for plans, apeaih- | :at:oB?, or Minplee, and any further dtaoriptlon of | :hea. tides. ? ontractors(or oiasses headeat 'Mis- | sellaneous." who do not rMide near the plaoe vhere ( he ait el s are to be de ivered, will be required to i mm* m their proposals an a<ent at the oity or f principal p'acs near >&id of de.ivery, who may | m> oslied upon to deliver articles without delay irhen they shall be rtqnir?-d. I A piroved sH'fltieeia the fall amoant of the oon:ra twill be reqtii ed, and tventv per oentum aa additional seouruv ueduoled from eaoh payment intil the oontraet shall have been oompleted or sanoelldd, unless o'h^rwiae authorised rty the de < Mtrtiuem. On elswss of articlts headed "Miscel- * aneour," to be dell errd as required during the ImsI rear. the twain* ?? * r ? kmm may i M ho diicei ion of the commandant. be paid quarter. ou the firtt of January, April, Jaly and oo'ober, i vheu th*deiiv.riethave- e-uwk iefeotorT.eadthe' | iai*nn?. (-nhty p r oeut ) will be paid by there- c ipootivis Navy Ageati thirty days alter the j >re?entatiod of?he bills, m tripnoate.duly vouched t >nd a?p ov?d . . . No part of th* per eentuni rewvyd i? to be paid intil all th < rejected a tiole* ..itt-j ?w- - _ Uio OVDr?ot?h?!l h?ve b?e? removed from the i*ru. en- r 12S?Yi ?El r>rTTf the end at the time* \ &??' s^;r xsr .'sftFjsftf ss?i5 1 n the* ? -- tl :fU 'W*roD3, H4i i r Th? sor*Mea mutt <uo the cocrut *uu ttveir 1 I'M * 5 j r withoat Io?? or dama?e to the [n'mawt. ia ?'( < onfre. a shall n- t have made an Anient approprta tiona f r the ar iolea named, or f?r the noMp'et on of work! fluted fo-. and which thia adrar titan"nt ia haaad. and ?hall alan hare the power to iniMaae or difriai?h the anantitiee named in thn o usi not headed' MiaOoi aneoui," in the aoh?dU $W'*?J fire pe? oent P??o a whose < ff-ra afcall be accepted, will ba n br letter ttrooch th? poe ofle*. wfc'eh ??tioa aha'l be eonaidered aafioient; and if they do n<4?iiter into contract lor the anppliM ?peeified within fifteen dare troia tae date of notioe from tha h.ilMU t)f thl &rrJlltuuii Ckt ikair Ri?f m. h?mi*? will be m?ce with loatoihw p?raon or p?rina. and the (Ufantora ofannh defaa tint bidder* will b> h? <1 *po*?ihJ?fo' a! <i? m^uenei^a. All oferi not made in iiriel crn> formitw with t*"? alvertuement, will, at the cptiun of reWted. Thosf> onlj whoa* off t? way be accepted will be notifisd. and oont acU will b? rea4y for ? x*oation aa noon ther??eft?r aa may be tra-tioaMe. an ifi 1aw4w Th _ UHMTK1) 8TATK;* CAPITOL KXTKNBION, Waihimtos. Jalj tl.XWVK PaoroaaLa will be reorived at tlua Ofte*udlil nooo ofTnatdtT of Anrna? M<l fnr "?? '3^' The proposals ">o?t state the trioe for ? -? log oompl?te. jn .... *** orli "fwhiti W,U Ure# ^ d?*d in the price bid. The proposals milt be endorsed. "Proposals fir Iron Ceilings." and rant be aooompanied by a guarantee, signed by one or more respoaaihle per one, ?<1 dressed to the undersigned. They will he opened at the time mentioned above, in th* preeenoe of saoa person* as may ehooee to attend. The drawings of the oeiiings ean been seen at this Office. YV. B. FRANKLIN, Captain Topographical Knguieers, In oharge of Capitol hxtenaioa. Each proposal should be aooompanied by the following guarantee: Form tf (ruaranttt. The undersigned, A B aad CD. of , ta the State of , and in the State of , hereby guaranty that in ease the foregoing bid of for iron oeillnre, as above described. t?e accepted, he or they will, within ten days after the reeeiet of the oont'not at thepiaoe named ex?oate the eon tract for the om'ings, with good and snSoteat securities; and, in case the said shall fail to enter into oon'rActas aforesaid, we guaranty to make good the diff-renoe between the offer of the aaitl and that whioh ma* be acoeptod. Late , 1800. Signatures of guaraators, A B. _ CD. Witness, E F. I hereby certify that the a boy named are known to me as ab>e to make good their guarantee. Signature G H. To be signed by the United States distnot jad ge. United States district attorney, eollectoi, or some p?rson< known to the War Department. )< n; nm NKIGI1TII ATIONAL KXH1BITION, At CINCINNATI. OHIO, Sn*.\2tk-?ik. The I'NITKD STATES AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY will hold it* Eighth Annual Atrioultn r*l and I nduxtria Exhibition on the ground* liherall* provided by the citizen* of Ciacinrati, which ?re to he fitted up in the Iwkt n?!e. There will b? Hall.* and T<*ot-< for the di*pla* of 1MPI,EMENTS. MACH!\EH V. T<?0I,S. IK>MF.JJTIC MAM TACTI Rks, FARM AND GARDEN PROIM E, FRI ITS, FLOWERS, and N A TIVE WINKS; with fulls and Pee, for HORDES, ('ATTI,- . SHEEP, and SWINE: and an uneqns! e<l T-*ck,one mile in length ann foft\ feet iu wid'h. for the exhibition of Horse*. The Premium* offered-m oa?li,?z?'ld. silver, and bronae medal*.?<h, lo.aa* and oaitificates, amount S20.000. The Exhibition will r m*in open Irotn Wednesday, the l^th. to Thurodat. tlie 4<h. ol September, that kivuiK time tu cxainiae aud test the imple iir'nts &nd machinery. For premium li*ts or information applr ?t the Ofhee of tho Society, No 346 I'a. avenue. <up stairs ;!oi to tho subscriber,at Cincinnati, Ohio. hen perley poore, jy 24 tf S?c'? F. S. Agricultural Society. All kinus of GAMF. Bought at the Hieh??t Prices. At KLOT'/'? RESTAl'RANT. an 4-e ltn* N inth ?t., 1-et. Pa. av and J) st: JL>T RECEIVED. an I for .al? MR JA*. CI.AKKS' FEM ALii_PEK|Or'lOA i. pi li J*. Also. IBYNOLL'4 J-PIX f1c for Gout or n i nnt-umB.iiMil, i'* S. C. FORD, Jr., Pharmacol Met. an 14 2* corner'Ith ?t. ati'l Pa ars. HOOP SKIRTS. HOOP SKIRTS. Jii-t roceivsd thi? mornind. * larcr assortment ilirert from Ihn manufacturer*, ?l th" l>**t makes, in l.alies, ami I'hitJ <><> , all u 'educed price. J. W. COLLKV ? COi. an M 6t .*>33 7th ?t. ahove Pa IVI, CA1.VKRTKOKD.Jk-, J5. APOTH'CAKY AXD DRUGGIST. Pkkx. Avkm i.Cokxhe or Klevc.%th St., Dtaler in PI RE DRL'GS, CHEMICALS'. AID STANDARD FAMII.Y MEDICINES, McludiBK th* la*nm*i 1 FRENCH MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS; CHOICE ARTTCl.tik'hyR THE TOILET, embiaeuig every vari?*tv FRUNCH, ENGLISH AND AM KRICAN PER Fl'MERY, SOAPS, HR1 ..ES, Ac. The pr"prietor'? personal attention |iv* at all hour* to the compounding of Phyaicianr I'reaoription. an H t2t JLl>T KbCElYED A LARGE l.UTOF FALL *t le SHIR I" CoLI. a RS,S??CKSand a I kinda of G KN TS- FURNISHING GOOl-SandC LOTH ING at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, oppotite_Post Office. au 11-Sw \JL' ILLIAM B. ENTWISLK, APOTHECARY, ( Formerly wttlt J. L. KidterU, E*i, ?f Gt^rgel^vn,) t K??*pee'fu ly informs the citisena of A i Washington that he ha? t?ken theV^V /.Drue Htand at the corner of 12th atreet 1M (\Y Qaml Pa. ave., where h? will be found JjB at all hoir*, an-1 will keep a freah and well ejected at ck of DRUGS. FANCY ARTICLES, and all good* utualljr found in a wt-ll furnished Drug Storo He promising those who may favor him with th?ir patronage hia undivided attention to their want* \ K Kxrllltim ?i#f?nna) ? ? ~ - r.a .?? * ?viv ii viwn ijitch 10 mu compounding of Physicians' Prescriptions at all hour*. da? or night an ll-2w* VHILLAGF. OR REN SEMINARY 18 LOCA<ed t<> a lwanti ul And healthful village 12 miln abov* Wilmington. Dcl..ud near the Philadelphia (ir?l Baltimore Railroad. Recommended bv the Philadelphia Annual Conference of the Met&odist bpiK^opal Church. The course of ?tu?Jk i* extendi ve and thorough?in the Mathematical, Classical and Knglish Department*. Student* are prepared for busineasor collec e. In the preparatory ooorse for college special reference i* made to Dickinson College. Tim iiutitution is provided with a large philosophical apparatus to illustrate the study *f Natural Science. A library of three hundred volume* I* acceasikl* to pupil* The fifth )??ar will cotnraenoe MONDAY, September 3d. Hoarding,Tuition, Ac., for session of 14 vteki, #45. Great attention is paic to the moral deportment of student*. Monthly report* sent to parent*. For circulars or information address t?e Principal, Rev J. IIEfcVRY BARTON, A. M., Village Gre^n Seminary, Delaware count* . Pa. R'termre??Rrx l,(mSc"tt.D D. Bishop of M. E. B, Wilmington. Del ; Mr F. A. I<nts, Washington, . C ; Mr. 0. W. Angell, do.; Messrs- Dick?on 4 K ing, Georgetown. an 11 tSep t "'poff&p.v.Tu.m. S /Tf-S?SSfr* ' - ^l,s'ni??<===,,sl 10 ....... *>',000j aottprox. MM o 10,0001 IN ALL ?M PRIZES. Whole Tiaheu. 40-B?lvee, llO-QMrtm, crs Sr*-A drawing will heforwnrtied M soob m the renlt >eoomee known. Ail order* for eohean or tioketa to be nddreeoed to DON ROpKIvUEZi wt-tr Out of Cftr root. OwrlMtot, ft. O. [MPORTANT TO HOU&KlkEKPKRB. E. E. PURREE fc CO.'B Geexnotoed not only absolutely and perfectly purs, >y aVex^nMiSral i a omL They are baaotirally paekad la ttaJbil, . snlr&rs&tf zzn/^Q??^S ' )pioea ?re almo?t invariably abort. Wi warrant i hem, m point of strength sod riohnoM or flavor, BEYOND ALL COMPARlSoNT m a iiw< trial will abeodaatty prove. Manufactured only by & R? PURUEK 4 COm frtt-ifaDfcW.frr N.ymXK\ &?} CilWlLLBUV. v,.? nBABu????? 34.UV or Caaaiavre Dreaa Hat it "* " J Faahionable Hat and Cap Stori^!. -MQ# lm ^ atrwit. *u 10 II' P?.?Ve. r?o,E .?* . k ";? &mgfsit?x ' t ff*n*r*!|t cure* %U mch duetto* vitho?t but. || # P*r ctij freo from <?rium.and ft iven for the *?d ft? well M the infknt For?*le by OH AS 8 rOTT. !?*. are; ri*8FX. | Georgetown; and COOK * CO., Alexaurtrit. *n fc-?w* f? TAKE NOTICE. Si/B . AUCTION SALES. B? J. C MotiUIRE * CO.. AtrtinaMra. A NEARLY NEW FAMfI.T B\RorCRfc AT Awctjow -?'?HATI'H"AY wra?aa at i lit w'oiook, va will tall, i front ot Um> iaMMa ImmA m*mr ? L. *' - ~ fell if* *>P, ** >! V??k|. of Iku #it| T*rMi' A cfecit of two. foar.aad m tk*. for boIm HUilMUmli ha?n g ao <?? J. CMaCPlift k CO . Aaaia. B? A- 8IKKN. Amuohmt. HAKD'OMKT* OSTOBY FRA VF. H?rPR iN? Lot " t?? Uu?ni Acrri h-Ob I THL'K!*liA Y. the 31 !* ? . I ?W I Mil la ftnat??? tH??r*mio'???ie* *inf Im? ti??nare Na. m. ba?i?? ?*?* ' of?Urn* oa aaatk U be-ween ?l. ?a<J alraata. raa? int w?U a >M? alley to a tt fart ?lay. '** ? * f i*ahaa. wrtk tk* imrroT'WBU, wk?ak ara a goad iwo-atacj ft*"* buaae, Jka. . , . Am. . Tk* <> i* hu^c^MMf iB^fvVW wtta traaa. Ikrahhery Ac _ . . , . _ ? _ _rarw. baa hsJf wk; lain** ia t, U aad to m"""". wr iiiiaae dfmiii aa 1(5 d A. 0EBKN. Am*. FUTURE DAYS Br J. c. MaOUlRK A CM.. AmOmmh DF.RKMPTORY f?ALR OF MILLIWJCRY E amp s*ra*?r ito*ni. Kmnoimiim. nilmtig*. I.ack? hviri'muit Fauci boom. Ac.? (in SaTI ROAY MORNING. Aiiim ? ir.^r.o iiK at 9oVock. oaunainc from cat to da? villi tha wb<ii? ia dupoaed of, w? aha" a*... at tha atore of R. C ?*#*?*> , Ra*., Na. r*aa. ?vwm, IwiVM *h a?d lath atropta, a larva *?n ety of good a ia kM lis*, aajaffiwnCrAp* and Silk B?ioaU of naw atafM. Trimmed and uutrimiatd Straw Baaaata. Hala aad Fata, awraa Hair and t*traw Bonnet*. orvd, Black and W hit* J ockrj Bali. Cambric and ftwiaa Rdgi?fa and ! ?tinya, Do du Haa"aaad Mripa. D> do Caltara a?.d S?ta.lrifeat?' B*di*? Giiraa. Corda. Braida. Friac**. j ,uttd Ribba#*. u?ui0 utu jM.fc. !*iik nations, P'.ain Drop Tm I0< Pnotci, Real Val?*noia. P.nchsh Thread, Cottoa, npenal Valencia Si.k, Biund aorf every Mkw re riety of L*e?a, Hoof >knU. Krenoh Artificial Plovers. Ladies' And GuUtmi'i Silk ud binihui (Jm breijas, ??Win? Stliks. ^Bon! rnttn?i? HV l> > ?{* jj? {."Si 1 cr&rtJpS tf^TfiSw? sr*-?' | or??l>t of ?? ?no not** hearing interest ' aa 1 d J/C. MoOPIRK R CO.. A?la. By A. OREEN. AntmiMr. T7?XCRLLBNT?ALE or HOUSEHOLDAND |j Kiicmx KvixiTtii. at Arrr.??-Oi TUESOA V, the SIM inattnt, at H* e'cioofc a. m., ( ahall Mil at the reaidenee of a gentleman ilwlwiM honeeieeping, on I- itreet between 9th u4 l?th atreet? north. No. yc, u excellent MOorUnent of Fn'nito'?, ?i?: On* Walnut Parlor Suit*. 6 Peioee. Mahogany. Rm?wwl Marh'.e-top Center TabUa, Rosewood R< e-p'ioa Chairs ard Vaaea, ?le?p'y Hollow and W? nut Wiiat-not, Mahotanv Wardrobe* a>jd Beiateatfa. Mark's top Drr??inr and o?"?r Bn Marbl* top and M*i<gaiy Wfi*h-ainke. A mii* lot of Encravtnga of rari< i? aorta, Walr.nt I able* and Ca?>e ??at * haw a, tilit and othor I ookicg Glaaeee. Feather Bed a. Pillow* and B<x?tere, Blanket*. Comforts, Qntlta Shrtta aa< Caaaa, Ha<r. Co'ton Top and Hn?k Mattraa?oa, Cottage, Uonhle %nd 9trcle B'dcteftda, One t " fatt Extona on Table, (Walnut,I Three Pljr, ing an?ndoth r Carpota, Ver.oti?'i Carp't a-dtttair Rode. OilClo'h, Matta.aod ??aa <" Handel i era, Knivea, to ka.^eaand Table Spoona, On* Ciim^lat* Dinner Hett. fhi-a, Glasa and Craekery Ware, Parlor * aiiator aid Air t ight f*t>>TOe. One Morninc Htar Co~kin l*totre. nearly new. A large 1 t of Kitchen R<?ai?iiee, and Many other a tialea too numerona to *uHin*riO? Term*: Alt aum*ofaud under Rn, cash. er?r 2. a credit ot and da?s, for notes aatiafar f>rily endoreed, hearng u toreat. ai ft d A. GRKKW. A??t Ry A. GREEN, Auctioneer. 6} HAMDSOM1' THREE 8TORV FRAME ?* Horaia OS 13SiTH tUIIT.OR TRI IsLAHD, AT Atrcriojr ?Oa Tt > e,)*D* V the 2 at inatan', I aha-1 aeil in front of th" premises, at k o clock p.m.. part of Lot Nc.k in nitre No. 3T*. wit* the iia arovemrnta which are two good three etory frame br>u?*a, with l>a?k building, containing eight or ten room each, w th pastac. inn prup?ri| u nandtomeiy eitaated, frontiet on 13K wont hftwwn ?oath H and C ?tr*? t?. near the Smith*.>iuan G'>>un<1?. Tanaa: '?ne foerih o*?b. h%lanef lai, 12. U.atd 24 month*, (or note# b-? in* ltieieet fmaiM "I ve A deed given and a dead of traet iikn. Title MMpHaUh an 19 d A. GRKKN. Aact. MARSHAL'S MALE.?la Tirtne ofa vnt of Ben flicim, iaau?d Iron the Clerk'a of the Cinnit Cq^rt of th? Diatnct of Col >!? *. tot mr oounij 01 waaMngtoa. ud tome di rooted, f will exp<??e to pablie aa*e, lor oa?b.atthe Market Honi?.UMf|?mvii,D. C . on KR||)AY.Bm> mi da? of Aaru?t mat, oommeneinj at l?o'ekwfc a. m.. the foi lowing good* Mid otelUii, to wit,vi?:oB* Sorrel Muie and one Dan Mar* Mum. armed and levied apon an the gooda and chattel* "f Riruartf P. Jankaon.and will heeold to aatiaf* judicial* No.J*. to October term 1K?. in faror of John .Moore. aa 7-dta U.& Mtfihal \f aK?HAL*9 HALK.-ln Tirtae of a wnt of l fi?'i faeiaa ia?ued from the Clerk a Often of tha circuit Court of the Ihatriot of O^iabta for the C"unty ot VVaahincton. and to me dlr?lefl. I ?ill exp >?e u> public aale.for naah. in f'oatof U* Court H n?e d> or of aud ooa"ty on vv ^hNKIDAY, the 29:h day of Augat nexMMD, at It o'aloafc m. All defendant'* right, title, cam and latoreat mar.d to i^ot No C. im Square 1<M in tha City of Washing ton, D.C , together w th all aatf atagalar the improrew>e"t? tn?reon, aeiaed and levied apon aa the p-operty of John I*. Dyer, and wt.i b#e?H to Af] afw niHiAiala V? OJ - - n * *" -?- -? j', iu v/owurr y*rra ivn, II faror or M Dyor, J U. 8. Marchal for the Dictnot of Coi vwhi'a. an 7-dU MA RSH A L'SSA LE.?In virtueof Xwrita oflm faoiaa imdH from the Clerk'* oftw of Um Circuit Court of ?h* Dirtriot ot Colambit, for tlw oount; of WaskinttoB, and to me dirootod. I Will expo*? to r? 14?o mi?, for cttk, in front of tk? ooart kon*? door of ?aid oonnty, ob MONDAY. Um ?k 4*y of A a; uit next, lSS", at It o'oiook . all fitted*nt'* rifht.ti t le .eUim and interest is aod to Umt No. IS, IB Beuare No. 731. in the oity of WMhinrtoe. D. C., toi ether with all an* inrB'ar the taprownnats tbereoc, *01X04 and Imed poc aa the troiiiti of Chu. H Van Pat ten And will be sold to aafiafV Jadioial* N<>?. 7* and 79, to Oct<>><er Una IMS, ta fcvor ot John W. Thompson and Z. D Oilman w SKEOBN. it lS-dta (J. 8. Marshal for Dtctriet ofOoliaba IIT'THK A BO / R BALI IB POSTPONED Bnttl WEDNESDAY, the Wlk last., aaikoir and p ace. an W. 8ELPEN. U. *. ManMI. DENTISTRY. D DENTAL NOTICE. R. LOOM!* Hu cloeed hi. ofl^e for tb? aea ton, and will ho absent, u o?ual, during the iim mer month* ; will runtime p "act ice about the lat of October, of which further notice will be gira*. Jy i?-tf eDENTlMTKT. E. HILLS, aAar a jractjoa' taat of l*? ymra, a that be am vita ooaUtnte r?ooai-^M^ mend toe Ctieop iwtic P'ooeaaforiaaertincfldlEX artihoiai teeth it haa tbe ainatapa oT**11111 tnmith, baaaty, uMliM^eEMfMa. f?1! ? "GET THE BMT^' THOMSON'8~CELE2&ATKD 8 K IB, T 8. NOTELTIU PM Al'TVMN, IN# The K^nif Parte Otrt ?? l?itkrr> Q?*fi m fairy. RwaotolM froa th? fetaat Pvuim mMu*iketar?l ?o>l j by from Tkommou'm Mill Wedro Slide. KtVj ?p"* vitk mm warn* had bad# mirk, the Crow*. Kv mf+ iwi?tor. Tkt lm h !> rtupm w B.&C. H. THOMSON * CO, *?? liOiPViT, !*IW You. m 6 MAThHrtScatlawla* U w. HAMILTON. . PAINTK*. DEAL EE Of PAINT*. No. 7 th IStiiit. xar Odd FkHimi' HuU. ?' 2'/ PtrrrvTs povrx. W V COAL n Pi. Atn ?ITw Ml? m> lira tat, i Mill Hd wi*rf nU*Of gtm*n tf >6*r - m^h.w w?r Nl?tw?ii r??D ffiSS AND ^iMt, t*r?tt>h W\ iRIlKB i. lTP.*i?T COALN. B. ?.* ou Ium.1 a iarc* .bdio7 Mwfii MuW..miu iim?w AliK) Monument Hnd stone*,TeD* "?f?, . wftflch to he* to diapote of it inlM to "hee* *"?& > ?* *rova ?*?n' kepi

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